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Hi I'm Ryan Kelly with the home loan expert Dot Com. The only thing I like better than baseball is saving people money. Start Saving now with a cash-out refinance at the home. KOMO NEXT BERG DOT COM. Enjoy the PODCAST. Are you trying to find a sports fan. And you're like the perfect holiday gift. Why not think about tickets to the eight annual evening with the cardinals coming up on January the eleventh at Saint Louis Union station grand ballroom this year? Features Ted Simmons and Ozzie Smith. Dinner Auction private photo session with the two legends and hear them reminisce about their careers. Get your tickets at the dot org. That's the NC C. S. DOT org. It's an evening with the cardinals. January eleven the NCIS CCS dot Org always fun on these shows to have long-form interviews and to get into not only baseball. But maybe at times some of the voices voices that call the game and those that have had a long and I mean long history in the game and we get the chance to visit with the Atlanta braves longtime play by play man chip Kerry very spent time in Saint. Louis did briefly Cardinal Baseball Chicago cubs. He's done the NBA. He's done football and now the voice of the Atlanta braves chip always. He's great to visit with you. How are you doing great great to be with you? Tell me a little bit before we dive into. What's happening here with baseball? And some of the trends is in the game and changes. You might make the game let. Let's start with your history in Saint. Louis you are a Saint Louis native are you not. I am a born and bred but born in Saint Joseph's hospital nineteen sixty five down the street from the old checkered home. The old Saint Louis Arena. Our family. Joke is that I was probably conceived after a game at old sportsman's park porn shortly before the new ballpark opened up Grew up in Saint Louis and West County went to Parkway West High School graduated waited from there in one thousand nine hundred. Eighty three My Mom and dad ironically enough met at CAM LEX My mom was Bob. HYLAND secretary My Dad was doing radio shows of course with my grandfather. Doing the cardinals games and Bob Hyland was my godfather in Saint Louis and You know the Saint Louis Roots of roots run on deep. My mom still lives out in Saint Clair Missouri. My grandparents were in front Nak. I have aunts and uncles. Do and the like and Saint Louis very much apart by upbringing and You know knowledge of the cardinals and stuff. You know the drill. You're born in Saint. Louis you know that the nineteen sixty four cardinals starting to pour your ABC's and I was. I was certainly no difference. And if you're born born near the Checker Dome that means you've got blue blood. I mean Saint Louis Blues Blood. So you're Poland for the Blues Right now. Look you know how much that win for. The Blues means needs to the city of Saint Louis. You've done their games and did them so well for so long You know I'm fifty four years old and I'm probably one of the few people that will say this publicly. I absolutely absolutely eight Bob. Yours guts I hate that. I hate that iconic photo. I hate that statue Great player but knowing what that meant that the blues in the nineteen seventy finals settles was I absolutely heartbreaking. I was only five years old at the time But Yeah I'm rooting for the blues. Big Time it's been great for the city and it's right for for fans to have that much civic pride in in Emmett team other than the cardinals with all due respect. It's a great sports town. Great fans passionate fan base and To see the blues have that kind of success and to see the support too cardinals or giving him man. That's that's that's a great civics energy. I love it when you have the name. Kerry is in a blessing or a curse. When you're in our business I think it depends on who you ask The you know look I the first to admit to you that My last certainly has open doors. That probably wouldn't have been opened otherwise But at the end of the day as you know Dan it's performance driven industry and you can either do the job or you can't and there's only one way to say this My Dad's been gone now. Ten Years Harry's been gone almost Oh you know twenty five years now doesn't seem possible And those guys are not position to influence my career anymore and haven't been for quite some time and I'd like to think that I'm I'm pretty comfortable and capable in my own skin. I know what I'm doing. I have a little bit of both of their personalities. But I think I've done this my way in my own way and then the most difficult challenge for me was going to Chicago Nobody could replace the irreplaceable Harry Carey. Except maybe my dad or me and You know to to go up up there with the same last name working his booth with his partner with his producer his fans his microphone for Goodness Sakes If I was to go up there and try to be Harry Carey. The third erred and broadcast the Games. Exactly the way