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[068] Instant reaction to the release of DT Gerald McCoy


Welcome to the buccaneers observer podcasts row. Philipson Molly bay today's may twentieth two thousand nineteen who cares. How many days is to kick off? Big news is show is going to be dedicated to one thing, and one thing only gel McCoy Jerry McCoy is no longer a Tampa Bay buccaneer. He and the team apparently mutually decided to part ways. That's what the team said. Anyhow, we'll see what McCoy has to say probably tomorrow, I haven't seen anything any replies that he's had he won't be off social media much longer. He's been pretty quiet for the last few months, and I'm sure it's driving him crazy. So it's going to be interesting to see who if anybody picks him up, how much for agent at four o'clock tomorrow. That's when we'll find out there's speculation, he could go to the colts because they have so much cap room. But who knows there is rumors that we. We are pursuing Dhamma consumer to take place, which that's been reported by Gregg Allman JC Cornell who's connected to the areas. Family Putera report is also reporting it to me is a fascinating because if we get the bottle could sue, he's going to cost us almost as much as Gerald McCoy, we might could getting for a little bit less. Maybe a couple of million less, but that will be a huge megaphone shout that we didn't get rid of McCoy because of his cap space. We got rid of McCullough, because attitude, we are trying to have an attitude adjustment with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, especially on defense. It appears getting the could sue would be a huge signal. And I think it would just be really, really fascinating. We talked yesterday and in the podcast before that, about bursary and sending a message to Jeremy quake, three. Through the media and jerem McCoy did not take that, well, I think that could have been the death knell forum. I think that may have had more to do with his release than anything. Now not to mention that last season, you know, he's always been talented as the leader of the defense, and then he's not even voted, captain, just that was very, very telling last year we he's we got JP last year who got paid more than hill. That's the first defensive player. I'm pretty sure that's been paid more than McCoy since McCoy's been here. Not sure they're rebus might that I'm paying more for that one year. Maybe fact, check that. Yes. In two thousand thirteen they'll Rivas got paid sixteen million dollars Darrell McCoy got paid eleven million, but that was the first time and the last time until last year the McCoy hasn't been the highest paid player on the defense. Now, normally he's been. Been the highest paid player on the team total up until I think Mike Evans last year if in the not be voted as a captain, you know that's the team that does that teams won that vote for captains. I'm surprised that wasn't a bigger deal when it happened. Everyone just kinda downplayed not really big deal, and he let the new guys come in and take over the leadership of the team. Well, there's been a lot of that that's happened since jerem McCoy's been on this team. Everybody kind of downplays a lot of things with him. I'm going to say this Gerald McCoy n- has a lot of fans and for all you fans that are upset about Jerry McCoy, leaving the team I'm here to one make you feel a little bit better about the situation as far as the team goes and to probably going to piss you off because I think this is the best move the buccaneers could have done. They should have done this many, many years ago after the two thousand eleven to Bockel. I wanted everybody on the. Team taken out and only ones left Regina McCoy and demar Dotson now with McCoy gone that leaves demar Dotson not too worried about him because he's not much of a leader or anything of that nature German coy stepped into that roller. At least vocally said he was going to step into that role but we will be a better team without jerem McCoy Garin t it I do not like talking bad about players while they're on our team, which is why we haven't really said much before. Now, I'm not a big fan of calling for people to be fired or anything of that nature. But bottled tell you law sit here, and I watched film, I get so aggravated watching Jerrell McCoy because. Yes. Well, he is talented. I will not I'm not going to say he sucks. He's probably above average. He's basically got one move, and it's a speed or one quality and it's his speed other than that. He really does a trip. Much on the field liabilities sometimes as well because he gets a lot of penalties very very big liability on the field. And this is one of the things that really pisses me off about the media, and the announcers way he's been handled is always show his highlights though, show a sack. They always come six time pro bowler all bringing yes, which he earned it, I guess can't take it away from him. But