The Falcoholic Live, Ep139: Josh Harris & Live Falcons Mock Draft


Falco hall podcast listeners. Welcome to another. Episode of the falcons live. This is your host. Kevin night reminding you to check out. The show live on youtube on wednesday nights at eight ten pm. Eastern to check out our patron page where you can unlock exclusive perks including access to a patron. Qna and a. session where we take falcons questions for about thirty minutes to an hour. That's a lot of fun. You could find that page at patriotair dot com slash alchoholic love. Thank you all for listening. And we hope you enjoy. Today's episode fellow alcoholics. What is up. Welcome to episode one. Thirty nine of the falcon hollick live. I'm your host. Kevin knight joined by a wonderful guest. This evening he is. Josh harris. The falcons longtime long snapper at a you. Jay harris on twitter josh. How are you doing this evening. Doing great doing great. Thank you guys for having me on the comport to talk a little bit with your with you. Absolutely we're excited to have you. Man are also joining us. We have full house of co host this evening. First of all we have eric robinson he is underscore. Eric underscore robinson on twitter. Eric how are you this evening. Doing pretty good man. I kind of wish you just you know has some stuff to talk about on this episode's an outside of josh's interview course there's literally nothing going on. Yes which is why. We've got a live mock draft for you guys because there is nothing going on unless you wanna talk. No offensive josh andrews. But i don't think we could fill an hour of airtime talking about josh andrew. So we're going to have to do a mock draft which i know you guys have been looking forward to as well so don't worry about that also with us tonight. We have evan burchfield at the very easy to remember. Evan burchfield on twitter evan. How're you doing doing online josh. And get your questions for me and you can ask him. Yup yup dies. You could definitely get any questions for josh in. The chat will try to get to as many of those as we can throughout the evening and we also have a very special guest with us. The man the myth the legend at the falcon hollick himself. Dave show dave. How are you this evening doing grid. Glad to be here absolutely always always. We can get dave on here you know. I think dave enjoyed the last mock so much tempted him. Back with the potential of the mocks. So open this time. We can trade down enough to pick up every pick in the draft. I believe in. Yeah we can do it if we try hard enough. I'm sure you know the teams in these mock draft scenarios. They seem very willing to play along with our shenanigans so That's definitely helpful. I don't know that the real nfl would be that open to that but we can dream. That's what this is all about. Also with us tonight will mcfadden at will mcfadden. Twitter will how are you this evening. I'm doing well. Thanks kevin. i'd also like to remind you josh. That you are tight. End at least in the eyes of badme so don't don't discount yourself there. You got some some receiving skills. Apparently in you know game world. I don't know where they got those stats from or those numbers. But eh the more you can do right the more you can do. That was always our biggest conversation. Every time madden came out it was like why do they keep having long tight ends with a forty grade. Like that's man it's that's all right. That's part of the gig. Yeah well that's that was what was funny. I think it was in madden twenty. You had a great forty seven and your number was forty seven so that always confused me. Because i was like wait. So that's also it's insulting to long snappers to make you a forty seven. You know just to be fair but hey what can we do. There's too many problems with madden's to get to in one episode. So i don't. I don't know if we have enough time for all that. Yeah yeah that's a really intense discussion. Know maybe for later in the offseason but josh really excited to have you here obviously i believe you are the third longest tenured player on the roster. At this point you've seen a li- you've been through multiple coaching staffs going into a third one now. So it's just i definitely curious some of the stories over the years but my first question is something lighter topic to start us off on. Have you been able to do anything. Find this off season. I know everyone's been locked down and stuff like that but if you had a chance to relax do anything interesting this offseason. Yeah we've We've we've been able to to spend some time together as as a family. I was to take a trip with my wife Few weeks ago we went up to the north carolina up into the mountains and so got to get away a little bit there but we got three little ones at home so getting them to and from school. You know busy. With a lot of activities. There were going on spring break next week. So next week we'll get our beach trip and and We'll get to spend some time down there and And enjoy it. that's great. Yeah sounds sounds good. My brother was just in miami. Luckily he arrived after the lockdown at ended so it wasn't completely closed down but yeah hopefully you'll have better luck if you next week tab that area of the country so guys i definitely would open up The rest of you. If you have any questions for josh feel free you get those out there. And i'll be checking the chat as well for other questions but yeah go ahead yeah. I've got one you know josh. I think you're in a really unique and interesting position. Kind of being the the bridge between two real fan favorites in matt bryant and young lay and You know i'm just curious if you've seen any maybe similarities. In the way that they approach you know their job their roles That has led them to be very successful for for this team. And also maybe some differences that you've seen. I know both guys have very different personalities. Having having talked to to both of them but know what are the comparisons. And maybe the contrast between those two. While i'll start with the biggest contrast and that would be that to my knowledge young way as always kicked with both clips on And matt ryan bryant used to be a barefoot at kicker way back in his college days so that that could be one of the What what are the main differences for them there but i do see a lot of similarities in a lot of it comes in just their approach to the game and you know the position that they have on the team and the work ethic that they have to. You know i guess you know. Prepare themselves the best way that they know how you know. Not just during the off season you know and fine. Tuning their Their skill and their craft but during the season. And making sure that you know in any given moment whether it's in practice or in a game that they're stepping up and they're ready to go whenever their numbers called and that's something that you gotta want you gotta want that moment and that's something that both of them definitely Exhibit and something. That i think is very you know. Very good trait to have at any position. But especially the kicker possession men thanks so much. Yeah absolutely Want to give you guys thrifty guys opportunity to get any questions and you have as well so whoever would like to go next minds up. Go ahead eric. What you meant to touch a little bit on your your high school background because of course. I'm pretty sure you didn't play long. Snapper your entire life. Of course you had other positions that you got in in other aspirations give the fans a little bit of insight or your high school career. Yeah i I played three sports from the time i was. You know nine years old all the way through high school so there was never really an offseason but for football specifically snapping wasn't the only position that i played You know during high school. And so i did that on top of playing defense mainly and i played linebacker plates defensive end i was running back Earlier in my childhood days there or may not be some Some highlights tape of that way. Way down deep in the in the closet but Defense was was my role. I enjoyed it. I love everything about it and you know even now as a snapper still you know. It's a unique position. Because i get to go from playing offense to dan immediately playing defense again and so get to kind of do the same things that That i used to do in high school. But i just enjoy. The game of football is incredible and being able to play as many positions. Play as many sports as possible. I think it is huge. The whole idea of specializing just playing one position or one sport. You know the. I don't think works for everybody and i'm just glad that i got the opportunity to to experience a lot of different sports a lot of different positions. And here i am now is one of the most obscure positions on the team as a snapper which it everybody's got a crazy story and that just happens to be mine so which is telling me is almost ten years. We've had as rusher just sitting on a bench. It's just there. There's been a really good A picture from high school days that used to float around some team meetings every now and then you know shoulder pads were like twelve sizes too. Big a risk taped off. I'm just working a an offensive tackle. The probably get to a sack or at least that's my story and i'm sticking to. It could have been good for you. Know for at least at least a pass rushing specialist and lease quickly pirates. Yeah yeah yeah. I guess not reminds me of a question i had was that as obviously playing long snapper. You'll be active every game. Have you actually been cross trained to play any positions as like an emergency backup for for any other positions on the roster at any point during your time in atlanta. yes and no Not not not really in depth. I run down on kickoff cut coverage teams as of the scout team. You know stand in anywhere. I need to on scout teams for For special teams but also play a little scout team. Tied in the are walk throughs. I've been at quarterback during linebacker drills. I've played a linebacker in a like a seven on seven red zone situation before so it kind of sprinkled in here and there but at the end of the day my my job to to snap the ball and But i'm there to do and help in any any way that i can listen the more you can do the better off. You're going to be so i. I'm happy to fill in wherever they wherever they need me. Yeah i was gonna say. Should we read into the fact that you're listed as a linebacker on your google profile. Your your linebacker. Their plans for your bullets for dave. You're blitzen from everywhere long snapper included. We're all linebackers in the dean. The yes yeah. that's great. Yeah that's very interesting. yeah. I don't know if anybody else had any questions. They want to get into as well. Josh who will go ahead of me. Yeah people still later on. You know i don. I wanted to ask questions but there was one thing that would i not sure. And he told me a funny story that i tried to get into words but it just like doesn't translate as well josh. If you don't mind tell tells story about the The the team employees who had no idea like who were that sounds good to me. Yeah i mean. There's there's a few of those stores. But i know which one you're talking about So a few years ago we were playing seattle on a monday night at seattle and we got back. I mean at probably six seven o'clock the next morning and we were going into the facility to get some tape review film review recovery type stuff After the game walking up the staircase to our special teams coaches office and A guy that works in the The it department was coming down the stairs and he looked at me and he goes all man. You'll long night. I said yeah it was and then he goes Well did you go to the game. And i just kind of looked at him. I said yeah. Yeah i went. I went yeah late night late night. We're we're we're back in it now. So that's just part of the as part of a life of being the snapper and there's a bunch of other stories similar to that that I can tell as well but that's a good one. That's funny disrespect more. That's all right. That's all right. Yeah okay. I believe will had a question as well so go ahead will. Oh why. I was just a kind of just wondering you know you. You've done with the team for such a long time and there have been some really good special teams players on on this group. Like who who do you view as like the best special teams player that they have played with the years. Probably a lot of gunners like eric weems or the likely tap that you know who are the guys that you've