Three Year Retrospective


The arena with her yeah well. That's not a real who else there's no box of gaming wermer berman you. Did you went in there. I wa- they're eastern bruce. How old doc was she knew. How aw what happened solution so good for pearl toddle walk away with something to wrestle with bruce prichard it. Hey it's conrad thompson and you're listening to something to wrestle with out bruce pritchard okay. We're just kidding. Bruce will be here in a little bit but we wanted to drop a little bonus episode today a little retrospective in honor of the three year anniversary of something to wrestle. That's right three years ago today. On friday august the sixth twenty sixteen something to wrestle debuted on the immel w radio network. I'll never forget. I was at the n._w._e._a. Wwl legends fan fest in charlotte north carolina and i had been podcasting with ric flair for over a year at that point and lots of people who listened to the ric flair show <hes> recognize me and came over to talk to me about the ric flair show and i said now you gotta go check out this new one man that just came out today. It's got something to wrestle with bruce prichard and you're gonna love it and i got a lotta strange looks because obviously as far as name value wrestling goes. It's hard to be ric. Flair and most folks who had heard of bruce richard couldn't even spell it. They thought there was a t in his name. Which is what you know early on the episodes. When we started shielding t shirts i i would say don't put a t in his name on your back so i could get strange looks and some people would say you mean. The brother love's guy but the hardest person to convince events that this was a good idea was burchard himself. I guess we should go back and tom. I met bruce in two thousand fourteen. We quickly became fast friends. I i was doing a lot of television production and in and video work for mortgage company and i had an idea for a couple of different commercials and asked him to lend lend a helping hand those were at home runs so it became a more regular occurrence so about once a month bruce would fly in town and spend the better part of a week with me we would would produce a new campaign for the month and we were off to the races and we're having a lot of fun after hours at first bruce will stay at hotels and then eventually i just said why does crash your house so we found ourselves just hanging out and i'll never forget one nine on the couch. I said hey man what happened when the radicals jumped from w._w._e. W._w._f. and i'll start all questions to bruce that way my wrestling fan i would always say hey man what happened. When which is where i came up with the name for tony shivani show much later because all of my questions always started with high man what happened win well. I wasn't really that big of a crispin. Law eddie guerrero dean malingco or perry saturn. Fan wasn't like they were my absolute. Favorite wrestlers are appreciated their in ring performances format suits and they were they were fine wrestlers but it's not like they were my childhood. Heroes like a whole cogan was or whatever but i just knew that would probably be an interesting story. I mean such a big group. The guys jumping you know normally when these jumps happened it. Was you know wanted to time never four or five at a time or six at a time when over the rumors were about everybody else so an hour later when he finishes the story a realized this would have been the perfect podcast. You know there were happy moments in there that were sad moments almonds in there. You know i mean what a ride y- you could get happy and mad and gladden sad all at once and i said bruce this has a podcast and he wasn't convinced he just thought that was the worst idea ever had already tried that nobody was making any money in podcasting and he looked to me and said look how hard it is for you guests on ric flair show every week and i said no not guess. We don't need guests. You're the guest. We just need what you just did to be. Put out to the masses because i'm the target audience on the demographic and if i'm entertained by what you're seeing here i mean i know this is what wrestling fans want and and he thought nah. I need to talk about the current stuff. I don't really want to do that eventually a warm down and convinced him to just take a couple of practice episodes so we would sit in my den with a couple of hand held mikes <hes> we had <hes> zoom like everybody uses whether it's chris jericho or steve austin or anybody in podcasting testing these these zoom hand held devices a couple of sheer. Mike's and we were just talking about whatever we talked about whether or not hakim the african dream was was really a rib on dusty and we talked about the debut of the undertaker and we talked about the rockers and just whatever freestyle he got much more comfortable and thought you know what i've tried. Everything else silly wanted me to do in this mortgage sales world. Let's just try this on to see what it looks like doc the uphill battle though was he wasn't sure anybody really wanted to hear what he had to say and he felt like wrestling thing was in the rear view mirror for him so one-sided overcome both of those and convinced him to at least try it now. It's a question of where are we going to put this thing and if you remember back in the day on the w radio network when court bauer was producing podcasts fairly regularly. He was not always super con bruce because they work together a little while at the w._w._e. And as a result <hes> bruce was a little hesitant that i don't think it's gonna go for that. He's not a big fan of mine but i knew that a lot of people are listening to the rick flair show and i thought if i pitched court got a great idea. There's no overhead in this. I think it'll be a hit. We should try it out. Twos credit court saw vision court bought in and when we made a deal right away and court started handle the production and the back end forest got us deal set up with audio boom so eventually a little bit of money might role in little. Did we know that's not really the case there <hes> and then then he made a cool theme saw force which you heard at the beginning of today's show a little bit of a throwback our original theme song which i believe is the theme song i'm from a._m._c. show preacher which is obviously a nod to the brother love concept or gimmick and that was actually even kicked around for the name of the show. Maybe we we should call it. The brother love show. Maybe there's not enough name value in bruce prichard. People don't even know how to spell it so maybe we should not put bruce richardson. Just call it. The brother love show you bruce of course was hesitant to do that because he didn't own the brother love trademark but i'm happy to report now and twenty nineteen with a little help from our gimmick attorney mr dawkins <hes> bruce now owns the brother love trademark at least in the wrestling space but either way bruce said now we're going to do this. We should do new and name it. You know a little nod to to my first mentor in wrestling mr paul bausch. His letterhead always said something something to wrestle with. I think we should call the show something to wrestle with bruce prichard and those are funny debate between he and i will is it something to wrestle with with bruce prichard. Are there two widths. No there's not too with but i can't go on for a while but either way type this practice episode and we weren't really happy happy with it and we said you know what's one. We know we'll get hit that people will talk about. Is there a bit. All i knew about radio was you play the hits and i learned that from my close personal friend mr dale jackson here in huntsville alabama and he said hey the format is play the hits. If you listen to any you know sports talk radio show. They're gonna hit the same major topics. Everybody wants to hear same thing with politics and especially with music. If you listen for four hours you're going to hear the same songs over and over you play the hits. I knew there was one story. That bruce had that he loved the tail that cracked everybody up. Every time it was is about the american dream dusty rhodes rotten shotgun with bruce prichard when they get pulled over of course by now. You know i'm talking about the second most famous athlete in the world world. Today story is bruce's favorite dusty rhodes story. I knew it would be a hit and <hes> that was our first show and head of uploading the first show we got a lot of you know sort of pro tips from professional podcasters and people in that industry they said whatever you do don't go more than an hour and if you wanna make any money any definitely don't curse and whatever you do don't plug everything you're doing at the top of the show and you sprinkle that out or just don't miss it at all and just pushed the word through social media but don't don't she'll too much well. If you listen to this show you know we broke all those rules rather quickly. We were also told if we could get ten thousand downloads. We'd be doing pretty good. If we could ever get to thirty thousand downloads we can start making some money and if we hit this you know allen attainable cleanable plateau of one hundred thousand we crossed that threshold we could finally make a living wage at podcasting. I didn't know exactly what that meant but it was a lofty often gold. Our first episode on dusty rhodes the north of sixty thousand down loans but it didn't happen on day. One like a good movie it got better and better as the week went on so word of mouth carried us to where saturday was more downloads and sunday was more downloads and monday was more download download and tuesday was more downloads but the real show that showed us sort of what was possible was the very show that convinced made that we should do a podcast it was about the radicals and i felt like at the time that it was one of the best wrestling podcasts ever done and we recorded it in my home studio radio where i'm talking to you from now and at the time we were both wearing headsets with mike's. I don't do that anymore but jim ross still prefers that so we got him one of those headsets but we're recording in my little home. Studio bruce got upset about eddie guerrero. He assumed i was going to clip that out and i didn't and because because i didn't i think it added to the the realness of the show another layer that previously maybe hadn't existed in wrestling podcasting and i'll never forget bruce our in the home theatre later that week watching halt and catch fire on a._m._c. which is an underrated show and he said hey man. Have you seen her downloads today because we have like a back end where we could log in and check out downloads and i said no. I haven't looked and he said well. Mine's acted funny. Take a look at your says so i log in. I had holy shit. There's this can't be real. He said that's what i said. So we think surely there's a glitch. It'll be fixed tomorrow which check the next day and and it was even bigger. We couldn't believe that this was possible. Over three hundred seventy five thousand people had downloaded the show and it became our most downloaded show whenever listened to or we never had and we realized <hes> we're onto something and a lot more people listen to this than we thought. We need to take this seriously seriously at this point. We have never taken a show note those no real format. It's just two guys sitting in my recording studio having fun and don't get me wrong. I paid attention wrestling. I have a pretty good memory about things like that but i didn't have a real format and that all changed when we realized how many people for listening so as we prepared for the steroid trial i had to do a little more research predict way out of hand when i sat down to work on vader and ron perlman because i wanted to make sure that we made those real career retrospectives and i have great respect for what those guys didn't professional wrestling and i wanted to do right by them so we had huge formats and i'll never forget the first time i sent wanted to bruce s- thirty pages maybe forty pages an unbelievable miniature book about their career with lots of references an exact quotes to newsletters and books and shoots and those shows does really changed the course of what we're doing in more than one way because around that same time guy who called in when we were doing the ric ric flair hotline on the rick flair show and the concept between between the hotline and the show was. Let's have sort of a radio format on rick nick show just to herd cats man. If you listen to those shows you know i'm talking about. I got a program this thing like radio show and have different segments. Maybe that could lead sponsorships but more importantly we can keep the attention span in line and we can keep it short and i saw another little cool element would be to have fans call in and to what we call the ric flair hotline and leave a voicemail and then we would play this message for rick and then let rick respond well. The very first winner of the call of the week was doing a character voice little. Did i know this is the same guy later who would send me a random graphic for social media for vader and and for brian hillman and he did this the second time i said dude these are awesome. Can you just like make these fun graphics for us every week. He said oh my god that'd be glad to and what wound up happening is. It became one of my very best friends. I've ever had mr dave silva and dave. You're with me today. I think this is your unofficial debut on something to wrestle. Is that right. I believe so they yeah. This is my unofficial debut. So first of all thank you for being on this crazy journey and jumping on today not spend a few minutes with me sort of talking about this three year anniversary and it's really remarkable. How much has changed. I in three years not just in professional wrestling. I mean you go back three years ago and you know matt hardy is is is woken on impact and the young bucks or are ripping up and ring of honor and kenny omega has not yet become the new japan world champion and you know at this point i i don't think charlotte is the greatest women's wrestler of all time whatever and now so much has changed not just in wrestling but in our lives you you have your story i have mine bruce has his and there's a lot of other people in our support rolls around the show and everything's changed you know tell tell everybody from your perspective. How your life has changed because the next thing i know is we've got a lot show. That's been presented to us by. I promote her in florida and court bauer brought it to us and he said hey they want you to do a live. Show and bruce and i said what the fuck is that and he said well. It's like a small venue that will have some seating and a lot of standing room only a stage and some mike's and you guys just do a live podcast and i thought that was absurd so we're going to have a folding table label and some microphones and he's like yeah pretty much and so we started thinking about how what would that look like and i came up with well. Let's just rip off. Pardon the interruption when they hold up the heads on sticks. They don't really do impressions but you could actually do impressions and those could be like little punctuation points bruce love that idea and we worked out a show format and i worked out for matt and he worked out one when we come on it and then i said this one actually be pretty good. We should figure out a way to document and that's when bruce said why don't we get this guy. Dave silva come film. It and dave silva having never met either one of us jumped on a plane from texas to florida and hooked up with a couple of strangers and life is a little different fair to say dave. That's an understatement. I remember when the live five concept <hes> start to be tossed around the idea started to comment <hes> at the time i was working as a a assistant news director her in a newsroom down here in texas and <hes> it was a working my eight nine hour day coming home and then doing graphics perfect swear the shows and and what are you guys needed and and doing i love it. I love it and and i love doing it but man there was just <hes> electrcity the city when you guys started talking about this live show happening of florida and <hes> and i remember telling my wife i always like i've never met these guys <hes>. I'm just know them through twitter or a phone call or two but i think i'm gonna fly myself out there and i think i am. I gonna meet them in person and i'm going to show them that. I'm serious about this and then i and i love what we're doing and i love to be a part of it so from finding the big heads cutting out of cardboard and sticking them on paint stir sticks of and try to figure out the <hes> the magic of putting reading those together and keeping them keeping them together during during a live show <hes> was fun but <hes> it was at first meaning when bruce sentence wife stephanie go pick me up from the airport which is totally bizarre. I could be a mass murderer at he's like oh steph go pick up here blurred brigham brigham over and <hes> we just hit it off right off the bat and <hes> she's just a wonderful lady and <hes> bruce and i hit it off we we spent the day together at shots and stuff with him. <hes> during a wrestle kahn which was doing a signing there and <hes> and you know we just hit the ground running then i got to meet you and <hes> and kansas and it was just it was so cool how all of us have the the same direction had the same vision and just it was like we knew each other forever and <hes> it's just been fantastic from that weekend from and putting putting up the table in that little little small venue to climbing up to the bird's nest of the small slav bar eh to squeeze myself in there to get a cameras i can get a nice view of above everybody else of the stage <hes> <hes> forgetting my tripod shooting at holding up the whole time for two hours of but it worked and the you go we we hit the ground redden. It is pretty remarkable when you think back to that i live show because you know we're just legit figuring out and never really been the thing and so so many of the w._b. Performers at the time we're listening to our show but at the time of course nobody really knew how bruce would was going to be received by management and and everybody sort of had to keep quiet. I remember going to a house show the end of two thousand sixteen in nashville and i was friends with charles robinson insane and and michael hayes and a few other guys but <hes> a lot of the referees who were charles or other performers what would come over over make the approach sort of look left and right. It'd be like hey man. I love the show in a whisper lose opposed to acknowledge and even before for slop show you know <hes> dolf off ziegler and and curt hawkins and zack ryder they wanted swat. They wanted to come say hello bruce they love the show or listen to it all the time and i just wanna say hello but they couldn't stick around for the show and certainly couldn't be our surprise guest because nobody knew mike gonna get in trouble for this. I mean that was never explicitly said but we just sort of got the vibe and one one of our big special guests that night was jeff jared and we had really spent a lotta time finding ways to work in you know with my baby tonight in the show and i even had my sister make whose little arts and crafts saw center like pictures and video of jeff jarrett silly old double jay light pat and so she made like a homemade version of that and he donned it and to our surprise jeff jerry came out and the place went bananas and we went from. We can't believe we're ever going to have a live podcast to hey. <hes> this is actually pretty good and we think we can take this thing on the road now at this point we've we've done dozens of shows including this past december. We did you know sold out tour of the u._k. Where we're all over ireland and scotland and england and it was a great time and and who would have ever guessed that all of that was just sort of a happy accident was never my game plan. What am i game. Plans was to try. Try to raise revenues though on the show because as mentioned earlier maybe you're alluded to man it was really hard to make money and podcasting you know you go back to the the play that it platform guaranteed contract from them but it was for not a lot of money and and ad sales were what they were but then when you sort of on your own there were challenges and audio boom at the time and you weren't making a lot of money and sorta is what it is it was such a nominal amount though that is bruce she just i keep it all in other th there's nothing we chop this up. There's literally nothing so just you just keep it all and eventually i said said hey here's an idea why don't we just go by bruce prichard dot com which i couldn't believe it didn't own and then we'll start selling t shirts through there and it'll just point pretty much to your pro wrestling t store but your shirts on there now. I mean they're just about brother. Love what if instead bad we took some of the funny silly things we said here on the show and we threw him on a shirt and we just pushed it on the podcast so we did that and then i said hey hey really wanna make some money with this what we did this. What if we really swung for the fences and every time somebody bought a shirt you called alden thanked him and he said what do you mean. I said they won't expect it but if you just call and thank them for it they'll be so overwhelmed. They'll go to social media the talk about it. They'll tell the friends now. They weren't just buying a t shirt or buying experience bruce that was fucking genius and very quickly he went from. I think he sold five shirts and his is best month before and very quickly he was in the