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minutes after second and final hour here on the show today. Welcome back our first advantage. Text Line is three one nine nine six three one nine nine six. We're we're continuing to navigate through what some of these leagues are going to do on both the professional and the college side of things waiting on more news to come out on the MLB side going back and forth on well now money really financially talking through with the players But on the college side. It's interesting to and on to talk with me a bit about that. Mark Johnson the voice of the Colorado Buffaloes Markelle here in what's going on with California. You're hearing a lot of that situation where they're still looking at online classes in the fall earlier than Wiki. Here Mark Emmett saying we're you know we're not gonNA if those those aren't in class or in person classes we're not gonNa have sports with those specific schools. So how does this impact our situation at this point boy? That's a great question and I think I've settled on on your show before you're gonNA have an entire university system state of California which is in Economic Dire Straits to begin with and we have heard so much in the last couple of years about cal antibiotics. Ucla and in some respects USC having all kinds of economic and financial issues athletically speaking. So now you're going to have you know whatever. The number is for those respective university. Thirty five forty thousand students taking online courses and I guarantee you no one's paying forty fifty grand a year. They got like working. And I just you know I said to you on this show on thumping about not just has led ex but economically A they say they country and institution whatever. It might be at some point in time. There's a pointed return where economically everything just falls apart. And and so I. I don't know how that's GonNa work. And does that mean then? If the vast majority of universities are going to have students on campus that they're allowed to play football or you know figure false Ford But the California schools are not. That's not gonNA go over very well so I don't think we've seen the end of this thing. I was on a conference call yesterday with some athletic officials the Aa Day and was told they feel very bullish with the word. That was used very optimistic about having college. Football this fall and Everyone else I've talked to. I've talked a lot friends in the media that that the one with a lot of people and everyone feels very good about it so I'm not sure what cow but then again. I guess. I've asked that question. I'm not sure. What California every right now? They really confused me. Yeah Well Gosh I. For some reason my brain went to California was the first one really start to. Hey we're GONNA get this players can make money off their likeness regardless of what the NC Double Ada so California's always ready to do their own thing. Right water then. There's there's in new since day one when this all began way back in March when we were lose. There's not this that doesn't make there's no logic to the moves in one state state to want institutional none of it all sound and I question yesterday with official. I said this is not to be difficult to bathgate when you're the NC double A. or a and you're dealing with set to these in different regions and different states that have different viewpoints and different plans of action. How do you possibly get everyone on the same and you know? It's it's really a perplexing puzzle. That the good news is you've got another half a month and a half the month of. May you've got June July and August before football would be here so there's plenty of time and so even selling news worth seeing today Like yesterday with California. They're still possibility. I think Maybe reversing those kind of decisions and changing the course of thanks because I just you know. Write down with with You know a hundred different people doing a hundred different directions. I'm not sure how you make any anything you'd have all out of that market and you brought up the fact you know with all these online courses are students going to be asked to pay the same. I know in your neck of the woods in boulder. You know we have students say. Hey what what the heck. I'M GONNA have to pay the same amount but I'm I mean you and I both know it's a tough thing and I'm talking to my mom's she's a first grade teacher. I know a few high school teachers and Good Luck. They kind of like good luck. But you can hold your exactly right. We can campus but things are back on the rich. Any GONNA happen people. I don't believe moms and dads out. There gotta be smarter with their dollars and if you're a college student Part of what you're paying for yet you're paying for the education but let's be real frank about it you're paying for college experience as well and you don't get forty five thousand dollars for the college experience sitting in the bedroom down the hall from Dan. Wherever you're from not work that way itself Back Down. A long term solution for this and universities are not gonna be able to survive that for any extended period of time. I I saw something here so damn ago. But at We've talked about some of the universities in America and said that There were numbers being thrown around. That one institution by this point could have lost close to a billion dollars. That's