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Will Coronavirus Cancel the NFL Draft, Teams Closing Facilities, Stadium Update


This episode of Vegas Nation is brought to you by sports from station. Casinos as tea and sports is the only sports betting APP. You need this season. Sign up today and get a new sign up bonus for up to fifty dollars. We are excited to know where we're GONNA be planned and excited to have a city that is cited by having a sweatshirt raider. You always no matter what we are now. The Las Vegas raters. We haven't gotten to the point where the leaks telling telling us anything or giving us any insight into what's going to happen but I will say this the leaders of the civic leaders here in Las Vegas and Nevada the National Football League headquarters as well as the NFL. Pa are working on it and talking about it and using very measured approach and we'll make a decision on anything should right now. It's going forward but health safety. It will be at the top of the list and if there's any any type of problem or thought of that there would be one. I'm sure that they will make adjustments to whatever schedule. How are you going to address at Allegiance Stadium? When when Home Games are nearing when to preseason comes again those family right now? It's it's interesting I wouldn't say we're fortunate but it's the other sports right now that are dealing with the National Basketball Association the NHL even in Palm Desert Larry Ellison's PNB tennis I believe he just cancelled that. Yeah and that's a huge huge event that they have we've seen southwest cancelled when you're looking at those scale that scales again that that that's happening right now and so looking forward a month or two. We don't know where it's going to be. But I guarantee that the The League the Players Association and the leaders here. We'll come up with rain students. Those who you just mentioned. We'll be in conference with. Nba officials about how they handled it. Do you think there will be a dialogue between those two given it there? I think there's a dialogue between everybody. Yeah okay can in the public sphere. You have to write. That was mark. Davis. And He's discussing their whether or not the NFL draft is cancelled or not because of corona virus. Right now the sports world is shaken. Everything is just as we speak changing minute by minute with what happens here with the current a virus in the sports world. But this is the Vegas Nation podcast coming to you with mile. Simmons Vinnie Bonsignore. And I'm Heidi paying a little bit later on the show. We're going to bring in mic acres. He's going to do a stadium. Update for Y'all and this show is presented to you by Sti Sports Mobile by station Casino and also presented to you by untuckit. Make sure to subscribe to Vegas Nation wherever? You'RE LISTENING CHECKOUT VEGAS NATION DOT COM and download the VEGAS NATION APT to keep up with all things happening because we are keeping. You updated minute to minute here with all news. Coming to you about your raiders and everything else in the sports world again. That was Mark Davis that you just heard at the top. He was there with. Jani cats. pod cats that show coming out on Monday next Monday coming up. You'll be able to hear the full interview with the raiders owner on podcasts. The Omani make sure to check out that show subscriber and while you're there check out golden edge on the RJ ringside. We have all of our shows available on Review Journal. Dot Com slash podcast. So head on over there and see what shows interest you most and check those out as well but again guys. We're here talking with a Mark Davis that we just heard there in the open. We don't know right now. What's going on with the NFL draft the sports world? Is cancelling things minute by minute? I mean the draft right now. It's a big concern as they expect about six hundred thousand people to descend upon Las Vegas but right now with everything. Cancelling Buffets are shut down in Vegas the NBA season is suspending play. The NCAA tournament is going to happen. Would no fans actually if it even happens at all because as we speak here? We're seeing a bunch of the other tournaments are being canceled from the just all over. I'll we'll get into all of them as soon as we can. But big. Twelve is one cancelling Sec is cancelling Sec's canceling so. It's very very crazy. Out there right now and we're going to get into that prefers vinnie. You'RE OUT IN WISCONSIN. Where you're about to board a plane so be safe there but get bring us up to date here and what you think will happen with the NFL draft flow. I mean I don't know I don't think anyone knows the answer. That just yet I'm of the opinion that You know I err on the side of caution I think we need to be responsible and life will go on no matter what gets cancelled right. Now we're talking about sports crying out loud It's not anything that we're not going to be able to recover from it. I think the key is to just do whatever we have to do. Even if it's Going over the top Perhaps In order to get control of this. We're not talking about we're talk. We're taught leroy talking about life and death and there's nothing Above the health of of not. Just your you society in general so whatever can be done right now to limit Large gatherings