top ten and briefly in the top five at pro wrestling teeth because he was selling so many shirts and again behind the scenes are deal was man. We're not making any money in podcasting. I'm gonna push my mortgage company through here so if you go back and he listened i'm talking about mortgages a lot more than i do these days and that may change but the way we were monitoring it was through t shirts and and and bruce kept the t. shirt so i get flak every now and again that i say they've meltzer's ulcers my friend but there is a fuck meltzer t. shirt over priorities now. I don't receive any money from that compensation. I just promote the show. I'm promote the <hes> the website here on the show but it's not all evil that we've done on the show. You know we did a lot of good <hes> on this show we did. I think three separate separate fundraisers we did one for ls and i know for you know the <hes> for that great organization we raise like sixty grand and we did one for american american cancer society and i think we're excess of thirty grand there and well over twenty grand for the houston flood relief so together i mean i think we've raised like two hundred thousand dollars for charity and you know eventually we started actually raise some money for ourselves. <hes> way we had two point one million downloads downloads in a month which i thought was pretty good so i went on my own and sent a pitch to mid roll and said you know hey what about this and laid out a real presentation and they made an offer and we had a guaranteed contract and for the first time i made money doing a podcast on that happened about five months in i would say are ruined and about the same time i decided hey. Let's spin off of what we've been doing here with bruce until the w._c._w. Sada things and eric bischoff at the time was was doing a podcast with nick houseman and scott bischoff on wrestling and i wanted i wanted to do w._c._w. Version but i wanted to do with somebody who i felt was sort of lock. Bruce in that eric was still very much on the wrestling space. He had been a part of t._n._a. He does shoot interviews. He'd written books richard. There's always sort of behind the scenes. Nobody really heard from him and i felt like tony. Shivani was that guy from the from the w._c._w. Side in new started in like eighty three and he was around till one so the number of years and the length sort of matched up with bruce and i felt like he was really the voice of w._c._w. So who better but most reportedly i saw him at the end of the legends fan fest and two thousand fifteen and he stole the show so fast forward and i thought this is the guy so i had his number from his him doing guest spot on ric flair podcast semtex and said hey. It's conrad introduce myself. Can i have your email. Address got an idea. I'd like to present to you so far off. An email is probably two pages long that was a real business plan for how it could monetize this and help him make some some money and it was the same format that that we were doing with bruce. Hey we've got some guys who can go sell some ads but we can do some live shows. I think we can get a guaranteed contract. If we start to get enough downloads but in the meantime okay some silly shirts you can keep all that money. I'll push mortgages every now and again. We'll get some money rolling in and and i just so happened he needed to pay for his daughter's wedding and this looked perfect opportunity to do that and i'm happy to say that that we were successful in the effort we had a real goal that we needed to hit for that and we made sure we sold enough t shirts and enough aunt sponsorships to make sure that that happened <hes> and then after that after tony's wedding he said okay <hes>. Let's start chopping up some money and so what do you know. I was making money in podcasting again but the the name of the show was what happened when and of course we wanted to just rip off the w._c._w. Logo with w. h. w. but what happened when was something that i used to say to bruce <music> all the time and something else. I used to say to bruce all the time is we ain't gonna win that. I'm mr positively in our group in our circle but when we nominated for podcast of the year from the academy of podcasters we're in there with bill simmons and gosling. We ain't gonna win that but bruce took a flyer and and went out and went to the the ceremony if you will and at the awards show <hes> was woken by a middle of the night phone call and a bunch of pictures bruce had new hardware we won podcast of the year from the academy podcasters in the sports realm of course so the sports in recreation segment we won and i was shocked by this. I couldn't imagine that a wrestling podcasts could win something like that so we started yelling and telling everybody hey we're the podcast of the year and then at the end of the year sports illustrated our great friend over there for many years mr richard dighton now he's athletic the athletic you should definitely check that out <hes> he said that we were the best podcast and sports and it's a professional wrestling podcast and that was in sports illustrated is trying to like the actual magazine it blew my mind and somewhere around this time justin barosso from sports illustrated when you see his extra mustard stuff online took notice and said hey i'd like to just sorta catch up and recap and talk about your podcast every week and markle that'd be okay. I jumped jumped at the chance to do that at our surprise when we absolutely buried t._n._a. Not once but twice they called bruce and said hey how would would you like to be an onscreen character for our show that blew my mind not necessarily being a booker which i guess makes sense for bruce. He's done it forever but based on the success of the podcast impacts aw hey this could actually get our show some attention at the number one podcast. Why don't we put on t._v. And see at the taping people taking pictures of bruce walking down the ramp wearing something to wrestle t-shirt and the something to wrestle missile wall graphic being on the jumbotron. That's the most surreal thing ever was not dave. It was incredible it was how did we get here so quickly that we're on television now and bruce's back on television of as is a character it as a booker. It's bananas. It was crazy. We both were just like <unk> pinchas because this can't be real that mm through the winning the award and him sending the pitchers to use sports illustrated in you're right it was in the magazine you open up the pages ages. It was there in black and white in the magazine which was mind blowing to now him being back on television with impact after the two episodes. It's crazy man. It was wild. It was and you know. It's something that i've still got like acilia acilia. The sounds i i've still got our podcast of the year like microphone trophy here in my studio. Bruce has one and i have one that's on shelf and right next to it is a little framed aimed you know print out from that sports illustrated magazine and i know that you know that sounds to some people listeners all that so mark. You have to appreciate man versus doing this in his like garage. I'm doing this in a. I call it a studio. It's a little built in office off of a garage in my house like by at a laundry room. There's no audio engineer here. You can listen to those early shows. It's a shit show you know. We don't know we're just figuring it out man. We we know we've got good stories stories but now it's up to us sort of get it out there and the idea that millions of people were listening and real mainstream was taking notice was really really crazy and i don't think think there was any more evidence of that being crazy than when we got an email from the barclay center asking if we would come do a show piggybacking a nets game so so not piggybacking a wrestling event but the raw anniversary show is going to be on monday when we come up on a friday night and at the conclusion of the nets game do our live show like what i can real n._b._a. Team and they gave us like courtside seats which were also i mean i'd never sat courtside before that was bad ass and we thought what better place to announce another spin off another another chapter in what we were doing so we had bischoff schoff can be our special guest and that's where we announced eighty three weeks so at this point we're three podcast. E put this format but that wasn't really the big news. I mean i don't know how could be a bigger than being at the barclay center and we sold that show out and then there was the little shot to the crowd where we had to be in our seats courtside you know between between this quarter in that quarter because they were gonna come stick the camera in our face and put us on the jumbotron and the crowd goes mild because they had their basketball the ball fans they have no fucking idea who we are and of course you know our smattering of applause from shouli in our friends who were who were there yeah they were happy to see us but still it was a cool deal but not the coolest thing that happened that week because that weekend bruce had to make sure that he got fitted for his new white suit he was going to be back on monday night raw that monday. I couldn't believe it but they put up a poll on w._b. Dot com asking who are you most excited to see at the raw anniversary adversary show and it wasn't the undertaker. It wasn't stone cold. Steve austin brother fucking love and rather love was is there and he did a pre-tape and i got to go to that show and hang out and sit in the bleachers before doors opened with bruce in full brother love gear something he swore he would never do again which we just recently talked about on the show a couple of weeks ago and it was so surreal somebody online i forget which website but they were doing like <hes> <hes> some sort of a recording device to see what got the biggest pop of the night and bruce prichard being on screen not in front of the crowd but onscreen got like the biggest pop of the night which was just crazy and at the end of that night after all the cameras are doing and everything's finished bruce got to say hello to vincent man in person for the first time i'm since probably two thousand eight so it's been ten years and he got to say hello and they gave the big hug and i guess the wheels set in motion art then holiday yeah you know from from the poll and us watching that poll in the background and his in like. I can't believe this is happening. People wanna see bruce again. What is the brother love watching that poll grow to him going in out in buying a suit buying the suit again <hes> to <hes> just the process of him becoming brother love for that little segment <hes> it was it was the sorrow and end you know a lot of people <hes> a lot of people would know that bruce will be nervous to go backstage and to go back there and pretty much see all his buddies but it's been a while you know he's he's he's been he's been gone for a while so going back there and just hearing the excitement in his voice voice as those nervous jitters kind of melted away and he started to <hes> see his buddies again and send pictures and you see just how excited sided he became <hes> to be back in the fold in some way shape or form <hes> it was pretty awesome to see you know 'cause <hes> when you see your buddy happy it makes you happy and that night <hes> even though yes it make up for god got those how long it he was bitching and moaning about that but <hes> to be able to see him so excited and taking those pictures and and bruce bruce hates taking the normal <hes> the fan pitcher with him and his buddy in it's like i'm always come on bruce this history the something you're gonna wanna see you so okay so there. He is with teddy long or there. He is with ron simmons or their user j._b._l. And he's like they're my friends. I don't need pictures of. I'd like to go to one of these pictures so to see him that night. Dude sell peace with all his buddies backstage. <hes> it was a great feeling because he was so excited and it was such a such a great night for him and to my surprise you know it wasn't just w._b. He was taking notice after that weekend barclays the n._h._l. Team the florida panthers took notice and asked us to come down to florida and do a live show down there after one of the hockey games and i mean again how surreal surreal is that that we've done shows in conjunction with an n._b._a. Team and an n._h._l. Team but that should not be the case but but somehow it is but the most surreal bill is when i got a call from bruce and he said hey are you alone and i said well just me and megan and he says okay. Can you call me back when you're alone and i'm thinking <hes> okay. I have to be more alone than i am with monica person okay so sure enough. I call him back about an hour later and he says i got a call. They want us one. What does that mean. They want to put us on the w._w._e. Network and before our committee anything i said i needed to talk to you and first of all about dropped the phone like what does that mean. They want us for the then. They wanna put our podcast on the network will okay what what. What does that mean like. We can't say this can't say that no now. He says we can say whatever we want. Okay who is he. You know who he is so vince called and said he wants you on the network and we can say whatever we want yep and they're they're not gonna. They're not gonna give us a list of words like how can say bill and i can say hospital. I'll have to say championship and medical center and he laughed and said dogs or whatever you want. We'll well. I mean we're gonna talk about dave meltzer and rumor and innuendo and stuff. They don't like he's like yeah. I think that's what they want so sure enough we go back and forth and eventually intially a contract is in place in our l._l._c. has a deal with w._w._e. And they invite us to come to the hall of fame because they want to get a shot of us in the crowd and announce that we're going to be on the w network and the shot and the crowd doesn't really happen <hes> but they they show the graphic thick and i knew that they were going to make an answer in the hall of fame sira member tweeting something like i have a feeling much twitter about to blow my notifications are about to blow up dot dot dot and then of course it did and everyone assumed oh that's the end of the podcast but they assume that when bruce announced that he was going to impact or it was announced that bruce was gonna it'd be on impact. Oh that's the end of the podcast. The podcast didn't die when we did a live show. It didn't die when bruce wednesday impact didn't die when we did the w w network deal <hes> it's still not add and i don't know how you guys have have hung in there with us for three years so far but we've had so much fun. John and yes things have changed a little bit. You know we got a call from vice and they wanted to see if we had any interest in participating and dark side of the ring and of course bruce and air were all over that for season one but now as they're taping season two well both of those guys work for w._w._e. So they won't be on the dark side of the ring in something else. They're not going to be on moving forward to star cast which was a total spin off of what we're doing here. I'll never forget. I had so much fun at the end of legends fan fest that greg price on twenty thirteen fourteen fifteen sixteen when it was clear he wasn't going to seventeen. I pitched bruce on hey. Let's do a wrestling podcasts convention. We could have the ric flair show and we could have you know kevin sullivan and wake. You've have jim cornet and you know we can have. Jim ross bischoff. He thought that was the worst he'd never ever heard would go to something like that. Nobody's going to go to something like that and i'll show the idea fast forward though and i bump into cody rhodes at the international baggage claim in january of two thousand eighteen. He's coming back from wrestle kingdom. I'm coming back from a vacation in mexico and we start the text messaging and then eventually i say what about and i fade star cast and that was a huge success and it got a lot of attention inside and out of w._w._e. And you know we had a lot of fun. There in verse was a big part of that. We did the roaster <unk> richard and we did a debate with him and eric bischoff and <hes> that wrestlemainia. We got pitched with the idea of doing a tour of the u._k. Together which was a huge success and then. I'll never forget this january anywhere just a few months ago. I guess it's been seven months ago now. You and i are at breakfast in san diego. California and bruce tells us i. I think i'm going to sign a deal with w._b. To be a consultant yup yup you had that reaction. I looked at you. You looked at me and we were like well. This was fun and all of a sudden. I found on myself being like a lot of the tweets whenever one of these milestones happened. I'm like well fuck. That's the end of the podcast. I mean there's no way they're gonna let you do this. If you're a consultant and the very next thing he said was they don't care if i keep doing the podcast in fact they want us to and i can imagine that that has something to do with the attention attention we bring the network i mean they see spikes on their end. It's no secret while we got the network deal where we're getting more down than everybody. Lots of people are going to be mad that i said that that's just just a fact <hes> and then secondly it was all centered on stuff that was on their network so we're not talking to somebody out of the wrestling space interviewing our buddy or or talking about music or horror films or whatever we're only talking about stuff. That's on the network not anything it's not on the network and you know they could see big spikes in traffic and in meltzer used to report in the newsletter hey here these were the top ten most wash things on the network this past week and you could see hey wallace randomly halloween havoc nineteen ninety eight in their whilst because tony shivani covered it wasn't the twenty year anniversary. It's not even october hct <hes> there's no reason that this should have been this popular nothing from hogan the warriors and the headlines today <hes> no reason it should be training but it was and it was because of the podcast all castes so w._b. Took note of that and eventually they offered him a job as a consultant and i mean less than thirty days later. I got the call hey are you alone. We need to talk and that's it tells me that vince offered him a job. Come back and be fulltime essentially be his right hand man and of course i know everybody's going to debate what i just said again but you know whatever and when it comes out that he's going back and he's going to be full-time and he's probably gonna move to connecticut again. I had to think i mean he's talking to keep doing the podcast. What was your reaction. When you found out bruce was going back full-time was that the consultant one was kind of a little breathtaking in like oh my god dude that's awesome full-time was kind of the the gulp moment and because fulltime in and <hes> vince mcmahon's world is twenty four seven no joke and it was like oh my god this could possibly end and <hes> that was my fear now of course <hes> the yok. It's never going to end and we figure out times went to do it but when he said he was going full time it was a goal moment. It was like oh crap up this is this is legit now. This is for real and <hes> things are gonna change and was they did and <hes> it's been in. It's been wild. It's been it's been crazy having bruce full-time over there now because finding time in carbon time out of bruce's day as as you know is very difficult because he is legit the right hand man. He is the the last word before you you meet the chairman chairman. He is <hes> the mover and shaker now over there and he in denial until until blue in the face but that's that's what he does now so so yeah. It's been different in and yeah it's been. It's been wild well. What was weird to you. You know luck in two thousand seventeen for instance. We didn't do show until april but we did ten that year and so we did. We did way more in twenty eighteen. I mean we were on the the road a ton in twenty eighteen and it looked like twenty nine team is going to be even busier we had mapped out a full schedule and i think they were going to be something like you know fifty offs something to russell's not every weekend because we would double up some and some of them would be a tour overseas so either weather there. We're going to be fifty. Live shows this year <hes> but the last i live show wound up being stark asked to i wanted to honor all of his commitments which he had made prior to signing that deal with w._b._z. Which included a a solo tour of australia which he was thrilled to do and then the last live show star cast to and of course bruce would say even now off south last live show but i don't see see when he's going to have any time to schedule another one anytime soon and i guess we should mention that the other thing that changed a long time ago is bruce's no longer able to call and thank you for making a t shirt order the t shirt order sales went through the roof and his tom win in the gutter so there was there was just no time but now you know here's where we are. The show has changed a lot and what's changed even more than that is. The lives of the people will who are involved in the show. There's a ton of folks behind the scenes that make all of this possible <hes> like steve kaufman who handles our youtube so if you've been enjoyed listening to these shows on youtube. That's one hundred percent steve kauffman. Nobody else is ever even touched it. If you enjoy the fun graphics and the look look and feel of the show that is without exception dave silva every single. Tom and it's one of the things that has