Do You Have What It Takes?


On this episode we talk about. Is there steroids and business. John yes there is. There is definitely steroids and business. I know everyone wants to take them. And we will tell you where to get them what they're called and we'll do for you. Identifying identifying strength and weaknesses is a big deal. A lot of people talk about we kind of go a little bit of that. We we do touch on that deer presented to us and leave rebutted with some information and I think commenting on did myles Garrett you know really get a racial slur at him and that's why he tried. Hi to kill Mason. Rudolph cheap cheap shot city not a fan not a fan not a fan and there's much more to come on this episode of visits by. Let's go look out for the fall spring IMPO clucking. What's up everybody? Welcome to another episode of business and Biceps and you better wake your ass up his today. Show Shit them up to change the Ah The INTRO. To say is what it's got all the core. You don't know what you're GONNA say. You have no clue. We have no clue what we're going to talk about but sure it's going to be amazing so John First off euro one funny motherfucker. I was listening to the last episode. I gotTa Tell Ya Like we've been friends for a long longtime but you're really you're really bring some fucking funny Shit Dude. Listen I'm laughing my ass off and then comfortable half the time so it's actually my favorite part. I love it laughing so much because I know incense it that you do it even more. It's it's really like the guy in high school locker room after gym class. Who's got the fruit bat? And he tries to hide in the corner when everyone change. I it's not. It's it's actually not like that at all but yes but it is. It is funny to listen back and every turnkey keeping it real. That's all if people find find humor. They find humor but I have told you. I've told many I am not mentally stable so you may do with that what you please. Yeah but I also so gotta tell you in between the humor. There's a ton of great feedback on the Value Vasco. So I'm looking forward to keep in this kind of train. namath wrote of trae. Now there coach Joe. What's up guys? So you guys see. Did you guys see mild Garrett's appeal where he said yes. Rudolph said that he said the derogatory term towards awesome man. So this is a this is a slippery fucking slow because listen. I don't know all the facts. But here's what I do think I know now. I don't believe he said initially after the incident or the assault whatever you want to refer to it as that Mason. Rudolph called him the the N.. Word and I believed I believe now because he's facing down consequences like we talked about another show like real consequences. He he is pulling out and this is my opinion he is pulling out the dirtiest ugliest cheapest most pathetic fucking move in the world to try to save his ass and I don't think he either doesn't understand or he doesn't care that once you brandy white man in a let's say african-american dominated sport once you brand a white man as a racist. If you prevail. That white man is not going to be accepted anywhere. You're ever anywhere. People aren't going to block for him he's he's GonNa be fucked and to just do that to save. Your ass is pathetic. Now I wasn't there I don't nobody said but but logic tell me if Mason Rudolph really said that that would be the first thing yeah myles Garrett said on the day of of or whenever he spoke about it I and it wasn't too and that's fucking bullshit. Yeah Johnny I agree I think that so actually me and Trey talked about this yesterday before we knew her. And talk about on the PODCAST and You know he got the Frat boy kind of fucking I think he he would be too much of a pussy to say that the bulk of myles Garrett overby straight house garrets a big motherfucker. Like if you're starting to have you you think you want white white supremacists you're gonNA say some shit the Myles Garrett like that straight talk like to me. I think it's miles covered his ass too. I WanNa believe that Mason Jason. You know that would have been the first thing that was said in. That would have been like other guys there. There's a lot of people on top. These two guys would would have probably heard it. You know what I'm saying so I agree. It's a low blow agree with your point but it could ruin made up Mason Duff's career if the NFL sides them and here's the problem. The racial pressure in this country. So now what's going to happen. I guarantee you. This is people and I'm not saying whatever her people are going to come out on the side who aren't even football fans of Myles Garrett because it's become a black white thing now and and that is so fucking unfair. That is so fucking unfair because now we're into the mainstream or out of NFL were into the mainstream and it's a black white thing and that's that's fucking bullshit unless it happened like that and if it did why didn't Garrett say it immediately. Yeah and so. What's interesting is I thought the the level he took it to might have been because that initial thought that was my initial thought? Why would too I would myles Garrett take to this level and I don't know if that's be that'll that's thinking racially but to drive to that point a level you think it had to be extreme right? Why would he go lose? Loses fucking top so as well. Yeah that too maybe would shitty is what about just being a person thing like these motherfuckers just lost their cool in the heat of the NFL battle in kitchen and went down like that but it did and if he really throws us in at the end it's a low oh blow and he knows he can leverage it. It's pretty shitty and it's going to be messy and say the parallel I'll make at the end of this is what we talked about on the last show so with the female