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ZBT #217: Stolen Dog Tags Make Terrible Christmas Gifts featuring WWE Superstar Bobby Lashley


It's Friday edition of Zero Block thirty today. We have five rounds in the magazine. Round number one. An Air Force veteran turned. US Airways pilot spent several days in a Denver jail following following a nude phone call and now the city owes him big time round number two. We're fast approaching peak holidays shopping season so word of warning. Don't don't be like the Virginia. National Guardsman who got caught stealing war. War to dog tags from the national are tied as gifts for his wife's grandma round number three big scientists coming coming down the pipe. A new study is out global warming effect on military bases. And we'll tell you how that could affect your butthole round number four to to Coast Guard. Pilots just received distinguished flying crosses for their incredible action during Hurricane Harvey and they use a classic military loophole to get themselves into that Geraldo situation in the first place and finally round number five. I got to sit down with. 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They send all kinds of older veterans to Washington D. C.. So they get to check out the memorials and all that stuff so go to reebok dot com and get get some of that good good shoes because you need new shoes on your feet. Christmas in his coming around the pipe so just go stunt once again reebok dot com slash Z to shop the JJ AAC three valor. Let's start. It may wife all right so I know that it's been on social media. It's been on Barstool sports a lot but I do want to mention because there's some people who don't live in the Barstool universe. I WanNa thank all the listeners of the show all the stories out there who donated to headstrong project in total we have one hundred ninety ninety two thousand dollars. That is going to go to the headstrong project to help veterans who are suffering through. They're going to get treatment for the rest of their lives. It's amazing exactly school. The founder of headstrong reached out with an email this morning and said that his unit was one of the hardest hits units for suicide after coming back and the amount of money that we we donated turns out. The math is almost exactly the amount of people who they've lost in their unit already. Just an incredible story all the way around so I wanted to start the show by saying saying thank you now. Let's get into round number one number one question for you guys before we begin you. You big new dudes nude how like sending nudes sending nudes. Being new will kind of being nude you have the house to yourself chaps. The families on a trip somewhere. You have the house to yourself cons your lady has gone and even sprinkles and Gossard in the Kennel depth. You have that place yourself. Are you taking offer clothes and saying you know what what a treat. Oh yeah yeah I was thinking I really. Oh yeah no no not me. I don't like it because I have the home security system where you go in on the APP. It's see something to happen and then next thing you know my wife ABC's my butthole went on not expecting to write you only want your butthole. It'd be seen in peak lighting. You correctly is to have the right shading awesome. Yes Lina Parcel Radio Room. Yeah I I think living in New York City kind of crushed that luxury for me because any window you can see twenty other windows every now and then now now with the the tits. I'm like fuck it everybody's got a Pearman who cares like but that just made me think of something real quick. I went to a party one time. I didn't know the person who's home. It was that we were going onto but he lived in a pretty high floor in his building and I noticed there were two sets of binoculars. I'm one of the window sills. I'm like what do you look for. Like birds and stuff he goes now. We use those checkout like people getting undressed and stuff so there's creeps out there. There's a lot of groups out there. I've even had my cousins. Apparently some of Kahn's friends friends of Friends of friends skewing believe honest to God is some of the parties. Like the WH where you end up in New York City sometimes you can attest to that. There was a New York City photographer. Who made the news last year? They held a shell come to my opening. They held a show that was. They would walk around the city at night with Telephoto Lens. Camera and their show was photos of inside side people's apartments that I took from the street like pay very weird shit. So yeah I'm at this point. I'm like whatever it's an apple but just the haggard old brawd on the five escaped with my kids out but below that. I'm still a little wary. So question number two in have you guys ever flown blown into Denver Colorado. Yes Oh yeah. What is the one thing about that airport that really stands out to you design terribly? Well Okay I was GONNA say conspiracy. Here's the theory that there's a whole underground world underneath the Denver Airport okay. I was going for the big white tents that are part of the architecture that mimic the mountains in the background though. Yeah is it famously known architecture for the anyways right next to those tents that are huge part of the airport. That's the main concourse. They'RE SMACK DAB next to it. Like feet feet away is the Westin Hotel and the Westin hotel is completely entirely glass. So here's where question one comes into play as this past September just a just a month ago two months ago. Whatever Air Force Veterans Andrew Collins? He's now Captain Collins because he's a pilot for United Airlines Airlines and picture this he's in between flights. It's been a long day in between flights. It's early morning in Denver. He's flown in. He's got a layover so he's in his hotel room on the tenth floor of that. Westin Hotel right next to the main concourse finally got a little time to relax so he takes off his clothes and in the process he's fully nude. He opens the curtains. He's looking out at the rockies out of those big beautiful white tents at the airport and he gets a phone call still nude. He's about to hop in the shower now. The a phone rings. It's someone calling about his campaign to become the elected leader of the nation's largest pilot union. Very Cool Air Force. Veterans has got some leadership skills. He's a pilot pilot now. He's going to become possibly the leader of the nation's largest pilot union. So that's an important call so he's still nude but you know what he answers it and he proceeds to chat. Do you ever chat absent mindedly in a window on the phone. You're staring out. Oh yes and if he's naked is probably dangling his Dick Buddy. His Dick was dangling like Casey one thirty five straddle Ratto tanker fuel nozzle Air Force Guy just a flap in the breeze. He's standing in the way. I imagine he had one leg up on the heater. You know. And he's he's just a threat like slow. I like to imagine these has his air pods and he's like forrest Gump on the balanced that is