with a B for goodness sakes. That's not going on very long before. University starts shutting their doors. I don't think that's going to happen. But if you continue down that kind of path and you can play that game. Yeah we're GONNA offer long online courses but there's a reason that tuition at a power five school is about one hundred times what you pay to take online courses and so he's going to give me online courses. That's what I'm going to be paying online prices. You're exactly right you know mark. I went back to school a few years ago and finished up and I've taken some online some in person but I'll tell you you know the online versus in person. It's night and day to me at least from my personal standpoint. What you learn in person. You're focused more. You have a professor in front of you to me. It's online some of it. I can. I really appreciate but if that's what I was asked to do throughout yeah I'm GonNa feel I'm GonNa feel a little slighted them a little. A little robbed were leading. Well listen we all understood. Don't you you talking about your acquaintances? There are teachers. I teach a class We went to Online and and remote teaching all these things started where we were rescued midway delayed in into a semester. Okay so bad that we've done it and I don't think there's anybody that is is just blow them up to step forward and say criminal side or from aside. Oh that was that was just would have been sitting in front of Inspector Regardless if we're talking high school high school aged to Mike this I couldn't get into things like that. And that was kind of a consistent message Amos a special that Iraq redid for doing a science. We've got projects all these everything we cast but it's the same. It's the two out of the tube. Let's put it that way. You can't put it back in now and he can't continue to tell me that The online thing you see his justifiable before when you're on campus every day and you're meeting with advisors tutoring having office times and all that kind of stuff and market is certainly confusing stuff to navigate through but even in California. I mean the separate side of it. University of California system is still not all in either so I mean even in California you have to our sides where they're like. Yeah maybe I don't really know so I mean my goodness man I I don't know I'm glad I don't have to be in those positions. I guess you can't even get it. Right one st well that it'll thirty and it was made out of castle rock this way those. Kinda of stories popping up all over the country in every state nudity. And and so. You can't get anybody on the same page this ten people together and sit down and have a conversation about promoter virus how it's handled where we're going to what we're doing and has unfolding get ten totally different opinions. And so that's what really makes this a very challenging Stage were Ford and by the way one of the administration points a couple of times that this isn't so much at NC Double A. And I guess this back in what you're saying about the the story of California it's a government official and this well what we need to do. As athletic and university officials is making the government officials are understanding because we do so much without being a literal communities estate the municipalities will go all being You know walking record as well markets. It's been confusing for me since day. One you know when I look at the sports side of it I think okay. Maybe they can get this done but then I look at little things. We're in the radio BIZ right. We survive based on these advertisers supporting the radio stations that broadcast on and and I'm looking at these local businesses There's a jewelry store for example. There's never more than five people in that store at once. At least as far as customers go in that place was forced to shut down and then I go to Walmart. And there's hundreds of people in there. I I have a hard time with the logic of the whole thing and then my brain goes to man if we can't get it right there. How are these universities? How are the professional leagues going to get it right well and you know that that stuff ended up in an entirely different? You're you're right I I wanted the same thing. How is it that that Walmart's invested? We pay she ate. We're we're all in the sponsorship business and everybody in our business freeze everyone sponsorship but You know set corporation is open but your Mama Pops. South is hot. I think well. Why does that work? How are we are? We drawing that line. I'm sitting. I'm in Kansas Right now. I'm sitting at a community right now. I told local municipal government determined that over the summer they were going to keep the public pool open but shut down all the softball and baseball lakes up. When this person told me I thought myself wait a second so in baseball the closest really anybody has to stand is sixty feet six inches. You're spread all over the field. I guess you're GonNa have a catch at a in a batter that are relatively close up the point but for the most part everyone's spread out and a pool home safely. You policing that when people are running between their pool so there there are things like that picking you the community That went through. Just I'm thinking to myself. There doesn't seem to be any it again. And it being a governmental type job but you take that sit navigate others. He'd like to see just some level