Episode 601 - Down Goes RGB


It. Side? Gentlemen who come to the rocks. By GO SPENT DOT COM. We are. Lost a real one. We did we lost. Real one did somebody called. trying to think did somebody call the exact date pretty much? Did you who was that about a year ago? Right around the January timeframe. It was the big Guy What if I really am a psychic I? Know we we do the Hashtag roster dumbest thing all the time and it's hilarious because of my gambling abilities on drinking Bros Sports. But what if I actually can see into the future last night's I want an eight-game portly which is fucking impossible right? Like that's It's the craziest Shit of all time. And it was posted and drinking bro Sports I called. Our BG dying four to six weeks before the election. That was my exact prediction on the show. Said Watch twenty twenty is going to get even crazier and. Down Goes Yeah No. Our BG goes down. Oh boy. Can. Get tested. Is there some place I can go? I. Can Go and get tested. Now, you shirt we yeah we won't do that. Do that. I can't even see the peace sign in the Dave Matthews album cover I can't see any of those things in the mall. Images like nothing. For whatever reason? Jacobs, I can really see into the future. Yeah. Man. BG. So obviously shit storm talked about it on drinking Bros. last night we did a an hour and a half tribute show that was. Kind of a tribute and then. Mix some other facts that apparently got wrong. Thirty forty facts that I got wrong about better life including her winning the. Nineteen seventy-nine NBA slam dunk contest but. Whatever I'm not a professor never claimed to be. Of. History professor of History Jesse you know that about me. But. When when she went down Jabes thought to myself. What's going to happen here? What's going to happen here? Now it's Monday morning we recorded the other episodes, Sunday nights, and I wasn't sure what was going to happen. Trump said today that you can go ahead and expect that nomination Friday or Saturday. So he's saying fuck it. I'm putting somebody through no matter what's in you? Guys can go ahead and deal with it. I'm sure now I heard it's going to be a woman, right? Does that excite you? Not I mean, it'll be a conservative woman which. Sh- Dan thinks it's going to be allowed. I know from what I'm seeing the front runner looks like a white. I. Can Be this other lady actually right prolifer Um this other lady. I think it's going to be this lady at Florida but. My guess. But yeah, I, know who you're talking about from Colorado. I think it's going to be the other one from Florida. He said as of this morning he's down to about five options. And he'll go through that this week and then announce it Friday or Saturday, and then go ahead and shut a jam that one home. Our BG is scheduled to be buried. Thursday. So he wanted to wait until after the funeral out of respect for her and the weird part about this one is I'd read there's going to be viewing for the public. For the rest of the week of her body. Have you been to an open casket funeral? No. It's weird. It is real weird. I would prefer they not do that but. I don't know man it's strange for me. Is it an open casket viewing? Viewing is. So. You could see the body face everything. Yup Yup Yup Yup Yup Yup so I went to one. For whatever reason my side of the family was big on it. On opencast I'm not at all. So there was a viewing for my grandfather. When my grandfather passed away and I hated it because that's the last image you have a person, right? Yeah, and you can. Squeeze their hand and do the other thing but they've been bombed and all that other shit and you're just like your God damn it man. I can't shake that out of my mind therefore I don't know why they do things like this where it's like, Hey, man. Here's an here's an open cask. Papa down to. Congress and you can you can check out. The body you know, I think a lot of people are going to go. Oh Yeah. Yeah. Absolutely. But it's weird right like eighty seven. Do you want to be? Know Strange. Right. Yeah. Yeah I think. How When she when she first died I, think it was so political that I couldn't really. that. I couldn't. Really. Get into all of the things that meant right 'cause it immediately one hundred percent. Went political. Yeah one hundred percent year or all divide less than fifteen minutes that body went cold it was. Cool on all sides. Yeah. So it sucks 'cause all these memes about her being RPG. notorious. Ano-. Torius and like hearing CNN reporters say that still I will never get. Used to rate. Because they don't really fucking get it. because. She was a Rockstar like those those things were made she was. You know a cultural icon late in life for a reason. Like. It wasn't just because she was little and kind of weird. She was kind of a bad ass absolute and. Her absences like felt today weirdly this weekend. Yeah I mean her for me especially where I'm just like Oh man. Oh man she was a dying breed of a feminist that wasn't a victim writing a feminist that just literally did the shit. And we don't really have that anymore. It's more like. Just trying to cancel people being offended all the time suing people bringing up allegations harassment shit like China. Take Down People. She was dying breed of someone that saw problem. and. Did went through all the avenues to change it. Look she nationally series, but we should be serious second. It's fine. She looks she did a lot. There was some weird things. That she fought for that, I was like. That's a strange one. Chain trying to change the age of consent of sex to fourteen years old was weird man. but so that was one of her her big. Didn't. He wrote Yeah I was didn't get past it didn't happen. Yeah, I think she was on the supreme. Court. Like arguing. Against it or four it whatever it may be. Right, that no, she wanted the age of consent changed and things like that. But. With all of these. Justices and all of this shit's like. I don't know I I don't really know them or whatever's you know goes on there. To me, the Supreme Court. is mostly political where it's just like you're trying to interpret. There's some shit to the courts gotten wrong and I just I don't agree with either. So it's like. To me I think it's a bigger deal politically than it is. Actually for. The country I guess but. Who knows man? Who fucking NAS? I'm a dummy in that world. I'm not. I'm just talking for myself I'm not. Know the supreme. Court you I don't think anything that she did really helped you out in any way. Right. Right? Do you know what I mean so I totally understand that you don't really know anything that she did or care. Really. But Four women? Yes. She actually probably fucked your shit up a little bit because you would like to just be the only person on the mortgage. Do you know what I mean and you would like to just be like you can't have a bank account and between might the exact opposite? No no I'm joking obviously I'm joking. With it's all win. And then just kind of chill. Yeah. So Rpg we know you really fucked us on that one if you were going to get women to be able to have their own banks and checking accounts and credit cards on the. Red Could you just take in men out of that equation together and that would have been even more than I would celebrate with thanks trying. Trying. Nothing that she did affected your life in a positive way. Like this, she chance the age of consent of four Loko to fourteen because if so that would have been read to me but right you