How to Build Two 7-figure E-Commerce Companies on Amazon w/Bernardo de le Vega


All Right, ladies, and gentlemen. Girls Feast your eyes in tune your ears. It's that time. Again, we are live with another episode of the Authority Project. It's the video podcast dreamed on Facebook Youtube Twitter and periscope where we talked digital marketers, business coaches, and creators of all kinds on how they built authority and Mayor. Field and how you could mimic their success developing authority building your audience, and attracting clients to your own business. Now, without further ado, let's bring to the virtual stage, your host Brian S Arnold. All right and we are in the building. One. GM. On one virtuous. With my new girlfriend here, Bernardo. Vega I hope I got that right? Is that Your Michael and say begin that. Correct. Awesome. Awesome and. He says he's here today to help us. Build. Not One but two, seven figure at least one. So Your e commerce company. On Amazon and this is a of a brand new thing for us because we haven't had anyone here on the show to talk about Amazon. We have an ECOMMERCE people in the audience, some listeners in the e commerce, but not specifically about Amazon, so I got. I'm very excited to have you on the on the show today my friend. How's it going today? Going really well. As well, you know busy day on both sides so But you know absolutely would love. You know really love talking about Amazon and in terms of building two, two seven for companies. Obviously. That's something that I've already done right. So I the first one was a beauty company and the second one was a food meeting kitchen plans company both which I sold. So yeah. Awesome. Okay. So my first question on A. Little bit here but tell us first of all Bisley who you are personally and professionally. Yeah. So mine is Bernard de la Vega and I am I'm originally from Mexico a parent wise I am half. Mexican. Half European but I I've lived in the US for since I was eighteen. And Yeah you know I love talking about business. At one point, I was a professional salsa dancer before that after I got school I used to work in finance and financial services consulting a corporate America. I one point I was like I don't WanNa do this anymore I dance also professionally and then I went into the entrepreneurship route. So I run a little bit. Crazy. and. Then with Being Entrepreneur I've had to ECOMMERCE companies and now currently have a tech company, which is Kinda like a tock for podcasts which at the end we can we can talk about if you want. No, we're GONNA talk about it right now. So tell us. What product are you currently working on just go ahead and yeah. So my company. Is called Fiesta and is basically tiktok podcast. So basically, what it is is you can record your podcast with a video conference like what we're doing now but the cool thing is there's a highlight button. So every time you know if you're interviewing me every time I say something interesting you click the highlight and grabs the last one minute of the recording. So then you don't have to go and edit the cliffs after right all then like short clips already done as soon as the interviews done, and then we have a mobile APP that is kind of Tiktok for podcasts. Aware has like video newsfeed with all these video clips, and then it integrates with Alexa because it creates flash briefing, a flash briefing is kind of like a mini. And then basically people you can say. Alexa. Play Fox News or CNN or whatever whatever news outlet that that you that you like instead of saying that you'd say Alexa Play so-and-so last briefing right? Play flash briefing, and then so we have a number of different flash briefings, and so you get ideas like business ideas, motivation ideas, you know marketing ideal sales ideas, and like thirty or forty second clips, right so our platform is really like be giving the podcast, her the ability to record high and highlight then create those like really cool like video clips of what attributable over social media and then be able to take advantage of Alexa so that your audience can really here follow you like on a day to day basis would like these super short clips as well. I looked at it for a second but I didn't know you can do all of that. So that's That's very interesting. I. Got many questions about that but. Not Now but later but. That is more indefinite dot was supposed to be but. I I WANNA I, WanNa ask you what led you. To Amazon misfire is selling tangible products what legend to going onto that platform and knowing the I guess. Not Trinity but just like the the pathway for you. Yeah. Yeah. So I actually. So like I said I used to be in Financial Services Consulting and at one point I was like and then I danced professionally for a while and I was like okay I need to go back and can always go back to dancing but I don't WanNa be thirty five or forty and still be sort of dancing you know. Anyway so I come back. To because I was doing this in Europe. I. Come Back and say, okay, I'll in and I saw a friend saying I just made ten thousand dollars online last month and I was like work from woman I was like well, this sounds really great I want to do that. So I didn't reach out to this friend it was not so really of a close friend it. was just acquaintance and I literally went to Google and typed in how to make money line, and this was back in twenty, two, thousand, thirteen, and so my first experience with Internet marketing in sort of like everything that is that is your Internet marketing or digital marketing ver ver people call it is was with multilevel marketing, right? Well, multilevel marketing where you're not really selling a specific like. Product. You're selling the course itself right? Right. Other people joined so. Obviously I left that long time ago but in the process I learned quite a bit and then a one point. One of the guys who was involved who had had already left he was hey, really good at these facebook ads and this and that I see you're having great success because I posted on facebook and this, and that is why don't travel real business I'm like, what do you mean I'm like I would like to have a real business. You can you can white label private label products on Amazon. And it's really really cool business and you can really sell real products and at that point you know after doing like this multi level marketing for about ten months for a year, I was very ready to move on. To. Saying that over again. So people were. told you to do about white leading to tell maybe some people don't understand that this. White label or or private labeling means that. For example, if there's a supplier, say I want to say, okay, I want to have my own products. In this case I'm GONNA use the example, the exact product that are very first product. So our very first product was Argon oil, which is really great for the hair. A coconut oil is great but even. Supposed to be better. So Argon oil so you say, okay, I want to sell all under my own brands. So you're not drop shipping and you're not selling somebody else's brand. This is under your own brand. So you to do that you say okay. So you need a few components you need the oil right and you need the the bottle, the label, and obviously all this put together right and obviously also in the box if it has a box, right? So you need all these components. So basically a private. Labeling is basically where you kind of like you send all your all those components