Episode 57 Aaahh!!! Classic Monsters


If you're easily offended this show I'll be for you but if you're into that weird fun you've come to the right place you've been ward more. I'm sorry I heard skeptic they walk them to be as people lever skeptic podcast podcast. Were three idiots debate weird phenomenon nominal. I'm Chris I'm the believer. I'm cody I am the skeptic and apparently in going through purity because my voice is Oh oh well if this is your first time listening to us we are. LGBTQ paranormal comedy podcast and this is a full episode. And this week we have a guest so we have a friend and my neighbor. Yeah I was coming from all the way down feet away we have Tracy Tracy. I'm hung over. I think we all are last. Night was the Halloween party and everyone is his feeling it today. Feeling it. Yeah so okay well. Since our month of October was quite busy getting ready for our live show. We didn't do a lot of like hollowing specific episodes so we decided we're going to extend that into November as well so today to tell them talk. Yeah well actually I. Since trae didn't want to say it I'm GonNa to her home for her a little bit in case Shell don't know tracy is a hyper talented human being she. She can sing her face off actor base off and she's she actually is the reason she's she's actually she's reenacted. Doing theon interpretive dance my words and so she actually. She picked this topic basically. So yeah so today we thought we would talk. Hello Classic movie monsters or I guess. A derivative thereof You know all the films like Frankenstein Dracula creature the Black Lagoon and salon boy. Oh boy so yeah so we are. Actually we each picked one classic creature. We're going to be sharing history in details about that creature in the story about the story about them so should we. Should we drinks. Yeah okay so I'm going to actually hand the mic over to Tracy and you because I she has forty drinks that she's going to be sure they're all so I'm focusing on vampires and at total wine there was actually quite a bit to choose from uh-huh depending on how elaborate you WanNa get with the topic. There was even like walking dead wine assume that seemed like sheeting. That seemed like that would be better for his. Obviously yeah it's because it's actually from the TV exactly. So I can't have rick on the cover and be thinking of Bram Stoker works for me with that said that I brought three drinks because being hungover and being two o'clock in me not having lunch it just seems weird like crack. Open a bottle of wine right now but I do have Francis Coppola diamond red plans talk a little bit about Coppola going on. Because you can't really talk about Dracula directly without talking about Coppola and then I also because I don't like I said if I'm going to open that I also brought four. They use my teeth to pull the bag out. I have a lovely temper neo. Oh I love to drag on. And we'll talk a little bit about what dragons dragons relates reverse dragged him the vampire at least in literature but like I said that's a bit heavy so honestly what I think I'm going to start with. Breath is a nice blood. Orange Margarita and S- To serve it in as they said I just live seven houses down I brought on my own Hamilton Sippy Cup when I say Hola pouring that that's awesome chewing that All amazing choices see. That doesn't take a random rationalization cody did you notice that mixture. You have doesn't actually have to kill it in it. Oh I I forgot I also brought my own patrol. Never leave home without it. So the monster I chose today is Where wolves so what? I'm drinking today. Is a Lithuanian heritage. Beer called where wolf it's literally called Werewolf and it has a quite a high alcohol content. So that's so funny because just right before for the show Tracy and I were talking about how we like picking drinks. That aren't just the name. They require narrative. Chris here's where we'll there's nothing with that sound so bitchy all right so Chris is still looking to see what kind of beer is is it. Strong connect have a taste. Today makes one of us. Oh that is delicious is really good. That's dangerous Oh my God. I'm just GonNa Covet this break a command. It's a Belgian dark El okay. I'M GONNA try that too. Yeah so for my drink. I'm actually Old England. I'm actually doing Frankenstein. And so and that was that was what I was GONNA do. I was I went into English. Oh I hear terrible and like you know what. I just can't drink this after my night. I'm going to get something good. Mary Shelley found something actually liked Mary. Shelley well well I whenever you look at all these old stories. I what I think of it is. They all kind of intertwined sometimes in ways and they're just kind of these wild crazy stories stories. So I've found a blackberry merlot called twisted Vine Ohio. Yeah good expected to get a couple. I rolls maybe like really all right so with that I will get into history I didn't want to do anything like Hollywood movie. Poor history because that would have been very long and excessive in instead I thought I would give a weird overview on the history of monsters the word monster itself derives from the Latin word monstrum meaning to demonstrate or monarch meaning to warn There's also the Latin word monstrum which Just means abnormal or supernatural but can also mean wonder or miracle generally speaking monsters are physical whether real or imagined representation of those things society as Dean leaned unknown or unnatural and most mostly those things that we fear and cannot explain physically. Speaking a monster may have some unusual characteristics. In fact one time things such as two-headed cavs or babies born with abnormalities were considered monsters so basically anything that was outside of what society claimed as quote. Normal aw was seen as monstrous of course as we know in addition to the physical characteristics. Munster's we'll do some terrible things or act out on the way beyond the standing of society being set that any one of us in this room could be considered a monster me with my blue hair and you both being super tall me with my gay so monsters there's all of you There are a ton of tons of monsters that go back in history. There were monsters that were found in cave paintings represented by animal human hybrids which unlikely cliches in real life hence monsters or at least at the conclusion that historians drew in Greek and Roman mythology monsters were perceived as a form of displeasure from the gods examples being cyclops Gorgon. Medusa Centaurs Sirens and so on. It seems that in religion like Judaism Christianity and Islam. They avoided talking about monsters aside from stories related to Satan and the power of evil in Hinduism monsters. A lot more prevalent. you