know, right To put in perspective when Scalia died Yes he did. Yes. He did. He died at a hunting lodge. It was weird thing. He was also an older man he was eighty six or whatever. The fuck was the one that retired sorry I don't know the one that just retired. Knows that gorsuch got in. Or that fucking Sariano? No No. No. died that's of course got him and then. Cavanaugh Cavanaugh who retired retired Robert John Roberts? Maybe. Retired and got. North Kids Walking Kitson again, Supreme Court does not mean that much to me politically, it means a lot to people but died everybody was like Oh shit he died and I was like I don't I don't know what's going on yeah. I look I'm sure it's important to go against the Supreme Court for something but. You know let's let's face it. If you have to go up against the Supreme Court for anything, you'll be financially drained in your life will be ruined anyways. So You know. I try to avoid it my. On my checklist in life of trying to avoid. Again, our if our BG would have changed the legal drinking age for four Loko to fourteen, I would have been okay with that. Then, you might have been like hero but Yeah for. Women it's the equivalent of that. I? It seems these right. It seems like this being able to work. Not Be fired because you're a woman I don't understand that. But four LOCO has re game drink that comes in a plastic bottle that is thirteen point seven proof right now right? All I can say is would have liked to have the drive to downtown Atlanta to get a fake ID for that one. But whatever I digress Chaves. Right what's more important is that I predicted it and now it's a shit storm exactly like I. Think of when I think of the supreme. Court, is that fucking gay couple in the wedding cake? Yes. Stuff like this and it goes all the way up and then they go. Oh, actually you have to make their wedding cake and the people are like we got it may we're fucking married already it's been fucking twenty years. You know what I mean too. So but it's it's all precedent right like that they set so. Good some of it's bad for. Women in general most of it can be bad. She did some good stuff. My here's my argument, right? If. Let's really talk about it. Here's why I don't give a shit about. The things that I believe in fight four in this life Are Slowly being taken away anyway. So like what the Fuck Man Freedom of speech is being taken away. As being taken away. Second Amendment being taken away slowly little by little freedom of speech being taken away slowly little by little and it's like, what am I gonNa do go in there and fucking blow blow my whole water over people's faces in there and try to get some changes made of. That that's what that's what it's called Jesse blowing my water all over people's faces is that what they do in Supreme Court, that's all they doing supreme court. That is all they do. There is blow their waddled over people's faces. When they do it by the way, if you're watching on youtube hammer the like button. Right now to beat this team that is freedom of speech I would like for just to go out to the nation and let them decide share. We're handicaps by that. So the things that really matter to me thank constitution wise and all that other shit they're slowly being taken away. There's nothing I can fucking do about it and let's face it. I'm only one man with a big penis just walking around this world trying to figure shit outs. vide. Was not the Supreme Court like I. Think of the DMV is like my problem of the day. Imagine if I had to go to supreme court to argue something or try to get something overturned, fuck my whole entire life upside down from the rafters of building and and let EMA. Batman do it's Robert. Kid from Toilet Yam tat stance. Let him fuck me upside down. Is. The rest of it is just like it's political to me at this point where it's like. All right cool like you're exactly right. The wedding cake thing the fuck Bro, we doing but it's a lot for every wedding cake. There's also a huge. Huge things that are done right but but it's takes for fucking ever. Hi this stage. Dude I'm on the back nine here. Back nine years. Right about nine years left here. On this planet and that's much you think. Maybe. Not Maybe not. points. So Yeah, look by the time this shit goes through fuck do I care. So political point. And what I guess that makes it even more I'm going to button it up. But I think that makes it even more impressive that the amount of time because some of these things that she changed were actually as a lawyer arguing in front of the Supreme Court not even. A Supreme Court justice. So arguing in front of them getting these things past like like you're saying spending all that time. But the other thing though it's impressive like it is absolutely. She lived in unbelievable life and I think in the in these times like. A quote of hers like. Fight for the things that are important to you but do it in a way that makes people want to follow you and that's not what people do now. Right so do it in a way that. People see it they're inspired by it and they want to. Follow your lead instead of violence and. Burning stuff and shooting people and being outraged and divided like that doesn't make anyone. Let's say black lives matter right like that quote unquote in the way that she lived her life could directly be applied to that like fight for what you believe in but do it in a way that makes people want to follow you want to be on your side not like. Get pissed, and then join your outrageous raged filled fight just. This is important to this person who is fighting for it. She's doing it in a graceful inspiring way and we want to follow that. I will say this is not around anymore. She did speak out about Colin Kaepernick and said that his whole thing was really dumb i. believe it was her quotes and she hated all this shit like she. She did it again like quietly in a way that's like I want to change it. I'm going to be a fucking lawyer I'm going to graduate top of my class I'm going to argue in front of the Supreme Court I'm going to become a Supreme Court justice and I'm going to change shit. Not Cry about it not cancel people not fucking burn down my city. Actually do stuff. See for me with her and Scalia, in particular because they died in there fucking eighty S. It's too long. To. Be On a court I believe that and she wasn't doing those things towards the end right? She was just there. To you know what? I mean to have the vote that democratic vote all the things that she did she did. And I think you're right like There needs to be like a spring in A. A New Guard right right. I. Don't think they all need to be fucking ninety. You know the the the craziest thing about it is trump will now have picked three. Court justices which. In one presidency pink that's a record I mean that's. Yeah, one, hundred, hundred influence the courts for the next thirty years one hundred and that's why there is. No you know we were watching meet the press and there is no precedent like people are trying to. Well, you know they always wait and it's like this doesn't happen. You don't have enough of A. Control Group to say well, in this instance, he needs to wait it's like to this doesn't happen. So whatever the president wants to do in that situation or whatever he thinks is right. is the precedent really here's the thing. The Democrats will get payback for impeachment and all the other bullshit they've tried to do to him to the last four years. He's GonNa