of consistency. Leathers logic kid. I Made Matt agree with that but I understand once where like I said. Big Store opened mom and pops off shut. Shutdown BASEBALL CAN'T PLAY BUT WE'RE ALL GONNA get him in pro around my daughter consistency consistency right. That's that's what we're talking about and you know before this all happened. I never went into one of these local stores and felt dirty. I go to Walmart and I love Walmart but I go in there. I definitely feel here that I did. Because there's five million people in here a day surrounded by scratch my head. I always scratch my head. I'm a very confused man. But I I've been doing a lot more lately to sue thanks With what the NFL did last week with Military League Baseball now? I think the the wrong but I think that the data shooting for July with What am I get the the NHL all of that? We'll take some steps and there will be movement prouder to college football starting and if there is moving at if we have a major league baseball games at some level NBA NHL play and. We're getting Trinidad. Disaster doesn't like that makes it easier than the domino's the fireworks now and so I'm hopeful that what we've seen with major league baseball. Abby tell this Winter Sport Leagues mpn. Nhl that maybe that will begin to soften the This whole thing. By the time we get around to August Football Brexit San Francisco. No QUESTION MARK. I love talking with you pretty much about anything. But let's face it. I love talking to you about those buffs and football basketball the XS and OS and all that. So they'll if we can get to that soon mark appreciates you as always been willing to go with us on a little bit of everything. We'll look to connect next week sometime in Mark Johnson. The Voice of the boss. I guess that's the tough part you know I try to do my maxim on this show Colfax is. We don't go too deep into politics but it's not really politics to me when there's inconsistencies right. You've been deweiss jewelers before you've been to redwings boots before and you and I went to red wings. We would a few years back. Colefax what do you think on average is in that store per hour as far as customers go? I mean it's not a high volume business now. A few people is a few people and those are the ones that are shut down but the already high volume businesses like Walmart and target and all that are completely okay are completely okay and and I get it. We gotta have groceries. We gotta have all this other stuff and I understand that but in order to go. Buy those groceries. You know those owners of those stores need to be able to do business and and then they can go support these other businesses and it's it's tough. It's difficult thing and I we. You know. Obviously here at the radio station. This station survived solely off of advertisers. And a lot of our brilliant advertisers a lot of them have been severely impacted. Some of them and a good chunk of them are innovative and they come up with some unique ideas to continue to grow their customer base. But some of them Colfax is unique as they might be. It's just difficult to support a business when we're all in this situation and again you're talking about other people losing their jobs and they're not able to go out and support those businesses even through carry out services so again. I plead my case. I ask at the end of the day. We support local businesses. Because if you're a fan of the show if you're a fan of the fact that we broadcast high school games we broadcast. Unc Games. We we give you live and local updates throughout northern Colorado. We got our KPFK block party tonight. It's it's all. These radio shows turned podcast. Entertainment blocked kid to any of that stuff without our wonderful sponsors without our businesses like CRP four by four. You know they're offering top quality parts and accessories locations in Greeley throughout northern Colorado serving. The surrounding area nonstop. They've been doing it for years. So if you want to get your your vehicle to fit your needs your once your hopes your dreams everything you've ever wanted. Syrup four by four. We'll do it and again I I don't want to take a political stance. I don't like to get into that side of it but at the end of the day. I've said this on the air. I'm a capitalist and I do believe making money and if you can go out there and make as much money as possible. Go do it and a lot of these businesses that I I've been up here since two thousand five been at this radio station for since two thousand eight and these businesses. I just know they've been there forever. They've been doing amazing things forever. Happy Life Gardens a sponsor of ours. When I was put myself through college I worked at the city of Greeley Forestry Department. You know how many trips I made a happy life cartons to get stuff for for what we were doing throughout the community to make it. Look Nice. That was the place we went to and The fact that some of those places are in jeopardy it hurts my heart folks and so I hope you can get behind it and support these businesses and do what you can and know again. I laugh at the whole world and this together because there are some people. We're all in this in different ways. We're going through something pretty similar. But not everybody's ellen degenerates and it's kind of funny to me but these businesses there are a lot like us you know. There are a lot like us. We're wondering