Big-Name Colleges Aren't Worth the Loans (Hour 3)


Live from the headquarters of Ramsey solutions. Broadcasting from the dollar car rental studios, it's the Dave Ramsey show. Where dad is dumb cash is king and the paid off home mortgage has taken the place of the BMW as the status symbol of choice. I am Dave Ramsey your host. Thank you for joining us. Open phones. Triple eight eight to five five two two five brenda's with us in Las Vegas. Hey, brenda. Welcome to the Dave Ramsey show. Hey, what's up? We'll. Husband, and I have been started saving for our children's college education and with our oldest starting college and just a little over two years. I just feel like we are way behind and I would love to advise on what I need to do what we need to do to properly say for our children's college education. What's your household income? My husband passer. So our actual take home pay is kind of a little bit different. But monthly we bring home a real five thousand dollars a month. And you have to you have kids at what ages two kids sixteen and fourteen. Okay. And how much do you have saved now? In the education savings, we have about eight hundred dollars in our general savings have a little over five thousand dollars. Okay. All right. And then we have kind of fake -ation than savings which right now about three hundred. Okay. All right. Well, basically more saying is is in two years. You're going to have probably not even half of what you need probably not probably not even a fourth of what you need. And so there's a couple things you need to do if a kid wants to go to school debt free and didn't have any money. Or has limited money, and that's we're kind of between no money unlimited money in this discussion. So the first thing is that you need to really get a realistic grip on the number one. Cause of student loan debt is college choice people. Choose a freaking college that broke people don't need to go to. Yes, it my children have a college in mind already. So I to call. Yeah. They don't get to make the decision right there teenagers, they need help. And they need. This thing's called parents because you know, if you participate in the decision for them to go to a forty five thousand dollar your school. You're pretty much insuring. Your child is going to hate you when they're thirty. Because they're going to be looking down the nose of about one hundred thousand dollars in student loan debt. Right. And we want to avoid that where you go to school matters. And so basically these kids are going to instate state schools and or community colleges for the first two years to get their basics out of the way for little to no money at the community college and then finish up than in-state state school. Here's the interesting thing. There's almost no jobs, and almost no degree fields that care where you went to school. I have never gone to a doctor and went I can't let you look at me. 'cause you went to the wrong school. I have never hired. An attorney said, oh, we can't get you'd work on us. Because you didn't go to George Washington. You know, I've never never one time. If I hired somebody in this organization based on where they went to school or didn't go so that garbage is out there floating around, but in the real world, it doesn't exist. Okay. Nobody asks nobody has ever denied your husband position as a pastor based on where he went to seminary unless it was a doctrinal issue indicated by where he went to seminary, but not based on the education. Okay. And so, you know, that's not that's just not the case. So this garbage of you have to go to some big name school or those of us that are Christians. Sometimes my fellow Christians wanna send their kid only a Christian college because it's like they're gonna go to hell if they don't, and maybe they could be salt and light in the commute in the community. Age maybe they could be salt and light in the public college. Because these kids ain't got the money for Christian school. Can't you can't you can't afford unless unless they get hard percent free ride. So number one is college. Joyce number two is they are going to be working while they're in school and before they get school. Did you go to college? I did the work while you're in college. I did. Yeah. Me too. And I came out of college one hundred percent free though, I had no student loan me too. Well, no, I had three thousand dollars I'll take that bag students. But those before I was Dave Ramsey. So. I had hair then. So anyway, the. So they're going to be working number two number three their job right now starting now is to take star taking the ACT and take it again and take it again most schools or now super scoring the ACT which means they take the best of if you take it three times, they take the best science score. You got the three take the best math score of the three that had the best English score the three and they put them together, and it's called a super score. And that becomes a c t score. And then every time you take it you take mentoring and tutoring in between. That's a good thing to spend money on on how to take the test. So that you next time you take it. Your score goes up all three of my kids took the test more than twice. Okay. More than actually I take it twice. Yeah. And and and every time their scores went up, by the way, because we did just exactly we're about. And then that leads us into number four, which is scholarships. They are now in the I wanna scholarship business, and it can be based on their Christian faith, and their