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US only the Fokker bravery one and only the famous it'd be Barron Hilton guys welcome to deep booker. That is arrest. How're you doing? I had a nice lovely exactly rest for weekend but more restful the previous against that steps in the positive direction action. Okay sounds good. I went to go see a a musical at the Pasadena playhouse with my daughter a date with just me and her and that was lovely until afterwards you said on instagram that you were you had a dream about having a daughter I did. It was weird. Well let me I tell you something well any kid male or female. Is it a nightmare man so it was just me and mea are day and because because I was relatively close to Porto's bakery which is my mom's favorite. It's the only good Cuban food and all of Los Angeles. If I had not told me A- ahead of time the purpose of our visit to the bakery then I would have thought differently about my response but I told her we're going to this bakery to buy Cuban food and Cuban desserts for you and your grandmother and your siblings I literally. Ali told her that to buy Cuban food and desserts we get to the Cuban bakery. We're in line. They call me up because there's always a long line and then and she said I want cupcakes and I said well no honey. That's not Cuban deserve. You can get cupcakes anytime we're at the Cuban bakery and we're going to get Cuban food and Cuban desserts and then she started crying and then she started crying real loud and making a scene in the bakery in which is already a seed pornos. People don't know that'd be the line is seventy. Two miles log always exactly some other parent would the have just caved in and given the four year old a cupcake not me. I dug my heels in and I was like I didn't care. I do not care Auburn. Auburn of the kid is well. No I was teaching her in less than I. If I had not told her ahead of time why we were going there I would have thought of the Damn cupcake but I told holter ahead of time we're going there for the sole purpose of buying Cuban food and Cuban desserts. That's not acute. I was a kid. I would have said listen. You can do that all you you want. I still WANNA cupcake. Okay you could buy that. I'll eat that when we get home but I wanNA cupcake right now. We're at the cupcake place. I WANNA cupcake. No no no no. She did soot her brain to use. I'm not going to like that. I don't like that and my response to that was well. You don't have to eat it honey. This is all something something. Nice that dad is doing. You're not starving you already ate. This is a bonus is a treat and I just said no so I was happy about that. And then of course they got her home and she ate it and she loved it all but still you test me. I'll test you right back. I was embarrassed and mortified as all hell but not cave-in and I felt very proud and accomplished with that moment you know. I don't think I ever pretend that I'm perfect nor nor. Do I ever pretend that I have perfect children because there is no such thing as perfect children. There are no perfect kids and there are no perfect parents. That was my weekend and how was yours. That happened to me. How was my weekend. My weekend was good I had I went to join a buddy doing a radio show Friday night. He does a sports radio show. I joined him Saturday. I went hiking yesterday I would we do oh. I may try tip. I went to costco so there you go. There's my weekend. Oh now did some yard work to know I fighting well almost as exciting as Justin Justin Bieber's wedding. It's the number one trending thing on social media today which I'm actually not that excited about just because they already got married twelve twelve months ago. It seems so anticlimactic and if I were to ever get married I'm crazy as we know this already I don't know why people don't do this but I would wanna get legally married the same day as I have any other ceremony armonia like I want it all the same day just for like my own brain and to know and just to make that day even more special like I don't understand this like Oh. We got legally married. We went to the courthouse and got our license a week before like I just want it all done the same day but yeah they're in South Carolina or by the time this is how it already happened. There are some celebrities they're. The wedding hasn't happened by the time of our recording so I owe. It hasn't today notes tonight which is on Monday night. It's also knowing that he got married on a Monday night like I get it. Most of his friends are in show Bizz but still well. He's got some normal friends and he's also got showbiz friends that have regular jobs like his lawyer agent or the other he had a destination in wedding and the wedding on a Monday so people having the lose like three or four days of their lives to go to the bieber wedding. I Dunno but Congratulations Katy Perry was there and so was Kendall Jenner and this is a really inspiring story for women out there who really pine for celebrity and if you dream it big enough you can achieve it because Haley Bieber was a hardcore belieber one of his biggest fans ends and now she married him but that's probably not going to happen to a regular person because she was still you know she was still in the famous parkway and yeah she was the Baldwin Baldwin before she was the Bieber fussed over her whole life. Well not really because he was Stephen Baldwin's daughter kids they do. They have like little notch up of any other regular kid. You know what I mean a little but she's not Alec or Billy Baldwin Daughter. She was Steven de l'est Baldwin in the worst ball. Would you could be one. Oh that's the one that was the drug addicts mess Daniel Baldwin. God forgot