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The Walking Dead Season 9 Premiere Recap | A New Beginning


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So when you're ready to buy a new or used car, check out truecar to enjoy more confident car buying experience, some features not available in all states. The Walking Dead season nine premiere is over, but we are just getting started on the Walking Dead post, show recap. And now people who are a wonder in where our Carol and Zeki all registered. I'm rob system. You know, back to Jessica least Jessica. How are you. I'm pretty good arrive. I've got my happy face on instead of my grumpy face. Good good. Could that when we do a painting commission of this podcast, it will be nice to see you with a happy face. I will have a big belly after being in New York, three weeks as well. Well, we wanna make sure we tell Judith exactly how to capture us. Yes, we'll tell Judith, please, a flattering painting in the future, but the Walking Dead is back Jess in a big way, a super sized premier, a kickoff to season nine, which is being billed as the final Rick Grimes season. So a lot of excitement, I think coming into the the Walking Dead season premiere. There are a lot of questions we're going to have going into the season, and we're going to answer one way or another by the end of it. Yeah. So a lot of big stuff going on, happy to have you guys. Back here on the Walking Dead of proper podcasts here on post show. Recaps. You can go ahead and subscribe. Go to post show, recaps dot com. Slash I tune subscribe to our main post show recaps feed of everything that we cover here or go to post to recaps dot com. Slash t WD. I tunes to subscribe to this wonderful recap podcast, and we appreciate your feedback and your star ratings here at the start of the new season. So just of course, let's just also give a moment of acknowledgment to the passing of a Walking Dead legend. This weekend. And this was really sad news to hear, although kind of an interesting time to hear this news when we find out that on the show Maggie has named her son Herschel. Yeah. Now this was, I mean, really crazy where it was. It was today or yesterday that Scott Wilson who played she'll had passed away very sadly, looks like that. He passed away yesterday and then we found out the name of maggie's baby was Herschel. I was waving them to say what it was. I just going to say is the baby named Glenn. But then when I heard it was Herschel while I mean the what? What an honor the weekend that he passed away. Yeah, it was really interesting timing on that. When I win, since I think is definitely going to be missed. The seasons with Herschel are among the best seasons show has ever done. Now, just let me just ask now, was this a TV contrivance to name the baby Herschel or is that the baby's name in the comics? Well, everybody hates it when I talked too much up comics, but that is the baby's. All right. So it was something that was. Not necessarily TV creation, but kind of crazy for those of us who do not read the comics to learn this information on this specific night. And there was a card at the end of the episode remembering Scott Wilson who played maggie's dad and the big night for Maggie perhaps. So one of the biggest in history of this character. Yeah, I think it was definitely. I think if this is also Lauren Cohen's last season, she's definitely bringing everything to the table and she's gonna leave it all out on the field. Yeah, I really did like what they did with this story line for Maggie. Are we, the audience is supposed to be siding with baggie, or we supposed to be feeling like, boy, Maggie is a little out there. Maggie is losing. Well, I think you could make an argument for either way. And I think if the show does this correctly and they do it well, you could have large. Factions of the population thinking, wow, I really side with Maggie. I sympathize what she's trying to do, and I'm g Maggie and you can have other people being I'm team Rick or even I'm team saviors. So Maggie ultimately is going to finally kill off Gregory. I mean, how on earth did Gregory live till season? Nine? How did he make it through the year and a half time jump? No less. I mean, there were so many times that they were going to kill Gregory. It was a miracle. He made it to this point MS like forty, seven strikes, and you're out Gregory. It was rough for Gregory and they finally put him out of his misery. They not only is he survived this year and a half, but he was living there and comfortable in wearing nice clothes and living in a nice house in getting to make decisions about how. Things we're going to be governed. I, how did that happen? I don't know. And he was also the one that said, hey, I've got an idea. Why don't we have a vote to decide who will be the leader of the hilltop me verses you? What is he thinking? That's the most ridiculous birth. Gregory's internal polling telling him. I don't know how he thought anything was going to happen. Other than him losing via landslide. Did anybody vote for Gregory? What is his constituency? Yeah. I mean, even the people that seemed like they sorta like him in move for him. Yeah, but Gregory such a politician, he really was trying to play the role of the opposition to Maggie, but I think that this was kind of interesting just in that Maggie ended up killing Gregory, but I think she stole his platform. She she kinda did. Yeah. I mean, the Gregory's platform is kind of this idea of hilltop firm. I and Maggie has sort of stolen that out from under him and telling Rick. Now, what do we need to be giving all of our supplies to anybody else? And we produce the most stuff here we wanna keep it here. And again, I think this is the kind of thing where you can definitely sympathize with Maggie. You see where she's coming from. You may not agree with all of our tactics and she may feel a little extreme, but you get it. She's understandable, her motives, make sense, and you know, Rick. I think what he is trying to do to sort of build this society and you know, keep all of these different areas humming is a noble one, and there are a lot of unsavory characters in the saviors and if you don't keep them happy, I think it is right to assume that they are going to maybe storm the hilltop or Alexandria or any of these civilizations. I think you kind of want to keep them at bay. But I mean it is something that is becoming increasingly difficult. There's a lot. The people there. It