mission work that they've done in the citizenship that represents the citizens of the world or citizens of the culture or whatever it can be based on academics. It can be based on. But it's usually just based on somebody's giving away a scholarship and the kid that has the best essay that turns it and gets it, and there's millions and millions and millions of dollars go on claimed every year on scholarships. And so you go to something like my scali dot com or some of these other services that are online and your child needs to fill out one thousand scholarship applications between now and the time they go to school literally literally not one hundred because they're gonna get turned down for nine hundred of them are maybe not hundred fifty of them. But if they get fit. Scholarships that thousand dollars a piece they just went to school. Great part time job for a teenager, so scholarships work ACT, and overall college choice, you do all of those things you can get through school now because if you start looking at an in-state tuition versus a private education that you can't afford. You're going to see it's five x. College providence is going to be five x call. And what happens though, is that people let their teenagers. Make these decisions in a vacuum. Based on the town is pretty and so I wanna go to school there or based on. I've always thought I wanted to be a PHD German polka history. I wanna study something that has absolutely no applicable use in the marketplace. And so your job is mom. Your job is dad is two parent these kids, and they are kids. I know they look like they're grown up and all that kind of stuff, but they're not. Because everyone of us that have been eighteen years. Older shaking our heads going. We were stupid, and we needed parents. Tell people get a hundred and fifty thousand dollars in debt has parents aren't involved and they make stupid decisions about education, isn't that actually moronic? We make stupid decisions about education. Think about dumb now phrase. I said is this is the Dave Ramsey show. 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Right now have about between me and my wife. It's about twenty thousand okay in. What is your current household income? Bring in about four thousand month. That's about forty eight thousand a year. Yeah. Your take home pay. So you're making you probably making sixty eight year give or take sixty sixty five year. Okay. Good. What kind of business? Are you talking about starting? Okay. And what will it cost you to do that? Well, I'm gonna start small probably range about five dollars to kind of get their equipment. And then of course, a a cast truck which would be probably about good two thousand. Okay. So you're talking about spending seven thousand dollars. So what you said five thousand running to get the committee, maybe about five hundred hundred. Okay, Dan to get a truck out about five hundred. Okay. All right, and what kind of a quick -ment? Are you talking about getting like like, I said, he's gonna be something simple. Basic just allow more we needed blower, the small miscellaneous stuff like the gas cancer. You know? Kind of what kind of cars, are you all driving? I'm glad. Yeah. I'm actually driving a two thousand fifteen to your Corolla. Which is is not Tennessee my car's uncle's car. Giving you talking over. Okay. And do you own any cars? No. I don't. But I will be here. Pretty soon about couple of weeks. I'm going to be I wanna try to see if I wanna get rid of this car, and they get a cash car, but I'm trying to figure out the debt. Okay. Are you married? Yes. I am. And what does she drive? He wasn't driving thing. Okay. So you have one borrowed car right now. Okay. All right. Yeah. I probably would I think you can make that money back really really fast. I would try to probably do a fifteen hundred dollar truck. And so we got a total budget of two thousand how quick can you make two thousand dollars cutting grass? One pretty good in seventh. I if I go out there fall. I can. Yeah. I can pretty much earn to two thousand a month. Yeah. In okay. And everything after that's gonna be gravy to help you get out of the other debt and help you get some of the cars purchased and so forth. Yeah. I like your plan. I would do that a lot of hustle sweat involved. I would do it. Okay. Just keep it don't listen don't get out of control. Now. Don't call me up five thousand. I'm not going to be that. Okay. And and you're going to do it all in cash, right? Oh, absolutely. Very cool. Good job, man. Well, done open phones at triple eight eight to five five two two five a leash is with us in Dallas highly SHA. How are you? Good. How are you better than I deserve? What's up near world? Good. Well, I have a question. Thank you very much for taking my call. I have been struggling with figuring out if I sit in my apartment lease early and just buy out the lease or event should stay you know, and just kinda ride it out 'cause I gotta another cash caught. And it needs some work to sometimes out which one is back to have student loans to pay off trying to get. Oh, my. My rant is nine eighty five. Where would you move? This kind of down the street a little bit. What would be your rent? There would be eight seventy five so as one hundred dollars a month savings, which your income. Right now. Well, I make forty thousand but I'm on disability. So I'm trying to figure out. Well, I'm not getting paid right now. So you're not getting paid anything. Not right now. Yeah. It was on workers comp. And then they