exactly how I think he wants. So hey deal. He's up on the tenth floor of all floors. So you're nude you're looking at the mountains. Nude what a treat you know. Luckily and you're on the tenth floor. You're not concerned. No well. That's where things go downhill my friends. He's new on the phone looking out the window. When suddenly boom boom Denver police opened up? That's right there's a banging on the door and it's the Denver police saying they're about to enter with or without his permission Collins quickly tosses on some pants and lets them that lets them in only to be handcuffed and stand there watching s his room is torn apart. I don't know if you guys see the picture I included in there. Yes he's this little man in green jeans with little glasses on it a little just own. Looks like the older version of me. He looks like a burly boy. He loves thank you. He looks older than what I was expecting so he gets this cops come in cuff them all of a sudden he's like what the Hell's going on. He was then taken to prison where he spent several days in a cell and then got charged with a misdemeanor for indecent exposure and then got suspended from flying for six months by United Airlines lines while he's trying to become the head of their union and this is what he needs to fuck in union. That's why because as he spoke on the phone. People in the main Ayn terminal of the Denver Airport ten stories below started looking up and noticing a nude man in the window they alerted authorities and under how much touches that pilot in the window so under Colorado Law. A person commits indecent exposure. If they knowingly expose their genitals to the full view of any person that's meant to cause arousal or satisfy their sexual desire of any person so while there was nudity in in this case no it was not sexual. It was tired pilot. Who took a phone call when he was about to get in the shower and thankfully collins fought back? He's citing governmental misconduct. Doc Thank God. A judge dismissed the case. The city of Denver has agreed to pay him three hundred thousand dollars for that twenty minute nude phone call four days in jail. Get some for for three hundred grand. That's not a bad deal still before you know that's GonNa happen what it feels like your whole career. You served honorably in the military. It'll terry now you're flying like your fucking pilot and all of a sudden your world's falling apart yet because ultimately I think now I gotta go in and ask one question one question alone. Was your penis heart right if they say no you must acquit if you didn't see people smudge on the window a little circulars then. There's no like smashing your dickhead like your fucking puppy looking out into the backyard right. I think ultimately this is going to affect them negatively though he's not going to become the president of the Union now even though he got acquitted of this. It's not going to be looking good that people Google's name and see this story pop up right. Oh I think it's the opposite. If he gets the Union to overturn it like this is the exact reason why I know for a fact that we need this union to help us out. This six months suspension was unjust. My friends it was unjust. I agree agree. I feel like I can't believe they suspended him like that for. Maybe it's just an automatic thing with the rules but Andrew Collins. I bring this story up for a couple reasons. Not directly military related related to something wacky Avenue Veteran Andrew Collins. We you have our vote for the head of the Union at United Airlines. And you have our endorsement. Our officials era about thirty endorsement. If you get it we would love to fly on your plane if you're really sorry are you are. US Airways if you're really sorry. Reach out to US offer for US free flights and we'll do the interview with Mr Collins while flying around this time us over. That's exactly right. I'm getting my United United States Airlines makes up but also I feel like the only other reason I want to tell the story. I feel like we do rip on the Air Force A lot. We actually had somebody telling us this the other day like come on guys give us a little love. Is there any more love than saying the then Weiner loud saying hence stories below this guy. I don't know if that's route to say sorry. No that's a big name. We can see it from ten stories in across the way. That's a good cup. That is a solid hammer and I they call it his room the cockpit yeah all cockpit so you know who needs to just mind their PS and QS all these people looking up ten stories division. What do you care? Actively looking up ten stories leave the man be and I just can't I feel like I would look up and be like well. Yeah adult adult day slightly different. If you're beating off the window right beaten off your good right. Yeah who knows anyways they could pilot shame. I think that's a solid story to say all people in the air force have giant hogs so very nice for the Air Force Awesome Story. And that's all I got for that uh-huh let's move on to round two round number two and National Guard steals World War Two dog tags for Christmas gift. And this one comes this from restroom Time magazine verse before we get into the story. Did you guys enjoy wearing dog tags and did you do it. I wore dog tags on the little metal balls. Would bother me sometime. Feel like I don't know they'd get rid of chest air some you know so but yeah no I kept mine on five fifty for some reason in a little tighter and closer up so wasn't stepped between the old gals. We'll get sweaty. Yeah Con I. I used to wear them loop through my back belt loop talk them into my pocket and putting that pocket down but like on the weekends. No you know outside. I along dove when I first got in you do it. I had like a Shitty flip phone. I was taken mirror picks. I wish I had all those. We get so many lex if I had my old cheesy Cheesy boot picks I bet I was fucking standing in the mirror with my dog tags blazing own. Maybe I read these things. What's on this? It's my social security number and my religion not to mention my blood type in. Yeah so I think that I want to go back. Maybe I'll order some doctors doc tax. Just be super super boot with it but this guy. That's the story. It's a little bit different because buying something for your grandma buying something for like somebody very who you don't really have a deep relationship is tough right like. That's the one of the worst parts about Christmas. Yeah I think also to more so like if you're seeing somebody nobody and you have to get a gift for their family or like your wife like. Do you ever get a gift shops. You and your mother-in-law have a storied history do yeah you want to know what we do. Oh yeah so what we do because she's super southern like conservative Christian Lady. I go on Amazon and just search Christian gifts and then it'll come up with like a gardening set with like a Bible verse on it and I'm like she's GonNa fucking love that it'll be like it'll be like plates that she could bring bring to like her Bible