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The Paul finebaum show podcast is brought to you by the new Capital One saver card. Earn four percent cashback on dining and entertainment two percent on grocery stores and one percent on all other purchases. What's in your wallet? Cried passion than pattern three of college. Football leaves Keer. The is the Paul finebaum show. Our three podcast. Oh, we are back in the comment that Brandon Adams made not going over very well referring to Nick Sabin as being quote, unquote. The winter of his career is better than the autumn. I've had people referred to me being in the autumn. More better any autumn's before winner, isn't it? Greg is up next in Athens, Alabama. Hello, greg. Call me, take my call. Thank you. You know, the the reporter that you had on just now from a dog nation he sounded much better than when you have the interviews with my Griffith because regardless of the team he covers she always sounds like the sports information director. Boys from delegation having a tough time on the show today. Well, it is what it is. You know, the off season already, but in reference to your coffee question, I like, Starbucks because it's bitter. I mean coffee is supposed to be better. Yeah. It is a little bit. You know? I I must admit I had some today. And there's always now. How do you? What do you get there that can cut out that bitter aftertaste because I'm not crazy about it myself? Well, you probably have to put some in there. You know? So just a coffee get a lot. But maybe some whiskey. Well, that could do it. Okay. Then you have Irish coffee, but I just like a black goes back to my navy days. You just drank a black. You know, if you could see the bottom of your copy wasn't coffee, tea and. The go-to. What was the go-to food on the submarine? Independent. We have a lot of beef, Gordon, blue and prime rib on board your feet underwater. There's no scape. I guess I guess Domino's doesn't deliver on a submarine desert. We do not have a Domino's hotspot underwater pretty for money. The guy the little guy in the in the in the old car driving up from Panera bread to deliver your your sandwich on the submarine. Well, they could get one of those DSR vehicles at the navy uses for rescue and painted with the Domino's on it and attach itself if it's coming into port, you know, it's funny. You don't have a long range, but you know. Alabama's loss was like a tree on your house, and I've had that happen before. But to hear some of your Auburn callers calling and laugh about it. It's like being the neighbor to that guy laughing at is tree on the roof. While your house is burning up on fire. Yeah. Now, listen, Greg. There's nothing quite like an Alabama loss to exact to give hope to the rest of mankind. Even when there is. No, exactly. But at least me to ask you a question, you know, Gus has been there six years, and with the exception of Nick Marshall. He's not had a system quarterback to run his system. And I wonder why he wants to run his system and refuses to recruit the quarterback built exactly for that. Instead of often for you know, the graduate transfer is because it's all these had recently except for Sean white he left or he got kicked off the team, but he wasn't a system quarterback either. And so he's going to be calling the place year. And I wonder why there's this hesitancy on his part just go out recruit a guy who wants to run his offense. Great question. Hey, thank you very much. Greg. Always great to hear from you, Jim in New Mexico. Hello, jim. Welcome. Hello, paul. Thank you very much. I just I heard you comment a little bit about the play calling Alabama particularly the championship game. And I can't help. But think that with Loxley gone the poll programs going to end up a lot better. You you probably have some major with how he practically ruined what little quality football. We had it New Mexico when he was here. He came as head coach after rocky long rocky long left the team, actually good shape. We'd been several bowl games largely came in and was fired his third year where he was two wins. Twenty six losses at gotten into five with one of his assistant coaches punched him gotten sued for sexual harassment. And that's just the by one of the secretaries in that lake department along with a lot of other issues, and he just never amounted to much day. I I again. I think if they've got they've got the talent I expect the offense it in the football program to to even be better with the new offense coordinator. No, listen. There's no doubt. Steve Sarkisian is a better offensive coordinator than. Mike loxley? It's just I mean, Sarkissian issues aren't his play. It's just to his stability. And you have to sue them Nick Sabin feels comfortable with that. Thank you for the call James in Dallas on the air. Go right ahead. James? Yeah. Follow you answered. My question yesterday. Is that plane the? I think pretty much put takes on the national scene possibly, you know, this twenty nine teen. And I thank you for giving me your comment on that. But you're last response was in reference to what Texas beatdown Georgia for three and a half quarters. And that reminded me of a singing from old Andy Don Meredith whenever he would take it. So sale said something that was a little of noxious and a little unreasonable. And that is if converts for candy nets. We don't have a merry Christmas. And anyway, Texas might be the worst team in college football, but