to a manufacturer and then and then basically you're able to sell it under your own brand right so basically, you're like kind of like outsourcing the manufacturing. So in other words, we weren't doing the manufacturing ourselves. Right you you. You grab the the ingredients from different places and you have a bottler that puts everything together, and then you you sell it on Amazon and therefore it's pretty easy to get a product going on and you're. Building it from scratch, and actually a lot of really big companies do do private labeling you can you know some of the massive massive companies and that means that the manufacturing is done by somebody else's it's not done in house and therefore it just allows you to get started much much faster and it's called private labeling. I think a an easy way to to to people to understand that as like in a grocery store or what have their own label of products it'd be. Say. It'll be Wegmans, but it'll be the brand as opposed to every other brand that they sell it right? Yeah exactly. Yep Okay go ahead I. Didn't take you off your your no, no no no problem. Yeah, and so we started you know. So he was like you should go into this and at that time there was a very, very good course that taught you how to sell Amazon I. Think they still have it but it's not so popular but back, then it was super popular and it was called Amazing Dot Com and I learned how to sell an Amazon and so I had this school I would say advantage because I learned how to sell an Amazon with the scores but because of all my leg multi-level marketing. kind of like experience before over here. I I learned how to do facebook Gadsden, Google ads and Youtube Resin all sorts of ads and landing pages in email marketing. So when you combine all these inter marketing skills with selling on, Amazon, we know how to sell up your cell central count how to. Get a find a supplier and how you listener product when you combine that, and this was kind of like the right time to get into Amazon. This was in two thousand fourteen. You know things started obviously the first product didn't go so well. With any entrepreneur you're like, okay I got this idea of everything go really well, it didn't even even with my sales but but I remember I was like okay now I know when not to do this list let's go after a second product and the second product did well and then the third product which was an idyllic for like you know like I rank -als and Dark circles down absolutely did like killer for us. That was the one where once once we started selling well for that one and we're like, okay, we are serious really something because we started selling two hundred fifty units per day right and we were like ecstatic about it. That was that was really exciting, but it was certainly like a little bit of a of a of a process there. And a Lotta times when people ask okay, we'll how what's the best way to get started? Kind of with ECOMMERCE you're just that's that's the main question. Yeah. So. From the start is in research is a sewing what you already like. What what what do you? What do you suggest for people who are just starting in they love Amazon. You know like I do I love it was on. And you see the people you see that you know. You can tell that if you're buying enough Amazon deers money to be made there so. So, show you. How to do it from from scratch? How would you suggest people do it at this point time? Yeah. So here's the way I would approach it I. I would actually learn the skills I before choosing the product I because I think sometimes before like okay, I want to sell this product whereas say like. IPHONE case right something like that. and. So they go through the whole process of like, okay. Get the product they figure it out. They don't line youtube all sorts of different things and they're like, okay, the find a manufacturer maybe go to Alibaba. Alley. Express. Her. There's a lot of different resources and then they launched the product and then they're like, okay. So now, how do I market it which is, then I would say there's two parts right to e commerce there's product development, and then there's distribution right you need to get both right there's a lot of times people spend a lot of time in product development to spend all this time thinking about the product and they but they don't know anything about distribution. So the way I would. Go about it is to think a little bit about the distribution part I and therefore develop those skills and by that I mean come like what I did was to get really good at facebook guides and Youtube or instagram ads, and to do that, you can actually do that without having your own company first. So you can basically learn about how to do those those things and then you go to a restaurant or like some like attorney's office or any sort of small business. And say, Hey, I want to run your facebook ads or any other e commerce brand and say, Hey, I want to be an intern want to be you know get a job. Even. If it's like a little bit of time, but if you're able to develop those skills are really how to how to really get good customer acquisition. Then that's a really good place to start because then once you start looking for the product, you'll always you're already thinking like a marketer and not like whether you're clueless about it. Right? Right. Well then then you're like, okay if I'm selling an iphone case then unlike like okay. Well, I, already know from like all these marketing that actually liked instagram ads work much better than like than like facebook ads and all these things and therefore because it's Instagram, then the packaging needs to look like this because that's what were is gonNa work a lot better for the instagram therefore the because of the instagram influencers and because of that, we're GONNA. We're going to put this insert, which is very much like people talking about like like. Instagram so. In other words you're working backward because you're waiting. Okay I'M GONNA go really heavy on instagram because you already know what would What works best. In. This kind of for these kind of products and their. Within your whole product of product development you're working around like, okay instagram instagram instagram or it could be like youtube or it could be Tiktok or it could be any other platform that you're going really heavy on or it could be like blogging, writing me maybe maybe you're if you like like a Seo more high but if you approach it that way, it's much much better. You'll get much better results as opposed to developing a product and they're like, Oh, well now I think we're going to have to lake you know like. A social media page on facebook. Instagram Youtube tiktok everywhere, and so you know and then you know fifty followers on each page where you know almost no one's paying attention and you're like, okay, this is much harder than I thought. I would I would say is get the skills I the marketing and the distribution skills, and then once you once you become really good at that, the product would product to sell. Well, actually, it'll come pretty naturally to you because a lot of times most people which I'm sure you've had a lot of times people say okay. But I don't know what product to sell and to me is looking at it the wrong way. Okay. So so yeah. So now I can tell might be some people scratching their heads because people are thinking now. If they're doing e commerce on Amazon. Is Isn't the point just