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I have a master's degree in physiology bio mechanics and human nutrition, I've spent the past two decades competing in some of the most masochistic events on the planet from seal fit Kiko Negojsa in the world's toughest mudder, thirteen ironman triathlons. Brutal. Bow hunts adventure races, fear fishing, plant, foraging, free, diving bodybuilding and beyond. I combine this intense time in the trenches with a blend of ancestor, wisdom and modern science searched the globe for the world's top experts and performance fat loss recovery got hormones, brain, beauty and Braun to deliver. You this on cast everything you need to know to live in adventures joyful and fulfilling life, my name is Ben greenfield enjoy the ride. Hey, folks, it's been greenfield. And you may have heard a couple of months ago podcast that I did that was almost like a sexual biohacking podcast. I talked with my friend and physician Dr Amy killin, we talked about platelet rich, plasma injections for men and women how something called the OSHA can improve the duration of female orgasms and how guys can orgasm for a longer period of time. What happens when you inject stem cells into a dude's unit which Amy actually did on me. We talked about things like vampire breast lifts and cosmetic face procedures with X OEMs all sorts of cool things and I'll link to that original podcast in the show notes for today's podcast, which you can get over at Ben greenfield, fitness dot com slash bio hack sex. That's been greenfield, fitness dot com slash bio hack. Sex. But I figured because there's so much more that we could talk about though, it didn't unpack that I would bring Amy back along with special gusts. That's right. You get a two for one on today's show. I've got world renowned sexual technique adviser. And the woman who's often called the dear Abby hot sex, Susan Bratton on the call as well. And Susan wrote this book called sexual soulmates. And this is what she does. She kind of has these outside the box approaches to sex, techniques and bedroom communication skills to help a lot of people with the with the intimacy peace and transforming sex into passionate sex. I even lower my voices, I say passionate sex. So that's my that's my my movie trailer announcer voice kicking. So first of all, Amy and Susan welcome to the show. Any welcome back to the show. Susan, welcome to the show for the first time as info. Boy. Ration- right. It's never a podcast about sex till somebody gets all soul trade with their NCA Shen. So anyways, I know that there's a lot of areas that we could kind of start off with here. But Susan you actually have what you call six essentials to connected sex six central's to connected sex. You have a whole book about this. But can you tell people a little bit about what these these six essentials are? And we have time to unpack them as this is a this podcast gets along with the tooth. Sometimes. Good. I'm glad yeah. What have done? So for about twelve years. I've been helping people they I publish hot sex techniques bedroom communication skills. Also, I teach people like advanced orgasm skills kind of sexual biohacking in a way. Like how I call myself in orgasmic not like how far out in the orgasmic field. Can I go and with my partner? And so then I report back from outer space and shine the light for people to follow me out into incredible pleasure. And over the years, and I got started doing this. Because an Amy knows Tim. My gorgeous husband, Tim, I remembered for ten years our sex life went to hell in a Handbasket. We were ended up being platonic friends. He was emotionally checked out of our marriage. We were like what do we need to do to get this back because I could I could get a new husband. But I would never. Do better. And I'd like to think he feels the same about me as a wife. So we ended up taking all these country lovemaking classes and going to Tony Robinson walking on fire and just doing like all this like twenty five thousand dollars worth of personal growth. And we learned techniques that helped us not only turn our sex life back on but take it to a new level. And it's gotten better ever since I've been with him now for twenty seven years child broad. Okay. So I I have to ask real quick. You did Tony Robbins. And what else did you say you? Oh, God, we did ecstatic love making which was tantric classes, we did orgasmic meditation back when Nick was just starting. We we've done a lot of different sex workshops human awareness institute level after level after level of that like we live in northern California. And so we're the nexus of where poly-amorous an open relationships and expanded orgasm meet personal development in the human growth movement. And so we had access to a lot of that is that. Okay. One more question. And by the way, Jamie. I'm fine. Yeah. If you wanna pipe into, but is that because because I haven't done any of that, you know, me and my wife have a good sexual relationship. And we've read some books probably very similar to yours with sexual techniques and ways to you know, for example, one of my favorite books on this topic is the multi orgasmic man, and I practice those techniques like the power draw some of the other tantric. Tactics that he teaches in that book. But the main thing that's kept me from going to any of these courses. Like, I think one that that I was very interested in for a while. It was called some like oh. Something along those lines like an orgasmic class for for calls is is it. Yeah. Is it weird or awkward to be there with your partner? Orgasm ING or engaged in sexual techniques in the presence of like an instructor other people in a room full of naked people. It is so fricking confrontational every single time. We would be driving to go to one of these weekend workshops, or whatever I would have I would have a meltdown like to the point where I'm actually though, I'm an energetic person. I hope annual Tessema super mellow person to like very grounded. I value at all not but ground, right? I not drama just excitement, and I would get out of the car and like have a meltdown at on the way to every single one. And that was when we realize that the kinds of experiences that you can have in these naked sex workshops with a room full of people are are incredibly profound. Found but who's gonna do it? Which is why I started are any personal life media to get to create workshops in a box. Okay. Who want to learn at home together? We're all about home study in the bedroom. That's way, more appealing to me right for ninety nine percent of people. They don't want to put themselves in such an edgy situation. I had so much to lose. I was winning. I've been in nudie bar before. It's kinda awkward. It's a lot of like Harry people with stuff swinging around and hitting you in the. Why? So to answer your question. What happened was this is how we started helping other couples through our online programs. So people have been emailing me for a dozen years. Hey, can I ask you a question? Sure. What your question and so through the anonymity of Email people have core their hearts heartfelt to me. And I've tested a bunch of stuff for the sake. Try this try this try this try this. And I've seen what works, and what doesn't what you can get your partner to do if you're the one that wants more, and you need to lead them to more. And then when my friend Ario