portrayed and a half quarters. They just beat the hound out of your. I don't listen. I wasn't dude. I cover that game up. It was it was embarrassed running. Hey, can I make one more comment? Yes, please. By the way, we're not wha-. What I what I would give the listen to Howard and Frank dandy. Don to another Monday night football game. Mecom in the thank you again for coming and answer. My question comment is I really believe recent Texas won that game is because they were facing a one dimensional quarterback. And they don't have that luxury in the big toil. You know, that's just my opinion. And I don't know a lot about football plays and operations next his nose. But they didn't have to chase the told you quarterback all over the field. Fifty percent of the game. Two point. So james. Much always a place where we go from Dallas to New York. Good three and a half hour flight plane ride. Hello, keith. Good afternoon. Good afternoon. Paul. How are you doing? We're doing great. Thank you. Good excuse, my voice. I'm just getting over a cold. But why weren't talk to you about is is next year's SEC championship could very well be won by two loss team. If you look at all the teams that are coming up like Florida, Tennessee, AM LSU, South Carolina. Everybody's getting much better. And if somebody comes with a two loss team or they even going to get invited to the. Yeah. Well, let me you know. I don't I don't wanna talk. I'm you know, sitting on spring court citing precedent here. But if you go the heck to you last year, Auburn loss to Clemson and to LSU and had Auburn beaten, Georgia. It would have gone to. The college football playoff because it was prepared would have been propelled by two wins over number one teams, Alabama and Georgia. So I think it's possible. Yes. You know, you can't you have to be in a position. But, but I think you know, what would help in George's case if you're beating a number one, Alabama were number or an undefeated, Alabama. It would it would be more problematic. If you had two two teams playing each other. Well, that's what I'm talking about. It's hard to teams playing in the championship game. So one of them would win two loss. And if you had up of one loss Pac ten team one loss. Well, it isn't possible to answer payment. And Clemson, of course, they're gonna play in the ACC, which is a cakewalk. It's a fair question. I I don't know how to answer I'm trying to think about for Alabama to lose twice the regular season. That would be just downright stunning. It would be but look at an EMC coming on strong. Yeah. No, alabama. Liz is two am and. Probably the better chance would be at Auburn. Right. All they would be mixed and in Georgia lost to Florida and Notre Dame or am it would it would be a problem. A really good point. Thank you very much case up against the break. We're taking your phone calls today. Five to four two seven two eight five John Adams shortly more of your calls as well as we continue here on a Tuesday afternoon. Listening to Paul finebaum show podcast. Welcome back. Glad you're here. More calls and more guests to come. Let's continue how about James in Tennessee. Hello, James call. Hey, it's so happy you take my phone. Call enjoyed the show whenever I can watch it. Unfortunately, it usually typically this time of day, I'm working and not able to. But when I'm home, I'm always watching. Thank you. I'm reading up chosen your show to ask this questions because I know you take you go back in town. And I know you have a very good knowledge of the history of the SEC. And that's one thing. I enjoy from time to time when you comment on as far as the Tennessee basketball program. I want to kind of talk a little about both women's and man's and I'll start with the men's program. It's just I'm just having this conversation with some friends of mine this week just how we are of what the job Rick Barnes has done in a no, you gotta guess it's coming on pretty soon to talk about it. But the fact that the correct me if I'm wrong Paul, but I don't believe that there's a single five or four on this team right now. No, he's he's developed this team on his own. And so what's what's amazing baffling to me is what he's been able to do. And how stupid Texas must feel. They let this guy. Go. And what a blessing it is for ball fans to have this guy is to revitalize our our basketball program. Now, I started watching basketball the first year was seventy nine I think that's the year done to both first year think that they wanted to turn and beat Kentucky and overtime if I'm not mistaken that that is correct. Okay. And of course, they can peaks and valleys during that time. And of course, probably the biggest valley had to be in the nineties underway to wage Houston, and what the other Irish guys name. What was his name o? Kevin o'neill. Yeah. But but I just wanted to kind of get your opinion on what's Rick Barnes. You think going to do in the future is he gonna stick with this format or see going to mix it up? I know they got a commitment from a five star guy for next year's class. That's on the men's side. I'm gonna ask you this on the women's side how much more and how we'll fill a fomer. We'll Phillip Fulmer learn from his past mistakes in terms of his loyalty. I always said that his loyalty to his coaches is what got him in trouble. In the midst of thousands is his loyalty is longtime friendship to Holly. Is that going to keep him from pulling the trigger and making a