jammed down there fucking throat and even if only serve one term. Hey congratulations she changed the course of this the country's history for thirty years and yeah to me there should be an age limit on it and get these people outta here at a certain point. And Get some get some young blood. The. Crackers we live on Youtube again hammer though but non their Gregor's said making the wedding. Lewis. Inviting jails of course is number one on the list. Oh. Great as always. So okay wait what am I going to a wedding I need a break. Pay It's not free years settle down settle down. When is the just Djabel show DC Cherry is asking. Down you know what? We would love to get jesse a cooking show. We're GONNA have, any RIB. Cook off. We're GONNA, have her in a rib cook off here against Jerry Taylor this weekend. That is going to be for all the business. We will film that and put that live on Youtube as well. Subscribe to during podcastone Ross Patterson Revolution on youtube, and then Rusty Barnet's is asking for a picture of the open casket funeral of RPG to be put inside the studio. please. You know it's funny. You say that I can I guarantee you somebody will have that picture out within the next. Thirty six hours. I guarantee you somebody will will smuggle a camera and and and get that up. How Bonnie Beebe, are you not allowed to? I don't think so they usually take your phone so that shit like it's not a selfie moment you know otherwise there'd be forty thousand instagram fees of of you and dead RPG. It's a sweet one and it's it's a hard flex because let's face it the line to go and see her. Be Hours. It's going to be longer than the opening space mountain and Disney world So buckle up you're going to be there for a while, but if you could get selfies, forget it. There'd be one hundred, thousand instagram influencers just like, Hey. Oh, fucking making. Oh. Yeah clearly. That's all they do is this. Looming in the Next two RPG. This like. Just agency nothing but instagram stories of of our RGB's casket with. New. Or? Cheering the casket yeah. Boomerang with the dead. Women's branch basically, it's her whole. Thing. I'd like God love her. Can You bring food? Are you allowed to eat food in? They're probably nuts that would be another hard flex you show up with you know like a ham sandwich and just take a huge bite. You know while you're there and you're like God and now is it leaned up. The casket and no no. Straight up and down. Okay it's. A little bit lean horizontal. Vertical They don't do that. They don't do that. Chaves come on get a hold of your. So she be staring at you then just like this. Bill. From the back and you don't have to go so close. Because the weirdest thing about an open casket is the like walking up seeing not seeing, and then like peering over during mean if it was just already lifted up and you can brace yourself from down the aisle. Arm around the casket yeah. Yeah You know and it would be a bunch of. ood. ooh. All that Dumb Shit Aj Gamble by the way is asking our producer Giorgio if he would have sex with RB. I know I'm going to say no, that's probably too old. That's outside of your injuries Georgia. Yeah he's saying yeah. Wasn't much of an outdoors. Type Gal. Right. So she didn't have a she's dead for sure. Yeah. So definitely, not now outdoors. Yeah. Yeah. Well James You set that not me. Man But anyways I'm gonNA bass pro shops have a boat. Let's say well I. Don't much less a yacht, which is one of Georgios pre recs for a an old beach. So you have to have a couple of other things besides just being old right. Giorgio. Not just got. She's old sweet have money. She has a boat like there has to be other things involved I. Think I think she's probably she she might have a boat, but I'm still going to say eighty seven. That's a little old for shirts the same pre rex's Daddy. By about five years mammy. How does Helen Mirren? That would be. I think that's Hard like she she looks I think that's how we started. Yeah. That's what I'm saying like that's the age. So whatever Helen Mirren is age in her sexual prime says. So that's Helen. Mirren said Yeah You know. Five. Probably Seventy five is Georgia's cutoff. If you're out there, accident is a cruel joke. I, don't know if you guys know this but it's a cruel joke that women. When they're in their sixties. Sexual Prime. Hey, they know what they want. They know how they won it. They don't give a shit. They look right. They'll do it all. Of No fuss haircuts, e it all. Suck it all all the things? Yup Take it all ticket. All etc. Take it all do at all. But they're GONNA be. A lot of Fuss haircuts south their rule joke. Yeah. A lot of. Guys here haircuts out there out of Karen's Karen haircuts up now you're. Doing it stone. White Bob. I. I have folded agents jobs for stay fall congratulations. Okay. Graduations do you remember? The twenty first day of September. And is. No. Okay. What? What. What is this? When in fire? Do you remember? and. There you go. Earth wind and fire right jabs every September. Twenty first joke POPs up and. It never gets old clearly never gets old to me. The emmys of by the way we finally shut down. We've talked about this on the show for a year where I'm like, Hey, man, I think I'm Doin' I'm done with award shows we have night we did not watch one single second of it. We're all done with it watch some of the highlights and I'm glad I missed it. Boring was the overarching theme Hashtag Yeah everybody was like Jesus Christ it was all virtual. Some people were kind of filmed in different places and all that other stuff. Shits your show. Yeah. One nine awards swept every comedy category when everything. That's an interesting one last season on air as never wanted award before when everything I haven't seen it so. It's good for me. Amazing. I know. But it was a slow burn. It was panned. Snubbed constantly. because. It was on pop TV. My favorite channel. Not, a lot of people love that but I have the APP. I get notifications anytime a new show comes up. So yes, pop TV, BOB TV Mafia is I don't even think they had hd until maybe a year ago to be honest with you, I'm dead serious. Yeah. That's probably true because my. Producer and executive from MTV runs pop TV and. Levin Lincoln ended up going on TV and I remember when we popped it on to watch it was like copped it on its. Pop Up but it was in the box you know whenever you watch those shows in the box were like dammit man. Happens me all the time with the. Chuck Norris TV show that I watch all the time. Walker, Texas Ranger, it's always in that box and I'm like my God man, we need a little HD Chuck Norris. You don't eat onerous and SSD chucky chaplain. was there any pound signs of? Oscarssowhite or Oscar so Jewish or anything like that no or sorry not Oscars but no one was watching. So like nobody really cared and I think because the best lead actress in drama was Zendaya she's black so By the way I call that the. If, you remember that show we watched you for you next day we went air on a Sunday night and I go well she she's GonNa. Win All the awards and she did write youngest ever to win a best dramatic. Lead For an emmy was and. I'm glad we're off the marvelous Mrs Mazel train because that fucking show piece of fucking. Dog Shit they. Look and see if they won because we didn't watch it. So I don't know if they won for dry. Comedy Right. there. Good, they didn't win nobody warned you're nobody wanted to show where all fucking done with that bullshit