Hello my name is Rik Houston and welcome to the scene. Volkov cast your source for all things NASCAR history presented by doc maintain excellence. We ended the year. I'll never forget sitting in the banquet watching him on stage and I'm just angry because I'm like I wanna be there be there. You have a gut feeling of how good you are. How good you are at that time and a good you're team is it was going to drive a car? I was like I am really kind of enjoyed a couple of kids off the they NASCAR and all associated in any way. When that's forget it's passed as today? We don't have any hello. I'm Steve Wade. Komo name is Rick Houston and welcome to the scene vault podcast presented by QR stave. Before we begin I gotta ask you a question. Have you recovered from stocks for tots the House. That signing our buddy I say I have a few cramps there eric. It was well worth. That was a great event and I guess we signed signed pretty consistently for a couple hours. That was a great crowd and very enthusiastic and I thought it was pretty cold because one of the very first. There's people through the line at a briefcase of stuff that he wanted to get signed and everything and he pulls out a copy of brave in life and of course I start giving you a hard time and everything You know went through six brings. Okay is that episode and then he is up and now how's he did something else and he pulled out a copy of second to none so we both signed copies of our books which was pretty cool and then just the enthusiasm Hasim that people had in. We had several people come through the line and tell us that they really enjoyed the podcast. And certainly there were those that might not have heard the podcast but they I certainly remembered saints so that was pretty gratifying. That's right and we gave away commemorative Darlington issues of scene and rick. In the last Persian came through uh-huh we had one copy that my stack was kind of dwindling and as the line kind of thin down and everything and the end of the Sonnen got nearer are Kinda counted people in line and I counted fourteen people line and I counted the number of papers that I had and believe it or not I had fourteen eighteen paper. That's right I guess that was just meant to be well. I'll tell you something. It was a cold wet night. No question about it and you have to admire the dedication of race fans not John Battle that wetter but to come out there from long distances I mean some Missouri and this is up in North Carolina and they did it to get are autographed. You gotTa wear the big draws at stocks. Todd's Steve Steve. This week in our first segment we are going to have the third and final installment of the interview that I did with Bobby Labonte and we discussed his two thousand Winston Cup championship his relationship with Joe Gibbs racing teammate. Tony Stewart the decision to leave Joe Gibbs racing and finally the latter after years of his career and some racing that he did this year at Bowman Gray Stadium. Yes Sir now that's our core and then in our second segment. We are going to tackle some more listener questions and they kind of run the gamut one Bella asked if there were people that we just didn't didn't like which I thought was kind of interesting. Well that one certainly Steve. I don't know that we we'll tell everything that we know in that. One on Patriarch in. We have new support from Jordan turnage and also. We have pay pal support this week. Week from Josh Ward and Robert Layered so guys thank you very much for that support. It means a lot to us. If you could possibly help us out on patron do five dollars a month want and you will receive a copy of the commemorative issue that we did with Darlington and also a classic issue of Winston Cup saying do ten dollars a month and you will receive both of those newspapers and the Steve Wade rookie card. Thank we've got three three or four. Okay good depending on how this goes. We may just have to dig up some more of those cards. Oh my goodness S. stocks were probably ten or fifteen. At least one MM person had a set of a dozen of my cars. I couldn't believe it. I have a feeling I'm going to be buying those on Ebay but seriously seriously. Help us out on Patriot patriotic dot com slash. The same podcast or on pay pal. If you'd rather just do a one time show of support you can do that. Ah Pay Pal dot me slash the same podcast beginning in nineteen ninety six. The team made really steady improvement in the standings. Nineteen Ninety six or eleven. Not Tonight Seven. You were seventh. Nineteen Ninety Eight. You were six nineteen ninety nine. You were second. was that kind of progress. Okay with you or were you wanting to be on top right now. You know I thought I thought for sure that We weren't good enough every track all the tracks to be. You know bill right here right now. we had work to do and we we I think in ninety eight we we showed that in the ninety nine. We were definitely there I I didn't think that it was you know we didn't deserve ninety six hundred seven ninety eight. I thought we were going to get there. I mean Tommy worked out would probably would I thought was right but I didn't think I should have been there before that. I think we with what we were gaining on. And what we're doing. I thought it was you know. Steadily creeping up on it was probably the was working out not ninety nine. Tony Stewart moved up to Winston Cup and became retain. May and. Bobby I gotTa tell you. Your personalities would appear to be almost almost completely opposite and as good as he was on the race track. It seemed like he was always getting into some kind of controversy those first couple years. What was your thinking during all that? Did you ever sit down with him or did you and coach ever sit down with him or was he just going to be Tony to be Tony. You know I think that you know. I'm I think Tony was going to be Tony Coming. It was it was. It was obvious that way with him being hired because he was hard hard to get to he was hard to get. You know you know If you look back at how coach said can I get your number and three days. He's later you know I'm I'm doing it. Yeah it didn't take me months at a time. Of course I didn't have you know I wouldn't an IRA. I wasn't doing this and that so tony was. I mean Tony headed headed. He's just got a different style and So you know as our personalities might be different in some ways I mean you know I got to know him well enough. If that it's I mean what his heart is is full of gold and what you might see at one place is not what you see all the time No No. I didn't sit down and talk to them. You know I mean there was a lot I mean I I'm probably Hopefully lead by example more than telling somebody what they I should be doing Roth I think that You know I think I think Tony Tony was was probably good. Good good is good for us in a way because you know sometimes that differences better than you know when you just do the same thing over and over again But no as far as me you know I I kinda welcomed the fact that I knew that this kid you know was gonna be you know a star superstar and you sometimes you have to take a little bit of a little bit. Yeah okay. That's not something I would we do right but at the same time goodness for anybody for a better person but you know would would I see him do things. That'd be like why wouldn't do that but that's taught me that he's not me so I don't I don't think I'd ever I wouldn't i. I can't change. I don't want to change changed the way I do things but I didn't want. He wants to do it the way he wants to do it. That's fine you finished second to Dale Jarrett in the championship standings in Nineteen Ninety nine. But but you were two hundred points down. What was your outlook going into? Two thousand will again. I think that with the addition of Tony and ninety nine nine It helped you know our elevator. Whole Program It ended up a little bit. Jimmy was getting pulled in different ways. adding Greg but still his responsibilities were more But I knew that going into the two car team and obviously as