Survivor B&B with Mike Bloom & Liana Boraas | Season 2 Episode 2


Hey everybody before we get into this week's podcast, we just wanted to take a second to outside of the make brief mention of what's happening in the world outside right now I just WanNa. Make it clear that both Liana and I stand in complete solidarity with the grief and pain and anger that has come from the black lives matter movement in response to the unjustified killings of George Floyd Brianna Taylor Ahmad arbitrary. Arbitrary and many more at the hands of police officers across the country, and we know that there are a lot of important conversations that are happening right now. This hud guys it ain't it, but if taking some time away from the news for a couple hours of silliness can help you happy to be that for you at the same time we WANNA use platform as a way to amplify block voices people. People of Color who are speaking their truth about what is happening in this country every day, so if you haven't checked it out yet on our reality, TV wraps feed. Bryce Isaiah actually just recently spoke about the recent police killings on this week's episode of the Purple Pants Podcast, which rob subsequently re posted on the main feed I, highly recommend each and every person listening right now. Please check out his extremely. Extremely vital message. If you're looking for ways to dedicate yourself to the caused, you'd go to join campaigns. Zero Com a which outlines ten policy proposals to help curb racial policing practices, and for every donation you make campaign zero rob sister Nina will match your donation dollar for dollar just sent a screen shot of your donation to rob at rob website dot com also include in the show notes a list of. You can donate to around. The black lives matter movement as well as several articles that aggregate podcast created by black host. So to all our listeners of color. The BNB Archie P at large is here for you whether it's an ear to listen handhold or A dufy podcast about random episodes of survivor, which serves as what Mike would call auditory junk food. We want to stand alongside you. As we fight this injustice, there is no ambiguity black lives matter. Some day. Right? Sounds. As the R., H.. E., Ambi. GotTa. Bright? Lay. School I can tell you. IS THE ARE A. Welcome to the HP BNB for episode, two of Survivor, the Australian outback, where should I say good day? Mate, that and many more Australian phrasings will take place over the course of our podcasts as we do a deep dive into the classic episode of Survivor. The Australian back all the way back from two thousand one only a week after the super bowl cannot wait to get into. Into this with somebody who I always share my beef jerky and my mangrove worms, and my small bars of chocolate with Liana Boris Liana. How are you? I'm good at this was the food episode of survivor apparently discussions about rights talk about fish, talking about rights about fish beef jerky grows food, eating a very thematic, and I enjoyed that very much welcome to old school survivor. Actually mattered nothing. Yeah, that's what I was reminded of. Because we do the casuals corners segment frequently, and I, always see comments about. Why can't we make get more like the old days? Where they had to actually survive and I was like Oh. That's why people think that. They're getting more food now because we don't have whole episodes. Focus on how they're starving. Yeah, well to be fair. This was also the season where they literally ran out of food, and we're so drained that Jeff probst had to like basically mercy. Give them like a welfare check on rice exchange for Kobe's flag. Yeah that's true. The trade I trade Angela had never so. That yeah, that's a good point. I didn't think about that. I mean I don't think. Was it just that they ran out of food because with the conditions more in his harshest, some of the other places all right, it's a little bit. It was that they had ran out of food, and they'd also located their new merged shelter in a riverbed, and there was like that's right and as loud that Ha-. That took away some some good portions of their food. Yes, no, that's right because it like wash everything out and I remember that okay. We also mentioned here by the way. We're not having a guest on this week. People have been waiting desperately for a third voice to drop in. It's just GonNa be the melodious tones of Liana and myself or keeping it in the family as rupaul would say just the BNB this week. Yes, just to be. Just the B. and the be from the BNB this week. So, we were talking about this off line. Has Josh by lawyer who is a part of sort of like this? Look back series with rob has called his version I think a wiggle in time trying to figure out. Is there like a cute little tiny weiming nickname? We can give the BNB. The closest thing came up with was the flash being back, but I do not know how that rolls off the tongue. Nothing, you say. Is Horrible. Texted me the flash beaten bag that. What is that what you said? FLASH BE FAST BEING BACK OR AND FLASH BOOK AND BE BACK flashed back and be last and. Now! It looks way better when you write it out because it looks like Oh. That's cool. It looks flashback being there, but because it you say, be and be like. An amorous, and you can't just make a small little noise. That's really terrible. Should we do an Onomatopoeia for an percent? Back. Actually being in back. Flash being back. Lash back. This is a flashback rewind. What if it's the RHA P.? B. and B.. R.. B. Rtd. BACK WE AREN'T JP. REWIND Kinda. Cool okay. JP BNB rewind I like that, but you have to do it like with like a an affliction on your voice like Rha. Really put on life, the sound effect of the taper winding. Yes, okay, perfect right now. The whole thing we'll have to figure out how to edit a at that end the tape rewind sound effect, but then that's cool. Because if the BNB, we ever do a remix version, then we can naturally do the RHA. Riemann imagine what the Remix is going to be this podcast at a normal. Exactly, it's going to be the most. Palatable Parts smushed together. It's probably going to be about ten minutes of content across. The near sixty episodes. You've done at this point more than sixty. Yeah, Yeah, Oh, my gosh. One. Hundred the nonsense we created. How many episodes do you think we done? Let's see we've done we've. We've done five seasons of fourteen episodes of peach. Peach. This the food episode. Yeah, we! We've done five did six season. We've done the six seasons. You're right, okay and. Then you throw in like i. a combined like eight episodes across the two big brother seasons that we've done. We might be at one hundred why this is her hundred podcast so my God Mike we're doing. As. You thought we'll. Because there's fourteen then. That's eighty just from the survivor. alona Oh my God. Okay, so we're eighty eight. And then we did one last week, says eighty nine approximately Mike. We're GONNA. Hit One hundred episode during our BNB realize. Records! Don't know this is what happens when there's just the two of us like the third voice sort of buoy us right I was just the two of US mumbling aimlessly, but here's the thing. Obviously, it has been a very heavy week at a number of ways, but I think. This rewind has at least helped with. Is this ability to? Have the ability to do so like mentally. Take Yourself. Out through this window into the past into an episode of survivor, and as much as we might talk about how this episode differs greatly from the extremely fast paced, we're used to seeing I. Mean to to personally I think Leon. I know that we were. We were both in love with watching the Borneo Premiere last week, but I have a suspicion that you enjoyed suspicion as well. Yeah. We was at the episode title. Has It was Oh okay? Yeah, that makes this four. Thirteen when they start taking quotes from people because they just started running out of generic terms to use for situations. Right well I would just imagine that the random mortgage generator it was starting to get a little thin in terms of that I. Did I enjoyed this episode? I can't believe I'm about to say this, but I think. I wanted more Jeff probst. Oh! I kinda missing. Here's the thing you knew like new schools Jeff. PROBST would be all over Roger. Jumping off that rock. Right, oh. Yeah, Oh, for sure I can imagine the comments now. Roger Think about your lawyers at home. What they want to see you. Jump off this rock into the water. Or if he doesn't like him, it's just a lot of shade. Roger, refusing to jump when everyone else has already jumped. Exactly, it's interesting. It wasn't very focused on the castaways much like the first episode of we got barely any stuff between the immunity challenge and tribal council. I guess it's because it was a pretty foreign gung collusion, right? It was a unanimous vote so as Oga Cores vote was much less sloppy than target. Vote that we saw last week, but I mean I will always go on record to say that I still think the pre merge of survivor, the Australian. Is One of the best pre in survivor history and I. Think this episode just like brought me right back to where we talked last week about how the Borneo cast was iconic, and each and every way I think Australia castell had a lot of incredible stuff, and it is not. Is it really the Halcion? Dame changers that were used to across the board sixteen for Sixteen I don't think so, but there's still a lot of magnetic personalities, even showing six days in here yeah, I agree I would say probably overall. Just because of my memory of everything, it's like you know it's the second version it's. It's the remix right? Aubert with an Australian accent. What what does that sound like? And recognize. Where's Shannon when you need? Yeah, exactly I think. Never, coming back to the pockets did my spotless impression of an Australian record. Attraction, the world's largest records. In Canberra. Yeah. That'll be on the list of not will fund will make one. Yes. Why was going to say something and the thing? Oh? Okay, two things one when I was watching this strategy the what I will call strategy. Shannon it's GonNa. Hate this schism Shannon out. There was no strategy in Borneo. GonNa think there was zero strategy. In this, but that being said I didn't mind because it's kind of a nice reprieve from all of