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Episode 405- Nip Slip - Shane Gillis & Zac Amico


Gas. Did you don't network? From the point. He point. But if he takes on, the company policy will be gratified. Why? Pretend like it's an arena. Hey, everybody is leisure Skaggs podcast. We're live from gas digital studios in the east village. I mean, those big jobs in the skanks are all here. David Smith to my left. Thanks Louis, j Gomez Lewis Gumma with their fanfare prepared Louis j Gomez ten minutes of this guy's buckle up. Louis. Jake, Gomez Louis j do it again. Jay, go, man. Some fanfare we're looking for applause tape parade. Just somebody. I know we have a fucking thing. They're also what is going on with the the weird camera angles said why is it me and Shane on one camera zone camera? Right. This my skin did. No, it's that can Shane on account time out this whole stop double. Jane? This is great. This is how retarded our production staff is that Shane Shane Shane's. Zach his Shane Lewis. We have to she's here today. Can we get a meet Lewis and also day? Shane two different colors in the two different shots because of the. Yeah, the really are. AM ham. Go to the next one him Swedish. Just ham skim milk. Definitely. Skim milk tongue pig ghost? Of course. That is Shane Gillis. Joining us on the show today. The ghost pig goes. Goes. If a pink had a grudge. Speaking of growth, what a good lead in our movie the horror expert himself. Everyone from Zach amigos midnight spook show pig. Completely different. You guys do TV show called gogo awesome. Watch Oko goes pig. There's no way you're not to police pull the camera angle back and make it me. Jay, and Dave ANZAC and chain please adjust it or. And I'm version of the three of us together. I don't give David J together and then put through together. Maybe if you scoot over guys are fucking up. I want you to know that it's not like don't look at me. Like, you guys should have figured that out before we fucking sat down. That's crazy. I'll tell you what it takes very little. You said you came into nego. I'm feeling good. I'm going to. You've been arguing with the staff. This Lewis in a good mood. This is the best good mood. I believe to me was in a good mood. I'm trying to be in a good mood. You know, it's it's they weren't even adjusted until I said it just that we pointed out made fun of it. And they were like overstaying to keep it that way, the whole show anger management techniques. Some fine is this actually this is me being pretty calm ten Matt. Do the thing you, do, you know? I'm boiling over with rain. Which was like it's not good with counting. Numbers. Seven eight nine. How's the special coming along? Yeah. It's it's done. It's all Bill together. Officially liberal for Senate right now. Please April first comes out on all digital platforms Amazon, I tunes cast as well. Great. It looks great. It's folk an incredible I'm really excited for it. If you can just add some jokes. The some laugh track after we have the technology available. Not if our team was in short it's a bit late in the game. But it'll be fun to do a special the video Shane Gillis on my special funny. Every time you hit a punchline just show the def jam audience. And then when it cuts back, it's clearly not the same scene. Even in the def jam audience. You can still see like a small Martin Lawrence. I was just always cutting different crowds of black people like def Jim audience, then like black labs. Dream speech, all different black audiences. Sean. Fucking great. Why did I do that? That's us way better special. Just add in all black audience, by the way from now on the whole show tonight. Guys, every time we do a really great laugh. We need a black audience reacting. Okay. Literally guide them through this bit. Because they still haven't found a regular laugh track. It's fucking crazy. It's trying to give them specific. They just got applause in rain. That was rain. Rain was actually one of those rain stick even real rain doing nineteen twenty's radio, and it was ordering outside. Sorry. We're late Louis. We just got here on our horse. God damn it. I try so hard sometimes. But yet especially coming on April first, please purchase it anywhere. You could purchase a comedy special. Lucia Gomez presents Louis j Gomez, and if they have digitally, see free, you know, he's talking about it that. Bertha subscription. Pretty sure they can just tore in it. Now, the reality is no what we did. With Dave's is will do with mine as well is. Yes, they will be able to see for free. But it'll be a few weeks after it comes out. We'll have a night where we stream it on guests as you'd alive probably have to lead you to Skaggs or something without a doubt. We'll do that in fact. So if you're subscribed 'social, you can wait. But let's get real fucking audio at the end. We'll do we'll do the same thing with. We'll streaming entire special for free for gas. It'll probably two or three weeks after launch launches. So you're not gonna wanna wait him saying learn from your mistakes. I'm very excited about that. Also guys really quick I want to promote I must promote this big deal. Officially skank festive are on sale voting. They're going really really fast Saturday, the individual they pass through Saturday already sold out this old out and like a day. So the don't fucking online feedback that people bought the three full day day pass all day Friday, all this Friday, right now, we're frontloading Friday really big because we know this the first time, we're adding a Friday, you're not gonna wanna miss Friday. Friday's going to be nuts. Sunday's notoriously incredible off the road. All these people that are coming in these people that are big maybes right now that we haven't even completely confirmed coming off the road and coming right there, it's believing and you wanna be specialty shows that are going to happen any special guests, if I had to guess, you're gonna see more of that type of happening on a Sunday. And if you just like look through the history of every year of skiing fest who the caliber of comedians that have been there. And this is going to be the biggest one ever if you if you wait to get tickets. You're not going to get tickets sell them out as this comes out on I tunes, which is giving next Thursday might already be sold out at this point if you'll beg people keep reaching me online to go do them, so broke can you convince Louis give me three tickets for eight. I'm like, dude. It's staff. I swear to you. If it was like my headlining shown people ask sometimes, you're like, okay. I guess here's the other problem. It's not even so much. If we had the room, I would comp everybody. We don't have the room. The problem is limited number of people. It's a very exclusive engagement you're partying for three. Fuck full. You gotta keep it in amount of people that have be able to gauge the amount of people. So everyone could have fun. It's not a clear and also everyone has the show. Also, you're poor. And you don't deserve. Nice stuff. Fed has also. Together. Of that all day. Why do you think God made you poor? You don't deserve festivals ball. I mean, the same reasoning my skin Brown. It is what everyone. Yes, you're clear of this individual. But it is an anybody. Who's a part is getting festival tell you this. It is a it is a festival unlike any other one, and it's a different experience as a fan to come. It's a party. There's no festival party the waist gang fest. Is you're hanging out with all of the fucking comedians. Everybody. It's just if you're a comedy fan you have to be. It's gotta go. Yeah. I want to read the comics real quick, I wanna try. So if you're gonna say Jay, I was gonna say that a a lot of people concern keep seeing online, it's very bizarre. But I think some it should be addressed a lot of people going like, I don't drink or I don't this or I'm so now for a year like I want to go, but I'm dope. Fucking matter. Do dope. It's not a it's not about like Christine doesn't drink. I barely drinks. It's a matter of like the fucking black. Yeah. If you wanna if you wanna get fucked up, you can get hooked up. Party about things to do. So try to finds that can make go you'll understand. We're fucked up Zack. It's no. No, I after roast. Okay. Does that get ripped seconds? Every time. Every creek I found Zach like passed out in the back room one point. And I kept waking up progressively more famous people checking. I was at the very beginning. I popped in early. The engine on that tree. Dave J Jeff Ross Che in a row. This is Michael Jackson checking it's a party more than anything else. Some of the guys that have already been confirmed, obviously are issue. Fear. Twenty hinchcliffe. I'm Brian read ban coming into kill Tony and stand up. They're excited, of course. Dan, Soder Krista Steffano, obviously skanks this year for the first time ever. We had Doug Benson and Doug loves movies, which is fucking crate. It's such a fun show. I guaranteed a me, and you will both do it. You're apparently the best person ever at movies. Never lost. Also, obviously Joe Joe Louis Mark Normand. Mike Vecchione, Michael we got Sam morale. Sam j Ron Bennington, rich Voss, Robert Kelly. Jimmy Garoppolo is going to be here this year batch. It means awesome. People don't realize what a cool chick, gene graph Louis. She came in and got Louis back, which is fucking bad ass Gatti's coming into town like you're selling Janine to our crowd was she ended a sexual predator. So really give her a shot. But it does like the the name hits resonates like she probably wouldn't be into us at all. But she is. One of the in the comedy scene. She's fucking great. And that was by the way, that was really ballsy because you know, sh her crowd was going to give her nothing, but share that and she stood up for a friend, which is like an ethic. That's completely been lost in the world. And I thought that was it was awesome. And she's great and she's gonna kill it. We got some great podcasts. Obviously come down believe you may bist Bing's going to be in town during the podcast with me live for the first time could be bad shit fucking crazy. He's hilarious is being. So he's gonna have a ball. He's gonna literally poisoning foil hat podcast is going to be with Eddie Bravo's special guests, we'll have a room whatever room where if you have if you're drinking the balls enough like Michael busy compund, and you can see if you could take it. Pay five dollars. We have a bunch of new ghost pigs. Whole room goes pigs the make roses that can meet goes back the bonfire live. Anthony cumia show love Anthony. He's back. A lot of people are asking if the Palmer squares for the first time ever doing live music. Hip hop show on one of the nights. We're doing a hip hop party where we have a DJ cypher sounds going going to be. Whitest hip up party of everyone's going to dress in hip-hop gear. Awesome. Do if you don't come in black hip party. You're not allowed in. That's the way to get in on the impractical jokers cruise the first member, we watched him like DUIs. I know Saif as a comic or they think else where I see him where I really have to see him do as thing. Somebody New York. He's a. Yeah. That's true. But he's like he's old school. Entertained, by the way, bist ping, also scratches and can be convincing him to do a fuck, and I sort of got yes, nobody can be one of them either gonna take it as he plays fucking like just like, it's ready. Chastening slightly off subject 'cause I want to forget it because it's made me laugh say the website here. Skank dot com is the website. I'm sure you could probably still get individual. They passes for Friday or Sunday, not set a hopefully all access passes or not. So that if you're listening to this right now, but go there right now, grab your tickets is going to be credible special. Thanks infant CD is the marquee sponsor this year. They're going to even at a bunch of CBD smoked honeys back this year as well. So we're gonna probably smoke in a shit ton of fucking awesome vape