fast as Tony is going to be you know just just GonNa get better It's dunk that. We were down that far in ninety nine but I can. I can pinpoint you know one race as for sure that we lost a lot. That's that was my bad. I mean I lost at at Cinema going into turn eleven. You know I went to pass Nemechek. It can go right into the tires like okay. You know how to rip it had a good finish and Kylo that was my we were we were then. We within striking distance to a point. You know we're still going to be is still gonNA take a lot but that was like we were put ourselves down Saying that I mean we ended the year. I'll never forget sitting in the banquet. You know watching him on stage and I'm just I'm just anger. Anger is could be. Because I'm like I want to be. They'RE GONNA BE THEY'RE GONNA be there in as much as I love dill jared Meriem and got his autograph when I was. When he's Racing Gra national car and I was race late model stock me? He's my hero but unlike and we were that close. You know we were that we could. We were getting to be that good So you know I thought I thought for sure. Ninety ninety nine are better year but then in two thousand I thought doc in two thousand and we just. We really just didn't do anything wrong. I didn't hit a set of tires. We didn't have anything crazy at finished like teen laps. Like like like the record for laps finished all but seven laps for the whole year. There's a there's a staff that's that's crazy it's it's like Mark Martin was before that at at certain amount but always I finish all but seven ten laps for the whole year like it was one of those things you just like. You're never gonNA finish the top ten. Are Your your top fifteen so saying that I mean we just between Earnhardt and I and you know Who else you know IRT? I guess or somebody who was third fourth. I mean but I you know I mean we were just like my gosh we so fast so consistent and just didn't have anything go wrong you know and Tony there. I mean there's an elevated our whole whole program so I kinda I kinda felt like you know. Ninety nine was a was that two thousand Redemption Year from ninety nine in my mistakes You know just you know just missed it by a little bit and how do we improve Atlanta early. That year you started door with Earnhardt and he beats you officially officially by if I'm looking at the numbers correctly one thousands of a second from the city your car. What are you thinking last? Couple Paul APPS WILL I. I know that You know again. We had a fast car. I think skinner was the fastest car. He blew up with a few laps to go on the restart. We took off and I mean I'll run nearly wide open and three and four. I mean back even back in those days you run wide open could run wide open and So no catch earnhardt is one thing passing is going to be something different and you know. I've caught him off. Return to go down the back straightaway and you know I got to his rear bumper anomaly. And I'm just like all right. I mean I love that fact. Because here's the intimidator right so he'd been running low and I got to bumper and I'm like all right. I don't know which way is going to go. But wherever he goes on we'll go the opposite so he chose high because I was high the lap before so I mean boasted so I dove low and got to the white line and just you know he he had run off that corner and You know I didn't looking back at it. I wish had moved up a little bit sooner. And maybe a momentum would've carried me but it just you know he had more momentum off the corner and I could not believe that I thought I thought we had him. I thought we really had him. And and you know it took quarter the lab for the to kind of get the radio chatter down to. You didn't win frustration and But my gosh I mean that was like I mean again. That was our year. I mean we were just like that was almost like okay. Take Snapshot This is. What's GONNA look like the rest of the year? You two guys. Are you going to be balanced for the most part you know throughout and And I think that that's That was kind of like okay. Here's what you here's what you're GONNA do. You know you're going to do this and it was I of course I blame it on. I think Chevrolet that week before that week. They got a inch and a half extension on their front knows. The kickout was ancient half and I was like saw. I told him I said that's the only reason why you one is because you had that because if you hadn't had that I probably will beat you by that much Chino but yeah that was a that was just awesome to catch him going into three on the last lap. Going all right which way you're going to go and we did it. Without wrecking each other. You know we just. It was a good good. Good Clean Rice Bobby. As good as the year two thousand was for you. It was also on the same hand very difficult for the sport with the losses losses of Adam. Petty and Kenny Irwin and Tony Roper. And there was just a furious debate over safety. Yep The whole year I mean I it it was. I remember that year in it was a tough year in general. Did you make any kind of changes to your car are. What was your thinking during that time? Yeah not not really I mean I think We put we put the the nets in the right side. Left side of the car. You know for your head And I mean you know on top of three people getting killed there. There's a lot what people got hurt. I mean like her bed and mothers broken leg or things like that and I mean you don't I mean I definitely didn't go home at night and go. This is scary. This is unsafe. This is this is this and it was a You know I think what we did to. Our cars is just kind of do what you know. And we put the safety net and the right side and we put one on the left side because the window net wouldn't do enough for us and so there was a smaller net that we put up there that that did that Did you try the hants. Nope I didn't really now not try that I didn't PRY I. I did this I can probably tell you. I don't even know what it was. How can two thousand? I still had when Adam died. You know I was dumb enough for just naive enough that it was a carburetor. It wasn't a you know as you know mentalities talented when thinking that he could survive if he had to say so I think we were working on our throttle cable. I think at that time you know where we got off the drag racing off of the top fuel car Coaches were we had a cable and several Rod. You know because that was what happened to him was Air Cleaner you know. And then we still wasn't the you know fix all. We had a throttle hang wide open. A Darlington crashed That you're so anyway but no I didn't. Yeah I just. It's that was tough because you know we been at the racetrack or seeing this happening. When you're when you're there you know Kenya obviously were in that New Hampshire? I think Tony it was at Texas truck. We were there that weekend. I'm sure neck data. That was the not before earnhardt won his last. Brace Gotcha okay. So we just I mean it was tough because this is our sport and our people you know what I mean. It was definitely you know everybody series has been through things and we were going through that. At that time you did not lead the championship standings from start to finish that year. But you are are pretty doggone close at what point did you allow yourself to actually think that this might happen. You know I'll be honest with you. I mean ah I felt pretty good. You know pretty early on. I don't want to be cocky about it but I felt pretty good early on. I just I just when you you gotTa feel for your Racecar and the you know the competition and you know where people are trying to you know catch up to you. I mean I felt like we're just like we were just one step ahead so early on I felt like we were. You know you have no idea but I felt like we early on you know. Barney thing disastrous were okay. We you know we're good enough. I mean we were. We were now good enough. We weren't quite good enough the year before even though we thought we were but we. Weren't you know this year two thousand I. Oh I thought we were good enough pretty early on you win