No Such Thing as Bad Publyssity with Alyssa Amoroso


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Today i know we've just been getting drunk in palm springs in podcasting from their marina or whatever it has been fun but it does feel guards we're back in studio we have and one of our dear friend courtney berman one of her friend in the studio with us all the way from new york miss eliza amoroso yes right i added on how are you. Thanks for having me. You sound like a victoria's secret model alessandra rosie or whatever i think i have a radio voice because i was so scared to start a podcast because i have one yeah when i started it. I was like oh my voice is going to be so annoying like lazarus like wow this. It's just so relaxing. I don't know it must just be my radio void. I think that's the good balance of january because i think i have the obnoxious annoying voice and then she has like. I like your voice. Thank you into. I've always wanted like a raspy voice. I had one growing up and then i got my tonsils out came out of surgery. They have god yeah while i i got mine from smoking weed and eventually i lost several octaves in my avoid happened. It works so i just came from all disheveled. I just came from my first dance rehearsal. I've had 'em like like a year and a half. I haven't danced since they did. My show in vegas chose well over a year ago and she's doing it with the knee. Injury from the bird scooter actually listened to that hothouse uh-huh. What am i gonna yesterday and i thought of it. I saw that on your story. I was gonna comment but by the time i like she's already done it. I would like if i fall because i had it in my head. I was so scared but it's so fun. There's so fun and it wasn't my fault hobbled in here together yeah so cute. I know whatever it's never gonna to stop me but that was the littlest yeah i had to get kneepads for. My dancers lower the video shooting my first music video tomorrow night so i've never done anything like this before i performed and whatnot but i've never filmed a music video back into the music. It is fun. I i think what i realized the other day. I was talking to someone i forget who oh. I think it was brought. Actually one of the guys who works at sir he came to the studio is going to be very very minimal parts of the video for cut his face all kinds burgess using using his body yeah the avs with six fours abc camp in the frame exactly so so we have like some shots where it's like his back and it's like my nails down his back irish sexual all of us are watching it and we had all the cameras facing she knows bed in palm springs us and we're all sitting. I was sitting on the bench at the end of her bed with one of our guy friends and somebody walked in he goes. It looks like you guys are about to shoot a porno waiting waiting around me yesterday because i'm staying in a hotel and i was having podcast guests. Come to my room because i had the goal seating area and someone brought the video team with them and the video shoot. You guys like opening. The doors hang high shooting. We're going to need every shoot that because it looks like the blue and orange i mean it was full on porn. He was very factual so they came to the studio to hear the song implanted in for him and he was like this is like baby making music i make i know it's very like bumping grind like this song alone was shida and and make eye contact with like blush taking a line. Where is it give me good dick without a gimme dick but no affection. I'm like ah the thing is. I thank you janet for calling me out. I'm not putting out with this song. It's up for imagining asian bracco is there are are. We say we can fuck. I go up to the imagination. We can choose whatever whatever you think it is but so he's listening to the song and he's like okay so i'm a very sexual video like you know we're going to be covered. Don't worry so we got to palm springs this weekend and homeboys like so uncomfortable. He's like a male model. All four living does youtube videos. Four living gets all at cameras chinese. Less is more or less is more like don't pay my ear. Don't do no now. She knows i'm more so my okay. You know why you want to say last is more of the motors have lots of your face and more smarts but whatever okay so lots of you got it yeah so we're like i don't know if you guys have done editing yet but brat was like uncomfortable and parts of it so like he's not losses and more so let's do of him and of his back and no face back yeah exactly i i wanted someone with tattoos but all of my friends who were touted up or the most unreliable people i had to go with like the pretty boy model county who i work with who i'm like i know if he has a call time even gonna show up but <hes> all the guys. I was like damn it. I wish i could rely on you know pike one of our friends he. I want to have him on the podcast. They didn't even have a lot of fun stories. They won't say you're talking about this guy. I think he is a stuntman for eleven yeah yeah so he just has this ridiculously sexy look and i was like omaha jeanette. We should put so and so in the video. She's like as amazing as he would blogs like he's just not that reliable like i'm paying for the set time in rehearsal than i did all of that so mike i need someone who i know is going to show totally italy. I totally feel that yeah but don't show up and be a bitch about god. Don't buy my ear. I'm uncomfortable my. He's like well if i didn't do this would've have done him. We're like. Do you know how many guys we had on hold for this. I'm like yeah i bite many people's yeah trust me guy ears over here and this is not being considered conceded or cocky once i guarantee i could've got a line of twenty four year old model to pay me to be so. I don't complain without a doubt. Let's look at more now by whatever more give me a break. It's a sheena shake video. I was like no ginola is not more yeah but anyway so that was fine but i do think he'll look good in a lot of the scenes especially