The Biden/Harris ticket is not being asked any questions by the media. Why? Shadowgate is the latest documentary to get scrubbed from the internet. What did it have to say? Mail-in ballots continue to be a disastrous idea.


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Are we enduring this shutdown because you know so many people who have fallen because of De Covet Pandemic or are we having this shutdown because we've been told? That so many people have fallen as so many people have gotten sick from this pandemic, which is it. I know a handful. Of people who got to corona virus. None of the people I know died. Except, for the people who are like, what? Ninety, six, ninety, seven years, old I lost relatives some close ones they said because of the covered no actually was because they were in poor health even before the covert. I have talked to people who set today. New People who got sick Mikovic one person I spoke with recently said that he knows of two people who died from the covert. But we're talking about pandemics people are are are sick. We're talking about you know stuff that's hitting close to home I don't have too many of those do you. Do your friends your neighbors. The fact. The fact that the vast majority of Americans. And more specific specifically Arizonans. Have not met anyone who has tested positive for the virus. That's what the numbers are telling us. That's what our own experience is telling us despite these facts. We have members of the Teachers' union refusing to go back to work. We have businesses that should by any measure be back in business, but they are not. The most interesting thing though. That I've noticed lately is that more and more people have noticed that it's not really unsafe out there. I have noticed the inequality behind picking and win a winners and losers in the name of Covet. And a lot of folks are starting to wise up to the fact they. Wow. The water parks are closed but but but swimming pools at hotels and resorts are open. Wow the bars in hotels are open, but the bars you know in the in the district are closed. This growing realization appears to have started to come down the hysteria. We're no longer rushing to the supermarket to buy toilet paper. We're no longer going there day after day after day just to check the shelves to see if anything was delivered the hysteria. Is Dying down. As hard as the Democrats and the Teacher's Union and the media try to scare. Most of us are not scared any more. Most of us are not scared at all. In fact the only thing that scares us is the preview that we're getting a good glimpse of socialism right now. Would really scares us is the Dick Dettori of power that we have allowed for our elected officials the have. was really got people terrified is how the Democrats are doubling down on our misery in the hopes that we are going to change horses in the middle of a pandemic. What has US freaked out is disruption that the left has brought to our lives, not just these shutdowns but even in the fact that our kids. Can Go to school. This is not because of a pandemic when you stand back and you look at this, it truly is frightening. How? How a handful of people were able to hoodwink world leaders into shutting down? Their, economy. When we to try to peel back the onion to figure out why? We all must have WANNA talk about it. We don't want to be seen as those guys with the tin foil hats on our head. And yet when you strip everything else away. It seems like you. Now, at best we overreacted a media hype but then you gotTa figure, it was found out find out. It was not as bad as what we thought it was we will go back to normal. No. No. Our political leaders are not willing to let us go back to normal they may have an agenda. And their agenda. is to get. Back. Power. In November. And then have power reset in England and have power reset every place in the world. Where this people's Revolution took place. The old guard wants their applecarts turned back over and their apples put back in place. And they are willing to make your life miserable. Wait a minute they are willing. To even hold back medicines for those individuals who are getting sick with VIC, they're willing to sacrifice them. In order to reach their objective. It is. A. Very frightening thing we're seeing. Those various officials and politicals who tell us we need to trust science and trust the numbers well, specifically in the great state, of Arizona, the numbers released by the Arizona Department, of health. Are telling us. That we don't need to be shut down to their kids could be back in school. Snow. We need to ask the question why and we're in a national news again school canceled in Arizona area because after sick out. Over reopening. Why? Are. Why do we have? So many professionals. Who are willing to sacrifice their career and the education of our youth? We'll talk about that at six eighteen. Left. Listening to the conservative circus I am your ringmaster James here's. A Cup. Read a blog has. Done it again, they took the words right out of my mouth. Azt abandoned students again. And they have. The again will time. They abandoned us before it was a whole Red Fred. Movement. where? You had this little socialist kid. Leading this revolution in Arizona Screaming for calling for for more money. Beside the fact that. Governor Ducey already. Signed onto for twenty percent increase over three years red fred still were belligerent everybody out. Left everybody abandoned lifted children abandoned. Lawyer. Red Band down. there. They marched out they were into the tens of thousands as they marched down to the capital. Made, their demands left you hanging here we are again isn't that crazy two years later mass resignations teachers are occurring and to East, Valley, Public School districts in the wake of schools reopening during the covid nineteen years I got to say to those people who resigned good on you. Good for you. Spend. You resigned because you were afraid of of getting the virus you're afraid you know for your health. So you quit and you're GONNA stay. Sheltered in place in your home. Now here's the problem. You got a majority of parents and you have health officials that want schools students back at school. The teachers are not only objecting, but they're taking a permanent hike. Would this leave a big fat hole in the system? Isn't it? And according to the news other teachers plan to abandon classes in solidarity we're going to proud test. Is Solidarity. We will not allow you to open these doors on until well depends on what state you're in. Depending on state that's demands are are. In the bands are all over the place. You know and they have no problem with the fact that For students will fall further behind when it comes to to education when it comes to standards. We're doing all kinds of ridiculous things. This is no longer about competing with other countries with test scores and things like that. Now, the teachers say this is about survival. And you have some folks out there some conservatives out there who believed that the governor lower ducey Created the. Scenario. When he cave to the far left union teachers in the first place. When he caved into Red Fred. We could also put the legislature in that boat as well. But in the same way of that governor, Lord, Ducie was bullying the legislator today bullied him back then as well. Forcing them to well, they allowed him to force them to this all collusion isn't it? We don't have a separate bodies in the state that are doing their job. Ness part of the problem. Now this Seeing red easy they they. They reminded me of something. This is this was so amazing as h child I remember this. Wasn't that much of a child, but I was charlesdale younger. And this is back in nineteen eighty one. I was still in high school I had a high top fade. Yes. Ross I. Did I had how? High Top fade in in high school. This is what I had a really a comb over coleman straight out over my head if it rained by forehead would not get wet depending on. How much of the? pommie. Reagan. President Ronald. Reagan. was faced would-be air traffic controllers I. Remember this because my father was a union man my father was a Democrat Union man and the move that President Reagan made in one thousand, nine, hundred, eighty, one, it changed my Dad's like my dad's was so mad at Ronald. Reagan. So Mad. And they tried to instill with this but this this. Well. Love for the Union in this brotherhood and solidarity is took together for some reason. Maybe it's a generational thing. It just did not stick with me even as a teacher I had problems with the union but here's what Ronald Reagan did that set off my father and a whole bunch of other union members in Nineteen eighty-one one but we cannot compare labor management relations in the private sector with government. Government, cannot close down the assembly line. It has to provide without interruption the protective services which are governments reason for being. It was in recognition of this that the Congress passed a law. Forbidding strikes by government employees against the public safety. Let me read the solemn oath taken by each of these employees. Sworn Affidavit when they accepted their jobs. I am not participating in any strike against the government of the United States or any agency thereof. And I will not so participate while an employee of the government of the United States or any agency thereof. It is for this reason. That I must tell those who failed to report for duty this morning. They are in violation of the law. and. If they do not report for work within forty eight hours, they have forfeited their jobs and will be terminated. We're talking about air traffic controllers. Okay. These are the people that control the planes. Right? He fired him hey. He fired them. Even, as a kid, I'm like, wow. WOW president. Reagan, will series about that. Fired them. And then. They had to go about the job requiring I. Think the Governor Ducey I think that other school board superintendents. A Superintendent's Iran school superintendents. School boards ought to take the same action. You don't WanNa. Show up for work you're fired. You're fired at the kids are not getting educated. Anyway we'll just rebuild. That's what we should be doing got kicked out of another store I'll tell you about it at six thirty three. If, you're smartphones get a monitor, your every move. You might as well give it a healthy dose of conservative talk. Listen to news talk five, fifty kfi anytime anywhere on the free iheartradio, APP? You're are listening to the conservative circus. I, am the ring massive GMC heiress yes you might as well. Get a monitor. Your view by won't let them know you're a conservative talk more about that at the top of the hour also your chance to win one thousand dollars at the top of the hour got kicked out of another store. Over the weekend. And That led to another video some more video commentary. And so if you are