to male thing. You know what I'm saying like I'm I don't want to sound like a victim but it can be hard in specific situations in today's society to be white. It can be hard because in these situations like we lose a lot of the time and no. I'm not saying that we should win. But it's it's very easy to take a cheap shot. No it's an interesting thing to think about and I'm glad we brought it up. Act You trae on this podcast. We talk a lot about the similarities between athletes and business so in the business world. You think that there's like some kind of steroid that people could potentially really use. That could like absolutely give them an edge to their business. I could potentially hundred percent in the future. Of course of course in. It's called fucking adderall. ADDERALL or Ritalin. I've always said that's the performance enhancing drug of professionals. It's just a fact because it focuses your mind signed so obscenely on every little detail and things like you know filling out reports and doing work that you normally like man really got into it you get so into it and you do it so efficiently and a lot of people work on it. If you if you know anybody who's ever ever worked like on Wall Street a lot of those guys are blown coke number one but number two adderall. I think is a little little calmer version of that not to say it's great but yeah that stuff is always going to be a performance enhancer because it takes your brain to another level plain and simple and at the end of the day it's addictive it's narcotic it's not good and you can't operate it on on it every day so yeah I think it will bite you in the ass eventually eventually if you take it all the time so johnny the You know I've taken a lot of it in the past. I've been getting zapped for a long time. I was just going to so i. I think what people need to hear right. We heard all the things it does for you. Talk about the from what I gathered. Never take a hard fall off after you go off off of because that's what it sounds like people continue to take it because I at some point you got to go off of it and when you do there's a fucking in you know whether it's withdrawal like talk about that stuff. I can't speak on it but I think it's helpful for people to know. Don't even fuck with the stuff with it. Taking Fed Amax from ever muscle. It's absolutely reliant alive that mess Max over most dot Com so what I would say. Is that the fall off when you take it not even like when you're trying to get off when you take take it. Is You get absolutely moody. You get extremely moody and you don't work well with people because it's coming out of your system and that's just what it does to you chemically so that's not a good thing number one but when you try to stop taking it if you've been taking it for for a prolonged period of time yeah man you're like anything else your body's going to be like where is it at. Where's it at if you give your body something every day and then you stop giving your body? Something it's going to be like. Where's it at? And then you're going to have physical withdrawals you're gonNA have emotional. Withdraws have mental withdrawals. Listen deep relying on any substance. You know what I'm saying including caffeine including caffeine is not good is not good. I think we're all guilty of relying on something but you know obviously some are more severe than others but yeah the fall off on. This stuff is severe but do you professionals at a high level use and abuse. ADDERALL Ritalin. Dude it's so widespread it's never gonNA stop because because it's like a athlete taking steroids. Yeah so a lot of people in today's world want to be entrepreneurs but like not everyone's cut out to be the number one person in business so like what you guys. What you guys is perspective on people that maybe they're not the number one entrepreneur kind of guy but the perfect fit for the number two or the number three in the business? That's my take on that is it takes time to understand That you are the number two or you are the number three and I think the hardest thing about someone who potentially capable of being number two or being a number three is the simple fact of them accepting that because by accepting that they are not looking at themselves or viewing themselves offs as a number one so if your number two or a number three of a high level of skill and if you have a high level of skill in anything most people want to be the best and most people also have big egos goes so I I just think there's a progression and and You know it's like it's like the law of Nature Man. Its survival viable the fittest. So you know if you work overtime and you make your way up to a number three or number two and then your time comes and you make make it to number one like. That's just what it is. I think trying to figure out what you are is almost like a false self like unfulfilling prophecy. Because time. We'll tell you what you are because you will earn certain positions and yeah I just I just don't think any young person should say man. I'm number two. I'm a number three. No no do just just just work your fucking ass off and find out what you're capable of. Because what I I was capable of and I can only use myself as an example when I was twenty two versus what I was capable of when I was twenty five versus thirty versus thirty. Five dude whole different different ballgame and I think everybody should let themselves develop not put themselves in a box as a young person and just do the best they can. Yeah Yeah I guess why would you sell yourself short. Say on a two point. Five when like Jon said a difference between a twenty year old John Fosko in the thirty. So you've had a birthday thirty nine John Thirty five. I thirty five all right thirty nine