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David Spade, DeAndre Jordan, Mt Rushmore Of Airport People And Monday Reading


On today's part of my take we have to for for the People David Spade and De'andre Jordan De'andre Jordan's GonNa get US Kevin Durant David spade a legend of the game. He's got a new show coming out. We also have who's back of the week Mount Rushmore of annoying airport people with a personal story from our producer Bubba. The award-winning listeners are going to be the judge jury and executioner. He knows I told him I told him. <hes> and I told you they're gonNA decide your punishment. Okay fate is just told him again just home for the first time the we are on the road and we'll get to all of that but before we do that pardon my take is brought to you by the cash APP FINANCE APP in the APP store cash is most powerful way to send spend in save. It's connected to the free cash card the only debit card with boosts just select a boost in your cash up than instantly save at some of your favorite places like ten percentage of polio or one dollar off all coffeeshops. 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Let's go <music> in school sports part of my tash APP download it right now coach forceful five dollars and five dollars A._S._p._C._A.. Today he is Monday July twenty ninth and we are in Hotel Room in Detroit. Yes so welcome to the show and guess what I know what you're thinking right now. You're like Shit. The guys are on the road undoing some training camp interviews for next week's training camp tour week. This is gonNA suck because you won't get any sirens during the episode fear. Not We have one of the best sirens of all time in the David Spade interview <hes> it's it's a doozy. It was actually Ashley stopped in the middle of the interview and you look around. He was like serious is a bit doing a bit right now. We're like kind of that's that's the beauty of our show. Is We take the very worst accidental qualities and then turn it into an intentional bit right so yeah. It was a joke pranks on you yeah so I know you're probably like Oh my God these guys are in a hotel room. We might not I might not get pulled over on the way to work today. noten still going to get it so we have to interviews coming up and also if you're wondering if you're wondering if we all share a hotel room on the road we do yeah so we're building the Fort <hes> and we're going to maybe podcast later on this week from there yeah exactly so <hes> the other big news our Guy Brooks Kapka Blake. Kapka is the greatest Golfer of all time Bruce keep guys year when the Saint Jude Tournament so I don't understand how it works but I just know that this one triggered all the other finishes and now he wanted all so he's in first place overall and first place in Fedex points which means something can't be caught. It's it's not what happened with money. It's not bad to be in first place in Fedex. That's that's all I know right. Don't really know how that playoff system works. Basically just golf wants to stay relevant through football season right away they do it is they're like hey. Let's just do a playoff. Basically it comes down to our a guy. We've never had a number one golfer for the show until this past year and funny enough. He also is the number one golfer in the world <hes> funny how that works comes down to our guy against the world right the world is is our balance miles miles behind so you're fucking the center of the Earth Right now skull faulk to the world. I'm putting my brooks kept putting my beautiful sweet biceps my Dick in a geyser disputing down into the mantle of the cross big one. Oh Yeah California's California slides in the ocean tomorrow it's because noted too hard. I want to say this right now. If you ever want to get super high and get really scared look up the super volcano yeah. It's GONNA blow. We're all fucked yeah except Brooks. He's got so much money you can build a bio dome and we can maybe be invited. He's also in South Africa which is as far away from Montana as you can possibly get true so brooks is the best training camps continued open by the way I've not seen a tweet from brandel shambles I every time I go into type his name into twitter. I don't even know how to spell it. Messing up so many times bricks list trim blocks brandy brandy chambis brandy chastain he has yet to tweet Ortega office top and and <hes> so we're going to wait for that not confirmed Gucci Gang Rides on Brooks is the Gulf of the year. We'll get them back on soon to talk about. Just dominate the fuck out of the Gulf world. We don't care about this shitty part about having a golfer. That's her friend. That's so good at golf is like I don't WanNa have them on every week he wants to much like we don't need to talk to blake every single week but the nice thing is brooks doesn't like golf as much as we don't like call yeah so it's like we're we are the we're the original punk rock rockers golf yeah fuck you aikoff but we win it all the time <hes> yeah all right so other news. We had more training camps. All the training camps have started that official moment where every single training camp has reported reported Adam schefter usually does a tweet like the Texans the the raiders the broncos and the seahawks all report tomorrow and then all thirty two teams have reported in. It's like yes we're here. It feels good. We're starting some training camp. Tour interviews who's next week football will be back on this show and Antonio Brown still jackass and he came in hot air balloon. That's pretty great. I kinda like that that he didn't practice. I can't get any more ridiculous. I'm trying to think not happy transportation. That's more likely to Piss off Jon Gruden than arriving in a hot air balloon and I don't think that one exists like zip-line zip-line from like the top of the Golden Gate Bridge all the way into the stadium. Yeah I don't if you had been carried in be by by a group group of six children like he was Cleopatra. Yeah maybe that would piss me off of a more hover board of some kind some kind of drone. I feel Jon. Gruden doesn't like anything that's new technology wise right so yeah maybe like Oh. Maybe if Antonio Brown showed up like as a to pack Hologram. I'll be here later Hologram Yup yeah. That'd probably that by the way let's let's squad on that that will happen. Eventually in the next ten years a Hologram will arrive for the player and then they'll show up later entrance. I can't wait for the football coach. Whoever it is to react to that yes well one day? Football's just going to be played holograms. Yes hopes going another thing. Football is GONNA be plagued by the other big story is every running back ever thinking that they still deserve if money in the football is still in like nine hundred ninety four well I so I get it with Ezekiel Elliott. This is the take I'm willing to squad on okay. I would pay Ezekiel Elliott. I I would pay him before Dako apparent before Mar I agree with. I think he's worth at Nova Gordon. He's awesome but I don't know that he's worth as much as he wants to be. Paid Ezekiel Elliott has been the best running back in the league numbers wise barring his <hes> his suspension he was suspended for what how many games well when he jumped into the Salvation Army thing and stole all the money Arnaud but Denise Miss the start of a season <hes> right but other like if you look at all his number you really take the top it'll last three or four years. He's been worth it. I I would agree. I don't know I wouldn't pay any running back. I won't pay anyone. He just haven't worked for free. Yeah I would internship tell you what we'll we'll give you job for the experience. I don't can make slide shows for she'll be like the bleacher report model of running back obviously pay him but I wouldn't pay him more. Pay Him the Max Bunny. I I mean Todd Gurley Sneeze. Never that's a story. We're just not talking about earlier after girly. You don't always hip a cam. Newton doesn't know how to throw because his shoulders come out of his socket. A Million Times Todd girlies neat doesn't work anymore yeah so yeah you're there are a lot of holdouts and then you've got Trent Richardson. I think he's just breaking up with the redskins. Oh He's breaking up with them. We so we still under contract we you just at Trent. Richardson started Entre Richie Richardson holding out note. Our critic Richardson is it hasn't been holding out for the last four years from the N._F._l.. And because they won't payment up yeah so much is anything above zero dollars so we'll be like you know what what's in this whole tremors. Come on back my hold out. I'm currently a free agent but I'm holding out as well. No Trent Williams has broken up with the redskins because they he doesn't trust their team which is just very very smart probably fair the smartest thing any N._F._l.. Players ever done but he had like the reason that he doesn't trust their medical staff is he had like an off seasons scalp surgery and then they misdiagnosed it and his his doctor was like yeah you need. The scalp surgery is like okay. I'm not playing for the team anymore so I. I don't know what's going on. What knowing I was <hes> yeah? We're not going to go in yeah. No No the other story is the movie on the the no one's GonNa play wide receiver for the giants well Tate's suspended for four games. Who else got that? Someone Got Corey calling the fact that they were saying Coleman's out for the year like Dude Craig Coleman sticks. He's always out for the not good. He's been on like six teams and he was a baylor wide receiver right so it's Corey Coleman Shepherd yes out to because he broke his thumb because he li- manning's arms to strong through passing broke his thumb and if I was going back through the list of giants wide receivers that have played with Eli Manning. There's something wrong with Eli. Eli Injuries wide receivers or has shoot them sat at yes so no let's go through list that was that was on my list. PLAXICO burress shot himself. Yes okay number two Akeem Knicks. He was just constantly injured. <hes> came into the League injured. Never got right. You go down the list even further <hes> Victor Cruz who said he's ready to. We've come back Ted Cruz yeah but he's ready well. He's quite a while now. He's GonNa come back. He's at E._S._P._N.. Right now once he sees the depth chart he's like yeah I I could work there yet. Tours Patella Tendon Odell Beckham. He was always hurt G._p.. Had HENDRY's hand injuries. Injuries is not a wide receiver but not a wide receiver but still was was one of the locker room devastations caused by Eli Manning well. Here's the thing you're probably sitting here saying Oh my God where the giants GonNa do. I'll tell you what they're going to do because <hes> they've made an official statement that in play every position no the giants are going to stick with Eli Manning as long as they're in playoff contention so eli manning's along with the starting quarterback well no until week seven yeah I mean they are not in playoff contention as of right they are. They're not not in playoff contention. It's it's <hes> there at the top the league top table undefeated that's true. That's alphabetically speaking. Are they in first place in the N._F._C.. I don't know how they do our words. The cowboys earn I first place cowboys toys R.. First place and earnings are wildcard though giants are wildcard <hes>. Let's do our who's back then. We'll get to our mount rushmore of annoying airport. People hang start with our who's back my who's back. The week is Lebron Ball all his sons a tournament. I like it. Hey go off son. Who's playing in the championship of some you should Lebron got in the way of line he did in the way of landers dunks? He should have got a technical foul they scoring on the rain on the court celebrating with the team. You're not allowed to Dunkin the line that is technical foul knowing you're definitely not allowed to run on the court as a as a fan. They're watching your some pointers running on the court. You should get arrested. People get kicked out of the state. Yes how come when you see a guy go up on a baseball field from the stands to try to shake the batteries hand in hilarious video. How come that guy gets arrested and Lebron? Just go back on the