also takes a lot longer than eighteen months to build up trust. Remember the savior's just a year and a half ago were stealing everybody's supplies and killing random people. He'll win magazine husbands and it's no wonder that everybody feels like a, why are we giving them anything at all? And so it looks like that there has been this uneasy peace of his being going on for this last year and a half since Rick ended the war, but it is becoming a more and more uneasy situation as people over in the sanctuary, a writing on the walls about how we're still Neaga. I think the theme of this episode, I think the overarching theme is that being in charge is a lot harder than it looks because you had Maggie having trouble kind of keeping order and having to deal with dissension in the ranks and you had Daryl, like really not. Liking anything about being in charge and you have people, and there's this tension bubbling up under the surface in all these different places and everybody trying to keep it at bay. And this is all I think this is going to be a theme that we're coming back to a lot. This season heavy of the head that wears the crown, not just for king Hezekiah looking. He he'll seems to be doing all right, like everything going baby? Yeah, he's doing good, but he has Jerry to really keep him happy is got, well, he's got a lot of people to keep him happy Carol. I think I think that's our headline. Yes. Our headline this episode is that cares Zeki l. is now a real thing. Is it? It's a thing. Congratulations. Ezekiel and to Carol. But I don't know. I mean, this is I feel like a signal Jess. Tell me what you think. What is your women's intuition? Tell you about Carol where he Zeki oil gives her a ring. She's like, I'm not wearing that. Put that thing away. I don't want that. And then says, oh, by the way, I'm moving to a new city to take a new position. I'll be back. Oh, I think you're always somebody that you have to. You have to try not to pin her down. I think you can keep her close to you, but you can't. You can't dictate the terms of that relationship and that was going to be the case no matter who she ended up with. I think I think Tobin recognized that maybe better than Zeki did. Yeah. And maybe that is something that is sort of a side effect of. She talked about her relationship with Ed when she had a heart to heart about Daryl, and maybe that's the side effects. She doesn't let anybody get too close now, and I think that's very understandable. It's very on brand for Carol, but I think there's genuine affection their like she clearly seems to really have something there with Zeki. They lived together, they're raising a child together, but just because he can't totally seal the deal. I think he shouldn't. You'll bad about that. Like that's going to take some work. Would that make Carol Queen Carole wondered about that same thing I have to imagine it does. Yeah. Leaned. She's like the Queen consort, at least. I want to go back to Maggie and Rick and that conversation that ended the episode and Maggie is a telling Rick about how you know. Basically, this wasn't the end of the episode of the last time that Maggie and Rick spoken the episode and she tells him like, this is how it's gonna be from now on. Okay. You know, you're gonna follow me. This is not a good look for Maggie. I see where it's coming from and I see what she's trying to do here, but she's really showing this kind of this big show of force right after a one guy that's been her chief opposition. She's had that guy killed in. It's really never a good look to take your main voice of opposition and have that guy killed. I mean, he had it coming, but it still like what are people going to think about their leader kind of washing this voice guy that tried to overthrow her. She's just going to wash him and now she's got a much stronger ruling ham, butt ruling by fear is really hard to do, and I think she's going to have some trouble with yet. It is hard to do. It doesn't really seem like that. That was the issue where if there was a lot of people that seem unhappy, Gregory was trying to stir up these feelings, but do you feel like that there was sort of. Like widespread angst in the hilltop about maggie's leadership. I'm not sure that people have a problem with maggie's leadership per se. I mean, they voted her in people have voiced some concern about it, but they also realized that voting for the alternative was not going to get them where they wanted to be. But Gregory did seem to be a sort of like a held in a high regard, at least following the election, which is weird because I thought that they kind of unanimously kick that guy out a couple of times at this point mall, maybe he was kind of magnanimous. These sort of became like an Al Gore type figure where then maybe defeat that people seem to like him more and guess it's possible, but it sure seems like wasn't accepting defeat very gracious. Well, in private. Yeah. He was a really kind of a jerk about it. He said that Jesus rigged the vote in maggie's favour, and we. Introduced to a couple of new characters in this episode. Actually, a lot of new characters in this episode. The first of these characters we were introduced and he turned out to have a prominent death in this episode Ken. Yeah, I gotta talk about these new characters for second because we seem to be meant to care about cans. Dan know so much more than we were meant to care about your like Abraham or Lynn, or even going all the way back to Herschel. We spent a lot of time at this Uniroyal morning, this person that we met ten minutes. We said goodbye to Ken a number of times in this episode. I don't think that Karl got the fend off that can got yet there's something wrong when it gets bigger than car, like he got all the singing a funeral dirge, verse thirty, eight minutes. I'm so many verses. It just kept going. Going doing, and I was like, okay, we get it. Well, you're not even that good of a singer. Carl might have been a casualty during wartime. There wasn't as much time to honor. Carl, as there was for Ken. Yes. Cotton could have gotten some like host wore Sarah Mooney of some sort like honoring everybody we've lost and we can get that. Yeah, we had a really. Reminiscent of the sendoff for Aretha Franklin for for cats that we'd really big heroes. Goodbye for Ken and Ken was kind of a stupid idiot, right? Yeah. I mean, that guy got himself killed trying to protect his horse trying to protect the horse, and he got a Walker by