Episode 491 Jonny Hates Marketing But Loves His Three Pillars Of Success with Jonny Cooper


Everyone agrees bacon. Make everything better even marketing. This is the vacant podcasts. You'll learn to cure your marketing victor internet marketing online. Hi mark is social media tips intact now to help you bring more bacon hall master marketing sizzle brian basilica. This is the bacon podcast. Welcome everybody. I'm your host brian. Basilica in this is the podcast where you learn to make your business sizzle online. So are you ready to fry up some new business. Hey peeps. I am uber excited. I have a phenomenal guest and this person is coming to us from birmingham england. It is late in the day for him but it's early in the morning for me and his name is johnny cooper and the one thing i can say about johnny is johnny hates marketing so he's going to be a very negative person today. No i'm kidding. He's actually very positive and he does motivational things all the time. This man does a a a brain dump and you could talk about that a little bit when we get there johnny <hes> every single day. He's done it for seven hundred days straight which is on please. That's seven thirty five. Excuse me seven hundred thirty five. What do you call it daily brain tattoo. I love that so johnny how you doing great my i do. I always reflect this point one. We're <hes> cross-atlantic like this. Live isn't technology. Amazing hasn't brought the world together. It's just fabulous in it is it's <hes> <hes> and just how it's really shrunk the world you know and it's made us all a lot more connected and it's given us perspective. I mean it's just it's it's fabulous and speaking of perspective. We have something in common. We are both musicians. You grew up playing keyboards because i was on your podcast. We were talking about that and and you do in my thing on music. A lot of people know that but how did you go from being a musician to a marketing coach and the kind of things that you're you're doing now. Well the the the short version. Is that being a musician case. You broke. Yes <hes> so not being a afresh musician. We we have a joke in our circles over here. You might let it the difference between a professional musician on a fourteen inch pizza. What sir the answer is that a fourteen inch pizza can feed a family of four but in the august kind of you know last bomb line. I guess i come. I come say about out of time so <hes> yeah i kinda just tumbled into a career in sales with no real qualifications <hes> few years down the line after that. I'm online to a career in a financial consultancy. I started announce column. I guess my big business success story feeling <hes> what sold out and then just fell into coaching and consultancy almost blackston. You know some of the folks who are our clients in business. Once it contains a hanauer million <hes> let me guide them asked me to guide them disclose strategies their own businesses. Now is just not archetypal general business culture the go-to drive a business tips <hes> so i just to make some changes on morphed into what you see now in the johnny has relatively recently you know going to be done a couple earliest so you started out <hes> the name of your company like my company is be to be interactive marketing very very few people even know what that is. What it means you know they just think of the bacon guy you know and i think of you is johnny hates marketing. What made you come up with. The concept of johnny hates marketing and and how how would you say took off off. They would cause this kind of your bacon well. I i have this. This berry genres thank you. I was guessing on a podcast. <hes> a canadian gaza podcast kaskol podcast bay scott decided greg guy and i'd launch my focus coaching business and i was calling the success party. Aww i thought that was brilliant. Eddie loves a posse and the either he wants to be successful. <hes> i guess what the markets will be different success by nothing to anybody so i was china by this and we were talking s- gone on this podcast what you say that you really like marketing. It's all said nah nah at that time oxy and he goes spoiler. Johnny hates marketing. I went to sit again and that's what it was. Bonia just carried it from tom from the broadcast within a week on rebranded and everything from the success by dot com to johnny isakson dot com and you know i think that as a really kind of good good less than two minutes away the he had just just be one thing and making something fun and intriguing on something speights speech the audience show and people people john group every day with an awesome dr meshes and silent great find your group i hey marketing to an and there is any wisdom and genius beyond them now forty nine. <hes> ignorant is an choosing the language that mcclatchy using themselves. It's an interesting story that you bring up because the origins of this podcast it's funny because i started at about five years ago. Go and it it was born out of conference and i went to a conference and saw this gentleman speak about doing podcasting and i just immediately fell in love with it so i went and registered the name my marketing magnet. I thought em you know it's like that's the name of this so it was my marketing magnet and i did it for about about three months and i got no listeners actually bear in his own way than the success by at least is not completely vague well. It's you you know the success party sounds like you know kind of like a fringe british political party <hes> with a success polity ahead to bring everybody <hes> chicken the pulse. You've watched mary poppins and that's what it's like to me when you said the success party i'm going you know just maybe because of my mind's on politics lately you know but the biggest thing is that my marketing magnet got nowhere and so i was on a call with the the guy who did that presentation was that he was a coach and he was coaching not me on the podcast and finally everybody came to me and said dude. You're stupid. It's the bacon podcast and i went okay so so i changed it to the bacon. Podcast immediately people started listening in a shot up