that has nothing to do with the team, but they never show his love lights. And trust me when I say, jerem McCoy has a lot of lowlights his negative plays far outweighed his positive plays. And I think Bruce Arians saw that, you know, Bruce Arians is a film grew he loves it. And also Bruce Arians is the only coach that has come in here with enough clout to get rid of jerem McCoy, you know, it reminds me of the Dallas Cowboys, I think it was. Join me they sold it to Jerry Jones and the all owners sold it to him on the condition that he got rid of Tom Landry that he fired Tom Landry because he couldn't fire Landry. And I kind of feel like this is the same thing. I mean you had I you had he Moore's come in, and they drafted McCoy, they wanted sue, but they ended up getting McCoy and he made his own issues to deal with he was a new ad coach and all that. So he didn't have as much clout to begin with Gerald McCoy did. And then we get rid of hill after that two thousand eleven to buckle where the team just totally quit on him. And they we get Greg's Yano Greg Shana was a last-minute higher. He came in immediately the media hated hill and jerem McCoy was at the same time touted as the face of the franchise. Now this is after two years of being hurt and not really contributing. A whole lot to the team. And then all of a sudden he's just lifted up as the face of the franchise. He didn't earn it. And I think the reason was image. That's the buccaneers under Rahim had an image being partier 's horrible, image. Yeah. I mean he had to keep Toledo Raheem Morris is going to strip clubs with the players. Josh Freeman Atsu board, not showing up practices. He's doing drugs. He's alienate and all of his teammates sell. I think that they put your McCoy forward as a leader, not because of his reputation or what he had done for the team. But just they had a PR problem that they had to fix brought in McCoy n- no matter what about the guy. He's, he's excellent at PR. And he is what the NFL wants in football players. He's clean cut. He speaks. Well, he stays out of trouble. He's a family man. All those things are commendable. He's. He's christian. So his faith is really important to him. Right. But that does not make you a good football player. And it does not make you a good teammate in there in lies. The problem dude I think he was a good teammate. And I do not think he was that great of a football player. I am in the same camp as Ian Beckles that he is one of the most overrated players ever in the history of the hidden fell the way he was touted. I mean this guy was on Kobe poor. He was on the league. You know, he's been on the NFL AM NFL network inside training camp in fell tunnel access. I mean he's just he's in the media a lot and he gets touted by the media, a great deal. They're always talking about how he's double teamed. You know what he's a defensive tackle. They get double teams. He gets double teams no more than any other defensive tackle in the league German McCoy had D world's most powerful marketing team behind. Creative arts association. He had top courting as his manager. These are the same people that handle Tom Hanks all the big stars. They handle a lot of big football players to Peyton Manning was one of them, but they're very, very gifted and good at marketing in Jerry McCoy was perfect for them. And he did a lot of marketing for himself. But again that does not make for a good player or a good football team. Now, one of the things I'll say about Jerry McCoy is a football player. I was touching on this earlier. He's got he's very quick. He's light on his feet, but he's not strong. And he would get pushed out of the way ten fifteen yards out of the way the play all the time, I have literally hundreds of video clips of jerem McCoy, getting pushed out of the way getting completely moved out of the play if he didn't get to the quarterback quickly. He was. Basically, useless, and in Beccles touched on this, and one of his podcasts that the media made up a word for Gerald McCoy disruptive, but he never saw on the field. And I think Ralph is in that camp as well. Yes, he would get in the backfield, and he would might make the running back mood to the left a little bit or whatever, but it wasn't like he was blowing plays. And stopping the plays they were basically just going around him if he got in the backfield, and that was it if you look at his tackling stats, the really quite atrocious, especially if you compare them to Donald could sue and defensive tackles tackling is kind of a thing, it's, but they're supposed to be the run stoppers. Right. That's what everybody says about McCoy L. He's got fifty four and a half sacks, which is impressive for defensive tackles because sats aren't really good measure of their caliber, as a defensive tackle. Yes. And. That's true. I mean defensive tackles aren't really supposed to be the Sakhon is. But if you look at Germany coys sacks, they're not