Yes we are I'm still I'm still pissed every year that ISA ray doesn't win something. This girl is fucking awesome. Yeah. Yeah and I don't get it but. What one of the actors on on Our show and drinking Bros. Neil Brown junior was on and I asked him about being on that show. And I said. What's what's her story? fucking gifted issues is hyphen. Now, man she's fucking crazy absolutely crazy talented and does everything. And Stars in all the real deal, she's eighty he he's worked in the industry for thirty years. This point like what's the fucking story and goes y'all man that grows for real and I was like all right Kuhlman. Yes. She did not win again at least she was nominated now she she did not win. You know yeah you're right. Shits Creek for everything best outstanding supporting actress. Everything, Eddie Murphy won for outstanding guest actor in a comedy series. You'RE GONNA love this one, right. So that was last week during the creative arts emmys so that that wasn't televised. Okay. We already knew that one they dug up the cash from friends to do some shit. Why they keep trying to pump this like either comeback in do fucking show. Or just stuff with. Oh. Now, it's just a classic case of suits not really understanding when something's over in young culture. So there was a time. That that would have really worked right? Do you remember that we did a show on two years ago where we were like? Dude, fucking. Our babysitters watching friends constantly. Over and over, and then it goes to the sweatshirts Benko. So that means then it goes to whatever, and now it's over it's been done missed they missed it. But just like anything you know the older white suits try and capitalize on something that is done and it's such a fleeting thing especially and younger generations like as soon as people my age start liking it Gone already done I found it later, right? So They just don't understand that obviously no, and last night when we were live on air because we did a live show last night for tribute show for. RPG. Drinking Bros... Trending emmys on fire. And it was like what the fuck is AP apparently, they opened up the show with Janus Jennifer Aniston to those people who don't watch the show or know her true nickname. Janus. Only. nope. Worldwide of Global Term Everyone knows Janus and she did the opening bits with. Jimmy. Kimmel where we're like, well, we've got a sanitize all the cards and then burn them afterwards to make sure that no one gets covid and they let the cards on fire put him in a trash can and Jennifer Jane had a fire. Extinguisher. She was trying to put out this fire in the trash can. It was a raging fire and just kept going over and over and over again, and finally she really had to use the whole fucking can to put out this fire on stage and everybody was writing in that it was the perfect analogy for what Hollywood is going right now where it's just a burning trash can is what Hollywood is become now, and that's mean is everywhere today and joke and everything watch your tried to put out this fire after the show. Really really funny where you're like Oh man, it's out. Oh No, that is definitely status struck back up again. nope. NOPE it is out. Somebody had to pull the cart out of the trash can and get that like i. mean it was just a a dumpster fire. So is that show last night? I mean when you try to do anything virtually and plus now that we're all done with. Talent and it's just kind of, Hey, let's just pick the most diverse winters although the bullshit like it's over and it doesn't really matter Now last night's Emmys was the final exception because those votes were already afraid of this bullshit. Next year's when everything is going to be ruined and and I don't know what you're GonNa do because I think. Doing the other emmys, the creative arts, emmys virtually, and then giving them away. This feels like the move now where it's just like, Hey, man, we'll just give these awards away online and that's going to be like I'm curious to see what their ratings are. Because I'm sure they were awful. They were. Outstanding guest actress in a comedy series. Maya Rudolph playing Kamala Harris. Gosh out of all the shows. Okay. It's one GIG. So what else are you GONNA do? Because if you're on multiple times throughout your recurring, right so you know look you saw. Kamala Harris God. She's great. I just feel like there. But yeah. No. Outstanding writing for a comedy series Oh hang on. We got a little bit of breaking news eared place was. Ye sh-she. The so this is Forbes. The twenty twenty, any ratings crashed, and so did its relevance. Man. hit an all-time readings low of five point one, million US viewers that is barely episode of drinking brews sue. Sorry. So we should do it next time. And you know I'm giving it to bait men because I'm a big Bateman hadn't fucking lost. Again I can't watch the emmys anymore because Jason, Bateman and Ozark cannot fucking lose everything. That's insane. That is in fucking saint to succession the lose I knew this headline would come up Ami Ratings flameouts. Now of course the. Young it was so erie though again, if you pull up this, Jane Picture Japes. Of this thing. It really felt that is Yes. You do. You download it is Jane Jane. November doesn't make any sense. If you watch this opening monolog with with this trash can on fire and the two of these idiots trying to put it out. It really is what everything in Hollywood is going through right now and it's just like well, this is done i. mean it was the perfect. Thing at the perfect time and. It is everywhere today. So? Yeah. I mean look if you're looking at it. So that got five point one. US Right. There were up against Sunday night football last night which. was great by the way. But? That was still down. You're also up against the Lakers game last night. Forget about it. Lakers game one last second shot football game was one last second play at the one yard line. And you're doing this virtually. Forget it. It's over. That's man that's crazy to me. The craziest parts of me? That was your dream going out there. You know to win these awards, go on stage and do the thing now. Now you look at it after everything that's happened. To our country in the last, like can five years you look in your leg? We. Really fucking glad-handing these assholes. We're going to tell us to go vote and all that shit like. Yet I guess we'll. We didn't watch it but I wonder how many speeches were a million all. Of them were voting. I can tell you that right now and so important. BAITER. GINSBURG. Just say out of US fucking go and vote for my candidate or your unimportant and I hate you. Because that's kind of what it is. You know that's the gay guy get after. Even the NBA players in the NFL players skill. Vote we're going to open up our arenas for whatever you mean for your candidate, right because you're not telling everyone to vote otherwise. Well Shit Ben what's going to happen? Then what's going to happen With the unease and on another show, I'd say probably give it two years and they still stopped televising this stuff for the emmys Oscars I'll give five I. think they'll stretch that one out because that's kind of the big Doug but Emmys, I'll give to MTV movie and music and all that other shit awards like. I don't even know if I'll give that that that. That network shot past five years which MTV. Oh. Yeah. No I think it'll be not a thing it'll end up being. Paramount APP or something like that and. And that'll