#43 The Chartographers: Jay-Z, Pt. 2


Really? Season two. Let me people. We just finished our part what episode rerigged an astonishing about of g seven of his twelve hours that we are doing. It's been an incredible journey, and we have five albums left that we're going to talk about it rank in order of worse the best at kind of Campbell even richer, but these five holy crap. Let me tell you. We haven't Saudi it's cooker tearing Riley, a special guest anti dog star. I remember white find on I read man on various sites and must be. I mean, look, I listen to the part one because goodness all other are some badge easy homes out there. I've been agree discussion about where he came from about a slow about so many other different aspects about how he may. Or may not have been bodied on certain songs by guest rappers. That's fantastic. But most importantly, though, we are now down to the top five. What are they they are his ninety ninety six debut reasonable doubt to those? His triumphant comeback of the blueprint. There is his retirement album, which was two thousand three's. The blackout them. There is inspired by the movie the same name American gangster from two thousand seven there is is I guess what? I'm cheater. But I guess I'm okay with that forty four in twenty seventeen. He's not. Here's. Cedar. But I guess I'm okay. 'cause I'm through that's the exact opposite of the messages. Very and I have a piece of shit holy shit. I can't believe I almost went Eric, Manet. Five. All right. Here's fantastic. So guys, it's tough. It really is. Because I think a lot of people's presi critics there, especially when you only get like Rolling Stone sums of all timeless usually regularly routinely. See reasonable doubt the blueprint on there. And I really feel like all these other ones are definitely contenders. So number five on the ranking Terrano Riley. Hey, if you had to pick one for number five, oh, really, see breezy. I love it. I love this album. I think it's really good. I think that as far as like it's interesting because I really like the production on four forty four. I do. Ideal. I really love for forty four. Honestly, I've going into the week. I was like because I have I listened to this out a decent amount last year. Honestly. And so I was expecting it to be like in my top three maybe. But I just there's something about again. I think the all of the samples are inspired. I think that it's a very beautiful luscious colorful album. It goes all over the place emotionally melodic -ly. There's something missing. It's not as immediate as the other four that we have really in my really. So it's weird. I guess we're okay. I guess we're giving right to it. Yeah. Geez. Okay. I think a little bit combs exits needed there. I feel like a lot of people in case you somehow miss the cultural memo Beyonce's lemonade, which we covered in our fuckin-. I ever did is essentially her that Jay Z cheated on her. This is the million dollar million dollars in an elevator incident of hers Alana, Jay Z, him cheating, philandering basically admitting to it and doing kind of an album response to a degree to what you wanted with lemonade and elimidate is a powerful important impactful statement is it's a very empowering album. It has a lot of different psychologically deep. The details here and four forty four. It's weird. How I feel like I list when I came out and yet it rings even stronger to meet today than it did before because Jay z here on this album. Is unlike anything we've ever before this is a one hundred percent different police from him because we're rapid than is known for by don't show for. Record that is known for a conflict declaring himself as the all time greatest as I mentioned in the part one. I feel like when there's a certain inspiring event or certain showers, and he has to face he really likes to rise. Engage. She needs motivation to do with whether he's hungry, scrappy reasonable doubt. Whether it's the silence people in the blueprint, whether it's too I need to go out with a bang with the blackout. And however you wanted to find it even when he's inspired. He does and so four forty four is just a complete. I would argue a complete reinvention of Jay Z's entire world view tire static. He's still a solid rapper. He's still has a very great sense of melody, I feel like working with one producer throughout the entire the album. No ID in this case hope to lot because I feel like they were able to create something even closer to an artistic statement on here fluently, and it's kind of honestly astonishing the levels that he goes to here. I really feel like for him to toggle up about his mom dealing with their own realizing that she's gay and like him be okay with that. And like except. That is a strong powerful statement to make I feel like I hit even the story of OJ, even though it has a couple let's just say questionably vaguely antisemitic lines in there. I also feel like it's him dealing with black dentistry in modern world in a very fascinating way. And it's still braggadocious. But it's more to the sense of. I'm the grades of all time as more what am I leaving for my family like the entire album all the way through there's just this emotive elements to it that are just so striking and so different than anything. He's ever done. But that's what I have to say about it, Shannon. Look. We are literally complete polar opposites out this is little in. This is the one thing out of this whole list that I will die with personally. Really? This is the best Jay z albums ever made in this is my favorite JC. Okay. So many things like I don't disagree. That's the thing. But this thing I would not be mad at anyone if they said any of the other albums of four forty four if they said this was the veggies album. I would I would argue with them. But I would definitely respect that a paying thousand percent because it's like that's how close I do feel. But for me before forty four ever mentioned as someone who's been listening since heart might wife to and even went back, revisit everything. This was the first time Jay Z was this personal. And it just not just I'm on