the strategy, and because like you said, there's such a good cast. You get so many snide comment. and. Happy well. It's tough going back to this season, but I'm like you know what it's episode two. It's going to be fine completely. Forget that on Kucha. This episode was literally the whole. Kuta storyline was Michael Spook in doing Michael Stupid. Things and Jeff Varner being the main source of frustration for a confessional perspective, so it's like a can't escape it on Cuccia this week. Yeah, I will say that was a little like oh man. No, of course these are the two people that we get to focus on first because it was effectively right off the bat. Jeff talking about Mike Vesting up the rice I'm like starting the rice, and then leaving or whatever, so that was a little bit of a like Oh. Man Moment. But the quote I'm student of. Still whole area. I absolutely love it in so many ways, but I definitely talked about this last week. How you know I was definitely team gone as a kid, but now as it adult I'm more interested in. It pretty much gets transplant adhering to Australia. At the time, I was a big fan of Cuccia. Because I thought that was probably the closest thing shoe PA- Gong you know. It seemed like they were the more like high-spirited tribe looking back. That is so weird to say, but going into this the over Koru tribe not only has it sought more success in general, considering half of this tribe is going to be you know some of the biggest names in survivor history, but I would also say that they have much more interesting dynamics, even just showing them this episode. Where while I do agree that there wasn't much strategy. There was so much social stuff embroiled boiling like a nice Tortilla in like the food stop. Jerry basically subverting Keith's role as Cook. The whole beef Jerky Stop Maryland's response to it like there's a lot of interpersonal dynamics going on in the core that makes them a very complex try I think it's super interesting and I think because you have people I mean Jerry especially. ICON casting, standing out in such a way and being willing to kind of do these types of things, and then, of course you have the whole jerky gate debacle which is all just super fascinating, but I think that's what happens when you just cast entertaining people and I'm you know you're looking at the list or I? Don't know noteworthy for many reasons. Because you've got like Kimmy. I would say Jerry who else Elizabeth Colby Tina like there's so many people from this caste that are just. How such a place in survivor Lore! Even though we really do talk about season one because it's the first one. There's so many people that really played a big role. Yeah I mean it's not to say that. Because of the success of season one this was and will always be like I. Think cumulatively most watched season in survivor history. Where because it was building off that have. Its second season had a super bowl premier for a reality show in two thousand and one that is ridiculous and the fact that able to build returning success out of it as well. It's like it's an underrated cast. Maybe I would say in the Annals of survivor history. Obviously, the Borneo caskets a lot of love, but I think Australia is up there as well whether due to. A famous or infamy begin Jerry. What are your thoughts on Jerry? Because it does seem like I think especially, in lieu of maybe more modern day, villains or things that people have said and done over the years on and off the show, it does feel like there's been a bit of like a resurgence of popularity with Jerry Mandy as opposed to. Her first season, she was known as affectionately the bitch from survivor. I think the thing is. Is that because I've watched so much reality TV. She she ain't boring. You know so. That's the type of person that I wanNA see on television so I'm sure if I had watched live and had been part of the survivor. Community at the time. I have been the biggest Jerry Fan I. Don't know, but I would have enjoyed that she was on the TV, because at least she's making drama. I think I. Appreciate Her because she's a straw like she's a strong woman and I like seeing that on TV and I see I like seeing her being willing to just make the Tortilla. When Keith, the gourmet chef was just making the Mush Rice. I really liked dairy and I always appreciate what hurts seasons. I like watching her. I Love Jerry I think Jerry, no matter what is wanting to bring you entertainment, which makes sense because I believe her career, and this season is aspiring actress, and so I think even though maybe her consciousness of the camera leads to a bit more artifice reality, I think it does lead her to become a bigger personality which definitely sticks out with all these people are like slowly shrinking into themselves. Jerry never did and whether it was that her quieted crush on Colby, going to start coming up next episode her friendship. Friendship with amber. It's like you said like she is someone who will pursue something that she wants, and I really admire that about her I loved that seem or she starts making the Torty, because not only does it show up, Keith but it also shows like Jerry. Go give this that she is somebody who's like you know. What if I have a problem with this I'm just GonNa. Take care of it myself then if I don't like kids cooking, going to do it on my own, and she was super ingenious, and that ends up creating this big hit of the Ohka Cork camp over the gourmet chef who who what he's saying tribal council. We have not a source enough protein around here for any creative ideas. Yeah, Jeff was like you guys have fire and a gourmet chef. Why are you not eating well? By the way rude and I loved it like. What's the deal guy? Why and Then? Keep keeps that until we start sourcing great ingredients. He, it's not a farmer's market. You're in the Bush. I also like to use the word sourcing. You're sourcing like gathering ingredients. Maybe it's an industry term is from watching and covering top chef for so many years. Is Like an interesting term like sourcing Great Rating Greens like going to a market and being like. How fresh is this a rubella? Let me make sure I can use with my leafy Greens. While they've managed to source rice. And Flour, somehow, which I was trying to remember, how did they give flour and just one of their packages like the remember that through? They jumped over. They were after they got abandoned from that giant cargo plane where they all puke their guts out Maybe that's another reason why they're so hungry. Because they were abandoned on empty stomachs, Jeff. They were given like these big crates to take to with their camps and I believe. I think flower is there I think that corn as well as I do believe at some point. They're gonNA cook corn kernels down the line in the season, so I think there were some rudimentary like hey, I'm clearing my Pantry as I move, and I can't believe this stuff is still here type supplies. Keith Pantries Staples okay. We don't know how both source today are. Yeah, you're truffles. We'll have to wait brow. Maybe that's where he's like I'm going to go look for. Truffles and perhaps some time. Of some five spice around perhaps last kangaroo for some, so you guys can cook that Tortilla. Yeah man, if only the pig. That they caught. You could have used that for truffle-sniffing instead. I mean Australia is known for its wide supply of truffles. Imagine Jeff Being Right guy in the hat. How you hold a cab, Jeff, we found a fantastic supply of white truffles. We've. Got It all night. I. Don't think it has many calories, though so I think if you're you, you really. WanNa get some food. I. Don't know if that's necessarily the best, but it is a great ingredient. So would be happy about that. I learned from this week of top chef that. White trouble. Almost three thousand dollars so like. We had colby pocketing coral later on the season and getting off I. Think you could just like honestly. Throw some truffles into your shorts and like ask to get voted out and then just fly back to the states with more money in your pocket. They may be somebody who comes in second place. That's right. Yeah, Fleiss case. Sneak the truffles on the plane. Don't declare them when you cross systems because I don't think they're gonNA. Let you take your trump. And then yes, sell them on the black market. I don't know, I think you. Would you still make more? Or how do you truffles last a long time, 'cause? Maybe you can still hang out for a while. See how well you do, and then that's your backup plan to make money, or you could do something where you like threatened to burn the troubles that vote you out. ooh, yeah because you're GONNA l.. Maybe there's a rule against splitting truffle money, though yeah, that's the way around it like while. They said we can't put the money, but they didn't say we couldn't split the truffle earnings. Up All earn truffle alliance it's going to happen. Yes manifest the best. Liana you talked about calories I'm so happy you did. Because that segues perfectly into our first game ear on the NBA because this week much like the second episode of Borneo Rot in the rose food challenge staple of old school survivor as opposed to a pantry staple Keith, I would say that there are some interestingly sourced ingredients. I would say that that we're. The survivors had to eat in communiques. Maybe not eat so much in some exceptions, but you know. This differed a bit from the boot Todd Larva that they had to inborn neo and they had a whole wide variety, a literal wheel. Redknapp style of ingredients to eat, but you know what I. I feel like we hear sometimes on survivor. Like Hey I'm I. It doesn't matter if I eat those disgusting thing. Because this is calories big like survivor, go bone when Kenny and Michelle are eating termites on day. One like it's protein so I thought okay. Let's think about how much nutritional value they're actually getting out of this stuff, so Leon basically I'm GonNa, give you two foods that were on the wheel, and the grows food, eating challenge and ask you which one had more blank as in like a facet of nutrition, and you have to figure out which one was the more nutritious in that value all right? Let's council Macara's Bro I got. Exactly like people who are calorie counting on survivor, you're to want to write