about him. I now now I know but still it's not billy Alex but congratulations to them. Also I found myself. I wouldn't even say in trouble but well. Maybe I wouldn't call myself in trouble but I I got. Some people heeded when I just did my job and I knew exactly exactly what I was doing and how I was doing it. I don't think I was rude or mean. I was just direct so you probably don't give a shit about this person but surprisingly using Lee a lot of people. Do you know it's the Kardashian by association. Shine Khloe Kardashian best friend Melita hotoke revealed that she was pregnancy in the pregnant in this adorable pregnancy sponsored post which I I made a joke about it. I just laughed but honestly get that money. I big horror. I'm all for cashing out as much as possible as often as possible knowing Tom so she did that and I had no idea she was even dating anybody so I- browsed her instagram feed and I didn't see a single photo of her and dude and I asked who's the daddy that's all. I said. Some people were like what you could have. At least I wished congratulations and then ask who's the damn responsibly. I don't know who it is. How am I gonNa wish somebody congratulations but I don't know who they are and also hello let me break it down for you the wall it was a sponsored post and it was a post that had the comments open to everybody. I sponsored post when you're a promo whore or like me. All you care about is engagement because the more engagement your sponsored post has the happier the brand is and the more comments negative or positive the more engagement that post gets the more reach. That post gets right so no matter what you say you're kind of helping us. She should thank me is what she should do. People were Serb set that I was directing just asked who's the daddy to them. I stay well. Thanks for the attention. She likes the money just as much as I liked. The attention and I'm not sorry I have no other. I really don't have a comment on. I mean you made your point. This is someone one. That's doing a sponsored post about their wedding. I we're about their baby announcement. You're giving them what they want so you don't think Mike Mike Question was inappropriate. I don't know you're putting it on line. Anything you push out online. You must be ready for what comes back at you online online. I don't even think it was harsh what you said. WHO'S THE DADDY BIG DEAL. It's funny that today's Instagram people these instagram personalities they very very rarely show a significant other even though you know that they're in a relationship because they want the appearance of being available and that's how you get more hits and it's it's. It's really a funny dysfunctional kind of thing. If you really think about it we'll see was dating this rapper so it actually ups her quota ODA. I would think by being affiliated with him but they broke up. I'd never heard of him but maybe you've heard of him. Ot to nasice never never sir. I never heard of him either but he's a known he's around. You know there's a lot of rappers out there anyway. I'm a rapper too. I'll say it now now. Congratulations me. We're very happy for you honestly honestly honestly there things everyone can do to help oh protect their sexual health talk to a healthcare provider and find out about HIV prevention options because honestly our health is worth protecting find out more at honest about HIV DOC com all right. It is official and confirmed. Jennifer Lopez is going to be performing at the Super Bowl halftime out that you called that you said so that before anybody however she's not doing it by herself. It's a CO headlining halftime show which is unusual usual. It's not very common. She's doing it with Shahida but I don't love the two of them together. Just because I first of all I like to be knowledgeable and informed and prepared just because my curiosity piqued me and then went on Youtube and I searched a bunch of the recent super bowl halftime show performances and how long they get to perform for the longest super bowl halftime show performance that I have seen gene was actually last year's Maroon five nee performed for thirteen minutes and fifty one seconds really I would have put it all around twenty thirteen minutes wow interesting thirteen minutes and fifty one seconds beyond San Bruno Mars they did it. They actually both clocked in at thirteen in minutes six seconds Katy Perry when she did it came in twelve minutes and fifty one seconds so let's assume that they're going to get fourteen minutes. It should be even longer than the longest one maroon five. If you just do the math and you have a fourteen minute halftime show with two performers what what they're gonNA do three songs each. Maybe they're going to be medleys. J.LO's GonNa blow through her heads. That's the whole thing I have no problem with it. I think it's an add he d world. I think you can have I think in thirteen minutes. You could shove ten songs in their easily but that's means that you're going to do a minute of a song. What else do I need. How how much I'm real. Do I need how much hips don't lie. Do I need. I don't need that much of it. It feels so rushed. I would have preferred if it was J. Lo or Shakira with with special guests okay but you say it feels rushed but when you laid out initially I would have guessed that halftime was twenty minutes and Ah Right. That's what I'm saying. I would have guessed so I'm already thinking it's longer than it actually is in some of them. I have been too long. I mean the Timberlake was probably probably too long. It just went on too long so I think it'll be fine and I could add in pit bull. They can add in ten people if they what it'll be fine. I guess it's it's