see gods depicted with extra limbs or as an animal human hybrid and in native American culture. You have creatures such as the Wendy Go. Skin walkers and even sasquatch after the renaissance period with science becoming a new a fairly new thing. It really tried to attempt to explain what exactly monsters were to no avail in the gothic period we were graced. With two of the most infamous monsters Frankenstein and Dracula as well as some of the creepiest fairy tales by the brothers Grimm in psychology. Carl Jung tried to explain monsters as any central part of development might in that they were seen as the quote otherness within ourselves. I kind of discussed with this with you. Cody Day in that how I was talking how we need to balance the light with dark so I think that's the same thing it's arguing and our gang. We all have a fascination with monsters. This podcast is an example. Cody are armchair. Chair crypto zoologists. That even if these creatures don't exist it's that innate curiosity of the possibility of their existence as society changes the faces of monsters changing. We'll continue you to do so when before we used to be freed of things like trolls and elves. Today's where we fear things such as candyman or to say that once monsters collection of our society and then all the terrible things in it as well as an escape from those terrible things monsters are ever evolving and as long as we have fears and terrible things going on in our world they will. Oh not go away in my opinion. That's escapism at its best interest inc.. I have like a believer skeptic question but I guess I wanNA save it maybe. For debunk okay. But I'm afraid that I'm going to. I'm going to forget it. I'm going to ask now for both of Y'all are there any monsters or creatures that either of you actually believe in. Yes yes. That's probably what got me. Hooked on your podcast in the first place you were immediately talking about things that I have seen with my own eyes so I can only to Chris as a believer in many of the things. He's seen. Yeah I'm sitting there at work. Listen to going. Oh my God I saw that too says yes shadow people. I can't talk about that right now. Is Definitely I've had encounters encounters with shadow people. But as far as what we're talking about today. The closest is a boyfriend who thought he was a vampire. Oh Shit are you talking about that in your story. No I wasn't going to because it's complicated and messy advocates network. Deep Ball Game L.. Dated someone who thought he was a vampire sidelining. I think he was just really sexually confused. Needed to explore some things and that arena. He had seen the horror many times or he could have had A. What do you call it a behavioral behavioral disorder when the cutters? When they do that he wasn't so much a kite or more of more of a biter? Like that's that's its own fetish and there is a whole doing my research for this. There was there is a whole underground religion. There's a vampire religion. There are societies where people are are into do some sort of worship in bloodletting that would hopefully bring on mortality and things like that like I mentioned the other day in our text in our cults episode. We do do the cult of Rub Farrell. who was a vampire cult? You know right right exactly. But are there biologically human creatures after strolling through the catacombs in Paris. I wanted to believe it. I wanted to believe that like Lestat was if you rose romanticize he's so right it's creepy down there and and you're you know you're not into graveyard your name mass grave and you can see a crack were like well sure I was thinking of empire could get over that crack for sure her but no however as I will discuss when we get to the believer. I'm a skeptic part there are vampires. Chris among us which I will discuss holy Shit okay. Thank about teaser alert. Once we get there too but like I totally romanticized is vampires. Who've I've always had an like I wouldn't say opposition but I've had a like for them and then when I started reading and Rice I fell in love with them? especially all the Homo eroticism Yes that's what's so weird is that I honestly have never really had a fascination with any classic creatures. Here's vampire. They're saying unless they're gay anyway. He's very soft okay. We're saving saving the worst for I and I'm going to be talking about Frankenstein. And so I just to give you a little bit of history in case you didn't know Oh Frankenstein is a novel written by English Author Old English author Mary Shelley which we mentioned in what. Oh are dopplinger anger. Yes yes has she kept patsy be shelley and her her desk his heart in the heart in her desk. Such heart creepy. So the the book tells the story of Victor Frankenstein so Frankenstein. A lot of people don't actually not not the name of the creature he actually doesn't have a name Frankenstein's monster monster Mr or whatever. Victor Frankenstein is young scientist who creates a hideous sapient creature in an unorthodox scientific experiment. I didn't know this. She actually started writing the story when she was eighteen. Oh I didn't know in. The first edition was published anonymously and London in January eighteen eighteen when she was twenty so she was super young. Her name first appeared on the second edition published in eighteen. Twenty three and I'm guessing that's because the whole stupid sexist thing Ragusa if a woman published novel people weren't GonNa allow it or read it or whatever stupid so a little bit of background is going to kind of tie into what I'm going to talk about is shelley. Shelley traveled in the region of Geneva Switzerland almost said to Novia and my big gay selves coming out Princess Diary Bride Bride Diary whatever. The book is Where much of the story takes place the topic of calvinism in a cult ideas were themes of conversation among her companions particularly her lover and future husband Shelly? CB Shelley whose heart she kept in a box. So Percy and Lord Byron. I actually had a competition to see who could write the best horror story. I was GONNA say. Have you ever seen that movie gothic. Yes yes because that's kind of what it's loosely based on this competition when you can add something when you finish this little tell okay cool. Yeah so they had. I didn't even know this. So they had a competition for who could the best horror story and after thinking about it shelley dreamt about a scientist who created life and was horrified by what he had made which inspired novel. So now when you're talking about kind of the inspiration behind. The novel novel gets to that word that I mentioned before which was galvanised them and I was like well. I don't really know what that is. Well it's the contraction of a muscle