the best rapper. I'm me. I'm Jay Z. You guys wanna be it was like, no, it was speaking on black empowerment, it was speaking on your rights and your independence in really owning your own when it comes to your business. Owning your ownership it, then really again, this is very important, especially now because culturally speaking, especially coming from a black background when it come to infidelity and cheating things like that. You know, it was just one of the women. Do Jay Z shows. Like like, like, I'm fighting for this like I. I deeply regret this like look what I risked look what I almost lost. Because I did this stupid thing based off for some old cultural thing just because like this is what it was back. Then like no by coming idiot. Like, he's like, literally alike, you can tell this is what he literally made the musical version of like crying and sobbing and begging for forgiveness for mistake to make a song cry like he had he it's more oversight cried in Songkrai, which is like amazing in its own sensible. And it opens with kill Jay Z, which just kinda striking state like these are all the things that should have exactly what it is like upfront about all of this shit. I like I'm of this out onto no again. And I know it's more recent than other than stuff like that too. But that's what's so fascinating to me. Because he's he's been doing this at this point for twenty years so came to unveil a new level or so for your raise the bar ungiven. And he arguably did some of the best. Amping he's ever done on MARCY me. Marcy mean? His flow deliver. What's his flow delivery, the bars the Canaanites the production? How would fitzwilliam in this like in again this challenge that we? So again, he's been twenty years the way he kinda gets in his packet with Flo. The kind of kind of hesitation and the keep going like not. I love that song. I love that song so much from rapper standpoint. Like like. Now, I if bam wasn't on here. I think MARCY knee would be my least favorite. What's? Yeah. I I mean, I in bam. I love the horns on it. I love this song. I think Damian's annoying. And it's just it's a record, Shannon. I had a very strong connection for. I would not put four forty four number five at all personally. That's just me. You still have reservations. Okay. So I look again, if when it gets rain tyre, I will not be upset. I do like I love this album. I just think that it's it's very concise. And so for me, the like, bam is that much more of a problem? I think like family feud is incredible. I think that the way that they took that sample in and then beyond say re recorded it in like, they build out those harmonies at the end, I think, it's brilliant. Moonlight is probably one of my favorite. Jay Z song has gone a loved us need and the music video with rain to the music has like one fucking verse so much more on. Yeah. Watching this huges sample. It's a song. That's that. I onic. Yes. Easy to be swallowed up by the legacy of the original song. And it wasn't right. A couple of times on on his discography over like when you're talking about when he sampling. I know they want. Sampling like fantasy barriers went in fire. It's like you can't you can't make a song. That's as good as that original. But I think that he does on moonlight. I mean, it's so visceral. So it's still immediately relevant and. Yeah. Like speaking, the the experience, I think not I feel like he I mean, the thing is I know of some of the production before I don't think he's ever produced quite like this before for me. There's a lot of reminiscent of what J Dila did. Because what J Diller was so fascinated before a lot of times when people like loop samples before and red beans, what they did is they took like a very specific horn where they isolated so sort instrumental whatever and pulled it out was able to loop at that way. But what J Diller did most famously with Dolan says album is that he just cut the song. As is. It doesn't matter if it was mid snare or anything else like that. He just cut these elements and put them together. It means something a lot of out of it. And this almost what I feel like no idea here because when that Stevie Wonder sample comes in on smile, and then it's just like, you know, like. Just like, ooh. Like just like the tone changes to deliberately. So specifically has beat behind it. And it just wonderful story of OJ to with Nina Simone sample on their Hanno is just like it's like sporadic emotional soulful. Then you have those drums kinda come with different moments. Just like start like flare up like it's just for production. Sampling him as collaborators full of collaborator feel like it's just he needed to make a statement of analysis in more than almost any of these other albums over talking about here. There is a unity. There's a clarity. And there's almost a story to it four is. And I respect that. Now, personally, go ahead. I was gonna say every time he goes, I'm not black. I'm OJ. Laugh every single time. How you look just like me there's probably millions of people that when they heard that before he said himself, everyone was like, okay. And then take his just like in it just shows you how impact of ridiculous statement. It was to make it how we are receiving just like, okay. This just like, and then he goes right into the song. When it talks about like, you know, don't die in the neighborhood Chamamah renting if Bill drudge don't flip it and buy everything. And that's how you grapes it. That's how you make the money. Yours is how you make clean. And that's how you uplift your community. And granted is definitely a different kind of way to do that. Because one would argue that if you're selling drugs to get money to do that, you're your community in the worst kind of. But again that what he did himself. Yeah. Like to that though. Yeah. Yeah. He conned like. Like, there are people that I love that. I still drugs to and that's terrible. He knows. Yes. So it's like, I think that's was makes his album. So legendary for me is the fact that he was able to capture and do all of this in two thousand seventeen after he's been doing it for twenty years. And