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REShow: Aldis Hodge. Hour 3 (08-01-19)


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Just two mm four six and eight dollars can't wait to wear it buy online pick up in store free today up to sixty percent off all kids and baby styles now old navy and old Navy Dot Com com valid seven thousand nine hundred eleven select styles excludes in store clearance our number three the rich Eisen show on the air live from the A._T. And T. studios after at this hour <hes> just so you know sometimes they'll just tell you how the sausage is made or how we leave the kitchen as soon as this hour is over we are we're rope out out the door. We might have a foot out the door when we say see you on Friday <hes> because we're going to canton. Ohio we're flying into the great state of Ohio tonight and tomorrow we'll be doing our our our show from the hall of fame while well it in Canton Ohio. Our position is right across the hall from the Banquet Room in which the Nikki luncheon takes place and we'll describe a little bit more of it tomorrow on our Friday show but <hes> the luncheon is clearly named after range ski the dynamic hard nosed used all time great from the Green Bay packers way back in the day he would decided that we have to have something for returning hall of Famers to just talk and air out thoughts tell stories grievances and also hayes the incoming class and kick any other person in out of the room. That's not in the hall of fame. It's a hall of fame members. Only luncheon Ray Nitschke's started it and then when he passed away the Great Deacon Can Jones ran it. I don't know who runs it right. Now I think did they say was Willie Lanier last year. It's just some member of the old guards doing it right. I don't recall call all the hall of famers. They get up. They swap stories and they give some grief to the incoming class. GotTa be one of the coolest things to be apart but usually you are looking looking at the hall of Famer and saying young man welcome to the club or you know <hes> contemporary from back in my day. You waited a long time. Welcome to the club very rare do they look at somebody older than them and say welcome to the club but Gillibrand as you all know knows Julius Caesar's forty and he's getting in four four eight six new with the Togo which is really impressive seriously as a guy who runs a forty with a in a suit coat. It's I mean how D- drag hoof with Togo do I use that as a joke tomorrow night until Ralph of course the Julius Caesar One and then the Toga Line afterward he gets pretty workshop. We're spit balling on live radio broadcast right now. We're spit balling. I think that might be a line three good for my banquet right dinner and every single on I make turn over my left captaincies. The commissioner laughing is Roger laughing. Does he find that funny because he's sitting right there to my left next day. It's tough to see him because David Betweens David Bakers like bakers. Large visiting the president of the Hall of fame who is all about the hall of fame man that law man loves the hall of fame and he just puts it on his sleeve and everybody it's contagious. He's knocks on all the doors to tell everyone who's a football. Fan should go to canton one time. Try to get into this dinner. It's so magical interest rates because he gets dinner again. It's it's where the gauntlet is formed. What does that mean. It's it's it's all the returning hall of famers in their goal jackets standing on either side side of the <hes> the I guess thoroughfare that's created amongst all the little stage in the middle and they walked to that stage to wave to everybody the body and they they it's the first time that they're about their introduced all weekend long and then they get eventually the jacket put on them by their presenter and it's the first tangible item <hes> of the weekend weekend they've been waiting for since they knew that they were getting in <hes> back at the Super Bowl and it's amazing seeing the emotions <hes>. I'll tell more stories about it on Friday. It's because we got all this. Haji just had a nice chat with the actor aldis Hodge from the Great <hes> new show sitting on a hill on showtime but he's here mostly to talk about the role Brian Banks the the Brian Banks Story <hes> we did a podcast. We back in the day when we with the N._F._L. Media Group then we had Brian on the show we Brad Brian on the show with all this just last time when they were making the movie <hes> so they were together the last time and the story of Brian Banks is just absolutely remarkable and <hes> it's being told in this film. I've seen the movie it's terrific. Greg Kinnear is in it so Sherri shepherd <hes> directed by Tom. Shadrack whose brother <hes> is <hes> the is closely. I is closely aligned with <hes> Saint Jude Children's research