that stimulated by an electric current. So that's kind of the start of it so it turns out that because I was like well. She just made up this idea because they've been able to do that with like animals like frogs and stuff. Oh yes we'll get into so it turns out that way back then. People will already experimenting with raising the dead. And you know that's kind of what her book is about. So Oh her story didn't originate the idea and it all has to do with electricity so Inter Luigi Galvani. And that's where calvinism originates relations. Tomorrow shakes out. I knew something was coming so real quick on that evening of storytelling to scare each other really was this was the idea. This is a famous night. It happened during a time called the year without a summer rains where torrential weather was miserable and they were basically trapped inside side another guest. That evening was Polidori and he wrote Really one of the first vampire tales called the Van Pierre and his character Lord rathbone was one of the first aristocratic vampires. That we kind of know today through Dracula so he was there as well and participated hated in this storytelling contests and this is. This is a true thing that really. Yeah and Gothic is a nineteen eighty-seven horror film that's loosely based on that night. Unbelievable I had no idea okay. Well you should probably know all this so Luigi Galvani decades before Mary Shelley in seventeen eighty eighties. A long time ago and Italian super-scientists Chris was alive though namely we had noticed an effect that would set him on. The path of grisly is Lee experiments. That could have inspired Frankenstein and that year galvanic was a lecturer at the University of Bologna. Balogh Nah below scientists the lady. I don't know well so. By seventeen eighty Galvani had already been the chair of the obstetrics tricks departments drunk for dozens of years. They didn't all this work on animal. Hearing and sight when that line of Research Got Stale Galvin turned his attention engine two frogs legs. According to the legend later developed around his work. Gal Vanni was slowly skinning the severed lower-half of a frog when his assistant stint scalpel touched. Lebron's Hook in the frogs flesh all at once. The leg twitched as it. Were trying to hop away as this guy. Vanni like Super La and I couldn't really tell if he thought he was re animating the dead completely or if he knew anything about that colleagues. I'm nervous yeah whatever it will so. He ended up getting doing all this research and he published results in seventeen eighty along with his theory about what was going on and let's just say his was very wrong. Model dead. Ed Muscles contained some vital fluid that he called animal electricity. This he argued was related to fund fundamentally distinct from the kind of electricity and lightning or the shock. You get from walking across the carpet. So he thought the electrical contact that's made whatever residual animal electric fluid wit remained in the frog's legs. So he electrcity. There was like a biological special electricity. Like you could just like balloon on your head and you'll your muscles spasms me up because it interacts with your with your animal trysofi. That's blur. Yeah so naturally. He didn't make a whole lot of progress. Because and there's another story about some guy who actually proved him wrong and just like so. He didn't make progress so his nephew Giovanni Aldini took over his research. And this is where things get weirder on January eighteenth of eighteen. Oh three a man named George Forster was hanged by the neck in London. It's always funny when this hang by the neck because it's run by by the other peanuts. Yeah Oh God. So the. The court found him guilty of drowning his wife and child so he dropped indict quickly and his body was delivered diverted to the workshop of Giovanni L. Dini who had moved to the newgate neighborhoods specifically to be close to these hangings that took place there so we can bodies creepy. Yes so he summoned an audience audience of medical students and curious. Onlookers begin to work on the corpse. versity move the limbs and may have smashed face to demonstrate that he was actually dead than eighty soap. The man's ears with salt water and stuck sponges in them to conduct electricity. Finally he applied electrodes to each ear. Passed a current through the dead men's head and now this is actually a statement that comes from one of the witnesses who was there. The witnesses said on the first application of the process to the face the jaws of the deceased criminal begin to quiver and the adjoining muscles horribly contorted and then one. I actually opened during the process. Depending on the right hand raised in clenched inched in the legs and thighs were set in motion. So to all these people who didn't know any better they freak the fuck out that's crazy and so they're all going crazy and they actually thought that he he was raising a murderer from the dead and so that actually became this disturbing thought that people even asked in government circles. About what the law would require if he was actually raised from the dead and they consensus view was that he'd have to be hung a second time. Oh Wow yeah. That's crazy I I just don't know. Reanimation is not a good thing so with that I'll get into my story as I said on where we'll search sir where we'll creature that. We are all familiar with either as a shape shifter in which a human can turn into a wolf or the animal human hybrid legends vary. But some say that curse was placed upon a human to make them aware wolf others say that it was due to bite or scratch from where wolf the worst kind of rabies. You could possibly get while other states that they made their transformation by the assistance of a magical cloak or other piece of clothing usually in. Why by the devil? You know what you put on this cloak and you become aware wolf. Oh okay all right. Never heard of that in all I research I could never really find any origin story for the Werewolf. But many believe the first appearance of of the creature came from the epoch of Gilgamesh in which Gilgamesh rejects a suitor because she turned her previous lover into a wolf There were wolves in Greek mythology. In which the God. Zeus punished like Aon by turning him and his sons into wolves out there that I mentioned the name or like in. Yeah it's close to you. And then in norse mythology there is a tale in which is found. Wolf Pelt can turn people into the creature for ten days There are a number of murderers throughout history that claim to be where we'll such as disappear boot. Burgo Michael Gordon Gyles Garnier and Peter Straub who I will discuss today. All these people who were believed to be where