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Their four legged full of love and more like family than their nickname suggests. Now they're the subject of the park cast original series dog tales every Monday here the true tales of heroic canines who have gone above and beyond and their best friend duties. Check out this exclusive clip from the first episode on Buddy the German shepherd. The world's first seeing I guide dog. And if you you want to listen to the full episode follow Dog Tales Free On spotify or wherever. You get your podcasts. It's been a long day trouble at work stuck in traffic family drama. You get home. Open your front door and see your dogs wagging tail they press against your legs feet tip tapping on the floor. Nope as you wrote there is your frustration melts. If you're most people you picturing a Labrador retriever. A fluffy loyal sometimes mischievous pup. WHO's always there to play? Fetch cuddle after a bad day. Most people don't think of a shepherd mix who saved fifty people a Newfoundland who helped create the map of America. Well the huskies his star in Cuba gooding junior junior classic snow dogs through Millennia. Dogs have evolved to be our best friends but some dogs go beyond the coals. Also sit rollover and stop chasing the Amazon delivery guy. This podcast is about those very good dogs. Welcome to dog tales accost original every week. We tell the stories of historic here ROIC canines. We'll profile dog sue. Save people from earthquakes went outer space and even spurred the invention of Velcro. If you're looking for fun stories and a warm heart you're barking up the right tree I knew host Alistair. You can find episodes of dog tales and all other parkas originals for free on spotify or wherever you listen to podcasts to stream docked tails for free on spotify. Just open the APP and type dog tales in the search bar at Parkas. We're grateful for you our listeners. You allow us to do what we love. Let us know how we doing doing reach out on facebook and Instagram at podcast and twitter at Parkas network. And if you enjoyed today's episode the best way to help is to to leave a five star review wherever you're listening today off focus is a German shepherd named buddy. Most of you are picturing a male l.. Dog Right now but actually buddy was a girl and her unusual name might be the least interesting part of her story. Born born on fortunate fields farm in month pelerins Switzerland Buddy was in one thousand nine hundred twenty s working dog. She was a German shepherd that was bred. Read to help soldiers win. Woes police officers track criminals and the Red Cross save lives but buddies destiny was lifesaving of a different sort. She became America's first seeing eye. Dog when Buddy I met Morris Frank she was not infused. The Americans smelled weird and he ran out of treats ferry quickly but he remained friendly but wary relying on her sense of smell ten thousand times better than a human's and her extremely strong strong hearing which could detect anything from an oncoming earthquake to Morris's heartbeat. They were both nervous as she sniffed him getting familiar then. He tried to put her leather harness on. But instead of the swift maneuver she was used to. He poked her in the eye. Why she and he jerked away more sensitive to sound than her masters? Maybe they did have something in common. Morris reached out again the strap caught on her muzzle. Had he even mets a dog before after a few more minutes of awkward. Maneuvering the harness was finally on Buddy Wag. Tetteh let him time for a walk. But Morris just sat there She nudged him. Let's go outside. He stayed in place on confident. Buddy sat patient and she didn't know it but she'd been picked for this role precisely because of patience and tolerance she also didn't. I know that this was the beginning of the biggest relationship of her life. That she bond with Morris away no other animal not even a a great ape. Could and buddy definitely didn't know that Morris Frank would one day say quote as surely as those Pioneers Leonese who discovered lands and ideas for the world buddy rediscovered the world for blind people. All she knew was that Morris. Frank needed her help and she was going to do her. Best to provide it born in Nineteen nineteen o eight Morris. Frank was just like his mother. Jessie sadly when Morris was three Jesse was thrown from a horse she already lost sight. I took one I years earlier during childbirth and after the second accident Jesse fully lost her vision in nineteen twenty four. Morris took a hit during a boxing match with a friend pain bus through his head and the world when dunk it never Grew light again. As we said Morris. Frank was just like his mother. Despite his blindness ignace Morris still attended vanderbilt working as a piano tuner an insurance salesman on the side he was determined to have the life he planned for himself blindness blindness just meant he required extra systens. So the Franks hiatt help for Morris. But this wasn't the easy fix. It sounded like Nick Morris described his helper as unsympathetic which is putting it nicely. The helper attended classes alongside Morris. When he remember said he went on insurance sales? Kohl's and talked over Morris. He kept Morris from tripping on the sidewalk if he was paying attention. Morris was from a wealthy