Trump kills the Middle East peace process


Positive America is coming to North Carolina. Come see us live in Charlotte at the Night Theater on Sunday August twenty third during the Republican convention. I'm a little word. We'll dig into the news and what it takes for Democrats to win the twenty twenty election along with some very special guests get tickets at crooked dot com slash events in the world. I'm Antonio before I am the voice previously known as Ben Ben Rhodes biddle even check the world does this is your MJ flu game. When you're you're putting suiting up putting this on your back I can't sit it out if jared can put together a peace plan I can take this podcast As usual fantastic segue before we get to the news items for today twenty two quick housekeeping. Things one my fifth and final episode of my Positive America in miniseries up. We made this one so fast asked. We literally stopped recording it like ten thirty PM. On Friday and head out on Tuesday which is not so. It's like the freshest news from the trail you get we also did an exclusive Iowa Caucus poll and you can find those results in that episode. Check it out to US winning It was a lot of fun I love doing it to two more episodes of the Wilderness. Dropped Jon favreau series with the Democratic Party. Hardy in the path to victory is fantastic. Everyone should subscribe and download and listen to it. Because I think it's an important gut check on wins fucking election so without any further delay. Here our top expense. So you previewed this. Trump's Middle East peace plan a story about how he refugees life being put at risk to advance trump's racist refugee policy. We'll see we'll talk a little. John Bolton doesn't want to do that the hacking Jeff Bezos some truly cruel new immigration policies more fallout from the Iran. Strike some updates on Mike Pompeo that you'd like that Burma Kashmir and then Putin puppies Putin puppies when something things always go together. Yeah they do they do. Our guest today is the host of America dissected Abdul. Well I'll say he's a public health expert and he's to help us understand the corona virus This virus were hearing about. That's emerging out of the Wuhan Province in China China. That is freaking everybody out. So let's talk Middle East peace for so in his greatest active procrastination since high school. Jared Kushner finally finished his Middle East. Peace Plan Good for him. I guess returning in but if he gets a bad grade this time dad can't buy his way into Harvard. Sorry I just can't resist swinging that prick but the stakes are higher here. So here's the gist of the plan. As we know it as a recording at one o'clock Pacific so Israel controls all Jerusalem. Israel is not forced to remove any West Bank settlements. There is no oh timeline for ending the occupation. These early guess just decide. The administration has previously promised to pull together fifty billion dollars in international investment for whatever ever is left of a Palestinian state. We should be clear that there is just no chance that money would ever materialize. That's an absurd number. Do not believe anyone when they throw it around just hours. After trump's speech the Israelis announced that they would plan to fully annexed the West Bank settlements Mood Abbas the Palestinian President wouldn't even take trump's call to discuss. This is plan. The Palestinians have cut off contact with the trump administration since they moved the US embassy to Jerusalem in December of twenty seventeen trump briefed blue and white party party leader. Benny this plan on Monday. But he didn't do a Prestbury with him. He did this big announcement today with Netanyahu in the East Room Thu- all the pomp and circumstance from Sanson press there. It's widely seen as just an effort to give a political gift. He's running in the third Israeli election in a year. which is crazy? I imagine. It's also just a cynical ploy to attract Jewish voters in the US. Then we should probably stop calling this thing a peace plan as just not but I'm curious what you think. Think of the substance and the real out here. My first thought Tommy is why we call this peace plan like these are the terms of surrender for the Palestinian right like every single issue. This doesn't decide with his what people have to recognize is on the the history of these negotiations right there are the series of quote unquote final status issues. So what is the future borders of the Palestinian state and what is the future of Jerusalem is a future Palestinian refugees. He's and what is the future of security for Israel under a deal on all four of these issues. Not only does this side with Israel. It goes behind what anybody could have imagined as the Israeli outcome in any previous peace process Jerusalem entirely for Israel no mention of the Palestinians having any capital whatsoever in east Jerusalem refugees right People have talked about okay. If all the Palestinian refugees can resettle inside of what is GONNA become Israel. They'll have to be a mix of some people being resettled but compensation for Otherwise there's this whole issue is kind of not really dealt with right up security. The occupation is made permanent under this plant. Basically Palestinians are crammed into ah a rump of what should be a Palestinian state and Israel's just permitted to stay there and occupy that land and it looks like this basically envisions an open air prison for Palestinians as part of this quote unquote Peace deal and so if you if you look at this and the borders in Palestinians lose much more your net territory than I think anybody envisioned under under plan and their contiguous state like a state that is viable because you know people can move back the president. I don't really see that you're on this. So if you're trying to engage seriously substantively this is not an in any way a a fair Right but it grows out of the process because trump didn't even talk to Palestinians right so it kind of interesting idea to make peace with the Palestinians without talking soon right it shows he just does not give a shit about them like his whole interest here is to just put another notch in his. Is Netanyahu gift bag To help Netanyahu with his politics and help himself trump with his politics. But it's it's almost a cop out for all of us to say A. Oh this is just You know jared Doing his second semester book report on the Middle East peace and and handing it in to professor Netanyahu at the end of the process after having be peer reviewed by right wing of APEC. 'cause that is kind of what it's it's about but I think beyond that it implicates all of us in American politics though like how did we get here. I mean how. How do we like? The Palestinians are human beings. Like how do we have so little fucking respect act for the Palestinian people that were literally having it be possible that the United States can sit there with the prime minister of Israel. By the way there are no Palestinians at this rollout Arab journalists there and talk about the future of their lives. As if it's just like some video game that we play in American politics Oh yeah every. The president is the Middle East peace plan. So here's ours right now. I would encourage people to match this against what John Kerry put out at the administration and you'll see just how far things have changed change in three years but I think hopefully you know as trump has woken up to a lot of long standing structural problems in how America approaches. It's politics or foreign policy. You know like either. We think the Palestinians are people deserve state and deserve to have their own rights and dignity. Or we don't I think we do. I think we should If we don't we should not bother putting out peace plans you know better for trump to have not put this out than to do. I agree I mean the the way to think about it is imagined reverse AB- trump does this with boss with no Israelis president. It's inconceivable that that would happen first of all it's probably worth noting that Benetton's called well trump a true and courageous friend of the state of Israel and said the peace plan proposal was a significant and historic milestone. They all like it It's also worth noting that being in Yahoo withdrew drew his request this week to have. The Knesset The parliament give him immunity from prosecution as he campaigns for this third election. BB was indicted back in November of last year for fraud and bribery. Generally being an asshole that last part is made up. But you know that's why he needs his of so much. I'm not sure it's entirely made them I A- and we should note like president under impeachment. WHO's clearly guilty and Israeli? Prime Minister is under indictment. You know They're looking to talk about something else. And here's what they're they're talking about and also for these really government to come out and say they're going to settlements in the West Bank within hours of the peace