he's he's what forty eight he's forty eight. And again, this is you know, he's the this is the first of the new forty of rapper at that age point that's doing this this actively and consistently at this high of a level. So that's what makes this hour even more impactful as I don't think many people thought we would have gotten a jazzy abably Fisk good at this point in his career, especially after the two before. Those are like to get that. So here's where I stand on it. I'm not going to throw this number five. I'm gonna join up a little bit on that one there. But I'm not necessarily saying it's number one. I'm just saying I have two candidates that I would put down five and four personally cocaine one, which I think might be a little bit expected at one that goes unexpected. But I think if you'll think about it is really true one of them at the thing is that we're talking about great album. So don't act so fucking shot. Shit. Would I say American gangster because it is a great album. It really really is. In the crazy thing the crazy. Fucking thing is that this is puff daddy of so much of the production of this. But after seeing this movie about this nineteen seventies gangster, essentially any of those Denzel playing him like realizing I feel like this of the ideal that he wanted to live out secreted briefly kind of a concept album about that about wanting to live that and it's almost like almost revision of reasonable doubt to degree, but it's just stylish and classy and like whenever he's. I feel like he's more comfortable with horn sections than he is with traditional trap beats or anything else. That's always been his aesthetic. He's always kind of more my classes. He is reason he talks about offer so much his he loves that era and still he that's what. Yeah, I feel like when he's calling back to that. That's when he is like, his more inspired in his delivery. You know? And that's and that's really, you know, you talk about he needs inspiration in this case, it's sort of an honest ration-. But he was also well, it's not an official soundtrack. He was involved behind the scenes. I mean this album came out like a week before the movie. Even the backdrop to that story this album was actually going to be marketed as the soundtrack to American gangster. But before the movie came out, it was revealed that because the whole basis of that movie was supposed to be a real story if it comes to final I know out of that never happened. It's a lie. And then the guy even admit to it. But it will check for him. So he's like, you know to just said so instead of making it the official soundtrack it was just his album interesting. So again, there's a lot of great God damn things on your rock. Boys is pretty much like an all time out there. Incredible verse bills yet and the horns come in to do. It's just like so and this like Jay Z they feels like he's comfort zone. It's why this whole album is good really for my least favorite songs. One the lead singles blue magic Morell productively like the really that's why you're leading. It really feels like that is like a misnomer on the rest of the album personally. What about sweet fucking love? Sweet. It's just like it's so I mean, it's it's an a similar vein to I mean, most of the honestly this like this one I would agree, but it was between this and four forty four for me. And it's very good. Ulta really, it's it's a great album, and it's just so solid. Honestly, the only problem I have with it is little Wayne shows up. Two. I love. I mean, Wayne trying to be prince which is what he's been doing for a decade now. And it just like aids. Like, he's not pulling it off. I think the whole rest of the record. Even if there's not like huge highlights takeaways on the second half. It's just a very enjoyable listening. Experience about him. See this was a tossup between two for me. But in different place before for forty four. This was my favorite Jay Z album while time. The white boys. Again, a get that like even for me. Like, even we go for. Hello, brooklyn. The reason why that song was so dope in why? And I notice as he picked it. And this is also why we love Jay Z so much is because even though he's kind of he's at this point. He's Oji in you know, when it comes to hip, hop rang. He stays in tune what's happening in he he kinda rocks. When to let them know, the my hey is not what is not what I did. But I definitely support the movement because you know, that was kind of the sound back then like that especially with the way Wayne the hook and everything like that. When you factor in the pool kids in that time, what is Chicago seeing that was kind of bubbling with a lot of kind of futuristic eighty thousand stuff as he'll proper the con- bringing back that boom back a little bit. And then not being so similar to what was the sound of that time, which was mostly southern still kinda trapping more soulful because that's the Houston Eric took over and things like that. So when Jay z came out with that song in that timeframe, it's perfect. Just like the blue magic song it sucked. Perfect. Like y'all Jay Z's in tune with Mike is in tune with us still, and he's still doing that even at a high level, and it was kind of like a time capsule in a sense. The reason why genius is because American gains kind of took place seventies eighties in that, you know. That's when that kind of sound was bubbling the fact that he was able to capture that in coincidence. In that timeframe to me, I was like this is this is amazing will listen at this point, turn it. I every nomination and apparently recovering after Shannon's favorites the favorites to return, I'm just curious Shannan if you care for five because this is it this is going to be between two for me. If people are going to argue people be mad, if you say what you're gonna say, I might actually agree with you somewhat. So for me, personally five would have to be between blueprint reasonable doubt. Here's the okay. Here's the thing. When I was expecting you to say, and what I kind of agree with, and I'm kinda surprised myself is the blueprint and the thing is that like I feel like