IFW 11.8.18: The Greatest Foreign Films of All Time & How Much You Should Be Asking for Upfront?


Woke him to indie film weekly. A no film school podcast. I'm John few SCO and Liz Nord. I'm Charles Haine. I'm Eric lures. It's November eighth two thousand eighteen and on this week's show, the one hundred greatest foreign language films of all time how much money you should be asking for up front and as always news you can use about new gear upcoming deadlines. Indie film releases and ask film school. Hello, everyone again. Welcome back to Brooklyn. Kind of home film school in this podcast booth. It's all that remains for now, the BNB of our film school. Yes, Eric how how did you sleep in here last night? Okay. Actually, I heard you wake up a few times though. I didn't wanna say anything. I think we're all restless about last night's big event. And I'm talking about of course, the voice the giants poaching. The dodgers general manager. I think we're all pretty big baseball fans here. We know the biggest news yesterday was Amazon announcing HQ two. Washington DC DC Long Island city, Long Island city. Very crazy. I I remember I was talking to my brother who's in China about it. And yeah, we were both kinda shocked at that was the choice. I mean it like we were all hoping for the bold Saint Louis or Detroit move where they were like we're gonna come in reshape city. And they were like, hey, let's go to where renter already pretty high and transit pretty full. And let's let's bring twenty thousand people there did anything else happen. No, no. I took a bath. Oh cause for celebration handles. Podcast. Podcasts anyways. So I guess we should move on quickly into headlines and this week no stranger to lists. The BBC has dropped another comprehensively awesome guide to the cinema with their new on the one hundred greatest Ford language films. Just in time for you, not to be to be not to be able to watch them on film struck. That's very true. But hey criterion. Physical media. We've been talking about it might as well do it. If you remember three years ago, BBC culture ran its first major critics poll to find d one hundred greatest American films. And if I remember correctly, we actually didn't episode reporting on the results of that one. Did we my remembering right? Great number one was of course, citizen Kane, which I've never seen what? I feel like it is like a stalwart films swatch can't escape, but also a fun movie like a great movie. I've watched citizen like twice a year for like ever. Wow. Fundy, but it's not a common. It's not fun like Adam sandlers fun. But it certainly case study in filmmaking. Yeah, this is about what ninety five minutes one hundred minutes. Oh, really? I thought it was like extra always assumed it was like four hour. No black and white doesn't mean it's longer. Also, you can watch it with the Roger Ebert commentary, which is like one of the best. Yeah. It's. Well, we're not talking about American movies today. We're talking about the world movies and this year, the BBC quote felt it was time to direct the spotlight away from Hollywood. And celebrate the best cinema from around the world. They asked critics to vote for their favorite movies made primarily in a language other than English the two hundred nine critics who took part are from forty three different countries. And speak a total of forty one languages. It's pretty cool. The results one hundred films from sixty seven different directors from twenty four countries and in nineteen languages who. Do you guys think? I mean, you're gonna read off the paper, but the French. Yeah, I was guessing Mel Gibson was going to be the big winner. Now speaking in Aramaic air may yes. The French can claim to be the international language of claimed cinema. Twenty seven of the highest rated films were in French followed by twelve and Mandarin and eleven each Italian and Japanese at the other end of the scale several languages were represented by just one film such as Bella Rusian. Come and see which I haven't seen. It's amazing. Everybody should go. Haven't seen it either. So create Romanian four months three weeks and two days. Anyone known? Yeah. Abortion about the woman these abortion, and it's pretty good with them Jenny slate. No. Everyone's favorite Romanian Jenny slate land ignorance, we pretend to be audience. I just have to make that. Disclaimer. This is great because I'm definitely gonna actively seek these movies out. Unfortunately, Liz, I know we're always talking we like to have the female statistics on here. And only four of these films are directed by women even though forty five percent of the critics chosen to participate where women so at least they tried to make it equal there. I wrote down the top twenty. But I will only say the top ten because the places go people to see here they are. But I do wanna make special mention I'll do the top eleven. How about that? Perfect. Does that good? Okay. Number sixteen was metropolis, which I haven't seen either number thirty eleven. All right. Well, God sneak in there's one double winners. There's a there's a few in here that I just feel like should be said, you know, what I mean? Number twenty. The mirror Andrei Tarkovsky number nineteen the battle of Algiers GIO Pontecorvo a city of sadness by how this is going to be a difficult one for me to get all the way through. But I'm gonna go for it seventeen is Aguirre the wrath of God by Verner her SOG who is a friend of Mike van Hove's now. No film school contributor, Mike van Hove. Did you hear about this? No. They've been like hanging. Yeah. They've been hanging. He's been in Berlin with Verner Herzog for the past few weeks because they went down to the jungle together. He leaves tired of that lake fellowship with Werner Herzog the filmmaking class in whereas the jungles of Peru his film like, and then they all make films and Mike made one and his was like the chosen from the peers who did it as the number one film. It's kind of amusing pretty awesome way to go. Mike. Let's continue down this list. Metropolis Fritz Lang at