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Support for this podcast and the following message come from cohnresnick whose business of baseball and original MLB video series shares key insights on the business side of America's America's pastime for a game changing strategies to help your business visit cohnresnick dot com slash. MLB live from NPR news in in Washington. I'm Jack Speer President. Trump says he will cooperate with House. Democrats have threatened to subpoena him to get documents relating to their impeachment impeachment probe. NPR's Brian Naylor reports trump spoke at a news conference with the President of Finland Three House Committee Chairman have said they will subpoena the president if he doesn't turn and over documents they requested last month relating to the president's phone call with his Ukrainian counterpart in which trump pushed for an investigation of Joe Biden and his son son asked at the news conference he will turn over the documents. The president seemed to indicate he would well. I always cooperate. This is a hoax. This is the greatest hoax folks is just a continuation of what's been playing out John for the last since my election trump criticized house speaker Nancy Pelosi for in his words handing handing out subpoenas like they were cookies and called the impeachment investigation of fraudulent crime on the American people Brian Naylor. NPR News Washington House Speaker Egr Nancy Pelosi in House Intelligence Committee Chair Adam Schiff are defending the impeachment inquiry process and efforts to protect the whistle blower at its center from possible retaliation allegation Congressman Schiff saying trump's repeated attacks efforts to unmask the identity of the person won't affect the investigation. The president can attack the whistle blow rhetorically. All the president wants. It doesn't change the fact that the record of that call shows the president of the United States in a same conversation indeed immediately easily after the Ukraine president ask for more military help. The president is states asked that leader a- favor though that favor being to investigate former vice president Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden Democrats have said the pressure on the Ukrainian president constitutes abuse of power worthy of impeachment scrutiny and have warned the White House to expect a subpoena Bernie Sanders presidential campaigns announced. He's canceled campaign events until further notice because of a heart procedure he underwent last tonight. Here's NPR's Daniel Court Slaven campaign senior adviser Jeff Weaver said in a statement that sanders felt chest discomfort during a campaign event Tuesday night testing show that sanders had a blockage in an artery that two stents were inserted. The campaign said that he is in good spirits. The Sanders campaign has not provided more information at this time. I'm the news comes as sanders was preparing for campaign events in Nevada and less than two weeks ahead of the next democratic debate currently Sanders and Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Elizabeth Warren are fighting hard for the progressive vote in the Democratic primaries Danielle Kurtz Lebron. NPR News former Dallas police officer Amberg Geiger has been sentenced to ten years in prison reason for killing her unarmed neighbor after mistakenly entering his apartment and assuming he was an intruder percents decided by the same convicted of murder Geiger fatally shot twenty-six-year-old Botham John on Wall Street. Today stocks sharply lower. The Dow is down four hundred ninety four this is NPR. One runway has reopened at Bradley International Airport near Hartford Connecticut after a World War. Two era of bomber crashed during an aborted takeoff attempt killing at least seven people living other seriously burned the foreign gene propeller-driven plane slammed into a maintenance shed near the airport is the pilots were circling back for landing after experiencing difficulties retired civilian registered district planes associated with the collings foundation an educational group that brought the vintage aircraft airport this week one of few remaining. Boeing B seventeen flying fortresses still oh deemed airworthy. The plane was built in nineteen forty. Five scientists say they've designed a smartphone APP that can detect a white reflection coming from the back of newborns is is is. NPR's Joe palca explains detecting such reflection could lead to early treatment for devastating. I'll diseases often. When you take a flash picture you get a red reflection from the blood lead vessels at the back of the eyeball but a white reflection could signal danger for example a tumor at the back of the eyeball the new APP designed by scientists at Baylor University. The in Waco Texas uses artificial intelligence to scan through photos looking for the presence of that white reflection as they report in the journal Science advances. The APP apted fairly well detecting the white reflection when it was present but they're hoping to improve the detection rate and cut down errors in future versions Joe Palca. NPR your news major move by India to try to eliminate single use plastics is picking up steam. The country says it hopes to eliminate such plastics within three years. Most Indian states already already have some regulations on single use plastics. I'm Jack Speer N._P._R. News in Washington.

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