sidelines. It's a player safety issue. It's also a basket safety issue. He could have broken the goal delayed the game who knows how long and he was in the locker room celebrating with team after it's like if you're GonNa care that much you should just coach and if you're not going to coach you should let the team celebrate as the team. He's he's a selfish fish. It's fucked up bad for the kids. He's essentially shooter from hoosiers. WHO's at Dustin was I always get his wrong Hoffman? No it's not does hopper hopper yes. He's drunk walking on the court and he's embarrassing embarrassing his son who's and you know what this is. Just a microcosm we see in our society of just drunk pitch invaders everywhere. He's a symptom. I don't blame Lebron. I blame the culture of sports blogs out there. That glorify Lebron's last clip is so funny of him dunking in the layup line and people are mad because the like I tweeted about how I will never do that to my son because I'm a good father and I won't Dunkin Layup Lines but people are saying saying that all you Lebron haters just hate on everything. It's a cool moment I dunno man seem pretty dangerous seemed like he's taking time away from the kids and seem like the rim probably the next dunk that goes down the backboards gonNA come down for the game. Klay Lebron stopped playing in the we'll see as Lebron Stan. I kind of see the other side because he'll take any chance to get on with teammates that he hasn't alienated yet yeah so like the fact that these kids don't hate them we will you don't think he's tried to trade Brownie Juniors teammates yet. I don't know I can't I don't know I'm saying I haven't seen the report. Okay so the the alternate side because we'll give in fairness both sides. It would probably be cool to have Lebron James Dunking in your layup line. If you're like a kid who's never gonNA amounts to anything in basketball just plays a team. You're not going to go to college to play basketball. You can be like that one time. Lebron dunked in the lap line but that point is erroneous kronius simply because I don't like Lebron that shooting and having to worry about drunk Lebron lashing out at you imagine if you fill into a Kidney Chore C._C.. A windmill three sixty it fell into a kid. I mean he could would happen. It could happen really the fact that he did to dunks one. One Dunk is okay one dog spur-of-the-moment. You're excited you WANNA get out there and the first dunk that he did. He even really touched the rim like jumped above ended Dwight Howard like throwdown throwdown thing. That's not even that cool. If you're going to go out there and do a dunk do a windmill throw it off the bat when he realizes I dunk sucked and probably took away from the motivation of his team right exactly coach on that one I mean he's the coaches definitely looking over his shoulder. Coaches do always always like Oh. He's probably just doing these dunks to hide from the fact that Taco Tuesdays Racist we'll it's also talked about the fact that take people have that take I I typed in Lebron Taco Tuesday to watch the video and auto completed Lebron Taco Tuesdays reason I would be more offended because tacos one we all know their officers not name like Oh he deals at the end of one they gave Tacos the worst day of the week it should be taco Friday would be awesome true true true Taco Saturday night <hes> pretty to nothing races about that once research taco Tuesday taco Wednesday brunch. It's problematic very problematic matic p._F._C.. What are you well? My who's back in the week was going to be Eli because he's out there breaking his receivers hands <hes> but instead I'm GONNA go. I'm GONNA switch up. Skip bayless has back. Oh skip bayless. He has been hurting recently because Stephen a Smith has been getting all all the spotlight every evening Smith. He's about to get ten million dollars from E._S._P._N.. Yup He's everywhere. He's forgetting players. Names haven't even been born yet yet. He's killing it. Skip bayless had to get his name in the news. So it didn't interview I think it was with sporting news on Friday and he came out as a communist CABELA's communist he was like I'm a communist man. I've never gone along with the white establishment man I don't play play by the rules so shadows bail twenty million dollars in his career of just being hot take artists exa- pays pretty well. I mean like he doesn't like Lebron. James Lebron James He's gotten many coaches fired and he's a job creator so as a communist meanest skip bayless is fighting back against the bourgeois there we go us but yeah so it's it's actually interesting because Stephen a Smith has been talking about Donald Trump recently in glowing terms because I guess Donald Trump gave Stephen Smith some good advice surliness career Bela's coming out hardcore left. This is all time backed by theory that they just want to get back together the debate there even debating against each other when they're not talking to each other they should just go so hard on each political spectrum that they meet beaten the middle or the other end the horseshoe theory yeah they come out the asset then we're all caches yeah. We're all put people in camps right exactly kind of bullshit yeah yeah so so skip bayless. I think he's I mean let's be real world like ten years from now fifteen years from now where the two candidates were prisoners skip bayless since evening Smith and they've been together then it yeah co-president yeah they're debating and they realized that they love debating each other so much in the final debate that they just kiss and form a super ticket. I think you just remade house card season eight there. We go what happened in season seven. Cancel it we we had it open for season. I'm sure there's a plot opening. We can't talk about house of cards all right my who's back is hank growing up so hank tweeted today that he's working on a two day hangover and our little boys all grown up so twenty six now twenty six. This is right win. It's you still have you still have your prime. Drinking years still left. Maybe maybe not prime during a little bit younger but you still have some years left however the two day hangover once it pops up it will always stay in your mind and I said the three day is when it's over. I I remember vividly went on a bachelor after party like three years ago and still hung over on Wednesday and that was like that's it yet but you this is like the first time you had a heart burn a couple years ago so great watching him grow. I'm very proud of you. Yeah we went to Chapel Hill like last week for roughing rowdy and I was like damn. It's been like four years since I've been here as twenty one year old faulk like I'm old yeah. It's all starting to hit me today. Hangover Hank I would say that twenty six is that's prime drinking years you have. Here's what's going to happen since you got I. I couldn't I to hang over like it's big cats right. It's GonNa it's going to be in the back your head right the next time that you drink and that's what makes even worse and you're GonNa get more and more of them because you'll start drinking and then you'll think oh shit. I'M GONNA be hung over for two days. You're and then you'll psych yourself into actually having the to hang your like derrick rose after his first A._C._l.. Going up for a dunk being like will it happen again. It's always going to be in that like a hundred percent. Explosiveness is now gone we ninety five and it might go down thinking about sixty okay. We should start betting against Lebron like three days after holidays because he's at that age he's going to three to hang him. Only taco Tuesday all right before we get to our mount rushmore good boys. What if the guys is you made some of the most outrageous R. rated comedies like Super Bad and sausage party decided to make an R. rated comedy starring twelve year old boys well they did and the result is hilarious? New movie good boys good boys falls three in over their heads sixth graders. They skip school one day to do whatever it takes to learn how to kiss before their first middle school party. The thing is just completely clueless about all the inappropriate situations they get themselves into along the way like accidentally <hes> getting involved in a drug deal. He'll causing crazy car crashes mistaking sex toys nunchucks. You've definitely never seen a movie like this before. It's so funny watching these innocent twelve year olds try to navigate an adult world full of sex drugs violence in profanity it super inappropriate and are rated but there's is also a sweetness to the movie with the boys friendships at the center of it all and ever since south by southwest early on audiences and critics have been raving about good boys saying that you'll laugh for nine administrates they're calling it delightfully inappropriate wildly Raunchy and undeniably reliably sweet checkout good boys in theaters August Sixteenth Mount Rushmore of annoying travel people can airport people said some ground rules of sure you said Travel People Airport people. Does this include on the plane. Yeah okay all right so full trip. It's the minute you show up to the minute. You get back in a car gotcha before we do that though we need the A._W._S.. Help so bubba our forth producer or fourth fourth member of the show who we love we love. He has Jimbo today so we flew to Cleveland. We had a big interview for Training Camp Week. Next week and BUBBA was just nowhere to be seen we were supposed to meet. He and I were supposed supposed to meet at the at the front door so that we could pay for the check bags Texas Texas them call them nothing. He called me ten minutes before our flight saying I slept through through my alarms and I haven't I'm not here and he had like half the equipment Whitman when needed for the interview in his backs now I do understand that Bubbas Hud issues in the past with alarms because when we're on Grit Week I was in the room across the hall from them and every morning his alarm would wake me up and I'd have to go into his room and his film and be right next to his head going off but he would be asleep. That'd be like Bubba. Get your phone and he then he'd wake up and turn it off so we talk a lot of shit about hank not being morning person but he is growing up yet. He's growing fly overs and Harper. He Michael Puke on the plane from takeoff and motion sickness but he'll be there on time but Bubba miss this one so you WanNa you want to explain what happened. Real quick to the people because this is I mean trust is it'll all-time low you. I know that yes you know that now. I'm very well aware yeah. I'm just the worst morning person ever do anything last night like I didn't go out. We texted eleven with a plan and literally sitting on my coach. When I had my bag I packed and everything just I usually go? I have to go <hes> like laptop alarm and phone alarm how insane my yeah sort of computer so like never closes so what happened both went off. Did you wake up with both alarm blaring. I swear on with me. I'm like the heaviest okay I actually had an idea for to address this this exact sorta thing because I know a lot of people that sleep through alarms that there should be a pain alarm like an alarm where we all remember when it goes off it causes either that or like admits like a little bit of pepper spray into the room so he wake up your eyes watering kind of like smelling salts for you. Okay okay so that might be one of the solutions. Actually you know what so this is what we're going to do. I'll miss you every morning at eight o'clock or it's the first thing is we need people to figure out a way to get bubba to never have this happen again the second thing we're going to do is you have a punishment and we're all going to. We're all GONNA throw one out there and then the bills are going to get to decide the fourth and then we're GonNa vote on it okay so I guess my punishment actually will be you have to wear shock collar just around yeah for week. Here's really talking too much though well. If you fall asleep shock doc tell you what you'll have to wear a shock collar and will ask you a lot of questions yeah and we'll yeah okay. Well shock you once. We'll take you one more than that's probably not right okay. This is my ideas do something with a shock collar caller