like so there's like like one part where we're in bed and he has genes on his boxers and he was just like no. I need to leave my jeans on and i'm like okay look. I'm not trying to like make you uncomfortable but like we're doing a sexy video and like wearing skinny jeans like rolling around and it's just like maybe if there were like very alvin klein underwear too. I was like you were ready to take your pants kelvin's on come on yeah but and then we had like the pool sane and i'm like what are you gonna wear pants the pool to do you wanna turtle neck because wide. Jack says one somewhere turtleneck line chunky angie's water sweater that all the guys from summer house have the turtlenecks god. I just i'm just gonna ask you if you're friends with carl or any of them. I saw the instagram friend friends yeah no. I'm friends with them. I just from the city and the totally podcast role and i don't know there's like all these people new york that just connect and hang out and we all podcasting some. You'll help each other so i've been carl's. He's been on my mind. You know we had one. It's like a marketing p._r. Marketing sales potshots. That's billing the tea. That's why and he does business so yeah. Carl gets a better car. The sales guy quota. I think i'm going to go out there and visit him soon before the end the summer. I'm literally okay so in l. a. right now waking up at three or four a._m. To catch a plane go to new york to the hampton all my night and i'm like i'm like i need to get in because i don't want to get there at one a._m. I miss a friday yeah. Ask some getting into new york at two-thirty getting a jitney which is like the hamptons so i'll be there at like six so i'm not going to sleep tomorrow fame. I i know a jitney from sexy. Yes talk about oh my god and housewife's like yeah yeah <hes> kind of the same aim i would say. Is it a really fun party or is it a lot of like well. I'm sure you know this from. You can't blame us. Oh yes. That's the only thing except for she. This is put you right parties the elevator music no music so it's fun but it's like how much fun could you have without music. They go out after filming. Good the bars and stuff so i mean i was i think i was married when i was married or engaged wherever it was serious relationship and i think it was ours season five so i was married stocks and stock zeke etienne kris okay but i do remember it being like a fun party whether there was music or not i just was like in such a bad place in my life that i mike here's like i think the dossier was single around then i think every member i._d. Wouldn't take shots and everyone gave because also that was sugary shot the first time in my life. I've never been a big person but i just got completely out of shape. I've put on about twenty five thirty pounds. I just was eating drinking. Whatever it was not healthy whatsoever and that was the first year in my life i kind of took control god on a healthy meal plan and started working now so i wasn't drinking sugary shit. I was just being very planned and i got so much crap for being healthy. I actually think it's like the rudest thing when you're trying to better the yourself and and people like you're not having fun. Don't drink don't do this. It's like i'm working on. It's rude like or if you order salad and someone the next person next she's getting like mac and cheese and they're like oh live a little like this is my house. I've been really careful lately not to give people should about not drinking. I friends will do sober months or like watching you. Be sober for your eggs stuff. Yeah i was like okay and also don't constantly offer people drinks how many times i come to you and i said you nevermind nevermind it's just like it gets to be so annoying to you. Because first of all we have sober friends who are so rare because they have to be sober totally but like also i have frozen my ex twice this year so i had to go sober for like a total of three months now sober no sex no carbs no sugar. No we so nothing good in life. I don't know how you could pay her and she'd go off the so just like sat in a bubble phil missile time and be around everybody else drinking partying yeah. That's willpower but i did have a law. She's been sober for almost ten months now doing amazing so we have like each other other this summer when i was having to be sober helped james kennedy just hit thirty days sober amazing yeah and yeah like for real this time now ashton some other times where he's like. Oh i'm sober right now. He's like secretly chugging drinks in the back or it's like forty eight hours yeah i have been saying like. Are you really sober like real gone to a._a. Meetings like this is the first time he's ever really taken it. Seriously recalls men rewarding him every week with cupcake. She's like i can't do this every week. For the the rest of our lives over two weeks over my mind and then each year like you hoes mile no no i actually met james in brooklyn when at cello ash at some like party that i was at arianna yeah. It was like a i didn't i was at that part. You say we're probably in the same group vote. I know exactly which group photo you're talking about and we are so funny to go back org now not this year last say yeah. I didn't go this year. I was invited either. I needed a break. I did go this year but i mean it was kinda. Haina just for fun like i wasn't like oh my god. I need to see this person. That's present. I will say the arianna guerande with seeing so much then. I went back two weeks later for stagecoach i think i honestly like low key and more fun of stagecoach. Wait so. I know you watch the bachelor. Yes stage okay janet janet bachelor in paradise started this week i know so many people in this bachelor world and like some mutual friends with blake and mike. They've just told me out like they're like wait until you see the show like it's bad and i'm like come on. It can't bada mike place like one of the most loved guide like it can't be that bad and then just the