be up music videos are in youtube anyway. So it's like great. That's where you're going to watch music videos. Jersey shore look man they're going to be fifty in a couple of years. So it's like. Keep trotting them out to bang. Our. Of. Any and the other day they're doing a one. Yeah. With their exes ExCo friends in a thing in Vegas is they're the only ones that are left. Will they're the only ones? I think, yeah you're. They're all like around the same age, but they're the only ones that are single without Oh, you have Cisco wrecks. and Dj's still. I. Mean So. Yeah that's GONNA keep happening. Julia Garner Ruth Langmore. There's talks about her playing Madonna in the new. Madonna roof. bio-pic. Good. One that Madonna is writing and directing. So well, look before Madonna loss. There's GonNa be a commercial love letter to herself I'm sure. But before she lost her mind she was fucking heart and read back in the day. So I think that's a great pick. Don't you think that's ruling where I don't talk about Shit. Shit about Fuck Shit about fuck yeah? This thing to and I hate to go back to this but I wanted to ask you forgot to with the RB. G. Did you hear that the family had asked? They said that her dying wish was to wait until after the election pickers successor successor I heard that on one of her friends on was it meet the press? Yes. And she regaled us with this story because that's what Democrats do is like turn it into some long fucking. Story that's GonNa tug on your heartstrings. And it's so transparent. Now that I don't think I don't know why anyone would fall for it anymore but. She, just he asked her a very political question or something completely not about this and she was like, yes, her granddaughter was at her granddaughter in the room and there was also other people that heard this. So it's corroborated she says, right so it's not fake news is essentially what she's saying it's not just one person's account. But she looked over at. Goes through the whole thing at one point she says. I. Yeah. Not a prayer. The reason I, bring it up trump's for no, let me. Let. Me Get through this. Movies where somebody's sick. A graphing lie one of you in Helen Keller versus night lows when when your mom is dying. And she she cough all over Ya Hoff's up blood all over you constantly over and over again and you ask her please stop coughing so much so much blood. It's want not to get too off top of topic, but it's one of the things that was really hard for me in the crown. In the first season the king had some lung thing. And it was a to the in. Be You know they like to really play it up like China? Talk. And all I was. A okay. We get it. You're fucking dying. anyways. So they said. They have some family anecdote. She's said her dying wish. is to have, president, trump wait. by the way. So trump was just on Fox and friends. That's the reason I'm bringing up right now and he's saying. I'm not sure maybe she did maybe she didn't who knows. and. Then it was phony it sounds phony to me and she did maybe she did. Exact quote by the way. Exactly. But like slurs, he clearly doesn't. Govern. On. Human interest stories like he just doesn't. He's the opposite of that, right? I don't know it. It's great. It's great and maybe she did maybe she didn't is the exact right response like maybe it was her family in the room. Do you ever recording? And even so it doesn't matter. What her dying wish was. Love love that. But it's not going to be. What's going to happen again, they're saying this thinking that they're going to win. The thing is he's GonNa be picking like it or not. He's going to be picking whether he picks before or after it's going to be him. So. What is it? I mean what we we're forty two days away here. is the point of making him one of the outcry last night from the Emmys was that Guy Cordeiro who died of covid nineteen that they didn't put in the memorial didn't put him in I guess Zach braff found out about and lobbied for it and he got a response back from the academy and Then he kept pushing excluded him last night. So they don't as much as they Hollywood says, we care about Cova Mask and people dying in two hundred death sentence two, hundred deaths ownership it really don't. After that's like, why couldn't they put him in the Memoriam now like I don't get. He wasn't famous enough. Yeah. You know that. Famous from, having. Yeah but not from his actual work in television. So there, it wasn't good enough for their virtual show which no one was there. You had all the time in the world to throw A. Picture of someone with their fucking name it's all that they were asking for. And can't, deal? and then the the protest by the way I brought that up protests were Brianna Taylor last night's. trump. White nationalism was brought up and. So the usual I can't I can't I can't figure out why? They did so bad. Yeah. Oh and the guy who won for succession that one. Best. Best Drama series succession. We don't watch that like. I'm not GonNa Talk Shale only because probably everyone on here loves it and I don't. I. Tried like three episodes yellowstone not something that could be yeah it can be. Can Be. A Raw Co Hauser Babe come on. Your cosby or that fucking crazy bitch that grew is fucking greats in great. Give it to her tits. But I guess the British creator of succession cold out president trump and also UK prime minister. Boris Johnson. Last night he said an unthank- you to the virus for keeping us all apart this year in unthank- you trump for his crummy and uncoordinated response. UNTHANK-. You to Boris Johnson and his government for doing the same in my country and an unthank-. You to the nationalists and quasi nationalist governments in the world who are exactly the opposite of what we read right now of what we need right now and unthank- you to the media moguls who do so much to keep them in power. So unthank- You those media moguls you're sounding off on are also the same ones that put you on television so When you don't think the person that actually puts you on TV to get you the award that you have an all the millions of dollars that you're living on in that big house of yours because yes, he did accept the award from his fucking house. Yup, find the media moguls for that. As otherwise it if it was the media moguls. You wouldn't have been on the show lessons. So shouldn't have been on the air and I fucking hate that show anyway. So Whatever my would ever Jay. I feel like I'm all in one right now today you know rem ready to pony up I'm ready to pony the Burqa Jacob's We got some sponsors however that pay for this whole show to be on the air first and foremost talking about go sped dot com forward slash drinking bros. James thirty percent off its everybody who's a member of the military first responder a teacher or if you work in the government's twenty, five percent off to the rest of us dum dums, and as always say as always I feel like this deal is never going away. Hope it doesn't if you order a mattress you to free pillows and I can promise you the mattress and the pillows are created equal. That's so supreme. Court thing. I'm. To drink IMBROS GOTTA GO SPIT DOT COM slash knbr today were as always they got a thirty six month you go program no interest there and all those deals are applicable. With it. If you're watching live on youtube right now, ask anybody who has a fucking ghost bed Jacob No. RPG. Has Not does not have it go sped line coffin although that would be the way to