Studies and things like that with a Bible verse on it and she loves it every time you can stop proof method to steal anything like this Virginia. National Guard sergeant did. He's accused of stealing world. War Air DOT tax on the National Archives of Maryland and has pleaded guilty of the theft charge as name is Robert rubs me a Fredericksburg Virginia which I actually. That's like right. Outside of Quantico entered a guilty plea to one misdemeanor count of theft on Friday schedule be sentenced in federal court on January twenty second and he told the investigators that he took the dog that belonged to a US airman killed in crash. Airman airman who were killed in plane crashes in Nineteen nineteen forty four and it turns out that his wife is the great niece of one of the deceased airman. Ramsey's Ramsey said that he gave the airman's dog tax his wife's grandmother as a Christmas Masih Gift and gave another doc to a relative of that servicemen. So that kind of changes it. So here's what he should would have done in my opinion clearly. He's getting them for people that are related to the individuals. There had been some way to prove that relation and I'm sure they would have just given them to write. I don't know how this works if we have anybody who's knowledgeable about the National Archives which are incredible if you speak as authority we don't want to reach out. Let's speak as an authority to regulate I feel like here's the part where the gift loses a little for me one. I highly doubt he was like I can see him being like I went and researched and found these and I got these for you. I bet he left out the part where I pocketed them. In the National Archives and no doubt Dole. Ol- them. Yeah like you definitely left that part out for sure buddy. Also I just feel like that's such a big energy move. I know one on Christmas. Somebody gave me. My grandfather was in the Army Air Corps and one of my aunts gave me his diary from his times in and I cried. I mean that these military gifts guests that stuff is like so meaningful but I highly doubt if they had told me we stole it in like if she had not told my aunts and uncles that she was giving it to me. That would have changed. The whole whole vibe of the entire thing microphone difficulties but yeah so I just feel like that's super weird. And he's I there's there's a hole deep dive on this people stealing things from the national archives. Because it's like the library you go and you check out a certain thing and you can take it to a table and look at it and whatever so stealing stealing stuff from the national. Archives is not an uncommon thing are so that reminds me a story when I went to Mount Suribachi on Jima so if you don't know at the base of our at at the top the summit of not Sir Botchy there is a little spot with like a flagpole and you can put your tags and things like that. And that's what a bunch of marines do well. Whenever whenever you we got back to the bottom the first sergeant basically treated us like we just got off? The REG does an army this to cons whenever you're done with the range you have to go get in the line yup clear you have no brass no ammo. Yeah and you have the empty all your pockets and you get checked and all that shit to make sure that you don't have anything. They did that to make sure that we didn't have any of the old dog tax or or any of this stuff that you're not supposed to take because you could still see brass and shit like that still on the sands and they want to keep everything pristine and just the way it was so they just before you go. Holy Shit no that yeah. I didn't know that well. That's it is a problem and you're like well who would do that while people do. Rum's be is not the first visitor. Accused of stealing from the National National Archives. Antonin to Hayes. French historian was sentenced to a year in prison last year after he stole two hundred ninety. One dog tags and other relics fix most of with two hundred ninety one tag was how you sneaking those out probably repeat trips most of which he sold on Ebay for a total of more than forty the three thousand dollars this guy so he's probably going in and out. It's like the Little Cadillac things you take at the library. And then I put onesies twosies but yeah two hundred ninety one and and I just really thought that this was that facility stores. Thousands of dog tags that were seized by the German Loofah commandos which prepared reports on allied aircraft aircraft crashes during World War Two so we got this back from Germany but it was his groups that used to go to the aircraft crashes and take all the dogs and all the stuff So that's they were looking into these thefts in a couple years ago. When they discovered that Rum's be had been accessing boxes that were not being returned fully with all the dog tags So all investigators recovered reams dog tag from a shadow box at the grandmother's home in Chesapeake Maryland. How Awkward Thanksgiving GonNa be this year? See that really sucks having to give it back. Ah Right because then they get the feeling of Oh this is a very nice memento to have this relative and now we got to get back to you. I don't like that at all right and it wasn't just that like 'cause you're saying you're right like while he was stealing it to give to somebody who knows feels like the dog tag version of the show. Dexter Dexter is a serial killer but he's killing bad bad people right so he's to give to people who knew them which seems like a nice thing but they also found older boxes. He had accessed when investigators questioned him in April. He retrieved dog tags. Two other deceased airmen from a shelf in his home he was just keeping them to keep them for his weird thing which is kind of weird He is currently assigned to Virginia's National Guard One Hundred Sixteenth Infantry Brigade Combat Team and. I'm sure they're having a ball with this. I just thought that was so bizarre to go steal and like to seem like you're doing this really cool will not thing. Hey I went and researched and found this for you would mean a ton to me. That would be so cool if somebody did that for me but to fight it out they stole. It would definitely take the wind out of my say on you had to do. It was talked to somebody at the archives and say hey this is a family member please give them to me yeah. I doubt that I bet they wouldn't. I don't know well that's mean. Also then I guess you gotTa pocket them. Basically to schools of thoughts when dealing with the archives one. They'll give it to you and one that they won't let blue onto ought to run number three round number three. I feel like in the military lore. The silver bullet is talked about very very often and joked about very often. But I have to admit I've never actually seen has have either of you ever actually seen or received the silver bullet and I explained the silver bullet. WHOA so go on? Tell us go ahead. Well it was. It's still military working dog but like whenever they're getting overheated. You do the same way like you could tell