Week's Best: (Antonio Brown, Luck's injury, Cowboys drama, LeBron's legacy)


Welcome to the weekend edition of the undisputed podcast on your host johnny taft today's podcast features teachers all the best segments from this week sleep of undisputed with ended up interviews and discussions. We have a lot to talk about heading into next week skip shannon. Let's get get to it. All sorts of confusion in indy with andrew luck latest injury and is jerry jones finally starting to panic but we begin in with greg jennings is best friend. Antonio brown brown is finally returned to training camp after missing the last week as he recovered from frostbitten bitten feet due to cryotherapy gone wrong earlier this week a._b. Lost his grievance against the n._f._l. Two words old helmet since then he has founded model. Oh it's been made within the past ten years the n._f._l. Will likely allow him to wear it. Star wide out says he's excited to be back and despite dealing with a lot of adversity versity things are on the up and up but former steeler super bowl winning head coach bill cowher told c._b._s. That abe is a very talented receiver her but he does sometimes create headlines that can be disruptive to football team. Raiders coach jon gruden addressed brown's return yesterday back in back in obviously great to have them back. You know we've had a pretty good understanding of spider. What people think we had a pretty good understanding what what's going to happen thin and now we're ready to get rolling expected for the author. Oh yeah yup rob park. We're gonna start with you today. Will antonio l. brown help or hurt the raiders this season before we get there. I want you to apologize to abe i was going to said that on hard knocks. It was was all silt-up about doing that. He was doing that about the helmet on this show and it was almost nonexistent well. That's the problem. Okay hard knox filmed last week. Just this was about last week and jon. Gruden said he was concerned j._c. That tees for the next episode all antonio brown so the next episode we'll focus on antonio brown's helmet and his problems in oakland so let's get back to the question we're wrong. Just say it will it hurt hurt or help. Antonio brown the raiders season of course he will help them. I mean are you kidding. When you add talent like antonio brown i know everybody is so caught up on the off the field other stuff greg because you know games to be played right. The last time we saw him was was week seventeen seventeen because he didn't play all hubbub about that and so the narrative about him has kind of diminished. What a player player. He is because we don't see him on feel. When this guy gets on i'm derek com do carbon wheels. Are you kidding. My quarterback. Career can be rejuvenated and right and even if it's not him and even if they double and a._b. Other guys are going to be wide open so so i'm going to have a field day with with him. Added is going to help the team offensively and i just wanna go just a little bit with some of the numbers really a lot of my writing a little bit but i i mean just somebody's numbers really most consecutive seasons with one hundred receptions at twelve hundred yards most n._f._l. History also mow season with one hundred receptions thousand yards and ten touchdowns okay in consecutive seasons. I just mentioned before you're he has six of them which is still active. Jerry rice was considered the greatest receiver in one of the greatest two or three football players ever only only had three such seasons. This is how good antonio brown is so. If i'm the raiders they made the right decision. They needed to upgrade their offense. They needed help. Offensively would a big time receiver greg. I'm all in on this. This will make the raiders better once he gets back on the field and once it's about four uh i'm greg. I'm going to squash those numbers in a moment but i want you around wide receiver of course to mr brown i mean. Do you think he's going to hurt her health hockey about all right now. Everything at rob said thank you rob so eloquently spoken. It's a no brainer yes. He's going to help the oakland football raiders. He's going to help them. There is no question no doubt in my mind no doubt in that man's john gruden's mine. No doubt dear cars mind that he's going to make them better. You ask their car. Who did i have to throw to last year. Jared jared cook was their leading receiver jordy nelson at tied in my my dad. Jordy nelson was their leading why receiver he was a shell of them so he was nowhere. We're near the jordy nelson that we've seen in the green and gold in his green bay days so if you look at their car and you say men can he improve. Can he build title what he did last year. Yes look at their stats passing yards. They ranked eighteenth overall in the national football league total offense. They were twenty third word points per game. They were twenty eighth. We're talking about a receiving group afforded derek carr thirteen nineteen touchdown passes last zere nineteen abe had in fifteen fifteen touchdown receptions in just last season. Let let the n._f._l. Led the n._f._l. Yes and so you sit here and ask the question to another receiver. Is he going to hurt or help. He's definitely going to help. Let me give you a little bit more. <hes> so we look at we look at their receivers we look at what they didn't have and now we look at what they have with antonio brown we even saw it on on hard knocks jon gruden so excited regardless of what everybody's wanting to throw out there because of what has been out there with the helmet the feet him not being present who's most excited about antonio brown coming back to practice jon gruden why because he's going to work he's going gonna make us better baby. He's going to make us better. He understands the magnitude of production that he has walking on that football field in training camp that is going to lead to production during the regular season. There is no doubt in my mind that antonio brown will be ready to go that. He will give give us what you just listed off the statistics that consistency that he's always stone he will remain the antonio brown of the football. Uh on the football field that we've always seen greg. You talked about it yesterday. No one's ever said this guy doesn't work hard. He's a hard worker. You could talk about all the other off the field and the headlines and the facebook all that stuff and i get it. I get it but you cannot dog him about anything. Football bore related doing his job putting in the work and i'm thinking that's why john kuhn so excited. He knows that guy's going to do that. Rubs off on other people and now jon gruden has a chance to win more football games. He knows it. Everybody knows that you take the raiders for granted. You might get a l. Hunguana wanna interesting so we talked about bill cower at the outset won a super bowl <hes> tonio brown done some disruptive things you guys chose to ignore that member the time when antonio brown took a cooler a water cooler on the sideline just chucked it during a steelers game because he's disruptive raborn just thought you had your moment in the sun in buddy how you had your moment okay. I got a lot of stuff here. Okay we have arnold scored again. We haven't no i'm asking you don't remember the game all neil. He built our use. The word dead changed the game. You don't even known more hot. <hes> pity 'cause he's showing passion. Why as tossing things all right gentlemen ready done okay here we go forward so we are afforded the opportunity here at f s one of having a lot of former coaches. G._m.'s current players walked through here at f. s. one and become a sponge and absorb as much as i can. We had jeff fisher here who was great earlier in the week eric van genius phenomenal and the one thing they keep saying to me over and over when peppering him with questions is we don't want distractions what has antonio bren brown been from the moment he walked into oakland. A distraction frostbitten feet helmet does not distract on hard knocks last night said openly. I'm concerned now these conservatives at practice bill for these. It is a distraction when you're star attraction. You wouldn't pay khalil mack last year and you're willing to go pay in tony