listening to the conservative circus because you checked out them that commentary. Welcome. I'll come. This is where we infotainment you. This is where we talk about the issues of the day both local and national. And because we're such a media driven society today the two usually blend into one. The the mask mandates that are happening as things get better as I told you I mean the vast majority Americans and more specifically Arizona's. We look at the tested. And we're looking at the results were like, why are we close up? Why are we look? Isn't this great news? Instead of instead of things opening a set of us going back to normal no, we're being told we still have to stay the course. See. Originally, this is supposed to be a two week shut down to tap down the curve. We're heading into four months. against. Guess what the curve it's been tat down now there's there's other gold pulse. Other goalposts have come and gone have come then have been moved out. And we're looking at going on and we're like, well, what's what is the deal some walking into the store? and. Pick up a few items. That's kind of how I do these days I walk in and I walk out. Couldn't find one atom. So I had to ask for by Liberty help everybody stores masked up. Of course, they help is masked up. You helped me find my little items and then the next thing I know I mean less than a minute here comes the manager. So I figured it went over reported me. They they snatched. Manager, Kim over with a handful of masks. Zor had to you have to wear one of these mass going to have to ask you to leave why would I wanna put on that mask don't technically speaking you'll hear your hands are on the mask. That's not healthy. That's not protected me from the covet is Izzo. There was no reason to get into all this. There's no reason to 'cause you know talk about any health concerns on the kind of stuff it's come to this now. If you don't comply. You have to leave. And whereas. I used to have yields kind of stand up to it and push pushback against it. I don't I never get into a confrontation over things like this. This is a private business. Of course, they have the right to enforce this no shoes no service. Now, they just do a mask there. Okay. But was well sad to me is I mean this guy thought he was really doing something he was enforcing health policy. What. Really had just started to to weigh on is how so many people? That's exactly this is exactly what's going to happen. They're going to comply in order to do things that are necessary and I gotta tell. You. Would really concerns me as this is biblical. We're told that these days were coming. 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Now couple that would a federal and state tax credit and it's a no brainer go to sunny energy solar that sunny and dot solar scriptures the mark of the beast you're saying the masking trying to I'm not trying to read right scripture. I'm trying to tell you that for us to comply with this is going to get worse. So ready to late were there we listened to people who lied to us. They lied to us about how the impact of the corona virus is going to have on America. Not The world America they were talking about four, hundred, million, two, hundred, million. Four million to two million deaths. The scale back to four hundred or two, hundred thousand. It every time everything they've said to us has proven to be false and yet we still comply obediently. That's what I'm afraid of. We don't even question it. And those who do question it disappeared. Doctors who have different experiences doctor you know if we're dealing with a pandemic, you would think that it will be all hands on deck. We would accept any type of analysis from anybody. Oh. You have something been using that works. Let's take that and that's incorporated into what we're doing. But that's not what we're getting. As a matter of fact. Once we find out of the medication the medical options that do work. We have governors around the state around the country including the state of Arizona that will have an executive order banning that treatment what. Are We. Looking at. They're lying to us. So I, how do we deal with this? Will I don't know I think are just the the latest in a long string of lives we've been lied to so much especially in the last four years we relied to on Election Night Beck at twenty sixteen. We're sitting here watching the news a day up and they're talking about Hillary but double digit leads we were told that this was a no brainer. Throughout, the campaigns we were lied about Hillary Clinton's health. She's year hacking up a long. She's here trying to drink your drink a glass of water near lung falls into A and we get light about that began lied to. And I think what we're watching right now is just another in the line of lies. If you paid attention over the weekend you know these are what it is because Ross tell people not to pay attention to the news over the weekend. We say on Monday we're GONNA come back here we're going to talk about it. And we do. But there was much. That happened over the weekend. My goodness. My gracious at six forty eight regard to have my producer. Lil Ross Week. Rap. Not Too many host the president's drive at Number Sean. Hannity does catch a this afternoon from one until four on five, fifty KFI and on FM Ninety Five, twenty, five, hd two. You're listening to the conservative circus I. Am Your Ringmaster J team era so much going on over the we get our mandate to you don't watch enjoy your family enjoy your friends enjoy your life is no reason to be frustrated or thrilled or whatever you know when it comes to politics news on the weekend because we've got you. We have got you and part of that getting got. Is checking out the the wraps of my producer Lil Ross Larosa. How much? That jet pack in for this weekend, you know as per usual Donald Trump was all over this weekend but for very specific reasons on two different fronts but as per usual news bat as always over the weekend. So if you missed, we're ready for you. So let's drop it like it's hot. Lil Ross. They're awesome claims that the US PS of some dangerous changes. The Democrats demand enters set for exchanges. Brother Robert Dies cats seven one too loud bass test for the virus day of Com Joe Biden getting ready the DNC meanwhile trump on snowden he will see Iowa had a storm called direct show. It has the ability to pull the walls of. TIKTOK has a robbery and its name is driller from point it to showcase. The is to of Thrilla. Why Okay, you packed it in Iran. You packed it in there. Yeah. That storm Iowa. I mean it's like they call it like a hurricane flattened corn if Latin. Barnes Silo decided took out one third of the crop. In Iowa direct show. It's actually a Spanish term. It's. It's basically just another type of storm I never heard of that before what about this fire tornado talking about the watch out for California. The Hell is going on have to do with all the fact that they've had all those wildfires and then on top of that, they're having increased winds. So it's turning into that fire tunnel kind of thing. Yeah. So there are a little a little dust devils here you. Imagine just being like a the size of a hurricane or tornado and that fire just. California's going to hell. For is for that and other is we're GONNA talk about this controversy with the US mail on today's show a but this this whole and of course, we're going to talk about the president of brother dying in in despicable media response liberal response to that but pardoning snowden that's very interesting Ross. All of a sudden snowden is back in the in the limelight and they're talking about the possible presidential pardons. Someone asks me over the weekend what I thought about Snowden? And I had to be honest I don't know. I mean he used to work for clapper. he's done some some dastardly things, but he's also done some very good things that we would not now as much as we do about the corruption that exists in Washington? DC. And at the time with the Clinton campaign of we didn't have. A snowden if we didn't have Julian assange and we didn't have a wikileaks. It's also curious that the pardoning of Snowden has coming up right now because over the weekend was another huge story that came out of nowhere. And that was when you had a conservative journalist. WHO ended up getting arrested for seemingly no charges. She and her husband and her two children were given up the child services what? Does she had a four year old in a in a six-month-old will what could she have done? To to warranted sheriff's coming to her house and arresting her on a secret war it. Now. When you couple that with the fact that we have people protesting in the streets, we have people who are rioting industries and they don't get arrested or if they do get arrested, they immediately released the not being charged with the with anything what's going on? With I'll tell you what? This is so so crazy. That, we can reach back to maxine waters back in twenty. This twenty fifteen she was on the Roland Martin Shell. And as she was trying to a Lucy, the problem was told maxine waters too much. She should not have known about this because you know loose lips sink ships but she was one of the first ones to give us a heads up on the intelligence operation being. Run out of the Obama White House, the inauguration represented the beginning of his second term but it also represented the countdown at the end of his presidency and the reality is like anything else you better get what you can while they're because look come twenty sixteen that's it. Well, you know I don't know and I think some people are missing something here. The president has put in place. An organization that contains the kind of database that no one has ever seen before in life that's going to be very, very powerful and who are the organizing for America that he's now shipping you become a five. Oh, one C. Four right now, and that database will have information about everything on every individual in ways that it's never been done before and whoever runs for president on the Democratic ticket have to deal with that they're going to have to go down with that database. That was frightening at the time but now we found out even more rolling Barton said, this is the fiber once he? No no actually it was not that it was something called prism. We're GONNA. Talk about that at seven o'clock Amer GonNa Talk About Millie Weavers Arrest, what they have in common with they have connection. A conservative journalists is in jail and her documentary has been vanished. Gentlemen Children of all ages. To conservative circus. Harris millennial. I should say merely weaver she's widely known as Millennial Milli. Twenty nine year old conservative new media video and print journalists. She has a large following online was arrested in her home. In Ohio on Friday she's a to appear in court today will what were the charges? Why was she