PrognoCIS Podcast: Why do pain management practitioners use Prognocis?


Why is prognosis EHR for pain management, considered to be the best pain, managment EHR in the market, and why do so many pain management? Doctors select prognosis prognosis has thirteen percent of the market as the pain management metal medical specialty pertains in the US couple of answers that I would give if somebody were to ask me in the first and foremost is that prognosis is very pain Centric, it was developed by pain management. Doctors, four pain management, doctors, however, it does not force you to have the workflow that other pay management's management, doctors may have selected prognosis is fast and flexible, and it can be tailored to meet your specific workflow needs pain management, as we all know, involves a wide variety of treatment methods for chronic and acute pain. You know. For this reason, prognosis pain management, E, HR, software offers, templates and content for patient evaluation, interventional treatments, medication management and more prognosis is a program that you can start off using very lightly and grow and grow deep. You will never outgrow prognosis, because the layers go, so deep and the more you use prognosis, the better, you will be at prognosis we've had many doctors at have said that the documentation the process of documenting and prognosis is so designed for them and their needs that it's a ready made product. However, it still does allow for that flexibility that we have discussed. So these are a couple of reasons. Why so many doctors have selected prognosis? They use prognosis on a daily basis. And if you'd like to schedule your own online, demonstration to see the program. Inaction. In for yourself. Please don't hesitate to contact us at WWW dot prognosis dot com. Select medical specialty pain management, and we'll take care of the rest. Thank you for listening.

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