Ford launched her soulmates book, she was like could you write the, you know, the like risque chapter for me of what you would say, it would take to turn your mate into your sexual soulmate instead of just your soul mate. And I was like great prompt, mama. I'll write that for you. And I thought okay, what over the last years have really been the the the an I like things that are. Are like super easy little hinges that swing big doors. Profoundly simple. But massively impactful shifts mindsets often things like that. And I came up with what is really the bomber six. If you knew these six things be thick thing that affects you and the pussycat could really have a great hot sex life. These with these are the blockers that no one told you when you heard them, you're like, oh, God, I could do that I want I want to hear what they are. But by the way that an attempt at so vaster from looney tunes. Can you do a better one for me with tash? Going downhill fast. Thank god. All right. So here's the number one and us when you'll get right away. But people struggle with it. So I have ways to do it that make it easy presence being president in the moment with your partner. That's what makes it passionate when you're playing off each other. But we get twisted up in our own underwear in bed. So that's one number two. It's setting the lover space. The context the environment is particularly important for women to surrender to their pleasure. So I teach people how to create the environment that is conducive to super hot sex number three. And this is what I think we should dive into a little bit later on in the in the conversation, if you'd like to 'cause I think it's probably the most profound thing, and that is something I call the sexual soulmate packed, and it's essentially an agreement that explodes passionate lovemaking because you're on the same page about feedback and understanding what you want, and there's some really clever little tricks to it that are very much bio. Jackie in away. Understanding your body. The next is polarity the masculine feminine. We end up platonic because women are strong men. These days were out in the world were calling the shots. So it's about how to have that masculine feminine connection in the bedroom. Even to the point where you can switch roles and it gets even hotter. And the next is number five is embodied sexuality. And I can I can give you more detail about it. But it's it it kind of dovetails with presence. But it's it's how to actually be more sensual together, and then the fifth or the sixth one is something I call Roddick play date, and I believe it is the key to fizzling monogamy. So those are the six, okay? That last one that that that's very interesting. The erotic play dates do you mean this concept of going out on a date and dressing up and and. Scheduling everything and doing a hotel stave. And if it's in your own city, or or home vacation things along those lines. It's nice to know what what it triggered for you in thinking. No, that's all way, too, hard and doesn't get defects fast enough. Okay. Do all that work to have sex. I just wanted to have hot sex. You know, one of my favorite raises is the couple of plays together stays together. Especially in the bedroom. And Arado play dates are a commitment to the two. And the reason it's never six you have to work your way up to it. You don't start there? Typically, if you haven't got if you haven't nailed the other five, but it's the ID that earth things, you can learn for example, my husband, Tim, and I had an expanded orgasm practice for fourteen years. Once sometimes if I'm lucky twice a week, we lay down in bed together. And he gives me what is the sensually genital massage a clitoral stroking massage that puts me into a essentially, it's a away to do a clitoral stroke that allows a woman to take that moment of climax. And that moment out like taffy. So that she stays in that peak climatic experience for it will go five seconds, then ten seconds than twenty than thirty than she learns how to stay in in a hold and sustain this insatiable of peak moment of climax while he or she it's you know, it can be any sex gender spectrum partner. That the giver is essentially taking the receiver the woman on this ride, and he or she's taking over the woman's nervous system and taking her up into this expanded state, and then giving her a little break because you have to toggle the sympathetic Paris of the sympathetic nervous system. And then taking her up again. Holding and then giving her a little break than taking up again that avoids clitoral fatigue, which is often a reason a woman is like a one and done orgasmic champion when women are infinitely orgasmic as our men, by the way. So we also teach techniques like that you're staying from montage Chia's book that we've perfected to another level separating Jackie Latian orgasm for men because there's two separate systems as well. So erotic played through things like learning to have an expanded orgasm practice together. If you lay your wife down and stroke her genitals once a week, and you take her on this ride. She is naturally going to want to be more sexual with you, and you're going to as her masculine sexual leader open her up to a level of orgasmic pleasure. Even imagined was possible. And brings you so close and so turned on for each other. And that's just one thing you could learn together as a couple. There are many many ways. As you can learn new skills together. And that's what I think keeps monogamy hot is. When you're beginning to get together. It's like feeling like a teenager again in bed because you're learning together, which is key to removing any of that kind of ago. Ick need to be right or do it, right? Or any of those things that kinda get in the way of being offensive. We present together and just being real interesting. I want to bring Amy and in a moment to talk about some of the technologies that can enhance this process and some of the procedures we can we can kind of use outside of the bedroom as well. But before that, I think a lot of guys would be interested in hearing just like a quick tip from you or a way that they can begin to delve into this idea of multi orgasm or or longer orgasms or the orgasm without jocularly on the men's side. Well, let's take both ways. And I'll give you the perfect segue to Amy's expertise and that is in. Gorge meant the way to both last longer amend 'cause one in four men have issues where they'd like to last longer they'd like to have more stamina and women would like to become more orgasmic, and in both cases, and as well as a lot of other. Let's just call it. Orgasmic pleasure skills. Come from your genitalia. Your your clitoral structure or the corpus Kabir knows him course, corpus bungee awesome. Which started out at the same exact thing. When when we were all we were all we all started as girls emails, and then some of the Scott hormonal bath that turned the clitoris into the penis what we have homologation genitalia. They're the same parts arranged in a different way. And what gets missed is slow steady. Deep arousal where you're actually in gorging the entire penile structure, the deep buried shaft as well as just the. Part that's sticking out of the body. The entire clitoral structure that the glands the shaft, the little arms the little legs of the clitoris that looks like a little starfish and one of the things that Amy