The Steelers Preview, Part 2: Should Steeler Nation curb their enthusiasm when it comes to the tight end position?


And we are back with the second part of the steelers preview with Brian Anthony Davis the podcast producer from behind the curtain dot com I am Dave, scofield. Editor my other CO editor from by the soccer dot COM Jefferson Harmon sorry Jefferson Bartholomew Hartman is not with us. Tonight is he's on vacation, but he will be back next week. So Brian Let's get back into this. Let's get on topic. This is US talking this is the problem with you and I get on topic. Or are expectations too high for the tight ends here. Yes and here's the reason why now it's not a bad thing. It's actually a good thing why our expectations are high but I wanNA talk about Eric. Iran I is a high profile. Free. Agent signing. And he's a guy that had sixty six receptions. Seven hundred fifty yards and thirteen touchdowns two seasons ago. He was a pro bowl selection. But if you go back then py, Hilton was hurt a little bit. Andrew Luck was healthy. And He was his only receiver. This situation now in Pittsburgh is you have another talented tight end advanced McDonald who we're going to talk about and you have four or five receivers that are going to be targets of Ben. Rothlisberger. So he's not going you're not going to expect thirteen touchdowns out of this guy. But that's okay if you look at the steelers. Who's The guy who always talk about when we talked about tight ends with the steelers it's Heath Miller. What is his highest number as far as touchdowns? It's eight. Grand Chai's record. Yes. Eight touchdowns he's. In. You'd probably not two thousand twelve was it twelve twelve and he also had eight, hundred, sixty, six yards. Now. One thing that you look at here is when you combined Jesse James and Vance McDonald in two thousand seventeen. There were one thousand yard receiver. Together and it seems like, Pittsburgh, could do better than worrying about having one superstar. But having to combined players to get. The numbers of George Kettle or Travis Kelsey who just got paid big time over the last couple of days but. You know when you're looking at that, you don't these guys WanNa play in for numbers. We talked about this. When we talked about the receivers, there's a lot of balls that need to be going around Juju. You don't expect fourteen hundred yards out of Juju you expect. Maybe eleven hundred at the most because other guys neither balls too. So, this is a situation where you have a lot of guys. It's all young guys I. Think they need him. Yeah. As, long as by dropping. But the one thing you're looking at, it's kind of like. You have a mom momma dog and she's got six to seven poppies. They only need fat. and. That's the thing. So you don't expect somebody in the live chat said I hope I hope he goes off I hope he goes off to but you kind of want these guys to work enter. Be, interchangeable and if you get one thousand yard receiver out two guys and you break franchise records but you're not breaking franchise records but the position does then you're golden. And we talked about this with wide receivers before we did, the steelers have to have a thousand yard wide receiver. Now, just imagine if they have five guys with eight hundred dollars. So does it really matter how much divvied up and that's kind of what your point is when it comes to Eric Hebron and Vance McDonald, we don't need one of them to absolutely go off. What here's what might happen it might be that you get Hebron going off for several games. You Conveys McDonald going on for several games take that that Tampa Bay game over. I'll take a repeat of that for sure and then then you had games like Seattle last year we had two touchdowns so It doesn't. Sometimes. Having the threat from from multiple people will allow one to go off and think about when the steelers had played Seattle for years prior when they really went on shutting down Mr Third and fifth who had two hundred yards receiving that game pretty amazing. That was Marcus Weeden. Yup So. What's Nice is when you have multiple options if they focus if if if a team comes, it's GonNa shut we're not gonNA let Eric. Abroad. Kill us in the red zone. Did you know what you do? You kill him with somebody else asked me to do and this is the year that they can do that. Yeah. The one thing that you've got to look at the most here Dave and for everybody. Is this fact that you also have a heck of an injury history with Eric Hebron and Vance McDonald? Yes. And that could make things go off the rails a quick hurry. And when they're preparing to have a two headed monster a tight end and next thing you know Zach gentry's in there and who knows he's a, he's a big guy. He's a project he was drafted as a project because he. Have a prominent position. Maybe you want to deal with that. Yeah well. It's interesting because I want to tease a little bit. Doing my projected fifty, three man roster. I obviously had to change change something from the last time I did it so I'm like, what am I going to do? What are we doing to keep running backs where the steelers going