wolves and in fact there's a period of wolf-hunts in Europe during the fifteen and sixteen hundreds much like the Salem witch trials in which they were assumed guilty they would be tortured or burned at the stake. Were they hunting down actual live wolves claiming that there were people or they were just accusing people. Were my God while so like some Harry Harry Sexy Alexi Baer. I'm going to be like the most. He's dies no with the Werewolf. Legends comes the legend of the full moon in which afflicted individuals Only make their where form under the influence of the full moon. There is some semi truth to that statement because it was found in certain certain studies that the full moon can have effect on some people resulting in violent and or exacerbated behavioral issues and crimes during a full moon. Yeah that sounds so ridiculous I want to debunk that. But we've talked about that. I think before lunar cycles there's actually a higher rate of crime criminal activity during Bellman. Yeah Lunacy yes that's the name comes from you didn't you Gordon. No that hilarious. Did you know the name for hysteria means womb in Greek hysterectomy. Yeah Oh so what. I don't know anything. So where will either monsters have been used as a scapegoat explanation for situations that could not otherwise explain but it seems in modern society. They're just thought of fantasy and folklore. And with that I bring you back to Peter Stoop trigger warning big big trigger warning here. This story contains means a lot of graphic depictions of murder assault in cannibalism. You have been warned. Yeah Chris Actually has mentioned this to us like multimedia story so the story AH takes place in fifteen eighty two in bed Berg near Cologne Germany. Peter Stoop also known as the Werewolf. Forbid Burke was a wealthy farmer in his town he was a widower and and had two adolescent children. Here's a well respected man and was said to be pleasant by his neighbors. So I did not expect this setup that he was going to be like the poor for kind of schizophrenic. Or whatever okay. Death was prevalent at this time in the country due to the black plague as well as conflict between the Catholics and the Protestants since During this time for many years farmers in the area found their cattle mutilated as if it were done by some animal which they suspected were wolves following this. A kid started to disappear in the area along with women who were found brutally murdered. Oh Shit again. Wolves were suspected and buy some where wolves were suspected. Little do they know that pleasant Peter Scuba was at fault he would put on a wolf skin When looking for prey it was found that this guy was to blame for the death of thirteen? Children Talk To pregnant women and a lot of farm animals. Oh my God. It was said that he was sexually assault is female victims before he killed them He. For the pregnant women who would take the fetuses wombs before eating the unborn child. Yeah what did he do the animals they just had just mutilated. Thanks thanks Brian. I'll eat them raw. Yeah so he would eat them. His child murder victims were apparently strangled bludgeoned and and their throats ripped open by bare hands and in some they were disemboweled and partially eaten farm. Animal Farm animals ripped apart any Enron. In one case he the encountered three people two men and women And it was said he killed the men but the woman's body was never found which led many to believe that he might have in her altogether. Oh Oh my God. In another encounter. One child actually escaped literally slipping out of his hand. As if the guy was not sick enough he also had an incestuous relationship with his sister and his daughter who bore his child a son that he later murdered murdered and devoured his brains One night several learns were found in a field killed which led villages to start a hunt. Some days later the villagers chased down a wolf Cornering yet but when they got close enough they saw Peter Stoop where they caught him in the Act Act who they said transformed from a wolf until man before their eyes so they say so he basically just took off the cloak and they're like later during his trial stupid would claim that at the age of twelve. The devil gave him a magic belt. A wolfer that when he put it on transferred him into the wolf the hunter Sano such belt but only a walking stick shortly following following. This do was arrested and tried for his crimes. Stu was tortured and confessed. His crimes also discussed his deal with the devil. He was found guilty on October. Twenty eighth fifteen eighty nine nine and executed a few days later on October thirty first. He was placed on a large wheel where the executioners pulled his flesh from several places with red hot pincers. Oh my God odd. His arms and legs were broken with an axe and lastly he was decapitated after that was not enough he also burned at the stake as well or or after after they cut off his head and as a warning to other villagers the wheel that stupid was executed on was set up with sixteen ships of wood representing his victims on on top of that was a a carving of a wolf about that. Two decapitated head the validity of the story cannot be totally substantiated. Any information of the story appear I do comes from a pamphlet from that time period. Some say it's truth while other say it's morality tale or perhaps some story of gruesome entertainment. The truth is we'll never know morality. Tail like the lesson is don't eat visas and people that part you mentioned about a cloak kind of reminded me of the village. Oh that furry furry monster you know but really there's a man underneath actually the one who's grace aid to fucked up story and if we don't know it's true that sue soon. What what year was that? Fifteen hundred fifteen hundreds. Yeah so we'll never know stuff like that. Had to have happened at some point but I wonder if that inspired him national non on. Chris is insane gruesome. Yeah so now more so than like stories stories of Ed Geene or that. That's pretty close as far as getting closer to our modern day and we discuss egging last Halloween. Actually yeah it's terrifying line but especially if it is true okay is it my turn. I'm super excited to be a guest today. Especially Ashley is it relates to the topic of Vampires and even more so to Gothic literature. Lot of the information. I'm including today contain thesis. I completed for my mass. My master's in lender earlier this year tied old once bitten. How BRAM STOKER'S DRACULA SET THE PRECEDENT FOR THE EVOLUTION OF MODERN Day? Vampire culture talk about that but like you talk about what made you so interested in vampires. No it's a little bit What Chris was saying just you know I grew up as kind of you know on on the outside