distinguishable and all he rarely had sex in late quarters games. He never had Saxon, important parts of games. I mean I can think of maybe one maybe two where he got to the quarterback when it mattered. But generally, it was first quarter second quarter I down second down or garbage time for garbage time. Yes. Like we game against the Buffalo Bills when he had one of his few multi sat games, heck, even I think the whole defense had seven sacks, I want to say they're Rivas head to sacks and we play against Atlanta. There was one against atlano to wanna gets to Atlanta. That was dare McCoy's biggest sack they had three sacks. But and this is another big thing, it was up against a guy who was absolutely horrible. All three sacks where? Against the same guy of the right guard. I can't remember his name. But if you search his name in Google the first thing that pops up is so in so sucks. Atlanta hated him because he was just horrible. So anyhow, once they took that guy out of the lineup and put another player in general coy, didn't get any more sex that game, one of the things I've always said about Gerald McCoy, or I've always said to Molly about jerem McCoy is he does not play well at all against high competition when he goes up against really good lineman. You don't hear from him. He disappears and get Majer of that was hill wasn't Jeremy's zoo that went to play for. Yes. When Jeremy, Zuhdi played they came and played at Buchan ears, and Jeremy Zuta and McCoy went up against each other quite a bit, and Jeremy zoo, just basically tossed, Gerald McCoy a rally rag doll round. There was one play where he'd knocked Jeremy coil office feet and a good ten yards bag that was also the game we're jerem, quote was helping a bunch players up to, and that's what everybody really got upset. Now, I wanna touch on that as well to people said, Gerald McCoy, it's okay for jerem McCoy did not help opponents up. He's just being a nice guy and all that. I agree with that, that's fine. If you're the one that knocks them down. But if you go back and you watching that Baltimore Ravens game. He was helping guys up that he didn't knock down. And he was helping guys up on the ravens team while Buchan ears guys were still laying on the ground. It was a very, very strange thing. I don't know what was going on in his mind. I've really I've really felt like he was getting his. Whoop so bad that he was trying to appease them and say, stop hurting me. I'm a nice guy cow, easy on me guys. That's how I felt in that game. And that's the game. Also the flack said a record for what, what he scored four touchdowns in the first half. I think it might have even been five. Okay. Where they just beat the heck out of us. But all you McCoy fans I understand where you're coming from. I really do. But don't fret McCoy will probably go to somewhere else, and we'll actually see if Darryl McCoy is the player everybody thinks he is. But I'm gonna tell you as far as the buccaneers a concern. If you're still a buccaneer fan, this is a good good thing. I know people don't want to hear me say that, but Mark, my words are defense is going to be so much better without jerem McCoy there. I mean you gotta look at since he's been on the team aren't defenses sucked. He's only played on to winning teams and we've changed everything from top to bottom through taint coaches coordinators. Everybody on the defensive now. Exactly. And it was always oh he's never had any help help last year last year. But even before that we had player. They didn't cost much money but they were just as productive if not more productive, and they got no attention. They got nothing. But blame we went out and got Clinton McDonald who was decent more days above average. I mean there were so many Adrian clayborn ROY he's he went one Super Bowl. I liked him when he was here in two Super Bowls, one, one of them Michael Michael SuperBowl. Winter, you know, and Germany co is never gone to the playoffs. It's just amazing to me, but there's, there's much much much we could say about this. But what I wanna to do is really a no, I'm pissing. A lot of people off that are jerem Koi fans. But that's how I am. I do not like to call for players to be fired or whatever while they're on the team. I just not a fan of that. I think that when you're saying you support your players ever problem kind of call JIRA McCoy, but it's hard to do. Because when you call. Jerry McCoy offer bad play or whatever you just get attacked attack tacked by not only fans but the media but now that he's not on the team anymore. Kind of feel good about saying what I think Lawley. What are you doing? The part that really turned me off to Gerald McCoy was when lavar anti David had a really productive season. I think one of his best seasons and jerem McCoy was asked about it, and they media and his response was, yeah. I get double team so often. So he's able to go in there and get a lot of sacks. If I were live on David that