change because I think the key. I think he's hollies lost the locker room he wa- if you want Paul if you watch that second hand. Not even trying. No, let me quick answer on the front part. I yeah. I mean, there's no way you can avoid getting big time recruits. Now that your program is at the epicenter of college basketball. I don't think it will change the way Rick Barnes coaches, which is the key on the women's front. Listen, I don't think Tennessee will beat Notre Dame Thursday to you know, chance it's gonna be a bloodbath. And that game is in Knoxville. Correct. I think I think that may be the line of demarcation even though Monday night probably was losing to to. I mean Arkansas is is a is a rising program. They've really good coach who who who's gone to a final four my. I think that's going to be. We're we're we're we're it comes to an end just in terms of any any chance of survival. And you know, I'm I'm not one that's going to sugarcoat anything. I don't think she's gonna make. And I don't think I don't think Phillip Fulmer can resist the the will of. Of the Tennessee people who I think at this point realize, she's not the right answer. But you do agree with my surgeon that has been one of Philip's Gillies hill in the pan. But let me say this in defense of Phillip Fulmer, it's different being a coach then the athletic director. He knows what it steak he knows. He knows as well. As anyone how important that women's program is I think you'll be cautious because he's been there before. But I I believe that he will make the call. And I and I'm just guessing I'm not there. But I think he'll call her in and find a graceful way out. And I think the best way out is for her to announce she's walking away for the good of the program as opposed to fighting in unwinnable battle, and I think right now, she's in an unwinnable battle, Paul. Can I promise I'll let somebody else had microphone in defensive Holly? Again, this is. This is not an excuse worse. What six us into it now, but the ball of nation, including myself have to take a step back and understand all the the the the circumstances that she had to take when she took this juncture. I mean, you know, what she had to go through watching her friend her mentor. Go downhill, I won't listen. I watched my mom die of breast cancer. It's not easy on anybody. And I know Holly was right there on the forefront. And and I think that that's why she just giving been giving the latitude that she's been given. But after that on the opposite side of that has been six years, and you've got you've got elite talent there that's top ten in my opinion. And it's just not being coast up. So it's time to make a change. Hey, paul. Thank you so much for me the opportunity, I love your show. Thank you, take care. Now. Really appreciate we'll talk about that issue. It's an issue for those who are like going what's going on here? It's it's the passion of the Tennessee people. They care very much about that women's program that that is in one of its worst crisis is probably the worst in almost everyone's memory. Thank you very much for the call. What's continue Gilly is? In Tennessee, Gilly, go right ahead. Morning. Noon Paul's first time, first time, caller longtime listener, and I just wanna give you show shout out and thinking enjoy listening to it greatly. I got three things really I shout out to Rick Barnes can't say basketball doing a great job and the kids are just class act. So proud of that. So second thing is Holly. I'm afraid that she, you know, this is your six year and she still saying we're just too young. So now, it doesn't work. I don't think I don't think he does now. No, paul. But anyway, I was going to be able to shout out to the Alabama fans in into. I think what did they cancer coordinator? Clemson did was watch the SEC film study like I did. And I saw to just give away all his keys in say is throws them field in this out patterns. And and I think I think to spilled his guts, and I think I think there will solve those keys, and he just he just Audi me, what do you think? Yeah. I think you're absolutely right about that. Go. Hey, thank you very much for the call. Do appreciate it. Let's check out Walter in Louisville. You're on the air. Hey, walter. Hey, Paula doing first time caller you enjoy. Your show. Appreciate I wanna sit there and talk about I've been watching Alabama and Clemson people. Hey, you know, the better team won indices, Alabama fans just gotta sit back regroup late Nick Sabin, do it. He has to do to get the program owning in. If you feel like he needs a retired. And so be it. He had a great life at LSU, Alabama. Let him enjoy his life. But if he's ready to regroup and get it seems like we haven't heard from him. But it seems like he's ready to regroup. Well, you know, I'm I'm big Kentucky fan, and we have grown processes on right now. So they wanted to stoops head off like the second year. But you know, you came building empire in the day. No, you you really can't. Hey, thanks. Walter. Really good to hear from you. Brett is in Columbus, Ohio. Brett, welcome to our show. Good afternoon. Peter finebaum. How're you doing? Great. Thank you, Brian. It's a good talk to my best friend every once in a while you miss talking to. Yeah. Yes. So we've for the first year university could plucky alumni, you know, that culture. And so went down to Georgia versus your Kentucky in Athens, Georgia being a Kentucky fan a mystified by basalt Rina's, all