Ep. 312: New Bodies, New Lenses and Old Kodak - and more


This is an icon. Embassador charming penny. And you're listening to the pedal pixel photography podcast with Sharkey, James. Enjoy this episode is brought to you by our good friends at fresh books. Ben row and Shimoda full details and discount codes later in the show. Welcome to the paddock pixel photography podcast episode. Three twelve new bodies new lenses and old Kodak. And this episode Kodak sees things differently. Now cannon introduces a new body panasonic's new full frame gear to new Pentax lenses are coming a filter that will have you seeing red. But for good reason and Boeing's is back from the dead, again, all that and more in episode three twelve of the paddock pixel photography podcast. Thank you so much army for opening show. I greatly. Appreciate it sister. New Jersey-based Nikon embassador charming pain, a- has made her Mark specializing in Indian and southeast Asian, weddings. And her work is absolutely stunning. If you've never seen these types of weddings, before you are totally in for a treat their colorful. They're amazing. And if you don't know what you're doing. You're just not going to do them Justice at all, thankfully, though charming does. And in a big big way. She's not just simply they're looking for moments and capturing them she's doing all that and creating art at the same time. Now do yourself a favor and be inspired by her beautiful work on over at her website. Which is charming paying a dot com at C H A R M I P N, A dot com. You're definitely going to be happy that you did. And I'd like to thank you all for join. Us here in episode three twelve of the paddock pixel photography podcast. We appreciate you all so much. And thank you all for subscribing rating interviewing us, and I tunes or wherever else you listen to us. And that now includes Pandora, and as always we appreciate hitting that subscribe button. Do it now, please. So you don't miss a single up Assode as well. As town all your friends on social media and elsewhere and helping to get the word out about this show. Okay. With that. I'm your host Sharkey James. Let's hit it. You guys should seriously see the Haiti meals, I get from the CF when I criticized not just the viability of film, but Kodak specifically it think I was talking about their religion or something. Remember the sea in CF g after all stands for cranky. So it goes with the territory, and I imagine that the latest news, a Kodak isn't going to do a whole lot at turn that frown upside down for them, a vein might actually appear in their foreheads when they hear that Kodak Laras is planning to get out of the photography and film business. Yep. You heard that correctly not long after making extra chrome one hundred a thing. Again, they want out lesson. I'll say it again film photography, not exactly a growth business. You know, Kodak Searcy loves the Kodak itself over and over and over again, it's predictable at this point. It has been for a long while actually they not only saw digital coming. They. They were a pioneer in it. And you know, what they said the horseless carriage or digital photography will never take off. We're all about the horses or film have look at Kodak stock price. And you would swear that you're looking at a really sweet black diamond run at your favorite ski resort. It's not pretty and you might recall that back in twenty twelve win Kodak filed for bankruptcy it owed a Wapping two point eight billion with a B dollars to the UK Kodak pension plan. Also known as KP withdrew firesale status. KP paid three hundred twenty five million dollars for Kodak's imaging and document businesses which were made up of Kodak paper photo chemicals and its film business or ppfe as it's called an in doing so Kodak Alaric in the UK shares the rights to the Kodak brand with the Rochester, New York based Eastman Kodak company, which makes the film and paper for Kodak Loris fast forward. 2017 when Kodak Loris announced that actor chrome one hundred would return from the dead, and it did just a tad over four months ago back in September of twenty eighteen then two weeks ago. Now, they announced that they were going to be working on releasing ACTA chrome one twenty and sheet formats as well that was two weeks ago. And here we are talking about them getting out of the business. So according to inside imaging and confirmed now by the Rochester, democrat and chronicle just two weeks after that announcement in financial documents that were released as of this recording. This matter is classified as held for sale. And according to Kodak, LARs board, chairman Mark Elliott, quote, the transaction is expected to deliver a net cash benefit to Kodak Loris in twenty nineteen and quote, so Kodak LARs thinks it's a crap business after all right? And they want out you don't look for a buyer, if you're cranking out the kind of cash that you would hope for you. Hold on to. A company like that and keep making the money. The sole shareholder of Kodak LARs is the UK base pension fund known as the Kodak pension plan. And as Elliot says the fund was unlikely to meet its financial commitments. They talked about the quote potential movement of the fund and all its assets into ownership by a UK corporation the pension protection fund, which saves the day when companies can't cover it's pension payments to its employees. Now inside imaging says that any assets leftover after a new buyer if found takes over we'll be owned by the pension protection fund. Kodak LARs is reportedly doing well overall just not