would piss me off because he's essentially taking credit for David success. Oh, yeah. It was it was mildly infuriating for me to we need to get that clip and play with the, that's one of the things that, you know, when I say that jerem McCoy being got off the team is going to be better for the team. I'm not talking about his play as much as I am about the way he affects the team. Like I said, he's been paid extremely well, and he's gotten all the attention. I mean it's all over granite, and none of the blame. Yes, he gets all the credit. I remember during the Cleveland Browns game few years ago, he got a sack and they played it over and whenever talking about it and Clinton McDonald got a sec right after that they didn't even mention his name. They didn't mention they were still talking about jerem McCoy and then Clinton McDonald went and got an interception. A couple of plays later. It was a fantastic play. I mean he literally knocked this guy off his feet, and then he ran down the field. And caught a tipped pass the announcers didn't say a word about it. They didn't even replay it. But Jeremy McCoy gets all the attention for whatever he does anything he does and he gets the tension. When the team does something it's Jaren McCoy now. I understand why the NFL does that, because like I said, they want to push their McCoy as the new face of face the NFL, but could you imagine what it's what it feels like being on a team with a guy like that, that? Sucks. All the achievement right out of the room. You know, he's making all the money, and he's getting all the attention. What incentive do you have to play good? If you're going to play good jerem McCoy is going to get all the attention for an and all the money. I'll think about wherever you work. You know there's one person there that gets more credit than they deserve. You know, there's somebody there at the job that, you know, they far off with the boss thinks great or you know, they get paid a lot of money, and you sit there and you go I could do that. Anybody that watches jerem McCoy's fill, you know, and I'm not talking about looking at his highlights. I'm talking about watch a whole complete game. What take whole complete season of Dera McCoy film, you're gonna look and you're gonna go, let's not that great and these guys see that. But yet, they see him get all the accolades, all the money all the attention. And like I said, you know, Clinton McDonald does great doesn't even. Get a mention he doesn't even get a replay most people didn't even know his name while he was on the team. Same thing with Michael Bennett. Michael Bennett was on the team. He was playing lights out. Nobody really knew who he was until we get sent to Seattle because Jerry McCoy took up all the attention. And I think that it makes players resentful. Absolutely. An it's a bad example when McCoy is on the field. I don't think that he plays to his troop potential, which I think, is what areas was kind of getting at, when he called him out in the media. He wanted him to play as hard as ever played. But so you see a co worker, who is not working nearly as hard as anybody else. And it doesn't matter. Nobody calls him out for it, right? That's, that's a huge thing, nobody ever ever ever criticises Jeremy McCoy. If you do you get blocked on Twitter, and you get a bunch of hate mail from people. Yes, in the media also comes after I did not get that in the last few weeks, Rick Stroud and Tom metrics of the Tampa Bay times. I think that they have an an with Gerald McCoy, but they were not just reporting on what was going on. They were actively defending Gerald McCoy from fans criticism that has not your role as the media is not your place not your job, but they were just incessant. And they've done it since he's been here. The only one who mildly criticizes him is Peter report and they were blocked by McCoy. Joe bucks fan kiss his ass for extravaganza. I mean they all do. Yes, it was the two thousand fourteen week. I'm not sure what week it was against Cleveland. Here. I've got this written down the second quarter at seven to Spence had a Tf L on the center. Okay. This is the same. Mm center? He was a this was his first game with the Cleveland Browns he was brought in because they they're center got injured. It was a long story didn't have the guy was really out of position a lot. And so our defensive line took advantage of him. So Spence had a tackle for a loss on him in the fourth quarter. Eleven thirty seven Clinton McDonald had an interception McCoy was not even in that play in the first quarter McDonald had a tackle for loss on that center as well in the first quarter a minute later McCoy had a sack on that center as the same center that spans McDonald, both were able to get good plays on. And this center was a scrubbed at it only had one game with the Cleveland Browns before that. But McCoy has got all the praise from the announcers he got articles written about him