kind of had the most admiration for. Yeah i would i would start. I my my rookie year. Antone smith who also like every time he touched the ball on offense or it was crazy. I every running ads. Like a forty yard touchdown run but to watch him like the grit that that that he played with was unbelievable. I mean to run the way that he could make plays Any position on special teams was was special. And then you mentioned eric williams. I mean that guy was a legend in the special teams world. And he i got a chance to to play with him for a few years and he was a personal protector on the punt team. So we got to work really closely together and we had to be all on the same page with that protection calls and things like that and it was a true pro he. He knew his role and he executed it better than you know a lot. A lot of people give him credit for and justin bethel falls into that category as well. I mean we had him on the team just a few years ago and Do all those guys just the amount heart and the want to that. It takes to play special teams. All those are just a few guys that you know i. I could talk about a a teammate. That i've had it's out there on special teams whether those but it takes a special type of guy to wanna go out and do that type of dirty work. And i just have this tremendous amount of respect for for everybody that goes out there and does the job that we're required to do and You know some have had just been stellar. Just you know above average obviously names and people that have done a great job for us spend. i'm glad to have been able to call them teammate. Yeah and I also have kind of one followed for that is can you walk us through a little bit of the relationship in the conversations that like you and sterling hoffer actor has compared to like you boxer like just the relationship i guess between a long snapper and a and a placeholder like what is what does that like. What are you guys work on throughout the week and going into a big kick or something. Yes so a lot of that especially this year with sterling This past season yeah. This was his first time holding. So that was a big deal you know and it was important for us to be able to get on the same page and be able to have our operation down And not to wear. Cou could trust it and really. That's that that's ultimately the the main goal is you know everybody needs to be on the same page and we all have to be able to trust each other and that's something that you can really only get through repetition and practice we can. We can talk about it but until you're actually out there catching snaps and throwing balls back there to him. You know. that's where you're gonna figure out. Where does he catch it. You know how far away from his body does he catch the ball. That's gonna affect how far the balls traveling obviously which is also gonna affect how many times how fast the That ball is rotating and so where he catches it where the laces are where he catches it. That's something that we all have to figure out and make sure that we can do that consistently so that coup doesn't have to places and you know he keeps booting them through and that's pretty that's for every holder you know what it was the same with bosscher or any of the other guys that we've had that have come in and it's the same with as well and it's something. We'll continue to work on and wrapping. Get as good as we. Can you know give possibly can at it damn this. This process is so fascinating. I it was. I wish it was like talks about more popular in like it. Just the accuracy in the ability that you can do this like strike after strike after show. It's like it's like a pitcher in like just the ability to have the command to do it like you can't mess up. Frankly like you care. And that's right. I wish i got more respect. Yeah i agree. I i laugh them like yeah. You know the a quarterback that has you know x. Amount of you know completion percentage or whatever you know all this guy. This guy made the pro bowl this year with a kick a field goal percentage of ninety percent. I'm like man. I ninety percent. Completion percentage on my snaps. Like i wouldn't be out for very long. You know look look at it. this way. you're the league's best like seven yard. Passer upside the highest rate in that category right there. Yeah exactly yeah. And that's that's one of the more interesting things right at. It's long. Snapper is a position that you probably. It's kind of like a catch twenty two because it'd be nice if everyone knew who you were but if everyone knows who you are probably means something bad happened and that's kind of the nature of the nfl. Unfortunately so doing your job. Only the people that really pay attention Might know who you are on a daily basis interesting dichotomy of being anonymous. But it's for the right reasons. So yeah i guess one of the things i'm curious about is when you knew that long snapper was going to be your home. Was it once you've got to auburn or was it even before that it was. It was definitely when i got to auburn Because it really wasn't even until i graduated high school that i realized snapping was something that could give me a chance at the next level and i grow growing up a huge auburn fan. That was the only place I wanted to go. And i just showed up to the walk on trial the morning of the first and the first day of classes in two thousand seven and a half through that season i got a call to come out to the team and that was kind of the moment wires. I said okay. Well now. All i'm going to do is snap and i would kind of ask him if i could do anything else if they needed. Help doing stuff and it was to a certain degree. Maybe not so much my first couple years but it was no. You know you don't need to be doing now. We don't need to get you hurt running down on kickoff and us not really body the ball or something like that. So yeah what college where snapping it was. The only thing one wants to kill anybody. That's what that will do. Good tackles in my career. I've got. I've got some pictures hanging up that That had some good fit the the from some good tackle. So that's the last thing they needed. Where you you know running down bobby boucher some times. Sometimes it reminds me of moore. Anderson the falcons kicker from like before matt ryan or matt bryant. Told me a story of you know he. He was in a position where he was the last line of defense for a a kick return for a touchdown and he generously declined to make the tackle attempt on this huge human being more than anderson. Not exactly the most story tackler and coach got onto him and he said you know coach. You don't pay me to do. Coach was like took him aside and was like you know you're right but like just don't say that for the team again. Okay reminds me of that but no you fast. Go ahead go ahead. We'll did did malcolm or not. Now kenyan ever talk about that tackle that you had on. Speaking of special teams tackles in carolina. So that was that was bosch but bosch goddamn sorry about that anyway because when when kb came on you know and obviously embossed we're going back and forth about you know the play the hit and all this that and the other you know. He's looking at me and me being. Kp would go back and forth from our auburn and oregon national championship game against each other. Where tackled him. Or i'd say i tackled him. I was in on a tackle. I'll put it that way. But but when i told the story join you know i had to pull the picture up and show him where. There was a picture of me tackling in in the championship game. So that's my story. But hey that he's he's one of the best he's a he's a great dude and happy for him he just wanted to another super bowl. I think that's his third now. So he's he's balling. Thank you for saving me on that. Just taking credit for like. Oh yeah. I see should. Because i wrote a great tweet about the boston that i was ready to. Just give it all to you josh. I was going to be like man. That was the best tackle. It was pretty great. I wish i could. But i can't take the credit for that one. Yeah now i mean honestly like you do. I think it's almost every year you've had you've had tackles on specialty of so. No one can accuse you of not trying to tackle here and there. So it's that linebacker background coming through. So yeah rose exactly right. Yeah i guess my next question is know you played with a lot of different team members. Obviously several different coaching staffs now. Who are some of the your favorite guys that you just that you worked with that you hung out with over the course of of your time with the falcons. Oh goodness well. I mean this is. The easy answer is obviously the all the specialist. I mean we're kind of in our own world you know. I mean even at practice. We're on our own field until it's our period you know to come in and and do our part but so obviously bosscher and bryant You know obviously now sterling and coup but but everybody that has come through whether it's been a guy that's been here for a couple of weeks filling in for an injury. You know always just trying to make time to To introduce obviously myself my family. Welcome into the home if that works out But i tell you what we've had a lot of really great Guys on the falcons over the years. Both coaches and players you know. Julio jones has been one of the most professional human beings. I've ever been around in my life and you know what he does on the field. Each and every day i think is only overshadowed by the type of person that he is off the field and You know that shows and you know how he interacts with everybody in the locker room and everybody in the building and there's there's so many others that really could could say you know i'll just stop there for 'cause i don't wanna i don't wanna leave anybody out if you're right. Yeah i don't think you have to worry about them watching the show. If i'm being honest or not well you never know. You never know so. You know it's cool though. Sanal see you know. Some guys that you know are being. You know inducted into the hall of fame you know that. Were teammates or that. I played against you know and stuff like that. So that's that's really neat to be able to see that and Tony gonzales being one of those guys and You know just kind of neat to be able to to say shared locker room and and game day with with some of those guys that have made. This grant made this game. You know great long before. I was here and It's just it's fun to be able to share in some of those moments with them you have you have a couple more in a few years. No doubt doubt jackets. Def yeah i think so for sure. Yeah yeah you guys have have any other questions for josh. Go header give you. The answer is yes kevin. Yes i want to know. What was the recruiting process. Like you coming out of high school. Recruited you offered short answer. Nobody i i didn't have you know i guess i had some letters from Some schools for a walk on position. bows i was never offered any any money or any type of scholarship to to to go play anywhere I got a letter from birmingham southern and it was going to be their first year ever having a team and i remember thinking like i might be a cool opportunity Might be able to actually play. But at the end of the day. I i grew up like i said big auburn fan only place i wanted to go and i figured you know what the heck if i if i try out and they say no then at least i. I gave it a shot. I didn't wanna look back. You know years later and wonder you know what what could have been. You know if. I didn't at least show up that morning and snap a few balls to to coach so it was really cool. How it all worked out. Or we sure birmingham. Southern is not like a school in downtown. Birmingham's a never before we are. We are sure actually know somebody who played for birmingham southern shout. Shout out birmingham. Southern i guess there you go. Yeah josh i actually inadvertently. I think i watched a game of yours at auburn. I was visiting a friend who who ended up signing with auburn to play offensive tackle. And i was there. And he kinda got me in as a recruit which is a total joke. Because i should not have been recruited tight auburn but by the whole light end zone seat with your family the wristband to get the food and like go in the tunnel and everything under hat like during halftime and that was the twenty eleven season. So i think you guys were playing some probably school or whatever but It was definitely a blowout victory. So before i met you play where exactly. Yeah all right. Dave your turn. Now i know you've got