then just he died from the horse kick look like he actually bled out. It seemed like he was gonna lock on there was there was no saving that guy. He died three times in this episode. So I guess that's why they had the honor him so many times, I guess. So you got the three funerals for him when we rewrite the Lear ext candle in the wind for can't we meet kens parents and boy, we spend a lot of time with kens parents, Tammy, and Earl, yeah, each people all got names and we've never seen them before. And now guess Earl is the town black. Smith, I guess so. And Tammy played by a TV veteran Brett Butler of grace under fire fame just did you watch that show? I did not watch that show, but I get not recognized her. That's amazing. That's like it's better than Denise Crosby showing up on this show. Yeah. I mean, that was her big thing. Propeller stand up comedian and known for a bunch of different things, but grace under fire was her show that she was the main character. And now here she is playing Tammy, kens, mom. I mean, I guess I probably haven't seen what she looks like about thirty years. So I did make stance reason that I would not recognize her. Yeah, and then married to Earl, who then is talked into an assassination attempt on Maggie. Yeah, Gregory gets an alcoholic to relapse in hopes that you can get him to murder Maggie on his behalf. That's pretty shady. I. I wouldn't vote for that guy now. I don't know what he thinks is going to happen after this. Yeah. And so. The poor Earl is talked into this assassination attempt on Maggie seems like though he gets off. Yeah, I think we're supposed to believe for a second that nine years going to execute him and then it pivots to Gregory and I'm like, was anybody surprised by that at all? I mean, what a real pivot it was for Earl, just because earlier in the episode Tammy talks to him about, hey, are you going to do something about this? What kind of man are you? And he's like no kind of mad at all. I will. I will not take out my vengeance. My mercy is greater than my wrath. Or for, or. Yeah, let's last time we're going to see that guy. So it doesn't matter. It's the Earl. I'm sure we're never seen that guy again. I don't know. I think that we could see them for for a bit here. Just what else are they going to do? What else do they have to do and kills their rails. Yeah, so they're around. They're going to be like, they're going to be background characters. We might see him in a crowd scene, but how will we know it's really them and not like some extra, they dressed up like Brett Butler. So just where do you think that this is going for Maggie here in season nineteenth, Maggie is going to end up coming around to what Rick is seeing, or do you think that Rick will come around to what Maggie is saying? Well, I think there is some conflict there that is going to be interesting to explore, and I think they kind of have to meet in the middle. I think we're going to go toward this like Geneva Convention style thing that miss shown is planning and is coming. She says, it's not a constitution, rob, what is it? It's a charter declaration of independence. It's more like a magnet Carta. Okay. Is the map to Alexandria on the back of it? I thought Morgan had that. I thought we had a whole conversation about that already. Boy Morgan is going to be really pumped up when he gets. Now, if you guys are not following a few of the Walking Dead, there was a time jump on that show to get more gins at the time line caught up to the Walking Dead. But now we skip the head a year and a half. So does that tell us that it will take years for Morgan to ultimately catch up with everybody on fear, the walking them, it looks to me like be walking down. I should say, well, it looks to me like Morgan is. Asmir into the wild. He's out there in the world, helping people. I mean, it took him a fair amount of time to get down to fear the Walking Dead, and he was walking and driving getting there all sorts of ways. But you're was something I wondered they spend a lot of time talking about a big storm that wiped out all the bridges is that the same big storm that hit Texas boy. It seems like that this happened recently and in the fear of the Walking Dead time line that I don't think that we are sinked up where there could have been one storm that went up through the Texas area and then wiped out of the bridge in the same timeframe. Okay. I wasn't sure I didn't know if we were meant to make that connection or not, but I don't think I don't think so. Let us know in the comments, let us know and Twitter, if you think I'm is reading that, but I think that the times are not in sync. Okay for that. And it seemed like the bridges went out recently and that they are starting to work on everything going on there. Let's talk a little bit about the sanctuary and what is going on there. Daryl has been running the sanctuary for all this time dress. This bothers me a little bit for reasons we can get into in the comic book zone, but. It's does not seem like a natural fit for Darryl to be the leader of anything, and he acknowledges this himself. He says, this isn't what I wanted to do. I really hate this job. I wish someone else would step up and take care of it. So I don't understand. I feel like there are people on the savers that could've handled this themselves. Yeah, it does seem like that they built up a some form of institutions and these institutions are indicate. Yeah. Yeah. It does seem like you need a really strong leader at the sanctuary. You need someone with Negus Megan's charisma. They're all, arguably does not have that. Do we need some sort of leader who is in charge of all the territories like, do we need some sort of a president of the United States of the Baltimore area? I don't think we need a president, but I think it is smart shown has the right idea here. Everybody needs to come together and agree on some simple central rules and then go back and let everybody be in charge of ruling themselves. Well, how are we going to agree on rules when Maggie wants to have public executions? That's not necessarily what Zeki. Oh, is going to want to do. So I think that we're going to have a real big issue trying to come up with a one set of guiding principles. Rob some stuff is illegal in my state. That's legal in yours, and we get along just fine, I guess. So I guess. Oh, really state rule is going to probably be a big factor in this new government that we're creating. Yeah, I think it's going to be very