number sixteen. Fifteen Potter punch Ali by such Jeet rare. I, you know, what have you if you can you say if you've watched one of these movies as we can you guys say, just go, just go. I. Okay. John demon Twenty-three, commerce, clay, ten eighty Brussels Szanto aquaman. You're gonna I know. M by Fritz Lang, I farewell my concubine. Number twelve number eleven breathless by Gianluca, Dr I o list. I can't believe it. Either. Excruciating ten is Ladele Ceva. I drink Leany nine is in the mood for love by one car. What I sell good number eight is the four hundred blows by Francois Truffaut. High also had the poster in my college dorm room. Do you get extra points for that? Because I gotta go back through the lake. Number seven is eight and a half by Rodrico Fellini. I number six is persona by Ingmar. Bergman. I five is the rules of the game by John Renoir. Number four is Russia Mon by Akira Kurosawa? Number three is Tokyo story by ozo-. I haven't watched it. How we've talked about those cool things they do at New York Film festival where like a modern day luminary filmmaker comes and talks about films that influence them. Jim Jarmusch at the one. I went to listed this film as one of his still on my list. But now, we're like shamed. We all have to watch Tokyo story by like next week. I'm generally shaving by this entire brasses. Number two is bicycle thieves. Number one is seven samurai. I. I don't think I've seen it. Now that's a four hour in a lot of. But there's so much samurai action. Yeah. It's so good. I know seen the magnificent seven the remake not there. Yeah. Denzel Washington won in the one from the sixties which any sleep. So what are you guys favorite just around this out? What are you guys favorite for films? Actually breathless is not my favorite good Dr weekend, two or three things I know about her in praise of love breathless is the canonical title. So I could see why it would be there. But I wouldn't have selected that from him. For instance. I think pure food my favorite. Yeah. That's good as well. From that time period, there were sixty seven filmmakers on the list. So there must be multiple titles from almost half of them. So I bet there's more than there. You know? Like, if we went further up on the list, you get to like, your mother Toro, and like pants labyrinth is on there. So like a lot of them are more contemporary. It's just like the classics are, of course in the top twenty. So. Yeah. We have more Bergman on Bergman, persona persona. Not seven seal. I'm surprised. Okay. Okay. Yeah. Love these films are really classic to Johnny. We're seeing those more contemporary ones higher up on the list. I I would say generally that like the cinema scene from Israel in the last twenty years has totally lead only say blown up. It's a bad bed words for Israel. But it has been burgeoning a lot of the shows we like here in the US come from Israeli show is so I would definitely recommend people. Check out some Isreaeli cinema. Any anyone film in particular or nothing coming directly to mind, but I would say generally, I haven't seen like a bad movie out of Israel in the last decade, and there's been a lot. But I think super Indy wise to mama tambien is probably my favorite. I was gonna say I'm shocked by the lack of like Mexican and Latin American presence in the surprising. But yeah, it's done said, I guess like higher like in higher numbers there are, but that's spent one of the top languages. Yeah. This is a massive undertaking. You know, like sorting out the one hundred greatest films of like. Regardless of the fact that their foreign or not it's just like this is the entire world. We're talking about it's not just America. It's and every decade like they didn't even narrow it down. Surprising. How much of the like dominant mid-century thing is still part of the top of illest. That's all it's just interesting that like a whole lot of the ones that were used to seeing there are still up there. Well, I guess that's what makes them classics. Yeah. And then I'm also conduct not see the conformist. Although I wonder what Berta Lucci made it. I'm sure there's a Berta Lucci somewhere in there. But it was kind of surprised not to see that one. I think probably right up the whole list. And while we might not have it by the time this podcast is released. It'll probably go out on Friday. So stay tuned in to that cool and speaking of voting for things you all know by now that we had election day in America this week. There were lots of races all over the country, and there's one I can pretty much guarantee. You heard nothing about, but it's actually relevant. Indie filmmakers, I'm talking about the fight over the congressional seat in west Virginia's third district a rural. Coal mining area where Donald Trump won two years ago by a whopping forty nine percentage points. Now what stands out about the congressional race from this week is that a democratic candidate Richard O'Hare was highly competitive in the race. And what stands out, particularly for us is how that very unlikely scenario came to be a wonderful piece on topic dot com by filmmaker Davy Rothbart gives the details of this behind the scenes story, but I will share the cliff notes now. So it starts with the local coal miner by the name of JD Belcher, but of an unfortunate name, but interesting story, Bob Belcher. Oh, he's he's like related to the bumps berkers, folks. I think oh, I have no idea. But he's I'm not sure because he's West Virginia, coal miner. So it seems slightly unlikely never heard. So we all heard about this. Anyway, this guy dropped out of college at nineteen. He started working the mines and then after many years of hard labor, he was feeling discouraged and dissatisfied. So he bought a video camera. He wrote a script for zombie movie, and he began to learn to shoot from YouTube videos. The story goes that he built a three piece DIY light kit out of old dish, pans and fashioned in eight foot camera crane by touching wooden Dowell to Elise Susan which sounds like an article that v Rene wrote on no film school