family but clearly no amounts of money could keep him safe and he had very little expectation of a future wife life for children who could help him. Morris could only take a girl on a double date since he required a friend to guide him so Morris's already limited options with even more limited by Age Nineteen Morris. Frank was fed up one afternoon as his unreliable guide walked him home from the Insurance Office. Morris heard the yells of paper boy not an unusual sound on the streets of Nashville in nineteen twenty seven. Evan except the yells redress at him. Apparently the paper Boy Thought Morris would appreciate one of the articles in the Saturday Evening Post. According to Dixon hot wells book dogs against darkness. Morris didn't know if it was curiosity or self defense that drove him to buy the paper Papa for all he knew it was just a sales tactic either way more soon found himself sitting in his living room listening to his father. Read an article. It'll titled the seeing eye. The piece described a blind man. As Pathetic Sean. Pray and at the Mercy Z.. O. Of all he comes in contact to and that's only in the first two sentences while oil. This was a common sentiment at the time it couldn't have felt good. Luckily Martha's father kept reading getting to the much kind of heart of the story. The writer Dorothy Harrison eustis detailed program. The German government setup the program ped- World War One veterans blinded by mustard guests exposure with dogs trained to guide them to be. There is as his father finished. Reading Morris was flogged wheel spun in his head. Could he help bring this program to America. How did wanted opt one of these incredible dogs? Did it truly truly work as well. As the article claimed Morris wrote to the journalist Dorothy Harrison eustis immediately posting his letter on November Ninth Nineteen eighteen twenty seven. He had no idea he was about to change the American perception of blind people forever and he also had no idea that Dorothy Harrison eustis wasn't actually a journalist. She was an arrest by birth an expert by choice and a German Shepherd Breeder by passion. She lived on a Swiss state with her family. Her business partner at approximately a hundred German shepherds her life's mission was to breed and train. These dogs to be useful useful was one of Dorothy the favorite words. According to her biographer Miriam S Garelli previously useful. Had meant helping the Red Cross the local police ace and the Swiss and Italian armies. Dorothy dogs worked in search and rescue as International Messengers and as security guards to improve improve business. Dorothy and her husband. George traveled around Europe observing dogs and learning about various training methods on a trip to Germany. They visited visited Potsdam. Where Dorothy? I saw blind veterans partnered with Guy Dogs. She wrote the One quick. Glimpse of the crying need for guidance and companionship. In the lonely all in -veloping darkness stood out clearly before. My swimming is to think that one small more dog could stand for so much in the life of a human being. Not only in his usual rollers companion but as his eyes Sword Shield and buckler suddenly useful had a new meaning guiding the blind. Dorothy was obsessed so when the Saturday evening post approached her to write about her work at fortunate fields. She sent them something being a little different. Dorothy wrote about the useful incredible German dogs in the very article. That spurred the letter for Morris Frank. The seeing I Jersey was inundated with mail. Her article had done the nineteen twenty seven equivalent of going viral. But marist Chris Franks letter called her heart the hops. Because Morris didn't simply ask for a dog but asked how he could help. Dorothy wrote back filled with sympathy. She trained dogs sure but not dogs for the blind and 1927 wasn't wasn't great year for sending disabled Americans into Germany as the Nazis were slowly gaining power however dorothy did have several well all trained German shepherds and she couldn't stop herself from offering Morris a dog and she wrote. If Morris was willing to come to Switzerland her husband. George and colleague. Jack would try to train Morris to work with the dog. Jack's brother was blind so he was familiar with the help required. It would be a moonshot. A grand experiment. None of them had ever trained to guide Doug Partnership before. But they were willing to try so longest Morris was truly committed. Dorothy would be in the states for Christmas in a few weeks and would follow up with a phone call then about Oh two weeks later. Morris received a telegram. Dorothy would call that night. Bursting with anticipation Russian. Morris sat by the phone every jittery breath taking him closer to the dream of independence. She could barely keep still when the phone rang. He bounced out of his chair. Dorothy spoke softly. Mr Frank do you still want to come to Switzerland Insulin for your dog. It's a very long trip for a blind boy alone. Morris struggled to speak through his thick emotions finely. Only the words poured out loudly all at once to Switzerland to get a dog misses eustis to get my independence bank. Go to hell to find out what happens. Next listened to dog tales. Free on spotify. Or wherever. You get your podcasts.

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