first episode and then the second episode oh my ol- i know going through it and there was tax receipts is the who went on with the girlfriend bella the first episode. He's like talking. Did you adorable little energy but then takes takes out on a date but then <hes> finds out that he was aiding christina the one who used to date the our mutual friend yeah bye he she was with dean like a couple parodies patronize ago so then he he and a stagecoach night one but on stage tonight to he was kayla from colton season and now all of these girls are on hanish doublehader apple had her. Someone told me a double header. I love how who told me but someone told me that they had legally ask stagecoach each coach. If they could use their name they said it so much right now because they would have just had a music festival music row to do so many pickups. Gosh gosh i mean hey blessing for stage coaching from the bachelor go. Everyone is gonna be there thirsting for blake trying to find him in the crap. Are these girls like group chat each other other. This is the thing they all are like. You know what filming people wait until they're on camera to bring things up. None of them addressed it until they were in our nice and i think that's why blake is like what the fuck you know. You have my number. We could've talked about this like ago. Yes all coming out on air so i think that like the drama that's it's unfolding. I i love the bachelor yeah yeah it's <hes> i hope he's using protection. You know i. I hope he's man's gaped saved. Okay wait explain what manscaping okay so. I mean jonah sorry to call you out a little bit on my god. We've talked about it so alexa. You know there's time i'm going to be read for the rest of the cast but there's nothing wrong with this. Sometimes janet has the bush who cares like the guys that go down so long. I principal my hair to grow my god mom uh-huh stop listening earmuffs okay right here just outgrow excessively. Look i read. I can't make eye contact. I came back. I got sick especially. We'll behind the glass so yes. Sometimes i let it grow out. It's comfortable and like better comfortable. She is laser now very hippy of you. Yeah yeah letting you know i when we were in okay. So you know courtney berman. We were in australia rape of right when we had a bush right when we landed uh-huh uh-huh but i obviously we're going to be at the beach off week so you get rid of it but when i was showering she never ran. It was like before you shape it. Let me see i'm just like how do you have like. I have to see i mean i. Hey look you know i've been then. I think courtney random right afterwards agree okay okay. I want to see too and i was like all right guys. Have at it look at four tickets at the door. At this point i should i should make money off of this. I think you owe me some money for that. I'm laser lazard's from head to toe. I mean not my head eyebrows hyper. Yes you know i don't want any hair like eyelashes eyebrows yeah hair on my head other than that. I want to be the baby homegirl over here not so much i will but when it comes to guys i'm sorry like okay girl bush. I know some guys is don't mind about that because yeah. It's crazy but some guys it could be a lots. That's what i'll give that he was manscaping for the video shoe. We're going to his hauser's not that. I'm just saying no when we were rolling around like his boxers were low and i was like okay good job like we're going here. He did a good job yeah so janet and i i just got these packages. In the mail from man's gaped which is the number one men's below the belt grooming and i was like okay janna and one one of them for our gay best friend and one of them for you. I have not u._c._l._a. This whole redesigned like the electric trimmers so it's like really good luck and responded to me by the way i'll maybe i shouldn't say this but i did and there's lots of logan's and are groups our friend who we gave one to you and i go. How is your manscaping kit. He goes my balls have never felt more luxury. Do do that for you out of your landscaping manscaping so like they're sexy. Lawnmower two-point now has proprietary skin save technology. This trimmer isn't gonna necker snag and you have the boys nut yavapai lawnmower yeah yeah so i just think for all of you men out there. I know hello ladies. I think i have a way higher female audience listening so spread the word to your man because i don't think any girl really wants to be like look and i you know and this is one thing i learned from my sex tapes show in las vegas. You know you take all the guys are into that. I'm single all trust me. It's been working. I'm just saying i know so for all of you ladies out there. I suggest you get your men one of these right now you can get got it for twenty percent off plus free shipping when you use the coach gina at manscaping dot com and you know what i mean. It's like maybe the team i but like we have to be honest and like no one wants like like smelly balls. That's gross. You know no literally just now. It's literally all of these products smell al good so like the men are going to smell guide but if full kit you don't know how does janet doesn't give blow job so she's like less inclined for this but i'm liking what i want to be all opportunities of dating anyone. That's listening right now. Y'all got. She and i just keep it coming. Janet janet also likes to tell this guy interested in how i've never masturbated weird things. It isn't goes into the thirty minute ammo. My janet shut up. Are those friends that just like spill the beans. There's not much now but it's too much to this sum this up lady just remember you got twenty percent off and free shipping with coach tina manscaping dot com. That's twenty offer free shipping at manscaping dot com just use coach gina and i think that all the ladies will be happy. I love how it's like a little kid to know ladies like the kylie gay guy. Let's taylor. The boys are going to be happy for the boys mansell as well. They probably