Between the Links: Episode 3 | Jorge Masvidal vs. UFC Continues, What's Next For Cynthia Calvillo & More


You're listening to the medium long as. I walk up to a brand new edition of between the links on them may fighting dot com, I and my khaki host and moderator of the program, and we have quite the matchup for you this week in lots to discuss who's actually difficult to narrow these all down, but before we get into this thing, let us introduce the combatants I the challenger You. Guys all know this man from tsn in Canada and I can confidently say that throughout all the different iterations of the show over the years. Years this man delivered one of the greatest performances in the history of between the links, and maybe had the best answer to a question in the history of 'em, podcasting ladies and gentlemen Mr. Aaron Brown sitter joins US Aaron Welcome back. I guess to between the links. How are you I'm good? I saw Jose shaking his head. When you said that I had the greatest answer. The history of podcasts I mean we. We just got gotTA silence the doubters. I guess that's where we go from here. That's what we're here to do. Aaron and returning for his second title Defense undefeated in his between the links career, the man with the best mustache, and may media to become more of a full grown beard against multiple TRIPS, Vegas Jacksonville. Do for you, but he's back from Vegas once again from FEMA fighting dot. com Mr Jose. How are you? Let's get this out of the way. The answer to the question of what the great with the greatest answer was. Who has the best hair and anime not just immediate anime? It's like Oh, it's Ed. SHABAZZ IAN and arrows like no toes, Young's and Mike was like that is the greatest of all time, and I was like that would make a lot of sense so. For those of you wondering in the comments section what the answer was that was the answer the the greatest. The greatest answer was Jose. Young's has the best hair and have a May. Let's do it. Actually I have the best here on May right, so let's just get that out of the way you and mark at one point in time you and Margaret Mandi are tied for the bank. Jimmy Smith through yeah. Battle commences. So real quick just for those who are new to the game. We didn't have video last week. It was chaos. It was a monstrosity if you will. logical. But. Here's how the Game Works, so these gentlemen are going to give their takes on four different topics in based on how they present. Their arguments doesn't matter if I agree with them or not. They're going to be awarded one point for each round. I of course can ask follow up questions as my show. I have the right to do so and. After four questions, we may have a winner. We may not have a winner if we do not. We're GONNA go to the knockout round. One question decides at all. Neither of these gentlemen know what that question is, and then Casey and the truck mount the second best mustaches media will render the file decision. If Jose wins. He continues this impressive title Defence Street, and if Aaron Wins I, don't know what the Hell's going to happen might have interim strap. By vacate a title here. I don't know but the tension. You can cut it with a knife, so let's get into episode three of between the links. Let's get into. I guess the Big Story Right. Now In Octagon Action I guess you've see on ESPN ten. Went down on Saturday night. In Las. Vegas it was that classic. Don't judge a book by its cover type of events. There's some great performances. Let's kick things off with the main event. We have Cynthia Cavallo jumps up to one thousand five first time. She's been there since her pro debut first main event, not just in the AFC. Professional career and she delivers a great performance against Jessica gets unanimous decision. I gave Cynthia five rounds I knew there's going to be a forty eight forty seven mix in there somewhere, because judges, judge and but. We get to the point in the sport especially right after that fight where we start playing fantasy matchmaker, and with when it comes to city Cavallo. There's a lot of options for her right now. I've seen them all. We had callouts big fights coming up in the division, and there's people who say you know what? She just beat the number one contender. Let's let's jump right into a title fight. Let's have jumped the line. Some say let's just give her the winner of shift Janko versus Calderwood, when and if that gets officially books, so Jose we'll start with you if it's up to you. Where does Cynthia Calvia go from Saturday? Night's big win and y all I. Don't think there's a scenario where she skips the Q. The US's been pretty adamant. That will not even adamant like they've booked Joanne Calderwood. And a lot of number one contender fights, and she's always kind of up. Sure whether it's to be so when like Cynthia, or like random arose back in Straw days or even against count UK against Chicago. There's scenario whatsoever where. They don't give joined colder with the next shot. That's not official, but I can't imagine that Cynthia skips that q since he's been pretty adamant that she wants to stay active. There's that big again. There's also that big flyweight fight coming up this week with Roxana modifier Lauren Murphy I think the winner of that should be next in line. I know there's. There's a little bit of the Senate the, but again it's hard fantasy match mate when these fights haven't happened yet. Because like I always say, it could be a three round war, and they both get six months suspensions, and then Cynthia has to skip the queue because he's just next in line or join with gets her, and they have to fill in. SCENARIO IF I don't have a problem whatsoever. Cynthia wants to to wait it out for a title fight, but she has been adamant. You want to stay active. She also brought up the fact that she likes representing East San Jose and she wants to really show the kids. What hard work does so. She's doesn't strike me as someone who wants to sit out. Count Shuki called her out on twitter. I think our exact phrase Gimme Gimme. She fought for the title, already lost dominated by bouncing Shaneco, and they came back and had the best foreign for life against balancing a sister. Chango. On the on the first fight card here in Las Vegas so if someone of that calibre calls you out, neither of them have fights booked at the moment. They both want to be active I like that fight. I like as I get what people are going to say to so wait. But also when you say, should she wait for the winner Valentina Joanne Calderwood. Valentina loses. They're gonNA. Give her the rematch against doing color. There's no. There's no question it. Cynthia does have win over Georgia which will help her. Down the line, but again the biggest thing that helped be normal in contender, but no I. Don't think she's the cue I liked the Contra Kagan fight, but I also think Roxanne. modifier Lauren Murphy. The winner of that should be the next should get the the WHO I'm assuming. Bounty and we'll be joined it again. Nothing's for of these days should be next in line over Cynthia especially because Cynthia wants to stay hyperactive. Aaron, what say you I don't see how they would be ahead of the Calvo Cynthia just beat the number one person the way these ranking's always seem to work is if you beat the number one person now you're the number. One person happened with Gilbert Burns, and that's how they're justifying this title shot and having him jump Mazda Vidal. In terms of the supposed cute for the title shot so with this particular matchup this weekend. You've got monetary. Monetary and you've got Lauren Murphy I. Think it just makes sense to have Cynthia Calvin fight the winner of that, in fact I spoke to her manager today and I said. Do you guys feel like she's next in line for the title I should she wait and they said No. She doesn't want to wait. She wants to pay somebody and they thought that the logical next step would be to face the winner of this weekend because they know that. That CAITLIN Kagan didn't have a lot of success against Valentine Shevchenko. The UFC probably doesn't WANNA put her back into a position where people would consider her a title fight because we kind of know what's going to happen if that comes to be Cynthia Calvillo did a great thing by moving to flyweight, you know she was always on the cusp of the top five at the straw weight and kept missing wait. All these circumstances kept happening now she's. She's in a perfect position. She jumps in in a main event. The first non title at least scheduled for flyweight it ended up being a catchweight main event and UFC history a pretty big platform and ends up getting the job done and doing so without any questions that you know I don't think anybody could argue that I won that fight so by I. Don't mean me I mean Jessica I, so I think what next in line for her. would be the winner of this weekend's fine if she doesn't want to stay busy, but I could totally see us scenario where she just sits out. What happens with calder wooden Shevchenko and get that next shot if she doesn't want to sit out because I think