hospital so it's it's all great great and <hes> we'll be chatting with his shortly here on the rich Eisen show. Let's get to Chris Brockman news update brought to you by our friends at Honda live men with the new and it's brought to you by the Honda. Some spectacular rent your local. Honda dealer is ready for you to experience complete car buying buying bliss with a great deal on a pilot V._H. Of Your passport that's the Honda summer spectacular event going on right now Chris. What do you have over there. Okay let the UNE Belle is doing a lot of talking N._F._L. Training Camp Year High and Le Vian Bell this year of course and he has a message for everyone out there in fantasy football and listen to evy. I'm bill a lot of people pick me not not even not probably going back and things like that but that's all I was starting out you know but I'm sorry about not being able to communicate with my playing you know so lobule fight. They wasted their money and things like that and I'm sorry I wish this year first longest you know we all this offense but after eating by John we have so much talent in so I'm deciding no org hey we had the fantasy footballers yesterday and none of them put Levy on in the top five none of them right <hes> one of the one of the fantasy footballers was <hes> said that they they thought that the offensive line wasn't good for his running staffers running style yeah. We'll see expect him to catch a lot of passes. That's obviously good P._R. League record number rushing yards and total touchdowns Levian bell this year. It was my fourth down hot. Take plank clutching statement of last week. <hes> that's my prediction all right so to your point though his apology that he made on twitter which is what this question was following up last season yeah <hes> <hes> apology to fantasy football fans. He's not apologizing for holding out so he's apologized to fantasy football fans. He is yet to apologize. Nores one clearly forthcoming to the Pittsburgh steelers fan base or his former teammates as former teammates. No it's business. They know they know what there was is A. You thought he was coming back last year. I think we all agree thought again. We thought this time last year was just IOC as whole now but hopefully he'll be there for week. One just like last sure <hes> then didn't show and then we was all talk about while he's got a show by a certain date otherwise he won't be able to just walk unless they franchise tag him again or they tag them again. <hes> then we realized it wasn't such a date but he was in Pittsburgh Anyway and he was gonNA show up then he did. We'd be saying that with Ezekiel. Elliott dot is not going to happen. That is not going to happen. There's no way in my mind that Jerry Jones and Steven Jones don't give the guy something remotely close to what he's looking for in order to get him into the they cannot play against the giants and washing well they can but they will they will not. I don't think they can win. Those games with the <hes> Alfred Morris and whoever else is left on the Australian again. That's the difference between Melvin Gordon and and Ezekiel Elliott. You have the latest on where you're going into that yes so Melvin Gordon <hes> Justina Anderson E._S._p._N. reporting <hes> Melvin Gordon's agent said he requested a trade last week for Melvin Gordon after the team remained at their initial offer of about ten million dollars per year. He doesn't have the leverage that Zeke has he doesn't he was given permission. How chargers are not trading eating him. He's not going anywhere if he wants to play football this year and get paid it will be in Los Angeles and if they have a deal on the table that is something like ten or eleven million bucks. We heard Joe Banner say he should take it. It's up to him. It's his prerogative. I think that he deserves to get paid but he's on a team that is not not built the same way that the the cowboys are built they will go with Austin actor and they will go with Justin Jackson and they will try and win games and they did it last year to prove it so there's that I he just doesn't have the leverage. It's not there and it's unfortunate for him. Yeah Yeah One guy who did get paid Michael. Thomas huge hundred million dollar contracts on yesterday actually signed it agreed to yesterday signed today talked about it. I'll be back to third deal so you know just just the process timing wasn't there and <hes> you know now it's onto next makes goldline now the highest bay so that's my biggest thing. I'm trying to every anybody that knows him knows that he is all about it. It's not just you know natural God given talent and he just. Let's it all roll out. He's constantly about improving honing being the all Tom Bastide so game really is and it's it's. It's great to see hard work. Pay Off now again. It's his time to