something so yeah no. I was just wondering what your first impressions of monarchy's williams are so far. Seems like a really cool guy interested to see as a first time. Special teams coach. How he's connecting early on. Oh yeah. I've a chance to To meet with marquees a few different times and actually last year when we played detroit Had a pretty lengthy conversation with him during pre game Which was kinda cool. Because when he came in and gave me a call to say that you know maybe he was coming to atlanta. He remembered that conversation that we had. and so. it's kinda neat. How how that all works out. But he's had some experience with With coup as well back with Back with the chargers a few years ago and so he comes in Obviously detroit had a really good Special teams unit The last couple years while he's been there and so really looking forward to working with him and learning from him and and going out there and And making a difference on special teams. You know it's a third of the game and we're you know our jobs to bring the juiced affect field position and put points on the board create turnovers all the above you know. And that's that's what i think he's going to bring and Bringing good attitude to come in and be ready to to go out there and play. That's also. I'm definitely excited to see. You know if anything is different you know when you have a new staff. Obviously things are going to change. It's just kinda hard to quantify beforehand but it's very exciting and yeah it seems like they have a very good mix of they have a very experienced guy and hoffman and then they have a younger guy williams kind of like a rising star so i think they have a great mix some excited to see how you guys do this year with this new coaching staff which obviously fans are very excited about so all right. I did have an interesting question for. I promised i would ask from from kills creates one of our longtime viewers. He wants to know if you're an anime fan josh. No unless family guy counts like family. Gun probably doesn't count. I assume he means like jack. But yeah so there you go now. You know for sure. It was his burning question. I guess so. Is that a burning question for everybody though. Like i want to see everybody. Come on and get asked that just yet. Maybe we should just now just so. We have like a log of who who does anime on team. We need a spreadsheet. Yeah we're gonna get on that but yeah i know. A lot of fans are very appreciative of you coming on because know people don't think long snapper often but i think it's like will had said it's a very unique perspective on the team. Very unique interactions very unique things that the long snapper does you know with the with the holder and the kicker that the normal fan doesn't get to see much of that you know except the final end result on game day and it's fascinating to hear you talk about that. We do appreciate that all right. Yes so anybody else have questions for josh tonight. I've got kind of like a more off. You know not football oriented but more just like in the facility aid. You have a go to meal for lunch and be. What was the best lunch table that you ever saw throughout your career with falcons just like that. I want to be at that lunch table. They have the best conversations goodness. I don't really have a to meal a mix it up to keep the body guessing little bit Hit a salad bar every once in a while you gotta go with the old line. I mean the conversations that those guys have i mean. That's that's you gotta get on those and so those lunch tables were probably the best. And i guess. I'm kind of an offensive. Lineman i mean you know a little bit. So there's there's a little bit of a gray area there. So i would by myself at that table from time to time and always enjoyed my time with those guys ceylan gary just talking about him. Twenty four seven t that. Yeah go ahead. i didn't mean time off. I think might instill later something. Go go ahead josh ship. It no i was just joking saying usually my my conversations with caleb had been around hunting so been able to take him out and so we we enjoy that and so it's got in common nice very cool. Yeah go ahead i. I don't know if you're allowed to answer this. I guess you are but Did you have thoughts on there being an extra game now. Yeah i mean obvious. Last year with the negotiation of of the cba You know that seventeenth game was something that was brought up and able to put into play. Obviously the owners just did that recently and it is an extra game but you know my thoughts on it. Or what are the player's receiving in return for that seventeenth game and for me the benefits of that. We were receiving as a league league-wide From that includes the practice squad guys all the way through to The highest earners in the league. Everybody was going to be seeing increases in benefits and in pay for the most part for the for agreeing to play that seventeenth game and you lose a preseason game so i guess you could also ask most people that would they rather get a regular season game. Check or a preseason game check. They'd probably go for the regular season game. Check but there. There's a whole lot of other details that that we could dive into on that. But i don't know if you guys want to go into the weeds on some of those issues are not but I'm looking forward to it. I think what we have. The jags is as who who we're supposed to play so That that'll that'll be interesting. You know we'll have to get used to two different number for records and things like that but Hey the game It's getting bigger and you know as a result. Obviously you see the tv deals that were just signed and that's only going to increase future salary caps and benefits players. Even more which. I'm all for josh. You've been the falcons. Nfl pa representative over the years. You know can you kind of take us behind the curtains of of what that's like like what these discussions conversations meetings and everything like. What are they entail. Yeah i took over for For matt bryant Few years ago. And i joked with him. I'm like man while you were the rat. Nothing was really going on. I said as soon as i take over. It's like drinking through a fire hose. I got a new. Cba on the table. We got a global pandemic. Goodness talk about getting thrown to the fire but Yeah it's really interesting. Each team has a rep and basically your job is to be the voice of your own so any issues that come up that need voting on or they're just looking for feedback from is my job is to along with some of the other alternates is to try to gather as much information as possible. Try to provide as much information to guys that are asking questions as well and You know try to make the best decision as a as a group as a whole and and that's typically how it works. I mean we'll have calls periodically we've had more in the last you know few months than we probably normally would have. But that's just part of the business and it's really interesting to see that side of football right the business of football and how that works between the player and owner relationship it. It's been. I've really enjoyed getting to learn more about that and get to serve my team know for sure that get makes one hundred percents cents. Yeah well welcome in odd ninety catches as well at say which way on twitter are non. We are mid interview with josh harris. I didn't know if now that you're here if you had any questions you'd like to ask ask josh popping right in on s josh. Got to forgive him. I know he put the little schedule getting the twitter. Hey hey i'm not. Tolerating twitter slander. Goff's thanks for someone for joining us up. I wanna know who who. The most bump person is in the locker the most fun. I very subjective. Very subjective question. Yeah i mean it's not like college right where everybody's in at the same age and everybody the same place alliant friday. You guys don't have kids. I have a bunch of kids and it's It's hard to figure out exactly who who's the most fun but It's it's probably got to be once again. Probably an offensive lineman. If i had to guess you know that would probably be one of them. Hey they like to have the most fun i think and They usually have some good stories to tell which is why they're lunch. Table is is one of the best ones that said that sometimes. That's a good one. Yeah i all guys me too. Yeah yeah go ahead. Go ahead josh. How long have you guys been playing. It's friday song on fridays. How long has that been going on. I mean at least since two thousand twelve. At least i mean that can seem forever. Since the falcons were formed. They've been playing friday on. I mean it's a tradition. you know. listen. I'm a big golfer. I love the masters but you know a tradition. Unlike any other is friday you know being played in the locker room on fridays. That's just a towel works. that's great. That's awesome yeah yeah It's been about forty minutes of grilling josh harris. So if you guys have any final questions in the chat Get those in there. We'll start the mock draft soon as well but yeah obviously you guys. Do you have any final questions. There for josh. Go ahead and get those out there. Yeah i guess. I just ask you. Are you hoping to pull the tom brady or are you hoping to play till forty five or do you have any idea on that or i will play as long as they have me. As long as they have body feels great. You know and my family is in a great spot to be able to help me through anything you know life can throw at me. I'm so thankful to have My wife cameron back home to be able to To take care of our three little ones and allow me to train and do the things necessary to keep my body right and ready to go Each season. So i'm i'm just a next one is going to be the best one. And that's that's the attitude. I got very cool. Yeah yeah i mean. it's not the most. You're not necessarily getting tackled ten times a game or twenty times a game or anything like that so i think it is certainly possible for long snappers to play for a long time so we certainly would like to have you stick around as long as possible because reliable long snapping as we said. You don't realize you need it until it's a problem so especially someone was actually born in georgia in raisin gorgeous on eighty and. I'm pretty sure that future as well being able to play for down long in his home state so josh i m curious though like when when you go through regime changes you've done a couple of times like what's the thought process like as a player you know like what what are those conversations with the new coach or the new gm when they come in and they reach out to you or or do they reach out to you. Yeah i mean most. I mean most coaches will reach out to you know just to introduce themselves say hello But one thing i've noticed. Is you know most coaches. They can see better than they can hear so no matter what type of conversation you have with new coaches you know. All all that really matters is them. You know seeing that you're gonna be a professional. You're going to be a pro that you're gonna train. Do the things required. You know that are necessary to do your job at a high level and so you know. Obviously the communication standpoint is great but My personal you know. I guess approach to it is just a show them the type of worker type of athlete and the type of team mate that i am and You know you can really do that through you. Know through putting into action you know. And so that's That's what i try to do is just be myself Train like i normally would and you know. Try to prove it to them because you know the say. The nfl is not for long. I mean it's You know one of those things that you know each and every day is kind of its own interview. I mean you gotta do well today so they can bring you back tomorrow. And that's the mentality. That that i keep and so trying to To just be the best version of myself Each and every season and And be the best teammate. That i can be along. The way is usually goes goes a good ways yemen. You've absolutely crusted in all aspects so far so can congratulate Again nothing but the best move forward question Of i didn't mean to cut off the nothing. You can just go out and trying to raise my hand. But i wasn't a question. I was just gonna make comment about what a thank god. Long snapper is like and mentioned you. You know you never mentioned it unless something goes wrong. And where the falcons Because of the work. You've done josh. We never mentioned it. We haven't mentioned for like the past decade of all. It's such a terrible like snap go at went