arrested? Well, A, we don't know yet. All, we do know that. She was served a secret indictment. She videotaped. Well. What is this I don't know where we have to bring you win. Ma'am. Breasts in her, they arrested her her husband boyfriend. Whatever s she has two kids my. There in the child custody what is going on over the weekend I posted a the documentary it came out by one of the whistle blowers. It was on Youtube. It was called shadow gate, and if you didn't see it I, put it right there in the title I posted a a we had a KFYI DOT com. Put in the title if you. If you don't see this now you're gonNA. Miss It. Sure enough by Sunday it was gone but not before it clocked one point four million views. I had some folks take a look at it with me and we all had the same kind of conclusion. It was very, very kind of frightening I mean we know some of the names in the news we know James Clapper we know James Komi we've been following the coup to overthrow. President. Trump's administration. But there were other names involved in this. Names that will be familiar to you as well names that are all over the media matter of fact, they are the media. And what we got from this from this shadow gate from this one hour twenty minute documentary were or a milly. Milly. Weaver connecting the dots with some whistle blowers. And these whistle blowers worked in. The shadow government. I know it sounds crazy. But what a coincidence that right before it comes out of the person who put together gets arrested and what a coincidence that forty, eight hours the she's arrested, her work has been vanished. However, we do have the that was a minute one, a minute or two minute intro into this documentary called Shadow. Get I. Want you to hear piece of it simple that work for John. Brennan approached me while I was in my specialist training in the navy our. National. Security Adviser General James, Jones for about eight years for the development of social media psychological warfare talking about military grade psychological warfare weapons being used on American citizens for by American taxpayers I as a contractor for various intelligence agencies. Our intelligence doesn't stay within our borders or within federal buildings for Psychological Operations Group had no idea that we were going to take in their year's worth of work that they paid us to do, and we kept the intellectual property rights to it. and. Re marketed brain commercially. As the shadow. So these guys they're working on a project we're working for the government. They develop this thing that is very, very special. But instead of like turn it over to the government. The government allows him. To, turn it over to private businesses and what it is I mean they ran out of we're being told by this documentary that it has been used. It has been used in not foreign elections, not only four elections, but American elections they it sounds very. Familiar to what maxine waters was talking about well, that shows up in here as well. The whole prism platform, the prism organization. This is crazy stuff. The material presented in this documentary documentary should concern all people should we should concern Republicans or Democrats because what they're arguing is at a certain level in Washington DC, there is no put Republican there is no Democrat. There's just the establishment where have you heard that before? This documentary was about the Rio players. Whose names never come up, but they should. This documentary about the the corrupt career politicians. And the beltway swamp. And aspects of the deep state. But this argument documents documentaries making the argument that they're not really the shadow government nano now. There's two whistleblowers that talk about the shadow government is contractors. Contractors. Who are part of the powder to the military complex just keeping this whole thing going. To hurt the name names you're like, oh my gosh, that's my state Senator Oh. My Gosh. That TV personality I know when I like. Now, again. I also showed it to some friends who reside on the left side of the aisle. and. A few of them were kind of freaked out because again if you if you are been around long enough, you've been paying attention, you understand that oh my goodness at a certain point. Yes. This is why they don't like president trump. He turned over the Apple Cart. He's not a part of that group of part of that crew to the point where they wanted to. Sabotage. His election sabotage his administration. Oh it's very, very interesting. It was a very fascinating, very thought provoking documentary, and now it is gone in the same way where we have doctors who stand up and talk about hydro hydrochloric. Win. And how you do that and use zinc, you can deal with the corona virus. Their videos are taken down in the same way. Conservatives are finding. They don't have free speech on certain platforms. The difference. Between. This. And the other censorship that goes on is this is frightening because both this woman and her husband were mysteriously arrested and charged with all kinds of stop and you know what I think is supposed to be going on right now and I'm going to try to keep my eye out folks keep an eye out to see what these charges are. But. The timing of the whole thing was crazy and it's one of those things that happened over the weekend and I was like hey. If you don't see this now. Not, going to to see it. I do have some articles still up on this. If you go to our, go to our blog page KFYI DOT COM. That is the latest posting. I do believe and if it resurfaces somewhere, we'll try to grab it for you but just know that I don't think the deep state as I call them I don't think the powers that be are going to be able to keep this and other information that's coming out through the Horowitz investigation. They're not going to be able to keep a lid on it that does not mean that people are going to jail I still. I'm. That remains to be seen, but but the secret is out one of the people they talked about had a A. Prominent What do we call this rant? We can call nothing else butter ran on television that took place. Last Friday, you're GonNa talk about that at seven eighteen. This to the conservative circus I am your ringmaster. James t Harrison just found another copy of Of. The Shadow Gate that has been released are just put it on our blog. So if you WANNA check out with I was talking about in the last segment, just go to kfyi Dot Com who knows how long that is going to be there. The simple fact of the matter is we used to have a platform, these platforms, these social media platforms it was it was like the wild west. It was all about getting your ideas out there and getting your ideas checked. We're finding out now that that was just like a a hook to that was lord to Hook you in. But once you've joined these platforms. Now, all of a sudden you're you're trapped in. Taking your information. And they're sending it up not to other government organizations but to other other private industry and we talked about this actually with Christine Jones formerly of go daddy about a year and a half ago. We put a video out on that on how to monitor what facebook is doing with your information that is still up I did posted reports that recently. And it was very frightening back then as even more frightening. Now, as you have some people who are trying to get to the bottom of what happened to president trump what happened with the sabotage with his administration who's tied into it, and they've only started to name names, and now nine only have their videos been disappeared but so they. Wanted the people that were talked about. In the video among Fox people among us at in. Officials. was. A Mika Brzezinski Mika Brzezinski whose father worked in the Carter, administration. As she said, the part of the project MOCKINGBIRD. The, no brain. Her father was intelligence not to say that meek was intelligent. Is At influencers she not. I think the morning Joe is the most watched morning show in. Washington DC or at least among the insiders everybody who's somebody watches the morning. Joe. So when tuned in on Friday In her this, what must they thought? There's clear disdain that I have for this president. But look at the facts look at how he's worn us down from his paid off porn-star rush allies to racism Charlottesville racism across the board children in cages stopped taking everything that Meek Brzezinski just said, right? There is a provable lie. It was not the old trump administration that put children in cages. It was the Obama Administration. Charlottesville? CHARLOTTESVILLE or they're trying to say that president trump that there were people on both sides dad did not happen and that is provable. Awareness Down no actually is the media that has worn us down with this continuous lying every single day. Everything she said thus far. Is A lie. which begs the question why are they purposefully lying to the American people I mean, why? After lie after lie conspiracy theories, our country right now is really at a breaking point if we don't find a way to hold this president accountable with his attempts to undermine the post office and so. Here's A. Parent negligence perhaps purposeful on saving the American people's lives in this pandemic. This is amazing because again, the pulse office, we're GonNa talk about that a little bit further and this show this story broke on Friday. The president trump is trying to shut down the post office. So we can have mellon ballots. This is all everything Mika Brzezinski is talking about here. Is Fake News that has been orchestrated by by someone on the left or maybe somebody in the deep state but she unwittingly gave you a chronicle of all the things that they blame president trump of that he has not done. On saving the American people's lives in this pandemic, you are pathetic any at this point with his calamitous corona virus leadership. It's killing Americans every day she could be keeping people alive. He's choosing not to wow accusing the president of killing people doing covert. Now, mind you the numbers show. That extraordinary low amount of America's Diet especially compared to the to the yearly flu. He'll be kinda now know who covert really profoundly effects and we also know that the action of some governors. Exasperated, that problem. But no. No. No Makeup Brzezinski is latest right at the feet of the president blaming him for for not managing the covert crisis in a respectable way every day this president looks more ridiculous. Clothes. Fall off what Mitch McConnell wakeup stunned. Now every day is president looks more ridiculous. The the clothes fall off Mitch McConnell you're the leader of the Senate wakeup. Let me just talk about this for a moment if the clothes are falling off of anything. Is Joe Biden. If anybody looks ridiculous is Joe Biden and those who are managing his campaign. I if this is the reason why a Joe Biden and president trump will never debate. This