does in her expertise is get that tissue to engorge really, well, which increases pleasure orgasmic intensity. It increases the ability to sustain an erection in both men and women, and it helps keep all that tissue. Really full of blood blood. Float is such a big key to orgasmic pleasure in going the distance over the years with your partner. Well, that's really fascinating. And you you explore a lot of this in your book or two people actually need to go. Take a ticket course like you mentioned that you do home courses you how does that exactly work? So one of my what of my courses is called expand her orgasm tonight. And it's twenty one or Roddick play dates for couples that teach you all of the things that you need to do to settle down and lock your nervous systems together in a con- joined trance state of orgasmic bliss, and it takes a wild for a couple of get that in trained together a few practice sessions. So we broke it down into things you could do our tonight we're gonna play the start stop game. And the next night. We're going to do this finding her spot game, you know, those kinds of things so you can learn together. So expand orgasm tonight is one. I also have a program called female liquid orgasm, which teaches women how to have got us. How to receive got us healing the Saggio. G-spot pleasure in and to understand all about female Jackie Latian because women Jackie late as well. As men, and they can have orgasms with it or not just like men men can have full body energy orgasms without Jackie Latian, or they can have orgasms with Jackie Latian women of the same way. And so we have a course teaches that we have of course, that teaches the stamina technique called multi orgasmic lover for men that teaches men how to become full body energy orgasmic men who attack late only when they won't too. So each one of these is kind of like a an experience in a box. If you will what do you mean, you say courses, that's something someone downloads or these packages sent to the house? Well, I have some that are packages sent to the house like my steamy sex. Ed, I don't mean to be talking about myself at you asked my steamy affects video collection is it could be ATV's or you can get digital video or both. And that's for couples to watch together. It starts with central massage than a Roddick orgasm. Mik massage then oral pleasure than lovemaking techniques. Like two hundred heart connected techniques that you can watch together. Like, let's plug in the Felicia secrets or the something like that today. Honey. And why don't you watch that in practice on me? The fun one. Yeah. Just take take take that CD out of the player before the kids come home to watch TV. Okay. Interesting. Now, you talked about blooding gorge mint to the clitoris and about some of the things that doc like Amy can do to enhance that Amy. Can you get into some of the procedures that woman would undergo or or some of the tools or technologies that women could use to actually do that? Yes. So there's several different options there options that the doctors would do for you. So things that I do like PRP injections like the OSHA where we actually inject the clitoris itself as well. As the part of the badge awhile. We also use ten thousand areas like have talked about the before where we can regenerate of power kind of your own body to heal itself regenerate itself. Ultimately, increasing blood flow there there also a number of different devices like radio frequency devices at lasers they can also be used by physicians to kind of increase the health of tissue in those areas to help improve blood flow in college and such like that. And then there's some other things like medications are topical compound creams that I use the patient sometimes that they can just apply the cream at home when the ready tick before they're gonna have sex, and it actually will cause increased blood flow there vase die later. So it increases blood flow. We call them scream creams, which I think is asked. But it increases blood flow to those areas that you get immediate blood flow. Sometimes you get increased sensation areas as well prior to having sex nitric oxide can health as well. So there's kind of a lot of different things that we use those a lot of stuff can. Talked a lot. I want to actually ask about details of a few of those things like the screen cream. What exactly is what's the active ingredient? Then there's all the different varieties out there. Some of them will have actually have like southern fill which is a generic Viagra or to Dallas which are used off label in women. So we don't have they're not used by the FDA prescribe it for men, but we've, but we know that it works increase blood flow. So there are topical applications where we can compound some of these things as well. As some of the other base die later that are get used for other purposes, generally open, flood vessels as will put several of those things together into cream and the woman can supply it, you know, before sex in it, and it helps to get the blood there. The problem with women as as Susan can attest is that. It's not always blood flow issue. That's that's part of it sometimes, but a lot of whether or not a woman is having a good experience is about what's going on in her head. What's going on with the relationship with going on with the laundry in the kids in the stress in all? All things. So it's not all about blood flow. But certainly blood flow is important amend. So we can do several thanks to improve that now that scream cream. That's something that would need to be put together by physician like a compound pharmacist, right? Yeah. Exactly. It would be physician, you know, someone specifically who does a lot of sexual health or someone who's does hormones and things like that. That is familiar with putting together compound cream's. Okay. Now, some of these procedures like the injections, for example. My wife did the stem cells stem cells to her clitoris, and I think it was just kind of around the Libya if I'm not mistaken, I think those are the two spots where she was injected. And then you, of course, as we talked about in detail in the last podcast when I was under sedation down there in Park City, Utah after Dr Harry's injected my whole body was stem cells and all the joints stem cells than you did the sexual cosmetic procedures now as. Far as what someone would expect when they come out of something like that. You know, male or female, do you actually get feedback in terms of things that people have found success combining that with you mentioned things like nitric oxide precursors, I know that there's this concept of using some of that stuff in conjunction with this gains wave therapy, which we'll get into a second. But are there any things that people can do to enhance that process without procedure after it's been done? I mean, the main things I tell for women, I usually hit him home with an intra-vaginal device. Call the intensity device, which is a it's kind of like a tens device for your vagina for your pelvic floor muscles. And so it's device that goes into the Jonah, and it's like tens of actually stimulates your pelvic floor muscles. So I have women used that home because if we have stronger healthier pelvic floor muscles, you can have stronger better orgasms. It's also helpful for things like your stress incontinence. When limit are when a leak a little bit of urine