smoke tiny again, if you're sober. That's cool. Too. Much fun. Also, cool. We have a little shoebox you can hang out in like fucking Cuiv. No, the legion of skanks fans. At least fifty percent of them are in rehab. Current those free tampons for those people. Yeah. We're gonna shaving in the garage gents. I wanna say this as we're talking about scanning fast. We're doing the skank fest trailer contests again this year, which is going to be awesome last year. We did this. And we had a bunch of amazing that were submitted. We we love grands vote. We voted I'm so if you are or if you have a friend who is a filmmaker editor if you guys can somehow put together the best skank fish trailer. You can Email us for all the information skunk, and why c g mail dot com campus, and why C G L dot com. They get a free trip to New York City all expenses paid free tickets skank fest, hotel, accommodations, airfare, not all expenses paid all food. No, we'll relax paid expensive. All right. We're is fine. It's not all expenses paid. But some some experience. I'll tell you what the important expense expenses paid the important expense expenses are paid. But the last year guys came in from like, Illinois. There was two different place actually were friends in one film stuff the other edited stuff. Listen to me, we the I'm very very excited about doing this again, I'm very excited that we put some cash aside. So we could fly in some people that are creative that do something really cool. So put together your skank fest trailer. It could be up to two minutes no longer than two minutes, no shorter than one minute one or two minutes. You're scanning fest trailer skank fest, NYC dot com. Emails for all of the information and everything that has to be in there. We'll Email you back all the rules, and we're going to be ending this contest. And just a couple of weeks. We're going to pick out we're going to pick the winner. Popa calendar, really quick. What is it will say the first week of April? We should pick a winner, right? Yes. Between the first of the seventh gonna count calendar. What's the first Monday because we're going to pick the winner. Then what is the first April? First gentleman on my birthday, the announcement should only be to lie April seventh. April seventh. We're going to pick the winner the eighth. Sorry. The if we're gonna pick the winner guys send your trailers in the skin actually, April, though is like a pretty special day for me too. It's my anniversary of eating low carb diet. So to sixteenth actually after tax day be. It hurts me every sixteenth. That's the anniversary of day going off. Yeah. That's a whole. So you know, I gotta go big that day. Celebrate guys Email. Emails right now, April a will be when we pick your winner and the submission deadlines. Will be a few days before I guess, we'll decision will be April fourth April fourth Email. It's dot com. NYC Jim about all right? Where were we? I wanna say this. This makes me laugh so hard, and we have to do something with it. I don't know why I'm bombed that an agent thought of it before me, but someone I know started doing, you know, the website cameo. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. We talked about on Bobby Kelly's podcast yesterday, and me and Zach really broke. What is what is the site? So cameo the they've asked me to do it a bunch. I can't I over and I said no over and over again yet. So what it is is you can set a price whatever you want. But for the most part people make relatively affordable. So the people we know we're that you're talking about this. And we just talked about this because this came up yesterday when I was having dinner that I thought was this is fucking hilarious. I can't believe I didn't think the do at bums me out. But you can get celebrities of all level that are signed up on this thing, you can pay them their fee. Whatever could be fifteen bucks to have like Corey Feldman. I can go and Corey Feldman to say happy birthday graduations on your new baby. L video. We have we have tons of friends community. Do it it goes. So what does agents been doing? This is so fun to just did this Bobby had it happened to Bobbi. It happened to Bobbi has people start doing his dates for him, comics and other. But what people don't know? I don't know. I mean, he has to know this because he's seen it what they're doing is people going in and getting friends of ours to do things not knowing doing it for so it's like Jaanus doing Maria. Yeah. We. We found out, but he Janas. No, he's doing it for Bobby Kelly. He just thinks he's doing a video. For his price. Janas will not say Janas puffing. And I've a faggot to the real podcast. Dumps it for my dignity. Then we have declined Email. Right. But that's. Larry. That's funny because what doing those they're not saying. That's obviously looking for realized podcasts. And he seeing that I'm talking about not knowing that. So all I think one day, it's for you. But it's like they're going to send it to you. But they, hey, my friend Dave is getting dick lengthening surgery. Can you wish them good luck with that? And then I come on goes. Hey, man. I heard him your favorite comet all these things that make you feel all already favorite comic is. We know man, I'm counting on you to come through this thing. I wanna see you to show again real. They said it to you talking to you. But I don't know I'm talking to you. How uncomfortable that must be? It's embarrassing. I don't understand the the whole the whole thing is you're selling something that there's not really need for. And it's just it's just the problem is the concept. You're like, oh, it's not that. It's just when you look at it executed, you go like, why are you doing? I don't like it. Jeff Ross you don't need the three hundred dollars. You really don't. So I get like it's probably makes money off it. But he doesn't need it enough in my opinion for what the upside to it which. He's a little bit of cash you bring it wasn't worth the the I don't want it. Just looks sort of undignified. It's not a little humility it depends. If it's funny because look Krista Leah did his thousand dollars. He goes. But here's the thing which I'm unwilling here's during the ship for less than a thousand. I won't do it for less than a G. And the way he wrote that particularly I'm my mind. It's a bit of a cop out. I feel like do you know what I mean, the well because I'll do it for I get it. But it's like don't be. So it reads a little like almost like you. You Christly look like each other. But in a fun house mirror. But you know, what I'm saying? Like, either just say, it's like, I charge a thousand just kind of go. I ain't doing it. Just looked. So like, yeah. Like why for it? If you're going to do like reluctantly, I'll do it. If you give me this much comes off. I yeah, there's a little Dicky. But as it should be because I think he's going like, all right? I guess if somebody's really willing to give me a thousand dollars. I still seem happy. I thought that that was the weirdest one to me. I thought when I g. Heated that for fifty dollars. I'll call any of your friends Yan word. You'll do it for free Lewis is starting his own cameo gas Digital's cameo fuck. Yeah. You'll just call. Yeah. That's cool. Zach Meco rat trap is dick for you and your friends on their anniversary. If you look in the camera and call Phyllis Phyllis. Yes. My dad. Whereas which one I don't know. What's camera? I'm so Lewis. I've seen you take. Uber's you give them away for free. If you're making a buck off this one now now over there, maybe you keep looking at different woman. Again, you look at the right? Philip Philip Philip Philip Gillis, Shan, Gillis, his father your dirty nigger. Oh, Jerry is hard. Art. What he say, Shane Gillis or Gillis human nigga event. That's what you want. It. My father. Oh, you misunderstood my offer. Offer. That was we'll Smith thing for five hundred dollars princes, by the way. I am racist. And I will bang this out with a heart. Larry. Follow the policies funny because he just shits people. So it's like, yeah. My friends a Hillary supporter, and then he's like you fuck fruit bat faggot, and he doesn't give you. That's great. But it's still like this. Your kitchen in the fucking morning eating breakfast, hawking forty dollars when you wake up in the morning show breakfast when you wake up in the morning, you have a stack of whatever you your emails, and you have to go sit there, and I guess if you choose to do them climb you said, right? But I'm saying there and go happy birthday, Mark. Keep your head up. Dude. Hope you came through surgery goes good. Oh, man that kidney stone surgery on his birthday. So that guy deserves a message that would that. Now imagine having to do that. And then go into your seat case for your Maurici a wig. When they got a one of the ones I saw the bottom. So he just has the top. This is the best game ever one of them. I got I saw was like it was MAURICE you doing I forget, which one of our friends or people we know who was too. But it was he didn't know, you know, it was it was it was congratulating Bobby on going on a cruise before. Impractical jokers cruise or something. That's just so funny. When you don't know what they're doing it for them. Bobby, Bobby K, or whatever Robert Kelly Kelly. I would say do it. I just we literally did that specifically on the shell ready. I just thought it was a fucking hilarious. I was bummed. I didn't think of the idea of having pay friends to do it for other friend just to your too late, man. We've been doing this for a while the question that cameo prank. I didn't say no to it for over a year to signing up for his two girls. Right. They keep just sales people all their job to keep on hitting anybody with the blue checkmark is that. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. That makes a lot of things. I also get like do you wanna pump up your YouTube music video page because like whatever you have. And I'm like, I don't play music. I mean, sure it looks like they do. Sure, jay. You're one of my best friends. I thought you had to. This is a big surprise puffed up. Love same do loving along. I do song. You got all these videos you sing? And once you put them together on a channel. And then pump it up right pump it up. You know, what cameo hit me up? I'm like back to you guys. Real quick. I'm gonna talk about one of our newest sponsor here that I am very excited about I've used the service before they were sponsors. I like this. It's called dive bar shirt club. If you like cool t shirts from like weird places all around the country you go to dive bar shirt club dot com. And what you can do is they send you a monthly. If you give it to somebody. Or if you want for yourself monthly you just get a new sheriff from a weird bar around the country. But that's awesome. Like a watering hole fucking cool bat ass fucking stylish dickhead. I like, oh you get around. You really know the different places. I love the play never left. My cat. This got it for Mike finale a couple of Christmases ago. So I know I it comes it comes with a description of the bar itself. And then like a whole breakdown of the history of the place, and whatever it's it's really cool. Awesome. You can tell people about the time you were at that. Oh, yeah. The old Billy the bass up on the bathroom every month. You're going to get a rare top-quality kind of quirky fun t-shirt from some of the best bars. You've never even heard of over the then once in a while you get one the ino- from your weird town. I got a Fano ended up with a dirty francs or as thirty tattooed Philly, those both those bars, but you've on the tackle box tavern where they have these things will be on the shirt, you're guaranteed to catch something the slammer tavern where the slogan is we don't have a town drunk. We all take turns you get one a month or then once the month is over the dive bar t-shirt is retired which makes each instant collectors, they don't they don't have been rotates. It's over quick. So get the dive bar