focused on states rights. We're not a federal est society, you know. Okay. Well, that seems like it could get a little boring if we're going to really dig in on all of the different guidelines between the different communities. I'm pretty sure we're not gonna have a whole episode that's voted to Walking Dead constitutional convention. That does seem like it might get a little dry, and I think people don't watch this show to get lessons in how government should be run. Probably not. I think they want a little more action. Let's talk about the really big set piece which opened up probably the first half hour of the episode just I, I would bet anything that you could pinpoint the location of where they went on this Erin. Well, I don't think that's a real location if not hundred natch. History museum or anything like that. Well, I think they're supposed. We are meant to believe they are at the Smithsonian Smithsonian. Okay. But I googled some of the names that are on the banners there, and it's not really a real place. Okay. So I felt this was pretty cool though that we have not seen a recognizable location like we got to see here and we got to see them headed to the capitol. Yeah, they were in the middle of downtown Washington DC and I don't know rob. If you've ever been to DC was there for steam perspex wedding? Oh, yes, that's right. That's right. I don't know if you went down to the National Mall, but all the cool stuff you wanna see in DC. It's almost all in one like central place. Yeah. And so they went down there and I thought this was all really cool until I got to see what they were going for and the seeds I get that. But just it did seem like that. This was a lot of work to get the stage coach and the plough it makes little sense. And the scene thing is actually based on, I would have to guess this based on an actual seed repository that exists in small bar, Norway there is a big radio lab episode about it, which is how I had heard of it. But there is an there's a place where they are keeping like copies of every agricultural food item there that there exists on the planet. Yeah, just in case of something like this going down. So that makes sense. On some level. The Laxman thing models and the covered wagon that's a little bit and because clearly they have stuff that they can use already. They have carts and wagons. They've built a windmills and stuff like that. I mean, what was so unique about that stage coach that they could not construct something similar without, you know, risking life and limb. Yeah. Why do they need that exact one in the first place? Because I would imagine that fat binder. They got from George. They're already building stuff out of there. There's got to be something like that in there. And in fact they even had a cart that looked pretty boss, so I don't know why this one was important plow makes a little sense. I can. Little fence, but it really was fun to watch how it played out where they win on this massive hunt to grab this stuff. And then once you saw the glass floor with the with the walkers, there was a one hundred seventy percent chance that that glass floor was gonna crack. I call shenanigans on that glass floor by the way because if they have built that for dozens and dozens of tourists to walk over that every second, there's no way that it's going to break under the weight of like one stage coach Ziada ice. So I felt like that the Walker falling from up above like put the first cracks in the glass and then the, you know, the way to the stage coach and everything just added to that. Yeah. But again, I think it's going to be built like that glass is not. Going to be like one single pane of window glass and people walk on that's going to be layers house. Yeah, this is going to be probably stronger than the surrounding floor. Yup, you would think so. And I didn't think it was also a little weak that we just opened up a one small square in the glass I the whole thing was coming down. Yeah, I call further shenanigans on his e. He'll falling through that thing getting pod at by dozens and dozens of zombies when lesser characters, like kind of brush up against zombie and wind up with a giant bite, taken out of their torso through their shirt. Poor Ken died nineteen times, and Hezekiel is able to come away unscathed. And Darryl even. Was able to shoot one of them in the head with the bone arrow crossbow. Well, was a pretty good shot. I, I don't, but he's released ones about the bite him. Let me get that one right there. Let me get the exact one that got his teeth around his ankle. Yeah, pick him away. And so we have some other crazy stuff going on there. Sedikh did not have much to do tonight, but he was the victim of a jump scare in this episode. I liked this Walker. This was a great Walker. Yeah, and filled with spiders. This raises some interesting questions about Walker physiology, because if you have a Walker with its head full of spiders zero point where the spiders would eat enough of your brain that you would die. I think so. I think there's got to be that sexualization level. Yeah. And so how many spiders too many spiders and how many gills can fit on the head of a pin. How many spiders can fit inside the skull of a Walker before the Walker collapses under the weight of it. We ended up. There were some other new characters that it seemed like they brought into the mix. There was a woman that Darryl was talking to at about. She was talking about her brother and they didn't get along in Darrell segment. His brother are we supposed to know who this woman is. I think she might be from oceanside. I kind of thought it was Cindy from ocean side, but it's not Cindy from oceanside. It's some other lady that she seems sorta oceanside. So that's, that's who I decided it was. Yeah. I mean, my biggest issue with trying to follow along with this episode is that I do think that there are too many people that we were supposed to know who they are. Yeah, and we are getting called axe to a lot of kind of just like, hey, remember this person's still. They're like, we had it be an idea that they go there in the first place like written into her contract that she gets to talk every episode just I thought stuff that worked. In this episode, where was the stuff that was a with our main characters, having important conversations of with Rick and Maggie and. You know, Rick and Darrell Darrell, and Carol and. Rickman shown. Like I feel like that I can really sink my teeth into, but there's