the Busch Series Championship and Ashbury emotional. You Win Your First Cup race. And that's pretty emotional Indian then. I think you actually clinched the championship in the year. Two thousand at homestead with a rice to go. What's it like to be at the top of the hill like that I'm it was there? There are moments throughout the year. That kind of I go back to you. Know have to reflect back on a few things and so a couple of those times to me is You're one was at India. The brickyard We're racing rusty Wallace for the win and we can't beat him you know In the short run but we can beat him in the long run NAKASHIMA passing pit. He out front. He pulls way I found kind of get on So then at the end of it I'm thinking you know I think finished third second two two years in a row and I'm catching him and I'm like I finally passing and you know we all know I got by him and ended up win the race. And it's it's like you know you you just know you have a gut feeling of how good you are and how good you are at that time. And how good your team is so That was like one of those checkmark things of like you know were were there I think Darlington for the southern and five hundred in practice leaper road go make a qualifying run a window in the back straightaway. Wide Open get turned three. The throttle hangs wide open. Hit The wall. I come down pit road and crashed there on straightaway. Get out getting back car. Make a couple of APPS I told her I said I think I'm GonNa go the Infield Care Center just to make sure I'm okay. I'm not sure so earnhardt sitting right behind beside us. And they're all like all jacked up because they're like we guarding this weekend. We ended up. We win the race K.. Through the most weirdest race of all we won the race and he could want it and he I led the last collapsed under caution. He comes up. Beat my back bumper off after the checkered flag in just shaking his fist. Yeah I know that makes Chad and But those things you know lead up to when you get to homestead so we're running good and Rockingham. We had target down. We'd both finished about the same but we got home stand. We've got got a huge lead US finish like twenty something in Burghardt wins right so we go out there and I think we might have won the poll. Tony and I were first and second and I think finished fourth Tony Windsor race. I'm not mistaken. I think that's how it worked so anyway in just I mean it's just like it just all you know again it's like people ask me said hey you know if you got a lot of pressure on you know. I didn't realize I had pressure on me until after homestead because then it was like I was relieved and I didn't realize I was just lying. Everybody so bad because they're like are you you know. How much pressure do you have your pressure? I convince myself. There's no pressure here we find and there's a ton of pressure and and when you when you win is like I can't believe that I can believe we did that so it's just one of those you know it's it's Emotions of being able to get to that point dislike amazing that we were so good all year ear and I mean just let all year led most of the year and and finish it off with a race to go and we're just you know that that fast car was just that fast that year. And just you know when you've you when you know your car and you know your team that's just I mean you know you're that good and you're at the top of the heap. It's always good when people always you know. WanNa know where you're at in practice right rear end practice and we were always that guy. was you know in the top five of the lists. It seemed like so. There's no better feeling than that when when you're able to do that. Just put it that way a two thousand and one through two thousand and three. You're still winning. Still Win Two or three races a year a couple of races a year then then in two thousand and four shutout victory lane for the first time in ten years. was there ever a point where you went to Joe and said I need some helper burry. What was that period? Live at. Joe Gibbs racing. Yeah for me. It was tough. I mean because Joe Gone Back to football okay. Yeah he identified boss stuff. Jd was air Running the team. You know Jimmy had moved on to a different role We had a number of crew chiefs. You know different Couple different crew chiefs and Just couldn't seem elect good find the Mojo back to where we pat it. You know in two thousand and I remember when Earnhardt died in two thousand and one. I mean that I mean that you know when you're supposed to walk into Daytona which we did you know with your chest out you got to you know the next right Rockingham your chest. Our you know. We're we're defending champions. When earnhardt died you know of this high MIS remember? I'm not really sure you know I'm just didn't you didn't have that much fun. You know quickly so we went to Texas the two thousand one. I was like we. We blew up again. I was like I don't I think we're that good. It took US figure that. I don't think we're that good anymore so anyway it was a struggle and I you know I mean I point my finger at myself a lot for just like you know what could have done differently differently to okay. Rebound this saying turn it around or help be a part of something instead of it but I think joe leaving and going back to football and just kind of that. I had that comfort. I had that that had that going for me. And just you know Jimmy was you know my guy and then when he was now he's a more the manager and I'm like that and it's you know it's funny I had zippy would come over and he'd asked me a question. I'm like Dude I can't can't you ask them. Why can't you be Makuuchi for day? You something so. It's just a lot of things were happening. And you know you wanNA have Yeah you WanNa have that success and it was just getting Kinda hard and so You know I wish now looking back on it which I could have done something differently. I'm not sure what I could have done but Yeah that was getting to be some tough times times in so finally when it came you know I think we should probably dissolve. This is when when we did. How difficult was that is very difficult? I mean in in one hand you wanted a new fresh something fresh because you want to be successful and you want to do good and the other hand it's it's it's tough because you're not You're not doing As well as you think you should difficult time after that you drove for a few you different car owners. You drove for petty enterprises. You drove for Ted Jody Scheckter and Brad Doherty and I guess a couple of others after her being at the top of the heap as I mentioned for as long as you are. What were those years for you? Yeah that was you know. It's you know going to the Pettis ladies you know I was. I thought I thought that was going to be you know when they put robby in there and you know I was. You know this is as you know this thing where you can you. Can you like gibbs what there was a single car team racing against other teams and you. You didn't win right away but you you were able to help be a part of organization that went from one. Two races uses to now. They're win a champion right and so at the time like the Pettis it was like okay. They're this point and they're you know in in their this point today and you believe in yourself and you go I go over there. You put this person there and you put top parrot there and you put so and so there and you put you know few the people in the right places and you have influx of money that you can help build that to the next to what what you experienced that Gibson. For instance right. Could you take what you learn. You take your life lessons. You take your race lessons and racing knowledge and you hope to turn that into a winning formula as well Oh and It seemed like that was going to it was kind of going the right way to the first for the first little bit and then it you know then. It was a became more of a struggle and realization. That we're you know we'RE NOT GONNA we're only gonNA spend so much and we're not going to get any further so it was like. How do you