over the head of the point like i. I don't recall anything like that. So yeah you've definitely done fantastic Well we all got a knock on wood now. I mean my job. I'm gonna get on twitter. I'm at first time. It happened all out. Not as long as we're in agreement. One question i guy Speaking with you you tell me about how. Obviously you're from georgia. But you wear falcons fan. Did you have any favorite like grownup stuff. Oh you know what my guess. knee was. Kind of a falcons player. So i felt players in january. Yeah so i had to jerseys as a kid still to this day The only two jerseys of mine that i've ever had were terrell davis and brett farve and those guys i know two different positions but i wanted to be thrilled every everytime i touched the ball as a youth football player like i wanted to be. Terrell davis ma high salute in you know scoring touchdowns And then obviously brett farr. You know being the quarterback that he was the gunslinger a lot of fun to watch and those are some of my earliest. Nfl memories I believe they had a super bowl back in the day where i think they played each other. And so those are those are my guys. Those were my my my biggest Probably the guys that for the most that i can remember at a young age pretty cool very cool all right so viral fifty six needs to know. What's your hype song anything any. I mean it really depends on the mood. That i'm in that day but i mean if we're before a game or like a workout or whatever it's got to be some type of old jisi i love jisi. He gets ago. I mean he's been the soundtrack to work workouts and hard training tire life. So that's gotta be. He would have to be on there at some point. You know that's That i enjoy it. Yeah that's a good. That's a good. That's a good one. I will accept that as josh. You who drives the nicest car. Oh that's such a big thing of argument there so many nice cars we can just go on. Track know but but is different. There's different levels of what you consider nights like. Is there like a luxury car or is it a sports car or is it like the g wagon is. Everybody has there. There's a lot of g wagons for sure a lot of g wagons out there. I'm a guy. So i don't i don't really know about like exactly what the nicer stuff is right now. But you know are just got a new tesla. It's pretty nice. You know you can drive itself. No it's did you did. You really like yanni's counties truck the shelby. I'd yeah the sheldon truck. I mean that was. That was the first time i had ever seen one of those. I didn't even know they made those. So that was that was. That was pretty cool aggressively. Big describe you got. I don't know if you remember. Croix bearman struck that he had years years ago. It was probably three times. The size of a massive. It's bureau now. Keanu neal is was a little bit of a dark horse. Pick for giant a truck. Yeah croix not so much. Yeah i think my main takeaway. That sterling hawker drugs accessible very ecoconscious sterling off rector. He's from syracuse. I'm not surprised there's a lot of tests gonna work up a nickname form based on that. Well i told him me and coomer telling him that you know. He's still owes us a rookie dinner. So the only way that we can do it if he gets to take us all. And the tesla you know and maybe show us how it works. So we'll see. That seems fair. Yeah that's fair. Yeah all right guys any final questions. Before we transition to the mock draft up to who we there was a very exhaustive questioning. And you pass with flying colors josh. So thank you for putting up with all of our questions. Thank you for answering the chats questions as well our guys. Well before we go to the doctor. I forgot to do my traditional stuff of ask you to if you are enjoyed. The show. Please like it's describe. We appreciate those metrics. Thank you guys for doing that. If you're interested in supporting the show at a monthly base you can check us out on patriots patriot dot com slash alchoholic live. We doing our next patron q. And a. session. Next tuesday the sixth of april. It's going to be at eight ten pm eastern so our usual time. Those are a lot of fun. So if you're interested in getting in on that a patron qna you see plenty of time to sign up. Just make sure a patron before. Tuesday so you can get the link to that and make sure to follow everyone on twitter including josh harris who is at a you. Jay harris on the twitter dot com All right so. Let's get into some draft takes. I know everyone is very excited about it. Obviously there was a lot that happened before we get to that though. I do want to give josh a chance to exit. Because i don't want to necessarily subjective to seven rounds of intense draft discussion. So josh joke twenty minutes to decide the seventh ron did yeah. That's pretty brutal. So i don't know that we need to force you. So yeah josh. We obviously really appreciate you coming up anything you want to add anything you want to plug for you take off. Well i hey thank you guys for having me on as good chatting with you Hopefully about to see you guys around a little more season cova. It'll allow you know. More people in the stands more people around and stuff like that. So we'll We'll get that going but yeah You know if you're looking for charities too that you want to donate to I i'd recommend the letsie forty-three foundation. That's the foundation that i've represented through Mike calls mike leads the last couple years. And then also chase the victory foundation in In carrollton georgia Chase mcdaniel was a high school football player for the trojans who passed away a couple years ago and the foundation was set up to To help his family and Other cancer patients as well. So those are two to charities that a lot to me and If you're feeling like it you know feel free to To donate to those guys head josh. Can i just say thank you for bringing up the letsie foundation. He actually went to school. Just right down the road from mine and i played against him in in high school. He played the same position. I did tight end. And i just remember scouting report was hey look out for fulfill like he's the best player they have. He's gonna crush it. I know his sister. So thank you so much again. Everybody please donate to that foundation. It does amazing work absolutely absolutely. Well thank you guys. I appreciate it. Yep absolutely have a great man. Thanks for coming on. Thank you all right there. He was guys demand the myth the long snapping legend josh harris. So don't say we never do anything nice for you. I know saying that but just in case you were thinking but yes. Mock draft season is upon us. Obviously a ton of stuff happened this week with the forty niners trading up to three the dolphins moving back to twelve within twenty minutes. Moving back up to six with the eagles. The eagles are twelve. So the mock drafts obviously very different. So it's gonna be our first mock for both site. An alcoholic lives since all of these crazy traits have gone down so excited to get to that. I know you guys have plenty of takes. I know there are going to be lots of arguments I see george has arrived. So i'm sure drains seeing drink right now. Rallying hydrating this momentous occasion exactly and using an astor guy. Georges no longer who he wants the fourth. I figured as soon as he saw that four four four from kyle pits. He just started swag walk and just wherever he was is like. Oh i'm so right so you know. I'm not gonna george george. You've been on my mind a lot the past couple weeks just because watching all of this with kyle pits. I'm thinking i wouldn't hate it. I i wouldn't be for it. I wouldn't be like you know. Go get caught. Bits of four but we took out. I wouldn't hate it. Yeah i mean. I think we've all kind of warmed up to it you know. I think george definitely contributed to me being like okay like maybe i should take this a little bit more seriously and you know i did finally actually go back and watch more than like highlights kyle pits and like yes giorgio absolute right kyle. Pits is a tremendous talent. And i think really what has kind of made. The difference is when you really consider the tight end and the value in arthur smith's offense. I think that's really to me. What made it more likely is because we know how much arthur smith respects the tight end position. How big of a deal. It is to him you know. He was the most twelve third most thirteen personnel and the most highest percentage of tight end targets in the nfl last year with jonnu smith obviously but his number two tight end. You know was a bunch of different guys. So yeah yeah yes is it does help that Because of george we've covered Kyle pits more than any other show on the internet month but yeah he is in my opinion. The best tight end prospect. I've ever seen coming out of college. But but here's the thing he so he started as bit and then kind of became a movement. And i think that the fact the falcons have been publicly this like it came out today to meetings were at his pro day meeting scheduled. I almost take that as kind of concrete evidence that they are not going kyle pits for. Ayob never does this. There's never like unless you're like the number one pick most teams aren't like publicly linked to the guy that they're taking. Remember the dolphins to that whole like justin herbert to like. Are they really into justin. Herbert more than two like like they do smokescreens this time a year. If the falcons are looking maybe to shop the number four pick they should be invested in as many prospects as possible to get as many suitors as possible thinking they will take the guy that they like it number four so i think that there may be smoke screening a little bit even though i would love pits for but outside of trevor lawrence. They've been linked to just about everybody. That point rice will yeah. I mean it's it's it will be easier to truly dissect if they didn't have a hey coach. That was a former titans coach. That also emily feature tight ends in his office the past two years. You say okay yeah. That's probably the most pittsburgh that dynamic looking at it now and then you look at the aspect and i know we don't like to put a whole lot of Commissioning in into showing up for pro days. But the fact that he was the head coach was at his pro day. Today was another thing to look at is is it probably is getting a little series at the very least also also have no idea how knowing smith are going to handle it moving forward. We've never seen these guys in action running their own team so you know. Maybe they know maybe they can read material that you know. It's going to be quarterback verse three picks and i've been bets fair to say and they're like you know the scout the hell out of kyle pits in who cares if if if other teams know we're doing it What's going to be interesting is is like every and the falcons have have said this over the years is that it's a partnership between head coach and gm you know and and they said that again this offseason during his hiring cycle was you know if if you're having to have conversations about who stays who goes than like you've already not done a good enough job you need to do a better job before you get to that point where it's like. I have more power than you do. Here's who sang. Here's who's going but those conversations naturally do happen. And i think that this draft will really tell us what the kind of power structure is in this new organization if they do truly go best player available which is what a gm would want because the gm just wants the most talented roster possible to coach the one that has to implemented on sundays or so. The coach is always gonna want need. He's going to say we need to plug this hole. Because i can't win with this whole in our ship but the gm is just like if this turns into a star. It means. i'm good at drafting. So we're gonna figure this out it in april and may but like that's the most fascinating part because we're all sitting here kind of like struggling for content a little bit and it's because we don't know how this power structure works but it's not like every options on the table and for that reason it's really fun very lee. She can say that there are plenty of healthy discussions as far as which direction. Because yes and. I don't think they necessarily know where they wanna go right now. You know. I don't think they know i don't think they're there. They may not even truly no surprise the night before the draft to be quite honest with you. I mean that's how a lot of teams drafting high really don't know where to go i was. I'm such