well enough to meet their obligations as I said industry analyst George convoy of Brighton. Securities echoes what I've been saying for years now here on this show saying quote out of the four businesses managed by Kodak Loris, this one was likely perceived add the shortest life span, and is therefore I up for sale and. Quote, a thinks that Kodak will likely stick around saying that photographers and filmmakers by Kodak film because of quote, what they perceive as the look or the quality that they get and quote, listen, I've got a news flash air few people can really tell the difference. They really can't it might make you happy though. And honestly, that's all it really matters. So not judging here just saying inside imaging reports that Kodak's film businesses actually been up for sale since way back in January twenty eighteen if way back is little over thirteen months ago now and while it hasn't sold yet. There's been interest by a number of parties and that one is quite a bit further along than others. Still doesn't mean they're going to buy it. We'll see now Kodaka LARs values. It's ppfe business at thirty four million dollars US and hopes to be free of it by March thirty first of twenty nineteen. So in other words, Kodak's film business just thirty four million dollars in value. I'm going to let. That speak for itself now in a video over at the mothership that was produced by the business channel cheddar while Kodak invented digital photography back in one thousand nine hundred seventy six they said, they didn't want to cannibalize sales of their film and cameras. So they ignored it while others did not that and the company's belief that people would always want to print their photos pretty much sealed their fate. They didn't anticipate people putting their photos on Facebook et cetera and not having an actual parental look at I tell you Kodak Kodak's itself all the darn time. It's what they do. Very well, sadly, and then say film is dead. Did I now I never do that films dead next? It didn't take a crazy longtime at all. After the September twenty eighteen release of the EEOC Dr cannons debut full frame airless body to see their second offering. Now, the canon Eos are p the company's smallest and lightest full frame O's ever, not just in Maryland. We're talking ever. And by looking at it, you can immediately. See that canon clearly wants people to see this as a body that lies below its yo Sar side-by-side. You're just not going to mistake the two of them for each other. You're just not going to cannon wants consumers to know that this body is different not just by looks. But of course, it's price point as well. We're gonna get to that in a little bit here. And you know, what this is what camera makers largely due right? Not all of them. But most they need to help people see that both physically and otherwise they're different level of camera. I mean, look at their DSR's, for instance, cannons got their smaller API. See crop E O's rebel t also knows they e os thirteen hundred d elsewhere in the world in other models, which you can still get at Costco, for instance, with two lenses. No less for four hundred and fifty bucks. Now. They're obviously not great lenses, and it's not a super great body. But for four hundred fifty bucks, you're in a digital photography now. Compare that body next to an E O's five d Mark four and it's night and day. It's fourteen percent narrower thirteen percent shorter and two percent thicker now if you compare that five d Mark four which is full frame to the company's flagship one DX Mark too, which is also full frame. While the ladder is just five percent wider in nine percent thicker, it's a full forty four percent taller. And that's because the integrated vertical battery grip. Of course, you compare all these bodies together. And there's no mistaking what the pecking order is there, and that's helpful to consumers, but contrast that to Sony, and they clearly just don't care and in a good way. They let their cameras speak for themselves. You know, the lower end a seven Mark three and a seven are Mark three have the exact same dimensions. I think they're the same casings. In fact, if you didn't look at the markings on them, you wouldn't know which one's which now this brand new canon e o Sarpi has twenty six point two megapixel full frame Sema, sensor just four point one megapixel 's less than e oh sorry, which is thirty point three mega pixels. And that fact along with the price tells me that canon has other bodies planned below they are ones that have a lesser build quality, a slimmed-down feature set, and I sure are going to be a PSE, and we're talking cameras that are going to be in the ballpark of like seven and nine hundred dollars or so, but is going to be quite a while. I think before we see these APS crop models and certainly not for four hundred and fifty dollars with or without a lens. Let alone to that's just not. Happening. Not anytime soon. Now, the RPI has the same excellent digit gate image processor as in the ER. It has these same ISO range of one hundred forty thousand expandable down to fifty and on up to the digital snowstorm that has one hundred and two thousand four hundred and it can shooting continuous at five frames per second versus eight in its bigger, brother. The are it has the excellent dual pixel Seema's af system with four thousand seven hundred seventy nine autofocus points versus the five thousand six hundred and fifty five in the ER. It has faced an eye detection and around back is a point three nine inch two point three