share club dot com to get a unique gift for someone else or treat yourself, and if you select legion of skanks in the how did you hear about us box? You're gonna get an extra month membership for free with the purchase of six months or more Lao as pretty amazing. So again, Lena skanks you click. On that. And they did you hear about us box. Again. It's dive bar share club dot com. Get back into it. Did you see Pete Davidson making out with Kate back until I see a bunch of pictures keeping zeal daughter. They had a thing come out of her like playing with her. She's twenty years old her daughter. Hell, yeah. What is in hot? Oh, yes. I'm sure she's hot. She's four years younger than Pete half where wolf and Kate begging Zale is twenty two years older than Pete. I like it crazy though. Let's fuck at her house. I hope they do. Let's see. Hell, yeah. They we are now defined the go on young low. She loves fourteen in that he's gonna let you a little insight into my world going the nip slip dot com. Schupp lewis. Nip slip dot com. This where j does cameo. Asian people falling don't work. With. This guy least banana peels all over Chinese mall. Japanese mall because the ROY terms. Are you on it? You can even jerk to celebrity net is crazy. What did I I can't? Well, let me defend I don't think he's finishing to celebrity Nim getting himself in the mood even out yet. No, Ken defend that's the fluff. That's that's I don't want to pull my offer myself either keep going, oh, fanning plump, Cape Ritter. Nips aired as wait. You just had it right there. We go. Go back up for once. I do that up Christian Ritter. Stop got pokey while pregnant that's just hilarious sentence, which stoop if just terminology the website poke means nips through the obvious when poke in through the. He pregnant by the lead singer of the war on drugs. I think that's the daughter. The daughter. Yeah. Go down. All right. A strange picture, you go is this is no it's not new underwear and stuff. But it's pretty like. Oh fuck. Yeah. Inter friend, by the way, they blow her friend. They'd go over and her friends tits out, they show her friend naked by accident. Oh, yes. She's a smoke show. And that's K and those daughter. So pizza and fun house. Do you think what he's fucking Kate? He's thinking about his daughter so thinking about now, you wouldn't Cape begging sales so fucking hot some chink in the armor of age, nip slip. He's gonna be some nip in the armor. He said nip slip Jay say. Nip slip f that's going to be up on the website. Oh, her role that was. And that was. Go for the low. It's. Right there. Oh, look at the person's gonna do. All the math, nip slip. I promise. On team. Hooker Sohn as a public nips, man. If Asian insults. Talking to nip slips on TMZ fucking Bassett's heavy oh, real nip slip in the world. The Bruce Willis today. Oh, yeah. Chink cab driver when I was a kid. There was an Italian restaurant by my house called Anatolia, and they hired a Filipino delivery guy. And we've heard sandwiches one night, and he came to the door. My mom went we ordered the totally not Chinese food and close the door in his face Jesus. At blinding racism that argues to this day that it wasn't racist. I don't want your chink hands on my sandwich talion sandwiches. What's racist about that? I'm just being honest checks in Philly. What about checks chinks is this Asian people in the streets of in Philly was called checks, really? Yeah. Yeah. Because the Italian guy had squinty eyes so nickname used to be checking, no. I found out that the. Racist term. You would guys they started Lululemon. What about what about that guy? Big lips. Did you come up nex, dude? I liked it. Big lips sandwich up. We are we call them. Meg. You know, you. All right. You can catch quips like this more Lewis new cameo site. Nips nip slips like this more nips like this more. What are we saying? Sorry, already forgot whatever donkey, you know, what the problem is. We'd know CHAI CHAI too much tied that China my brain doing that. I it drinking it come on. Man. You got a lot to live for. Hey, man. I just need a little bit to get me through. I'm looking for trouble. Oh, yeah. We're talking about what their names daughter. Oh, yeah. Hot. How old is she twenty the mom forty five forty five. Yeah. I think keep begging sells hot. But I mean her door way rather the daughter, right? No shot up. No shut the fuck up being honest. No, do Kate. Begging sales particularly issues smoking hot. There's an alternate. I wanna fuck her friend in the middle before her daughter. Humana little bit. What is this? It's fun of that house. Pete walking. Sorry wrong. Oh, my guys wanna party. Walking down here by Dick's up. Stairs. Oh, look. The homely. Dave sniff looking bitch on the left. Just a fucking covered up. She's like info sweats and everything she's not even trying to be sexy. Pretty issues. I drive these fucking car. Oh, you kidding me? The one of the medal. Unreal unreal. She looks like Elise. Is that the one who's tits are out and the other keep those daughters fucking crazy? That's really hot. I would wear rather. Shop kickback sale and not keep begging her. Best of Cape Beck until now there's probably picked you without makeup fight. Guess let's go there to keep no makeup. Let's see. Crater? Jerry maneuver you without makeup issue. Do know. Yes, you have no sweat off. And we fucked. Crying. You told me that I like you natural. I believe crow you. Yes. There we go. Now. That's reality for Cape Beck until it's not a great picture for you could do that with every high fake it does it's not like women are actually just gross. If you look at those websites porn stars without me, Razi Jesus. We've done on the show to just saying it really is amazing. How different human beings. Some of them have totally different skin tones make up their whole body. But all women in general. I mean, the reality is if you look at Alex without makeup. Oh, she is look at her who imagine makeup Alex put makeup on she'd be fucking smoking because she's okay? She's not bad. She's really not badly. Alex. Sometimes you got hokies callback. Sometimes she's got some pokey showing. And I'm like algae a little hip bone action. It's not bad. No, Alex is pretty an Alex Christina saying that looks really gonna Cameron skanks on the phone. You can see the flaws, but when you. When you know, we don't we don't really have great cameras in the studio set. Christine said you look really good on camera. Keep in mind Christine has seen you in real life thousands of times. And that's also an insult when Christine says she looks good on camera. You're adding inflection to that. I mean, she looks good on camera. But that look good on. She looks good on caramel. She. Flexing can really change any compliments. She looks good on camera. Cameras somewhere. Alex pretty with the problem with Alex issues. We said this before she looks like these sister from a pet cemetery. Right. And why didn't think that until you put it in my head? Now, it's all like now come on rate ya. Outs. You twist your spine around sort of an like lettuce Jesse. You're Bareback as you'll never get out of bed. Again, Kim somebody feed her split pea soup. Through the experiment. We she do stage reenactment of their shoes stage me an act of pet cemetery. How much fun would that? Be would be an Al it's all basal valid the casting like it's just too good to not do the Rune Achmat, by the way. Jay. So. Really we've really throw him in front of a truck. I feel like I wanna be sometimes dead is better truck. Do you have to be the truck driver? You kind of look like a drunk driver. Oh, my. Hit me a kid. The truck drivers just listening to rock music playing drums up the scene of the truck driver. Heading little gauge pets interim something so funny about. Metzker watch the first part of this game this year, put our differences aside going down who knows what can happen though. Fuck you doing? If it goes down kill you. I definitely fuck it. We were watching. We we won't allow you guys to fight. Do we were watching the Michael Jackson documentary? And he at one point he goes as we were watching it again, we know everyone the kids and the families are all talking about watching movies and eating popcorn. And all the snacks. Just goes. Michael Jackson lowers children. Pennywise the clown popcorn. It goes up up up. It really lords fucking rides shit at documentary fucking. I didn't see. Dick, pretty brutal. But it's also long it's long going to get molested. It's by far the best almost not getting molested. Also, I swear to God my life versus the life of the children by Michael Jackson. It was just a different form of abuse. I didn't get fucked. But I got my dick sucked got to play zebra. There's a lot of fun shit that goes before. Lick your butthole jerks that what he did he looks. He's licking bottles was your. Can you get on all fours and spread your buddies? While he lays back to jerk off with his neck. You gotta stare at Peter Pan and spread your cheeks suit that should be fair. You don't have to stay Peter Pan. His a Peter. And that's up to you. If you want to. Tinker bell perfect. If someone was just molested by like just some regular guy. I feel like you would not be able to have any sympathy for those kids, by the way, one of the one of the guys I'm pretty sure went onto fuck Britney Spears like enter prime. He's the one who pulled Britney Spears away from Justin Timberlake that river song about weight, rob. And he's like, and it was like Britney. We'd Robson people are way robs all over. He was like, yeah, he was a choreographer for everything and MTV, you know, who we wouldn't have had that career heading out his ass alot. Did. I commend the tradeoff. First of all an awesome child. Living fucking six flags. Listen, you're absolutely right. Because he was an Australian kid. Michael Jackson brought him over here to fuck him. Criminal of British criminal. You know, did he look opposite direction at home? No axe Lewis. He doesn't play those games. Lewis watch the documentary the abuse happened in America. I'm sure if you've gone through. I'm sure if you've gone through. Just naturally the earth rotation would have made the opposite way. Clockwise? The kid was like he was like five and he was like one like a Michael Jackson like dance alike. Contest. So he did all the Michael Jackson dances. And then Michael Jackson took him and put him on this also a patio hot. Pedal like north assist. What a hot thing. Australia held to bring your child to wiggle for Michael Jackson. On one do now. It's not even team. I'm out it. They didn't even hide it the first prize for the dance. Contest was get to meet my time with my coach. That was the that was six to my comb are you gonna fuck the kid wins? I mean is he? I mean is he? This is a power couple of pedophilia kid was one of the hottest kids possible. Can we see when he was a kid 'cause I? Let's see who's more. Fuck -able right now. I don't know. I don't know the kids are list bring them both up both children. It'd be a Robson. You don't just fucking don't. Let me make my decision based off of my. Yeah. But I feel like you're you're coloring my mind already before the kids might like a blue eyed caveman, no JD, no the other kid's name safe. Chuck, Jim, James safe. Chuck, james. James, the Americans all hell. They'd get bummed when he would stop fucking them. Like, they didn't like it necessarily. They were they were getting. Corn? Bummed me. You bummed me. My me, Kate and Michael Jackson. Fuck that accent right out of them. Yeah. Wade Robson as big giant sister said. And she would always hang out to the first couple years. Just thought it was your brothers hanging out. We that's my sister. I say all right. So these are the kids. All right. So let's go one by one. Let's just go with the first kid I during their names on the name. I'm going just visually. I know nothing about this personality. This is the tender. This is the tender of PetO. So just. Just. Let's see. Well, you gotta get the name off the thing. Well, no that