made our show unique and special <hes> the guy who has helped put together the majority of the formats these last two years is chris wars inskeep he sort of the unsung hero of something to wrestle where a lot of the research he and i will discuss ahead of time. Hey let's use this book and these issues and this shoot interview and here's sort of a story we're trying tail and he'll do a data dopp and sort of compile all of this and then it's up to bruce an artist sorta sort through it and turn it into a show but he definitely only helped put together the structure of the show and if you've ever seen a funny video it's from a a superfan just made random videos for us and then became part of the family and chris mcdonald crystal super loki guy and probably doesn't like that. I'm even saying his name right now but if you're if you're on twitter you need to go follow him at k. Dog ninety six. I think he's the most fucking talented dude and wrestling nobody talks about and i know he would say he's not in wrestling and a lot of people say always not in wrestling but he's put together. There's so many professional videos and packages and things like that that <hes> he's the man. I don't know what else and along the way you know. We met matt kuhn soon. The first time i met mack was that same i live show with you. He had just on the new theme song to the show and i still think it's one of the best theme songs to the show. I think the only one that's better editor what happened win and guess what matt kuhn did that one so before matt kuhn and ruined everyone else's podcasts. He was actually helping with hours here and he was one of the first guys to jump on and say man. I want to be a part of this. I i believe in you guys doing and there's lots of other unsung heroes. Oh you know behind the scenes. <hes> a lot of the venues were booked by either jeff jones. Who's now with a._w._s. Or scott hi who i think is pretty involve a black table pro and scott. Hi has negotiated every hotel deal. We've ever had for star cast and star cast wouldn't have existed if it wasn't for something to wrestle and neither would any of this other craziness this happened but the the really cool thing is the behind the scenes relationships that have been created needed as a result of this podcast look. I've got friends not just all over the country but all over the world now you know not just interesting but outside a wrestling and you know so many people people who i never thought i would have an opportunity to me. I met because the podcasting like getting a d._m. From rick rubin's pretty fucking cool and scott coker koker following you on twitter and you know when i'm putting together the roast of ric flair. I was talking to dana white pretty regularly about trying to appear. I know this is all surreal and it's not supposed to be the case but the really cool thing is the interpersonal relationships like you now. Now not only got on that plane matt to strangers you. Quit your job and do this fulltime now. Yeah yeah yeah <hes> from a plane ride and crossed fingers to doing it every day. Now it's it's it's crazy what happened in three years but <hes> you're right the relationships that have been built behind the scenes between all of us and and <hes> especially <hes> our support staff that you just listed with steve and chris and and chris and matt and ed now joe joe and <hes> everybody that has had a hand in making this a success the relationships have been so great in my personal life and in the direction. We've been growing it. I couldn't imagine doing anything else and splitting up to time with television news and everything that we wanted to accomplish through something arrested with which turned into what happened when which turned to eighty three weeks which turned into grilling with j._r. <hes> there was no denying that i had to had to decide to make a choice and <hes> and this makes me happy i love. I love doing this every day. I don't in it's hard because they don't see it as work because i'm having so much fun doing it and having the creativity to just be silly as i wanna be with graphics or with whatever project were working on and and <hes> you can't ask for a better situation in a lot of people a lot of people give me a hard time because i would say i'm living my dream and i'm living the dream but it's so true it's so true that this this whole this whole story started with you you and bruce on the couch telling stories and the impact it's had on all of our lives <hes> professionally as <hes> emotionally of written through <unk> friendships. It's been it's been wild. It's been it's been such a huge huge. <hes> experience that i'm so lucky to have been have been a part of it is a part of 'em is. It's something that i cherish something that my family churches and i'm just so grateful yeah and there's lots of you know fun. Stuff happens sort of behind the scenes. You know it's always been fascinating to me. The people you know support the show as much as they do in the super phantom they do like royal rumble two thousand seventeen that weekend <hes> a great friend of the show now named nicholas weiland inland took my giant cardboard cartoon cut out and got it all over t._v. And and that was so fun fine and random and that continue whenever someone would take a sign for us or one of our heads or our t. shirts get it on t._v. Or corey graves. I would listen to the show and and give a little shout out here there. If you're listening you would catch it and then pope did it over on impact when he was doing commentary with josh matthews and i think once when in <hes> a new day dressed up as akeem brother love so kofi dressed up like brother love and they put <hes> biggie in the akeem name the african dream outfit. Is he skipping down. The ramp. Correy says that's not the african dream. That's the that's the alabama dream that was like my daughter kansas. Who you mentioned earlier she thought nothing i did was cool or interesting at all and then when choreographs alabama dream she starts jumping up and down like dad. That's what your name name is on the podcast right that was super cool. You know and it should not we. It's not cool to admit that these things are cool. People are going to butcher marks okay cool. <hes> my kid was happy. It was awesome. Fuck off. I just <hes> it's it's weird to think about you know not just the the milestones allstone that we hit on the show but the friendships behind the scenes you know and and you know this. There's a there's a group chat that has really been at the start of all all of this stuff <hes> and even heard some of the folks. I'm about to mention here. Referenced on the show like bruce does a funny voice for in clint from her yeah she. That's really my real life best friend my best wrestling friend anyway <hes> since i was a kid <hes> clinton i don't have a tone in common but we do have professional wrestling in common and we've had uncommon sense eighth grade so he's like my best wrestling friend dave hancock who you know when i first met him. I don't think was really dig in everything that he was doing in his professional life now. He's doing a lot of stuff in the wrestling space and a lot of that came from just running social media for our counts and now he's doubled down on that and and martin nielsen and and his <hes> better half alison are big parts of star cast and of course everybody listening this knows about casio kid a big buddha judy and and how they've been a big part of what we're doing as where jay z and his wife chelsea and you can see them at pretty much every star cast event and super dave even eric rotten crotch who steals probably the best big boss man 'cause play dude ever do truck in jeff jewett doodoo trucking dot dot com jeff jewish has been a great resource for us and we mentioned jeff jones and chris mcdonald and on and on and on it's just been <unk> surreal to see how this thing has grown and the personal relationships and there's maybe knowing that are more <hes> coincidental. I guess guess with something to wrestle then my relationship with my now wife <laughter>. We had our first date three years ago today. So our are very first date was the day that something to wrestle launched and nobody would have predicted three years later that bruce would have an office down the hall from vince fucking mcmahon and then i would be married to megan what a a lot has changed in three years. Here's my friend. A lot has changed. That is a huge understatement so lives have changed and we appreciate you guys. You know joining us for this rod. It's been a fun ride and i know that this was an unexpected show and i know you're thinking what the fuck or something wrestle without bruce bishop well. We got bruce <hes>. He's about to be jumping on a plane to pittsburgh. I think he's on vince mcmahon's jet again. What a fucking small <music> all world what a strange world we live in <hes> but here we are and we appreciate you supporting us and and appreciating what we were doing and putting your money where your mouth was whenever we came to your town and supporting our show and buying a ticket and doing a meet and greet and buying a t shirt and it's just been overwhelming the amount of support that we've gotten and the opportunities that this is created you know for me. It was other podcasts with with jim ross and eric bischoff and tell us your body and soon to be arn anderson. I don't know that we've announced that officially here on something to wrestle but arn anderson and i plan to start a tuesday podcast in the fall so they'll be five days a week. A podcasts for me and star cast is still a thing coming up in just a few weeks chicago. It'll be our third one and that's the last one on the books but never say never gas. Nobody could have predicted that this would be where we were three years ago dave but i appreciate you have in the faith and confidence and and must like bruce did and say hey. Let's try this on one aunt and <hes> the results have been more than i think anybody could have ever predicted well you. I know my friend how much i appreciate you and <hes> you took a chance on me. You know like could've been a dud <hes> <hes> straight out the gate and dan <hes> and you take a chance on me and and has changed my life shows changed my life legit and i can't say thank you enough to everyone that listens every week everyone that enjoys the graphics everyone that makes it a point to come out to live shows when we when we were going strong or that come out to star cast and and <hes> just because it all started with something to wrestle with to come out to stark acid live from all over the world legit to just i have a chance to be a part of the magic that the show started and <hes> and it's just been. It's been fantastic to be a part of this of this family. Well thank you everyone for participating and supporting us and we hope that you are digging what we're doing and you'll stick with us. This is not goodbye or not going away. We're not going on hiatus. We just wanted to drop a little retrospective about where we've been for the last three years and <hes> our former great close personal friend matt kuhn who abandoned us for the medusa in dutch mantel and robbie e podcasts has put together. I don't know why you're laughing. That's that's the real story. He put together a great series of clips that we're gonna roll into now where it sort of us just talking about the major milestones in real time as they happened and you know if you're looking for tremendous wrestling content probably not at this week but if you <hes> appreciate she ate the camaraderie between myself from bruce prichard and really feel like you're part of something to wrestle family. We can't thank you enough and we hope you'll dig. What cocoon has put together here for you <hes> from episode one two now and there's no telling man win. This thing is going to wind down but i don't think it's going to be anytime soon because bruce and i have been talking about big ideas and we've got some big lofty goals and as we've always said here on the show especially with bruce and i never say never so without further ado let's get to <hes> some clips from the very first something to wrestle with bruce prichard from the territories to tighten towers to t._n._a. And all points in between seen and done it all and now now he's here to share the real story behind wrestling's biggest moments of controversies and characters the m. l. w. radio yeah. No it presents something to wrestle with bruce prichard. Hey it's gone thompson and man. We've got something great for you today here on the m._l._b. W radio network. It's the debut episode of something to wrestle with with bruce prichard and man. I'm excited about this. One bruce getting to know you over the last year and just pick your brain has has been the highlight of my wrestling phantom and now we get to share it with the entire podcast world. What's going on bruce. Oh hey man. I don't think you're half is excited as i am for me to re the enter into the world of podcast and i'm excited to bring you something to wrestle with bruce richard and we're gonna get into some old stories. We're going to get into into what's going on in the business today. Have a little bit of fun along the way so our format for this show is unlike anything you've ever seen before the podcast. We're going to dig in unreal deep on one specific story a week and this week. We've got a great one what happened when dusty went north and we're gonna talk all about when dusty rhodes i left jim crockett promotions and went north to vince mcmahon and company in the w._w._f. Polka dots all that ensued after really probably the most indepth discussion about that ever from someone who was there and that's what makes this show unique almost every other podcast out there is through the film or the filter of what the newsletter was or what a rumor was what the innuendo was. This is going to be the full story something you've never heard before and we're going to do one of these per week. Hey conrad thompson and you're listening to something to wrestle with with bruce prichard <hes> bruce. I'm excited to be back man. We got a lot of great feedback after montreal episode last week. You know what i'm so excited. I get humbled as i've said before. How many people are listening to the show. I love the feedback positive and negative and <hes>. I hope that we're pleased in our audience out there well. I'm excited to <hes> to be a part of this one. We had a lot of fun last week with kind of an impromptu poll that we just kind of brainstormed in stormed and thought hey this'll be fun and the people spoke and they wanted to hear about montreal and i know when you see that you think not this again but i feel like we had a different different approach. I had fun with it kinda talking about what led up to the situation that happened and we did it again this week we during all and we're going to try to make that habit. We're going to do it every every week. During role to kinda take pole and let you guys dictate. What do you wanna hear next and you voted this week and or go into one of your favorite topics terrain about about the brawl for all my favorite topic to rant about because i get a bitch and moan and complains. Apparently that's what i do best well. Let's let's address. Ask or something else you wanted to kind of introduce into the show as you wanted to address some of the questions and some of the feedback that we get through social media about the previous week's topics wchs <hes> so let's go ahead and address anything and everything that you would like to talk about based on the reaction. We got from social media about montreal. I guess number one. Are you saying that bret hart is a liar absolutely not and you know people no matter what you say they're going to twist your words and make you say whatever it is. They perceived that you said but no. I never said the bret hart is a liar simply said is people that have read different things or heard different things from from various sources including books written by people they take that as fact and you have to take all of those things that are written and reported with a grain of salt because because they're not always one hundred percent accurate and actually factual so somebody had mentioned about brett's contract and what have you you in there simply reporting on what was written in a book or what was written by a dirt sheet rider that really has no knowledge of the situation nations other than what they heard and or were told so you have to keep those things in mind and also keep in mind that is i'm going through all of this. I'm giving in my opinion. I'm giving you my take on things and how they affected me. At the time twenty years later years later twenty years later with no research search were just sitting down freestyle and then you know people want to pick it apart which i get. That's what makes us points. I'm not complaining about that specifically though let's dig into what you're talking about <hes> when we're talking about the contract issue with brett there was supposedly inbred did right in his book the creative control on his way out so the last thirty days of his contract whenever he was leaving w._w._f. He would have creative control as if any of that mattered <hes> you know vince will still going to do what vince did there's. There's a lot of other people who question hey. Are you saying that you thought vince would or brentwood steal the title and when they say title i think they mean belt. I don't think they're anybody's really concerned about five thousand dollars set of metal plates and leather it was more so the the title of champion so if you leave undefeated then you're the real you take that lineage with you and k faye not like you legit stolen item. You just left the champion is is that fair to say sure it is and it's about the brand and you've invested so much in the brand in the championship and the person behind it again you you gotta get your investment back in. That's just good business in. It's simply business. It's nothing personal and it's something that men's had to do to protect all of us. A lot of people get caught up on what their perception of the show was in terms of the perception that you and i use specifically of course horseshoe of the star of the show. I'm just the the button pusher <hes> took vince his side so to speak <hes> as if to say that there was was assigned to take instead of us just talking about a situation so to clarify you do believe that vance backed up on his word when he gave breath that that contract <hes> because he was not able or willing to honor that contract and then that led to brett's decision. It's not as if britain has just a bad guy for the sake of being a bad guy. Something unfortunate happened then something else. Unfortunate happened exactly and frankly it was a situation where prevents the situation change thence was not able to afford him invents looking out for breath and this is how i see it vince vince looking out for brett gave him an opportunity to negotiate with the opposition with w._c._w. At the time to get himself a better deal so initially in the negotiations when they made the twenty year deal i it was about money. It was about getting a better deal bill and meant saw. This is an opportunity i can't. I can't afford that right now so i'll tell you what you can go back to w._c._w. See if there's was interest and get yourself a great deal and if you can do that and i can help you do that more power to you so it was two fold. Hey it's helping vance dance and that he's gonna lose that huge chunk of money from the payroll but it's also going to help bread enabling him to get reportedly you know more than three times the money that he was making on a yearly basis so it's a really good situation financially from brad lots of people you know online or confusing accusing the character of bret hart in his career versus the person who actually had to file taxes and the person who filed taxes did a lot better under <hes> then then people may be imagined in this deal the as far as you know did breadth su <hes> events over this i. I don't think so i'm i you know i didn't think i just wanted to assure <hes> real quick before we talk about this <hes> much more because i know we want to get <hes> broth for all there was a debate as to if the roles were reversed and showing was brett would would vince have screwed showing are because of their personal relationship he of agreed to the schmaltz finish. If sean relieving name will sean refused sean relieving. I would imagine that events would have done the same thing. I thought so too. I mean that's you know people. People forget that part of the enduring part of sean invents and their relationship happened to be montreal and sean willing to do what what was a very difficult thing to do in playing his part in that whole deal well so this is what makes this show fun. You know we get into great detail and then we're going to follow it up each week and get into maure detail not the guy hey well. I'm sorry how about the guy because you and i discussed this offaire. <hes> after the fact that commented about a rick rude and jerry briscoe tussle and never happened rude and briscoe were good friends throughout their career and absolutely positively one hundred percent did not take place. No i don't know where that came from for how that ever came about no physicality with briscoe or brad either correct. No the only physical stuff that we've heard about is all we've heard about and that's that's that's brian and vince right okay <hes> and with me today of course is the master of ceremonies mr bruce prichard. What's going on man well. I'm the guy <hes> with yeah. That's me a good to be here man. We we are the the most downloaded podcast on the m. l. w. radio network. Thank you everyone for for making us at yeah. Here's the deal we're humbled