he did It wouldn't have worked and it did work for seven years It was great for my time up there but You Know Oh. I'm very proud of my family name. I've got a son Harry. Christopher carry the fourth who's in the broadcasting business now is a a college sophomore I've told him the same thing that my dad and grandfather told. Oh may be yourself tell the truth and have do those three things in that particular order then Yup good chance to be successful no matter your last name as you mentioned you are Harry. The third did your dad is. Is Harry the second. And then there's Harry Carey And then your dad went skip you go by chip. I'm assuming that's by design. I mean if you if you go around around saying well I'm Harry Carey but that's a tough way to make a living isn't it. Yeah well that's why people ask what you're giving him. I mean how many I can't tell you. The number of times in Highschool School Parkway West first day in class you walk in and the teachers reading the role you know. Okay here's an ebay CEO Harry Carey and everybody everybody laughs right. That's I mean it's standard tr. I still get that go to the post office and they look at my mail go Harry Carey. That's a funny name So yeah by design. My Dad said Said I'm my uncle actually called the chip off the old block My son is Harry the force whose Middle Name is Christopher. So he's doing by Chris. That was my uncle's name. I am so there's some families synergy there But yeah I I don't think in this day and age you want to go through life being Harry. That's not the best person names to try to deal with. especially as this business because as you said you gotta do it yourself and be your own person. There's an iconic photo of you your dad and Harry altogether at Wrigley Field and correct me if I'm wrong but that was right before Harry passed away but you had the chance to do a game. Three generations of carries behind a microphone for a major elite game. Tell me about that It was surreal quite honestly and as the same time gone through the hourglass. Appreciate it more now as a mid fifties year old person than I did at the age of twenty four twenty five when I was doing. Those Games People have had this. I think misnomer that I was born with a silver broadcasting spooner silver microphone was put my Crib Rib and I had Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners my grandfather and my dad. That wasn't the case sadly My grandfather and grandmother horse my mom and dad divorced I didn't not much of them. Growing up I kind of connected with them via television and cable. TV when it penetrated West County in the nineteen eighties early eighties. I was a typical high. School kid came home and watch the cubs in the afternoon. When did my homework chores went to baseball? Practice came back and watch the rage. Play the giants at ten o'clock at night But you know I That day is just sort of surreal My grandfather was an orphan. Grew up in the south part of Saint Louis right behind. Union station didn't know his parents He had this great sense of familiar. Pride with my dad following in his footsteps he was kind of tricked into it With Bob Hyland a camel ex and to see his son and then his grandson. I'm doing what he did. I mean my grandfather is the personification of a self made Saint Louis Guy and he appreciated that moment perhaps more than anyone because I think he felt felt that he was finally successful. Something other than baseball He knew his son was successful. He knew his son was a very talented and capable baseball guy and then his son John was trying to teach those lessons to me to get into the business and Be Yourself be your own person It went by in a blur. We only did that one game together in Chicago. I'll never forget walking down the street with about twenty cameras and Blue Microphones and my dad and his sarcastic way lead over to me and said now I know what John Gotti feels like courthouse. No because it was a big deal but as a bigger deal too. I think my dad and my grandfather than it was to me You Know Harry was a guy that loves the limelight light loved the publicity loved be Harry Carey. He was a professional Harry Carey My Dad was much more private much more reserved. I'm a little bit of both But but I think The pride of that moment for my grandfather's the thing that I will take to my grave because again I didn't know him very well and to see that he had made something of himself himself and came from truly. Nothing Was a remarkable success story. And so for that. I'm eternally grateful and I'll never forget it being the Saint Louis Native And we talked about your love of the blues. You were telling me recently and maybe you can Explain this to the listeners. But you're telling me that the Saint Louis Blues whose name we may have Harry Carey to thank for that with the Solomon Brothers who owned the team. Tell tell me a little bit about that. I well I. It's kind of an urban legend. And I I have nothing to base