they star panting thing and things like that so you gotta stick it in there. But but I have been in several hikes where people have gotten it straight up there but I remember the best time ever was at boot camp. You did you ever see it happen. I and I never saw it so for anybody listening. Who doesn't know a Corman always keeps apparently the silver bullet on them which is a thermometer that goes up? Somebody's somebody's butthole. If they're overheating. And I guess it's the quickest and most accurate way to tell the most accurate. Your legit core temperature is the reason why they do it. I picture sure it looks like a silver Dildo. Now I know it's just like it's just like a regular thermometers like it's the same exact thing but everybody makes it scary because you're like. Oh you want what discovered silver bullet. But it's not really a scary thing at all it's really it. Looks like silver bullet use is about to be on the rise and that is due to global global warming. Folks the temperature is going up About two thousand eight hundred troops suffered illnesses from dehydration to to heat stroke last year and that number is fifty percent higher than it was five years ago according to a study published Monday and it looks like things will only get worse as global temperatures. Continue to rise now out currently military's hottest bases clock in at and he guesses. My guess is the ones in hot states. Yes that is correct. Marine Corps Air Station in Yuma Arizona. MacDill Air Force Base Florida. Homestead Air Reserve Base Florida. These are the hottest spaces according to what it feels like. There's the temperature and then the feels like temperatures of the hottest feels like because big bills in Tampa at homestead is in Miami. So you're doing with shit humidity. Oh yeah so. According to the Union Union of concerned scientists basis like these could be staring down four months a year where the heat index tops. One hundred degrees heat index is the feels like so for at least four months months a year almost constantly. It's going to feel like it's over. One hundred or above the growing number of dangerously hot days could pose a challenge to the military's efforts to protect servicemembers members health while also ensuring mission readiness said Christie doll. The study's lead author the study defines extreme heat as heat index again the feels like an under this scenario carbon emissions continue to rise in the global average temperature would increase about eight degrees by the century's end so picture the hottest you ever felt in uniform perform at eight degrees to that and that would become the once. You're that hot five ten degrees. You can't even really feel you're just hot and miserable than your hot and miserable. Yeah I'm telling you another eight degrees. I bet you wouldn't even feel it from eighty to ninety about you not feel that difference. I know I'm saying when it's shrink shrink when you're going from like one hundred one ten. Yeah once you're over one twenty you're like fuck it. Whatever man I remember here another shutout to the air force? I think that's one of the things that they they do. Much much better than the Marine Corps when I got air conditioning in all of their barracks air conditioning that worked and whenever they go to get hot back when it was starting to get hot day would you legit had to call the command station. Be Like we recognize the fact that it's hot like it wasn't just like they throw up a black flag at you're done you. You had to have a duty officer of the day constantly monitoring the temperature and then say I recognize we recognize the fact that is outside of normal conditions. We will see straightening and and we we had to stop trading like at like eleven eleven thirty because of the dogs would go down. That's smart though. Yeah if price Martin so because there are a lot of heat related illnesses again almost three thousand in the last couple. So here's the basis with the most heat related illnesses Fort Benning Georgia Fort Bragg North Carolina Camp Lejeune North Carolina and Fort Campbell Kentucky. Why do you think those are the highest heat casualties gang? Why would say benning just because it's infantry got a bunch of other race Airborne Ranger School Major? You're so guys are just tough. And they're not gonNA. They're very active units. These are the ones who brag basically. These are infantry heavy areas and they just get absolutely fucked in the heat. They're also we gotta stop calling an illness. That's not illness that's an incident. I will say though they say that once you have one like heatstroke if you're more susceptible to them I- jokes like concussions. I we had. I had a sergeant who has several. He had one on a hike and then after that almost every hike when it was hot out he was like and then finally they were like this is like genuinely affecting. You can't do breaking the seal when you piss okay but it was like a recurring thing with him and he. Yeah so I never saw him get silver bullet. He was built like a butterball. Oh that's interesting. Because heatstroke in anal sex are are basically the same because once you have it once it's easy to do it the second time debatable. Anyway so Besides we also know several bases ravaged by historic flooding. These last few years so who knows what's that well global warming is it's a hoax. It's a deep lake. GET OUTTA here no. It's you come on this recruiter Grew doesn't want the silver bullet Rhonda this. Let's move onto round number four. Yeah so this. Next story switching over to the Coast Guard a little bit and it is for two U. S. Coast Guard pilots. That received received the Distinguished Flying Cross. Recently a metal marking heroism during Harrowing Rescue Operations when they were flying an m h sixty five D Dolphin helicopter. Copter through blinding rain hurricane harvey in two thousand Seventeen And so it was Lieutenant Commander Carrillo Lieutenant Daniel Crowley And they were cited for these heroics as fifty inches of rain got dumped along the Texas coast and the citation laid it all out on August. Twenty six two thousand seventeen. The early stages of Harvey Harvey Carrillo was credited with getting crew in the air. He launched it bravely into whether well below minimal operations with zero visibility so they basically weekly. I can't imagine doing that getting a helicopter and going in completely mind. Driving in a hurricane is insane. It's grow- grew up in Florida driving through heavy thunderstorms thunderstorms is ridiculous. Flying a helicopter is nuts. Yeah not only that. These two were forced to fly extremely low to avoid the heaviest brunt of the storm And they were doing that. Because there was a family of seven clinging to life unsheltered on the roof of a flooded home with fifty knot. Wind gusts pummeling the helicopter helicopter. Yeah that's crazy just to think about flying. They're flying with just their instruments at that point because they obviously can't say anything to even locate the fucking house like right