with the surge of support. We've gotten online and we want to be the most fan friendly podcast around and so we enjoy interacting with you on twitter and we love your suggestions <hes>. Let's keep this thing going man. We want this show to be what you want it to be <hes> so follow us on twitter. He's averaged pritchard. I'm hey it's conrad. Our show. Account is at pritchard show and you needed to throw us a follow because if you use hashtag love to know your you have the ability to nominate a topic topic that we're going to cover tell them how the poll works i well. It's really simple. It comes up on monday and we're gonna be doing it in the afternoon so that the folks overseas in europe can invoked and we keep it up until three am stateside so that our folks on the left coast in california can also vote in on west west coast time so you participate you vote and then the winner is the topic that we're going to cover that friday right here on something to wrestle with and if you listened and you haven't subscribed yet please subscribe leave us a review rate us and let us think of the show that continue to spread the good word. We've had a huge surge over the last few weeks and it's because you guys are digging again what we're doing and that all comes back to the poll so be sure to follow us pritchard show we wanna keep giving you the content that you enjoy <hes> we're humbled by the overwhelming coming response and we love your feedback so throw us those follows on twitter and you're listening to something to wrestle with. I here's what's going on man. How are you. I'm doing great. How are you doing man. I love <hes> the big long pregnant falls and then your name and a whisper. It makes me happy. Be glad it makes you happy by god. You're the only one <hes> but i know first of all you wanted to give some shoutout so go ahead and give some shout outs to some folks who you just learned earned our big podcast listeners well. I got to give a big shoutout to my buddy. John paul shell nut the third from america's georgia. Now residing in houston texas says in of course ellwood francis who is the guitar technician for billy gibbons z. z. top and they called me the other night and let me know this. It's something to wrestle with bruce pitcher. Is there a favorite podcast and they listen to it on the bus and that it they're loving it and they can't wait for it to drop on fridays right here on a._m. L. w radio network and they just called tell me how much they love it so big shoutout ellwood big shout <music> out to j. p. shell nut and billy gibbons and dusty hill and frank beard and all those guys z. Z. top love you guys all and it's always a blast to hang <music> out with them. I also want to shout out to the blue meaning brian hefferin who <hes> actually go ahead and listen to the show and then tweet about it we appreciate his support fort thompson and you're listening to something to wrestle with bruce prichard sikkim you man well. Listen listen. You shouldn't be sick of us. You need to subscribe on. I tunes. That's where you can find this podcast each and every friday right here on itunes. Don't miss it. Tell your friends to subscribe bob and then watch it that new bruce then they should rate and review us and leave us a nice big five star review because that's the best and that's how we think of you. We think the best for listening to us each and every week so speaking of star ratings we should talk about a little housekeeping for two topics and then we'll get into this hashtag what happened when bruce went to t._n._a. I was surprised this actually won the pole but i'm glad it did told you so. I was not looking well. You've rigged it. I mean when rig it. You promoted it last week. I did exist. Put it on there and that's what happens when you leave me to my own devices with only a cell phone phone in my hand and you know i'm technology challenged. It's true <hes> the people who are accusing you of ring the poll. I find hilarious you just learn how to tweet and do a poll and now you know how oughta rhythm nothing. Everything's a rib. I got nothing speaking of ribs per wrestling tease dot com forward size for his richard. Don't put a t in his name but put a tea on your back at pro wrestling tease dot com forward slash bruce richard embar god that is not a rib. It's not and you can say that you were there air when bret screwed bret and you might be listening to some of these angles. We're gonna talk about a little later and wonder who wrote this shit well. It turns out that bruce wrote this shit and you're gonna love of the rest of this show. Let's get into it right now. <hes> but in the meantime go ahead check it out pro wrestling dot com for richard shirt thing to wrestle with. I pressure on man harry. You just a box of fluffy dogs. How the hell are you man well. Let's do a little peek behind. The curtain bruce's being kind on. He's not feeling well. Bruce has dementia and this may or may not be our best show ever because maybe he's delusional on meds. Maybe he doesn't feel good but we're going to do our our best to entertain you for the next however many minutes <hes> we've been saying we want to keep these shows short but last week bruce we went nearly three hours <hes> <hes> something that was brought to my attention this week already stone cold steve austin the innovator in all things wrassling podcast actually addressed our show and you specifically earlier this week and part two of his jesse ventura interview certainly worth listen if you'd like to check him out you can do that online but he mentions shinzo that a fan wrote in and he answered the question that said he was not contrary to what you said are n._c._w. Show he was not under contract to the w._w._e. When he went to work with the c._w. They had an offer to come in as a mechanic character. He turned it down. He went as an independent over to paulie and then eventually made his way to the w._w._f. As the ringmaster and i'd like to give you an opportunity to kind of clarify hit the reset button backup and whatever you say fit well. I don't know anything about a mechanic character at all but and steve was not under contract with us at the time that he went to e c w byun apologize if that's how that came across to anybody steve included steve's a friend of mine consider stephen friend at the time that was there that was at a time that we we're taking care of paul to make sure that talent you know that was out there that they went to him versus w._c._w. And steve coming off w._c._w. <hes> you you know he he wasn't ready to come into w._w. At the time and i'm glad everything worked out the way it is. I apologize if anybody especially steve. They took that the wrong way and if i said it that way that i was wrong thompson and you're listening to something wrestle with the bruce richard bruce willis gone harry. It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood by god coming to you live from the conrad studios here in huntsville huntsville alabama man. I got to tell you this is something i've wanted to talk about for a long time. It was my very favorite angle from nineteen eighty nine. I was those baby at the height of my phantom of incident a couple times on the show eighty nine and ninety seven where my absolute favorite years <hes> growing up in nineteen eighty nine and one of the big parts parts of course our man of the hour what happened when no-holds-barred zeus a runaway winner this week why i have a merry christmas well you can have yeah by christmas. I got to say you didn't think this topic would win. <hes> <hes> you know off air you kind of tell me thought that the evolution of creative would win but nailed it it was i was somewhat pulling for you was your favor of course it was because you put it at the top of the pole like you. Do you tried to skew view viewers and now this week at the end of the show. You get to pick the topics for next week yeah. Since i won incense zeus one not only did he win the battle the tough guys. He won the pole this week to stay tuned at the end of this show. We're going to give the topics for next week. This is the most fan friendly podcast around at the end of this show. We're going to give you four topics. We're going to throw it on our poll. That's on twitter. It's at pritchard show tune in this sunday night. We'll go ahead and throw the pole topics up and at the end of the show. We're going to kind of break down what we're picked and why they're on the poll this week <hes> but i i guess we should go ahead and before we talk about zeus. We should talk about things that we've already talked about <hes> a little bit of follow up for mar mar sunny episode last week while i got a lot of feedback you oh tons. I think most of our listeners enjoyed it. Yeah most being the operative word. I got a couple of calls that weren't superfund to get <hes> and i guess <hes> this has kind of what's the thing used to say telephone loan telegram taylor wrestler. Apparently that's gotten around and i wanna be very clear here. <hes> i can't state this clearly enough for the record we did not intentionally intentionally accidentally or in any way shape or form in my estimation vary. The heartbreak kid sean michaels last week. Would you agree the man that i consider to be the greatest worker in the business. <hes> he is number two on my list number one in mind so he's number one and number two on most and while we have covered some topics in the past about his in entering stuff <hes> the sunny episode did veer into some personal territory and we count ashamed her for airing some of that dirty laundry i was quite disgusted with the whole thing thing but i've kind of been taken to task now <hes> more than once for covering that story on sunny <hes> it's going to be pretty fine no and with email w and something to wrestle with richard and we should also mention that you're doing personal appearances we get lots of private messages on twitter if you'd like to book bruce for a personal appearance or if you'd like to advertise on this show <hes> you don't have to go through some fancy corporate team you can come straight to bruce <hes> something to wrestle with at a._o._l. Dot com <hes> that's something to wrestle with at a._o._l. Dot com if you'd like to book bruce for personal appearance <hes> or if you'd like to advertise on the show you can speak directly with bruce bruce something to wrestle with at a._o._l. Dot com and we need to give a big. Thank you to everybody who downloaded the survivor series nineteen ninety episode <hes> that was the the the show from last week if you're listening to these in order and as far as i know bruce i think that was our third most downloaded show in the history of immel. W is that right. Wow oh wow it's absolutely incredible responses that we've been getting on these shows and you know we say it every week and it just warrants means said i thank you guys i so much for listening to the show. I'm glad you're liking it or disliking. I'm glad you downloading it and enjoying it and talking about it. We love doing it and like like conrad said earlier support our sponsors support us and we're going to keep doing it and have some fun with this thing but it just blows me away the response and wrestle with burst richard what's going on man. How are you got a thought. Oh versus thinking this is dangerous where we go on with us here me out on this when hear me out on this and i'm thinking the they need to change the name of the l. w. radio network okay <hes>. What should it be now c._b._n. The conrad bruce network between the two of us. We we pretty much dominated the airwaves of m. l. w. If i wasn't on a show you were on it and then l. We did one of them together again on. I did <hes> bischoff show this week. Ah like another something to wrestle with. When we gotta do the rick flair show this week to address some things that we wouldn't normally address on something to wrestle with yeah. It's been fun this week and <hes> this has been. Maybe a record week for both of us for podcasts you on bischoff myself on the flagship show and now we both did rick's show the rick flair show on wednesday night and now here we are on probably the crown jewel of the mobile radio networks something to wrestle with. I don't know that anybody saw this coming but <hes> here we are <hes>. I'm sure everybody thing is already tired of us this week but too bad <hes> this is going to be a along episode. This is one of my favorite topics. I was a huge vader fan and he's all in the news <hes> this week so before we get into that though let's do a little housekeeping from last this week and then kind of deliver what we promised last week <hes> i didn't get much <hes> follow up on the bron- pilmer episode. I feel like we kind of covered everything thing. Normally there's a half a dozen things. People want us to kind of circle back touch on but i didn't get a lot that we need to kind of button up on pill men. Do you have anything we should go over over the there's a reason for that ladies and gentlemen and i should just say gentlemen because ninety nine percent of our audiences now okay ninety all say ladies and gentlemen conrad thompson is the single most prepared in the history of podcast. I got a lot of positive comments for the most part people even like the link that was one of our longest was our along wasn't it. I still think t._n._a. May have been a little longer either way. I had a good time with it and we're gonna have good time <hes> this week but one of the things you mentioned last week that we promised we would address you as the big announcement this week so go ahead spill the beans. What's the big announcement you know where you're going to be on april first of two thousand seventeen <hes> well safer fools day so is this a real absolutely not a rib dot com and why not a rib dot com because next friday black friday if you're downloading this on friday next friday tickets will go on sale tickets tickets for what's on sale at at not a rib dot com for the very first something to wrestle with bruce richard and conrad thompson live dave in orlando wrestle mania weekend. You and i on stage were going to do a live show. We'll check it out friday november twenty fifth ten a._m. Eastern get your tickets at dot com and this is not a rib on saturday april first right after inex- t. so you're gonna be able to go ahead and instead of seeing your hall of fame on saturday night. This year is a little different the hall hall of fame on friday night inex- teas on saturday night so if you're going to see next t- you can come straight to our show. It's going to be a back booth thirty seven west pine on street right there in orlando and you're probably asking yourself. I am not sure where that is. Let me just go ahead and assure you. This is near everything going on when i say everything going on one it's right off of church street. There's lots of parking. You can walk there from the amway center at six minutes to block walk right in the heart of downtown downtown and this is a standing room only show. What's that mean to you. You're gonna be able to get a great seat. You're going to be able to enjoy yourself. You really gonna dig this. Come see us saturday april first twenty seventeen the doors open at eleven thirty so you're not gonna miss anything. If you go to next t it's not an either or type situation and this is not a huge venue so it will sell out. Get your tickets early. Get them friday november twenty six. That's next friday at ten a._m. Eastern so the show's going to drop on black friday at noon two hours before that you can go to not a rib dot com and come see something to wrestle with bruce prichard and conrad thompson awesome at the back booth in orlando wrestle mania weekend. I did you ever think this what happened. Absolutely i did and i'm excited about. I really am we're. You know what we're going to have be i._p. Tickets available where they get a meet us and take pictures autographs and all that stuff so that ought to be fun but that's that's a very limited number of tickets those up first. Nobody wants my autograph but i'll be there and i'm gonna be grill and brewery is. I'm looking forward to it <hes> i. I'm really appreciative of all the support that we've gotten with this show where amazed at the numbers that we say <hes> <hes> it's growing every single week. Hundreds of thousands of you are listening. That's overwhelming that brother freaking love and a mortgage guy has has captivated needed the wild waves. What industrial is to say. Give us a dusty two hundred. Maybe the blue aso captivate the country around the feel in love conrad and you get this brother love's pumpkin. He had squirm squirm. He's going to squirm when conrad take that his home big leah's the dirt sheet quotes from that david nafta nafta david meltzer in the jekyll from bomb tape but i heard and you'll be there you'll be there live. Hey conrad thompson and you're listening to something wrestle with bruce prichard on bruce. How are you today man. It is colder than a witches. You know what here in brenswick ends with texas well. It's it's not much warmer here in huntsville alabama and this is our christmas eve's eve thing addition of something wrestle with bruce prichard and this kind of went exactly how i expected you wanna go ahead and give a concession speech now. This is bullshit. There's my concession concession speech. I demand a recount and i'm going to work on getting my electoral college in order to go back recount of the votes and we'll see what happens when the electoral college vote houston wrestling liz again <hes> so does they smackdown after nine on eleven also from houston loses again sudden shotgun saturday night runaway victor this week just in time for christmas. It's an absolutely perfect addition of something to wrestle with bruce prichard and i'm pretty excited about this is i think a lot of our listeners are obviously based on the poll results. Mr perfect perfect was a one of a kind guy and we're going to get into that in great detail but before we do let's kind of circle back to last week's episode where we covered the nineteen ninety andy seven royal rumble verse. What was the feedback that you got from the show so far my my feedback was good but then again i only only read the good feedback i don't. I don't read the negative stuff well. I think <hes> it's obvious that <hes> we have a hit with no yob and you can be sure to go ahead ed and grab your no yob t-shirt at pro wrestling tease dot com forward slash bruce prichard sonnen. You're listening to something to wrestle with irs pitcher chris what's going on man. How are you well. I hope everybody had a very merry christmas and is ready for two thousand seventeen. I'm ready. I feel like a lot of us are more and more celebrity. Thirty deaths continue to stack up <hes> interesting to see how many people blame the year twenty sixteen twenty sixteen. It's your fault that all these celebrities. These are dying. It has nothing to do with anything else <hes> but before we get into this week's episode of what happened when brother love's decided to accused day come on <hes> we're wanna go ahead and put a bow so to speak on the mr perfect episode. One of our better received episodes. I think lots of mr perfect fans kinda won in a landslide. What was the feedback that you got. Overall bruce will got the the biggest feedback was was at houston. Houston got looked okay. No that's not the same feedback you got now. I didn't i did get a lot of people taking me to task thinking that i had a personal issue with brutus. It's the barber beefcake and didn't understand why i don't hate him. As a kid i was strutton and cutting. I had the little foam <hes> heads clipper things w._b._f. Supermarket has a kid obviously but i don't understand what i did. Hate was the booking <hes> decision to have mr perfect kind of lose his undefeated streak back to not a top guy and no matter what anybody says. You can't convince me that in him losing that first match to <hes> barber ever was smarter than him losing to warrior hoke and that should have been warrior hogan be perfect. No that's my story and i'm sticking to it. <hes> i happen to agree with you on that or you know folks you can you can you can mark it down in your calendars the last show of two thousand in sixteen. I agreed with conrad right off the bat. Hey speaking of the end of the year we should mention this is the time of year a lot of folks put together <hes> awards and <hes>. I can't believe this is the thing but sports illustrated gave us an honorable mention <hes> as the sports podcast of the year <hes> we weren't right right behind a phenomenal <hes> sports podcast. If you're into that called pardon my take it is a more traditional sports podcast but the wrassling podcast between brother love and the mortgage guy got the only honorable mention in the sports category for podcast hard to imagine extremely humbling outta out of the thousands and thousands of podcasts out there especially as you say in the sports genre that these two guys are just bullshitting oh shit and talking to each other every week and a good time. Get the only other war you know there was the podcast of the urine. There was one honorable mention and it was us and i'm extremely humble. I thank you and it's all due to the great fan base that we have. That's growing each and every week <hes> if you're not already subscribing to the show please do so subscribe to us on itunes. Leave us a review and rate us and we greatly do appreciate it but you know i say it. A lot and people probably think i'm working but it is humbling to think that many people that do download us and listen to us each week and communicate with us on twitter back and forth his blown me away and i'm very appreciative i love it and i get a talk to them. When they buy shirt pro wrestling tease dot com i call everybody that buys shirt and i get to talk to them and it's