that stuff. They have a beautiful Rena down there. Call Athens, Georgia. Really nice fans were were great. Of course. I was wearing my blue blue Goodson grow games FCC. But I just went to brag about one of your employees. Paul had a cribbage to me. Laura Rutledge ruin sources are for a few minutes, and she's got the beauty and the intelligent. So a lot of times if like you Paul you're beautiful, but you know, not intelligent about everything. So, but she knows a lot about a lot. And one of those times that I get to brag. About the FTC, and you have a privilege to work with. They're just want to tell you that all have a great day. Thank you. Brian. Great to hear from you. Glad you did leeann Seattle Hillary. Hey, I know you're doing well. So I won't ask reason I called is. I've taken issue with, you know, quite a few things that have come out of Daryl's mouth. You know? I'm sure a lot of people. Have you calling just straight out calling? So in a you know, a drunk and immigrants, and we're all immigrants, but today, I think he topped it that was driving, and it just was able to come in call you. Let's he actually complaining about these get over a referee's call. He did. That's funny for a guy who complained for a year about a call in the Georgia Alabama national title game. And he's still crying over like couldn't believe it was. I don't know what I thought I just thought that cannot becoming Daryl valve he's complaining about a call that what against you know, when it gets Alabama, and they're still whining about I'm sorry, New Orleans, or whatever it was. So I just found that ironic and I'm sorry. That's bello. I had listen. You can't take anything Darryl says literally. So I I heard what he said. But it didn't really faze me because it was Daryl making the statement. I know that coming out of his mouth, especially you know, he's still whining about a call from last year's championship with the revs. And he's telling everybody else to get over it. Oh my goodness. Anyway, besides that, you know, I think he's just a moron. Like would say. Thank you all. Thank you Lee. Great to hear from you. We will take a break John Adams coming up shortly or of your phone calls after that. You're listening to the Paul finebaum show podcast. Welcome back to talking a lot of basketball a lot of Tennessee basketball, especially with the vase number one in the country. John Adams is covered it all for both radio. Most recently in for thirty some odd years for the Knoxville news sentinel, John. Still kind of hard to believe Tennessee, number one in basketball. We've seen it before it didn't last very long. How important is this? And how great is it for that that program up there? Good afternoon. Hey, paul. Yeah. I it's a great thing for the fan base fan base here. I know it's considered a football school. But there's tremendous interest in basketball here. It always has been it just needs the right coach to rekindle that interest gray MIR's. Did it a long time ago, Bruce Pearl get it how you saw what that was like. And now Rick Barnes has done the same thing. He's not to promote it right with Mears. Was he's not the promoter that Bruce Pearl was. But he's really built a nice team. And the fans appreciate it in. They're filling up Thompson. John. How has he done it? Well, it's interesting Paul when he was hired. I mean, this guy had an incredible career took Texas to the NCAA tournament sixteen times in seventeen years. He's won everywhere. He's been I think some people wondered if after support your from Texas, if maybe this was it, you know, he was just kind of closing out his career with this with his job. Quite to the contrary. He's really worked at it. He's built a team. He knows what he wants his team to look like he knows the kind of guys can play for him. They have to be guys that can take tough coaching and a lot of players can't now, and he's he's really put together a team that will respond to him. And that's what's happening. It happened last year, and it's happening again this year, and this guy really is done an excellent job of of motivating them. And I think some teams might be. Distracted by being number one. I don't think this team will be as, you know, number one can be very fleeting. But I just think this team is going to be really good the rest of the year and probably really good in the NCAA tournament talking to John Adams about the Tennessee basketball program number one the country John for so many years. Tennessee was either number one or close to it in women's basketball with the lady vol's last night. Many of us watched something that that is closely resembling a harsh oh with Tennessee losing it home fifth straight with the number one team in the country ahead. What's the status of Holly Warlick right now as we close out January? We'll Powell I think I wrote a column after last season. My feeling is the administration is not interested in the lady vol's being an elite power again. I think they're content with the team winning twenty or so games getting in the NCAA tournament. And they're they're paying Holly Warlick, not top wages in terms of college women's college basketball. So that you see otherwise, I think they would have made a change already in God out and pay somebody maybe two million dollars. But I just don't see that happening. But I thought the program would continue along instate a certain level, but this season contradicts that I mean, this is truly a train wreck. I