six million dot O L E, D electric viewfinder also knows an VMF that's down one point three three million dots from the one in the eels. Are you know, when you put your ID each of these you will definitely see the difference? You will wish that you hadn't done that? Comparison annual also wish that you say for an SR. Instead, it's that much. Of a difference. You know, when it comes to expectations, especially if you're going to go from a DSL are to MIR less, it's that easy f that's going to be the sticking point for most people. If you don't get the same experience or pretty darn close to the one that you get when you look through a view finder of DS are and you see that image bounced off a mere and up into the pennant prism and obviously to your eye. You're not gonna go for it. You're not you're gonna wish you had held out and got something that was a whole lot better one. That has a million more dots of resolution like the one in the are now under the EVS, and the RPI is a three inch one point zero four million dot varying angle touchscreen LCD which supports touch and drag af, but while it's just point one five inches smaller than the one on the ER. It's a little more than half of the two point one million dots that it's big brother has and that's not necessarily going to be a dealbreaker. You know, if you mainly use that the LCD to shoot and again. Then it's going to be noticeable though, if you compare them side by side, so don't do that. You don't want to do that. Now, if you want or need to card slots, you're going to be disappointed in the ios RPI. Just like the yo Sar and Nikon's e seven z six because they all have just one in the RPG. It's an S D card slot. But at least it's you s too. So there's that now on the video side, the RPM can shoot for K video at twenty five frames per second at one hundred twenty megabits per second with eight bit color depth and not just with external recording Adamos unit or similar, but internally as well, the are on the other hand is quite a bit more capable because you can shoot four K at thirty frames per second at four hundred eighty megabits per second and ten bit when you pipe it out the HDMI port to an external recorder. Now, if you want cannon, log, the RPI is not the body you want you want the ER. Now in my mind, and I dare say in the mind of cannon as well. The main selling point of the RTP is that it's smaller and lighter. It's not as tall as the EEOC are and it weighs in it. Just four hundred eighty five grams with a battery and card versus six hundred and sixty grams of the Sar so the Arp is roughly twenty six percent lighter a difference that people will definitely notice the Arp also has focused peaking eight point three megapixel still grabs from four K video. Why find bluetooth connectivity built in stereo, microphones Twenty-three, custom functions. It's water industrial Sistan and has a battery life of about two hundred and fifty shots. And that's where I say why long you're going to need to get more batteries just like with old Sony bodies. Why don't they put bigger batteries in these things? I know it's heavier but come on two hundred and fifty shots. You don't wanna be changing batteries every five minutes along with the RPM cannon also unveiled its new e. E G E one extension grip to make the RPI a bit taller which goes completely against the benefit of being small, right and lighter and further signaling that this is a more consumer camera that grip comes in black with blue or red accents. In addition to just black. You know, so you can bedazzle your canon Eos RPI that now unlike the rumors that we previously heard about this body. It's available for preorder right now for one thousand two hundred ninety nine dollars US and currently comes with a free extension, grip and more importantly, a canon e f two adapter so you can use your current cannon glass. Whether it's e f or e f s that adaptor alone goes for ninety nine dollars, by the way, and cannon cells that mostly useless extension, grip, which doesn't add any extra battery power or anything just a little bit more height and a splash of color for seventy nine dollars. Now, you can also get the EEOC. Sharpy bundled with a twenty four to one hundred five millimeter f three point five to five point six I s s T M lens for sixteen hundred ninety nine dollars or bundled with the much better twenty four to one zero five millimeter f four I s US for two thousand one hundred ninety nine dollars those prices, by the way, all take advantage of cannons. Current instant rebate, and the RPO is going to start shipping. This February twenty seventh of two thousand nineteen listen, I think this is definitely nice camera. There's no doubt about it. Especially for the price and everything that you currently can get with it. It is a pretty darn decent value. But I think that most people would be quite a bit happier. If they stepped up to the Sar or waited until we see the Mark two versions of these bodies, which shouldn't be that long from now less than a year. And I think it's important to note that like the eels our and Nikon's e seven zero six that canon Eos RPI is a full frame body. Not APS. Crop. So you would expect of course to pay more. Like I said, and it's going to be quite a while. I think until we see crop bodies in both of these systems. There's just more profit to be made in these bodies than ones that are five hundred dollars. My current recommendation is still have a look at the Fujifilm x t to like I have or save up for the t three. You know, there's a ton more native lenses. It's a great system. I love it. Absolutely. Just amazing system and it was designed specifically for a PSE. And I think that's the takeaway here. There are no entry level canon or Nikon merely bodies in these newer systems. We're not there yet. So I think right here in the middle of February of twenty nineteen and then people would be better off to go with Sony or Fuji film or another system and canon or Nikon we're talking there. Mierlo offerings weightier. So see what they have switched. Then next as you may recall just a little over. A year ago? 