is why they don't even allow for Joe Biden Questions Meka Brzezinski is still project day wake up and smell the coffee. Don't you see you want to hold onto the set you can have nothing at the rate you're going at the right you're letting him. Go can't you see what is happening? I know you have a lot of special interests in your state and maybe money coming in from Russia and interests, your wife Works and the administration wake up wake up. It's not about losing the Senate. We're losing much more than the Senate. You can be sure that you will never see me on fifth avenue ever. Maker Brzezinski has blown gasket. And she's in doing. So in the same way, she said, remember she said back in the day you know it's the he is skipping over our job. He's taking our jobs our job to tell the people what to think. She's done it again. and. She tipped how the establishment has utterly failed in controlling this president and now there's even more missions out there. That they can't protect Joe, the cat is out of the bag. The media cannot protect protect Joe Biden. We'll talk about that. At seven, thirty three. Rightly here this morning at nine fifty on five fifty K. of why I don FM Ninety five point five hd to. Get Ma. You are listening to the conservative circus. I am your master James Harris today the DNC starting in Milwaukee Wisconsin will sort of. they decided not to have the convention in place. The. Convention. is going to be virtual. And we will have speeches from a various influential. Democrats from from Michelle Obama to ANC only gave see one minute to speak though. One. Minute That's it. One Minute to you on spill the Socialist DRAC and then she has to exit stage left actually she's that exiting all because all videotaped. But this is starting to called. The problem because people are looking at this and like. They sure are the Biden, Camps Scher. They sure are taken advantage of this cove. They're the ones that are saying it's a lockdown. They're the ones that are going around a say we can't vote in public. They're the ones that are selling the pandemic of the hardest the loudest because he works in their favor. But this DNC convention. It really is starting to look like a bunch of smoke and mirrors and Steve Courts. Tends to agree with me we are really flooding his own taking our message to the American people were all over the Sunday shows both campaign folks as well as the president himself while Joe Biden, and all of his surrogates have chosen to ignore the Sunday shows on the eve of their convention and I have no doubt by the way when we see their convention that going to be quite a show, I really call it the wizard of Oz convention because there will be a lot of Hollywood glitz and showmanship. But if you look behind the curtain, there's a feeble and corrupt man behind their. A. Feeble incorrupt man. Behind the curtain what a great analogy. He's calling the the. Convention, the wizard of Oz. The Great Oz. No. Actually is a he's a feeble man hiding behind the curtain and that is exactly what we see going on. With the DNC we see going on with the Democrat Party. We have Joe Biden who is very, very feeble and he's trying to fool us. He's he's trying to act like he's the great wizard demand. Who knows it all? Brick. withdrew. took. The yellow brick road to Milwaukee. And when they get there, they'll see there's nothing there. There's nothing there smoke and mirror and thunder. Be Biden's staffer. Whose job is to keep the Biden the keep Kamala Harris from receiving any questions whatsoever you know what? Was Cortez Cortez brought up a great point. This is like the Sunday before convention starts and not one person from the Biden campaign. Win on the Sunday morning shows not one usually that's when you make the rounds on the Sunday morning shows. Exciting people hype for the Convention now, no not only was Biden. Not on a Kamala Harris was not on not one surrogate that is strange. That's weird. That's unprecedented. Not only that but the buying staffers are shooing away reports who had any questions whatsoever. On. The running me from running. On signing this Zion in this race to win and with that Guy Right there and we're going to get it done. One thing look. Come on guys come on. Come. Out. That Gill. Net? Nothing there. It's so bad that even Brian stelter from C.. N. N.. Is. Noticing they. You know what? What is going on with the press not being able to do their job with the body and here's here's trump you know calling into Fox News giving an interview to sinclair this week holding briefings Biden on the other hand he's having very formal events giving speeches. They're perfectly executed from a campaign point of view, but the press is asked to leave the room. We've barely get to ask any questions, Abidin these days I understand it is savvy campaign strategy to keep them away from questioners John Harris don't they have to have A press conference are they going to just get pounded by both the trump campaign and by reporters Brian make the presidential candidate more sensible. I understand this is a savvy campaign strategy to keep the keep the diminishing Joe Biden out of the camera to keep them away from question. This is savvy because the numbers show that the longer he stays in the basement that better he does out. Thank you Brian Stelter for understanding but you know what? What about your concern? What about the fact that you know what you guys are trying to elect somebody who's not mentally capable? To be commander in chief. Does that bother you at all I? Think this is increasingly becoming an issue. Among. The press corps and among political insiders, and it's an issue that the trump campaign officials are also using against Biden saying that he's not willing to sit down for extended interviews. He has certainly been in a quieter period lately. I think now that we're entering the fourth inning of this. Very very long game this presidential campaign. I certainly hope that Biden is more accessible to press but it's also a false Oakland's being drawn between. Biden. Mostly just a holding speech is not having press conferences versus trump who is very accessible who does give interviews and press conferences. Yeah. He very except accessible does give answers impressed conferences and is usually the last man standing in those pressures. Yet you WANNA stay he's trying to hide something press president trump is the most transparent president we've had in this country's history. And look WHO's trying to hide stuff. Between the Democrats Schilling for Biden and the never trumpers. Well, the never trumpers they're making fools of themselves. We're GONNA talk about that. At seven, forty, eight. Still The best listened today dad on five, Fifty Kfyi and on FM at ninety, five, eight, five, hd two. You're are listening to conservative circus. I am the ringmaster James Harris. Giant case it. Never trumpers. What are the last man standing twenty sixteen it came down to Donald Trump. Ted Cruz. And John Casick. Member when Ted Cruz John. Casey. We're GONNA try to form a coalition to be able to. Defeat Donald Trump didn't work out. That did not work out. And you know. Since that day John Casick is never gotten his mind back never gotten it back. To this salad chopper because when he used to debate, he would like chocolate his hands try to emphasize the points he was chopping. He. Is A never-trumper and he has a visceral dislike disdain for president. Trump. Most of the establishment politicians do because president trump has overturned the applecart. A president trump is sort of like kind of like how Jesus was in the temple when overturned the money tables no see I can see the look on your face. I am not saying that he is Jesus I'm just saying like you know how Jesus winning a turnover, the money tables and got the got the PHARISEE. So upset with him that they wanted to take him out that's was happening with President trump he's turned over the apple cart. DOPP messing with me. You'RE GONNA get me in trouble with the question folks out there. That saying that trump is wholly. Not Saying. He's a man of God I. Think He's God's Mando. and. We know this because in the Democrat's yield, they're accepting the never trumpers into their miss here. Tonight, you have John Casick, he's scheduled to speak at the D. NC conference. He's scheduled to speak their. How is this even possible? When back in two thousand, twelve, John Casick said this about Joe Biden but Joe Biden told me that he was a good golfer and I golf with Joe Biden and I can tell you that's not true as well as all the other things that he says oh Oh John. CASICK said the Joe Biden is a liar not about golf, but about at braid thing. As a two, thousand twelve. Is it the conviction. You See. This. Case It was speaking on behalf of Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan. Up there lie and he's saying that you know say Joe Biden's I think maybe he was telling the truth back there. But tonight while we have to wait and see what he says, do you think John Kasich is going to be prerecorded for the DNC saying know by the liar he lied about his golf game you lied about everything else do I doubt it. I. Doubt it. We're going to talk about the mail in ballot controversy at the top of the hour just know this. As of right now. Mitt Romney does not see. A male in by a ballot crises do you share the president's concern? The voting by mail may increase voter fraud I. I don't know of any evidence that voting by mail would increase. Voter Fraud Stop. Well. You hear about what happened in New York City of Mitt Romney. Did you hear about what happened in other cities around the country? How has been a debacle now? Even, if he did, it would matter why because Mitt Romney is a hater but. My. My biggest concern frankly with regrets devoted fraud has been that there would be some kind of hacking of our voting electronic systems. And that voting machines or tabulating equipment would be hacked either by an American or packed by a foreign entity there have been efforts to do so in the past by but I would prefer US providing additional funds to states that don't have as effective voting systems as we do here and Utah for voting by Mail T. C., he's so twenty sixteen with the hacking of the machines. The hacking of the machines was, that's the big concern to win sixteen. It turns out that these should have been more concerned about coming up with some kind of program that would inspire people instead of just going on the I hate Obama cashcall. Yeah. Maybe should have been more forceful into debates while he was fraudulent you have you ever heard of have you ever heard Mitt Romney Complain About Candy Crowley and the Obama moment never. See. That's how you know. They're all part of the swamp the deep state. We're GonNa Talk Mail in ballots. There's some states that already have it. After twenty years they worked out some kinks still having problems but yet the Democrats