because of this game. And that play in particular I think it was books nation. Yes. But books nation dot com. Leap Sanders wrote a huge article on it. Read it made gifts wealth the, the sack. Mccall even said, after the game, he said everybody's frustrated, but I don't think anybody is upset enough with losing, but no money pointed out, fence plays at McDonald's plays that they both had excellent games actually better games McCoy did. But yet McCoy gets all the praise for it, and that just happened all the time. Here's another example of McCoy's non criticism in two thousand and thirteen. Nobody knows this in two thousand thirteen jerem mcquaid led the team and penalties. I believe that he had ten penalties nobody ever pointed that out. Now this was also the same year that everybody was freaking out because we were one of the most penalized teams in the NFL, but yet nobody would point the finger Jeremy McCoy, nobody now that you say that I remember that it was under his team right? Just everyone was like, oh, where someone disciplined, so undisciplined, right? Who was undisciplined, there, Gerald McCoy. But yet, nobody pointed to Jerrell McCoy as the problem he had ninety one. Yards lost on penalties that year he only had seventy two yards lost on tackles and sex. Wow. So he caused us twenty yards here. If you wanna look at it that way, I mean, there's just so much so much, and we'll probably do more videos on this, but we wanted to get on here right away and get the news out that Jerry McCoy was no longer with the team, and try to kind of make everybody else feel a little bit better. This is not the end of the world. As a matter of fact, this is the beginning of something really good at Tampa Bay. Well, and maybe we'll see for certain he can go to another team and see how he does there and the buccaneers can move on and go on without him. And we'll see how they perform. I think it'll be really telling at the end of next season, whether this was a good thing or about thing. Yes, if we can consume that, man, that's going to be so crazy. I don't say it happening. But now that everybody's bringing it up. We joked about it in the podcast was at last podcast, some podcasts, we're talking about Jerry McCoy leaving and what would happen if we get sue, I tell you what I will say this in a little bit of prognostication, if we get sued we're going to the playoffs. No doubt in my mind, no questions asked. And that was show you how much Durham McCloy was keeping us back. It just praised that one player can have an impact both negatively an positive exactly. He got any ideas where he'll go, I've heard that he's wanted to go to New Orleans. You know, he works out with your breeze off season which that bothers me tale. He's done that for, like eight years, or something, which is insane to me. Go to hanging out with the enemy. I mean, I get that they're all professional, and it's a business and all that. But younger competitors. I mean any advantage, you're going to get from working out with them. They're going to get it too. I think drew Brees is a strong competitive than jerem liquidity. Is out there like oh, you know, just trying to have some fun and drew Brees without their like on the learn how to beat this dude. Is that only talk? Doc, and Derby's is what like nine into against Gerald McCoy, you made like record wise. Yeah, they've matched up family. That's the record every time that they've matched up in fact when he made his Instagram video he was in New Orleans. Yeah. Trevor sick succumb a- sick. I'm gonna learn how to pronounce his name one. If you know how to pronounce his name, please tweet at me. Trevor Tampa Bay trae tweeted today. Right after that, news that a lot was going to come out about McCoy's tenure with the bucks now that he's left at team, which I'm very curious about that, especially because of what you said, and I wouldn't be surprised if that was part of the issue with the two thousand eleven team. Oh, bill. You know, I'm want to know that so bad, you know, not only what happened to the to the team. But how much does it was Gerald McCoy because here it is you're looking at a whole party team. You know, like we said, we had a keeps telling keep mcgeer blonde NAR Jackson, Josh Freeman. I mean these guys were serious serious partners and we're talking jog strip clubs on a get stuff. And then you had Gerald McCoy who you know, he's Christian family man, and all that stuff. There had to have been a confrontation going on. You know, some type of conflict between those that group but back to you and drew Brees go back and look at how many times when we talk about Durham McCoy and sacks how many times he's sacked quarterbacks in order to Beijing. I think you'll be quite surprised. You think the number is pretty good given that you matchup against him? Twice a year broad. But it's pretty much the exact opposite. He gets more sacks out of the division than he does in the division, think