involved evolved. What is yours P._F.? Mine is that for a week. Let's go out a week and a half you have to take Uber pools everywhere you know instead of Dr documented screen shot at document and tell us the stories about the fun people that you got to meet along the way and explain spleen to people while you're wearing a shock collar while you're in mine is that you have to sing. Take on the four then in the show full. That's a pretty full sinful song about Electric Avenue to okay well. I don't know I want people to listen to show. Okay all right so take on me foreign dishes Acapella Yup okay all right and so now the fourth option will be the best tweet that gets the most likes when we tweet out the show and you get to this part and then we will put it in a poll in the afternoon and will decide but do you have any suggestions not for what you're punishing punishment yeah okay all right. That's what I do. That's that's very true. Maybe we'll you know what instead of shock collar because that's probably to mean like hazing like Doc <hes>. Let's just say you have to take you have to go to sleep study on your own dime. That'll be my choice so you have to go get a sleep study and figure out what the fuck is wrong with you. That sounds yeah. It is yeah I'll find it and you'll go to it okay so that'll be my choice sleep study for Bubba and then the fourth is for the A._W._s.. All right so Mount Rushmore of annoying travel people off the board is already the producer that just sleeps through both of his alarms and this is a big interview who goes first before we figure out who goes I from our rushmore. Don't forget that you can watch this entire contentious Mount Rushmore and our interviews with David Spade and the Andre Jordan on parcel gold to do that go to borrow gold dot com slash P._M._t.. That's partial goal dot com slash P._M._t.. You can watch all episodes of part of my take plus every month. We do a bonus episode with some type of specialists or someone interesting in the world. That's Barstool goal dot com slash P._M._t.. And now back to Mount Rushmore showed. I wouldn't mind so I think <music> I think it's you and then you then me then Hank. Yeah okay all right my first pick I'm GONNA go with. I kind of have to do this because it's a little bit of my brand but I'm just going to go the complainer airline complainer dinner at the gate who has decided that this travel like whatever happened to them is the worst thing in the world and it's not like every other travel minor inconvenience. You've had yell they scream they berate people they make a scene and they make it so much worse for everyone else yeah. My favorite is when there's a hardcore storm yeah in the plane's not taking and they get pissed off about it could just play not be going off. We'll look the fuck outside us and if there's if you're at the airport and there's an hour long or more travel yeah that's God telling you to go drink and airport bs so the travel complainers my number one obviously they're going to tweet to the probably stand there in tweet as well and then I'll have to help them if they have imagined tweeting out an airline. If you don't have blue check why that's why I had never do it do it yet so travel complainer number one all right <hes> my number one. This is I think is a pretty common one for a lot of people okay the barefoot person on the plane the person who puts their feet up and they're just toes everywhere. It's just gross I don't I don't care how clean your feet are. When look at foot I assume it's dirty and I imagined the smell even if it doesn't think question sock socks on shoes off cross country that can be appropriate okay? That's fair hours. I think it's so at at times as long as you keep your feet under the seat yeah. If you have a night flavio red eye yeah that's fair. That's fair but the second that you bring your feet your your stocking fee right above knee level then. We've got probably throw if you're going from Jersey to Pittsburgh yeah heap the fuck and choose on right okay thank you got to. I got to Jersey to Pittsburgh. I don't know that that's probably just a sticky flow fucking to goodfellas entrance for probably Ross Tucker Yeah I think he he makes up. I'll go with easy this common to the people that get up way too early like this is what is about the board we're going with first class and people in the armed services and then everyone just stands up. Are you saying you don't think that troops should be allowed no group group five and they would have happened at the other end of the flame offers. You're in group five in the first thing they always say we're going to boarding with first class and the troops which is very fair. The troops are going I before I class. That's what I'm saying. I'm saying if you're in group five and you go and then stand in his weight at the gate eight. I hate you do that. Big Cat you hang. No big bullies doing it. Yes confirmed yeah. Hey Hey we all know here's the behind. The city's see here's because they're very few things that that really about you guys because they're like okay well. Let's get it I go. I don't like the fact that big cat will always go like three boarding groups ahead of his assignment. Here's here's and then he but he does bully people. He bullies all these hank into going. Hey Hey does it yeah. There's no sir. No I live on the edge of academy orbital wild boy sometimes if I'm in group five. I'll just fucking go off same but that's not exactly no no. I don't wait Oh. I don't wait either. No I don't wait. I take my turn note. We turn let's go on what you're saying. Is I agree that I do I would hate. You said we do that together. We just say fuck it. Word is going to go with group one but we don't go and stand in like compound like right up at the door. You don't clog the I duNNo. I don't do that law. We break the law. Yeah you break the law. I'm fine with what we do. When you say that's bad boy while the listen I know that this is probably GonNa be bad because now if everyone when does it it will never work yet but they never they never like? Hey your group five not group to they just don't they. Don't get to go. I think I think it's dirty move. You guys need to have some sympathy for the airlines and the employees at work there so I mean that's fine. I hope the next time between airlines they're like fuck you. We're not going to help you out at all because you break our rules. Why never treat for myself so it's for anyone else? It's helping someone else out people that sitting next to me that are larger than six four. Oh Nice cutoff okay safe a little bit highest. Yeah that's fine. Why I mean was much more of nonetheless travel trump people yeah? I love when I sit next like a five eight because click you don't need space. I know it's great so small little put in my pocket. Next one is going to be well. It's it's a close relative. What anxious said the guy that people that don't know how to exit plan? I think I mentioned this on the Mount Rushmore exit. That's my favorite chapter the Bible but no when you get up to leave a plane the second that it lands and you clog the fucking island. Nobody can get out of their seats. There's a reason if there's an order to yes yes. I just said we're talking about airlines but this isn't knowing travel pick. It is all the help shut it is actually I was going to just number one but then I thought about feet okay and then I was yeah that's good person to be alright. My next pick I'M GONNA go hot food on the plane guy who brings it in with them to if your brain like a whole Chinese food and then popping it open right when we sit down urine astle and it smells everywhere. That's the worst just eat it outside. Is it possible for hot food to smell good on a plane. No I don't think so it'd be like the best and in the know even the cinnabon yeah in the context of a plane yeah you smell it and you assume the worst also tuna tuna. That's you should be cancelled. Shrimp usually yet you see people do that though or people will bring tupperware with like their leftover food from home beans like what are you doing all right so that's my next one and and I'll go with my third pick. I'M GONNA go with cell phone talker on the plane or at the gate super loud no one can go anywhere and you're just having a full on conversation in everyone's face the Lao it's the same person in everywhere like that person just goes through their life and they're just an asshole with everyone they get in touch with <hes> okay all right my next one is going to be the person that drives the little motorized cart Yup through the airport with the smallest like most silent horn ever invented. They don't even really have a hornets just guy going like yeah and they almost run you over every time catch it off guard and those things pretty quick to they go like probably fifteen twenty miles an hour yeah they to kill somebody yes yes. That's pick our hank. You got your last to the person who when at the gate they put their seat in luggage on the seat next to them so that the seats not open so there's nowhere to sit and then you have to go and be like hey is someone someone sitting there. Can you move your shit. I want to sit down because fucking Seton on a place to put your bagging. That's that's a good okay and then my last one. I don't know people that don't clap when the plane came third Lord and good clarity Sheffi Sky flying air to end the pilot landed on the ground safely. Thank yous traveled hundreds and hundreds of miles air yet. You're not gonNA clap and appreciate what the pilots did for you. Let me ask you a question Hank. You just went on vacation to Bermuda Bahamas Baja. It's tough on track. Almost everyone clapping landed right. When you go to vacation everyone claps? It's awesome awesome. Nothing better than like sometimes ironically would just start clap do wants just to see if I move. Sometimes it's tough unless you're going on vacation like an island vacation or Vegas people clap for the Vegas Land <hes> no but Donald Drunk sometimes like I'll just I'll just start like one hundred and they'll get like five or six people <music> Oskar. I agree with you. Clap people that didn't live in the immediate post nine. Eleven era will never understand this but for the next year when you're playing woodland everybody would clough like such a relief enchant. You say not really I flew flew like there was there was a plane crash in New York. That happened like a month after nine holy and everybody knew everybody thought it was terrorist right and so I flew that day right after that plane crash nobody knew if it was terrorism or not and when we landed everybody like stood up a lot in high five their neighbor ripken standing oh we did it together yeah. The pilot made a lap around the plane on a horse with my so my last pick. There's an easy one person that Shit's in the airplane bathroom especially if you happen to be in that lasts earlier you anxious low your shooter an airplane but I've never shitting airplane bathroom to Oh. I Think Airport Okay Right Airport airport super every time I okay hang made a look like he's a serial airport. I'm I am the belief that when you have to Poop Poop P._F.. T. True but you can always office to know I know I held yeah. That's a direct refutation. People people should on me for shitting in jail and it's like I was in jail for thirteen hours. I'm on the plane for five hours. You're gonNA poop like yourself. poop ruins the traveling traveling experienced. My last pick is going to be the T._S._A.. Guy Who asked to many questions the agent when you have to give them your I._D.. They ever get the one where it's like. What's your name or where are you flying and it's easiest question you always blink? You're like Oh shit. What is my name because you think you're in trouble? That one always fucks me up. It always spins me out like the you get up there and they're like so. Where are you flying Tim's house? What I mean fucking Minnesota and you have a connecting flights you want to know layover in? I don't know what what it is about the T._S._A.. Because they just for some reason there Ivan cops your real cops but you show up and they're like what's your name and you're you stutter daughter. 