that is great God damn there. Again. We're all of these are great God they map talking about. I personally reasonable doubt. I would hold it a higher standard. Personally. We'll get into that. A little bit blueprint is one of the things where it was such a massive album that came out is a lot of people consider it to be arguably his greatest album on there. I'm not necessarily on board with that. Exact same sentiment personal. I think it was a very good. I feel like with the economy, especially him as a producer really comes into his own on here, and everything that you see that in a lot of these different songs. However, classic elm. I feel like because he was so motivated because of the nausea fitting hand because he expertly handled that on the takeover, which I feel like such a nice wonderful wonderful attack in the era of classic dismissing beefs that have happened over time. It's great. It's just more of the fact that when I listened this is the rest of the album on here. There are moments. Whole Aho beat though is not going to rank for me is. Who does not rank Rankin half for me? Personally. I'm also not a fan. I'm not a fan of girls girls sanity. Let me say I'm fan of it. Yeah. But in comparison to the other albums those who stick outs me as I am I can do without those. I'm not crazy about those. If they came on some days out skip them some days. I listen. But like again, this is this is where it gets difficult with this bunch of albums because you can have so many in views, but for me blueprint three in reasonable doubt reasonable doubt for me was like kind of of it. It's classic album. But it's just weird because it's like, I can't say anything bad about doubt. But it's like by trying to but it's like I love that album so much as well. But I don't love that album as much as I love the black album American gangster and four four four. I feel like reasonable doubt is up for me because the production is fucking phenomenal timely reasonable doubt. Like, I feel like four forty four is the first time that the production like. Called back to reasonable doubt. And was like that solid. We'll maybe American gangster two. But like just again, it's just so colorful, there's so many like very there's a lot of string samples there's a lot of just like just taking it back to completely different era. And I just think it's totally brilliant. And if you've read about it, I guess apparently of the producers ski and DJ premier repair fighting a lot like fairly. They like kept coming in with the roughly the same beats for the same slung. Just a matter of who got their first they were fighting over it like, apparently, I think it's a -squitoes leaded Brooklyn's finest the notorious B g one, but I believe it was actually appeared that actually had another one similar, but not the same. And also turn it Emma ski their first. So he got the beat on the and they both have beats across the year. But also the thing about reasonable doubt that it's so fascinating as I feel like that is the most benthic Jasey. Jay Z, Choson interviews with that one of the basically his favorite album I ever done and like I feel like it's just because it's just the most genuine, it's the classy stylish hustler. Gangster. That's like everything that he needed to do. He was and I've definitely because even Jason he said the reason why he used again, even he's questioning which is so weird even questions himself now about what his best album is. 'cause you said people have convinced him of otherwise he's like, I kinda agree because reasonable doubt was the album he had his whole life to make. So that's the album you fought you went to everything retire life to make this first album. So like he did perfect like he he did it in a perfect way. But for me what it is this point. Like, these two of us think that we would blueprint three is a contender for fifth out of print. Every three itself. Feelings something like, okay. So would you loop read through one I keep wondering he? He has to. Would you write blueprint one? Yes, you will bring lots moving to be very blueprint is my favorite, really. Yeah. It just walk us through it. I think I think again I use. I'm looking at it from beats and hooks and just like overall like impacted versus and I think that blueprint just there's not honestly, there's not a weak song on it. And like, it may be doesn't have my favorite Ellison one of your favorite songs runner. Good. Okay. Hey. Good. Look, I'm not a big fan of the hook the hook sucks, folks. Such and the beats kind of banning even do not my favorite song on here. But but. How about this onto I don't think Eminem body, Jay z like, really, okay? No. Because if you really listen to I think the thing imminent verse that while everyone was like how he did it the floor advocate stadium. Right. But totally makes sense. It doesn't apply. If we if you break down, his parents were Jay Z said in a meaning behind it. Chase e was in his bag like for me as far as like what they gave us in the studio, and then just goes, sell hard and Jay Z's, taking it. So casual that when you have those two contrasting styles in ride you're gonna go with the one that's more incident. It's just hard to pay as close attention to Jay Z's verse. Because at an m just grabs your attention. Beer, it's four eminent right to think when would mean when I write my versus and stuff like that. Because even back in the day when he first came out kill imminence Baz as I got older and are really dissecting. What was being said was like JC was in his bag. I don't think remind him like like people keep saying he go- body on your own. I don't I don't necessarily agree with anymore. Also, like heart of the city. It's just like and city. You guys heard the the live one the unsung. But it's like the one with the late singer. He's performed live unplugged unplugged the blueprint. Oh, he you guys have to watch heart of the city in TV, unplug. That is probably one of Jay Z's best whoever that vocalist. I don't know who she was. I hope she's doing well because if she hurt shops, and that this and at this time people didn't think anyone could do that