been a a lot of fun and it's been great so shout out to <hes> sports illustrator just an all the folks over there who've supported the show for a while we really appreciate <hes> being mentioned and in a sports podcast of the year award obviously we didn't win but by god the honorable mention for wrassling podcasts unexpected also unexpected we should shout out friend of the show doff ziglar sporting the rhythm t shirt at the madison square garden how show over christmas weekend cool list that blew me away when somebody sent it to me i was looking for the photo shop aspect of it and when i realized that it was a real deal. I thought that was cool. Shit so thank you dolphin in and of course dolphins a friend of the show he listens and appreciate it as has does several other folks are w._w._e. We try not to get too many of them in trouble by saying that they listen to the ship we appreciate each and everyone one of you out there when dolphins wearing the shirt at m._s._g. I think that <hes> people are putting it together. So let's name now. We won't miss hawkins or friend or will sasso or anybody else we know his last name shared out to drew galloway to who recently put us over on a podcast which just very nice of him in horn swat gell who came up with a great question for this week show that i'm actually going to save or a later time because is it was just too <hes> too funny to us. I hate conrad thompson and you're listening to something to wrestle with. It's your show. This is where you talk bruce. I was all oh prepare for a long pause air sit. I just get a bleep. Well listen. Here's the deal. I'm in control of ribs on the show. You're in control once disappoint time but since i'm the one with the recording device here <hes> i get i guess we'll call final edits and <hes> rib still rule. I'm alright oh without a doubt. They still rule in riba. Mania is running wild. This week marked the end of the ric flair show and we should just go ahead and address this here without the ric ric flair show bruce prichard now would not be doing this show right now. Is that fair to say that that is definitely say without ric flair. We wouldn't be doing this show right now. So i'll tell you that's true so i have a big data gratitude to extend the rent because as as you said wouldn't have met you we wouldn't be doing our thing right now so <hes> just to clear up any rumor innuendo nothing happened. There was no falling out now. Ones upset with anyone. <hes> rick is not in poor health. Everything's okay <hes> he's busier than a one armed paperhanger and it became something that was no longer is fun. <hes> when when his schedule got busier it became more of a chore in less of just a fun hobby and so when it wasn't as fun as it used to be rig didn't wanna do it and that's kind of the story. Sorry of everybody's interaction with rick fehr to savers sure it is in. It's also good to know that he's a whole hell of a lot busier in doing doing the things that he loves to do. In at some point something had to go yeah. That's just the way the cookie crumbles. Sometimes it's happened before it may happen again <hes> but to clear everything up rick signing for health. There's no falling out he and are still fine. He's not angry with bruce. Someone on twitter called you the yoko of our podcast group that you have somehow broken up the beatles here breezy yoko dan for men and i thought you were going to say yokozuna and i'm trying to figure hand the hill. There's yoko figuring okay now. I get it what the hell either way. I'm sure they probably they probably read that on dirt sheet somewhere already. They're probably all already reporting the rumour innuendo and conspiracy theories out there. Hey it's conrad thompson and and you're listening to something to wrestle with richard. What's going on man. How are view. I'm excited. What are you excited for well because finally it's the day man we had the most people ever on a pole and it was a gigantic tie so you know what that means. What does that mean. We talk about mantar. You know something into wrestle with bruce richard. What's going on man. How are you. I am absolutely absolutely excellent man. It's a beautiful day. It is a beautiful day and we're going to start this week off with a bang. We're going to do something we've never done before bruce and i guess technically this doesn't make us men of our word and makes us liars but we're doing something. We've never done before to start the show this week. We'll yeah because because something else with bruce richard there are no guests needed by god and actually it's not really a guest conrad because guest is someone that you you have to like right well. I guess i guess what we're going to start off with welcoming welcoming someone to the family. Let's put it that way because you sure as hell don't have to like your own family at least in my family. We don't get to pick your your family but you get to pick your friends. We've picked a great one. We're going to welcome to the w. radio family. It's the voice of wrestling below. The mason dixon send line from nine hundred eighty three two thousand one. Tony shivani is now a part of the immel w radio family what's going on tony. How are you a a of hey conrad and hey bruce and i just want to say i don't like you. Fuckers either start off on the right with a salty goddamn of attitude we don't have we don't tolerate that kind of language here on something russ with by god you fucking asshole. I am sorry sorry actually bruges. It's great to be talking to you again and conrad <hes> you were. You were my grandmother's favourite alabama fan well. I appreciate that. I know there was a lot of alabama fans. You can tied so great being on with you guys and <hes>. I'm very very excited about all this early well. Let's tell you what's going on. If you're listening to the show here you you obviously understand the format we go long form on one particular topic and we empower either listener to kind of pick what the topic is every single week as we stroll down memory emory lane from the golden era of the v._f. Into the attitude era and then even the more modern era ruthless aggression everything in between from bruce's tenure there from nineteen one thousand nine hundred seventy two two thousand eight but what if you lecture wrassling a little more southern what a few leaned a little more towards the mid atlantic era what if you liked maybe some things things w._c._w. Or jim crockett promotions. Well tony shivani and i are going to put together something. I think you're going to really dig. We call it what happened when mondays mondays and this is going to be every single monday right here on the immel w radio network and what happened when delfi on all those jim crockett promotions stories in world championship and ship wrestling stories and we're here to announce the debut of the show. Is this coming monday wrestle with in verse burchard reuss. What's going on man. How are you. I can't believe that we're actually getting to the point of doing our own show. Oh seems like everybody else. Show this last week and talked about every single thing else <music> but what's most important and that's something to russell with right here on the m. l. w. radio network. I wanna give everybody a huge. Thank you for our gigantic ganic number in january. We don't really keep up with that. You know we're trying to just put together as much content for you as we can and then at the end of the month i log in and look and said <hes> bruce. They're not going to believe this but like almost two billion people listen to our show last bond and <hes> to say that's humbling for bruce is a huge understatement. We can't thank you enough. I'm just a wrestling fan so the guys are even remotely. Les digging something. That's done by a fan. <hes> is incredible to me so i really appreciate you guys taking the time to check us out and tell your friends and leave us a review. You and we're just blown away by the response. I thank you very much done by the fan for the fan right. Is that something yeah and man. This is like bizarre for me this past week. The giant head of mine made royal rumble debut. I guess it was rumble entrant number thirty one sunan. You're listening to something to wrestle with bruce prichard bruce. What's going on man. How are you. I am absolutely splendiforous. I'm sure everybody who has the internet now wants to know or maybe they already know. How's how's your week been anything interesting for you universally great oh man you know all i have to say about that is meager and we'll leave it. At that time i g okay. I think i figured that out. Hey is this the craziest week you've been wrestling in a long time with the success s. of the houston show and then the huge success of wrestlemainia nine man. That episode did over three hundred thousand downloads in less than forty eight hours. We can't thank you guys enough somehow. He got really dug that one <hes> bruce and i really talk each other to task about the whole hulk hogan european tour. We had a lot of fun with it. If you haven't checked it out go so do it right now and people surprisingly really loved houston man lots of great feedback from that and now a couple of days ago the very controversial on fired episode road and we didn't even have to talk about what an impact thursday was for you so what we haven't even finished yet really really. I mean the different things that everything that is going on the last two weeks that we have had you're right man what an impact it has had on my i live and also yours too. It's going to get crazy. It's gonna get crazier to tom for a pulse this week. Bruce prichard bruce hale and brimstone is happening opening at the prichard compound. We're up against it. God does not wanna ask to release this show but we're going to fight through it. You know we're trying man yeah but i got tornadoes and everything going on around me. I got no internet but that's not going to stop us. We're ready to go man and we apologize if the quality is not not up to snuff of what it usually is for us by god. We're going to get a show out there this week. Come hell or high water. I got that in the backyard burst pressured and bruce. It's a special edition. It's hashtag love to know it's about a show and it is a bonus by god so <hes> go ahead tata's up. Are you feeling about the bonus show. How a guy here how it can do more of this well. Our great audience is what got us here because we asked them to do something for us. They didn't just deliver they over deliver deliver like they always do with over thousand surveys filled by our wonderful audience couldn't believe it but <hes> thank. Thank you very much in you. Did we asked you to do. We promise you a bonus show so here you go so we actually took to twitter and i asked you guys hey hey. What would you like to know what you the to know when genetic you know we asked you guys to go ahead and an ask us your questions on twitter so if you haven't already in your wondering about this well. Why aren't you following us on twitter. He is ambushed pritchard. I am a hey. Hey it's conrad and we've had this four hours now and we've done this once before but my goodness bruce we got hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of questions russians some better than others but i'm looking at you made me stop looking at him. Conrad i started looking at some of these the goal what the hell and then when you said you know what man you need to just sit back and have a good time and what kind of time we're gonna have hashtag ashed tag. It's miller time <music> uh-huh ooh in the machine. Here's jalen hill. I when you say something wrestling gone read hey hey it's gone right thompson and you're listening to something wrestle with bruce prichard bristol sworn on man. How are you off absolutely excellent well. I'm in a better mood now. We got to hear a little bit. <hes> jeff jarrett sing along clip from our live show in orlando if you were confused as to what you're listening to the very end end of our show there in orlando we invited jeff jarrett on stage to sing what song exactly bruce in monday's working hard. You're on the go but hands on the clock cake man into slow. Okay wait to be alone with my baby tata. That's by the time mitch ever saying this thing live. I'm sure it was <hes> it was something special. Something unique and all of our live shows are going going to be exactly that so if you haven't seen we're coming to your area. Stay tuned. We've got details on that coming up soon. You never know who or what is going to happen. Hey hey it's conrad fred thompson and you're listening to something to wrestle with bruce prichard bristles going on man how are you. I'm absolutely great. How the hell are you. Are you doing an aba lamma yeah and got blown away by these damn tropical storms and everything well. I'll tell you man. It's been quite a week first of all. We should probably go ahead and thank everybody for coming out to our show this past weekend in baltimore just before money in the bank. I gotta say man. I had a blast. It's <hes> it's always overwhelming to say the level of support we get from from you guys and to meet our listeners. <hes> if i'm honest it's just kinda humbling that all of you wanted to spend your father's day with us <hes>. It's just a happy accident man. I'm just a fan dan. I really appreciate all the support that you guys are putting out there. <hes> bruce in are having a good time and we're so thankful that you're digging what we're doing and for coming to see us bruce. What'd let me think. I absolutely thought it was amazing. You know this was one show where i didn't really know what to expect because it was then kind of a different venue and and we had the great radio station there helping us out and dave brain helping us out but it was overwhelming the response and the people people that turned out they were they seemed happy and i got a lot of response back on twitter so thank you saint louis. Thank you everybody at south broadway athletic club. Thank you dave bring <hes> joe. Everybody involved and it was a good weekend. Yeah special thanks to <hes> five ninety the fan right there in saint louis <hes> k._f._i. N._s. joe and all the a fine crew over there hooked us up and <hes> we appreciate the hospitality and i look forward to going back to saint louis sometime soon kit. He sounded dangerous interest delicious at the same time. Hey folks dave silver here and we're twenty four hours away from richard this journey johnson. This is an exclusive event only twelve. That's right twelve listeners of something to wrestle with all you have to do. It's jumped on the facebook dot com forward slash something to wrestle to find out all the details and how you can be a part of the special events now. Let me tell you one thing indisciplined. You'll get three hours with bruce and conrad. Ask them all the questions you want. Take all the pictures. You want just have a blast. This is going to be breath experience for you. The fans don't let it pass you by jump onto facebook dot com forward slash something wrestle for more details and secure your you're spot matt thompson. You're listening to something to wrestle with merced pritchard and bruce. It's our one year anniversary for doing something special right now. There's like over a thousand people watching us tape. This show on facebook live love. It's a pretty big deal man to <hes> have a podcast last year. It's my third podcast and it's the first one to make it a full year so i'm feeling pretty accomplished today. Okay so this is your longest lasting podcast. I mean we need to do. We need to do like the paul heyman the vince mcmahon. It's the longest running episodic it conrad thompson weekly pot. He has like all these different caveats to make it sound like he's been around forever. Guest podcasts featuring cod up all podcast eight admit role or m. w.'s radio network. I go eight the microphone. It's a good way to get us started. Hey man you know i want. I just think everybody <hes> it's a big deal. <hes> that you're all listening and you have supported us the way you have a year ago bruce. Would you have ever imagined in a million years that this is where we it would be in the show would have caught fire. Lock has man imagine this a year ago. They said man if you guys could just do twenty thousand downloads that that that could get in the game well what was amazing to me is <hes> a year ago. There was a debate. Hey does anybody even know who bruce prichard. Is you know people know brother. Love but bruce prichard isn't a brand now <hes> you're over brother the fucking hottest name and podcasting kudos to you who the hell made that stupid argument well. I think that was me and may we were wrong. I've never been more happy to be wrong though to wrestle with bruce prichard bruce what's going on man. How are you just another day paradise here at the concert for well. I'll tell you what it has been. <hes> quite an eventful week in my life needless to say we want to send <hes> lots of love out to the nature boy himself. He's obviously had a challenging week this week and we wouldn't even be doing this show right now. If it weren't for ric flair would you agree with that. I wholeheartedly agree with that. I wouldn't wouldn't be where i am in life right now. If it wasn't for the nature boy ric flair meeting conrad thompson and and changed my life the way that you have but it all goes back all can be traced back to one rick flair and rick dismay just wishing you very speedy recovery and it's got along long you know obviously you know a lot more do but <hes> he's got a long hard road ahead of him and if anybody can do it he can do it. Absolutely he's overcome become bigger obstacles before and he'll do here. I apologize for not being as responsive on social media this week. I was bombarded with questions. I didn't feel like it was my place place to give those updates. <hes> charlotte is posting updates win. The family is ready to do that so i'm not ignoring you because i i don't like you. I'm ignoring you out of respect for the family so i hope everyone understands that hey it's connie thompson and you're listening to something to wrestle. Whip dip burs richard burst. What's going on man. How are you. I am absolutely excellent and i have to correct you. We are now the <music> own ward winnie best sports podcast of the year something to wrestle with richard. How about that batman so pretty big deal you know from this <hes> just being kind of an idea this time about a year ago now you went to the academy of podcasting and and <hes> they had the academy of podcasting awards yesterday and we have some stiff competition with <hes> show some e._s._p._n. Show from c._b._s. Shows from podcast one in a well established shows and here we are a couple of guys in a pool house and garage back into work kinda scary isn't it or discuss the show you man that anything can happen here in the world wrestling federation right well. That's that's what they say but anything can happen right right here. On something the rest with bruce sprecher god it was crazy man and just to be up. There took a minute before i realized i had to look up but the the big screen and had the logo up there and i was just kind of had to pinch myself a little bit to realize that was really that was really us. They like us man. They like us. Yeah and we really lock you guys man were. I'm still in shock doc that we've got these awards coming back to alabama and texas here at this is a real thing. Hey it's conrad thompson and you're listening to something to wrestle with breath out bruce prichard. It's the best of show this week. Bruce has been affected by hurricane harvey he and his family working to put together. Their small town of friends is what texas a suburb of houston and we're making this a best of brought to you ad free and breaking all the rules of the prichard show first of all the number one rule. No guests needed when we're breaking that right out of the gate. We're going to have guests all day and it's all about raising money for the hurricane relief effort. All you've got to do right now is go to love for houston. Dot com all you can know. Donation is too small every little bit helps and remember one hundred percent of that tax deductible and goes directly to the red cross cross and out encourage if you haven't already check out the brand new shirt over bruce prichard dot com. It's shaped like the state of texas. There's a little heart were houston goes and it's available in multiple colors and again one hundred percent of the proceeds go directly to the relief effort and we're gonna get you caught up to speed on all things something to wrestle today. We've got a few celebrity thirty friends who are gonna stop by and we're gonna play some of the very best moments on the show but i want to quickly recognized two of the guys who make the show possible if you've ever laughed or how to chuckle at some of the over the top silly graphics it's probably because of our main man here mr dave silva n._f._l. Enjoyed any of the musical selections mack koon probably put those together dave matt. How are you guys doing today doing real good buddy doing real good. I'm doing fantastic conrad. Thanks for having a song well. It's a big deal that we're kind of breaking the wall here and saying you guys they're gonna be guest. You're going to be helping me navigate through all these clips unless just start at the beginning. Let's get right into it thompson. You're listening to something new wrestle with richard. I what's going on man. Welcome back. How are you glad that the award winning something something to wrestle with bruce pressured by god and i'm i'm doing good. It's been it's been a crazy crazy days down here in texas by god but i got a thank. Thank everybody for reaching out. The huge support that we got from all of our fans not only donating to love for houston