on number. That would be, my guess Peter. Cox was the name of the sooner. But Atlanta Falcons, the German Koi got two three sacks on its Peter KO in Z. Never heard it. Yeah. I thought it was, but it Peter cops. But if you look, you'll see that land falcons fans just they could stay in. He was his horrible. But that's one of the things with dare McCoy as I said earlier, he did not play well against top tier offense of Lyman New England Patriots known saints teams, such as that. And it's cowboy Dallas Cowboys go back and watch the game last year that we played 'em coin and do nothing. Can he play in that game? I don't remember. Injury problems last season. Yeah. And that's another thing whereas SuperBeets Djerma coy assume does not get injured too. He's only missed two games in his whole career how and those are both been due to suspensions. He does not get her. I'll tell you I remember in, I think it was two thousand fourteen when we were playing the NFC west when they were the powerhouse division. We're talking about the dec-. Hawks were the top team in the league, the car, noses with Arians was there, it might have been the year. They went thirteen and three. The Rams were kicking butts in the forty Niners had Copernican all mean the they were the powerhouse division at this time and lucky us, we got to play them ear. And this was Xiantao's first or second year I think it was the second year and we played the Seattle Seahawks at Seattle and we played them so hard, we took them into overtime. I remember that one. Yes. And we had them beat. I mean we had them beat and on the ground, they were huffing and puffing. In all that good stuff. And Jeremy McCoy left the game in overtime. I, I remember sitting there watching TV going. Oh, what am I watching here? I don't care if my arm was broke I would wanna play and he, I don't know. We had like a twist at Angkor you know, he never missed any time point left the gay just left the game. He actually got carted off the field on a card. And I remember he, he looked over at the Seattle sideline or the diva whoever was on the field whenever he looked at Seattle players and did his shoulders shrugged. Like I can't believe you guys did this to me, something like that. But I remember watching a game in thinking why in the that's not championship material right there. You know unless you're either I'm I was thinking about this guy. He must have really broke his ankle. You do not leave in overtime against one of the best teams in division at their house, and your team has been kicking butt and, and to be carted off the field and nothing's wrong with you. He did that quite a bit, where he would, you know, trainers would have come out take him off the field, and then you come back. Couple plays later have quite a bit. With but it doesn't have it was SU so it just doesn't leave the field. So if we do get sue we can expect to be out there for sixteen games. Jerry McCoy's only played sixteen games once or twice if the calculations I did a while back. He was he typically admits twenty five or thirty percent of all games. Yeah. But a lot of that was because the two thousand eleven he missed ten games. I think it was was torn by years. Arou- where he tours buying south, I two years because of that reaching out, China arm tackle people. Well, if nothing else was durable, and we learn from the Donovan Smith re-signing. Durability is absolutely an admirable attribute. Yes, I'm gonna say that's all you Gerald McCoy fans. I've been saying this since we've signed on with Smith. If you're mad, you got McCoy cut from the team blamed on him and Smith because he took all his money. But one of the things that you always say about championship guys is they make the players around them better. You can't say that about Jerry McCoy. I can't think of anybody that's been on the team that you could say they were better because they played with your McCoy. Now, the thing that they say about championships caliber, people is they step up. They make big plays in big games, Jemma going never did that nobody can point to a play, which is one play that Jerry McCoy ever did that was a game changer. I talked about this a couple of podcast ago. But I said, we couldn't bring up Jeremy Koyo went downtown mount J, P and sub going to do that right now. We had never really seen that before JP came on the team. At least I haven't I've been a fan for ten years. But J P did that number of times, or he showed up? He got us a stop when we need it. You know. Yes. Quite a few times, actually. And JP played hurt and he and he played. He was out there. Hurt three fingers on one hand half a hand in any case it can be done. It doesn't you don't have to have help on the line to do it, though. I think back with Gordon sap of awards pad. Marcus Jones, tedium HANA to Brad Culpepper. Guys like that on, on the defensive, nobody's saying, hey, these guys are what made Warren sat better. Although they most of