this on fact but it's something that I heard and I never was able to confirm this with my grandfather People forget that Harry Did all sports in Saint Louis and back. In those days there was more than one rightsholder for baseball games so to make ends meet the Nineteen Thirties. Nineteen thirty four thirty thirty five. The Saint Louis Flyers were a professional hockey team in Saint Louis and Harry did so their hockey games and then he left and came back and like we all do in our careers made his way. Back To his hometown but he became friendly with the Solomon Brothers when the blues an expansion team and they were looking for the team name and they were bandaging some things about my grandfather grandfathers who had a great love of music. I mean this is a guy that got off. The Cardinal Bus in Harlem one night went to the Cotton Club by himself to o'clock working He said he said well. You know Saint Louis is known for its great music. You know the Saint Louis Blues and for some reason that name apparently stuck now whether it came from grandfather someone else. I can't confirm but I heard that he had mentioned that name. And that phrasing to the Solomon Brothers and somehow someway. That was the name that eventually stuck for the Saint Louis Hockey team. So yeah if if true you know my grandfather's tentacles for Saint Louis sports go far beyond The Saint Louis cardinals the nineteen sixties and and fifties and forties. That's tip carry back with more in just a moment. Hair saloon command proud sponsor of scoops with Danny Mac dot com home base in Saint Louis founded in one thousand nine hundred ninety seven sixteen locations locations. You'll receive the perfect haircut complimentary. Beverage Relaxing Shampoo Pot Talbot Amend Complimentary Shoeshine All for just twenty not two dollars and for an extra five dollars. Get a stress relieving scalp massage. Hair saloon for men sixteen locations. There's one near you. You Hair Saloon for man. Conversation with chip carry will continue in just a moment as he mentioned. He's a Blues Fan. Where does he go when he watched the blues when he's in Saint Louis? 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Miller is off the charts good ebb chip and chip is a three three generation. Dose Trace. Ace Anyway I digress. I want to get more into you. So let's talk with Jim Carey here growing up around the business. I and seeing what your dad went through following a legend and then following your grandfather's you mentioned in our first segment from afar. What was that like for a youngster in Chip Carrie growing up in Saint Louis and loving the cardinals And just growing up in the business in seeing how it all played out. What did you take away from that experience as a kid took away a lot of things number one. It is as I said a couple of times a personality driven business. That had to be myself if I was going to be successful in it nobody can do Harry Carey. Nobody could be. We skipped Jerry. Nobody can be Jack. Buck Mike Shannon Bob Starr you put on the list of of guys that have been in the business a long time. You have to be yourself and and with that you have to have the courage of your convictions to go out and do the games the way that you think you need to do them I think as a young broadcaster I was fortunate not to have the twitter and facebook facebook era that we have now. Where every single thing you say? is micro analyze and play back. I mean look we we work in a business where there's really you know safety net. It's live TV and I'm sure you would agree Dan. Their Games said stuff it's Incorrect not by any lack of preparation. Asian but just happens The broadcast or trying to make your way in the twitter and facebook world. We live in now. I can't imagine how much more difficult it is for those folks to find their own voice choice and to stick with it when you have the constant drumbeat of criticism a out of jealousy or be out of Just downright twitter bravado that we all seem seem to to see all the time So that part of it was was a blessing Getting the basketball I for me. I think it was a big help Because if I'd done a Kamajor League Baseball at twenty four right away as a full-time basis the inevitable comparisons would have probably been a soul crushing to a certain degree I did it in Orlando Bill. I got away from Atlanta. I was in Saint Louis. I did the basketball for the Orlando Magic. Their first seven eight years of their existence. So I was in a smaller market and learning how to do this doing minor league baseball down there as well so I was able to get out and forge my own style. Have some success grow with the team and an expansion situation developed my own style and my own cadence and my own way of doing things which I think knock on wood is served me pretty well so Again as I said earlier segment I wasn't born with a silver microphone in my career. I had to go out and do like everybody else knows to grindstone suffer the slings and