plan tells you everything when you need to know about whether this is really about getting two-state solution or not. I saw the Jordanian government. Come out and say this is dead on arrival Abbass tickets call so like again. Let's not let's it's find the right language to talk about this and any you know. New Story read refers to this as a peace plan and says on the one hand you know some people said it's great in some people said it's not known this is a bunch of bullshit you know and and it's meant to give them a two day news story and justify Israel's continued annexation of settlements. It's not about peace. Now it's a total misnomer. Okay let's turn to Iraq for a minute. So Ben we talk about on the show about issues and stories that makes us mad. And there's a lot of healthy venting I think but this this next issue I want to raise is one of the most deeply upsetting articles. I've read in a long time. It was this New Yorker piece by Ben Tob about the extradition of Iraqi refugee refugee named Omar Amine or the tradition case. It's still ongoing so the. US has accused this individual of being an isis commander and they claimed he murdered someone in Iraq but his defense his lawyers have made a very overwhelmingly convincing case. That amine was in Turkey at the time of this murderer that he couldn't have done it and that the evidence is made up nonsense by rivals levels in Iraq who hate his family The infuriating part the upsetting part is at the. US government is doing everything possible to avoid having to admit or even hear this as evidence in court they are complicit the State Department Doj and sending an innocent man with a family in the US. Back to Iraq where he will be tortured and executed undoubtedly And they are trying to do it to prove right. Trump's talking point that terrorist coming to America through the refugee process now. We haven't talked about refugee he policy for awhile now because there hasn't been an election trump scare old white people in Ohio. But it doesn't make any sense for a terrorist to come to the US through the refugee process. Refugee process entails tails extensive. Vetting in since terrorists are planning on you know putting down roots You could just get a tourist visa and do whatever heinous thing you want to do. And that's a lot easier of the process so The one way amine defense attorneys could definitively prove. His Innocence is to get his cellphone records when he was in Turkey to prove that he was there at the time this murder her and then so since I first read this piece there was a follow up New Yorker article where Turkcell which is a phone company in Turkey is offered to provide those records. Doj but the DOJ Jay is still urging this judge in California to move the case. quickly extradite Amine to Iraq before they get these records and again if that happens he will be tortured and he will be killed. So then I I know. The justice system is profoundly flawed Especially for people of Color in that in this country that secret but reading the story and knowing knowing that people at the highest levels of the State Department and Department of Justice are pushing this man to be extradited to his certain death like actually it rattled me Eh for after reading the piece in in like me. Deeply question My faith in America. Yeah I think that's fair. I think you put your finger on. What's so chilling about this to me right? Is that you know we often have this conversation about you. Know Trump would be far turn ISM right and and part of the challenge for us is that trump will say in even do crazy shit right but it seems like he's so crazy or incompetent. Ah or outside the mainstream that that you almost don't take it seriously right. You don't see it as having consequences beneath twitter or you seem I'm like signing the Muslim ban. It just seems crazy photo op. I will keep in mind. That they're very real people already on the other end of those actions right so you signed the Muslim and those are families and was immediately separated. Those are people who might have had reason to come. Your whose lives have been derailed may have had to come here for their safety and they've been harmed but here you're right. What you you see is again the longer trump is president right and I will tie this next election the more the? US government is adjusting itself to this new boss and and by the way like shame on the people who are going along with this. I mean you know to essentially be putting a man's life at risk because is you need to justify the racist fucking talking point of Donald Trump Jr.. You don't have to go to work that day at the State Department or the department just don't have to work uh-huh sympathy for people who are trying to stick it out for the national interest trying to stick it out because they care about this country but if you have to sit there in front of a judge and make an argument about about this guy who the evidence clearly shows is probably innocent. Did to try to extradite him as fast as possible so you can have some data point that just trump said and like you need to think hard about the choices you're making but the warning I think is at it shows it over time as long as trump is president. There'll be moving people a lot of those jobs or maybe if that person does leave that job they'll find someone who will do it you know and they will find someone who will do it and so we had to take very seriously that the the US government is already beginning to reflect. Some of them were extreme parts of trump's rhetoric. It's taken some time to get there if he gets four four more years. Imagine we're going to be in your seven. We're not going to be reading the story because it'll be so normal. bureaucracies can be cruel and evil and heartless is and this is an example. You you don't get to say you're doing your job here. Yeah let's talk about another a similar example. In my opinion I think another act of profound cruelty. which is the State Department? -partment is adopting rules to make it harder for pregnant for nationals to visit the United States. the White House calls this birth tourism because yes. I'm sure most women would would agree. That giving birth birth is like taking a fucking vacation but trump wants to prevent babies with foreign parents from being born in the US so they won't become US citizens. The policy itself is kind of dumb and wrong. Headed that it's likely to be ineffective because most tourist visas give you a ten year window to travel but it still means that these women will be harassed by random consular officers and embassies around the world. They could just be denied their trip. For no reason. It's also part of just clear opposition. This White House has to the Fourteenth Amendment and birthright citizenship. Generally which is why all of us are Americans but been like the total lack of empathy kills me having a baby is terrifying And the US has more advanced healthcare than most other countries. So there's a good chance that this policy could deny a mom entrance to the. US would be able to give birth safely here and healthy baby but who might have some serious problems somewhere abroad I. It is cruel evil in. That's the point again. Yeah and it just shows you how far reaching this agenda is to restrict immigration. This is kind of Stephen Miller thing like yeah. We're not content to just you know. Try to seal off the border and deport people like we're trying to stop all forms of immigration nation. Here and by the way way. Make no sense like this is not the way in which you would try to prevent somebody sneaking across the border to give birth birth in the US like like this is an effort to to just be as cruel and inconvenient and unpleasant as you can and due to to say like on both these stories one. If you stack this up like we forget this is how a lot of people interact with the US like Yup. Can I come here. Can I get a visa to go there. Can I be a tourist there in. There's so many different ways in which trump is making that unpleasant like this is turning people off from coming here and I've traveled to countries where people said to me. There have been a big drop in foreign students. When come the US because they just kind of see these various reports and even if they're not pregnant they you just see the United States being mean like you know what I don't want to go there? I'm going to go to China. And so I think there's a an intangible costs to like are standing in our connectivity the world old and circles back the first one the example we're setting I mean I saw some reporting on the Indian citizenship which we've talked about on the pod over the weekend can and people were still using kind of like the language because some people are saying like you know the United States really speak out against this law that restricts the capacity of Muslims to to emigrate which we set the example like mody copied our law And I think we're not again you finding