'cause you can't get in right away because you don't expect the worst when that happens when you're flying out of the Vegas airport and you're at the start of a three day hangover and your brain doesn't connect your mouth just yet the law those tough. I was trying to explain what the Hell I had a <hes> keg tap in my bag when I was flying back and they were asking me what that was and I just couldn't get and so you know I just do. There's always one T._S._A.. Agent who just thinks he's like he thinks he's like you know F._B._i.. Agent and just grilling everyone and just doing the whole thing where just fucked up or any honorable mentions I had the person who stands on the moving walkway. Come on like the whole released into the right ways that you feel like you're going super fast at least move to the right Shida the small talker and the seat seat next to you that I just don't even I won't even acknowledge that answered Western older woman like that if the two people next to you were doing the small talking. That's where I'll entertain. If it's like an older lady I'll make enough. I'll make a real good yeah yeah. Well get some for Co.. I'm a feminist when it comes to talk with <hes> how about the how about the guy in the in the bathroom at the airport with way too much luggage and like you you can't you can't even get to the urinal because he's got like six bags that he brought in with them right roller suitcases leak. I know you probably aren't traveling with anyone but it's still fucking annoying thing to do. How about the guy that <hes> that yells at people for cutting in line when they're going to be late for their plane Iraq is the worst the person guys I to be late because they can't fucking time it outright actually really were guy really sucks is the the traffic policemen that's right outside in the in the arrivals area and he won't let you park for longer than like thirty seconds Yup that guy you're like what my persons coming out here like one minute and they're like long? You're going to take it sucks all right. I think we got them all. Oh Armrest Warrior that's kind of like what hanks the big guy thing but if you get stuck in against an armrest warrior and you're kind of welcome those battles really I mean they're throwing elbows. Thrilling for a minute would dominate really stuck into it. That's that Kinda sucks big time. John Jones on those things now. My theory is as you let the person who's in the middle seat. Take the armrest. Let them have the backward V._R.. Awards the front in the front correct. I agree with that okay. Let's do our interviews. Lets US contentious those pretty good. That was a good collaboration Asian. What do I dave its bid Dandridge or De'andre Jordan? DEANDRE Jordan is coming up in a second before we do that. Check out our friends at C._B._D.. M._D.. It is T._H._C. Free Free U._S.. A organically grown independent third party testing to ensure nothing but the highest quality C._B._D.. C._B._D. oil from C._B._D.. M._D. has the power to help unlock a naturally better self offering an all natural approach traditional pharmaceutical suitable. C._B._D.'s beneficial properties can assist you with stress chronic pain trouble sleeping and more if you've heard of C._B._D.. Oil from nitro circus to U._F._C. Athlete see what all the hype is about go to C._B.. He d M._D.. For some natural pain relief today C._B._D.. M._D. promotes modern health and wellness by capitalizing on one of nature secrets a non habit forming compound totally free of synthetic chemicals that AIDS in the alleviation of of many ailments and stress with absolutely no side effects go to C._B._d.. M._D. DOT com enter code. Take for twenty five percent off your order that C._B._D.. M._D. DOT COM Promo Code. Take for twenty five percent off your next order okay here. He is De'andre Jordan and then after that David Spade Okay we now welcome on a very special guest is De'andre Jordan. He's here with Dunkin first of all thank you for. Bring all this stuff. Welcome eat all of it. So what what are we were pushing today. We're actually we use Dunkin all the time their sponsor of ours as well <hes> the beyond sausage breakfast sandwich. It's coming to Manhattan soon right or is it already. Here's here okay. It's here so we're going to eat all this stuff. Did you bring us doughnuts okay. We got Alexa the beyond sausage. That's like the is at the Vegan stuff yeah. Are you Vegan. I am since went since like last April. Okay so not like I'm not like years in but I'm a year in so I got like my little year like low. You got your home game myself a mistake at all no comment okay all right. That's fair. At least senior is at least I could see it in your eyes like Yo come back on like blinking cutback. Yes actually I've often wondered about athletes because he here you're like okay. You can't have take enough protein yet to be able to recover or build muscle. Have you found any issues with that. Like how do you get your protein on. I'm still strong as hell yeah. I'm on Russell later. I mean maybe well well. I actually have to apologize to you because I said that you are very old on a podcast about a month ago. You're only thirty one. I don't know I think maybe because I have no idea why so that maybe because you went Dallas to to the Knicks last year. You got lost in the shuffle a little yeah. I'm used to seeing you just in the mix and then it was like Andre Georgia. was that a tough year it was last year. It was kind of a blur it was it was it was a a learning experience it was it was good for my mental patients. Yes now excited about this. You know what about what about the Knicks going to the next there was a prevailing theory that they they traded for you just so that they could then sign you. Oh and then you saw how the knicks run things. You're like maybe not. I didn't say that no I I just I. I had a cool time when I was there. Man The knicks fans are are great New York. Fans in general are awesome. They're passing it as hill they notice sports they know the game and they'll call you out. If you're not playing around way which is which is which is great <hes> <hes> but I mean I'm excited about the things that the nets are doing and the organization in the guys that we've got some yeah did you. Did you ever see James Dolan's band play I do not he didn't make you sit and watch his band practice as part of the pitch rich I did. I deny that was the closing the closest requests George thorogood song. I don't know I want sorry for calling you because you're younger than I am. That's kind of what we do in this industry like we just open our mouths and say what comes to the top of her head back at six for but yeah yeah happens but it it really was I just I I'm used to seeing you out there and then last year was like you said a blur and then when you switch teams and both teams will make the playoffs usually when a guy gets traded. It's like going to playoff team then you get to see him <hes> so that yeah that must've sucked being on you know a team. That didn't make the playoffs. Usually you go to the playoffs. What are you going GonNa get three point shot because every guy your Guy Blake Griffin and here you got three point shot yeah yeah yeah three? Everybody's developing that part of the game <hes>. I'm obviously doing it but I also WanNa stay on the floor like three point sizes the suit missing him like that's kind of cool being and I'm old disappear or your yeah I mean there's a Lotta guys who just russ purchase shoots three shoot them right so this league. You can't comment on this stuff because anything you say then everyone will tweet it and then we'll will be used against yes so does that bother you ever the the the state of the N._B._A.. Twitter instagram that line just trying to stay away from that man I just I look at you guys instagram and then I follow it on my okay can laugh at this right. You know what I'm saying but I can't. You're you're part of the origin story of this league in that in that free agency period was two thousand fifteen when they're back and forth. That's when most people like really figured out how properly use emojis yeah we wanted to save our characters. You know what I mean. You only get one hundred ten of them or whatever it is so he wanted to save them right so there was the report at the time <hes> from for the program crisper suffered that Mark Cuban was driving aimlessly around Houston at looking and for you trying to find your how can you confirm that Mark Davis did not know that excuse me more Cuban did not know where you live. I cannot confirm or deny allegations. I feel like Mark Cuban. Newer you live. He's got that he knew shooters wherever he goes wherever every that whole process though <hes> you know the it's so weird how the N._B._A. Works where you can free agency starts. Everyone says where they're going and then you can't sign for a few days so that few days was where your decision kind of changed yeah. Do you have any regrets with how that played out. <hes> I don't regret how played out or does the decision that I made second. <hes> I kind of just wish that it would have been faster right ought to make those days were very slow and it was it just took a lot of time but <hes> I was. I was happy with decision. I may going back to the clippers even ended up in Dallas <hes> for like half a year yeah so I got to go to all the cowboys games cowboys fan but other than that like it was it was a time John if they should pay back. I'm a cowboys fan yeah no should they like Max money. As long as we can keep the team that's Zeke to exactly I feel like is Amanda. Amari tally even though you know physician a running back has been devalued the I still think that Zeke is one of those rare guys that you should pay a lot of money to got guys that are can affect the game so much those different positions receiver running back quarterback back that I think they'll come together figure out a way to make it all when you went back to the clippers when they were given their pitch to you today. Do The fake retirement of Your Jersey into the rafters like Oh yeah sure everybody the even if it's like my fourth year in the League and we're going to retire Jersey Okay and then like oh we got him for life still up there in the wrap it actually it it makes it so it makes it means so much less is known as they say they recruiters. You Probably Get Jersey up there exactly yeah man. That's Kinda lame. <hes> how how much does hacker shack suck for me. It used to suck a lot yeah. This is so big time I taught like hide and she it's hard for you. Got Dammit motherfuckers foulbe too much yeah. That's what I was GonNa say this is I don't like this but after after years of that yes I got a little better edit this past season and I'm soon about a little bit better are you. One of those guys say always fascinated with geysers made struggle a little bit the freezer. Do you hit them all in practice. I hit a lot of them in practice yeah I I don't I think it's the twenty thousand people the thinking about you know you WanNa do it this way and he started thinking about a million things instead of thinking about the shot so I think this season I was for the first time I actually didn't think about anything else but shooting the basketball and then it it helped me every single guy who's not going to free throws like well. He makes them all impractical yeah and I I believe it's. It's a totally different thing. It's mental game yeah. I WANNA play a little game with you. Real quick skull behind the Gif okay because you were a very giftable Lafley. You've got one of the best N._B._A.. Gifts after I'M GONNA I'M GONNA show it to you and it's you just making this face like Oh yeah. Oh Yeah Yeah. I remember that bad Florida bad for what were you thinking. During that gift you remember I was like I just has had a bath part and I hope was face. There's no there's another one where you're in the stands will pull this or you're on your on the bench and you just say what the fuck and being held back. Remember this very honest face very expressive all time at bonday driver. I'll remember that that was against San Antonio Jamal Crawford you guys know Democrat crazy handle put the ball between somebody's legs and they're made the do false I was just kind of I've never seen that sitting to get into basketball game a real N._B._A.. Game before so that was pretty intense and then