to put it on Amazon Amazon Market for you or put it out there. So explain the reason why you why you're saying that. They need these skills in order to really I guess. To promote your product that just. So. So so kind of explain why it's not just about. Putting anonymous. Do whatever. Want. Yeah. So selling Amazon also there's there's there's there's a lot of things that you need to know about one is. One is the product listing, right. So in terms of the product listing, making sure that your products thing is good on there. There's a little bit of like writing good copy, right so that sort of the product. CELTS. So that's one good copy in terms of of your product, and obviously like I said that you gained from skill. One thing is to say, Hey, you know by iphone cover for this and this and this, or you can say like you know like just much better, COPCO. Copy where you're talking about. You know this iphone cover is is phenomenal for. This kind of specific use case where you're targeting leg. You're really just know your audience and you go after your audience with that copy, right so you're not just writing generic copy your writing bay targeted copy, and again you'll learn that if as you start doing more marketing then obviously there's the PPC right? which is pay per click. So that's also very important for Amazon. So when you put your products on Amazon understanding keywords. So if you again going back to the iphone case or like okay like. Target like I phone case right I three X I've phone case for. And all these different keywords and then really looking at okay. What is the best way to do this keyword research but more importantly how to test or these right? Because a lot of times also people people who are not marketing forget that marketing is a process that process is testing. So you usually target keywords and then for you test them and then as you test them, you're like, okay, these work these don't work and you keep going. So all these things that I'm talking about things that it will make you much better like stand above the competition. So writing good copy. Getting good at. which a lot of it is is a lot of sort of just knowing the right metrics and knowing how to test all these different keywords, and then of course, putting certain of like insert in your packaging, right? Like you know when inserted that they open the product and say, Hey. Thank you so much for buying a product you know for maybe for an extra free product, go go to this website and you know and connect with us, and then that way they give you their email because one thing about Amazon is you as a Bryant don't own the customer, Amazon's it. Therefore, if you put an insert and you can get something enticing for them to put in their email all of a sudden now, you're building a list of buyers. and. List of is is really really powerful. Then just a list of like any sort of any sort of emails right away they're just prospects. So you want to build a list of buyers also really really important. So those. Explained why that's more important than the more about why buyers emailed us are better didn't just getting any kind of email this just just for a few minutes. Yes. In terms of the the the bias and that's one of the things that we did really well with with our beauty company but. Like a like a regular email is is if you have a facebook GATT right, you put a facebook ad and said, hey, we are selling a. A. IPHONE, cover right and so if you're selling and so you get say like x amount of people click on your ad and then you get X. amount of emails. So say you build a list of like five hundred emails right and then those people say from those people you you maybe get like like. Those five hundred, twenty, five people to buy right. Then you know you still have four hundred, seventy, five people who didn't buy and you know they may or may not be interested. So so that list is, is you know? You have a whole lot of people who didn't buy when you have a list of buyers. Right is these are people who have already bought your product therefore the WHO's always the easiest person to sell something to is the person who's already bought from you and that's why the list of buyers right so when you launch a second product, right? So for example, when the new iphone comes out. Is it better to have like if you don't have this buyers list, right, you might have go back to this list of five hundred people and send everybody an email and you might get twenty twenty five sales from this new new whenever the new iphone it. But if you have a list of two hundred buyers, you might send them an email and you might get one hundred and twenty, one hundred and fifty buyers because all these are people who have bought your product. Before and you've been able to you know they your little they know you and they you're like, oh? Yeah. I bought this for my previous iphone. So that's important. That's over buyer, and therefore you know going back to Amazon thing you would do that by having an insert in the product, right so if you just if somebody buys your product and your here's here's the product, they buy it the iphone cover and that's it. Then that's great but they'll probably forget about you. ABLE CAPTURE THEM AGAIN That's what it's important. So it's very important as. Know when you're doing e commerce that you have have really defined like your total list but that you really have separated your list of buyers because that lists the buyers is extremely powerful and a lot of sort of markets just just completely don't don't care to do that. Right to really like segment their list the buyers I got I got a craze example just just from me today. Where I was I'm not sure I was targeted on instagram. Man. It was like a little Lava lamp was the there. There's something that's new type of Mike Mike that you can put on your on your on your shirt. and. So yes, that's something I'm really. Interested in that right now because I'm about to be doing some blogging prison. So. I got got an email and then today they will like you're interested. If you WANNA be on our. VIP. Late for buying, we'll give you a huge discount. Just put down one dollar. So. So so automatically, a Menhir buyers list is ingenious people right? Ingenious. What? Did. Not. By you saying that's what I'm on their bias now and they. Have a right now they have at least six, hundred, sixty, six, hundred people. In the facebook group who are VIP Louis, just incredible stuff. So I didn't and that's the thing for them whenever they whenever they launch a probably they've already that hundred. Identifying their buyers. If you put in one dollars. You're like, okay. Cool. Yeah. There's a Bay Bay. So basically, they're asking people say, Hey, raise your hand if you're a buyer or not. Under percent yet there you go. There they're doing. Well, they're doing what we're doing, right? So. So this this dive into more this Amazon page which your product. pitcher descriptions What have you seen? That is the effective in your in your experience of describing a product other some things that are like the side that you had that you should be saying this particular product or. What do you think is like a grabber and people who are who are going to buy a yeah. I think it's a that's a that's a good question. So One. Obviously, it depends on the niche you're in right when we were in the beauty space. One of the things that worked really well for US my my my business partner for