a draft nerd. I was watching ninety eight. Nfl draft our draft board. Officially bill pull came on and said that they didn't gonna take eight manning until the evening before the draft so it's just like teams best. It's teams are really going back and forth but mentally. I think the interest important about is the fact that we know the falcons can go in so many different ways and outside of maybe a few prospects. I don't think any of us can say that's the wrong direction ago. You know they were state and go it's or lance or feel or even chase big we all can look at those five pigs and say okay. I get why they win. Yeah yeah what. What so much would so much fun though about this conversation is it's the exact inverse of what we've been having of over the years where we had a gm with a track record that we could look at and say okay. He does do on needs. He does tend to like these players. He has a hit and miss record of x. On this position but they were always drafting in the twenty s right. Now we're in the top five. We know who the prospects are. It's this guy is going to be there. This is going to be there. All these guys are gonna be there. Who are they picking. We just don't know because we don't know this. Gm fascinating yeah we all. I was starting to get really good at predicting. The falcons picks like especially kind of day three like early guys. I called the kamensky pick which was special time for me but that was the only one so far but like drancy not pick. Hey there you go yes. They were getting kind of predictable like they had type. They always kind of win after this type and it was. You know big ends and guys that are freak. Athletes late on late in the draft. Pick wasn't much of a shot to us says it was knew how they like particular corner prospects and you knew they kind of go against the grain when it comes to drafting. Certain guys like yeah. They probably wanted to corner but is not the corner. You probably think it is probably someone else in the yeah. I mean they have a habit of taking the guys. I mock in the second. In the first round. Mocked chris lindstrom in the second. They took christmas from the first. I mocked keanu on the second took on the first and then aged torelli mocked the second multiple times and they also took him in the first so like maybe just whoever i mocked him in the second is actually to be there pick. Maybe that's what i start but none of those moves has been bad. So maybe i was the one low on those players i say yeah so maybe but do you want to get to georgia's tip you know who he is. Why he's here. He's here to talk about kyle. Pitts says kyle. Pets is the best choice i feel. He makes us contenders. He's a red zone monster. He could have fifteen touchdowns. I believe ryan has three good years left. At least i don't no reason to take back when i think we can win now so for me. It's pits or ser tan. Yeah ser tan is a dark horse. i dink thirteen. It'll probably be after a trade down but they were out in force at alabama's first pro day and i you know they weren't there to scout mack jones. I'll tell you that so. I think they were probably taking a look at you. Know kevin. I do know that okay. What mug jones hype train has left the station. it has. it has yeah guys. Passengers can be picked way before valk alkan select. So i don't worry point. Does second hand undercut us. He swooped in to take match. Turns in front of the falcons so he bought hi- exactly whenever you can give up three first round pick per match ups. You just have to do it. So i love. I feel like that's the achilles heel for a guy like shanahan and we don't even know that's going to be the peck but like him and mcvay. It always seemed the same way to me. It's like i want this guy. Because he's gonna do what i tell him to do and i know he can do it. You know and it's like maybe a little bit less about the raw talent than how i can mold you you know i. That's a wonderful point. Yeah absolutely like right on. They liked to be known as the like. We transformed matt ryan into an mvp candidate. Yes exactly yeah. Teams love to galaxy brain. Their draft picks this is. This is common knowledge. I mean just look at mitchell a result business results business if you can if you can put a badge on your lapel you do it and then you tell people that you did it because that's how you get another job and like that's kind of the the hidden truth behind everything. Yeah yeah. I mean our guys well. Let's let's transition into some draft. So mach drafting so. I've got the mock draft machine ready to go here You know it better. Pick three straight quarterbacks like ninety percent of the time it does so great quarterbacks it does inject like it tried. They said their algorithm does try to inject like complete randomness because the draft is random. And like i think we all expect moxie. Just go crazy. But we're gonna we're gonna if it doesn't get three quarterbacks before four. We're going to rerun the simulation because i think it's the chances of a quarterback knock going one two and three are probably like in the single digit so we will start it up here. We'll see you the first three pixar and then we will go from there if it's all ishmail three times we're winning. Come all ishmail. Kemal ishmael to kamala. Third way's good name. Their children the moral bailed out. Okay so we do have three. Quarterbacks going off the board so trevor lawrence went first overall to jaguars not a surprise. Zack wilson to the jet. To not a surprise and then the forty niners do not take jones they take trae lance at three which i view is not as likely as field but i don't think it's anywhere near as outlandish as mac joads. Those work offer traits. They show you can walk and also can you not like just input solutions. You can manually do trades they will also teams will sometimes call you with trades. Sometimes they decide to do it all the time and offers you yes so sometimes they will call an offer. You sometimes you can. They won't but you can always manually set up any trades you want. so that. means that for the falcons. The the options remaining justin fields obviously at quarterback kyle pits tight end jay march as wide receiver. Tonight sewell offensive. Tackle patrick ser. Tan is another defensive player. You would consider but the question is do we want. Do we think fields as worth fourth and we just wanna take him. Do we want to consider trae downs for this mock draft because it might be spicier you know like we don't have to make this the most accurate mock draft. We try to be really spicy if you want. But this on draft might act guarantees. They wanna use up the entire team. What what yes. One one hundred percent or maybe they won't because now not covering that event and they'll just immediately and that person's life easier but Field fields is my choice. Still right now. I mean i think if this was the real draft they would take fields without hesitation. It's it's fields. I think that's the rexona going to go. I think all of us feel that they should trade now but of course. That's not a guarantee. But they're stuck at for and they have to choose between this quarterback right so we could decide that we want to be spicy and we could say like yes we would all we all think the most likely pick here in this scenario would be field. But if you want to try to do trades because you wanna get spicy for the live mock. That's also fine with me. Let's let's let's take it to jalapeno lime and take so yes so for those keeping track realistically. I think we all the pick. Your would be justin fields right. Yes anybody anybody disabled from that no the that should move. Yes as much as i really liked kyle pits and the team could very well decide that they do walk pets and like i don't think that's outlandish. But i do think the most likely scenario in this mock would be field because fields to me is the second best quarterback in the draft. So getting him as the fourth quarterback is kind of a steel at this time. You're shopping for house. Sometimes you're shopping for a car. Yep you got the the viewers have as well man this. This is a rookie. Gm rookie coach any time soon show. They're not tied. Matt ryan long-term right. You know fun. Know stated this offseason. He didn't necessarily want it to even touch matt rask contract as far as restructuring. But he has it. So that to me i look at it as you know. They're they're looking to see what they can get out of matt ryan for maybe a year or two before their reagan vaughn and they may want you know take advantage of sitting in the boss yet but i will say that no matter what the pig is it's gonna g- native civil war on pelicans twitter no matter what no matter what yes early touchdown against detroit sparked a civil war. I mean me for a touchdown but so many people didn't like that decision. I didn't understand it. Bid for our draft. Pick overall right now. Nearly a hero for that. Todd gurley lot worse has type todd gurley momentum meetings a lot worse for growth home. What did you need. Look todd gurley is just a red zone weapon. Okay once you get into the red zone. He can't just not score. Okay that's all. I will also say talk early. I think had some incentives touchdowns his contract to. I don't blame that. I know we're not slandering todd. Gurley that was mentioned earlier. A very good player in good at getting into the reason. I'm not slandering girly. I'm saying i would have done the same thing like nobody's messing with my money. So in this in this in this scenario i think i were at day trade down. I will say in the top ten. Okay yeah. I think it's about where you trade down. I think last time we traded down with the Broncos to nine. I think a dark course team that could be looking to get into two four. That no one's talking about is the lions because everyone just assumes because they have goff now that they're finding a quarterback and i don't think they have any loyalty to gough whatsoever. I think that was just part of the deal and they wanted to have someone just in case but that would be as smaller. Yeah yeah but it's it's no different than the falcons taking justin fields right here and then having to get rid of bat ryan like next year so it. I don't think for the same reason. I don't think that ryan's big cap. It is had dissuade the falcons from taking a quarterback. I don't think the lines either. But that's one option that would be to seven so that would be a smaller trade down. They probably would still have their choice of guys. Like you know an eye sewell. Jomar chase kyle pits. Probably one of those guys would still be on the board. Obviously guys like sir tannin. Mike parsons and whatnot. So that would be probably the smallest trade down. They could do. Obviously we're not considering the panthers. We talked about the broncos. What do you think about the steelers which would be. Probably the biggest moved huge. That would be like a gigantic hall. What exactly war. Yeah like that. That's moving back. East spots would again have to be huge off in the draft that they can move. That's probably go my thing with the steelers in a team like that. If you're picking up future. I which is one of the reasons. I find the broncos appealing like you expect the steelers to be contenders pick as less valuable to probably in the twenty s again next year. Potentially like if you're picking up another firm so that that's why i find the idea of trading down with denver so attractive like if you can go. Without pits or quarterback. Denver could very well picking the top ten again next year In another top ten pick would be great. So that's to me that's part of the calculus to if you're gonna move down with the team try to think of had to the value they can provide you a year from now to i. I don't know dave. I kind of feel like denver is is in position to make some noise next year. I think they've had a really good offseason from this offseason. I just don't trust denver. I don't think whoever they draft is is automatically elway special. He's not even making decisions there anymore. I just don't believe will from from this aspect if you trade with denver you can stay in the top. Half of the rounds in each arrest the third you still stay relatively high compared to pittsburgh or your egress and later but spur. You'd need like a full godfather offer. Edgy em would have to set it up to where he kills her horses and we wake up in the same vatsa get a horse head for each first round. Pick and you get five. Yeah i mean the patriots. Probably the other one. It's likely or legitimate fifteen