there was also embarrassing for the guy that was like the reaction that you see in the mix tapes Jackson we gets cross up so bad in the united because my Godson and everybody buddy runs on the court and says it's over and the actually over against should have been over at that point agree. We also have got kicked out but they let it go for another three minutes. Green Lob city was obviously an unbelievable time in clay clippers history. Why do you think ultimately you guys didn't get to like the Promised Land and why was that Chris? Paul's fault question thank you. I Love Chris Paul Just Front Okay Yup the camera yeah I love Chris Nothing that we had a lot of injuries. <hes> you guys gosh no blade got hurt you know in the playoffs. No play those tough out injuries rallies entire leg-up this guy yeah yes. We cub injury bug a little bit man. Those guys even guys like J._J.. Sometimes we had a little injury bug but <hes> we just couldn't get over there but and it sucks because we have a lot of talent that we we really wanted to but you know yeah you guys are one of those teams that while are watching it you'll always always remember lob sitting and be like that was so exciting and then unfortunately it doesn't ever show up in like a they went to the final or something like that but then we see it all time the N._B._A.. The the fact that Ross James Harden and Katie are now gone from the the thunder all three of those guys when everyone thought they were GonNa Win Thein Ear and here yeah it's crazy. You also played on some some pretty solid U._S._A.. Basketball teams yeah so who's your favorite teammate that you got to play with on those teams that you haven't been on team within the yeah who man that's tough <hes> probably like Paul George Jimmy Butler <hes> because I was Sam teammates with carrying Kyrenia whatever those guys I'll see them but yeah pipe Paul George. george jimmy bullet holes gaza just great on both sides of basketball they play extremely hard shit talkers yeah i love playing with guys like that actually we're gonna start rebranding it so like when people are talking about the nets new big three we're always going to say that like it's deandre jordan and then he recruited what you guys didn't say that are no no we didn't but i'm saying to you that you know where it's johnny jordan he recruited kyri got you and your what as listen as a really really good recruiter yourself we're trying to recruit kevin durant to this podcast oh ben in cox you know what i reach out i'll see what i can do yeah just be like hey had so much fun this is such a cool place to be curse on and they let you to call you a baby back bitch we don't do that anymore and i aren't they don't call me old anymore yeah we we don't use yo word for you i said he could slap me if i were oh word but i we have in the past said some words about them but we've changed our tune <hes> and so yeah we were on the pocket you're gonna figure that out i got a prediction you're gonna turn kyrie irving into a vegan like within a month ooh one month militant anti meet good it's gonna join you'll be throwing fake blood onto russell westbrook hill when he's walking into your arena you're gonna change them into a vegan just in time for you to go back to stakes yeah you all settled okay cool i'm doing good good <hes> go ahead here's a good question what's what's the most amount of dunks that you've ever had in a game probably nine or ten damn that's sick only ended up with like twenty two points or something this is so what's your favorite dunk of all time man that's tough so many some of mine mine is my next one ooh i'll probably had to say like vince carter on that seven to guide the olympic french guy that was subsidy have you ever been jumped over not yet i think i will be on here fulltime if that happened so yes yeah you'll officially be old and the old for good canarian a coal mine situation if you get teabag by somebody you're it's over it so i'm gonna go two yeah actually we own a team in new zealand so you can nobody over whatever you all right so we'll get that in the ecosystem deandre jordan loosely attached to the new zealand breakers no big deal loosely loosely attached new zealand breakers right i have one last question to seek ye question to put him promo code take get ten dollars off you can go watch de'andre play basketball next year ten dollars off promo code take <hes> so who is the hardest guy to guard in the post post guidepost guy i'm a post guy oh man that's tough now you've got so many guys you got like joel embiid you got demarcus cousins you got toughest one though wreak freak freak jake <hes> guys moves just like i can't see if i say one guy than the other guy was gonna kick his ass okay that's what this shows all about yet all right this leak yeah i'll probably have to say a guy like joel embiid male guy at the greek freak camelot's sleek joel he's a big guy he can face a back to the basket super skill extremely strong so guy like that coming up franken andrei just just wrote on my notepad johm joel embiid can't get in shape and so i'm i was reading that from what you just wrote to me in a different length can't get in shape so probably dominate him next year this league this eddie wars yeah he wrote he actually wrote a hashtag on the electronics on there yeah that's exactly all right yeah i think that's about it yeah so thank you for coming by dunkin <hes> check it out the the <hes> beyond sausage breakfast sandwiches now available in manhattan you brought the doughnuts for us best of luck next year and sali's tell kevin durant come on the show kevin you're gonna come show he's probably listening to us right now probably listening so let's finish with saying some nice things about him kevin you know what you ever since you trimmed your goatee you look a lot less <hes> like mangy yeah kevin even though you don't like the nickname i still think slim reaper was the greatest nickname of all time kevin we love you return my phone calls in tex- oh shit can't even get a text back deandre jordan thanks so much ooh that interview with deandra was brought to you by let go let go is the fastest growing mobile marketplace to buy and so locally if you're looking to sell let go gives you an opportunity to turn your unused items into experiences if you're looking to buy let go gives you access to lifestyle you otherwise couldn't afford he gets designer brands you get cars sneakers is the goto place to help you through life changes such as moving going back to school hanks moving 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legends we do we welcome you on yeah david spade welcome <hes> he has a new show coming out july twenty ninth on comedy central show lights out with david spade i'm excited for cookie yeah you want to explain it to the people i know what it is but yeah i don't even know what it is it's <hes> it's ice first of all started with it was like an instagram show it was just a once a week show i did a pilot about like here's an instagram looking how funny i am but but i thought it's all about you know deeming and people and now it's maybe not great for kids and just the whole world and then we can do we can shit on all these news stories because everything's filters through instagram or facebook or twitter so you're like well you're not gonna talk about this well of course you can because any sports comes on their everything you do in your life can be on there you can trick it it's going to show up c._n._n. all being there everything so it was sort of a tricky way to do a regular show about everything but at the instagram because we're all looking at it sending each other dumb things barstool stuff i sent him my friends that's definitely a dumping your personal comments or i've noticed it's gone onto love you love the emojis in the comments section i do say stuff sometimes sometimes i forget that opens up to one hundred percents shit on yup but <hes> that's that's the game show biz baby my start just commenting on art it's funny though he's funny so you you say it the showbiz the game you've been in showbiz for ever too long to know i didn't say too long ago did you was that something you're thinking spent some testing recently okay so your career has been incredible because you know s._n._l. in nineteen ninety to this day where you're doing instagram show have you had a moment where you're like man i can't believe i'm still doing this and all the rations that i've hanging by a threat yeah it's hard because when you see people do well <hes> he i'm happy for anyone i'm doing well and breaking through and then th i think the hardest part is that's the first hardest part just to get known just to get anybody know what the fuck you are and then to stick around it's hard to tread water that whole time because as always better shit you know i'm glad i'm glad it's showbiz xavier running back your fox yeah that's true you know what i mean they're like hold now and you're like get paid while you can pay gimpy knee and indian there's also weird thing that is not like levy i'm bill the only way we're are different oh you're mad at him no that was very mad at him now you had him on your fancy team right i mean we're we're jumping around but i've of course drafted him i like a knucklehead and then i go all right right it's been cute but get back in that month right run that ball down the middle because i'm losing you can't win if you've lost your best guy yes and then someone wanted to trade me antonio and they wouldn't let it my asshole buddy whose commissioner of course he goes no no no one would let this who cared either all winter he'll wind doesn't matter all right they always think you got too much yeah so i'm not allowed to win yes you know what i mean yeah no one's rooting for play in san jose he was sandler rock and always guys like i'm allowed to win <hes> it wasn't it yeah who's allowed to win the intern that plays of this like what are the stakes fantasy league what's the buying on that it's not anything that's the worst really what the hell you'd hope hope that you guys who played for like one hundred thousand too scary because of adam wins booking paying you rich because she has more money than god oh yeah getting worse to really just keeps making that house when there's solid gold bricks being dropped offers kids but what was that i was saying oh i'm not like well because i take gigs for low money just to keep things going the right way i want him or you know there's a lot of things you can new movie that's cool but you don't get paid lot or you can do this because you wanna gamble and you bet on yourself go i'll take less money i think this will work that kind of stuff so i've been trying to do that for while i still make money here and there have you stand up but it's really sort of this rubik's cube of trying to stay in the mix writing and you have to be funny every fucking time you do anything that's what these people understand that's why they go oh you did good eleanor foul on i go that's not <music> i'm lucky is not a mistake though there's people go what do i got today this blah blah blah you know i gotta run on found then i got a beep over his stern but i try to be funny because sometimes that's the only time in the last ten years someone saw me four minutes on alan and then the re decide if they like so how did you prepare for this interview absolute zero but anyway i know what i was doing i was too focused on <hes> you know stern warning view i put no thought into because i can't i don't know what they're just gonna ask me about stuff and i there's no pre and if you don't want one stern i can't really because it was an hour twenty yesterday and but he's sort of knows me well enough that he can get me going just don't wanna do the same stories right he forgets and he goes now union eddie murphy i go now not that one done i think it's a rerun so i came up with a couple of doozy's yesterday made them up again here they're really really getting worn down because then fowler as being we've never heard that before it goes on the daily show we'll put a clip of this tonight yeah it can even be what you had for breakfast today 'cause we don't know here's a dumb one i was a he's escape gordon arizona and i was volcan volk info loser i had some components of a