of an interloper? Inner Gov Enter Goff now. I could show you pictures of back in the day in high school. You know. Bela Lugosi's dead. Ed and every day is Halloween. Or you know. We're on my mix tape before we had podcasts. And I just sort of related to that darkness and always questioned was into the existential and purpose. And what's on the other side of the Vale so to speak think so Throughout my historical section you'll hear me reference a number of scholars by their last name. Now you might wonder what Gothic literature has to do with proving or debunking the the existence of empires will the fact. Is that most of what we know today about. Vampires or rather the tropes that we've come to expect and rely upon to define for US sweat vampire is and is capable of stem from the attributes assigned to the most famous vampire. And our cultural history. BRAM STOKER'S DRACULA I I say Bram Stoker's Dracula because we must remember that. This character is a work of fiction and not a real person contrary to popular belief which I'll get into into in a moment since its first publication in eighteen ninety seven and has never been out of print and although it was not the first vampire tale to be told as I mentioned early Polidori short story. The van peer written in Eighteen Nineteen among others Count Dracula is generally regarded and remembered as the premier vampire vampire of our culture responsible for inspiring e. Numerous novels films television shows and cereal boxes from the count. Count on Sesame Street to end. Rice's Vampire Lestat. And Edward exactly and Edward Colon of Meyer's twilight saga growth. How the vampire has has evolved from an abhorrent in vile creature whose roots stem from eastern European folklore to a Pacific northwestern? High Schooler sparkles like diamonds in the side may have more to say about our changing culture as well as our own desires. According to Nina Auerbach of our vampires ourselves. Vampires are easy to stereotype. Oh type but it is there variety that makes them survivors. Despite a few obvious dichotomies. There is an inherent connection from the modern vampire. To the vampire of Brand Bram Stoker's Dracula and from his narrative origins emerged the precedent for our expectations. Vampires to come and the attributes they possess and I'll get into what those attributes are in this next little bit. So historical evidence suggests that vampires in one form or another have been present throughout cultural history spanning the globe as far back as ancient Egypt and Babylon although regions where significant documentation exists include the Mediterranean and Eastern Europe. It is the folklore of this area which inspired stoker's model for the vampire known today in the Western World quite often portrayed as the aristocratic and seductive male AOL complete with Cape and fangs. When you talk about Egypt I all I think Akasha and exactly exactly those who must be kept right Chris? Exactly cody's like what. Contrary to many widely known misconceptions which have been perpetuated further by the Popular Nineteen Ninety two Francis Ford Coppola movie bearing the same name as the novel. BRAM STOKER'S COUNT DRACULA AND DRACULA OF WILL LAKE in history. Better known as Vlad the impaler Taylor Vlad. Or Vlad the third are not the same individual. However McNally and fleur skews Nineteen seventy-two in search of Dracula which they wrote and published before their discovery of Stoker's notes perpetuated this linkage between Bram Stoker's character and the historical figure scholars of more recent decades have meticulously analyzed? Stoker's notes and research for the novel. All agree that his knowledge of the Real Dracula was speculative at best stoker never visited Transylvania and his list of characters which among them show the name count wom peer spelled w. amp why are give further indication of Stoker's intention to create a vampire story. Even before encountering the name Dracula along with that said Stoker was rumored to have been acquainted with Armenia Savannah. Bury a Hungarian professor who actually made an appearance in the novel. As a colleague event housings and who may have been stoker's go to on eastern European folklore and history. In addition there are passages from Wilkinson's an account of the principalities of Malaysia and Moldavia sprinkled throughout the novel might be Moda Nowadays Moldavia and and this is all Romania. Now just so we know where the hell is this on a map. It's all basically Romania at this point and what we do know for sure is that scattered amongst stoker's research coach is a note which reads Dracula in Willeke and language. MEANS DEVIL WITH DRACULA AND DEVIL IN ALL CAPS which is the only references notes related to the historical courageous and cunning will lakey an voivode which is a fancy word for commander for those following along wrong side note information provided by life science in fourteen. Thirty one king Sigismund of Hungary who would later become the holy Roman Roman emperor inducted the elder Vlad into a nightly order the order of the Dragon. Thank you Spanish temper niels. y'All come together. This Designation Says Ignatius earned Vlad Second Daddy. A new surname derived. DRAC who'll the name came from the old Latin and Romanian word for for dragon which was a track or Druk his son. Vlad the third would later be known as the son of DRAC. who'll or an old Romanian dragged right? Cool Yay Hence Dracula. Evidence shows that stoker went back through his notes crossed out count. Juan Pierre and wrote in the Name Count Dracula and from there stoker loosely incorporated just enough material of the Historical Dracula to forever tarnish his name. Creating ambivalence and kind of Split personality wearing western culture has misinterpreted as a cruel and bloodthirsty tyrant with strong vampire connections as opposed to an Eastern culture where he is recognized as a national hero who defended his country from Turkish oppressors. WHO has no vampire connections whatsoever? That's fascinating summating. Despite this misnomer thanks to stoker a legendary character was born who possesses a particular list of attributes forever associated with the words Dracula or Vampire most of which we are no longer surprised by and have come to expect from other vampires such as and this is as long. So I'm GONNA take a drink real quick and here we go and you're all going to recognize these and these are all in the book. Is that glow red prodigious strength or speed appearing his missed dust blue light of blue flame or living ring. Yeah of terror watched the movie or read the book possessing animal kinship which is also a theory on through theory. Author P right Chris. Yes the anthropology or animal. SHAPESHIFTS shifting