for and a lot of marriage at lodge because she used to do it all the time, Jay z live, and she was just. Memphis. But that live performance of heart of the city of all of this. Well, we have a lie. Okay. I'm not done. Yeah. So okay. There's mentioned girls girls girls as like a bad song. I on the hook the hook the hook is obnoxious because he definitely just got like some random friends to record it like, it's not him girls. And I do I know on the girls is is a sample from Bismarck. He doing. Yeah. Yeah. It may be started as a sample. But there's definitely different people singing it run the first time it happens in each course. It's to people who are at least in key. And then the second time that happened one of them is for sure tone-deaf, and like I'm like, why would you put someone sucking tone deaf on your song? What is happening, but I love doodoo, but the. But I just love the beat so much. I think is oh is a fantastic from little song. I think Jada it's like has a solid hook. He gets some great versus. I also I don't I don't love song crime when I'm into it. I just never changed as a very similar thing. But better never changes dope. Never changes. Like a great asked song. And so like, I get why you guys are maybe putting it lower. It's not as like maybe innovative as some of the other things here. But I think it's just a incredible solid. Pop record. Okay. So I feel like we're talking about logged from records here. But when it comes I feel like every record we mentioned have been someone's number water, close number one, whatever. So if we had number five, and we said, the blackout them. How would we feel about that? I love I couldn't do that. I know Beth talking here. Yeah. I think I think we are all agreeing that the black album is not number one. But it's definitely not. It's okay. With that thousand percent. Yeah. Okay. So let's go ahead. Let's talk about the blackout a little bit though. I go about I'll do fucking records that. So his fucking retirement album is one that he was about to go out on it has arguably his most well known song. And listen, it's been overplayed, we all know it. I still think ninety nine problems might be one of his most perfect containment of what it isn't. It's also one of the only few times of rap rock song has arid and it works because home shit fucking war. The I hate rock rock rap songs like but sorry, cypress hill. On-loan of Iraq superstar off and live like an even in. What was so what made this album psychotic is that he came out with the movie with the album, and you can see his process and how he just came up with that one to fly just how art how tented is as a rapper. Like, this was literally the best closing best ending to a career. If he was to say. Gone shots can come. But this was this. If he never made another album after this album, he would still be in a lot of people's opinions. One of the great legs even jewelers do submit it at that point. He didn't have to do anything after his album because it was just that good. He got literally the Justice league of the best producers you can find out invade gave him the best. They knew this album. So they gave him productive temp like dirt off your shoulders. He had do you got off your shoulders? You have on a home. Oh my God. I corps encore on to you. That's like on has one of the best wrapped hooks ever. I think that is is just like so immediately impactful, and like whether it's on whether the version or if it's the grey album, like it's just we'll talk about agree on the little I have a lot of feelings about the grail. I really do is fantastic. And then the weird thing is that this is fucking. I remember when it came out of the time because I was aware and just like, okay. So this is your last album leads singles gotta be fucking changed clothes or you fucking kid. I might change. But I think the reason why he led with that is because that's when rail was steaming hot so anything for touch people love for rail. That's the one is gonna really boost interest. So I think and plus they were him him in that will work and he was on rails. I think that was just more of a product like this. This just makes sense to promote to get people to listen to. But he could've put out so many of the songs, and again, you never know into you do it. But he can put on any a lot of these songs as the single letting go on. Oh my God. Yeah. About Lucifer for second. Conde? It's by the way, like kinda miss Cayenne. Right. Right. Home. My god. Like, this is when people were like, oh shit cayennes like he's he's mentioned areas producer. He's up there. He's up there of their like that on my guy and just the way he the hook itself to sample. Yeah. I mean to to take like a full like Flamenco beats and turn it into the incredible rap song that it is. I mean that takes balls. I feel like people were doing that at this. Knob is no he was he was a head of his time with that with that production. Like that that that song still is like says tests the time that that's come out today. It would still be as like my lonely for sure it will doesn't even sound date. Even when I listened to a recently also December fourth surprisingly like him to be by graphical. Like that is I I'm always so affected when he does that. 