some. Sometimes we're just like going from the, here's these three characters and they are all saying one line each and then we go see these four characters over there. I mean, your head is spinning. Yeah, it was like wanted to make sure you pack in like, where are they all now into this episode? And so you got a lot of, hey, look, there's Aaron and he's got a big beard. There's Jesus and he's got a new coat. There's all in. He's singing a song that's ninety six minutes long. Yeah. I mean, I don't. I don't hate Alden. I don't mind all in, but that was a lot of Alden. Yeah. And we also have father Gary father, Gabriel fully blind. Now just I have that exact question word for word written down, but he's also is sight impaired. He does. He's wearing like the context to definitely remind us that this something going on. With his eyes, but it doesn't seem to be impaired or really needing to feel his way. So I don't really understand what's going on. I think you must be able to see because he's commenting lot on what's going on in the museum and also, okay. I know we want to be eating lucid world and we wanna make the world a better place and make everybody feel valued at important. But I feel like if we're making an important reconnaissance mission to a dangerous place, the blind guy's gonna slow you down. So if he really can't see maybe leave him at home. Yes. He was also able to observe with Jada says about the de-evolution of man. Yeah, I think he must have been able to see at least some of what was going on in order to make those observations. Yeah. In my mind, I think he has sort of like Georgy LA forge type vision with that. He can see like shapes, but not really details. I guess. I guess that's fair, or is vision is somewhat impaired, but it's enough. That he can like be on a horse and help people just talk to me about the operation to rebuild the bridge on this looks like it's going to be kind of a central point of the next episode. It looks like we're going to need that so that everybody can get hold to where they live. Yeah. Things like that. We have a couple of main roadways in and out of this area which may play a factor in Morgan's journey in fear the Walking Dead. Yeah, let me no wonder. It takes a year and a half get back. All the bridges are out. Yeah. And as we are going into that same with the bridge, that's where we get this proposal from Carol or from Ezekiel to Carol following this near death experience. Where do you think Zeki got the ring from just probably got at the same place Glenn. Got it. Oh, chop chop enough Walker finger, yeah. Okay. Is the Carrollton Nevada questions? Is this a used ring. I think everything in this post apocalyptic world is used rob? Yeah. You probably probably unless like Ezekiel hit up a sales or some jewelry store. He went to Jared. Jared by Jared. I mean, Jared, the savior that got, you'll less. Yes, that guy. Carroll says, this is not happening on a horse either. I didn't know that Carol was so particular about how you wanted to be proposed to buy Zeki will. I mean you have to win her heart. You have to work hard to win the heart of Carroll. Yeah, it's track. It could have been worse. He could've had it like inside a pomegranate that he present her. Yeah, I could have put it in the bottom of glasses who. When the horses Cairo Mantech. Yeah, they could be out killing walkers together and he likes stabs one in the head. You've got soliver everything and then says, Mary me. You could spell it out in Walker, guts on the front lawn? Yeah. What about Rick in Michelle relationship? We saw that Rickman shown they are back in bed. I see a lot of Rickman shown in bed. You're going to show her attractive people. I can see why the show wants us to see more of them in bed. Yeah, and they have a lot of pillow. Talk about important topics. Yeah, that's that's always been the case for them like ever since they got together, that's how they relate to one another. And miss shown is really pushing for this this committee to come up and she, she questions, maybe we should've just killed Nikon. I think that's also going to be a theme the season is we're going to talk about the kill switch or hack about it in a more procedural kill, switch and away. Nobody's kill switch is more set off in the Walking Dead proper universe right now, the machine. She is the compass at true north of anti killing. Yeah. But even she is saying, like, you know, maybe we should have thought about that. And one point here kill switch was really set on. Yeah, like me shown was just like blur of swords for a long time now. She's like, she's even kind of thinking, even miss shown who's kind of anti killing anybody is saying, maybe we should've killed. Yeah. I mean, even she's the one when Gregory is going to be hanging, she's like, no, no, don't do it yet the children. Well, I don't think anybody wants their kids seeing that, but Michelle was the one that was saying like, now hold up, hold up everybody. Yeah, I think she could have explained that a little bit better and I think maybe everybody would have gone along with it. Yeah, just why does Michelle keep referring to Rick as the famous Rick Grimes? Why is he so famous? Because he ended the war with Megan, any brought all the communities together and you see that like when he rolls up on the sanctuary and comes in and everybody's like, oh, hey, it's Rick. He's a great leader. Hi, Rick. And everybody knows who he is and he's got a legend around him. Now you'll so kind of started the all out war. Well, you know, details just now we use the rent that we didn't see Neagh in here in the season nine premiere. I thought it was most curious was not only do we not see me gin, but also Jeffrey dean Morgan was on the talking debt. That's weird like they should have saved him for next week because he's clearly going to be on it next week, right? Maybe he couldn't do it next week or they felt like that. I mean, I think that they had. Most of the bride there, but. I thought that was really weird that they had Jeffrey dean Morgan there on an episode that he wasn't in. Now maybe he's talking about like how little league and matters in this new post Megan world, perhaps that. That. It seems like that also in real life him in Norman, rita's or like best friends. And in the a little bit of talking to that, I got the see before we came on to record this podcast that they were both like really suck kneecaps about how great the other one is going to be in the season. Well, that'll