dot com. Eventually he got a job as an house videography and editor at a local car dealership. He started doing wedding videos, and then last year he was tapped to make bio video of candidate Richardo 'hada. So when he showed up all himself with one small camera bag Ohio was skeptical. But to fast forward a bit Belcher pulled together, a really compelling film. So compelling, in fact, that his unknown candidate from tiny district gained national exposure with a hundred thousand video views and appearances on national news and the polls began to shift in his favor and significant money started to come into his. Campaign now ultimately omega didn't win on Tuesday night. But remember that Donald Trump won this district by a landslide? So the fact that a hate it ended up with over forty percent of the vote was truly remarkable. And historic isn't the only one like this one of the most talked about candidates? This year has been Alexandria, Akasa Cortez, a Latina democratic socialist who unseated a longtime democratic stalwart in her Bronx district in the primaries and went on to win a congressional seat on Tuesday night as one of the youngest women ever at age twenty nine her breakthrough campaign video was made for under ten grand by Detroit based filmmakers, Nikkei's Naomi. Burton who are both in their twenties. Now under ten grand may seem like a lot. But people pay consultancy candidates pay consultancy firms hundreds of thousands of dollars to make these videos, and I just personally find these stories to be a great reminder of the power, we have as visual storytellers, if you feel frustrated about the politics or situation in your area make short about it or a thirty second spot. You never know whether this could be the next game changing viral video before I start this. One. I just wanna say there is a spoiler has anyone seen a star is born. And if if you haven't are you okay with me, I have not seen it. But you can ruin the ending for me. I haven't seen it you can ruin the ending for me. But if you don't want the ending Rune for you listeners, go ahead and his fifteen seconds skip like eight times, let me guess she's born she is born in the beginning. Okay. So now that it has been out for several weeks specifics of the film's plot have been well documented are being discussed rather in depth. However, some countries are taking necessary precautions with who gets to experience the film, and I'm on the fence as to whether or not this is a good thing. And I understand whether doing it. But if I'm Bradley Cooper, the director and star I might have something to say about it. The character commit suicide. The end of the film. It's very sad. Very tragic. The Cooper scared. Bradley cooper. Yeah. As India reports, David shanks, the head of New Zealand film, classification board has demanded the one brothers film include a suicide warning note before the movie begins. According to the guardian the country's mental health foundation reported similar complaints about the film suicide to the New Zealand film board. The movie was originally rated m which means unrestricted suitable for sixteen years and over for sex scenes offensive language and drug use. But now suicide has been added to the official question. Occasion. Quote, many people. New Zealand have been impacted by suicides shank said for those who have lost someone close to them. A warning gives them a chance to make an informed choice about watching. Now. Of course, suicide is no laughing matter. And in fact, it's handled extremely painfully in the finished film. But I'm not sure if spoiling the movie outright, doesn't you know by helping those extremely sensitive to the subject deter those from seeing the movie as much as much as it lessens the film's final impact. So I was kind of wondering, of course, it is. I understand the severity of the situation, and you don't want people to become overly affected, but by taking such a risk in spoiling. The end of the film does that lessen its impact and could that kind of set forth other moments like that, you know, like if you are sensitive to murder or things of that nature. It seems like I've heard this topic happened before I just don't depend. I don't think of surprise as being the most important element for me and enjoying aired. If like, I've re watched some of my favorite movies ten times. And I enjoy them more in different ways and surprise is gone at that point. I think like asking shovel on to include like ghosts spoiler warning for people who are afraid of ghosts will ruin an ending, and he's movies depend upon that element of surprise. But for a sort of mainstream. I don't know what John it's like a weaker. Drama. That's weeper. I think it's a weepy. And I don't think that those depend upon surprise necessarily some I don't need to have the most emotional impact. But I think also really depends on how it's worded like if it says Bradley Cooper's going over there. Yeah. But if it says like this movie contained suicide could be any character supporting characters could totally. Yeah. It doesn't indicate specifically who. Yeah, you're right about how they indicate ratings like their sexual content. I'm like, okay. That means there's someone's going to have sex in this movie. And they're there you just got a drug use someone's going to be taking drugs. So you kind of put all of it together in your mind. And you're right. It doesn't spoil it in that sense. It just felt like this being an important point. I'm like, yeah. Airing it, right? How's it areas? There's just a message right before the movie starts like the scene just into. This is the film include a suicide warning note before the movie begins. So I guess you've already bought your ticket, and you're sitting there and you're seeing that comes up beforehand. So I guess we're not just like put it on. You know, how we have rated. Are you talking about it? And then underneath the R rating. There's like for sexual content nudity. Drug use kids swearing. I mean, we've added smoking though. So maybe could be further inclusion sincere