year old John Fos. What's going on forty something? You're already on line. You're closer to forty then thirty John. That's all I'm saying and I just wanted to voice that real quick off Sir Anyway. What I'm getting at is that there is a progression that you might have been a one but not developed yet? So why would you sell yourself short it at. I'm a fucking six when in reality you just did mature yet and then you're an obvious one now right win. Have you not felt like a one. Since you knew. Do the skill you know. It had a certain skill when I was seven years old. Dude I believe that actually I think that It's one of those things that don't sell yourself short but here the number three person at Berkshire hathaway the number four and nine ten eleven person at facebook. You know what I'm I'm saying like there's people that are in the organizations that grow too crazy magnitudes that do extremely well in way better than a one in a business business. That does one hundred thousand so I think a lot. You know what I mean I think a lot of that is Perspective on skillset. Timing like you said development but I think There's some people that are naturally just D- leader in the lion and that's it so yeah I mean I think a lot of it is personality driven so if if someone was to say to me okay you could make ten times which are making now being number five at facebook faulkner faulk like I'm like my personality would not allow that. That's not me like I need to control my own destiny. Not 'cause my ego because I always want to be creative in whatever ways I can be so I don't think it's about like oh I can be a three here or even these numbers were putting on things. I think it's just about your either a creative who who literally marches to the beat of your drum or euro conformist and and you can work in someone else's structure and I can't do that and a lot of people can't do that and I'm not saying my way is the right way but I'm saying I think being a quote unquote number one if we're going to use that word is more based on personality than it is achievement. Yeah no I like that. You know no what John's funny because as you were talking I was thinking about how the organization grew in the old company. And you know I ended up being like the fourth or Fifth Guy Hi it essentially in certain areas in one or two and other areas for marketing. You know it was all over for put numbers on but in reality when it became like that I I got like A. It's like I was allergic to it. It's not that type of you know format of working. Just not for me that in like you said head. I really think that you're either like that or not like that. You either are the creative. You're out front. You're in the top whether it's one through five or you're in this can formative addictive box essentially and yet everything about that just makes my fucking hair stand up on my neck and make the weird. It's like and I think that you either know it or you don't don't know it. I don't think that's like something that happens over time. Maybe I'm wrong but that I think I've always kinda known that about myself and I think I think you have to. Yeah and people shouldn't feel lesser sir. Than if they're not a that's the biggest thing like I really want people to take from the show. Always as if. You're not an entrepreneur. Dude I'm not better than you know one's better than new like do a good job in in your job in the corporate. No one's better than anybody. We're just talking about different styles of working. Yeah good point so I think it's safe the say that everyone that's listening to this. PODCAST spires to be successful. So why do other people that aspire to be successful look like they're inspiration other successful people verses less motivated people. They kind of resent this accessible. People who show the question is why do less motivated people resents accessible people. Why do less motivated people resent successful people Gol while people that aspire to be successful? Look up to them Gotcha. Why didn't they resent them? Because successful people have what they want but they're not willing to work for it and they're also not willing to be honest with themselves and say you know no what I'm mad at that person because not because they have more than me but because I'm not willing to work as hard as them that makes them mad mad but at the end of the day you know looking inward and saying why that's why I love that word. Why why is that person more successful? Why do I hate someone? I'm one I don't know you hates on you. Don't know you gotTa Check Yourself. You know what I'm saying you're the problem. And then if people who want to be successful I think the reason they look at other successful people is because people who are going to be successful are successful want to be successful. They're seekers their secrets of knowledge seekers of the information and and there is no better teacher than history period. And and and if you're talking to people who have experienced and and have a history of doing stuff you you can learn a lot from them I mean do. That's that's that's the whole purpose of reading. That's while while I will always read. That's why you always have have to be a student. That's why you always have to keep your ego in check because as long as you do that then you're always learning there. There's no cap to success. There's no cap so so I I think that's I think that's exactly why I think this was a good camouflaged hater question really because at the end of the day you you know the people people that are Hayden is because they look deep inside and like Johnson. They're not willing to do what really takes they're upset in entitled and I. Yeah I fucking hate that stuff because at the end of the day it's like people that get