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Those along with their small medium or large accessory bags with plastic windows on them, and you can see and get to all your gear with ease all bags or extremely weather resistant have a resin coated nylon shell waterproofs splash guard white cake as zippers and there's a sizeable plot pouch to carry your tripod, whether it's purple or otherwise all that and the ability to hold a water bladder at crazy amount of pouches. And you've got one many peop-. Consider to be the best bags on the market so head on over to Shimoda designs dot com. Use the offer code pedal, pixel twenty and save twenty percent today. And yes that code works. Elsewhere so head on over the lens shark dot com slash deals and find out where next. In case you missed it. With all the other crazy news of late Panasonic announced their new loom excess series of full frame airless cameras as part of the L mount alliance, and they are the new S one r and s one now we know, of course, that Panasonic absolutely killed it in the micro four thirds market with bee's like the G H bore and the g h five and while those are capable stills cameras. They really shine. Honestly, when it came to shooting video, I mean, that's why most people got him. And it's honestly knows apprise because Panasonic has had decades upon decades of experience in the video market same with Sony. You know, you take what you know. And it'd be a shame not to put that in a new products when it makes sense to do. So right, but now thanks to larger sensors and that L mount alliance between themselves like an sigma Panasonic is making a play for what all manufacturers these days acknowledge is the future and that is the Murless market. I've gone. Over at a billion times here on the show. So I won't now. Okay. Just briefly when you don't have a mirror in the way, you get technology that simply impossible to put an DSL are boom. That's what you want. Right. And of all this craziness. Panasonic says quote Alumex asked series aims for unprecedented image quality with high resolution, rich gradation and superior color reproduction and quote. All right. Listen, I'm pretty sure that since Sony makes the majority of sensors out there, and as excellent as they are Hannah, sonic might not achieve that. We'll see I mean DAX. Oh, Mark another still gonna tell us. But goals goals are good to have. I say take your best shot at Sony. You know, Duke it out give everyone no matter. What system there in the best possible cameras for their hard-earned money that I think we can all agree with now common to both? These new cameras is a five point seven six million. Dot real view finder. Above a three point two inch two point one million dot Triax. He'll tilting display eighty two hundred and twenty-five area fast and precise. Contrast detection depth from D focus autofocus system nine frames per second continuous shooting a tracking moving subjects five axes in body image. Stabilization also known as Iowa's a brand new Panasonic Venus engine image processor dual execute D. S the card slots, a shudder rated for four hundred thousand cycles six K photo via eighteen megapixel stills from thirty frames per second. Bursts four K photo via eight megapixel stills from sixty frames per second, bursts and weather sealed. Rugged builds now, the flagship body the S one are has a forty seven point three megapixel full frame Sema sensor under the hood. With a max is so twenty five thousand six hundred and the native range and expandable to fifty one thousand. Two hundred of which Panasonic says quote gives it the industry's highest level resolution in the full frame merely cameras. In addition to the precise reproduction capability in detail this sensor achieves a high signal to noise ratio by taking advantage of its high light condensing efficiency, despite the large number of pixels, and quote, and since it's a Panasonic you can get one hundred and eighty seven megapixel ultra high resume ges by using high resolution mode where the camera combines eight shots, which are shifted by a half a pixel to achieve that resolution aside from the larger files they're gonna have to deal with which means faster processors in your computer and bigger hard drives. You're just not going to be shooting everything in that mode. But it's a secret weapon in your bag of tricks that you can deploy whenever the situation calls for, you know, think incredible landscapes here not sports the S one, by the way, we'll give you ninety six megapixel. Limoges using high resolution mode. A lot more manageable on the video cited things they'll Alumex s when our can capture four K sixty p video with a crop and pixel bidding, so that's not ideal. But it's still kinda sorta workable as for the looming S one it has a twenty four point two megapixel full frame Sema sensor, which maxes out at ISO fifty one thousand two hundred expandable on up to the digital snowstorm that has two hundred and four thousand eight hundred no-one shooting at that