Sporting events conventions things like that we have to cancel them if we have to postpone them. I think that You absolutely do it so I don't know the answer yet to the NFL draft. They're still you know about a month or six weeks seven weeks away from it so there's a little bit of time to play with but I wouldn't be surprised if they went hadn't either cancelled it from sound stage in New York someplace or did it still in Las Vegas but without the fan element. I think that would be the smartest thing we don't know yet. What the NFL DO MILES? You actually I got a statement from for Reisen your after Las Vegas Locally had tweeted you know tweet about the cell phone towers not going on delivery That are expected for the NFL draft What was your take here from verizon. Yeah you know verizon basically told me that at this point there. They have not changed on their plans to enhance cellphone capacity for the NFL. Draft But I I think that is kind of contingent on the fact that this thing could still be happening and so yeah there are going to be those opportunities where you see a different cell. Phone providers are going to do this. We're going to do that and I think that there is probably. I don't know really good reason to think that but as of yesterday when I got Stephen from horizon. They said that they had not changed their plans. But I think again you know things are happening so rapidly with this whole situation that I think that it's almost things can from our. I mean you know we could have different information by the time we in this podcast and the time that we began the podcast. So what happened yesterday may not really be very relevant today or tomorrow or ten minutes from now you know. Yeah I mean like last night we you know here that the NBA is suspending the season. And then you find out about a couple of players now that have tested positive. Donovan Mitchell Being one of them and it's He had no symptoms so he had a teammate. That was out there and touching everybody's like recorders that you know All the reporters had their records out as you do at a press conference situation and then he touched all of the recorders and then he walked away to the room and apparently according to Donovan Mitchell. He was also being a very cavalier in the locker room. That was a quote that I saw The just kind of touching everybody else's things so This has been kind of crazy. This is after Gobert had rudy. Gobert was the first guy just has positive and use them one touching all the recall recorders and now Donovan Mitchell for the Utah Jazz. So like you said our to our things do change We're GONNA keep you guys apprised of everything happening here with what happens with the NFL draft as well as with the raiders. Because you know we did as you heard in the beginning there get to speak with Mark Davis and he had a lot to say not just about whether or not. The Corona virus affects the draft but Just about what's going to be happening here in Las Vegas and some other things are really going to want to catch that interview on the cat's podcast Vinnie just as we continue this kind of conversation. Wolfer one. You're traveling. I don't know how you feel about traveling but right now where do we stand with the NFL owners meetings happening? March twenty ninth April. I do. We think that those still happen. I WOULD. I wouldn't be surprised if they Those were cancelled or postponed As well I saw a report just a few minutes ago that the NFL is most of the NFL employees in New York City are going to be working from home except for non critical You know staff members So that gives you any idea of where they might be leaning for the owners meetings and and and the draft You know they're obviously being very very cautious right now. in their offices at their offices in New York so still no word on any of that. But Miles said this is an ever changing and rapidly developing unfolding story so situation so You know what we're saying right now could could easily change within the next ten minutes within the next hour. It's one of those type of situations is unprecedented really. So we just have to hope and pray that that everybody Better and that's in charge of making these types of decisions are getting the best information and the best advice and counseling with experts in the disciples decision being prudent and responsible in the decisions that they make You know in lieu of that or as a result of that information so you know. It's hard to to sit on a podcast predict what's going to happen because we just don't know and it changes by the minute absolutely does and again. We'll keep you updated with everything that we know as it happens again can find all of that on Vegas nation dot com and download the APP for all of the latest news. Something Vinnie that you had also talked about Just because I know you are ground to board a plane and I WANNA be able to get this all in here Linebacker Christian Kirksey a former Cleveland Brown. You reported that he you know that he is meeting with the raiders. This could be a very big pickup for the team if you know they are able to nab him because that linebacker position and he's a run stopper you'd be somebody that could plug right into the defense. Would you think about Kirksey? And how likely is it? That the