Episode #17: The History Of The HEMI Part 3


This is episode number seventeen and today we are continuing our Hemi talk. We're also talking project car of the Week high-performance Parts and listeners stories. Once again if you are a moped enthusiasts than you are in the right place. Don't go anywhere. You're tuned into the best moped Suzy's driven podcast on planet earth. And I'm your host Chris. Albrecht better known as the MOPE are hunter. And this is talking mope bars and you're listening to talking parts with the Mall Car Hunter. Your direct connection to all things mope last week. We talked about the legendary Fort twenty-six Hemi in what was part two of the three part series on the history of the Hemi here on talking Mo- parse. Well this is it folks. The final installment part three is here and we are ending the series on the modern era of Hemi engines. But first we're talking project car the week high performance parts and listeners stories before we jump into the show. I want to stray off Mo- parts for just a minute here to say. Thank you to everyone who voted for talking. Mo- pars in the PODCAST magazine. Hot Fifty lists for their second issue. The hot fifty list is generated solely from listener votes for their favorite podcasts. So I am extremely proud and humbled to say that. We made the list in podcast magazine. Second issue talking. Mo- parts placed sixteenth in the hot fifty. The crazy thing is the podcast ranked among some of the most popular podcast on the planet. Even ranking three down from Joe Rogan's podcast. Who made one in the inaugural issue? Now if you don't know who Joe Rogan is. Let's just say he's an actor comedian. Ufc commentator and world renowned. Podcast her. His podcast is arguably the biggest podcast on planet earth. So the fact that he made number one in the first issue and number thirteen in the second and the we came in number sixteenth. Right Below. Him is just insane. It's a huge accomplishment and a testament to the power and loyalty of the moped community. Another crazy thing is that talking. Mo- parts is the only automotive podcast to ever be ranked on the list now. I know we're only two issues into that magazine. But that's still that's bragging rights folks. No one can ever take different talking about parcel. That is great and I want to take this moment to thank all of you listening for your support and to everyone who voted. Thank you so much to make. This list is an honor and now talking Mo- parts is cemented in history as the first automotive and the only moped podcast to make that list so with that said. Remember to send me your stories questions. Comments complaints suggestions and so on to me at Chris at DOT com. Or you can leave me a voice message and I will share it on the podcast at my new number which is two zero nine. Twenty eight Mo par and since we're talking about it no one has sent me a voice message yet to share on the show. Don't be scared folks. Come on trust me. It'll be a good time and you could be one of the first people to ever have their voice. Heard on the best mope our podcast in history. All right so let's stop messing around and let's get this show on the road. This project of the week is something a little bit different that I see a ton of potential. In and to be honest I really WANNA find one Sunday because I think they are awesome and I love to build one into a street machine so today we have a sweet. Nineteen Sixty six dodge. A one hundred pickup that was posted on the Mo par hundred facebook page on Tuesday February. Twenty fifth at nine. Am HERE IS THE AD nine hundred. Sixty six dodge. A one hundred pickup twenty five hundred dollars Riverside Nineteen six eighty one hundred three window pickup builder six cylinder auto not running missing windshield tailgate. Twenty five hundred if you email include phone number no number. No reply caller text. This listing says that the title status is missing depending on your state. You should be able to get a title for it. You can file a missing title. You can get the paperwork for missing titles and whatnot but as long as you can verify that the seller is the last registered owner. It should not be a problem to obtain a title depending on what state you're in in some states. I've heard that you don't even need a title for vehicles. That are this old so you know a very state by state so if you were to look at something with a missing title be sure to do your research on missing titles in your particular state so moving on this thing is cool like I said. I see tons of potential in this truck. So let's talk about first impressions. I don't know about you but when I see any project car or truck that I'm interested in I start thinking of all the possibilities with this. One hundred is no different. The rake alone on. This thing is so exaggerated that you know. It reminds me of an one hundred that Ed big Daddy Roth would