as well. So do we want to try to see what we can get from the patriots and go from there the denver last time though you did. That's the only reason i don't wanna do. I agree that denver's probably the most likely like we don't have like i said jalapeno line even offer starts at what san francisco gave the money breath. Okay well i'm going to look at the car. We out on fields. Well i think we all said in reality. they're probably going to take just get spicer. We're trying to go up to jalapeno. Live spiciness yes loss. Time you'll still there at nine. Yeah well you know it could happen right. Maybe the patriots want now the patriots while mack jones of four so anything is possible and everyone just loved jones nowadays. They do all right. So no i honestly do think they're gonna take jones at four based on how simulator works because usually when the patriots trade up in this they do take mack jones but if if kyle pits is on the board regardless of who else is on the board at nine is he does pick. Oh yes yeah yeah at seven to. I would probably say the same thing. Why is that. Is that a value thing or is that like a talented or is that like our brains being programmed to be like well. You can't take tight end in the top five. You gotta take. Because as i think in all likelihood by the time nine rolled around the top for quarterbacks born right at least you're getting you're getting top-five talent. You know in you at non mafi i so i will hop on at that point if any other eric jomar or kyle. She's christ man in anybody else. I mean we got. We got a head coach makes like cartoon eyeballs and a wugang noises tight end so like i. I'd like to have pets myself. I would like to have his. Because i think hits offers a lot. More matchup is for defenses than yeah. I agree chases the best receiving a draft absolutely will ios gin long tooth. He's not going to be here that long. So it's a possibility. But just the fact that i can you can. You can move pits. All over weinstein's man. He's everywhere so i think he can. It'll be to pick their for me. And also if we take damore chase than atrial will have fist fight him on the spot when they train them all right so this is the offer. I think we could get from the patriots. One hundred percent It would be fifteen forty six which is their second ninety six third than next year's first and second. No you're not getting that. Yeah i mean. Probably not the second. You're not you're not. I don't think getting the. I think you're getting a third next year. Maybe i would gonna say four. You're getting the like. The public tends to super overrate draft trades. Yeah it's it's like a well-known thing kind of within the league that it's like oh you really think you're gonna get like two first rounders for matt ryan. It's like no. You're probably getting they're going to get one may is a great season yet. Yes i it's just the way teams think and so to move back to from fifteen to four fifteen. Were back so little right yeah. That's the patriots or four quarterback but also you're not necessarily making that known right now. If you want the fourth quarterback you gotta trade us because we're gonna take the fourth quarterback they're kind of playing cards so you have to make a team believe you're gonna take their guy and then the that guy is worth like a five six seven draft picks the that's three four graphics is probably what you're looking at all right. I think there is a quarterback. Taxing belltower there it. Because i yeah. Go ahead good. Infants for a quarterback in you know that denver's going to be in bidding war and you know that detroit maybe another bidding work carolina or not even looking at but all of these teams are bidding war for quarterback. I don't think it's for bench to think that we could get that from the patriots this because a quarterback is involved in. It's the last quarterback of that big four. The you know the consensus that those are the four best quarterbacks whatever you decide what like i always say that the one position teams will be willing to overpay for his quarterback is gas. When you need one. You'll see the desperation from teams. Not saying it. A pages need one. But i think with their aggressiveness aggressiveness. That they showed this offseason. I think they'll be willing to part with multiple pigs. Beautiful point eric. Yes yes yes so. I guess it's just figuring out what we want to ask for right to make it more realistic i will. I will say yeah of what i have right now is twenty twenty one. I which is fifteen twenty twenty one second which is forty six twenty twenty one third which is ninety six go and then a two thousand two i. I just think you're getting a twenty twenty two. I definitely injured. I don't think the falcons even pick up the phone. If they're not even picking up the phone if they're not giving a person who you're getting the first three rounds of this draft from team. Yes yes it then. That is something. I don't think the teams also giving up a first next year. I think they would give up a day to pick naming i guess. But if you're looking at what san francisco san francisco three firsts but even more necessary for a smaller number of jump in terms what did they give up from muhammad sununu. They'll give up any the falcons very good f- leasing them. Now i think even i think even if a quarterback out of all it would be i. I remember a few years ago. The bills gave up a first to go from nine to four percent. Watkins like to get into the top five. It'll costly verse. Rounder especially you. You guys might be right. I mean it. I don't know if. I just think it's the first second third that is kind of throwing me for like. That's a lot this year to give. This usually don't see teams do like first second third in one year they do like i. This year will swap. I will give a fourth and fifth. And then i next year right so like it's kind of the first second third thing that's it is slowing me a little bit. They four steep three fourth routers patriots. Do so it's not like they're not gonna make any picks after this but yeah. I mean they'd be giving up basically all of their top hundred picks for a quarterback. But it's just it's a big move up it's four the last of the big guys as long as you if you don't count certain players but the tax. Yeah i mean. I think based on what the forty niners got. I don't think the falcons would accept this offer if this was if it didn't get to day toothpicks from the from the patriots plus future first so like i don't think they probably do a deal with denver but since we're not considering denver because of what we did last time so i guess we can see if they accept if they don't accept it. We can look at something else but it says it's about fifty fifty. They'll take it so okay so we'll we'll try it out. So i i what's that two or almost almost onto our pick one right okay. Feels like a real draft night. Yeah i know we use all fifteen minutes right there so okay they did accept it so there you go so we got to want want block. I got second third in the first next year. Okay all right so as messed it. S a reasonable baggage. I if i were if i were to jimmy g. m. out pockets a little bit more. Yeah yeah all right. So top players left at fifteen. I'm sure other teams would be interested in trading up. But i don't know if we want to do like a double trade down from fifteen. I think if we did like two seven maybe consider but like so mike. Parsons is available. Jalen phillips obviously nausea harris in transit tender. Still there as those you laurie jeremiah. Lucy cor moa allies avera tech adjustment off the board. That's usually who i like it. This draft about task the offensive lineman. So it'd be like kevin jenkins ray sean slater and christian derozan gone already So yeah the offensive line is pretty unless you tevin jackets. But he's he's a tackle probably going. Yeah i mean to me. It would probably be jalen phillips i. It's mike or mic. Yes like if you wanna play because the best player on the board. Well yes us years. And he can add rush. Can he can't ride. They're going to running three four hybrid defense yes linebacker can blitz yet. Yeah no. I forgot about michael briefly there for a second for some reason. So yeah the. Let's go with that. Because i would take parsons but yeah are we. I do consider parsons top ten talent. Yes smitten If you just wipe away the off the field stuff like this he would not escape it. Outside so yeah. Yeah i'm gonna parsons or or trade the pick for maurice hurst. Hey who was bill. My all time favorite draft love. I can't believe they dated draft him at any point before he went to the raiders was like every time to represent haber marie services. Still here you know. They didn't listen to me. So they asides from picking grady. Jared finally like. I thought they were on the defensive tackle that i liked. They weren't like every single year. That happens yeah. Well thank god. We weren't right about tape and brian so they were. They were right. I was wrong so it was a fun draft draft. They were raised up. Calvin ridley so good for that. All right so mike parsons it is. We finally made our first pick all right now. What we need to do is we need to rush through every paycheck until we get to the very and then we got grind it out for fifteen minutes how we do it. We have to get a second. We have two seconds. yes because we have We have picked forty six from the patriots as well. I think. We'd traded for too many picks thirty nine thirty you. God yeah okay. We're gonna have to be a little bit quicker with these ones. So so i mean tarries kids. They got a bedtime man. We gotta be realistic about this. Yeah all right so christian bar more. Is the top ranked player left on the board. Let's take a look at some of the other options. Do you all right so at edge. Greg russillo is the top guy left ronnie perkins joseph facade joe triathlon. Let's see cornerback. It's a barren robinson kelvin. Joseph asante samuel junior who we took last time at the spot See offensive running back Let's see we have interior office of why yeah creed humphry white davis landed dickerson. All still there. So those are certainly tempting. I like white davis. I'm a big fan his well but we check the good trayvon merrick win at thirty four. Right before the tokens. Yes that kinda sucks giovane holland. Richie grant still. There is the top to save. I like russo here. Like if you're in or or just value like if you're going to invest some upside. I get it with the second round pick. It's kind of like what the cowboys did with john smith and it's like there's talent clear and obvious with this player. What has been the biggest. Need for the falcons consistently of the last like frankly outside of john abraham being signed like the entirety of the past two decades. He was like the last guy before. John abraham though is like a good pass rusher said so just double down like what they did with the offensive line with with lindstrom mcgarry and just hit on defense as many times as possible on the know his just testing scares me. So much gregor so like where i mean is scares me but he again i kid just now clearly special yes it just not growing it to an nfl body is just now playing particular position. The upside years is is is to tipping pass on which. Who's left to quarterback. I'm gonna i'm gonna be the guy that asks that question. Let me find out. Go cowan monte. A big kellyn monde guy is justin field still on the board Let's see kyle trask. Oh yeah cal. Trask davis meals on. Jimmy newman are the top quarterbacks. I covered davis out of high school. Actually he lays. My wife is goals. Davis mills is one quarterback outside of the premier five or whatever. He's the one quarterback that i can see being a star when i liked talamante davis mills being like a career. Backup like a brian. Hoyer is davis mills me. We could always start. This overtake boring intake crowd. Trump's in the second see pat fryer is still here by the way so if we wanted to take a tight end thinking it so air kevin who is use your guy july of this pick i i guess i'd probably take like white davis secrete humphrey. The upside is for rousseau's again. My point is. I know at one point. We're discussing like trading bag to like eight or nine and taking russo there at the beginning of this dr right up. Also we've sites where it's if it is bpa because i'm trying to kind of put myself in like tariff on no mindset where it's like all right like who's who's the best guy but it's like we still need like an egg. Roger do you need an fit fit and talent. I said go