this down Do you think that people muschamp kimmy opted out due to her vegetarian? Still I guess it's sort of Pesca -Tarian ISM because I believe. She said that she wouldn't have any land dwelling mammals. In email, yes, any mammals. Did she say anything about? Birds. She said she won't have foul either. Okay. Okay, so, but she really fit well. She's worms are. Sarah Worms Fish. That is not true I. think words are fish. We're defining where. All become dirt fish. Yeah well one thing I will say before we get into the game. First of all super, sad that Jeff probst did not make a personal hand delivery of either the roared or immunity challenge mail, so that was very disappointed, grownup all only from that first season, he got promoted from version mailman. That's so sad. Also the no was that impact packed font like I. Could I look? Like the smallest. Hosted No. For goodness, sakes at least one of the really good positive changes survivor made. Making them readable. That was such like there was a real test. Feel like people who are not very good at eyesight would have a really tough time reading that parliament because the was such an I mean it was like such a close leaked printed together because at the scribble everything onto it. They couldn't get food source larger pieces of paper. And that would help also. There was a ton of didgeridoo music during. Challenge was all I could hear. It was a fun. Especially the theme the opening intro was so much fun right because it had like the crocodile stuff especially when his mouth closed and the guy went. Yum like that felt like very. Americano of infused. Take on Australia, right? This is what we know about Australia. These things I hope that you enjoy well. We learned a lot about. Bush Tucker, which is sort of like another. Is that a euphemism for what a drag queen does in their career? I think so. Yeah, it's a good way to define them so this is some of the Bush Tucker stuff that Jeff helped guide people through, even though he did not die the tree mail that was written on a thumb. Tack all right so Liana, which has more fat. Cow Brain or mud well. Okay I. I think brain is super fatty, so I'm going to go with brain. That is correct. Cal Brain is super fatty. Nine grams of fat mud only has point three four grams of fat that lean a little mud well. We per what? The. Per per ounce per per pound for per serving purse or Okay got to. Those nutrition facts on the side of things they're like these are the calories for one serving and but like one. Two goldfish. Now that reminds me of. There's a medium where there's a kid and it's like how many. Like, how how many how much orange juice you want, and he's like seven, and then it's like seven. What and he's like red or something it doesn't it just? Doesn't make any sense that's going to be my son guaranteed. To like father like son. My son has taken to like. I've started to realize that my son has gotten to an age where I can't. Do things with him because he'll want me to do them again and again if he really enjoys them. Yes or two point. And so instinctively one day he stuck his finger out and I stuck my finger out, and I touched it and went. How much like et, and he loves it and we do it at least fifteen times every day now. owned. That's terrible. Hope you'RE GONNA. Get really into your impression. There's another one that's a little more little less on the sanitary. That also involves fingers. Wear. He sticks his finger in my mouth and I go. And he loves it, and so does it to me twenty times a day even more so than. All right, so the key is stopped doing stuff with your child. Early Sunday involving fingers. Yeah, like if you you have to think before everything you do with Asher just think am I okay doing this fifty times a day. That's the world that were I. Remember One time I babysat. One of my college professors kids. We played this game called icebreakers a million times. We wanted to wear like there's like plastic blocks of ice. You have to like tap. Yes and it's sort of a I can't. I can't remember if it's like Jenga. It's just random, but you like. Knock them out and then eventually it all falls, so you don't want to be the one to knock it all. CALLED THE RANDOM JENGA I don't know if the other ones have structural integrity the whole thing up, or if it's just like random chaotic ZANGA feels like a way to describe twenty twenty. Yeah with less rule. Somehow yeah all right well. Let's move on here. The which has more protein, an apple or a worm goes outside the apple. Okay, it's gotta be the worm. Yes, the worm has twice as much. Worm has one gram protein and apple slice only has half a gram of protein. Were Verses One apple. Yeah exactly like you or you could have two apples, and you'd have as much protein as from one work. What if YOU WANNA? Skip worm today just to apples. There's I think it's a joke from little Britain, but it's my diet plan is i. just take it home and eat, and then I cut in half for the now am eating half so then I can eat twice as much. All Right Liana, which has boy fat? A fun sized snickers Bar, which is sort of like what I labeled the Nondescript Candy Bar as like I don't I, don't remember. Snickers was the sponsor at this point and came in during marquesses by assumed it was a fun sized, snickers, bar or a cricket. Okay first of all that is so wrong. Dow is definitely a full-size snickers bar. Just cut in half. Okay, so get your candy right Mike. That'd be. Like I don't know wait a cricket. No snickers bar singer singers I'm sorry. sized snickers. Bar has three point. Five grams of fat cricket has five point six grams of fat damn. Cricket. Stick it. I don't know what that is, but. I WanNa drawing now a thicket. Cricket with like giant Hind Legs Yeah and The damn boy! Day. The big boy oh boy. A platform dedicated to insect videos that we can put it on the Chris Krok. ARE INSECT MEMES kill. Yes much like a praying mantis would kill before we move onto more fun and Games Brenick, a quick break to listen to a word from our sponsors. And, we are back, so let's keep on keeping on Liana. which has more calories, tripe or a worm? Tribe or a worm? Again, the units early, messing your I'm going to go tripe. That is correct. TRIPE has one hundred thirty one calories. A worm has one hundred twenty five close trump wins out. Well, you know if you are counting. Calories got away the Worm I. Because you know, you can't just say it's just a worm. It's a big worm versus a tiny worm might be different, though, but that's probably on an average worm is one hundred and twenty five calories. That's bad actually for like a like an earthworm. Yeah, that's that's the because I couldn't find specifically for Mangrove. Worms right. That wasn't in my fitness pal, it was. You don't have to log it. Okay. Yeah, I am I logged in, and then the APP sort of logged me out and said I think you need to do some thinking is i. think you're going down the wrong path here? Nutrition you. You have bigger problems. Have you ever had because I feel like out of all of this is probably like the biggest crossover thing outside of the apple in the snickers bar obviously into. Like more. Modern. I've had it. Before as part of like you know, you can get the assorted bowls. Every single type of me. So I've had it there, but never just on its own. Yeah, I think I've had like a similar type thing. I mean I would imagine that like. It seems like it's fine. I guess I've had hagous. I, it's it's in the family, but it's not like exactly like that. They're related. They're like sucked incurred next to each other in the digestive system, the brain. We're doing set by biological region depending on where it's located their family. The brain is also relatively normal I think. I mean last seen in western cuisine, but you know it's around, and it's fat like fat delicious. Yeah, speaking of that, which has more saturated fat. An apple a well. It has to be a welk. Do Apples have saturated fat? Apples have point one grams of saturated fat. Well. Have Point zero three grams of saturated. has more saturated fat than wealth. Are Super Lean apparently. Okay well, we, the cricket thicket has to get on the WELK's workout plan. Where we have like the buff welk and the thicket. Well. Let's be adventures of buff. Welcome the. I smell comment. Oh My God. Can we okay for our nap Abo, because now that we won the survivor draft by the way. You so much for that. Was drawing dead I believe I came in dead last place out of the four of us, and you crush it because you've got tony on your team by default. Yes, so thank the three of you for not taking Tony so that he ended up on my team I think I like I was looking at the scores, and it didn't matter even if like, let's say Allie had had every single person at five people that had the next top scores, the some of those still less than Tony because he got show many confessionals, and because he won, so it was essentially the WHO had tony on their team wins. Anyway. Let's BNB rewind. Might Mate. To talk about the thing that I was also. Buffalo, welcome the thicket. So that can be our choose. Your own adventure will ride up and then we'll make rather keep a play. The Adventures of Buffalo in the. This is this is something that needs to happen at some. We have enough episodes here in our rewind. We can probably figure out a time to. Bring up their their misadventures once more. Okay yeah, that's what we'll do. If I ever write a choose your own adventure for one of them I'll be sure to feature prominent characters right for this last one Leon. I'm throwing in a bit of a twist. Here I know this is the era of no twist on survivor, but I'm going to list three items. You have to order for me from most to least. In terms of cholesterol, so what has the most cholesterol, the middle amount of cholesterol and the least amount of cholesterol between the cow brain, the fun sized snickers, Bar and tripe. ooh! Okay. I know what cholesterol is. And it. Is it a good kind of cholesterol or the bad kind of cholesterol I don't know I guess it depends on the number. Maybe that's the indicator is like maybe Lena amount means that it's good cholesterol, but like there's a lot and it's like it can't be ov cholesterol. Anyone? WHO KNOWS ANYTHING ABOUT NUTRITION? He's freaking idiot. No my mom told me there's good and bad kinds