be fun to watch. I'm sure that's gonna make a really riveting talking dead. Yeah. I mean, we could talk about the opening credits for a second because I thought the new opening credits very striking difference from the previous opening credits. Yeah, a lot was made tonight about the new opening credits. Are you thumbs up or thumbs down? I'm comes up. I thought there. They're very comic book, and it's interesting because the theme of the previous season's opening credits was kind of every season. It got more and more degraded as the world fell apart more and more now, the theme is that they are rebuilding, and so you see things going up. You see like flowers, blooming Barnes being raised, and that's a very striking difference. And I think it's an indicator of where they want to take things next. Now I need to go back and look at the credits of Walking Dead from season one through eight. But I want I remember is that I think that there was a lot of focus on the grime. Family and like pictures of Rick and sort of like Grimes of photo albums and stuff like that. And I feel like if this is going to be a season that is going to culminate without a Rick Grimes, then I feel like that maybe they needed to change the opening credits to make it more of this on samba cast. Yeah, I think they are trying to pivot away from it being Rick Grimes center, although I don't think that's been the case in a very long time. Right? But Andrew Lincoln is still very much, you know, the mainly the nucleus of this show and at some point he will not be. Yeah. At some point he's going on, I think they've done everything they can to prepare us for this. Now, just in the opening a couple of minutes of the episode. There was a lot of shots of crows. There were also a lot of shots of crows in. In the opening sequence. I feel like that we went back to CROs a number of times. What is the significance of crows right now in the wanted universe? Because I thought I was watching game of thrones really got a lot of things we could do with crows can talk about a group of crows being called a murder, and we witnessed a murder. We can talk about like it's just a big black shape that supposed to kind of symbolize death or it's in blazing change. And I think adding large groups of them is a little bit scary and it kind of sets a mood. This could also be shoutout Stephen king's stand. If you really think about it. Maybe I thought it was almost a supernatural seeming when we saw like that big flock of crows all a coming. A flying away at the same time early in the, yeah, that looked that was super creepy. And the title sequence has a lot of that and they even they put a Walker in the field to scare the crows away, is it that the crows are eating so much of the crops that the sanctuary? I couldn't figure out what was going on there, and it was actually very reminiscent, and again, I don't rely on everybody to still be watching the Walking Dead because really who else is watching it even me at this point. But at the very beginning of the last season, if you're the Walking Dead, we had a similar crops problem and those those dying corn stocks looked a lot like that. Weevil infested cornfield at the beginning of fear the Walking Dead. So again, there's some parallels there isn't there this benefit of the corn that they can't eat, being able to make some sort of Ethan all and not just some something to be able to prevent antifreeze poisoning. Well, once again, it's like if they know that much, why are they so concerned with getting a covered wagon out of the Smithsonian just this was the first time in walking history that we've had any sort of concern about fuel we ever had that before, where that that's been the thing where all of the gas stations are now dry? Well, I would guess and this. This is something again. I don't wanna get to comic book, but this does come up in the comics where you reach a point where you can't rely on that anymore. The finite resource and also it degrades over time. So I'm glad they're finally acknowledging that that's going to be a thing because I think it should come up well before now speaking of things that degrade over time, that a lot was also made in sort of the preseason press about how the walkers are even more decomposed than they've ever been before. Did you notice the difference tonight? Yeah, I did. I did. I notice that they are much much grocer. They're much more skeletal more sorta Harry house and ask. Yeah. There's still a really gross, but they're just as strong. Yeah, which is also weird because you would think that over time they kind of become a little more of the largest. There is one that we saw in particular who's kind of sitting on the ground taking arrest, and there's a certain point gets up and it's like, I didn't know they needed to rest. Sometimes that's how long it's been. Yeah. These walkers have been out there so long. They have to take breaks and now guy was wearing a suit, and you could tell that he was from the original because all only Gregory is the only person that's still is wearing a suit. That's true. Just what else from the premier, any other of our side characters that you want to shout out tonight? I thought Enid was looking great. She's in worse now, which is great. She was looking great, but she was in a wheelchair by the end of the episode. Yeah. And she had a bad head injury but higher to the head injury. I mean, she was he's working at the nurse. She's got a great job. She looked like she'd really kind of grown into herself. I think that that was a little bit extra that has been wheel out Enid in the wheelchair to go see, Gregory be hanged. Yeah, but it's also nice because I think in so many shows people sustain these horrible head injuries and they get pulled cocked and they never have any problems after that. What did you think about Gregory's plan to assassinate Maggie? You feel like that there were any major problems with his plan? There were a lot of problems with his land. If you wanna talk about extra, we can talk about like everything Gregory has ever done if could ultimately. So he got Earl drinking, and then he got Earl to go put on a disguise to go and wait for Maggie by Glenn's grave. And then Gregory himself told Maggie, hey, hurt the, whether it was some vandalism over by a cleanse tombstone. Yeah, check it out tomorrow. Knowing she would not be able to turn a. Why did Earl need to wear a costume? Probably not if he's just gonna kill her. Right, right. Oh, did