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And. Hello. Hi. And welcome today. Ten of the show apart a day of may that sounded like a head space introduction. Didn't it? Well Dayton of head space. Yes. Anyway, no, this isn't a head space in a meditation. This is data of day of may. And I'm gonna warden your host and previously in a today. May we have discussed sell help books, but a lot of you have emailed not. But in addition to asking about self help books, I've had a lot of emails about holiday reading fiction books autobiography recommendations, so I thought I would create a mini show for may on exactly this. So let's start with a book of just finished reading, and I did mention in the post about self help, but has nothing to do with cell, and that's the dirt by motley Crue written with Neil Strauss. Now, I read this because I watched the film the dirt on Netflix, which I recommend. It's a good word and back in the day. I did used to very much enjoy motley Crue. So it's not like a came to them cold despite the fire that film, but back in their heyday, I was probably a little bit too young to understand why they would call the wall band music history. But that's not to say, I wasn't cute. The film outlines a lot of it. And it's it's certainly not for the faint hearted. That's for sure. But the book man, oh, man, the book takes things to another level. And it will. So takes you beyond. What was in the movie, and ultimately, the brotherhood is the thing I felt most intrigued by and you get a lot more of in the book than you do in the film. These misfits you came together travel the world made millions Ford suffered unthinkable loss. Battled addiction one of them died for a bit, but they come together and have an incredible bond. And I think actually that's the heart of the story. Not the. Groupies drugs and excesses, but Neil Strauss who write the book with them with the full members of motley Crue. So that's Nikki six told me leave. It's Neil and make MAs Neil Strauss's, an amazing writer. He writes for Rolling Stone in the New York Times and he wrote the game. And everyone loves you when you're dead which books that will probably unpick in another show. Maybe I'll even ask them to be guest. But he's written it with them. And I think his guidance is really helped make it an incredible incredible weight. And he's also written Marilyn Manson's autobiography with him so thoughts next up on my reading list, and as I mentioned on the previous show about books in the fiction and autobiographies. They tend to live on my kindle hard copies tend to be for self help books or nonfiction. And my kindle is where I consume lie easy weeds autobiographies that an audible again spike about it lost time. Sometimes I will buy an autobiography on audible and in on the kindle, and then I will. Tactician them the peasant particularly is being narrated by the author. Let them read it to me. Why wanna not it's not a bad idea is? So that's where I'll be reading Marilyn Manson's become a save. He narrates it, and that's where I read most of the books mentioning in this episode apart from the ones that were sent in by publishes. And if you're interested I have a kindle paper white, which was actually a Christmas present from Gavin. My brother he's been on this show. A couple of Christmases ago. So that was nice very nice. In fact, I cannot mention getting lost in a good book without mentioning in Z calc now, obviously full disclosure, I'm friends with Lindsay. And I think I'd like pretty much anything she did. But she really is a talented writer, and I started reading her books after I met her in the context of costing. So it was actually lighted to discover how much I enjoyed books in. The fact I didn't have to lie to when talking about whether I enjoyed the I really really enjoyed them. I heart series is so brilliant, and it comes to an end with the publication of Hawaii the book that launches in a few weeks at the time of according this show. It comes out Maitha fifty thousand nineteen I believe, and it's just so brilliant. It say well observed and the thing is she writes men and women really really well. And she writes friendship perfectly like, she doesn't sugarcoat anything. She's lindsey. It's. Very real. And it's perfectly drawn to my mind. I understand I understand it. I I completely understand their relationships in the dynamics she's talking about in the way that she describes them builds them and not just in one book oversee books when I stayed within Z in LA in December last year. We went on Vanda pump ball cruel, and by the end when we were in tom-tom, maybe a few Margaritas down. She was saying how the wheel love story and the iheart series. And she say she was saying she was kind of shout to get the real love story in the high heart series is between Jenny and Angela, and I've never seen anyone live and breathe that brand content. More just to say, and it's not just the iheart series though. She also has standalone books like one in a million which he published last year and her first children's book is a period later the ship. I believe I actually I'm losing track. Every time I talk to her. She's writing something else next down Enzi, but actually do more because I want to read more of your stuff, she's a machine, but she's a very talented machine. She's the beyond say of writing. In my opinion. She can put that on a book. She and the gum sets linzie couch the beyond say of right that you go. It's my opinion. I stand by it. If you're going on holiday or you just want to read every day on your commute, the summit, then these are amazing companions Lindsay's books. Are amazing the keeping you company, and I can't recommend them enough. I says but Lindsay's favourite part of writing them though is texting her going. I'm at the end of chapter x in x x x is going to happen, and what sex gonna do always going to be okay. That must be the best part of the writing process for her. You're welcome Lindsey. He's been on the show. He's a day friends. But also, he's a damn fine writer and Kevin Dickson's books. All well worth your time. And attention blind item is probably the ultimate on put-down -able summary. Well, any season to be fair? And if you enjoyed the episode when deemed bag, and I talked about what it was like interviewing celebrities in our role as beauty editors getting six minutes in a hotel room with Victoria