trying to rush it into place right now in time for. The fault. The November. Elections. That's going to be that's going to be at seven three. Why is Nancy Pelosi flying back to DC? Well, we have a male in Boning Rice S. Ladies and gentlemen children of all ages. John to do. Certain. TV address crowds of people, protesters, blowing their horns, banging pots, and pans. y'All showed up outside the Washington. DC Home of Postmaster General Louis the joy. Did this Saturday morning? The accused the agency head of attempting to sabotage the twenty twenty election in favor of President Donald Trump. The activist group Shutdown C. took credit for organizing the protests. It said that they had delivered democracy to the postmaster. Now all the joy was one of president. Trump's big downers. He he's also headed the US Postal Service. He's dismantling it of mass mail voting. That's what he's being accused of dismantling it. What was kind of funny about the whole situation? Is there all protesting in front of his house? All you'll smashed in together banging their their pots pans and stuff like that. They were protesting in person. For the right to mail in their ballots because they're afraid of the Cova you see they don't WanNa wait in line invoke. Vote. So what did they do? They poured out into the streets. To protest voting in person does anyone see the hit pop rough? Say Because that's what it is. You Have Nancy. Pelosi. She's flying back she. No, she can't have session. It's too dangerous Abba Session of the tried to put together in relief for the American people with the covert bailout bill. But she can cancel August recess and fly back to Washington DC the try to put some safeguards in place for the post office. The netting I should say. This is another manufactured crisis manufactured hysteria over. Mail delivery. How do we know this really isn't a problem well, primarily because Barack Hussein Obama when he was president. told us the truth about the post office if you think about it UPS and Fedex are doing just fine. Right? They know are I've had a Post Office that's always having problems. You See. That dastardly donald trump he's added again. He's either the evil us man ever to hold the office of President or the dumbest. He is either a machiavellian genius manipulating the media and his hypnotized followers or a bumbling no nut thing idiot. You got the Democrats right now. Accusing President trump of sabotaging the November elections because he won't give the postal unions and incompetent managers in the postal service what twenty five billion dollars to play with twenty, five, billion with a B. C that's how much money is going to take to stave off this catastrophe. That's how money how much money is going to take. To make sure we have sure and safe elections. So say to dance without that money. We are informed by those in the know thousands, tens of thousands. No millions of voters who wait until the last minute to mail in their absentee ballots might not have their votes counted because well, orange man bad. procrastinators of America Unite. You have only your votes. Oh we got another crisis. A crises in postal delivery. Now that presupposes that prior to President Trump's shenanigans that the US ps was doing fine where they know just heard from. Obama. We just heard from Obama. The Post Office is always having problems and because of that, why would you trust the post office? To deliver relection election results it's asinine. Unless. Unless you want the debacle. things that make you go There's another. Conspiracy out there check this out. A gave you one last week. See the Democrats want a Kamala Harris to be you know the VP because once you get into office, then you know the Democrats will say the Twenty Fifth Amendment 'cause job is not ready, but then wait a minute come on here is she's not eligible. So then Nancy Pelosi steps in number that we blew that one apart because we said yeah. Come on here is eligible. But this week is another one. This is pretty interesting. As pretty interesting because my our sense Jeff Burch, we discussed this and one of our constitution conversations we got a bet going on right now if you if you download the free iheartradio APP, you'll hear about the bet that's going on between the yours truly and Jeff. I said, we're going to have the elections and and president trump's going to win but you know what? Jeff Says L.. I'm an predicting chaos. What do you mean? Will See this Mel dobacco falls into what he's predicting. What happens. If, we don't have a clear cut winner on. Election night. What happens because of male imbalanced screw up the we have to wait for for days for weeks for months. Before we have declared winner. Why young according to the Constitution If. We have that type of stalemate where we don't know. WHO DECLARE CUT winner is Gas Who becomes the interim? President of the United States That's right. See the look on my producers face. Nancy Pelosi. And now we know why Nancy Pelosi is high telling it back to Washington DC to foment chaos. Chaos nothing says crisis in Washington, quite like pulling politicians away from their campaigns for a political stunt like holding an emergency session of Congress. We have to get to the bottom of this male controversy. And, of course, the media they're doing their part to fan the flames of crises. Check out these headlines. USPS Removes Mail Collection Boxes and reduces post office hours as critics accused trump administration of voter suppression that CNN. Trump's assault on the US. Postal Service gives Democrats a new campaign message. That's The Washington Post. Postal crisis rippled across nation as election looms. That's The New York Times. Exclusive. UPS FEDEX worn they cannot carry ballots like us, postal service. That's Reuters. See waiters, headlines, Kinda hysterical. The ups and Fedex are not supposed to carry ballots. The hurt the US Postal Service. But it does jen up the outrage doesn't it? This is not quite a nothing burger, but you know what Mellon there's there's the mail in voting crisis. Nobody has to vote by mail go get line the way you do when you go to the grocery store that's the answer to this. Get in line. This is trumped up but now we see what they want to do with us. We could see the writing on the wall. The problem here is the ticket the by to cancel herself. Comma Harris's to fake to be taken seriously we'll talk about that. At. Eighteen. You're listening to the conservative circus. I am your ringmaster James t Harris. We're being told. that. Joe Biden's pick of Kamala Harris. Has Energized the. Black community. where Where this is part of the. Part of the lives more lies that we are being told, what's incredible is how much of this pick has Dampened enthusiasm for the Biden ticket. and. The problem is because we've seen too much. You can't lie to US I mean just a few years ago when Kamala Harris became senator of the headlines were history-making first Indian American. Representative in the Senate. Now, all of a sudden they're trying to say is the first. African America and Aviv on Vice President ticket I'm. Sorry. It's not working. And The fact that you had Joe Biden they put out the crime bill that resulted in so many Americans of African descent being prosecuted of being in jail and Kamala Harris was the prosecutor that use that crime built incarcerate black folks while they've stopped flying it's just not flying. But when you look at the media. And you look at the elites, of course, they're out singing her praises. They're talking about how much she has changed. This is more of the lies. The problem is the lies just are not resonating I think what surprised me the most is just Kinda overal was you could really tell how much she's evolved as a political athletes. Her candidacy for president a year ago you know this is somebody who was forceful she you know the way that she talked about the. Of voting telling people to literally jump over whatever obstacles were in a way to get to the ballot box in November, how she was able to track her historic candidacy to you know as vice president to the historic suffrage centennial I mean this is not really a the Caramel Harris that I think a lot of the voters necessarily got to see a year ago, but it is the Carmela Harris that a lot of voters are going to be introduced to headed into the general election. Couple of is the did she say she was a political athlete? A political athlete who developed now she's hurdling. She's hurtling issues. Wow Wow No actually she has not evolved very much a sense. She threw a hat into the ring. And nor hever numbers. What does she finish at a jeep? She quit right before they had the Caucasus in her primaries in our own state. I don't believe she rolled above six or seven percent. What in the world are these people talking about wilder? They're building a narrative they're lying in order to build a narrative. Their problem is they have a Democrat who was turned on them. His name is Leo Terell. He's also in the media and not only is he saying that Kamala Harris is affirmative action pick. He goes further to say what this is to do why the Democrats did this what they hope to get out of it for Biden, the problem is very simple. Kamala Harris was pick for the wrong reasons Kamala Harris was picked as a way to insulate Joe Biden from racism. Joe By trae has been a person who said wait. Hey. If you don't vote for me, you ain't black. Black people think the same way my point is simply this mia. Love Tim Scott Bay were picked on merit. This country is about merit. Kamla here is affirmative action selection to insulate Joe Biden about the racist attitudes he's half for the last forty years. They're trying to cover that up. In a sane world of you're to cues somebody of racism, you should have it in your pass. About Joe Biden he doesn't he he has racist incident as a racist incident after racist incident. Stacking, up this part of his portfolio part of his his platform and they brought Kamala Harrison to mitigate but it's not going to work. It's not going to work. She couldn't even handle. A lighthearted interview from Stephen Core. Core Quebec. He has a great question to she couldn't handle it because in those debates, you landed haymakers on Joe Biden I. Mean they were his teeth were like chocolates all over the stage, and now I believe you that your fully supportive of him how does that transition happen? How do you go from being such a passionate opponent on such bedrock principles for you? And now. You guys seem to be. Pals. It was a debate. and not everybody landed punches like you did though. Upbeat. So, you don't mean it ridiculous. That the whole reason literally, it was intimate. I understand. The debate. Jammed that they're covering the debate where there would be a debate. The debate I. You. He. Could not answer the question. and. Here's the problem. A lot of folks are seem the hypocrisy of this. How could you take