Ep 255 | The First Pandemic & Free Trial of Socialism | The Chad Prather Show


This show is sponsored by express. Vpn stop putting your online data at risk get protected at express VPN DOT com slash. Watch Chad asked body Tom. It is whether you feel like partying or not Tuesday night studio twenty two the mothership puppet master and candidacy the Queen do you feel like a queen. Dc You ever notice how slow she is getting a microphone over to her. Yes she is reluctant. I'm like come on no dead air girl. Plus I definitely feel very regal now. Mother got onto me over this past weekend. She said that I gotta quit putting you on the spot. I'm like I think he's doing either. When is she going to be on the podcast out out build her immune system up? You're going to have to pick her up and drive. Yeah she keeps saying she's coming to Texas since she can fly and I'm like oh come on lady you'll may go getter a little more near. Lyon ticket but wanted to stay home right now. That's what she needs to do. Mom talking to you. Stay home but just know that I offered to come get you and He said No. No I'm saving her life. You don't WanNa you don't WanNa stop in the places where party foul. Steve Stops on the road. Yeah those are the deals man. I got I'm trying to figure out what I WANNA talk most about tonight because we've talked about Max versus unmasked. We've talked about the killer. Pandemic of sixty nine. I'm going to revisit some of these topics that we've talked about in the past but there's more to it. Now that's going on things like the believe. All women deal tuition free college. Did this stuff. It's interesting with all this stuff going on with the corona virus. All this stuff's rising the top all of these little social justice issues arising to the top. You see the folks in New York that are in the park and they're in their circles like you can go to the park but they've got these circles drawn on the ground. I wish I could say yes. I did but I don't watch. I shut down watching the news. The news I just read stuff but I mean I saw the pictures I mean I I get stuff sent to me times thousand a day no kidding so but I but I happen to see it in a news article. These people are all you gotTa do is get on the email list for blace dot com now and they'll send you they'll send you the news articles every day the anyway. That's that's or just make sure you're following watch. Chad pray through. You'll get the links that are on there but I'm like. Apparently THEY BELIEVE IN BORDERS. Now you know. They're drawing like build a wall yeah. I got Sneeze Koran. I don't think that's a symptom sneezing. Yes one of the weird symptoms and I've got like family members who were like way overboard taking this thing serious like they won't get around anybody. They're all masked up gloved up everywhere. They go got family members back home. I mean they're like serious about this thing that mean they are living in fear right. I'm not making fun of them to each their own. You do your thing right but I'm sitting here and I'm going. I'm reading some of the symptoms of this corona virus like when you're breathing starts to shutdown you kind of go into like a euphoric not euphoric. But you don't think anything's wrong. But the asserted some doctor said they were putting people on a ventilator and they technically what their lung capacity and everything that was going on because the inflammation from the corona virus. It was not life sustaining. But they were sitting there on their phone while he was putting them on the ventilator. Because you're not feeling the symptoms of what's going on. It's a weird little viruses going on here folks. So what you're saying is that they are not being able to breathe but they don't know it. Yeah I mean there's there's cases of that because that's the thing you can let it progress because you don't even know anything's wrong I'm just GONNA mask up. I'm just going to start gloving up masking up spraying down. 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Apply for trump. This disaster is no more than a deep state conspiracy like the Muller Investigation or the impeachment proceedings all of it the virus death toll Shirley inflated by officials as a mean to defeat him. Dented Dow the highest unemployment numbers since the Great Depression the collapse of his quote spectacular economy. The dire scientific predictions of the consequences of premature economic reopening. It's all about him because everything is you know. Here's the thing we are that close. I've told you before. Truth and error. Don't live across town. They live next door to each other. And so it's real. Between between government and dictatorship between liberty and loss of liberty. They liberal close together real easy to switch from one to the next and and that's what we're seeing. We're seeing a corona dictatorship sort of emerged in this whole deal and Steve like it either. I'll like it. They'll tell me what to do. I'm not real good at that. I'm not real good at being told what to do. So what you know. There's an article in here and I WanNa talk to you guys a little bit about this because I want to get everybody's take on this churches churches now you and I don't. We don't frequent a church every weekend. No we don't we don't do that. I historically have but I I have my reasons Nothing cynical nothing negative. I just I just don't I don't I just don't and we do our own thing. We still have our fellowship with other people. But that's what we do but we don't go to the typical deal but these churches are shutting down and there's one writer with Washington Times. He's