raiders go after him once this free agency period opens around March eighteenth while he absolutely you know visited with the raiders. has has done that There was according to my sources. No deal was imminent At least That was the case. Yesterday I'll check back in Later today But yeah he's healthy. And that's the keys only played nine games over the last two years dealing with hamstring injuries and a chest injury. So it's a guy that when he is on the field that you previous seasons Twenty sixteen twenty seventeen had over one hundred. Thirty eight tackles in each of those seasons six sacks over the course of those two seasons A bunch of quarterback hits and pressures and tackles for loss. So he's a playmaker he's re would fit right in. There's no doubt about it. The question is how healthy is he? and this guy again he's played only nine dams the last year or so on one hand. You know there is that risk obviously and have the way that You know when when thinking about what kind of money to give them. What kind of a contract to give them. But also on the On the flip side you could be getting guy that's fairly well rested If he is healthy from some of the hamster chest injuries and also really motivated. Add to get back on track after two and played seasons so we were talking about Byron Jones the other day There might be some other linebackers in the mix. Who Do we think of right now? That might be another Good fit here for the raiders. And somebody that they pursued free agency. Well I think this is more of a supplemental kind of Guy Right. I think that when you're looking at the raiders defense and what they need and who they could possibly get. I think that you're going to have a mix of frontline guys and then also reserves. Because you have to be able to have a little bit of depth and I think that when we look at the raiders. We saw they had a lot of depth on the offensive line last year in that really helped out in terms of making sure that they can continue to have really strong pass protection even in the early going of the season even when. Trent Brown had two different things like that. So I think when you're when look at that Christian Kirksey to me projects more as a backup Guy Reserve guy somebody that can be adept piece. But then you're still going to have those frontline guys that you might go after. Like a Cory Littleton. Who seems to be kind of on everybody's? Linebacker wishlists as you look through twitter. I mean look at all these teams that are saying. Who could they go after you? Could they go after core littleton certainly on that list but I think just as a linebacker position as a whole or even brought in Byron? Jones's cornerback those guys that you probably are still going to go after even if you have but you also have to build up your death on the back into yeah. Let's just keep in mind that he became available as a straight cut release. Yup that's why the raiders are allowed to talk to him right now as opposed to you know later You know in March when when free agency actually begins and players contracts officially run out and they become free agents. So they're doing their due diligence right now. No doubt as a player That that it's a need and add a position that they're literally rebuilding. There's they'RE GONNA. They're essentially have three new linebackers Three new starting linebackers next season so it behooves them to to look at all the options. But by no means would I would assigning like this You know hurt them or or hinder them in terms of going after a Byron Jones or as miles mentioned cory littleton. Joe Schober some of the frontline big time. Free agents out there will still be hunting Those type of free agents. This will hamper that in any way and March sixteenth at being the date. Where unrestricted free agent deals and all of that legal tampering period will begin. And that's when everybody can start officially going after anybody else As far as discussions go. That's a new league year starts will be on March eighteenth so everything will be open for business as of then but yeah for right. Yeah I can as we know it was supposed to be discussing last podcast that it was supposed to be March twelfth and then The day got bumped over to March sixteenth. So with the aid. That's that's what's kind of causing this still is that the. Cba hasn't been approved right miles that we still have to kind of wait like you were talking. How fascinating it is. All of this is happening. So that's Part of that same deal right. Yeah and I mean just to give a little more perspective on it. The big ten as we're talking here just cancelled its basketball tournament for men women so you know I look this is like I said it's such a fluid situation you know everything continues to change moment by moment is I think you mentioned it earlier. Seems like the. Nfl IS GONNA suspend our have all nonessential personnel. Be Working from home. We just don't know what's going to happen next and it's it's as vinnie saint. It's so unprecedented as a situation. Just to continue to see a monitor and other thing that just got cancelled. Premier-league looks like Well not cancel this suspending their play so the says Portugal Holland Spain. Usa in Italy of all suspended their league so that just read also has just happened and