get paid. They'd eventually Melvin Gordon's GonNa get there to his time to get paid and to me. Michael Thomas had more of more leverage than than Melvin Gordon. Has Melvin Gordon's only been healthy once for an entire sixteen gain campaign and he had a great year last year. He does make the chargers a better team. He is a difference maker but it doesn't help his case again that they went forno without him. Last year down the stretch and you pay these other two guys. You could pay them two million dollars a year. It's different positioning the running back. Position is different unless you're Zeke because the team's built around you. I saw this quote from Bruce Arians. He was with Peter King on his podcast. Go football morning in America talked about <hes> how he views his assistant coaches coaches and how these assistant coaches have their own lives that are equally as important as football anything to do with your children on fire you because I missed a lot of mine and those years don't come back. There's plenty of time in this office to work. You come back at midnight. If you want to. Don't miss that recite. Don't miss that game <hes> because it means so much to your children and it means so much to you. I mean the Games. I did get to see my son play. I knew he felt different and I don't want those guys ever miss that so he's basically said he would fire coaches if they don't leave to be with that which is terrific. I mean he's taken a totally different approach into returning the coaching to see Martellus. Bennett replied now. This is the same for players. It is not Martellus Alice now question it is not but you know players. Do Miss a lot of stuff to we had the football fantasy football ballers guys on yesterday. They talked about Christian McCaffrey being the number one number one player that they would take well. One of them did right one of them hitman right around Veira had an interesting quote about Christian Christian McCaffrey. He played almost ninety two percent of the panthers offense of snaps last year and the goal. This year is to cut down in his place but we're not GonNa take away his touches. Rivera said we want the ball in Christians hands when he's on the field. There's no reason for him to be a decoy or a swing guy so why not figure out the best thing thing so when he's on the field. He's getting the ball. McCaffrey was on the field more than any other running back last year and was third in total touch is behind. Zeke GEICO ELLIOTT and Saquon Barkley. I just remember when remember McCaffrey was that that that kid at Stanford that had all these wow highlight moments that hardly the rest of the country saw after dark as it was on in the middle of the night and then when he goes into his <hes> his getting ready for the draft he doesn't play in the bowl game. Everyone's wondering that's that's a red flag. He's not GonNa he's GonNa. He's not going to be about the team. Try very hard right. That's a red flag and then it was well. He's not gonNA meal run between the tackles and take the hits and then it was him showing up at the combine and having a combine at the running back position catching catching balls better than what the receivers did and then Yada Yada Yada Yeah. He's a monster don't think I can can by taking him first overall in fear that you might have to really think about it. I know he can pass these numbers. Third touches is behind. Zeke and Saquon were basically if Zeke is is is going to be active week one and he's going to be so. I shouldn't say I immediate Bama among eat a half hour yet which I get so Zeke and Saquon of their right why we not McCaffrey AM I. Am I using the same mindset that I've just called into question. Why won't I pull pull the trigger on McCaffrey first overall. Why not I did that in my fantasy league with all my poker buddies if I had first overall and I did that the room would just go watt. Let me ask you this. They would freak and then you have saquon I do. Do you think the panthers will have a better season than the giants. Yes then why. Why wouldn't you take McCaffrey now because because there are other issues on offense that you'd have to worry about D._j. More clearly we mentioned Curtis Samuel. We'll yesterday you know there's Greg. Olsen Cam is a threat in his own right that there are enough threats to create the space ace and issues and coverage nightmare issues for McCaffrey the giants. I Know They Guan so why not exactly or talk ourselves into it. <hes>. Theo riddick was a big free agent after being let go from Detroit. He has a new home going to be the Denver Broncos. Okay okay he had visited the saints. <hes> several other teams were in but it's going to be Denver. We add te'o yesterday and we said Hey T._d. Last year you told us about Philip Lindsay and we didn't get on it and Philip Lindsey was dynamic and he's