she's earned, that's but see. Here's the problem. With that, you're making sense, Aaron and that's not allowed when you're talking about the UFC rankings WHO's fighting for the bantamweight title. The man someone that's Owen one in the UFC, Bantamweight Division, so your answer makes is logical, but that's where the fault lies when you're talking about UC title fights, so you think macy Barbara should be next in line them Dr. Well one of the things that one thing that said the did. Well. Obviously, she's found a home. She's at Aka. She's Costa. Rica parents so that helps know. That was a big problem with her. Trying to figure out where she was going to train. Who GonNa Kosher? Who is going to be part of our team? And she seems to have gotten that. figure it out, but. I thought she delivered a huge way that press conference and I think she took steps to becoming star. Obviously, you should not there yet. And maybe it was just the timing of that conversation because they interviewed. Cynthia Cavallo like two or three days after that was announced and. Aster about the negativities surrounding the fight, she gave her take on it and basis. Like what am I supposed to do? Say No like if you don't like it, don't watch it. Who Cares so? People sort of knocked her personality. They say she's boring. They don't they don't like a personality. For some reason. I don't subscribe to that theory at all but Aaron back to you. Can Cynthia be star, and if so, what does she need to do to improve her stock? I guess in that position. She needs to be Ballantyne Janko. Nobody's been able to establish star power in this division outside I'd I'd maybe argue macy Barbara I, think macy. had the opportunity where she kept saying she kept calling her shot. She kept saying I. Want to be the youngest UFC champion of all time, and that's something you can get behind. You can see how she's becoming successful. She's dominating. She has unfortunately a misstep against rocks, modifier ferry, and now that star power has diminished, and then you look at page van. Zandt who is kind of bouncing between straw-weight and plywood. He's not really sure where she wants to be really sure what promotion he wants to be an either so there isn't a whole lot of star power to go around and flyweight. Nobody's able to establish themselves because nobody's come close to beating Balentine Shevchenko and I don't think that anybody feels that. There's anybody who's close to having a shot at beating Shevchenko so to become a star. You need to beat the star. And in this division there's only one. Oday! What do you think of before you answer I WANNA throws out I. Put on twitter. I was like. If you guys have a question that you guys want these guys to to to Banter on, throw it out there and our own gender shoe tweeted me and said how many flyway contenders can Valentina Shevchenko beat if you line them up one after the other, so I thought that was a pretty funny question, but What do you think Cindy? Copy Oh. Can you be a star what you need to do to get there? I mean anyone can be a star. It's just a matter of you have to win. Win Impressively, and you have to be vocal or had something that will. People will gravitate towards Lahore Mazal before he fought until. is also fighting. A lot of veterans from the ultimate fighter takes your off and incomes and just puts on the run of his career. and. Does so without holding back or or censoring or being someone he's not in. Fans loved that you need. To Vio like you said, let it out. Let it all out after fight I think that's a born. Which Yeltsin used to call fighters out. She can't go up there and say I'll fight whoever. Just give me the top contenders. It does work. We've seen fighters Gobert Burns. And Donald Sironi get a cult following because of that like I was in Florida, Jacksonville Gobert Burns volunteered to fight. At middleweight to save that fight because he was cornering user cornering, obvious entity Lucas so fires that who will fight anyone anytime anywhere. We'll get into fallen, but if you win the big fight of your career, and now you want to know in your new division against the former number, one contender and all eyes are on you. You better use your platform to call out a big name opponent. or or say something other than I'll just fight all the contenders I don't care I think what Aaron said is pretty on point with macy Barbara. When he said she was vocal about she wanted to be the youngest champion ever, and that is something like she. How many interviews did she hold up or countdown on with her phone? Like that is stuff like that is important. Winning is the most important because the end of the day. Even John like people didn't like watching Jon Fitch fight, but after a while you can't deny the man of title after you string together a crazy amount of wins winning his most important, but getting fans attention is. Joe Is just as important, if not a close second, because at the end of your prize fighters, every Ben Aspirin might be one two in the UFC, but we're still talking about him. so Cynthia Calvia needs to be vocal. She needs to have something that people will gravitate towards an I agree with you. I agree with Aaron that there are no stars currently not named Valentine of Shevchenko. Doesn't mean they can't macy. Barbara's up that I think and I. Don't know about you. I don't know if you look at your numbers by. What was it used to forty six the CONOR McGregor card? The fighter that did the best numbers for us and made fighting outside of the main event. Sironi and McGregor was Roxanne modify. A that might be because she was fighting. macy Barbara and might have been like. Some some some kickback found, but she was also. She has that following with the anime in the weeds and the nerds and that culture so I think she could be a star if she keeps winning and not changing, I think Mama can could be a big deal. That's the aside she was. She had that store beating up a sex trafficker who tried to abduct someone at subway I saw more non. MMA media outlets right about that. Then I've seen about a media outlets Geno writing about modern McCain outside of like the UK basis and so I think she could be. A star if she doesn't change a lot of fans and red specifically was like I don't even watch fighting, but I'm a mama can't fan for life after that store? So the spurs stars exist they just have to. They have to win and they have to again. Do Unlike macy Barbara and have some people can latch onto and really connect with an want to tune in and there's a there's not a less true statement than the one. You just made that anybody could be a star. Look. There are barely any. That ever get any sort of crossover success in the sport. You're talking about like point. One percent of the population here like there are the haves and the have nots. You have to have not the have on two hands in terms of people that have star power in the sport so to say that Oh. Cindy Azeglio can become a star. She used to call out somebody with intriguing the division. There's nobody to call out with intriguing the division like short of calling. She. Listen. I'm going Beach Janko I'm going to be the one that does it and. She's new to the division. Maybe it doesn't even feel comfortable doing that, but to say that anybody can become a star like there's just there's. You're at. You're at the press conference. Who What Fighters Rob sitting next to? Kobe Bryant in New York. Francis Gano. Cody Garbrandt and Cynthia Calvia so they try. They stuck an extra cody Kobe Bryant, but she ended up failing a drug test positive for marijuana, which is a whole nother conversation and that Kinda puts you down. Tracks with UC tried. They saw what she could do by she she's. She's slowly climbing back up. There sh a win over number. Contender is a big thing, so yes, sick of you could be a star because you have already tried it in the Pat. No I don't know about that though I always am short of beating Shevchenko I. Don't know how you become star. She could be like not saying she will, she could be a star I'm not saying it's. The! The UFC tried if she beats balancing interesting, which I don't think she will. She is made but she could be. A star was the question. Fiery first routed. We like to see so we like to see they could all become stars I think that'd be awesome. Everyone like there should be more stars like Israel it should be. ICON right now, but he's just not barrier. Points going to Jose but man was this with that was a tough one. This is why these guys are going to be future hall of Famer, just became a star. Look at that. Show, anyone can be a star anything. You could take from the subsoil far you. You can all be star. It's like Cynthia will be a star. She beat Valentina and can be a star if you beats me. But we gotta talk about the other side of the Coin Jessica I we talked about this in the post fight on Saturday night because I can't remember a fighter who was a number, one ranked contender their division. That just gets as much heat as Jessica I guess I mean she doesn't do herself a lot of. Including missing wait for the second