one is weighed little fucking way better in the black. Give them a black dance yet on the bad outfielder. We have video as well. Come just like, let's let's give it the program, by the way, it sets similar thing that Liberace's thing was he wanted his partner to look just like him. He would he would hang out with these kids, and they all had to dress exactly like him. Did he do that with Kokin in a music? Video wants to have used video comes up in the documentary. Pretty actually no Cali cocaine was fucked music video black or white. I don't think he was. I don't I don't think Corey Feldman or him. I think he was I think the ones he liked he likes stars. He made them long to. I think it's calculated almost to have a couple of celebrity kids. Come you? Don't fuck with. They can sing the word forever. I all these kids probably wanted to be famous and their parents were pushing them into that lifestyle. That's why they were allowing to one hundred percent one reality is what he probably did was and this is probably similarity with our Kelly as well is the ones that weren't really that late. Talented were really easy to prey on because of his that sort of like like they want to get there. And these kids were pretty he went for talent. He did actually did go for talent. That was a million. It was a good hit. It was a good excuse. I think having the kids every time was a good excuse to kind of get them. Like, he was meant touring them bit too. But it was a ED's off to our Kelly's thing. I don't know. He's. He makes me laugh your show, two boys. Say louis. Video of Wade, Robin. Robson get that going. This is on star. Search will now obviously you're gonna pick him. Let's say okay audio wanna hear it. The. You can never take the music way. Human nature yesterday. Michael is a little pelvis. Be honest. It's actually making me feel bad documentaries. Pretty intense walks direction. And I'm getting lightheaded are also going on. There's one time. He's just laying flat on the ground humping the ground in front of like women screaming this little kids little kids. Man. It's fucked up. All right. So you come home today James is in the full outfit knows that the ants your reaction. James it's too late. He's dead here. What are you doing somebody more current can you learn the fuck in that little fucking dance? But these kids do the parents just sold them out hard, every pieces of shit the parent. When the kids wanted to be like, the one to be an actor dancer. It seems like both not only to Michael Jackson calculated like edge, the fathers out the fathers. I feel like we're easy to output. I think you also went to families where a little dancey kid in. The father's mustache guy was like fruitcakes never gonna take over the concrete business. So I think the parent the dads were so checked out anyways that you think that the kids were definitely I mean the type of person. Mary could take someone James for a week and spend without you being being aware have a word on that. No. But then it's not about the Lewis thing about the mustache. She though. I mean, no. I mean, I think it's. Could you imagine a celebrity here talks like a girl and acts like a little boy, it's a rare. Picture to me right there. You see? It's the dad is literally edged out of the picture. I thought that was a really I brought that up a couple times documentary. You could see like made it his family in the dad's like he has no idea. What's happening? Well, these like feeder moms want their kids to be less. She was a stage. Mom for sure. Yeah. That's fucking crazy. I mean, the whole, you know, the whole thing is that's the thing that fucks me up. It's just like it's sickening. And I I don't know the type of dad that would no matter how much you fuck in the instinct to protect your kid is really there too. Rare breed of person that wouldn't protect their kid. Even if it was like there were mustache dead. And there was a fucking buddy. I believe the mothers. I believe the mothers loved their kids. I think they're just blinded by what's happening. I don't think they were like, I think they were happy to not know. And if the kids not wigging out or acting weird by getting fucked by Michael Jackson, whatever's happening there, just like because he's fine. He was sending one of the kids was like eleven when the first charges came out, and the mom would still sending me at sleepovers. Michael jackson. Weird out about the weirdest human being who's ever existed? Michael jackson. There's no weirder. Than him is having your son sleep in his bed. You know, this the thing they do they share a bed every time they sleep over. Then he's accused by the way that is probably Phya very comfortable. I guarantee before the was even like like those foam mattresses, Michael Jackson. Probably he was. He was definitely the best. You could get in nineteen eighty nine actually probably a giant waterbed, not comfortable. That's awful. Did you know what else in those kids off of the funniest thing to me was the kind of money? Michael Jackson, head to get time alone with the kids big pretty your whole family out. And then the family would get there. And he goes you're gonna stay with me. I'm gonna helicopter you guys top amount. And see if you can get back what an adventure. That's his bed. Wow. Oh, yeah. The guard the guard smoke in the Netherlands have pictures of everything all his pictures or like weird. He's like a night or with muscles hit. Evidently, though, the feds did raid Neverland a couple times and never found anything that made any child porn or anything like that. Because you don't need. I don't need porn if I have tons of pussy at my fingertips. Right. Why would you? What if you live? Jerk off their child porn also points anything good back. Then it's not good porn. So he has his own fuck in a bunch of kids that he can just bang and then pay his parents. There's no kids around. He had a lot of monkeys. And you think about how many kids we don't know how many people I guarantee there's like a dozen people. Well, the documentary cuts in New Delhi two or three more just doesn't tell their story. But like the ones that they were getting edged out for the ones that they were gonna get pushed aside, and he come over they'd be away for a month or have to go home. Or when they come back. He's holding hands with another little boy. And I'm telling you, I don't know how I my my thought was this. I think everyone thought something weird happened. Always what Michael Jackson kids by think? Would this documentary did took it from? I believed more. I think we were all kind of just like resigned to believe that he it was like two seven year old kids in a room who were like showing each other. You know, what I mean because he's such a kid, and it turns out. It's much more. Sinister than that. Fuck no matter what. But I always thought it was a little more. Like like, I didn't think it was so calculatedly like it seems like Michael Jackson kids. I thought he was a weirdo. Who's in weird shit or two? Get those fucking parents outta here because I'm gonna play this kid shitter room. That I feel like it could have been like you could convince me easily that he was a sexual and was in a loving relationship where they didn't have anything sexual going on in Caceres. But my assumption has always been that he was fucking, you know, into boys. Yeah. Doing a little boys. Definitely that. I'm just saying. I thought it was more like I thought he had moments like what's wrong, two people love each other. You know, it's not it's actually like it was very calculated. He's playing doctor. Yes. If I think advocate who was like, you know, what that does. But you know, what I'm saying though, I got I think that's what happened. I think it documentary just expose it. Michael Jackson was like way over families threatening shit like that he trained them. They ran like drills in case someone came into the room to plain sight crazy. It's it's objected in plain sight with a celebrity. It's identical powerful except it's a little boy. Yeah. It's the same thing. Like, he's also he was doing everything short of doing having alien record. It's very different because in plain sight, he was like fucking the mom and jerking off the debt that we did you notice that Jackson never fucking the mom, but you see how he edged the fathers out and he would get super close some similar predator. I'm saying the idea of like the mom you saw those letters you write to them but him sitting those messages everything hey do head. It's apple head. Congratulations on another day the world depew. Remember, not to tell anybody our secret. If I told them. People are deniers of this now. What do they say? Civilians bailed are Kellyanne jail civilian fetch IX same group, though. Oh, I'm sure, you know, funny. I thought of when I was watching documentary for a multitude of reasons, I do not fuck kids in China. You got rid of that in your life? You make the joke all the time. If I were. Hey, do you make the joke all the time about like why you don't like to wear jerseys or whatever the joke like the staving jerseys 'cause you don't wanna be like a paraphrase sycophantic on another adult person. It's more. I mean, it's about it. It's very specifically that to wearing a jersey like wearing another dude's name on my back where it's like, it's such a celebration of his accomplishment. I'm sitting going like a raw raw if you wanna wear the gay. I wanna right beat out with you. And you've jerky off nowhere near as gay jersey or the favorite football player out with another man's come on your back. That's also true. But he didn't know he was going football jersey to make an explanation to someone who wears football jerseys to is you're wearing jersey of the team the name again. Not yet. It looks. I had one ever. And I'm it looked significantly Lamer when you go to like a game or something, and you see a guy like a fat, you know, landscaper who's got his jersey with his name on the back. That's actually, but I would just add Flamer up for neither. Yeah. I got you. But but anyway in the what I felt was insane. When they were showing I forgot about that. But the might. Like, you say it's like wearing like a Garth Brooks shirt is not a ban wearing a ban shirt. But being the dude it's just a little gay. We'll let me ask you about the shirt. Did anyone come on the back? Okay. Yeah. If you were dude wearing Garth Brooks shirt the man's face on the piece of what Lewis is saying. But I don't know if I speak to him saying, I thought of you in this regard. What that documentary show was a lot about to me too was people's sycophantic behavior. Just some woman unrelated to Michael Jackson every time they do you. Remember when the trial happened, they go on count one of blah, blah, blah. We find the defendant not guilty and she released a dove, and she's crying and everyone's there with signs, and it's like do something with your fucking lie. My favorite performer of all time, whoever it is. If you were like hopper wrote Papa Roach. If you like the guy from Papa Roach is molesting kids, and that's your favorite benigo fucking sunny. He's going to jail. He really did. I go. Wow. That's fucking. I would say. No, no, no, no. Not you do. It was very strange that I understand like loving, Michael Jackson's music. He's your favorites. But when there be a part of your mind, that's like, even if you think he didn't do it. Like, I'm pretty sure he didn't do it. You'd entertain there's a possibility that he did. And if that possibility exists, maybe I don't wanna be celebrating this guy getting off because I might be celebrating Harare. Yes thing. It's not. History. Like, look when people it is such a different level than being accused of physical abuse or being accused of rape or a fucking little kid. It's also a different lender Kelly shit. It's a different level than being accused of fucking my kid around any really any adult alone period. Like, except I babysitters who we vet pretty I don't around your kid alone many times molested by your