care more than we cannot. Discriminate lady do men are going to appreciate that so yeah yeah but i will say i feel like most of the minimum amount from paradise to look manscaping their own pretty good shape. Oh yeah they're jack yeah. She just friends with so many bachelor guys. I always say that every time a bachelor's or bachelorette season airs just weeks news. I get voted off she slides or they slide into her so i like she wants to be the bachelorette and like you already are just yeah yeah. It's true and then you just don't have like the world following because you're ready being followed on one show if you don't actually seeing him tonight. Did you see i'm last season ovarian of umbrellas my own bachelorette date with robbie hayes. Yes got everything they did for that was so good so bachelorette so many bachelorette like like terms. I love this job. I think he's here for the right reason. We've done a lot of group dates at the beach to on one movie day like now it's our i online honestly those boys so like robbie and a few of the other ones all of in this house for when we first then there's a time we were like we were all going on group dates and then it was like i literally was like being on the bachelor is like you guys just really liked this jordan from summer house for roy talking to him and i might move out here for like a month or two and not like temporary just for a bit and jordan so funny. I was again michael l. A. like october november. He was like oh. My guy friends have a house there you. I should just like they rent out or bloom and i'm like oh. What's the house and he's like. Oh rob behave. The house that you taber is funny is that the of course this is whose house weathering out i wouldn't have houses are really nice and amazing huge awesome location venice but yeah it's like the bachelor picked up okay so i wanted to talk about your podcast yeah so now did you start out of the publicists. Yes publicist i for five years p._r. Worked in entertainment. I did the whole ah worked with rappers athletes the whole nine and it was just so demanding. I've always loved pop culture. I watching reality t._v.'s since i was like five i'd be that kid that would like like put on m._t._v. instead of cartoons. They watch the real world. Am i am a publicist and then honestly i was working in p._r. When i noticed the influencers were getting paid so much so big and i blog is a lot in college but when i started working pure my job was just so demanding that i stopped so i decided to start back up my blog and by instagram name at the time was publicity yeah like pub list l. y. S. omega not right when he didn't know and i was just thinking oh publicity's priority taken that was the first thing but now i'm thinking your name ain't even dad so my nickname and i had the handle already before my blog so i'm like i'm just gonna launch on this like on instagram started a blog. My blog is like obsolete obsolete now like no one reads websites like that yeah so i'd say like instagram is my main like business and i was like what else could i do because i don't want to just be another fashion girl on instagram. That's not my vibe so i launched my podcast and they're really focused on pop culture which is like what i like. The most uh-huh podcasters pop culture people so i've had so many great people while ben in l. A. actually had billy leon. I know we've gone on. I had terron knew all she was on the show. Okay another show dirty. John on the real life person killed her mother's others soccer so i had her box me through how she killed him litter. I'm on my way home. It's not gonna be 'cause like this. I just recorded corded yesterday mazing <hes> i had on literally every single person from summer house 'cause they're all in new york. <hes> i've had on like margaret joseph's from the real housewives press hilton spencer pratt like spencer's has the spencer yet heidi. Yes yeah yeah they do. <hes> yes spencer's amazing. He gave me crystals which is great great god. He didn't bring crystals when he came here. Well i went to him day. The pratt pratt daddy h._q. Is at your house. No he has this new <unk> crystal office. Oh gosh it's in the pacific palisades. It's beautiful wow and then i'm trying to think yeah. I've influencers entrepreneurs. I honestly anyone that has like a cool story to tell <hes> sometimes friends. Have you had any pellegrino on no. He's okay. I still yeah. There's sound like new york. People and people still that i need to get i honestly d._m. People are used like my network sheen. I know through courtney. I just d._m._z. Billy early like i try to use my own network which has worked for yes yeah. It never hurts to ask in the podcast. Community is like a really tight knit community and like you said new york podcast just want to help speech other out. I feel like that's how it is here too. I've had on every single new york person. That's been on the bachelor but it's so much harder to get the ones from l._a. On yeah i feel like they're like bigger like they've more more followers who think they're cool. I suppose after mario on the timing work larry issue if you don't follow him on instagram follow him. I think i do yeah. He goes on rants and he is just hilarious. I love i met him in new york so i like just messaged him and hopefully next time. He's a new yorker. I'm here. I'll get him out. At some point. We did a fun drinking and podcasting with him. Like what about a month yeah. She was like going through a break up at the time and he was hitting on me. The entire podcast we sharing is caring for their. I'm like oh. I mean immune. She's love with them. Yeah so tomorrow is one of those people at the time. I was talking to someone else so i was cabrini janet into mario trying hard literally and i was like you can have the extra room and janet trust me like his lips like blah blah aw always tries to sell people i mean hey that's a good friend. No one tries to set me up. I have i love being set up. I think that's the best. I