send someone out. Know Oh. Yeah. Oh. Look I'm getting burned up I'm not going in a coffin but when you Jacobs If you went against my wishes because you wanted to. Dig Up some day like the end the yellowstone. And Give my rain to another man. No I need to burn me. No. Put me on a go sped. Donkey foul. Next. Up strikeforce energy DOT COM Jacobs. Women Luna Damn Ponca. The wanting to give you a shout out here. You brought brought some bubbly sparking sport play. Boublil. Bubbly, and he's seen the ads I haven't seen. I haven't seen them. So. I'm assuming it's Michael. Boo, Blake. Yeah. Sorry I missed. It's Joke otherwise. Go ahead. This sparkling water is actually delightful. They're not a sponsor but. I love abruptly. So Do I. If you put strikeforce energy in bubbling water, that is the best like in the Mid Day right here to get you going going to strike force energy dot com today for amazing flavors last longer than five hour energy, and again, you can pop it into any liquid. So you're good to go last longer than five hour energy get it right now. Somebody was asking about the kid rock episode for drinking grows we push it for the special sell will actually air tonight at eight o'clock. We I knew everybody was going to be talking about that shit I guess I can say this now because I think it's real. We have. A huge guests on Wednesday for Drinking Brussel. Matt Gaetz is supposed to be on the show. Let's just like. It's a big one for us and GROWS IN? I. Mean Look I'm always nervous saying who's coming on the show 'cause we've we've at the last minute guest backout backed out somebody get in a car accident one time and it's like you have to reschedule and. Someone, who's getting sued about a pit bull one time. And so it's one of those things Congressman Matt Gates is on here very, very smart guy a always always in the press and. He's out of Florida So it's a big deal. Hopefully, everything goes alright for Wednesday and I think. Fingers crossed that will be there. So with RPG thing like we didn't want to be late to the Late to the party on that because everybody was asking what our thoughts were. So we pushed the kid rock episodes nights. And then we're GonNa do Matt Gaetz and that's going to be read so. It's it's election time and there's been a lot of people hitting someone to come on the show obviously and We're down We're always done talk politics and rap about life. That one will be cool because we can ask him I mean he's got the inside of all the Supreme Court Shit So. I'm sure he'll be full opinions for that one. I should be really really fun show and we're looking forward to that. But Kid rock is tonight, John. Daly is on that show Shit. There's a bunch of people in that show. Robbo kneels on that show the Miami Cute. I won't be allowed yeah. Tyler Ray Tyler is on the show Yep. country star. Goddamn that's great. A veteran with a sign on that. So many fucking believe. There was like everybody kept showing tonight's like the the NBA All Star game for podcast. It's the podcast all star game It's GONNA be. A Rad episode Giorgio Shot it looks beautiful Georgia and. We were at the golf course in. It's crazy. We even got S- Tyler to play a song show. Live on air so fucking dope all the way around. So yes, that'll be out tonight at eight PM Eastern Standard Time James and then You've got your cook off this weekend we are going to televise the cook off will be televised, will be televised I think in the same sort of way right? So maybe Monday night Tuesday it's GonNa take some editing, right? I don't want to put into that much pressure. It will be out that week probably towards the end of that week I'd say what you know what a good day to air that is Friday actually we don't have a show that goes up on Friday. Saturday or Sunday. Georgios peaked head over. To. Let me know when I'm fucking working or. Edits. An eight hour show. No. Go. Let's go. Let's go next. Friday a week from Friday that way. Because we do, you'll just have a lot more premium content because I'm going to be on it. Do you know what I mean? By. Hard to edit around all that stuff. So yeah giant find good shot of those fucking dealings. Just do a lot of. Me and then jared doesn't care no care at all. Doesn't care at all longhaired don't care. It'll be versus jeered and a rib cook off on on the trigger your smoking those against one another. Are you worried at all you're going to lose Jerry because if you do I, don't know if you should come home. Here's the thing. no. I'm not worried about losing to jared. It's just a matter of what you what the judges like right so like. What if they're gonNA go real rules. Can't fall off the bone, but that's the way I like to do it. So look I'm going to grab. It has to be can be like you can pull it off, but it can't fall off on its own. A RIB if you're going to go real competition rules which hopefully no one does. But. I'm GONNA, make the ribs I like them. The way I, like them to taste the way like the meat to be all of that and if I don't win from that. then. What am I GONNA do right like That's all I can do no I. It depends on what people like I've got you winning. Now if you're going to st by Tommy. I don't think he's in town. He's doing something else that we can. He's a funny like he does like A. Cart like food truck so It'd be worried it'd be like be but is it's all about. Just keeping it. Not Dry, and flavor. So I need to order some grill your ass off. To. Then think they're here in Texas, by the way. Okay. I wonder WHO's going to lobby call to them. I have everything I've done in tried leave church all that love me church but shit, we should have him be your off Yeah Oh. No. Yes. I don't so much pressure isn't. I don't know if he was a nice guy he's the greatest guy I met him in Vegas. All right. Let's call I'll call and we'll see anyways you guys know it's flavor and texture and not everybody is going to you know in a way it's sort of subjective. Certain I hate a Saint Louis. Rib for example you. To median fatty. No one ever now whatever. But anyway, you have me scared that I'M GONNA lose like I, never thought for one second. I was going to know I. Know I have award-winning ribs like. I have a fucking trophy at my house. So don't come for me. I'm not end. Yeah. You're doubting me. You're making me doubt myself and the confidence that I had was through the roof and now it's at the roof. Got It got it gotta gotTa cut it. Yeah. No you're going to take it down even more if you're GONNA win for sure. Here's the deal. Jared usually rocked at some point and he'll forget about the ribs that's going to be my secret weapon, right? Because I don't drink until three or. An dress. Over and over So all at least be good until Dan, but we're going to shoot it so you guys will be able to watch it and then. We always do on this judging because otherwise it's Shitty. So we're going to see a jesse skills against jared Taylor coming up. We're basically just gonNA rewrite the whole time. So we'll see like full on screaming fighting each other. So if you like if that sounds good. That sounds like a fun time a also. So we told you guys to watch these social dilemma and that we would chat about today. So we're GONNA we're going to. Finish our show with that today with the social dilemma. I watched it now I was not. As surprises everybody else. By the way a good friend of mine just posted this morning that he watched it last night he was just like I'm deleting my facebook. So you can find