have drawn. The only thing that's missing from this thing is a giant green monster protruding from the roof with its monstrous hand on a disproportionately sized shift knob with clouds of smoke. Engulfing the rear wheels. You know what I mean. This thing is cartoony and I'm into it. Let's talk price for twenty five hundred. I think this would make an awesome project. I think it would be really fun for somebody to get it as long as you got. That title stuff taken care of now. Let's say I got it and I got all the title stuff worked out in. It made sense for me to pick this truck up. So here's what I would do. I have to get everything and safe working order as I would with any project vehicle. The brakes got to work in. The engine has to run so once. Those issues are ironed out. I would probably make a phone call to my POWs down in Oregon at wildcat. Auto wrecking to find me. Some glass in a tailgate. You can find wildcat at their website which is wildcat Mo- Pars Dot Com. They are a MO- part specific salvage yard in Sandy Oregon. That has several hundred pars that they are putting out and they have a number of project cars for sale so be sure to check them out regardless if you're in the Pacific northwest or not once I got the truck complete you know. I've got that missing tailgate and got all the window glass in. I'd probably try to do what I could to repair some of the rust but I would buy this truck to build a ratty running and driving street machine and do the body work as I go at least. That's what I would intend to do. So that brings me to paint. I'd probably is rattled. Can't it to be honest if I'm going to do metal work along the way there's no sense in trying to paint it right away and since the whole goal is to get it up and running as quick as possible you know probably needs a lot of bodyworks? I'd imagine that the best plan of action would be you know just rattled canet or get some really cheap paint and spray it on with an HP. I probably go flat black. And then maybe I'd experiment with some pinstripe work or have someone come out and do something cool to it same with the Interior. I'd shoot that all flash as well and probably have the Dash Pinstripe to maybe the door panels I would just want an easy and cheap way to get the truck covered in one color and you know a cheap and easy would be the best idea if I'm planning on doing any metalwork along the way and the pin striping is just kind of you know to Polish turtle little bit. Let's be honest you know it's GonNa have crappy body work and stuff until I get it done then you might as well you know. There's some pizzazz at it. Why not? My intention isn't to have a show winner here yet. You know. It's just to get the truck on the road and that's what I would do if it was mine next. I'd probably try to locate a set of low back bucket seats. I know there are companies out there that make these custom bucket seats the low backs to order so you can pick colors. You know stitching inserts that kind of stuff so there are companies. That can do that. And I think some clean buckets would really be nice to have on the inside. An alternative to the bucket seats would be some fabricated bomber seats. I've seen some really cool bomber seats that were custom-made. The rivets in them and really nice bead rolled patterns. Those are cool. That would be fun to next. I definitely want to keep the exaggerated staggered. Look to the wheels and tires with that really aggressive. Rake but I definitely upgrade. Some slotted mags or some crackers keeping the wheel entire sizes widely disproportionate. You know so. Things stays raked and wants. This thing is operational. I'd enjoy it while I hunt down a new power plant. Because let's face it if you've got something that looks that cool the slant six may not complete the job so this hypothetical project. I think I would do a third generation. Hemi swap just to keep things interesting since we're talking hypothetically here. Why not throw super charger on it too? So a supercharged. Modern Hemi would be really cool in this thing would definitely turn some heads and of course. If I'm going modern Hemi than my first call would be to blake at DIY HEMI DOT com for all my wiring needs for the modern. Hemi and not just for wiring either. Blake is an encyclopedia when it comes to these. Modern HEMI SWAPS. Blake is the man to get a hold of remember. Diy HEMI DOT COM. And of course there's GonNa be tons of other little details that would undoubtedly going to this bill. But that's just what I dreamt up in my head really quick when I saw it. So there you go a wild street machine one hundred. And here's where I ask the most important question of this segment. What would you do with that? Question is posted on my social media channels for talking mopeds and the Mo par hunter. So let me know on those threads and that was project car of the week. This is high performance