to squeeze another player off of the fifty three I wouldn't created this time and because of the new practice squad rules I went with, let's keep you tight ends. Let's keep tight ends on the active roster and to on the practice squad and they pull up if you need to. because. I don't think he was going to be going out to to grab Zack gentry not even see if he's progressed from last year I had one catch for four yards last year. What's I mean unless they're decimated a tight end so As a possibly because if the steelers are gonNA run a quote, unquote three tight end sets, it's going to be on a run play. They're going to have their jumbo tight end. That's an extra offensive lineman. So. So yeah that's that's what I said. Brad is Mike if you keep to keeping a fourth running back yes that was the key. Meaning other than Derek, whatnot because that's fullback separate. So that's the whole reason I did it is to squeeze somewhere off last time I did it I wear I kept one one myself of Wiedeman just wanted to look at a different angle but if I think if the steelers. Keep. Less guys what position than they're gonNA keep even more on that practice squad. But I'm GONNA pull Rowdy Roddy Piper on you just what you think you have the. I'm, GonNa Change the question. A show I know. I know and rather than ask the question. Of do the steelers having irreplaceable. Tight end on the roster. I'm GonNa ask you this question. Of the two main tight ends. For the steelers which one is, the is the most irreplaceable or is it a combination thing? So. For me I really think that. This year, the irreplaceable guy might be Eric Hebron. Just because of. What he is being brought in for because right now, he has been brought in to replace a guy that they think that they have one more year out of I mean no more years out of this is his swansong possibly for Vance McDonald. So he has been brought in on a two year deal to cover that with them expecting. Vance. McDonald to be possibly gone. In fact, I was looking at an article on bleacher report I don't know who put it out and they they put all thirty two teams. And the question was who the most, who's the one guy with the most likelihood to be traded for each team and of course I knew they were to go with Bud Dupree. But I'm also thinking if they see something they like out of one of these other guys in camp and they know they're gonNA lose Vance McDonald and they think they can get. A Nice draft pick out of them when I say Nice draft pick I'm thinking of fourth rounder. Maybe, they could sneak a third I doubt it. I don't know but I also see him being a candidate to be traded I. Doubt it but he would have been. He's one of your top two guys to be traded. So I think Vance Mc Donald is as talented as I think he is. You know with a salary cap issues they probably think he is on on his way out the door and this is his last go around here. So that's why Eric Iran is your irreplaceable steeler for this year. And this is fantastic because I get to give my answer anyway just to disagree with you, it's not just disagree with you. This was my answer in the first place and that is Vance McDonald and the reason I think it's Vince McDonald's is because he is a more complete tight end meaning when it comes to blocking Eric Braun is not known for his blocking. So. If you lose Vance McDonald and you're going to go with E. Braun is the guy you have out there all the time you're Kinda your when you take them off the field to put in someone else it's kind of. You're not going to get the same the same threat because even if it's act, Gentry is your next tight end. If you take e- out in place of Gentry. You're probably. Typically to run more, and if you're GonNa do that, you might as well bring in the jumbo linemen if you know what I mean because. Eric Brown I mean, you could you're just not gonNA get quite as much out of him because Vance's more complete in that way I'm GonNa say he's he's going to. Be the one that's more irreplaceable. Hey, what do you know Jeffrey Benedict One of our fellow podcasters said goes down you don't have Ibran in line blocking for Arby's if broncos you play chase capable more. See if clay polls ready. which hopefully will be. So that's the reason I want McDonald's because I, mean. We're talking about if if the standard if the standard the standard when it comes to tell you that that standard is Heath Miller what made he's Miller. So Great. Is that he was a complete titan complete he was the complete tight end and to me of the two I do think e is more of the passing threat weapon. Absolutely. But Vance McDonald is the more complete tight end and if you don't have a complete tight end. Ben To go along with that passing threat. You could be in trouble because notice even when Ibran. was in was an Indie. When he really broke out was who was there another tight end to? Jack Doyle. Dowse Clark said he was A to. Say. That was before him. Jack toils. John Van. That The through the wrong data out there. Okay. So that's why I would go there. But honestly it's a great question and I'm not saying ones right over the other I really