that business. She, we actually used her as the face of the brand right and so one thing that that happened on Amazon at that time I still happens pretty much today is you have a bunch of people, all these images and their us all the stock images, right? Would you can clearly see them like. A stock image of like these random people, right right and when you would come to our listing, right? That'd be the little bit of like this theme right in our our the name of our brand was right up beauty a mean meaning beauty goddess in Hindi right and so you have you know Christmas which is the The Hindu God and brought is the beauty goddess l. of Hindi, right and so but basically in my burner she was her heritage was from India or therefore that's why also one of the reasons why we call that way but. In other words when in our in our in our listing, we told the story, right? So we use her pictures and we say, Hey, you know she used this when when with her with her grandmother and so we try to tell the story about why this can care why these essential oils, and so there was a nice story behind it with with the images at the bottom were like there's the middle middle part, which is the enhanced branded content right where you can put a lot more information a lot more images in like the middle part of the listing. And so it just it just stood out because again, there was a story behind it and we also tried to say, okay, here's what we're doing with some of the sort of the the money right. Also, you know have like some sort of charitable causes if you want or not. But the the the just kind of goes back to what I'm saying is beginning marketers will try to just put. Let's put the product I have three images of the product. Let's just grab a couple of stock images of this this random girl girl. This this like like. Holding the bottle or just kind of like you know like Photoshop on there and then and then so people the customer smart, right like okay. We're. People. Okay. This is this is a brand here, right so there's The element of brand. So I would say definitely, try to tell a story with your brand and as I said, one is acquiring the skills and once you go into the product development, try to say one obviously you. WanNa say okay. I really like I really want to sell this product because I'm passionate about it right I really liked beauty or you know I really like you know sports I really like this and then try to build the building some sort of a story around it and then within your marketing tell that story. because. That's how sort of people can can really resonate with an oil you know offset. In Your Amazon listening you need to be able to really be able to communicate that story and the ones who can do that. Well, definitely your your your product. We'll certainly stand out and the other one of course is one hundred percent reviews right which which I'm sure everybody knows people. Amazon you start looking at all the reviews in the scenario. So. That's all. But one one important thing about the reviews is. You have to have a good mix of reviews not all positive of course, because people are like, oh, there's something off here but and that obviously more more positive than negative but having a good mix of of like eighty five percent positive and like you know ten percent negative is a good mix right? So all one hundred percent positive reviews is also not a good thing now that you know you probably have it. It just builds trust to have that good combination of reviews. Now do I'm glad you put the foot because I'm avid Amazon buyer look I I buy almost. Not Almost. But whenever I look when I when I want something I, go to don so. I always think that if this product doesn't have at least four have stars. I don't WanNA, buy it. Have you ran into into that today in Zaire about wanted to get a certain amount of stars in order for your product to sale or your experience. It doesn't matter how many stars that you've gotten. As far as far far far up products sailing for you. Yes. So usually you WanNa get in, you know with with Amazon is it's tougher now because Amazon won't give you a before us to be able to give away product and exchange for view now obviously can't do that. Kicking. Samples no not not not. If if you give our samples and those people leave review, not really because those are it's an incentivize review. So. Yeah. So so the best way the better way to do it is to start selling your product, have the insert and then reach out to these people like. You maybe like ten oil like maybe twenty, ideally twenty or thirty percent of the people who buy your product reach out to you from that answer. That's why the insert is good and then with these people, you just make sure that you can either offer them some other product or something. But at least they need to be able to buy your product. I if they've got your product for free is most likely to be incentivize review if they bought your product, I then you're able to, you know that's where the insert comes into play. So that's a little bit of a trick there. But that you know in launching on Amazon but yes, launching product on Amazon is tough because of that. Is just the first twenty reviews on Amazon for your product are the hardest ones if you can get around that initial twenty reviews then you're you're you're off to your off to the races as I would, as people would say. Yeah that was like one of my question because like. Amazon just like anything else you mean with Google whatever platform things change. The things that to be able to get away with in the beginning of Amazon is no longer the case so. Are there some there are some things that you know that people might be thinking they can do to Amazon, but they can't now any other things that you can you can think of. to share on that on that Yeah but. You say all on the Amazon side or on a different platform Amazon on Amazon I mean one of the things is is sometimes. To launch your product right. So so the the the hardest thing right now on Amazon is to to launch a product. So there's there's always in a different ways of launching a product, but the best way to launch a product. is to have an audience, right so say. Oh. So here's the I know it's Kinda like the chicken and the egg, right? It will like okay. Well, which if I have one then I you know like I did one for the other one. But what I mean by that is if I am going to release a some sort of like exercise product, right? Maybe like say exercise bands which are now very popular. So women really like the exercise because it works on on their legs and their and their, but right which they. Like all the women are into that especially on instagram right and so say if you if you really are want to sell some sort of like that Kinda. Like product like that then create content around it, and ideally you create content around that I and therefore even if you can build a list of like one hundred and fifty to one hundred people where you say like, Hey, I created like a little course or like little like Youtube series or something that your audience kind of resonates with you so that the moment You launch it at least you have a even if you have just one hundred and fifty people that you know have watched your videos and say, Hey, we just launched on Amazon right. So something like this, where you you, you just have a little bit of a strategy say okay if I'm if I'm selling supplement just say, hey, here are three ways to. Do, make