get past that you know? Yeah and and then you know and then at me you know that point time. Then you're like you're you're you know as as that wasn't happening time still passes and you're yeah then you can't how do you get. How do you grab a hold of that? You know it happened to Terry. When recalled him right it was actually the agent because he called I answered the phone? They call it hate speech. Your brother I think we're GONNA tear. You're GONNA do this so but for me. That wasn't there. Wasn't there rekindle that said. Hey come drive my car because we believe in you and your yeah. It was at that point in time. It was like Picking Slam. You know you're looking throughout the garage just like You know things were you know. You're you're chess. You're losing at your chest game. Did you get caught. Maybe in the rest of the young guns so to speak because obviously he did not forget. Forget how to drive a race car right. You don't do that. No no I think that I don't think it was a young gun thing I mean I remember when I came in urban. I hate you because you're take my job one day. You know I'm just kidding around but because I was younger than him so I don't think I got. I don't think I was at that point in time. It wasn't that seemed like that. Big a deal until later. Two two thousand fourteen fifteen sixteen. You just run three or four Rice's year most late Daytona and Talladega kind of like what Terry d At the end of his career was that just for fun Or were you still trying to maybe get on with a more established team. Well I knew that that candle was getting dimmer right right Far As career goes you know I mean I was still doing things behind the scenes that you know I could probably tell you about now but at the time I couldn't tell you about As far as Working in testing and stuff like that for different teams or for actual more for one team but So I was being busy doing stuff in cars minus four. And you know there wasn't I mean you know it's just like your paper. Here's yeah that's that's on its printed in. Its for sure this is. This is really what it is so much opportunity with Josh Comstock and Archie and and Frankie were to drive that you know they asked me drive the cars good for them is good for me to Kinda you know and I mean sure. There was a point in time. It's like I wanna run every erase and then after. I didn't run all the races. Oh went and I had. I had a couple offers. You know that were not you know. They're they're not going to be winning. Cars of course behavioral and drive a car. I was like ham really kind of enjoyed a couple of weekends off here. And they're going to do that. I should go to Atlanta. Beat my head against the wall right so it Kinda uh evil into doing that stuff for Archie. Josh passed away comstock passed away. You know I knew that that was you know that was like okay. This is not going to keep going. Because he sponsored the car is friend of ours from Texas and he held archie out. I mean you think of Archie if he hadn't you know things like that if maybe I terry and I had little influence on what archie that today getting his deal was you know S. HR small granular. Of course yes josh. Comstock did will long with a lot of other people that kind of helped keep him in the sport to the point now where he's got a different opportunity than we have say. Well I can't go to Daytona this year because I don't have enough money or Speier. You know his out the picture so for him to stay there and for us to have that little fun time with him you know. Help hopefully has been something that he's been able to reap but for for me it was you know I. I don't know it was fun. It was still racing racing and I loved it. I love it but at the same time I knew that there wasn't like I mean God forbid something happened to somebody and coach Gibbs. Hey can you do this for us or you know like David Reagan did when Kyle got hurt or somebody you know it's like okay you know you're you you know where you're at so you just Kinda you do what you do what you can't seventeen and eighteen. What was it like being on the sidelines? And not drop it. was that a difficult adjustment for you. was that as two years three. Yeah it was what seventy go by. the Yeah I mean it was in You know so I I mean I wouldn't out of a race car. I still got to do a little bit something here and there but you know so. It's not like ours testing getting Well I raced in Europe last year. Yes so I do once in seventeen and did once this year so So at least I wasn't you know I was always you know I was kind of still doing something and I wouldn't do in the testing stuff as much of course but you know and then the the deal with Fox came about and so you know it's like I'll be honest with you. I was like how in the world did it get stuff done before. I'm busier now than ever. And it's like what in the world am I doing so between the Fox stuff last year and going to Europe and all that I mean that was I mean I love what I'm doing. I'm staying busy because I know that I can't do. I can't do that again but what I'm doing right now. At this point is really exciting is really good and I enjoy that But trust me you know the first race that I didn't go to That was supposed to go to and I didn't go to and I wasn't hurt a man's like wow this is this stinks you know and but then again later and Terry told me. He said it's going to is. It'll it'll stink for a while because then you'll you'll come about later and you'll go more friends ever thought I would you know it's it's like yeah and they really didn't care much about race anyway. They just won't be afraid. You told me I had a coach helped me through this so yes I mean I want to. I'd rather I'd rather drive a race racecar than anything out there but I also enjoy doing doing different things last question. Tell me about running bowman gray this year man. Those guys don't all play out there and I would imagine to be honest with you if I'm at Bowman Gray and I'm beating around there and I've got my little modified defied and I'm wanting to make a name for myself and I got a shot at Bobby Labonte. I'm GONNA take a shot at Bobby Labonte Yeah did you. Experience what went on at Bowman Gray will be honest with you My friend Chris Williams driving a modified up there and like he's he. Can you come over and help me one day. I was like sure so my wife's US at school on a Saturday doing school stuff and so all right so I went up there a paid five dollars to get in they charged. Do you charge chef dollars so paid five dollars. Gate walked in there. Yeah so I helped Chris I like he's he's you drive it. I said all right. I'll drive so I run about ten after fifteen laps. Wow that's good so we you know. I talked to him a little bit. You know what I thought and watch me and I'll watch him. He's coming back tonight. I said I'll probably not yeah probably won't come back night. I'm only eleven miles away so I go home. I was like you know I got through eating dinner. I might go back up there. You got the bug so I pay a Winnie dollars to get in the past. Twenty or twenty five dollars saw three fights and a heck of a race. That's the best bit long all the time so then I went back three two or three more times watched you watched eight. Hundred was up there one night and you know we were just watching from the grandstands and so so went back one night and practice or one day in practice again. So may deal with. Burt Myers and Jason. You know to drive on their cars and so we did that. I did that and I'm telling you what I was like. I ain't qualified car long time. You know it's like we got one lap qualifier. It's GonNa be good right so I was watching Rob Jefferies run and You know. Watch Tim Brown. Danny Bone. Obviously Jason and Bert Frank Fleming number guy freight claiming back race in my late model Yeah just you know was it Randy Butner Know Him so I knew I knew a lot of people there. So so you want Qualified Marin qualified eighth and we had a big night for us because my best friend passed away the week before that so had his kids up there and some other