consecutive time on Friday and we've come to learn that because of Cynthia Calvi IOS post-fight and Joanne Calderwood on twitter as well there may be more stories some alleged tomfoolery with the hoop and some text messages to Calvo's manager. Daniel Rubinstein, suggesting that I missed weight by a lot more than point two five pounds, but we're going to start with you. I missed. Big Pre pandemic in December by five pounds in that pfeiffer against Rico and this bike came together quickly, and she misses weight again. She was on the virtual media. Saying you know what I'm GonNa make I'm GonNa make it. Don't worry about that, but I know we're in a strange time in the world, but after back to back wait MRS is it fair for people to suggest her days at twenty five or over at least for the foreseeable future? No I don't think so I mean I think really it has reinvented her entire career. They opened the flyweight division I. She was to me the prototypical flyweight. She was right in between where you'd want to be between strawweight bantamweight. They move from. Make your move back up. I think would be a real disservice to her. I think that we've seen her make at one twenty five. We have these kind of anomalies right now in a row, and that's really bad, but if anybody's going to really take it to heart, it's going to be someone who had their hard on their sleep like just like I would have thought that going into this fight because she was so. So disappointed and devastated about the last time. She says they've been tracking all kinds of things and trying to really make sure that this doesn't happen again, but here we are so i. don't think that you'd be doing any favors by moving her back up to bantamweight and I don't think that's really the best case scenario for her career. I think she goes back up the Bantam we. We're going to see what happened. Last time. She had a losing record and bantamweight. She comes to flyweight and up until this lost to cal. She hasn't lost anybody outside of Shevchenko she was. That's the reason number one and individuals beating everybody put in front of her. You mentioned. Joe A lot of people thought she was going to be the next up and comer in the division. She UK, and like she's beating the people that she needs to beat the state number one up until this past weekend, so I think that this should be her home. I know that she's had these missteps, but we've seen a lot of fighters have missed in terms of making way Hendra, and how he bounced back in his career now Jessica is late. Different careers might not be the best example, but we've seen a lot of. Of fighters come back. They have issues making wait. Do something that figured out and I think the Jessica I will figure it out like you mentioned. She doesn't get a lot of hate and I think that it's weird. There's this dynamic where if you're really real like dude. People seem to gravitate towards you, but if you're really real and you're a female. Ronda Rousey was even though she was popular for a time. If you lose all of us, everybody just turns on you and I think an unfair double, standard and I think Jessica. is kind of cool in the fact that she wears her heart on her asleep. She's she's saying she wants to fight someone in an alley like these kinds of things for whatever reason people the way, but if it was like Mike Perez, saying wants to fight someone in an alley. He's like the coolest guy so. I don't know what the the thing is with Jessica that rubs people the wrong way, but I feel like at. Her Real and her wearing out on her asleep. Yes. She and she's a great interview to. If you ever get the chance to talk to her for those aspiring journalists out there, she's a great person to talk to. She does where her sleeve and she's very open and honest but Jose. What do you think because we've seen this? Before Arran brought up a couple of examples, but in the AFC. And then they bump them up for a couple of fights, and if they do well the AFC we'll give them. Another chance to come back down is a fair to suggest something like this for Jessica. I or is it too soon to start having those conversation I? Think think she needs if she misses again. Then you have to have that conversation, because let's not forget to when she fought Valentine in Chicago. Aaron. I. You are at the hands for that. The official ends its nine am to eleven am local time. She weighed in like ten fifty eight in Chicago. So it's not like that cut is easy. I don't know her routine outside so if they do want to give her one more chance I. She proved she can make one twenty five. She did it against Ballantyne, so it's not like she can't make change to like Aaron Ernst and said she's not losing to quote losing the bums she's losing to. Count She. She's beating counter Kagan. She's beating all the people that you need to. She lose to Valentina like. Female time she lose to ban away like Sarah McMahon. Why should? Like beds go. Hey, like say what you want about batch for title, so she's losing to people that fought for titles, so she's not losing ten to fifteen. She's losing one three. I think when you say she's. People are turning on her because when you lose. I remember when you'll want to stare down with Wiley. You want or like even with rose like a lot of people turned on Yulon. When those happened, but then APP she puts on. Art Like in my opinion, one of the greatest fights of all time against widely. I think that's a lock for fight of the. I can't imagine anything being. It's one of if not the greatest if I've ever seen, so people turned on her. She lost, but the performance in losing got people to like lover against, so yes just is losing fans because she was losing, but it's not like she's putting on these epic fight of the year candidates like. Her fight against Calvia, I, don't remember. The highlights like they're. The fight happens, but there's not like those moments. Where is and you WanNa like just kicking each other simultaneously and just buying down their mouth. We'd go to war. The fight happened. There's not a lot of talk about after that. In terms, an X.'s and O.'s so she goes out there and puts on an act performance at loses. Fans will like her. She goes out there. Everyone already hates her and she lays an egg. It's not gonNA do her. Any favours her calling out sarge for missing weight and the missing wait times in a row knocking to do a favor so first and foremost win. But even in loss if you just put on a per, we've seen it. You lose put on a great performance. Fans are still going to love you so. If! She had gone out there and just. Just went boss of the wall against Cynthia and still lost. We would be having a different conversation I think. It's kind of an anomaly though I mean to have a you wanNA versus fight over five rounds it's. Rare. Through especially when? I. Ask you what the Best Women's flyweight fight of all time. A women's flyweight fight. The bar isn't really high. Here's when. You can't think of anything off the top of your head. And that's not a disrespect to the women's flyweight. There have been a lot of good fights in the division, but nothing really stands out if you ask what the best women's bite of all time like Jong versus. Joon is like the consensus best answer. But on demand. Why you WANNA has gained a lot of respectability back, so to say that Jessica I'll, she needs to do with that like well. It's easier said than I would say it doesn't have to be a fight of the of the decade fight, but a fight that at least she's competitive in that semi exciting. I know that's like easier said than done just. Oh, just go have a good fight. 'cause I'm not a professional fighter I can't say that so a human being, but. Don't talk a big game this way. Go out there and maybe not have the greatest performance, and we shouldn't be surprised that fans like we've seen people turn on fans like. Like like there are more fans. Turn on fighters more than the big show turns on opponents in the wwe like just. Like, it's like how all of a sudden connors hated because he pulls out a UFC two hundred dollars and everyone loves conor because he fights. Nate's two. Oh, two like it's. It's this back and forth with fan so I all for all I know just guy makes weight and puts on a good performance next mind. People love her again, so it's who knows I'm not going to try to predict fight fans. Action sinking. Their behaviors is very difficult. Right and it's. The Angela Hill cloudy fight was good and people hate Angela because she's saying that. She thinks she want that. I probably another concept. One hundred percent agree I think that's another conversation that I. Think Angela would like to have especially in the year twenty twenty and what's going on in the world right now, but my scenario can also be proven wrong, too. Well, since this question with weight and stuff, and I want to go back to you Jose because we talk about this I don't know if we've really talked about an addressed it like during one of these shows or anything like that, but something we talk about in slack channels. Talk about before we hit record step. We're seeing some