when they jump on trampolines, and you know, things like that. So I usually have them follow up with that using the device at home. And then again, I I make sure they're hormones balanced, estrogen progesterone testosterone you'll out of by the nickel hormones, and that's a whole other thing. But you gotta be healthy systemically in order to have good sex life. That's kind of important key as nitric oxide scream creams, the laser there's all kinds of things that we do. But you know, making sure that they are healthy in. General is part of it. And then of course, they have to work on their relationships in their stress and those things at home as well. No, Susan when you're putting together these type of packages and programs for people to have better orgasms or enhance their sexuality. Are you also kind of getting into things like supplements foods ways to increase nitric oxide, or even these types of technologies that Amy's referring to? Oh, yeah. Amy, and I have done a whole series of videos on the five causes in eight cures for rectal dysfunction, as an example, we collaborated on that. And we give that away for free. So I do as much about sex. I have a salad dressing for rectal function a recipe because people constantly trying to get my fans to eat more salad by realized that the reason they're not eating salad like I'm eating solid is because they're using bottle dressing. And so I gave them my basic vinaigrette dressing shaking in up in a bottle keeps refrigerator for two weeks dressing. So that they would be inclined to eat more salads because if you make your own dressing. It's not only healthy, it's delicious. So I'm constantly working on the everything from what supplements are good for you to these technologies like the ocean. The P shot gains weigh the femi- lifts, the, you know, all of those and I've done them all. Myself as well because I walk mytalk. And so a third of my stool, but I'm m advanced sexual techniques bedroom communication skills and sexual health and vitality like aim just said they go hand in hand. If you're not healthy, you're sexual tally is your health. They are inextricably entwined. So yeah, I do all of those things that I mostly give all that sexual health information away for free. And then the orgasm skills are the things that are kind of like the programs that people buy from me interesting. Yeah, I've said that before on a podcast that this whole concept that has been kind of floating around the internet of guys specifically having like giant steak dinners with holidays sauce and has many fats as possible a couple hours before sex or when they're on a date as their chosen meal is a pretty bad idea. Because all you do is get a bunch of blood redirected to the gut. To digest that meal, far better far better choice would be you get a lot of nitric oxide precursors like a Ruge and spinach and beets in the I call this like my power sex salad recipe carrots red onions a little bit of apple. And then like a ton of extra virgin olive oil you of that with a with a glass of red wine in a bunch of dark chocolate. And holy I mean, whether you're a builder getting ready to pose onstage or whether you're somebody getting ready to perform in the bedroom. That's a really potent way to enhance nitric oxide. I can only imagine what would happen. Yeah. Throw the throw the screen cream into that. So the the one that I get a lot of questions about to Amy is the the gains wave procedure. And I think a lot of people are under the potentially mistaken impression of this just involves maybe this is my fault to discriminate like this. You know, somebody getting a jackhammer take into their dick or a woman just getting like, you know, her vagina shocked with sound waves. Now is that exactly what this procedure is or how do you describe the the whole gains wave protocol? Yes. It's definitely not Jack ever. It does sound like it. If you're listening to it sounds like so gateway is it's a type of low intensity shock wave therapy. It's been around at that the technology's been around for for many years as then used for all different things, including increasing blood flow to the heart after patients who've had heart attacks, which is kind of interesting. There's several studies have shown that hard. Taxation. She do this shockwave therapy, which sends these sort of high intensity sound waves into the tissue at it, actually increases blood flow. So wherever you put it. That's what it does. So in post M I patient post hard type patients they've actually shown improvements in blood flow, which is pretty cool. We've also used it our medicine as used it for increasing blood flow to musculoskeletal taint joints, fasciitis things like that. But in the last ten years or so is when it's been setting to be used for for med for dysfunction as well as improving performance because we found that these same shock waves that we send into the tissue can increase blood flow in the penis. So that's what we're using. It's not so much the mechanical of sort of jackhammer part of it. It's the sound way that you don't see they're going into the tissue that are stimulating blood vessel formation. Nitric oxide formation in the end, the penis recruiting stem cells of the penis. Get kind of all these things happening in it results. In better, bud slow federal elections. The bomber Boehner who Bama boner. Fun. Little phrasing season. Okay. So can I get this question because a lot of people listening, and they're like me, they're they're any qu'ils one folks their home bio hackers, and I realized people cringe when I throw that word around. But it just kind of covers a good cover all statement for a lot of these these type of things we're talking about today. But people want to know, whether they can just like go out to a website or EBay, or Alibaba whatever and find one of these admittedly, expensive shockwave machines and just take them into their their home and do them that way. I mean is that something someone could potentially do like by one of these for their house and do this on their couch in the comfort of their own home? I I wouldn't recommend it. There are specific protocols that we use that they wanna have someone who knows what they're doing. Do it. It also predicts pensive there are sort of chief versions of the machines out there that I've I've had patients come to me as they I bought this cheap version of this machine. And I've been using it in it's not working. And there's probably a reason for that. You know, they're a few machines that are FDA approved or increasing blood flow in this manner in the US, and that's one of the machines that I use in mostly they're they're used by medical practices and such. So it's definitely better to have someone who knows what they're doing. Do. It's a pretty safe procedure. But you still wouldn't have someone knows what they're doing. Hey, I want to interrupt today's show to tell you about chocolate. 