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Live from NPR news I'm Lakshmi sang with their final debate behind them president. Donald Trump and former vice president Joe Biden are looking to close the deal with voters in the run-up to the election and eleven days. However, more than fifty million people reportedly have already voted early was the rivals and their surrogates returned to battleground states the coronavirus pandemic continues to dominate the campaigns and fueling the urgency for action. One prominent research team is now projecting that more than half a million people could die from the coronavirus in the United States by the end of February, NPR's Rob Stein has details. The grim new estimate comes from researchers at the University of Washington. The same group that has been frequently cited by the White House coronavirus task force but the researchers estimate the death toll could be much lower if the right steps are taken to protect people, for example, for than one hundred, twenty, nine, thousand lives could be saved. If everyone wears a mask in public according to the new analysis, other researchers, questions, some of the assumptions that researchers make such as how well Mass Work and how well people use them but most public health experts agree mask could significantly reduce the death toll Rothstein NPR news the American Embassy in Ankara says it is suspending all visa and American citizen services at all its. Diplomatic missions in Turkey NPR's Peter Kenyon reports. The embassy is citing credible reports of potential terrorist attacks. As the reason, the embassy announcement said the threats involve possible terror attacks and kidnappings of us, citizens in Istanbul and possibly other locations in Turkey. There was no immediate word on how long the closures might last. US. Citizens were urged to exercise heightened caution in areas where crowds might gather. This is the first time. A potential terror threat is closed US diplomatic missions in. Turkey. A similar announcement was made in two, thousand, fifteen in two, thousand, eight, three Turkish police guards were killed in an armed attack, the Istanbul Consulate, and there was a bombing at the US embassy compound an opera in nineteen, fifty eight. Peter Kenyon NPR news is tangible in Geneva. Libya's warring factions have signed a permanent cease-fire, the United Nations offices we have details from Nicholson, acting U, N envoy, Stephanie Williams says, the cease-fire is effective immediately meaning that foreign fighters are required to Libya within three months and forces are required to withdraw from the front lines political talks a set to take place in Tunisia in November to find A. Lasting solution to the conflict that came out of the country's twenty eleven uprising, which saw the removal of Gadhafi previous attempts to end the war failed but signatories have agreed to establish a joint police unit that will help monitor the withdrawal, the foreign militia, as well as a joint military force that will report to the UN's military commission for NPR news. I'm s Nicholson in Berlin this is NPR. One of trump's most powerful allies in Congress senator. Lindsey? Graham has raised a million dollars a day in the first two weeks of October his campaign saying it has raked in a total of nearly fifteen million so far this month during that period grand was chairing the committee that this week Advanced Judge Amy Conybeare Barrett Supreme Court nomination to the full Senate. For confirmation the Democrats had boycotted arguing the Republicans rushed to confirm president trump's nominee before the election Iro's the legitimacy of the process while people are deciding on the future of the presidency. A well known choreographer for Hollywood films and television shows has died in Los Angeles at the age of one hundred one Jeff London reports march champion was also a model for Walt Disney's snow. White. Marge champion was born to dance. Her father was dancing teacher for Hollywood stars among them, Shirley Temple Betty grable and gower champion. Her first husband was a Disney animator who used her as the model for snow. White and characters in fantasia she danced in Hollywood films Broadway musicals any one, thousand, nine, hundred, forty, seven teamed up with gower champion both personally, and professionally, they were in several musicals and television shows together including showboat and lovely to look at Dan don't ask me after the pair split up, she continued to dance to choreograph for films and appeared in a revival of follies on Broadway at the age of eighty-two for NPR news. I'm Jeff London in New York. I'm Lakshmi. Saying. NPR News.

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