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Eileen Davidson & June Diane Raphael


Welcome to the Bravo clubhouse for the podcast edition of Watch what happens live with me. Andy Cohen. I haven't seen her in a while but I'm not bitter and she's an actress who Vicki convulsants blocked on twitter. It's watch what happens I I li Davidson in June Diane Rayfield now breath co and live in the Ronald clubhouse still vibrating after the mallet strike felt around the world on tonight so see my first start on the young and the restless and days of our lives and she was real housewives of Beverly Hills her new film seven days to Vegas is in theaters Friday. Please welcome my lead. Davis Million Dollar Bill. Dan said is a writer and actor who stars on Grace and Franky she co wrote represent the women's guide to running for office and changing the world this this is amazing. It's out in paperback now. Please welcome June Diane Super Cool Dog your huge house rise fan and talk to me about the your feelings right now sitting next to Miss Davidson. You know it's so funny. I feel like Eileen you. You elevated the real housewives of Beverly Hills. Oh franchise feeling we are feeling lost without you. Brought a certain amount of dignity that all right behind the bar car two go from dignity to something else she witnessed the most important head vonk in housewives history say Ida Mirasol Spas Specialists Lindsey banners the balls I mean who must have been very noisy having the OC ladies around the spa it it was a little bit more noisier than normal. Yes you bang one of those just so I can hear it. Lily Gorge Asset Asset said I despite Shane's lack of enthusiasm emily followed through with her sexy Vegas dance complete with her father-in-law and mother-in-law the law in attendance. Watch needs some opinions Anna poll after it might ten year anniversary is now being celebrated with my in laws I the thought my husband would be there. Larry uperior like well under their seventies and coming here to watch you know basically Titi show really missed out. How can you not have pod the bunch of naked ladies? WHO's in the audience of this burlesque show inland abby okay head to W. W? UH L. DOT TV. I pull tell US emily performing with her in laws in the audience cute or cringe-worthy June and I love my father in law Ah John in a Thong. It's just not on my bucket list. All right very good looks like y'all are at the cringe level. You feel the same way cringe inch little cringe worthy okay need to mention genus confessional look of classes thoughts address. This okay now gene is a beautiful women so let's start there but I was stunned stunned guns the hair is the same color as the face and I can't find her features cheers and features getting lost with a shock beautiful woman but it was a real shock to see. I can't say anything because I had some pretty classic. Classic Looks Myself Back in the day I had some bad necklaces and the whole it was it was not good well and we respected that about hanging too. I just want to mention later in the show. You're going to be getting a call from three very special mystery housewives on the line. This is what's coming up okay. We are so excited because watch what happens. Live has been nominated for a people's Choice Award take us up to twenty five times every day and votes count double on Tuesdays today head on over to vote devote while you're at it vote for us via twitter it or by using the Hashtag Hashtag w. w. h. l. and how shagged the nighttime talk. Show your questions privately in June or coming in but before we get to those here's what three things I'm obsessed with tonight I tonight on the real house of Orange County Shannon took the ladies to the Mir vol spa for some restorative time but it is possible that Kelly needed a time time out to watch. I love anything that will make people more spiritual. What's going on with a gong? I can hit the wrong the donner I like to hit it down low. Oh I choose happiness and I choose the lower guide me Mas massive beverage that I think could reach reach everyone. Don't mock the process we place a bull on your head unclear your energy filling expand or aura and my left is Larry. Look at me. Maybe you should talk to the doctor. I didn't mean it as a malicious but she's going to. I was trying to get had you here. He may have had a concussion. That girl has just it's just ridiculous okay. Here's what the GO-TO. WWAFL dot an answer our pool because I wanted to know how do you feel about Kelly's behavior funny or annoying latest. Kelly doesn't belong MIRA vowel well. I mean honestly I love Kelly. I really do not in the same. Show is her yeah so that might be a whole different game thing but she I understand you Eileen hilarious okay look you guys are going with annoying on this one the second since it's been a hot second since Eileen was last in the clubhouse we want to get take all the latest Beverly Hills hot topics how spill on the hills Eileen Davidson in addition to playing out on the show dog gate was heavily covered in the media. Who Do you think was more in the wrong l? VP or door reads yeah Lisa Vanderberg okay it being two faced and talking out of both sides of her mouth. Is that something that you cosign now your buddies with Camille me all right. I like him a lot. Straight shooting is is my preference dots on LV ditching the reunion in quitting the show and Kim Richards buried out in an agreed to move forward. Do you see that lasting. No highly having been witness is to their friendship for many years. Do you really think it's over for L. VPN Kyle. I've seen so many things about that friendship. I don't know you feel like it. I think it gets over you do all right. Thank you very much. I read Judas