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He's a doctor of Chinese medicine, and what he has done is he's managed to take over twenty different Chinese adopted genyk herbs and package them in extremely. Concentrated form into this little packet of stuff called Tian Chee. And then he gave me this creamy milkshake recipe that makes this stuff taste absolutely mind, blowing what you do is you take about eight ounces of just regular full-fat coconut milk. And then you blend that with ice couple tablespoons, if you happen to have it of MCAT oil another option would be can use coconut cream either one, and then one packet of the Chia Tian, she won packed with this on she. And then you blended up if you want to be even kinder to your cheek can blend everything and then just stir in the T on. She afterwards when it comes to stabilising your hormones, giving you a nice clean burning energy and making your head feel clear as a bell. You cannot beat this Tian SHI Chinese adapted genyk herb complex now. This is just one of the many find supplements that you can find a key on. So you just go to get kion dot com. That's get K I O N dot com. You can get. This T on. She can get everything else that we have hand selected for you and designed for account, including our wonderful, organic coffee and our clean energy bar. It's all over there. Get key on dot com. Get K I O N dot com. Try that Tian chice moody recipe. It's amazing. Okay. So so when you're going through your office, you know, when you buy a machine like this is there's some kind of training or something and go through. Yeah. I went out to Florida and trained with Dr Gaines when I first learned how to do it. And then I came back and then brought that training to my staff who does the procedures here. So it was a pretty full training at curriculum. We learned not just how the machine works. But the protocols all the things that you wanna do to support the the way that it's working to support the results going forward. Okay. Got it. Have you done this procedure to'sign just a delving into your your own personal sexual life? Not only have I done it. My husband's done it. And I I recommend for all my guys follow me to get gains waved with the p shot because I like the idea of the trans dermal the slightly damaging effect of the gains wave so that your body's repairing the tissue and making it better and putting your own PRP, and if you can afford, it stem cells, I mean, that's the criminal cram into that tissue. And then the third piece of which Amy I think you give away pumps to Ireland like a man does a series of penis pumping for as long as he's willing to do it. I like the my favorite pumps at the doctor. Joel Kaplan because they have this cylinder that I call the Walker, and it's a cylinder that lets you get both the scrotal tissue. Do your balls as well as your penis up in there? So after you've had your gains wave and your P shot or your cells, if you're lucky enough to do that then you pump a couple times a week. It's like building a muscle at draws all that fluid through the tissue. And it expands your T Nile dimension. And what I like about using the Walker the larger cylinder is that. You can get the part of your penis. That's buried inside like about half, your penile shaft is in signed you up under the pair neom in your abdominal area, and the when they do the gains wave they get in there, as you know, and they get kinda deep into the shop, which is awesome. It's the only thing I've seen that does that. And I love it. Because if you're if you're actually working with the whole structure that all that corpus cavernous them, which is that that erectile tissue fills with blood, which is what helps you get a hard on. And you're pumping. That then you are slowly enlarging your penis, you're making it more robust. It has more carrying capacity for blood, and it looks magnificent. And so I've got one when I did my games procedure. They gave me a fancy digital penis pump. Which I thought was the Cadillac of penis pumps. I hadn't heard of this Dr Joel Kaplan penis pump before, but the thing that that kind of bugged me about it was the day that I turned it on and tried to go hands free while working in in line balls. Got sucked into new is incredibly uncomfortable like standing there. Trying to yank my balls out of this penis pump. Now is that uncomfortable of men mentioned to you that when they use something like this Kaplan pump that they experienced that that same kind of sucking intense pressure sensation I had heard this specifically designed for it to be more comfortable for the testicles. It's designed to accommodate and get that paranoid area and get more of that buried shaft up into the tube. So no, that's the whole reason. Why you don't wanna use a regular small-sized pump to do that? You wanna get what I don't even know what the model number is everybody just called it. The lauper. Find it on Amazon a link to in the show notes along with everything talk about no link to your programs to hunt them down a minute. Just just go to Ben greenfield, fitness dot com slash bio hack sex and include that stuff, Amy do they make version of this for women to like some kind of something very similar to the pump for women. Actually, do they have an I think actually, I think Kaplan at Jill Kaplan's website has women's clitoral pumps. Also, I there's not as much data on his late for women as there is for men. We know we know that they're Pena's pumping men even by itself. Even if you don't do all these other things can be helpful and improving function as even size. So getting the blood in they're getting that blood to sort of get to all areas of the penis things areas that maybe it's not getting to the Austin all that is is really good for women. It's it's been studied in. I, you know, some people think it helps people don't. But it's it's not as as well. While studied in women, but they do make them by do make clitoral. Okay. Got it goes the vulva pump and dressing. It's called a. Stuff. Yeah. I got a Bubba pump clip pump and nipple bumps. Your house is probably like mine except except different. I get like protein powders and energy bar sent to my house. Try sometimes like some stuff sauna bulbs, you you get clitoris penis pumps. Well, I gotta terminal this stuff. It's the same exact thing you do. I do to journalism was a mystery vibe that has six independent Motors and an app, and I had to turn it over him. And I was like dude you do it to me. I mean, it was like so complex. I couldn't even figure out how to do it. Then God, I married an electrical engineer. Honestly, I don't like a lot of that complex stuff. I mean like in our bedroom. We've got and we have a wedge we have a vibrator we have a few other small things, but anything that requires a hand held device in a bluetooth connection on like, I'm out. That's. That's. We decided it's mystery for the master Batory Ashim Nado, you know, someone who like really wants to do that for a while and of lot of different ways. So there's a market for everything, you know. I mean, different people like different things, which is why I always like to try a lot of stop. And just talk about my experience, it just gives people more. What do I do what I really do to help people, and Amy you feel the same way when people come into you is we give people permission to be okay? To want more to want to live more boldly into their sexuality. Interesting. So when it comes to this this idea of sex, a big part of it is the decline in sexual performance that can sometimes occur with age and. Does I get a lot of questions about is by dental hormone replacement therapy? I'm curious if if either of you have a history of using that or prescribing it, and what your thoughts are about something like that. And one of the burning questions that I want to ask you that. I that especially get from a lot of people just might be