secret model of never felt more likely in order to Capri then you'll adore this book Kevin worked in magazines for longer than I did. And the stories he can tell off the record will make your hair curl. They might go. So what's in this book sells pretty close to what may or may not have happened? But obviously, I'll leave it there. The to your imagination. There's also have follow up. Guilty pleasure, which you're likely fall into the second you finish the last word on the last page of blind item. It's fun, easy and cabinet. So well, so it's a hard recommend from me. If you want to be entertained by something other than a streaming service. They go his books are excellent oversee. I hope it goes without saying can't believe I'm already seven minutes into the podcast manager saying this, but all the links to the books mentioned in the poor cost will be in the show notes, which can be found. More of your streaming downloading this episode and the guns dot com, and I will also put them on Instagram stories with swipe ups, and I will save that to highlights. If you go to the hashtag porta day in may highlight on my Instagram page, all of the links every single days podcast in poverty may will actually be in there. So you can just swipe up and find things very easily that you. She's been on this show too. She's a great writer, and she's an absolute blast to hang out with Beck. Dory. Stein's book from the corner of the oval is one of my favorite reads, and it charts her time as a stenographer in the Obama administration from on Seraing and not on Craigslist that landed her job on Pennsylvania Avenue, traveling the world with protests. What goes on behind the scenes, and so so much more? It's a real page Turner. She's a really talented and brilliant writer and offers of very unique perspective on not only what it's like to be that close to the most powerful elected official in the world. But also raising your game to feel that you deserve to be there and belong there. And what goes on? She was young when she got that role. And all of a sudden, you're on Air Force One. I mean that that's going to the process, and she describes it beautifully in the book. So it's it's a really good reason. I it's a hard recommend to you from me this one this next one isn't letting fluffy. It's not letting to let the other thought. It is the only book I read, and I probably read it every year to every eighteen months, and that's in cold blood by treatment. Capote am I revisit I revisit it. Because his writing is is writings perfection, in my opinion. And I've never all of my English teachers over the years or mentors have always cited his writing as kind of the gold standard. And I've never. I've never read this book and not felt scared or I was there felt the heat of Kansas on my skin, even though I've been sitting in a room in London. That's how powerful inefficient his writing is my hope that by revisiting it I absorbed. Some of that skill with every page. I turn if you're not familiar with the story. It's now probably what you might call the first work of true crime storytelling, and it covers a real life case of the murder of the clutter family in Kansas. It's Invex it's investigative journalism and storytelling, and it's utterly gripping. It's a hard recommend for me. It's not that long of a book because treatments writing style is that he is very efficient. He's very economical with his words, but Foyt is he put you in the room. It's really chilling Brousseau just a beautiful piece of literature. You know that I have a lot of time on on sorts Negga. And by that I mean, I have a lot of time for someone who was a poor skinny Austrian. Boy, he made himself the strongest man in the world. The highest paid actor in Hollywood a property tycoon and married into the Kennedys. It's a metaphor people. The guys focus is unparalleled. And I can't talk about the books. I've read an enjoyed without talking about his autobiography total recall and for me the movie start. Yes. I yes. Terminated two colon judgment day is in my top three favorite films of all time. But what I like about this particular book in about Arnold story or the way that he tells it at least is his work ethic. And how unbelievably impressive it is. And while he is obviously made headlines reasons on is inspiring. That's not to say something can't be learned from how he looks at the world give it a world because that's why I sort of hold him as a totem because I think not what would do 'cause I know that is a bit cliche. But just if you if you can grow up in the situation that he was in and you can go to where he is. Now, I kind of thing anything is possible. And that's what I take from it. And he spins a good. On in the book. So why not give it a read? It's it's an easy page Turner. Great for holiday. I have to be read piled that is constantly growing. So I shot Paul you with I was about to say hundreds. But it's tens of books are on it. But I hope you give these books are world and find them interesting fun and detaining distracting, or whatever you're looking for from your next read. If it's if it's the self help books and look at the previous show there the books that you have you know, you want to absorb and consider and take time on these are easy reads that hopefully will leave you feeling that better for having consumed them. But why not let me know what your favorite books are share the Lincoln the close. Facebook group linked to join us in the show notes. And all you have to do is onto two questions to get in. Please answer them. I can't approve a preview if you don't or DM meet some your damn on social media where I'm at Magons at EM. What is it EMA? That's always been my name G U S or you can as I said join that Facebook group just show the things really interested to hear good recommendations because recommendations are well they're much better than a review that you read online. If you read a book, and you think it's worth adding to the show notes, then let me know share in the Facebook group. DM me also many melted. The BT podcast at G dot com. Thank you so much listening. I hope that you have been given inspiration for what you might read over the next few weeks over the summer on your next holiday or just the next time you feel so inclined. I haven't joined sharing these with you. And I will see you on the next one.

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