parts segment of the show where we take a couple minutes to highlight a MO- part from TV or movie history. This week's high-performance part belongs to the nineteen sixty seven plymouth. Gts convertible in the road. Comedy Film Tommy. Boy Starring Chris Farley and David Spade. It's about the slacker. Son of an auto parts company owner who tries to save the family business after his father passes away and with the help of his father's snarky business account the to embark on a hilarious business road trip in nineteen sixty seven plymouth. Ctx. That doesn't actually fair to well throughout the film thankfully it appears as though the GTS used in the movie was actually a tribute car but nonetheless. It's always tough watching a MO- partake beating on the big screen. The car starts out as a beautiful light blue metallic convertible that has a slight rake to it with some crackers on it. It's a really clean looking car and I think they chose well subtle hints that can be seen throughout this movie. Indicate that this car was not an original. Gt expert rather attribute car. Which makes it a little easier to watch the abuse the CORTEX throughout the movie by the end of the movie. The convertible top and interior were completely destroyed due to an accident involving a presumably dead. Dear I'll leave it at the house so you can check out the movie and see for yourself how it all played out but the car also loses the driver's side door and ends up having a replacement made up of cardboard and duct tape and as far as the convertible top at one point in the movie a new top is actually crafted using an abundance of duct tape in a blue tarp which is absolutely hilarious. The movie is great in the car really does have significant role in the film. It's pretty much throughout the whole thing. So if you like silly road comedies this one is bound to entertain you and make you laugh if you watch the movie. You'll notice some of the mistakes made concerning the car including a reference to the engine that is inaccurate and some movie. Movie flood ups. That are kind of funny. Like the scene where the door. The driver's door gets damaged at the gas station. If you watch really closely you'll see exactly what I'm talking about. It's pretty funny. And then the scene where the convertible top has destroyed the car at the very end of that scene may not actually be a GTS or even a Belvedere or satellite. So pay close attention to that and good. Mo- par is will also notice the differences between an actual gt ex and the clone used in the film. So pay attention to that. The Star of this week's edition of high-performance parts belongs to the nineteen sixty seven Plymouth Gitex tribute car featured in Tommy. Boy Rest in Peace Chris Farley. It's time once again for listener stories. This week's story comes to us from Kelley snap here. Is Kelly story? Here's my sixty eight corn at four forty on the third owners. Second family the lady. I bought it from grandmother. Bought new she supposedly stored at basically every winter. We live in Idaho lots of snow and salt and judging by its condition. I believe it. It has fifty one thousand original miles original paint vinyl top and interior. The seats especially drivers are showing their age with tears but nothing horrible. It's got a few little areas with some dense endings which I can proudly say none were for me but no russ to be seen anywhere. I've had the car pulled clear back and there was hardly a speck of surface anywhere in the floor. Same with the Trunk Pan. It was originally a three eighteen automatic column shifted car. Nothing special but last fall I finally completed swapping in a two thousand six point seven. Hemi that I drove for a while with the Trans but just recently swapped in silver sport. A four one. I know some would consider this a travesty. But I've been very careful to not do anything. Drastic that would be irreversible to get back to exactly stock no major cutting welding etc. Plus the way I figure driving it this way keeping miles off of the original eighteen nine four which of course mothballed and kept it. Had An open to seventy six rear end but quite a while ago I swapped for three ninety one limited slip. My mom bought it for me when I was seventeen. Which was about nineteen ninety nine early on in my teenage years. I developed an interest in cars. Anything automotive or mechanical. So she always did whatever she could help and support me. Which I'm sure is a mom wasn't easy since my dad had already passed away in nineteen ninety-seven before I was even fourteen. She also recently passed away. Suddenly in two thousand fifteen so obviously this really has some sentimental value with marriage and everything else that happens in life. This car had been through a streak of many years without ever being driven or even running but my wonderful wife. Alexis has been very supportive even in the