cool dude i white blond hair long i had a fucking sweet alva- board some power flex fives bennett hijackers had a bones brigade like rail on an old tailbone wasn't really any good but i could skate a little bit so that was a busboy to feed my skating habit of needing grip tape once a year low but yes but i i was a bust i it was dishwasher three bucks an hour seven twenty one bucks and still when they walk me through the kitchen and gigs now like we'll take you through the back when i smell that gross kitchen it's exactly throws me back to when i was in that kitchen every day <hes> forever you know what i mean and it makes me and i'm like thank god i'm not doing that anymore twenty one dollar check before taxes so then i got bumped up to buster and i did that forever and one time ago can i be aware and he goes you don't got the stuff what fuck this is the hard part right you know what i mean like the busboy lugs the work the waiter the easiest way job is a bottle service yes stops in the beginning hey if you see my tits look at my ass everything good here all right what do you want eighteen bottles and then like sell you up and then they split for about nine hours <hes> in the busboy paxi is everything then she comes into the end here's your bill it's the five grand and there's a twenty percent tip added in but then there's an extra tip there's a secret tip and there's some people have their fucking cool yeah oh my god i didn't see you once tonight and then you're like you're now so if you don't you know there's the portion of the tip that he don't tip they'll tweet it out the david look fuck us over super shit chesler when you were busboy did you sometimes if you if you took all the food off the table take it back to the kitchen you're throwing it out if somebody hadn't fries at all you would mac on that right and a little bite first of all they could have been all over them i i would he yeah no there's nothing i would not right yeah i didn't even eat dinner i just go to work i was eat the rest of that guy steak guys put anything drink drinks i don't finish this is before there was germs yes a long time ago and so i think that's a good angle because i did do that i <hes> i ate everything and then <hes> oh also oh then it was father's day weekend and a sunday which was like the the culmination of to horrible days to the busiest days they gave me tables forty three forty eight which is not for fucking amateurs let me tell you right now that's the roughest section but i was still just bussing was the name of this place <hes> that was the quilted bear the rough section of the very well to bear on a sunday zone and scott so you would know do not go in there on a sunday so i go in there my boss the deck of course like everyone's boss and so i'm over their total skater always hung over always <hes> can't lift shit so then i get more than three glossy marin there and <hes> it was more of a traps problem back then in a back was <hes> sort of week across the board so then i go and it's and there's a shark special so i am i gonna stop talking the tables they don't like they do like it i i'm sort of like you know i'm like a fun guy to wait and he goes now so then of course right after he tells me go over there and they go hey dude they don't even on the way to go houses houses shark i go i gotta motto i don't need them you know i don't need them they don't even i hear this guy talked to you and i fuck so i turn around and yanks the fuck you doing i go fucking killing is what i'm doing great long yeah i go i don't eat them they did did you hear that and he goes yeah they they don't like you talk to my go oh is that what i'm getting applause breaks at my fucking tables dude are you jealous you don't wanna follow me and then <hes> i either quit or he fired him either way i was not working yes i mean being a bus boy that's that's a short career path busboy at a crab shack for summer and that is like that is the worst possible job that you can have except when you bring the crabs back to the kitchen to throw them away you know exactly which ones weren't touched yeah but still get yelled at fresh e that's the they'd be like no that's that crab i belongs to the guy at the table who paid for like he threw it out it's micro now you can't tell them anyway is right i agree with you yeah i liked that man that's cool so how did you get <hes> how did you get from bussing tables at quilted bear to like thinking oh i should try to make it career out of well i will say that i'm nice to bus bussers now because as man of the people valet park for ever i'm all i remember valet parking is other than suck sometimes i mm stay up late doing drugs or something and then i'd have to do a long shift and one time it was on a hill and when you're valley parker picture this at home you drive in your hunting every got him run back for now we gotta run up a hill and then down no one cares no one on cares is like but my who fan of this hill i come to combine then i get my door into open it if to throw it open with your left and it's so heavy uphill that my arm gave out after the day 'cause i'm so just been little fucking pussy pants so i'm like oh and then the rest thing i'm trying to my right arm and then i go mom i can't do this any more dangerous jobs before workman's comp it would have been suing everyone fuck now it's just like spiderman spiderman so i'm nice the bus go because now busboys are cooled me to legal aid yo dirt you know like they know me <hes> and they always try to help me at their level you know like people you see out in the world he goes you need more bread or water ice ice cubes guy say no more much bread as you want up to one low moist rag you come to me what's the what's the character you get recognized the most for <hes> i would say it's joe dirt yeah you then tommy boy bench warmers grownups does it make you sat at all that like tommy boy we're both thirty four years old so tommy boy it was is that right in the pocket oh good move but now we're at a point where i'm sure there's kids twenty year old kids who like it's come on man that's farley i mean yeah people ask me and that's hard well girls i don't know anything i mean i go they crank zeppelin i goes up nearly <hes> hong led zeppelin zeppelin who this is probably because you're dating twenty year old but yeah and then i <hes> led zeppelin and like dude i don't know maroon five is all right i'm yawning your old is their problem no mommy so how good though the one thing i know you probably are sick of everyone who you've ever done interview with bringing up chris farley but the one thing i wanted to ask ask quick you guys are in the pocket okay we loved it so your chemistry that was it like a lot of people listen to podcasts because of our chemistry was it as good chemistry do we do you wouldn't notice but <hes> toward the end i'm sure it was we just talked before he got in his law so she's got questions for you know that polite i don't wanna leave till the so your was your chemistry offscreen just as is good onscreen i mean yeah that was it was basis lauren our boss would watch us walk around and <hes> i would say like <hes> farley would go there mcdonald's and madison to go oh oh i think it's on wheels and it comes down here no it doesn't know it doesn't dumb fuck and he goes let's go to the a._t._m. and then he goes any pulls out twenty dollars news i go let's go to didn't he goes off to him go to take two hundred out at a clip fuck i take twenty two timing this yeah i go are you wisconsin dundee you're in new york now arizona i don't know anything either but i know to take two hundred hundred moved to go there and get a knife every five seconds right now where i wanna hang at midnight right right grab and go and then lauren would watch me make fun of them and then he'd seem kogo david c make fun of me for what i'm wearing jeez so after awhile and then in read through i'd make faces at him when he was bombing which is pretty much never and then <hes> and then lauren goes why don't you write a movie about how you guys are and so he assigned to writers from s._n._l. which is a big deal because i wasn't even on that much chris's already like star blowing up yeah and i was on a little enough but he was a yeah yeah and then fred wolf took it over another writer there one of our buddies and then we went up to toronto and then me fred chris and pete seeger director no one even cared they just give them some money paramount has a deal with lorne just go but they weren't there every day so we just go at in jokes at in housekeeping ad in does my face look like just trying to add something to make scenes because it's a movie about selling brake pads that you could never pitch that would care it's the dumbest idea if you go to guys sell brake pads from ohio and it was like right yeah that's sort of it i don't even all the way that's all of it so so we we would spice vices and go what are we gonna tomorrow what if you were clip-on we just do one throwaway job and you don't know that later on those will be remembered forever l. <hes> yeah no idea and so and and farley when i hit him with a board in the face by the time he goes fuck q. i go i have to hit you i don't even know what to do i don't even if it's balsa wood anymore i think we ran straight up to four yeah solid mahogany and i don't know <hes> but during the movie we'd be so tired and we'd go back and forth on this little puddle jumper private jet which is basically an m._r._i. with wings we're both in their jammed it wasn't it wasn't like i'm some rapper graciously staring at each other pissed off about again if i guess s._n._l. a good night's hey tom hanks thank you getting a car straight to the airport straight to toronto shoot at seven in the morning cramming lines come back for read through go back come back for readers on the show and doing that for weeks it's getting freezing out we just started to go bananas and if someone said it's gonna be a hit then you can hang in there right what the fuck you doing toronto i don't even know just screwing off but that kind of answers the question because you guys were such good friend right and those are the moments when when you're tired and and we were good at looking for each other like i go chris why don't you do this like you do at the office that's funny just we'll throw that will find a way to put it in there and even the director who's great but sometimes he goes i don't get this has nothing to the story story i'm like i know we just we don't either but i think this is what it makes us crackup and so and then he goes what did you say to me the other day oh right right okay put that in there and that's looking out for each other because you know i know if he's he's good it helps me <hes> if this movie takes off i'm in a with him so that's how it worked and then black sheep was tricky because they wanted to split us up with the new director and we kept saying what's better were together and fighting and yelling at each other in but you know it's still worked worked out we had a lot of parts of black she'd be liked but they threw away forty pages i wish i could find him that was a fun as i still like black sheep yes black sheep had good stuff it just would have been more it probably would have been better <hes> <hes> who knew but you know who knows so when you got your start on s._n._l. i from what i remember about your career i read some stuff about you a long time ago i forget exactly where i saw it but <hes> you were doing a lot of writing for the show in a lot of stuff they were writing was going to dana carvey right yet or whoever you i have to imagine agean that's gotta be frustrating because you're trying to get as much screen time as possible your cast member the trying to get on the camera and you know for whatever reason it's not working out like was there any point where you thought like maybe i'll just quit maybe this is not worth the effort me being up here yea ivan told my guys i wanted to quit it was too hard it's like being i was in a fraternity and i was as in fucking this is like the same thing i'm not the main guy i'm <hes> sandler's doing better now he's he came on right after me but he was doing better schneider was doing copy machine daynuss crushing by look like dana <hes> so if a sketch came up like