me on instagram and he goes I know I'm a hypocrite for saying that but he goes I am going to delete all my friends and it'll just be my accounts. If you WANNA, see what I'm up to it'll just be me because I think being sucked into all of this shit and I so with social me personally. I knew it was like, did I think it was bad no but it didn't surprise me that it was that bad. What surprised me the most was that they don't have my algorithm. On or maybe even me saying this out loud is probably GonNa Fuck Me Yeah Yeah. My phone immediately starts going off like they're. Soon as I say I'm kind of notification something Change Algorithm. So what I'm surprised was after watching it if they supposedly know everything about you write my algorithm for facebook is wrong and so is. INSTAGRAM. I don't. Right. Yes. So twitter looking watching that movie they do they definitely have it right for twitter. Twitter and I've said this on the show a million times that it's just a fucking hell hole rage fest. After watching that, it is clearly made that algorithm is clearly made for me to respond people. I, hate therefore the only people that pop up my feet are people I hate and don't know. Like which is fucking weird. My facebook and I don't know if this is true of everyone else's but mine has turned into. The Algorithm has gone from like military dad's coming home and kids putting on the glasses for the first time and seeing colors. To like really political like showing me protests showing me fucking shit like that. So I think they realized that those things would keep me engaged for only a certain amount of time. But if I'm pissed I'm engaged for longer and that's true of everybody. So One of the things that I got from that that Sh- that movie was exactly that like if you go why wiser so much craziness in the world, why is it every time my data because that's what keeps you engaged in order to sell to advertisers they need you to be watching whether you're watching watching. Commenting on somebody's pissed about whatever reading a thread because you want to see who's who's going after who? That's what keeps you on there, and that's what you will continue to see and it's not really what is happening in the world. What's keeping you? Engagement advertisers are paying for so it was like I said, it was a dense documentary and there was a lot of different things and it was great. Yeah I. And it was more what my the my biggest takeaway was because we have kids. That was. Where I was when I watched it I was like fucked. My kids are funds, and so we're everybody else's kids. So it's not. It's not necessarily about us because we knew a time. When there were no cellphones, right. So we can hearken back like fuck like what am I doing? I didn't ever need this before I would meet up with my friends without ever even having a phone or a pager somehow we would all find each other on our bikes whatever you have those memories kids now don't have that so they can't pull themselves out of it because they don't have another. Reality that they've known before. And it's hard enough like if you think about as adults to look at your phone and be like, oh, Bro, like I need to get off of here for kid they don't have that. So it's scary. That was the main takeaway that I took from it to like. It's it's the same as Philip Morris in a way where it was like you can't use a cartoon fuckin- camel to, sell, cigarettes To kids like you can't use these flashy color notification things to sell. My numbing social media to kids but. Stopping that is going to be ten million times harder than stopping cigarettes. You're kind of advertising that they did and look how long not fucking talk so. We are doomed I don't think there's anything we can do about it and that's it. You just gotTa Take Care Your family and your home and do what you can and. My Child. Jackson He. He said something six year old. He said something interesting interesting to me the other day. where? He goes to Ju Ju Jitsu Sharon Jujitsu I. think that's the proper pronunciation for it Jujitsu. anyways. When we were driving there he said Dad can you not be on the phone at the beginning of class? Because the beginning of classes, you some warming up's. Running across the Matt and doing crab rolls and all that other stuff for whatever and because of the time that it is at five o'clock usually the first five minutes I'm just answering emails letting everybody know essentially like, Hey, man, I cannot be reached for an hour. Through this and then I watched the rest of the class right and I had to tell him I was like. buddy just no dad hates his cell phone. and. It's weird because you can have conversations with them now where he goes why and I said. Because it's work and if I'm on it, it is work related and because I don't really enjoy anything other. Than that on the phone. From posting on social media, it's usually for work or whatever. And I go I don't enjoy it and he goes you don't like playing video games. down. The Video Games are fun like and I go. I don't do any of that I is why don't you like video games and I was just like well, I don't because it was distracting or whatever, and then I started to go over his head you know but there was a point like we're video games came out. Before cellphones essentially right where you can get sucked in video games just the same way. Now, it's just more intense because this thing is right in front of your face all the time whereas video game even back in the day when we were kids was to a television, you still have to ask your parents for permission for the television, all the shit, and it's just like now on this, it is social media video games within those video games. It's in-app purchases and all this other stuff and you're like Oh. My God dude. You know the the one seen in that. That movie was that kid that young kid who was she was putting a photo of herself on instagram and somebody said asser why her ears were like Dumbo and shit like that and then you're like Oh. My God. Same thing's going to happen to. And it's just like, what do you do? What do you do? Because you can't not let them have it. We've seen it the other way we're friends of ours of said. Hey, you can have a phone. You can't have. TIKTOK. You can't have instagram. You can't you know and then they become weird and sheltered, and then they don't have the same social experiences, their friends, and it's like it's a really fine line and I think. The more and more powerful facebook and Instagram, and all the shit gets the more fucked. We are in the more fucked, our children are. To be honest with you. So I hope my sincerest hope after watching the documentary. Is Somebody comes in and breaks up these monopolies in these companies and holds them accountable for these algorithms and all of this data and all this shit because they know what they're doing clearly you when you watch the documentary. Kids are susceptible to and they're gonNA fucking grow up with these goddamn things glued to their face all day. So That is my rant on the whole movie that was my biggest takeaway, but I knew they were. I knew they were doing shit. It's not not to that extreme. You On the other hand don't you social media at all? For. That exact reason which is great and I love that about you you'd said to me he was yesterday. I know you're not happy that don't use I'm like, no. That's one of my the best qualities about us that you don't use social media because I've seen people in other relationships with the guys or girls use it too much, and you're just like Jesus Christ man that's that's a little extreme I mean I should for work but. I think that it would. I like to be able to say what I, what I WANNA say. Whatever I want say I think that's why you guys tune into the show I don't want to worry about getting a weird comment or getting like somebody talking shit to me online or anything like that like I just don't look therefore I'm able to. Because everyone susceptible to it. If they're honest with ourselves. If they look at all the comments, read all the things that people can say about you that don't know you. It changes who you are what you say. You know everyone has that that filter on them now like you see a celebrity interview and it's so fucking boring. 