brown who binds you is declining receiver now. Rob gave some great numbers okay. He led the n._f._l. Touchdowns last year last year was arguably antonio brown's worst year in five years receiving okay ben rothlisberger touchdowns fifteen guests ben rothlisberger here. We got more ben rothlisberger through six. Hundred seventy five passes the most in the n._f._l. Antonio brown had his fewest receptions since two thousand and twelve last year. Now is that because of juju smith schuster is it because the levy on bell levian wasn't there so ben throwing more but to brown less could brown not get open as much last season as he ages into his thirties. Listen tonio brown. We know the work. Ethic is there. He is a tireless tireless worker when he gets in doesn't distract people. I like brown as a player. No doubt he is a phenomenal talent to watch but you could argue last year was his weakest weakest. You're in the last five years. This is the guy who lend the league and receptions twice five years ago. He's been declining and receptions and targets ever since i'm not saying he's slowed oh down. He's still an elite receive in the n._f._l. But he goes from ben rothlisberger an all time hall of fame quarterback won a super bowl to derek carr a guy who had accuracy problems last year. Who's coming off a bad season guys i i. I'm hopeful that brown can help this. Sorry four win team but i'm not optimistic and i believe believe ultimately he will hurt the raiders. I just have to distort a wrinkle into namdar for it. Because you say it was his lowest he had one hundred four receptions foyer one hundred one hundred not lowest his his lowest yeah and the year before one hundred six or the last three years one zero six one one zero four. I don't pretty consistent or me consistently lower on the first time since two thousand twelve last year that he was not in the top five receptions in the n._f._l. N._f._l. Out of the top five he was taught since two thousand twelve right up there and now he's fallen down to eighth last year. Oh my goodness you wanna know why hi he possibly made that all do because the lady ombo wasn't there to take some of that. Thank defensively if i'm a defensive coordinator and i don't see lady. I'm bill uh-huh president. I'm going to make others beat me not antonio brown so he's gonna have to work harder been. You're not gonna give be given this option like you. Have i've been in years. Who's derek carr gonna turn to in the backfield. Does he have eleven. Oh he's got a rookie and josh jacobs. Defense is going to load up for rookie. Jason takes missin also the last three years. He hasn't played sixty all sixteen games. We had a previous four. Larry quit on his team as we okay well. Whatever you wanna call it all to you is. I think you're not being fair with his numbers. Numbers not decline still a top ten receiver no doubt but for the first time last year since two thousand twelve he was not top five in receptions despite his quarterback leading the league in pass attempts something there seems to be off to me. I'm i'm not buying it whatsoever you can you can give me all those numbers but you can move again. I go back to the is what does my eyes see. When i see antonio brown on the football field from a production standpoint you mentioned coach aired manzini and jeff fisher talking about what they don't want distractions but did you ask them what they do want production. What does he provide production every single year. What does aunt who are we talking about. One of the top receivers offers in all of the national football league antonio brown why because he produces he understands what it means to perform on game day. That's more coaches. Coaches won't most they want players that are going to show up when the lights turn on antonio. Brown has proven that he's going to show up when the lights turn on and another another thing. It's not even about the numbers we talk about. What is he going to provide for the oakland raiders without a juju smith schuster without the running running backs in the backfield that he wants lady on bill will he. He's a decoy at if nothing else he's going to draw so much attention that guys like tyrone williams that have come over from the you. Wanna look like that now but we're going to start talking about guys like this. This is why we have juju smith schuster making so many plays because he's playing alongside an all pro israel great but 'antonio did not like that the juju was was emerging. His teammates picked juju smith schuster as the team m._v._p. Hounded antonio brown respond. I'm quitting this is unacceptable and walked out on his team. I mean you think they're gonna make a fifteen million dollar a year receiver a decoy and he's going to be cool with that. Were you in their locker room when when they said they did. Antonio brown didn't like that. He went on the team argument. I rented a report of someone in the locker room. Sources told sports illustrated antonio brown was irate when juju smith schuster her was voted team m._v._p. He walked out to practice. You can go read it greg and i didn't want to dispute the nose and him and rothlisberger got into it any walked off and quit on his team. Wow i just i think i think your way hard on antonio brown and there was there was a problem at the end of last season. There's no doubt about it where he was going to play and because he had missed those days of practice they told him that he wasn't gonna play and he showed up for the game or whatever and then. They said he wasn't playing. I guess he loved. Is that a good thing. No it's not i agree with you but but to act as if this guy's nothing what disruptive live doesn't add anything and that ben is without meth without malice venezia comeback to acknowledge that maybe he isn't the best quarterback and the best teammate in dealing with teammates putting them on full blast and there were other situations so don't make it like it's just him and i don't know anybody. Greg helped me that that wants to be knocked off their perch and feel good about it. I don't care who it is teammate or not. Nobody is go- oh yeah yeah. Go ahead. Take over my perch. I i'm good with it. I'm just saying i'm not saying that you have to be disrupted. Try to hurt the team but nobody takes that great. He's still knows he's a great player. Fifteen touchdown lead to league and you tell them. I love the league in touchdowns and i'm not the best. I'm not a captain on my team how wow so he did lead the n._f._l. And touchdowns when this dealers said we're done with this guy we're trading him where we're all the big time offers the the raiders offered a third and fifth round pick. I believe that's all it took friend tonio so it's not like the league was clamoring to bring this guy in. Let me add the next layer and i don't wanna again. I don't want to be painted as the antonio brown hater which are now. Where's the evidence itself so look this. Their schedule is the toughest in the n._f._l. Fell historically one of the most brutal schedules for travel. They have four back to back on the road. That is the league. The raiders are going to be in trouble. What happens rob when they if they lose the opener denver the quarterbacks that they face after that the raiders team's gonna be in trouble. Patrick mahomes kirk cousins andrew luck aaron rodgers. There's a chance this team has won six out of the gate okay with this brutal travel schedule. How is in tonio brown going to go from being a perennial super bowl contender with the steelers. How is he going to handle that locker room. If they're one in six out of the gate i think he already knows where the team is and what the circumstance is. I don't think he's going to go in and be shocked. They haven't won super bowls in a long time the race or not even been bad so so. I think you do know that but you also feel when you go greg that maybe i can be to god is is to start this over or change the atmosphere change. I bring what what i had in pittsburgh to. The waiters is the same way why john goon took two one hundred million dollars and came out t._v. right and went to the raiders because he believes i can make a difference. I can change this. That's what a b. is doing anytime time you go from one culture and one organization as as