arrows improve work hard and hopefully advancing thank goodness. I've been able to do that. How many people come up to you? And you're in Saint Louis Louis whether when you were here as a kid and they saw Kerry and they said well well carry man. That's a unique name. Are you related to skip and Harry and and then you said yes and then how many people on a follow up to that had a story about either your grandfather or your dad all of them. I mean it's remarkable Your hand out your license to go write a car and Clayton where our team motel was and they look at me and are you related to area so yup grandson. Oh my God. You're kidding I it's really a fascinating fascinating thing you know. My grandfather left Saint Louis right before the nineteen seventy season and You know he's been gone from there almost fifty years and he left an indelible impact on so many people not just in Saint Louis but through cardinal nation through that fifty thousand blowtorch. Fifty thousand watt blowtorch on camel acts. They still remember Harry Harry Carey calling the cardinals in nineteen sixty four that dramatic finish and Bob Gibson and boyer's Grand Slam and beating the Yankees and all that stuff like we all do That is intensely gratifying and The same for my father dad went to Webster Groves High School. People ask you know every now and then we miss your dad and I went to webster groves with them. I mean that. That's what's the the the great thing about baseball in the midwestern towns You do become an extended part of their family and I think all of us who do who this business look. We love the game. We Love the sport but ultimately what we love is the connection that we have with the fans. Because that's what we're supposed to be serving and my grandfather grandfather was very very honest in in that Approach he didn't work suits he worked for the fans My Dad the same way. I'd like to think I do at the the same way and we never have forgotten our western routes. We still have as I said family. There is grandparents who were buried there I love visiting Saint Louis There there is something that pulls your heartstrings. When you go there if you're from there because you just get the culture you understand it You're not a mercenary. You bleed cardinal red no matter what uniform perform broadcast for now simply. Because that's the team you grew up watching and that's that's an amazing thing and to to be recognized in a small way as a relative of someone who meant so much to that franchise into that fan base is extremely humbling. Get extremely gratifying. Even as I say with my grandfather gone almost twenty five years now as you. I know quite well better than I am. Others that are in the industry. And maybe the first of our families to be broadcasters. You're away from your family nonstop especially especially if you're doing sports year round so with your dad in particular number one. was he around much when you were a kid. And how close were you to. Oh your father and number two. How often did he evaluate your tapes in your broadcasting and those types of things as you went along in your career a good questions Number one the answer is no My Dad wasn't around much My Dad mom or strive was five years old I was in we were in Atlanta Dad was doing the saint. Louis Hawks folks you might recall and follow the Hawks Hawks from St Louis to Atlanta. For the reasons I just mentioned he needed to find his own way and get out from under the gigantic shadow. Harry Carey Look He wanted to avoid the nepotism stuff and he had to go prove himself in a smaller market. which at the time was Atlanta? And he did that But I was five years old and they were living in Atlanta. Never forget I remember the day My Dad left A Green nineteen sixty seven. Mercury Cougar convertible. He backed out of the driveway way. My mom lives there. Her parents were there and I said where's dad going and she said he's going on a long road trip and that's how it was explained to me That my parents working it could be together anymore. And so we moved back to St Louis Move back there when I was in third or fourth grade and and stay there until I graduated from high school and I only saw my dad for visitation He was down Atlanta building a career he had to get his feedback. Got Back underneath them and only when I went to college at the University of Georgia. Did we really start to connect enact father and son and even then it was kind of a more of a friendship basis than it was father and son Once I got into business he obviously took a little more interest in what what I was doing. He never critiqued my tapes. He never You know really watched my games other than I guess what. Parental Pride. Whatever comments he had he kept to himself which was a good thing because I was real awful in the eighty nine was the magic fifteen games and I was worse than the team but stuck with it You know but but really the the the turning point for me was when I went to Chicago