hair in the center of the palms a cruel Harry. Palm Harry Palms a cruel looking red mouth with sharp protruding truing fangs. The inability to cast a reflection repelled by crucifixes or other Holy Relics Lust for blood ability to affect the weather and sea see must dressed in the soil of one's homeland biting victims in the neck turning into a bet power to hypnotize others or affect them while asleep deterred deterred by garlic turn humans and vampires through their drinking a vampire blood neck romance ability to appear young for brief intervals only only active during sundown or repelled by the sun grow and become small and vanish can only pass running water during a slack in the tide can can be destroyed by either cutting off the head and removing the heart a stake through the heart or a sacred bullet fired into the coffin. Obviously not all vampires who came along after Count Dracula possess every single one of these attributes. Neither did the other Cat Dracula's in film and Literature followed as day explains today we have good vampires bad vampires and biggest fan pires man. That blood margaritas really kicking in. Isn't it lonely. Vampires Vampires only drink cow blood. We also have reluctant vampire killers and vampires who kill other vampires. But despite the Plethora uh-huh Vampire Paradigm say that three times even Vampire pair tied Bent Vampire Paradigm 's exists through existing throughout modern culture. Each with specific nick nuances. That seem quite the opposite from count. Dracula's origins their undeniable characteristics which link these contemporary breeds to the lineage bloom born warn of Stoker's conception it's evolved from four info too familiar friend. Now your neighbor Chris. I'm not a vampire inches. So we're we're clear. However there is always some attribute that can be linked back to Dracula and we must give credit where credit is to whereas day states count has not yet relinquished his place as boss the empire? That's my bit. Oh my my God that is so fascinating. I knew some of the stuff. But there's a lot of things. Well this is going to relate to when we get into the believer skeptic that families Emily's would come down with illnesses or may be buried Too soon and they thought they were coming back to life made me just had that second wind and then show up in line. Hey mom fine and start hanging around the house and the next thing you know other people are sick so those types of that superstition precision in folklore get turned into vampire and then those people eventually very with their head cut off. Those stories could be out of the ones that are buried and they have the bell. You know right time you have like fingernail marks inside. That always gets me so a couple of things. Wow while you're passing through running water. I don't understand that I've never heard that before. What does that mean they can only pass water with a slack tide so like if a vampire wanted to travel from one country to another and wanted to do so or by ship? They had a to wait until the tide came so they can tape because they can't cross over into their own another land. Yes what about. So what if you're running away from a vampire and then you see a creek with the flowing creek. You could just run across the creek and if it's not high tide. He couldn't and follow you across the great because vampires are supposed to have that prodigious speed that we talked about he could probably job or just walk so fast over the creek. He'd be like Jesus Walking on water I think you're GonNa get away based on that. I'll think of something that was amazing. Well so then should we should we bleeper skeptics. So what I actually thought would be really fun to do Would be to actually talk about reenacting. The dead. Like if that's possible or where that stands right now and so. That's what I'm going to get kind of debunked like shaking his head like so it was really looking at. What does death really mean? You know what I mean. You know what I mean your biggest fear so it says yeah. Death is my biggest fear will well. Every cell has a tight outer membrane that serves to separate its own contents from its surroundings in filter out the molecules that are non essential to its function or survival. Well well as a cell nears the end of its life. This protective barrier begins to weaken and depending on the circumstances of cells death. One of three things will happen one. It will send an eat me. Signal to specialize maintenance sell that will devour and recycle that ailing cells contents like re reuse it onto it will quarantine and consume itself and it kind of altruistic suicide or three it will rupture abruptly and just spill its contents into the surrounding rounding tissue causing severe inflammation in further tissue damage. That's an all cases. When the integrity of the outer membrane is compromised? A cell fate date is sealed and a quote here from a doctor or something that says when the permeability of the membrane has increased to the point at the cellular contents are leaking out. You have reached the point of no return. Unfortunately the cells that are most sensitive though to nutrient and oxygen deprivation brain cells so that was really interesting to me so really gets down down to the molecular level is what death really means is whenever all of those molecules in your brain or all the little cells are spilling out their contents contents. Get past the point of no return. You're dead that's what it means. That's that's really was gonNA come up. So that's that's that's where the term brain dead comes from and that's just like this one for us all the words that's great so that's where the brain dead term comes from and that's where people are researching you know as long as you can keep someone's brain alive. You essentially can keep them alive right right so last year. Yale University last year announced it had successfully resurrected the brains of more than one hundred slaughtered pigs and found that the cells L.'s. Were still healthy. The reanimated brains were kept alive for up to thirty six hours and scientists say that the process which should work in primates offered a new way to study body organs in the lab although the pigs did not regain consciousness. And that's kind of the important thing. The team admitted that may be possible to restore awareness. So so I was like Oh my God. So they can reanimate at a cellular level exactly but they couldn't bring back its essence awareness. But they think they could do it. which would lead to the process of keeping brains alive outside of the human body that would lead me to believe that the have a soul when they die the soul leaves and therefore they can't bring that back up? And that's that's the thing that I