a football game. I've said this before. It's a it's not anything else but a football game y else's not a concert but have ten shows always the highest rated part of the football game. Be Some people tune in just to watch the halftime show. The halftime show gets higher ratings than the rest of the game. I don't I think that's anywhere near accurate is that I guarantee. You're coming at it from the entertainment spectacle of it. The people that are actual fans are watching the game. I'm there to watch. It's a game. I don't give a damn who you put at half time. It's nice. It's the icing on a cake of a football season. I like we've made a big event out of it but I'm there for the football the number one entertainment thing in this country true is the NFL not music not anything else. It's the NFL. The eyeballs on football is ridiculous. Whatever I know I'm right. I don't want to waste time googling it now but I know I know I've read this. I know I'm right. NOPE anyways. Let's move on some more music related news. News Halsey broke up without US knowing I had no idea they broke up not a clue that musician young blood and she's already got a new boyfriend. She is dating actor. Evan Peters whom I would say most people probably know from American horror story and while that may be head-scratching for some people what's actually I think really adorable is that she's been pursuing wing him for seven years. when she was seventeen she started tweeting about him way back in two thousand twelve when Halsey was unknown she tweeted seriously. Evan Peters stop making me attracted to allege sociopaths and accused murderers and then a year after that or about eleven months after that she tweeted petition for Evan Peters to date me. It's got a full circle with what you said with Haley. Bulga pine hard enough for somebody and you're famous. You'll eventually get them then in two thousand fourteen she tweeted. I'm a fucking liar. I am so in love with Evan Peters. I am so whipped. Oh that's the Best I love. I love that but at the time I'm pretty sure he was still with with Emma Roberts. That's why nothing can happen and she wasn't famous now famous of course he's going to go out with her. I mean it helps it. Definitely that's the reason come on well. I love it congratulations to them. Oh by the way reese witherspoon just has joined tick tock and Britney. Spears is very active on Tick Tock as well. Basically I was right yet again. Tick Tock is blowing up. Everybody's everybody's on Tick Tock except booker. Don't look for him on their reese. Witherspoon is not on top. She is who's on Reese Witherspoon. People are on Britney Spears. Probably she may be because she's got. The mental capacity of someone twelve could be on dot but reese witherspoon is not picked up. Her people have got her there because they think that maybe some young people will be there for her or something. What else are they gonNA do when you have a social media team. They're going to put you everywhere. She has a teen well well. I've also noticed that a lot of my followers tick tock are not even that young people of all ages are starting to get on Tick Tock. You're just dinosaur and don't WanNa get with thinking so okay. You're obsolete. Hey Look I was last on instagram twitter all of them. I get like I said I'll probably end up on it. I don't don't want to because I think it's silly. I think there's enough social media. I think the world is going the other way and I'm pretty sure a matter of fact positive that Gen Z. is going that way. They're they're not like this last generation. They don't need to be on every single social platform these loving tick tock. They're all about it. That generation is less into social media than the generation in front of them is all that I'm saying what their input is more study on. No I let me correct you because you're wrong. Get again what they're into more authentic social media so whereas instagram is so curated in fake. There is the sense that tick talk more real. It's all bullshit it. Is I agree. I'm just wacky news. I had a change of thought and some people may fight me on this. I won't because if it's a chain of thought that it's a change of thought you changed your mind. No big deal. I actually am starting to believe now that Aaron Carter is not mentally unstable. I think he is just that desperate for attention and is totally with it and knows exactly what he's doing being and that's because I listened to him. I don't even know why I watched that. He was on this podcast that the film and he you not only did he sound all together but he actually sounded not dumb like I wouldn't say he's smart but he also you know he knew what he he was talking about about music and this the other and just his vocabulary. He's got a pretty good vocabulary. He's not a dumb person. I actually think he's not fake or Aril. I just think he's smart enough to know he even said it. He's like you know when I post on instagram something about music. It doesn't get any likes but when I post something crazy or wild. It gets a lot of likes so he's clearly doing everything for likes. Attention said this week well. I know why didn't believe you didn't buy it but I mean some of the things that he's doing is really next level like you probably didn't see it. He got a huge ass face tattoo. Did you see that I did not. He got a huge as face tattoo of Riyadh did yeah yeah it's a real. It's real oh man. Maybe not I mean it was inspired by Riana but Rana as Medusa so he got a Medusa ah the woman with the snakes sure with Brianna his face with on his face yeah. It's crazy you know and I I thought I was producing a lot. A lot of content daily. Aaron Carter lives his life on instagram live. He's