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This is optimal. Living daily episode. Eleven sixty three how to game fire your life too quickly. Accomplish big goals part one by Benjamin hardy of Benjamin hardy dot com, and I'm just a molecule happy Saturday. Hope you're having a great weekend. If you're listening to real time and welcome back or welcome for the first time zoo. I read you every single day of the year w Livermore meaningful life covering personal, development productivity and minimalism mostly from some of the best bloggers and authors, you can find with their permission, of course, as Argos a bit longer than usual. Some breaking it up into two episodes and without let's get right to part one and start. Optimizing your life. How to game affi- your life too quickly? Accomplish big goals part. One by Benjamin hardy of Benjamin hardy dot com. Is your life? A video game filled with challenging quests and new adventures or has your life becomes somewhat stale as most people get older, they lose their childhood sense of wonderment and openness most people stop growing and settle for reality as they see it. But life doesn't have to suck growth doesn't have to be slow. Your life can become like a game where you pursue greater obstacles, learn new skills and have thrilling experiences does article details of few strategies you can use to game fire your life. If you apply these strategies you will quickly ascend to higher and higher levels, you'll continually become better and enjoy more of life compete with those way ahead of you, quote is the most closely allied forms Fridays of the same species and species of the same genus or of related genera, which from having nearly the same structure constitution inhabits generally, come into the severe competition with each other. Charles darwin. What Darwin is explaining is that all forms of life compete with those most closely related and other words, you compete with those most similar to you. It would make less sense for a painter to compete with a rock climber. Rather a rock. Climber advances are skills by competing with other rock climbers generally of a similar skill level. In business terms, you can be with those in the same industry and within that industry, the little guys and gals generally compete with the other little guys while the big guys compete with the other big guys. Although this is the most obvious in widespread form of competition. It is misplaced for those seeking rapid growth for two reasons. Number one competing with those at your same level, yield slow and minimal improvements, you're better off competing with people far advanced than your current level in his book, the art of learning in energy, Ernie to optimal performance. Josh. Wade skin shares how he applied this principle to become world class at Chi when give. Unsupervised practice time way skin observed that most others in his Taichi class would naturally practice with those at their same skill level or slightly worse is was done in many ways out of ego because who wants to lose it's more fun to beat someone when given the opportunity way skin took the opposite approach in apply to principal he termed investing in failure. He would purposefully practice with people far more skilled than he was in so doing he would get kicked out of him over and over however this process, compressed and quicken wait skin skill development. He could experience firsthand. The abilities of those often years ahead of him the mirror neurons in his brain allowed him to quickly mimic match and counter his superior competitors. Does he progress much faster than others in his class? This is the essence of baseball player's swinging. Multiple bats before going at bat when just one bad is in their hand, it feels much lighter similarly, endurance athletes, train in higher elevations and harder terrains than the. Actual race. So that when the actual race occurs there over prepared take away rather than competing with people at your perceive skill level compete with those who are where you want to be here in lies a fundamental decision making difference between those who become successful and those who don't on successful people make decisions based on current circumstances. While successful people make decisions based on where they desire to be number two. The best only compete with themselves in the book tribal leadership leveraging natural groups to build a thriving organization. Dave Logan, and his co authors explained that most organizational cultures have high within competition, but simply in most organizations, the people within those organizations are competing with each other. There's backstabbing sucking up at Sarah to ascend the organizations ladder, and he's organizations each person is out for themselves. They're more focused on their own goals than the organ. Zan's goals? Logan, calls these stage three organizational cultures far fewer organizations. Evolve beyond this egomania and develop a culture of collaboration within and competition without put simply members within these organizations are fiercely committed to their organization and have made the organization's goals their own goals. Logan, calls these stage four organizational cultures within these organizations. There is beautiful synergy rather than competing with their teammates. They're competing with other organizations. According to Logan's research organizations with stage four cultures generally dominate organizations with stage three cultures very rarely an organization will transcend competition altogether, reflecting what Logan call stage, five organizational culture. These are groups of people who are doing things. No one else is doing in many ways, they've created their own John rar niche, their only competition themselves and wherever their imagination takes them. Takeaway collaboration will yield far greater results than competition said bestselling author. Jeff Gordon's, quote is not who you know. It's who you help and quote, eventually get to the point where you move beyond competition with others in order to create your most innovative and unique work to be continued. You just listen apart one of the post titled how to game a I your life too quickly -ccomplish big goals by Benjamin hardy of Benjamin hardy dot com. That's it for today. Hope you're having a great weekend. Thank you for being here. And I'll see you tomorrow show where we'll finish up this post, and where your optimal life awaits.

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