'cause you're gonna doesn't show that Boehner ability a lot a lot of four forty four right? But yeah, did he just gave us little tidbits of throughout his discography before the? Yeah. And it's just. And then, of course, moment clarity, you know. And I feel that. I honestly if Madonna was able to come through in seeing justify my thug like was originally. Way. I'm just anoint. That's even the one like they. Moment on this record your phone now because I don't believe in like the original I don't like justify my love. So why would I like the remake of it? That's right. Okay. So a going forward guys we have five five slots, we've talked about all of them. Listen when I let you know. I don't think anyone's favorite is necessarily going to be number one. We do have to work our way through we have to compromise a little bit a longer way. Go ahead. Would never mind those number to say American gangster Icee. We let's I think you and I have to gang up in a vote. I think I've in gangs, her has to be number five just when we're talking about this other albums here would talk about the consistency. And talk about with the statements that they make it feel like for me. It's honestly coming down to what is the most cheesy and lot of these are really a lot of Jake Z. And the thing is I feel like four forty four and like reasonable doubt are very like. So m Ambika what Jesus murky gangster resolves like he's enjoying the fantasy. He's living the fantasy of going through this. It's like the only thing that's holding me back. It's just like I don't love every song on here. You know? Like, that's my biggest thing as I know. It's not as. And again, a lot of people. And again, you guys aren't off with how you feel about it in comparison to the rest is left because it's only a small sector of people that fill like American gangster was up there Pryatta for forty four. That's me. I'm definitely now. Again, I can't even be upset about how any of the Szikszo. Right. So I definitely like I was going on voting process in this one has to be I think that I think that has to be at this point is in terms of an argument terms of going happy to actually raking. Yeah. Let's let's go ahead. Let's just again this top five if you don't own this five this five because it's pretty fucking great. American gangster is our number five pick, which leaves reasonable doubt, the blueprint doesn't make any more. Make it easy. Honestly. Okay. And here's my only the Oko. I think after talking it through with you guys. I would be willing to put blueprint at number four. Why I just you know, after like thinking it through and hearing your arguments against it like, it's your favorite album. Yeah. Fun. Also, it's it's my favorite album like just purely like song by song basis. I love pretty much everything on here. But I will also say that I think there are individual moments on the three that may be stand above it. And so since you guys allotted to put it lower. I think that makes sense. Well, that's awesome. That's huge. I can't believe we're doing it. And guys the blueprints at number four. And okay, I'm sorry. I got a fucking call at this point, though, we've been ever great recon 'promising all the way through reasonable doubt. Blackout four for four who's the blackout? It has to be. I would say in this one would take rate album, and they really don't feel like even talked about the honestly, but like at the the black at the thing is I feel like the album went out was like, oh, it's a pretty good. I'll have to go out on I feel like in the year since it's kind of gained a reputation or if you like the songs. I think the gray I'll certainly may have health with that. But like at the same time, and that's okay. This is the only thing and talk about a little bit more during the happier Minnesota. But the thing about me, this is around the time ups are thing is also ironically the year after that, collision course Lincoln. Danger. Mouse who did some hip hop production at his alma work with jemele? Now, you have the fucking here as we work as God, damn amazing. But like he went ahead and one after it was just like, oh, let's get the black album, and let me take the Beatles. White out in the mix together do the grill, and I really feel like he was able to in some cases for certain songs, we did like us much. He was able to find a music Haliti and joy to it. Which sometimes I felt like it was missing from it. I don't love the beat of dirt off your shoulder. I felt like he was able to do a better job on personally. But he was also unlike all these other fuck of things when people like still blue album with this or whatever, and it always fucking sucked is that he was always able to match tone to tone like when he did change clothes like, here's a puppy little duty. So he took Buchan piggies from the white album this little like fucking sample and married it with it like he was able to find the tone for each of these Sosa sickly greatly that also just speaks to how good all of these verses are absolutely can take them out of their context and actually. The album as just a vocal outguess the that's happened. That's how that's how much they knew. They were like this will I remember mother billboard charts. The fuck it, Jay z. The blackout off Capelle only that Butte like number one hundred ninety eight like four thousand or fucking people. But that all the week. I wanna do my interviews because it basically became the the blackout challenge like people wanted to do that. So I have a lot of feelings about it. But let's just say the blackout on has to. Three. Why are we doing this? This is so insane. Oh my God. Guys, the debate between reasonable doubt and four forty. And now, what's interesting. What I thought was going to be the discussion. I thought it was going to be four forty four in blueprint. Yeah. In reasonable doubt is more difficult for me to argue with four forty four. But I've I'm like died hard go to the grave if got on vote before forty four. My one. Okay. I get it. But see reasonable doubt is just like such. It was it was a different era for hip hop. And I feel like I feel like I wish he hadn't jumped on the train where hip hop went for his next three albums ninety seven ninety eight ninety nine like, it just wasn't as strong just standalone, beats wise, and and because the beats weren't as innovative. I feel like he wasn't as inspired, you know, lira quiz. Obviously is flow is improving the whole time, but reasonable doubt is just such a rich album, and it has a handful of my like favorite all time. Jay, Z Sant's my favorite. Jay Z song is politics as usual. You know, that's a fucking classic. It's phenomenal. It's phenomenal. And that's the thing is like there are there are some songs on here. Like looking at like friend or foe or like coming of age where I? His his delivery is a little too conversational. It doesn't feel like rap per se. It just feels like talking in a few places, but like politics as usual, again, that's an all timer that is that is