down Joe Biden in a way that you did and then have Joe Biden. When he says this is going to be my vp pick all he was she was such great friends with my son my son was a prosecutor and so was Kamala Harris and they got along so well, it was like family well, you know family doesn't tend to do that. in a loving way. To to someone that they care about she destroyed him. Kobe was right. She destroyed him and now she wants to air was a debate. What about what you charge them with is not flying this is not working well, because everybody knows that Kamala Harris can't be taken seriously she is a fake, and now the media's also starting to recognize in little bits here and there at the Democrats are in trouble, we'll talk about that eight thirty three. Nuts that's why we love run this morning Tampon five, Fifty Kfi and on FM Ninety, five, point five, hd two. You are listening to the conservative circus. I. Your ringmaster. James G. We've got all kinds of controversy swirling mail in ballots. We've got the DNC starting today. We still have the protests going on We still have all kinds of of issues with violence happening in our country and the question is. Is the media starting to come around to it? Are The media is the media? Are they ever going to to report the truth? Well, the answer that question is really no, but. Things are so agree GIS they really can't hide them anymore. You have You have a a CNN, the reporting on the mail in ballots in reporting on old to Kinda Aknowledge, the fact that you know. Things if we get this mail in ballot and it happens, there's going to be some chaos people just can't. Adapt. You can't see the the post office adapting to this in the amount of time that we have left before. The. Elections. In Chris Wallace. who kind of leans left on Fox News he he's the first one point. Now you know what? Maybe president trump as appoint president trump once again, warning about the dangers of nationwide mail in voting in this election I know the Democrats say that that President Trump is trying to block mail in voting and trying to block billions of dollars more for the Postal Service in order to suppress voting in this election but. Hear me out for a minute. Isn't it possible that the president has a point here I mentioned earlier there were thirty, three, million, either absentee. Ballots and twenty sixteen if we have double that or triple bad. Isn't there a pretty good chance that we will have a mess at the least and yes, possibly fraud. Isn't that a mess at least impossibly fraud And of course, who I just gave you that one theory if we end up having. A mass that could delay the whole thing, and then we can get a fraudulent. Outcome and which Nancy Pelosi would be able to take over his third in line because of. Nafta decision conspiracy conspiracy. But it is out there. Chris. Christie. who was his hat into the Ring Twenty sixteen he's one of the early wants to get out was do believe he was. And became a backer up president trump. said that he he's crying foul here and he's bringing up something that is so very obvious. I can tell you in New Jersey, we had to wait nearly four weeks to find out who are Republican nominee for the United States. Senate was for this election. When in fact, there was a fraction of the votes cast in that primary will be cast in the general election in the fall and also tell you this you're the idea of using the pandemic as. An excuse for this in our home, my home state of New Jersey. We still had people waiting in line six, seven, eight hours at motor vehicle to get licenses and registrations and license plates are governors permitting that but somehow stand in line to vote is much too dangerous but standing in line that the motor vehicle is okay on the seems to be we have our priorities backwards in that regard these new. Jersey and other states that are trying to do the same. Priority is backwards in that regard. How interesting here yet, they can wait line at the DMV. They can wait in line at the local grocery store, but they can't wait in line to cast their ballots. It's nonsensical. And the media, you'll do these interviews and do the reporting is just and they way when you listen to what the Democrats have to say about it like a Ram Emmanuel. What he has to say about it, you understand that this is more game playing going on with the left but I think the Democrats need to redirect their message. You haven't gotten your medicine through the mail. Donald Trump. That's the problem you and got your social security check and you're GonNa Miss Your mortgage payment where you're gonNA, miss some benefit for your healthcare costs Donald Trump's problem the Republicans have problems voting is about us and the election is my relief democracy you. Know. Exactly. But if you want right now this is tied up on the entire package in Congress. You want to put pressure on getting the Republicans to negotiate which they refusing to do now until Labor Day. Change a message to something that's relevant to the American people to not three months. So I a hundred percent agree with this I mean I. Never knew the Post Office was going to become a partisan issue that Democrats are only four checks getting to pimple or voting ballots getting to the people in rural seniors. You gotta put it back on the Republicans except goes wrong with the mail you gotta put it back on the trump. Train and you if you didn't get your medication, you have to put her right back on the Republicans. This is how they're playing the game. This is how trying to to manipulate an you know suffolks I gotTa give the Democrats Credit I mean they're they're being very proactive. I'm not giving them any credit they're they're being deceitful. I'm not give them credit for playing their machiavellian rules. There Saul Alinsky strategies. Now, what they're doing is they're striking at the heart of the republic. You got even sanitize. Bernie standards taking a page from Rahm Emanuel. How president trump is trying to trying to once again. Steal the election. What you all witnessing is a president of the United States who doing everything he can to suppress the vote make it harder for people to engage in mail in balloting. At. A time when people will be putting their lives on the line by having to go out to a polling station phone line. So what trump is saying is we're GONNA do everything we can, and this is me talking, this is what trump himself said look I happen to think as you know, the trump is a pack logical lion lies all of the time but I gotta say I got admit that the other day he was very honest he said look we wanNA kill mail in balloting we don't want millions and millions of people to be able to cast their ballots through the mail so will destroy the Postal Service will fund it they can't vote. I guess that he thinks. That as depressed vote, a Lola voter turnout will work for him. Actually that's not what he said. Actually. Bernie Sanders that is lying here, but it shows you what the plan is. Just shows you how desperate of the Democrats are to have Mellon balloting not get this going to help decide who the president's going to be, but because it's going to create. Chaos. And yet I. DO believe that President Trump is practicing some type of political. Jujitsu we'll talk about how he's handled that and some reporters who tried to punk him. Rush, that's the only introduction needs later today between ten and one on five, Fifty K. of why and on FM. Five point five, HD two. You're listening to the conservative circus. I am your ringmaster James. t President trump is is being aggressive of these campaign commercials they are running primarily. On on the I should say websites social media. FACEBOOK twitter. That's I'm finding them don't watch a Lotta TV. These strike is the type of of a ads that worked for TV. They're short maybe fifteen thirty seconds. They are absolutely a hilarious they're on point but you Kinda have to have you'll be familiar with a little bit of nuance. As you look at these. As one of a train running through. The countryside big trump train trump pence twenty, twenty followed by Joe Biden on one of those little push lately a cart. On the tracks talking about black here's rubbing his legs talking about A. What was it corn pop? Up Three. Full. Leg Down so that wash the hair. Cut them back. Seat is commercially just bust out laughing train. You know trump trained smooths league running fast. then. There's Biden's behind it. Talking gibberish talking crazy. And when you look at what's happening right now with the president everywhere he goes he's willing to answer questions. He's the last man standing. And the Biden Administration, there are administration the biting campaign they're not answering questions. They're not even be there not allowing reporters to ask questions. He can't even handle softballs that would be thrown at him. The Biden campaign they don't have anybody last Sunday, they didn't have anybody yesterday going on the morning shows to explain anything. It's crazy. What we're watching. They think they can manage. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris from the bunker. They don't want them out in front of people a president trump is plunkett them. You got the DNC conventional starting today, but it's going to be a virtual convention west President Trump doing he's flying in Wisconsin to he's going to ask us you see the Democrats were too afraid to show up in Milwaukee. They were too afraid of the covert they the walkie hundreds of millions of dollars gone. You've got the mayor of Milwaukee. Now saying you know what I hope that the that the DNC lives up to his obligations because you know we we we underwrote a lot of stuff we we've developed a lot of things we built them getting ready for the convention, and now they pulled out I gotta tell you. They're not going to get that money back. They got stiffed. It's a little bit of salt in the booms. You gotTa have president trump up in oshkosh area, and he's going to be at one of those hangers you know and it's going to be at the airport and is going to be filled with people. You're going to get a chance to compare and contrast how the Democrats are running their campaign as opposed to. President trump who's not afraid of people who wants to mingle with the people and Biden who doesn't go out unless he's mass up and there's only two or three people in the room. Who's going to win that Battle of optics? Then you have the reporters is trying to take on. President trump. You reporters who are trying to put words in his mouth and what a huge mistake that was. Losing. His eligible to run. Vice President for. Two? More. So I have nothing to do with Ed I read something about it and I will say that he is a brilliant lawyer that he i, guess he wrote an article about it. So I know nothing about it, but it's not something that bothers me. Creates. Why do you say that I just don't know about it, but it's not something that we will be