now. The people way smarter than me. It's beyond me. But here's the loophole. That these to us they. The conditions were so bad that they were not supposed to be in the air uh-huh and it says in the flight manual. We are not allowed to fly into thunderstorms and helicopter. Carrillo said but wow. It doesn't say anything about hurricanes we're we're allowed to deviate from policy of course if it meets the criteria and I thought this was one of those times so we took off into the mess. I'm not in a big hurry to do that again. That is the loophole that got these two distinguished flying cross. That's not the same word is hurricane. There was a time whenever it was going down whenever ever Hurricane Harvey was happening. Because it's not too far for me where I have we. I think we talked about it. A little bit on the show to the Coast Guard was doing at the time and this air crew chief reached out to me and I asked him. I was like do you want to come in the show on the show and talk about everything and you saw and he was like honestly dude. No He's like I'm not ready to do that. And he was like everything so bad that I'm not ready to do it. I was like It's absolutely crazy. And even then to these two they get in the air and that their crew trusted them enough because they had a whole crew with them to the rescuing seven people all and to get them on board and be like fuck. You know what we need to save these people. We need to do that. Incredible bravery huge shout out to those guys and even after they they rescued them They had to stop and land in a flooding austere airfield eighty miles outside of Houston for the night like they had nowhere to go. They were completely stuck. There was no break in the weather other so it was just an absolute and they said we were taking our best guess. We couldn't see anything even though we had our energies on we were just flying completely blind. We looked at the map and said okay. This is roughly where we need to okay So again time and time again over the course of days they did things like like that. They rescued a man suffering heart attack. The family off the roof assisted paramedics. They just for days just went completely blind into the storm so huge shout out to the coast scarred. We're giving our flight. Are flying air force of the coastguards major love today but those two definitely extremely deserving that distinguished flying cross. I didn't realize I thought that was only like a war thing that you could get that cell. That's really cool. Absolutely you know who else was a very decorated. Coast guardsmen. Kevin Costner in the Guardian Hardy and he was he was yeah he was the only other note I'll say is that whenever they're flying in the back of that helicopter there is no shot. Anybody was physically only able to receive the silver bullet at that moment intruder clinched. Let's let's move on to round number five which today is going to be presented to you by our good friends. Seek votes seatgeek season. I'm going to another game on Saturday. Taking the whole squad the whole family one of my favorite things right now is that McCartney is like addicted to watching the spurs she constantly will say is there a spurs game on. When she wakes up in the morning she asked Google home home? What the scores are from the spurs games and things like that and taking your to the event is going to be even better and you could do that too because buying tickets are complicated? Aided in confusing but there's a simpler way to buy with seek my favorite aspect of the entire APP as gives you rating not just like letter grades but like nine point six nine point seven. I'm not going to buy anything. That's below like a seven point five. I'm just throwing that out. They're not GONNA do it. You could do that too by going to seek and downloading it and use the Promo Code chaps because you're GONNA get your I ten percent are ten dollars off whenever you do that again. That's a Sikh APP and into the Promo Code chaps today seek. It gets the best place to buy tickets. There's no doubt about it. That's why I use it just about fucking every two weeks at this point really. It's incredible all right. Let's move on to run number five. which is going to be? WWe superstar. Bobby Lashley Ashley. WHO has a gorgeous body? Here's Bobby Lashley now zero buck thirty we have. WWE W. E. superstar. Bobby Lashley bobby was in the army. And he's done a bunch of other things involving veterans Bob. How're you doing today Sir? Updating tastic pick. Thank you so when when you were growing up. Your Dad was a drill sergeant. was there anything about his whenever that prepared you whenever you went to boot camp just by being around your father other well my dad always lead. That was big and discipline. Any always preached discipline. So when I went to when I went to boot Camp I was already prepared for court. I went to boot camp after I graduated college. And my dad I graduated as a major when he actually got out through the first surgeon and then he went started major and then he retired so I was already kind of prepared for the discipline and and I did. ROTC in high school. So I kind of knew what to expect going in Just to get prepared and I think the biggest thing that I learned from my dad was just that is just the discipline and whatever you go in to go into one hundred percent was. was there anything that caught you off guard whenever you graduated. Did you respect your father a little bit more. Like for what he went through from the service. But that's just what every job You just have to have a thick skin. You can't take everything personal. I mean You have people that are over you and they're I can tell you what to do. You have to follow orders and That was one thing that you can. You can understand but then when you get there something else that you have to Kinda WanNa deal with our own so I respect my dad because my dad had to go through a lot and he went through a lot at the time where it wasn't as is as is comfortable that is now When he went to a time where it was like it was getting around the Vietnam War? My Dad was in and I had three uncles. That were in the service. Two of them were in the Marines. The one was in the navy so so just being around all all of those guys they just. It was just the way that they carry yourself. I mean my dad always had his head and shoulders out you know. He walked like manny the act like manny did things like man and that's what he taught me and that's my uncle. Stop me so and I knew that they got a lot of that from being in the service because the service that's wanting yeah you have to do with soldier soldiering so you know when you go in They get to prepare for it. And and basically turn you into a a man Magin so so whenever you have whenever you're dealing with Vince and you're dealing with a lot of the other personalities after coming from a military background ground like I know my my boss here is known for being a Dick like he's just like constantly and people's faces it makes a lot of people nervous