live streaming the whole all day. That's exhausting making videos for two youtube channels a day like I do. That's draining but I'm not live all day long long yeah but you are. There's a difference. Yours is a lot harder. He's not doing anything Peres. You have to come up with content like you are. You're basically only doing the news. You're just doing a really long form of of two long form of the news okay. That's what you're doing. He's probably not. I don't think he's dissecting a story and break it down like that. You're kind of like an anchor. That's never off. He is it he's just walking around sharing his thoughts and God who could watch that well. There's a lot of lonely people yeah maintaining your lungs right. Wait is false starts with Lowe's because Lowe's has the grass seed and fertilizer perfect for your growing area and the know how to help you do it right and a great savings up to fifteen dollars off select Scott's grassy. NC Five dollars and a twelve and a half pound bag of SCOTTS TURF Builder Winter Garden Fall Long Food now fourteen ninety seven for all your projects do it right for less start with lowes valid through ten to selection and availability vary by location okay. She was only all right in other wacky news. I don't even care about this person but this is just a crazy. Roese Story Black China Rob Kardashians Baby Mama was out to dinner recently with with her new guy friend and there were Paparazzi photos a at this restaurant him sucking her toes in a restaurant. It's not a restaurant I'd be going to. I would hope that the restaurant management would say hey. You're not allowed allowed to do that here right. They should say that right one hundred percent I would have thrown them out of their gross disgusting and this woman she she is so lucky but your moment is not gonNa last long. If you keep on doing really unprofessional things not that was unprofessional that had nothing to do with professionalism or work but black China was supposed to appear on the real and cancelled on them and didn't even give them a reason and then she was spotted out in a bow when she was supposed to be on the show and my favorite thing he is the show then trolled her and posted a photo saying black China on her appearance on the real today and it was a photo of an empty couch well. She's she's GonNa get more press by stopping the show that she'd actually get by being on the show and they're actually probably getting more out of it because when if we ever talked talk about anything that they've said on the real. We've done this show for four years. When have we ever discussed anything that they've said or that. Black China said it's probably she did them a favor but that's the world we live in man like where you get rewarded for bad behavior for being tardy or or just not even showing up or just having inexcusable behavior behavior. You're being you're getting points for. You're talking about it and like you said it's a story being rewarded for it. Don't you always tell me that if we're talking about got somebody like this and this is a win yes. It's a win of somebody's talking about you. It's a win for social media but it's not necessarily a why people may not want to booker again it may not. It may not get you more work. How many people are lining up the book. I mean she. I don't even know yeah yeah all right. I as I said earlier and all for making as much money as possible sure however when you've you've already got in when you've already got tens upon tens of millions of dollars right and when your career careers still maybe not burning hot but still hot who's a good example. I don't know like will Smith right will smith is still hot. He had a hit with the Aladdin Aladdin movie. If Will Smith all of a sudden did add on instagram for the for a detox tea and I'd be like what the fuck is that about right like will smith doesn't need the money well. Jennifer Lawrence just did a deal with Amazon where she publicly glee shared her Amazon wedding registry now kind I. It's and it's basically just like affiliate lakes right like I'm sure a got paid a fee to do that and be on top of her fee probably got a percentage of all the sales that her during this guy. I don't know I just thought that was like a cheap look for her. It would have been one thing if she did. She launched a business with Amazon. I'm like oh like everybody else. Jennifer Lawrence is now coming out with a makeup line but people would hate that too damned if you do and damned if you don't I kind kind of feel that at least she's attached herself to a level brand. Amazon is a a massive conglomerate a a brand someone that she could do business with down the road if she wants to step away from acting and become an executive producer they create content so I kind of look at it like the bigger picture I see what you're saying because it kind of can feel small but maybe the next step with them. It's something else if it was like detox tea. I totally totally feel your point. I understand that it's a big brand but what she chose to do with the brand and also make I'm GonNa. Sushi is having to be honest like I don't think she look okay but aren't you a little bit curious to know what she picked. Because I kind of am now. I don't care I do like I want to know. What kind of things Jennifer Lawrence Lawrence doesn't have. I know I think it's I think that's beneath her. I could have just launched a business with Amazon. That would have been a cooler more on. Maybe she doesn't want to you know what I mean like like I said I think that there's a bigger picture that you're not seeing yet that we're all not seeing yet because just looking at it with those glasses on on. I see what you're