in certain positions. Aren't there by accident if they are. It's very rare. So that's what would I use a lot of times when I'm having a serious talk with somebody or somebody that Kinda throat maybe. They don't even realize they're throwing it my way but they are where they almost discount how I got here. I tend to kind of snap back and say I didn't get your by accident. Mo- fucker like get here by accident. I know how I got here. I I know when there was positions in times I had to step up that I fucking knocked it out of the park. I also know there was times where I didn't and I got better and I read more and I've kept it. Learning a learned a ton from John Learned from my old business partners. I learned how to do things now not to do things of. I've literally learned this entire time. And I'll continue learning and Bob even up to my development time because I know if I WANNA keep progressing. That's what it is so a mother fuckers. Try to say oh well you know everything you you just Kinda do turns out a certain way motherfucker know why it turns out that way and you should know why yours didn't turn out that way these things to me like they fucking light me up because I think about the work put in John The work he's put in the things we've been through individually things we've been through as business partners together and we know exactly exactly why this or that works out. Hey things change from time to time but then today you can usually point your finger in no and I think that people that look up the other successful people full is because they want to look under the hood they WANNA see. What's the process? How do they do things you know? How can I emulate certain ports or learn so I can apply to my life at people that are haters? They WANNA blame somebody else. You know. It's interesting before before we cut. This one is like when you for anyone out there who started a business. What's what's interesting or at least my experience? Is that when you start something everyone who you know. Acquaintance a friend. Whatever they almost almost you almost feel like they're laughing at you ride laughing at you because Oh he's got this idea? He thinks he's going to do this. But then the second second they can put their finger on or they see something where what you're doing is successful than they wanna wear your t shirt then they wanna rep that your your friend like it's it's it's it's it's a world of even the people close you. They're jealous that you are willing to take your ideas. Invest in them. Put your time into them. They're fucking jealous and and they do hate behind your back and I don't I don't let it get to me but I've noticed this over time once it turns and it successful successful. Everyone's on board. Everyone's like man you did it were were you at the beginning when it was still a question mark now I don't care I don't I don't don't get mad at people but anyone who started a business knows exactly what I'm talking about enough. Funny John is that you can read that stuff and you know it and it hell I think. Listen even if I would never voice it. I still think those little things that you're aware of and you observe help the process because ever ever you know how people that are listening. This adult haven't started their own business. chatenay aspire to. It is so fucking hard. I use every piece of every all all of this for motivation every piece of it and I like even people that I love I enjoy fucking letting them know yup here goes another one. Dj callen and another another one Bugger so it's just. I think that those things all help the process but notre so a lot of these people that do aspire to be successful they have have no fucking clue like where. Start at like what. What kind of Business Start Aso? What were some ways that you guys identified what your passions were and what what kind of business that you wanted? They get into like whereas some tips that you would give to someone that wants to take that next level step in their life but they don't know what they wanted to work. Get a job until you until so you know so if if people are thinking okay I got to come up with an idea for a business faulk in a you're wrong that's not how it works. Wchs go work somewhere get paid support yourself because when the idea comes that you can put into play and make work in. You're passionate about you. You cannot deny it in then you go and you put a fucking structure together and you put a fucking financial plan together and you go in but I want everyone to understand stand. You don't be like I wanNA be a businessman. What angle should I no? No no no it comes to you it comes to you and you cannot deny diet and then you go do it so if you know you wanNA start a business and you do not have the idea right now if you will go get a job the the idea will hit you in the face one day and when it does you may have the courage to follow it and if you do there you go you on your journey. If you don't have the courage to follow it continue to work your the job. Yeah I think there's a lot of people in the fitness realm that when they they run into me in person or on online they ask me this exact question because I think they see the body of work of myself or Johnny and being in this for twenty years and they only see what's happening right now or what happened at the old business us and they can't conceptualize you know the start point it's almost like paralyzing to some degree and I always say this like okay. You want to be in the industry right. You should either do a John. Did get a job. Learn how to do sales right so you get a skill plus you got commission which is run your own shit or do what I did. I got an internship turn ship in learned how to personal train when I was folding fucking towels