middle of having a baby last April two thousand nineteen. And we've gotten on the road again and are definitely enjoying it. I enjoy your podcast. Keep it up. I will try and get some more pictures. Let me know if you have any other questions. Thank you for your story. Kelly. I'm sorry to hear about the loss of your father. But it's good to know that your mom was very supportive in his absence and having that car is a great symbol of that trying time that your family went through and a symbol of your mom's role in supporting your love of cars at a young age. I'm really sorry to hear about her passing. But I'm sure that makes your coronet. That much more specialty. It's great that your wife supports your project. Even while being a mom grab Alexis. The world of Mope are would be a better place with more supporting spouses like you in Kelly. I know you mentioned the a four one. Transmission being considered a travesty. To some mope aren't easiest but I say it's yours bill to how you want buddy. It's better than rotting into the ground somewhere so I will say that I like that. You built it leaving the possibility of returning it back to factory if you ever decide to do so. That's always a good idea. And I also love the modern Hemi swap that you did. I'm always an advocate for modern hemi swaps. Because one the swabs are easier now than ever to as the engines age. They will start to show up more often. And wrecking yards making it easier to find parts and generally if they're showing a lot more that means there's going to be an abundance which makes them a little cheaper and three. They are extremely tune. -Able respond very well to modifications when they're built right so sounds like you have a really clean coronet buddy and it looks great. Thanks for sharing the pictures and I really hope this car turns out to be the new family. Heirloom starting with you. Thanks for listening to the show Kelly an for sending in your story our second story for this week's from John Burnett this here is John Story. Howdy I've got a story on my I mo Parse Lashkar and I'm a younger feller which will probably be a nice change of pace for your show. I'm from Colorado. At least until a few months ago couple years back I got a summer job bucking. Hey for some family friends who were more people. I work six days a week sometimes high on ten hours a day in the dry heat of eastern Colorado often enlarge uninstigated metal buildings so the heat was unbearable. But I remember so vividly waiting for my dad to pick me up from work one day in July and sitting out on the porch in front of Said Family Friends. House looking for cars on craigslist. When I see this ugly Brown sedan from Plymouth I've never heard of so. Naturally I CLICK ON THE AD. I look at the listening. I remember thinking this would be a nice beater until I can afford that seventy challenger. Ta which at the time was my dream car later that night. I'm talking with my dad about this weird car. And He Texas friend whose DAD was big MOE partner way back when and somehow the police fear. Va came up. And this friend's dad calls mine and he's yelling at him about that motor being special for some odd reason and offering to buy a motor in a car. We didn't even have so clearly something was up. We had to go look at this thing. A couple of weeks pass and some friends had taken me to look at some other cars. They didn't want more than I had would have been much more practical but much more boring. These friends are also part people having a ramp charger and at the time. A Jeep X J. I had a short day of work because the family friends knew I was giddy about going to this car. I could hardly focus on actually working. My Dad picks me up and we drive cleared the other side of Denver to look at this thing we drive by the hoods open. I'm told that's not a good sign. We go around the corner and get dinner. We come back around in. Pull into a sketchy yard with a fuel dodge pick-ups and an old challenge Derby car. My Dad talks with the guy for a bit while I drool over everything this has. He calls me over so we can go for a test. Drive seems pretty basic drives US around the corner and flips around to head back on our way back to this place. My Dad floors it. The back end kicks out tire. Smoke comes pouring in from the backseat. And the Speedo is showing triple digits. He goes to slow down before the light. And the car bucks to the right breaks bad. We pull back into this guy's House. My Heart's still beating like racehorses. I remember quite vividly. My Dad saying well what do you think and I just said. When can we come and get it about a week later? We came back with a borrowed trailer. Got The car. And she's been with me ever since for almost seven years note. I didn't add ages. Names are generally more detail for the privacy of every other party involved. I'm sure you can understand a John. Thanks roof story. You didn't