friends and family and they just had a good time. I mean that was fun so anyway it was is. It's it's amaz- it's awesome. Yeah I mean. That's fifteen thousand people in the grants and the you could see them. Yeah I mean you can see their fingers you. Can you see the drinks either shirts or no shirts. You can see it all and I know one guy told me. He said he smelt. He had beer poured on he was. Somebody threw beer on on him like he's on the track and they threw beer from the beer section and he spent like beer afterwards. I mean you know I was pretty funny story but anyway I I enjoyed it I thought it was was great I'm looking forward to going back this year and doing it again because I mean it's just like you know I. I never drove a modified. My life worked at Jay Hitchcock's for a year looked at them like. Why are you doing that onerous car but anyway I it was just a lot of fun and I'm glad I did it and I want to do it again Happy Holidays everyone. And thank you for listening to the scene. UNBOUGHT podcast. This is Eric Quinn the general manager at Qa Accu- where we are extremely excited to be involved with seem ball. PODCAST and everything that Rick Steve or doing to preserve the history of NASCAR accuweather. That's what we do we help you and your business take care of the stuff that you own if you'd like to know more about Q.. Wear and what we can do for your business head over to Q.. WEAR CMS dot com that's Q.. WEAR CMS DOT com from all of us at Q.. Where thank you for listening and we hope you have the happiest of holidays the merriest of Christmases and we hope that twenty twenty is the best year you've ever had so Steve Bobby? Ah Bonnie talked in this segment of the interview. I did with him. He talked about Tony. Stewart coming on board as his teammate. At Joe Gibbs racing the gaining in nineteen ninety. I'm not into things really stood out to me about about what he said number one. He said that in essence. Tony was a good guy behind the saints. That somebody that some of us in the media didn't exactly get to see some well. I agree with that also agree that Tony was a good guy behind the scenes. Because I've built right behind the scenes and I can tell you. Yeah he's racist very competitive and okay. I'll go in line and say that he probably has anger management issues early in his career. But when you got to know him a little bit and he got to the point where he was comfortable with you it was a different person. The second thing that kind of stood out about one talk about what bobby was saying was it was very apparent. That body was trying his best to not say anything that he shouldn't uh he was trying to play it pretty straight I can understand that. And then Steve another thing that really kind of jumped out at me about this interview. He finished second to to Dale Jarrett for the Nineteen Ninety Nine Two cup championship and he talked about sitting at the banquet watching Dj except all of his accolades and and he said that he was very angry. Bread yeah because he wanted to be onstage. He had chased. Dj All year and he talked last week about the relationship that he had with DJ and trading information and when DJ was on. And be leaving. Joe Gibbs Robert Gates dates and DJ was helping him trying to open the door. A little bit. Get his foot in the door with Joe Gibbs and all that and bobby said that they talked every day about what was going on on and what they could do to get the rods that they wanted but not to ninety nine Winston Cup Championship banquet It's a different story. Yeah no I'll know that he's necessarily surly Matt at DJ. I think he was just mad at the fact that he had come up short right. He was frustrated. I think that's the way to put it. Bobby actually said that he hit gotten deals autograph back when DJ was in the Busch series. and Bobby Lewis running late model so I don't think it was again. I don't think it was anything anything in their relationships I should show. It's not personal is professional more or less because when they get on the track but let's face it things whole lot different than they are off. The track. Friends are friends ads away from the race track but on the right track. I don't know that you rice a friend maybe a little bit harder. You see that a lot so the year two thousand rolls around and Bobby Ebony is on point is he ever Steve He finished sixth in the Daytona five hundred that year. He dominates at Rockingham the next week and wins which moved him up to second in the point. Standings it goes to the top of the standings after Las Vegas which was the third race of the year and Steve. That's where he stayed for the rest of the year with the exception of just one week after the first Talladega race where he dropped to second behind Mark Martin was his year no two way it was his. I mean they might as well written him the check. You know sometime around July say but he won four races including the brick yard four hundred and the southern five hundred. Steve here's the one that Kinda blows my mind. Hey finished all but seven laps about that seven laps the entire year and he won the championship by two hundred. Sixty five points over deller now that is consistency. That consistency is exactly great. Winning the championship by that point system was all about over the course never mind. I'M NOT GONNA go. Hey wanted over the course of the full season and yes. He clenched it with a rice to go but that was his championship and he absolutely deserved. It earned it earned it and at Darlington the southern five hundred. There's more to that store than just a number in the win column. He goes out and practice to make a qualifying run on. He gets up to speed going into turn. Three and Steve. The throttle hangs wide open and he plows into the wall. And that's the very same thing that had happened to Adam. Petty and Kenny Jeannie Irwin earlier that year so that was a pretty big story. Absolutely it happened to Adam and Kenny at New Hampshire and tragic results. He told Jimmy Amy my car he said I. I think I'd better go to the Infield Care Center. Just be sure and of course he goes on to win the race. which was the big story? Bobby Bobby said that Dale earnhardt Jr team was like yeah. We got him now. You know they. They saw bobby being kind of ginger around the race car. Kind of banged up a little bit. They thought they might be able to only natural form to feel that way but bobby goes on to win race then. Bobby talked about winning the Winston Cup championship which was obviously the highlight of his career. He was the only driver ever to win both the Busch Series Championship and the Winston Cup Championship. He the and Terry are the only brothers to have won the championship. Is that right. Yeah Okay Yeah. I'm pretty sure that's the case. And then he goes to Daytona one of the next year kind of walking tall chess bowed out a little bit as he should and everything happens on the last lap of the two thousand and one Daytona I. Five hundred and and Steve. Bobby actually made the comment that that took a lot of the fun away from defendant. His wants to cup championship. Well that is certainly understandable and bobby was not the only driver if you will that way and I might add a whole lot of fans felt that way too big earnhardt heart fans just had the wind knocked out of well. I think what happened. Was the questions change from. Hey Bobby what's it like to defend your wish to cup championship. How you think your season's gone there? Were still those kinds of questions but always always always always that year. They're going to be questions about Dell earnhardt questions about safety questions about the device. Soft walls whatever. Yeah all those temp ix that you just mentioned took precedence over almost everything else. Steve if bobby eventually left Joe Gibbs racing after the two thousand and five season and after that he kinda bounced around a little bit did some time with petty enterprises and Jt Jack daugherty racing tad and Jodi and then he did some testing for a tamer to and then stave he kinda got to a place