well known in that whole that has much history as the pittsburgh steelers. I and you go to another franchise organization like the oakland raiders. It didn't matter where he went. You believe that you are going to make the difference. That's just everyone's meant everybody. You think you're going to make the difference. Does that mean that the oakland raiders now are super bowl contenders absolutely not. Let's be realistic here. None of us up appear are saying that but we understand what provides wins and that is players playmakers guys who can produce when the lights are bright brightest and antonio brown again to my point has always been that guy you look at their you ask their car if he would take antonio neo brown in. Does he believe that he's going to help him. Yes exactly of course of course you said when the lights are brightest greg a spotlight on antonio brown rob parker loves to mention super bowls. We'll just dial back to playoffs right. The playoffs or wouldn't have spotlight is on brightest. How is in tonio brown done in ten playoff games. Hey how we're touchdowns. That's it. I mean he's a really talented players. You might wanna play offs of recent when he plays new england have you have you taken no ashley. I'm asking because every time they'd played them. They lay that on tomlin is vanish round. Levy is a condemnation ryan shazia where we going with no no. Where are you going with this. This is what i don't like when when guys like yourself start to make it all about about one no let me finish because what's gonna happen is if the pittsburgh steelers have success is going to be. They're better without antonio. Antonio brown will let me let me clarify something you you recall this. You covered ditch the detroit lions when calvin johnson decided to retire everyone one was worried and concerned about the production of offense specifically the skilled skilled guys and the receiver unit. Did that did that production decline. No i know it got better actually. Does that mean that calvin. John challenger was irrelevant who said that no point so the despite whatever the pittsburgh steelers do don't let that be your narrative old. They're better without antonio brown. I because what tends to happen when you lose a guy like antonio. O.'neil brown is a guy like ben rothlisberger. Who's always focused on him now. He's gonna deliver the ball differently. He's gonna go to different a lot more options because he's not so localized and focused on one individual that has always massively produced. I'll give you another example lady on bell. You know everybody's has beaten says oh we don't need lay bell. Look james caan or whatever these are the same steel of fans talking about this and the team didn't even make the playoffs. It's just like comical. Comical can tell them we didn't we'll. What james did you make the playoffs. Oh no don't tell me that have levy on bell played the entire season. They wouldn't have made the play offs so people can payment any way they want and act like missing. A player like this doesn't matter doe does no doubt about it but i want to bring the focus back to the raiders. This is a team that would not pay khalil mack and whether your thoughts on mac relevant but they wouldn't pay a edge rusher we agree edge rusher asher is more important than building a team than wide receiver. We would agree on that right greg. I was just as blown away by them. Not paying khalil mack. Is anybody like that was the john grooten decision that he's offensive guy. He wanted to focus on offense inside the ball. Get younger players get players that he brings he brought brought in there. That's the thing about coaches. They want to weed out what they feel has been kind of tainted by the old regime or old culture and in old ways in old thinking so you get those guys out a khalil mack. I would've never gotten rid of him. He decided to get rid of them. They got three first round draft picks. We'll see what they look like but antonio brown the one right here in question whether he's going to help help or hurt this team is buffoonery. Asia is absolute. Were owner. Show the producers love to hear. You thought the question was done rob. I'll give you the final word here. He's definitely going to help a four win raiders team do you what get to five wins six. We know they ain't coming out of the cellar in the a._f._c. west. We don't know yet. I mean they'll just be better. I just think offensively they'll be better whether it's his numbers or other guys around him and derek carr will have a better season. There's no doubt in my mind can't be any worse than he was last understand that but that's why you go out and get help right could you could you have yeah problems of you also interesting and in very intriguing to me about antonio brown and all that we we are seeing about him. Jon gruden is so excited about him getting the practice so that these young guys these other receivers can watch the way he works because he's the number one when you have a guy like that in practice in house that can translate what's in the meeting room onto the football field it. It builds the confidence offense of everyone around you not only your quarterback but the other guys that are going to be catching in receiving the ball from your quarterback in provides that that example of what it looks like we heard it even on hard knocks when when nate peterman the doesn't see the guy streaking down the z. receive restricted breaking down the middle of the field. He's like you gotta see that guy. You know who we got coming in here. Eighty four is going to be here and he's gonna walk that ball. He's gonna need that ball. He's a player like that's what that's that's. What a guy like that provides. We're not even talking about games. We're talking about practice practice. Somebody who actually loves to play football regardless regardless if it's the game practice all season working out backyard. This is who antonio helmet issues no doubt about it. I give me the week five before antonio. Brown has his blow up after they get destroyed and they fall to one. No andrew luck has been sitting <music> out of practice since july twenty ninth with what was thought to be lingering calf injury from april yesterday colts owner jim irsay told reporters luck wasnt dealing with a calf strain but actually a bone issue instead then g._m. Chris ballard clarified last night. Luck has not injured a bone but was having pain rain in the front of his ankle and his week. One status is currently uncertain rob boy. How concerned should the colt be with andrew luck's injury given his history. I can understand why people are a little like leary because he's missed so much time he's had so mini injuries but i'm going to say not to concern from the standpoint of this i think they're being cautious with him be given his history and i think they're taking taking their time not to rush them out because they don't want to further injure whatever's bothering him and i think it's more precautionary now. I'm not a doctor. I haven't examined tim. I'm just saying needs to clarify that because i don't want people to medical school now. It's called the columbia jason journalism journalism school but in this case i think that's what is more about and i understand because this guy and when i say this. He's more award to me like if he's on your team and he's playing. You've got a chance like an aaron rodgers. No matter what the rest of the team is that's how big is is to the colt andrew luck last year we saw him have a bounce back year thirty nine touchdowns fifteen picks and they they need him to be healthy healthy and if that means taking a little time and maybe missing a game or so to get him right. I think that's the way you gotta. Handle it but i'm not ready to panic. Oh my god we're going to go through another year of not having andrew lock in the end of the world. I just think it's because it's him. People are panicking because of what we see but i think it's more the right approach to deal with andrew luck in this situation rob. You have to be concerned because it is andrew luck because you know this is our guide this is the franchise is not the same injury what i'm saying. I don't care what injury it is. I don't care if it was a hair on his