Monday, November 18th, 2019


Good Morning Cancer. Today is Monday November. Eighteenth two thousand nineteen Mercury Twelfth Twelfth Degree Scorpio Semi Square Jupiter at twenty six degrees secretary. ASS- you're capable of more than you know trust in your own one potential and see how far you can go. This is cancer today. A podcast original. Let's begin your day. Mindfulness is helpful in all things but an awareness of your own needs is sometimes the best place to start. Try sorting your priorities and using them to assemble a guide for your time having a specific plan of attack will empower you to approach any challenge head on resist the urge to lean on a capable capricorn. Today going through each task Solo. Google will help you learn how to navigate things independently. Now take a moment to reflect on your relationships as the dramatically Oh moon squares contemplative mercury might find you and your loved ones desires are misaligned navigating gating this clash could have you engaging in a dance of push and pull to avoid a struggle. Remind yourself to be empathetic and make an effort to meet them halfway. A true compromise will leave. You both feeling understood. Consider the work you do new in your career cancers are naturally indecisive but today your tendency to over think may mean you're standing in your own way if you step aside you might realize agreed of solution to a larger problem was under your nose the entire time. Use this as a lesson to trust in yourself and your own abilities you are capable of more than you realize cancer today will be back tomorrow to learn more about your horoscope visitcalifornia psychics and connect today horoscope. Today is a podcast original.

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