Earl feel like that he's gonna be able to get away with this one? It was drunk. I don't think he really was thinking any of that through. And then in the succession plan at the hilltop, if something happened to Maggie, would Gregory immediately become the new leader only think there'd be a power vacuum. And I think Gregory would be certainly poised to step in. This bag Maggie have a vice president of the hilltop. Well, I think there's a lot of stuff yet Jesus now. Yeah. I mean, if I was shooting vice-presidents, probably either Jesus are Alden. Jesus was counting the votes, and maybe Gregory has point. On the ticket? It's true. I mean, it's a little Hanky. Yeah, I just can't imagine that. Gregory believes that that he had the votes here. I'm surprised they even let him live there under all the stuff he pulled. Let alone, like let him even be on the ballot. What do you think the debates were like between Gregory and Maggie? I think they were probably I'm gonna guess that Maggie was. Making very good points about her ability to govern while Gregory and lurked in the background and glowered at her my opponent Margaret doesn't even know anything. My name is MAG. He can't even get on name. Right. Okay. And he sold us out to Neagh in a bunch of times. Point he did kind of sells out a bunch of times. So I also thought it was a poor choice for Gregory to keep up the facade that he doesn't know maggie's name like there's no way year and a half that he's still calling her Margaret. Yeah. Well, at least he's like, he's calling her Margaret. He's not calling her like Natalie, which I think is the first thing you tried to call him. Okay. I'm trying to think of anybody else that we saw tonight. Tara barely. How did I think there's us running around on a horse? Yeah, we saw more of Judith than we saw Tara. Yeah, big Judith. Now, how old is Judith now? Like four or five years old? Yeah, she's got to be close to five. Yeah. So she's hanging in there. So good job by now. Would you say not even toddler Judith? Yeah. No, this is small child. Judith, small child, Judith, so she's she's doing a great job. Anybody else you want to highlight before we talk about some of the comic book spoilers I'm trying to think of anybody else that we really did not get the c. Rosetta. We barely got to see anything with her tonight. Yeah, there was almost no Rosetta on. I don't know. She's one of the another one of those characters that doesn't ever get enough to do. We did see Aaron with Jesus in this episode. Yeah. Are. Are you shipping. The Arizona. I love the idea. It'll be interesting to see if the show goes there. Yeah, I'm kind of hoping they do. We'll see. Yeah, and I don't think there was any of our other regulars that had nothing to your interesting Eugene. We saw him briefly at the sanctuary. He's hanging out there. I'm surprised he's not running things at the sanctuary. I mean he was kind of like second or third in command behind the game. I think that he would be able to fall in line there, but I guess they don't know if they can trust Eugene if Neagh in had a vice president. It was probably g. Yeah, also, where is Dwight? Yeah, that was my other question because I've seen him in like sort of like the trailer, like in the promotional materials and not necessarily in a scene for this season, but. Where's he landed? That's a very, very good question. And it's something I think when we get in the comic book zone, we can talk about this and speculate a little bit, but I honestly don't know. Okay. All right. So that is what we're going to get to. Next. Of course, we liked to at the end of these episodes, talk a little bit about what is going on in the Walking Dead comics as it relates to these episodes. And so that is what we will get to in just a moment. Of course, if you want to send us any emails t. WD at post show recaps dot com. Right now, I don't know what the schedule is going to be for fear of the Walking Dead feedback shows which I've done with Josh in the past. But when the next time, the Josh and I talk, we will go ahead and start to figure out if we will do those. Probably not every single week, but maybe as big events happen. In this season nine of the Walking Dead, we will get to a walk feedback show, but if you want to send us any questions t. WD at polls, show recap second, or you can tweet to us the night of the show on that robs the stream and Jessica is at haymaker Hattie and with that Jesse ready to talk comic books. Yeah, I'm ready to talk common com. Now as those what you want to know, avoid hearing about record shown. Now turn to ring the intro book soon. All right, Jess? So here we are a new beginning season nine of the Walking Dead. How much of this storyline, how they barred from the comics we're getting back into comic territory. I think after we kind of dragged out the knee in war in some ways that didn't track with the comics. We are right back where the comics picked up at the end of the war in the comics. Okay. And so how faithful are we to what was going on in the comics? Well, we have gotten we've had time jump of approximately the same amount. I think we got three years in the comics, but I think visually be are very much on track. The things that happened. This episode didn't really happen in the comics, but the circumstances are very similar. Okay. And so the death of Gregory that at all storyline from the comics, I'm Gregory does end up getting. Executed after getting way too many chances in the comics at the fame point that it happens in the TV show. I think it's roughly the same point. I think it happens a little bit earlier in the comments. Okay. And is Rick and Maggie in the same sort of a stressful relationship? Not really. There's a lot more harmony in mix. I mean, Rick is running things at Alexandria. Maggie is running things at the hilltop. Nagy is settling into motherhood and is very happy, and Rick is doing his thing, and they don't really have a lot of friction in the same way. And I think in the show this is potentially going to be a lot more. Interesting. How about the bridge storyline? That's something from the comics? No, not really. I mean, there's a little bit of talk about infrastructure and about how transportation has changed, but people are completely off of fuel. The comics. This point which I think France. I think that makes a lot of sense because that's not going to be around forever. Okay. So just looking ahead that we know that this is going to be the final season for