the right language to realize that no. We're no longer the country. They used to criticize countries for doing things like this. We're now the country doing it. You know it's just infuriating. Okay we gotTA talk about John. Yes okay so John. Bolton as we've discussed in the show seems to believe that he only does Congress In the American people the truth he gets paid for it over the weekend. The New York The Times reported that John Bolton has written a book and submitted it to the White House for pre publication review This book apparently details trump's now well known scheme to hold up three hundred ninety one one million dollars worth of military assistance to Ukraine in exchange for the Ukrainians launching phony investigations into Joe Biden. The book apparently talks about how fficials like Mike Pompeo Mick Mulvaney. Bill Bar We're all aware of what was happening. and then according to a follow up piece in the Times today Tuesday Bolton says in the book that he he expressed concern to attorney general bar. That trump was granting personal favors to autocratic leaders in Turkey and China something I've talked times And trump was suggesting to these leaders that he could control investigations into Chinese and Turkish companies like Z.. T. E. Phone Technology Company and a Turkish bank called Hawk Bank so so the the peace talks about how trump has this bizarre love for authoritarian leaders. Something apparently the jumped out at Bolton to who can forget his infamous. Where's my favorite dictator line about presidency? Egypt who has proven to be far more repressive than Mubarak ever was. I think trump's lawyers claimed that they didn't know about these allegations in the book despite the having a copy of it since December so bent. You're the only person in this room that has written a book and submitted it a to a White House review can explain why that happens and what they're looking for and did anything surprise you in what we learned here. So so I submitted the book to classification review the NFC and that was in two thousand eighteen. So what they do is they read it and that they see as something that looks like it should be classified. They ask you to check it out or change. How you describe it right? And so it's only for classification only classification progresses and and that was my experience. There were no burden center politicized edits. It was suggested and frankly very little was suggested at all nothing about executive privilege or nothing about exactly well so Nothing about executive privilege. I mean there were there was questions about. Could anything be seen as being derived from classified document right I will. We'll say though that was in two eighteen and I knew the people that I submitted it to. Let's just put it that they had the NFC when I worked at the NFC. I'm not familiar with how that's changed in the last. You know two years really. My sense is somebody would know John. Both submitted a book for classification. Come on and that would be circulated around right then. The other thing I'd say here is First of all if John Bolton was so concerned about this behavior savior. Let's worth noting that he worked there for a pretty long time. For a trump official. Either he made it over a year so he could acquitted anytime. That's not what happened. Although at the end you know he had this fight about whether he's quitter fired. I also am amazed and you know about how it always comes out that like. There's this new revelation it's always confirmatory of everything everybody already knows right and another dwell on this but like it's worth noting that the basic story that trump it was withholding aid to pressure Ukraine. To axe like has just been confirmed about seventy times. Yeah there have been like seventy smoking guns and every time like the press acts like. It's the first time there's been a smoking or something or like this is the one that's really going to break the Republicans. I think this does matter more. Though and the reason he needs to testify because it's he's firsthand right he's the guy was literally as the title of his fucking books as in the room when it happens but to me the thing that should jump out to everybody nobody is this thing about Turkey and China like that to me is is my headline because already know what happened in Ukraine. That's very obvious. We've always thought that Ukraine is tip of an iceberg. That if trump is doing this if he's politicizing or trying to get personal gain from a farm in Ukraine you damn well know. He's trying trying to do that. With Saudi Arabia with China with Turkey where more likely is interest. Yes it may be political but potentially monetary right. And so what do we know. We know for instance from these kind of weird reports in certain books and secondhand to REX Tillerson like Giuliani. Was Lobbying for instance to try to help helps them. Turkish guy who had violated around sanctions will now we know that you know trump is promising that he can make investigations go away if they're really direct Turk right so those are two different pieces of information that we know that are not hard to connect you know and like we hear this tape of trump posting about how he can and essentially let a bunch of Gril for foreign nationals like affect our foreign policy be by giving trump a wishlist fucking fundraiser. Right right can you imagine the corruption. We're not seeing no into channel Adam Schiff for a moment here like this is why he must be removed from office as soon as possible. And actually actually don't believe that it's PM and hopefully get the election like every day that this guy is in office. He is selling out our foreign policy for God knows what interests you know in Ukraine. It's an investigation the Biden's with Turkey. Who knows what financial interest could be right? The Saudis I. I don't even WanNa see what they do in our election right because if we know. They're already hacking their phone of the richest guy in the world and they have trillions of dollars that they can throw around like what is coming in terms of Saudi interference in our election. Here so to me that that reference to the other corruption is what really jumped out to me to parts of the world is brought to you by lifelock. Twenty six million customers have their DNA information in databases is maintained by the four DNA testing companies but DNA has to companies may be vulnerable to data breaches as any other company and DNA. Information could be a tempting target for hackers who could sell this information on the dark web or be exposed to insurance providers or law enforcement agencies. 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That had video in it then included some code that allowed the Saudis to exfiltration data from his phone over the course of many months now coincidentally about a year ago. The national enquirer posted a story about as those having an affair with a woman in Los Angeles listed included text and photographs That led to Bezos. Having this investigation started about you know how this information got out which gets us to hear. It's not entirely clear even in the reporting whether the Saudis gave the inquirer this information or if it came from this woman's brother I mean that's sort of the the working theory who knows right now but the report says is the Saudis hacked pays us because he owns the Washington Post which had reported critically on Saudi Arabia and used to employ Jamalco who is a prominent Saudi critic until mob and Bin Salman had him murdered Ben. Everything with the story is confusing and everything is terrible. I mean you have the Saudis acting with impunity. I'd note to target an enemy of there's and trump's just keep that in back your head You have incredibly sophisticated spying tools for sale to the highest bidder. You have the fact that literally no one not the richest just man on earth is apparently safe from getting hacked by these kinds of companies and yet none of it seems like it's enough to stop the trump White House or the business community from doing in business with the Saudi government. Oh Yeah and by the way Jared Kushner is known to what's APP with Mohammed bin Salman all the time so God knows what they've done to his can you imagine how many videos M Yes essentially ever funny. What about all those US journalist funding profiles of him. Yes I wonder if any of them clicked on point is totally wild. That M yes himself. Did it like what insane thinking but also just like the the level of impunity. He feels like he feels like he can do anything you know. And that's what happens when you have the the US hug NBS after Jamal Khashoggi's chopped up right or throughout this whole administration has said he feels like he can get away with anything no Quinson. SPYWARE BEZOS is both a critic of trump and Jamal Khashoggi's boss right at the Washington Post at the time and so to me. I think it should send a message that. What