for as a russo. Okay we'll do recep. Four months ago. I get greg russo. And who we pick them. First round clarkson's will really push it and look. Yeah i next year okay. So we'll take her so overhaul a defense fellas man. We're still shivers though. We're getting chick no matter what we pay. One hundred percent. True bodegas i. I'll i'll castle fits for a possible type tops. Vp's on if you can get your safety Within the next couple picks you can a playmaker at all three phases the divas someone get mike nolan on speed. Dial right okay so Top players left on the board christian bar. More defensive tackle levi on was defensive. Tackle creed humphry white davis landed dickerson. ronnie perkins joseph. Cy amari rogers from clemson. Those are all the top guys left. I believe the corners might still be there as well with people. The commodore saying that field is still there. Yeah but i. I'm not accepting that. That was an option at this point in the second round. Yes i i assume something got about it all away but i'm not throwing away. Let the record. Show that the kevin with. I'll do information from the panel. I did yeah because it would have ruined all of our hardworking fight entertained. This is this is the real a few good men situation here. I feel like you're yelling at us that we can't handle the truth. Yeah you can't hurt the truth of this simulation scuffed beyond repair but you know all of came around go somebody yeah. Somebody spotted it. Yeah i did notice that. He was there but i was not going to accept that he was there. I i assume it was just a bug. He was like ranked eighth overall and like teams should. Just start taking him as the best player available in like the teens. Even if they don't need quarterbacks check your tight ends maybe call. Kits is still there right. Yeah let me double check. I already did check that pittsburgh style with a broken the simulation for that. But you are right. Here i would. I would like all of one hour. Yes i like. Why i take. I absolutely agree. Well we're gonna fight over which offensive. Lamb creed humphry. But i also totally. Fine with white davis. I vs davis of dixon. Honestly i'm good with. I like by davis. Let's do davis then. Just we don't argue because we gotta we gotta start making some of these picks you know maybe we can. Trade name is closeness. Okay all right so we will take wide us. that's all. yeah so for folks. We've got mike. Parsons at fifteen gregory. So at thirty five and wyatt davis at forty six skhodra about that inside out. Davey build inside al illustrators. Yup aki can you be upset about that as that's a good people away yup all right. So we'll see a quarterback fellas. That's that's within complaining about yup. I'll be honest at this point. I it's not even entertaining. Let's just go all in to win. You know look at the roster. You'll see a quarterback which is important part that is they will be at least one yup. Maybe it's just not the same. It's like that's that's why it's start match but that's why it's so difficult like doing all this. 'cause it's like do they. Do they want that position. Filled for the next fifteen years or do they want that position filled by the best player. They have right now and like. That's that's who makes all of this hard but people that are against taking a quarterback early. They don't even work that out like they loo- wall quarterback on the roster right matt ryan still good. We should talk about him like he's not very good. This is nothing to do with matt. Ryan zinke always resigned matt simms and simulator. Yeah get the simulator. Fired up for the preseason. I remember covering a whole Hall of fame. Game with matt simms. This watching every single day. How can you make us do that. Yeah we gotta start getting through some of these picks. It's almost ten o'clock already so today we'll get today and the dead zone but yes so we got two offensive tackles at the top brady christian james hudson. We've also got richie grant milton williams from louisiana tech. Tommy toby defensive. Tackle couple of wide receivers carlos basham junior still there pete werner linebacker generes robinson at edge as well as the running backs. Michael carter kenneth game well. Trae sermon are the top. three left. Who are allied. Gain will gain willer sermon. 'cause we haven't heard but yeah i mean i don't know if we want to gamble. Necessarily the game would be there but we probably go personally. Jacci grants higher on the board. I don't think richie much longer. Richardson has definitely not gonna make it. Maybe maybe game would make but again like if we missed on carter in game. Well trae sermon ramachandraiah stevenson. All those guys you know still options that we could consider go game longer. Just wanna take game. Well and just let Grants slide away into the darkness. Looks yes because i don. I might think he's not going to be here at the top of the clear. I don't think richie grasping it'd be there but maybe there's more safety which the list lists addressing the yeah. I agree like the safety agency to. I think a lot of safeties will still be on the block after the draft teams. Could maybe pass on some top fruit. Todd safeties to grab some guys like on the cheap in free agency mean. Would you take game while over my car. though. I don't use it i mean i i like gables upset but i don't have them ranked about michael carr really. Oh man your spicier on game with me. Well i didn't think anybody was. But i mean gaels more dynamic certainly because of the versatility i mean game. We'll play receive. I mean eagle game. Well is more exciting so you convince you convinced me with it or not are we not i am. I'm fine with it. I mean his name is gain well right. So how can you be bad running back. If that's your last name they sciences. It makes sense so exactly right. That's gonna be r spicy pick for getting a spicy pick in a horse. I don't i. I don't think parsons at fifty very spicy. I think that's like all right so we're up in about ten more picks pick ninety s. You really wanted to be spicy. We would have taken out of areas fifty right or better yet at four. That's that's the real the real way to do it all right so all right. Top of the board. Michael carr still here. That's funny We've got some corners key taylor junior elijah griffin benjamin saint. Just hey kyle. Trask is still here. No i'm not interested. In contrast trask man. I will veto. Any cloud selection any yup our darius washington andrea cisco to rick thompson talanoa fonda so plenty of safety's We definitely should take one of the safeties here. Because like i mean i like cisco to i do like our washington i just both of them are kind of risky right. Because cisco's coming injury and like you know he's a wild man. Washington is like the opposite. He's just tiny but other than that. He's great so who else is tiny. Well that's so far. That hasn't hurt him so nice. Yup i think is our washington smaller than that he. I'm down for six. Go beyond dogs at all a tried and true playmaker place were both teams he will there will be lots of plays made that is for sure. Yeah all right. Andrei cisco it is k. Maybe matt ryan would truly appreciate us. Give him of things this year. S you would so top players left some interesting names here okay. cameron mcgowan linebacker. Davis mills quarterback trae sermon. Running back davis smells. I'd take mills at this point for sure. I mean realistically. They're gonna take a quarterback. I really i. They're absolutely taken quarterback in the draft. You might as well get one that might be decent. Rather take kevin montwaid though 'cause shelving still here and that man is an absolute unit. Okay he's tyler shelving i would. The field is still in the. Are there any tight ends I mean kenny. Davis davis mills seventh ranked quarterback and this is the third round the fourth round fourth. Now yeah yeah like. I think the values there get get a quarterback in the fourth round. I mean that's dak prescott value for somebody who gets to sit and learn under matt ryan for maybe two years. I just think that like if quarterback is the most important position. Maybe the whole discussion about like do they need to get one in the first round if they do have the opportunity to develop one and have somebody really like educated year period like cannot kind of turn a fourth round quarterback into a good nfl starter. Davis mills doesn't have the elite side of some of the guys in this draft. But we've seen quarterbacks that aren't necessarily elite. Jared goff jimmy garoppolo being the most recent examples like lead teams to quarter or two super bowls. So you know it the value is i think clearly there at with the fourth round if davis mills is like the seventh best quarterback. I just don't get it with davis mills but if you guys really like him that's hung up in the high school days but i man i just i would. I would wait from on if there's a guy you don't wanna force my corner. Here's here's marketing. But i will if you davis meals is a career backup. Why waste of round pick. It's fair that's fair. you can get a quality start. I mean and now if they look at meals and say hey we want to. Groom him to take over matt ryan whenever okay. You can convince me with that. You can talk me into it but if you d it would be an upside. Pick your banking on his upside. And i just think in the fourth round on more willing to do that with a player. Yeah i mean. I think that's fair as well Let's see some other as we consider tyler shelving like if they're trying to repair legit three four nose tackle. That dude is the most massive one of the most massive humans in college football You know also You know needs work but nobody. In the fourth round perfect so lee jalen twice for pittsburgh true williams from syracuse cornerback. Hammock are rashid junior at safety talanoa. Who fog is still there so for looking to like totally. Take two new safeties. Who fog as one of my highest rated strong safety guys behind hamza so he. He's an option. Took totally remake that safety room. We also have like a boatload of picks so we could theoretically like take someone and then like trade. Backup to take one of those quarterbacks and end all the debating. But i guess if it was me i would go like probably tyler shelving or tyler shelving trill williams or telling oh who fog it would be my top choices. But i'm willing to hear other arguments. Anyone i'll ask let go for williams myself and i wait. I wait another round and see. But if all the quarterbacks are gone. I'm going to channel terry fonteneau and not be happy. Well we can do. Is like as soon as davis mills goes off to board. We can just pause it and then trade for whichever quarterback is left because we have so many late picks up sure we could package. Something together for quarterback infiltrated his left. Is it so is it is it. Newman davis mind human. Brady white same etlinger. So there's some guys but yeah. I mean as soon as davis bills off the board. Basically go at any time. So yeah yeah but this is where i struggle with this because like best player available i feel like is not position right. Oh so like that. But i keep their. They've deliberately to this point. Not touch the quarterback position. So they're gonna do something with it. They're going to ask though no yet. I i completely agree with you dave. It's it's kinda like you. You can say best player available to appoint you're kind of dumb if you don't understand the inherent value of positions in the game that you play. It's like it's like saying that we're gonna take best player available in chess and then picking upon over queen do that. The pawn has grit right and only on the field for eleven or twelve. Plays a game. Because there are paul unless it becomes a queen unless it becomes a queen at your you know hey draft stories happen man. Brady look at look at him. He's upon you became a game. Speaking my language with these trust is now i am. I am the story behind. Queen's game it just for your knowledge. But i agree. It's like quarterback is so valuable that if you're number four like that's when you pick them you get the best quarterback available. I don't think in the fourth round. I just don't see the falcons really looking at jamie newman. I think they're going to wait and see who kind of shakes out. They probably have someone in mind that did like as a developmental guy but even then taking someone in the fifth like. They're probably just gonna sign a veteran backup at this point like they didn't get a quarterback at four. They traded out there probably going