of these fights and we. We saw three on Saturday where these matchups are booked, but it ends up being up awake last like Brian Kelly hers at two of those fights, and no one's going to say like well. This fight shouldn't count in the bantamweight rankings because they're fighting featherweight like not that I've seen anyway so with these cards being put together as quickly as they have. Especially in the midst of a global pandemic should the just go that route for as many of these fights they can like outside a title fights I. Think is up to the fighters. The fighters can make way their their natural wildlife fighting weight, and they don't want to fight in I'm not forced to. If say Sugar Sean o'malley like I can easily may one thirty five in a week I don't have to fight A. A one forty five I think why force him why why force anyone to move up in weight if they can make weight healthy, and constantly like the health scenario is the biggest thing. If you can't make your weight on my two weeks, notice fight away class up an opponent in your way class like like the code statements and the Brian Keller's even which Sugar Sean at one forty five. Was that another five? Yeah, so? That was thirty five, so like perfect example. Fight. He can make it so I if it's not broke. Don't fix it if you can't make wait on short notice and you can find opponent in your way class. Why why? Change across the board of people can make weight and healthy and comfortably. Aaron, you have spoken with Dana White many times, and regardless of time short notice CETERA. He said it made sense. Nothing irritates more than a fighter stepping on the scale missing weight. Should he be a little more leaning here? Like what he ever soften up on the stance, especially now considering every negative story that comes out to Dana from the media at these scrums about his big name fighters or towards the company in general, his answer's always goes back to listen. We're in a pandemic right now. You mentioned that all the. Previous events. Nobody had any issues. Right so I think that some exceptions need to be made. If you look at the Tyson, Nam Bite. His opponent took the fight on very short notice, and then missed weight so I think that, and then you look at the Mirage delete fight with Gustavo Lopez that was made into one forty five. I think that what you're talking about. Really short notice opponents I think there should be a little bit of wiggle room. They're thinking like a five pound type, thing and allowance like a in the fight, but most of the time it seems like the athletes are making weight even during pandemic. If you look at the previous cards and I think that. That when there's a ranking involved with and Cavallo you gotTA. Have it that weight class, because otherwise I feel like it doesn't really have any bearing on the ranking, because it's not really the exact same fight. If you're doing it at like one thirty verses one, twenty, five, so I think that the fighters have proven I mean even that I buy back I was so shocked. I was talking to people all we. We're GONNA have four or five people. Miss wait for this card because we're in a pandemic, all the conditions are so different. We don't know how these guys are Gonna be able to cut the way it's GonNa be so different. Creatures of habit. Only one fighter missed wait for that first card I was shocked and I. It just goes to show how professional athletes are and how seriously they take it now there's GonNa be issues where people miss especially in the female divisions, because they've got to deal with the menstrual cycle, and that can make their weight fluctuate a lot, and it's also a lot harder for them to cut late so I can see how a fighter like. Jessica I or anybody in the female divisions can have just one little hiccup and they they're gonNa Miss Weight, but it seems like for the most part. The fighters who have competed in these recent events haven't been missing weight and they've been doing a great job. That's a great point right there, and that's why you're getting the point Aaron Brown sitter. As we head to our third question of regulation, let's talk about hey. Mas At all, because he continued to open up on social media over the weekend about his status with the UFC and his contract and Dana Way made some headlines Comparing Mazda, Delta, the Diaz brothers and Not Being surprised that Gilbert. Burns got the title fight against use. Men and Mazal didn't, but this has become quite the story you know now we're getting fighters, gray maynard and Sam Stout involved talking about contracts and matchmakers and Joseph and stuff, but to to really focus on this topic over the weekend. Mazal said some things that really stuck out one. He feels bad for Dana White and acknowledge that it's not really daynuss fault. What's going on, essentially because Dan is the promoter? He's not the one putting these contracts together and another thing. He said that caught people's attention. He called some I believe the Term White Knights of the commentary booth seems like Daniel Cormie in particular was spotlit for saying you know hey, just fight and other things to that sense, but Jose let's start with you. Mazda doesn't seem to be backing down at all. What are your thoughts on this latest chapter of the saga this past weekend it's. I'm curious and I know you guys all have heard the stories I'm curious if Tori actually tweeden. I don't know how involved. He is with his own social media's. Similar like you hear a lot of like. Oh, I don't like you. Hear a lot of fighters like I remember. Was it George so when asked about like a tweet he put outdoor saint-pierre and he said I don't even I. Don't know I. Don't even use my twitter. That's my people so. Yeah, it's. It's it's not GonNa go away. We stood this last week. Fighter pay is going to be a conversation forever. They're not making enough. I think that's a no brainer whore. Hey feels like he has put in the time effort and blood, sweat and tears over X. amount of years to make those seven figures a him calling out Daniel Cormie, which a lot of people when he he didn't name them by name, but you Kinda put two and two together, and it's Dan Cormet. Dim surprise me at all. I saw a lot of fans taking Jorges side, surprisingly a well surprising in the sense that I think a lot of fans would be like. Why are you complaining? I would love to make one hundred thousand dollars to fight. A lot of to Jorges side and we're saying well. Yeah, it's easy for Dan Communist. Say that he's making a million dollars heading into retirement and he has this cushy. Commentator job after fights for championship, so of course he's GonNa. Say Hey, fight. He also has less fights than horry Mazal. He's probably haunting Mazal has probably fought for a lot like. Or miles lowest pay I don't know this fact in his early career is probably a lot lower than the lowest amount. Daniel Cormie ever made a for his early. Because Dana cormie kind of debuted in a big way, and that strike force he won the Grand Prix and early into a strikeforce career horry Moslem like the bow dog fights in the early Baladora where he probably made a lot less Dana cormet. Made for his lowest payday, so I didn't surprise me called. Dana, Cormac surprises me. How many fans to Corey Mas it all side. Because, we've seen what people will complain. They're making forty and forty and I make forty thousand dollars a year I'd love to have your job and like yeah, but like I fly once a year. Fifty percent of that has taken away from you, so maybe like twenty thousand dollars a year guy. Fans don't WanNa hear that they wanna just they want to shut up and fight. So wasn't surprised. All called out Cormie was very surprise. Fans took inside. And this is not going to go away until horrid muzzle gets what he wants and I'm comfortable saying that he's probably not going to get what he wants and I think fight eventually just because he has to fight and make some money. Aaron. Cozy made a great point because we we don't know who runs or social media account, but Muslim doesn't strike me as a guy who is going to allow something tweeted by him or his manager without knowledge of it, so at least he knows was being tweeted out here, but. Based on what he tweeted out over the weekend, and all the things that he said Fan support all that stuff. What is your take on it? Well eight COP COA has said that he does run Jorges twitter, but that nothing that he tweets is not with the direction of or hey like they. They go over it because he doesn't like using social media, but they'll. They'll craft the tweets together and work on it and get that out now. The issue that I think the has on their hands. Right now is something we haven't. We're not not used to seeing. This is something we've accustomed to seeing. The haves and have not doesn't mentioned earlier in the show are. Are Very far apart, but this is an interesting situation where I feel like the have nots are the ones that hold back the people that have the star power from making the money because they're so willing to fight are so willing to go out and make forty