wouldn't know what it's that's set you up while you're here literally. I'm leaving right might be back in october. I i really think so. I had at least in new york for the first time. I'm ever lived in new york for seven years. I've always been asleep to my lease. It's just the way it is there and i finally broke my lease and i'm just like traveling this month and i'm going to try to move in and again in the fall but what i'm thinking is instead of getting a lease a new york. Maybe i'll come here for a mon- so kind of just like doing whatever at the moment and it's honestly liberated if you do more than thirty days in an airbnb they give you a discount. I lived in l._a. In an airbnb for three months when i first moved here not bad yeah yeah i've been looking yeah so if i were to airbnb my house in palm springs i would have to give people a discount after a month thirty day max <unk> out now that we've been going there so much though i could not imagine sleeping in my bed no or my dinner yeah i that i am a little weird with. I don't think i'd want to airbnb my personal space. I feel like people that are people that have extra home like. I don't know if freaks me out a little those people. I don't even have a home now. Oh my gosh so in house the other day well. You have rooms at both of mine. I claim yeah so hard. You can afford us these luxury but literally the other day in palm springs. It was a record breaking raking heat day. It was one twenty-one when we were sitting outside and snapchat said it was one nineteen twenty one. I wish so hot and dry that when we get out of the pool we just instantly as like you went through like a dyson handwriting or you're just like instantly dry everywhere. I was like this is like the pools hot fun right now so bad. I like how bloody nose just because it was so dry. Mice scan has been so dry just like between vegas and palm springs like i've i have live in the dads are whichever one it is and then by the beach like when i'm at the desert. It's just like my skin knows. It gets so dry but i've been using these new aloe products. Have you heard of hallo body. I actually have thing it sounds so familiar. Okay so it like smells so good that you like low key want to eat it like it's almost like a cocktail in in a cream so i keep like one set at home just because it's like my daily routine but i swear that stuff's been helping like when we're in palm springs. You should try it. Yeah <hes> thanks for sharing. I just got it. I'm excited about it. Posted on instagram and ivan posted any like face products in a while because i'm very very picky with what i put my faith but when i got this stuff it also matches the decor in my book bother or make sure you can find it out for your love shit so it's so cute hugh but they're german-made. It's definitely become a favourite to like celebrities and influencers like all over europe by everything that that they make it here's to the irregular regulation creative with products that are all cruelty free which i will only use products that are cruelty free. I don't wanna use any makeup or anything. That's tested on animals like i literally boycotted mac these they started testing on animals again and i was like i'm not like i'm out. I'm not using like i only they won't products that are cruelty free and yeah so next summer in palm springs. You'll love he. Definitely i love. I know you guys are gonna love it and right now you can get them out an incredible low price so just use my promo code sheena thirty. That's s. h. E. a. and a thirty four four thirty percent off their entire website. You can go to hello body. Dot com type s. h. E. a. n. a. three zero and yeah check out my instagram where i've even posting about them and i know you guys are gonna love these products because you'll feel super hydrated. I can't wait to try yeah. I'll share next time yeah but it's it's been. It's been fun going out there. I love poems fries pad shah that our our god no but so should we tell us about the game that you've invented that we play in palm springs. It's the best we've got into trouble. Let's just say what happens in palm springs to try to make stay there. It doesn't say i'm jealous. I invented this game in college that we call pizza box so when we were like four and couldn't afford like decca card or like ping pong balls we would open up a cardboard box of pizza box or beer case and everybody draws like a circle on the board with their name in it and if it lands you flip a bottle cap capela quarter onto the board if it lands on someone's name drink for seven seconds to lansing a blank spot you make a rule in that spot and then eventually you just have this like map of dares. I was just making stuff yeah god and so i brought it. We've i've been playing this now for ten years. I shouldn't be playing this game. I play it always. He's just like there was one on the board this time that was like airdrop everyone a nude like oh my god yeah and then it was funny because the guy who janet like like whatever they're whatever they are. I'm as well by tells <hes> he an android he were there and he's like yo turn off your air offer this with his friend have minute. I was like oh no five anyway. It wasn't like just about news but we get my. There's this new thing on planes. Has this happened to you where you airdropped random. Oh yes it's happened on planes specifically. You're trapped extra one time. I was gonna start doing yet. I was on a train to the hamptons once with my friends and there was these cute guys in front of us so we took a selfie and and we were like they're just names coming up john joe whatever just sending the guys in front of us star giggling the air drop it to someone. Does it say where it's coming from no so i just like airdrop something you right now unless you have my phone number. I don't think it's i don't think they might say your name. It might say from sheena but i don't think it will say. I don't know that's okay. I'm gonna jenner airdrop you video so it's it's