for eight dollars an hour like I had to have an entry point in the realm. You gotta think like like my progression was I thought I was going to be a personal trainer. Probably my whole life and I still am to some degree on a mass scale online but in the reality is like my progression to supplements. I could never anticipated that. Just as where everything flowed for me because that's where my interest lies within the industry but at the end of the day if I want to entry entry point my point was personal training. If I wouldn't have started there then I never would have more probably supplements that came through the love and ten years of building a business and competing and all these other things. So I think the entry point and the Star points paralyzing to a lot of young people and just people starting a new profession because they think they gotta start where we were. We start that's just not how it works and I think you gotta go figure out if it's for you you know I mean that that to me which is get a job in in the end and also strategic for me it was strategic. I owned luckily the person that helped me get an internship. He told me this this corey this Jim. There's not a lot going on in. It's not a powerlifting gym. It's actually a tennis and fitness club with by. The way is not real appealing to me. Fox Go right but this is what he said. It was dawn which you know Donovan. Thought shout at the Dharma Guy. At Ponce he goes. There's a guy there. That's an ex athlete. That was roommates with Jason Taylor who play for the dolphins. He's a he's a really smart guy and he knows how to sell fitness. He's probably making one hundred g a year you can learn from him. That's all I had to hear. I don't care the fuck was that I could get in a system and watch a system. I don't care if I've got a full towels. The entry point is key. Everybody you gotta go to the Entry Point. Mr Opinion so what's one way that you guys. How how did you guys identify your own strength and weaknesses of through through working through through working? Not What if you just go into business from the jump like it's like it's like stepping on the basketball court and never going having a practice. It's like oh I've been watching this shit and it looks cool wall dude you're gonNA get crossed over you're gonNA get your shots are going to be blocked it's going to be fought But Yeah Dude like you like you anyway. I Yep and so you get get a job and when you get a job you find out about yourself anytime you put yourself in a new situation where you cannot outdraw on a similar experience like okay. This is my first real job. You learn so much about yourself. I didn't know that I could fucking King Sell Anything I. I didn't know that Antill I fucking worked at Compusa when I was sixteen years old and they only let me clean. Lean the printer. I'll in month one. I sold more computers than everybody and the reason I did. It is because when the managers weren't looking I knew I can make thirty two bucks selling a fucking computer side. Get the fuck out my way. Dude I can fuck it. I didn't know what megabytes were. I didn't know what Ram was. I told people ram was related to the animal and they extracted a part of their horn. They put it in the fucking computer chip. I didn't know anything but I sold more computers than everybody so I was like Shit. I know how to sell Shit. I don't know nothing about a computer but I could sell more than anyone in the store and I'm sixteen years old so I think when you go and you work you find out what you're good at and when you find out what you're good at you follow that path and from that path you can learn things that complimented like once I was selling selling selling okay like marketing and sales work hand in hand. You develop from there air but you must get a job you must find out about yourself and you have to see where you kind of gravitate towards. Yeah I agree with you. A hundred percent Jonah. John I think along my path of training and don't supplements and all these things like there's always like a a correlation with Retention relationship chip customer service never never the strong side of organization. Or you know. We talked about day. One of MAC's effort vert oriented. Corey some adderall. We're going to of course. Yeah with forecasting it just never. I've never been good at. Math is never something that came easy to me. I knew that it wasn't my strong point. But I keep a customer engaged for a decade. I keep them you know getting results. I love interacting with P like. There's just things I was is much better at. Maybe the way I was brought up maybe his personality driven it. Just there's just things that were more natural and so no matter. How big the business was I gravitated towards those things? Because I knew that was where my biggest value would be and and I've continued that double down on a lot of that stuff and tried to partner up. Hire out the things that I'm not good at and I don't really think I'm good at him. I knew for a really long time. I wasn't good at good at them and I've tried to work on some of them to make that not not not as much of a deficiency thumbs. Some things just aren't in your makeup though. I mean that's a real thing ABS- listen you know you're good at something not when you say it now on someone else says it when your bank account says it work. That's how you know when you're good at something like you. Bank account talks anger. Anga the money whisper you know yes. Yeah exactly. You're on the air so in life. A lot of people like to avoid conflict but in business I feel like conflict is something that you need to take head on to kind of fix these business issues. So why. Don't you guys think that conflict conflict is so important in business to confront