how we're going to get through the next day and everything so we're working together on that I can tell you that for sure so support local businesses. If you can and please do tell them you heard about right here on the whole show powered by energy twenty minutes after the hour. There's my spiel. We'll take a quick break. Let's get back to some. Unc talk we got we got bj hill. Guy That I love. I know he's had his past but he's on. He's on twitter account. We're going back and forth. I got players jumping in on this. This is a fun debate. Who's WHO's the best between these four players for UNC? Former and current. Andre Spite Bodey Hume Jordan Davis or Jona roundabout go vote at the whole show dot com or read. The results will get back. Get your message out to our community with no co now nine. Am To ten weekdays on KFI K. Catcher started right with up-to-date news weather and sports mornings with Gail six. Am to nine. Am Weekdays Thirteen Ten KFI K? Hi I'm Darren Done Directive Fedex at the University of Northern Colorado and. You're listening to the whole show thirteen ten KFI K. Off My little soapbox again Colfax have not political on it. It's it's really just about the businesses. It's about hoping that these businesses will be there when it's all said and done because again. That's what we do. That's how we operate here at thirteen ten. Kfi K. A. R. Power Play Sports poll question man now every time. I do a list at least once a week. We do some kind of a list and it's never it's never enough for you whole out there. You always gotta add forty five different names that I missed. I mean in the last five years the best players to play for you and see that it is on this list. The the best this the stars of these teams. And that's kind of where we're going because this is the you know again the last couple years. The bears have had a resurgence. Jeff Lender I'm not taking anything away from Tad Boyle years from. Bj Hill years even though that last year was was rocky for sure but it. Isn't you know Jeff? Had the bad year where they when they re the sanctions against them and they didn't win they like. I don't know eleven twelve games and then the next year after that once they were able to compete again they they never lost more than twenty games or they never lost. They never they never had less than twenty wins. What I'm trying to say that's phenomenal to me. That's that's great that's admirable. I mean I think the goal for every college team I mean. They won't a lot of these coaches. Never tell me this but you gotTa think twenty right. Twenty wins is like your minimum that that separates good teams bad teams now when you're starting to compete for conference titles and all that that separates the great teams from the good teams but twenty should be like that that first markets like in the NFL ten games. You have to win ten. You know that that John Fox always used to say ten games. That's the goal you want to win ten games. I and then you see what happens. But that's what you should be focusing on. Yes everybody wants to win sixteen games. But that's unrealistic so you have a focus and twenty wins kind of separate you this. This isn't good. This is a good one Jordan Davis. Still leading this thing. He's been leading this thing throughout but we've gone back and forth. He's at thirty percent. Joe Naroda boss coming in second place at twenty seven percent whereas Bodey Hugh has got twenty four percent of the votes. Andre Spite Scott eighteen percent of the votes of that. Everything's moved around on this chart so Jordan. I Jonas Second Bodey Third Andre Spite. I don't know do you agree with that. Jd Number One. Probably I mean what he can do. Offensively was really. Joe was probably more of the all around player. So if you're looking for that guy that is kind of the Jack of all trades. I think it's Joan abode. He's probably GONNA be up there you know. He was at what he was averaging. Fourteen points a game last year. I think that that's going to go up and I think that's going to go up big time. I could see him. I could see him jumping up into the twenties. You're next year and wouldn't that be something else? Which is changing. I just refreshed to see what it's at and Whoa this is. This is going to be a tight race. Jordan Davis Joan roundabout tied now at twenty nine percent of the votes. Bodey coming in second Andre Spike coming in coming into second behind those two and then under spite is getting a the least amount of votes for this one at least for these purposes to go vote at the whole show dot com. Let me know who you thinks. The best between those four really good basketball players and we'll boaty hume take the next step. It's been what's been phenomenal to me. Is that every year. You have a guy step up. Jordan Davis was a Nice Robin Andrei Batman. And then date. Jd says boom. Now I'm the Batman Jona same kind of story he was the Robin and then he jumps up and he's taken over this team. He's got a great future in front of him Now we'll see Bodey was Was a great second in command last year. I had him on the show recently and I talked him by. You've you've been asked bodies been asked to be a big part of that team early. I mean he was a big part for his freshman year. You know lender told him said you can't be a freshman year freshman but you can't be you've got to be better because in order for us to do what we WANNA do. You've got to