but because I have experienced in the Marine Corps that Kinda. It didn't bother me. Do you think that being an army helped you deal with some of the big personalities. They're in the. WWe Oh yeah in in the WWF. Outside of W W like I said before you get thick skin you can. You can't get rattled because people can give you a hard time no matter what when you came in I came originally. This is years back Everybody was real nervous about coming in because they were like. Oh no some of the guys that are already in there kinda give a hard time to some of the guys that are coming up and that didn't bother louder me at all because nothing could have been worse than basic training. You know all right fair to have people attack me. Go after me made me do things that I don't want to do. So I'm COUPLA uncomfortable and evil right now Some guys you know just being around guys and traveling everything like that you can and people like to joke. They like to talk to tell jokes. Folks joke on you and everything like that and and I just can't get rattled. I can't you rattled at all and I think that's one thing that I can just I feel comfortable with No matter what and then just is being with Vince. Events doesn't really give you time to give you a hard time. And all he's he's a businessman. He's running huge company so Just learning how to deal with him and I think that that's one reason why been gave me an opportunity to come back because he knows the person I am that occasion is Dr and he knows Just being from a military terry background. He knows that I have. I've integrity. So he keeps me on the show and And gives me an opportunity to be on TV and into represent the WB. So whenever you got to bootcamp I imagine if you're anything like If the army's anything like the Marine Court we would identify certain folks who looks the part. You definitely look the apart being a championship wrestler with you coming in being in such good shape did they give you extra shit. And they're like we're going to break this dude yes at the beginning. I mean I remember. It was a quick story like right at the beginning came. We're all sitting there right out the holding after we just checked and everything we just got too at Fort Benning because I I went to four betty and infantry and I remember we were all sitting on the side of the street. Whereabouts Formation had over into the barracks and one of the drills are little sort of guy came over there and had that Joel Stern hat on and he came to me? He saw me and I knew that I was going to be a target from the beginning and he went over to be any he took his fingers and he said you know what these three with three fingers were like two pounds of pressure. I can just rip your ear right off of your head and he it goes gotten he grabs my ear and when he grabbed my ear you go up the cauliflower ear and then he just Kinda like broke character for a second goes. Did you wrestle and I just kind of stick my head up up up and down because at that point I was a three time. National champion wrestled a little bit. So so yes I was like yes I did. And he's like yes. You did sorry. Yes jobs argue snap back into it but then afterwards he pulled me aside and you kind of talk to me a little bit. You know my background he goes. Okay this guy this guy can go in and actually I set the record for PT test. When I was down there oh sure so I feel like I I Iran? I think I did a hundred and twenty pushups in two minutes. One hundred and twenty sit ups in two minutes and then I ran my two miles and I think it was ten thirty an hour. They all good solid pushups or were you fake the funk cheating a little bit man I everything a hundred percent. This is chester ground. Of course with those guys they they wanNA see succeed like check now you just to make sure that if anything would not completely all the way up and all the extent. They weren't counting. They one onto two to three. So yeah and I bet the fat. PFC That was there from Texas this motherfucker kid you just don't want you to succeed but But at the same time you know you're doing for their their their squad or whatever like that so they they want get numbers respect. You still want to give you a hard time so when you when did they identify to go on the army wrestling team. Well that was kind of it was kind of touchy when so I came out to call it a graduate college and then I was kind of unsure as to what I was GONNA do. I mean military was something that could could help me out paying off student loans and I did want serve anyway but the wrestling coach contacting me before I even enlisted and he said look we want to get you to. WBZ World Class Athlete Program. Okay how great I need to and he said were yet to go to maps. Take the test the basic training and I said okay he said but however when you come into the service your your soldier first so we still have to make the team. So I went in knowing that I was GonNa go for that program but I would. There was no guarantee that I was going to stay in that program. There's no guarantee that I get to that program so when I was going in I was going in and saying okay. I'm going into service and then whether or not I make the team. I'm okay with it because if I don't then I'll spend my time in if I do then that'll be my job and luckily I was able to get onto the team and make the team and then Because you kinda thought that that was going to catapult you to the Summer Olympics right because you you'd won three consecutive National Championships in college and then you're on the Army Tame and you're on track to go to. The Olympic Games cracked absolutely. I mean. That's the world's programs force for athletes that had the ability to make the Olympic team. If you just a good wrestler or good whatever it is track or whatever boxing then Sir you can possibly make it on the T. ooh that might be like a part time thing that you pulled out of your unit for but you make the w cap team that means it. Okay we have sites for you to actually really make the Olympic team. So we're going to support you all the way. They're so yes I was going for the two thousand four Olympics and and I was fighting my way up the ladder and and doing everything necessary to then your story of how that fell apart is insane. Can you walk us through. What happened is crazy I just it was just yesterday's World Team Trials in two thousand and three so we were getting ready or to. Well you know you take a little break off because it was summertime you start getting back up to the next season season. Make the two thousand four Olympics. so that's when everybody really was GONNA settle into their weight classes. You had the guys coming out that were ready and you guys were. Are you just preparing to get there and So we had a little bit of a break. We had that break. I was doing personal training on the side and and one of my clients and show up so so I just want to go and take and deposit like check that I got. I don't know from Navy from personal trainers something. I was going to bank so I went