just by changing the name so i i can relate one hundred percent to what you went to the power of coffee opinions yeah sometimes just to you know to close to the forest to see the trees and some of us some of us to stand next to the tree and say i only see one tree. What's wrong with this forest. You just reminded wise l. South mantra one of his favorite sayings you ago enough track. You'd say no. It's not the bucket the wrong tree. You're in the wrong forests. Yes that is good so one of the things that we can talk about. We're gonna you're kind of superpower is the the three pillars okay so what are the three pillars of client attraction yeah and this came out of of my transition from being this kind of general consultant which you wish i mentioned you know working with anybody. Who'd have me doing any job you know. The answer was yes whilst the question kind of thing <hes> from that kind of world vagueness and general ism transitioning to a world of specialism where i now work solely with coaching therapies talent for more than ideal clients <hes> the journey there was really discovering three pills for myself and <hes> you know i i discovered this from looking other globally renowned coaches with manchu people. John lee dumas aspirin a front. Come in good old. Tony you know are kind of thing. Tony robbins <hes>. I i notice world very very clear on on these reports said the first pillar is what they do. You know what superpowers while big transformational benefit they actually bring to the world. Some sensible massive transformation is most the one thing they do. You know there's what wide where to invent them if they didn't exist <hes> and you know my my superpower is <hes> finding ending more ideal clients more easily without height opportunity. Who do i do the best for well <hes>. That's the second pillar which is the who who are the people who benefit the most from why do thud pillow of annie is about product sizing services and i don't believe that any coach shirt treats one to one coaching as their core proposition is gonna rat on the full you before the invasion time leverage in so that does the three-point what is you do who is for and how you delivered preferably product sizing you serving research into regroup. I want to take that and i want to twist and we're going to dig into each one of those. I wanna dig just a little bit. I don't wanna go super super deep into the weeds but i want to go through each one of those and a little more detail but what you've just described is everybody's lincoln profile. You have a hundred in twenty characters in that hundred and twenty characters. You need to describe what you do who you do it for and either why why or how and if you cannot put that and i i'm saying to everybody what johnny is saying right now if you can do that in one hundred twenty characters and fit it into into your linked in profile that super clarifies exactly what it is that you're doing and that becomes a great exercise for you to figure that out because one hundred twenty character sounds like a lot. It's not not now. I i mentioned i you know you've got to get to the point where people you want to work with. See senator later would've as well you know on the on the back of one of my favorite current reads sack. Sack marketings. New book called the moxie <hes> and on the backyard. Let's just wonderful phrase which resonates with mehta the core he says people people like us do things like this and if you follow those three pillars what can out defining an and funny way to i want you do who he's you can deliver it. Then people you want to attract. They're gonna look at you. Gonna say people. I work with people blue johnny right so out of those three pillars. Which ones should we start with and dig into. It gives us a little better definition of that pillar. Which one do you start with the first one the wate tease you do so many coaches and therapy sewage spectacularly good at what they do. <hes> i really batted defining this <hes> an eye test my little community from time to time with you know we're kind of really paddling gauge from post like you'll question the morning i said assistance to them few weeks like what what is the massive transformational benefit you bring to the world and you know there's such awadh range of answers but most of the move like crushingly vache disappointing saying things like oh you know i help help people find their symphony right which is just kind of what does that even mean who gets up in the morning and goes shell lost my symphony. I need some now my fondness infant you know it's just nonsense isn't yup but you know this is what they still at his cats an inner saying things like <hes>. I hope it will get unstuck squad common sarpi thank you because they know with all the glorious skilled in there in the tools in the toolbox getting things n._l._p. Time on therapy hypnotherapy you know they can help people get unstuck but what what does that mean you know i. I really don't think that's <hes> an internal conversation angers ideal clients now we decided to people don't go in the morning going anita. Anita gallons took right so is there a secret sauce to figuring out what you do it how to say it better well. It's kinda. Just looking at the world through your clients is going. You know the second pella but if he's just not the i don't think well of all things i could do. I action all my she is discretion raisins well. What do you really do for your clients. I think i said what your class really paying for on unpicked saint things not oh hypnotherapy well that is actually what they pay foil what the painful is to move the lice food. He had secreta some change some improvement the one you might feel pain for the feeling you give them not for the chose ero- out in front of them <hes>. I'll i'll give you a brian algae's obscenities <hes> but it's obvious measure you washing machines boxed and you know you got to do to war are flooding through your kitchen itching. You got on the phone bill. Whatever you know find a washing machine repair did choosing a many women. I guess seized or any <hes> any walks in in your lounging the wars