where or he actually enjoyed having a weekend off every now and then rather than having to go to the race track and be head against Walnut being as competitive as he wants had been. I can understand that because I think many drivers reach a point in their career where they think. Hey this crazy I I'm I'm never home I'm always worried about how I'm running. I don't need this grief and take a different turn so two thousand and nineteen. He Goes Bowman Gray Stadium to kind of hang out with a buddy of his. And then the buddy he is Kinda says. Hey do you wanna come back to the race track and then the BUG Kinda hits. It's in he winds up barring a car to run a modified race or two at Bowman Gray stadium leave of his since the Steve. I'm GonNa tell you. Watch the truth fans at Bowman Gray Stadium. They take their racing sears. Yes series now. Let let me ask you this. What is another just overwhelming piece of Trivia about Bowman Gray Stadium? Well I can tell you this. I've only been there one time. Relay that's right. Never had the opportunity to go except for this one time but I think one legend about Bowman Gray that I think is pretty interesting is that there was a young young man there one time who had a job selling peanuts at Bowman Gray Stadium and dreaming aiming about being a racer. Well he became a race driver and then he became a team owner and then he became a championship kinship. Let's see what's that guy's name I can come up. That say you can think of it. Richard childress children children. Children are see Richard childress got his start selling peanuts and popcorn there. But that's not the piece of Trivia that was looking for okay. Okay what you're looking for yours truly for that one Houston. Oh One. Summer drove the pace car at Bowman Bowman Gray Stadium there. I gotTa tell you was a highlight. How did the mock career well? The fact of the matter is great garrison who is the promoter. There Bowman Gray has been in his family since it began. His grandfather was Alvin. Hawkins who basically opened the place and and Greg Garrison went to church with me. Obviously I had asked gray about driving the pace car tomor to end the year before he had actually let me drive it. A couple of races aces and I rode with the regular pace car driver. Mike Norman for wanted the rice is that not and then we switched seats and I drove and Dan. Mike Rode Shotgun and then for the finale the modified races. He got out of the car and said I'm going to beat traffic. I'll see you later. Yeah so I'm driving the car solo. My very first not ever been in the pace car so that was a blast but then the next year I got to grab probably five or six Saturday nights because Mike Norman actually raised a modified and the nights that he would raise. They would call me to you drive the pace car so you talk about some experience. All right I gotTa tell this one story there was one night the track would get. VIP's come in and run the pace car and there is this one night where it was a mom and her daughter and mom was probably in her fifties or so and the daughter was probably in her twenties. Somewhere in their mom wouldn't feel any pain. You mean that mom mom was lit guys you gotta the device so and it was eight atomic year when the do sat on the grass pretty early at night. They called a caution and gun the pace car which was a brand new Camaro so it had a little bit of horsepower. Gun The pace car out from where it sat and when those tires it hit the do on that grass man I did a full on Dukes of hazzard. Slide there the Infield as trying to get onto the racetrack and Mama the whole. Oh time is just so that was one incident and then another time they called a Colin and I got to where I was going to enter the right track and got on the right track and I looked in Rivi mirror and evidently at least some of the drivers had not gotten the word that that there was a caution and they were bearing down on pretty heart gay. So that was that was interesting. I'LL BET but again I've said it before on the show. The pace car driver is the coolest job in recent. Oh that was such a coal summer and and finally Steve the Nascar Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony here in a few weeks. Joe Gibbs racing is going to be well represented with Joe Gibbs with with Tony Stewart and with Bobby Labonte. I don't know of any other induction class where anyone team has been so well represented. I don't think so inserting I. Penny enterprises has several members in. But they were in different here. Yeah it's GonNa be a big big not for that organization and joining joining. The organization will be Buddy Baker the late but he beggar. And why they're Wilson who's been on the show. Yes what L. Wilson. So yeah that's GonNa be a great night. What does it say about? Joe Gibbs racing that they have been able to produce such a phenomenal success. It it says a lot about their town no question about it but also says a lot about Joe's leadership part of being a leader is to acquire the best people to work round. You and for you and with you. I think that's a big big plus for Joe Gibbs bidding coaching all his life he knows how to handle people I mean. He knows how to recognize their talents and put good use. That's what he's done and still doing to this day. Because Joe Gibbs racing is still one of the best organizations in Nascar do this day so I think certainly that something that he dealt with when he was a coach no question the NFL. Because when you have that many people on a roster you're going to have a very very very wide array personnel of personalities of backgrounds sounds of economic backgrounds of upbringings of colleges. And all those different stories you gotta figure out a way to make all those get headed in the right direction. And he he brought that to NASCAR. Because certainly he's had drivers Tony Stewart and Kyle Busch and Denny Hamlin who all ever talking about a wide range of personalities. They're whether they're good better indifferent and weather fans Lacombe or not. You still going to have the right chemistry correct. And he's been. I won't find that for a lot of years now. Steve followed Brian Kale on instagram and twitter at speedway screens and check out his inventory at speedway T S J dot Oetzi Dot Com and again again. This week we had some exchanges between some of our twitter followers and Brian asking about some of the products that he had. I think he posted some Davey. Allison t shirts shirts and some debut and paraphernalia and some different t shirts. Yeah the remarkable inventory so again. I believe that this deal is working out for Bryan. Certainly worked out for US so again. Follow Brian on instagram and twitter at speedway screens and check out his inventory at speedway T S J dot Oetzi Dot Com. Okay Steve John K Osborne at John Osborne one on twitter asked. What driver did each of you personally dislike back over them anyway and then our second question was okay? Okay and you and I have talked about necessarily how to tactfully answer that question. I'm going to say this. I don't know that there was any one driver or personality. Finality in the sport crew chief car owner whatever. I don't know that there was any one person in the sport that I actually got to spend some time with and got to know away from the race track that I didn't like that somewhat of a difficult question to answer because the drivers that I got to know and I got to know play any. Am Yes we're very hard to dislike. I mean personally slightly. Yes they some of them. They made our lives. Hell when it came to trying take the time or brush you often you might say. Wow they just don't like that guy 'cause he just brushed me off well he may yet a the reason. We've talked a lot about Tony Stewart. He's a perfect example of what I'm talking about I had my difficulties with him professionally and one Sunday at cinema. In the back of his hauler we decided we were going to have it out. Tony's real problem was a story that was published in seen ridden in by Jeff. Owens yeah a true professional in which Tony