be better. You've got to take that next step. And bodey did for the most part and then last year he was really good they. They were exciting to watch now. You have to say all right no. Jd Know Jona Radha Baugh. It's it's on. It's on Bodey to take this thing and really lead and there's some really good pieces but Yeah Bogies voters kind of the leader of this program right now when it comes to players thirty one minutes after the hour do think. Another great sponsor of ours. That's motor funeral. Cremation Service Services. As unique as life live well plan had gift Scott Robin or a member of their great staff. Call today talk to them about pre planning. It is it's a wonderful gift truly. Is They work with with FEMA? In many of our nation's disasters obviously nine eleven in New York City Hurricane Katrina. Check OUT THEIR WEBSITE. Mosier Funeral Service. Dot Com thirty two minutes after the Hour Colefax. Let's jump out of here. Get the latest on the local sports. Flash Start Your morning off right with your recommended daily intake of news weather and traffic to get yourself up and running. Join US mornings with Gail six to nine thirteen ten. Kfi Cayenne well. There was a conference call board of Governors call Tuesday with NBA. Commissioner Adam Silver and listen after that meeting. Espn posting that. There's an there's an positive feeling right now about the league's momentum toward a resumption of play this season all things according to sources from ESPN owners and executives on the call were encouraged about the league's progress toward minimizing health risk upon her return and the League offices positive conversation discuss discussions centered on a health and safety concern including the goal of getting team officials and players. Comfortable the idea that a positive test for the krona virus upon her return would not shudder play. That's that's a key component there because the idea was as soon as you start. Suddenly somebody has it then. Shut it all back down again. You got you gotta be careful with that. Silver told those on the call that have a positive test would shut us down. We probably shouldn't go down this path. So he's basically saying if a positive test would shut everything down then. There's no reason for us to restart this thing because the odds are somebody's probably going to get it. If you know maybe right. I mean they're going home every night there. Whatever there may you can't keep them from going out. You want to put a bubble over everybody can The ESPN posted this question. Though how many tests how many positive tests would be too many that's among the questions that the NBA and p. a? A medical experts have to come to terms with. I suppose but listen. The I just said bubble. I think it's interesting. One of the big lines here was asked about the bubble isolation plan on the call so ver described it as a campus environment. Sources said he's talked about one or two locations for players in the focus. Continues to be on Orlando's Walt Disneyworld and Las Vegas sources said the NBA shared owners With with several owners factors about the plan to stay over the next couple of weeks to see what this looks like stuff maybe as kind of going the route of maybe there's a couple of locations and that that that's tough because you are asking your players unless their families go with them. You're asking players to be away from families for however many months this goes on I mean at least when they're on the road and they come back you know four or five nights in in their hometown or maybe a night or two but they at least get a their family coupled a few times a month this would this kind of shut off and I know that was the original thought process with the with the MLB as well was you know maybe we just have a central location and we ask them to stay here like an dorm typesetting. First advantage text line three one nine nine six three one nine nine six. I curious on the baseball side of things how this is going to go down the pair. The player pay thing might be a sticky point now Jesse Rogers of ESPN said that there was a a a multi hour meeting between Major League Baseball and the Major League Baseball Players Association on Tuesday which said it was the first step in addressing the complex issue facing the restart items addressed include timing logistics for a second spring training rule changes roster sizes and a lot of it testing protocols contract our contact tracing and response ballpark access. All of that health concerns. They agreed on almost everything. The sides agreed in March to discuss the economics of a season. Played without fans in the stands. Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred has said about forty percent of MLB revenue tied to gate including concessions parking ballpark advertising luxury suites and program so baseball saying. Hey. We're fearful of those financial losses. Owners approved a plan. Monday that would pay players. A percentage of their salaries based on a fifty fifty split. So they're twenty. Two thousand have been on furlough or hold or whatever would be based on a fifty fifty split of revenue from the twenty twenty season obviously advertising. Tv deals on all that sources told the ESPN the union views that concept as a salary cap major league baseball does not have a salary cap so things would change. I mean that's one of the reason. The Union never fights a lot for baseball. There's no salary cap. These players can make as much as a as they want. Geeky DODGERS THEY. Can they can spend if they have it in their in their budget right if they have it in the bank they can spend it you know we're the NFL and NBA NHL have their salary cap to adhere to none of that came up though really today. Just negotiations between both sides. They were talking about everything. But this is GonNa be a sticky point. This was not one of the big things they were really getting into. So that is scary when when it comes out a lockout so we always say we have you know when when football we miss the hall of Fame Game. A few years back When basketball stalled until Christmas? It's going to come down to what that revenue sharing looks like and again some of your first thought is well millionaires. They have not every baseball players as well off as Nolan Erdo. It's something you have to remember. There are a lot of players that are back and forth between Minor League Baseball back up called up and then back down again. It's more money than you and I make the professional athletes. But it's not like we're all dealing with Nado contracts where they can how they should be able to you know. Put something aside here and be okay but again you're asking them to. You're asking them to be okay with this new kind of idea. What are they basically just say? Hey you're twenty twenty salaries or based off of this fifty fifty split between players and owners of MLB revenue from the regular season and postseason. He needed lovely and get a lot of advertising dollars. Well I'm still hopeful though I I'm still very hopeful that something happens because then I guess baseball players are going to have to ask themselves just like any lockout situation is is no baseball zero money. Better than better than areas is a fifty fifty split based on revenue. Twenty twenty better than nothing. And that's what they're gonna all have to figure out again. The conversations the logistics the bullet-point. Specifics everything it sounds like a nightmare sounds like a tough tough conversation. But I'm excited. That maybe in the fourth is still on the table biggest storylines going through for the rockies. I wanted to do my top three but I. There's a lot man there. There's a lot of of of big time factors for this rockies team. I don't care for talking one sixty two or four talking eighty-two number one storyline even our boy. Drake drew craftsman joy. His new name Drew Kris told us yesterday that the Nolan Aeronautics stuff is die down and we're going to be talking about trade the season you're right. Eighty two games were going on with the roster. You have right now. Good luck everybody else. But that doesn't mean we're not talking about for next year. We're definitely going to be in a position. Where for Nolan AUTO GOING INTO NEXT SEASON? You have to decide next year. That's your that your final year before the opt out comes in for both the team and Nolan. And if you don't make the playoffs again one sixty two eighty two. If you don't make the Playoffs Nolan. We'll be frustrated. No one will look at that and say all right. This is it. You guys are clearly not showing that you're going to build this team. I know last year was nuts. But you know at the end of the day. I still don't believe in you. We said it. I I do believe regardless of short season the rockies have to prove that they are going to be successful the next five years. They have to take an a positive step. I do think that means playoffs. That does that mean. You gotTa beat the dodgers. No you have to find a way though to squeeze into a wildcard game. That's what you have to do and again with fourteen. Fourteen playoff proposal was out there. Better shot plus eighty two games so the pressure is on the rockies. If you don't make the playoffs especially now then the discussion will be had. Nolan will pull a Carmelo Anthony and basically say I'm out at the end. I'm often out so you probably better off finding team that thinks that they're a third baseman away from winning a world series in which would be out there. There's certainly teams out there. That are very good. They're missing a third baseman. And a monster hitter. That could help them go over the Hump and win a world series. That's what the rockies would have to find if they go to the playoffs even then Nolan still has to believe that this bullpens getting better. The starting pitchers are getting better that Trevor Stories taking the next step a superstar. David Doll and stay healthy. All the key storylines going in also are all key components. That are going to likely decide whether Nolan his long-term rocky or not. That's why when we did a poll question. Last week we'll rock will earn. It'll be a long-term rocky while he finished that that that eight year contract the those that just you know blindly say yes based on what and those that say no. I would just say this. Got to see how this year goes. You really do because right based on the trajectory from from last year to the aeronautic. Jeff -British rivalry so to speak based on that information. I say no Nolan's not going to be Iraqi based on are going into that is eight eight year contract. He's not gonNA finish that he'll opt out. There is one season to salvage it though in those. I think it's hilarious. Those old school writers that say no. No there's a lot of factors it's not just play. It's it's