such a long standing. How sides fan I'd be a fool if I didn't get her stance to so? Let's play Yulon. Chap Me June. We're going to run through all the drama you sound off. Whose side are you on Victor Kelly and this particular issue Kelly okay that pains you to say overreaction to the way Shane treats emily and the general state of their marriage listen his teeth? They're getting whiter and demand getting angrier any to the trade rumor about Kellyanne. Who Do you blame for spreading it Vicky or camera of course and of course there's truth to it and that's okay? Hey I love to be on a train at some point in my life. It doesn't sound that bad. How do you feel about the self proclaimed new and improved Shannon storms cadore straight scared out of you? I'm you know I think Shannon looks great. I think she's doing great. It's a little it's getting a little too goofy for my liking. How you feel about the new girl Bronwyn? I'm nervous the feel about bit Vicky the Oh gee of the Oh see her role as a friend. She is your number one all time favorite before and I know it's a controversial statement. I can't believe that the show is getting better with her on that. I'm having to really look at things in a different light words there. I know believe me. I know it hurts. You know it doesn't feel good okay but this shows doing better and I'm more interested with her gone. Okay all right. Thank you very much the professional I believe that most shrines with extra strong backbones which makes them unwilling to compromise what they believe in so here's what it's time for a housewife house wife hangups brought to you by Metro I'll give you some tough situations and pears outsides with each you will say who is least likely to compromise who's more likely likely to freak out during an intense phone call Ramona or Mickey Vicky Okay who is more likely to fight dirty if another house five is talking trash about her man Lianne eh okay who's more likely to refuse a girl's trip. If we're Glam squad isn't welcome Erica or Dory Eric Cantor okay who's more likely to post an unflattering photo of a fellow Housewife Teresa or Tamra sure Isa Theresa Okay thanks Langley Langley. Let's go to Tim from Detroit. ATM what's Your Question High by questions for Eileen. I Lean I love you. I miss you this Eur Lex and I want you back. What would it take to get you to return to the real? Housewives of Beverly Hills Stink now I don't know I mean I might pop in now and again. You never know Lisa Renee tweeted. You look absolutely gorgeous David our next week so see the resort trip continues but before the ladies can enjoy a single spot treatment more drama unfolds this time surrounding Kelly's treatment of Gina. Here's this thing peak. I don't play like that. I don't either say I play. I play my own truth. You're you're snarky me for no reason no you gave unsolicited advice in. La Yeah Okay Times you tell your friends what they need to hear not what they want to hear an accomplished woman on swimming no you're not gonNA pay your bills bill. Hardly a total asshole Tall Kelly okay. Oh from that to this book about the worldliness okay. Let's go to running for office and changing the world which is an incredible thing that any woman who wants to know how to put put it all together all they need. Is this book and you tell them how to do it. It is a step by step guide for any woman thinking of running for office and it helps you figure out out what office you should run for how much money it might take if you have to quit your job or not. If you are worried about pictures that are potentially out there or trains screens. You've been on deals. Don't let that stop ladies. Honestly let experience with it all congratulations the great idea okay June Carlos S. wants to know what you think the news at Kenya's coming back to Atlanta thrilling the on Prince wants no I lean what do you miss most about being on the real housewives great question you know at least run and I had so much fun and Eric as well. We had a blast and I miss those times for sure. Let's go to Stephanie from Georgia Hi. My question is pretty virtues. What is the biggest thing you find about with Casey engine? Ya'll about the housewives okay they are of course your dear friends who host Faeroes special wonderful podcasts also nominate people's Choice Award I I would say that my devotion to Vicki Gun Vilson through some very challenging times times. I had to defend her and dairy hard okay. It's been very hard and Danielle and Casey have questioned where my moral barometer is so it's brought up a lot but you power through. Let's go to Lindsay from Florida headlines. What's your question? Hey Andy I just WanNa say thank you for all of your house vice show. I'm an avid avid watcher of all of our welcome headaches. Thanks or thank you. I also watch young and the restless so Eileen which do you experience more drama is there more Donald with a real house? Is Ladies Absolutely not Montesquieu. There's no contest reality. Television is much much more dramatic because there's no rules really anything goes. It's the wild wild west. You're listening. You're not reading a script now and you don't know who's coming in with what then why and undertake addressing that's right now. I went to work and that's where I found my sanctuary was with that well guess what you guys as a scholar of all things Bravo June has every housewives number but not their phone numbers so while she's here we are going to give them a ring. It is time to play mega mystery housewife housewife callers really on the line with their voices disguised. You have ninety ninety seconds to ask them. Yes or no questions if you can identify all three before time runs out you win. We will stop the clock. When