of. She has a lot of bad, but she also has a lot of good, so her doctor said it's fine, but my mom only wants to eat seen wires I. Don't know I stopped listening at a certain point. It was too much. Okay Cow Brain, snickers and tripe. WHO. I want to say the SNICKER. SNICKER is bad for you, but I have a feeling like that's not the case. I'm GONNA go with. GonNa tripe. As the most, yes, has them. Oh Shit! I have to rank that rank empowering them Hauer. Okay I'm going to power rank. Them I'm. GonNa say tripe. Snickers and then how brains? You couldn't be more wrong. In place, fund sized snickers bar with zero milligrams of cholesterol Oh. I I think it's like a crap ton of sugar, but there's no cholesterol and it good or bad. It's like a chaotic neutral snickers bar. Set Place Tripe two hundred twenty milligrams per portion. First place a resounding success, cow, brain, two thousand, six, hundred thirty five milligrams of cholesterol Hamsun. Cow Brain. Watch those arteries cow brain. I suppose so I did not realize it'd be a heart clog, or though maybe this is again over two thousand five hundred milligrams of cholesterol, so can all be bad, okay? Maybe it's Ok I'm now also just thinking about doing an alignment chart for candy bars. SNICKER is chaotic neutral. What what's like what's what's chaotic? Evil chaotic evil has to be something like what's that bar like the fast break garlic? What's a bar? That has like too much crap thrown into it. Oh, yeah, the fast break is like a pretzel. Plus chocolate plus Carmo. It's weird that it's got a pretzel in it. Yeah, I would say the fast break is probably the chaotic evil at this point. Trying to like what other evil candies there are. I think Liz butterscotch lawful good because it's just or lawful neutral. Good Apple. Yes the best kind of change an apple. An apple has saturated fat in it more so that a wealth so it's not as buff as that. Lawful good would be like a Hershey Book. Right like a plane Hershey Bar. It feels like something you can go to. It's like a stand up bar. It represents something very simple very wholesome. Some people don't like chocolate. Though will did. Why are they in here? Yeah get away from my. Candy Bar. To your jolly rancher and whatever fruit bars you got going on through ours? Popsicles yeah. A vegetable as as the summer months, come off the U. of. Lyman Charter popsicles. Did I. Tell You one time I tried to make my own obstacles why? I've bought from idea. They have this little popsicle. Thing where you know you have like the You pour the liquid in the mold whatever east ticket any reason okay so I'm just bought pink lemonade from the store. I made it and I froze it, but when it when it was frozen because there was no like. The water part is frozen, so you're just eating the flavor. It was painful to he'd they were in because it's like this. Our Suite of pink lemonade on times ten. Too much so then I melted all the popsicles poor them back in the. Added more water. And tried to remake them. They were awful I. Mix them back together. Go Mingling once more than maybe we could separate this out and all work again. My thought process was. Concentrated so I have to dilute them so instead of just throwing away the dollar, because it wasn't even the full thing of Lebanon, they were tiny i. was like no, no no Leeann. Several more hours trying to solve this problem. Oh my God, they were horrible. Got The control faction. Can. Okay, we'll do I keep one frozen to be able to compare. I don't know now. Did you like stick popsicle sticks in them, or did you like just like put pop amount in like? Lick them in your hand. You try to create something to hold the possible. Holding my hand. Holding colored, Ice Cube and Put It on a plea and the like it. No, no I had They come to the thing for Mike comes with little sticky stakes that use since. I'm glad tessler name. He Sang So. Yeah I mean Oh man. Nothing those memories now and then I kept them in my freezer for like a year and a half. Why did you guys? They were bad, but I can't throw the either. I really try to not throw food away like food. Waste really bothers me, so it's reporter using. Them Pink lemonade back into the show. And every couple months I tried them again. Maybe this time they'll being so you have this weird like complex with this big limit neighbor. Like maybe this time it'll be good. Yeah, right like maybe maybe now. This is not like wine on it doesn't. Get better with time. Aging a fine popsicle. I think that's what they said hey yeah. That's the phrase amongst all the ice cream vendors. Right. Common in their lexicon much like sourcing so it. It was the mess all I. Could have soap ingredients to make popsicles Oga core would've loved that in the heat after they went to the world pool as Maryland called it. That's right the family, whirlpool or whatever? Where was this? We're all just going to hang out. Oh, that was a really really fun editing moment. Where was it I can't remember who was he was like? Oh, I? Don't think there's any fish out. Mitchell then just the camera one right below the surface of the water and showed the fish swimming around. There's a ton of fish. That was so good. That was hilarious. Well Liana Congratulations, I think we've all learned a little bit about not only nutritional facts about the various things, survivors, but your own popsicle making expertise so I. Think we're all the winners here. My popsicle making adventure for only I knew how many calories I bet there's no cholesterol lease least I was good there. Okay do I. Ask a question now. Whatever you WanNa talk about it or you just want to move on I, think we're. We're sort of being loose and fancy. Free of the past half hour is an indicator of that at this point. I was trying to think of a question. The only one that was good that I could come up with was. Can you Fisher Rubber ducky out of a bathtub because I was obsessed with that confessional from? Toby is a like I. Think just because of the reputation. We have from Kobe. We don't really remember him as a survivor character. Remember him as. hunk challenge beast. Nearly one the game, but he is a stealth confessional giver like he had that moment. He's GonNa have the I. Ain't no Hershey Bar like he is maybe one of my favorite confessional givers survivor history because he is so stealthily. exactly and I don't know if he he intended I. Maybe, but it doesn't matter because it's entertaining. I think it's the Jerry thing because he's also an aspiring actor like. Do you not remember when he started the movie Red Eye after this classic? The classic is of course I forgot. I think he played like an FBI agent or something. Like that, but yes, obviously, he's going to go on to have his own career in television and film, so let's clear that like he knew he was. Given it to the camera. That was a fun little. This episode was surprisingly light on Hopi. In honor of Jerry I suppose, but that was a fun little little moment from him. Well, be careful. Don't remind rob otherwise. We're going to have a Santa Santa's summer house. SITUATION ON OUR HANDS WON'T BE DONALDSON AS Keith's head bodyguard interesting. It's not Keith Keith. Keith, yes! I believe it's the character Linda Keith played by Beth to saw but I like to think that it's a reference to Keith. Keith Keith. Yeah exactly you can't sue a CBS not Keith Keith it's. Maybe KIEF can make our guest appearance and buff welcome thicket. Was I think kief should be their enemy. Oh. Yes, the villain, of course everyone good story. billeted this case Keith and his bodyguard Colby Donaldson. Dolby Donaldson. Yeah don't. Make It. Totally different. It's totally different. You guys that reminds me I. Think I love this story so much. There's an interview with Vanilla ice where he's talking about the Dun Dun Dun Dun under pressure versus ice ice baby, exactly yes, and he's like no, no, no, there goes like this done done done to Donda Dun Dun, Dun Danta and ours goes like this Dun Dun Dun Dun Dun. Dun Dun Dun Dun Dun. So it's totally different, and he's like one hundred percent serious in the interview are Dobie. Carlson doesn't wear a cowboy hat you wears. The door. Yeah, he wears A. Colby Carlson Fedora, wearing enemy of the thicket and the Buffalo Elk. That's amazing. Well see things that are amazing. We are going to play a game where Mike. You'RE GONNA have to guess. What country contains what giant thing so last week we talked about big things. In Australia we talked about the banana prawn hand with the little hand on the finger of the big hand, which I've since seen a picture of and is super creepy. Very Weird. Hilarious because we we didn't know at the time episode. We were going to be doing next and so I just thought that it was. So. It's so weird that we ended up going to las granted. They don't visit these because they're far away from where they should've taken on gone on one of those reward trips. Ooh, yes I think so or maybe the premium. That's what the jury people did like who knows maybe they got to see some of these icons. Australia who I can't imagine cal visiting the giant frock. Chime word, the giant beef jerky statue probably. Yeah. He worships the giant beef jerky. Got Damage just went to the giant piece of grass, and I smashed it in my jaw and two on it. That's right. It's actually giant piece of Grass Mike, get your stories straight, okay. So because we talked about that like let's continuous stupid converse. And so what you're going to have to do is you're going to have to guess what country is big thing existence. You're only two options. Okay, so it's just the the US or Australia okay now what I did just because everybody's a stickler for rules. I removed something that existed as multiples. Dir duplicates in countries, so there is big like the big apple, not like the big apple like New, York but. Big Apple. In Australia USA New Zealand and Canada. Saturated Fat, I know right, it's. Way More than a worm or whatever the comparison was, so those got removed. Okay, so we're doing things that are unique. There is only as far as I could tell one big version of that item okay. I know. I'm also not including things. That are not currently up as far as I can tell so for example I really wanted to include the big slurpee, but that was dismantled in two thousand nine, so sadly likely why? I don't know why they would ever dismantle the big slurpee I've I have no clue. Brain freeze from looking at it. We're like this is too much. This is too much saturated fat. Saturated Listen I. Need to watch my weight here. I, WANNA become a thicket. Know thickets here. If you want to follow along I, have old picture, so Mike you the Lincoln the chat, and then if anyone else, who's interested in this stupid game, you can go to a bit dot. L. Y. Slash big things BNB. I know I. Don't we? The United States that can I make that a thing? So, yeah, that is bit dot, L. Wise, slash big things being be all lower case, so the word big were things, plural and the word BNB, no Kief okay, so just big things. All Right Mike now. You have the pictures of these items. I did have to make some edits to some of the pictures. The weird white polygons that are really. 