playoffs or bust. And even then Nolan has to decide. Was this a flash in the PAN? Did you eighty two games? We drew drew laughed about it. But it's true. Was this a flash in the PAN? We just get in because it was eighty two games and we were. We were about ready to collapse but we like limp to the end. You have to ask yourself because no one wants to win a world series. That is what he wants to do in his career. It's not about the money anymore. Made it he wants to win a world series. And if you don't feel at the end of the season the rockies are poised and positioned to compete for one of those in the next five years later betrayed me or I'm I'm opting out at the end of that at the end of the next season anyway. And if you don't think that's realistic than you have Colorado rockies colored sunglasses on it's blinding. You know those ones you got in the eighties. Where had the logo on the front and you could see out of imperfectly perfectly but people look at your eyes and it was just the Rockies logo greatest invention ever probably probably one of the best. I need a pair of those. A lot of this depends on that. Starting rotation Kyle freeland he's Iraqis favorite. You want him to be the hometown. Hero were desperate for for Star pitcher. I love John Gray. I loved how he turned it around. But LISTEN WE NEED KYLE. Freeland to be the guy who was two years ago. You put a lot of pressure on a young man also the bullpen. They're going away Davis. Now we're GONNA see O'Brien Jake. Mcgee do but Wade Davis I mean hey. Eighty two games an eighty two game season. That actually both well for him. Because you know we we sometimes can go a few months before we see an but collapsed from him. He was so good three years ago. If you can get some of that look out. I'm still kind of hopeful for that. I don't know why so kind of hopeful. The Way Davis turns it around Trevor Story with or without knowing Aaron Auto. Trevor Story has to be the guy you know has to start becoming the mega superstar now. They got him through arbitration next year. I think two years and then they'll have some decisions to make and then the next one is David Doll. Can he stay healthy because I think he could be very very good for this team very good? But he's got to stay healthy. There's a Lotta storylines around this team. Those are some of the ones that I'm certainly. I cannot wait to start breaking into forty eight minutes after the hour. We'll take a quick break. Don't forget KPFK's block. Party is tonight preps mid week with Clark Johnson. Then we go into the NERD show sequels. We're talking about tonight. Some of the best sequels of all time some of the worst sequels of all time Jurassic Park to just to give you a hint brew. Talk a New Program. Knickknacks and then fact guys the movies it's as Block Party. Radio shows turn podcast entertainment for five six seven eight nine hours. It's it's fantastic. We'll be right back. We're here with you keep it on. Kfi Am for the latest on Cova. Nineteen the effect on the sports scene in more thirteen ten. Kfi K. and thirteen ten K. K. DOT com the best. Unc bears target game coverage lives on thirteen ten K. F. K. Nick at sports director box. Thirty one denver. You are listening to the whole show on thirteen ten. Hey Hey play. Sports full question. Who's the better current or past you and see bear? Go to the whole show dot com to vote. Andrei spite Jordan Davis Bodey Hume or Joan. Radha going back and forth between JD. And Mr Radha by their body coming in right behind those guys and Andre spite at four and again this is really just about the last four or five years with this vote overall. I love it no matter no matter what we do on these lists. Colfax. I say WHO's the best? Top Five quarterback vol or top two quarterbacks in Denver broncos history. Throw up John Peyton manning and you know. Somebody's GONNA write in Jake Plumber on this list. We'll top to and that's just that's how it goes. That's it you get used to it but I do. I do disagree see. I'm just like I'm just like a regular again I do disagree with the NBA's list you're not gonNA put. Tim Duncan over Kobe. That's my biggest. Gripe I can live with you putting keeping Larry Bird out of the top five because again. That's where we're talking about a few players that I didn't that I didn't watch. They got Le Bron number two. And then you know you're looking at what will and Russell Magic Johnson. You'RE GONNA put. Larry Bird is seven. Okay I I don't know how l'art Lebron's over bird My biggest gripe though is first off. Kobe's top five easily but second. Tim Duncan Island. I love me some. Tim Duncan Man. I loved watching the Spurs team. I really did. I thought they were fun. A lot of people didn't think that was exciting basketball. I thought it was fun basketball. Tim Duncan was sensational. Certainly one of the one of the greats but is he better than Kobe. Bryant boy I. I have a hard time with that. That one's tough for me. All right. Everybody I'll be back at it. We got a kind of a mix of programming forty two tomorrow during the whole show and then I'll be back at it on Friday looking forward to that program looking forward to talking with you as always. It's going to do it for us here on the show stay tuned for. We're going back to the herd with Colin cowherd and then we got KFC as block party tonight. Good night northern Colorado

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