one that you could answer. Amy is you know, if you do get on some kind of a bio identical kind of similar to like men who begin to supplement testosterone. Are you just kind of on it for the rest of your life? Yes. Think the question. So I do a lot of hormones. I do lot of is it legal harmless. I use only by Harman's. So which means I'm not giving any hormones that are not the same one that your body makes. And I get them to men and women and certainly with men we do Oesteroe, but sometimes younger men don't need testosterone they can make their own. So we can do other things like h c g close to help DeVos their own production to help, you know, health that way. But once you are on test Ostro, you are actually going to be creasing your own production production of testosterone at at the negative feedback loop. So when we give testosterone you don't make as much test Ostro, so in that regard. Yes, you want your on at your kind of on it unless you decide not to be and your levels will fall after you're not taking it. However, most men as we know after age forty fifty or so are going to have declined Casaus levels anticipates is not as important for sex, although it is important for sex. It's also important for so many other things in your body from memory to your lewd your motivation to. You're you know, cardiac muscle building. There's so many things that testosterone. Does that win? You lose it. It really affects how men feel and women to it. It's also important for women. So to me the benefits of replacing hormones, in this way, far outweigh the need to continue to be on the long-term. Is there is there a certain delivery mechanism that you use a cream versus injection, for example. I use everything. So it's patient specific on my us injections. I use compound creams I used helmets right insert pellets under the scan may stay there for four to six months just dissolve slowly for women. I use a trophies or things under the tongue. Doug, oh, sub lingual. So it really depends on what the patient is wanting with comfortable with you know, with what their goals are. But we can we can do all the types of four months. How often when you're doing these hormones? Do you have people come back and test to make sure their levels are staying balanced in. In the beginning when I'm I starting salon hormones. I'll have him come back usually about two or three months after I start the the dose, and I'll check not just testosterone levels for men. But we also check estrogen we check some of the binding hormones like s h Fiji. We also check the blood counts because when you take testosterone, your your blood counts are gonna go up. So your hemoglobin inadequate tend to go. They don't go to high that we check other things as well. What once someone is pretty stable on their regimen. It's usually about every six months said I'm checking in with them as long as I feel good. I think that's one of the dangers that a lot of men and women run into when they begin to like by some kind of progesterone cream off the internet or to Stockton replacement. From some fringe website is you have zero medical involvement in terms of testing. And obviously there are companies like wellness FX, or, you know, the Dutch test for hormones, which is a twenty four hour urine test, which which in my opinion is better than like a single snapshot blood panel for hormones, but ultimately. Yeah. Even though there there are ways that you could test and and look at. Vols yourself. I think we've got an epidemic of people just popping stuff willy nilly without realizing, you know, for example, testosterone supplementation done incorrectly can lead to much of over room today shin. Then you've got guys running around with too much estrogen, and man boobs and tricking balls. Yeah. There's a lot of things that people don't always realize testosterone can sometimes if you get too much of a can in effect your limits. Your cholesterol can decrease your HDL, which is kind of your good cholesterol, increase your blood count says there are certainly things that we we have to follow in these patients, Nick sure that safe for them. And I that's that's why I think it's important that you're doing at that you have someone who knows what they're doing. Who's watching you watching over you you're doing? Okay. You know, what I think happens with people? I've noticed this is an interesting an interesting thing that occurs is if you can't along times, it's the woman who says to her husband, you should go get your testosterone checked, she can tell he's kind of turning into a little old lady. Like he's like he's let like. Losing his vitality zest for life, generally. And that's what happens when you're Austin's counts go down, and you know, guys are often resistant to going to the doctor and getting things checked out and women are more often, the kind of the medic of the family, doctor mom is very common avatar. And what happens I think with some people is there's there's two things that happen one is they can't get their traditional allopathic doctor to give them testosterone or estrogen or whatever. Depending on women. What you want to protest onto Dawson? I take three personally I like the combination. They can't get it through their traditional healthcare system. They don't necessarily have the money to go to a functional medicine, doctor or hormone specialist or what have you? They don't feel empowered to do it or they get so depleted in their hormones that they lose the. Willpower to change it and they just dwindle away. I see that with people where they they literally don't have the gumption to six the problem anymore because they've left to go on too long. And if you could see the difference if you could take a person like that and put them on bio identical hormone, send them to Amy have do a work put them on a plan it would change their life. They would get that next fifty years full of joy and vitality invest and energy and cognitive function and muscle tone. And all of the things that we have is as young people that we lose overtime, and it seems to be exceleron ding with our toxic world. It seems to be really just bombing feeding our endocrine system on mercilessly. And it seems to be one of the things that's taking people down quickly now. So you're saying you should start on something like this, especially if you're a woman. Before menopause. Oh of. Yeah. Usually with women in ten years or so before menopause. We start to see hormonal changes where there's less progesterone in more estrogen than there used to having. So a lot of women will start getting some of the sort of moody, irritable and irregular periods and premenstrual kind of pain headaches, all kinds of things sleeplessness that can become a they can come on way before menopause that weekend. We could give a professor testosterone to help. And it certainly wants women go through menopause estrogen which is so important for everything and they'll be estrogen replacement at that point of yet. But even in the I ROY to we haven't talked about that's really important for all of the n women and problems for anyone if people in their twenties thirties fifties eighties, certainly is more common as you get older sister having Hypo IRA which is low thyroid of problems and something else that that is needs to be looked at kind of in a different way. I think it has been in the past. How does lower? Thyroid effect sexual