thousand dollars, and the thing about it is, if you look at the boxing, pay structure, which is why all the people, the top of the sport have so many issues with the pay that they get the people that make money on the undercard. For the making a lot more than the low end boxers. Yeah, they're making so much more so a lot of the low and fighters are actually really happy, and how many of the binders in the US what percentage of them are the low end? Fighters are the ones that make the least amount of money with the ones that make twenty and twenty. It's like ninety eight percent of them. It's a gigantic chunk of them are the ones that are making the the lower amounts of money? They're happy making that amount of money. Then once you get to the top and you see what the wilders of the world are making. Tyson fury then you start getting mad because you're like. Oh, well I'm the draw here. I'm the one bringing in the money, but the thing about it is. The UFC machine can keep rolling on without them if you're MAS, but all and you're the UFC they look at hand, and they say well right now. We. Just have been with. Calvi, on I, at the headliner, and we made the same amount of money that we would make from that card if we had a code on ESPN by miles, but all who make probably the entire salary of that card combined to fight, and then you look at the pay per view structure and. Reports. They get a flat rate now for the pay per view, so that makes them a lot less incentivized to have big star power on their pay per views, and with no gate. Now you're talking even less incentive, and if you have where he's sitting on the shelf, you're lowering his star power. You're lowering his earning power, earning potential and diminishing that and you don't. You don't think they don't know that, so they've established burns as the number one contender. In the rankings, he's no number one. They can perfectly justified the fact that he's got the next shot. Even though they had been talking about WHO's Mon- taking on massive at all all this time. People forget because they see great performance by Burns. They see him beat Woodley off by rounds. And now it's like okay. This is the guy because we all forget. We have short term memories in MMA. People, Remember Hey. Hey knocked been asking divided seconds and he'd be He'd be ask, but then you look at the rankings. They'll go. Where are these guys that? He's beaten in the welterweight rankings well. None of them are right now. askins retired. Till's moved up to middleweight. The as I don't believe, is ranked as a welterweight. If that's my mistake, but he's beating. All these guys and people look at that and they'll. Laugh now, the thing about is I. Think he's a very unique personality. I think the can sell. Him Connor is one of the biggest and you can make right now, but there's just not a whole lot of incentive on the end to make any of these fights because they're going to be getting. Their flat rates are going to be getting their their fees. Until one of the partners called them and says hey, we want to see hoary Muslims in there that you don't have a whole lot of pressure to put him. In the main event, the pain that kind of money I think we're. Muzzle has earned every cent that money. The year he had last year was by far I think the best year and Israel with the best year that any fighter had in the UFC last year. But when you're trying to over negotiate and trying to overplay your hand, the you'll see will always call the bluff, and they never end up coming out. They never ended up losing the Dana why a he plays blackjack! He knows what he's doing the card table and he looks at this table in the same way, and if you look at what Dana White. Said earlier it was last week when he was trying to figure out why Gustavo Lopez was on the card. Nobody told him that he was under A. Under A COMBAT J.! He was mad that people didn't fill them in like. Even though Jorges says he feels bad for Dana Dana is very connected with every single thing that's happening at all times. He wants to be in the loop on even the most minute details because he knows that it falls on him inevitably and I think that's the smart to do it so. You don't think that he doesn't know what's going on behind closed doors right now and know I'm glad the horn is trying to say that. He feels bad for him, but. You have to imagine the Dana has a role in this as well. Let's. Let's also not forget because we can lump Henderson Hudo in that, so he's talking about his fighter, pay and everything at least Henry and John, Jones, had titles. Horrid is well. It's not like he's holding up a division by. Right the one that says it's one of one, and he doesn't have to defend, so it's not like he can be like well fine. Your champion doesn't fight. He just happens to be very hot right now. He wants to maximize his earnings right now I think John. Jones's brothers are being in the NFL and having this big union and collective bargaining, and like the revenue split being so such a discrepancy between them in the you have C.. A. Also does a lot for jumping well. Look at my brothers they they have an off season. They don't get kicked in the head and they way. Way More money than me. I also let's not forget and John or managed by the Colorado so does again doesn't surprise me that these are the ones that are asking for more money specifically, but I think makes a good point. Like why have these big names fight? They're gonNA. Make same way I swipe. Brock listeners didn't come back because he wanted a bigger pay in the AFC wasn't willing to say that so if they're not willing to pay brock Leser, one of the five biggest pave your draws in the history of the of see. They're not going to pay John John Mazal quote. deontay wilder money, yeah, and the light heavyweight division can move on anyways like. Interim Belt immoral. You know. Rules on. Think I. think a term that Aaron said kind of sticks out when it comes to this. Fifty one situation as a lot of people, saying the MAS at all while they respect what he's doing. He overplayed his hand a little too much here and I want to go back to your because last week. On the show we sort of ranked who would be the most likely and least likely to fight I between Mazal John Jones and conor McGregor in both Jose and Damon. Martin said Mazda would be most likely to get back in there and fight so. A. Do you agree with that and be? It's been reported that you see go to. On the eleventh hour to try to salvage with WHO's been you've C two fifty one even offered him what he made to fight as at USC to forty, four and other things, and he said No. So, what can the US do? What can mas at all and his team? Do at this point to salvage his relationship. Outside of just you know what here's a new deal once again. Here's some more money. I think Don Jones is probably the next one that fight out of that group because they'll call them and they'll say listen. You have to fight either or or Wa habitual. We're GONNA. We're GONNA. Move onto the division and he has a new contract. Apparently, that will pay him a good amount of money to take. Those I think those are less. I don't want say less challenging, but there's there are less consequences inviting those guys, and there isn't potentially fighting Francis again and getting your head knocked off. I. Mean We know what you're doing when you're getting into the fences and get the John? Jones has said to me. He said this scrum. I'm not going to move up to heavyweight unless I'm compensated because I've got kids I don't WanNa I. Don't want to suffered a debilitating injury and put myself at risk if I don't have to. He doesn't mind finding guys like Wachovia which I think, that's probably what his desire would be would be the Bite Yon-. Get the money that he that he has on his contract. I think he thinks it's probably an easy fight, and then you can move forward. And, then there's also the Raya. Spite which I think has some entry to it and you know I think most people believe the one that lasts fight, so if I'm if I'm John Jones. They offered me habitual. He's probably GONNA. Take the ball of his fight and fight next, so that would be my take on it i. just don't see a great opponent where you can maximize whore house little earning potential I think you need to. You need to pair him up with a lot of thought as to who he's going to face. If you want this guy to make you the most amount of money, that's why the by cut lightning in a bottle is the perfect timing. Jorges was hot. The as with was hot. You make that fight in terms of whom as it off is next. I mean throwing name, Connor I. Don I don't really see a way that you can market properly. Jose we've seen this before. We're going to see it again in here in Maine and the UFC so kind of going back to last week is MAZAFA still I on that list to come back and European, and if so, how does this happen I? Think so I think he's still the I wanNA. Come back, but I'm not saying he comes back like next month I think conor won't fight again, so fans allowed in attendance. I think John has shown that he's a little more focused