not. But I could see the argument of the way it's it's what you're looking at. Are you looking at the steelers being more balancing when it comes to run and pass or you looking at them being that purely pass weapon great target in the Red Zone It's tricky but it's still funny. I still think people are like yeah. Yeah. Will get poached by someone you've got to understand. This it's going to be much easier in my opinion to get players on the practice squad issue ever before absolutely there's no preseason. There's no preseason to see what everyone has the only way you can evaluate players in practice so. You know for example, if they're like well, always off from gentry last year was one catch for four yards. Didn't see him in the preseason. Yeah. He's big but we really WANNA save fifty, three man roster spot for this guy that we have no idea about when the steelers would rather different with two tight ends rather than keep him. That's a big gamble for team. Don't know if they could if they couldn't. So. I'd say that though that they won't keep tight ends. I. Just I had to find something somewhere and that seemed to be a good spot for the time. Rather than offensive line again. That's not bad. So now remember there's five tight ends on the roster right now. and. You can name them correct Yeah Kevin Dax Raymond and Zach, Zach entry along with McDonald and Hebron. Good Mister. Bryant Davis, you did your homework for doing some homework. Yes. So and what's interesting is that will Jeffrey brought that up is. Chase Klay Pool might be you know even right off the bat wild to see could be could be an option to do similar things receiving is that heirarchy Bron does? So. that. Would that would be an interesting option if there's a problem there the biggest thing is, let's keep them both healthy. Right That's the king but that is what we're really looking at here. Yeah. You know in but that's where you've got to and I quote Lance Williams who's in the live chat now I just saw that I wanted to shout out I've got a quote lance because he just won't eat. He just did a shout out to my title and Larry David This is where you've got to curb your enthusiasm and don't to go crazy thinking that they are going to go nuts. Because they have the potential to go off but we've seen that injury bug hit these guys. We saw it last year and this is what makes one of these guys irreplaceable because we saw it with Nick Vernet being you're only guy last year for a game. and. It was basically like the other team will the defense was on a power play the entire time because you knew he was blocking and that's it. You knew he was not going to be an offensive option because when you bring a tight end and in that late. In the in the game and when I say in the game that's after week two. Week three. They're they're not getting acclimated and he did not get acclimated. Some people pick it up quick. Some people don't. Make Patrick. You not jumped on number even trained and he was ready to go but you know what? It's easier to come in as the safety and jump in. On that moving train. So, anything else you want to say about tight ends here, Brian before we. Start doing a little bit of Trivia. You know what? It is going to be very interesting and remember just don't worry about these guys breaking breaking the ceiling they don't have to break individual records. This is a team. This is the one year that they are so loaded with pass catchers. and. We talked about this earlier let these guys do it together and you get that thousand yards and not worry about if they're five hundred and five hundred with fifty balls of a piece that's one, hundred, thousand. That's what you're looking for every every single time. But there's going to be games where they don't show up. There on the field and they're doing their job, but they're not showing up because there's not a lot of balls to go round. Your I mean, does it really matter the number Jersey of the name of the back some I just can't believe the live chat is so in love with a fifth round pick, you know what? What generally has happened with steelers fifth round picks what apple with previous one one year on the active roster next year on the practice squad. End of their formula so I would just go on the steelers formula so. Can I don't think you could make it I'm just saying they got to do something to try to get that extra. Pick. Between I'M GONNA. Ask You this question if you had to pick between Zach, Gentry Jalen Samuels or Wendell smallwood who would you pick on the? Who would you pick on the roster? You can only take one out of those three. I'm kind of in love with smallwood right now. But I the third option there unless you want like skimp on offense Lineman or another position I don't want to get rid of Gentry but I think you could fashion you definitely could I want? Someone, who could be stashed gap and that's that's perfect. So I I agree with you. and. A lot of people. You Donald Disagrees with you and I I'm going to bring up job man because he's disagreeing with me I have no problem. Yeah. I mean you know I'm wrong a lot. I agree love