trust me on this. It can shoot four K sixty p video. Well, it's true. Why would you shoot it that you just wouldn't do that to yourself any our can shoot four K sixty p video with full pixel readout, which is all whole lot more desirable. Anna software, upgrade key, which will be available later this year. We'll unlock four to two ten bit four K thirty P internal video capture as well as four k sixty p and fifty. Output via its HDMI port and v log as well. So if you're thinking about a camera that's going to be great all round body for stills and incredible for video Alumex S one is probably what you want between the two of these at least if you're in the studio allot or you're shooting landscapes, let's say you not only need more resolution, but a lot more resolution and Alumex S one are is for you now with their electronic shutters s one are can shoot. At shutter speeds of up to one sixteen thousands of a second versus the standard limit with most cameras of one eight thousands. That's what the S one has. So if you're shooting baseball at say, and it's a crazy bright day with the sun beating down on the field, which used to make me crazy back in my photo journalism days, you could go to that faster. Shutter speed rather than having a stop down your aperture f for from two point eight. But it's gonna be interesting to see though, just how much rolling shutter. There's going to be when us 'electronic shutter, one sixteen thousands of a second might not be desirable. So we'll see now if you have an optically stabilized, elm outlines, and we'll get to that a little bit later in the show. You can get an extra stop of stabilization bring you to six stops. And remember I s stabilizes you not your subject that's important to remember. I asked definitely comes in handy, if you're shooting in a dark room, and you want to drag the shutter to soak up more ambient light or you just want a steady your shaky hands or both to me if you got the option between an IS Lund's or the non IS version, I s wins every darn time and gives you more options and options are good. Now, if you're left eye shooter rather than right? I like me there's an optional. I Cup attachment which fully rotates and helps blocked at extraneous light for you. There's also a new larger battery Anna new battery grip. So if all this sounds good us starting sometime in early April. Of twenty nineteen you're going to be able to get the flagship Panasonic gloom mix. S one are for three thousand six hundred ninety nine dollars US for the body only or four thousand five hundred ninety nine dollars bundled with the twenty four to one zero five f for that. I'll tell you about a little bit later in the show as for the s one that's going to go for two thousand four hundred ninety nine dollars just for the body or three thousand three hundred ninety nine dollars with that twenty four to one zero five. So if you're keeping track here Panasonic jumped from 'em for three also known as micro four thirds all the way to full frame, Olympus is sticking with him for three Fujifilm's dominates with its system. That's designed specifically for APS crop, and we've got canon and Nikon out there. Now finally in the full frame merely market. So I ask you is there any company out there? That's going from something else into DSR. No, no. They're not. That should be a clue next. One of the things that I find really interesting about the photo industry is you've got all these brands that absolutely killed it for years and made money hand over fist, and for whatever reason they fade away because I don't know they either didn't innovate or make changes as they needed to also knows pivoting quickly enough Kodak, cough, cough. And then before you know, it they're back now with Kodak they haven't had much success with that. You know, they keep trying to make last century's technology a thing again when it's clearly not, but lighting that's always going to be hot, no pun intended. I swear. So after going under a few years back Boeings was later acquired by European investment group a rule ius in two thousand sixteen and then they cut it Lucy year later, but now bones is back again, try as you might you just can't kill them. And thanks to a really as seeing the light. Okay. That one was clearly intentional right there. Oh, long with witnessing the success of companies, like go, docs, and others. They decided that time was right to make things happen again. And they're doing that with their XM T five hundred flash head a product that they first introduced in twenty sixteen according Nowak's photo video which a rule ius owns along with Kelly. Matt they say, quote, we are pleased to announce the wax photo. Video exclusive relaunch of Boeing's beginning with the XM T five hundred flash head and twin head kit. This is complemented by a wide range of light shaping tools. A two year warranty and special limited period launch offers and quote now the x t five hundred is a five hundred watt second berry, powered Monteleone. It features canon, Nikon and Sony. TTL compatibility has a built in receiver with thirty two channels in five groups five hundred full power flashes on a full charge of its lithium ion battery it has between a point. Zero one in two second recycled time, depending on how much power you dial in which is in nine stops. By the way, it has an LED modeling lamp of flash duration as short as one ten thousand three hundred ninth of a second were being exact, and we are a cooling fan and high-speed sink. All someone was HSS up to one eight thousands of a second. You