on things happening in the world right now I mean. We talked about last week like. We went from hating John Jay like the world went from hating John Jones offsetting John Jones being so outspoken about the protests and the black lives matter movement on social media, and in person that he's done a one eighty and the eyes of a lot of fans even. Non anime fans have recognized that, so I think. If I, think we're. Hey, we'll come back because again. He's not holding up a division he I don't. He definitely doesn't have the career earnings of John and Connor to fall back on so if he wants to. and like Aaron, said the Lama, he sits on the shelf. The lower earning power will be. It's not like John Say John Jones vacates his title and sits out for years like you can come back and be the returning champion, the conquering hero and Connors Connor his own brand. He doesn't. He can fight for a title or non draw seven figures so I think Hor hey. holds the least chips to rely on so I still think he will come back I, but I I. It's not like it's next month. Could if he comes back I'll be. It will not won't be too like the fourth quarter of twenty twenty at the earliest. Yeah I mean. Look what we're seeing right now. We already got July eleven. Eleventh at pay per views pretty much booked with everything. August we got DC steep eight. Three or I'm sorry Jose. Steep versus DC. Three champion gets first billing. And then September overtime. It drives me crazy when people. Challenges time billing. DC's just so much easier to say I wouldn't do that fight. It is still. Kind of celebrate September. We got the and September talking beaver suggest engaged, which is looking very likely so right now. October might be the earliest we see. Connor Mazda or Jones still have Valentina in Joe Joe that th that are out there mainly. Wiley. Will wants to fight She probably fight the winner she wants by rose. marozas booked so yeah, there's a lot of other champions that are going to be back in action later, probably in the fall especially after July like. Could be freed up by the fourth quarter. which is why I say Moslem might be the first ones because you might have to fight. Yeah, I could see Valentine Joe Jobe the CO to DC. Steamer St Louis. Again. Nursing an injury right now, so yeah again. Who knows there's a lot of fight nights out there because you know, I want to see you know on the first person in line for taking Korean Zombie, so that could also headline of fight night down the road. Jinxing Johnson and I definitely jinxed it and because you jinxed it. I WANNA see that fight to errands going to get the point as we head into the final question of regulation. The wire there. No one comment blue, because this has been so close. Maybe, we'll go to the knock around. Maybe we won't. But the UFC is back again. This weekend at the apex got you have see on ESPN eleven I think yes, and then you have see. Vegas the Hashtag for those wondering. Main Event Curtis Blades for Alexander Volkov. We've got a great komeda between Josh and Shane Burgos. There's definitely a lot more buzz for these next you fight cards than there was for last weekend's card, but as it stands right now Jose when you pull up this card and look at it. How do you grade Saturday nights event on paper? It's a good question. off the top of my head high bs with the potential to be low as hoping that hopefully everyone makes way in their everyone is healthy, and so on and so forth, but there's a lot of. Important fights on this car like Teasha. Torres Brown van Buren I'm I love that I teach tore his only loss to greg who she lost. You WanNa like. Rose Wylie Marina Marina Rodriguez. Who's like is unbelievable and then grandmom bureau and one that invicta one night. Tom Think she's absolutely. I think that's I. Love that fight for women's or just fights, not women's vice just fights. Always exciting to watch Jim, Miller fight Roseville robbers has been on a tear so I'm gonNA say hi vis with potential to be in the low as just one of the better fight nights we've had. In a long time, especially in the in the Vegas and dating back to Jacksonville I think this is one of the better fight nights. We've had in a long time. Aaron like plus I mean again. It's the reasons he buys. We're coming off of A. You can only go up from last weekend's. If on paper, so we're kind of feeding into a little bit of reasons, he by is here. I mean we've seen main events. That, have been better quality than this for a fight night I. Mean I think bull conferences, blatant grapevine I think there are a lot of great bites on this card, but I don't think there's anything that really is like appointment television. I think Burgos resembles going to be amazing. That's GONNA. Be An awesome fight finally getting lyman good below muhammed site, but again there's just a smaller pool to draw from right. Right now for the UFC they don't have as much depth as they normally would for a card like this, and if you look at the bottom half of the card, compared to the bottom half of lots of other fight night cards before the pandemic like we're going to compare it to all by night cards. It's probably like a CPA Lahser like Obama and this is not. It's not a very high level. Fight night on paper again. Great fights and I I would have said the same thing about last week's card like you can't judge a book by its cover who knows I was going to be? But if we're judging, it's strictly on paper I think it's about a C. plus. And I. DON'T WANNA disrespect. The Raquel Pennington Mary Renault fight, but the fact that Lauren Murphy and rocks amount of ferry. Second pre limb and now fights on the main card. Full puzzling. Is Surprising leg. It's like I mean the kind of kind. Of. This card placement thing the the goal is to get you to watch from the first fight the last night, so people are always like. Why is this great fight? The second fight on the card left because they want you to watch the whole thing. If they put every great bite on the main card, you're GonNa Watch the main card and you're not gonNa have as much incentive to watch the early fight, but if you want to see a fight that has real implications. Implications in the women's Flyweight Division that matters to you, and it's the second fight on the card like you're GonNa say I got I got to be. There are going to be at the beginning, and they want to dry out as much of a reading as possible. So that's why people make a lot of card placement. I think unless you're gonNA argue against the main event like if you look at all the fights on his car. Should that be the main event for sure? But Listen Erin. It's summertime in the East Coast here, so asking people to watch fight cards at six o'clock eastern time and people probably want to see that fight, maybe the barbecue, and maybe they're heading home, and Oh, by the time I get home I can watch that Murphy modify, but now they can't. They have to go back and start from Ground Zero or you just moved there. It is gonNA. Be Summer solstice on. The day after so the main card it's GonNa be light outside when the main card starts at nine pm Eastern, so we you know that argument doesn't hold water for just this one particular weekend I understand where you're coming from, but I do want WanNa talk about Curtis Blades for a second, because obviously, this is a very important fight for him, but he's in such a weird. Now because. You can make the argument if you want to. He deserves the title shot in France Ghana clearly is at the top of that list for the winner of steep. DC got it right that time for blades. It's Kinda hard to match. Make for him. Because if amyot wins, they do the rematch then Gano. Everybody wants to see that, but of Daniel Cormet wins. We're GONNA have a vacant title. It can the UFC go back to in Ghana versus blades in that well for the third time. That's a super tough sell Aaron. When could we realistically see Curtis Blades fight for a title? If he wins on Saturday like best case scenario when they're talking about steep eventually retiring after that fight, so there might be a vacant title regardless, and if you're GONNA have. Have a vacant title fight you have to make isn't Ganor versus blades the third one because engand who has basically beaten everybody in the division, including blades and blades have beaten everybody else in the division if he beats Volkov. So you kind of have to make ten fight like well. What's the other option? You can come up with one? That makes any sense, yeah. Okay go ahead He's not Derek Lewis thinks it's at four or five who blades? You want him to Fi- Derek Lewis, if he beats vol con- if we're going to be a vacant title on the line. You're! Blades you're talking about vacant title, then yeah, it should be blades and Ghana but no steep it doesn't. Running back then I would agree with you then then you've got a perspective opponent, but I was talking about strictly if both of these guys were going to retire at the end of that event, and you can tell you have to do blades versus three or again new versus blaze through it'd be higher ranked Jose no disrespect. But yeah, you'd