head. We have to take care of this. We have to be concerned because this is. This is what makes us go. You mentioned it with him on the field. We don't know how great they can be. No doubt down with him without him out there. We're not even talking about the indianapolis colts think look at this in last year they were seventh in passing. Seven points are passing yards per game name the year before when he missed all of seventeen they were thirty in both categories passing yards passing yards per game total total yards yards in the year prior to that in sixteen they were formed in nineteen so he's a difference maker regardless of who you have at receiver regardless regardless of what you have in the backfield we've seen him. Do it. Regardless who you have up front blocking. That's why mentioned them in the same breath with aaron rodgers we on that team. He's that type of player that you have to be concerned about his health and with him as you mentioned not taking the snap since when was it july twenty ninth you're you're thinking like when are we gonna see this guy back at full strength consistently and that's the number that's the thing that starts to draw concerns for me another in another thing when you have one one result coming back as you know there may be a bone issue calf and and now it's ankle when you start to have some variation in what it is. We're looking at from injury standpoint now. I'm concerned isn't really really what you're looking at and what don't register dude you see what i'm saying. It's even worse than that because it's been five months disguise and they still are only finding out now what it is rob. How are you now worried about this. We're talking about with hold on hold on just a great quarterback comeback player of the year like the cost certa. The colts are one in five okay. They were getting shelled. They couldn't stop anybody. The defense improves but andrew luck was everything so what they do in the off season well. He needs more guys. Besides besides t y hilton they go get devin funchess solid receiver the draft perez kansas slaying by the way illuminated gear on how to believe this is a team built around luck. Listen you guys don't do a gambling podcast for f s when i was in vegas last month i bet on several teams to win. The super bowl the culture one of them. They have one of the best odds to win the super bowl. They're not even in the playoff discussion without andrew this big time seriousness. I can't there but i'm also said. I think that they're taking a cautious approach approach with him. Excuse me given his history and then i mean you can paint. Oh my god. The sky's falling. You don't know that and all i'm saying thing is if it's the same injury greg i would be with you but when you talk about something different you get hurt in football. You get banged up. There's something else going on and all i'm saying is rather error on the side of caution rather than rushing amount so that you know so that you feel good that he's taken snaps in practice. Yeah i'm not there or are they going to. This subject rob the shoulder. They screwed it up. They know always coming back. He's coming back out for the season lacerated kidney that he suffered there was is a quote from one of these doctors said lock's injury from the kidney. A few years ago was like something somebody gets in a car accident like and the colts had no clue they were like oh. It's almost ready. Oh no way he's done. They have consistently screwed this guy up and it's troubling this last year. Andrew luck was the look at it. Here's a history right here. This is really devastating. Anti andrew luck was the second best quarterback in the n._f._l. Last year against the blitz because his ability to read the defenses and mobility without an ankle with an ankle ankle injury these are going to be mobile say open against ingram and bosa and the chargers well. That is a fierce if you can't run. I don't want him out there. We'll see what you just said is the reason why i like this approach because before they will always throwing stuff out there always coming back. He's not ready and in this case we. We don't know they're not going to do that. The gorna take their time with him. Don't tell people he's coming back and there's nothing make sure you know that this guy is going to be in the best shape and don't put them out to eat healthy so holding him back i get it. You want to reps greg and you want them to be out there with. All the other guys is but i'm wondering i've i think the culture doing it the right way. Take your time with andrew luck. Could you read nothing bad luck with him. Rob i agree i i believe that they're taking their time and they're doing the right thing in taking the right approach however they are basically concerned because they've been down this road road too many times and we're we're talking about andrew luck. We're not talking about a running bag that we feel like the shoes can be filled by committee. We're not talking. We're talking about a franchise guy who has proven that he is a difference maker period clear-cut. No no confrontation tation about that. The one thing here that again that i don't like is the misdiagnosing of what it is and having played aide in being misdiagnosed. It's not something that you take lightly as a player which is why a lot of guys get get ridiculed acute about going and getting a second and third opinion outside the team dynamics in the team walls and why is that is because you have somebody who's who's not tied to your organization looking at you. I who's not kind of skewed in their their their conveying inflation. It's a conflict of it really conflict the vendrell because you know as a player. Are you really in it for me. Are you trying to push me back healthier career. When i'm when i'm really not ready i was in green bay and i i do not think it was intentional at all. I got my last year green bay. I had a sports hernia media. What it turned out to be well. It was diagnosed as a groin injury which all signs led to i felt i felt that some similar similar to what i've felt before and i'm like yeah is growing. I thought myself it was a growing. We'll get a second and third opinion outside of the team in no. It's not a growing sports hernia so this is why when you're dealing with players of this caliber you don't wait and that's that's where i'm like. What are what are are you guys doing. Why have you waited so long to continue to investigate what this really is like. Send him off to specialists and let them figure out income back with information and intel that lets you know clearly what's going on with your friends. I think that's fair. My only my only concern is i'd rather them take it slow with andrew luck than just put them out with three other people and to be like oh well. He's out there. He'll be fine. No let's. Let's not say that because they've done this in the past and he hasn't been fine so let's take our tom and i agree with you. Go out and make sure diagnosed properly and and get them back. They are taking their time. They haven't had any clue what the injuries since march five months in this that we great jason you say that but come on there are doctors there and it ain't as clear cut as everybody is greg. Would you and everything's not clear cutting to get a new batch doctors. They send you to a specialist or you're going to send you to another doctor because they can't really see or figure out what it is all right. It's not that i mean he's had the m._r._i.'s and if the emirates aren't showing up the information that's necessary. That's when it's like okay. We gotta send them somewhere else. We gotta get different scans scans done so we can really know what's going on and it's again regardless of what it is it. They still should do this but the fact act. It's your starting quarterback and he's that important to your success as a team as an organization you gotta get this done. The another day goes by and still no deal for debt prescott amari cooper or ezekiel elliott jerry jones says he wants to keep his young core together the other and doesn't want to lose any stars jerry however does have full faith in zeke staying in shape despite holding out and missing camp jerry told reporters orders he expects zeke to hit