performance. Well, low thyroid hypothyroidism affects affects all different areas of your body. So it it causes its up people at causes, depression or apathy can cause weight gain. It can cause constipation hair loss. An and also affect your other hormone. So it can affect your testosterone estrogen away those things are found up in your body. So, you know, even something as as small as getting the right hormone medication can actually end up affecting your sex drive and your your testosterone. And all the things that you don't think of as being thyroid related, but they can't be okay, got it. So in terms of the actual protocols that you have these six essential. Susan the presence the lover space. The soulmate packed Poletti. Embodied sexuality erotic play dates those six I apply listening. I'm taking notes the one that I wrote down that I want to ask you about. Because obviously, you know, people could could. Podcast hours. They could just go read the book. And actually, I I am definitely going to be reading this one. I haven't read it yet didn't have a chance to before the show, but the sexual soulmate Pat was one that was very interested in hearing a little more about. Yeah. First of all, I'm going to give you a link to y'all. It's just a sex. It's sexual packed ACT dot com. I have that carve that out of the book, and I made it a freebie because I really wanted people to have it. So let's start give me a minute to describe it to you. Okay. The the first thing I wanna talk about is that men and women are concerned about giving each other feedback in the bedroom because women are under the impression that if they tell a guy, and they've had this experience, they say, you know, oh, I don't like that. Or do this this way in the guy said, I know you don't have to tell me. Well, what women don't understand is that that's not the guy being afh ole? That's just testosterone men being testosterone forward women being estrogen driven have very different ways of doing things and testosterone makes guy very sure of himself. That's why he doesn't stop an ask for directions while you're begging him to on your lost on the highway. The stop thrown just is like full speed ahead. I know it I'm doing men are overconfident women are under confident in abroad generalization due to the hormonal effects of how we're driven by those hormones and so. To buy to short, circuit that whole system of worrying that you're going to upset your partner or worrying that they're gonna like snap at you. Because you try to tell them what you really needed. Here's what we explain. We say I'd really like an often I recommend that the woman does it can be the men the man to villages take it as the woman, I would really like to have super hot sex with you and one of the things that I know is that I'm actually just an animal, and I would love to be able to be I would love to be able to always like everything that you do to me. There are going to be some days, depending on my hormonal cycle where I want you to like ravage me, and, you know, hold my get my hair on the underneath the back of the nape of my neck and hold it tight while you kiss me hard, and there other days when I need you to hold me for a really long time. And just let me talk out some of my frustrations and read reconnect with you in whole beheld by you. Intil? I'm ready to go up the arousal ladder with you. Now known women don't talk like arouse, the ladder and stuff. I'm the expert. You've just got paraphrase at your own way. Right. But I'm just short cutting it for you with words that you get. So when you say to a lover, let's just say, it's it's a masculine feminine a man in a woman in this particular case, it can it works across the gender spectrum. She when she says, you know, sometimes kitty cat and sometimes a tiger. And if you understand that I have no control over my body, and what she wants in a given day much less a given moment, and you're willing to let me just give you feedback whenever I need to. So you can dial me in in the minute. And give me the incredible pleasure. I know you wanna give me I'd really love that open way of communicating and I have another request. If you're willing to do that for me. And of course, he's a yes to it because he's biologically driven to give her incredible pleasure. Because if he doesn't. She won't invite him back inside her velvety love cave. And so yes, he wants to do that women are under the mistaken. A the only reason man it kind of like is a is like aggressive in bed. And just a taker is that he's just ignorant to the larger possibility he meant to do it on purpose men are very heartfelt about their sexuality. They want to be winners in bed. And so if women asks him that and she's like sometimes pussycat sometimes tiger. Can we just go with whatever it isn't? He says. Yes, the next step is, okay. There's one thing I have to ask for and that is that I'd love to not have to use my manners in the bedroom with you. I'd like it to be because of an animal I'd like to have a little bit more animalistic sex with Hugh where I don't have to say could you please stroke, my clitoris a little bit lighter. Because every time I have to go out of my passionate connection with you. And I have to use my manners. I end up in my head and out of my body. And if I could just be like later, just bark out orders. And if you could do this for me, if you could just go thank you or got it or okay, babe. Your house this baby. And just knowledge it and make me feel good that I gave you the feedback. And believe me, this goes both ways I want you to do the same thing for me. And I don't want you use your manners. I wanna get really good at pleasure in. You would could we have this agreement because if I can just yell it out, and you can just yell it out and neither the personally how can you know, because every moment of every day. My body wants a little oh now I wanna tickle scratch scratch. It really hard. You know, how it is even with your back scratches? And so if you can do that. And when all tell you something when a guy when you make that agreement with a guy, and you give him the first piece of feedback into goes. Okay, baby. Like, really low. Okay, baby. Like that yet? God is so hot. I love this guy. First of all in our minds as women were like, he's trainable. This is also and the second thing is like he's got me. I feel like he can like really adjust to my need. I'm just gonna let more outs and that in the final culmination. Thank you for giving me the space to say the whole thing. I really appreciate it in the in the culminating of all what that actually does. Is it allows her to begin to think about what's really going to feel good to her in the next moment and have the confidence for perhaps the first time in her life to ask for what she need the no what is she actually wants? Because for a lot of women. They are so bound up the good girl syndrome just through cultural conditioning that they've never it's like, they don't even know what they want. This. Soulmate packed gives them the. Spacious nece to tune into their bodies and ask for what would feel good. And then he's thinking about how to touch her in the next moment to give her even more pleasure. And from there. It just goes off like like rockets in outer space that foundation creates a level of authenticity and trust between lovers that get you really good in bed together. Well, I'm taking notes