know, if you wanna completely kill the Ambien outdoor on a bright sunny day, something I really enjoy doing my Ellen grom LB twelve hundred it is awesome for that twelve hundred watt seconds of power. The sun really is no match. It isn't anyhow this Bowen's unit which has been out for a while. Now is six hundred ninety nine euros which is roughly nine hundred seventeen dollars US currently or you can get a twin head kit for one thousand three hundred ninety nine euros or one thousand eight hundred and thirty five dollars US. So yeah, no discount. If you buy two of them that always cracks me up those prices by. By the way, are with wax photo video in Europe. But if you're in the US being h has the single flash at unit for more than two hundred dollars cheaper at seven hundred dollars US or fourteen hundred and eighty two for the two head kit. And no that's not special Columbus, eight pricing someone's going to get that. And besides Columbus Day was back in October a holiday that is eventually going to disappear here in the US. And that's okay. Columbus was a giant jerk. There are any number of Italians. I'd rather have a day to honor like Louvre for Francis. He's giant and I hear he's a pretty nice guy. Not a jerk like Columbus just saying, I'm pretty sure Lou has not killed any native peoples. So does that you get a day? Now wack says that the XM T five hundred is only the first product announce that's their words as part of their exclusive relaunching, a Boeing's and remember the bones. Mount are tons and tons of adapters, and modifiers, etc. Out there for it. So that's good. And as the mothership notes, it would appear that they're wishing to clear out existing inventory of this model light ahead of some probably much better newer stuff, just a wild guess these bones lights, by the way. I don't know if you've ever used the bones light before this or any other kind, but they are absolutely built like tanks. And honestly, if you're a massive Bowen's fan, I'd wait to see what else they come up with like, I said there's other great stuff on the way since they're putting the band back together. So you might as well wait a little bit. I mean there so many other great units out there from so many other companies as well. And these units are a little bit long in the tooth. So I would say personally hold off. See what else is out there next? I think I mentioned this in a recent episode no-name photo show, but for years, I use those circular type of filters when I really should about the square kind. And when you get all locked down on a tripod and you're shooting landscapes, or what have you square is really the way you wanna go. Now, if you just outshooting, and you need something attached directly to your lands. You don't want to have a whole bunch apparatus on the front then circular, of course, makes a lot more sense. So when I learned that Ben road be sponsoring the show, I made sure to snag their one hundred millimeter master filter holder kit done in the protective carrying case is everything I needed and at a great price to we're talking their quality hundred millimeter filter holder. Like, I told you about an eighty two millimeter mounting ring, a four stop square one hundred millimeter neutral density filter a one hundred by one hundred fifty three stop soft edge, graduated ND filthy. That's not easy to say. So I can knock down the sky, and such you get the idea. They're awesome eighty two millimeter circular polarized. Hey quality filter ranch kit as well as. One hundred millimeter light tend to keep out extraneous light. It's like a silver jacket for your filter kit. It's kinda cool. And yeah, that's quite the kit. It seriously covers many situations, and I'm going to be shooting in and if I want more filters, I know how to find him and since I've got lenses that are seventy two and seventy seven millimetres as I've talked about before I got a couple of their lens ring. So I can adapt those as well to us with that hundred millimeter filter holder, then row seriously has you covered. We're happy that they're supporting their show, and we want to save you some money as well. Whether it's their filters. They're awesome tripods heads, monoplane, sliders jibs or any of the other fun stuff. They have over there. Just head on over to the website, which is Ben row USA dot com. That's B NRO USA dot com. Use the offer code pedal pixel twenty and you'll get twenty percents off your entire order right now. They have a lot of fun stuff over there. 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I can get these days I told you recently about how they completely rebuilt the fresh books platform from the ground up taking simplicity and speed to an entirely new level with incredibly powerful. New features by the way, one hundred ninety two hours works out to be two working days per month. Would you do those two days get out and shoot more spend more time with family? I don't know fresh books gives you the options though. So why haven't you tried fresh books yet? I want you to reclaim that time. You're losing and take them up on their unrestricted. Thirty day free trial right now. No credit card is required. In all you need to do is head on over to fresh books dot com forward slash pet- pixel and enter PETA pixel in the how did you hear about a section I use fresh books to invoice fresh books, and I want you guys to see why next. Earlier I told you about panasonic's to debut entries in the full frame airless camera game along with some pretty cool items as well. So if we're going to talk about L