terrific. GimMe another one this year and the offense and he went through the entire depth chart at two three different positions tight end running backup and wide receiver and land on one until he talked about the defense yeah so they need Theo riddick. There Man Nice addition nice to do that is elite. That's in the League combination. There's no es in there. I don't think so. I don't think that I saw this as a pretty funny Derek. Carr bought a new home in Las Vegas funny about that. They're going to vegas well. What's so funny. Is His neighbor in his neighborhood. Yes Jon Gruden. Would you WanNa be neighbors with your boss and the man on the N._F._L. Man. Who ultimately holds your future. He's raving about nate Peterman right now that that reeks of like a Derek D. need eat any of those styrofoam thingies for your boxes. I got you some bubble. Wrap for those dishes that I'm gonNA. Make sure you put in a box. We were trying to come up with this. Where's my Gruden by the way where's person to have is your neighbor. Your boss Your in-laws. Oh Jeez <hes> <hes> by the way these parents these are people who I depend on and love. All of them live next door to them. Though I mean they all they're all can help. They can all help with a cup of sugar <hes> they can all help. They can all help. Keep an eye on the kids but you need to. Have you know it'd be a great babysitter. Roger Goodell twin girls guy. He's you know and my kids are younger than his twin so he's been through all this so you're just going to drop the key. Hey Raj <hes>. We're doing a quick show. I wouldn't be Raj. Kamal's respect act. He's your neighbor. You're not calling Mr Del.. Fees your neighbor okay. That's true okay. So how would I talk to Rochester like Hey Raj. Look I gotta run to the store. We'll quick. Can you just watch the kids ads. I'll be back in like an hour top. It'd be like Nah. I can't I gotta collective bargaining agreement thing going on wow gruden living next door to GRUDEN. Wow not going to go. This is the type of stuff. I want to see on heart. I mean it's in Vegas won't be no. It won't be on her knocks. What if he's like scouting and they won't be on next. Year's hard knocks 'cause. They're definitely not doing it again. Hello all all dislodge good to see you sir. How are you great to have you back here. At the star of Brian Banks. He plays Brian Banks in a new film of that name. Also Oh city on a hill on showtime is fantastic. We talked about that with Kevin Bacon when he was here in Studio aldus Hodge next on the rich Eisen show. Don't you dare move. Everybody's got A to do list drop off the dry cleaning pick-up some milk. Here's an idea. Let's add save hundreds of dollars on car insurance to that list. The good thing is you don't have to drop off or pick up anything. 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Eisen show not only only to our listeners and viewers but to my guest. He's been here a couple of times before <hes> man. It's not his first <hes> Football Rodeo here in Brian Banks. <hes> we'll talk about that in a second second. I love city on a hill on showtime starring this man all Hajj get to see you sir good seeds. Let's talk about this film Brian Banks. It's an important story. It's a crucial crucial story. <hes> you know very well last time you were here was with Brian <hes> and now it's finally coming to a theater near with you. His story of being falsely XLII accused of rape by high school classmate in two thousand and two he was set to maybe go to U._S._C. in ball out from long the colleges like Willie mcginest and others before him his life excellent turned upside down in the story is totally bonkers. It's an essays very much so so what was it like playing. Brian <hes> well for for me. It was fantastic because I feel like Brian's. Path is so unique in that what he went through <hes> and happens to a lot of people but how how he used it how he went through it the way that he made it something <hes> effective in the most positive way. I think that was really a part of his journey. So this film for me. Oh we get to be an asset to his purpose. In Life. Inspiring People Inspiring Progressive Conversation Change Judicia reform all that so so being able to step inside of his mind was really honestly a privileged man <hes> enduring the scenes I would talk to him. We would go all the way back to those moments. Sometimes it got a little deep got a little tough but <hes> he was always willing and ready and available to to just sort of give me that had experienced to give me the tools I needed to execute but for me with everything that we did even when the Times got rough. We had to shoot rougher. I've seen a go to those dark places. I said I this is going to hopefully inspire somewhat somebody to do some work right so it was just it was a great privilege college and <hes> man wasn't experienced