have to do the trilogy fight. Even though both were fairly lopsided in favor of France and just because there's just no other options that you can have no other options. What about John Jones? Put a title? Yeah okay well. You putting the money. You're getting a go. Fund me going what? I got like. Throw towards I. It's somebody. Put up a Gofundme me for John Jones to move up the heavyweight. I think it would be well like I. Think it would get the. Original mattress. Get John Jones to heavyweight. Fun Me. WHO A MILLION DOLLAR! Is is what we're looking for. So I mean is that sort of alluded to. Is that your take? Do you think Curtis Blades? Give me waiting a little bit longer? I mean. Obviously it's very difficult to plan things out this soon before fights even happen, but. Let's just kind of go with what we've seen in the past and. You know worst case and best case scenarios, April, pros and cons. Do true false. Ernest blades fights for a heavyweight title before April Two Thousand and twenty one. April twenty twenty one. Wow, that's really tough. It's I'm not even going to pretend that the rankings matter because they just don't. The UNC will find some reason not to give. Like if they came out and said okay like Curtis Blades. You're sitting at number. Three Franson guy you're sitting at number, two and steep, amyotrophic and Dana Car may have retired now, and there's a vacant title and Dana White came out and said you know what we're doing gone over him to instead be like. Yeah, dove, course, of course. You'RE GONNA do that for a way bigger star in the. The Sport and for if we're counting on the rankings Yay blades will one hundred percent get that, but again I'm not going to pretend that they even care about the rankings. They can't like like like like Erin said you WANNA make appointment viewing television. Overeating is way bigger star one of the biggest stars in the heavyweight division Take that for what you want in the world. It's decapitated. and. Co.. You might have been almost as devastating is the one that no. One hundred percent more Dempsey. I'm saying they're not going to I'm saying I wouldn't be surprised because debriefings don't matter and everyone erases last performances. Recently is going to be like yeah. Why not like Conor McGregor submitted by? Ground that's running back in the second time. I want to ask you something Jose. Outside of St, pay in DC who are the top three guys in the heavyweight division in your opinion, no one to the rank. And outside of steep and DC, yeah, Francis, Blades Lewis and probably. It's like jd S. Rosen streak in Volkov I'll probably in that vibe for that third spot. See I, think Volkov is probably number three. Volkov was basically beating Derek Lewis until he wasn't. But I think you would have to rank Volkov a head of like I to me the three are. Again you have blades. You've got Volkov and if you look at odds, blades a four to one favorite overall cops, so blade to basically be at least a four to one favorite Ni- opinion over. In that division, so like you those are just the two best guys outside of DC and I. Don't think it's close. I agree I, just I'm saying the US's. Based off of what I know of how the spice I don't think they give France I. Don't think they make blades, Francis raid with Baber over and again last night and it was. Like thirty seconds, so I don't if rankings matter Blazin gone one hundred percent, but the rankings dome, so I don't think the UFC gives blades. The third shot after being knocked out in by in thirty seconds in China. And that just shows how under the radar? Alexander Volkov is flying. I? It just service that yet. He had the headline spotting jd in Moscow and it happened super early in the morning that and he, of course that fight fell by Greg Hardy and the climate event. That did itself a disservice. Because now people I, I had to look who's last was I still was his last fight Derek Lewis. It's like look it up. This reminds me a lot of corey. Anderson versus John Behove. It's and a lot of ways because I feel like like blades has all the momentum right now, but you have a really tough guy in bulk off in the same thing happened here, Corey Anderson's coming up. The Johnny Walker Win Youngbleaux Vich was there and people start core. He was going to take him down and beat them up and get in there and fight John Jones, but which had other plans so? Who? Jose's GonNa get the points and mostly because I just WANNA. See this this final round. Because this has been so good. Our. Let's also not forget Rosen streak. Jd S had a big fight. Coming up rose drako's. Jd S and thirty seconds I had. They try and convince blades. Take that fight. which is ridiculous that'd be. Coming heavyweights it all my life. Such a bizarre flight I love chaos. I love it so much, and that's why we're going to this. Knock around so one question for the whole kit and caboodle, and my favorite part of the show is taking the heat off of me. So this is for the prestigious bt. L. Championship of the Universe Jose. You are the two-time defending champion. You have the option here. You have chosen to kick off the last two weeks. Weeks and allow your opponent to answer the question I. Would you like to exercise an option here or would you like to be rabbit? This thing Allah eight mile and maybe take the microphone right Outta errands hands well first of all in eight mile. Be Rabid didn't choose to go first Papa Doc said, let this guy go for so of course on say the champion defers okay. I'M GONNA have to score a touchdown. Mild Trivia and get it wrong. Jesus, Christ. Regardless iron before you win. Here's a question. We took to twitter for these, and there are some fascinating questions out there. We'd we through one out there, but in the end we're GONNA. Go in this direction, and the category is something that's almost impossible to do. Which is why this is final question. We've alluded to this pretty much every week on the show so far, and that is trying to get into the mind of Dana White's so the category is Dot dot dot except for Dana. White Aaron here is the question. These events at the apex. We've seen some great fights. We've seen some incredible performances and finishes, and thus creating some pretty fun events, and one of the reasons that people believe has led to the success of these cards is the smaller cage in the apex as you know, everybody seems to be all in on the smaller cage and want to see more of it. Dot Dot dot, except for Dana, white he says it's an illusion. He doesn't love it as much as the rest of us why Aaron. Why do you think that is? I can answer this question definitively the reason why he doesn't like the smaller cage as a whole is because from. From a production standpoint. It doesn't look good on TV. If you have a big arena and a small cage, he thinks it doesn't look right, and then, when you have a small arena in a big cage or small venue and the apex. He thinks valid bad, too. So the reason why he wants to see a smaller cage at the apex is because it's a small venue, the reason why we see the smaller cage in smaller locales like pulsar or something along those lines is because the smaller than you and that's just what looks good on TV. That's the way Dana White things. That's why we're not gonNA have fight island fights on the beach. Inside a production facility it's going to be a bigger production facility which will lead to a bigger cage and I think that's probably what they're gonNA. End Up doing, but for Dana White. It's simply a matter of what looks better on television and he is decided after watching. Teen fights over the years that this is the best course of action for how you WanNa present the fighting then he did raise a good point. He said that if you look at forty nine, those were all great fights. They were in a big cage. A isn't an illusion. Not There's been research done read. COON fight Nommik says that there's a fifteen to twenty percent higher finishing rate in the small cage I used to love the WEC. I'm a big proponent of the small cage. I think it leads to. More finishes and more exciting finishes. However I kind of agree coming from a television background with Dana White and the fact that if you have a small, Cajun, a big venue or a big. And you, it just doesn't look good on television, and this is who they're trying to cater the product towards as a television audience, so while more people wanna see the small cage, the reason why except for Dana. White Dot is because he knows this business inside and out. He knows production he's. He doesn't usually get it wrong. In terms of how things look on television, and how to make things done nice and put good window dressing on it. That's why Dana Whitefield this way whether or not the right answer I'm not gonNA. Give a comment on that because I think. Most people think that the smaller cage won't be more exciting. I think probably knows that in his heart, but he he prioritizes television over that particular thing. Jose I know like I think we're all in agreement here that we're not expecting the UFC to take the smaller cage on the road with them