probably the nearest future will probably tell. Nope an ethics and philosophic in philosophy philosophy. Her said that he thinks that it could lead to this. To humans. Enduring Living Hell and he said even if your conscious brain were kept alive after your body had died you would have to spend the foreseeable future as a disembodied brain in a bucket. Locked away inside your own mind without access to the sense that allows us to experience it. Interact with the world sear basically living with their own thoughts for company until something else like you can be put into a body or whatever so I think the bottom line here is that for the foreseeable future wants. Someone passes that point of no return like digging up a bunch of body parts and putting them together like Frankenstein and then re animating that is not possible but you never know what the future holds. I agree I agree. Yeah so do you think that we could achieve immortality know that word has a lot of variables. I'll say what exactly does that I mean and yes you come back the same and can you can like an explosion or something since you know or the flu to at what point at what point is no return other than the fluid spelling out of you is. Can you be burned up. You know what all of that all right. So that's that's my. That's my debunk about bringing it at so. Are we going onto to kristen. Yeah sure my believer. I wouldn't call so much a believer this time around Because I definitely police where what was our real But instead that I wanted to like in the story of Peter Straub is if it is in fact true. I'll give you a plausible theory. As to his condition in psychology ecology. There is a very rare mental. Illness called clinical likened therapy When a person has this condition they suffer from delusions in which they believe they are transforming into an animal Not necessarily just a wolf but any animal in these delusions they are the afflicted person will have a transformation experience and we'll act like the animal they believe they are turning into like many mental health disorders. Clinical like anthropolgy is caused by chemical imbalance and in the case of for this condition affects the cerebral cortex the type of animal that people leave. They can transform into is often dictated by their culture in the case of Peter. He was living in a town which wolves were rampant and causing harm This is a thought that probably had stuck in his head allowing him to quote transform into the animal in addition to that folklore shape shifter's and other mythical concerns could also be a potential trigger for such a delusion it is believed that clinical therapy is not a standalone condition but instead a psychotic episode caused by another underlying language. Use such as schizophrenia bipolar disorder or clinical depression in Modern Day Testing has been done that determined that the area of the brain that is concerned with the body image insides were triggered during such episodes. In a sense. This could also be seen as a type of extreme body. dismore fiesta in individuals sees themselves as something totally aren't in other cases of clinical therapy the afflicted person has delusions of other people turning into animals whether this was indeed the condition that Peter Steuben had we will never know but based on my finding findings. It is highly likely so next time you're feeling animalistic. Beware the underlying cause of clinical icon. toppy interesting yeah. That's a good believer. That's how you would explain it. That's really cool. All right Tracy okay so when it comes to believing or debunking vampires. How many of the attributes? I went over earlier if any will it take to prove or disprove the existence of Vampires Empire Right. How many tropes from classical literature woven into the fabric of our modern culture is required to make a believer out of someone so oh I'm not going to answer that question myself i? I didn't feel right to to be either believer or skeptic I'm going to be the neutral by providing providing just a couple of recent stories from credible sources very important people credible sources so. These are both from this summer. Actually mm-hmm this is from USA Today and there's also a similar story from the Washington Post and what it is is DNA evidence. This New England vampire empire was named John Barbour in life so for nearly three decades researchers including archaeologists historians and DNA experts have been investigating investigating the identity of Connecticut Vampire and now they have new information and named John Barber. Barbara's newly discovered identity helps answer answer. Lingering questions about the mysterious case of a man who died of tuberculosis and the early eighteen hundreds and was uncovered more than a century and a half later as a mutilated corpse. History suggests Barbara's family or neighbors suspected he had become a vampire indepth their efforts to kill John Barbara. The Vampire set in motion. Shen a mystery that would span generations. WHO's the Nick Bell and Tawny Emeritus Connecticut? State archaeologists and ANTHR- anthropology professor at at the University of Connecticut. Told you say today that he has been on this case since the vampire was found in nineteen ninety. Some kids were playing at a grave rave bank in griswold Connecticut. During one of their slides down to skulls dislodged enroll down the hills with the boys when one of the boys brought a skull to his mother she call call the police. Thank mom. Can we key babe. That call began an investigation into a colonial era. Sent Cemetery cemetery that seemed to be the final resting place for generations of two families over the years but there was something different in one of the coffins. A skeleton was decapitated. His bones were rearranged into a skull and crossbones. Oh Jolly Roger Style. The mutilation likely happened four or five years. After through the man known as J B Fifty five for the initials in age found on his coffin had died at the time of his death in the early eighteen. Hundreds people believe that that death would rise up and infect family members he died from tuberculosis or consumption according to the lesions on his ribs vampirism was away to explain explain that unexplainable an age before modern medicine existed. The Vampire scare was real new England in the eighteen. Hundreds in a moment of fear during the Great New England vampire panic families were digging up their deceased relatives to ensure they couldn't spread diseases. According to the Smithsonian Auburn was one of those illnesses tuberculosis victims could remain a symptomatic for years and fall. Ill much leader strengthening the theory. That a dead dead relative could have come back to infect others posthumously. Vampires