ended that is. So my disability hasn't kicked in? And I'm not sure what's happening with that either. So okay. How are you eating? I just have a little bit of cast that I'm using to get back but won't be for long. Some that's what I'm trying to figure out what to do. Well, you're gonna have to get an income coming in. Is there any are you ok physically? Physically. Yes, I'm okay with my hands. And I do tech support type a lot so. Yeah. Carpal tunnel or something like that? Yeah. Okay. So you can't do that. What can you do aren't some money? Well, I am thinking about maybe going to do tech support in a retail space. So that way, maybe they're typing movie less, and I can still make good money thinking about what are you gonna do by Friday to make money? Sure out. You don't have any money. Yes. I honestly, I I don't know. I'm just selling stuff about house to get rid of stuff. I think we need an income plan that you as a short term thing. I don't care if you're delivering pizzas waiting tables babysitting kids. I don't care what you're doing. You need some short term money starting right now while you get your career your big career shifted around into something that you're able to do and you get this disability settlement done. Okay. Yeah. Because I I don't want this to you know, you're going to reach a point. If you don't have a plan that stuff is gone and money has gone and you're on the street, and it's not it's not because of nine hundred dollar rent versus eight hundred dollar rent is zero income. Yeah. Yeah. No. I would not move. I would not I don't think the savings. Here is a big enough thing to help you. I think the in the two rents unless there's something else wrong in this situation. I would stay because I think you've got to address the other side of the equation. And that's the income saw the question. And that's where you're just you know, I in panic mode right now. That's what you're facing. So you really really really got to turn that around. So thank you for the call Stephen is with us in Newport News Virginia. Hi, Stephen, welcome to the Dave Ramsey show. Hi, sarah. How are you better than I deserve? How can I help? So ever question. I currently contrary to my TSP and I'm doing the fifteen percent. However, when I did the math, I could I could max out a Roth IRA within a annual year and still contribute to TSP in order to meet that minimum for matching. Does it make sense? The split it up or compound interest work better for me compound interest is the same either way, the the, you know, when you're putting in fifteen percent of your income, whatever dollar amount that is if it's in two different categories. It doesn't matter. They're if they're growing at the same interest rate you'll end up with the exact same amount that if they're growing at the same rate of return the only end up with the exact same amount. You would have ended up if it was all in one category. So that doesn't matter what does matter is that you can find mutual funds that will outperform the see the S, and the I inside the thrift savings plan, which is how we recommend you distribute primary. Early. See like eighty percents seat. Ten percent S ten percent. I, but you can that mix. Right. There can be beat with good mutual funds with your regular Roth out there. And so, yeah, I'm going to do the regular off make sure you do your TSP up to the match then to regular off if you need to do a little bit more than that. Then you can go beyond the match a little bit and the ESPN and the p pick the Roth option as well, you got the Roth option there. So that's the direction. I would go. Good question. Joining us common sense for your dollars. And since this is the Dave Ramsey show. In the lobby of Ramsey solutions, Spencer, and Emily or whether hey guys, how are you? Welcome. Where do you guys live? We live in Elizabeth Indiana. Just across the river from Louisville Kentucky. Gotcha. Okay. Great t shirts live like no one else with gazelles on them there. I love it. How much have you paid off paid seventy thousand dollars seventy K? How long did that take twenty three months? Good for you and your range of income during that time. We started about fifty one thousand and went up to one hundred and one thousand. Oh, did you double your income in twenty three months? Well, Emily started going to work fulltime job changes. And I my parents opened up a small business. We kinda started working there on the weekends and stuff to kind of lecturing. Okay. So lots of extra work that wasn't there the year before. Gotcha. Okay. Money everywhere, though. Good for you. What do you guys do for a living? What are your careers? At the same company. We got Rinaldo designer ovary doing what I work in sales, and he's shipping manager. Okay. Great. Very good. Good for you, guys. And what kind of debt was the seventy thousand dollars. If all our mortgage, you paid off your house. I am looking at where people I love it. How old are you to twenty four? Oh my gosh. You're really weird. I mean, you're you're like really big time where twenty four with a paid for house. What's this house worth right around one hundred if one hundred thousand dollar paid for house? This is believable. No potty does this. Why to go? Thank you. Why it ago you guys? Absolutely incredible. It's gotta be a story here. So tell me how does this happen twenty three months? So you start this. You're twenty two thirty. Yeah. Tell me what what tell me how. So I grew up knowing about you, my dad kind of talks about you through our