Nowy I mean, I'm used to being wrong asked my wife but he says I believe that might have been worse something of Ben wasn't injured. No I still think that was a good trade bring them in that was fine but it was a situation where the reason he's was not going to be a pass catcher bringing them in that late it just wasn't going to happen especially with the young quarterback here and even even with Ben even then was there. How long did it take Vance McDonald to settle in when he came right before the fourth preseason game and did not play in the fourth preseason game in two thousand seventeen now he lit ben he and band towards the end of the two thousand seventeen season and especially in that that wildcard game that first round game against Jacksonville, he lit it up. I mean, he had over ten catches they were. They were together. They were good combination Burnett could have reached there. But what I'm saying there's nothing wrong with bringing. Veneta, in is just like he was he was not the guy to be your primary pass catcher. Like ought to be that's like putting Matt Spaeth in the starting role in saying he's your pass catcher. Yeah. That's that was you're not really having the primary offense. Yep He's GonNa do something for he's GonNa catch balls and help you. But that's more of a surprise that's more of a hey, we cut yet NAPN with the And it's so crazy because people were like, Oh, we have had that fifth round pick instead of a net you know what the steelers did. The steelers did exactly what everyone was crying for in the preseason we need to trae dogs for tight end. We need to trae Dobbs for tight end. That's what they did. They got a fifth round pick for jobs. Now it was a different fifth round pick traded because they traded boulter fifth round picks. So it didn't really matter which one it was, but they turn around the fifth round pick to the net. So in essence you traded you, you know all but traded Dobbs for Vernet which is what people wanted at least get something for Dob didn't try to get another tight end. So he kind of he filled a role there. But like you said, he was not brought in to be that number one guy that's going to go you know. Have have eight or ten targets at a game. That's just not what he was meant to do. It could be valuable but to your point, that's not why is Brandon Yeah? Thank you so. It'll be interesting to see how this all plays out. It's I'm telling you that tight end position is gonNA, come down to injuries. It really is you know can they stay healthy and? That's the NFL. That's every team every year you know that a lot of times it's the healthiest teams or teams that can over overcome those injuries that. That end up playing a lot more games. I agree so so Brian. Your some Trivia. I am yours is. I yeah. Sorry for that day. About your your seventeen. MINUTE TRIVIA Losses. This is actually a very easy one. So since one, thousand, nine, hundred, seventy, six. The Pittsburgh steelers have selected tight ends. Four. Times. With the number one over an excuse me the number one pick not the first round. Pick the first round pick. Their number one pick. Excuse me. I do that all the time I was trying to say first overall pick and they've never done that. With their number one pick who were they? So seventy six okay well I could tell you for sure that it was. Everyone's favorite Heath Miller yeah. We have. Mark Bruener. By the way. Why didn't even realize? I am wearing a mark. You can see that. Very Rare I. Just I forgot I had just founded two minutes before the show. Is On. Tight tight end. What's Now you talking first round picks Eric, green? Yes and since you said some seventy six, that means we gotta go back. So this is the one I'm GONNA screw up. WAS IT Was Cunningham. It was the late Benny Cunningham. All Right I. got it and when you're talking Randy Grossman, it was randy. Grossman and Benny Cunningham did a pretty good job of being that two headed monster that I'm talking about with Vance McDonald and Eric Abraham. They were pretty good at in that rule. Yes, they were. No. Jay Riemersma Jersey bed says Donald Nolan. I would have gotten one. I would have worn. Roemer. Well, Donald also wanted to know what the other type of what other tight and they're gonNA keep it a practice squad Donald I got to leave something for the article you're just GonNa have to have to check out behind the curtain dot. Com and get that article there. I can't be given up all the secrets at one time but I. Did. Give up that that was my that was my crazy talk that I'm like, let's find a different spot where they could get an extra running back this time I had already done offensive line and I wasn't sure if I was going to go out receiver next time I'll probably do a different one I'll go to keep in three tight ends just just to give. Some different stuff. Are you ready for my trivia? Oh. Man I can't. Or. Mine's actually running back related because that was doing this for an article where I looked up something and I threw it in the article. So you probably have no idea what I'm talking about because you don't read my articles. None of team