complained about. Being in that star in overtime himself didn't like being bothered by the fans and of course he did later tried to deny all of that and that was the issue that we had basically between the paper and between between Tony and myself included so we decided to have it out in the back of the hall and we talked and talked and exchange views. And after that I had a much different view Tony even when he did things at the track that would totally uncalled for. I still had a different view. So even with Tony Stewart who I think is one of the drivers. The most people think the pressed. I'd want to have anything to do with over the years. I even with him when I got to know him. It was a different view. Found that to be true. So many driver. Yes Sir even Kyle Busch. I've gone to his face as you'd like to wear the black cat. You're the best lunch archer and he said in so many words. I'm loving every minute of it when it comes to Tony Again. I didn't get the chance to know him personally when then he first broke into the division was making some starts in the Busch series his PR team. At Joe Gibbs racing. They put together a media dinner at at Dover one year and we went to dinner but there were several media members there and I sat down the table from him that that was actually a rice. That my wife Jany went to and she went to that dinner with me and so she's talking to the guy across the table and we. He drove away from that dinner that night and she said well Tony Stewart's a great guy. I really enjoyed doing and I was like what are you talking about. Tony Stewart was into the the end of the table. She thought that Tim Sullivan. who was working with NASCAR? Pr At the time. She thought that Tim Sullivan was Tony. Stewart uh-huh what there were other media members sitting closer to him and there was one in particular who who kind of dominated the conversation that I ah that is so I didn't get the chance to know Tony. And there were two or three times where I tried to get up with him after a race after a cup race when I was doing a sidebar on him and it didn't go well where yeah I remember one time in his trial Kikinda he. He made it. He made a comment Alexander to about my size. Yeah and I will say this. I don't know that anybody in that sport has been ask pure a racer as what Tony Stewart. He has to be honest with you. I got the impression from Tony that if he had been able to strap into his rice car. Put his helmet on run the race. Get the checkered flag. Then go to his motor coach and walk away from the race. Track in never deal with the media would have been perfectly content. I think to now also say this in his defense again. I didn't get to know him personally. Those that do know him personally. Say the same thing. They say that he is a wonderful guy and has a heart of gold. Well I hope this answers the question. Both of us are thank gave the same as well. which is it's very hard to dislike drivers that you know personal yes? It's now that hard when it's just on a professional level and we brought up Tony's name I guess because he's easy obvious target here But others have been the same way. We've Benji cowboys and there are a few others now. I'd like to reverse the question. which is yet as a lot over the years who is my favorite driver and again when you know them personally? That's a very difficult question to ask. Absolutely wego professional is a little bit easier. My way of thinking about my favorite driver speaking professionally is the one that takes time time to talk to you. We give me a hard time about trying to talk Angi good solid and yes not just yes or no. We've talked also about Dale earnhardt several times on this show and the relationship that you had with him in the relationship I had with him which wasn't much uh-huh I remember one time. It was after the six hundred at Charlotte and I had been assigned the Dale Earnhardt sidebar. And I gotTa tell you it wasn't was it because I didn't like him of course respected his chievements but after a race del Earnhardt did not make it easy on reporters to talk doing absolutely not and he came out of that trailer and he and Richard childress got on their golf cart and JR roads was driving the golf cart and earnhardt looked at made may dead and in that moment the look on his face at what do you got make it quick and I froze froze in in that moment and when I froze the golf cart took off if I had had my wits about me. I would've jumped on the golf cart with them. I have actually early interviewed Dale on a dead run from Garage K.. Stand to his car outside the Roger he answered all my questions nations. No problem with that. Well those walk and Talks Got Kinda dangerous at times because at Richmond one year. We were doing the walk and talk with Rusty Wallace. Alice and there was a camera guy kind of walking backwards film and the whole thing and as we entered the garage. The cameraman fell over. It was like ten car pileup. We all fell over. And Basically Steve the next question that we had comes from Jeff Markowski Kaczynski at the underscore NASCAR JEFF on twitter. And he wanted to know how big of a cluster was the Tabasco. GO FIASCO Roy Moore. Who how much time do you? How well Steve here is what I was Zabell to clean in a nutshell? There was a ton of hot going into the nineteen. Ninety eight season with a new team owned by Bob Hampshire called international international sports management. That was the name of the rice team. Todd Bodine was going to be the driver and of course Tabasco was going to be the sponsor and this was a pretty good sponsorship. This was of course a very well known company had been around for longtime in there were models made of Todd's car there were dock Hass made of of his car. There was a todd. Bow Down Cookbook. So I wonder if Brian Calvin could come up with one of those todd. Bodine Cookbook and Steve. There was a ton eight-tonne a ton of marketing that went into that operation but but evidently there wasn't a whole lot of attention paid to the actual nuts and bolts hours to the therein. Was the problem. The performance on the track was just just pitiful and that said a lot about how the team was running when it came to competition. Marketing was fine but marketing doesn't win raises the fact of the matter areas. Todd Bodine can drive a race car. He is a good shoe. I believe that todd could have held his own. Against either of his Branca's I on the right attract so he could drive a race car. There's no doubt about that but he did fell to offer the season's first three races they didn't have points to fall back on and then Dan he qualified second and finished tenth in Atlanta but then he started to miss more rice. Yeah and that's that's a real shame because you have this fine sponsor coming in it's basketball product to everybody knows and they are pouring all kinds of money into it and they're doing what a good sponsor should do a good spots. It's a never just gives a team a check and stands around backs it up with marketing and advertising to gain the necessary attention. They really need. That's what Tabasco was doing. But the result they were so bad that all right the the basketball team became a joke. That's the only way I could put it and Dan Dera Walter's team had kinda run. Its course and western auto had gone away and then he was having some trouble with some subsequent sponsors Tim. Beverly Everley wound up buying darrow. Walter's team renamed it Tyler jet motorsports and then Tim Beverly also bought the Tabasco sponsored car from Hatcher and and so maybe this was gonna be. The turnaround thinks that that team needed Well No. Dwi had found some success driving the number one Pinzel car for Dale Earnhardt Inc but then once the park came back from his injuries. Darryl was right back in a pretty bad situation with tyler jet and with Tabasco car and Steve Hey took thirteen champions provisionals in fifteenth starts. That was that was sad. That was saying fifty stars again. I can only stress. SO-CALLED TABASCO FIASCO was not not based on Tabasco it was based