mount cameras, we might as well talk about L mount lenses, and not the original ones that were designed by like a for that L mount which they sigma and Panasonic now share I'm talking about the brand spanking new lenses that were created specifically for this system by Panasonic. And also what they have coming down the pike in fairly short order here and those initial lenses by them are the fifty millimeter f one point four as seventy two two hundred millimeter f for us and that twenty four to one zero five f four macro I s that I mentioned earlier which you can get bundled with the s one and s one are for nine hundred bucks on top of the price of those bodies, a savings of three hundred dollars, by the way. So if you can get your lens in a bundle. Well, you might not save a bundle in this case. But three hundred. Bucks is not too shabby now of the L mount madness Panasonic says quote, like a camera Panasonic and sigma are set to offer a user friendly solution that will allow photographers to mix and match any of the three manufacturers ABC and full frame cameras with any lens for me others product portfolios. The aim of the L mount alliance is to provide customers with a diverse and future-proof range of products, the advantages are a large inner diameter of fifty one point six millimeters that enables the realization of extremely fast lenses and extremely compact dimensions. The configuration of the lens that camera communication interfaces future-proof, and the L mount also offers an option for the construction of sealed systems that are insensitive to dust and moisture and quote, insensitive not a word that you hear every day. Now, do you know you don't now one of those lenses is the new? Sonic, s pro fifty millimeter one point four with thirteen elements in eleven groups a double focuses than that uses linear as well. Stepping Motors for four hundred eighty frames per second speed a focus clutch mechanism for instant af. Switching a focus breathing suppression mechanism for video shooters as seventy seven millimeter filter diameter or member you wanna get eighty two's, not Seventy-seven trust me on this. Unless you want to buy two of everything or three of everything your money and also eleven blades circular aperture for nice bulk gay, Anna dust, and splash proof resistant design, sadly, no seventy two hundred millimeter f two point eight online. But an F four version instead with six tops of also. Optical image stabilization when paired with an image stabilized body, it has twenty three elements in seventeen groups O'Leary motor with a MAC. Censor drive speed of four hundred eighty frames per second that focus clutch mechanism focused breathing. Suppression, a seventy seven millimeter filter thread diameter, a nine bladed circular aperture and dust in splash resistance now that twenty four to one zero five f four macro I ask and shoot point five x macro photos with a minimum focusing distance of point three meters. Also known as roughly one foot is sixteen elements in thirteen groups six stop, oh, I s when paired with ibis a linear your motor for that four hundred eighty frames per second drive speed focused breathing suppression dust splash resistance of flooring coating to repel water and oil a seventy seven millimeter filter thread, like the other ones and a nine bladed circular aperture. Panasonic says they plan to design and develop ten s pro lenses by twenty twenty as. They expand the s series lineup. And remember like an sigma will also be developing L mount glass and presumably each of them are going to do bodies as well to help flush out the system and options are good. Of course, next. The Pentax k one is still one of the sweetest DS LARs out there. I am never going to change my mind on that. It is awesomeness not the Mark to. I mean. Well, the Mark two's great. But it's a slight upgrade in my opinion over the K one. The k one is much cheaper. If you can get one new or slightly used that would be a much better by but anyhow, the K one in the K one Mark too for that matter are truly special cameras, you'd be hard pressed to find aka one or k one to user who's gonna say otherwise. So if you don't care about Marilyse that is definitely a system worth looking into especially since parent company Rico just announced two new lenses for its Pentax came out DSL ours. And they are the new HD Pentax DA star eleven eighteen millimeter f two point eight E D D C A W alphabet soup of lens and the HD Pentax FA thirty five millimeter f to now that eleven eighteen millimetres. Star series, lenses, an ABC crop lands, and it has the equivalent focal length of us seventeen to twenty seven point five millimeter lens in thirty five millimeter terms, and the company has this geared primarily towards landscape and outdoor photographers, although you could use it for anything. Of course, it has the company's high-grade HD coating to minimize flaring and ghosting to the extent that it can it has a dust and weather resistant, build a focus clamp mechanism to lock in the focal point, even if you try to rotate the focusing or he hit it accidentally. There's also do heating strip that prevents condensation without effecting operation of the focus ring, it has a nine blade rounded aperture sixteen elements in eleven groups and eighty two millimeter filter thread, see eighty two and you'll thank me later. You'll be good to go. If you've got us seventy seven millimeter filter that's going to be a problem with this lens. So don't do that to yourself. This lens also weighs in at one point five. Five pounds also