house. We didn't really live by. But we kind of knew about you and your principles, and so I was like I'm going to go to college, and I'm going to graduate debt free payoff semester at a time. So I did that for the first two years, and then I met Spencer, and I kinda told him I plan, and he was like, okay, we're doing this. So then we did the rest of the rest of my school cash. Float it, then we got married. Cash flow that and then we bought a house, and we're like, okay, we're paying this office quickly as possible. So we kind of the Gulf ourself two years, and we did it in twenty three months. So did somebody tell you you should do this. I mean, not really my aunt and uncle gave us the book complete got money for our wedding. And we kind of read through we we're not very good at reading just sitting down and reading. So we kinda would just read it in the car. She'd read it while driving or while she was driving, and so we kind of went through. And so once we decided by the house, you know, follow your principles put on fifteen year fixed rate in metro payment one more than a quarter of our take home pay. And we said we're gonna we're gonna kill it. Just get on it you look up and did you when you bought it? Did you think you would pay it off in two years? Maybe not quite that fast. But once we started going down some chunks of money. We looked at it. And we were like, you know, what let's set our goal at, you know, twenty four months, and we should do it. And then December of last year, we were like, hey, we can finish it this month. Let's do it as a Christmas present with kill it month early. Yeah. There you go. So Emily, you were just coming out of school. That's what you getting the job is is that I was going. To school for education. So the last semester, I couldn't work at all. And so that's why we are only at that fifty one thousand I got you. Okay. So then you come out and out of school take the fulltime job in both of you, working extra and everything else all kinds of different jobs, everything just going crazy for a period of time, so Spencer where your was your family doing this. I mean, where did you grow up? No, I I mean, I never really head even hard to you until I started hanging out with Emily and her dead. You know, has some of your videos and the couple books and stuff. And so I was like this guy seems like he knows what he's talking about. So both of you just kinda at your nature to have avoided, dad. I mean, you just it was a natural thing for you. Yeah. And that that probably somewhat attracted you to each other, then to wow, amazing way to go you too. I mean, did you have people there cheerleaders in the offing somewhere? People telling you to go on you can do this and are most people don't you? You're crazy. Yeah. Most people were. Charing on especially her parents and stuff every every we go down a couple grand or grand down on the house. We'd to tell them about it. And they'd be like awesome just keep plugging away at it and keep going and keep going, and we're actually FPU coordinators that were just start our second class this past Wednesday and having that community it is really important in just your accountability and stuff like that, you know, the communities encouraging because everybody's on fire. Everybody's gazelle intents living like nobody else. And then when you're leading it you have to do it. I mean, it's like, you know, it's not like a rule. But I mean, you'd feel weird you feel like a hypocrite if you weren't into it, you know, so this is your second class. So most of the time you've been doing this you've been through a couple classes during the twenty four months soon. Wow. Thanks for leading a class. Gotta be pretty inspiring to have your coordinator walk in and go. I'm twenty four my houses paid for shut up. Yeah. Really? I think they can go. You know, can't really argue with that this is this stuff works. Wow. W-wide go, you guys, what do you tell people the key to getting out of debt is I think he is to just do it. I'm not trying to make us a Nike commercial or nothing. But it is just do it like we were sitting there, and we were like could've decided to be like everybody else, and just, you know, spend, you know, twenty thirty years with a mortgage, but we decided we were we were gonna do this. And so literally just not being that victim mentality having life just happened to you. We were going to happen to life, and we were going to do it. Now start right now. You got an early start. You're going to be so wealthy. It's going to be unbelievable. If you keep your eye on the ball and keep the thing between the ditches, man. I mean, you're the math on where you are. Incredible. Absolutely incredible. Emily, what do you tell what do you tell people? The key is the same thing. Just go ahead and start doing it. And then it's just going to get easier from they're not easier. It is definitely hard. It's. Start it. And then you're going to learn it and get an accountability partner. We were both kind of on board from the start. So it was real easy for us to keep each other accountable. But if you don't have an accountability partner or your spouse's on board, if you can't get them onboard just find someone who's going to stay with you and help you through it. Woke you through it while you might get sound so simple. What was the hardest part for you. I'll tell me tell me something was hard. Please. Honestly for me. It was vacations and not even like extravagant long vacations. My grandpa owns a house on a lake in Michigan. And