babysitter. Yeah. You're my best friend like my brother. Well, let me tell you James made several passes at me, but I didn't take I'm your uncle. I'm not second that day. I mean, leave it out. But. I wouldn't leave my kid around a person that did not have a reputation about anything. Because I I don't know. I don't I don't trust people. I'm a skeptic of almost anything that anybody says or does there's always alterior motive. So what people are doing it all time. So I thing where it's like, I kind of believe that just yes, I agree with you. But then at all the other things in to like if you were to leave your kid around say a celebrity who you didn't know super well, but maybe they were celebrity who like had like kids of their own had been married for a while. Or you're talking about Michael Jackson was the biggest pop star in history going on tour who was not who was going on tour holding like a different seven year old boys hand every time. He was going on tour didn't have girlfriend didn't have kids. There's just so many red flags that even if you wouldn't do with anyone definitely not with this weirdo. Like, this guy's weird. That's the point that I made a feeling that Lisa Marie Presley like he was giving her drugs and exchange for her time of pretending. She's like into him or something because she looks dated every time. Blake blankly Stampa. She didn't have a drug problem. I think her agent and his agent got together and said, hey, you don't be great at the king of pop married. The king of rocks daughter PR purposes, you guys, I think they were getting divorced. The second thing. There was no Roman on. Jay, I always knew that she looks drugged up. Yeah. I mean, she looks like videos of her wash like blank being laid out at the MTV music awards for that was bonus bonus the tastes like boy book. Michael even looking butts in your room again. No, you're you're gonna be crazy star as though that like you were talking about how you can get child porn back thing because it was like grainy. So I he would just have the kids sit at the end of his bed. Yes. Was trying to basically he was like I'm not going to touch him. Then, you know, started getting into it and get going eventually, we'll actually. Girl on the bed time lapse of it. It's you're slowly move your way to eventually you thought it was going to happen at one point that eventually pushed in the mushroom Moyle boy. Because I read that book so often James great book. Probably she for milk glass of milk. You're gonna probably like. On and on it goes before, you know, it your dad kills himself and your mom's Vulcan Wacker. I'm thirsty. Probably go for glass milk again. And if you want the glass of milk. All right. Let's take a quick second. Thank are. Awesome sponsor, longtime sponsor dot com. The place to do online. Oh, jeez. Though. They share are their staple here at the gas digital network of them, and they're the best place. If you're going to gamble online and gambling is the most fun thing in the world. So why not do it? Go to bet dot com. 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He keeps going. I'd be stupid. I'd be a stupid, man. If I was doing all these things, and I'm like, get your clearly like, no one thinks your brilliance your. Speaking musically, sleet, and he's he's pretty good. I believe I hate that. So. Mix to say you have never been with underage girls. Can you really say that I'll sit here and say this. Hey, what's the it's Tommy Tommy boy, it's Chris Farley. Something something you see. The thing is this. Oh, dirty work. I love anything you need from me ever anything you need. I'm your guy. I could really use a place to stay. You see the thing is this. What about these other young girls, they say, you know, what? What are we talking about here? You know, he'd like to lawyers like watching the thing they were like have you ever slept with underage girls. And they're like, no, absolutely not. I would never I've never done goes. This tell it. Oh. Clipboard with a playbook on it after that said. No way too sickening. What did we work? Have you ever had sex with underage girls? Wow. Within that. Catfight have you ever had sex with underage girls? Like while you got some here. He goes had six blue them backs. Sex. Them like the Sandusky interview. They're like do you like young boys? It was like I enjoy all kinds of people. That young people spending time with young. Are killing me the nineteen minute song a month and a half ago called I admit where he's saying this these things like go, I can only say Gayle king start playing music. He's like oh team little girls offering. I don't know. Why girls do you still sit here and say you've never been with underage girls. Can you really say that I sit here and say kits? I had two cases back then that I say it in the beginning of the interview that I would not talk about because of my own going case now. Okay. Fair enough, but I will take she's supposed to say fair enough. Yeah. She just he just I know he says that makes me so fair enough. I'm calling it. Fair enough. Out of words on that subject. We all remiss case in point. Now, we all agree. I didn't do this. Right. Good. Okay. Moving on we sit right. Zach non chain. You know it. Eighteen south good. All right. Probably. Eighteen year old lips? I don't even wanna hear it. You'll mouth. She line. She's saying she's fifty she live v. Pierce lips curl. It's by the way, we're twenty seconds. It's already golden given everything you could ask crazy on video. Okay. I will tell you. This people are going back to my past. Goes you guys have a bathroom, but everyone scurries. Exactly what they do in the going back to the past trying to add all of this stuff now to that to make all this stuff that's going on now feels real to people, but the past is relevant with you with underage girl. Absolutely. No. It's not because different shit. That was different shifts. Listen. She got a time machine. I don't wanna talk about this. He also says my case, which is like what you say. If you're guilty, right. I think it's not even saying I was innocent. And that's why I was. I was I was I was and was found innocent of all those. He goes I beat the case like couldn't fund shit. What it sounds like prosecution wasn't shoes what you can flush Lubin condoms. Speaking of Bronco has a real gold tooth permanent tooth, though. It was only a matter times. Only matter time. Philadelphia pirated, I'm talking about the other cases where women have come forward and said are Kelly had sex with me when I was under the age of teen or Kelly was abusive to me, a mostly and physically stopped nodding. Stop. All that. Yes. All those were good days. Oh, the good old days. Talking about the nineties right run-up. He's doing backup to the accurate. Oh. She was you were you were brought up on charges of having sex with a fourth year ago, teen here, okay? She was so tight are Kelly took me in a black room where unspeakable things happen. Well, speaking speak of what I say, every reaction unspeakable things. Yeah. You really can't even talk about that shit. Was so crazy. I'm sorry. I lost. I was in a memory back. Then what were you saying two words candle wax letter opener moving on? This is what they're saying about these aren't old rumor true, whether they're almost nouveau I went to. Not true. You can call numerous new rumors. Rumors or new they all roll. That's that could be a new song. I believe. I believe. That is correct me snaps. Tomorrow's rumors. Those are tumors against. Rumors of yesterday humor's. Stupid with never killing all been through in my way way past it's been fifteen whole somebody let alone four five six fifty. You said what? He's proud of himself. It's so obvious these things when I'm watching this thing I thought fifty four five six fifty you say. A lot of. Oh, that's that's a lot of life cereal by all right? I'm pretty sure and a second Gail. Five fifty sweaty Abby. It will be impossible to have any more than twenty four girls in my basement. And I mean in I mean impossible, not even arm. Got some elbow to elbow Tammy. He's just laying them head to toe down there. Just rolling over them. Like a monster truck at night. He's go down grab one by the way, blindly how much fun with that pay reach into the dark room gifts. Crab. Braille. Yeah. I got the same times in a row tonight. Aliens the claw machine and Toy Story. Artists said they went to that studio and the he went in the two wrong doors for the bathroom both of them. Basically have the good girl. Under underwear only pairs. Help me every nightmare. His house that is the bathroom. I'm open door and star pissing promise you hit a toilet. And it's like the end of like like m night show malign movie. It's the end of it. She is the toilet. Yeah. Yeah. Yes. Sorry. Thank you is at the Louis ZIM somebody else drop. The same joke. But not as funny may been better worded, actually, maybe technically. Yes. Pull more of this interview up. I love it. We'll go fuck ourselves. Hey, why not you know, just click around a bunch. Do that. I didn't say Rebecca. Face. He's breaking the fourth wall right to the camera. Pull it pull it back a little bit. Because it's pretty pretty great show. It's being guy. Yes. You commonsense. Don't forget the blast. Forget how you feel about me. Hate me. You want to love if you won't. But just use your commonsense. How stupid would it be for me too? You interviewed turned one fat black woman in the world somewhere. She goes, you know, I thought he did it to use your common sense that girl got start using the only reason I don't think he turned any because they were definitely all on his side already. You didn't have any to flip know. You're you got. His his demographic. That's his base. It really really is the the king of that world. Yeah. He what he's doing is. He's not actually saying anything with any substance. So it's like he's just do. It's all passion, and bravado. He saying, so it's like I've been this liar before I've been caught cheating or doing something. And then you think about that. Here's your comments. Louis jerk. I know what talking to get home from work. Why would have somebody in here? When you come home from lunch. Exactly what I'm talking about. Like where you try to use that level of common sense. Why obviously I would never do that the worst. No you're against. Nobody has a phone. You want to go through. I'll let you go through my phone. I'll get rid of my phone right now. Who wants to throw into the river? The phone what go ahead take a look at while. You're the man. Oops. Are you gonna do phone? I don't even wanna phone anymore. You're seeing so infrastructure of your life. Signals now. Stupid anyway who wants to Facebook account? I would anyone have. Why would I just go to from computer? Look at your laptop. What? A desktop. You got a clothesline. Computer, go through everything we're gonna have a conversation with your best friend Shane. Who's that girl that you were? Shane owes me. I always shave money's angry. I'm sorry. Who's that girl in the bedroom? I don't know some some girl a broken killed her. I think she was looking for you. Oh, dead girl. You want to love if you won't. But just use your commonsense. How stupid would it be for me to my crazy passer? What I've been through. Oh, right. Say what I've done. For all the people have heard damn go back to that. Got me be a months, then whole girls against a wheelchair them up in my basement. And and don't let them eat and don't let them out unless they need some shoes that. From the rubber heard that. Detail before you put music to the background of this. He's pretty good even even making argument this into one of those like like on itunes this year. Yeah. Yeah. Hip hopper. I'm sure someone already. Can we have song version that guarantee they well, they have a uncensored, but there's definitely far more. He gets up. He's like stands up and the guy comes out and grabs the whole interview. Aired earlier today. I saw that clip before of him getting those those clips were