I may have to actually listen to this one again with my wife, but I also wanna I wanna look into some of these programs that you do so all I'm gonna do some researchers. You're listening in and I'll be shirt linked to everything I find if you go a Ben greenfield finished dot com slash bio hack sex and also linked to Susan's book, which is probably going to be the next one. My my wife, and I go through some books together. And this would be on the we'll do we're going through through a few actually right now, we're just doing like a meditation manifestation one call. The master key. So maybe we'll turn things up a notch and go through central nights after that. Program on orgasmic meditation meditate together in inorganic state. That's the expand her orgasm tonight. It's at actually an orgasm and meditation or both the fada, but brain state now getting really nerdy, which I love because I can do with you guys. You're my nerdy friend. And I love that about you, both the fate of is so interesting like in the film, packed when you go out of your fate of state, which is your surrender pleasure as well. As meditative state that brainwave state, and when you use your manners you go into beta and beta as you're awake state. You're like rational mind wanna stay out of that thing during sex. You wanna stay in your trance state and the expand her orgasm tonight, not expanded orgasm stroking technique is a con joined orgasmic meditative trance state. You're both go into fada together and you ride her org. Adam together, it's really hot so hot. I love it. Wow. I know that that you have a patient soon. Amy, and I won't necessarily ask whether or not the patient has this condition, but I am curious about this. Because recently, there was something called national Perot knees awareness day. And I know that a lot of listeners may not really give crap about parolees or what it is. But it actually is a pretty combination. I wasn't aware of how big of a deal is. So I suspect more people have it than than we realize. Can you just give me a quick description of what that is? And how you would work with someone to go after a situation like that, Amy. Yeah. So Perot needs is it's it's a male s problem where you get some scarring in the penis in the just outside the corpus cover. No som. So the area that cyber tissue there becomes scarred. We don't really know why happens and has it's related to trauma. Sometimes it's auto immune or so let's just of happens. But basically, you get scarring that can be paying. Awful. And then as it progresses, you can have curving the penis usually towards the scar. And that can be also more painful, and you can also get red how this function it goes along with it. So it's paying scarring, it's curving and it goes away on its own. Sometimes announcers case skates worse and worse or stays around. That's one of these things that's really hard to treat because we don't really know what causes it. It's kind of a chronic thing. So we actually have several different things we can do for it. Now, one of them is the gains wave so the gains wave a series of treatments specifically over that plaque over that scar tissue can help break it up. And then we add that add things like the PRP, and the the stem cells to it, a penis pumping can be very, helpful helpful. And then there are other things like some some nutritional regimens with vitamin E and co Q ten other things like that. Can that can also help to do something they can get better over time. But until the last, you know, pretty recently, it's been people just kinda suffer. It have you know, their whole lives. It's very sad. A lot of my. Guys that follow me have Pironi than I have sent them to gains wave. I think that combination that Amy's talking about is the very best thing you can do to reverse that scarring that tissue damage. Okay. So the gains wave, and then you combine it with a lot of these things that it sounds like kind of Hanse it whether or not a guy has prone like some of these antioxidants nitric oxide precursors the pump things along those lines. So it's it's just very similar to protocol us like the Dell Bredesen's outlines in the end of Alzheimer's or some of things that people do for TI concussions like Dr dangle talks about in the concussion repair manual, a lot of the small-time modal like you just stack a whole bunch of stuff on at once. Yeah, that's true. But the shock wave therapy that gains wave because you're able to send those those sound waves directly into the scar tissue into the plaque that combination with PRP, and or stem cells seems to be even more effective than some of the other things just used systemically. Okay. It's the magic bullet. If there is one. Yeah. There is so much to explored as based on this quick our that we had to chat about all these little little ways to kind of kind of bile hack sex. And also just enhance orgasm pleasure that fate a meditative state tonic sex all of these things are so fascinating. You almost spend your whole life just basically studying the wonders of sex. I think it's absolutely no. So all this is very very fun. Search. That's what I tell people honestly it sound selfish, but people ought to cut through the clutter and confusion Toma by my book or go to my website, and I'll just cut through it all for it. Because this is the stuff I love to study. And it sounds like you kind of do the same for for sex. Susan so thanks for writing the book, and I will link to it in the show notes. And in the meantime, for those of you who want to do something like the gains wave protocol or go and see Amy her clinic for a little bit. Even more high end sexual harassment procedure or Kuzmic procedure. I will link to all of that information along with my previous podcast with Amy in the show notes and also linked to some of Susan's programs there, and even the penis pump in the clitoral pump. We talked about all those down and find them for you to if I can find those on Amazon or elsewhere. So thank you, Susan. And thank you Amy for coming on the show ensuring the stuff with us. It was a blast than I love doing stuff with Amy all the time. I'm so it was so. It's always it's always fun. If there's videos that you all have done together. Anything else that you alluded to during the show just just Email me links, and I'll put it on the show notes and for those you listening. It's going to be at Ben greenfield, finis dot com slash bio hack sex. That's been ruffled fitness dot com slash bio hack sex. So that being said, I'll let you both go. I got a busy day with patient. Susan, you probably have some multi Gaz Mik technique to go. Try husband or something sounds. That's how you live your life. So all of both Hugo and everybody else. Thank you for listening in. I'm Ben greenfield along with Susan Britton and Amy killin sign out from Ben greenfield, fitness dot com. Have an amazing week. While more go to Ben greenfield, fitness dot com. Where you can subscribe to my information packed entertaining newsletter and click the link up on the right hand side of that webpage says Ben recommends real see full list of everything of ever recommended to enhance your body and your brain finally to get your hands on all the unique supplement formulations that I personally develop you can visit the website of my company kion at get K. I N dot com. That's get K I O N dot com.

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