into the bank and the bank. He's guys came in shooting. The first guy took a shot at me. I didn't see him. My back was turned tonight. Just everybody screaming and jumped down so when he shot at me. I took a dive down to the ground when I took a dive down to the ground. They shot up a couple more. They didn't actually shoot anybody But they did shoot several times jumped over the counter. Honor stole some money. I mean it seemed like eternity that I was down on the ground but I think it was like fifteen or twenty minutes but after they ended up Stealing the bank and get everything and basically scaring everybody I got up in. My knee was completely just smashed I leaned on my knee because you know in most banks just like marble for yes. It had that like like thin piece of carpet over it but it's basically a concrete on top of carpet on top concrete so when I hit the ground. It's my neo. Slow like crazy and and I had to have the surgery when I had the surgery surgery. The surgery I'd have a second surgery and with the second surgery it was it just took away everything like I couldn't make it to I couldn't even walk And I couldn't even try out. I mean I couldn't even I couldn't even do the two thousand and four national championships or wilting droughts. Because my recovery time from the surgeries would've put me way past the time that was needed to prepare for this for that for that next year and I imagined from Early Childhood from High School Time. All the way college in your time in the army you had had that one goal of making the summer Olympic Games. When did it transfer to go into the WWE? At at that time. When I had that surgery The my first surgery I had the first six months of the national championship so I was like you know. He's he's telling me that it's going to be a six month rehab. But I'm not the normal person Joe. I figured I was going to be ready in like three or four months and they're still have a few months training get ready. Would I be hundred percent. No but I don't think you're ever one hundred percent going into any fight a wrestling match or anything like that so I was still on the mental frame with saying I'm going to make the team and then like a month later money just got really really bad faction said and everything so Hattab. I had to have emergency surgery again. which at that point? It put me like three months away from the tournament. And there's no way that I could do it so I was just sitting on my couch. One day they pray to God. 'CAUSE I was like fifteen years into this and then some idiot come shooting up the bank and taking all that away from me like what do I do now. I mean I have a college degree I am in the service. I mean. There's a lot of positives there in my life but my ultimate goal was national away from me so I was just sitting on the couch and I was just like praying and just figuring out what's going on and then men out of the clear blue. I got a call from Gerald BRISCO and he was like phone rang Gerald Brisco with world wrestling entertainment of like we saw last deal and Kurdish come. Kurt Angle came to the training center. probably six months priorities. alrighty call me and numbers and come and talked about. He's he's got a good look. You Might WanNa think about Gordon. W You know that's just basically a way of saying you're hot all right I gotta get my boss still kind of gives me to look your current comes as like. You're a sexy dude. Thanks for your body but he would. He say that was a huge fan occurred at the time of he's fan of wrestling an Amtrak. The professor vessel wrestling so Beth goes just like hey you know we'd like through. We like to bring you up here in in heavy do a trial. Because we're very interested in bringing you in and didn't when he told me that when had to call actually sitting on my couch with the street laid cast on a guy and walked two months before this call. And there's no no win. Hello can you tell them that. Yeah so it's just like oh I'd I'd love to. I'd love to all right. We need to get you here. Can you come in a couple of weeks and I was like Not like at every Houston world by couldn't come in two weeks because I couldn't even walk at that point and you know it makes it even worse when you get a phone call like like that and you're dealing with somebody on the phone that you really WanNa talk to you and you're excited. I don't know about you but I'm a big pacer when I'm on phone calls like that you being in the straight cast leg. You can't can't even pace around while you're on that phone call all I could do a sit up and you can't. You can only sit so straight but you want you know you wanted to pay around. Yeah yeah so I mean I dr with him and then I was like I was like let me see what I can do because I still have to do some paperwork to get out of the service. Because I was actually medically I was medically retiring hiring at that point because doctors had messed up my knee so I was already in the process of getting out of the service so I was like well I need some time and he was like okay. Okay we'll We'll give me a call back and let me know the timeframe because we really need to get you up here and man hung up that phone that would streak to react. Wow sounds like you guys got me ready. I've got to do something so I mean it was like every that ever something that was even in your mind to go be a wrestler slurred. Just happened out of the blue. No I was. I was so tunnel. Focus at this time. I mean there was nothing else. There's nothing there yeah had a degree. Yes serves yeah it all these things going for me it was. It was when you're when you're at the Olympic Training Center. There's nothing else that you think about. Sleep breath your sport. It's all all day long every day so there was nothing else. There's nothing that I was thinking about. Kirk came and asked me that I was like man I would love to be with you in in ww. But I I do this So I mean I just I bust my ass for the next several weeks and and then I ended up going through the trial and the I think I took my casts off the day before I went to the trial that was like the first day that I really took some steps before going and then I ended up going to trial and the rest is history and they. They saw me down there. And and they're like man you you're great shape and Blah Blah Blah Blah like contract. You come in and join us and now you've had such a story career you've been in the game for doc over ten years fifteen years right. You've been listening for fifteen years. It's crazy man crazy bobby I wanna I wanNA thank you so much for joining us. Happy Happy Veterans Day. We appreciate your time thank you. Please clap thanks again bobby for coming on the show we really appreciate it. It's been a little time in Scotland. That must be so much fun just to like hop around and do things like that and get people to cheer for you like whenever you're hearing different types of accents and stuff like that I like. I wonder what they're Goto. Over in. Scotland is- hagous guests package. Yeah all right