movement. Just I was wondering if I'm filmmaker if that would be something I'm on like the complete opposites. I I don't know. I feel like if people are like going to movies too like experience like to have an emotional experience in some way, like or if it's the filmmakers job to elicit like emotion from his audience, like isn't that kind of the point of going to a movie like wire, why do you need a trigger warning at the beginning of movie like you should be like going in sort of with an open mind. That's I mean, that's how I feel about shit. So yeah. But the best way I heard it 'cause I used to have that same reaction to trigger warnings. And I used to be like, but then someone put it to me that like when you're taking your friends when you're deciding on movies with your friend. You would considerately be like, oh, do you wanna see this tarintino movie super bloody like it's more about just giving people some context of information? And I think if we put it. On those little ratings covered. Like, I never read those like, I just go see stuff, but people who are aware that they are sensitive to stuff look at this point. Yeah. Better than putting it in the middle or the the beginning of the movie, or you know, right before the suicide suicide happens now and then. This concludes it for fifteen seconds. I just have to tell this anecdote, it's not directly relevant, but it's so good when I spoiler warning gone girl. There is a scene in which one character slits the other characters throat after which immediately person stood up doctor in the house and the lights came on and someone had a heart attack watching that scene like doctor come and then we were all sitting there. And like, it's a very intensive if you haven't seen gun girl, it's a pretty great one. And then they restarted at five minutes earlier. So we all watched the like throat-slitting a second time in the throat slit was from DUI Hauser who was a famous doctor. Yes, as we all know. So doctor was in the house on the screen got. I never thought about that part of the anecdote. We'll story, bro. Do you have any more stories for us like the Tekken giver, let's pivot to actually the thing. I'm here to talk about. Hey, everybody tech news. So our first story this week is that deity which is like they're an independent startup, but they are under the aperture umbrella. They are not aperture making microphones, they're their own company. But they're like affiliated with that pitcher. They've started shipping their d three and t three pro on camera. Mike's which we've I saw in person Becca NBN April. Mike shouldn't be thing. We all knowledge that I think even DAT would aknowledge that like you want it boom mic closely actor or a second pistol level ear, but unfortunately, there's times where that just doesn't play. Sometimes you're out there doing a running gun documentary thing where you're getting interviews with people really fast on the street, sometimes your view, logging, and you're shooting yourself in those scenarios the choices between us a little Mike that's built into the camera or rig up a better external mic, a better. External make is a step above the internal making camera because every single internal camera mic. It's garbage because that's not really their point. Their point is like for voice, memos and stuff where you whispered a camera. You're like this take great or whatever they're not forgetting, really good audio. So d- of come up with to the three and the d three pro that both aluminum they both have the standard twenty to twenty K hurts response. They both. This is cool have a little microchip. And a smart Connector's you plug it into your camera or your phone, and it can tell what camera phone you put it into like set itself. Correctly, put it in your phone or your diesel Aren. It'll know what it's connecting to which is pretty cool, but the key feature. The pro version has a physical gain knob built into it. So if you've ever been like you're out there shooting DSL are merely job. And all the sudden, you're subject search peaking really loudly. Sorry, John you're going to fix it in post, and you like you're going through the menus in the mirror. This camera. Trying to turn your gain down this these ical gain knob built in which is actually really nice because obviously the biggest frustration. We all have with the Murless as the audio component. That is the hard part about shooting with those. And this little feature is something honestly all the little extra on camera. Mike's should have it, and it's really cool of deity to roll it out physical gain. Knob is a cool been name. Yes. Although there's like an implication in the I know all about the implication. Physical game nob-. Sick next up. There's a brand new black magic Puckett cinema cage from till two cages are cool. It's like an aluminum cage with all sorts of mounting points. Screw knobs and stuff like that that you wrap around your camera because the other frustration. We have those little Murless DSL. Ours is nowhere to mount like accessory, lights and microphones and stuff. Like that. Cages, don't really usually make it to our weekly gear news roundup up because you know, we sort of know what they are what they do. They're kind of cool. But this one's kinda fascinating. Because tilted like went crazy. So till to have like battery Sary's for their cage, they have a full of focus the cage. So like the handle as a little focus knob on it. And you it up to the tilt thing. And you're like pulling focus from the same place. You hold the camera for the black. Magic pocket it. They went super above and beyond the black. Magic pocket where we're going to review right now. It'll be up soon. He's a fascinating little thing because it's a twelve hundred dollar four k rock Imra. So it's like very interesting for that. And there's actually really robust. Actors until two Israeli taking advantage of that. And giving the ability to hook up like way more powerful batteries in an SSD mount and all this other stuff. So we think that is worth a look less young. Whoa. Has