'cause I didn't WANNA I didn't WanNA. Give anything away for example, a flag in one okay I was GONNA say. Is there like a side and it's like welcome to USA. Thing. There were also few things I should cover them. There's an ad that cover because I didn't I didn't know if it would give it away. On your computer. No, no, no, no, like in the picture. You can see an advertisement in the background. Oh, my gosh is this. Might be able to game the system do. Though the Australian adverts, obviously, of course. All Right? Let's just go ahead and jump on, so your first thing that you have to identify is the big mango, and there is a man for scale or maybe a child. Perhaps I don't know how tall the child is well. How old do you think this guy is? I don't really WANNA play that game. Let's age this. Sounds like a little kid because like Spencer bledsoe. Itar. Maybe this is maybe it is better bledsoe. Young, lad so I think that's unlike this is probably at least ten Spencer's high, which is pretty pretty high I'm GonNa? Let's leave that away with Spencer. I'm going to say this is mango. I feel like the fruit like mango does not feel very American to me. So I'M GONNA go with Australia that is correct. Yes, this is in Australia. I didn't know if the foliage would give it away, but it was. I gather places in the US is way, too, but yeah I mean you could see that like plumage in Hollywood boulevard or in Miami I. Don't think that I don't think Miami would have a giant mango maybe. Maybe they should get on. It got a we're going to be. Be Great, you know. We got to get those big ASS mangoes. All right and I. It's not real. I just to make that clear. Real Guy Johnson the giant peach situation where there are a bunch of bugs and a little British boy living in the bank. They loved that. I liked it I liked the book more Hashtag hip survives, but it was a little scary to me. Because his parents member of his parents got killed by rhinos, and then there was a rhino in the clouds that was haunting him the entire time. Yeah, now that was terrifying, actually now that you brought back that horrible memory. That was very very scary. I also couldn't eat a crinkle cut fries for very long time after that movie. Because if you remember like little green blowy, worms that peach grow ruling. IRIDESCENT Green Crinkle, cut fries, and so I felt like I was eating worms every time I saw that afterwards well, you wouldn't have done well on the gross food eating challenge. The worm on the Kimmy reminds me of with the beach. Weird dissociation yet, but I'm here for it. Yeah, so all right well. Let's move on from Spencer blood, so and the giant mango and move to our next. Large item which is a big fork oud, which by the way I think our next little literary venture, after the adventures of buff, wealth and thick, it is definitely. Pledge in China. Good. Oh, yeah, we'll make sure to not include any little creatures that remind you of fries. French fry based creatures in this. Okay! No thanks all right so the fork. Alright so first off the forecast sticking straight out of the ground. Trying to look at this architecture here, this brick building feels very like early twentieth century American to me, so I'm GonNa. Say The USA. That is correct. Yes, I thought you would be like. Oh Americans are fat so forth. But. Yes the giant fork, which looks like. Four someone's lawn, but with one giant over the prank. Yeah, this is the rank that was played on this clear office building or whatever it. All right next item up is the jump in crocodile. Yes, this is a crocodile that is on its tail, its vertical. But it looks like it's jumping. Is it like bouncing on its tail, or is it like jumping and the still dragging on the ground? That's a good question I think it just was jumping, so I think it jumped in the air and its tail is just happy. and. It's also fake a statue and the. Whole. Notion them the actions and motives of a statue of A. Crocodile. So, character work, let's get into the what. What would the jump in crocodile? What is it jumping from its father? All right so I mean all right here. My here's my thought process like crocodile. The first thing I think Australia did you want me to think Australia and go with the USA? I think that's a legitimate thing you can do so I'm going to say America. No Unfortunately Mike it was. I thought you might overthinking. So No. I told me as long as the Liana. You can't do a crocodile. He'll know immediately then. I was like not. He wouldn't think that I would think. We're GONNA Princess Bride. Oh, you did and I drank the poison. Next up. This is included because it is so ugly, it is technically by description of Buffalo. It looks like from this angle. It looks like a cow version of Jimmy Neutron. Looks like someone an ugly paper mouche Jimmy Neutron Bath. They're like crap. Yep? This is this is my statue. Put it up. Man The Guinness. Book of World Records People are coming tomorrow we. That was supposed to make the statue of Jimmy Neutron well I. Guess He'll have four legs in this person. Be completely nude. That's what's weird. It's not good. Buffaloes are not like pink. What is this? It's really weird, and that makes me think it has to be American, because I feel like this is the type of craftsmanship that would go into this type of. Mike you Judge. Really! Here's the thing. This is sort of technically a trick question because there is a giant buffalo on the US, but this one is so ugly I just had to include God can't stop. Now this is going to replace the Rhino and my James and the giant Peach Tree Hymns. That will be spencer blood zone the giant mango. This will be it'd be. Jimmy Neutron. Nude Buffalo till does parents. Name. Oh, go to sleep Jimmy Neutron Nude. Buffalo doesn't exist. Terrifying. Or the season for anything the you know the guy like sleeping turned away or like. I'm pretty sure he's thinking about breaking with. Thought Oh, here's another thing for your nightmares. This is the big chainsaw which its nickname is big gusts. Interesting. Do you think gus was the man who made it is just like? Did he just choose to name the thing gus. Yeah. That's a good question. I don't know like is is is it a? Monument to someone who. Worked with. Chainsaws frequently. Craftsmen perhaps. Liana as you and I. Both know from Cats Lor, gus the theatre cat, short or asparagus could also be at this mean. US Yes, that's definitely what my I said. That was someone chopping down asparagus with a chainsaw. girthy stalk of asparagus. You're going to need something cup. Just grow out of the like sticks out of the ground. You just like Yank it out. But, maybe maybe this is the thicket version of the ASPARAGUS. I'm going to say I. Feel like big. Gus could be like an affectionate Australia nickname, but I feel like it wouldn't. Actually, I feel like would cheekily name. It's it's chainsaws would say Australia. Is Good Oh USA. How yeah. I'm trying to remember where big GUS is. It's just like along the side of the road. This was. It actually doesn't look that big. This is probably the best picture because of the perspective. The ankle photos taken out but exciting on the last. It's in Ish Meg. Michigan apparently yes. Oh, there was one place in the US somewhere in Illinois I think that had a bunch of really big. Big things it felt like they were going for some sort of record. They have a world's largest knitting needles and not mouth. Do they're just like finding objects and are like a world lamp, world's biggest phone charger just like looking around at at things and making them giant. If you break againist well, okay, a few questions one. Is there a Guinness World Record? For big items like the you have the world's biggest thing. Is that one thing and then the other thing is? Do you get money for winning the Guinness Book of World Records Or is it just notoriety and your name in the book? I feel like as soon arrived I feel like the money comes in when you can say like. Hey, we're a Guinness winners and that's GonNa. Bring more but traffic. You know like right you're you're GONNA make more income by notoriety. Notoriety is linked to come with a Guinness record, so it's sort of a transitive property. Okay, okay, all right, so that makes sense. Yeah, it's like. You know. It's like then if your record gets broken, would you have to like? Give money back if you were given money in the first place? Yeah, that's a good question, but if you you just lose the title, if something else is made, that's bigger than neo, which I guess is less money changing hands. Otherwise you could run a scheme where like you in another guy or like? Okay I I'm going to grow the world's biggest Pumpkin then you're going to grow one like one inch bigger than I'm GONNA grow on one inch bigger than that, and they'll just keep trading money back and forth. And Dennis will just completely have to go broke. Declare bankruptcy. I declare bankruptcy. Declare the biggest bankruptcy. The world's biggest bankruptcies record for that at this point. Maybe I hope not be sad. was being big thing. Let's continue our list. The next thing is okay the world's biggest bench. As. As soon as I saw this I was like this is the Dan Lembo. The giant share from from Gulliver's travels. They had pictures of just the bench, but you really couldn't tell the size because it's just a binge so obviously. I had to include a picture with a little person by. What appears to be a you know five foot six. Persons sitting on the bench, so do you