dot com. Thank you so very much aww also people going over to bruce richard dot com and getting our huston relief t-shirt frankly overwhelmed and it's a big deal. We really appreciate everybody coming together for love for houston dot com of course you spend the whole state of texas still needs all the help yes i. It seems like florida has i got an aide. Their fair share of helpless will all donations go directly to the red cross of course they're completely tax deductible and we urge you to give again over at love for for houston dot com and that's mentioned. We've got that special t. shirt over bruce pitcher dot com. You'll know when you see the shape of texas the scott the heart there or houston is has and one hundred percent of the proceeds there. I go to the hurricane harvey relief effort as well. I did you catch any of the best of shows that we post it. Of course we had i had one last week because you couldn't record and then we did a bonus show this wednesday for part two for our best efforts i listen to every single minute minute of the <hes> the first show with matt kuhn and i haven't had an opportunity to listen to the bonus show yet but <hes> i was overwhelmed around with the first show and i'm sure that i will be with this with the second one is well <hes> just the kind words and kind thoughts and reliving living. It's been a year conrad. What the hell yeah it has been a year and we really do want to thank everybody who came together to help contribute. You know we had <hes> <hes> you know some shoutouts from all the major players in professional wrestling eric bischoff said jim cornets and j._r.'s and and you know even the guys on the current roster zack ryder dolph ziegler hawkins drew mcintyre on and on just an overwhelming support <hes> everybody should get behind this. If you haven't already it's love for houston dot com and if you haven't checked out some of the best of episodes we encourage you to do so we finally got to play the hukou. She clip wrestle with when you first what's going on man harry. It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood. It's all great and how the hell are more important. How are you doing man. I'm i am good. I have been busier than one armed paperhanger. You know i've got the podcast tony shivani every monday right here emotional radio <hes> check south if you haven't v._n. The and it's called a what happened win. It's all things roaches and w._w._f. <hes> and just last week i started a survivor podcast with the biggest he'll and in survivor history jonny fairplay check that out over at survival fareast so between all these free podcasts and doing some mortgages ooh ooh <hes> i have been off for cancer well. You know what you can do a lot so it's okay i have have to utilize and <hes> you guys are going to be a lot this weekend. Because there's something to wrestle. Special edition live show going down from detroit and our very special special. Guest is going to be mr jim. Cornet corn is going to be taking my spot and <hes> i feel like this might be the most legendary live show in the history of something the wrestler gotti museum right mother fucker 'cause he's gonna set bruce prichard stray. You never exactly know what the hell is gonna come out of corneas now so i'm looking forward to extremely because corny corny i have not seen each other since he fired me on and <hes> whatever the name of that show is and we've been friends for over thirty years and we have a ton of stories. We agree on a lot of things but we probably disagree on more things. Oh you didn't know you better call somebody gentleman woman boys and girls children of all ages tonight to degeneration x proudly brings to you one time and podcast champion of the world killer conrad. Tom's bad void the truce richer something to wrestle with those injured. You know you gotta call somebody. You were out go to the burs he did. Hey conrad thompson on your list thing to something to wrestle with verse richard bruce what is going on. What a week. We have had this week feeling brother. What a whiz eek nick all man. I you know what even when i was doing drugs and i don't think i could get any higher than i got this week. Man holy cow what a great week yeah great week indeed and i feel like we should remind everybody that you can keep up with the arcot sear something to wrestle dot com. If you missed it. We had a phenomenal episode so last week featuring the rock in his first two years in the w w we went from survivor series nineteen ninety-six all the way through the end of nineteen ninety gate and <hes> we had a fun little story in their jimmy over at sa thought was <hes> worth brighten up in article extra mustard section. Well you know oh that's just kind of what they do any kind of little tidbits if you will and you you just got to the wiz off his house. If you know what i'm saying awesome was that not only the jimmy right article he <hes> posted the tweet to twitter kind of promoting the article and the rock responded <hes> offering a comment and giving a shout out out to you and it's a pretty big deal when the most electrifying man and sports entertainment pushover right bruce well. You know yes without a doubt man. I and it's it's it's absolutely crazy and i was getting ready to say that this is the first time you and i've actually seen each other all week but i think through all of our different <hes> calls and text messages. I think that i could see the gigantic smile on your face and you could see the gigantic smile on my face all week long with all the just tremendous stuff <hes>. I feel like we should tell you right now. If you just want to hear about the new age outlaws skip ahead several minutes we're gonna spend about ten minutes putting ourselves over here but first of all we should go ahead and put over the man himself road dogg jesse james mr brian armstrong all the amazing intro this week. I know that's going to get everybody talking for sherbro but how fucking cole of that with him do that. How you did know ooh well <hes> absolutely tremendous emma thanks and heartfelt. Thanks go out to him. Greatly appreciate it and i thought it was a superb herb job. He outdid himself. He always does and they outdid themselves this week on smackdown <hes> my twitter machine blew up and i'm sure your ear to <hes> win some w._v._u. Superstars decided to dress up in halloween costumes in honor of halloween this past tuesday and a couple of members of new day kofi kingston and biggie iggy decided to go as brother love and i guess it was akeem the african dream but as big a skip down the ramp corey graves was was quick to <hes> correct. Everyone actually the alabama dream without a doubt you know i walked into my house. I got home on tuesday night. I walk into my the office. Turn on smackdown and my phone goes off and this is how he looks just like you and my first reaction friend of mine jason smith and boston who sent that to me the first reaction pronouns pal dannatt who the hell is fee and he says kofi or you're not watching smackdown and i turn on smackdown in my <music> office and i was like i was looking in the mirror almost yeah what incredible 'cause play that kofi has done. I can only hope he tags along along with xavier woods to some sort of dragging on one day also supporting this brotherly love image. He's got a future. His brother love's pinkston anything without a doubt out in and again the alabama dream shocking jive and like only he can did it was <hes> it was pretty surreal and corey graves made my fucking. I was watching with my daughter katrina action. She didn't want to miss back <hes> when currie referred to him as alabama dream. I was instantly a big deal to her so shout out to corey dreams do come true in hey man. Let's give a little little love for houston <hes> they put you over big in the houston. Press are men sean over there. Who's been with since the beginning longtime listener <hes> and one of your long term friends actually did a phenomenal article with the houston press. We linked it on facebook facebook earlier this week. If you're in the houston area go pick it up. It's the free paper and your action. Figure is on the cover. Is this leaning towards the best week ever for bruce well now sean pendergast of course sean is the host of six the fan here in houston and and absolutely the <hes> biggest sports talk radio show in houston and sean also is a tremendous authors well and and ryder reporter and all around great guy and he he did this. A wonderful article talked to you. He talked to of course dan soder friend of the show shouli <hes> richard deutch everybody had comments in this snap article was tremendous and right now as we speak is we live and breathe all over houston is my smiling face in every bar restaurant restaurant you could possibly think of on the cover of the houston press so if you haven't already pick your copy up and if you're out of houston just going over to the houston press dot com and and <hes> check out an article i thought that they did a great job and many many thanks go out to them just a little pissed off that they didn't use the picture of dodger the official will dog of something to wrestle with here yourself sapping arise in what john shot cau- in the band waited too snowy learn the jake in the to get my hands on some grants route three course meals due cheney being only note. It's not made seven see rose over in reopen. Deja ain't nobody's he when i wanna be when you're on non seven every day that's my swimming in women with their own spas exclude drive about the benjamins <music>. Hey thompson you're listening. It does something to wrestle with law noise in the background persp- richard attorney what's going on man. How are you well man. I got i feel like i'm surrounded by landscapers right now with all the blowers in the mowers and everything else going on around here you know you had a different name for eighty always tell them blowers. I feel like it used to be called ring. Well you know it depends on some depends on the amount of actual blowing going somewhere coming. Some were going in some were blowing. Let's move along tony. Hey we want to let everybody know. We're doing something fun here. forward size something wrestle and every single day at six a._m. Eastern what are we treating everybody with bruce in the morning deuce with bruce that would be me by god and just <hes> hey the thoughts of the day picking a couple of topics and put few words my happy acid six o'clock in the morning which should brighten anybody's day well about all that but we have address the craziness of the past week over on facebook. You'll hear about a puff daddy t._m._z. ted d._b. Aussie movie rick players thirty or thirty leaving talks current stuff. Sammy's saying kevin owens a._j. Styles something new every every single day bilirakis right now on facebook dot com forward slash something wrestled thompson and you're listening to something to wrestle with bruce bruce. What's going on man. How are you. I'm good you know. Tell me what it feels like conrad. What does it feel like to be a two time. Take time to time job. I do how 'bout that. We want podcast of the year again this week. They start great friends over at sports. Illustrated are men richard is through a down last year. We're an honorable mention. That was only unlike what three or four vermont throw in this year. We took home the hardware. Thanks all of our friends over there. At sports illustrated jamie justin everybody who has made this possible over there there <hes> and i can't believe that this is a real thing bruce to podcast of the year awards what about it and and we get like the hundred thousand dollar check reward for winning the sports illustrated podcast and the right yeah i mean did you get your giant trophy yet. I got mine today. Oh yeah oh my god you know it barely fits in here so damn big they just say that <hes> terry funk and dory funk and all japan. They're jealous of the trophy week after sports illustrated today and we greatly appreciate all the support from those costs man yeah. They got nothing on us in the beautiful. Just the globes alone are absolutely amazing because it's your podcast champion of the world twice a year too young was the five time rookie of the year. I i think my brother one rookie of the year three times over three years. He was rookie of the year every territory worked in but you're young one at the most. I think five time rookie of the year <music> now we're two time podcast of the year in the same year. You know there's a lot of podcasts up that say they win an award but there's only one that actually does something wrestle with with bruce prichard. Come on <hes>. Thank you everyone for helping get the twenty thousand likes on facebook as well. We passed that milestone this week. Listener cigarettes with bruce richard and you've never seen the live nominal. I don't remember the last time i laughed at that much. I had a great time but it was a great time that there's no way highly recommend this. If you live within driving distance of the new york area new york city get ready friday night january the nineteenth nineteen with bruce conrad thompson live at barclay center. Get your tickets now. The place to get him is box of gimmicks dot com alba's. Would you pay for an event like this to be entertained for hours to hear stories. You can never here on the podcast one hundred dollars eighty dollars down fifty dollars dollars. No tickets are available at just forty five dollars. Even if you've already been to a live show trust me trust bruce. We will have a huge announcement. This is definitely not the one to this and a very very special special guests. You're gonna wanna tell people you were there. When for that low price of thirty five dollars i you can even go to the nets basketball game because the take it starts at only thirty five dollars. Can you imagine only thirty five dollars for an n._b._a. Basketball the ball game and something to wrestle with president conrad thompson live join us friday night january the nineteenth at barclay center enter. Get your tickets now. The place to get them is box of gimmicks dot com this one. You'll be talking about it for years. Hey it's conway thompson and you're listening to something to wrestle with bruce. What's going on man. How are you can you believe it is two thousand and eight. What's going to happen in two thousand eighteen. Now hopefully a lot of good stuff. I'm looking forward to it gets. It's conrad thompson and you're listening to something to wrestle with bruce prichard bruce. What's going on man harry you nothing major. No no big no big good news or anything really talk about this week. I guess we should go ahead and spill the beans. We had promised a huge announcement at our brooklyn show but every me got ahead of us brother love's it's coming back some monday night. Raw central d._v._r. Is boys and girls. That's going down on the twenty fifth. Anniversary are all on monday january twenty second and there's lots of rumor and innuendo about this first. Let's clear the air right. Now is the podcast over. No actually it is over. It's been over for a long time. Amanda teutonic good point good point podcast champions of the world <hes> but no the podcast is not ending <hes> but you got the calls to come to the new york and it just so happens that we're going to be there that weekend anyway right. We're going to be there friday night. January nineteenth making history as we i usually do at barclays center with the brooklyn nets now. I can't believe this but it's actually going to be an n._b._a. Basketball game the brooklyn nets facing the miami me he and then right after the game you get something to russell with bruce prichard and conrad thompson live and as i like to say in living in color and tickets start only thirty five dollars a box of gimmicks dot com and i want to mention to brisk. We get lots of questions about if i buy cheap seat. Am i going to be able to see you and bruce. Yes guys. We're not actually holding inside the main arena where they're playing basketball. You're gonna meet us next door inside the same building inside barclays. They have a practice arena so you're going to get instructions. If you pick up your tickets your email from barclay's landing on exactly what to do but you're going to be in an intimate setting you're going to be with your podcast buds and and we're going to have a good time. We still have a couple of really fun. Surprise gas that has not changed and there's still may or may not be another announcement but the big thing. I was excited sided to reveal would be that hey right back here on monday. Brother love's back in the fold man. Hey it's conran thompson and you're listening to something to wrestle with moose burchard bruce going on man. How are you well. It's been a really uneventful week. Since last time we talked everybody not much happening not much happening today but a lot going down this coming weekend but before we get to that we should recap but everybody wants to hear about our show in brooklyn barclays center packed with surprises we had shouli from the stern show come out and introduce oscar from men on commission who did a custom rap for us and then of course it was time for the main event you and on our very special surprise guests mr john bradshaw shaw lay field of course eric bischoff was there sam roberts did some q._n._a. What a live show man shout out to the fine folks over at barclay center and of course kristen justin and our main man paul kavanagh helped make it all happen. He listens you. Listen and i think everybody who was listening. That night. Had a great time well yeah my shoutout is to the audience and everybody that came out in support it does. It was a fun show but i love the i love. The new york crowd i. I love the new york audience because just so damn honest and they were they were great. I thought they were great to all of our guests and we need to make new york a regular or stop that if we could do it every week that'd be great well. We can't do it every week. When it feels like we are <hes> i guess before we talk about this coming weekend. We ought to say you think i was. It's too tough on eric bischoff. I got a lot of people afterwards telling me they felt kinda. Sorry for him. Sorry for eric why that's what i said so i've in putting up with you for a year and a half and he gets one little tiny dose of you. Ask a couple of questions that everybody wants answers to hey. It's conran tops on or near last s. thing to something to wrestle with merce pritchard. What's going on man. How are you well. After a whirlwind. Tour of the city of brother love og doing just lovely the city of brotherly love. I like it. We want to give special. Thanks to everyone who came out and check this out at the old e._c. W arena it was a fun happening and al snow man stole the show he was one of our very special guests that we didn't advertise to promote but you never know who's going to show one of these and he told some stories that i had never heard before housemaid the loop then shoot interviews doug podcasts but he's got stories stories for days. Does he not yeah. Al snow's got one of them. Dry humor that we like to talk about and he is one funny son of a bitch. It was awesome. Having in there and of course horn saga was there joe gertner blue meany terry ronald we had the whole crew in how funny was joel gertner. It was a great time and we can't thank you everybody enough for coming out. It's always good to catch up swap man. He's such an old school. Fan wrestling loves the show. He's listened the every episode and just catching up with him and and talking about the good old days of professional wrestling is always fun. Yeah he's always good for a short story or to onramp thompson and you're listening to wrestle with bruce prichard bruce. What's going on man. How are you well. I'm absolutely doing great. You hear you hear any big newsradio. Good rumors lately man. I heard that brock listener got into a little bit of a fight with vince mcmahon wrestlemainia backstage shane had to step in man the rumor and innuendo running wild brother well. I you know i heard a lot of crazy things over the last week. It's it's. It's been a crazy week. What the hell's all those going on next thing you know i mean they're going to say that we're working for w._w._e. I mean they're going to say that. We have our own video version of something wrestle with crisp richard on the w._w._e. Network allegedly debuting later this month on out of town. You know the rules the rumor and innuendo the window is that we sold out bruce. We did twice man. He was crazy. We sold out new orleans house of blues six hundred plus people that we allow something to waffle the very next morning we are totaled sell apps. It was a weekend of sellouts for us. It was crazy well. The rumor and innuendo bruce is that now the podcast is over. No no that would be that would be rumor innuendo and a complete one hundred percent law. I disagree. I think we're more over the mavericks you know now. We've gotta show on the network. It's not a rumor 'cause we don't deal and it's a fact jack and the podcast outcast is not going to change. Isn't that right mother. Good dear well how i liked today's now phil everybody get you chapstick ready because we're going to have to triple h his ass overtime are we not. I don't kiss ass <hes> pucker up had it now come on. You know what to expect still quoting the observer. We're still pissing bruce off. Versus took out his chapstick ready. I'm still going to call bullshit and allegedly vince mcmahon still likes a certain kind of chocolate and <hes> jim cornet order his thoughts thoughts about all this bruce he mother. Hey it's conor and thompson and you're listening to something to wrestle with bruce prichard richard bruce. What's going on man. How are you. I'll hey really not much going on this week. How about you