actually mentioned what Plymouth it was that you ended up buying but I can actually make an educated guess. Since you mentioned the polly headed small block likely three eighteen and probably inside a mid sixties Belvedere. Something like that. I could be wrong but you'll have to correct me if I am the police spherical. V8's were interesting in. While no Hemi they did have some cool aspects to them and we're going to have to discuss them on a future episode. Because I think we could highlight the polly. V8's talk quite a bit about him. So look forward to that on another episode. I like that your dad. Let that Old Plymouth. Eat a little while. It was out on a test. Drive I am a big proponent of really putting a car through the paces on test drives I mean you need to know what you're getting yourself into right. You need to know what that car can do. So what better way than getting that ran. Come loosened burning a little rubber. There is no better way. Your Dad clearly knows how to test drive cars properly very cool. It sounds like you have yourself a fun toy John. I'm curious to see if you just drive it for transportation purposes or if you plan on doing a little hot rod with it keep me posted man and thanks for sending in your story. Those are the listener stories for this week. If you want to hear yours on this show email me your story at Chris at Talking Mo- PARKS DOT COM or. Call me a message that I can share on the podcast by dialing my new number which is two zero nine twenty Mo par once again two zero nine twenty eight Mo par also before I forget to those of you who have sent pictures to go along with your stories I will be sharing those on social media unless you ask me specifically not to than I will respect those wishes but I've had some people ask me to see the pictures of not only the project car the week but also of the listeners story mode bar so if anybody has sent me those pictures I will be sharing them soon. So keep an eye out on my social media because your car will be featured at some point for the mope our world to see nineteen seventy-one marked the end of the elephant era. It would be thirty two years before we would see the Hemi make its triumphant return. But it didn't actually do it in a performance car instead. The new five point seven liter. Hemi which was three hundred and forty five cubic inches and three hundred and forty five horsepower. That's one horsepower. Per Cubic inch would be found in Dodge Ram's alongside the tried and true five point nine magnate by two thousand and four if you wanted to. V8 and you're heavy duty. Ram You could actually only get the Hemi also available. In two thousand four was the first Durango with the Hemi and the new Hebrides while inspired by the hemmings of the past. Don't have quite the same hemisphere combustion. Chambers as the originals. But don't shoot the Messenger folks. I'm just telling you the truth. The modern hemi still have their opposing vows and spark plugs right smack in the middle. So when I say plugs I'm also not just referring to eight plugs Nano. The new Hemi has sixteen plugs. That's right in case you didn't know the modern hemmings have to spark plugs per cylinder and before we dive into each of the modern street. Hemmings it's important to say that there were thousands of twenty-six hemmings produced. The exact number varies depending on your source. But let's say loosely around ten thousand street. Hammers were produced between nineteen sixty five and nineteen seventy-one compare that to the millions of modern Hamis. That will someday be available as dropouts and rebuildable cores. I think the modern hemmings have a bright future. Finding their way under the hoods race cars and classic Mo- parts as well in fact they already are the modern Hemi Swat movement within the Mo- Park community is growing and with guys like my friend. Blake from DIY Hemi on a mission to Hemi swap. The world it's safe to say that there will not only be zero shortage of third-generation hemmings to play with to high volume production but also zero shortage of modern HEMI SWAT vehicles on the road and on the track. So let's talk about the engine that marked the long awaited return of the Hemi the first go at modern. Hemi engines for the two thousand. Three model year introduced us to the five point seven liter. Hemi this engine changed the game for Modern Mo- pars as we know them today. By two thousand five the Hemi could be found under the hoods of not only the trucks and SUV's but the cars as well. If I can say just one thing here and I may get roasted for this. But I'm willing to take that risk in the front wheel drive Turbo Mo- Para Chrysler put a turbocharged. Four cylinder in some of their minivans. Some of them even had five speed transmissions now while a rarity today they are pretty cool and some are very quick. Don't believe me look up. You can see on Youtube that