smoothies and so you make smoothies and you Kinda your share these short videos on Youtube. To videos like, Hey, here's this mood I really like it has banana has strawberries and it has this especially ingredient has avocado and the way I make. It tastes really well because I put this in this ingredient. So therefore, I'm getting all my things, but it also has up Mocatta, which is great for the skin and so people are like, okay, that's that's a cool trick. So now people were kind of like. Like trust you and it doesn't need to be this massive list. All you need is like said, one, hundred, one, hundred and fifty people because you're looking for those initial I twenty twenty, twenty purchases. So then the moment your product goes live, you just tell your your, hey, my product is live and you're not you're not and your they're not. You're not saying, Hey, go by for free and leave a review because that's not allowed. But you you what you what you do have is you have you have their trust and therefore they'll go buy. Your product, and now you have your and you can again put the insert say, Hey, thanks so much brian the product and now that you can leave the reviews and now you're off to a good start. So that's how I would I would do it. Nothing really complicated. It's just building that small audience with some sort of again short youtube videos or short instagram whatever you sort of engagement, and as long as you can. You can do that by when you launch your product, you can get your initial reviews and now you're after a good start. I want everybody to understand what this man just said. which is the essence of this podcast. If you see it on here for me all the time you also hear it on you'll hear on the altro build it, share it they will come. So He's telling you the bill owed. Just a certain that it doesn't have to be much just build it by by build a list of people who are potential buyers or hopefully hopefully buyers in in the future by doing simple simple content that is related or associated with what you want want to sail in the future some. You know hopefully more of interest to you obviously but. Share it, and then they will come as a simple formula and he just simply showed you that very quickly. So I want to go into the next question, but is there a category of products but you'd think so more. Or faster than others. Yeah. So I think also it depends on kind of like the way you want approach it. Right. So in other words would by by that I mean there's the there's the very low price point like fifteen twenty dollar products right and then there's more like the sort of like the impulse buy kind of products. The again, also the the low price point. Then there's more like the forty or fifty dollar products, and then the more like the the hundred dollar products right usually. The the kind of like the high volume of products are within that Kinda like like fifteen twenty dollars because they're more impulse buy. But usually on those, it's harder to build a little bit of a brand right around those goods just like the buried to entries very low income. So but there's you know there's there's a lot of sort of different different examples. Out there one of the products that I thought was really cool that I was like Oh man that's such such a great idea is, for example, people who love pets. and. There's there's a little like this device. I saw it on facebook out the other day I was like man if I if I was doing ecommerce right now, I'd go after this this product besides the and had so many comments right and so. It was this little device that you. You put the ball in and just shot in shoots the ball, and it just makes the sort of the the the the the dog. And therefore, the video, the video was so funny because had these the super cute dogs and the amount of comments on the video was just really really great right Todd that where it? Hey, if. If you like pets make it a product that is just like engaging, and then you can get really traded on the marketing, right so something like that there's this other product I saw. That turns like and you know for people who are like you know like parties drinking. But that that you know the it's like this. This turns any like either bottle of champagne or wine or whatever, whatever it is and and you can spray you. You can spray it right. So kinda like turn the bottle upside down. But it was just very like like the video of it seemed like Vailab Bay cool. So it depends on what kind of person you are. If you're kind of like good on camera, then definitely go for a product that you like shooting videos for. and. If you're more on like more reserved, you not somebody who likes to be on camera so much. Then I would I would really Goo Goo a lot more research on like Okay Lemme go after this supplement or let me go after this other other other thing. where? Like I'm going to spend a lot more time on on the research on the. Development of the product. Then like on having this release call in Super Super Funny Video. So a lot of times that also depends on your type of personality, but to me is is. is those kind of things it's either you go really heavy on product development and and really come up with the just a superior product. Or you own product that is not so superior. But that is just very fun and then you have really a lot of fun with the marketing and whether you know like if it's a younger audience like you do like go heavy on Tiktok and just a bunch of funny videos, right? With with the product. This pet one or like inflatable things those those kind of things and if it's and if it's a like some sort of like an iphone cover where it's a lot more commodity than say, okay, are you giving money to charity right and then the four that can be a really big angle say for every we sell right or is this made with some sort of special material? That you know that you able to to find somewhere. But again, like the lower priced items are harder to to to sell but I would say. That that's what I would say. So I have people I got I got so many questions. But. People who are you know? You're listening to this show who have their own products they they make their own products but is there a way for them to? GET INTO A. Make, a make some kind of hey, with that with them, making it on their own or is there is there a better way to do that? Since you know I would assume it takes a long time for them to make their own products and try to sell it on a on a platform like emas on. Well, that's the thing if they already you but you mean, they already have their own product right and making their own products, right? Yeah. Yeah. So if they already have their own product right and ideally what what? What I would do if they would sell so say if they have their own product, I imagine they have their own website is that correct? Yes. Yes. Yes. Then what I would do is say, Hey, we have our own product and ideally you know for example, if they're using shop by then other. Fi. Say That yeah. Yes. We're using shop. So they already have the list of buyers. and. If for any reason like maybe next next time whether it's like mother's Day or Father's Day, or the holidays or whatever festivity that they want to do some sort of a promotion say, Hey, and they they can send out an email saying, hey, we're are going to launch on Amazon and because we are launching on Amazon, we are not offer a coupon code because. Amazon will penalize you but say the product