put out clip of him getting up. Yeah. Those clips I saw okay. There's more for sure. It was one that I think we talked over. But was pretty funny. As after he goes, he goes five six eight fifty women and then gale goes out. She goes, I never said anything about fifty women fifty as you said if you say, then she goes, I never said fifty or Kelly just inserted fifty fifty to be specific. This is not me. Life. Maybe. Robert. This isn't a song. But I do like the fact that we're seeing more of this. Have you ever had anyone under the age of seven? No. You know, I have to tell you. It's so hard to believe that based on all the. You women said about me. Listen, grandma. These allow me. Seventy years in prison. If convicted a while to get ready to go to court for you could be going to jail for years and still getting your corn road tightened up taking time in the day. What's happening? All you know, it's last chance to get them babies. You're gonna eighty yeah. I'd kill myself. I was on if I was going to prison if he's convicted killer. It makes so much sense. To me, I kill myself. It means that happened. Of course, when you let somebody out while they're on trial. Yeah. Yeah. I didn't watch the end of it. They go they go. Yeah. You bring on charges that you're going to go to trial, and you just killed himself. It was like his brother described. It was a no brainer to he's like kill himself, especially if you're going to prison, that's like the thing to go there for so I hear. Dave, dave. Pedophile. I was to abducted in place. But yeah, I mean, I think technically he is known. I think in black culture. Banging fourteen girls is not a really big like in the hood. That's not like a big you may not. Yeah. You may not prison. There's also R Kelly. No, no. I now I think you're I think that I mean. I mean, there've been the prison, but from all I've heard it's not a good place. If word gets out that you're in there for like pedophile. Yeah. But I don't think he would be what I'm saying is in the hood if you with those gangs and prison. Thugs. They Bank fifteen year old and fourteen year old girls in the projects like that's not a crazy thing get pregnant, and the, you know, they're having sex with men, but they always stick around and take care of the kid. I don't think that they look at those guys being pedophile think. I think that blacks will committee you for fucking children, but the white supremacy maybe they hate you already. They really shitty cultures. Like that is looked at as like being like a pet of going so above and beyond. Pedophilia. It's not it's called something else. I forget it's called something when you're into like teenage girls, like fourteen seven being cool. Having a dick. Okay. Much more of that. But he's a sense of vision. Put a yeah. Go in the prison for any length of time, particularly for like the rest of your life, the rest of your life, the child sex crime thing, I don't think that's gonna be the big problem with him. You're you're going for the rest of your life for our killing. He's going to be an no matter what he will not be with a roommate in fucking thing. He's going to be. I don't know, dude. I don't think it works that way convicted of a violent crime or some shit like that like you may not be able to prison to privatized. So then those are bad prisons a lot of time. You pay your way to he's gonna go. He's going to go to he's not going to go to like, a what do you call federal prison, a white collar thing. I think he's gonna be they're going to because he is going to keep me segregate or they might they might keep them like in solitary or some shit. I know, but he's not going to be in my point being he's not going to be solitary. He's going to be. Because they have to take him out for being famous. Yeah. You're not gonna do it like they're not going to do it like they're punishing him. And he's in the whole they have to make his single thing as livable's anywhere. So he might be one of those prisons where everyone's got fucking cable. You know, what I mean, you know, so what would make a huge difference? It would make a huge difference. I say that all the time. What's that? If I was by my imprisoned for how long can I do in prison as it is or how do imprison with cable TV? And and like, you know, like my own space. I won't get fucked. Big difference in time big differs. Yeah. Okay. So goes from killing myself before I go to this sucks to two year two. I'm looking this up right now. And it's like you you cannot like officially by yourself until like a better prison or a better. What you can do is having money helps a lot of like number one. You can get put into a favourable president having a really great lawyer, and they know that system. So it's less of a dangerous prison possibly maybe a lower lower security. Depending on like Lor station, then what you're actually in jail. Bribing people that are dangerous that can protect you. There's things like that. But once you're kind of air, there's you can you can have the you can eat before other people. But if you're getting a better menu. No, no, I agree. You know, saying that's like, no you're living. She life. I'm just saying. It's how good is fucking. Yes. Aside aside. I'm just taking out like your fear looking over your shoulder constantly level is different. That's all I'm saying I'm saying for famous people, I think have a lot of money. But here's the thing. It's it's you're saying they don't get stabbed. They put you in a situation where you're not look over your shoulders. I'm However, I don't know if it's going to work out for him because he didn't have the money to make bail people at the troops broke. He would be like a lot of money to feed fifty two women and also to pay off their families or whatever he was had to do. Eight. They remember the guy who have girls under his house for like years. Ed geene now. Now the Cuban guy day they went under. You mean, the ones the advocate for the McDonald's? Every day you always under in the basement, great episodes agents club. There was the it was an addict, I think no fucking Cleveland. Cleveland Cleveland was a basement basement full show 'cause you're dumb. Why would you wanna find those stairs? You're thinking of the dire your van Frank. Look that up though, I swear to God. Yeah. It was really said she didn't even get fast. No. And Frank was inadequate without a doubt. Dude. They didn't have MacDonald back. Then did they? When Germany forty Cleveland areo catches route Castro. Yeah. Xactly those he had a shirt made recently. Also that wasn't set in Germany was that? Oh, yeah. It was an absolutely right. Yeah. Nice, man. I'm pretty fuck. It's more. And I was also in the diary of Franklin was in high school. Six degrees separation also Amsterdam's huge own weed, and the other thing they have is we'd and the end. And for the right price. Any Hooker will tell you? She's in Frank. Yeah. He kept them in a basement basement hold. You think I'm dumb? I just think it's we help how I've said on stage thousand times in reference to it attic, like an idiot. Wow. More on probably why the joke wasn't going on their faces to going wrong wrong. How long have you go to prison until you kill yourself? How the sentence where you'd kill yourself? Probably pre. No, what's that before you get there you before I know. What would you? What would you? What would you go? I'll go serve this out versus. I'm gonna kill him wear. Also. Yeah, that's a big ladders. If you have any idea of what the conditions are going to be like like like minimum security general population state prison. I think you gotta do not minimum security like modern security. You're not in lockdown twenty three hours a day. But like, I think you gotta go for it. But I'm saying I would give it a shot. How many years though, I I mean, I'm saying I would try to live twenty. If you got, sir. If you give me a life sentence for the rest of your life, you'd never getting out life with no parole. Yeah. I'd probably kill myself. Yeah. I think I'd try to beat it for while. I'd Steven Avery, and you go in there and give it a world goes and see if you can set up like a life of you being the fucking man because you actually sort of a second chance where you can kill yourself in prison. Yeah. That's what I mean test the waters, maybe myself like right away. That idea too. And then like day you're getting fucked and staring at a Peter Pan. You're like, you know, what shouldn't show I'm gonna kill myself. I'm finished. I'm not going to a whole thing. I really shouldn't have gone on that rape and murder spree that lended me in here for life without parole. Why did I do that? That's not be doing comedy works. Denver. Women raping kill him. I don't know how to destroy a body. I find myself getting fucked in the boat to kill. Tomorrow have had tear it up. Gins? Cold about twelve hours of. What about you? Shit, dude. Because I have a kid. I mean, it would have changed things where you have a kid got like you can't just be like, oh, five years and minimum security. I'm gonna kill myself. You gotta try five definitely got try. You gotta try to get dry five. I five five years. You definitely try. That's like a DUI your kid gets to a point where like you're missing most of your kid's life. Anyway. Like if it gets the for me at had forty if it's get out when I'm seventy five I'd kill myself. That's way over the. Yeah, you're done. I bell at at best with her hard living liver. She drinks a lot. This girl spoken. Chris. But yeah, I mean, I guess like that'd be the thing. And then it's like, you know. The idea of your kids seeing you in jail. And like, that's the way you have like see your kid. There's no good option for your kid at that point. You killing yourself is pretty bad too. But you got it like if it's something like they'll come across dressing murderer something. Hey. Present company excluded. Even like twenty years, if it was something where it's going to be just rough conditions, and you're like, my kid's gonna be grown. It's going to be an adult at that point. I'm gonna be in a nightmare for twenty years. Who knows what the fuck? I'm gonna be when I come back. That's probably around suicide territory for me to one zero. I never saw blow since I've had a kid. The. Yeah. The end sought. Recently how but the end of the movie like he's old and he's like losing his mind a little bit and like his daughters there talking to them. And you know, it's like the prison guard go. Hey young. Hey. Ktar nobody's. Yeah. He's realizes she'd never. From blow. He just keeps. They keep saying. She's coming tomorrow. Right. And the guards like, yeah, man. He goes you make sure the addresses, right? When you send her the address funding back right here. Right here. Oh, man. Us might get me boys. The only continue. Yeah. Daughters. Hot though, Jamie king. Kid rock what kid rock? Mcgruder lot of new he doesn't. She's a lot of nudity. Yeah. Hell, yeah. All about it. Oh, it's real good. Head fake here. Man. This is. Wanna know everything? What do you do you? Go to school you sometimes. School. Matz. Get late. After the scene, by the way, they show you the real guys, and you go you guys like, Johnny Depp psychopath ugliest person. I've ever seen the real. It's pretty happy endings got a daughter superpower. Hell yet is he says put on the list? She's going to visit me. So in the end. Is it worth it? Yes. Cheeses cross hundred. He had a good life. Disco shift. I do it all over again. Door to get back. Well, that's sort of the thing. I was saying about our Kelly. Right. You go to the picture guys picture. We show for the fans, but I've seen it. But with our Kelly the reason I say kill myself. I it's just like especially for him. Like, he's lived fifty lives. I mean, you've got to do so much to he's ruined. But I'm saying like, he's traveled the world. He's like, you know, been world-famous like just, you know, multi multi multimillionaire been at the very top. It's not all fun though. A lot of times you're on the road and these gross twenty year olds