known as seven hundred and four grams. So it's not super heavy. You'll be okay with it. Now that thirty five millimeter to a full frame wide angle lens and when mounted on an Apia seat crop body versus a full frame body. It's a fifty three point five millimeter lens and thirty five millimeter terms, so not wide-angle anymore at all. You would never call that wide-angle. You just wouldn't this thirty five six elements in five groups a multilayer coating to deal with flare and ghosting. It has a stain repellent. Coating a six blade aperture, a forty nine millimeter filtered thread, what you're eighty two will cover in spades and weighs in at six point eight one ounces or one hundred ninety three grams now the HD Pentax DA star eleven eighteen millimeter E, D D C A W and HD Pentax FA thirty five millimeter f two are available for preorder right now. And they're going to be available at the end of this month. Also known as February twenty nineteen. And sell for fourteen hundred dollars and four hundred dollars you us, respectively or respectfully if you say incorrectly now, I don't know about these lenses because I haven't tried them. But if you're a bit of a maverick, and you could care less about Murless Pentax k one or the K one Mark to if you want to spend more money and really not get a whole lot more is definitely worth looking at. You know, it's quite the camera. Like, I said it is excellent. It's really cool. It can to its odd-looking. It's like the stealth fighter of cameras. Also, it doesn't say canon Nikon or Sony on it. And it's still an amazing camera. Imagine that next now I'm not a big fan of shooting film, as you guys know because I don't have the time for all that nonsense. And if you're going to end up digital in my opinion, you might as well start digital why go through all those other steps, you know, I mean, they're plenty of digital filters. That will get you look of various film stocks like the ones that are. Fujifilm's cameras. And also, there's a number of cool things you can do with actual filters. Like, the new I are chrome filter from Kalari vision, which looks like it comes pretty darn close. The doing a good job of emulating. The look of Kodak aero chrome IRR film. It's been a solid decade now since Kodak ditch the film stock, but if you're able to find it twenty four exposure roll today, you can expect to pay about eighty dollars for it or eeking get one of these filters and not mess with film at all. But you're gonna have to get your camera converted a full spectrum status. And that's where most people are going to be lost. Now, if you've got a spare camera, and you've got a couple of one hundred dollars or so to have it converted along with us filter, which was created by French photographer yon Felipe and Kalari vision, you'll be able to create some pretty surreal images ones that might just breathe some new life in your photography. Now. It took about a year for him to figure out the exact train. Admission curve to reproduce the look of aero crew. My are and to my I it's close enough to call it good. This filter has an anti reflective coating to help reduce ghosting and flare laminated for a long term durability. And it also has a fused dual glass construction hit the show notes for this up Assode for the Lincoln over to the pet pixel mothership where you can have a look for yourself and with an audience as large as ours is there's a good number of people who are going to work this for tog Raphy and be happy. They did. So that is if you like photos that have trees and grass at cetera that's read in all kinds of shades of pink, and such that, hey, don't get till you try it, right? This. I are chrome filter is available in diameters from thirty seven millimeters for just fifty dollars. You us on up to ninety five millimeters for a hundred ninety bucks and again bigger than you need. And you're also going to need a camera. Like, I said that's being converted a full spectrum so Kalari vision life pixel. And a handful of others out there. We'll do that for you for like two to three hundred bucks or so. I'd like to thank you all for listening Nep Assode three twelve of the pixel photography podcast. Don't forget to check us out at Pettit pixel dot com slash podcast for the show notes. And to see what else we have for you. If you head on over there. You can leave us a voicemail question that we can answer here on the show or if you don't feel comfortable leaving a voicemail feel free to Email me at length shark at dot com. And if you like to connect me personally, and I hope you do hit me up on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook, or I'm Len shark, that's L E N S S H A R K again, it's lend shark there's to us in the middle there. It's not lend shark. I am not responsible for what that guy says. Now, don't forget to head on over to my deals page, which is a shark dot com slash deals for all the current offer codes are great sponsors. If you want to help support this show that is the single best way of doing. So all right with that. I'll see you all in episode three thirteen. Well, it's F eight fifty the second outside it's time to shoot. Please. Subscribe to the pedal pixel for talker free podcasts. My daddy is a hoax. Now. Those are the prices in Europe. Yeah, you're not gonna find your on a map. You're just not try as you might look around that whole darn globe. And you will not find Europe. You're not it doesn't exist. You might have a better chance fighting narnia on. They're just saying.

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