think this is Australian or United? States looking at the power lines and I'm trying to see. Traditional Australians and power lines as you would know as I know from. An Australian electricity by night. That is my other career I'm going to say that this is. There's so much arid dusty land that feels Australian three I'm going to go with Australia. That is correct. Yes, when I take my tour of Australia, I'm going to have to go see the big bench see I'll admit I. It's Sorta gave it away with power lines. I know exactly how they stand in Australia. I. Know I shouldn't should block those out to. Let's see if you can get this. I'm trying to now look in the background I see a transformer in the back maybe. A trash can or you gonNA know Australian. Recycling bins. Okay good well. This is the world's largest PECAN, which of course is not a Pecan and it's also not particularly large, but I guess as A. Ratio. Compared to a normal size pecan, this is very large I guess so. It looks more like an almond at a pecan. And it does look like an. pecan or Pecan I say P CAM personally. pecan yes. Yes, pecan! That's going to be the catchphrase of thicket. Rates! USA or Australia all right, let's see here, so pecans I feel like pecan Pie is like a very American type of desserts or as I. Don't feel like Australian really operates that into their baking and I feel like. If it was Australia. The world's largest pecan would be so much bigger. Given the mango so I'm going to say this is America. Correct! Yes, this is American. And there's a plaque dedicated to it, so congrats I think if somebody else were to make a bigger pecan that upstate assigned down so. The money, but we'll see. The garden. GNOME is up next. Go lunch is now. This is a thick boy. Yeah, this is as big as a barn got a nice hourglass figure baby I could waste time watching this thing. I'll tell you what. No. Do not tell me tell me what. Lease lease. All, right, let's see here I. Don't know how much a garden gnome is a part of Lawn Society in Australia as much as it is America, so I feel like Americans will be the first crate giant Gnome, so I'm going to say America. Yes, that is correct. Good good good work Mike. Where is this garden gnome located? I don't know I have to look it up real quick. It's the world's largest garden so. Holding holding flowers porting someone, does it need the world's other worlds largest garden gnome? That'd be so cute a needs to trust trying to find partner. Let's see so. New York. It's a new. York somewhere. Oh. Yes, a coordinator also see. Website, that reads known chauncey world's third largest cardinal. See. Get on that. Maybe. He was the largest at one point in time. They couldn't put stilts on him. That's so sad unstated anyway. You have to rebuild the GNOME people. Now this one. Is called the big sausage king. Show. So. This is a royalty waging. Treat them with some respect. Hot Dog. Let's look here, so this is. This is a hot dog with. Standing wearing what looks like athletic socks and sneakers, and seemingly covering his head in Ketchup. Weird. Is he not wanting himself, or is it like a gatorade? Thing like it's clear. Just worked out right? You're right. He's got the workout socks on the tennis sox. Play a game of pickup basketball like Oh, I can't wait to have a nice cold ketchup bath. I wonder if it's controversial. People because I. Feel like some people would be like. A Ketchup Hunt disgusting. Why is he doing that? Why isn't it mustered? Wire their. toppings whatsoever wiser even. Are you condiment, person I like ketchup and mustard on hot ducks I was obviously as I've told before another podcast I was a famously a picky eater. A while to build up I had to start with hot dog, hot dog plus bun and hot dogs, plus plus catch up, and then I can move on to muster because musters that one. That's like a little. Dab will do yet, because especially if it's like particularly spicy. That's all you're gonNA taste. Yeah Right. I. Love The vaguely you to work up to eating a whole hot dog. Auto! Proud of you probably my. Program All right so I'm going to say. See the sausage king. Makes me feel like like I. Wonder if they don't say hot dog in Australia I'm GonNa say this is Australia. That is correct I don't know how that works, but that's amazing I. Do they say hot dogging Australia. Second Question I'm trying to think of I've ever heard. that. Only her be honest. The only time I've heard Australians say hot dog was one time when I was on Nikki Danza. He also put me through and Australian quiz. He talked about how they had recently had elections for prime minister, and to incentivize people to go to the polls. They were offering free hot dogs to people, but I can't remember if he said hotdogs or sausages. Interesting so yeah, because when I think of a hot dog I think of Oh. Yeah Lake Baseball, hot dog. That's the first thing that pops into my head. Yeah. Edged it. Let's see I think. Snag is I believe in other slang term. Do Australians. Say Hot dog. Is that a weird question to tech Shannon too late. Okay? Maybe we'll find out. Well speaking of sausages are next. Is the giant shuttlecock. Oh, my God that thing is giant. Nothing is massive. No. Tall as a giant government building is now. Look I appreciate the Angola Ankle on. It's specific forty five degrees. I feel like that takes some science behind it OH, yeah! Wait balanced. Shuttlecock, all the weight is balanced in the tip of it. Like a real one exactly sleep model at there's no flesh color Jimmy Neutron Buffalo. Right, Yeah okay, so someone just played. Some giants just played badminton. In front of this whatever building. You think that they played in Australia or the United States I feel like this has to be Australia, because no Americans are so committed to badminton, they are going to light. Dedicate an entire monument to its paraphernalia. This is the USA. Yeah! This is America. Knowledge surprises me. In Kansas, city, so you know if you ever WanNa see it. It's just out on the lawn. It weighs five thousand five hundred pounds. Oh my goodness! I know it's crazy. So. Yeah, and there's also a museum where you can see more Cheryl Cox. Away into that type of thing, yeah, this is the museum. It's a badminton museum or something. Oh, okay, well now that makes more sense. I just thought they were just gonNA randomly plop a statue of a shuttlecock. City it's an art museum, so I mean. You know natural turn our. Our. Art I suppose I. Mean It is the most artistic of sports equipment. There's feathers involved there combs. Yeah right! Yeah, it's it's modern art. It can be anything. Monarch can be anything. I think it makes it look. It made us go. Oh, my gosh, so shuttlecock her birdie. Shuttlecock. Guest I should have been the. Same Birdie when you have the option to say shuttlecock and get away with it because it's totally normal phrase. Why when gym teachers teach badminton, they never let that keep their mouths right exactly. It's always the Birdie Josh Jordan Kayla. Get Him away in here. Okay my our last thing. Is technically called the big wave. WHOA, that's a thing. It's so ugly looks like a beached whale with a giant mouth. If the if we thought the Buffalo was ugly. This thing is a mess. This is the funniest Stucco Project I. Think I've ever seen. This type of our makes us go. Wow in a bad way. Yeah, well legitimate looks like it has like an is so that's why I keep thinking. Wail and little fins on it. I mean this just looks terrible, and there's a surfboard in the middle of it, but there's not a personality which makes me feel like it's like a co surfboard for someone fell off. So I think it's definitely for photo op, so you can get in there and pretend like you're being eaten. I mean surfing Zaka. Giant wail creature. I know it looks like a mountain. It looks like a mouth when I was reading because it was reading, the are the wikipedia articles for large things in this country. There was no picture of this item. And, I had to go and look it up because there's like I have to know what this looks like. And when I saw it, I was just aghast. Oh God. Okay well, so we know that. The Buffalo! The Buffalo was Australian right. Yes, okay, so I'm trying to think like. Is it going to exist in a similar aesthetic? Are we going to balance out the nations here? I feel like Australia has a Raider appreciation for surfing right like the time of rocket power has died out in the United States. Surfing is no longer a thing. So I. Don't exactly know if they would dedicate a monument to it. So in honor of the Great Ross from Australia and survivor, who recently came into the news, and for not so fun reasons. I'm going to say Australia that is correct. Yes, Job Mike you win. By Winning a better appreciation I win a lot of nightmare fuel from these abominations of sculptures. You're welcome I. Greatly appreciate it. Before we get into our next game I just want to take a second to talk about this. The the rock jumping challenge because it's so interesting in so many ways like I think there's a bit of a Mandela where I think we just remember that the challenge was jump off a rock when it really was like jump off a rock, Yo, grab onto the crate and then like Whitewater raft with the crate until you get to the beach. That's a crazy component to be. Yeah, that part. I did not remember at all. It was just so fascinating, and it's like wait. What is happening right now? The Poor Roger. In. Barely swim like jump off. The cliff hobbles doggy paddle to the crate, and it has to hang on for dear life as rapids are like throwing him around before they get to the beach. There's a difference between just swimming in calm water, having to not be swept away and rapids. which is something that we saw here? I also did not remember the most triumphant old Western music. All my God in the ring of fire, taking them into the challenge are so good i. mean it's it's all out of butch and Sundance rise. Alicia put it Sundance. The Sundance you all see Sundance. They call 'cause that was that was the challenged name. Right was butch cassidy. Then I was like okay. That makes more sense for what is happening right now. I love that. I loved that they built into like the natural topography of. We've seen this a couple times when they go to Africa and they have to run across the hills and field I think that's a lot