they're expecting that the English leagues will follow suit. So that's big news there For International Sport that comes from Ian Doyle he's a writer for Liverpool and he Knows all about this? You know what happens with soccer? So this is crazy stuff that's going on But right now we're going to go ahead take a quick break and we are still going to bring you an update on all things happening with the stadium. We're GONNA bring on mic acres to talk a little bit about that. Answer some of your questions on twitter so stay tuned right here on the Vegas nation. Podcast this episode of Vegas Nation will be right back. Ever wonder why traditional button up so so long and baggy. That's because they were never meant to be worn. That way. Untucked shirts were specifically designed to be worn untucked. No matter your size or shape their shirts or the perfect untucked length with more than fifty fit combinations untuckit shirts. The great tall short slim and athletic guys of all ages. Don't just take my word for it. Try untuckit for yourself. Visit UNTUCKIT DOT com and use the Code Blue Wire for twenty percent off your first order the even offer free shipping and returns on all orders in the US that's U. N. T. U. C. K. I. T. Dot Com Promo Code blue for twenty percent off your first order. I can't even imagine really with the creativity of these hotels and the things that they put together and some of the parties that I've seen that Sundays are going to be like super bowls every day. I was just going to say we've done so many authorized and otherwise super bowl parties in the city over the years. That part of the imaginative experiences are I mean right now. Every night's damn near Super Bowl here and I think it'd be interesting day here is going to be the same again. It's something that's going to grow organically I'm not one that had tries to force bans to do it this way or do it that way or say okay. This is where the black hole is or this is Matt is let it let it go. Organically let them make those decisions. Make them do it. Likely Name the stadium the death star. Alright everybody that was Mark Davis as we mentioned earlier in the show he was a guest on the podcast show which onny cats are review journal. Sports columnist you can find that podcast under review journal Dot com slash podcast. But right now joining us is somebody who is on our business speed. Who has kept you apprised of all things? Going on with the raiders. As Mark Davis just spoke about there he was talking about tailgating What the landscape looks like for that at the new stadium allegiance stadium and make has literally been underneath that stadium like almost every day as all the letters. Go up on it as the sun goes up on it. So Mick First of all welcome to the VEGAS NATION PODCASTS. And secondly how in awe have you been about this construction and everything? Just what's going on with the Vegas Stadium here? It's been pretty basically on it since before the approved any of the money or any other plans back in two thousand sixteen so just seeing some of the first Rendering in and say hey that looks pretty cool now seeing that kind of come out on the ground and actually look like they're in your enes kind of put it into perspective here you know. It's been pretty cool to watch. Take place over the last few years. So we have the Garth Brooks is actually going to be slated there That right now is one of the other events that we know will be happening Prior to the football season. So what can you tell us about? that'll event can be like for the stadium. Mrs Like not. I don't know if it'll be the one that is the soft open. But what do you think? It'll be like in terms of the stadium and how it operates for this event. Bill most likely the first large-scale event there Mark mentioned about seven thousand. People can fit in there so nets expected to sell out. You know within a few hours of going on sale on Friday that Esl last Friday so a good portion of those tickets already gone but It's GonNa be a good run. You know this you know. See how the facility works out. Some of the employees there can handle the you know the ingress egress of people. Coming in and out Traffic how this right shared deal. They've been kind of hoping on here saying it's the first stadium built in rideshare. So they're gonNA see how that works out of the parking works. Obviously rings painted his paying attention to parking about twenty-five thousand parking spots supposed to have You know within different distances from the stadium so we'll see how that works the shuttle system all that so it'd be nice run. Obviously five thousand people more than a game will fit so I think if they can handle this pretty well they'll be pretty well set up to handle the NFL Games on Sundays and Coming up on the season so as I put it on twitter every week I put a question out there this week and tag doing it Whether you know people's questions and things that they want to know about the stadium So one of those questions is about stadium tours and Will THERE BE STADIUM TOURS? For the public down the road how about complimentary towards for ESL? Holders that one coming from Larry Alvarez at extra three twenty x What have you heard about Any tours in advance of the opening of the stadium as far as tours right now like