cup macho camacho man and then santa goes don't you mind your way he does a bit and he looks like him if i thought of someone looks like dana carvey then dana gets right so i'm like stuck schneider got the play people that i could you know saw first of all your about your look it's crap shoot and then and dane is great so ross perot came came up i i could do that and they go we want dana do ross perot and bush and like come on that's like breaking the rules you're giving that's why feel bad sometimes now when they bring in stars on us now all these parts because should they cast is like hey ah get enough you know it's hard enough to get those little crumbs yeah right but they go no matt damon's playing him this week oh fuck cheating yes but it's the way it is do you take a little pride knowing that like <hes> s._n._l. it didn't dip after they had will farrow and all that after but there was definitely a point in time where everyone was like this is yeah everyone's like they have their times they liked like if you like that time that was great for you and <hes> and people say those were good years we didn't we didn't really feel it then but i do love will ferrell maybe after those Because when I look back at the writers we had they're all like well known yeah great writers and then you have a great or a lot of good people I mean forget me but everyone's on there could hold their whole of their end in more. They all went on to be a big star so that's just the beginning so you're catching their rookie year which is great to see everyone. You're just like you don't know it but you see a sketch in your with you know even gap girls. It's me Farley Sandler and then there's maybe Schneider Alec Baldwin's in it and you look back photo and you go. Oh my God. How Fun was that right? Everybody was good Heathrow. Anybody align their good. They come up with stuff. Chris Rock's next. If you need a joke what would I say here is and he says something like later you go. I'm getting freebies from Chris Rock and right. It's almost like looking back at the Dream Team at the basketball like wheat. That was the like Magic M._J.. And burr and like you keep going. You're like shit all these together. He definitely could have outs sketched Yugoslavia no timeouts when when you were <hes> when you were in that moment. Did you realize how fun was or was one of those things were later on your like. Damn those really does a good time for you. Always try to have fun with it and there's waves of it but the underlying stress of not knowing you're coming back and not knowing if you you never feel like you're doing enough so there's always someone gone. Hey these other batch of astles at the Improv and bring them in <hes>. We're willing to fly themselves in tomorrow and you'd hear about them having auditions tonight why they're having auditions we have enough people to many getting rid of some people and that was every year to get rid of my apartment and then come back in another one back. It was just tough but that's the way it is over. There always been the same and anybody anybody I just saw dinner with <hes> Molly Shannon and Bill Hader and <hes> will forte and Tim Meadows and we dissolve the same stories. I mean they were like right after me but yeah exactly the same right. I want to jump back to somebody said earlier. which was you're talking about different projects? Yes you can do might not pay as much. Do you ever feel that with the more money you're paid for a certain project. There's like a burden of a higher expectation for what you have to deliver sure sure I mean it's like even in sports when they do that. They pay a lot. Get these sign. They're about to fucking bomb. Leave you earn your contracts. Yeah remember flacco and he got a ton contract won the Super Bowl after you WANNA see one's gone back act to trust shit this contract socks. WHO's the Joe Flacco of comedy right now? Let me just like to set up. The answer is getting wildly overpaid for piss poor performance. They usually don't because they'll start adjusting it quickly <hes> one time I <hes> nope you free speak. Nobody listened to show yeah. I asked Lorne about a cast member that did a movie that bombed they're GonNa get another movie and he goes not every studio wants to lose twenty million and work with an asshole who's at some do not all of ood definitely wasn't mcgrew with the ladies man yeah it because he he is. I like that Move Hawke who was I can't even remember who was Oh yeah. I want to introduce you to our podcast mom. This is Jill Jill Jill. She's interning but I thought you were being polite and you were in the wrong room and you're mad yeah well. I'm always mad. Someone's mom are Mahad cows markets. We hired her. We just wanted to not say elderly but I didn't feel we wanted an older intern so she's our intern for something because sixty nine years old so she's got some questions for you think they're actually the sneaky questions Promo Code. Take get ten dollars off. Go okay sure. I have a lot of questions but I won't go to all of them. Who is the most unappreciated member cast member at S._N._l.? What a what a good thought good question <hes> David Spade? What a good question <hes> while there's you know there's so many that are good good? I don't know maybe I'd say molly. Shannon I think is so funny and so lovable likable in person and she always works. She did superstar you know. I don't know she's always on his show. Oh so I just think people should always be giving her props because she always was sweet with cracking up God. There's too many Shero Terry <hes> she did such good job and sometimes it's just the sounds like I'm commenting on her career career but it just so hard usually after the show you will get a chance to your own show like they will give you but if it doesn't pop right away then you just right back in the mix of audition it's just hard <hes> but she was so funny on us snow into so character but like Dana sometimes when you're so good at characters they go just play this and it's hard play Danny. Here's a regular guy and that was easier for me. I'm sort of my own persona <hes> and and that's why it was hard ernest now on the flip side. It's a little easier out in the real world are you saying master-of-disguise didn't take off because we wanted to greatest of all time and people like it. I I see Dan a lot in town and which town we're in Los is Angeles and almost every time where it dinner someone will say something master disguise like he hated. He doesn't love it but <hes> Joe where he's actually tight for time also all right yeah all right so we're going the real quick 'cause we got a pitch him boondocks all right so what was the pitch zone so what was it really like working with the great comedic actor Alf L. Well. I know you were in one episode. Ballots GIG ALF to your viewers okay so young release alien alien life form. I think it looks like a dog so I was on al and Bernie Brill seen legendary manager got me this job. I was just signed with Perlstein. He goes GONNA be on Alf. It's great it's a big show and I go yeah and he as you're gonNA play a standup comedian practice Mac all week at the Improv I go on. I do my ten minutes. I tell my mom watched the show. We all watch so the show is ALF is watching TV Sir train in the studio in the world. Sorry number one. It's so let's actually the loudest <hes> fire dumbest thing ever. That's not one of ours everybody down. We moved in here and you can hear everything. This is something the real estate agent forgot to mention yeah. They took US specifically. You only visit between three and three fifteen in the afternoon. She's so I I do the show. I do might hilarious data back but it's being filmed for T._v.. TV So Alves at home with his family and they go what's on T._v.. I hear the new funny comic and then they turn it on and it's one of my jokes and then out goes. This guy sucks turns it off. That's it that's it and Jill. You'll remember and I and I remember going at show Biz right here. Are you do have to wrap so we'll just give you a dealer's choice here. It's it's Boehner dogs or this is forty. You can decide which which one you want to be loosely attached. We already have saffron. <hes> who Adam Taylor is attached sailor <hes> Yeah Dan Patrick we have someone already playing the part of the in Boehner dogs. I like Boehner guys. It's got its hook here. Okay so you're in this easy and you're good friends with Adam Sandler. We actually made the script for Adam. Sandler realize I'm not the lead anymore but if you can give me the Boehner we're here for you. You can be the voice of the Boehner Animation Adams Dick. Oh it's animated. I made it yeah so adamantly the dog and you'll be the Boehner. I'm like the Little Red Lipstick actually in the woods in his Boehner brings them all the it's kind of like a Hansel and Gretel meets Rudolph the red does ranger lost in the woods all make fun because you got Boehner all the time and she leaves tragedy. You like it. I would make fun of them. Okay you like it feels like it needs a bit of a handmaid's tale. Okay okay where one of those little white bonnets. The Boehner's can't chew on his AH self sucking bone all right well. Maybe at your loosely we met you like David Spade. Thank you so much. We appreciate it lights out with David Spade Communists at Al July Twenty Ninth Ninth Tonight at eleven thirty nine eleven. Let me finish every night at eleven thirty after the daily show time. I honestly didn't know you thank you. They've done that and welcome to Boehner. Dog's going to be great cedar soon. What is the J._C.? What did you say at the what's that what's your name P._F._C.? Oh yeah I thought it was three other letters J._J.. But I got I got every letter one last question Jim Big Dick Energy <hes> B B D. I have the illusion of E._d.. That's that's all you need. Yes time they get too late that interview David Spade was brought to you by the parcel store store the summer collection here that's right. We've released the summer merged. There's a ton of new stuff in the store. Get to drinking. Stay partying with all new barstool drink where in limited edition vivas tool or coolers. There's jeep accessories if you're into going topless new bathing suits towels pool floats and a huge collection of limited edition Barstool You S._A._T.'s I was chilling on a rosy pool float saw that pretty sick nothing like a nice pool float in the middle of the hot summer day. <hes> get yourself a pool float awesome go to store DOT barstools ports dot com to shop now okay. Let's get to some segments first up. We have just chill out man for Sean Lee yes so he didn't get hurt though he did not get hurt who confirmed so this from Jane slater she said <hes> what kind of guy is cowboys. Linebacker Sean Lee well. He tells us he was staying in Santa Barbara Head of training camp which is forty five minutes away from Oxford putty flew home to Dallas Dallas just to get on the team charter and fly back. She's just chill. Try hard gets thrown around a lot these days. I think I think in this case there's never been a more try hard move than Sean Lee doing this but there's been Joan okay for every four hours that he's in the air. It's four hours that he's not pulling his hamstring. I was GonNa say maybe he just wanted to be with his teammates for as long as possible while not being injured yeah they should just put them on the International Space Station and bring it down on Sundays in this slick that old dude from from contact that just stayed up in space so he could live as long as possible. He's a billionaire. Oh yeah for forever. I was thinking George Clooney Movie Georgia that was gravity gravity flu around the earth and it's still alive yeah no seriously like Shanley. Just keep them trapped in a closet somewhere hold on got him back wait did you do you still think you still alive. I guess I just missed remember the movie when he showed up and he literally on the side this species and then went all the way around the earth and then showed up and yeah it was like Sandra I'm here he like knocked on the spaceship until I was dreaming. Yeah I miss movie. Could we could that Okay Charlie. Keep them away from all sorts of walking working running existing gravitational state being unless it's Sunday all right the next one we have