conflict rather than run from it like a lot of people do just regular life cancer. D- cancer do when you leave it alone metastases sizes and then if it metastasized for long enough. You're fucking dead. You're dead because it spread so if there's an issue with someone and and you leave it the fuck alone. It's going to spread from that person to another employee. Now there's this gossip culture and your business has cancer and that could be the beginning of the end or it could be a mass exodus of employees all because when you saw there was an issue you did not want to confront the person and say hey me and you interim shut the fucking door. Let's figure this out that people are not comfortable with that. They are not comfortable. They're not comfortable looking another man or woman in the eye and saying listen. This is bullshit you cannot do this. It doesn't matter how I feel about. You know how I feel about. You is irrelevant. The this is unacceptable. So you know Oh can't conflicts must be handled fast you know. We've we've talked about that dude radio and his quote from his book a million million times if he wishes he could do anything better as guys. where seventeen billion dollars? It is basically take on hard take on the hard issues fast fast and that is dealing with conflict. Once you see that it's crucial guys the longer you let it go on. It's GONNA each business from the inside out guaranteed. I was just as you're talking John. We had a couple situations like that. Since we've worked together and I think about the amazing feeling that you have after you handle it and how many times do you always think I probably should have did that a while ago. Are you are you. I'm when you try to use use our warehouse for a sex trafficking network have no. That's not what we do dude. We're fucking ellen supplements here like we're not bringing bringing people in from Thailand three foot seven you know hit the I really don't want I said I can't do this and you say we'll look at trae. Hey He's like we could sell him to. I said no corey. No so I if we did have the clip of Theo von. That was the first Avodon the road out. Here you're a sex trafficker people think your fitness dude Johnny traffic in G. I don't even really know how to combat that but what I have good at it though. You're good at it I do props drops. I really hope that doesn't make a meam or anything happens about that. Just given given the microphone back to charity to the. Where's the air so you guys are both like pretty artistic people so the grammys just happened the other night and for a lot of people a lot of people that kind of like look up to the grammys can really actually Ashley take? They take them very serious but they have been in an. Yeah but I think the grammy's is full of Shit from nominations. The the main the mainstream shit like all these artistic people are just getting fucking snubbed. John I know you say about this because that kind of gets me fired up so I I think the grammy's like any other let's say Powerful governing body of anything worries about liability. I THEY WANNA play it safe. They they want to reward. WHO The people want to see rewarded boarded? And if we're talking about grammy's and we're talking about music. The people want to see the people who sell the most albums reward. Now we all you know the people who sell the most albums typically typically our products. They're not artists their products. And there's M- they're basically like a corporation they're the face of it and the way you know someone else writes her music someone else. Dresses them up at you know the the the singer Songwriter. If you will nonexistent so I think the grammy's is there to reward the people who put up the biggest numbers. It's almost like a sales award for music. That's true you know. It's a machine I mean. They're here makers their production. It's sales award his amazing way to look at it job because how often is it. It sounds like I'm not really into like John always know bands that I've never fucking heard of right I. I'm not into the same genre music so I only know probably who's is on the grammys to the drive by truckers. Go ahead there you go exactly so I guarantee for every fucking nickelback capillary Adler do not fucking overdose after John Listened Voelkel back. I'm sure that there's fucking truckers should have got fucking award over nickelback. John would quit listening to them in his fucking offer. They would probably win the fucking grammy behave yourself. We're not me MEL behavior. We'll bring up meek mill a bucket stab you on that one so when it comes to the skin so when it comes to skills a lot of people say that you need to put in ten thousand. Ten thousand is an hour's worth of work to actually become a master at the skill. Do you guys loosely ten thousand. Yeah I I. I don't fear the man who knows ten thousand kicks if you're the man who's done one kick Nick Ten Thousand Times. Yeah you'd think that rings true Johnny. Oh absolutely absolutely I mean I mean just I guess. Just think about that if that's where he was going right like you go and you fuck in new ten thousand different things great you suck at ten thousand things you do one thing ten thousand and fucking times whenever that one thing is you're going to be very very fucking hard to deal with because you're going to know the INS and outs of even the most basic shit. You're going to be absurd at it because anyone who's who does something so repetitiously knows every little detail that the outside world doesn't even know that detail exists so that that's really how you become great at something or many things and You know guys you can't avoid it right. What does that require? Time time commitment. And sometimes there's no reward but you just have to