pursuing. Let me put it differently. Let me be let me put it differently. Don't tell me what I know. Let me put it differently. Let me put it differently. To me, it doesn't bother me at all. I don't know about it. I read one quick article. The lawyer happens to be a brilliant lawyer. As you probably know he wrote an article saying that could be a problem. Oh. About it. A lawyer wrote the IT'd be a problem. I took a glance at the article who don't put words in my mouth. I love that. Don't tell me what I know. He don't try to put words in my mouth. That's what they're trying to do trying to create a new birther controversy. They're not really interested when he says, Hey, man, you know what? That's not my bag we're running against Kamala Harrison Joe Biden. That's not my bad. But see the the media's doing that they're trying to trip but but because president trump just doesn't play that. He's able to put her right back in their face I'm telling you that coupled with the fact that to a certain degree. They're going to get back in front of the public certain agreed they're going to have their rallies they're going to make sure that there is a stark contrast. Between Of the imagery coming out of the virtual campaign of Joe. Biden and what's happening with the trump's reelection campaign. You will be able to see a stark difference and therefore you will be called upon to make a stark choice. Border Security and well-funded police are the key to fighting human trafficking. We're going to talk about that at nine old three as a trafficking issue for some reason for various reasons is really becoming a national issue. Face the truth our country can't fight the scourge of trafficking without Boerner hand. Some guys. Gentlemen Children of all ages. Traum to. Serve as circus with James. s human trafficking remains one of the most daunting national security challenges that face our country. Is. Facing the world. Every single year, the underground network of sex slavery becomes larger and more sophisticated, and it's preying on countless. And children who are sold to the highest bidder. This is something we're not used to talking about, but it has bubble to the surface once again. And our good friend Arts del Quinto, WHO's part of the border patrol is is on top of this an art in a recent opinion piece for the for their a daily independent, you discuss the progress that has been made along the border under president trump can you Philipson a little bit more about that? Definitely puts the PROMOS. Thank you for having me on James. You know it's always a pleasure to be here with a good friend appreciate that. So obviously. We we've we've come a long way. We WanNA get further, and we definitely don't WanNA ministration to come along and destroy everything that's been done because. You know we've grown in leaps and bounds. There's more areas of the border where there is better technology and there's obviously a lot of areas of the border where we have. A Better Wall and in some areas where we didn't have one at all, we have one now and what people don't understand but They'll be able to grasp this. The weather is horrible right now because of the heat and the high. Temperatures. In the areas where you do have better infrastructure, which includes a better wall. The numbers go down does it lowers the amount of individuals that are dying ends the desert, and that's always huge. And it lowers the amount of females that will fall prey to these individuals that say, Hey, you know you can cross in this area everything will be fine. When in reality there they have an ulterior motive in that is to sell them to the highest bidder. We have our Dell Questo in the center ring Vice President of the national border. Patrol Council Art Abbas in Wisconsin recently, I saw a bunch of protestors out in the street axes roll to them because they didn't look like the normal protesters like what are you protesting trek sex trafficking a it's all over the place and they said, you know America's have no idea just how of present this is how prevalent is across the country what has led to this new spike or should say this loose spike in awareness awareness of sex trafficking. At the end of the day it's just that's what it is. James T., it's awareness it enough people that are looking at the situation and they're finally paying attention You know sometimes we're fortunate to be in an environment where I can talk to you and and bring up a lot of the issues and let's face it. There's been tons of issues that you've given the opportunity. To me to be able to explain and talk to people. There's just a lot of individuals out there that don't want to give that opportunity to people that don't want to hear about it. It's something that we've been preaching about for a long long time and and I'm pretty happy now people are paying attention. Especially nowadays, you know where we're close to. The elections themselves people need to start really really paying attention and listen I've said it before it has nothing to do with race I know people like to use that race card but. What I gotta say is when people use the race, you gotta use your trump card. Pretty much. You just gave us a snapshot of the situation on the border right now you said because of the heat and because of the infrastructure is seasonally, you don't get a lot of action but in the fall towards winter when things start to cool down. For this problem to ramp up. Well realistically because I In. In the area where you know the people that I represent our there is still the numbers have been going up. You GotTa remember that you know you have the hunter artem reservation, which you know there's not much of a wall in that area. So the numbers have been going up and I've been seeing and hearing from agents more and more that they're having to respond to a lot of nine one one calls, and that is from a lot of individuals that are lost in the desert. So agents have been out there. You know double effort trying to do the rescues out of the desert because of the heat and one thing you'll never hear on the media and they're out there saving lives. That's what they're doing people like you make them villains. But the reality is I consider the men and women that worked for the United States Border Patrol part of the largest humanitarian organization in the world. Well, you know how? My audience feels about the border patrol art. You know how I feel and I think that what what gets mistranslated as we think that these are all illegals being called a brought over here that these people who are purposefully trying to steal their way into the country a wear where the confusion comes where people start to understand just how much of a human crisis is is when we look at the amount. Of Children, where we look at the amount of young women who have been stolen from their parents stolen from their families and who have been thrown into this this worldwide slavery and what I hear you saying is that is an operation right here in a on our border as some of these people were getting lost in the desert. Some of these people who are you guys are finding are these kids? And it's been happening for a while. You reported your I think just one of the first that reported a while back when when people were being released if they crossed with minor children. So back then what was happening is there was a lot of individuals that were crossing with with children that were not of any relationship. But. What they were doing is you know the actual parents of these kids were renting out their own children to these smuggling organizations knowing that if they came across with minor, all they had to do is say, Hey, this is their child and would be released and told show up at an immigration court later on. So then that minor would be sent back to Mexico and it would be rented out to another individual that would try to do the same thing No, there's there I mean there's countless stories that you know I've. been a part of and I've seen and it's just really sad a lot of times. It isn't just the the the evil people that we know exist the smuggling organizations, drug smugglers, all of that but a lot of times it's some of these parents that are just renting out their children to these organizations in order to make a quick buck and this is I mean. This is what makes a problem just a human tragedy art del Taco has a piece border security. well-funded police are key to fighting human trafficking. Today's Arizona Daily Independent we're going to talk. About. the Zona, teachers, abandoning students and parents again. Because of the covet will do that coming up next the things we think about today are so different than what we thought about a few months ago. It's amazing five months ago we were not talking about social distancing five months ago we were talking about wearing masks or face shields five months ago we didn't worry about going to restaurants or asking permission to go to the park with my goodness one thing that you do not need to think. About. When the unexpected happens like an accident, you know who to call sweet James the People's accident attorneys. Of Arizona, pull out your cell phone put this number in eight, hundred, five, hundred, fifty, two, hundred. That is the telephone number for sweet. James, this is a name you can trust if you have suffered a serious injury, you have one chance to get the help to get your life back on track and that's my calling the attorneys at Sweet James. As a city reopened and then closes back down again and then reopen again knowing who will have your back right now means more than ever before the one the Phoenicians Trust People's accident attorneys awarded best attorneys up America sweetjames eight, hundred, five, hundred, fifty, two, hundred or check them out sweetjames dot com. You are listening. To the consumer for the circus I am your ringmaster. James T Harrison, according to the numbers released by the Arizona Department of Health Services and our own experience. The covert pandemic was definitely not a hoax, but it was not a reason to shut down our economy yet. Here we are. We've got ours. We've got water parks we've got gems. All waiting to be told, they can open up. We have A, we have a society, our country looking get people who stalk our stores, the truck drivers who throughout the pandemic did their jobs they're being hailed as heroes. Get the teachers who are refusing to work right now. They're well, we understand them because you it's dangerous to go into work with amongst the population, a segment of the population who just is not getting sick we're supposed to believe. Fact vast vast majority of Americans. And more specifically Arizona's. We ever really met anybody who's tested positive for the virus or some folks we met who tested positive for the virus didn't really think they added I've actually talked to a bunch of people who went to go get tested. It was taking too long. So