if they're doing that to? Jeff bezos. What are they doing to like ordinary people in Saudi Arabia to other people that they want to threaten intimidate around the world right also again to return to like another argument? Adam Schiff me. There was really good. You know he said to the Republicans you know. Why do you think trump is going to not throw you under the bus like you know? Well I'd say that to anybody who's doing business with Saudi Arabia like would do you Jamie diamond. Think that you're you know he likes you so much personally that he's not gonNA pretend. Try to blackmail you or get leverage on you. I don't know why these people don't see that these characters the NBA's have one and only interest in what they're looking out for themselves right. And so I at some point we have to put some guard around this now. It's not going to happen with trump is president but like this. Saudi relationship is so dysfunctional that they just they feel they can do anything. Get Away with it and the sad truth is because with this president they can. Yeah and you know. There was a daily beast story about a twenty seven year old comedian former student at the University of San Diego who had a social media present so is pretty big who used to mock Bin Salman he says that a unidentified Saudi man accompanied his dad to the US to try. Are you bring him back to Saudi Arabia's into tried to kidnap him and I think we know what would have happened to this kid given what happened to Jamaica Shoghi so that's pretty terrifying that there's acting with impunity unity on American soil and it's ongoing it's ongoing and we saw the stuff with infiltrated twitter. You know with a couple of employees right and and like you know where do you start. I mean another another place to start is is. You don't have to cave to the sky. Time like so member we talked about net flicks when an awesome monagas Patriot did like a episode that put fonder criticized Saudi Arabia and NAPA. Let's put it. You know like people need to start collectively standing up to this kind of behavior because what we are doing is inadvertently rewarding it Arthur. Because we're embracing him like trump or his leaders or because we're unwilling to like set some boundaries and take a stand around certain values right and I again right right now the direction of how we're dealing with privacy and hacking is being set by the aggressors not by people seeking to protect ourselves and protect our privacy Z.. And that's something that has to change him so we're now several weeks From the strike on Puzzle Amani the former head of the I. R. G. You see could force in Iran we have learned that the ballistic missiles that were fired in response by the Iranians left thirty four U S servicemembers with concussions or traumatic brain injuries. Injuries trump. The other day at a press event dismiss these injuries as quote headaches. That are not very serious and I just wanted to bring this up because that is so profoundly wrong. The are quite serious injuries. The Pentagon estimates that three hundred thirty eight hundred thousand servicemembers have been deployed to Iraq or Afghanistan from two thousand to two thousand. Eighteen eighteen have suffered from traumatic brain injuries. Three hundred eighty three thousand these. TV is it can lead to higher rates of PTSD depression back pain suicide there. The signature nunes of our modern wars. And just they aren't visible doesn't mean they aren't serious and when lawmakers Dismiss these wounds. They can stigmatize them. That can make them worse. Veterans groups have called on trump to apologize but even sick events in Congress. Even Tom Cotton. Who is a veteran who should know better are defending his comments? Because they just don't care what he says is the Ben. This is just one of those times where the comments are so profoundly ignorant. It should be a bigger story and it should be an educational moment for the country really. But it's not getting discussed. I I think because of the fog of impeachment and just because he says idiotic stuff all the time and it's called traumatic brain injury for you know so I mean This is a very serious for people. And Look I. There's such common threads and I know having up so we're talking about trump up these. The things connect right because you talked about how the troubling story about the extradition case with the with involving Iraq. They basically basically are seeking to justify trump's talking point by changing reality. Yeah even though a man's life is at stake to fit that that's what this is. Yeah because trump came out in tweeted the night of that missile strike all is well and he said everybody's fine and so they didn't want to admit that there were any casualties. That did anybody was hurt whatsoever and these attacks and the press little had to drag this information out of right and so the reason trump is saying. It's just headaches. The reason he is seeking to downgrade this condition that has been suffered by many veterans is just to justify his own talking points in lies from a few days earlier right right and in so doing. He's disrespecting every person who's had this injury I mean. He's disrespecting everybody who has served. How would you feel if you were living? At home with chronic chronic headaches an inability to maybe hold down a job maybe your life is falling apart. Maybe marriage is falling apart. You know maybe you don't know if you can go on because because of these symptoms you've had TB and then you see the president sitting at. It's just headaches. How that would make you feel right? And I haven't done this. I think in a wildness podcast but but imagine. If Barack Obama had lied about there being no use service members injured in Iranian attack on the US military facility tried to cover up those injuries and then dismissed over thirty people having traumatic brain injuries. Some people having some headaches right and I do that. Not just to indulge in the hypocrisy to make the point that this wasn't a really big deal. There wasn't a lot of noise in the media media and Congress we are adjusting ourselves to trump. You know this is like Oh sure. Of course of course trump to that right and and that should be alarming coming to people that like something like this that is literally inconceivable that this would have happened under the previous administration is like. Oh Yeah. It's not a big story because of course trump put would would would spend this live out. Yeah I mean we should point out that the the military has come a long way when it comes to traumatic brain injuries or PTSD eh From World War One will not even Vietnam era. I mean back then it was who shell shock or you know as a battle for there's this moment where general. Patton infamously slaps a a soldier who is in the infirmary rather than getting on the fighting lines. And that's just that's not the appropriate way to treat these injuries. We have to you. Don't people need to rest than they need to feel like they should seek treatment and seek it out and want to get out and I feel stigmatized and if you hear about the Ti injuries like what literally is to the size and scale of the blast causes the brain to shake around in the head. I mean that just that that is not like what is supposed to happen. You know And and so this can it can lead to like pretty serious health effects. Yeah I mean. We're seeing football. For God's Yeah Yeah One more military soon as trump heavy episode. But that's okay so we talked couple times On the show about a retired Navy seal named Eddie Gallagher He was accused by his seal team teammates shooting at civilians of murdering Isis captive. Very awful stuff trump pardoned him And is reportedly planning to like Nikki McKee surrogate on his election reelection campaign on Monday gallagher posted the video on his facebook and instagram calling members of his former team cowards people who testified against him putting identifying information about them like their names duty status photos of them I'm actually surprised that the information isn't officially classified as secret regardless It's usually never disclosed by the military because it puts these guys at risk In this case I would say it risks from both terrorist groups that they're fighting abroad didn't Maga nuts back here so again like to our big picture comments. You're like this is what happens when you enable a guy like Eddie Gallagher clearly has some issues to operate with impunity. Operate outside the military justice system. And it's really dark stuff breath. I hope Fox News is proud of the role they played in this whole fair and Putting at risk a whole bunch of navy seals. Yeah Eddie Gallagher Stories. So amazing because you know. He's validating trump the behavior of a war criminal right. Who now shows that? He is so vindictive in so emboldened by you. You know Steve Doocy or whoever like at Fox that he's now taking aim at Navy seals. Who did the