there are some really fast. Turbo Caravans Plymouth. Voyager's out there so take what I'm saying and believe it. This is not fake news okay. There are fast minivans out there all right folks now. Here's where I may get roasted. Why hasn't a Hemi found? Its way into the modern minivans. You know history could repeat itself and there should be a Hemi powered Mo- part mini van. There I said those words have been spoken before on a podcast. Hemi powered Mo par minivan. Kfi You're welcome. You can go ahead and make that check out to the best moped. Podcast ever okay. All jokes aside. I think the juice would actually be worth the squeeze on an S. RT Grand Caravan. You know am I saying that because I have an eight month old daughter and I plan to have more kids? Maybe but also. Because I'm a Weirdo. I grew up vans so a trick van with a Hemi is right up my alley and even even if my wife despises fans are right so back to the topic you know. It's been a while since I went off the rails so forgive me by the time two thousand five came along you could actually find a Hemi Jeep Grand Cherokee Dodge chargers dodge magnums in the Chrysler Three Hundred C. In addition to the rams and Durango that were already available and two thousand six introduced the Hemi powered jeep commander. Two thousand seven saw the Chrysler Aspen sporting the Hemi and then finally when the new challenger was released you absolutely could find a Hemi in one of those power ratings for the first of the five point seven emmys ranged from three hundred forty horsepower at five thousand RPM to three hundred and forty five horsepower at fifty six hundred RPM with Torque ranging from three hundred seventy five pound petur forty four hundred RPM to three hundred ninety pound fee tour at four thousand RPM in two thousand five cylinder deactivation was also introduced known as Mdis or multi displacement system. This system cuts off fuel entirely for four of the eight cylinders when you don't need the power from him so the system was used in cars at first and then actually ended up being used in the trucks later down the line in two thousand and three the Hemi would be revised so these new modifications to the engine would result in better fuel economy and more power. What does that mean? The Best of both worlds. So where the old carbonated monsters would guzzle fuel with reckless. Abandon at the mere touch of the go peddle. The new Hamis were far less fuel hungry with better flow overall higher compression ratio and an active intake enabling intake runner length to vary through the engines. Are Pam Range. This engine was vastly superior with the addition of variable valve timing and a host of other changes the five point seven Eagle Hemi as it has been nicknamed not only had more power across the board but deliver better fuel mileage and reliability so the power was drastically increase to around three hundred and ninety horsepower with all these modifications and more horsepower is never a bad thing so for the second time. I actually won't beginning into too much of the technical details about these modern Hemi engines but at the end of the show. And that's only so that you don't fall asleep on me. Okay but at the end of the show. I'm going to provide you with a few resources for you to learn more if you choose to do so so moving on from five point seven brings us to the first. Hemi powered vehicle wearing an sat badge S Rt. If you didn't know stands for street and racing technology and is the high performance division within FCA the first heavy offered Ns. Rt vehicles was the six point one liter. Hemi found in the two thousand five to two thousand ten Chrysler three hundred. The two thousand five to two thousand eight Dodge magnums two thousand six to two thousand ten dodge chargers two thousand six to two thousand ten jeep. Grand Cherokee in two thousand eight to two thousand ten challengers so if you saw any of. The vehicles mentioned with an sat badge. Unless it's somebody being poser. You had a four hundred twenty five horsepower. Six point one liter three hundred seventy two cubic inch Hemi lurking beneath the hood. Two thousand eleven would mark the end of the six point one and would introduce us to the six point. Four three ninety two hemi known as the Apache. The 392 started off with a respectable. Four hundred seventy horsepower upon their initial release. But by today in Twenty Twenty. They are knocking on the door. Five hundred with four hundred eighty five horsepower. One thing about these modern hemmings is that they're cylinder heads. Blow amazing if you look at all the numbers. You'll be impressed. I assure you just when you thought things couldn't get any better. Chrysler said Hey. Hold my beer and introduce their first supercharge production. Hemi at six point two liters and three hundred seventy eight cubic inches. This boosted beast produced a fire-breathing