that place is always kind of been home to me. It's kind of where I grew up going up with my dad and stuff, and we didn't get to go up there as much as we wanted to because, you know, making a decision that we weren't going to spend that extra money on that. And last year, we skipped out on a family cruise in order to be able to throw some money on the house. Out yet. So what are you going to celebrate? Now that everything's paid for. I wanna buy a nice guitar. Oh, but good for you. But what do you make a hundred thousand dollars a year your house payment? Did you buy guitar? Of course, you can buy guitar. Yeah. Emily, what do you want to do? To celebrate. I'm wanna get Lasix and that's about five thousand dollars. So we're just going to save up for another few months and get lace. And then we're looking at buying bigger forever. Home with cash down the line. So kind of just start saving for that start moving towards something. Couple of hundred groom. Wow. You guys are impressive year. Amazing twenty four years old. Wow. Wow. Wow. Wow. Well, we got a copy of Chris Hogan's retire inspired book for you. That is the next chapter in your store. You will be. Quickly before you're thirty easy. Oh my gosh. Amazing amazing. So congratulations you to Spencer and Emily from Louisville Kentucky seventy thousand dollars paid off in twenty three months. Making fifty one to one hundred one that includes paid off their house. Wow. Counted down. Let's hear a debt free scream three two one. Man. Oh, man. You see a family nails? You like that you'll become a fan of millennials that there's a whole bunch of the fall in that category too. That's so impressive. They get on something. They get on it, man. If they're not only anything they're busy ethically ignorant too. But the ones that are on it man, these that that couple they got dialed in man. That's just dadgum impressive very very very well done. This is the Dave Ramsey show. Our scripture Jaakko of one nineteen have not commanded. You be strong. And courageous do not be frightened. Do not be dismayed for the Lord. Your God is with you. Wherever you go. Jeff Bezos, says if you decide that you're going to do only the things that you know, are going to work you're going to leave a lot of opportunity on the table. It's true. Yeah. There's always a risk involved in trying. Something new you need to put yourself out. There folk there's some things for you to do. Yeah. No. And today's your day Dion with us in Los Angeles Dion. How are you? Better than I deserve. How can I help? Good question for you. So my wife, and I about a year ago we actually signed up for a hero loan pace loan to energy efficient upgrade we put about twenty grand into the house for fame. Air conditioning replacement and being told trying to refinance I to reach into the full twenty grand is paid off. And then that's also the same on a cell to sew sell the property route have to take a quite ramp from the equity in the home. So wanted to know, you know, what would I fifteen year? Financing term would eight percent interest is at ending about twenty eight hundred two are on account per year. I wanted to see what do you own? Satan how much do you owe on the loan? Good still. Okay. And you owe your first mortgage so much on the home. Tway to ninety on the hell to ninety in the first on the hundred ninety three ten is what's total then. Correct. And the house is worth what three seventy. Okay. And they're saying they will only loan. You eighty percent of that. Is that what you're hearing? Correct. Okay. Twenty percent has to be the twenty grand paid off before any refinancing can be done because I guess the super lean so actually becomes a first person loan, and then conventional they wouldn't allow that to happen. Good lord. What has to be paid off as a part of the refinance. It doesn't have to be paid off before we paid off in at the table. So yeah, she man on a horrible deal. Yeah. So you you can only borrow about to ninety five and you got three ten and so really you're I could be refinanced. But the second can't. So how bad is your credit? Not not bad at all. What's your household income? Combined but under new grad. Okay. Run down the credit union. See if you can get a twenty thousand dollar loan. You probably got twenty thousand loans credit union for eight or ten percent. And get the thing. What's your interest rate on your first mortgage? At about middle over three during half. So why would you refinance? What we were looking to go an FHA right now. We're looking to go conventional. So we can knock off the pm. Okay. All right. Well, that would make sense then. Yeah. That'll that'll justify refinance on mortgage that size for sure. So. Yeah, let's see if we can move it to an unsecured personal loan of some kind and just get it off the house, right? Yeah. And next time you get ready to buy something for your house pay for it. Or don't do it. Right. Right. Yeah. There's a bit you in the butt, man. Fad deal. What a mess. Hey, thanks for the call, Eric. I is with us in Philly. Hi erica. How are you? I am great good gonna help. So my question is I just moved to Philly. Everything's still in boxes that everything. But I moved here for a job making double what I made at home. Now make a hundred K, and I have twenty thousand loan because of the move because I have to move several sober up -ly, but one thousand dollars to move. No, I had to move the fo has to I played for about. Don't don't blame it on the move now. Okay. Twenty thousand tennis feels like a