better than like having to build something into a rock, face or construct something entirely. It's like hey, we have this giant cliff. Why don't we use that for something? Oh yeah, no, it was super cool Another moment where I did miss for a second more. I missed it more in this the Jeff. probst commentary, but I did enjoy the fact. It wasn't necessary because there is no puzzle at the end right, so it's just you can just say what teams ahead or what teams behind it does say that in the lower third right exactly exactly. The replacement for not having any of Jeff. probst commentary but then there was that one body Cam Movement, where Roger had a can like look like it was his pov, or do you think that that was recorded beforehand it's a good question like was it a dream teamer like when they describe the challenges and people walked. Over this is GonNa make good moment. Roger put on this body Cam. Yeah, right, but just you. Though because we only have one. Okay, we get spare one. And years. It'll be the most epic, so we're going to use it. I also thought it was pretty crazy that they were playing for two blankets, which is like? A crazy minimalistic reward, but then when they bring the crate over Jeff goes all right. Court opened up that crate inside of the Blake. It's like what. You tired. We'll because he said it what he was saying. Oh the. Once. You're shoot. What did he say? He said something along the lines of your blankets or in the box. I was like no, they're not. There's no way they're actually in the box. They're just GONNA be soaking wet. Come back to camp with your wet blankets. Enjoy. Don't catch a cold and wonder why Oklahoma's having trouble sleeping because they had these like sopping wet blankets from the war challenge, Yeah! So, yeah. When they popped open the top like Oh, they were actually. In their. I wonder if they were wet or somebody just did a really job. Ceiling the containers because that's impressive. Do you think they should do that for all challenges like when they're like you're? GonNa have to hurl this heavy chests across this field. It's like pitcher wondering where the pizzas are open up the chest. Oh one hundred percent that would be amazing. You're probably wondering where your family members are opened up the puzzle box. Know that so much better because I was thinking if they they do the peanut butter. Peanut, butter Jelly bread milk kind of thing, but if they're having to throw the milk round, just butter by the end. Yeah, exactly, it's just it's like. Speed sandwiches like covered in milk and peanut butter everywhere. Yeah. If you Angie version pizza was bad before. Wait till you. On a crate that you have to lick it off like it's honest popsicles. You. Add popsicle now, buddy. Her last game I wanted to make things a bit extracurricular so i. don't know if you remember this Liana since you were a bit of a Johnny come lately to survivor, but in two thousand one survivor, a huge boom market ability was palpable so survivor in all its wisdom came out with a CD ROM Gabe. Survivor the interactive game. Do you have any knowledge of this? Yes, I know that this exists and everyone every single time I hear about it. I'm like Oh. My God i Really WanNa play. That's so bad, so this is making me have that feeling. Thank you very much. Yes, so I never played it so I. Know It exists, says I'm trying to. Related. owned. It I tried to play a multiple times, but it crashed on my dad's computer so many times I never made I never got past the first challenge. The computer would crash, and then I'd so. All I could experience for the first two days. I would never even got. Tribal Council, but there are so many interesting elements of them trying to bring survivor to this game and Liana. What I'm going to do. Is I'm going to talk about a specific facet of the game? And I'm going to list out five options. Four of them are actual things that existed within the game and one of them. Is something I made up. Is. You figure out what I made up. That was not in fact involved in survivor. The interactive game. Okay, I'm super excited. Let's figure this out all right, so let's start here so first off. You can pick. To be any person from the first two seasons. or You can create your own character. On, now, And as a character, you can first of all, there are several custom characters in great like Ron the moustachioed lawyer, but there are stats that you have no matter who you pick. A so which of these five is the fake stat or a character on survivor the interactive game? Running. Empathy. Cutting. Field, craft or intelligence? What is field craft. You tell me. Okay running empathy field craft no intelligence, and what was the other one cutting? Oh in. Running! Right of course, yes, very different skills that. Well there has to be like some sort of physical skill so I'm gonNA say. Because that would be like a challenge like challenge abilities so I'm GonNa Save? Running is real. The weird one that you said I. Don't know what it is. I'm GONNA say that's real because it's weird for you to make up. I'M GONNA. Say I think empathy is real because that would be like social game. Okay? I'm going to say I'M GONNA. Take cunning as the false one. You were so close intelligence. Not Statistics surprisingly for a character running empathy, cunning and field craft are all parts of stats can make for your character. What is a field craft? Well funny? You should ask that. You pick your character. You are taking what's known as survival period now these exist between every reward every challenge, so like going into a reward challenge and going into an immunity challenge. It's essentially camp life. You are given three minutes to assign yourself to a task, and we just watch your character. Do that task for three minutes. So for those of you. Saying I would like to play this game. I will say this. This might be one of the most boring things I've ever seen in a video game because remember. It's three full minutes done twice an episode for about thirteen episodes. What so you don't do? You don't do the chat like the thing. You just watch your person. Do It for three minutes. Yes, if you assign yourself to a role which that being said, which of these roles can you assign yourself during the survival period? Water carrier. Hunting slash fishing shelter builder fired tender or Cook. Oh fire builder or Cook what okay. What would you watch? Someone do for three minutes. I feel like you could watch them hunt. I feel like you go. Watch them build a shelter. Would you watch them tend to fire. Would you watch them carry water. To any of these things, okay I'm, GonNa pick. I'M GONNA pick. Fire tenderer because that's gotta be so boring. I'm sorry. Fortunately, that is real the correct answer, no shelter building in survivor, the interactive game, apparently your shelter as already been worked on. Don't need to worry about that. Thank you Boston guesses this before Boston raw this as I guess you could say I don't know I. Don't know bb. He worked in construction. Maybe it's him. But yeah everything else. Water carrier I think just carries water like to this barrel has a water droplet on it to symbolize the water, others, hunting and fishing, which probably the most active one fire tender you literally grabbed would go back to the fire, repeat, etc, and Cook, which was sourcing local ingredients I suppose. I. That's that Okay Shore. Video game that was a choice. Well the Good News Liana is very survival period. You're not exactly just stuck to watching. Somebody tend to fire or carry water. You can choose to converse with members of your tribe, and this is by far the most fascinating part of the game in my opinion, because this is how you build like Camaraderie with people there are. Are Charts attract the emotional intelligence of our emotional energy. They call it a viewing your try. Members so based on the conversations. You'll have with them. Their will either to you will either rise or fall, and that will impact. Who Votes for you or against you? Okay, so you have to make everybody enjoy their conversations with you. Otherwise they'll vote you out. Or like turn people against other people. You know because you can do that well. This leads into the next question. So when you choose to talk to a person, you are given a prompt of several questions. You can ask someone to start a conversation which is not a question you can ask. How do you think I'm doing? Who Do you think is going to be voted off at tribal council. What do you miss most? Is Annoying you the most. How are you holding up? Okay. I am going to say that you. Can't say you can't be that direct. About who would you vote off so I'm going to say the second one vote one. I'm sorry you cannot ask who is annoying you the Ma and but that's the question. Everybody wants to know yeah, and it's a little weird, because like people will give, response is being like. Oh, it's the end of line for Keith, and then you can sort of give response to that, but you can't flat out. Ask like WHO's getting on your nerves. which this episode of survivor was sort of like predicated upon right? It's like who is who is annoying people, but yes, you can flat out. Out Has Cudi. He's GonNa be the next travel council I think my favorite of these five was. How are you holding up? Because you are then given several responses, you can give to the person and one of them is like you'll do okay. Only blank days left. The best one is I saw someone do this. In the first survival period. It was like data to so it was you'll do okay. Only thirty eight days left which the most passive aggressive sarcastic thing to say someone who's struggling. Yeah, don't worry about it only. Most of the entire game left for you to do. Oh my God. That's funny I'm GonNa Start using some of these phrases when I talked to people. Mostly you how it happened, and we'll see how much emotional energy is coming out of them by the end of it. All right so obviously. gig To do some challenges now you are a bit limited obviously with this being two thousand one on the PC, but which is a challenge, you cannot play and survivor. They interactive game. A slide puzzle of kangaroo. Shooting targets while paddling of dugout canoe. Firing rocks out of a pot, a poll by stomping on a log. Shooting a blow dart at a target. Or throwing