calling on faith leaders around the nation. Show a little courage over this corona virus crisis as well as the over. The top governor's going mad with power and instead of standing quietly mind letting the government dictate religion. He has opened the church doors. Once again He says I believe that Every day at churches closed a bit of liberty dies. We need people to. This is a pastor in Kentucky. Brian Gibson he says we need people to stand up and roar. There's a time to be quiet. A time to be the lamb but today is the day to be the lion and they needed do it together because if one person does it then they get singled out and attacked for doing so but if they all do it it goes back to what I was saying. This If everybody does it yeah they can't stop that and I have to say that I agree with them. Because of the First Amendment I mean you have the freedom of speech you have the freedom of religion there can be no and quit the separation of church and state stuff that doesn't exist that doesn't exist. There is no separation of church and state reason. It's not there doesn't exist. This idea of people what they think of separation of church and state what that means it was used as a phrase by Thomas. Jefferson is not in the constitution. Thomas Jefferson was talking about there will never be a state sponsored religion so in other words you can't be forced to be Episcopalian by the state right. If I didn't remind you folks. We ever heard the word Protestant we talked about. You know we catch it from the Catholics Protestant. You hear the word. That's in that protest and their protesters. The reason the Protestants came to this country was to escape the Church of England to escape religious persecution. They came over here because they were protesting the things that were being shoved down their throat. In Europe they came here for freedom of religion. And I know there's those editors that well America wasn't founded as a Christian nation Blah Blah Blah. No it wasn't founded as a nation that demanded you be a certain religion you had the freedom to do that so in Pennsylvania. You had the puritans you had you know. I could list the whole thing geographically of how they came over here I mean. Pennsylvania was founded by PIN. These guys that came for religious freedom right and so many other places were as well. They're protesters in now. In now folks are just like well whatever the state tells us to do. You don't need government permission to go to church. I'm not asking people to go out there and voluntarily. Just look for some civil unrest but my God man will and I'm like just open your doors people come. You don't have to get out there. And then announce it. What are they GONNA? What is the government going to do? And that's the thing you know Texas Sunday. I was driving past a church. And they were. They were doing their thing. Bringing the cars and space and everybody out going in there okay. That's great if you're worried about it. Don't go around people but but the whole reason you go to church is because you don't operate under worldly fear that and to a symbol together. Yeah so go. Assemble don't even get A it's I may. I mean that's the thing you got you. Go to the liquor stores. May I've been made more trips to the liquor store this month? I have church. You know over the weekend I said. Why don't we just start having church in the Walmart Revival on Alpha? Let's do this right there next to the beans. I mean you have children's Church there in the guarantee you right now Walmart's packed. Of course it is parking lot DEEPA. All of them are and you know what on purpose I have. Purposefully not set foot in any one of them in the last few months. None you've had do because of necessity I haven't set foot in one of the less. 'cause you make jade goes now? Don't now J.D. Mike Choose to go to the grocery store. I'll go I'll go to city market there embarrassing spot. Yeah it is. They've had everything went in there. You pay a little bit more though you pay a little bit more but you know what? I'm happy to do that. I'm having to pay a little bit more for for you. Know a local owned business mom and pop grocery store. I haven't set foot in. Heb the whole deal started and things started shutdown. We went to Kroger Ten thirty at night. But since then I have not set foot that I know of in one of those big box stores have done it as not like a protest for me. It's just a principle of the thing I like if you go shut it down. Shut down. I haven't been going to restaurants reopened the restaurants. I haven't been going you know why because it's Horsh it. The whole thing is wash it. And that's what that's you know. I don't need Mexican. I can make Mexican food. I don't need to go eat at all. You know what people are finding out at restaurants. They're going to the restaurant they're like. The food doesn't taste the same reasons because you hadn't had it in so long. You forgot what it tastes like. And because of product demand and supply. They've had to change some of the products. They cook the food with interesting. And so I haven't thought about that. I make sense. I'M NOT GONNA name names but we're like this is okay but not very good. It used to be so great. What restaurant what are they going to matter? Go ahead no no. Is it wrong with Chm? Applebee's chain restaurant. Yeah I don't locally owned really bad I'm not gonNA. I thought you were talking about a big chain no. I don't I thought it might rom with shelley's mortar rhymes with Some and I was like no and they have good food. They do nearly two there goodman you and stuff But it was just not the