to sign a veteran. Backup that anyway. Yeah well no matter what yes but like you know i mean i think if take like just fields at four they. Maybe don't need a veteran backup because they've got tj. It's in the building like he's ready to go lead. Look galaxy brain. You don't need a backup quarterback if you got one on your coaching staff. So he can suit up at a moment's notice. Get out there. Take some snaps so no but you guys get with williams speaking of sorry. Sorry trillions of you. Do this point. I'm good with anything that moves us. Forward okay fair enough. Do moving on day. One looks depressing every single time. I like see you're studying your surroundings. Alright so birth time filming this. It's like a wintry hellscape behind me to hide it from this. Why i got the curtain up so april like what. Why does it still look this mind. You davis will davis mills win at one twenty. So i've paused the draft. We could theoretically tried to engineer a trip to get callum on if we would like to have kelvin. Does our backup quarterback developmental guy. So i can figure out what that would look like. The raiders have picked one. Twenty-one it should be too expensive we have three fifths into sixth so we can definitely. Yeah all of them. Just end it right now. You sound like somebody in the war room right. That's exactly how. I'm just yeah. I think we should just get rid of our six to make to get this done. So we'll keep still have two fifths later. Fifth spent we'll trade to it are to like end of the draft six to move up a couple of spots in this in the fourth round before a court davis else. Well technically it's kellen monica's because dasmal's just went but that's what prompted this yet. Well if it was davis mills. I was in now. I'm out. we'll see if they'll take to sixty four. I think they probably will. But one of is actually a good sixth dealer ones late but whatever. All right raiders. Come on there. You go ban making moves all right. Calamar we get a quarterback folks for all you quarterback wanders out there. We got killing minden. Good to go all right. No no no. There will be no complaints now. Will he can't hear from eric later. Just judging by body language so era eight rounders yet. he's not nearly as good at at fortnight as a curb. Banker does yeah. I mean that's the real bad that backup bread. They're just if you can't just get together and blast through a fortnight game. I don't know what you're doing. All right. three quarterbacks actually went before we would picked at one forty eight so it was actually smart if we did want kelly bond to trade up for him so you know. That was a good. That was a good move guys. Get you up. That's that's second round quarterback. Gm's we just predicted it. So they think about that stuff. Hey we're going to back to back. Picks and i think that would be the end of the draft so cool stuff all right. So we've got one of the two. In one eighty three those will be the final picks of our draft class so top players on the board as you might expect a lot of wide receivers as tend to be as part of the draft. We've also got some edge. Geiss ellison smith malcolm kunz. Patrick johnson wyatt. Hubert also got the wide receivers marlon williams. Shy smith josh immature. Bb cornerback de la nor of oregon will go through the guy with the coolest name gotta on raw saint brown would be like yeah. He's not here. Otherwise i'd definitely take it after a ethical end right at this point probably mckinney sweeter. That's actually a good pick here would be. We take you pile pits. We wouldn't have the speaking of great name's trae mccabe's alpha king or like. Yeah that's that's why we'll do him for one of them. So there we go. We have another pick. Yeah yeah i mean the value here is probably a wide receiver. I do think they're gonna add a wide receiver because this is a really good receiver class. It just depends on what flavor you want. Where i would. I wouldn't mind going ed's again. Yeah with them keeping fowler and getting so it's not as big wild but or insurance policy because russo not going to be not gonna hit it in year one. This is the right right. I mean. I don't think anybody were taking a pick one. Eighty three is gonna be contributing a lot this year. Either this this me. Like i feel like marlon williams. Our jobs matter. Bbi's like does Makes a good point. We need a new university. Outdoor kitty so we got the. We're just checking all the boxes for this mock. We need at one unique where we got that epochs check here forgetting yeah would have been invalid if not right exactly. I mean i guess i would go for willie allegra matter bb. But i wake. I like our baby. Yeah he's a freak. It is weakening inch article two seasons ago. Illinois averaged nineteen yards a catch. Yeah it body receiver over six feet to fifteen to twenty something like that. His his brothers a a tight end covered him. Yeah coming out of out of high school so like he's definitely a big bodied receiver. Who can win at the point of the catch and giveaway back. I like the upside here where he can definitely a d. threat especially yes he can. He can have a role on on nfl team. Yeah alright baby it is bam there. We go back. Picks got the juice. Got the box checked and got two of the best names in the draft back to back so all you know scoring kicks their own. Yeah that's that's that's how i decide. The fact that ended up making nine picks actually the same amount they would have made normally because we traded up. And get rid of two six with merciful. Or what's up eric. I said they would on crossfire. Whatever it was like through multiple maneuvers. But they're nine. Six nine drastically better picks than they would have had normally ethical. Kelham on. why did you really wanna make those too late. Sixth round picks okay. Is that what you wanted to do. Get callum on. Yeah yeah yeah so just to satiate. We need a. Qb crowd so no crowd. Uga crowd the defense crowd. Yup the long snapper crowd. No no how dairy josh harris long snapper crowd forever i will. I will never consider along. That's what i mean during. Let's make let's make. Josh harris are quarterback the bay again accurate seven yard passer in the nfl. Yup that's what's up short short gain all day or regarding. Yeah we're we're done. So we got eric. I'm outta here so we get to recap we. Have mike parsons at fifteen. After trade down with the patriots we have gregory so at thirty five edge from miami at forty six. We have white davis from ohio state. Interior offensive lineman at sixty eight picked up running back. Kenneth game well from memphis. At ninety six we picked up safety andrea cisco from syracuse Picked up quarterback williams also from syracuse. Just have the whole syracuse secondary over. Here just need if melanoma and then we have the whole band but sterling hoffer actor. It's going to be the syracuse south pretty soon. So traded up and gave up our two six for a chance to get quarterback kellen bond from texas a and m. then with our to compensate refits rounders. We selected tight. End trey mckinney from georgia and wide receiver josh from illinois. So there you have it folks. That is our second fell. Colic live mock draft. I promise we'll do a realistic one at some point. But just the spiciness entertaining but yeah. We'll probably not that was gray. Mock draft yes. Thank you thank you. That's healed in the second right there though. I can't believe you would from us. I'm gonna hold that against you for that's fine. It comes with an asterisk it does. Yeah because you know. We passed passed on fields multiple times. We're just feeding into the narrative that he's bad so we'll never know what what type of gas masks video may come out. Yeah heaven et ended up bolstering. The dolphins Got them like four. First rounders overall. Right right yeah i mean. I don't know what's crazier fields being there. In the second round or like the the bear's having a chance to get justin field twenty into saying like nah now we're getting candy. They took instead. Yeah andy dalton are starter. They took her shot. Bateman instead of just feels so. Wait they really. That's what the the program did. Yeah so i'm guessing the program for god about justin feels. I've never actually seen one of those top. Even jones fall. People people are gonna still have jobs for a while everybody. So every pat pat yourself celebrate. We're still here for a while. I would not replaced this yet. So i would love to see the reaction bears twitter. They would just flip out. Yeah that would be. Just for the memes. This like crazy scenario would be fun coletta. Yeah guys oh yeah. People wanted to see the details of the pats trade Yeah so it's the patriots. Got pick four pick fifteen pick forty six their second rounder Pick ninety six their third rounder and twenty twenty two i for reference so All right well thank you for tuning in a lot of fun. We enjoyed having josh harrison and having these wonderful guests so speaking of these wonderful guests first of all wanna thank. Dave showed the boss man at the falcon hollick for coming on dave anything that you're working on your wanna let the people know about working. We're we're all working to get you to the draft entertained not borne out of your skull and talking about interesting things and i know it's a stretch with a month ago but Everybody here's got great ideas. I know that the guys have great draft content so keep an eye out for it. Yep absolutely guys also with us tonight will mcfadden. He is at mcfadden on twitter. Will anything you're working on. You want to let people know about. Yeah i'm i'm actually writing soon. On yom gonna cover the falcons. Alex number one mack jones fan. Which is our own. Dave choke so anybody who has mack. Jones videos highlights anything like that. Just go ahead and shoot it over to at words and beer and then i'll probably aggregate you and three and a piece. It's amazing jimmy. Like everybody that comes through the doors here comes back through the doors just instinctively knows dunk on me at the end of every you just you recruit of vibe. Do you just attract a certain type of moths. A your flame. And i learned that that that martha is gonna get me some nat jones clips at some point. I know it in my bones. That's what i've got going on now. Yeah excellent definitely look forward to that one guy's also with us tonight. We have eric robinson he's at underscore. Eric underscore robinson eric. Anything that you're working on you'd like to plug. Just put out a new richie grant so give that a look at definitely getting started on my next my draft as well look out for that and we're we're still just cracking up content. Absolutely guys check that out for sure finally with us on at say which way odd on anything that you're working on well finally going to start by march madness thing except it's not marginally more i'm going to completely rename it. How about you have april anarchy. Yeah i like that last anyone. Wait wait i'll show for that. So yeah let's try season series right there. We'll we'll continue to brainstorm the mark. Shaw workshop yeah and Yeah i'd stick with does it felt hollick and if you have any complaints at all about Don't anything we don how he knows. I love how of a bench now at the complaints about anything. The falcons are doing general at the foul colic. You know will got Dave's personal twitter handle so you know at his all alchoholic one to just so he has nowhere to hide. Yes there you go i want. I want to make clear that. Eric is my favorite for not doing this. And so that's good on eric gottesman brownie points with the boss man. It's important to go bet the portfolio guys you'll get the kyle pits profile. Yep exactly congratulations. Yes that's not. that's not a gift. Kevin i f alcohol kiffin on twitter. You can find my stuff. On the falcons alec dot com. We'll be having lots of draft content. I'm going to be doing some more videos on the free agent editions. The covered a little bit in terms of guys that actually have meaningful tape to look at but fabian moreau will be the next one so he does actually have some starting snap so look for that next. And then yeah. It'll be all draft from here on out so until then guys tuning and please like. It's guy if you haven't already check out the patriotic patriot. Dot com slash alcoholic live and obviously check out the colic dot com as well for that. Great written falcons content until next time. Guys i'm kevin night for everyone else. Have a great night. We will talk to you next week.

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