trust it what I think. That's I think it was oprah used to have that master master of classroom management clash yes show and and they would highlight people like this right and they. They spent twenty thirty forty plus years in the same John Laura profession skill in the hours and time. And that's that's what it comes down to to craft man like when I think about you know I I literally not not Robert Kraft when I think of how not leave Robert Table. He loves listening lost his wife. He lost his wife. Cut The man some slack. You know what I'm saying. Thank God his because we're still working. Let him release. Let them get a handy. So what I think is like the Master Corey we talk about you. uh-huh honing your craft and I think people sell themselves short on the amount of time it really takes to become some type of master of craft and like I even just think about. I really haven't missed more than a week's workouts. Since I was seventeen years old and for half that time you know I was trying to figure out the AWW Doin- what I'm learning from and testing different things and then over time I've got to be more strategic and figure out what works what doesn't work instill every day. I'm still learning reading all these things like man that's like twenty years of minimum five to seven hours if not more per her week like takes a now when you ask me about some shit on that. I'm so confident when I talk about it because I literally have spent a a heavy portion of my life doing it and it's like people don't realize that's where that comes from my wasn't always this confident it's because of all of the trial and error in time if you do that in one specific area or potentially many over years that's how you get there. There's no fast track. It just really doesn't exist. So yeah you you gotTa Amin same with sales process. I've seen John Start. These processes is with New People and break it down and started over and he just has executed at such a high level to the multi-million dollar level multiple times. And I it just just he just knows it like the back of his hand so his confidence on it is going to be like a level that most people haven't heard because he knows it fucking works because he's a master Gerrad it. That's just what it is. I think people just. They're always trying to take fucking shortcuts man hours long game. Mother fuckers straight out long long. Yes yes so. Time is clearly a very very valuable resource. So what are some ways that you guys like. Prepare yourself for like possibly the next day like is there any Cerny Kinda like things that you always make sure that you do at the end of the day or at the very beginning of the morning to potentially set yourself up to save some time maybe later that day or something you know what of court. Yeah time is a valuable resource undeniably but one thing and I can only speak for myself. That I've realized that is I. I th- it's a strength and weakness on I think it's a strength for business. I think it's a weakness from a personal standpoint is i. I am stuck where where I believe people should be stuck in. That's in the present and when you're in the present you're not like the last thing I ever do is. Let's say plan anything. That's personal because I'm literally worried about not worried. I'm literally focused on what today is going to bring in. And today I always brings unique challenges and different things so I'm not thinking about tomorrow everything I do right. I do it with the strategy of growth and building. But I'm really really stuck in the present and I've found and I've found joy in that because I'm not thinking about the past. I'm not thinking about the mistakes I've made do. I learned from the mistakes I made. I do the best I can to learn from them. And I try hard and I value that And do I think about the future and what could happen and all this stuff now man. No because has who knows what the future is going to hold period so Yeah Dude I I I spend my time in the president and I appreciate every day Johnny and I find myself like this. I mean it's terrible. I have a hard time committing on Monday to Friday. Something like I have a hard time like I'm the worst pinned down for you know. Obviously we have time. We do things like eleven o'clock podcast. Course that's business right but if somebody tries to get my a time outside of that I'm probably the most noncommittal person maybe you've ever not maybe you've ever met because you by the way it. But but I I've been like that and gotten progressively worse than I think it's because we have an equation right to some degree of what our time is really worth. That's why I used to make a kind of jokes. When I bought the House I live at? I live on five acres and a lot of its grass us. My mom asks me the first day I moved in. WHO's GonNa mow the grass? I said fuck it not me mom. That's exactly what I said. I would lose money Mo- in this grass and most people take like two hours twice a week. Are you fucking kidding me. Not only would I be bored to death. I would literally feel like I'd be losing money. And that sounds Allen's hilarious but that's the way that I look at it because I feel like if it's well-spent from building business interacting to whatever we do it's like literally there's a price to it it it last night I was Mehan. Ag were coming home from the office. Max Effort and I got him subway because me and and we're going to go eat tacos his mighty tacos and there's like a line of like seven people at subway if fucking took twenty minutes right at the Newark subway by the way has bullet holes in the Laureus Glorious Glorious Everyone has bullet holes the fucking amazing mafia boy Blais. Whatever would've knows so basically twenty minutes right in? I was so fucking mad when he got in the