and save rounds alibis. Oh I had a quick one so last night. There's barstool accounts for the different military Terry Academies and I was on I was laying in bed about to fall asleep and I'm looking at armies at Barstool army and I see this this they call it army branch night I guess it's like when you're going to medical school and then you have that big special day where they find out what hospital they're going to or whatever whatever and they have their top picks so I guess they all get putting auditorium. They all get and they figure out based on their class rank actually. They started doing differently now but nevertheless they figure out which the seventeen armie branches. They're going to go into and really special. I was watching videos of it. People were attacking us on twitter. So I guess that was yesterday and they down the whole room explodes as they opened these envelopes. And they all find find out where they're going and they're also excited and happy for each other and it's like the military version of the sorting hat. It's like the sorting hat right. And No slithering snow slithers. But so they get that. It's really cool. Well another little tradition. That Khan's I'm sure you're well aware of but they're instagram story. Last night at Barstool army was hilarious. I was a guys I reached out to them. Guys what is this because they were. It was like all these barracks rooms all these rooms at West Point I guess they were bringing full trees that they had dug up up in the woods and putting forests people's rooms they were they were filling everybody sinks they. It was the freshmen. Were getting to completely destroy and rearrange the rooms of all the seniors and they were taking their mattresses and putting them like up on mountain tops and like they were just based on what branch they got and infantry. That's the reason they put all the leaves on the trees especially hey better get used to better get used to sleeping in the woods and the seniors would come back to the rooms and discover that the videos were they. The one guy. The sink was full of garbage water. Whatever and the guys like folk and he's drinking it out of the thing? I'm like vomiting my mouth and the army account said this was the best one in like eight years that the pl- the freshman really went ham on the seniors and they wanted me to ask you cons. Where you dick about it when you were a senior where you cool no? I didn't mind because you know means that people will actually give a shit about you and they like. Yeah so if you don't get your own messed up that means everybody thinks you're a big old showed all right. Well I like that. I thought it was really cool. It was funny to Z.. At Army Barstool and then right after that literally messaging with Army Barstool at Navy Barstool at. Oh it's at Barstool army and then at Navy Barstool it'll slid. MIDEM's with fun t-shirt ideas coming up for the army navy game and stuff like that so I just feel like a little Mama Hen chat enough. The people at the Barstool are still military accounts. So be sure to check them out. that's my only thing. I just thought it was super cool to see or it's great. It's Great Kant Chaffetz. I was GONNA ask you. Is that one of the best things as a father. Taking your young child to a sporting event and being able to answer all their questions Yeah Yeah and whenever they start to figure it out. It's really awesome. Last night. We were watching the game and I was doing some work and Kelsey was upstairs watching. Like fucking Gilmore girls or some Shit McCartney goes what's going on with Derozen Weisenthal inbound. She he likes sitting next to me. Her hair still dripping wet from the bath. I have a big wet spot from where it was in my shoulder and I look over. It was like what she's he's like. You know like number eleven. Why was he taken so long and she goes he only has five seconds to do it? You gotta get it in. That's a great point. I just think like when I'm a football game. I love being asked questions. Some people don't want to be bothered but I think as a parent that's one of those times where I feel like I already big time if it's a game I only tolerated because it's early in the season if it's a game I care about I cannot do it cannot do it all right a fair like so you want to answer questions during an army game I actually no I. It means that people in my opinion if they're asking questions because they actually care so so I love talking to talking about football so anytime army game any our football game if you ask questions I like talking about like the XS and the OS. Why did that person do that? That's the same conversely. If I'm watching the sport that I don't know very well is walls. I know some other sports beat hockey Lacrosse. I love sitting with someone or being able to attack attack someone and say hey. Why did he do that? So you're saying Army Navy tied in the fourth quarter and the game is winding down and ask you. Why do they keep running the ball? That's not GonNa bug you breath. What's that limit roundly? Bad boy to the test should film it while we were there and see what's going went on because we are going to be at the Army Navy game this year again and it's going to be great. Do you have any save rounds alibis concert. Oh those were my allies. That question to you. That was my save round alibi. Oh very well oh my alibi is we have launched some new hoodies. Make sure that you go get them because they look. I've you see the social clips. I am wearing one right now. We're on the all black one. I liked too short sleeve one as as well other than that. Oh Yeah I have one last one. shadow told the students who helped us raise money for the head. Strong Foundation. Barstool does a ton of IT and other areas areas as well unfortunately a Worcester Massachusetts. Firefighter passed away fighting a fire earlier this week. And we are doing a T. shirt fundraiser. So if you go to the blog it's Kinda hard to find fine. The exact t shirt on in the store because we're pushing the Christmas sweaters but if you search for it on the blog you can find the blog about the worcester firefighter Jason Monarch who pass away. He was trying trying to save a baby. He got caught into terrible story. But we're doing a fundraiser. You can buy t shirt and then that will help his family so over to the site and if you want to keep the fundraising going yeah there go and we'll find it and we'll put it and we'll at the top of our zero block. Thirty twitter page two. So if you're listening can go there and find it and then big time Tommy. Do you have anything for anybody doing needs to grab. It's big time timing and he is my daughter the day being strong doesn't mean how much you could lift. It doesn't mean the size your biceps but the strength of your mind not to follow but the real leader always always be leader. That's that's the old school way Wes. Light all right. Thanks Tom Appreciate it. We'll talk to you again next week. Sound the retreat

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