telling me okay. I'm air-dropping it to both of you and then. Tom says she no would like oh jeez. Yeah i have yeah okay. Oh thank god. I declined yeah. It was just my damn. I know though we need to try it with the street. Okay definitely because i might curious if it'll say three one oh knocking on three one over the other seven out but yeah my mom just anything good on the podcast. Don't listen to this one for you. Yeah are way too much thermometer yeah. Sometimes we'll be talking about it and her mom but you guys. I'm right here so i'm so close with my mom too but she gets mad at me. Sometimes when i say too much yeah. Did you have to put that out. There like mom. Let me live. Do you understand how much more is out there right like. Have you listened to collar daddy that podcast. Oh okay it is us tax podcast like rationing girl though talking about sex giving tips like so graphic and i'm like mom i could be doing that and like i like say a curse word and talk about sex for like thirty seconds like give me yeah like i'm like it could be so much worse but you have to listen to that podcast. It is like raunchy but so interesting interesting wait. I love the i. It's like me with sex with emily. If you're aren't asked me because you know doesn't watch porn what kind of porn i watched and then immediately after text my mom said do not listen to this podcast. Can i know you're going to so when you listen to it. I don't want to hear any comments and she immediately tax offers like why did you watch lesbian porn or you as if you want to be a lesbian lesbian i was here about this. My mom always like i didn't raise her the same like but you did you really yeah. I got my potty mouth from you. See my mom was like a good choose growing up so i'm like i've exceeded like everything. Thank you so much worse than she ever that like. I can't even throw it in her face to be like what you were like this. She was so goody two shoes and my sister's kind of good to shoes. John like see my sister's kind of like that too. She's definitely the more tame one if we're out together like she's the driver like she's ensure. Everyone's ones look super healthy for your relationship. Yeah they've been there forever like two and a half by twenty two next week. I'm thirty four and she's the mall so you would think she would be in like the party's not at all. I guess she doesn't cause she. Barely drinks doesn't do any drugs work hard yeah. She might have like a later life like maybe moment where she just like. I need to live but also with me. I didn't really like go a little. We'll crazy partying until i was twenty two like i was really good all through high school true haulage. I was always sober driver because they didn't trust my friends because they would all drink and i knew i i wouldn't do that but then when i was twenty one turning twenty two with my sisters exact age knocking to say his name actor actor who in college i watched on television. Show was the lead in this movie who had the biggest crush on through the tv. I end up meeting at a club one night. I think i know who you're talking about like become a thing and like date for awhile and just made some bad decisions decisions but fight once i hit twenty two. I don't wanna say it was all downhill because it was just like oh now. I have people do this those times of my life. It's like those that i had. I'm like that was so liberating. I said this is my friends. I've never really nostalgic about anything like the one thing about recently is like that we never we're having first anymore like how was sneaker sneak out more like drink underage online everything legally now. It's like i miss like pushing the boundaries. I may to me. I remember my first three tom. I can't say i'm i'm like no. I'm like i'm not prude but i i'm like very unlike you gotta wine and dine me. Take me on a date. Okay you know from from summer. I say to her like i would play it the exact same. I'm were also very similar italian family. I love her very similar or so watching her. I'm like this is a clone of exactly what wing so. I'm like that but yeah. I'm fine when with someone wherever but i'm very like kinda put on a show. I'm like you have to impress me. See i can go one of two ways depending on the person like say i feel like right now. I'm back in my like early. Twenties singles angles down hanging bang bang bang and like no one believed me just because i was married i'm divorced. I went into another relationship after everyone's like your relationship asia person. I'm like you've only known me since my ex husband. You know me twenty one to twenty six true. That was banging then it's like. I'm just back to my old antics but i've always been responsible. I've always use economy. I've always been on birth control <hes> jeanette have you been on birth. Control roll haven't been a birthday. Actually what about you know. I'm on it yeah. Do you take i honestly couldn't even tell you that a pill or lights appel okay yeah so i i did the new ring for a really long time and i loved that but then i got into another relationship after my marriage where i was more active and and the ring wasn't working in that situation i wave air is bad so i got back back on the pill and i got on lolo astronaut and i've been telling janet that she should get on the pill as well now that you are single again and she's like but i i don't want to go to the pharmacy. I don't want to pick it up and then i'll take it easy scripts or whatever it's called. They should put your out. No it's actually called four hurt. Oh actually no for her. Yeah so it gets delivered to your front door of when you need it. Actually no judgment you like what their physician available they can answer any questions you might right have dot com which is the new women's wellness brand putting your body back in your control so when you're on top and in control being enrolled mcclatchy watch. My parents have always told me that there's no. There's no reason this day and age. You should be