car and not mad at him. I said I just lost twenty minutes of my life because of fucking subway newark. I was like I can't. We can't say we're never coming the subway this time. I'm never going to that like I literally am like so like I horde it because I understand the value of it maybe to a fault now at our age because of what it's equal like Jon said in our bank account or monthly what we can make in. I know maybe that's a little crazy but I really think about that stuff. I think if a benefit to being the president for for example like yeah of course you gotTa know which time worth by not committing two things in like. Oh it's Monday. Hey do you WanNa do this Monday night. I came into that. But it's because I'd and I WANNA fuck in take to walk gorgeous out. I'm going to take a walk. So is that selfish. I don't believe so I believe that's me living life the way I want to do it. So that's why don't commit to things because I may go outside and I may WanNa fuck in the outside may not want like I just think when you have the ability to live like that. I think it's extremely fulfilling well. Here's the other thing I wanna add to this just to kind of piggyback with deal with John Onto and I've I've been like this off and on is like John is a one way travel guy a lot of times. A lot of people would freak out but I've seen John on book one ways. Most of the time I've worked with them because he doesn't know when he wants to come home and see. That's what this life. If you build it right allows is you is the ultimate freedom to live in the president like when I say that people fucking cringe. What do you mean he books one ways? He books one ways because he's not committing to come home. I'm going home. Yeah exactly he's GonNa come home like coming home and that's my point is that's that is is one of the things that's amazing about. Oh Hey there's a concert. I want to go to a Seattle on fucking Saturday next week. We'll fuck in Tuesday. I don't know if I WANNA go or not but Saturday Saturday morning I might wake up and want to go and I can. Because of the life of a afforded myself and I've seen John Operate like that especially with not having a family. It's a little no bit easier to really be able to operate like that and I have my own version of that to that end of the day. That's what we work towards. That's what most freethinking entrepreneurs that are creative. Eight of work towards they don't like those restraints because it is look I can't sing or draw or fucking really do anything that's actually artistic but I still feel artistic because I get the bring content in ideas and things to life as does John and it's like that is something like really special. Oh and those other things they feel like they way you down and constraint you and that's our they put straight constraints on you. I think that's why we fuck in there like I'm allergic to them. That's Johny Fyi to everyone. Don't make plans with me. I will let you the truth right. John could stack up of fucking like twenty pads. Fuck in paper of Pete like with names of people who like Like fuck him so yeah true so John. You were sending some really questionable photographs in the group chat earlier so I just wanted to know do soft skills matter to you so I told Corey this before. Are we got on the air. There's a gentleman that is part of the four. Am Crew it's an infamous crew number one at at and it takes displace at an infamous time for him and his name. His name is todd sable and he's all anytime I've been around him always been a nice guy always been I got a nice guy fantastic fantastic and he puts out some really interesting quotes now sometimes likes morning. There was a quote that was seen by appear that was shared with me that I didn't quite understand and some of the quotes are maybe. They're so showed deep that we need clarity so I am petitioning to bring Todd Sable on the show once a month for a five to seven minute segment meant and just discusses quotes. I would love to do that. And he's always been a nice guy so g. what's that say U. G. G.. What's the you? Oh what did you say you Comma G. Question Mark. Oh I think I've lost in what you're saying right now it's like you're speaking different. Relinquish Bro Anyway I think listen. I think that would be funny. And I think that todd is an awesome guy super smart art and has done a really good job actually the way. He does a social media branding wise. We've I've taken some cool things from from over time. He's worked really hard on it and I think it would be thing in the background of his quotes. You're laying shirtless ORB looks at hospital and he's rubbing you so I don't know what's happening happening there or what happened or whatever the history is but we can talk about that in the second is like PT Faulk. But anyway I think it would be fun John and honestly even if we're making fun of Todd or you're making fun of making him and he would still come on because it would call touchy you feeling we can call him. Touchy feely fine. We all right you work Fosko once again. Yeah Eh man matter. Soft skills matter. Top Ten and entrepreneurship on itunes. We appreciate you guys. Make sure you're absolutely Lulu bullet holes in subway makes you share this with your friends at Biz and biceps on instagram. It's growing people commenting on John's quotes quotes a whole bunch. He's been lightened up with some closed off their heels matter quote of the day. I'm going to. I'm going to source that quote from Todd. Sable he deserves the credit soft skills matter all right so without further ado johnny straight on the air new spring collection stone. I'm watching the PLUG SB stop. There's no fucking way cast ooh. Cat in cold out ensued uh-huh sir.

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