usually sells for I'm just saying number nine, hundred, ninety, five, then say, Hey, we're launching on Amazon and for the first two weeks, you can buy the product on Amazon for twelve ninety five. So we're offering a really good deal. So you're giving a coupon you're just listing it as lower price on Amazon to get that initial. and. So like going back to what you're saying is you really want to get those initial reviews once you get those initial reviews. Then your product is has some reviews and then it's just a matter of like, okay like having a good product listing and then doing a little bit I would say definitely doing a little. Bit Of. The wear look at PPC on. Amazon, which is again, a paper clip is on Amazon as long as you're breaking even. Keep doing them in other words right because if you're breaking even it'll increase your rank things. The Way Amazon works is if you can get on the first page, ideally like within the first like eight or ten spots for the for that keyword, then you start getting a lot more organic sales and that's where Amazon I would say the golden thing about Amazon is is the organic sales, right? Because you're ranked sobia what Google is to search like if you put in the saying like divorce attorney, right you right number one or divorce attorney in in Miami. Now that I'm looking for one about. Ernie in Miami, and if you're rank on the top, then you're going to get a whole lot of traffic. On Amazon. So but in order to get there, that's what a lot of people are like. Okay. What how do I get on the first page? How are set one the getting the initial waiver views and to educate the initial way where reviews of that you turn on your PPC and keep going on the PPC until you get to the first page and on the PC as long as you're not losing money, keep going because some will be like, okay. But I'm not making any money like that's fine because once you get on the first page, then you'll be. Able, to turn off the ADS and you the they'll they'll organic sales start to kick in. So that's kind of how all the way to approach Amazon is you have to keep going until you reach the first page and once the organic sales come in. Then it's like then it's like Evergreen radio sales just come in. But until onto the until then you need to go hard on that reviews and you need to really have a good consistent strategy on your PPC, your paper pay per click, which is bidding on the right keywords to get you to page one. Awesome. I want to. S Amazing. Stuff so far. Then I want to tell you about. Something that. Might, my sons are into phone flipping thing. And so I said you know. What you guys get into I you know. smartphone covers. You know it sounds good because they feel it feels like they're always going to be on demand by kind of thing. But their response was that is very competitive to stand out even that because they have had their brand of. Phone flipping I it'd be like a nice little thing to. Put on the side of the brand. But what do you say to people who in I think just the main thing to the argument is that But Amazon, CHIAPPA fire or any other platform that is hard to stand out a Yuban saying that is unique. Unique on their naked you making your own brand that kind of thing. But is there anything that you can? You can help them as far as you know trying to get through? In the categories of being. You know standing out. Above the crowd. Yeah Young. I out a couple ways is. Stand out in some way. Right. So there's a couple of ways to to do that. One is with a much better product. If their product they're selling is not much better. That's fine too with just really really better skills, which means they're incredibly good at instagram match or facebook ads. So that's that's another one three day just like little Li like get really creative and start doing like really like creative videos, like for example, like videos, and they can grab the raiders and post them on other platforms. So it just like literally like. Just funny videos where he just like hello hello and they just starting to each other like I'm not talking to you like in just just silly silly things they can do that will just get get their get their audience would be like Oh these guys are these guys are kind of like then they start doing collaborations with other influencers and like okay yeah. These guys because they sell. Thank you know sorta like iphone covers and then they sell these other extra accessories we know then they get into maybe like selfie sticks or like the. Full portable like those full Montebello, the Selfie. Thing with a ring light and all these other things. And they can. They can do funny videos around that too and like Oh we have like. kind of like do like. Put like full circle of those around them and do like a funny video around there. So you have get creative you have to stand above the competition in some way, and so like I said either much better product much better skills in terms of marketing. which is just customer acquisition like some sort of adds with a will for a going after specific platform like I said really good at facebook instagram ads or just being really funny like getting just getting creative. So they need to be they need to push one of those because at the end of the day you know like I said, it's. Like Jerry says, right Gary says everything right now is attention arbitrage, and so if you're able to get people's attention you're winning and that's why he says every company needs to act as a media company. If you're getting people's attention you're winning. So therefore, if you're making funny videos and then people are like looking at you, then you can start selling them stuff. Running have people's attention then it's hard right and if you don't have a much better so much better product is heart and if you don't have much better skills than it's hard so. Those those I would say one of those three things they need to go after one of them and get really good at one of those three. Okay. So I know we're up against the here. On the hour here. So I want to. Go on to the point where people don't have any products. We'll go back there. Okay and places to get products I know I've been through this little bit is always Alibaba. Also it was also other places where people can get proximate up from manufacturing so forth. Talk about can you talk about real quick about? Getting products that you know aren't your own, but you still want to be in the market in some way in market on Amazon or other platforms. Yeah I mean one of the things is definitely one you have to look at those kind of product that you want to sell. So if you're doing beauty like if you're doing creams, you actually start in the US you don't. You don't need to go to China and then you can say, Hey, this is made in the US right so something like that. So again depends on the industry. One of the things I would say is definitely platforms. Here's here's a really cool platform. It's called source affi- instead of spotify or instead of shop. It's called source FAI source of Dot Com, and actually I know the the owner. I'm not I'm not compensated any weight. His name is Nathan but his literally like it's like Yeah. It's just a great place to. To source different products because they have a relationship with a Lotta different company so cost you a little bit but. then. You know you kind of going straight to Alibaba, but they have they vetted they have better to supplies and they have people