the ground running in week one. We're now joined by former all pro offensive lineman kyle turley kyle. How are you doing the world could be with you great to have you. What do you make this mess. That is the cowboys. It's the cowboys right. Yes it wouldn't be the cowboys. If it wasn't a mess. You know coming into the season. I don't think think about who they do. Do they need the most on the cowboys team. You know people talk about dak or zeke. The offense is set up with the ron. How important is zeke elliot to that team and what they're trying to do. Which is a super bowl. I grew up a cowboys fan. I am because of tony dorsett you know the cowboys have a pedigree of running backs and understanding the importance of that so i would assume that that at this would come together here a lot sooner the now especially without today's anymore all these things that discussions about whether or not you're going to be in shape if you're down in kabul. I'm sorry i was in and out of there for about ten years. You're not getting in shape your your party to you know there's a lot of distractions and so hopefully they just get down. There and texas like the cowboys should get that <hes> team rounded up if you will as a former lineman and you know much has mid made of the cowboys offensive line's tremendous. It's awesome deck lasek fifty six times last year second most in the league i don't know do you think there is an issue tacky traditional stat say he's fine. He's good. He's right there with carson wentz. Some of the advanced metrics say he's not nearly as good your thoughts on deck prescott being a thirty million-dollar dollar quarterback his thirty million dollar quarterback. Is anybody else right. Now i mean the season comes and goes injuries happen. It'd be a lot of high paid guys. Go down down money spent money. You know earning wasted the national football league injuries happen. He's a guy who has proven himself to have a worth worth and the more growth you get in this league. The better you get so the chance enrolling that dice with something else is not happening. That's for sure if for for me when i look at the dallas cowboys and i listened to what jerry jones is saying now specifically about ezekiel elliott and hitting the ground running week one off taught hitting the ground running week one like that in and of itself that comment. Lets me know that he knows. I'm gonna have this deal done before before week. One so once we get to week one ezekiel elliott will be rolling. I'm not so set on him not being in shape because he's proven even that he can. He can stay fit. He can train in kabul as he's done this before and he can come back ready to row. I my biggest issue with the dallas cowboys. The boys is making sure that everyone is on the same page and making sure that dak prescott has all guys on deck all hands hands on deck because this is a big year for him regardless if he gets his deal in this contract done. He's still you talk about pressure. You talk about living up to a contract right. He's still going to have something to prove because he's the one that is not proven that he can just bear the load. We've seen what amari cooper has done in oakland oakland. We've seen what he's done when he's come in late with the dallas cowboys we know who ezekiel elliott is but dak prescott is the one that he's been consistent. He's earned what he's he's gonna get but kenny take his game to the next level. That's the question here for me and kyle when when you look at the cowboys i think part is got to be real careful that you don't want to disrupt. You're talking about hit the ground running week one it could be it could be we <hes> dangerous to come into a season not fully loaded with all your all your guns and then lose games early on you know two teams that you probably should beat could be the difference between you're making the playoffs as a wildcard team compared to winning division. How important is that. It's paramount now. I mean you got sixteen chances. That's it you know especially in the beginning of the season you have to set the tone for what your team and what your seasons going to look like and you know having these distractions not good at the end of the day period you know trained in kabul not good at the end of the day you know period you know there's there's certain things that need to be address if you want to continue to have a long career i personally know that you know that at this moment in this the same thing happened with tony romo all just go down. Come on like come on. That's that's not that's not happening and so it's it's paramount that you start this season with your guys. They don't have two days no more they don't even you know i mean they got limited. Chances to be together. I know these guys have been there and all but at the end of the day the money's there the money's going to continue to be there. Jerry knows he's got to get it done. A lot of this is just drama in my opinion and unfortunately where the league is today so as offensive lineman. You don't have your starting running back. Yeah you're going into practice and you're going into preseason games with tony only politics in cast don't forget amari. Cooper hasn't practice in two. I'm going to focus on running better and you've been you've been having struggles. That's an offensive line. We're obviously we know who the dallas cowboys are. Their identity is based around the run. How frustrating frustrating is it as a lineman when can win. The running back isn't there to hit those holes the way you know he typically his those holes yeah well you know go back and ricky and i got into you know no. There was all you had to have continuity continuity is king in the national football league especially in the running game. That ground game goes out on that field. If those offensive offensive linemen are confident in their bag their backs confident their offensive line from no one and how we work because it's a game of inches you know and miniscule things that people just don't we'll see especially in those trenches and to have that knowledge as ezekiel very well. <hes> is as much of a key to his success as anything thing and so again. Hopefully the biggest smart get bagging camp run as many as you want down there and get the skin board out your yeah come on. Let me ask another question because i it's tough for me like greg doesn't sound like he's nervous about the cowboys. He's confident week. One so's jerry jones but is this just a media creation because there's all these talk shows and we've got time to discuss all this stuff. I mean from the inside when you were with the saints can recall any moments where players are holding out players. We're not showing up players. Were injured in. Is there any panic inside with two weeks ago to the seasons. Of course you always have contract issues. The game is a business at the same time but again. It's image and it's what are you really doing. Is your focus one hundred percent <hes> i can tell you. Mine wasn't wasn't kabo when i was down there in the off. Season wasn't one hundred percent focused on my goal of getting healthy getting back to where i knew i needed to be for the end of my career and that's unfortunately i don't think these young guys don't really understand because of the media of everything in the game today has become more of that and their dream has been lost. You know if he could get back to those ohio missouri days and think of back in that mindset you know he wouldn't being kabo. He knows where he needs to be and and i think you know as a player from the offensive line position every position. You're gonna have all this business drama. The owners need to step up and start acting like the owners that they should would not leave. All this drama out here on the shoulders of young men you know quick drew brees last year at the end of the year. It seemed seemed like he was going to win the m._v._p. In the first half and then his arm didn't seem the same and even late in the season. Is he okay. Is he going to be able to bounce back from. What was the second job. Ask this done. Tom brady's uh-huh. He's older quarterback and he was that i know don't they have like a protective shield wheeled around them now that it's a bubble silent safe