keep throwing themselves. Oh my God. All my old, stinky drinks. Keila Mon plane crashes. But I can easily justify like the suicide there. It would be like like I've I've lived like way more than most people are ever going to low heat def even with the if he got better conditions in jail. He should just kill. And also there's something to like like, I know if I right now had to go back to being as broke as I was ten years ago. It would kill me but ten years ago. I was okay doing it. Because it was just kind of what I was used to. And like if you're used to being Ar- Kelly to have to go live in prison after you've lived like a multi-million private jets like mall. People toilets come on. Guard. You got this weird thing I'm supposed to be just people. It's all of my furniture and appliances people. Chelsea goes. Oh, what's this? That's a toilet. Mr Kelly goes, I wears her hair. So that's. Wine this where you pay dig shit, excuse me. You don't bring children in for that you pee on little girls. And you shouldn't have Chuck full nuts can. Yeah. He kills off Kelly thinks he can get it back. I. Got some in the tank, and I can go back to being a super celebrity, you maybe I mean, but not if it gets convicted and goes to prison, that's really probably break out of that. He's going to the thing is I really feel like if I was convicted to go to prison for my life. I could without a doubt unquestionably escape no questions asked. And I really deeply believe this escape prison. One hundred percent, if you're not even going go, I say, you can't definitely, but then people do escape. That's. People have done it. Well, this is what I'm saying. Like blues is a salesman. He probably you'd have to get people involved to work in jail. And you could do that. I think the point that you actually just nailed it people have escaped prison. So there's a path to escape in prison for anybody. And then my mom going like probably smarter than the average criminal and probably smarter than the average criminal who's escaped prison on the criminals are super smart unless they're like mastermind geniuses, which was smart criminals, the fuck some fiscal crime. I don't think that they're all about fucking a female. I was gonna say. Guard you'll get out. Yeah. Lewis is willing to do that to escape prison. I would forget about escaping. Oxygen gore. Escape it escape room. It wasn't a part of the clues. I just said duck Wli clink, my nights think across your bars. How hard would just person look that up. See if there's like a video on YouTube about escaping prison like about what you would have to do. I bet you know, a funny idea that I could escape really you couldn't get in there and be like bars. Faulk oh shit. I wouldn't guarantee on it. But I don't know if I had my whole question of who's smarter who has more time. I think there's like opportunity kind of has to present itself. Like, I think it's very hard. I would get a bible. I would get one of those little. This guy's never seen Tango and cash one of those little those little pickaxes and the guy that got me to pick ax would say he go we'd take a man twenty years to dig himself out of this prison pickaxe like I get it. And I'd be pretending carve little chess pieces, the whole time just come up with this brilliant doing is I be chipping away at the wall, you becoming a friend in the situation. Like this old black, man. Okay. Care. He have to have a nice voice. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. Good for like narration. Possibly maybe he will narrate some of the story a poster Betty page, and I would have I would cover all every day. Exactly. One false helmet goes I made money to put on my books through just going to tell you the truth sucking dick in the. Showers. A mouthful remember that. No, no. Some creative liberty on the bathroom part. Gotta make it realistic. Yeah. I'm just gonna plagiarize the whole is there any sort of blogger video on how to escape prison. I'm sure it's also like you've got to be two videos like you're going to prison, and these are some tips if you try to escape there. There was a national geographic's where guy tried to escape with blow darts and. Right. Dr your elephant right through the cage. I see Lewis in a full KKK f I you gotta dress up like the laundry. I mean, this is one of the the only ones I could say hetero scape. A jail cell is this funny. Oh, yeah. In kenya. Can't make bars. Close enough Zack's in trouble. That's crazy that guys that skinny. His got caught. Got it got it to go. Do rape jokes on sage right now. Fit. Was give it a beautiful ladies audience squeeze jail. So I if you could win that direction, you probably could have went through the ones that were we could. Extend on it. I don't think. So I think that that one was a little bit thicker. But that's the only thing you could find head to escape prison. You can't even just Google it. Not you. There's not a blog arena. Bog ahead. Oh skipper president. I don't believe you. I just don't believe probably put you on a list if you're right. The people frayed. I think so I mean, Ted Bundy escape choice. Yeah. But that was in the seventies. And his escape really made me feel like Louis would be one hundred percent, right. It was like silly things. Like, we forgot to lock the cell or like the like one of those ceilings with the swear you could just move out of the way. I forgot to lock the cell, and then we left a fucking police officers uniform in yourself, which was dumb of us because you were able to walk right out loosened all the bolts on the vents right until their edge leaving you a gun and forgetting to bring in our gun, really stupid move. Messed up. My just let all the doors unlocked fell asleep watching TV and my booth. I guess we should have told all the other prison guards that you were officially the new corrections off. Go home everyone. We don't need Lewis dot it. All I all I like remembered of the Ted Bundy story before I watched the documentary was like he killed women and horrific ways, he was handsome. That's what I like that kind of thing that he was like a charming guy who changed his look a lot. But then they get into it. And he goes to jail and escapes, and they catch it from scaping any escapes. He escapes in Seattle. And he makes it to Florida and keeps killing women and at that point in the documentary. It's impossible to not be rooting for them. So much here. It's like all right. Let's see we can make it through enough watching Jordan play with the flu. Come on. What we're gonna say one of the ways that Bundy escaped was really interesting. He he would practice jumping from the top bunk in his cell all the time to strengthen his legs. And then when he made it to the courthouse. He just jumped out the window. The second store a crazy high window jump down day after day for months, and they were like like all the prison guards were like, yeah. He's working out or whatever. Yeah. He goes out say he goes, he lands goes that whenever he goes squatters asks later. Yes. I mean, there's ways where there's a will. There's way I believe there's probably a thousand ways to escape prison. Aside conversation, you'll just escape easy peasy. Well, because I think the other thing is the will to live would be a little bit. It'd be motivated to escape my problem. Having a kid is I'm not gonna escape and go see him like, yeah. It's sort of like a scaping for like nothing. Like, yeah. You're to go. Never see my kid again that sucks. I also makes you kill myself. You know, it doesn't like yeah. I hear you. There's not like, you're right. When you think about the practicality of it. Yeah. You heard it here, folks. When's the last time somebody scape from prison like in America as those two guys eight New York prison? I five years ago there they move people from one thing to another thing, and they fucking kick a guard of. What is the two guys that were on the run for a while? They they they said they were going to be with the guard chick, and she went home, and I didn't even hurt her husband or something or like. Yeah. There was that one guy helping he was getting moved to prison and then the bus crashed. And then there was one of the guards was hurt the other guard through them the keys, and then he unchecked himself and ran and there was like a manhunt firm for a while. But he he ended up pilots gather evidence that he didn't kill us the first scene from wolverine the wolf, I know the wolverines from the wolverine movie. Dave. I wanna talk about this other thing really quick here. It is. Here. It is thing. No kids, really changes. This argument of you guys. All had no kids. Would you just kill yourself pretty much definitely? No. Yeah. Dead. I would do a much like it would be definitely less years where I would kill myself. You know, what I mean like with something like seven years in a brutal prison like no kids? I think I would just like I can't live a living hell for seventy you guys. Always kid. You just feel an obligation to I have to try. Younger kids. I have much less years before Isabela is gonna take care of herself. Yeah. You know what I mean? So in several years, it was sentenced to three months and killed themselves. That's it. She knows knows how to live. I had to pay bills Jay was sentenced to twelve hours of community service. He was he hung himself later that day. What does punk rock have to do with steroid abuse? How does a soap company save a suicide Ozzy confidential? 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This was this kind of interesting guys is a cure for aids. They're saying to people, right? A second person cured from aids is that including Magic Johnson. He's cured. He just has enough. Test positive for aids. Now. Right. I don't think. So. Yeah. Turns out the cure is ten thousand lifetime never had aids. He never his HIV never turned to aids. That's the whole thing. Yeah. He's always just had HIV Chevy positive, but you can still transmit it. But he is he has basically deluded so much in their their body by all the drugs. They take that. It's you can't trust. Glows green like it's fucking us. The secret of the you they'll get it on you wasn't. I saw him at. Might even a prep ad where it said, you know, said I won't transmit my disease, and then won't cross out in a said, I can't and they wrote him can't over it. Like that's cross that out and said well. We we can't I didn't read the sentence. Right. I definitely. If you're reading this you already. The double entendre. You definitely won't not get aids. Then cross out something and then two things but PO Paul up the story about London in London to British person. Wade's is just no. Oh, it's just an English persons very proper proper way to get aids. He told by to me aids. I did I did got me some aides. There was really a lot of hype about aids when I was a kid and never really materialized. Yeah. There's there's never turns out. There was never aids after all guys for just the second time since the global epidemic began a patient appears to have been cured of the infection with HIV the virus that 'cause we cure with HIV. No, no infection being infected by HIV is written a little weird. But like a British birth of their infection of eight. Roy type of disease. That's a good fable, ROY. The old aids. The L D I going into town knee. I've got to go to the Photoshop e. Self fill to gruff the shopping on my favorite day Fave. Over got go back. Sorry. News comes nearly twelve years to the day after the first patient known to be cured, a feat that researchers have long tried and failed to duplicate the surprise success that confirms that a cure for HIV infected as possible if difficult to if difficult researchers said, okay, that's weird. Worldly too. Possible. If got it if you don't got it. Did word where's the Queen? Fades. Yeah. That's just regulates up. So sorry, that's fun. Got a cure for aids. Now. It's always been raping a baby rate. Yeah. Well, it doesn't make it worse. Yeah. J Texan, my mom hundred out. There's a cure. Great news. Now you're living