them had they all had more sex and did and one point or another again, two defensive tackles are judged by sex, but, you know, going Sam didn't need everybody on the defensive line to be Probo Kyle players in order for him to be. Be good in order for the team win. So I I'm just here to say it, we are going to be a much better team. Now the Jeremy McCoy is gone. I think he was holding us back quite a bit. Especially defensively. We always heard about crime Alexander in that he was kind of the energy of the defense, and that's where he was going to be missed the most. I think there's something to be said for Leno energy as well. Yes. I mean, if you're just constantly sucking all the energy out, or you're not working as hard or as motivated as the guys around you, and they don't, and they don't pull you up. You're just going to bring them. Now, if you have someone at your workplace again, wanna analogies. That's just I don't know if this is what McCoy was doing. But if a bad attitude in their bitching all the time and their oranges unmotivated. It makes you wanna motivated. That's contagious. It's harder to over. Become bad energy, negative energy, or even low energy than it is. It's just hard to come back from that it would take a whole team. I think to bring up one guy who's got low energy. So I wanted to get on that train that this is a good thing for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers if you're Jeremy McCoy fan and you've made it this far. Don't be despondent. Seriously? Don't be despondent for the team. This is a good thing. And it's a good thing for Tara McCoy to, you know, he needs to go somewhere where he could start over and, you know, hopefully, get on with the team that's already got a championship caliber people. You know, we're talking about the colts. There's some somewhere where they're not too far away from being a winner, because I think his time at Tampa had just run out. You just can't be the leader of the defense the face of the franchise for so many years and have your unit. Be absolutely horrible during that whole period and expect people to continue to praise you for name. I mean we did for a long time, we made excuses for him for a long time. I think the excuses, just run out. Yes. I think last year was pretty much the nail in the coffin of excuses for Jeremy McCoy. He knew that at the end of the season even before Dirk koetter was fired. But oh yeah. We hired areas. I mean that last game in December he made that statement in the locker room. Whatever happens happens, and I'm very grateful for my time, here he knows over, and it might have been hill. He might be the one doesn't want to play here anymore. Don't know. Well, Trevor Tampa Bay trae senate's gonna come out so we'll see his Tampa Bay trae. Trevor second. Yes, yes, you never do that connection not changes his name. His Twitter handle are the display name. He changed at all the time. So we're going to find out soon if we're going to get Donald could sue. I don't know how likely that is. But I tell you what it would be extremely fascinating in my prediction is we'll be a playoff town team. We get the Donald could sue. Thank you, really. You would really see a culture change here. Immediately can't just say, one more thing we have a lot of young impressionable. Guys on the defense, not impress me in, you know, naive or whatever. But football wise earned experienced since that they're going to look to the veterans on the team. What type of veteran do you want them learning from the smashmouth guy or the gun, the PR guy? Right. That's having fun. And that's lost his whole career ran food for thought and jerem acquainting is going to be remembered fondly by Lana bucks fans. He's probably gonna get into the ring of honor. He'll be missed by law. Fans probably some teammates, the fella have to say. And again, I'm not saying Germany. Koi is a horrible person or that he's a horrible football player. But I am saying he was highly overrated, and I think he was more harmful than he was good in the locker room. So this is a good thing for the buccaneers. If you're fan of the buccaneers. This is a good thing, if you're fan of jerem McCoy following wherever he goes, that's going to wrap it up for us. We just wanted to get on here and let you know, the news and our thoughts on it not doing anything fancy this time. We got another podcast. I guess we'll do Tamar. No, no. Well this make it up for it. I don't know. I just barely got to one out today. Well, we have not as tomorrow in the media will be there. So it's gonna be all kinds of stuff coming out, especially with the McCoy's staff. And the media is going to have access to the teams him football. Maybe I will. I think that we should probably do one tomorrow. Again, three days in a row and make up for last week. Three in a row. All right. That's gonna wrap it up for us till next time that lacks.

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