I know it's they've got some young players, but the kind of players Tennessee recruits to go out and play the way this team does is totally unacceptable. Fan base and in every one of those losses. I've watched them. I mean, Tennessee just looks not it looks. So disorganized hollies been outcoached. And every one of those games decidedly. I would say and done by the well for the future. Now, it's got enough talent we might still come around and get hot at the end of the year and maybe win twenty games and make the NCAA tournament. But right now when you look at this team, you know, I don't know who it's going to be and beat Vanderbilt and be Florida, but he can lose to anybody else. So the you've seen that with losses to Alabama. I didn't think Alabama could beat any team in the country about twenty points. If it continues in you know, one would presume Thursdays and opportunity to play the number one team in the country. It's alternate opportunity to be totally embarrassed at home that would be six straight losses. I'm assuming this decision is resting comfortably. With Phillip Fulmer your knowledge of him as a coach and loyalty aside, he's in a different role. Now has he said anything, and what do you expect them to do? No. He's never say anything negative Donald Holly Worley he hasn't. You know, he hasn't mentioned it during this during the currencies. And that there's a problem nothing like that. I think he's just consumed with football. He's out there at practice dressed in coaching garp, tune the season. I think that's where his focus is. He still wants to be football coach and everything else is kind of falls by the wayside. I also. Think so good that Philip looks at her in can emphasize. I mean, he doesn't think he ever should have been fired at Tennessee is football coach. So he sees a coach with a good record. And that's enough for him. He doesn't lick it where the program had the program once was or the decline of the program just as there was a cl- decline of the football program under him. He doesn't really know that. So I would think he would be sympathetic and empathize for Ali warling before you go. It's pretty amazing. We we haven't talked about football you. But we will. Now, a lot of coaching changes recruiting seems to be going, really. Well, your your thought says Jeremy Pruitt enters year, number two. Well, you mentioned this has been such a volatile off season for football transport for assistant coaches coming and going one jumping from one SEC school t the other. But I think when it's all settled down. I think Tennessee is better off it lost its offense coordinator Tyson health took a job head coaching job with western Kentucky. I thought he's a good offensive coordinator. I think he'll do a good job there. He didn't really fit. Jeremy Pruitt's Phil Phillips the loss of. And I just wonder I really believe that Jim Chaney will be better suited. I think he will be more comfortable with Jim Chaney is his offense coordinator, I think you'll be less likely to meddle with Jim Chaney is often to coordinator. And thereby he'll be able to focus on the defense. They just like the offense needs plea help. My guess is Jeremy poet tried to do too much in his first season as the head coach. I think most guys. Do in that situation. I also think bringing t more helps from another perspective, I think he'll be able to do really good job in new cruising. He's recruited. Well, wherever he's been. He's got great connections. Not just in California since he's been at Southern Cal. But obviously deep-seated background in the southeast. John Adams, always greats catch up so much information so much discussion involving Tennessee many, thanks. We'll talk to you soon. Thanks, Paul John Adams, very interesting comments there about the women's program and Phillip Fulmer, we'll digest that get your reaction. We're coming right back to listening to the Paul finebaum show podcast. Welcome back here on a Tuesday afternoon. Leeann it Lanta next up as we continue here Lee. Thank you very much. Good afternoon. Hey, paul. How are you doing? We are doing great. Hey, hope all is. Well. First time call I got a couple of quick question. And I'm gonna get off. Sure. Tennessee, Tennessee girls coaching job. I got a guy in Atlanta. Actually, his son pleased, Alabama he was on. Concussion protocol fish last year. But he's a b- Siegel. Be you're going to be real deal. Six five through zero six another biscuit. I'm telling really he'll be. Yeah. So you see what is it? But the guy that I'm talking about his name Willie Richardson. He coaches at Atlanta international high school right now, he got a hell of a resume. You can look up. Okay. Played in m v played in NBA goes a little bit at western Carolina in the guy knows what he's doing. I'm just doing it out there. I appreciate much, and I'll tell you one more thing for let's go coach Avery Johnson. He's he's gone. He's the only why zone arrive. I think he's a great coach. I totally agree with you on that. Yeah. We'll paul. Appreciate it. Thanks to take. My thanks pre sheet glide that guide to hear from you. Really good. Really good information there. Evan in states borough Georgia. Hello evan. How you doing? We're doing great just going out in the woods, man. Is this an all basketball episode? I've called in them. Well, I think so. Yeah. I messed up then I call them the wrong way. Today about the Georgia football team. Now, they may be having a hard time recruiting