a timeless song that could come out today. I think it's be just as mind blowing. And then you know, when you get dead presidents on there when you booklets Brooklyn's finest finest so God, damn fun. Yes. Peter Navarro jewel, all they're pushing each other. They write down anything of the studio. They went toe for them. Never right. Yeah. And I think like for me, and that again reasonable doubt is I kind of is just like especially and I'm glad that I was able to listen to a really for the first time as in the are like asthma dope and like nineteen. And so the hearing it as a kid not fully understanding kind of having feelings about it throughout lot. Like, it's extraordinarily like the things the topics just. It's gritty. It's it's it's a time capsule of that time. Like, if you listen to this out mere instantly in nineteen ninety six I would argue I would actually argue a little bit against that. Because only like at the time, I feel it. No was doing this specific thing here. I really feel like around the time line gangsta rap. You get mine. It was like ninety four is when there was heat of the east coast, west coast rivalry and follow shortly after this win p in west coast funk was starting to take over and it really became a matter of how are you of? How gangster are you? Here is going back to the original gangsters. He was going to like classic city type things, and I feel like that's so Emily in his production on I feel like the fact that he went with these production choices as is on this fucking bargained budget of a dime as he's making his record label. I it's just so surprising to me how effective and how I feel true to his spirit that was because he found sounds so comfortable on here even on fucking twenty two to this look at Jay z over that you put in Japan, and you come up on stage. Oh, my. Favorite song here. Bryron just creativity of it is because like the whole feels like you're like a late night Speakeasy or something. Like, of course, was fun. Jay Z out there. Of course, bring them up on stage like there's creativity to too. And so like I feel like he was standing out. And it's weird how like he embraces persona so much this one shot, and he took it. And then he put out albums after the fact so this way American gangster refreshing because it does sound like he's referring back to the sound. Like, he's blotting that character again and examined fun doing it. But at the same time for forty four life for me, four four four and again, and it's definitely like the fact that it's as impactful as it is already twenty seventeen years like all again reasonable doubt, people didn't regard reasonable doubt for a long time. It took time for people to really give it its appreciation and things like that before forty four is just like while it's definitely shorter Alvin it like everything attacks in does. I appreciate that. It's shorter realm. Exactly. Like it attacks everything so masterfully and then addresses so much, and it's like so much you hear about artists when restless, right, especially hip hop. Like, you know, you give yourself compliments jars rapper you're giving yourself compliments and Jay put this revealing amount sound like y'all I much I'm asshole stat like just being so revealing invulnerable which is something that again is definitely a polar opposite from the nineteen ninety six on the most thug persona. And so to just see that ever Lucien in growth and older artists. And for it's a resonate still muddle be so high Pol in this show, high quality, and so personal like again at the time he made reasonable doubt. It was his whole life to took him his whole life to make that out within seems like four forty four is like his whole it took his home career like the trials and tribute. Nations of being the biggest rapper in the world and things like that. And then realizing how much you have to you wanna reach back to help people. You understand the world isn't in the place that it should be thinking change you want to educate people in uplift teeth, like it's just it's just like I feel like four forty four is all of these edits like is like this is the body of Jay z in him being like revealing in it like, you know, even though I do these bad things, whatever you can take those things and bring something positive to it. If you know 'cause I understand you have the living your environment. It is like given such people know certain conditions so much hope and that's why low forty four so much personally. You just kind of it came out just kind of hit me on my wow within he doesn't have a ton of features on it. But the ones that he doesn't understand like bam. You're not a big fan of bam. Bam is fucking phenomenal. Like when I heard I was like, oh my God. Because again, you know, I love the Damien Martyn he had to out on with NAS. Love that album too. But I love that. Because Damian Marley actually biting on that collaborative album her. So for me, I was like oh my God. This song is so dope. And again, I think another thing that just makes it of we're talking about the full package the videos that accompany the songs on this album. I got every single. Six in makes you appreciate like washing the four four. Every ultra video. Yes. Speeds up. Just like everything just about. This was just like this is me. I'm like for me. It's like I'm looking at JC at his best as someone who's lived life. The ups and downs has you know is where of his wrongdoings in his repenting in his showing you, hey, it can start out here, and you can change it. You just gotta you gotta have a right mindset. And don't hate on the kids that are here Wyden because we realized this tortoise aren't point. We gotta we gotta push them in the right direction. Like, let's stop hating on the new kids less, and it's just my man like he's such a Granddad of hip hop. It's like, and he does it so masterfully sue, but he could still out wrapped in he can still wrap told the toll with anybody. I'm going to win. But he can he can wrap toe to toe with anybody and peop- he'll still have our attention in this like he still has the ability to be high-calibre. And even if he doesn't