based in China so that you know they'll. They'll look your best interest because a lot of times if you go to Alibaba and you just reach out directly to a Chinese supplier, many times Muniz happened to me many times. They don't really have your best interests at heart rate and they're like, okay so so Platforms. Like that. I would say source of. All the ones that just that's the one that that comes to mind. That I and I know that the CEO is a really really really great guy really really honest guy. If you're if you're trying to source your products, some sort of product from a from China, and if you're trying to go in the US, then go the US and obviously talk about it right say made in the US made. We pride ourselves on. On that, right so those those are kind of a couple of suggestions I would make. Some getting the products from these places and this has always been my thing. In shipping them to your house and then try to get a new ship those now to Amazon. That's invested. That's the route we're talking. So you would you would get the product you'll get the sample and as long as the sample is good. Yeah, then. You're like, okay. Then you work on the packaging and then you try to work on a small first order and say, Hey, listen I really want to get this going but I need to make sure that the product is really good and that all the you know the the quality is very good. So I want to start with the first order of two hundred or three hundred many times they'll say, no, no, that's not possible. That's. Not Possible, right. So there you have to negotiate a little bit. So that's always awesome. My cost you a little bit more but that way you don't start with like to because sometimes, it'll be like, no, the the minimum quantities, thousand units but anyway, you start with honesty and you get that ship straight to Amazon do not ship it to your house that at least that's what I would say some people still have shipped to your house. But I would not get them shipped all the sample. Yes. So you can make sure it's good but then two or three hundred units you ship it ship to Amazon the way it works is it just sip to La and then to the port and then for like by sea and then from La you. You. It gets package and there's videos about this on how you just go to Youtube. Because, obviously, there's a little bit of expansion, but therefore, it gets picked up there, and then all that needs to happen is then somebody needs to just deliver it to an Amazon warehouse, and then therefore, it doesn't arrive at your house and you don't have two hundred boxes. Like sitting in your in your house. Like okay now we have the ships to Amazon kind of thing. Yeah. Okay. Okay. This so everybody you got the blueprint. A blueprint the. Right the so I'm actually some other questions now throughout this up I, want, let's let's talk about your pivots of sorts with the fiesta applicant little more. What got you interested in making? This your own APP. In this very crowded podcasts base. Got You thinking dig on that wall to me is is what I'm doing for podcasters like four somebody who's new to podcasting obviously, it's crowded just like the e commerce space right to me actually what we're doing there's actually no one doing what we're doing with software. So software is so to me, it's actually good that the crowd they'll podcasting spaces crowded because I'm on the other side I'm building and I have my own podcast as well. It's called the next big pivot. So I am also in the soda in that crowded podcast Sir space but also in in that space in on the other side I'm also in the the software space with some sort of software that actually does something that no one else does, which is record which others offers do but then. You can have like I said the video newsfeed and they're super easy to. Cut out the like for example, like today when I talked about, Oh, you should use source of affi- to your products. You could do a clip on that or when I talked about you know like some of those sorta like building your skills on starting that way as opposed to develop in the product I, you can make a clip of that, right. So with my software, you would just take. A The highlight bun and then you'd have those one minute clips already created right so then you don't have to go back through the whole entire video inside a cl- like editing everything. So and then and then obviously there's the Alexa integration. So that's what you know. That's what are our platform does. But but to me is is again looking at an I don't know how much you know about this but there's there's there's this theory or does methodology of Blue Ocean. And Red Ocean. Yeah that's that's our plastic. Red Ocean means that there's a whole lot of competition and blue ocean mean it's kind of like wide open. I at least the way I look like the look at it. So the that's exactly right there. That's what would fiesta does right. So as you look at sort of the desktop are you can record your podcast highlight the best parts editing create a video clips for the social media and get feature on tiktok solid video news feed, and then create the the flash briefings and then joined the curated a briefings A. so in this case, it would be like one clip from my podcast clip from Europol has it in the clip from other pockets? Get in the mix of other and there's just another cool distribution channel. So Some I. I'm I'm impressed by the. It is doing a lot more than I thought. I expected. So yeah, for sure. Everybody should take it out on my podcast infringe friends on here deficit check that out. in. This question in a real quick. Talk to me about this new movie coming out you said, your. And use description what's going on there? My brother and I decided to do a movie my brother. He's a film major in he came to me and say artless movie. It's kind of obviously it's a long story but super-quick. I say all right. Let's do it We try to film it in. La The budget completely out of hand. So then I was like, okay, let's actually then the shoot in Mexico. So we shot it in Mexico on the border with central, America so on the border with with like Bill Lisa. In what Tamala? That's where where we shot it but still in Mexico and yeah, it's called Five. So it's actually in Spanish. Like. I said I'm half. My first language is Spanish on and so it's in Spanish and it's called five seconds and it's a little bit of a like a mix of over soccer is soccer theme of two brother. I talk but then it has obviously this whole like real like real life in Mexico is like poverty and what it is like to. Struggle. And what it is like to live life there with like government that is extremely corrupt and what it is like to live on minimum wage and and the the goal of a little bit what kind of what happens here with a lot of a kids try to like make professional sports right and then they if they hit it big with NBA and the NFL, they make ridiculous amounts of money but don't you know they're then they're like, well, what do I do now? Same with Mexico Mexico is kids go after soccer and then. This the poor kids, and some of these poor kids are unbelievably good at sports. Any reason they don't make it to the pros. Then what a waste for them is alive you know to live their life as you know making minimum wage why? So it's an show. Yeah. So that's what the movie is. What it's called five seconds it is in in Spanish but there would be subtitled so. I mean there are subtitles, but we are looking at selling