Bubbles - Guided Meditation


My name is rain today. Alley adding you through. Meditation called bubbles almost as all about harnessing what you may not find positive day and letting it go letting it release into. The sky bubbles before he began. Make sure your income to position being comfortable position means you relaxed and you have lots of room to stretch out and become too. So whether you're alive down in your bed ready to go to sleep or whether you're just woken up and you're sitting in your comfortable chair as long as you're comfortable as the first two arbitrating during By taking a deep breath in air-breathing is important. You are important matter. Every action is important whether it is good or bad is connected to your story then all the actions you did yesterday today or whenever you feel is important for example if you went to the park to go get some ice cream and maybe spend some time with some friends and family. Those are all important actions that you've done in the day now think of them connected through this baker web. You don't have to make it super confusing just a small the web of a spider all of these items are connected to each other for good or for bad and is important to realize that we make these choices in our day. Now i like you separate what you feel. That was good in your day with what you feel was bad. It is always good to remain positive and calm throat any situation and while it is important to recognize that we all make mistakes and flaws are what make us human. It is also important to let when we feel as not important go and the little thing stat may seem very bay for us may not matter as much So we need to let them go and is important to let things go so we can feel more confident and stronger and everything. We've done today as almost everything is a small tiny blue bubble voting through the air. Some of these bubbles are big anything the power of something very extraordinary. He did acting or some of them can be very small. The chinese things coffee or reading a book. They are all about the twins. they're all important. Look at the bubbles again. Yeah they're shifting. They're going into two piles of bubbles. Is things that made you happy. Made you made you feel love made. You had a good relationship with someone whether it is friends or family however the other set of bubbles is negative into something that you do not really wish to think about because it makes you unhappy makes you scared makes you angry or it makes you sad. The goal is to try and let go of these. Could deep breath imagine all the bubbles are soaring away into the sky going higher higher and higher as you take a deeper As you see the bubbles floating towards the sky you think deposits among as it makes you feel calmer if you pop some of the buckles all the energy that was in the bubble and because you no longer wish to keep negative memories you want them to release any negative energy eurabia so you do the same thing for each breath you take in the negative energy flow away from you. Only positive energy can remain. Take a few deep breaths and accent exit. Take as much time you need to breathe and renowned out hopping. Manny bubbles as you need remember. This should be very calming as you're letting the negative energy flow away and then in the positive energy i'm surrounded all around you member each day there'll be a new set of bubbles some positive energy and some woodson negative energy. And it's important to make sure that we aren't positive throughout the day. We must remember that. We all have display different set of emotions happiness. Sad angry surprised or scared Recognize that our emotions are part of what makes a human and we can always feel comfortable to share what our motions are at the moment. If you sad it is okay to be sad if you're angry it is okay to be angry. If you're scared it is okay to be scared. We are all experiencing different emotions. Seven billion of us around the player. It is important to recognize that you and your emotions. Thank you for joining me. This guy meditation seen.

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