win he'll still have the respect afterwards. Not because it's like, it's still such a high level and. It's like for me, and again, and that kind of jute typically when it comes to big artists debut albums tend to be the best work in never kinda reached that for me. This was the first time I've heard an artist who's in maybe Jayco 'cause I coach Debbie was terrible. But this is the first artist that has best because this is this is the same issue that has to do with nine says never put out a better album to a lot of people than they'll then they'll Matic now. I have my own Jay Z agrees with right? And that have my own different pain because I love it was written. But I I can't be mad at anyone that thinks that ill Matic is his best buddy work. I feel like Jay z got over that home for me. Personally. He did it twice but four forty four for me is the most definite like for me personally. But again, I can go on all day about how much I love it. How much it means to me awhile keeping while I feel this number one? But it's three. So we have to vote. I've never been so conflicted, especially after that, especially after this in credibly passionate empire pool argument that you have because like four forty four is concise and emotional and just gutting an open and honest and yet at the same time, I don't necessarily wanna kid compare legacy album, which with every will very much is. But like when you have that presidents to and can I live in politicians usual and can't knock the hustle all on the same fucking album, like its heart. And so therefore like the only thing I really love to reduce to is looking at what the bed tracks are like that's like there are so many great moments on both of these albums that is hard raise dealt by very nature because it has more songs does have more. I would say like I mean. Kashmir thoughts. And Kashmir, no. It's fine. Also, bring it on this like I like the like the beat more than I do the actual vs on personally. But liberty bring it on. So price Jesuits producer on that one too. Just like holy shit. Dude, you actually were talented, and again, you know, at the time on might song the whole lot. But I'm not like a crazy fan over the song fights Brown by like thank you for saying that I'm not the biggest fan of it. Like, it was cool for the time. I mean, obviously for me their presidents is the best of my favorite song on that album. I got it. I'm like I love that album. That's kind of in my range on. But again, it's difficult because these are too hard to be critical something you like you love you. Hey, this is the masterpiece like, but for me, it's your vote is for for. It has has him for for me. Mine is reasonable doubt. I won't be mad either way. I'm not upset either way. 'cause this is like Jay z all light, not many artists will give you especially in that we are debating his most recent album his furniture. You the first time it's happened. Right. I think this is the this is the first time that the newest album from an artist with this, many Alba GMs. Yes. Yeah. Okay. And honestly, I think I can wrestle with this all day. I could change my mind tomorrow at the end of the day. I have to go with my gut instinct here, and I have to say that four forty four it has to be number two because I can't. Doubt make what it is. And being what a Representative everything up so rough because like I say, the forty four is it's fucking number two on the twelve album ranking that we're doing right now, it's just like at the end of the day when I think about and who knows maybe I'm wrong, and maybe yours time after forty time hasn't had even more time to settle with me. I'll feel differently about it. I think it is phenomenal unplug. Your debating it. I do. But like, and that's and that's the beauty of it. Because we could literally all go back and listen to all of these albums and have a debate again. And you can think for four is the best you'll be like, no this out in our have completely different opinion. That's just how close at least for me these albums kind of our so guys, listen, it's the I don't think it's ever been. So, but we got a fuck it. Call with been tighter. You know it. It's really even bubbly come. Okay, that's different number five. American gangster. Number four, the blueprint number three the black. Album, number two, four forty four and the number one album vessel rules, featuring R Kelly right at lying to you. It is reasonable doubt. It is number one guys. We have a lot to say. And we have even more to say, what are happy are sports talk about the worst. Jay Z song. We talk about his guests versus because we all know how much you love heartbreaker Carey, right? Right. Right. Also rela but also just so much more guy. So please keep listening. In the meantime, though, if you could do favor ranks on nineteen anytime, there's a ranking house visibility with the show. That's awesome. The people who have done it. We appreciate you. We don't know he works tonight too. But well, supposedly though, so close face one follow us Chadhas, Email address huggers, g Millicom, Shannon, PX. She I remember way. No, this was this was as fun as I thought it was gonna be right because again, it's so much goodness. And it's just like there's really no wrong answer. It's just a matter of like, we gotta Ranga when me finish the person. So they saw that we had these five hours deal with like hell the fuck. Do we determine anything? Yeah. I was I mean, I'm so happy with this ranking. Honestly, things didn't exactly where I had them. But like definitely not is not a bad ranking. Yeah. And and I and I, and I definitely people will agree with it. Disagree with it. But he is all three of us disagree with it somewhat right in some way, shape or form somewhere. But again like I think the listened silent. And again, it's a it's also a good determining factor for light to know, how great Jay is like looking top five albums, and the fact that we had a hard time to signing even number five was so that's good any so guys, please. Keep listening got damn. And you know that will be. Thought.

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