Rick Grimes, but Rick Grimes is alive in the comics for quite some time. Do you have any thoughts on how the show is going to handle this? I think they're going to handle it differently, but there is a point at which we are going to run up against some new villains this season, and one of the characters has already been cast on alpha has been cast and alpha is kind of an exciting character. There's a group of new villains called the whispers that our people are going to run up against and they take out a huge swath of characters in one horrible night and we could potentially, I think we're gonna lose either Ricker Matt Maggie on that night, and it'll be it'll be interesting to see how that all goes down and who ends up going out. But we're going to lose a lot of people. I think it's going to be very shocking and we're going to see a lot of people dead at one in one big shot. And I think it will probably be the record as one of the many people that we lose does Maggie die in the comics. No, Maggie still very much alive. Okay. So that I mean, this is really, I think we're going to get a pretty far away from what's going on in the comics after this. Right? I think we're still getting broad strokes. I think it's a lot of kind of the same thing that we always speculate on where we know kind of what happens and we know that shocking events that set things off, but then sometimes it's different people that set off those events. Okay. Do they go and visit the Smithsonian comics? They don't, but there is a arc coming up where we do see a little bit more of kind of major American landmarks that have fallen. That's. Something that's come up in a relatively recent arc. What about everything going on with the sanctuary and all these people that are unhappy following the capture of Megan? So do is they're going to be some sort of an uprising based on what you've seen from the comics. Well, this is something that I thought was very interesting, and I think I speculated last season that we were going to see Darryl in charge of the sanctuary when we got back into our time jump and the person who is in charge of the sanctuary at the start of this chapter in Walking Dead comics is Dwight as we figured he would be. And so that's my question. Where is Dwight in all of this? Why isn't he in charge here? What's that difference there? And are we just basically writing Dwight outs? We could make room for Darryl to do something. So what do you think? So I think that something must have happened there because otherwise. Is it doesn't make any sense that Dwight's not there and Dwight's out the person in charge and also Daryl's not a leader. He doesn't want to be around large groups of people. He doesn't like people. So putting him in charge of everything is got to be not your plan a. No, just once we get to see Neagh in back in the mix. So what's Neagh attitude are going to be like Megan's going to be a lot of I told you so and a lot of, hey, Rick, maybe you should've killed me and he kind of needles, Rick. Whenever goes down to see him. This is locked in that dungeon Morgan built. Right? And so he kind of provides color commentary until there comes a point in the new conflict where Nian becomes a player again, but but it's not for a while he's going to spend more time in jail. I and why. Why does Rick have regular chats with Nikon? Guess someone's got to bring in food? I guess, I guess so I is there any sort of like silence of the lambs type setup where we have these new villains and we need to pick Neagh ins brain about what they're doing. I could see the show going that direction. It's not as such in the comics, but Rick goes down there a lot to kind of Chris the knife and say, hey, Megan, you thought things had to be the way that you said they were, and we're doing just fine without you. And since things are a little bit less fine. I think risk to have to come up with something else to talk to me about just Neagh in going to make some sort of a face turn and end up being somebody who is ultimately going to be a good guy. Well, that's definitely a possibility. That's something that kinda sorta happens to the comics but kinda sorta not really. I think Megan is always going to be. Okay. Look, we need a leader for the sanctuary. He has experience. That's true. And it seems like he's still got some support. So people want him back maybe Neagh in two point. Oh, could come back and run the sanctuary, kinder, gentler Nagin. Is there any chance that will be the person to kill Rick Grimes? I guess that's a possibility. I think we've kind of closed the door on that particular conflict and I think whatever Megan does next has to be very different from what he did before, but maybe not necessarily. I mean, we saw the governor come back, so I guess we'll have to wait and see. Okay, just anything else about the opening episode of of the Walking Dead season? I well, I think it sets things up quite nicely, whatever happens next, we're going to be introduced to a lot of new characters that comes straight out of the comics, and I'm kind of excited for that. So there's really going to be a lot talk about in the comic books so and coming forward. And in fact, Josh wig learn, I've talked about finding some time to do a comic book center. Eric episode or the podcast, but I don't know when we're going to have time to do that. Okay. It's coming. All right. Stef Neethling coming just well, a great work here tonight. Very nice to be talking with you about the Walking Dead proper hope. You guys enjoyed us being back together, talking about all of this stuff. Anything else? USA before we close the show, I'm my voice will be back to one hundred percent next week. I think you did great. Just don't worry about it. All right. Don't sweat it. It Toni Massaro and I are going to be back together on Tuesday to talk about the better call Saul season four finale I've really enjoyed better call Saul down the stretch. It has been tough for any Tony to get together, but if you're listening to this on Monday and you have not heard are better call Saul episode. Nine recap slash finale preview. We've recorded that over the weekend, so we're cutting a little close, but it is up if you want to check that out as well and Josh wiggled, and I will be back on the game of thrones beat. As well over on post show recap. So be on the lookout for all of that post show recaps dot com. Clash itunes, take care. Have a good one. Bye.

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