and was doing the cubs games We knew there was gonna be a chance that I was going to get to work with my grandfather and closed that parental grandfather loop From a personal basis. Forget the baseball side of it. I mean it would've been great to hear about Jackie Robinson's debut and watching. Ching every at bat that Stan musial had all of that stuff that my grandfather got to see From a history standpoint but just to hang out and find out what it was like going up on nineteen in Seventeen Lasalle street behind union station. Not Knowing your parents being penniless orphan kids selling newspapers to make ends meet Working in Kalamazoo Michigan with chick. Check her and Getting the cardinals job You know with the bravado walking in and saying hey I can do a better job than the guy. You're hiring. All those kinds of family stories is a history three that we never got to We never got to fill because he died before I was able to work with him in in Nineteen Ninety Eight So the so that part of it was hard from grandfather rainfall standpoint and that's why I left Chicago in many respects to come to Atlanta. I didn't want to not know my dad and Once I came back to Atlanta I got to be a son. I wasn't unhealthy at the end of his life. I got to buy and lunch. I got to take his luggage to his room on the road. Got To have a drink with him after a road trip I got to take into the doctor And and do all things that as a son. I always dreamed of being able to do but I got to do it when I was forty years old. Eighteen and for that I will always be grateful for The braves for allowing the opportunity to come back here and work with might add and hopefully Fill his shoes capably abeille on the TV side. Was Your Dad close at all to Harry. He was very You know back in the day it was You know sort of expected that the sun followed in the father's business and we always joked that's kind of what we call it. The family business for US You know people say. Oh it's nepotism blah blah But nobody says that if it's a third generation lawyer or a family on plumbing business in the sun and the grandson takeover and take it to new heights of for whatever reason because we're doing baseball and we're traveling with the team and we're on radio or TV people assigned to different importance to it. Then then perhaps they should But yes he was very close to my grandfather You know by dad was a great shining success for Harry Gary and that he got into the business that he went to college. My grandfather could only have dreamed of doing. But I say that with one caveat As I said earlier Harry was a professional entertainer. It IOS Beer Babes and baseball and there were times when my dad would come home from the University of Missouri in want to meet Harriet Sports Park and go to dinner and herring signing autographs. She was always Harry. He was never just dad. and that's the comment. My Dad made and I think I learned a very valuable lesson in that that there has to be balanced and I think my dad was very very good good at that balance. When it's time to have fun nobody had more fun in the booth or in the bar after the game that my dad but when it was time for the ball in play and big moment of a Game Basketball Ascot Ball football baseball you name it? There was nobody in my opinion better than he when it came down to doing the business of baseball and then it was when the game was over. We'd ride home from the Ballpark and talk about all kinds of things life in general and That was the balance that I think my dad saw was missing from his dad. And hopefully that's something else that was passed down to me. Final question in this segment. Men are guests chip carry the voice of the Atlanta Braves. Saint Louis Native Saint Louis in his blood third-generation now of the carries doing major league baseball. And this baby a tough question for you for you chip but Correct me if I'm wrong. There was a story and And you've related this to me and I've seen it on the MLB network special but win. Win Harry came to one of your literally Games Basically you're told that your grandfather and you didn't really know what Harry looked like or really hadn't met him can you. Can you describe what's kind of the other way around the stories. True Harry's Third Duchy who's from Saint Louis Doors Johnson Had Her had a son who was two years older than I was and was going to the same high school I went to Parkway West and Roger Johnson was the Catcher on the baseball team and Harry was that Manchester Chester Athletic Association on Manchester. One forty one watching him play on the big field we had played an earlier. Game and One of the coaches. Hey are the kids are saying. Hey your grandfather's here so cool so I walked by and he's an stands and I walk by and wave. Harry have no idea who it was. And and You know obviously I was crushed by that and I sort of went off and sculpt off to the side of the Stadium much the game. One of my coaches came over and said