when construction going on. That's going to be no no. I was told obviously with some of the safety aspects. And all that even when we get towards you know pretty restricted and we have to wear hard hats and still boots and all that but It's a common thing once stadiums open and arenas if they have tours even T. mobile has tours all the time this for people. I'm going to get a look in and around that area's. They might not get into their in Game Day so I would say probably after the stadium opens I would imagine anything before then and as of right now. The roof is going up on the stadium. So that's been a big piece of the puzzle of getting this thing ready on time so with the roof going up. Are you expecting now that everything will be on time as planned right now with the the stadium and it being ready in time as expected in July? Yeah it seems like this was the last piece. You could have some issues. Obviously some issues pop up the steel cable net raising and all. That was supposed to be done a few months ago and then they kind of just the schedule and get some stuff inside the stadium. They were going to do later on in the spring so now some of that stuff dirty getting finished off. Well the roots getting done so I think the roof panels. Etf panels are just kind of this. Lay Him out. I don't think any kind of real issues will be had their last thing. That has any kind of real moving parts to it. Is The the field trade? They're building outside. And it's going to assure in and out the natural grass field that the raiders play on while. Unlv plays on. Artificial turf is going to be laid on the floor there. That looks like it's coming along pretty nicely. They have the grass growing for that already in California and you know just based off the conversation they had that grass would probably be brought in here sometime in the spring. Just getting acclimated to the climate here and all that so it seems like everything's full steam ahead. It looks like they're about to do some more paving work permits offer. Some grading works though getting ground flattened out ready to do something Paving and some sidewalk work around the stadium so another question that we have kind of about the sidewalk work is from at New York. Underscore Raider he wants to know. Will you be able to provide updates on the legacy? Bricks begin to be installed. I'm wondering if he's More worried about like where they go. You know when they are going to start that. So what do you know about the legacy bricks and the installation of those definite schedule but those are going to be put in front of the Raider Image store? That's going to be on the North End of the stadium which is considered their main entrance to the stadium. So they're still prepping all that they saw the big scaffolding. Upfront there in front of the NY doors doing some work above that would imagine what's they get inside and get their radar image store going which they pull permits on night as well so that were appears to be You know about to be ongoing. Well once they get all that done some of that landscaping around you. I think it'll be like the last steps in front of their putting those breaks down and there's big question this one was actually buy at curvy art and It's something that Mark Davis was also asked by Johnny Cats. I believe Jon. Gruden was also asked this question by Johnny Cats. We'll the Legion stadium. Be Big enough to hold Tom. Brady I guess. Sixty five thousand people would be enough to cheer for him. But it seems like from going off you know. Some of the social media reactions from the raiders fans. It's half would take them half we'd be like I don't want him here so it it'd be a matter of their raider. Nation would accept them fully. If there's here but you know his legacy I think would kinda sway some people they were kind of. You know having a different opinion on your right now but obviously he's winning quarterback and you know I think it'd be big enough. Yeah I think it will be two of so make. What else is there? Anything else knew that we should keep our eyes peeled for with the stadium in regards to the construction and anything else going on with it and the the coming month or so Right now I just looking at the camera. Angles the last portion of the stadium that was left uncovered by the curtain wall. Then grounded with the the glass and some of the panelling. That's about to get covered up. It looks like today. There's just a small square. So that's going to be fully enclosed around the sides. I'd say today Siamese we'll keep going up. There's slated to put up the stadium sign on the West Side of the stadium. Within the next two weeks they have some stadium sign is going on inside C. installations continuing inside. Looks like a lot of the four hundred and three hundred levels or you know pretty much filled in with seats. So that's GonNa keep going on. You know some of the fine tuning of the sweet work. They had it all tarp off with this rain. That came up no damage from the rain or anything like that. So you know it's just a lot of you know the final touches a lot of stuff into interior with sweets concourse someone the restrooms and concession areas all right so all of that we can keep our eyes open on the Las Vegas Stadium Allegiance Stadium and monitor all