player. Since the merger post. Merger. The steelers. I'll say this Benny Snell junior is the sixth steelers running back who as a rookie. rushed. For. Who had more than one hundred rushing attempts had triple-digit rushing attempts in his rookie season he was the sixth one. Can you name the other five? Okay let's. Since the merger of course, we've got to go with Franco Harris Franco Harris that is correct and I'm going to go you can't go Rashard mendenhall because he got hurt that's correct in week four. So, let's go ahead and take a look at. Probably wrong on this one but let me go out on a limb has he played a good bit in nineteen ninety season. Berry Foster. Foster. Okay Barry Foster. had. Where whereas to do he had thirty six attempts that season? Thirty, six rushing attempts. So we are talking rookies here. I'm going to, I'm going to try with Amos's airway. It was not Amos's airway not Amos Amos. Getting. Mattel I gotta try to find him on here where Walter wait. Eighteen attempts his rookie year. Walter Abercrombie. No Man. I thought this was an easy one Bryan, watch our Aubrey. Walter Abercrombie had twenty one attempts. Okay. So you've got Franco hairs. Of did I say did I say Levian, Bell You did not say love your now we had two hundred and forty four. Most of a rookie. Okay. So you got three left. Byron. Bam Bam Morris One hundred, Ninety, eight attempts. To left. One should be easy. The other not so much. Oh Timmy Wurley Morley that should have been easy one because they had two first round picks that year you like talking about that all the time yeah. Oh. Yeah. I'm still mad about that. If you can't keep them, I'll give you the year. Nineteen eighty-four. Rich Ehrenberg in the ninth. Round Jim Hundred forty-seven selection. Rich Ehrenberg had a hundred and fifteen attempts for four hundred and five yards. He was in the ninth round and they took another. They took I, excuse me took another running back in the twelfth round that year by the name of Elton. So? Yes. Elton feels he had. He had thirty one attempts for eighty seven. Wow that's that's a lot more than I would figure but I just Tony just watched the broncos game. So EHRENBERG was one of my guys that that he he got a lot of attention yet. So that's that's really cold Richard Ehrenberg and as you know, the most attempts was by levy on bell the most yards only only steelers rookie to ever rush will since the merger I stopped there because who wants to go that far back drank only uber's yeah to have over a thousand yards as a rookie was Franko hairs. Incredible what a great question I like it I don't want me think now made you think you trying to go a little bit too obscure to start and everything that you were you almost vis the obvious wanted. Mr. Naked. Get Rob I almost busted out of Sidney. Thornton and Greg Hawthorne. Let's see where was. Greg Hawthorne You ready for that Twenty eight carries one, hundred, twenty, three yards. So well, he didn't have to because he was a number one draft pick in nineteen, seventy nine. and. You had bleier in you head. Sidney Thornton was still there and you had Franko Harrison. So he didn't really get a lot of lot of carries. He had Rick Moser there to do you want follow up question? Yeah. Hit Me. Here's one how about rookie running backs the steelers since the merger there's only five of them that had more than two touchdowns war more than two rushing touchdown season. Okay. Are there any are on this list? Yes, there is one that's not on this list. So could you get the four that were on the list? Of course Levy Love Bell Eight. Were definitely going to. Take Tim Worley tomorrow head five. He was from list and Franko Course Franco at ten. And the one that was on my head that I was. It's on my head and I just can't write down who we had. So Bam, Bam. Bam had seven. There's only one steelers rookie that one other steelers rookie that had more than two rushing touchdowns as as a rookie. Gary. Russell. No is not gary. Russell you. Ready Frank Simmers your hit is. Baby next time you go to the grocery store if you can find him. Merrill Hunch. Come on who you Here Mike Collier my call your head three touchdowns rookie in one, thousand, nine, hundred, seventy, five. Wasn't the I thought maybe. You're. There was a name like Jack Ham. No. You sorry, no. No because. My call you're actually you know. My son has worn his his super bowl ring. He put it on I told my son. That's great. That's fine. Next time you're super bowl ring you need or yourself. What a great thing to say at the time he was seven. Were all all four of pliers rings on my digits the picture. Yeah. I've got one with my dad wearing it but I lost a picture of great. That's great. So Brian, we're not going to do either or it's not the same without Jeff we're going to see him for next week. We're going to wrap it up here tonight. Anything else you gotta say that you want the podcast rundown? Yes. So coming up tomorrow, it's you guys have been asking for this in everybody loves the Canadian wonder. The kid and he told me this yesterday. He was apologizing to me yesterday about something else again