were thought to have a pale. Complexion protruding teeth. According to folklore and and the sickness gave its victims of very haggard look with bulging eyes and sunken cheeks. They became very pale and coughed up. Blood and they're gone lines would receive two so the practice of digging up bodies wasn't uncommon It was a family. Only event voted on by town leaders. So it was a public affair in places such as Vermont could even be festive when J B fifty. Five was discovered information about the corpse was scarce decades after he was discovered scientists identified J. B. Fifty five donate to find a name so they did all of this research. They did forensics and six. They went over surnames and found his bones. And what else happens. When you have is it looks like you have things in your mouth your your gums recede succeed so badly and you know like after you die your hair and your nails still grow? So imagine like let's dig him up and Oh my God you know so. This is why people get frantic and start turning their dead ones into jolly Rogers on holiday. Apparently festive so as you can see we kind one of those theories vampires and that way. That's what God if I feel when you get into. There's so much I think it's so fascinating and that is an excellent question about at what point. Will you acknowledge. This is a vampire. and Oh my gosh now take out. This is going to have it. Is I feel like if we're looking at like a paranormal vampire. It would be if someone actually exhibited equality. That was paranormal. A normal and it can be any one of those like if someone looked in a mirror and they didn't have a reflection from me that since it exists in nature that there are creatures reset need to feed on a human host of to survive that. That doesn't mean that there can't be a human that needs to but I kind of agree with with with you that in order for it to be real for me I need it to be several Significant tropes hearing what we've grown up knowing about vampires empires and that's probably likely more fictitious is to carry around this checklist much. Is I want to believe. Oh yeah the leave you the Laura as much as I want that to be my boyfriend. Iran's off God all right so lastly we have a creep of the week week. This listener story comes from one of our listeners. Rex rivers out of Kansas out of Kansas. He provided a picture in the email that shows the cabinet beneath the cabinet beneath the sink covered with curtains instead of doors. And I'll tell you why he says. Note the picture. It's the area in my kitchen under the sink. There are currents. Were the cabinet doors used to be. There's a good reason for this about two decades ago. Some strange things started happening in my kitchen. Lights would flicker and would make sizzling noises. I would also hear noises under the cabinets loud noises. I seriously doubt that the noises were from a mouse. I had two cats and a dog in my home the few times of stupid mouth who wander into the house. I would find it left as an offering by one of the cats after they played it to death. Something even more disturbing good happen. I would come into the kitchen and find the cabinet doors wars under the sink when they were they were the very old very heavy metal doors with a latch that would you would have to push really hard to open a close. I don't think the animals could pull them open and they certainly weren't blowing open. Besides it was the middle of the winter I had a I had all the windows in storm windows shut. I would hear the cabinets pop open at random times times when the pets and I were in the living room while I watch TV the unmistakable grinding sound of the latch being pride and the door swinging open during the night would wake me from sleep. It was frustrating. One night in bed. I heard the squeak of the cabinet doors annoyed. I went into the kitchen and found the cabinet under the sink open and again with a burst of anger I slam shut the cabinet. Doors picked up a forty pound bag of dog. Food leaned it against the doors to prevent them for opening again as I turn around to go back to bed I here the cabinet doors open again. Pushing the bag of dog food over onto the floor. Oh Wow panics. At in my heart is in my throat I ran from the kitchen and out the back door slowly slowly my breathing steadies and the shivers going spina replaced by the actual by actual shivers. Because I'm standing on the deck naked in the snow. I eventually realized the absurdity of my situation and came back into the house. I don't think I slept that night. The cabinet doors under the sink are now gone replaced by curtains WHO's not a cool story? The God so yeah. Thanks you think you rex for story. So yeah so we would like to hear your listeners. Stories definitely MM email us at. Vs Pot paychecks G. dot com. Or you can call us on our phone number which I always forget but it is on our website and and you can find us wherever you listen to podcasts by searching for us on twitter facebook Instagram BS. Paychecks obvious pod paychecks. And thank you for joining us today. This was a lot of fun and so fascinating. My pleasure do you want because you have projects homerun and everything. You want to talk about the some of the stuff you do have local phoenix listeners. So you have your story slams and everything we do have one more our Public Story Slam planned on November eighth at Success Theater. Thanks yes we're the live show was if you were at the ESPN podcasts. There will be one last story slam. The theme is thanks for nothing. So if you enjoy live storytelling such as the moth Refueling in Arizona and enjoy the Arizona storytellers project. Come on down join us. It's five dollars. Tell your story let it be true. Let it be yours. We love to hear you and then after that since the space will be closing will probably be turning it into a podcast. So that'll be another podcast. You'll have to subscribe to so we'll look for us in the New Year listened for us in the New Year would wanna be. I'm too afraid to tell a story in front of people but I can do it on a podcast. We'll have you. That'd be great all right and then my books. The Gay Teens guy to defeating Siren as always are available on Amazon. And you're in Texas and I'll be in Texas and a couple couple weeks for the South Texas Book Festival. So if you're in the mcallen mission South Padre the whole area. Come and find me. And I'll be in Tucson and November eighth ninth and tenth representing our podcast at the Tucson. SCI FI horror fantasy festival. It'd be super fine art everyone. Yeah well we're going to let y'all go but we hope you have a wonderful day and Halloween and Thanksgiving. I don't even know what I'm talking about and by uh-huh.

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