seven hundred seven horsepower and six hundred fifty pound feet of Torque and it only took the twin screw superchargers eleven point six PSI to propel the Hemi into the pole position for bragging rights of the most powerful V. Eight and the most powerful muscle car of all time consequently at full throttle. The hell cat guzzles one and a half gallons per minute. So basically the thing growls with thirst whenever? It's so much as smells a gas station and burps after every Philip. But if you're looking for decent fuel mileage don't avoid a hell cat if you keep your foot out of it you'll see an EPA estimated thirteen miles per gallon city and twenty two miles per gallon on the highway. Good luck with all of that. Here's the crazy thing. The Hell Cat was introduced in twenty fifteen. This show was released in March of twenty twenty since two thousand fifteen dodge it and asks. Rt have been very busy busy doing what you ask busy making even more power. Everything changed twenty seventeen. When Dodge brought back a familiar name with hell-raising intentions for two thousand eighteen the Challenger. Rt Demon packed a larger. Two point nine liter supercharged pushing fourteen. Psi of boost making the hell cats two point four liter supercharged pushing eleven point six. Psi TAME in comparison producing eight hundred forty horsepower in full race trim. The demon can light up the quarter mile in nine point six five seconds at one hundred forty miles an hour officially making it the fastest quarter-mile production car in the world. Sorry You've been dethroned just when you thought there was nothing left in the performance tank from Dodge in two thousand and nineteen. They threw another iron in the fire. This time the cat was sporting red is enter the hell cat red eye to keep things simple here as we bring this modern. Hemi talk to a close the hell cat. Red Eye proudly pushes seven hundred ninety seven horsepower. Of course even the standard health castle bump in power from seven hundred seven horsepower. To seven hundred seventeen. Does it ever end as a MO- part aisher hope not? There's no telling what Mamo Pars cooking in the kitchen but I think I speak for all mo- Ponzi EST around the world when I say that I am anxiously looking forward to whatever they come up with next Mo- par or no car. That concludes our three part series on the history of the Hemi. Thanks for joining me. If you're interested in learning more about the modern Hemi. I highly suggest a book from my friends over at car. Textbooks called New Hemi engines. Two thousand three to present by Larry Shepard. I've learned a ton of information while reading it to prepare myself for the bill. To my hundred dollar Hammy that I spoke about on episode number thirteen also for all of your modern. Hemi swap questions especially on wiring. Get a hold of my friend. Blake from DIY HEMI DOT COM. He's a genius. And of course there's always google too but we all know how much people love to use the search function. That's in my friends for more information about this podcast or to listen and subscribe to the show. Please visit talking. Mo- PARTS DOT com. Remember any outside references to people or resources that I mentioned on the show. I try to list in the show description or show notes so be sure to check those out. If I'm ever missing anything feel free to let me know via email. Also don't forget that you can send me your stories. Questions comments complaints suggestions. And everything else you can think of to Chris. At talking Mo- parks dot com sharing the website talking parse dot com with all of your mopey France is the single best way to help me spread the word about this podcast. So please help brother. Also you can leave me a voice message. I will share on the podcast at my voicemail box and the number is two zero nine twenty eight Mo par and one more thing before I leave. I know I talked about earlier. That we placed sixteenth on the hot fifty list. Podcast magazine well. Those votes take place every month in. I would absolutely love to see this. Podcast rank even higher than number sixteen. So if you're listening to this show right now if you could do me a favor and go to podcast dot com and vote for talking. Mo- pars I would greatly appreciate it. Trust me if this show blows up. You're all coming with me. We're all GONNA have a blast on this podcast and I promise that we're off to a good start. My goal is to make this. The Best Mope our podcast in history. And we're just getting started folks and I'm glad you're here to join me until we talk again. I am your host Chris Albrecht and that was talking mopeds. Thank you for listening to talking. Mo- pots your direct connects into all things until next time. Remember no more par left behind same. My name is mortgage and that was talking. Mo- parth charge against. Oh I'm locked we tried.

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