laughed did not get tested but still got letters in the mail to said, they tested positive for the virus it's a mass. The numbers are telling us. In our own experiences telling us. That we are not suffering from a debilitating pandemic despite these facts. We have members of the Teachers' union refusing to go back to work. We have businesses that should by any measure be back in business. The most interesting thing through. Through this experience. The most interesting thing that we've noticed. Is that more and more people have noticed that if not really unsafe out there. There's really Nothing. Wrong, nothing, to fear. But we have knows also the inequity behind picking the winners and losers in the name of cove it. As more and more people start to realize this. Have you noticed calm? Descending? Upon the land have you noticed less hysteria. The hysteria that we do see is whipped up by the Democrats. And presently the teachers unions they're trying to scare us most of us are not scared. Most of us are not scared at all, but we are perplexed. Well. We find that scary right now. Is How much the government is pushing. Win The so-called co covert numbers are so favorable. Well we find. So frightening is how the government is extending their their mascot. Decrees. There mask mandates. How the government is getting behind the teachers organizations associations that do not want to teach. How they're making excuses for find distressing is how athletes especially the college. Are Being told that they can't play because of the cove at nineteen when the covert does not taking them out. It's not just that this is something that's being done. As some believed to to try to fort the the November. Elections though it goes beyond this we have institutions we have individuals that are willing to watch people get harmed be harmed by their actions. In order to advance their agenda. It is very difficult as we learn more from the medical community around the world as we learn how effective I dropped the Clarkin and and zinc as. Skinny more difficult to explain why we have governors in some states. Issuing executive orders to stop that treatment to stop the doctor from prescribing that. How do you explain this? We don't even have media that's willing to ask about this and demand dancers. who was that Louie Gohmert representative out of Texas came down with Dacoven, the media mocked. You. got. went to his doctor. As for hydroxy chloroquine and zinc better now, he's back up, he's running around no problem. Why is it not a big news story? How come? We don't have the news look gohmert diagnosed now he's back. Oh my goodness and this really works. Why aren't we prescribing Hydroxy Clarkin to the teachers so that they could be confident in going back to teach the students. Being lied to. We are being lied to. And our children are being used as pawns. To advance the Liberal Democrat narrative. Over the weekend. A documentary came out called a shadow gate. If you didn't see it. Yet. Missed it. It's gone now but not before over one point, four, million people took the time to watch it and what they learned. Well, it is reverberating around the country. I'll give you an update on that movie and the filmmaker who was arrested for putting it out at nine thirty three. Sean Hannity works every everyday to make America. Great. Again, listen at one on five fifty KFYI and on FM at ninety five, point five, hd two. You're listening to the. Conservative. Circles. I ask your ringmaster, James T Harris. We have a a movie that came out over the weekend a short documentary, our twenty minutes I guess that's kind of long or but it is fascinating. It was so good. You couldn't turn away. And the journalists have put that out. Her name is millie weaver otherwise known as Millennial Milli. She's a twenty nine year old conservative new media video and print journalist. she has a huge social following and she got arrested on Friday. She got arrested and her husband got arrested inner to kids. I think of one of them two or three the other one out three or four months went into child custody what the heck went on well. Well it was a secret warrant. And the reason why was issued many believers because of the documentary that came out now he was first published under one of the whistle blowers of that that millie interviewed. And then adds yesterday it went up on her site both were taken down by Youtube. But if you go to my blog at KFYI DOT com. Check out a check out the article on this. You might find another place to see it. Again. As the indictments against deep state begins. We're familiar with the the the Horowitz report we've talked to Congressman Andy Biggs and congressman goals are about these things. But what this what this piece does, it goes behind the scenes in names names that you don't usually see named on television and It goes into detail of how the deep state as he called it. Try To destroy the trump campaign and then the trump candidacy are trump. Administration. We call it these state we call the deep state players a, but as she goes on to illustrate in this and they have key whistle blowers to to back this up, cross the to dot the i's and cross the t's they're showing that this truly is coming from a bunch of Agencies if you will consultants. This is the necessarily the bureaucracy. The bureaucracy has handed off the dirty work to to private companies. And the whole Obama Gate scandal only scratches the surface. Both parties Democrat and Republican are equally guilty and what's your turn out to be an even bigger scandal shadow gators what they're calling it. The tactical and operational role of the shadow government play behind the scenes carrying out the coup against president trump it. Is. A. Scary film to watch. Because it shows you in the media is shows you social media is shows you campaigns that were conducted to try to convince the people we used to our enemies. We've done this in different countries tried to influence elections. They talk about how a what elections were influenced right here at home. And when you see. The individuals that we had come to trust on Fox News on CNN on MSNBC. When you see what really was the fake news? It is chilling. And when you come to understand who employed the these these agencies. And how they are still operating right now. And how the news is tightly controlled. Basically, only what they want you to know it's kind of crazy. And I believe that's why Milly Weaver got arrested. Now the latest development is she's shown up in court and and the charges are based off of some phone cell, a cell phone theft from her mother and Y'all being in possession of government information you know whatever happened to the whole we must protect the whistle blower and by the way that whole whistleblower stuff that was going on during the during the impeachment. Not, who are what we thought it was as explained. In this or in this documentary now, it's very, very interesting. Very, very fascinating. It could be WHOA WHOA WHOA conspiracy. What's interesting is this woman was arrested and the film taken down wherever it pops up what's that. What is that and then there's the media that's not re- not reporting legitimate stories that are absolutely horrific violence. The bill Riley update this morning at nine fifty now on five fifty. On FM Ninety five point five hd two. You're listening to the Servant Circus. Your ringmaster James T Harissa Gold Fund me account has been raised of for a family in north. Carolina. The son was shot in the head by by a neighbor by now many of you have heard about this young man was riding his bike outside his home when when the suspect the next door neighbor. allegedly. Ran Out and shot the Chow pointblank playing like rain the head. The suspect has been charged with murder. The Campbell just outplaying. The father said he was doing, you know playing with his sister riding his bike doing with kids do. He ran up onto the neighbor's grass whatever turns bike around, and that's when the suspect ran out of the house. Shot, young kid and ahead. Again, this story has a made the rounds. Why Because it hasn't fit the narrative. You see suspect who ran out of the house was a was a an American of African descent in his twenties of man. And he just didn't like the white privilege of the Little Kid. So he killed them. That's the first murder of its nature. In the era of black lives matter you have a `nother violent act didn't lead to murder but was the violent act where you had a grown man American of African descent kneeling on the neck of a five year old much in the way of the officer knelt on George foyt neck. He put that image out on social media. The media lies to us. The media. hypes up the the rage from the so called be l. m.. They hype up the police brutality. The almost nonexistent I was it is there police brutality that day as a white police officers shooting unarmed black man not the biggest problem in the black community. But one that the media glommed onto and. Breaks, plans, fans into flames. The flames were there. They say, they give them room to protest. Give them room to riot. Based off of lies. Michael Brown trayvon. Martin. In to a certain degree. The Floyd. Killing. But yet when something like this happens. With the what makes this? So agreed GIS is the innocence. Children. Wait a minute. You grown adults you Americans of African descent to have this chip on your shoulder that claim his grievance you're angry. So you take it out on children I'm sorry. To certain degree. There's an evil presence here. It has been unleashing our land and the media is trying to slam it in a fan, the flames, and the Democrats are trying to harness that energy to elect Joe Biden and Comma Harris. Let's not let that happen. It's It could be in it is. Depressing. Where our society is and where we have allowed it to go. Coronavirus hasn't devastated. The homeless community has many at feared. Really really why why Well. Maybe could it be? Chronic viruses not what they said it was going to be not as deadly. But I tell you what it has done. Corona virus and liberal policies in cities like San Francisco in cities like like like Los Angeles. Is Driving people away. There is an exodus. Movement. Our job people from. San Francisco and Los Angeles and guess where they're fleeing to guess where they're fleeing to of all places. Nashville Tennessee. red-state. Red, city. We can only hope and pray that they don't bring their California ways. One thing very much for joining the conservative circus today. With Russell Hunter at five thirty, this afternoon if you are new to the show because of the facebook commentary. Welcome, we're here every sick every morning six until ten. This is the most conservative station you will year. In the valley. We have already coming up next followed by rush then a Russell and hunter. You are listening to news talk five, Fifty Kfyi out.

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