announced an as yet unnamed they're going to let the internet name it merely camera built around Android. So there's not a lot of details out yet. Most frustratingly they've been announced the lens mount, which is like the thing we really want to know. But the reason why I wanted to cover is because I'm really excited to see more cameras that run Android between this and the red hydrogen were now seeing multiple camera makers, the they might not always be the best at user interface. Like, I'm not gonna name names. But there are some camera makers have like terrible, you're and it's very hard to do stuff on the camera in the menus and like Android, pretty good. And it's such screen, and there should be more touchscreen cameras where you can install an Instagram app and immediately post to Instagram from the camera or whatever video version or you can do. Instagram live from your camera directly. And because it's going to be interchangeable ends is. And you're going to have much bigger sensor. You're going to be able to get much cooler footage for things like Instagram live and Facebook live than you would get out of your phone, especially in low light. So we are very excited about that. We hope they announced the ASEP and since the internet is naming it. We are going to vote for camera. Mc camera face. Is young. Like do. We know anything. Lenses. So I don't know that they've really made cameras before. And I'm gonna guess that the sensor is made by someone else. I mean, if they're like everyone else's Inter's made by Sony Sony, mix everyone censor, although they might have another sensor like they're a few other people who make sensors, but they mostly I know them from lenses and they're not like a powerhouse lenses, but they have lenses. So it'll be interesting to see all right up next ask no film school nNcholas Alexander, directing his first major documentary project had a ton of questions. We usually don't do multiple questions no foam school, but we're going to answer a couple of Nicklaus questions because it's really important and he's about to travel internationally, but in the future one question at a time folks question number one how much should I ask to be paid up front? Fifty percent up front in the remaining at project completion this really coming question from students all the time. Here's my advice on a short job fifty percent up front and fifty percent delivery. That's fine. Totally fine. If you can get them to seventy five percent up front and thirty percent of delivery or twenty five percent deliver. You totally should because in reality. We all know when you're running the production that fifty percent ends up almost all being eaten by the actual production any profit, which is the stuff that you're gonna pay your rent on tends to come in the second half. And it can be really frustrating wait on that. So little jobs if you can get seventy five percent up our commend it. You might not be able to get that on this job. But this seems like a longer job where you're going to L Salvador for a while. And it might take a while. I would really recommend a fifty percent deposit. Twenty five percent shoot rap and twenty five percent on delivery. Because once you've got the shooting, the can once they feel like they have a substantial thing, they should be able to give you another sort of waterfall payment. And we really think that that would be very helpful. So that you can eat through the post production process and not be like living on credit cards, which we've heard some people do. So we that is our condition. Anything else you ask that I should include in the contract, and we got to say this. You're going out of the country talk to a lawyer about your contract out of the country jobs are so tricky, and this is one case where we cannot stress enough that having a lawyer who has dealt with this before an entertainment lawyer going through the contract is so worth it. Right. Are generally advice is don't let legal fees eat up more than ten percent of a project, ideally, legal fees or two to five percent. You're doing a hundred thousand dollar job two thousand dollars for lawyers. Not that big a deal a ten thousand dollar job. You're never gonna get a lawyer for two hundred bucks. So you let it get a little higher, but international get a lawyer. I know so many people who've like been on a job internationally that went sideways, and then they were stuck there for two weeks because the company wouldn't change their flight early. I know so many people that like the shoe had to run extra the company didn't want to like move flights back, and they were like, well, it's your fault. When extra you should pay the flight, change and stuff you want to get all of that worked out and an experience, entertainment lawyer will know all of those things, and we'll put all of that structure in place for you. If you are going. Abroad. Absolutely wanna lawyer to look at this contract quickly on something to that. Don't always think about is that if you're shooting abroad, make sure also that your your insurance for your gear and for your health covers you abroad because that's not necessarily a given. And in fact, check out the State Department list. We are actually I've a friend who's trying to a production and Salvador right now, and I think they're level four which means that a lot of like even insurance that might cover you and other areas won't cover you because of where you are on the State Department list. So you need to talk to your health insurance and your production insurance to make sure you're covered, and if there's extra fees it should be on the company, and then you ended with like a really nice nerd question. Which is any specific external hard drive backups. You suggest and I was like Yay. Nerd questions. So I in the states, the general advices, two copies of all of your media. But anytime I go abroad, I make sure I'm getting three copies of all my media just abroad. There's way more chances from getting lost. Damaged shipping. And usually I try not to fly back with them. All