right thing you know like these are the people who took a risk has to do the right thing who understood that it was not in their own interest in the interest of the value say stood for and frankly their security to have war criminals in their midst I'm and report him up the chain and think of the message it sends to that whole community to the entire military and frankly kids across this country that the people who reported the wrongdoing are now being targeted by somebody who committed war-crimes. WHO's going to be out there with the president states right and it's been a trump heavy episode but I mean it's been very useful because all of these things fit together right? It's all about trump kind of validating validating the most negative behavior that the United States can indulge and creating impunity for people whether they're in the US or the people again be us who who are engaged in this kind of thuggish behavior and it it it really points to like the what's on the ballot in this election. It's upcoming is is like just. What kind of country are we? Because if we're the kind of country that's like yeah this is cool. Like Eddie Gallagher can kill a kid and shoot corpses and what have you and then get celebrated and then target the people who reported that misconduct if we're cool that as a country like that's something that we ought to alike digest and I I don't think we are and and but I think all these things add up to the basic choice at the longer trump is in office the more we you can see what his personality is doing to institutions like the US military State Department Justice Department and to Foreign Relations with countries like Saudi Arabia like Israel where he's also emboldening the worst elements in those governments Last trumpy thing one thing that makes me Very proud of this. podcast is the fact that we have been way way ahead of the rest of the pack in calling out secretary of state. Mike Pompeo for just being a terrible human being yeah. This was really early driven home. I think for everyone last week when he berated and NPR reporter named Mary Louise Kelley for asking him about the Ukraine scandal. in Iran His failure to defend our US ambassador in Ukraine from Rudy Giuliani smear campaign. God forbid she asked about the big news in the world pump HEO ended. The interview apparently asked Kelly to come back to his private office that recorder. He didn't stipulate it was off the record. She said she wouldn't have agreed if he'd had There he dressed her down yelled he dropped bombs he he said quote. Do you think Americans care about Ukraine. And then he literally summoned a blank map and asked her to find Ukraine on it. Now I don't know why these guys have blank blink maps just sitting around day like draw with crayons during meals. But I just can't think of anything more condescending than that She has a masters degree she's experienced reporter. He was Coke hoke brothers Suckling backbench Congressman until he was gifted this job. Pumpido later attacked Kelly through a press statement through the State Department's main office the State Department kicked a different NPR reporter off of POMPEII plane. I tripped Eastern Europe. Trump is talking about defunding the company the NPR like today at this press conference with Netanyahu trump joked about it and gave him an atom boy. So to your point I mean route starts at the top the other thing I just have to say I'm concerned about is like. NPR is the perfect entity to fight this with one arm tied behind their back like he is literally going after their funding and NPR's just like they're a little bow sides on their coverage is from all the way but now they're like they're so scrupulous they're so buttoned up I mean he pompeii allied and said that she the reporter. Kelly agreed not talk about Ukraine. She has emails proving that to be false but instead of just like tweeting them out punching back they like waited waited a couple of days and slipped into the Washington Post. I just worry for these folks you know. NPR's enormous Service for all of us. It's great news covered. They've great reporters but these bullies. He's like Mike. Pompeo may only dig in when they think you're weak and they have the upper hand yet when he clearly doesn't face kind of questioning you know and I hate to the I like the State Deparment Press Corps. But I've been shocked and watching a couple of press conferences. He gives he just. He's an Smarmy arrogant lying jerk mark essentially at an and they let him just perform. You know they don't really ask. Follow up sir. Like it's weird like how much he just by bullying bullying and bulldozing through a bunch of lies like they're not sure what to do with that target and it sounds like she actually was trying to call him out but it but clearly. In most of Mike Pompeo's interviews are probably like fawning Hughhewitt type. Yes literally kissing his ass by the way if you don't know he is don't worry about it but he's a conservative pundit. That's always on meet the press. His son works at the state. Yeah Yeah Yeah. So that's how I plot a couple of things one would mike. Mike pompeo have dragged reporter into his office and bullied them and dropped F. bombs on them and ask them to find Ukraine on a blank map. Probably not probably not right so number one. These people have no respect for women even though we're talking about one of smart reporters in Washington number two. Mike Pompeo the secretary of state he said like Americans don't even care about Ukraine. How do you think that sounds to the Ukrainians Ukrainians have have already dealt with the fact that I mean like in this whole drama can we award Ukrainians? The people who've been screwed the most poor fucking Zilenski like a comedian media. well-meaning guy gets elected president. I is getting Shaked down by Lev Parnasse and Rudy Giuliani and the crew. Then he's got trump saying do me do you favor. Then he's got. Mike Pompeo saying like no Americans even care about Ukraine when Ukraine has been invaded by their neighbor Russia and is dependent on the United States. I mean does the uis disrespect for everybody in their orbit. You know and I think the press has to decide. They kicked Her off the plane. Everybody should get off that plane. Collective action there's gotTa be some collective action here and your collective actions tweeting about how Great Mary Louise Kelley is like. I think there needs to be some effort to say like. We're not GonNa let these people just rewrite the rules like this and treat us like garbage and get away with lies and then laugh about it you know at the press conference with with Netanyahu is trump. Did today yeah. I don't know the right answer. There's got to be an actual cost even seen that selected there are like we're crossing boundaries. Here we're stuff is happening on a regular basis in this country. That actually doesn't happen in like even our country you know like like often. The joke is like we're turning into ex- ex- place like I. I've never really heard of some of this stuff happening in in in some of these other quasi authoritarian places. Mike pompeo terrible. I hope these shows will start on just like You know in your that's when you you start tweeting and I'm so mad. I'm like watch cartoons like I do with my kids. Okay a couple of quick policy update. So let's talk about Burma I We've talked about the government sanctioned genocide of the Ruhanga people in Burma several times in the show since 2017 the government is driven more than seven hundred thousand Rohana out of the country mostly into Bangladesh. On the way there were executions rape as a tool of war true crimes against humanity like horrific terrific stuff The sort of good news is the United Nations agreed last week. The International Court of Justice ordered Burma to protect the row Hinga and to report report back to them regularly on how they're going to do so This case was brought before the UN by Gambia on behalf of the Oh. I see the Organization for Islamic cooperation. The ruling was decided by a fifteen member panel. One of whom was picked in appointed by the Burmese government and even that dude sided against them. So that's how bad this was now. Unfortunately fortunately there's no real mechanism to enforce this ruling here but hopefully it will bring more international attention to this horror in. Maybe if they continue with this kind of behavior lead to UN Security Council action. No I think it's a positive development and look one way to think about this. Is the tragedy one of the many tragedies of what's happening is that in Burma. People don't care that much basically like there's actually fairly broad support for what the government has done in ethnically. We cleansing I WANNA say that's everybody because I know some very courageous people who were activists speaking of this but when you had that situation the pressure has come from somewhere else us right. So unless there's some