same. Gotcha that makes sense. But but Maga-. This church thing and I do. I know people again. I'm an extrovert. I love to be around people. I love to be around people but I don't you know but I have purposefully chosen to not ever came over to my house now. There's different reasons for that. Okay I've wanted to I've had good intention. Steve quit inviting. I know well I just have open invitation to sleep. Okay so let me be honest. Let me. Just be real transparent. Let me be real honest about you. But just my life okay. Everybody knows I deal with depression. Medicate myself for the depression. I deal with these things and I will say that. This whole scenario has affected me. It's affected me on a mental level on a spiritual level is one of the reasons I started doing the church thing on Sunday mornings because I needed that for me to kind of to kind of keep myself accountable and then you add in drinking wine or drinking beer. Whatever which is naturally a depressant to so I've had to kind of eliminate any alcohol of not one hundred percent but you know not imbibing too much but it's depressed me and so you didn't come to my house and not drink. I know that I mean have people. It's been sorta like when I get home like I'm home and I'm just like okay. I'm GONNA do stuff around here. I'm going to get very lethargic because when when you I've always said that men find their identity in their work in their women right and if those two things get messed up the man usually gets messed up. Yeah it's so. We've lost a huge portion of what we do as work right. I mean our lifestyle has been completely upended. Yeah I think that's kind of drove me. What has driven me to do what I've done to this shutdown. I mean like motivated me to go. I'm going after this. I'm going to do this. Yeah he keeps me focused and I'm not going through that part of it and that's a real thing. I have gotten things done that I would not have gotten done. I'll admit that had I not been in this situation But your life changes the people who called you for business on a daily basis. They don't call anymore. Which I'm GonNa you'd have the ones that are calling that are That say they're trying to copy and not cop. I don't even know what they're trying to do their thing. Yeah and they're looking for advice on. How did you do this? And what do I need to do to do this? And there's a lot of that it's the people who do call you the people that you used to call up and talk about vision and purpose and planning and those kind of things. Now they want to just bitch about the corona virus. And I'm like I don't WanNa talk. You know. I do enough pitching I come in here and do that so that's sort of like you know. There have been times where I might. Over to Steve's and hang out and smoke I haven't smoked a cigar and six months. Yes probably healthy for you. Probably in the meantime I got a cigar sponsor. Somebody's gotTa Cigar sponsor. I had somebody that gave me a new in grave humidor and I was like that just as a surprise gift. And I'm like Atma smoking cigars. I'm as WANNA bet guarantee in four or five months couple of week. Yeah me I was tempted the other day I thought about like NAM good. I'm good at some point Democrat but it affects me. I get a little bit of the depression. And and it's not one of those Circumstantial depressions although there are circumstances that that will affect me and just kind of and I know that the more tired I get the worse it becomes so that's just me being transparent. I you know I'm one of those dudes. I don't care what people know. I'll tell you I'll tell you all my shortcomings or things that are going on with me but if you had cancer you wouldn't have a problem talking about that so I don't have a prompt talk about. Depression is just one of those chemical things. Hitchin and it happens. I'll take the medicine for it is what it is. I have noticed that my sleep patterns have changed over this. I wake up at five fifty five in the morning and I'm ready to hit the floor and well do every day at about ten minutes till six. Now my natural. My clock just goes off the at five fifty. Am I'M A and when I'm up now Sunday night. I was up every two hours but also went to bed at like six thirty at night. Seven gets you doing that? Yeah that's not good but I find like I can't just sit in front of the television can not either. I can't you know there's nothing else to watch. There's nothing else to watch. I can't do it. I can't sit in front of the television. I can't watch movies. I've gone back to watching some of the classics over. You know it because I haven't seen this a long time watched the Matrix or whatever and then I'm just over. It washed everything on Netflix. I can't sit still like that dude. I can't I can't do it. I don't either in Alec to wake up in the morning and I'll turn on the news or whatever. Drink a cup of Coffee. Go Out in the garage. Because I've got it all set up with sound system and everything in there so we'll tell you this I will say this that field. Greens that Dawn dawn-to-dusk stuff. I take one every morning helps me a lot. I encourage people to get that stuff. 