brother. Yeah and the and the film is is a terrific portrayal of the story and the is terrific and it's O'Brien is on that. You're going places that he it's difficult clearly for him to revisit and you're going to those places on his behalf. I mean what the world has to be. The the scene that we just played <hes> while we were shooting that day and and <hes> you know talk to Brian took him aside brother like I'm really Kinda. Haven't I'm struggling to find the right notes here like talk to me. What was this for you. When we went all the way back to what it was like for home life and his mom's and all that kind of stuff and honestly we just to do sitting outside on stairwell like going through memory road <hes> crying about Nokia experiences because we were sharing are <music> are both of our hardships in life and <hes> you know happiness but he kind of solidified the Brotherhood in completely different way but it was awesome because you you know how to step into in order to understand how to portray that sense of empathy and mercy because the thing about this movie to the one thing they get right is Brian is a walking walking ball of light <hes> he is nothing if not the personification of inspiration right so I want people to understand that and get that from him and the from Washington this dispel because you know if you don't understand that he's a great human being come off this film that I have done a disservice you could see he. Does I mean and again we we've met him. We met on the show and <hes> when did he come on our podcast Chris. Was it like early on twenty seven twenty I mean and so we I kind of knew his story and then he sat on our podcast which I would love for people to see if you want to go listen to just telling about how he was going to go to U._S._C. and he was gonna be a star background. He's ready to ride scholars to go from the man. Pete Carroll himself gave them verbal confirmation information you come in and to automatically as sixteen she all of your football dreams guaranteed you know as two-way took a plea deal that he shouldn't have taken and then and then and then he goes to prison for five years and he gets out and he's trying to as he's on parole. He's drying to clear his name. <hes> at least ankle bracelet comes off and he doesn't have to be a registered sex offender and you can go about his business. Maybe maybe if any any shot at playing football again. He's got to do it his ear and here's the thing that people have to understand like he was accused of sixteen. He spent a year in Juvie fighting the case so he was already in custody locked locked up in a four minute before you know he got the sentence when he got the sentence. I think he went to prison like a day. After his eighteenth birthday you know so here's a baby going into prison like prison jail two different things but he's going to prison with monsters five years prison in five years on parole is a registered sex offender wearing the ankle monitor which means he's still technically imprisoned in public. It was nauseating to understand. I understand all that he went through and turn the case. All the plays Brian Banks that turn the case again is he gets facebook friend did by the accused Mike like there. was nothing going like nothing had ever happened like. She just hit him up. Hey how you doing a with like did you not what did you forget all that he and again my concern with the movies that people are going to say that that's can't be real like you just made that up but that's actually actually have it all documented and it was a big break for him because he eventually got a recantation and you can still find that on youtube the real live video the real recantation you can find that on Youtube right now so it's very much real if y'all wanna find out they look it up and obviously Veasley. It's also part of the journey for Brian Banks in this film aldus and <hes> I was blown away because he's not credited in the film <hes> ah when the scenes in prison where he's basically trying to be helped through his bitterness this clear obvious and understandable bitterness about what happened Morgan Morgan Freeman pops up in this. What was that like shooting scenes with Morgan Freeman for you. <hes> it's it was. I'M NOT GONNA lie. It'll relieve really get star struck or anything like that. I don't really but this is. This is different Soda Experience. He's a legend you know he's one of the goats and I'll tell you something that really brought me to two tiers working with Mr Freeman so he has a history with Tom. SHADRACK <hes> Bruce Almighty films. You know they yeah so there. They go back man. They're they're good old friends. The very first day Mr Freeman and I are shooting. We hadn't spoken really socially you know. Hey how you dumb but we get straight to to work. We're we're barely even speaking