international external accountability forcing the Burmese government have to do this reporting To have to be mindful that they may be held accountable. Like you're not gonNA be able to protect this at all and frankly it plans a seat in the heads of hopefully officials inside of Burma Myanmar. That there's future accountability could come. There's further international justice that could come their further sanctions. Could come so this kind of thing I think is a is a useful tool if combined bind with the sense that like if you guys on top of this and aren't being responsive to this there's more where this is coming from the background on what happened there Ben wrote a great very long thorough thoughtful piece in the Atlantic about Several years of policy including during the Obama to check it out another update so we talked a couple times also about the Indian government and how they invaded and occupied disputed Kashmir region And they revoked their semi-autonomous status governing them now. This happened about six months ago. And since then the Indian government has basically cut off all communication the region shut down the Internet the cut landlines that cut sell connections on Sunday. the Indian government unblocked some some websites they started allowing like very very slow cell service and to g But I I I read this. I thought I don't think this is good news. I mean obviously if someone needs Internet like it's good for them to have it back but what it tells me is that these tactics are seen as useful and effective and they're going to be used again and again again and again to take these kinds of action. Yeah it's interesting you've noticed in a few different places recently. This tactic of cutting off the Internet for a period of time and restoring some form of order And then so incrementally it comes back on so you saw the Iranians this in response to some of the protests. Clearly clearly part of the playbook You know that that some of these strongman authoritarian types are gonna use is blackout disconnect. People cut them off while that is happening. That's when you're rounding people up right that's when you're signing a much people that's written intimidating a bunch of people and then incrementally turning back on maybe maybe on its speeds. It can support certain type of activity and mobilization or encryption. We're uploading video swing videos. What is exactly so uh-huh we have to learn from this stuff and I think it'll be important for journalists to try to be able to piece together the story of just what has happened in Kashmir over these last several weeks both so we can understand the scale of their oppression that has taken place where are certain people like you know where the leaders of different types of political opposition civil society? Independent journalists are are those people K. or they not But also what is the playbook that they've used there. Because I think you know it's clear that there's learning that goes on between China and India Iran and yet you know frankly probably some things that the. US IS TERI group. Tax Trading Russia Russia was at the forefront of some of these tactics. Yeah terrible Okay we're happy. Yes so for some reason. A video was going around this week and last week of Russian Russian President Vladimir Putin being given a puppy by the president of Turkmenistan. This happened in two thousand seventeen The video is terrible and hard to watch because the leader leader of Turkmenistan whose name I'm not even GonNa try to say he's holding this poor poppy up at the scruff of the neck institute geared awful way that Putin like freaks out and jumps out of his chair in rescues the poor fourth thing. Because it's a really adorable puppy now. Putin is a horrible human being He kills this at NC kills journalists invades countries. But he's a big dog and animal lover. I guess he had several dogs gets gifted them all the time by foreign leaders. Because they know he's a soft spot. He has a dog that he wants brought to a meeting with them. Not Scared out of her mostly he also likes getting photographed with tigers and bears. Dolphins you name it it probably militarize all of them. The government doesn't always follow his lead when it comes to taking care of animals. They are ruthless. Two strays as especially around events like the Olympics but that segment was called the more. You know about Putin. Well I mean the the picture of the Guy Holding the dog by the scruffy neck was One of the more awkward gift exchanges and You Know Putin and I just gotTA Say Look I. 'cause I'm in this office. He doesn't seem like a doodle Guy. No and I mean you want the dog that could kill a you know somebody broke in your house kill a smaller animal. Yeah or per person potentially It is interesting how how Putin doesn't have like a doesn't use personality like so it's kind of interesting to think about being a propagandist You know in in the in the Kremlin it must become inching job right. 'CAUSE 'cause couldn't take care of the like you know strong man. Yeah Yeah you know curious. Y- you know thing but like how do you fill in personality around that right and so you've got like the puppy Thing at time to bring back to two thousand seventeen clips. You've got the shirtless horseback thing. One where he's in a glider migrating with a bunch of birds. Yes that's an outstanding good at one. Then you've got these like occasional hockey games. He plays where they let them score. We're lays down so I will say like does does point up like Unfortunately what this tells me Tommy. Is that October. Surprise is going to be trump with puppies. And they'll they'll probably be like that you know Dan's Guillano Hack at the White House tweeting out like some. They'll probably put up some leader to give a puppy with the scruff of the neck. Because if it started with Putin you can can be sure ended up with trump. He's GonNa Emulate Ben. This episode is going to go down in the annals of podcast history. Thank you plant. I didn't make it at the very beginning. It was tough. I got better like J.. Jared blood up. Yeah that's right By the way we didn't congratulate the coffee guy who really October the Avi Berkowitz who's the guy the Kinda guy who did your homework for him when he was at Harvard right because Jordan up I actually write his term papers. So this whole process was jared gets peace plan plan. He brings in Avi Berkowitz who then does his homework for him and they put it in a nice. Like kind of stapled together presentations. Did you give it the end of your term paper and give it into AVI new powerplants. We could put some some pictures on there. Okay when we come back we're going to talk with you. All that friendly the new powerful yes. The host of America Dissected Public Health expert Abdul El-Sayed Pat Save. The world is brought to you by very sharp who has the time to go to dozens of stores or re through hundreds of reviews when you want to treat yourself off or find the perfect gift. 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Jihadi tells the true story of the unbelievable relationship between journalist Christoph puzzle in Omar Hamami throughout the episode series Christopher counts investigation into the life of Omar an American born citizen who became leader of the smalley Islamic militant group. Al Shabaab landing him on the west of the FBI's most wanted terrorists from Omar's hometown. In Alabama to war-torn Somalia Malia Kristof seeks to get answers. Why would he southern Baptist turn to terrorism and how close should journalists get to his or her source? Check it out too fantastic. Show listen to American Jihadi. It's on apple podcasts. Or ever you get your pods on. The line is the host of the fantastic podcasts. America dissected public health expert Abdul El-Sayed dual is great to have you back. Tommy thank you so much for having me so. I wish it was under better circumstances before we started recording we were just chatting politics and life and those fun in Jovial. And now we're GonNa talk about scary viruses so there is is this corona virus that we're hearing so much about right now. It's it started in the Wuhan City of China And seems to be spreading. Can you explain just the basics like what is corona virus in wise is threatening outbreak. Yeah so so. Let's start from the basics viruses. Are these you know it's interesting scientific debate. We debate on whether or not they're alive or not but basically what they are is just a little bit cellular machinery and some either DNA or NA. which is the operative version of DNA and They make us sick and they they propagate the interesting thing about about corona virus. Is that under normal circumstances humans would never be exposed to these kinds of viruses. They they tend to be Common in wildlife in bats in particular but in in two circumstances we're starting to see more and more of these outbreaks. One of them is in such situations where you have a lot of human