what's wrong and explain the story. My coach grabbed by the shoulder and walk me over and said walked up to Harry in the band between innings of the big game and say Mr Kerrey. Welcome to our ballpark a young player. Here's pretty good. I'd like you to meet shook his grandfather's. Hey young man how are you and the coach said. This is your grandson. And I was mortified Harry was mortified and fifteen people around him were mortified. And that's the point that I've made so many times. I Have Harry's last name and I'm grateful for that I. I wish that I had known him better. I have no animosity towards him in any way shape or form but I don't call them my grandfather He's Harry and and That's that's Kinda sad thing. I wish I had a chance to spend time with him. Like I said with that cubs job because of those Similar bonds that will always be either. I think are a little bit afraid and never were able to be connected because untimely passing great conversation here with one of the best in the Business Saint Louis native chip Kerry back with more in a moment. Celebrate one hundred twenty five years of history at Saint Louis Union station with free movies every weekend. 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You walk through their doors. Jim Ryan is there. He'll sit down. Have a cup of coffee with you and talk about what you need for your family or your business I I use them I hope you do. AS WELL TRIAD BANKING DOT COM TRIAD BANKING DOT COM proud sponsor of scoops with Danny Mac dot com. You hear the name. Carrie Buck Brennaman. And all those guys are legendary broadcasters with sons that are becoming legends in this game game. How often do you talk to Joe or to Tom? Who Follows Marty? Joe Obviously following Jack You following your your legendary dairy father and grandfather. How often did you guys ever talk and say? Hey how are you handling the pressure of having this last name and being in this business or did you guys do not at all I. I didn't really talk to either one of them about it To be honest with you I remember when Tommy was leaving Arizona. He called me At home and asked me about what what what he should expect because the reds wanted him to come back home and sort of be the guy the natural progression of the torch in Cincinnati's booth what that was like and I told him it's great If you get a chance to work with your dad you know you don't know how much longer any of us are going to be around. Take the chance And I think the same with Joe Kenny Albert. What comes to mind as well? Tom McCarthy and Philadelphia has a son. WHO's getting into business? F P Santangelo. Son is trying to do it out in San Francisco That would be my advice and that was. That was the only conversation I had with. Tommy the great thing I think is that all of those guys you mentioned got kind of a boost. Their Dad's Picked up the suitcase. When someplace someplace else built their own career built their own success and every single opportunity they had was allowing them to come back home? I think that says an awful lot about Who these guys are what they've done? What the organizations think of their family and what they're getting with this newest generation of people? I mean it isn't easy to come home all the time and a lot lot of times. It doesn't work out very well for for myriad reasons but I think in the case is Danny of of the guys you mentioned That's probably the greatest compliment of all that they've been allowed to go spread their wings and then fly back to the nest as it were and all of them have had a great deal of success and that's to be a congratulated. I think it's a terrific story. In every case agreed. Did you mentioned something earlier in our show about facebook twitter social media. How do you think your dad or Harry would've handled being how they were four? And in today's Day and age social media both away from the Mike and Mike. How do you think they would have handled it? Well I'll give you an example of how my grandfather father would have handled it Harry worked in Chicago. And obviously you had the cubs white sox things you didn't know if the people didn't like it didn't like it because the cubs and the white sox or they I just didn't like it period. My grandfather had terrific way of answering. Hate Mail Somebody would send him a letter via snail mail and he would get it in the guy or Gal which is ripping the no one combined with air their grievances like the you know the the festivus in June deal and Harry return the piece of paper over and right very simply the on the note. Dear Dan some blankety blank blank blank has gotten a hold of your home address. Just thought you'd like to know regards very caring. You can quit that paperback envelope and send it right. Back to them I think my dad will do that as well But you know in this business. Get thick-skinned you know they're going to be people who are going to be critically critics of your work I I I go back to the Teddy Roosevelt