everywhere they go like I. Don't think we. We assume that at all, but he has no selling this completely. WHY DOES HE HAVE TO BE PROVERBIAL PARTY? Pooper? When math has it otherwise? Because Dana why? Historically loves going against what people want or don't want like. As soon as someone says. We have to cancel these cards. Because of the pandemic, a pandemic is happening in the world. He's like no fights and Tachi Palace and then like Disney's the one that pulls the plug. Why is Greg Hardy fighting in the CO main event? Take him out Dana's like why is Greg Hardy fight on? At Rachel Rachel Ocean Beach. That's ridiculous. Why do you know what? It is like Dana White. Will do everything against the grain. The UFC. Like it, not that this would happen. This is just. At, the finish like we want the big Cage Dana was what kind of small cage I'm just like. That doesn't surprise me because they don't. Waste is going to go against the grain. I think he's using the big cage. I think another part of it is. There's a lot more room for sponsorships on their a lot more money you can get. I've spoken with. You have CPR when I was at the Salt Lake Card and I was like. Why don't you have the small cage for this? And they said we always use the big. If we're in an MBA arena, which was again Salt Lake City a banana. It was in the when they had it in foxwoods for the Rothwell over in car. They had the small cage. Because that's a smaller venue like Aaron said just looks better. They had it in the COSMO for the page sage card and the Frankie Mendez, I think even suited. Northcott was kind of caught off guard. My House model card was. When was a cody fister? Fought on that card so I. Think Aaron said is accurate. I would also add that. You could fit more sponsorships on their. Fighters can't have sponsors on their own songs. By the course they can canvass the octagon responses they want. And Be Dana just. Never wants to give people what they want. He wants to don't think someone says hey, Dan, you should probably wear a mask. There's like Nah no master me. I'm just going to not wear a mask. Even though the government's make telling me I. Probably Should Know Dana White doesn't give people what they want. He wants to be March to the beat of his own drum, not to side note. He said he'd beats to the beat of his own drum when he was time a Muslim like that doesn't make any sense whatsoever. And more sponsorships, and of course looks better allegations that. Makes sense that makes sense. That's true daylight. You made a mistake. You made a mistake by taking. There's when they took my answer and just put like a necklace on. At least trying to be contrary. I made it prettier. Yeah exactly. Before you had to the truck to make his file decision any final words Jose because I just want to hear you guys keep going back and forth they words on just life in general, or may just on this battle. On the battle of Aaron I. Mean I've enjoyed this I'm one of those guys warlike. Enter these fights thinking of going to win every time I genuinely wants A. Was it a battle of wits. You can't Whoa. I can't remember his name from Princess Bride. He's about a wits i. like going up against people that one hundred percent know what he's talking about, and that is Erin so even if I do come up show. At least I lost to someone that isn't talking on his ass. Aaron. Would you like to say before we throw it to the truck for the final? See I'm like Charles. Jordan like I think about Jose. Right you know like I know that I need to come into this with the level of fear, knowing how how versatile and smart Jose's and I need to respect him to a degree where I can't sleep at night, because my my brain's rack top of a challenge, this is GonNa be. I'm very fearful. Until I'm actually in there with him and I see that we are all of equal calibre, and that's when I know that I belong so that that's that's how I entered. This thing has been a rough couple nights knowing that this was going to happen today Tears, but I feel I lived up to the challenge. To Charles Day in World War craft to for I. Don't know if you saw this, but thirty minutes after he lost his already tweeting me about world of warcraft. Putting doing man, go get stitched up visit. Was the princess bride character I remember. I could do this all day long, but alas, it is decision time and I'm glad I'm out of this. We head to the truck. Own might e truck lend us your ears and your impeccable judgments? After five rounds of debate, we go to you who walking away with the strap. The. Big Cage Sucks Princess, bride, roles, and still Josie Young's. A. Couple medications mustache everything. Doesn't real cronyism here. It was closed. It was I will say. Batch of the Karen was I knew Aaron would be? Like I went into this number. I could very easily lose this, so I wasn't coming into this big house. Crush on whatsoever, so I'm going against the. Children's movies and then maybe Casey. We'll get media. have against Princess Bride. Gives me. Stars are we. Losing we're losing. Losing connections right now and okay there we go. You know what happens here. Thirty seconds. Talk about whatever you WanNa talk about good bad indifferent in the sport of mixed martial arts. Of course everyone is expected me to talk about because people have been tweeting Emmy since FIFA man, Andre really gained a ton of fans that don't even follow mixed martial when I asked him just kind of an offshoot question because he's on the eastside once and we talked about complex you about an hour after we went off air, just as like you know, get his mind off of the close fight. He had asked about conflicts and he gave. Gave a great answer, so I don't even care. People don't care about this. This is about the comic book. Fans out there and my God my twitter. Blow up, like Andrei Fan for Life I. don't even like Fight Fan so Andre Feeli- you said you were going to lose a thousand followers I. think it's the exact opposite. I think you have an untapped market there with US Combo fans and even Charles Jordain. Someone noticed the had the. Horrid logo warcraft on his leg, and people are like I'm a fan of his for life, so the nerds were out in full force and I think they were. Embrace it embrace ner. Erin I do want to give you some time because this is as close to a draw as possible I. I had no idea how this is going to go. Normally, I have an idea. This one I had no clue where the truck was gonna go, but I want to. You know award us some time as well to to say anything you want to say before we wrap this bad boy up for like. Like that last answer where Jose piggybacked on my answer, I'll piggyback on his ice both Andre Feeling. We talked about the Midwest IMOs in for like fifteen minutes settled I I love that guy. He's awesome and I also love Charles Jordan. WHO's a you know candidate proud, even though the he lost by I mean what grace at the end when they were calling decisions, the judge said. Twenty nine twenty eight Giordani like. That But that's not the kind of guy he is, and that's why we love Charles Jordan up here in candidates, only twenty four years old huge future ahead of him. His brother Louis is he's going to be in the UFC, probably by the end of the year, so keep an eye on visual Dan Brothers Hey may and don't fight harder by smarter. Winner learned. Did you hear anything Aaron since? You're, not TJ. Laramie said he's got some big news coming up. Do you have any? Thoughts on that. Have you seen these tweets I'm thinking maybe contender. Series of you heard anything. I hear that the contender series is around the corner and I would love to see TJ and their. Luigi Dan and there I'd love to see Malcolm Gordon and I'd love to see Jasmine Jesse Chavez in there. Are Some great upcoming Canadians. Jasmine Jasmine visas is no joke I. Don't know how you pronounce that. One of us is probably right the vicious Lithuanian. My Dad wasn't just give me the benefit of the Delta Yeah. I'm giving it to you I. Just said the truck took the win away from you so I'm going. Give you know what sorry I'm looking. I'm looking at the scorecards. I didn't see the Midwestern emo reference, so it turns out. It might have been a draw map the calculated. The numbers add up I'm doing some half points here so Right now, unofficially Jose the winner though bums. It's very close. I can't the mail in ballots. Stats at the end of the place people talk. Do so well, this is this is what the show's all about. This is a an an incredible battle between Jose. Thank you both for coming on and sharing your wisdom with the world that wraps up another edition of between the links here on May fighting dot. com makes you subscribe wherever you can lots of stuff coming up this week at the aside. Aside coming up tomorrow, what the heck on! Thursday we got the aside again on Friday preview show all that good stuff, and then we have all your fighting coverage on Saturday so for Jose Aaron the truck i. m Mike bigshots Esser Lynn behind the scenes with the graphics. We'll see you next week as we go back once again between the links. 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