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Larry Magid: Teslas New Feature


It like Westland for a dog. Kinda like with slid for a dog. Although I think I'd rather with for a dog because it worked most of the time until about I just tested tested out again about an hour ago and it was pulling around a parking lot and I thought it was going to turn left. Come pick me up but instead it started heading towards the red light and I immediately aborted together. I wasn't about to see what happened. When it entered traffic over if it would have entered traffic it's not supposed to go on public roads most of the time it does ed advertise you you the APP and it will pull out of the parking space and drive around and pick you up? It's great when it works but I have to tell you in busy parking lots. It's extremely nerve wracking. So is this sort of a glimpse of the chaos that awaits us when we have fully autonomous vehicles out there. I hope by the time we are fully autonomous vehicle. They're really really well-tested but parking lot tricky in in a way they pick the very difficult task because for example I get it at Costco the other day. I was watching very carefully but cars arthroscopic driving by pedestrian walking by it probably would have done just fine but I didn't get a chance that I just stopped right there. If you let go of the little button on the on the the APP it'll stop immediately which is what I did but in small parking lots in uncrowded parking lots it works like a charm the best part of it is watching the expression on people's faith in the car driving around all by itself coming up to you.

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