anything new and exciting happen absolutely man. I got a chance to catch mick foley only live and in person hayes on twenty year a hail tour and it's all about the hell in the cell and obscene mic three or four times but this was his best performance woman's ever i saw him in huntsville but he's coming to a town near you and you can follow him on twitter to keep up with all that it's at real mick foley or or you can just go pick up tickets right now online at real mick foley dot com. You'll see schedule link right there where he's coming when you can see him and i believe the tour is even i'm going to end in pittsburgh where that match happened on june twenty eight the twenty year anniversary mic is a great time so go out of your way to go see cassio kid i uh-huh loved it and he'd actually used to take the show on the road with foldaway back win right way back when when mick foley i entered the arena of the standup comic if you will i opener i was the curtain jerker for miss your bowl back in the day. Well and we're hoping that you'll not only see foley but she'll you'll come see us on monday. May seventh. It's at jimmy's famous seafood right there in baltimore and we're going to do the show live with special confirmed guest before monday night. We're all and then we're gonna watch rawal with you of course during the entire time. We're going to have the best crabcakes in the world plus. Some drinks and you never know what might happen but trust me. You don't wanna miss this tickets around so right now. Bruce prichard dot com and they're also on sale for chicago on june. Sixteenth tickets are going fast at the house of blues. It's going gonna be right after annex t. It's going to be a late night in chicago. I know there's been lots of questions of what if he goes long like the wrestlemainia they're not going to. It's gonna be a regular t._v. Show you'll have plenty of time to get to us and we want you to enjoy the best of both worlds. Don't miss this june sixteenth at the hassle blues. Take us both baltimore and chicago goes on sale now british pitcher dot com but new york city. We love you so much. We're coming back on august eighteenth but we like rochester too and we're coming on july seven so so fear in the state of new york and you want to see pritchard. This is your chance to do it. Whether you want to come to the gramercy or check us out in rochester. We're going to be the at the <hes> comedy at the carlson so hook it up right now. Bruce prichard dot com for all these live events and there's gonna be tons more coming your way our still working on pittsburgh. We don't have a building just yet. We thought we did they. Sorta played hokey pokey with us right verse yeah but we're close. We're close. I'm actually talking to two buildings. Is this weekend so we're we're getting closer. Whittling down had a big list and we're down to two. They're actually still talking to us so hopefully we'll have something something for you next week right here and make a big announcement also got san antonio on sale in nashville on sale and of course arizona for next year's royal rumble. You don't wanna miss it. We're just a couple of blocks from the stadium. Tickets are available empress richard dot com and i guess we should go ahead and address. The elephant in the room bruce our video show on the w. W. network debuted and debuted at number one. It's something else to wrestle with bruce prichard exclusively on the w._w. Network let's clear syrup all the rumor and innuendo because i'd like to sort of address all of this head on a number one and this is important. That show is only available on the w._w. Network we've had lots of people ask. Where can i get the audio for this. It's not the podcast. It's a video show for w._w._e. On w._b. Network the only place to get it is w._b. Network so the audio is not i posted somewhere and if it is it's bootleg all support that get off your ass pay nine ninety nine. It's a great deal to support bruce in any pay per views every month and all the great are cops. Come on come get you something else to wrestle and we should also talk about because you and i said hey we're not changing the show. We're going to do exactly what we have creative control we can do we want. We can say what we want and we did. <hes> we talked about china. We waved at the camera. We said the words. You can't say. We didn't call ourselves. Sports entertainment podcast called ourselves elsa wrestling podcast but the day of we found out that even though we said fuck on the show dave meltzer it sounded like back dave meltzer so the day of the cut the f. words out so i guess you know they sort of got the f out back in three and uh-huh maybe up to i feel like now <hes> they took the n._f._l. Maybe there should be a shirt over richard dot com. Maybe it should in <hes> but you know what at the same time time let. Let's let's examine the whole thing. The video is going to improve folks. It was the first time out we were really rushing to get this out so that we we can make the deadline by wednesday and there are still a lot of things and they came to me and they said look on the f. word. We are family friendly. Friendly kids can download this and it's something that conrad and i have talked about on this show to try and curb our language a little bit to be a little bit friendlier ear sometimes and we said you know what the fuck so <hes> and you know. It's five thirty in the morning conrad. How do you expect me to be waking up to the show well. I'm pretty excited. We've got all the questions this week. Usually i get to ask you the questions with this week. The fans do and that's actually pretty fun for me so he'll ask them. We're going well but i so i think he needs to tell everybody about events coming. Don't you various yeah. We're going to be everywhere go to bruce pitcher dot com. It's all right there. We'll get to the questions michael austin out. No one else will give a damn about this question. But why didn't the atom bomb gimmick work. I wasn't there next question. Josh ken watanabe contracts. Were not an issue. What would have been versus five man w._c._w. Team for the invasion of pay per view. I don't think i was there either. Gabriel p._r. Wants to know when was the intercontinental championship retired retired in two thousand and two was it originally. They retired forever. <hes> is that the end of the questions was last month. Danny wants to noted bruce have have any idea what type of gamma he would have went to w._c._w. Nineteen ninety-two thirty down feeling good man how you feeling today man i am burning at both ends of these days as we record this. It is five thirty in the morning warning radio man and you're listening to said what happened. When the hell oh i'm doing too much something to wrestle with bruce prichard bruce what's going on man. How are you great doing great man. Just <hes> you know strolling along here and just got finish up with a great week of m. l. w. wrassling in orlando florida and if you haven't had a chance one everybody to check check it out on the network every friday night at eight o'clock eastern. Tom and it's great alternative to all of this out there. M w wrestling check check it out. You know i gotta tell you a little skeptical when t._v. Deal but i checked out a man. The production is legit. They've done a really good job with it and i i don't know how much of that because you and hamas that is because the tone issue vanni minute wait a minute hang on pay on then we'll w show initial bonnie's their for their what the fuck left out of this deal you know. I think you need something else to do. Do you got all these downtime combat and be hey. It's conrad thompson and you're listening to something to wrestle with bruce prichard bruce what's going on man. How are you well. I've gotta do catchphrase. It's bruce prichard conrad create controversy com pretty sure that's what we're doing <music> over eighty three weeks but man feels like this last week or so. You've got stirred up what calls in all this well i guess as we should go back because we had recorded our podcast for last week well ahead of time because of our schedules and we had reported it prior. You're to the something else for us with on the w._w._e. Network and there were just some creative differences and we're not going to go the end of the specifics of everything but you you win. Some you lose sunday given you take and we finally got a show on the air that took place on <hes> on friday and i hope that we we have gotten through those rough times and moved on and our shows should be debuting on the w._b. Network work every single wednesday going forward from this point but you didn't catch them all on demand if you missed the controversial w._w. A._b._c. it's available on demand on the w._w._e. Network work right now. I feel like you're behind bruce. You know the controversy this week. It's let's talk about t._n._a. I had to cover last week as well on them. We get to to this week and and they let us talk about those three letters t. n. A. and the other two letters a._j.'s his. I really do feel like when we were on the phone on with them and we said hey can. We talk about the i mean. I really do believe they think we mint tests. Now i think you're i think you're correct. I mean the <hes> the reaction we got when we started talking about total nonstop action's. It's not i mean it's almost like the price and and we clearly they were going to do show a t._a. Okay yeah it's tested out a lot of footage lobby yeah yeah so <hes> hopefully enjoy our episode on a._j. Styles we're trying to <hes> bringing some new stuff and of course we never talked about a._j. Styles in tina in great in a great detail but we were able to and cover his entire run while you were there at least and that was brand new stuff for something else to wrestle. Check it out on the w._b. Network work if you haven't already today's episode of something to wrestle with is brought to you by fight dot tv forward slash star cast whereabout pre ordering before august tenth breath. You get an incredible value. Here's what we're talking about. Two stages over four days more than twenty live shows over forty hours of content for one low the price just seventy nine ninety nine but hurry. This offer won't last forever. It expires on midnight august tenth. This is an incredible value. Just just a ton of shows the monday night war debate with bruce prichard eric bischoff the roast of bruce prichard happened win with tony shivani guests the all all in way ends and n. w. o. reunion a wargames retrospective an empty arena retrospective panel women's wrestling hosted by medusa and have this behind the scenes with tim johnston more than twenty shows. Check out the full line up right now. At fight dot tv forward science star cast and you remember you can enjoy these shows live over labor day weekend or on demand with unlimited replace but hurry place your order before it's too late. It's fine dot tv forward slash star cast and it's only seventy nine dollars and even get a twenty dollar fight credit can use towards future purchases is all in on fight. This is too good to be true forty hours of content for seventy nine ninety nine order today t._v. forward science star cast that's f. i t. e. dot tv forward. Science star cast with two rs fight t._v. Sport slash star cast. Hey it's discounters thompson and you're listening to something to wrestle with bruce prichard burst what's going on man. How are you well. I'm great recovering from an eighteen hour our trip up to <hes> tower minnesota back and forth and all around man so it was a wonderful wonderful week well. I'll tell you what we've had a wonderful week this week on patriotic patriae on because we have been doing a lot of extra bonus content you manage to stream some footage of you and dutchman tell you and eric bischoff you patterson patterson even gave everybody behind the scenes look for we're going to be doing the day on summer. Slam an we uploaded our live show from baltimore last year sure and as if that wasn't enough we had two bonus episodes. Hey it's conroy thompson and you're listening to something wrestle with but just barely bruce prichard bruce. What's going on man. What the hell go back and tell everybody what you said just before you said what it is that you said so ed bruce and i have been burning at both ends lately me especially three fucking podcasts three patrols the w._b. Network show joe star cast a wedding mortgages and worn out. I'm not far far from burnout and so as we're recording this. It's literally the night before you here and it's very late at night. Especially when you've had the crazy schedule we have so we recorded that pre roll spot there for asia smell max and then i was opened a new foul and i clicked or gord and i just looked at bruce for a minute and i said how do i start the show again. I literally forgot to say hey it's conrad thompson which is something i've said in my mortgage career for our radio spots like ten years and i lost it and he started laughing hysterically and told me that you two haven't slept and you've been going at both oh thins so this is going to be most punchdrunk episode ever and we're drinking diet coke say over here drinking diet coke and watered her and <hes> yeah so yes folks were drinking god. We're going to be high draining a lot during this show and it is what it is so hey hey bruce. No that's your line. Hey it's gone right thompson and you're listening to something to wrestle with bruce richard bruce. What's going on man. How are you you. I'm great. I'm impressed you. Remember how to start to show this week. Well we'll call it a straight man. I am looking forward to talking about this topic with you. We've got summer summer slam nineteen ninety eight ondeck but this weekend we've got summer slam coming to you directly in new york city in bruce. We're going to be there at gramercy. See theater and man about what's time we used to piggyback w._b._z. Shows some bitches are backing us with elias. Ask that happening right at the game the inter right after us seriously. How much more fun can your saturday come see rusen. I stick around for walk with elias elias. This is going to be fun and then go to annex t it's the ultimate wrestling saturday and you can make a half and right now at bruce prichard dot com absolutely and and and you know i gotta give <hes> that's gonna be great because gramercy is like our home away from home. New york city some the greatest fans in the entire world. There's only a few tickets left. I love it when they send out a ticket alert. Only a few tickets left which you did earlier this week. Hurry up because there's only a couple of laughs so if you're watching this listening to this or watching us. I'm watching it <hes> man get them now. Hurry get them and don't forget chicken. Man beat rosenberg itchy pete live. It's the reunion of in the mass man plus lots of surprises going down at sony hall on friday night at eight p._m. Tickets are available now at ticketmaster dot com. Let's talk about us a little more. I can't believe you done this. You've <hes> you've started talking about australia and twenty twenty nine thousand nine with somebody started talking to be mad. You know on our bucket list. What have you and i talked about. We talked about going to different places doing in different things and almost always the first thing out of our mouth is boy if we can only get to australia they hey it's gone rat thompson and you're listening to something to wrestle with bruce bruce. What's going on man. How are you unwinding man. I'm here in beautiful floridian and doing a little a bit of m._l._b. W wrassling and it's a beautiful day in the neighborhood. What can you complain about. Well i agree but i did expect you to be the <hes> complaining a little bit today because this past weekend man it was a roast and it was the roast of all wrestling rose we had lots of comedians on hand to poke fun you of course need to thank mr james modern and julie and tons of other folks but who could forget ron and funches mike lawrence taylor williamson and last but certainly not least dan saint germain who's got a new album coming out no real real winners here on eight hundred pound gorilla records and you can actually get that had dan saint germain dot net and anywhere else you enjoy your albums whether it's high tunes amazon pandora spotify whatever but man these guys had a lot of fun poking fun you and maybe one of my the most memorable jokes wasn't even joke at you so i want you to think about one of your favorite jokes from the roast but mine the one that i still remember to this day they're making jeff jarrett and the line was the most memorable angle jeff was ever in was karen. Hey it's conrad tops on your list thing to something to wrestle with bruce richard bruce. What's going on man. How are you. You're getting married this weekend. You're getting married this weekend. You're getting married this weekend. Cool congratulations thanks man. I'm excited the two <hes> host you and dave silva hope. Donald stand me up like he did it my bachelor party we wouldn't do that. This is the real thing yeah i i just realized jeff. Cobb is going to be making a rare alabama n._b._a. Appearance like thirty minutes from my house this weekend and i realized laws that <hes> yoon dave civil will be over there doing a meet and greet right before we could. I was hoping to do dirty dustin on friday night before the wedding and then maybe we could do like a <hes> a mexican half dozen in the afternoon of your weddings. Maybe we can do breakfast yeah. I can't wait to see all the shining. I was told you even have tickets sold to the reception. Why few or inviting people people to the reception supposedly sent a text to see if we can sneak in twelve more plates and if you could sit at your own table at the reception option. I didn't guarantee 'em plagues. I just guarantee that they would be able to park on the street. The reception was taking place. I don't know what to say here. I just you know it's it's all good third there. They love us. They love you. They want to be a part of this. Happy momentous day cool wrestle with bruce bruce prichard on a very special thanksgiving edition what's going on bruce. How are you kabul. Okay everybody happy thanksgiving. That was just gobbly. Gook now see well. I wish you didn't but i am. I'm glad that <hes> we got to hang out with past weekend. In los angeles california many thanks to our special guests lilian garcia of course hall of famer gerald brisco was there and then we had a couple of surprises about taylor williamson's brown's america's got talent finals a a couple of years ago he opened up and talked about his wrestling fan them and that was a tremendous moment and then we had a little run in from triple x. Sensation whitney rights believe is up for <hes>. I guess the academy award of adult films the avian performer of the year so a a star studded cast and then of course muslimovic buddies for ryan forester drew morgan who is a great time. It was an excellent time spot. I've ever gratitude show in los angeles. The audience made it. You know conrad. We've been doing this now for almost two years and still it is one of the most humbling experiences this is in the world to walk out on stage and see all those people that are there just listen to us talking to you are no doubt about it and <hes> we can't thank you guys enough for all the support and we're looking forward to seeing more of this weekend at wrestle cade if you haven't already crews on over i believe today is the last date what about tickets are brisk. Richard dot com were completely sold out with general admission and v._i._p. But we do have some standing room only and if you missed your chance but still would like to see the show. I would encourage you to check it out. I richard dot com. It's this saturday at wrestle. Kate in winston salem north carolina and then about a week eclater. You and i are heading across the pond. Man tell them about it can't wait december four th we're going to be in glasgow scotland and december the fifth breath belfast northern ireland <hes> there are less than twenty tickets as we speak for each of those shows so if you wanna see us so scholar and you wanna see us in northern ireland. I suggest you get your tickets right now. Because these will sell out and then we're going to go over to england glen and our first night december six. We're going to be in birmingham the september seventh in london cimber eight in bristol and in my favorite december nine in liverpool and the great thing about these bands you also get a fight forever live wrestling event as well and people are talking is cody going to be there is cody gonna show up. Meant cody is confirmed. Cody is going to be there live and he is going to be a part part of the event along with enforced gordon jimmy havoc coppa 'shago the godfather conrad bruce whole lot more. It's going to be great great great week week in the u._k. Scotland in thompson you're listening to something wrestle with bruce prichard and bruce bruce as we record this right now. We are halfway through our tore across the pond. We've already knocked out a couple of shows three in fact. Tell everybody where we're being where we're going next. Can you believe it. We started out in glasgow scotland right from there went to belfast okay. I didn't say belfast because i was learned the correct way to say. It is actually belfast. I was right and wrong. No i was correct you. Oh you know and then tonight we did our first ever fight forever show and we're in birmingham birmingham. Yeah we weren't at birmingham alabama emma. We're in birmingham england here. In the united kingdom and i was excited to be here man. I've never been to england before and certainly never been to scotland and and i had a blast in glasgow hottest crowds. Wherever had let's go. Hey thompson and you're listening