on team performance and to see Darryl take thirteen champions perennials in fifteen eighteen races. It was sad at first. And then it became ludicrous so that that reflected very poorly and unfairly on Tabasco. The moral of the story is that Tabasco was a decent spots. Are they pretty much got driven sport by team. That literally wasn't up to speed. The sponsor is important but everything has to be an order absolutely. We've already mentioned this many times. When it came to marketing Tabasco was right on target and offering the money it took to be competitive? They're right on target but they're competitive results. Were just awful and that just did not reflect very well on Tabasco which was gone one year so I have a question when you work in racing like we did for so long you accumulate a lot of stuff and one person's trash winds up being another person's treasure true and I gotTa have a story to tell about milt Heflin who was my co author on the Mission Control Book. I went to Mills House while we were writing the book and everything and visited his his office and he had a lot of knickknacks from his time NASA had a Lotta souvenirs and that kind of thing on top of his bookshelf was a contractor tractor model of the Hubble Space Telescope. It is probably maybe eighteen inches dollars. Pretty good sized model on the outside of it it had were all the lines. The Power Airlines were located and all that had the solar rays e opened up the top of it and there's actually a mirror inside for the telescope and all that well I thought it was pretty cool but it was just sitting on top of milk. Shelf had been sitting there for probably twenty five years since he was the flight director for the mission that service the Hubble Space Telescope and I went out to my car car and I checked on Ebay I was GonNa say if I could get one because I just thought it was neat Steve. I found one auction where this very same contractors model had been auctioned sixteen thousand dollars and I'm amy took a screen capture of that and I sent it back to mill. He was still not impressed. It was just something that he had had for years and years and years collecting dust on bookshelf and so now every once in a while he will send me a picture of is model. He took it out his garage. His unheeded unairconditioned garage garage is junk garage and all that so it was out there for a little while. He actually hung it on his bird theater. Just I guess just to give me a heart attack so milt has a lot of NASA stuff. You and I have a lot of NASCAR stuff of all the stuff that you have. What would you consider considered to be your most treasured memento? Well you're tying to okay and it's probably going surprise you a little bit. I have a framed named five dollar. Bill that was my payment given to me by David Pearson Through have bat really wow dollars and signed it but what he wrote was the following. I did not lose this. He cheated. Well you opened the door. What was the bet? I cannot remember can you remember. Can you not tell on family oriented. Show uh-huh now. The other is going to be a little bit unusual. It is a cigarette ashtray astray trimmed in gold. Porcelain trimmed in gold and in the center of it is a painting of Buddy. Baker's nineteen nineteen seventy three Ford Grande Torino. The drove for Bud Moore. Wow Okay it's never had anything put in it at all all it's in pristine shape and I've been offered a thousand dollars for every really. Yeah wow but I don't know of anybody who can come up with that same ashtray anywhere so as hard. It is to believe an ashtray. Lease the back. Okay so you and I have done a lot of joking about. What's your tracks rookie card and offering them to our patriot? Supporters and it being an official rookie card in your garage are hanging to uncut sheets sheets of that entire set now. I gotTa tell you if I were you. Those cards would be kind of at the top of the heat they are. They are right up and very very proud of having those two uncut sheets cards and there was a time when I would thought that they would put my kids through well. That's a different in store that did happen. That's a different story all right rick. I've gone through my list. What are your most prized NASCAR possessions? Well obviously there's the same ball itself and all those newspapers thirty two years in newspapers every issue of saying ever. That would obviously be my biggest memento but I had the chance to go and cover the very first exhibition race in Japan. That was a momentous trip. Yeah I remember that that. That was an amazing adventure and when we got over there of course everything happened with Elmo and that was very sad and then it's a different things happen while we were over over there but I went into one of the gift shops outside the racetrack and I bought a couple of Sam Bass prints bright for that race from what I remember. They were marked at what would amount to be thirty dollars each but from what I understand they were supposed to be marked at what would have been three hundred dollars so I got him for pre game prize. So I got the two prints and I took them around the garage and got every driver in the field to sign him as a reporter as a journalist you're not supposed to get autographs autographs. That's normally taboo. But that far away from home and being in that kind of situation and staying at the same hotel it just hasn't had a different field so I got every driver in the field to sign that print and to this day. One of those prints is hanging in in my den re release something. So you know Dale earnhardt Jr on that Terry Labonte Jeff. Gordon Rusty Wallace who won the race. All the Japanese happened as drivers one actually signed in Japanese which was kind of cool. So yeah that's my Momento of my time in racing Hi I'm Kirk Shell Medine. You're listening to the scene vault podcast. He'll be careful going home. Use Your turn signal where your seat belts and get the hell out of the Left Lane Steve. We have another review on itunes from D Burke two thousand six and this was a really good one as well. Okay I just found this podcast about a month or so back. I had listened to the Dell junior episodes through a link on on his twitter. I can say I am almost one hundred percent caught up. You guys are awesome. I have been a NASCAR FAN since nineteen ninety seven and and have not missed a single race sense. I love the history of the sport and can never hear or learn enough. Most of the guys you have interviewed have been wild in crazier than I would have ever imagined like the Buddy parent interview. That may have been my favorite. I look forward to years of stories and history to come keep up the great work guys. I've got a challenge for you. Get Kale and day. W on the show next year. That is the challenge. Happy Holidays I I think it would be awesome if we got Kale and E W on at the same time that would be in our show or thirty seconds show together again. Thank you so much for these kind reviews. They help a lot. Obviously it's nice to hear kind words and good words about what you're doing encouragement about what you're doing but it also helps on Itunes to get placement and and encourage other people to listen so if you can't please leave us a five star rating and a written review on itunes. It does help once we get to one hundred written written reviews we will give away a copy of every NASCAR book that I have ever written and every Nascar Book that you have ever written will make for a very good Loretta. You will make for a very good library. And Steve of course did go into six printings remember. How can I forget and again listeners? This will be our final episode of the year. We will not release an episode on Christmas Day or on New Year's Day that we will be back on January eight with a pretty cool review of what we've done in two thousand and nineteen and until that time we really WanNa wish all of our our listeners. A very very happy holiday season. And thank you for being with us. Merry Christmas everybody

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