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Blame it on the Marines Marines gonorrhea. They've brought that strain of influence album. And by mid December of nineteen sixty eight of course that September nine hundred sixty eight and then by Ben December Hong Kong flu was in all fifty states the now the population densities probably tripled since then here in the US well but there were about two hundred million in the nation then and there's three hundred thirty million now give or take okay so it's close to doubled all right Not Quite at least added a third. And that's the thing you know. Schools were shut down nationwide other than a few dozen because the teachers were sick. Didn't require face mass and you know they weren't gloveman up and all that stuff but you remember they had woodstock they had woodstock it was in nineteen sixty nine originally. That was supposed to be. What April of nine hundred sixty nine and they postponed in August of nineteen sixty nine because of the pandemic that was going on. See people never talk about stuff like that? You know? Many people were at Woodstock on Max. Yeahs for three hundred thousand people and they saw an apology. They our shirt and every one of them. No kidding they were all in a pile. Somebody said we wish I wish they would social distance with but how they were in woodstock. Let's say they were twenty years old. Nineteen sixty nine. They're in their seventies or eighties. Now they live through a lot of stuff. Yeah this one lady said. She was seventeen when she was there. Ed she said there was no food or water. It would stop one of our guys. Cut An apple into twenty seven slices and we all shared at some point. A Garden hose from one of the Farms. Neighbors was passed around strangers. Use It as communal source of bathing and drinking the twenty-seven slashes at that sounds like some kind of chat facebook challenge. I mean that's the thin chip of Apple Man I don't know I mean. Obviously Woodstock was a phenomenon. It was far deadlier than coveted nineteen between nineteen sixty eight nineteen seventy and we forget about those things. I guess what I was born in seventy and I made it. Your mother was doing the humidity. Dividend sixty was in woodstock though because you were born in September eleven. So you're she she's doing the hippy. Dippy the first part of seventy. Yeah Yeah So. She probably doesn't like concepted. Don't think. So maybe I've seen in the pool. You can't walk on water but you sure can't do a baby shark due now. They say that Corona virus based on the models and the bridge projections corona virus will surpass h three and threes body count Even with the global shutdown. I don't know we'll see but you know the difference is the Internet. That's it's I'm over our. Yeah I'm over the next thing only thing. I know how to do this laugh through it. Yeah that's all. I know how to do Steve me too. That's how I deal with. Things is just laugh through it and that's why people get so mad at me because I'm sorry. Don't follow my social media pages. Don't watch this show if you don't WanNa laugh with me if you don't WanNa laugh with me then. This is not the place for you right. I agree how front of the pre squirting or force guns Holy Water I. I travel a million miles a year with you and there's not a day that I don't laugh right exactly. There's a reason you and I it's There's a reason. No one else will travel with me because I like nope. I got Steve. Somebody could do do first of all nobody's GonNa put up with me and I'm not sure many people put up with you probably not right. So what works and ain't no sense in fixing what ain't broke but so people are like man I could do. Steve's job I do not think you could. I don't think they could either. No because I'm I'm they did for a minute. They think they can. Yeah I had a guy the other day you said you do realize he was pissed off at the. What's the song we did? Take six feet and shove it. Yeah and he was like you know Chattel boy. Oh Boy Oh boy what you do for living is. It really considered work. Okay I'll see in the bank The the government and your taxes work exactly. But I'm like you know my first thought is. I'd like to see you. Keep up with me because you have people who say warm. And then he came back and he's like dig ditches and I knew I look. I've done all that. I've done manual labor. I did enough of it to no. I don't like it and let me also remind you folks they don't pay you based on how hard you work in a situation like that or all these bricklayers out here when I'll be millionaire right. These concrete guys would all be millionaires. Nine eight the person that's getting paid okay. So so it is it fair. I don't know I really don't care but I just knew that I had. I knew that I was one of those guys. I was like nine digging ditches for a living. I worked on Drouin rigs for six years. Do that the rest of my life. I kept that was my family's business so my brother owns a business now. I kept a brick on my desk in college because I knew that's what I was going back to. If I flunked out and I'd late enough bricks and my life and it made enough mortar mix and cement that. I wasn't wanting to do that anymore. One of my deal so you know but at the same time what we do. It requires a lot of of mental stuff that that has to go on from the time you wake up till the time you man I would love for somebody says I don't work for a living just coming here. Read one of these ad reads. Yeah no kidding. Come here. Rivas teleprompter and let's see how good you do my job so I'm pat myself. Well maybe I m PAT myself bit. He who is not his own horn remains in a perpetual state of Tunis. And that's just the deal. Pretty Good Make America. Pretty good so back to the point. I this this whole thing about you know you say you're over it. I'm just living day to day. I'M GONNA laugh through it. You'll have a good time to and then Hussein others laugh. That's when I say I'm over it. I'm just going to go about my life thing and do what I do. We did that video the other day. Somebody said I need to keep doing the doctor. Chad's where I was sitting there and desk. Yeah talking about the rotavirus. That was hilarious. Hey Shit yourself to death in sprint. And it's like people die. People die from rotavirus. But we don't see people freaking out over the rotavirus on every surface in your house. You realize that Aerosol Ization happens every time you flush the toilet which means the contents of your bowl is now coating everything within a fifteen foot radius including your toothbrush toothbrush and everything else. That's why I have a little cover that goes over to when it sitting in there that you should. You should rents it off. I will hot water man know what I've done my four years old man. Can we change? We have the lake potter. 