saying. It does feel like kind of a little cheaper. I don't know if the words cheap but it seems kind of doesn't make a lot of sense standing on its own but I think there's a the bigger picture. I think there's an investment that she's making listen at. Amazon wants me to share my wedding registry. I will do it in a heartbeat. I will also go find. There's somebody in West Hollywood tonight but you gotTa pay me exactly what you paid Jennifer ever Lawrence feel. You're more likely to be hocking a bad t I would do that too. I know you know shame in that game the name I well. I think this is the healthy way to live. Not Really I live ashamed free life but I do live a regretful regretful life. I have a lot of regrets but no shame. Does that make sense yeah. I'm makes sense yeah a lot of regrets no shame by more wacky Jackie News. Mel B's former hair stylist where we are digging deep. This week aren't we. I Love Melby. I'll be what are you talking about. I love the former hairstylists not be great. Mel B's former hairstylist is suing her and making some really damning allegations including that she stole two hundred thousand dollars from him. Wait a minute. Melby stole two hundred thousand dollars from a hairdresser. I guess and used his credit card but actually I believe his allegations because I I do remember us talking on on the podcast about how little money she has right well that she claimed Ega that clearly I think she does Mon- money laundering or or somehow like hiding money and other places or like her money's in the Cayman Islands well. I think she's she somehow used him for the money or somehow like that. The lawsuit says that Mel allegedly used Gary's credit card and bank account as her personal piggy bank and spent around around two hundred thousand for her and her family she allegedly used the funds on furniture television parties transportation and other expenses and end had her doctor make out prescription drugs in his name for her. Melby is going to go to jail oops and he alleged that he told the doctor to stop that he wasn't comfortable with this when he found out oaten. What's going to happen here because this is what she'll claim he gave me the money. No one put a gun to his head and said that he needed to give me any of this money Johny. He probably volunteered to do so and she just welched on it. She just didn't give any of the money back. That's what it sounds like to me and that's what she's going to claim. I'm sure but I do smell something like you're saying that there's some sort of hiding of money or something's going on here or it could be just as simple as she doesn't have any and and she got a guy because she's famous to give her things which happens because she's got that ex husband and a child together and and they've been in a bitter custody and divorce and all of this dispute for a long time. I would think that's why she would want to hide her assets to keep them away from her ex and actually here's a little scoop. I'm not afraid of head but he does give me crazy vibes her husband's crazy he he mails me after I posted this story trying to get me to write another story about Melby about how some hardcore drug addict and evil person and even forwarded me an alleged email. He claimed that she drug addict. I'm not saying she is okay right. He he also forwarded me an alleged email that melby sister sent making all sorts of bad allegations that she's an awful daughter and wouldn't even go visit their father on his deathbed until he was actually dying and Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah but I didn't run any of that because I don't I wanna get sued by antibody and I don't have any way of verifying that email was real or that anything he was telling me was real in fact. It's the opposite part of of the onus on publisher like myself to believe what you're being told is credible. I don't view Mel b's ex-husband as credible Gotcha did he happened to send any pictures. NOPE NOPE NOPE but I'm sure he has those yeah. Maybe next time alright on some sad news Amanda bines has been struggling all of twenty nineteen. It seemed like she was getting better. Twenty eighteen she was poised for a comeback she appeared on the cover of paper magazine and the now according to to the latest reports she has relapsed reportedly with drugs and is currently living in a sober living house. I mean good for her for doing whatever whatever it is. She needs to do to get better. I'm just sad for her. All right onto an update tyler cameron formerly of the bachelorette revealed in a new interview that he was asked to be the bachelor and he turned it down he claimed. Do you believe him yeah you do. He's out there with a supermodel now yeah but he could have been the bachelor so one. He's already famous and he's with the supermodel. Now I came to meet. A girl didn't work out with her but I met somebody else. Now I'm famous. What do I need to do it again for I can get back to my life of modeling or whatever he does. I don't see the need for him to do it. I guess unless you really want to be a household name. I guess he thinks he is it's like I said he's dating a supermodel. What do you want or whatever G. G. Had is an instagram model. What whatever that is. I'm not sure what she is. He's a rail supermodel. Title I up supermodels different. Cindy Crawford was a supermodel. Naomi was a supermodel. I Dunno if if gee-gee Hadeed is a supermodel. She's a supermodel supermodel. The word supermodel has a connotation to me that may be different to you but she is not of the level of a of a model where I would say. She's a supermodel Cindy. Crawford was a supermodel. What does not have that that. would she would need to have. There's