contact with wildlife in situations like the wet market in Wuhan where where. It's likely that some animal that was was was being sold at this market. Had come in contact with a bat that was infected itself got infected and then pass it it onto humans and because our immune systems aren't ready for them because we don't usually come in contact with bats it starts to spread like wildfire the other though and this just sort of unsaid topic is these kinds of outbreaks are becoming more common because of climate change which is driving wildlife more and more into the habitats of humans and so the interactions that we're having with wildlife wildlife are a lot more common which increases the likelihood of these kinds outbreak so our immune systems are not ready for them and Once they hit us they spread like wildfire and this particular corona virus We're just starting to understand it but of course there is no vaccine. There is no medication because It's not something humans I've ever seen before as as far as we know L. and It's starting to spread out of John It's it's Infected people in about fifteen different countries. it's looking like it's it's relatively contagious and we don't know as much about the mechanisms of spread but It's it's it's pretty quickly. We have over four thousand cases now and over one hundred deaths. Jesus so One one more questions or the the the media narrative around it before we get to the specific so I feel like you often see alarming news reports about some new and scary sounding disease and then you know some smart doctor remind you that way more. People are likely to be killed by the flu. Do you feel like the coverage of the Krahn virus is appropriate. Free It. I mean how are you feeling about the way being treated well You know as somebody who's worked in PR the things get coverage are the things that are new and You you'll give that this is new and it is spreading fast. I do think it warrants the kind of coverage but again the probability of of dying of from Corona virus is far lower than the number of people we know will die of the flu particularly bad flu season And so you know on the one hand you look at this and say wow this is an epidemic and all of a sudden people are Are Wearing in face Max and airports and and and that's funding to do but sometimes the very same people who are Are So worried about corona virus. Having gotten their flu vaccine And it's just a typically far more likely that you're going to get the flu A and B that the the flu could kill you or kill somebody that you love because you inadvertently pass it on And so we can't forget that even though this is new serious the problems that are more endemic and don't get the kind of coverage That this corona vibes getting are still out there and they're still dangerous and we do have the means to protect ourselves and so if you're looking for something the thing you can do to keep yourself healthy in the context of virus go get a flu. Shot okay good. I did that okay. So you know this emerged out of China in theory you know. This is an autocratic state. You would think they could prevent me from traveling. Quarantine individuals in ways that I don't think you would see in a democracy and just control. The population appellation. Generally but you know you said to me before that. There's a tradeoff there. Because people don't trust the government he talked about the need for government trust and why that might play a role in this thing spreading absolutely so you know the operating Credo of public health is is an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure If if you have a new outbreak of any disease The thing that the public health apparatus the government apparatus ought to be able to do is identify new cases Get them treated and then quarantine them and then trace the contact of all of those people And make sure that their quarantine so that they're not inadvertently spreading the disease as we do this all the time with all kinds of outbreaks of all kinds of things that requires a couple of things that a you have consistent flow of information and people are willing to tell the government the truth about what what's happening and what's going on and be that the government has the capacity then to follow that information downward and then see that government is exchanging information with partner governments. So that they're aware and engaged on the problem and ready to pounce if they need to the challenge that we have with this outbreak. Right now is a People don't necessarily trust their government because they've seen their government do terrible things to other people and so when when you require the free flow of information you may not be willing to to give it to folks and then be We're in a situation where the Chinese government hasn't actually built Out primary care. It's built a lot of hospitals those things that are glitzy Primary Care is less glitzy and the problem is that when people think they're sick in the context of an outbreak take they just go line up and try and get cared hospital. Which of course gets overwhelmed? But what are you. Have you have a bunch of sick people who are now lined up in one place which is probably the worst possible thing you could do for actually exchanging the disease And mitigating the spread. And all of this is because the government is is more worried about saving face ace than it is about actually problem and you know we've seen this kind of behavior in in in in Chinese government In a number of places but this is one of them so you you know the government can build a thousand bed hospital in six days But they couldn't build the basic apparatus to be able to contact trace In mitigate a disease early and then now we're seeing this quarantining printing of of whole cities which doesn't quite help? Because you know when you in the city people are GonNa get out and you're allowing all of the disease spread to move within that city rather but then having the precision ability to contact trace and mitigate spread at the micro level which of course is how a virus spreads And so all of this is really detrimental to WHO The spread of an outbreak. Like this and it just shows us why Being able to have a government that that prides itself on the free flow of information on the investment asman an infrastructure. That's not a glitzy but important Matter so much yes so China dealt with a similar epidemic in two thousand and two thousand three when when SARS Do you think that they learned lessons. Have they taken steps to improve their response. I know it was a pretty brutal response by the Chinese government. Then it was I mean in I think to their credit this response has been somewhat more effective. But there's still a long way to go The other you know the luck of the draw and this one is it. Looks like this is about as as Infective and contagious as SARS was but it seems like it's a lot less deadly so epidemiologist talk about this. A number called the are not factor and are not just tells you on average how many people will get a disease from somebody who's already carrying the disease and The are not for SARS and for this disease. Looked like it's somewhere more between two and five by comparison the value for For measles which is one of the most contagious viruses. We have is is is twelve between twelve in sixteen So it's less contagious. And the mortality rate for SARS was like ten percent so one in ten people who got it passed away from it whereas for this. It's looking looking like it somewhere between three and five percent so It's not as bad as SARS was But it it because of the the way it spread and because of how quickly it's built nope it's looking like it might be a bigger. FEMA so though potentially less deadly yeah so there are a bunch of global health emergencies. During the Obama Administration. There was bird flu and then and you know about Ebola was I think. Probably the most well known one I think that the administration at the time learned a lot from the response to the Ebola outbreak. But I'm I'm worried that trump rolled back or try to roll back a lot of that work so for example his first budget called for seventeen percent cut in the CDC budget. I believe he signed a bill into law that cut seven hundred fifty million billion from the prevent in Public Health Fund. How worried are you about our preparedness right now? I'll be honest So our public health infrastructure. The structure is strong and I think that's really important. I do think however that these kinds of cuts Take us down a slippery slope slope. That could be very dangerous and we don't ever really know how much we need our public health infrastructure until it's too late the hard part about being a and I was. I was a health commissioner Mr for the city of Detroit and the hard part about public health is that you wanted to be ready in the moment. You don't think you're going to need it right. Nobody's ever planning for the next outbreak. you have the the benefit of of of of not worrying about it happening until of course it happens and then you figure out that those people those those jobs those That infrastructure that you cut were mission critical goal for justice kind of thing And so you know going out and and cutting public health budgets. 