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You deleted I deleted like within ten minutes because like I just don't have the energy today and I have to so my post. I have the four pages I know I have more than that. But the four main pages on facebook and I know what's going to go over. How on each page because there's different followers different types of followers different demographics. Different attitudes right so I put it on political cowboy which get a little more volatile and I was like I. Just don't WanNa die on this hill today and it was my joke about if you think you're bored during shutdown quarantine. Now just imagine if you didn't have any arms you have anything that you can wash your hands. You can sanitize you couldn't use all the toilet paper. You've been hoarding. It was just a random thought that I thought was funny right. Oh my God no you ever everybody. That's ever lost an arm. I mean come out. People come and some of those people have the big city giver I mean how many veterans do we know who lost a limb or whatever and they have a sense of humor about a- are omitted from prison. He has a sense of humor. By Jesse barrier to major from frigid. He'll get mad if you don't call him. Midget yeah you remember. I've told you guys. He came out he wanted came out with this t shirts again. His midget from frigid shirts and people were like I don't think you should do that. And he goes. I'm the MIDGET midget. I call myself. Whatever I want. You can't make fun of shortcomings or their religion or oh you can kill people over religion but you can't laugh over it that's deal. So that's that's enough all that if you like being locked down and you like locking down the US economy you're gonNA love the green new deal. That's a recent New York Post article you've heard about the green new deal. Kinda WENT DOWN. You know in terms of what it was talking about but it was that was going to you know. Afc was talking about it and that was her little deals. Kinda like I said it was like. It was a project written by an eighth grader. But it was ten years. Sticker price could top ninety three trillion dollars. Because I mean you know like who was it. Ilan Omar or said why don't we why don't we just make a trillion dollar coins? Why don't you just go stick your head underwater until the bubble stop coming out unlike? That's so dumb. I mean how dumb you gotta be. Let's just make a trillion dollar coin and we'll just two of them in there. That covers the bill idiot. Who was the mcgary? Was that her way of saying. Money's fake monopoly. More money right but the green new deal is clearly expensive the breadth of its proposal makes it daunting to assess. And you do that. And it's going to cause an economic shutdown just like what we're doing except it's going to be on a larger scale so you know you ban airplanes gasoline cars would be gone anything that. Burns fossil floor almost there. Yeah and there'd be meat shortages already. Yeah I mean they're they're killing. Cows get rid of the the problem is they're you know. Shut down all now processing plants right now so. The price of beef has went way up. There's plenty of beef were not. We don't have a shortage beef. Yeah we have a shortage of process. They're euthanizing beef and they're euthanizing. Cows worth the expense to feed them. How long can they keep feeding them before they go to market? Can't do it forever. That's right so you know that's my thing. Is I make ground. Hamburger meat's eight ninety nine a pound. It's crazy brisket costs ninety five hundred bucks twenty bucks various. Yes right now. You're serious serious. I mean that shows you. I don't go to the store so I mean I my my buddy mark. Tell me what everybody's doing though they're buying cows and stuff. He's backed up talk. Tober process this in the county that has meat market. That's wild yeah. I don't know how many they process. Today I just know he says. I don't have room for one till October free. You know I keep the Stop Freezer with meat and stuff like that so I haven't had to go shopping in a long while. Is I for me but I mean you typically get a beef brisket for Thirty Bucks? Not About Ninety. That's crate. Nineteen ninety nine a pound. I think but I mean most briskets about twenty eight bucks right thirty bucks. Yeah typically typically maybe forty maybe forty. Yeah Golly Dude that's like you remember you remember when they had all the fires up in North Texas and stuff like that up in the panhandle to handle the fires and the drought. That was here that we didn't have rain for however long it was one hundred some odd days and they were selling. Hey Add Kansas for like fifty dollars bail and stuff like that which normally it's like six bucks seven bucks a bail. Yeah near coming down here anywhere from twenty five thirty dollars to forty fifty dollars a bale for for square. Bale hey where does it become like supply and demand versus