getting pregnant if you're not trying to because there's so many ways to prevented prevented especially coming to your door sleeping with anyone that i wouldn't have a child no but it's it's convenient portable. It's fought for by women for women so it's the best of it yeah directly to your door so whether already taken it or you wanna start for hers can connect you to a doctor online online who can help determine the option that will work for you. <hes> so <hes> right now my listeners can get their first month of birth control from four hundred dot com for just five dollars right now while supplies last and subject to dr approval you can see the website for full details but just go to four hers dot com slash shea and again. That's f. o. R. h. e. r. whereas dot com slash s. h. A. y. Restrictions apply see website for full details mpg information but get on the pill and get on the patch. I've tried talk. I've tried all of them. Patches the most awkward because everyone thinks you're trying to quit cigarettes no but the worst thing about the patch was like it's like a band aid on for a long time and then you take it. It's like like you have the band aid rang and then the gu-guy third so ancient yeah. I came out. Do they even make those anymore anymore so i don't know one person that has that they know patches digress no this. Nobody listerine struck hangover hang hang. Oh we arena just does work. I thought so the first day at home springs we went. We went as we said we went up shit. You guys the first night and the next day. I was what i call. Lower case are hung over which is when you can't stand up all the way your body looks like a lower case half and like wander wander around all day like that but then i hang over batch and the next day it was not hung over so but you can't really test it because like yeah just not drink as much or today eat meg attached attached to the patrick why jeanette part of the pizza box the drink a bottle of water under sixty seconds. This girl doesn't drink water. I drink. She landed on that a couple of problems and oh. I really chugging so chuck the bottle of water in like eight seconds. This sounds like maybe the reason why yeah she has a bad aspartame. I loved. I literally like four diet cokes today. I actually decided i'm gonna say this out. Loud so that you hold me to okay. I have thirty diet cokes left in my fridge when they are gone. I'm not drinking diet coke at home anymore and i'm only giving myself one day out at a restaurant. Let's let's let's not get crazy. No no more at home okay but one day with a refill. Yes obviously no wind. I mean if it's free refills then. She's going to get like sweetwater background than just like. Where's she going to create. Ah ranking of diet cokes two guys didn't ask to hear them but i tell you one way. Okay so goes fountain coke from mcdonald. Totally fountain drink like like fountain diet coke anywhere else <hes> <hes> cold kellyanne with ice. Jan diet coke diet coke and then <hes> below load is to leaders and the small twenty ounce about no. I'm going to be you the glass bottle. Oh yeah. I remember one glass bottles for me. Go below fountain at ah mcdonald's yeah. They are so like the glass bottle. It holds all the carbonation ashley from chicago when they call them co. We're like in europe utah fancy. I do prefer diet coke over coke zero two. Oh yeah yeah well. You better like coke. Zero basically just tastes like coke but it doesn't have the sugar. I hate the taste of regular. Same won't be like you can't tell the difference. I'm like yes you die obscene. Diet coke are very different so i really can diet eight. Pepsi is the android of god that's ever truly. The android of white it very much is that is so true. Drink one very truly <hes>. Have you seen the movie injured. Oh that's right bill. Oh no will i. I forgot well green texture degreen. I'm not gonna apologize is i'm not gonna janet sleeps with people who have green texting phone. I find some now. I am not making contractors will again thank you. I'm just telling you the until the last two guys who suffer with green texters so type honest with before my relationship like two years ago. They might have been green to ooh. Oh my god you know what i say like. If i could date you even green tax that means. I really like you they. They can never be involved in group chats. You can't like name acute group chat. You can't like do those like the thumbs up and south no says eight including including janet loved this they beat the entire things change my thought that you and i just like they copy and paste their messages and right right that they loved it. Obviously that's not what we're doing. Wow <laughter>. I'm chuck. I learn something new. Every oh my god yeah i think it says like janet ha-had at laughed and a half after yeah but then it quotes the entire tags instead of just a little heart popping up irena will have you ever considered getting phone. Why are you peasy andrew my whole life. Are you like one of those battery people. Do you do it for the battery. How much control over the technology like if i plug it in my computer i can open things up and do what i want with it with an iphone. I can't do that no it. Doesn't that's always gotten so much. Joy out of fucking everybody over so long. I'm like i'm never going to get an iphone because i love being that person. You have androids like third different. You know they have something about that. They wanna stand. I'll give you know it's like this like like stubborn stubborn refusal anti iphone but also i feel like most people who i know with android are smart hand so successful battle yeah yeah one of our friends. He's a lawyer is an android like like her ex. Boyfriend will vary smarr humans like my mom had an android until well. I am my sister myself. We got so annoyed me and like yes. I'm here here here like let me check it on fucking facebook to let you know i'm here and i was like just get an iphone and b. Find my friends so they're not gonna just check