with aids. Right though did end up. It was a bus fizzled. It was supposed to be big was like the Ryan leaf of diseases. It was the scared pig one. It is what is the scariest STD now. We're learning a lot about herpes on the last podcast. I don't. Really? I mean, not really I feel it's almost the same. If our Kelly. I I've lived the good enough life without it. Then if now at this point, if I got herpes, I would almost like I had enough of a run, you know, guys of not have ever. Just see, you know, I'm having an outbreak. Right herbie's. Does scare me terrifies me. That's what scares, but I'm gonna relationships. Has the point really of having to be scared also because like when Lauren was pregnant they test you for everything and everything I got pregnant. So I I didn't have my good. That's so fun. You treat it like your aids tests get tested every time. I don't eat the burst your bubble. What they also test girls for everything when they get an abortion. So so I. Did burst her bubble. Yeah. It's not good. I mean, I guess it's not it's it's sorta like STD's are also sort of something that I think young kids are scared of much more as you like grow old or you sorta like, okay, I also sort of believe in them. I've never had gonorrhea cleanse any of these really believed in. Somehow. I didn't know I don't know how it's possible. You can't have committee go in its own does it. No. But there's some. If it does go and thrown I might have been infected multiple times. I have no idea. That's what I'm saying. If things go away on their own ever, go away in its own, Bobby. I wonder symptom. I think it makes I always heard all of them just you burns when you are buddy west told us that because I remember one time it won't the next time. I know exactly what happened to eat something. Yeah. It didn't feel it didn't not burn. What I just. I just. Birdie goes I mean, there's something firing through my PO birds. I think about my dick enough. Yes, I can make the tip of my dick hurt hurt. Right now me to bits myself that my dick is in physical pain just thinking thinking about like a salt in your right to do that. You guys weren't pitch. The tip of my own and do this. Dr fuck what did I do? What did I do? I hope you go home and stare you. Dick, tell explodes like scan. I'll see whatever the problem is. I don't wanna say I throw all my years because I've never had an SE, but anytime has actually the questionable. Check afterwards. Like, I'm just like it burns. It's not right. The tip is numb that your body. Armor woman. Woman in the tip of my decorate. Now, that's not the way my Dick's posted feel, but I know it's all in my head. Yeah. Has to be right. I don't know, man. Did you get better? Life up saying it's a sale do. In years ago. Mining's ICTY got fucking crazy. I mean, almost like a machine go am, I think hearts ethic now if I was having a heart attack, my right arm, would go numb? And then my right on what go now, and I go wait a second. That's not a heart attack, like hard tax, your left arm, going them. Dave read a lot door yet. It was fucking. Hilarious. I'm sure to some degree. It was there. And I said she had committee. Go back pull that up for a second really quick, right? Quick. Fact, your body cannot get rid of clarity on its own. This myth can be dangerous one. If we perpetuate we started guys don't worry about it. Just. Once upon a time. There was a boy with media. It's very rare that your own immune system will be able to tackle committee on its own said it can't another saying it's red. Yeah. What are you talking next sentence? You can totally get rid of it. Can't. I mean, it's rare that does. You got rid of? You're reading this. If you've made this part of you. See you weren't able to do it by yourself. The whole factory if it's detected early enough comedic media can be treated with antibiotics time out that sentence contradicts itself. Sure did the first two sentences. Yeah. Stark contrast, one says can't happen. The other says rarely happens. Now, can we get an definitive answer on this? Because I sort of believe that you've had clarity of many times. I believe my body is strong squeeze. No. I remember, our friend. You were for me. He said to us because we were both there. And he said, I forget how it came up. But he said, I think he goes if you think you have you don't have committee ah when you have it. You know, you have a classroom is that Clementi clap. Now, I found that not I thought it was not clap has gonorrhea. I know. So I thought it was like a sounding or whatever right now. I live in a lie. I rea- I've never had fucking Gicquel. You don't think j you would know. So you think this is what happens? I remember. There was a girl that I used to date this as she doesn't think she was molested when she was a kid, and I was like, you don't think you were definitely molested. If you say that sentence that's different that one that goes listed. Do you can't say, I don't think re ever happening. I know I know I've never been treated I s TD. So I've never you've never had. Can you get rid of gonorrhea? I don't think I've ever molested any children. Possibly think deeper. I'm very. Terrier? Nathan. Should it be go back molest yourself in time? What's good question? Is a good question. I'm going to say no to your body your body. You're right, right. That's right. It's just fucking. It's Looper masturbation. I don't know. What would happen your Jackley cured? Checkoff Looper see yourself, you know, some sort of time portal and possibly destroy time. If you fuck yourself. There's no way. Oh, I mean, Michael J, FOX is definitely disappeared from that picture yourself your fear. Fading away. What what what Rick? You get rid of gonorrhea, you're on your body. Nope. Wow. Well, I feel pretty good about these things. Then I can't believe I've never gonna re go even let them treat a syphilis can kill gonorrhea can cause infertility non viral Philis. Forget about that one. Yeah. Starts with events. Nonviolence TD's like Clementi, they usually don't have symptoms. They usually don't have symptoms. What? And why this symptoms can comment. Go. What's maybe that's guys dick stings stops. Up of I thought it was every time I had an idea. Fix every time. We think about 'em dick burns, wait a minute. There's none of them say that that I can think my dick, stinky. Yeah. It's mind over matter. Yeah. I don't know. I guess fucking knock on Whitman never had an TD. I've heard people say that the club. I got the clap like twice. But usually it's like seventy people from the seven of your parents or something would say she'll. Tell you crabs. Yeah. Decribes crazzy exists anymore. I think they say it's like almost been Radicati bedbugs is it a new thing like said success as executives found it was like parents stuff came in their babies was no cater sleep in the wrong way. Yeah. Gone. I think it's like down by like eighty percent or something like that. But the found that was basically suffocating majority kids were just they weren't just dying in the night. They were really bad sleeping choked gum blankets. Evolution. They're having a bad reaction to the parents stuffing things in the mail home. I got right there allergic to not breathing. He was definitely allergic to. I like these studio shows are great. Yeah. To fuck in the boys. My friend just got committed. Really? All your dick, your friend. Oh my God. Got french. Got out. Really? You're stay home. My friends from throwing up green open. We go around do some plugs. We gotta get outta here. Show. Yeah. I do. All right. Let's get us and plugged really quick. Let me I look something really quick. Yeah. First of all should put your dick Zach mouth right there. It would have been impeccable timing. If you guys love the show every episode we've ever done as available on demand over four hundred hundred four episodes now available undermanned guesses on that were dot com. Latest fifteen or vailable on itunes and YouTube and go subscribe there as well. If you don't want to subscribe guess as well, that's fine. You watch the latest fifteen episodes. But if you want pre-release five days before it goes anywhere else. If you want the entire onto bend library ad free and uncensored episodes use the promo code L O S a fourteen day free trial word word nerd. Tech amigo Instagram at Zach is not funny. Please check it by the show here on the network, exactly. Because midnight spook show every Friday at midnight comic sitting down and watching arm movies and April the seven so April seventh I'll be in jersey with capitol wrestling having my first ever pro wrestling death match holy shit. This comes out next week. Great Monday live. Last week. I challenge it will be met. I'm having my first wrestling death match. It will be bloody and stupid April. The seventh jersey is this going to can we watch this online? Oh, yeah. It's going to be on TV and Britain. But can we watch? Britain the UK. Jersey. We're on the fight up. Okay. A bunch of other stuff online. And then we signed al-tv for next month. All right. I gotta watch this. What do you got your shows? Yeah. What do you stand comedy somewhere? Yes. March fourteenth live man chain secret podcast at helium in Philly. Now fuck. Yeah. Dude. I'm doing a ladder match. Big. Ben Vader perfect. We pretty crazy and. Now guys March twentieth or twenty third. I'll be with Justin silver down the shore. Uncle Vinnie's never done that club excited about that. Gotta get able twelfth Connecticut. Gang for sick. It's officially on sale. They're still available. You guys. Grab your skin festive. It's now it's going to be a pretty amazing time. And it makes you my special April. First guys, you could buy it everywhere. Lucia Gomez presents Lewis shade Gomez. Your birthday do on my birthday, which would be a great little birthday gift to purchase it for me. They'd be all be if you don't released it until the second. Yeah. Great or I didn't even do a special. That would be the best one thing. So the camera what he's like posted pictures online of you at the venue. Be like, yeah, we rented the venue. This is a really intricate. Got an hour by Pablo Francisco special our comedy myself. What do find our Lewis second never go to lift too? Roll roll everybody. Davey part of the problem, and my special libertas the first special guest digital ever. Did. I'm excited that the next one's coming out. Keep doing this. But go grab libertas and part of the problem all that stuff. Very cool big dot com. Listen to the bonfire for the FDR show. Also guested you'll network. Fun dates coming up here on the Rotan. So makes you come check me out. And we will catch you guys next week on the leisure Skaggs. Thank you so much Shane and Zach. We love you guys. Piece. You've been listening to the legion of schemes podcast with big j o Kherson. I'd up on. Of a shift of shit hits. Luis gomez. Jay, if you look at me on a break your puck and Joan I want to punch you in your fucking nose male plentiful magic and his fucking head and comedian date Smith. Fuck you, I got I feel like if I wanted to be gay fucking stick your fist of your ass. Blew the legion of skanks podcast. Ding-dong? We're done here. Time to go. Hey, guys. It's Big Joe. And thanks for listening to legion his skanks. Now stick around for a promo for Ozzy confidential. You wanna know little secret? We've got them. You welcome to what. Ozzie confidential. I'm your host Eugene s Robinson. I want you to subscribe to what to what you I'll tell you. What confidential we got the stories behind the stories underneath the stories deeper than the stories stories? Get inside your brain panic crawl around cover people unwilling to come and ask the questions that uncomfortable. Ask all guaranteed. True. All guaranteed disturbing. All guaranteed right here on confidential subscribe. One of the first to listen to Ozzy com than a date early only on Himalayan go to your app store. Download Himalayas that's H I M L Y. And then follow Ozzy confidential when she.

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