quote. You know it's not about the critic but it's the guy in the arena and most of the people who criticize your work have never done. I don't know the pressures inherently in this job of representing a TV networker radio network of ballclub the players. Here's the fans. All of those things are constantly balls. That are being juggled in the air. And you're doing real time But I I think both of them Developed enough of a thick skin that they sort of Were able to Process the constructive criticism. Maybe learn from it And the other stuff you just throw away as as part of the job as I said before before the difference is now it happens in real time and It's kind of like talk radio with one big difference on talk radio it's the host that has the dump button The host doesn't like what the caller has to say or the guest has to say they can say okay interviews over boom go to the next one With social media. It's spigot that you can't turn off That's why I'm not on it. That's why I don't participate in it anymore. it's it's not worth the angst and the aggravation It's unfortunate that's what it's turned into because as we know most of the people who say these things to anybody on twitter wouldn't have the courage to do it face to face and in person so I just choose not to participate in that particular swamp and I think my grandfather and dad while they would have been Very happy to be tested to answer. I think they'd be smarter up. Say That's not for me. You have a favorite moment behind behind the MIC Full boy favorite moment behind the MIC. you know so similar wire was pretty pretty special You know no in one thousand nine hundred eighty eight look knowing what we know. Now in some quarters having tarnishes the nineteen ninety eight season for mcgwire Sosa. It doesn't for me. In my opinion you have to hit the ball But having said that Bush Stadium Saint Louis Mark. Maguire Facing Steve trachsel hits that Topspin line drive there over the fence in left fields and nationally televised game and I remember Fireworks going off big celebration Sosa. mcgwire hug at Old Bush And I look over to the cardinals radio booth. And there's Jack Buck wearing a cardinal red jacket standing applauding with tears streaming down his face. Now this is the man who went through unspeakable little things in World War Two a guy that forged his own Great Hall of fame identity. Maybe the greatest broadcaster in in Certainly mid western history if not all the baseball fall and I say that with all their respective in scully With tears streaming down his face watching this moment because he knew Rodriguez he knew how big this record was in the history the sport and what it meant to baseball and I got chills watching that and then Jack talking over on our WGN broadcasts Talking about the game and we all know how ill Jack Doc was and those of us who had the good fortune of knowing him know what a great sense of humor he had while we wait to get on. The Air Jack Book comes over puts his head sticks to talk about this moment and put it into some historical context and he puts on headphones and says hey guys. What's Shakin decides me both folk? Stephen I were or you know laughter but grateful for that but Watching Jack Buck Watching that moment in Saint Louis mean working to cubs being lucky enough to be there for the cubs side out of that home. Run Chase what that season to me is my first in Chicago following my grandfather That one's if not the top five. It's certainly the top two and Tab Front row seat to history on that magical night in that ballpark where. LS Lou. Brock's three thousand fit and caught a foul ball from Ted Simmons as a kid that was That was as good as it gets gets for me. Did Jack Help you When you got the job and you started doing Major League Games and and Jack worked with Harry and there were some good moments some bad moments and and you're so what did he tell you A great story I was brought to to Pittsburgh When Ken Wilson was getting ready to leave Saint Louis they weren't gonNA bring him back? So they brought me into Pittsburgh doing audition Couple of games thou Rabovsky and I'll never forget sitting in the lobby of that old Western Hotel by the Convention Center USA Today Newspaper Getting Ready for the game and Jack was off that evening so Jack and Carol were walking walking across the little skywalk there after having lunch or breakfast or whatever and all of a sudden this quarter comes pinwheel through the air and go plans splat right on top of my newspaper and Jack Bunker flip the quarter and he started laughing. He came downstairs. Couldn't have been more gracious. He said good luck yet. You'RE GONNA do Great Al's GonNa Walk You through anything. You need just have a good time awesome. Thanks so much. That's great advice and is it all just one more thing. So what's that he said. Don't blanket up. So he descended on my way with kind of his endorsement of PAT on the back and go get him and Hours great