torches into a giant walk. Wha, what? Why would you throw torches into a giant walk? You tell me. Okay. I'M GONNA. Say That once real 'cause. That's super weird. The blow darts one I think is also real. A slide puzzle. About rocks, fire rocks out of a catapult by stomping on the on a law. It's sort of like. Remember that challenge on survivor Africa where you like stomped down the lever, and they tossed like a little thing up into a basket. It's sort of that are stopping on a log in a rock goes flying into like In whichever goes, the furthest gets I see okay. So one of these things is not like the other. The slide puzzle stands out so I'm going to say. The slide puzzle is a fake one neon. The slide puzzle is what made my dad's computer crash so many times back. Only known no, you know shooting of blow darts at a target. But everything else whether it's paddling dugout canoe and shooting targets. Whether it's firing out of a catapult by stopping on a log end. Yes, rowing torches into a giant walk are all challenges that are done on survivor the interactive game not only that the shooting targets is used I think like four different times. There's one with shooting them in the canoe. There's a slingshot one. There's like like a sphere one. They basically just repeated the same four games about you know three or four different times. How do you win the walk, one? It was who they did like three rounds, and whoever had the most torches thrown into the wok one? Must have missed that. You didn't remember the giant challenge where they held tortures and threw them into walks. Oh Man Yeah. Keep them yourselves out about that misuse of cooking. This to bigger a risotto. We've sourced ingredients now. Guys Stop It. All right finally challenges a source, a good number of rewards over the course of the season, which is not a reward that contestants receive in survivor, the interactive game and these are applicable, tribal and individual perspectives, a basket of fruit, a chocolate bar, a can of peaches and attentive sardines, an evening with a family member or a bottle of wine with cheese and crackers. The CAN. One is so weird, so that's real, because Y. Yes. I'M GONNA. Go with the wind and crackers. I'm sorry. One of them to be a bit of a lush, no fruit for the wicked here no basket of. By far the weirdest one is can of peaches at attentive sardines. Weird if they're on the. Pairing whatsoever! Yeah That's that's so bizarre. That's so weird. Okay, sure. Maybe that's what all try for my next snack. Maybe it's good maybe. On extra. Sweet and savory nothings says that like peaches and sardines. God Yeah just saying it like me. James and the giant. Giant can of peaches that words yeah well, then that'd be very hard to get out of and see. New York all your voting with the seagulls. The Big Apple, not the one that is in you know. The big things category exactly exactly and I will say this is not a question, but the other fine little fun, little quirk about survivor the interactive game there is no strategy between the immunity challenge tribal council you. If you lose the challenge, you go directly there and God. Help you if you know where the hell to vote. My Gods you have to do all your well, not even strategize. Ask How are you holding up? Who? Voted off at the next tribal council. My God that's awful and you can definitely tell. This game was one hundred percent fast track, and so there was no quality control. They're like it doesn't matter. People will buy by. People love survivor. So. It will buy whatever crap we've put out. Suffice it to say this is not the last survivor game that has made, and we'll definitely put a pin in it. Because something tells me we'll be talking about the other ones sometime soon, but has we're talking about Australia and considering that all these challenges supposed to take place in Australia I wanted to dedicate some time about perhaps a forgotten part of survivor marketings past. Yeah those guided that I still. Own Man for some reason, I still really want to experience the terror. Myself who doesn't WanNa Watch Mike Character. Just spend three minutes carrying water. Just watch a review and the other is I did see like I'll send you. A link is like the reason. I was able to grab all these answers because I. did see like a full playthrough of it online and it was three and a half hours long because of all the damn survival periods Oh my God Mike. How do you spend your time? Give out any time. You can stick your finger on Asher knows. Exactly like listening to his either that or my son stick his finger in my mouth opted for the former. This case makes sense makes now. This is all a naptime thing. Don't you worry, so? I was I. Understand what the spend my free time looking up nutritional facts about crickets and researching survivor the interactive Gabe, but that's what we do here on the BNB we bring out truly ridiculous facts about the world at my God Liana did I. Have such a fun time here, talking about mostly like extraneous things, but also a little bit about survivor. The Australian outback episodes to. Write. The episode recovered. Mike. I love having guests. I love getting to talk to so many different people, but it's always fun when it's just that you of is because the insanity is just allowed to flow, it takes us in insane directions, too weird places, but always enjoyable from my perspective. Yeah, I, hope unlike the reward in this cassie challenge. None of us were wet blanket this week. All dry blankets over here maybe well Liana. If people want to check what else you have going on, the podcasts fear a. what irons do you currently have in the fire that has had several torches thrown into it. Yes so I am podcasting about Ru Paul's drag race, so all star season five just started so Brett Walmart Amman out of an eye. All recorded the first episode for that, so that should be out soon. And then apart from that, yeah, just! At the BNB. You know enjoying enjoying a little bit of a break I guess. For All the silliness. That is this Rha. Array want. Might. We're GONNA have vegemite might have. We're going to have to get rid of the Australian accent because next weekly on. For the next episode of RH. AP's look back into survivor episodes past for episode three. We're going back to mark. We're going to season four episode three next week. which I believe is called no pain, no gain it is a member known for two things I for more survival Listrik perspective. It is the episode where John Carroll. Got Stung on the hand by Che and Kathy Fabric O'Brien be in the bad ass person she has just he's on it to get rid of the poison, but also for Mr TJ perspective. This is really where Boston rob sort of starts coming alive as a survivor tragedy. Tragedy, this is where he makes the big move against hunter and spoiler alert for conversation next week I know the Marquess has talked about a lot about significance of the road to four, and how that really shaped of survivor strategy I would say that Hunter Ellas, boots and survivor marquesses is another under edited historical moment. I think bears a lot of fruit down the line so super excited about that guest. Td, but Leon and I should be back talking about some season four next week. That's right. Yeah not the fruit that you can't get in the game, but. Better than canopy says I think for sure entertain sardines to go with that You can always follow me at a Mike Bloom type adventure before I'm covering top chef, which is in its waning weeks. We had a perennial BNB guest work in on this week, and she was a lot of fun of course I'm going down the Hatch Josh regular every week hovering loss getting some very fun episodes there as well as we round the. The bend on season two and also this week I was on a Robin Akiva. Nita podcast did a double dose show would I was the back half of the week it was a big old back caffeinated like thicket here as we did a brand steal a longtime in the making a survivor stands versus ops where friends and enemies of Robin Akiva Nita, podcasts were pitted against each other in a survivor simulator. It is nearly four. But we really enjoyed ourselves and I. Hope those of you that want to check it out. Enjoy yourselves as well it was. It was a lot of fun at to partake in a nice big helping forty days worth much like this Australian season. That's right. Yeah and. We get to put a thing on the wheel. So who knows maybe are what? I wrote it down. What was it called? Buff well and fix it. With their enemy Dolby, Carlson the Fedora wearing man. Or, what and what was there? What was their catchphrase? Don't remember someone tweet at us and tell you it was yes pecan. Yes, Pecan, maybe Oh, man! That's also I. Think Kathy is saying about survivor mark. Yes. PECAN hough. I can't get into the Kathy Laugh next week Kathy so much fun on me so excited to get into it. So thank you for listening. If you have suggestions about general things we can do as we have shown over the course of this podcast, we could get into anything and everything not just about survivor, but I guess about life and our various things that were up to both in the past, present and future, so feel free to tweeted to US Hashtag. BNB or are HP, be and be at against reemphasize what we said in the intro. Thank you, those of you that are listening. It is completely understandable, given everything that is going on I if you want to. Take a break from all this lunacy and divulge in some very vital hot topics and conversations just even take. In general from podcasting but we are having a good time here, getting away for just an hour and a half to get into your nonsense, and I'm excited to keep doing it for the near future and I hope you'll be along for the ride with us as well that being said, be sure to check out those links that we put in the description in the show notes. To Join Campaign Zero Dot Com and send a screen shot of your donation to rob sesame. Know who will match it. Thank you all so much for listening. We'll be back next week talking about. Survivor mark cases episode three. Perhaps with the guests we'll see. We're sort of Ryan down the river at this point like a creative wet blankets for now check you out your next day. Some day. Right! Off. The R H. Yada Right through you. Is the are. Three.

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