the progress of it right here in Review Journal as well. The live CAM is always up. When you go under the stadium tabs so Make thank you so much for all of the updates. We appreciate you coming on. Maybe we'll get you on again in the coming months and find out more about all the up to date news here with the stadium. Thanks for having me glad to come back on right make thank you again very much for all the update on Stadium and thanks to the fans out there for the question that you guys sent in but right now I would. I really want to do. Is this kind of recap. What's happened here in the past our last night we knew about the NBA suspending the season and that being Wednesday night so today as we speak here Thursday morning things are just coming down. My twitter timeline. As everything happens Just SHOWS BEING CANCELLED. The CORONA VIRUSES. Basically suspended pretty much all of soccer. The lights the US l. Immediate Day in Brazil has been cancelled with the UFC Just on and on. Nfl Scouts are being removed from the road. The jets giants have announced that. They're pooling all of their scouting team so miles What does this mean right now as we start to just see what precautions are happening and what the NFL's next move will be? Yeah I think that again as things continue to happen. We're going to continue to see more but I think you know people who are making moves out of caution you know but I think at the same time when you've got a global pandemic. It's you're trying to stem. You're trying to cut off these things. You were trying to cut the spread of it before it goes even further because it's GonNa continue to spread. I think we all understand that and I think that the more tests on that Pete that become available the better so that people actually know what they're dealing with but yeah I think we when it comes to the NFL right now. The next steps are going to be seeing. How exactly they're going to respond. And what response they're gonNA take. I think if you look in Florida Miami Dade County. They're canceling all these BIG EVENTS. That are happening. I think with more than two hundred fifty people some places have it with more than one hundred some places two hundred two hundred and fifty and the NFL annual spring meetings are supposed to be happening in West Palm Beach so that is obviously very close. They're familiar with the geography of Florida. So what I think you're GONNA have a lot of things that are going to come up where okay the League meetings might be canceled or postponed. They might move them to a different site. It they might come tuck things remotely but all these things are in flux and reportedly a you know as I'm scrolling through my twitter feed here. It seems like there's going to be a conference call with League personnel. That will happen at some point today. So who knows by the time you hear this maybe You know maybe things will be a little bit different but yeah I think at this point right now you know. It's I saw this tweet to. It's almost like okay. You get you just to just assume that most things are cancelled until you hear otherwise and I don't know if there's a better way of putting it yeah I can agree with you more. I mean and like I don't know if I even mentioned that the NHL had suspended play. I think I did but I'm just trying to keep up with everything The Review Journal site the Golden Edge has just announced that it did become official so The NHL is suspending. Its season indefinitely as well Because of the virus so this is something that's been widespread and miles in case you guys are wondering like what's all the sounds in the back. Oh we're both recording at home just to be on the precautious side of things as well so With the the tournaments here in Vegas only one right now. That's still happening. That I haven't heard is not a going to change is the one with The PAC twelve. So right now. They're going to have an audience and have a limited audience. It's down to family members but It seems that right now that only one in Vegas is still going to happen. So we'll see how PAC twelve is actually off. It is I was. I missed that I see there. We go there you have it. So everything is shutdown. This is the smart thing to do right now and again with the NFL draft will keep you updated on that. We'll keep you updated with what happens with the raiders The Free Agency and how everything is going to pan out if we need to throw in a bonus episode if we find out anything crazy that's happening with the raiders. Because that's how we do things here on the Vegas Nation. Podcasts and we certainly appreciate everybody keeping in touch and listening here subscribing to the show. Follow us on that. Vegas NATION HAPPENED ON VEGAS NATION DOT COM on any social media. Platform that you have. We are at Vegas nations so for miles for Vinnie. We appreciate everybody for listening for MIC. Give Him a follow too. Because he's out there like doing drive by on the stadium with his phone every day taking pictures anything new the top. And even if he's driving it seems so there for all your stadium updates and advocates nation is brought to you by. Ti Sports Mobile by station casinos and presented to you by UNTUCKIT. Thanks everyone so much will be back.

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