zone rules in regular yeah yeah the he's got every opportunity more than every opportunity than any other quarterback in the national football league with sean payton at the him the defense now again. The saints are contender every time and especially with jubilees. I see the saints tat no more out. I have no more or need the you know the last two years they have been eliminated brutal fashion in the playoffs of course the minnesota miracle and then the miscall i can. They bounced back. Do you think they can bounce back for a third straight year to come back and make a run at the super bowl go. I hope so you know 'cause. They definitely got robbed last year. They i should've been in atlanta. I don't think there wasn't a bigger party in that town then when the saints lost and it was like they want super bowl in atlanta and that that shouldn't happen so so going down to miami this year where the saints won the super bowl last time so i'll put my bets down that fluidly wow all right thank you kyle would stop now. Things have been interesting for jerry jones and the cowboys ezekiel elliott continues his holdout anna's not in camp there there is no deal in place after the season for receiver amari cooper who missed practice with a foot injury newly acquired defensive end robert quinn underwent surgery for a broken hand. Oh and he suspended two games for meanwhile dak prescott reportedly asked for forty million year and is unsigned beyond this season. Oh boy we're joined now by cowboys reporter clarence hill star telegram clarence welcome to the show. Hopefully you can tell us what's really going on with dak prescott. You guys have no idea tell us what's going on with this drama dallas drummer jerry saying the right things but you remember at smokey robinson tears of a clown. Just you know he's smiling making jokes okay but he's dying on inside for this cowboys season that they hope to take the the next up. You know really they end robert quinn. You know they have a better roster. Stephen jones has said this roster is deeper as it has been since those nineties and his team to spend it on offense and defense line. They are really ready to make a nextstep especially with jason garrett. Basically coaching for a job has at least n._f._c. championship game or the super bowl to get a new contract you know and they really thought they have a chance to or think. They have a chance to take that next. Step folly to get the super bowl for the first time since nineteen ninety five to go onto a train and cabinet was zeke in in kabul dakhla inside raba queen now suspended mario and sign this is not what they want and then when you talk about that and then feeling good about this team. That's why i say a zeke. Elliott has some leverage because they need him. This team is all geared about the running game. We've seen record when he's playing and when he's not plan ryan. Does he have leverage in your mind. He has leverage. I mean first of all the fact that he held out his reason why they're addressing contract now. Everybody says why is he holding out has while the cowboys wanted to kick his contract in next season the fact he's holding out mr compass addressing his contract now their target contract with him. Now the leverage comes obviously when the regular season starts he'd have any any carriage and the preseason last year so it's not a matter of him needs to be in cabinet and the play the preseason. They don't really want to even jerry said no one cares about the prestigious is when the regular season starts that's when the heat is on for the cowboys get zeke and deck signed so with that being so who who do you feel like they should addressed i or does it matter do they. Just need to get one of these guys signed and then you think it'll be a domino effect at this point. It doesn't matter you just got get the guy at this point the seasons less than three weeks away. You gotta get it done ideally audela they would've liked to get done. You wanna get the biggest contract done i. They've been talking about getting back during the end of last season. <hes> then you let russell wilson gets daily. Let carson wentz douillet. Douillet rosberg is deal in in those guys costing them more money. It's caused the cowboys running along. They waited as cost them more money and that didn't go from a small town agents report who signed out when he was a four round pick to see ya and todd france team friendly deal. He's trying to get paid eight. He's going to get paid so clarence. It sounds like you're on board with jerry jones being in full blown panic. I mean you mentioned jason garrett. These guys love to a stop. The jerry jones is panicking checking and a barak cooper. He wants a deal to he wants. Maybe he's waiting to see. Julio jones's money. He's hurt. This jerry jones situation. What level does he start to get frustrated with none of his stars being on the same squeezing his arm he's using johnson so yesterday clip that crazy squeezing his arm you know <hes> waiting for his help and he is going to come to another part of his anatomy his rear. I mean we're talking about a billionaire asking for help on a on a team that wanted division again. Jerry has been through these before this sport for him. I said before this sport me likes to negotiate you can go uh-huh from laughing and joking shrewd businessman in a matter of seconds again. He is patient because he knows things come together. Deadlines make deals for jerry and the cowboys. The deadline is the start of season. That's when he starts panicking about any doubt about dak prescott being that guy being a franchise guy up because all the numbers one to our last week divisions. We've seen all the other numbers or whatever but there are a lot of people when they look at him. He's a third tier quarterback. It was ranked twenty six by some football outside a lot of people now meaning rob and jason. I've seen the tweets we subsidize there. We go keep a lot about it. No i'm just asking is running now really that inside the organization i mean they've already offered thirty million dollars few. There's there's not there's no that's not that's not the deal to the franchise quarterback that type of deal but but it's not as a top six but it doesn't make you richer than what carson when scott so so the deal is less money. I'm just saying most quarterbacks near french. Guide franchises guy gets better deal than a guy before my right or wrong. It's it's called. Negotiations deck is supposedly for forty. I told you it wasn't forty. It was approaching forty other stuff but i know his his initial offer was thirty four. It reported that in june deck understands s._e._a. They're they're gonna ask for this number. Two cowboys star here but stephen jones already said that they got a little room to add more to ask them jews to that. It won't just be thirty. It'll be some around thirty. Two thirty. Three is gonna get carson wentz money. Whenever you sides and again the cowboys have no problem with dak. They believe in that now for the future they believe in him as a leader. They believe in his work ethic. He's the right kind of got leave their france again considering everything you had with zeke dachshund decades after he's been one who has been the i guess the bright shining star how he handled himself on and off the field. Can you win a game by self though if you don't have to run away no no. It's funny about the can. I ask you know what's funny about like he needs all this. He's carson with that. Team won the super super bowl without him. That's a talented team that won the superbowl. We are the only differences. Carson wentz also had an m._v._p. Derail by an injury. We also finished with a war torch townsend lasagna what tom brady and we don't know what he would do. In the play offs put you on the spot the hold up you said deck thirty four million possibly eric. Mangini was saying yesterday here. Franchise tag is possible. What's more likely for dak at this juncture two weeks away from the season well. The tag is right now. We'll be thirty two to point nine million okay and so that's all right there. I mean that's that's why the cowboys often thirtieth silly you know. He's not gonna sign for thirty and because less than what you would have got yeah. You're not