wide receivers because of the branding issue. Really see that as a problem with the or or or not? No, I think you just have the statesboro blues thinking that. No. I I don't know. I don't understand how Georgia could have an issue anywhere. Georgia's including is. I mean, it's on the same level as Alabama. Yeah. That was kinda messed all. But it was I I guess they were refer to the one kid Joe's Oklahoma after decommitted. Yeah. I mean, let's I don't think I ever look at one player and and try to come up with a draw conclusion. I mean, I know what you're talking about. But I I don't think Georgia has any issues in recruiting. Okay. All right. Well, how your opinion on that? And I go I wanted to tip my hat to another Georgia Southern coach, Paul Johnson. He retired this year. You're talking about another good coach at probably never got the credit that he deserved. But I I would agree with you on that. That's right. I get eight Georgia Tech full-fledged. Now, Paul Johnson's Goan have to root for him every every week until they play Georgia Tech and hate him all year now. So that's good. Taking my McCall. Thank you. My my model hate early and often. Thank you very much for the call. Do. Appreciate Stephen is in Nashville, you're on the air. Good afternoon. Hey, Paul, thanks for taking my call. I hang on caller. I was calling. It 'bout. I'm fan draws caught about the Alabama Clemson game. And I hate to call following basketball interview. But I was going to say about that. I'm thinking there's an LSU fan that you know, obviously, oh has proven to be a solid choice. Even though he was not popular at the time or starting the season. But I'm looking at it thinking, Clemson may have laid down a blueprint for people to follow to give Alabama trouble. But then as I think about it, I'm going, hey, how many teams can throw four first-round descent defensive lineman down at the same time. And and, you know, generational freshman quarterback with you know, skill players. Remember one thing. And and Nick Sabin is is dapple coaches I've ever seen. He knows what got him in trouble in that game. He has a new offense coordinator who I think is far superior from from an Xs and os standpoint, then that's previous one. So. I don't think he'll sit around and and and and do the same thing. And that was one of those things to watching the game. You know? I just said, I I I'm not gonna say I was hoping bam mode when again, but I definitely love the SEC. But it was also obvious that they had one of their worst red zone. Offensive play calling games I've ever seen. And I was wondering why they can't do that against this you every once in a while. Well, it's a good guy. Yeah. I cannot explain the LSU Alabama rivalry. There's no rhyme or reason for that. Especially since owes Ron is different than I mean, less miles got freaked out by that game. So I it was bigger than he can handle him. His his his his sweet spot was in was in. We follow is not going to go with giants. That was but, you know, something Stephen, you know, the I think if I if you had to fall coach owes you're on he's been trying to win the game on the wrong side of the ball. He just can't win that game on defense. And that's the thing is I l issues always been able and the truth is they've been able to keep it close. When they go full bore defense. Try to do time for this and run the ball, but it doesn't work. So I'm wondering if the UCF game showing borough throw for three hundred yards and a bunch of young receivers. I'm wondering if they don't try to. I mean, what's the worst? That could happen. We we pull an old miss and give up forty points. But maybe they can put up for you right in the furniture and the first year he kept a very close. And and I think he got something out of that offense was disaster. Last year wasn't any better. This year is even worse. And you gotta you gotta you gotta win that game. You can't you can't win that game trying to to narrow the playing field notes Alabama. And I and I and being are awesome used to call a game with the score point on offense. Yeah. No another another milestone for us. Well, said thank you, very. Much really really good to hear from us, Stephen. And if I can figure out how to work this phone how about Scott in Virginia. Hey, Scott, welcome to the show. Thank you, Paul. Thank you call. You bet. Great to hear from you. I'm just talking about the my daughter went to Alabama graduated last year. He's living in Atlanta working for CDC. And I'm I'm just talking about the game. General I you know, you you get emotional when you watch the first time the game. I watched the second game, you know, the next day and just telling you there was saying that I mean that that that that that call that Holding cO on the ten yard line and to push ins from the to your mind. I have like everybody's making too much thing. Like, nick. Has done you know, his is his run call. And you know, that's what I'm thinking about. I mean, look at this recruiting class. We got it. I mean, it's unbelievable. Guy. Listen, you you make a fair point. I mean, there are a lot of points that just disintegrated in that game in the red zone mistakes were made I think it was just the fact that ala Bama didn't adjust in recover more than more than the twenty eight point outcome at thanks for the call. We have another hour to go. Thanks for being a part of the show. We're coming right back.

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