price-gouging in a situation like that we're gonNA COME PRICE-GOUGING I mean? That's why if you ever go to the gas station. You're pumping gas. You'll look over your secretary of Agriculture for your state or your your Agricultural Commission for your state his signature on there are friends said Miller. His signature is on every gas pump. Because that's his job is to make sure that those gas stations aren't price gouging right it so you have people out there. Who are GONNA do that? I mean that's a look. I wasn't happy when they were bringing Hay Bales now from from Kentucky or from sorry from Kansas and charging that kind of stuff that was highway robbery. Yeah but if you can get it. Is it gouging people pay well? It's got to be okay. So there's not a government regulation on. Hey I was GONNA say Gasol. Okay if I can sell hay bales for fifty dollars each I would be in the Hay Bale. But he's sweet tomorrow but this is this is we've talked about. This has been your Ninety Day free trial of socialism. Don't like it don't want it and it sucks it sucks. Do you really WanNa live in a world where they have to draw circles on the ground that you've got to go sit in the middle of like a dumb ass or you got to put a table around yourself did you see. There's one place I think is in Paris. They using the water noodles. You know the thing you float on the PU. They've got him on their head. That was in Germany to Germany. Both but Germany definitely. They had the pull noodles in outdoor cafes. They're wearing on their head like that's normal behavior to stay away six theater. They got one going that way across on their heads. I promise you sneeze. I can get thirty feet out of hit you at the bar. Their food must've yeah true. That's one of those instances. My mother said on the phone. Tell mark he's gotTa turn your volume down as a mom that ain't mark that's one that's one hundred percent me. It is funny sometimes. I'm watching and I'm having to adjust my volume because I play I play the show. I watch myself on the big. Tv Room site turned it down up and down when you go to yellen well. Everybody's enjoying it because this is what it looks like this. What socialism dictatorship looks like? But it. Silly. It's just silly. You will go sit on a in a cafe outside when approve noodle on your head stop and think about that for a minute folks. I'm glad our viewers have in listeners. Have Common Sense. God bless you hang on? We'll be right back. Yeah Buddy. I'll tell you what I'm reading through this stuff. Revelation of human nature is what it is what we're seeing. You see how people are. People haven't changed in thousands of years not at all not a bit people. It's all about power. It's all about control. It's all about greed. We just did a lot faster than we did faster. And I'm not saying there's not good people in world. There are good people can do stuff faster. Now there's some good people out there But we're weird man but people are at each other's throats and they're they're just just tearing each other apart and it's a it's a crazy crazy thing but then they come out with these things. These ideas that supposedly sound good and I don't think they're good right. I mean like America's cities could house everyone if they chose to so. This is an article again New York Times. There's talking about how people are victims of American's wealth and it's indifference homelessness the most extreme manifestation of the broader housing crisis Is You know. Congress could shift billions in annual federal subsidies rich homeowners to people who don't have homes Can collectively were choosing to avert our eyes from the people who sleep where we walk. We've decided to live with the fact that some of our fellow Americans will die on the streets to cruelty that. I don't think I've seen one lady says she's a reporter at the United Nations. Never seen anything like it. I've done outreach on. Every continent one person says but. Let me. Just tell you if you did that. In a matter of six months people gonNA be living on the street again. Yeah your mental mental health or mental illness. Yeah drugs all that kind of stuff. That's affected that you could give him a home in the next week. They're not going to be there. A very small percentage very small percentage of people are out there. And if you give them a hand up it would make a difference in there. But that's a very small percentage. You're talking about mental illness in this situation. They're going to be right back on there and you can. You can throw all the money you want to Adam you throw. You could shift those billions and throw it out there. But I'm telling you waste in the billions. That's what's going to happen and but see now. You say things like that and people like wars your compassion. No I'm just telling you the truth. We have a mental health problems riot. Try it anyway. I hope everybody's going over to blaze. Tv DOT COM and sign up gotTA BLAZE TV DOT COM Slash Chad. Get an annual subscription. Get all of the good stuff on blaze. Tv GO TO WATCH CHAD DOT COM. That's the good stuff is click that little button that like button a little thumbs up right there on youtube if you're watching. Us and hit you'll notification bill there on the Chad breakthrough page as well. So you'll get notified every time we go live. The fact pack is in effect. The fact they're there every time and also go over to the party foul nation. Watch his shows. Check them out there for Brunch. Hey I love you guys God bless you. I wish you nothing but the best we will talk to you next time bye.

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