you're not gonna do that. They want to get a deal done. I believe that they will get a deal done again at the start to see them but again. Jerry says that you know their called goes into the season but again dagens making two point two million dollars this year. Why would you chance a thirty million thirty. Million dollar. Contract started charta season for two point zero two million. I mean come on. He gets hurt none of that. He gets none of it. I understand all that which is a lot of what you're saying is why i feel like jerry. Jones is is not panicking because he does have back on board. He's in training camp. He's not going anywhere. He understands look. We're working out a deal. He's is the ultimate example that you want him to be for all these other guys. He's doing it the right way supposedly or his way and what he feels like he needs his approach in being in camp trusting that is going to get done. I'm going to allow my agents but they handle their water back and they always get pay exactly my point exactly why whereas now he's making no panic because he's gonna get paid the the holding of the arm. The needing help ezekiel is they. Can i needed to get here's e. I need i wanna put is on. I just want you to know that look. I've had your back. I'm gonna we're gonna take care of you that. I don't think that's in question. Jerry jones said a while back a few few weeks back that wouldn't have i not gotten deal done. In this is true. When has it gotten the deal done that has needed to get done. It may take time these still don't ever get done overnight or as quickly as we would hope for them to get done or we would have nothing to talk about so. Let's let's be realistic again. Deadlines make deals and so the deadline atlanta start a season and certainly there will be some thrust <hes> in the next couple of weeks to get something that i get zeke back from kabul and getting care but you don't want to go into the scene we know jerry keeps saying they keep pumping twenty dollars. You know how they can win without him. No way that the cowboys believe did they can achieve what they want achieve this year without ezekiel. Let me let me dive deep on deck real quick so you saw i put it out there. The football outsiders adam is the twenty sixth rated quarterback the advance stats. That's below trubisky andy dalton yada yada yada deck took fifty six sacks last year clemens second most of the n._f._l. Behind an awesome offensive line awesome last year wasn't awesome. It wasn't awesome last year so zeke. Was there amari cooper for the final half of the season do you i believe deck is is ready to make that next step because i don't know you could say they advance stats if saw him decline every year even though the roster's kind of improved the vast. Did you break that down how it wasn't a second half of the season that will be much better. Come on come on you saw you saw the yard game him because the eagles did you watch the game. Did you watch you watch him in the fourth quarter. Do you look at the fourth quarter comebacks. He looked at a close when you look at all that stuff well. The close wins is interesting clarence eight and two due in one score games that number tends to flip your to your could there was some luck involved drew brees and that saints cowboys little luck involved. I know the cowboys. Americans are angry. That was not a bad thing. The guys proven to be a one or two guys putin. Be a game may mississippi state relevant. Okay would no help. He made them relevant. Okay he coming in as rookie. He made plays to help this team. Go thirteen. He is not being given anything okay. He's earned learned in work for this the guys doughnut degree but to be a winner you can say there are guys that throw the ball better. They're pretty good. They have a better arm the guys leader the guys have been a winner. Probably you wanna jump in with any rams cow back off game. I'm just not there with jack. Prescott don't pretty those lead to cowboys going to super bowl with him. I don't yeah i think he'll be a party could be a part of it but it would be more about the running back and defensive team. It's a certain send that. I don't believe you need them to win to win the game for you that he can do it. I don't believe that believe that you don't believe that tom brady could when he's been lucky so all right. We're gonna have to cut it short on that. Clarence great stuff. Thank you for coming in today. Just the amazing insight von james two days ago. My guy lebron posted this picture on instagram of himself shack. Jack kobe karimun magic with the caption sheesh so honored and so grateful to be a part of greatness p._s. Man oh man dan. That's starting five or seventy franchise all time. Let's go get it. Kareem weighed in yesterday cap telling the l._a. Times lebron doesn't have to worry about about being an all time great. He said lebron has already shown. He's still the complete player that the lakers wanted so. I don't think he needs to worry about that. What if he plays well and the team is contending and in the playoffs and advancing late in the playoffs that should be enough. He doesn't have anything to prove to anyone but but lakers fans are still hungry and that's a good sign. They want to win and they want to support the team kareem abdul-jabbar rob. I gotta ask ask. Do you agree with the greatest center in n._b._a. History no way no how greg the only thing more outdated kareem's hook shot is that take by what is he talking abou look on. No one's saying if lebron has to win a championship to be considering it all tom great. He's an all time great but we're talking about an all time. Laker gray everybody in that picture greg have won a championship wearing the the lakers uniform except lebron james. Don't tell me came here for four years with the idea that he doesn't have to win and laker fans are just cool rule that lebron gonna have a semi time in here and make movies and and do hollywood and that's all that matters and laker fans weather made two ploughs klaus six years including last year with lebron. James is happy just to have him here. That's hog wash. There's no way laker fans believing even that they expected when they got lebron james that they were going to compete and win a championship with one of the greatest players who ever played this game game so for kareem not just give them a pass and say lebron. James is cool and doesn't matter and he doesn't have to win in l._a. Is such a defeatist attitude. I'm i'm shocked as a guy won six titles five or with the lakers in one in milwaukee that he would just pull pull the idea that lebron doesn't have to win so i'm not a buying it up. I want no part of kareem abdul-jabbar. I did lebron. James gets a pass in los angeles. Obviously lebron kareem doesn't pay for tickets because it's just cool to just have a morale people pay money and they want to see the lakers win a champion. You gotta hate her in the house eight her. How's lebron. James has nothing to prove does lee want to win wearing that purple and gold uniform absolutely absolutely does have bills but for you to sit here and say that he has something to prove after all that he's done is foolishness in for a guy like kareem to look at that photo and for him to say lebron. James has nothing to prove. I'm going to side with him. Why because he understands what it takes to put on that uniform he wore for quite some time and when i last time i checked i looked at that photo. There was only one guy in that photo that won it the first time he put that uniform moan for the first season and that was magic johnson his rookie year he did that everyone else it took time for them to actually win a championship lebron james. I'll rookie years that we compare. All i'm saying is there was one guy in that photo that wanted the first time he put on that laker uniform and that was magic johnson and now that lebron james has a side kick if you will and anthony davis of our series of course the option in the ability for him to win. The championship is going to heighten even more. The expectations have always been through why because we're talking about a three time n._b._a. Champion we're talking about three time n._b._a. Finals in be like we're talking about one of the arguably one of the