an IT thing bed. She's the instagram version of it now away. She's a supermodel okay. You're wrong okay. They may be right. I am my point is there is no such this thing is a supermodel anymore. There is no name. She's a household name. I wouldn't say she's a household name. Cindy Crawford was a household name so is so is known Naomi Campbell finally congratulations to Kanye West. He was the post to have released his new album on Friday but that it did not happen however it is allegedly still coming out and he had a big event in Detroit where he's screened an accompanying film and and also played the whole album for the audience and a there's some cool features on it any reviews about the music that it was good or anything anything you heard like that now. I didn't hear anything about the music that sucks. That's never a good sign on Kenny. G's on it well. He's a super saxophone player. Kenny G. E. play saxophone clarinet. What is that thing that he played. I think he could play both could play both. I don't know if you could play Sax. Could you play clarinet. He plays the saxophone but he often plays like what is it a soprano saxophone. That's what it is because it's smaller. Is that the deal okay okay. How did is my woodwinds or whatever those are called. I could be wrong but I think that's the case. No I think you're right because I kind of feel that why didn't say saxophone was when I picture him. He's got something thinks small that he's blowing into all right. Let's take some calls hybrid type Booker. This show love the show this. This is so random random call but I'm catching a on the hills and you know Perez. You always say that a ride keeps you gay by the Minster Prank. Just wondering I would love to hear your take on that. out later came waiting in your response back. No not at all yeah. He doesn't give this to me at all. I've heard him booker on its hearing from Virginia so actually like a fun fact for you guys. I was listening opening on on on the podcast about you know Brad Pitt and so how do you call so and so she's actually part of love like it's called a secret. That's in my my also call so and so when I heard the Brad Pitt was dating someone like the same last name that's part of the same religion I looked I looked the name up and actually along with the person is I know I know her personally and I know her daughter on there from. La and her daughter used to be like my caretaker at boarding school and it was an Indian 'cause it was like the secord in school and that was just like really cool to me to hear that you know someone has any tip corn cake with someone that I know and yeah this. This is really cool. I don't think there's a question common but she knows someone famous great. Thanks for calling hate grandee booker Mining Gabby from New Jersey e. I just wanted to call in about the the keeping up with Kardashians episode. I actually watched that episode when they were talking about the behavioral thing with their Kiddos amid teacher sure I can tell you seldom to use these six and seven year olds biting other people outside of their parents kids definitely test the limits their parents the definitely not with nannies or teachers or anything like that. I've also taught cognitive classes. I can stay that more typical of a child that is two or three years old and unable to express them of or is having a lot of trouble with self-regulation and the one I watched it. I definitely cringed anyway. I love you guys and I'm totally revised to get on TV or something anything. These guys are like the truth tellers of Hollywood total Bobby Vol- things he prison booker. I names more and I'm from Detroit. Michigan just wanted to sail over seven. What's funny that they enter between you two is awesome but but I wanted to kermit opinion that the emmys joke for Kendall and Ken when they were presenting it was not a joke okay. I don't think it was written as a joke neither if it was condole and Ken it just went over their head going mainly because I think they were saying thank real people and we know that that you could use to describe any either courtesy of it being a joke that joke that they didn't stop or pause for high. Peres high booker. My name is Joey and I'm calling from Houston Texas. I just had a comment about booker input. Uh on the Bachelor P. I do not know why he's speaking to us. Avowal Howell the whole bachelor nation doesn't want Mike Johnson whenever he didn't even watch Hannah season. My Johnson is the most I did watch. I side watched. I wasn't invested in it but I didn't know what was happening but I'll let you eligible bachelor and everybody wants him not pilot peak anyway. Thanks bye bye EV. Everybody wants him. She's everybody row. There's a lot of people that called ingred and thanked me for saying adding that politicizing the bachelor stupid and that's what people are doing but ages on it. That's a you like that to you like but I don't think the show works that way. I think they want to get the most host amount of people watching no matter what that's what I think TV show eight hundred seven two one one one eight five. We'll do this again later. This week have a good one maintaining your lungs right ways false starts with Lowe's because Lowe's has the grass seed and fertilizer perfect for your growing area and the know how to help you do it right and a great savings the fifteen dollars off select Scott's brassy. NC Five dollars and a twelve and a half pound bag SCOTTS TURF Builder Winter Garden Fall Food now fourteen ninety seven for all your oh projects do it right for less start with lowes valid through ten to selection availability vary by location homey.

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