'cause all they're thinking is like. What are people going to say about this and this and this, and then what's a comment that someone can say, and then what are they going to turn this into a clip and then take it on a contents in the now you know what I mean like and that to me is boring. So the only way that I could stay just not caring really what people. Think about me that don't like me or no me. That's the only way I can do. It could get sucked in I get here bad comment and it would like. Yeah I think about it forever. Yeah and last night was the perfect example with Jennifer Aniston right. She typically doesn't do bits like that at the top of shows and Shit like that she's pretty reserved. Some. When it comes to that type of stuff, right? She did and it. Hollywood is a dumpster fire and it's her putting out this fire trash game with Jimmy Kimmel and that's everywhere this morning and it's like that's why they don't do shit. That's why celebrities aren't exciting like the one time fucking. Leonardo di Caprio went to a park to try and just fuck and fun with the one picture that they have been. fucking his gun. He's playing with some kid belly out face like this and he's just like one time letting loose now what now? What are you going to get you mother fuckers? You're going to get the hat down you can't even recognize him. He's not gonNa leave the only ways going to do weird shit is on a yacht like you guys did. I WANNA see Leonardo DiCaprio. fucking? Yeah. We're seeing partying letting loose in a park God knows where the best shot of him from a drone on a yacht with like eight hundred models after I finish shooting a movie. That's the way corrects you want to see him but look Correctomundo Correctomundo and then even Jennifer Aniston like I don't need. I'm sorry guys all wanted her on social media. She was classically always against it and I love that about her she was like, why? Why do I why do you need me to post like she was always just like what the fuck? I don't like her on social media. Now I I don't why why Your big fucking clear. Glasses. Dahmer glasses like your high dude. You're hot and you're an old school actress and you don't need to do it. Why are you fucking doing it? What's The dumber classes? By the way? It's a thing for who? Dudes don't like that Shit. We don't do stuff free guys. We do so that other girls go glasses. Think we know you guys don't like mom jeans worst. We know you guys don't I actually do. On you. Okay, we'll most guys. Like herbs as. A high waisted. Mom Jean, but we don't wear them for you guys. We wear them. So another girl like I love how does Mommy Oh? The ones you wear seventies and they really accentuate your sweet, ass. So yes, I do tighter mom gene. I don't do the like loose fitting ones that really are supposed to make you look like. A mom. Cute younger girls can get away with it. Sure. I need to go a little bit tighter. With mind. But yeah, like we don't do we don't do any of this shit for you guys. Obviously. Do It for other girls? Jane when this fucking Donald Gases like food what in what world it makes you look like you're going to work in my fucking computer system in my office. On A. Couple of quick couple quick stories before we get off the Air Choya Jones share a main. QUBE is a looking to explore a potential sale after less than six months. Call, that is well, I. Actually said they go bankrupt but. Maybe they're teetering on it, and that's why they're looking for sale You can find Chrissy Teigen's show there where she is a court judge. Right the same as our BG to be honest with you just misjudged what people actually want. Weird thoughts they knew. That people's attention span was only that long it's. Twenty seven to thirty minutes. Journey? mean. Ten. Is Not worth my time. An hour and a half of a too long all they're doing with somebody or just breaking up full movies into ten minute segments. Hayman, I, just want to see the full movie I don't need to see two ads and then the next ten minutes, and then like I wanted to do that fuck man diehard on. If I want to watch that many commercials and then last but not least our BG route Baiter Ginsberg's book in my own words skyrockets to number two on the Amazon. Bestseller list. Bad S she's about. Like will definitely end on that note for sure and like. Funny I love the whole thing that happened with her but you know the notorious RPG all of that. I think is great. How Fun at the end of your life to like Holy Shit I'm a fuck in Rockstar and look. It was aged eighty, seven years. None of us will live eighty seven years. So I know. I'M Come on Bro. Yeah I'm, not gonNA. Deathbed she said, what did he say? My. Dear come come close. Come close who? All I want. Is. For. Donald. DONALD TRUMP To wait. UNTIL HIS SECOND TERM WHO Des. GRANDMA GRANDMA. What was that last grammar? Can't I can't. Do any more but gosh? What a fun story, right? L.. No one's buying that They need the Napkin were they. Oh, blood. Right. That's not funny. That's not funny I'm sorry that's not funny but it is in every movie. Every movie where someone? is about to die right. But but my diagnosis. I don't believe that story I. Don't believe that story I'm sorry but I do not believe that story I'm sure she did but it wasn't like that though to pull. You motherfucker that should be the one clip you finally post on social media. And lose all. Five followers. A. Kids. Fun Times were back. The set is almost done. So what do you think tomorrow in Georgia? We will go live of tomorrow. He's saying fifty fifty. What is it lights? What are we missing lights? Lights drill some other. We're fine. We'll get there can progress we're now. The Senate is completes we gotta get some lights and. some curtains for the darkness I. Think a house is just a structure Yes it's the people in it to make it a home. And that's what we're giving you right like it doesn't matter what our background is. We're a family. And we love you. And this is your home. This is your home. At Patterson, revolution go to I'd soon's in. Your home, a five star give it a five star and a quick review. It'll help us on the charts. Do It's don't be a fucking asshole dude do it right now? Just pop open If you have an Android, your loser, you're a green tech stocks and well stop being import your pictures. Look great pictures look way better than. What a great camera on that fucking piece of shit no I know. I'm below two. I'd soon's in rate the show of five star in a quick review. For Jesse was AKA the Djabel 's I'm Ross Patterson, this is the Revolution Gu's afternoon everyone. Sorry Ruben I'm joking about being poor.

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