in one thing. Like, I'll box up my media and ship it back. So it's on a different flight than my flight. Just so it's like if my bag got lost or if the plane went down the media survived on the other things. So if you can split it up, you can and honestly on international jobs it gets expensive. But I started recommending SD's because there's so much faster. And like, you know, sometimes it takes time to three copies and Samsung p five drives have gotten so cheap. I want terabytes like two hundred fifty bucks so for seven hundred and fifty bucks, you get three of them. That'll give you triplicate backup for every terabyte of media you need to save and their way faster to download to. They're really small. They're bus powered I think you're going to be happier. If you can find the money for us de good luck. It sounds like a lot of fun. It sounds like a project you're really excited about and anything else. I missed goes. We do have a podcast about shooting internationally that I will link to in the post company. This podcast. It was from a couple years ago. It was like shooting guerilla internationally. So that could be of some benefit to you as well. And now, let's move onto movie openings on November twelfth on Netflix. You can watch green room. We talked to director Jeremy Saulnier a few months ago following the release of his latest hold the dark on Netflix. And now the third entry in his stellar author films is hitting streaming services. Green room is about a punk band gets caught up in a skinhead struggled after a concert. It was a famously controversial film here at no film school when we saw it at Sundance nearly an entire three years ago. Which is crazy. I really liked it. A few of our other staff members who will go nameless. Mike van Hoven Ryan coup because they are wrong weren't so impressed. We also have coverage of a panel. That's only did at the Lower East Side festival where he talked about some of the finer points of his craft. I really liked what he had to say about story screenwriting for thrillers. Quote. I try to. Deviate from standard structure green room was an exercise intention building. I try not to meet expectations or check the boxes off of what happens in each act, but were very violently away. From what you think would happen dig into that and write myself into corners, the challenge isn't the overall. How should I make this intense structure? It's how do I keep going with this? And when I find myself without a solution just sit there and invest in it, that's when people die in green room because I couldn't think of a way out you can listen to both the podcast interview that I did with him last month and read our coverage of the panel on the site. And now coming out in theaters on ninth is a film called Peterloo. This is another film that I saw at tiff in September. And it's from the legendary British director Mike Leigh the historical epic which is a semi fictional recounting of the eighteen nineteen Peterloo massacre. Anyone the million with that historical event? I know I thought this was an episode of family guy where Peter like lost in Polian or he goes to the Lou, you know, well. Well, it's it's neither of those things. It's a massacre from eighteen nineteen which took place in Britain when British forces attacked, a peaceful pro-democracy rally in Manchester, and this film was also nominated for the Golden Lion at the venison national film festival earlier this year Rory nearly two cast which was nominated for several British independent film awards. And I got a chance to sit down with the seventy five year old, Mike Lee. And when I was in Toronto, and he passed down some incredible wisdom, especially about working with actors and his own unique casting process all be released on Monday. Stay tuned. It was probably one of my favorite conversations that I had when I was in Toronto. So it's a even if you don't see an obscene Peterloo, you should definitely check out this podcast because this guy is a legend. So. That's so cool that you spoke with Mike Lee. Can we hear it also opening on November ninth is the long dumb road, which I caught a head of the twenty eighteen Sundance film festival where it premiered. It's a new feature by director Hannah Fidel and this road trip movie stars Tony revelry and Jason men's Lucas, two gentlemen, strangers United under unusual circumstances. It's a road trip movie. It's just made it sound darker that it is what's gentlemen, strange gentleman. They're they're not call men. It was going to say as needed to strip. And makes you hire company location. You're right. It may maybe that's in the movie, I'm not gonna tell you gentlemen, stranger later tonight. Moving onto headline cutting through explications and expanding on the comedic virtue of the masculinity. That's determined to prove itself. It's less film about an emerging friendship than it is about a personal individual growth. And it keeps it refreshingly simple and by films end, the two men do not like, you know, arrive at a stunning introspection or become best buddies. They simply get to where they're trying to go moves pretty light on his feet. And if you enjoy the two main actors this much to enjoy here shot in twenty two days on Alexa, with Panavision, and I'm Morphing lenses Seville with one eye on its characters and the other on geography, I spoke with Fidel revelry and Matt soukous at Sundance, and we discussed filming and performing titan vitamins like the car and tight conditions as in a quick schedule in a post, titled hitting the long dumb road with Hannah fidelity cements Antonio Laurie which we will show on the site. That's tight I love Jason. He was he was sick very sickly ill. When I is man everyone sick. It's like I wanted to shake his hand. I can't. I'm like, okay. I'm just very very sick rate home. Oh, yeah. Would have been awesome to get him on the podcast because he is quite the podcast. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. He's a funny. And finally this week you can check out the new romantic on November ninth as well. This is one that came out south by southwest earlier this year that I really wanted to check out, but I never got a chance to it's a first time director Carly stone and she was nominated for the game changer award. And the grand jury prize for best narrative feature at the south by southwest festival. But she ended up actually winning the special jury award for best first narrative feature in the film, frustrated with the lack of chivalrous guys for age a college senior gives up dating for love to date an older man in exchange for gifts. Instead sounds like gentleman straight exactly gentleness stranger. That's gentleman stranger right, right? Sorry. I'm so I'm so confused about what? Wrote about just watch it. You'll see. Anyways, the film stars Sarah Barton who is a young actress, you may remember from the lobster or the end of the fucking world shut to the end of the fucking world. It is amazing. Good. Good. Good. Okay. Now, we've got some upcoming deadlines for you. I up on November thirteenth is the Euro-duck twenty nineteen deadline. If you're looking to pitch your documentary to Europe's leading commissioning editors, and you've got the budget for the precipitation be this networking workshop could be for you. Some participants attending the workshops will come from the documentary departments of the broadcasters or from institutions defending promoting and funding. Duck productions this aims to fulfill a long lasting objective that that of the decompartmentalization of relations between producers broadcasters and funding partners. These participants greatly contributed the work of the group being in contact with their future partners understand their points of view and constraints can be very enlightening to the producers the costs for European participants is twenty eight hundred euros and for non-european. Participants is fourteen hundred euros not including accommodations and travel costs, but they do offer some scholarships. So it's worth checking out now for some festival deadlines with deadline of November twelfth is the Omaha film festival. This is the late deadline festival. Takes place. In Omaha Nebraska from March fifth through the tenth two thousand nineteen last year over thirty two thousand dollars in prizes were given to winning filmmakers. In addition to that, there's a screenplay competition components of the festival, and it's been rated as one of the top one hundred best reviewed film festivals on film freeway. I officially switched to film freeway last night. Oh, thank you. It's from way better from without a box. It's just the design of it is so much nicer, and you actually get like more chances to include like promo stuff from your film. So like if you have a trailer production stills, or like, a website, it's all on a profile that's easily way more easily accessible to like festival programmers. And I wish that I'd done it from the very beginning. Because I have eighteen submissions on without a box now and film freeway will be what I use for the rest of this period, you found that all of the festivals. We want to apply to accept both except. For. I mean, they they will know that without a box is extinct. Yeah. For context, which did a piece on the show like two or three weeks ago that without a bucks is closing. So John was forced feeling. But yes, so they'll be more like Sundance was without a boxes official partner. So like Sundance you couldn't submit to on film freeway yet. But now film freeways announcing partnerships with more and more festivals. They have this really create future now called gold where they actually like if you sign up for like eleven bucks a month. You get pretty big discounts to a lot of festivals. Like, for example. I was submitting to one last night, and it was eighty dollars because it was the late deadline without this sort of gold subscription. But with the gold subscription, which is only eleven bucks a month. It was only sixty dollars. So if I just spent the ten extra dollars on the gold subscription, I would still be saving ten dollars on the actual fee for submitting to the festival in with deadline on November tenth the garden. State film festival has their late deadline. This takes place in Asbury Park, New jersey from March twenty eighth to the thirty first. Two thousand nineteen it's got all the bills and whistles and opening ceremony and reception ending with Gallo, or it's dinner where the best in various categories of films and celebrity honorees are recognized. In addition to the screenings professional panel discussions will be headed by industry professionals. So to the only screen Zach Braff movie Garden State, or can you just make your own? I'm pretty sure it's just like Bruce Springsteen doing the opening ceremonies and Ryan they just play Garden State a bunch of times and the word the best screening of gardens yet. That sounds like a good place jersey shore marathon in their episode and the final film festival deadline. We have this week is the Atlanta film festival, which is the extended deadline. It's a last chance to submit and that's November fourteenth the festival takes place. April fourth to the fourteenth two thousand nineteen in Atlanta, Georgia it will be it's forty third year and is the southeast preeminent celebration of cinema and the flagship production of the Atlanta film society. It's an Academy Award call. Festival. It's been named to mommy's list and mummies other lists of the twenty five coolest film festivals in the world. It presents local and international work selected from over six thousand submissions representing forty plus countries, and there's cash prizes ranging from five hundred to one thousand dollars. All right. Liz time it is. It's time to BUSTER rhyme. Oh, it's time for weekly words of wisdom. I should think about you can rhyme the word wisdom anyway, if you can tweet us his thumb that's cheating, but good try less week. I chatted with first time feature. Filmmaker Schivonne Mizrahi about her debut documentary distant constellation the documentary sets up shop in Turkish retirement