in the same but after a couple of takes he goes he whispered something Tom. Tom Pulls me over and he says hey man WanNa take some tomorrow. Quick Morgan Morgan. You know wanted to tell me he said you know that kid over there. He's got it bro that broke me in two seconds because I was so nervous on this film. I remember there were days. I didn't feel like I was pulling my weight. What now we call my brother and Black Bro. I don't know if you know doing my brother Edwin highs. She's fantastic actors. One of the reasons I became an actor you know and <hes> he'll be like Bro. You got the confidence I mean good. Just keep your head up and I will call a Mama friends. <hes> with semi notes on on a regular basis race is just to keep my confidence up because this the responsibility was heavy from me so every single day you know. I was like damn in my dorm my word and to be in in all thirty minutes of shooting into a sane for Mr Freeman say something like that about me with all the confidence in the world and I was like wow that is shook me man and I I don't mean to say the story out of out of since vanity that that's not you know but but it was absolute validation in a completely different way and Bro I was like I was all of my phillies. I was at a motion the dry shed a tear. I'M NOT GONNA lie. I should've thugs here. You know what I mean. You know s cool. It's all right but <hes> that at man because to me this story we have to get it right because it speaks to such a large conversation conversation that's going on right now especially in the space of judicial reform especially with what the C._I._p. Does work in all kinds of cases people in there who are falsely accused of murder and all these different Shar California Innocence California innocence project started by <hes>. That's helmed by Justin Brooks. Who does these cases Pro Bono. He does not charge people for this to Greg Canal plays in this and there are some cases that Justin's been working on for over twenty years between three to five years excite. You know to think of putting that much effort and dedication into something that you just have that faith in and you're not asking for a sent from you know your hardest in you know what I mean. Brian still works with the C._I._p. Sits on the boy so I think this is too important to mess up at no point. Was it about any of US individually <hes> everybody came to this with our our producers are direct are actors. Everybody came to it with heart because they knew how serious this could be what it could mean and we just wanted to get it there Martin. Oh you meet Brian Banks for five minutes. You know that's what he's all about so clearly you. You were picking up from his vibe this. There's no doubt about that. There's no question all this odds here. <hes> on the rich. Eisen show all right. Let's talk about some other stuff here as well. <hes> city on a hill. I mean to you are joking this sir. This is a great. I mean we had Kevin Bacon on a couple of weeks ago K business. Oh Hey this'll is what you call him. Dave <hes> I'd love that <hes> <hes> cable with that name our we were joking around and that that ended up being that's that's what his name is in my phone. Is that what it is the seven degrees of <hes> so so my good friend who's also my barber on this <hes>. His name is art. Williams Sir <hes> that's my do writes my ace and <hes> I think we were messing around <hes> one day we joking with cabinet and that kind of came up so that's what it is but man. It's a monster show with a monster cast it. Is We have a fantastic producing team. <hes> I'm actually a fan of the show when I say that I mean outside of bias of me being a part of it. I liked the show. I'm wondering where it's going right now. I could say but I know I know I just you know you've seen so many shows movies set in Boston <hes> set in Boston where not everybody's he's acting properly. You're seeing so many this is it's remarkable how this show and you and everyone else has found something unique sort of new fingerprint for it does remind me a lot of obviously the producing team along with you know. Damon F- like his Oz there is a lot of wire. There's a liar. Elemental really got really really does run a man Tom Fontana obviously Mr <hes> mister fantastic tastic he. He's really really taking the reins of driving down the right path but you know really Kinda. Starts tzars with ends with is is really sort of led by chuck. McLean are show creator. <hes> chuck is Boston <music> auto percent in and out a you're saying he'd be good guest on this show I think he would be. I think you should have chuck joke with them like so. Let me guess he's a Patriot Fan. The Celtics Bruins Boston College Little Bean Pot hockey say something about boss please. It gets you. <hes> chuck also man but he's super dialed then. He's a smart cat really <hes> collaborative. I think which is a superpower when it comes the show but <hes> you know he pulls no punches. He just Kinda goes for his mind. Just just out. It's right there so on the page and we're saying <hes> <hes> we just got lucky with a really fantastic team and then of course okay cave. Is You know you got a lot of oh. You got a lot of fans of the show right here on this show also in our control room as well couple more minutes with all this odds right here so again. Brian Banks is not your first football if you will well <hes> Voodoo tatum. who say did you ever play football never once they've grown up not even in st eight not even someone like? I was always Friday night. Lights your first ever football attempt. Yeah get out of here. It was that's like our Guy Del tufo making a hole in one in his first ever golf swing because I play little government. I'm terrible of now my sport coming up with fighting. I still find today. I loved the Chinese people when it came to football. My brother was the football player. He loved football. My Pablo Football <hes> I was the rebellious science nerd so I was like I just WanNa hit stuff and and make signs prizes <hes>. What was your best science project on us. <hes> what. I'm working on right now. Alex watches <hes> I`Ma watchmaker MAHARAJAS. That's my other job corologis or allergist. I'll be honest with you. That's a big word alert right there and learn but check this out though so like in Austin where we shot Friday night lights like everybody lives each sleeps briefs Football. You'll find six year old girl to to know more about football than some. y'All do all right. <hes> I remember shooting one day. I threw a pass. It was so terrible and the next day literally the next stay in the papers. The headline from page was how I threw a duck of a pass for like Y'all put your oh boy out because I'm supposed to be the Star quarterback at your food chain and they had this great quarterback from U._T.'s his actual names James Brown <hes> he's from Mhm U._T. <hes> teaching me but they they put your boy out there my business. I'm like me up in the streets. No no no no me up. I got to walk around in you know well. Word was <hes> on the set of the film Friday Night Lights. Right wasn't it that that <hes> p. diddy was going to be the quarterback in any given Sunday any given Sunday. That's what it was and then they saw <hes> pity throw and P. P. Diddy did not appear this is and then that's that's how Jamie Foxx well he can act you can also throw I think he might play in his early years but he was saying I saw an interview. Jamie Feis race and that talking about any given Sunday Sunday where he said you know you're dying. You really gotta play football because they do have you out there when we were doing Friday night lies. First couple of weeks was training camp. We've sitting out there in the middle of summer in Austin. Our cleats on the on the high ground was like our feet were probably was sitting on a hundred fifteen hundred twenty degree heat it was our days are liking mind you whatever but the heat coming off the ground was insane. cleats cleats are taped to our feet so we cannot take them off. We're sitting in chairs like this. You know like save me he please but we did real training so <hes>. I got in shape. I think I would have been <hes> better quarterback or running back. I I'd like to be a linebacker. Could I just seems fun but you were in the wasn't as film you weren't trained Brian with straight of it is not an easy position but again. I grow fighting fighting so if I see a target to go hit I'M GONNA go ahead well. Let's let's find that headline writer in Austin Texas. What that's brutal you. Try and make a watch. Also yes exactly you're a watchmaker. Make a what you're Harare logist right. I had no idea Brian Banks in the theaters near you on Friday August Ninth City on a hill on showtime on Sunday Nights. It is absolutely worth your watch. You are awesome all this hodge. Thanks for coming in yours twelve but anytime I come back anytime all Haji on the rich Eisen show will wrap up the show with Chris Brockman got in my ear was gleeful. The let me know that I need to tease the next segment with jets news why you're going to like it okay. You're gonNA like it okay. I feel the program jets new. Oh very good. That's next on the rich Eisen show. Hey listeners just wanted to take a minute to thank all of my great sponsors and all of you great listeners for supporting. This podcast certainly couldn't do this. Show without either of you and I wanted to remind you that you can support my sponsors by going to my show page at podcast one dot com clicking on the support this podcast button and there you'll see all of my wonderful sponsors helped make this show possible so thank you for downloading subscribing and of course supporting now back to