greatest players ever played the game. I believe it's michael jordan but my lebron james is right there so everything that you're saying yes you're going to say. He has something to prove because you wanna see him win because he's been so great for so long his last last year in his stat line twenty seven to play million games rob please. He missed. He missed me. He didn't play in twenty seven game. He was injured for eighteen of them like rob less. Let's be realistic had lebron james continues to play. We wouldn't even be having this conversation organization because they would be they would have made the playoffs. You watch the end of the season. I did watch did you watch when they lost to the grizzlies into the sohn's and to the hawks does will all all games and a chance to win and make play did lebron play he did he did what did they had dug themselves in such a hole and when you're playing on teams and you're you're finding ways to lose games in is hard to right the ship in just a matter of twenty some odd games after the all star game off all star break so don't give don't give me that lebron james was available and he should've worn those games playoffs lebron james and here's the other thing you talk about about the tweet championships in reality lebron i keep telling you is the full phot- out god failure of all time lost more championships than any other all the former m._v._p. In the n._b._a. And can we see that picture again. Can we see that picture of everybody all the gray lakers according to kareem you might as well add schmos parker. This is same. I'm glad you called it picks up and went to look at it. Closely ladies and gentlemen okay kobe got to the lakers when he was eighteen magic when he was twenty shack twenty four jabbar twenty-eight lebron got there at thirty three three not in his prime at the tail end of it all those guys it was easier to win a title when you get there early in your career in your prime. You can't bag on lebron for this okay okay. Jabbar is a thousand per noise not because he's not talking about jason his first year. He's saying he doesn't have to win. Does he know that your <hes> pity on whether it's a different dole does what to win off no okay. We'll broadcom's here for four years and they don't win. It's a fail you're okay so he's retired and fail but what does that mean. I was a failure. He's still the second greatest maryland in any great player but the notion russian that lebron doesn't have to win. Why wouldn't he ran on the lake fishing going to be an heightened right also on the table. If lebron word a win he would be the first player to win with three different organizations which would elevate you so don't tell me he has nothing robert. Have they win one title title in four years then you know what it is. He only one one nine hobey won multiple. Just told you what it is. All you ever do that. Leonard now has a chance dance to do it. If he wins with the clippers he would be the first player. That's huge. Are you kidding me but the lakers favorites. They don't have the best team. Nobody would say. There's a favorites right now to win the championship. They have the best team. None of the numbers bear that out. That's not what came running away with the rest of their roster. Rob is not very good. I don't know i mean listen. You wanna blame jeanie buss or rob lincoln. That's fine. Lebron does not have the best team in the league. They're going to be very good. They should be advancing deep into the playoffs but you can't call it at a failure if they don't win a title that's not fair. This is what rob is going to do a notice. He doesn't like greatness. Tom brady definite cari. I'm tom brady lebron james. He doesn't appreciate great not true at all. I think michael jordan is the greatest player oversaw. I not covered michael. You're more. We're old school. You appreciate the greatness wants go. No it's not you i when michael jordan was playing. I'm sure you gave him all kinds of credit and accolade. I was covering the n._b._a. During that time and michael went through the same scrutiny that lebron has gone through and people always act like michael had a red carpet ride through the n._b._a. People people criticized early in his career. He's just a dunker. He doesn't make anybody any fatter and he can't win. That's what they talked about michael jordan and then he broke through olympic. I was there. I watched the guy's career so all i'm saying is i appreciate greatness but i think today. Everybody thinks everything that happens. Today is better anything that's ever happened. Lebron james is a great player but he was in cleveland eleven years in one one championship and it's no i'm just my point is before before you go around and saying this guy's greatest of all time and everybody doesn't want to count his losses. He's lost six championships to be such a great player. He's as long as michael jordan lost. I mean he lost a ton before the fire. Before the finals he got knocked down the first round more times than umbrellas law six championships but his ability to get it to the finals has been as impressive as most guys ability to even win. Buffalo bills fan you more levy in the bills the four straight super bowl a. d. any more with any marv levy must be the greatest cody didn't win any lebron. James has one. That's what you're you fail to acknowledge the fact that he did win. You just want to focus on what he didn't win which is unfair now he's in l._a. Does he want to win yes. Does he have something to prove no because he's already won. The only thing he has to prove is that he's the best player in the n._b._a. If he were to win then could that elevate him as far as being the first year whoever won with three different organizations so don't tell me you have nothing to play for he saw aw are you saying that if lebron win one more title he elevates above michael jordan you wouldn't be able to make a better case for him as being the one on grade is just a no greg. Could you make automatic. Better tastes better way. He's out of this rob. We're talking about lebron late in his career here with the lakers. Do we need to revisit michael jordan lateness career with the washington wizards do we we need no because he missed the playoffs. We're also talking about tom. Brady forty two. We just want a super bowl that forty one. They have better trainers acquitted of medicine. Everything is better so those guys have a chance to be able to compete later in their career. They didn't have that twenty years years ago so 'cause the scrutiny is even heightened now social media because of social media no doubt about it for you to say jordan was just as highly highly scrutinized lebron. He was good now is has he was. He was nowhere near what we see today. Because of social were there twenty four seven cable news. Node auto wasn't call sports phone to get to school or you go. I mean it's not even close lebron dealing with much more by the way let's just quickly revisit. This lebron was on the cover of sports illustrated believe at sixteen years old. He has been scott free off the core. No issues no arrests. No problems lebron has been a model citizen with the glaring spotlight. That greg talked about that deserves praise as well okay. Were you wanna parade i. I want to parade one in l._a. One in cleveland. Let's give him one of miami. I mean to do the right thing. I think. Most people do the right thing and it's good. I'm not knocking them but i'm not going to give them a parade for doing the right thing. He lose a good life. He's done a lot of good things in the community. I admire all that stuff. I'm just talking about the basketball part and for kareem to just give him a pass. I don't feel good about that. Not a not a champion karim the all time leading score and just be like well. Whatever fans just gonna come drink. They're overpriced beer and bad hotdogs and lebron is can just make a gazillion dollars hollywood stuff okay. That's where we are. No okay you guys both lawson. This all please all right no mercy. Thanks for listening to the undisputed podcast. I'm johnny tapped. Join us again at nine thirty a._m. Eastern on monday for another other week of undisputed. We'll see that of of mine.

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