it to net flicks hopefully. Soon hopefully. End Yet but against call five seconds. I would love to see I'm a big. TV Movie Buff Fan so that was. Really good. Obviously. Obscene in like Oh this is great i. think we got it. We shot it with actually no no. No famous artists I mean no famous actors. Yeah. We just like all these actors that we found in in the. Middle like a city in Mexico. On the border. With with Central America so not not a hub for it for actress by any means. Okay. Also that is incredible man. So Amanda Challenge here folks a man of many talents. Here I got one last question before we. Get Out of here. In it's based on a question that I ask all of my guests here just real quick. people see you they. They love what you're doing. They love what you've built. but with the what you're economists companies in going forward, which are APP and so forth. Can you can you give us a one two more things to to show them or inspire them as far as being authority in in that space what in just a few more things to show them that they can actually do it for themselves So I'll tell you super quick story is before I got into like when I was doing that sort of. The the multi-level marketing because I used to I used to financial services. Financial Services Consulting. Did the professional salsa dancing, and then I got into sort of exciting with a multi level marketing. But before that when I first started actually, it was very hard right. I took a lot of courses I wasn't getting it and I live by months out of a hostile right in this in Brooklyn and like like right by like bright you know like four or five blocks above coney island. But it was like one of the worst areas of Brooklyn odd during the winter it was it was just it was just a very bad situation, but my my thing is. I actually quite motivated. Then right because I was like there's something here everybody's buying stuff online, but but the thing there is. Think there is what's important to know is no matter where you are right because I've been in like really really at that point I drew I got myself into really big debt and I was like I I really not sure what exactly what it is. I'm doing except that I'm trying to learn this Internet Marketing Online, but the you know the. One thing is you just need to get started as soon as possible. I went all in. So I, you know depending on your situations but in other words if you have some sort of a job, then actually start doing like I, said the facebook ads for this or that or that you were the tick tock tick tock videos something that gets you. In the door and then as an really start, will you have to find something that you enjoy within Internet marketing right and once you once you find that what you enjoy, you'll start getting really good at it. So for me I like I, really like this Amazon I have other friends that are like, oh I, really like they just they. Just did facebook ads right and other friends I just love Youtube and then they focus on youtube. So find one thing that you like you don't need to start your own business i. but you go after it and then the once you find something that you like as you start getting better and better and better sky sports, right like you know. Some kids get into basketball and then you you really like and then you start you realize that you really good it and you just keep going and then eventually becoming extremely good. But then maybe other kids are like. Kinda but it's but then they like football a lot more. So you have to find something that you really like and then just go after it, and then once you develop the skills that's when you say okay. Now let me go all in leave my job. Let me live anything that I have, and then let me start my own business but. Like, I said, I've been in a position where I was living out of a hostile, no money massive massive debt. And just sort of hard work but it wasn't lake. You know one point I was like Oh yeah, I just transferred from these super comfy finance job to like making all this money did not like that, right? A. Lot of times people are like, aw but you're already doing really well. But yeah, I passed through this this really tough time as well, and so it's that transition that transition where you have to just just really like work hard and know that it it's going to take time. But as long as you just going and you build the skills, that's the most important thing you building these skills, you'll get their. Amazing stuff. Man Incredible stuff man. For those who are going to be listening later, just tell them where they can find you at the show real quick. Yeah. Yeah. So bill best places. Diem. Me On Lincoln or on Instagram. That's probably the best places just if you look up Bernardo Dela. Vega? On Lincoln or on INSTAGRAM DM's. Those are the two best places to to reach out to me, and obviously you know I have a FIESTA FIESTA? that. APP. And by tomorrow on my website for my podcast, which is the next BIG PIVOT DOT com so OWES DMZ in in my website and the website Yep. Nice. Awesome. Stuff man. Mix Tag that you're here now I a hundred you out there to get you in here. People really need to know e commerce thing and I appreciate all your content. Were it just just notch stuff men top notch stuff. So to have you on here. So. Hey guys. Hope you guys enjoyed that. Hope, you guys enjoy that incredible things or the any last words before we before we get in the show. You know if people are trying to start the podcast. that. Obviously that's that's what our platform is four. It makes things much much easier. To start the podcast because a lot of times you have to figure it out to like all us all these platforms have you ucsd you can record union you have your your videos, your videos, which you can share on different platforms, and you're also you know like start dating advantage over Alexa. And We also have this like all done for you, Kinda like offer that we are rolling out next week. But biggest thing is You know the platform, the fiesta platform really makes Pasquale podcasting so much easier also from for people who are looking at a just starting in podcast, right? Because sometimes it's hard to figure out at the beginning. Yeah absolutely. Incredible stuff guys. That is a wrap we went. Past the hour here but I I think it was well worth it Glad to have Bernardo here. It's amazing stuff. Please a lot in here. So you definitely need to go to the replay for for sure absolutely. So. Again, you are the projects. We want to attach authority to your name. So you can still more which agreed at build it, share it, and they will come. Simple as that. simples that you've heard it all throughout this brought this programming here. So take here and we will see you right here again on the next episode take your. Route. Thank you. Thank you. And that's around for this episode of the Authority Project. Thanks so much for tuning in, and if you like, would you heard, we want to hear from you subscribe rate and give an honest review Sharon tell your friends. So they can hear to an even more authority building tactics be shared a sign up at the authority letter, Dot Com, get free weekly content, and ongoing digital product giveaway to help you on your entrepreneurial journey. We certainly hope you got a key takeaway or maybe an Aha moment from today's broadcast just remember Ke- your authority, build it here it and they will come until next time.

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