we had a great time. I came back and did some games for the cardinals in New York about a week. Later and Had a chance to work in Saint Louis. Unfortunately that didn't work out but Gullible Moment Jack Brock sort of giving you a pat on the back and for him. I'm sure sort of a closure closure of circle to he knew the JOE's in the business I was getting started he was. He went out of his way to make me feel comfortable in part of the team. And I'll always be grateful for that. What would be your advice advice to young broadcasters? Like your son which I'm sure you've given him plenty of advice. But what. What advice do you give them? The first bit of advice for my son is get a haircut and get a job take off the payroll every says. Yeah exactly as fast as you can No seriously like upset a couple of times but yourself I will open every door. I can't afford him but ultimately he's got to walk through it and he's got to develop his own style. He's GonNa make mistakes I would avoid social media at all costs. If you're on it now as a high score get off it scrub your profile. Because people are GonNa look at that and if you set or anything that's stupid teenagers will do. And I say that respectfully It's going to be discussed and talked about and you don't need that hassle astles you could go in your career I would suggest read everything you can. Even those old fashioned things called newspapers Reach Shakespeare read You Know Hemingway Chaucer to read all of it. You never know when that stuff will come. Thirdly I would say Get used to being away as you said Dan you know He missed birthdays. Anniversaries you miss the big moments in your life life. I've got four children. I've seen half of their lives because we don't live where I work. That's hard You have to reconcile that with a lifestyle that you're able to provide even though you are away for a great great deal of of the time be fair to the players It is very hard playing major league baseball. I have never ever said. That's an easy play. or Wow he should have made that play. Life never seen a ninety five mile an hour fastball. And quite frankly I think it's a miracle that anybody ever gets a hit in this game And then lastly you gotTa have fun you got to be a little kid. You gotTA laugh at Yourself. You've got to laugh at the stupid stuff that comes up and you have to be a strong enough and confident. Enough that You are ultimately working for the fans hands and not the suits and It's a big business. It's very important but you are there to represent the game for the fans who can't be there in person on radio and television television and if you can do those things in whatever order you you see I think you have a great chance to be successful have terrific career and hopefully my son will because I'm getting older and need someone to push my wheelchair wheelchair about thirty years and I hope he's up to the task. I understand that too final question for you. You mentioned Vince. Gully Jack Buck Marty Brennaman all these great Dick Enberg. I mean you've met them. All is one thing or one story that stands out from one of those broadcaster that that that really has resonated with. Did you in all your years of doing professional sports absolutely first Major League game opening day nineteen ninety-one Braves Dodgers Old Fulton County Stadium. You did games. They're the old TD boozer separated by plexiglass window Doing the game would earn Johnson. I'm his color guy. I'm twenty five years old. I'm scared to death. I don't know what I'm doing but I'm in the major leagues and We finished the lineup. We did our open. We put our headsets down. I I take it off and I look out and I went. Oh my God. I'm a major league broadcaster and on the dance to me on the Vince Gully was standing in the back of our booths during a cup of coffee and listening because he knew Harry he knew my dad He walked out of our booth. Stirring a cup of coffee. Offi walked down the steps which were adjacent to that plexiglass wall where I could see him. And he takes his hall of fame ring and goes tap. TAP TAP on the PUCK glass window and I look up and there's been scully smiling impeccably dressed with his coat and ties during a cup of coffee and he looked at means and mouthed the words welcome to the club and in for twenty five year. Old Kid. who is trying to make his own way. Who was as green as the greenest apple you've ever seen in your life to be welcome to the club club by the Voice of Baseball? Didn't scully mental to me. And I've realized that story to him every time I've seen him and I will always have a debt of gratitude for that moment because for the first time in my life quite frankly I felt like I finally belonged to something and He's a big reason why and As I've said so many times just it's amazing. What a simple phrase will mean to somebody whether it's in person on radio or on TV? Unfortunately for me was been scully. 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