the show stay tuned for sixty seconds of A._B._C. News headlines Right after this podcast we're going again. We're going to be radio only tomorrow. Marla they say in the Business <hes> we've got Rod Woodson teed up and a whole host of other hall of Famers who were going to pick out pick off <hes> out of the <hes>. Oh Gosh we do have howie long and Jerome Bettis all teed up as well Matt Patricia. The head coach of the lines will call it sweet. We're in the mid. West we might as well speak to someone from the Mid West or not so so <hes>. That's how we're rolling tomorrow on fraud so you can just hit are at the listen live button on our app tomorrow so I tell me what's so great about the jets. Okay jets jets news friend of the Program Ryan Kalil former center he did it on the panthers coming out of retirement joining the jets or does that a huge maneuver over that is huge great in the locker room great for Darnold just a dread. Dr- just a DOC dreadfully Non New York guy going to New York Dome but that's okay but he's southern California guy is but a perfect perfect tricked locker room guy and a guy for darnold and a guy by the way on an offensive line that was maligned on this show. Yesterday they go just tremendous tremendous owes U._S._C. U._S._C. Go stop snapping our our <hes> our Trojan of coordinating leading producer fight non right there. Let me know that my air all right there you go news. Halil to Darnold but as a huge move you've huge. It's tough sometimes to step away from the game. It's tough to get out of your system and if it was still in Khalil system and he wants to go play football and the jets is you know they didn't get Matt Paradis of <hes> in in free agency. They didn't draft one centers at tough spot to fill. It's a crucial spot to fill. We'll certainly when you've got a young quarterback just a brilliant manure for the jets by the jets and also a godsend. That's huge. I I you know yeah. He's only thirty four so and he's having fun on twitter. You're telling me <hes> yeah. He's posting a bunch of New York Related Jeff's right now. Oh is that why he's tweeting tweeting out <hes> billy crystal tipping a Yankee Cap Right he also did <hes> the jet from the San Lot <hes> okay rocket man uh-huh Elton John Frank Sinatra wise rocket man. What does that have to do it. Nia rockets jets on Billy Joel. That's what I mean. He's not a New Yorker Ker. He's entity over. He Needs Ryan Ridge out to me. Let me let me help you hear Elton John. It's Not New York Okay Little so Oh cal coolness that the center and quarterback position and I'm telling you folks JETRO building a nice team right now building a nice team and my prediction right around week three week for Lebanon Bell is going to take the New York media to task for not paying attention voice why really high right there which means what is in your your voice kind of you know went up a few octaves on that one. What does that mean just letting you know. I mean some past that means. I'm pissed past. That's a way of just letting you know okay. Sometimes I register means. You don't really believe what you're saying and other times higher registers like I'm trying to say something I don't want to say I think think Juliet Swindle High Register when I mentioned the U._S. Soccer Federation saying they pay the women more than men over the last eight years. I think she got it. Did I wanNA thank today's guest Daryl Morey Juliet's and all this Hodge on studio that was fun. Lamar Jackson my buddy Lamar who says he will hand the football to the referees as he always does when he scores but he will do it with his left hand and then tap his helmet as a shoutout to the rich Eisen show and the only host coast to coast nationally saying that the Ravens are GonNa win the A._F._C. North. It's their division to lose. I believe in Lamar Jackson and I don't go higher register. You know what I think. Lamar can do it like that. That's a that's a tell that's right. That's a giveaway right. No you stayed nice and Bison are you. I believe that I mean you know they say he's you know he's going to run a lot. Don't run bar. Oh Gosh we will chat with you from Canton Ohio tomorrow. Here we come Canton Ohio the hall of fame. I'll be hosting the jacket dinner on N._F._L. Network tomorrow night and live from the pro football hall of fame enjoy football tonight's prepare to get stunned and Steve Austin show is back and better than ever been kicking his ass kicked out of the piledriver you time to go home with new exciting citing episodes featuring tales from his new life unbelievable past interviews and talks to pro wrestling pals you name it. Steve's on it. Your Alabama's download a new episodes of the Steve Austin show every week on apple podcasts and podcasts one right now at T. Mobile. Get an awesome iphone. 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