I'm like. Well, you stop apologizing he's like I'm Canadian. It's my my nature. I, wake up in the morning. Sorry. I wake up in the morning every day I prayed Wayne Gretzky and then I do my ten apologies and that is the funniest thing I've ever heard but so everybody's been saying let's have the live. Mike let's have a solo Mike Beck show. And we've got the Solo Mike Beck show coming up again another edition of the live Mike and Mike was around before it had to are skipper on before it had He had chased Klay Poe. He's had some steeler fans but this is a show that he is going to be doing youtube show again and it's going to be pretty exciting then on. Saturday. One of the fan favorites here at bt Ese. Is One Anthony Duffy? which everybody loves Tony and I was told him the other day because he he won't believe his. He has no ego whatsoever. People don't understand that about Tony he has absolutely no ego and like. The live Chat Tony they would stab somebody in the throat for you as like what I'm like yes, they love you. And I was trying to explain that till and he's so. Still was brunch with Tony coming up on Saturday. Then you have my insane ramblings and that's going to be tales from two a M. now they're like I've talked about my family I have talked about. Your favorite games I've been so many different things that I've talked about on the show this week it's called. It's nice to meet you. But signed my crap and the reason it's called that is it's how. I'm going to be talking about tales of steelers that I've met and I've met a lot over the years and how we need to treat them when you meet them like. People don't don't tell them how much they've killed your fantasy team. You know they don't WanNa hear that so. That's going to be the crux of the show on Monday. It's going to be bad once again with my good friend Tony and we're going to be doing steelers QNA. Tuesday. On the AM show it's going to be the steelers retro show which we talked about earlier in the Houston game from nineteen eighty nine. But before that the new flagship morning show, let's ride trying back on. It's going to be back tomorrow. By the way I failed to mention that tomorrow morning and then Monday Wednesday and Friday next week you're going to be doing your am show on Thursdays. It's the Geek. which I think is a perfect spot metaphorically. and. The scarborough show on Tuesday nights before we get to Jeffrey. and Michael in becan black. And he we might have to change that name because it confuses. Michael Michael has trouble back. And it's a takeoff on the ACDC song. I just realized I got an email during the show from Catherine underpants who is in the live chat to ask Miss that key question I love it that's great. You best. So in Javed man and other. Asking for the after party, job throat up there about three times there. Were we we we gotTa Talk to One, Jefferson Bartholomew Hartman to see about you know what maybe we'll have to have to run a little bit shorter show on Thursday and just and just bring an after party back just for old time sake what what's the about that? But Hey, we cannot do these shows without all of you in this live chat, all of these downloading our shows, all of us supporting us telling your friends about it ringing that bell to get your notification. So we love you. We cherish you. So thank you so much Dave. To these people. Yeah. Well, you also gotTa make sure that you're coming to bind the. So curtain dot com it really is your one stop shop for all things Pittsburgh steelers we are. We are bringing you. Oh my goodness. It's generally about twelve articles a day and don't be surprised to see that ramp up big time come Monday because Monday, for us that's what we're looking at is our official kickoff training camp when steals route there in pads doing the drills Not, held back with any restrictions of anything there'll be so make sure your check it in there for for all kinds of great stuff you. You talked about Tony Few man get a great article today that says, you know what? I'm just going to throw out a bunch of stuff to get people up. Here it is. It's it's it's the number one it's it's the top article on our site right now if you go to buy soccer dot com, it's right there lots of great stuff in there for that one. So job may wants to know my email sitting in. Okay because it's right there Brian, go to write separate. Same as g mail but. Motor. on there, it's on the screen. L. Are Superfan. Dad. At, Jimmy Dot Com if you go to behind this curtain com, click on any article that I'm the author of and boom it's right there. You can email me that and just make sure you're checking it out. So Brian funded by anything else you gotta say now we had a great time can't we have jeff back next week asked but so much to check out on. Whether it's the family upon casts whether it's on the editorial side but please check us out and. Keeping part of, the family. Yeah, and maybe this should be our son off as mark. Davison. Says see you mates. Make. Sure you like the show subscribe. We'll see everybody next time.

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