home coming across several colorful characters who are less props than actual characters with Watson desires, some wish for romance some for a friendship and others. Have their stories told before going off into the distance anonymously? I'm I'm talking about death. I asked you made this feature her first about being pretty much a one woman. In crew, she shot, it she directed it edited it, and she says that there's a lot of great films out this year that were made with small crews were just one person. I know working alone is something I was always expected to do for work and often operating three cameras at once plus sound I was used to that. And could almost do it in my sleep. Of course, you wanna budget, and you want to involve more people and have the sound to be as good as possible. But I'm not sure given the intimacy and comfort and ease and warmth of this project that would have been possible with more people there. In addition to myself, I think every process offers a lot of advantages and disadvantages and not having funding means you don't need to get permission to do anything. You can do it exactly as you want. You can work within your own time line. You don't have to report to anyone the also get to learn new skills in here. I learned how to color film. I had never call her to film before other filmmakers, sometimes now asked me to come work as a colorist, which is not my training just felt a little bit inspiring that, you know, working alone can be extremely difficult, but you are picking up traits along the way that you may not have had experienced doing in the past. And now she's actually getting hired by friends to do some of those tasks that she wouldn't have thought she'd be possible of doing before embarking on this feature. Eric what happens to you? When you get a little bit inspired when I get a little bit inspired. What do I normally do? I call. Mommy. List serve out her list. And then she tells me the top one hundred and I feel pretty good then feel even more inspired xactly. Call one of your gentlemen, calling my judgment callers without my Peterloo. We go. I take a bath. With liz. We hear wondering line was it was. Record. We do not together. But you know, if you want me to raise money to apply to euro duck police this tweet at. How much how much is the going rate for a bath about five bucks? Take you a lot of baths to get those twenty eight hundred years. Hey, I've opened. Bad job. Well, people have you had to do like one hundred baths, you're going to get really wrinkly. Space it out. Yeah. Got pace yourself. Okay. So those words of wisdom. That's sure to real back from there. Although I keep thinking about this woman operating three cameras at once. That's really impressive. How does that even work? Do you go into it? And article. We don't do a little bit more about the actual shooting process was one of them are robot. No, that's thing. That's the thing. A lot in dot Chris. You're like I'm hand holding one. And then there's like one on a robot slider over there that's going back and forth and doing like this like repeat pan loop. I'm starting to see a lot of that kind of stuff show up. Interesting. I feel like if that happens that should be in there as a qualifier that one of your cameramen, and there's a robot. Yeah. I mean camera by robot camera team. Exactly, exactly. Well, now that we're back on the topic of documentaries. I will move into shoutouts and give a big shout out to duck NYC opening. Its ninth addition here in New York tonight and running through November fifteenth. This is truly becoming the top documentary festival in the states kind of like New York Film festival. It's later in the year. So it gets to pick up the best of the films from all the festivals in the previous year. In fact, it's our director. Tom powers also programs the docks at tiff so this year there are three hundred films and events overall. And it doesn't crude forty two world premieres. I'm working on interview podcasts for couple of them. One with two time Academy Award winner by Koppel. And one with first time filmmaker illicit Klein in her DP whose film tells the story of how she found an old Bullock's in her attic and discovered that her great grandfather, invented the iconic camera. I'm going to a bunch of the film. So if you're going to be around Duncan y c find me and say hi, are you going to be wearing like a special hat or something? So people can find you don't you? The one that says I've my Zeiss has. You know and pink hat aware hat. I have red hair. I'll be the one redhead head at the festival. Okay. Next week's podcast talked about it earlier on the show. It's me and Mike Lee last night. When I was reading information about Mike, I came across the fact that we were both born on the same day. Not like, you know, how the same year the same year, but we're we share birthday. And I think we also share a lot of common philosophies about how you should treat your actors, especially in the casting process. His casting sounds like a dream come true for actress. And it's something that all directors should definitely take to heart. Maybe a adapt some of his tactics and you'll be as good as the legendary director himself. So stay tuned for that next week. Of course. Subscribe and rate the film school podcast on itunes, or whatever podcast platform you use. You can read about most of the stuff that we talked about online at Nova school dot com. Also, check out the podcast post that accompanies this podcast for direct links. I'm John few. So you can follow me on Twitter at Jim underscored John underscore, Jim. Oh my God. What's your Twitter handle pain on the Twitter's? And the Instagram's I met Eric lures as always you're not going to tweet at me. But I'm still there and I'm not leaving. Well, now they've made this bath offer tweeting that by reading not too often. Now, that's I'm not controversial enough. I guess I get lots of tweets them coming at Liz film. We're all at no film school. And we will see you next week.

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