'cause they're not glitzy. That's the kind of thing that they do in China right. It's not the kind of thing That we do in the United States because in this society we've made a decision That we are. We are invested in our government functioning effectively. Not just looking like it functions effectively So I I worry that you know maybe not this epidemic But potentially one down the line over time. Those consistent cuts to to public health budgets. It's they they take a toll and we don't know When we're going to have the next Ebola outbreak and we don't know what the next outbreak is coming? But we do know that these are becoming more and and more likely given the impact of climate change and we do know that they're becoming more and more global so something happening In Sub Saharan Africa or happening In in in in in East Asia that becomes an American problem quickly simply because of the nature of globalization and so we have to be more ready not less ready Than than we have been in the past and and we've got to be building our public health infrastructure and capacity and the last point. I'll make something that I think you touched on so well in in in this podcast Is that you know if we want to continue due to be leaders in the world then we have to be leaders in the world and that means that oftentimes we're brought in to solve problems even beyond our borders. Unfortunately you know we. We've you've seen this sort of American adventurism when it comes to Potentially picking picking wars in in in in in places like Iran whereas when we actually can do the world a public good benefit by investing in Public Health Response people like Donald Trump want cuddles budgets. And so we're not investing in the right places and we can do a lot better agreed You mentioned at the top that global warming is exacerbating the problem leading to more of these types of Outbreaks can you elaborate on that a little bit sure So you know. Think a little bit about the The wildfires in Australia What's happened? Is that a lot of wildlife escaping these wildfires has come in contact act with with with people in ways that traditionally we don't see very often. We know that animals carry diseases just like humans carry diseases and they carry different diseases and most of the time Their diseases can affect US vice versa. But there are always some that can think about this. The bird flu or swine flu. Those are diseases that are endemic common in in In animals that can jump over and affect humans and sometimes those diseases are even worse than humans than they are in animals And so as we're getting more intermixing intermixing between Between Wildlife and people because of the consequences of climate change Just like wildfires. We saw in Australia The probability that one of those viruses hops over and is extremely serious extremely deadly and extremely contagious. Inhumanity is just higher. And so we've we've got to be on alert Around what the consequences that are and at the same time of course Be Working to save our globe by addressing climate change in the first place license so We forget sometimes that these issues are are so related but You know any time that you have a circumstance where We're not living as we've lived lived in the past. Because of the changing climate and the changing globe That's a risk factor for people. So if you were coordinating the response right now sitting in the situation room. What would can you be telling the administration to do? Yeah I'd I'd be doing a couple of things I think number one. We have a pretty incredible United States Public Health Service risk And I would be Deploying that public health service abroad in in in Wuhan certainly Working with the local officials there our To be able to increase their capacity for contract tracing because the best thing we can do is limit the contagion added source which right now? Of course the epicenter is is in one and The second thing I'd be doing is is just like the Like just like the the administration and local governments are doing right now which is is testing people coming from from the The affected parts of the world third. I would be working with With actually manufacturers to start working on a vaccine that we you know it's called crashing But they crashed into into into service Getting it out there To get folks acclimated who may have been exposed first and then constantly working on The antiretroviral the anti viral research that we need to be able to Treat this this This disease he's also We need to be able to invest in medical services. They're often times I think We forget that you know disease anywhere are is increasing. The risk of disease everywhere and And Right now one of the big challenges that they have in China is that there's not a strong Primary Care Infrastructure structure and so making. Sure that folks out there you know because because we care about our humanitarian ends because folks our our equals inhumanity and And we want to support them is making sure that we Are Moving medical infrastructure out there to be able to take care of people and and support them to heal right now. There is no treatment for the virus itself off. But you know if you can support somebody with good medical care. The probability of survival is a lot higher And so I think we have a responsibility for that but I would I would say. Let's let's tackle it at the source. Let's make sure we have both the vaccine and a medication. let's Increase our capacity providing providing healthcare Abroad and let's make sure that We are. We're testing anybody. Who's WHO's WHO's coming into our Our country from the affected area. Who may have any of these symptoms and signs and potentially Porn teaching them for for some time To make sure that they're they're not they're not spreading it On the home front good policy advice Last question for you so you mentioned that people who are worried you get a flu shot. Is there anything else you you would suggest jests that people do like I imagine there's some people right now who are thinking. Oh I don't WANNA fly. I don't want to go to credit places Are they overreacting. Like how do you think about this at the moment. Well you know I I think In the context of the kind of news that we're seeing it's alarming and you know people are are justified to be worried I would say that the number of cases in the United States has been very very low I think officials are doing a great job Making sure that That person to person spread in the United State is exceedingly limited But I would certainly say anybody who has visited the affected area In Wuhan That you know they keep keep themselves away from other people that They check you. And if they have any signs of viral illness which you know are sniffles or or a fever or or body pain And I would say that you know as as the CDC's just recommended Avoid avoid flying to to the affected area right now but for most of us are the high high probability is that we're not going to be affected by this Thankfully because we have a strong public health infrastructure in this country and we've got to keep it strong but but it is alarming and You know whenever you hear about a contagion like this it. It's it's alarming and people are right to be a bit worried and if you WANNA protect themselves by making sure that you know doing the basic things you protect yourself to protect yourself from the cold or flu in the first place making sure that you're using his hand sanitizer coughing or sneezing into your into your elbow In you know potentially wearing a face mask if you're feeling any symptoms or or or you're worried about getting sick. Those are all perfectly justifiable things to do. And even if they're not going to protect you from Corona virus they will protect you from the cold or flu which is a good thing anyway agreed. Great advice of dual. Thank you so much for walking me through this freaked out. By the way I should say American dissect it goes through a whole host of medical issues to strip out the hysteria that you sometimes see in the media and talk about the thoughtful way so everyone should check on the show. It's fantastic and great talking to you. Tommy thank you. Thank you for covering this and things always for a great show. Positive world is a product of crooked media senior producer. Is Michael Martinez our assistant producers Jordan. Waller it's mixed and edited by Chris. Basil Kyle Seguin is our sound engineer. Thanks for digital team allied Jacobin Normal Conan in my location filming. Share these interviews on video each week

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