because there would be like like sam filming or whatever and i'm going to have to drive to let me know when you make it there and then i'm filming. I'm like mid scene because they do make their jamaica. I'm like i'm trying to fill literally my mom now. She's like us. Text me when you get in yeah. I'm like i'm in mom up on. I'm in a newborn my way home and she'll be okay. Text me when you get your ride with me and then it won't texture when i get in because you know you got u._p. And she are you in. Are you in miscall leash yeah. This sounds like she knows mom to teach literally recently we were driving to palm springs and we were chatting about something good but we're just going back and forth and all of a sudden erica like attacks like where are you guys going miss the government agua kellyanne and paul does her house and so we missed it by like twenty minutes take. Where are you guys going down thought. I like look. I mean i'm driving so i'm looking but i know like right before you got to my exit. There's the bridge rage. It has the palm springs thing so like i think i just miss that there was like a couple of big rigs in front of me miss that bridge and the nice bridge upcoming and i was like oh wait that one doesn't save palm springs so must be the next one. It was father's day. My parents are like waiting for us. Generates this term and then i look over and i see agua kellyanne i didn't i don't remember usually passing ogle kellyanne town this drive and then it was like next exit indio mike. I'm the on the ground so my at the polo field bomb forgot what week of the year it was yeah. She's very on top of this game yeah but this has been fun of god. We finally got it. I know it's been really fun. I'm we're happy you were new york. We're gonna have to get drinks with us in burma yes. Let's go out. I like watch what happens live. I think i am going to i was just talking to carl. We had had like the funniest. My mom and i were putting together furniture my house and carl facetime me. He's wasted. It was hilarious. We're on facetime for over an hour with the building this table. I might having a drink. He's having a drink like it was so much fun. He's like wait. So are you gonna come and i was like i was like i wanted to just you know talk to your people. All talk to me like it would be fun to go for the end of summer party like labor day so look. I want to come with me to obviously urine coordinate. I'm just inviting you to their health combined. No no come to our house in the hamptons thought it would be so fun. Oh totally you have to let me know so funny. I don't think i told you this janet so my my mom and i had karl. He was so drunk on facetime. We adam convinced that he wasn't at my birthday party on the yacht. No he missed she had like she had a river cruise like no no as their egos at your apartment before i go no carl. I know you were at my apartment. Go but then we went on the boat and then we back up with you at the bar and he's like no i was on the boat and i just don't remember you on the boat. I'm like how did i miss. You like ice raziq. I'm sending you a video right now. He sends me a video. The video was actually at the bar that night and i was like karl that was at the bar and he goes no shit. It was like i was on the boat i was i was like this goes on for like fifteen minutes. We haven't fully convinced like maybe i wasn't finally the water is in the background. I was like okay. He was just like so like flabbergasted like no. I sw yeah buzz but while we're going to wrap this up here shenanigans and we're going to continue the conversation on the publicity podcast check in there. It's spelled p. u. B. l. y. As as eye-to-eye and where can everyone find you same name a._m. On instagram at publicity about the same my awesome awesome thanks for listening guys being spying thanks for listening to shenanigans download new episode episode every tuesday and subscribe on the podcast one app at podcast one dot com or at apple podcasts and don't forget to rate in the show on apple podcasts looking looking find and i got a girl with me. We'll get into one most of them. Get over here. I'm making uh-huh in the club little jordan in here. I know a lot of you. Create your own podcast and a lot of you already have one like me. Obviously we love what i do. It's taken a lot of hard work to get to this point of success you you shouldn't have to pay fees for platform hosting distribution analytics or fees to create podcasts. We need to be able to focus on producing the best show possible now podcast one and that's a network. I'm on the launch pad digital media or launchpad d._m. 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App or the sound of your voice you can even help keep your loved one safe on the go with location. Sharing driving activity alerts an in an emergency s._o._s. button through the eighteen go app. That's eighty t real protection. I'm rita foley with a._p. News minute president trump is going on summer vacation haitian today but he won't be able to leave a storm of crises behind matt small has more with president trump's poll numbers stalled in his ability to rally the country question. Trump trump is being tested by an escalating trade war with china that may slow the economy rising tensions with both iran and north korea and in the aftermath of the latest mass shootings pressure researched agam guns all well facing accusations over his own role in fostering an environment of hate majority leader. Mitch mcconnell says when lawmakers returned to washington next month and he wants them to consider gun sale background checks among other gun violence bills hopefully be able to come together and actually pass something. I wanna make a law he. He spoke to terry minors on w.h a._s. Radio in louisville kentucky tennessee man serving life in prison for murder has been freed after twelve years after after a fingerprint pointed to another suspect. I'm rita fall lay.

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