drop in the bucket, but also on top of funny. My grammar pays my school. She paid fifty thousand and she acts that every grandchild pay five thousand back technically, I have to pay a hundred dollars every month until paid back. Doesn't this makes you ever bring it out? What she's just like looking good? So you pay hundred dollars a month. Okay. So my put that in the Bill. Yeah. Definitely. Okay. Thanks to that. You got twenty thousand dollars used to make fifty now you might one hundred you're gonna pay the twenty five thousand off real fast. Yeah. Exactly. And then and you're buying anything until you get this debt cleaned up. Would you tell me you or forced to buy couch? That's not I don't even play on by the TV. No. Well, you need to be working. So thank you. A you're going to do great. You're going to great. You're gonna call you the twenty five up in a year. And I suspect grandma's probably going get paid by Christmas. And that's going to be a wonderful day. Okay. The question question chicken roommates for can I still live on my own? What are you paying in rent eight hundred five? Okay. But it's not months. I can't have the option. I denied absence. Okay. Is it a one bedroom? Studio one bedroom. Yeah. So where's the roommate gonna stay? Well, no, I could move in. Oh, okay. Okay. What what I would do is live there for a little while let's get settled and get the groove of working and paying rent and working and paying the debt down working and paying the debt down. And then if you decide later you wanna add roommates to the equation, make another move then. Yeah. But let's just calm down. You just now got there. Okay. Let's settle in make some money. Kiddo and get this mess coined up. That's why you went and then we'll worry about roommates and stuff. So for six months now stay where you are. And then let's see then you can rethink that idea. If you want to at that point Ed is in New York, I add welcome to the Dave Ramsey show. How you doing better than I deserve. What's up? My question is we have some good fortune year. Listen to my wife, and I and we're gonna start the baby step. But then my wife's grandparents house came up, and we decided sell our house in except their homes and by selling our house. We eliminated all are good. Now. The thing is we live with a relative there in the house they own house. But once team's out we owe him for his half of the house. So I'm just wondering as far as savings for retirement. Do I just keep socking away the money and till the when he determine if these relief and. You live in a house with who. My wife on. That's kind of weird. He lived downstairs about six. Okay. What's the hell? Had suffering garbage. Okay. What's the house worth? About one hundred ten twenty thousand so you had to give him like fifty grand. And where are you planning on getting that? Well, right now, we don't oh anything wrong. He's there. Right. So we have zero down how that your half of the house is being given to you. As an inheritance or whatever. Right. Right. Right. Well, you can you could go get a mortgage for fifty thousand if you had to when he moves out. I mean, he's also willing that they after he leaves? I think I've probably just get a mortgage rather than pay him, right, which is messy. And also just ask him, you know, saying, well, we could put it on a mortgage or could pay you in cash, what kind of a discount would you give me if I just pay in cash. And then go get a mortgage payment cash if you don't have any what's your income? My wife, and I we take home a forty eight a month. Okay. Well, I mean, I it'd be cool. If you just start chunking away, everything you could chunk away and be ready to buy out his half when he leaves are expensive only like five hundred a month right now. So yes, I would delay retirement in your case, and I would count this saving up for down payment on a house. Call it baby. Step three, b you have an emergency fund. Yeah. Okay. Beyond your emergency fund. Then how quick can we put fifty thousand dollars away in your situation? I mean, we're not navy three grand a month. That's what I was thinking. Yeah. I'm thinking eighteen months. You got your money if he'll live there for eighteen months you'll ever writing. A check matter of fact, you my offering the chick to leave point you've got it. Right. Pretty cool situation. Hey neat. Very nate. Thanks that that puts this hour of the Dave Ramsey show in the books. We'll be back with you before you know, it in the meantime, remember, there's ultimately only one way to financial peace, and that's to wall daily with the prince of peace, Christ Jesus. Hey, it's Kelly associate producer though screener for the Dave Ramsey show. If you would like to your debt free scream live on the show. Make sure you've is at daveramsey dot com slash show at registered we would love for you to come in Nashville day here story. Money isn't the only thing we talk about around here. Get life-changing advice on your career for my good friend and career expert in Kalman. Oh my Ken Coleman show. Seventy percent of Americans are going to work every Monday, and they don't want to be there. But for a myriad of reasons, they feel they have to be there that is our crusade. Subscribe to the Ken Coleman show wherever you listen to podcasts. Hey, it's James producer of the Dave Ramsey show. This episode is over but check the episode notes for links to products and services you've heard about during this episode. Thanks for listening.

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