you gotta sit correctly? You may say the more okay begin the clock now start asking. Are you a blonde or Brunette yes or no question. That's are you a blonde. Yes okay are do you live on the east coast or do live on the east coast. Okay are you on the real housewives of Beverly Hills such a long lag time yes okay. Are you into horses note okay Were you married to a very famous Sitcom Star okay were. She's currently on They're all current housewives. I'm blanking right now. Someone Eileen donate help are are you is your name. Do you love hairclips. No all my second pus America Erica. We Love Your New Song. It's wild congrats congrats okay. Thank you very much Eric. We're going to start this up again. Go Okay are you. Do you live on the east coast okay. Do you live in the south. Where do you live in the south? Did you look I'm going to have a drink. No no no okay or Ramona Ramona singer. Okay okay. Please identify. Please identify who you are. It's the mark it's Marty. It's you we have one more elsewhere. That's where the line we're not GONNA be able to guess tell us who you are dirty housewife. I would just me yes okay. Kyle tweeted yes. I lean gene looking amazing. I miss you and also just so you know Margaret. Joseph's got an amber alert during that and so that's why she had such a crazy delay because her phone it was crazy on Margaret. Joe Aldo oversee is she's not missing think thank after eight four my mom's Day goes to what is probably my favorite news headline. I've seen in decades. It came from Newsweek massive cement explosion explosion after blades hits goal artificial insemination facility firefighters forced to dodge projectiles hatefully. The fire was eventually contained A. and more importantly a bunch of firemen gathered around a massive semen explosion. That's giving me a lot to think about and while we're on the subject tonight's writes Jack why shackle also goes to the massive semen explosion the cattle facility as exciting as I thought the headline was I feel a little rod because on the off chance that I was ever invited to do a super bowl halftime show it was going to end with the giants seeming explosion also why did nobody called me when this was out but in anyway it really is back to the drawing board. I WanNa thank I lean ju Lindsey Rebecca in June. I leans movies seven days. Today is September twenty four June Co wrote this book represent the world. It's out now. Lindsay is a specialist from the mirror of all SPA. They do bring those bowls and bowl stands in your luggage. Thank you my head. Is it hurt when you bang okay. Let's test it out with. I would like to go now. What kind of us today you really the bank? You okay. Does that leave. We don't have another cannot not too hard right yeah. We'll just place would ain't golly right up on the tally here. Thanks Kelli did she wants to know what Kelly either Andy lightly strike at the bottom fairy light. That's not what Kelly got hurt Kelly Kelly do. I don't think she was saying you know what Kelly did. It doesn't hurt that okay. What is really hard hat all right? Oh okay okay. We're not kidding anyway data from Texas Sorry Dana. What's your question? Hi My sister June five product deserves to be on your podcast. How did this get the okay so the that the most recent house product that I just thought tonight positive water yes so any questions positive water how how can be positive? What does that mean how how okay so my main question is why anyone would think think Kelly Dodd as we know her to a would be the appropriate spokesperson for a brand about to say positively Alex via email Eileen favorite memory working with your wine Arco Star Kristoff Saint I'm John How you know every memory I have a Christopher's positive? He was just a darling human being love that that he personally struggled deeply. Did we all did suicide so we were all aware you had a very difficult time handling that it was a huge huge thing in his life and he wore it on his sleep. He was very open about it. Let's go to Nancy from Texas. They Nancy what your question hi right my question I lean I leaned. Have you ran into Kim Richardson. She called you a beast Jerry. You no all right. Let's go to derrick from Mississippi Derek. What your question yes? We're Christians for June and congratulations on the seventh season Grayson Frankie the longest. That's the longest running it turns out the longest running show yes thank you. Can you give any details about the new season. That's GONNA be coming out. Gosh so the new season that's coming out. You know those crazy ladies are up to some stuff they are. I think that fans of the show will be very happy to see where they end up in the sixties and that's it's coming out in January. I cannot spoil too much. All I can say is it gets very very crazy. It gets very very crazy. Good Okay Brandi. Glanville tweeted in Eileen looks amazing aw anything about my my appearance. Just keep on looking at those. I really thought that your top make sure is I am. I not a woman sitting here yes if my sister housewives. This is good jude. If you had to choose less Latino the dino wants to know which housewife would you like to see hold public off God. I knew this was coming. This is a good question such a good question. You know what what I actually think that I would choose Bethany. I'm really blown away by the work. She's doing and the relief work she's doing. It's just kind of it. It is really remarkable to see what she's done with her platform and I'm totally inspired by it. I would choose Bethany very good yeah all right. I want to thank lean and thanks for listening to the PODCAST. Everybody hope you enjoyed the show. Remember new episodes.

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