to something to wrestle with for tokyo. I know that's not exactly what you expected to hear today. We're calling an audible. We had originally planned to do a saturday nights. Main event watch long from hulk hogan and king kong bundy all all the way back in nineteen ninety eight and then we put the poll up and you guys were so fired up about real rumbled on a guy and i said i will do that next week. Instead and then something tragic tragic happened. We lost a gene oakland and you guys wanted semaine content today and that's what we're going to bring to you but unfortunately <hes> i'm in tokyo. Oh and bruce is in france would texas and he's going to be in friends went again this weekend with eric bischoff and half a dozen other or maybe two dozen other w._w._e. Hall of famers you gotta check them out at the mall fiterman sports. It's saturday january fifth so tomorrow. If you're listening to this on friday but tend to be awfully bushwacker leading nasty but what's demolition volition even our main man eric bischoff and rumor and innuendo bruce is that hoppy talk land might be there the first time honkytonk man and eric bischoff. We've been in place since michelle. Smith running down run eighty three weeks. We'll should be interesting to say the least and <hes> we are all going to be there. It's a small place so so this should be an awful lot of fun an awful explosive to say the least yeah. I'm looking forward to the report. I'm sure social media will blow up on that and hopefully <hes> you're doing what i'm doing and you're watching wrestle kingdom today. I know that we've been promoting here on fighting bovine. It feels like everybody has had something to say about what you're doing what we're doing and what's changing and what's not changing but we've sort of been mum's the word about it by what you know the news use the window the click bait. Oh hell all hell that i'm extremely. I'm extremely proud extremely happy to be back in the family at w._w._e. And <hes> i had my first t._v.'s back this past week had an absolute blast san everybody and being back in the fold and we'll see this isn't not being coy or anything like that. It's a a lot still needs to be worked out as far as what my role will be and ohio now said events his right hand man and the head of creative who said that i mean and the internet i mean the yeah well there. You go folks look. I'm going to come back and help out wherever i can be most valuable and were were working through it. Were you know we're figuring out where i might fit best and how and what and why and everything else and it's it's not something and it's something that happened pretty quickly with me going to t._v. And i've got to see a lot of changed in ten years and i have to see where i it in. They have to see where i fit in and how and what have you so. There's still a lot of questions to be answered and i'm looking forward to an incredible journey so <hes> as far as what we're doing with the podcast well hang on. Let me ask are canceling. Any live shows no absolutely not every live show that we have advertised <hes>. We're going to be there but realistically if your schedule continues like this. There's going to have to be fewer you were if any live shows after these fair to say fair that is fair to say because <hes> if i'm gonna do i'm gonna do something. I'm going to do it. <hes> one hundred percent well. I mean let let's talk about it. You can't necessarily do the show right before the pay per view if you're like you know so. That's the thing take me. No more live shows like well. I mean maybe one here. They're realistically but with this new crazy schedule your about to be on <hes>. There's there's a lot of eighteen hour days in your future but so the next question is <hes> and we got this whenever we announced that we were going to do show on the w network to everybody thought <hes> <hes> shows over are we cancelling the podcast no sir we're not and we're going to figure out what is going to be where it's going to be and all that good stuff off and all those questions are still to be answered and were working our way through it and probably you know we're going to experiment with awesome things and have some fun and and see where we go but and let me say don't read too much into that because here's what we're talking about. Maybe some of this. The poll ends on tuesday and we tape on thursday right. Maybe that has to change because travel schedules and whatnot but <hes>. I want everybody to know i'm committed to doing this. Show and last. I checked you. Were are two so the show is gonna stick around. Appreciate your support. We're not going anywhere. Yes we were fucking with you at the beginning of this because we're assholes <hes> but we're excited about bruce's new position russian and i realize this means a lot of you're going to hate and you're gonna say oh. Well bruce is gonna start. Kiss and aaa says win the fuck. Did he stopped. That's the nature of the show. So you know bruce. Get your chapstick ready and we'll see next week friday at noon. I'm not gonna say chaka. Khan is there anything else. You want to address address for everybody because seriously you know i knew when mike johnson broke the story. Oh fuck my phone's about to blow up and i'm out of town. I just need to turn this off so i just went silent on social media until we had time for you to actually you know do your fucking new job and then we could talk after because let's not kid ourselves when you and i i started this show. What did you put the odds of you ever going back to the company at about one hundred thousand one yeah how about zero nobody this was going to happen and now and now you are and so no matter what anybody says it's got. It's got to be a good feeling to you to rome those his hall again. Where maybe you thought you never would be again and to feel welcome and wanted and contributing and sort of back in the saddle. Even though maybe it's a different horse. Maybe it's a different seidl. You're doing what you love and man fuck it. I'm happy for you and well. I'll tell you man i it's it's an incredible feeling and and i it's it's it's really it's just hard to articulate sometimes the excitement and how <hes> how good it feels sometimes sometimes i get a little overwhelmed with it and have to pinch myself but it was. I remember walking out into the arena in in houston. <hes> in this was guys this all happen really really fast and and it wasn't something that i solicited solicited or anything else it it happened from you know just going down to say hello and talking about things and and what have you but i i walked out which i haven't been to a w._w._e. Show went to annex t and i got the feeling but i haven't been no w._w._e. Show and been out in the audience in in a long time <hes> <hes> and i felt that electricity again and it's it's hard to explain it's goosebumps. It's magical that something when you look at it and go oh god to be a part of it is exciting and it's pretty damn cool so i was a little overwhelmed and probably will be for a few weeks. It's like drinking water out of fire hose <hes> but it's exciting shed and i welcome everybody to come along on the ride with us. Listen <hes> we'll have some fun. I am kit. Can we still like mock. Johnny ace's voice and say do shit like that though <hes> so agree to michael hayes monday with dave dave day yeah the i'm so happy for you when we had that conversation last week and you were just <hes> it was still so fresh and raw it was like one of the happiest moments in our run together and i know that a lot of people just automatically assume the worst but <hes> dude. I'm fucking thrilled for you and i know that you're back where you belong and where you're having fun and i hope our listeners appreciate that too and you know we're definitely making oliver live shows and nothing's cancelled and oh hey <hes> real fast. Are you still allowed to come to star cast because that's going to be the next summer that you you're not allowed to come. Oh i'm planning on being there yeah so there you go something to wrestle the last live show we've marketed and we've advertised and we've we've promoted <hes> so if you haven't already you need to come see on one of these final shows because i don't know what our schedule will allow but <hes> we're still going to be here for you every friday at noon somehow some way same bat time same bat channel. We appreciate your support and man back in august. The two thousand sixteen who the fuck quarter thought this was going to happen not i was kind of fun. <hes> dude. It's the fucking wildest rod ever accept how about <hes> getting that first flight out and walking around and dress shoes on concrete floors instead of just hanging out in your pajamas all day. That's a big difference yeah. I had to walk quite quite a ways verses. This is the <hes> fifteen yards from the bedroom to the office in your fucking house us and your fish and shirt and your basketball shorts kevin owens dad. Don't put the shirt on until like about eleven thirty. It's it's a lot of things they are a changing but we appreciate you guys being around. What an incredible story. This podcast asked has been and <hes> we thank you guys for all the opportunities i mean we got on here in new fucking just ripped t._n._a. Shreds and they brought you in and then you got the hang and produced today's t._v. For him all w. and then we had the network show and then live shows and holy shit man. I can't wait to see what's next and i'm so thankful that you guys have joined us on the rod and bruce that you <hes> believed in a a hillbilly redneck and said hey man. Let's do a podcast. How old is she right. Holy shit and rockin chaka khan see next week right here on something to wrestle with shows not over bruce prichard. Hey it's tops and you're listening to something to wrestle will richard bruce. What's going on man. How are you welcome back to america good. I may it's lovely be back. Oh god i really thought we could avoid bullshit crocodile dundee. Guess guess that's possible. Uh-huh i'm actually doing wally who is mature manager who was basically an australian hybrid john paul. Shell nut okay well. I don't know what all that means. I know you had a great time. You're sending me lots of fun pictures and <hes> it. It seems like you had such a good time that you spread the word to our mutual friend eric bischoff bischoff and now he's gone austrailia well. He's gonna have a damn good time. Rock the promise them that so it's gonna be that'll be a good one for everybody. I know i had a blast asked and the australian audiences were fanned tastic <hes> i just i can't say enough. It was a bucket list dream of mine to good australia got experience. It and i'll definitely be back some point thompson. You're listening to wrestle with bruce bridge and what's going on man and how are you well conrad. It is new york city and i am absolutely excellent because it's wrestlemainia samania samania hell as where you are. You're deep in it. We are in the heart of new york city and <hes>. We're gonna be talking about the one and only michael hayes today but i need talk about last week because we got a lot of feedback last week. Show a lot of people not happy with less money in seventeen is overrated well. That's because you were wrong. I was right and all of our audiences right to because they felt that it was the greatest wrestlemainia. Is it going to be better than the sunday's wrestling that's to be okay. We'll find out but how about this the day after this sunday's wrestlemania you and i are going to be putting the band back together one one last time here in new york city and the one and only jim ross will be joining us and for obvious reasons that will never happen again. Hey scott thompson near listening named something to wrestle with bruce. Richard bruce was going. Oh man how are you. I'm recovery romo. Wrestlemainia hang yeah man. How did it feel for all time. The back to the side all the craziness of wrestlemainia leaking exhausting is probably avoids best word that i can use to describe it so it's all good man. It's all good helluva helluva week. Helluva last is ten twelve days wherever the hell been well we we had a hell of a good time last week <hes> at both our show <hes> j._b._l. Gramercy and the first dance odor and chewy join this is always a good time and then <hes> something rather unique with j._r. Maybe come last time <hes> <hes> monday right after all pretty good trip to new york. It's gonna thompson and you're listening to something. Russell will bruce pritchard. Who's coming coming to us live from stamford connecticut. What's going on bruce. How're you actually as they say up in canada. I'm awesome greenwhich connecticut or as the locals call greenwich day here as a matter of fact. I'm looking out at the <hes>. The air conditioning system here is wonderful well. I'm excited that you're in greenwich and i know that you're up there with all your stop befriends. I think those are the <hes>. The main streets that hundred hers townsley used to roam back in the day. Did he not hell yeah yeah. They are probably the meanest a stamp streets anywhere in the world. Well hence the name. I mean you know you just can't make that shit. Oh you mean streets of connecticut as mean as get tate's conrad thompson and you're listening to richard what's going on man. How are you you know what the <hes> uh i'm here. I'm alive. It's all good contrary to popular belief i. I think i'm here comrade you know. I have heard that you're there but you've been everywhere my friend friend. <hes> this life on the road that you've signed up for again has quite the stretch coming up. You're telling me before we click record today that you've got an eleven day trip coming coming up including a trip to the sand of saudi arabia i long for it buddy boy it sure is and i'm going from one end of the world all the way to the other and then coming back and going to the other side so <hes> yeah a little bit of craziness going on but it's all good because we're rocking and rolling and wrestling with something to with you. You know what i mean. I do know what you main thompson. You're listening to wrestle with and we back in the saddle. What's going on bruce. How're you will hear conrad thompson just here by golly ready to rock and roll feels like it has been been for ever well. We just gotta talk here on this microphones studio system that we have going on as you will well. I wonder why that is mr. Mr saudi arabia mr emergency dentist. You'd probably you've got some things going on in your life baby. Welcome back well. It's good to be back by god ready to rock and roll ooh. Hey conrad thompson on your list. Thing does something to wrestle with members richard. I what's going on man. How are you argest absolutely wonderful. Kinda good to be back in the south still got a bunch of loose teeth. So <hes> you know folks going to have to work with me here for a little bit will well. I get used to like teeth kind of being hung on still by stitches and all that good shit well. I'll tell you what we got. Great feedback from the show dropped earlier this week. I think it was the surprise release. Nobody expected it but king of the ring nineteen ninety four is now released out into the wild <hes>. I got really good feedback from this show. The feedback you got from king of the ring ninety four. I think it was they were happy to hear as talkie again was probably a great response and a really good feeling. I know i was and it was a fun show to do and when we got done with it. Did i remember you know shit. Both you and i kinda looking at each other and going that was a lot of fun and it was a fun. Show a good show so positive feedback thus far dr anything else interesting happened this week. Yeah not really you. Don't kind of sable sable. Just it's been working man all right well. I mean i guess we should at least address it. The internet blew up on thursday with the news that smackdown and raw now have executive directors and <hes> yeah. This doesn't feel like apparent names. You would hear in two thousand nineteen seems a little bit like a fever dream. Paul heyman is the executive director for all and eric. Freaking bishoff is the executive director of smackdown iran's with these guys for both of them great news for our great close close personal friend mr eric bischoff to be back in wrassling. How excited you think erica's with this. I think he's ecstatic in a proud of him very happy for for him and you know what time will tell and if you're gonna do a wonderful job and that brings us to today of course we're here celebrating a three year anniversary of something something to wrestle and we can't do too much more of this without tagging in the man the myth the legend the reason. We're all here who made it all possible. Mr bruce prichard an catching up with you today bruce on this exact three year anniversary this august fifth is not a friday like it was three years ago nope. It's a monday and of course on monday. Who knows where you are. Where in the world is carmen sandiego the w._b._z. Version where in the world is bruce pictured. I'm just sitting here in beautiful greenwich connecticut waiting all the car take me to the plane go to pittsburgh pennsylvania for monday night raw uh-huh needless to say changed in three years. Is that fair to say buddy. Thanks so you know it's funny as i as i got on the elevator i've gotten your text on. I looked at the date and i went holy shit. A lot has changed in three years so folks this. This is a precautionary tale to be careful what you wish for and never ever ever ever ever say never because there is no such thing yeah i mean nobody could have ever predicted how much your life would change how much our life has changed and how many of our friends and family who are sort of in this podcast world with us go from eric bischoff the tarnish vanni and then even folks behind the scenes like they've silva our lives have changed so much because of the overwhelming support and love that you guys have shown honest from day one and we wanted to just drop a little bonus episode today does just sorta let you jump in the time machine with us and go on this journey from where we started to where we are now and just how much has changed in just three short years and i can't say it enough. Thank you very much for all the support that we've gotten martin and its afforded you know both of us. A lot of opportunity and bruce richard is living proof of that right well absolutely and could it'd be done none of it could have ever been done without the folks the download listen to and support us and it's funny when you and i started this remember they told us if if we could ever reach you know ten thousand downloads of whatever it was the first one did sixty one and then we hit that three seventy five and then we hit the million and then we never looked back and none of that none of it would ever be possible if thrall you listening and a grateful is i mean i can't even i- words cannot describe how grateful i am thankful to everybody that made it possible because you you made it possible. Audience made it possible in here. We are three years later in places that <hes> none of us would be well. We thank you for sharing your wrestling life with us man. I know that <hes> you sometimes feel like you've got to overdose on the thank. Yous and i understand that and appreciate that but the reality is you know we as the listener because i consider myself the first listener we've had the greatest joy of all you know you were <hes> you're the narrator and the curator at this point for our childhood wrestling memories reason why can't thank you enough for being so transparent and so real times when it wasn't easy talked about how some of your friends have passed away those very emotional episodes. We've had a lot of fun with in a silly impressions and one live but the idea that something to wrestle something that was formulated on the couch and huntsville alabama and then went worldwide is just pretty fucking fucking cool man and i appreciate you believe in me and this concept and this idea taking a shot and and most of all it's all about the fans man because if nobody listens to this thing nothing nothing ever happens exactly and you said it all man who ever thought we'd be young to england doing tours over there. I got to go toss throw yeah. You've been japan and just everything in between so very income true that i didn't even know that i was dreaming so i feel like i've they'd been living in a dream for three years is pretty damn awesome. Thank you everyone for all your support. We hope you enjoyed today's <hes> little sprinkle on top and we appreciate you sticking taking with us these three years and hey this is not fair will the train marches on got another episode this friday and every friday and although that show has changed a little bit you once upon a time we didn't have live shows we had a lot and now we don't have any and the same thing you know we didn't we weren't on the network and then we were and now we're not that doesn't mean that we're not not still working behind the scenes on some new tricks purse leave right bruce <hes> you better believe it and all i gotta do is say stay tuned because is it only gets bigger and it only gets better well. This is normally the part where i'll wrap it up and then he'd do your gimmick. Are you ready to embarrass yourself in the lobby. Sure stay tuned this friday not next week but this friday burn all new something to wrestle with bruce prichard shock shock <music> and <music> the only of the pair fold storms and tides john. How much you you see cry can make it through <music>. Uh-huh yeah <music> spread the aches and so <hes> <music> baugh aw aw do we aw <hes> <hes> you uh-huh dan will expand uh-huh <hes> ah <music> the <music> they own <music> <music> <music>.

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