is we'd stay relevant baseball. Trevor Bauer could've looked just chill out man Trevor Bauer got pulled from the game and and threw the ball over the center field fence. I don't hold he process getting pulled. Terry Francona came out of the dugout. He turned around he whipped it over the center field fence and then immediately was like my bad coach my bed and Terry Francona was like are you fucking serious dude. It was a Bashar problem. It was the best when he put his hand. He's like hey that was on. Hey Yeah we know that ball. We know what would us what a psycho he is and I don't go back and forth because every now and then trevor power does something that will piss off some parts of like the Stodgy Sto stogie stodgy Dod so Haji Stogie Stodgy Baseball media where where I'm like what kind of like Trevor Bauer because he's making some people that I don't like mad but then he shit like this and you're like what is wrong with this guy no he's. He's probably the dumbest player I was saying earlier. I was saying I was saying person he's but I think he's more dom because he thinks that he's smart right but he's actually really dumb right but I was thinking about this earlier. I think that he might be exactly what baseball needs. We always talk about like baseball. We don't have the face of the game like lean into marketing this dumb ass. He's basically like if Mr Bean Blade baseball lean into marketing like a mean-spirited but it's still spoke of it actually spokes sometimes but didn't make sense right like yes sounds come out of his how many people listen to the show no who Mr Bean ass- sixty percent wonder forty percent sixty percent all the DADS listening no yeah shout out. My Daddy knows Mr Bean Yeah. Florio Florio knows Mr Bean. I'M GONNA get texting floor. It'll be like that guy remember when he got his head stuck in Turkey gag but yeah Trevor Bauer icon of agree with you. I like he does things that are just so dumb. Sometimes disguise is an asshole but you're right. Baseball needs. Yes baseball hasn't really had an asshole for a long time. They've had they've had Dick's they've had pussies but they haven't had asked and that's and that's what I think I when I liked Trevor Bauer it's that he pisses off the guys who won't vote for you know Greg Maddux unanimous hall of fame and you know what I mean. Those guys who suck and Kinda ruined baseball from a media standpoint when trevor makes them mad. I'm like team Trevor Bauer when he does shit like this. What's this problem I don't? I think I'm ever really on Trevor Bauer but I like having somebody that. I don't like you liked doing that. He exists. I like yeah watchful protector. I wouldn't know I don't know what he protects like. He cut his hand off with the drill ball. He's the worst all yet that ball did not do that. Yeah Paul head anyway. It's true tied out. There and center west tried to call it strike three but yeah if you if you give Trevor Bauer ten billion dollars and he tried to become Bruce Wayne with all these like whacked out inventions riches it he would just blow up the earth today's head off with the drone bax. Hopefully he would die before he kills everybody else in that point but yeah baseball market Trevor Bauer. He's a dickhead. Nobody really likes them but you know what we like to not like people right exactly it makes us talk. It's provocative gets a piece of provocateurs yeah all right last night. We have a Monday reading <hes>. Let's just hop right into it. The title is I'm pregnant and struggling with my husband's lack of support regarding my inlaws behavior. How can I improve the situation ocean some Info I've been happily married for ten years now still very much in love? That's how it's always starts by the way and he's like I guys don't worry. I still love my significant other. It's just there's a big thing that is really bothering me and I'm writing into rent it for what I'm seeing. Is that there a Lotta people out there like the story always starts with. I'm in love all the that must mean like the normal relationships are just between people that don't love each other right. He's my best friend and we normally never argue. I'm not even sure if this was an argument but it left me feeling lonely unsupported isolated from his side of the family so that's pretty common. The relationship with his parents has been strained. They own a number of mouse figurines. Yeah they're made from different. Materials and one is a giant paper. mcshea called Old Timothy don't you them has a whole character profile with backstories personal preferences family relations and all of them are seen as part of the family timothy is seen as a grandchild so they've done like twenty three in me on all these different mice figurines. Are these mice figurines. Are they homemade or smart. Some are some are smart okay. They basically just saw gratitude and took it too far. It's like Avatar people who wanted to be an Avatar after they sought depressed or upset. That didn't then have a rodent. They cooked meals so they got yeah got it right. What unsettles me is that they constantly talk as them with other mice or each other slash guests? I need to know what the mouse voice sounds. They'll use a high pitch tone and they'll talk in a manner that little children the US for instance. My husband's father will squeaking Lee say my tummy hurts hungry well wiggling mouse plus she in my face on then expected to answer the mouse and get it not him something to eat so then they just like fake feed the mouse they do this falls on the ground. We realize real they do this. Constantly in fact most of the time the mice are talking not them till now. I've never said anything anything judgy but I usually avoid talking to the mice instead address the person talking that's kind of a you problem to the fucking mice yeah play along guessing somebody's house yeah at least pretend to take interest in their vice figurines. The other thing is like you should probably tell all your partner about the mice in the voice situation before they meet the B.. That's a big I'm like hey. There's my parents are great. They're loving. They exclusively talked to each other in mouses right. They think that they're mice figurines and that's actually be in her tinder bile. I've never talked as a mouse. His parents have noticed this have often tried forcing me into it. There visibly upset that I won't participate in have gifted me mice figurines on several occasions that I haven't used they just WANNA in the party. I actually very nice people everybody has interest if an alien came down from outer space and saw us like paying so much attention to football and watching hard knocks and breaking down all twenty two yup for no reason season on twitter they will probably be like these guys are weird talking football guy saying right localisms talking as a walking boot exactly yes zero different else thing seems pretty cool. There's zero difference between what we do these people pretending attending in their mouths figuring I understand that it's probably them welcoming into the family but I'm just to creeped out by it when they visit us. They forced me to get them out of the closet figurines. I'm assuming and not the people and display them and I feel invaded. You buy that at the same time I feel silly about feeling invaded by inanimate objects so the mouse is Al Fitr. Yes total yeah absolutely you're letting the mouse have power over you right now. Today escalated when we announced that I'm pregnant and my father-in-law replied that it would be wonderful if it was a mouse though too soon have two grandchildren by the first he meant Timothy for the first time I got angry and said that he didn't have a grandchild yet and then my child wasn't comparable to a paper mashame mouse. They got very angry. I got screamed at as Timothy for disrespecting all they screamed in Timothy's voice for disrespect damn temper. You know what I think. That's kind of healthy like a a lot of times. People don't open up their emotions and you need to have like an anthropomorphic mouse or just like some. Some people do with sock puppets. Oh there's no this is a very healthy way of getting your feelings out there. It just happens to be through fake mount on instead of supported me. My husband stayed silent the whole time because he fucking loves the mice and later told his brothers Timothy and later told me that many people stuffed animals talk and that he can't understand how I'm so tolerant in everything thing but this I was crying at the point but he didn't comfort me which is very unlike him and how I know that he is truly upset as well. He should've just come up with the mouse and been like I've been very sad is unfair family oriented no you're not does your family oriented at all and always regretted that I don't feel included in his side of the family. His parents have always acted cold towards me. Although I've made an effort to take a genuine interest in their lives and to build upon with them again no you're not this is important. The thing in the world is eight it. You hate it so much that you're writing line now so timothy is the grandchild right <hes> yeah so that means that her husband is Timothy's father. If GRANDKID I. I think it's stepbrother. Maybe kind of situation it feels like I think I think Timothy maybe yeah that's where this is. All coming from secretly resents Timothy Because Timothy is the son from his first marriage as weird from mouse okay after my outburst. It's obviously even worse I feel lonely and unsure and I don't know how to act anymore or how to make him understand that. I need them to do something if you're lonely it sounds like there's a bunch of fucking mice that will talk to now like you shouldn't be lonely in house full of mice. You might like doing doing the voice. It's the most happy thing in the world yeah. There's a reason Mickey Mouse's almost universally beloved character fulltime. You can't be upset and be a mouse. Do you think this guys ever gone up to so. I've been like hey WANNA do. I'm scared that he will see those little sixty. I'm scared that he will reject me for being difficult and putting them in an uncomfortable position but at the same time I feel feel like I can't stand this anymore. I'm scared that they'll do this to our child. Oh Yeah Oh listen up you. Bring this child in the world that child's best friends could be mice well. How about this? How about you just agree to name Your Kid Mickey? If it's a boy yeah or many if it's a girl or Timofey like timofey Moscow Mouse Cov exactly there you go so I'm looking for vice on how to deal with the situation. Should I press the issue or accept the situation and try to avoid them. How should I deal with this once? Our child is born. I think you roll with it because got a fucking be a mouse. You're actually lucky because you found one of the most interesting families in the world to welcome you in with open arms and they want to share their most prized possessions. They want to share their love with you. Not only that very rare not only that you're lucky because guess what you don't have to actually ever have a conversation with your in-laws. You just have to have a conversation with figuring money. That's fucking God sent. You never have to be like Oh when you haven't kit will now you're obviously having kids but like you know house work doing just fucking talk Dr Timothy the mouse and you're good would alone or you could go the other way and try to blow the family up by having an affair with timothy the mouse or getting a cat bring it to everything radian like here's my cat mice thrown it at the mice my name's Brittle's. I'm a cat and I'm here. I'm mighty hungry. Remember looking at take care so much water power move if she just fucking adopted like ten feral cats. I'm I'm a barn cat just dominated timothy either way I just have affair with Timothy and see how the parents react to that. She choose Timothy Out of the kick you out exactly all right. That's our money reading Wednesday. We have Nikki Bella very very fun interview and and a Mount Rushmore with a recurring guest from the first two months of part of my take history and old old time recurring guest so get ready love you guys ask the world's them away <music> mm-hmm.

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