flowing through your kitchen and jitterbug out in the lounge and he goes hey. This is a hammer and you know what i've got a monkey wrench and this is the best not wrench and <unk> hobbies tuned in fifty bucks. Look at it look terms beautiful. You'd be going just like my washing machine. Ask how long is what you hear from <hes> and therein lies than hub off aww most probably con describe what they actually doing the weather's interesting right yeah and there's a there's a perfect example of that story story a tell all the time and it's <hes> guy walks in the henry ford's plant and the boilers not working and so the plant the whole sembler line shuts down and <hes> through through the guy walks up pulls out. A screwdriver takes a look at the boiler takes. One screw turns at a quarter turn and all of a sudden. The boiler starts working. The whole assembly line starts going and then he <unk> hands bill to henry ford and henry ford looks at the bill nieces. You're charging me a thousand dollars to turn a screw. He says no. I'm charging you a thousand dollars to know which screw determine how far yeah yeah exactly and their rations on the welder in the in the ship gone yet sure but it's the same story but that's the concept is people don't care how much you until they know how much care how back people don't care what you know until she can. Yes wonderful so just it's not waltzing in it it is it is much more focused on outcome on feeling <hes> you know before i pay a coach any money and i believe me i do i on i am do i. I wanna know what they're going to change for me. You know how he's my life. Gonna be different when i've worked with these. This lady is gone. <hes> comply with hours before hand wash the journey to twitter our journey in a in a in a way that resonates with you know gives gives me the chains. Now i want not not wa- sees is stunned otherwise be fun not gonna come knocking dorling no not at all and in leading by example. Is you always wanna find somebody. Who's more successful than you if you're the smartest person in the room. You're in the wrong room so you always want to fill your room with people that that are smarter than you so you can learn so let's figure out the person. How do we get to the who and how do we figure out who those people are. Who would be willing to turn their hard earned dollars in the something where they feel like they get some value from us. Yeah i mean if you just coach. I think thank you gotta tell you pick and the whole client. Avatar things are funny. Someone the you're gonna enjoy working with number one. Somebody's gonna enjoy what year and gabby mustard transformational benefit from it unfairly majestic broadly somebody who can afford to pay saying don't fall into this kind of therapy aced mindset of healing the world and you know some of some of the tools some of the skills that that the miami mike community loans averse to help people overcome addiction overcoming p._t._s._d. Or something overcoming deep draw <hes> we'll also pointed to the general <hes> but often if someone is really really suffering from debilitating the p._t._o. Stain our alcoholism on drug abuse <hes> oftentimes the charts life you know his product process or the largest phone decrease greece so they can't afford to pay so i. I don't think it's a good idea. This might sound brutal because i'm as sensitive as the next guy you know what i think it's a good idea to build a business helping people who broken and expecting to living from that because one things for sure you know in in the service business now industry your average. You're going to be in line with the jennings of garbage client. If you only what with multimillionaires you'll become a multimillionaire nice. Oh yeah i was just holidays hardwoods right. I'm uncertain implies all the way down the ladder so wet one was on with ecclesia piper. I'm saying to my clients. Is you know i think of an ideal climbing while don't forget the third leg of three legged stool. Show you in your work with shall gonna get something out of it to number three three county afford to pay you saying it's something useful to kind of anki. You're on your client your client abbas starring in the profession you know when the living living wish corral of them together and all you people eight people declared i- professions on lincoln down the eisner's the number one thing they took exactly you can even find people in in groups you know so i think those are the cash fall bits of the of the client avatars somebody ill enjoy talking to people who enjoy working hyun number two number three to pay on the before the visible to you know that are findable. I love it. So how do we get to the the how because it seems to be the thing that's the third pillar right yeah having done the ability still really easy to blow it. Appoint still raise easy to say he's off of vilely. I on the way to do is just to go to the market. Go to the world and say look less out of session yeah as a coach cheeks. She's much charge per out the trouble with that. He's not that you can't be successful doing <hes> mm-hmm well. There's a couple of things firstly robbie simple to competition. If you adjust a therapies to charge seventy bucks now while there are other therapists in in your town and we're going to be charging sixty bucks an hour you know nell sat out in race to the bottom is narrow short competitive so that's the first thing put me about if he'd just selling you time one to one. I think the greatest risk in doing that is that you become successful. I want him but is if you're a therapy singapore practice and you sell your slots my out one to one single people <hes> what was awesome was the most amount of what you could end the week carping probably twenty hours twenty five dollars. 'cause the the rest of you fall a fifty sixty hour working week. You don't wanna be prospect ninety talking to potential clients doing some pipework delineate actress. Go whatever else around you visit. Gospel jerry was awake of some new and work so i'm gonna set a maximum twenty twenty five seventy books now so what you doing that he actually capping your revenue four hundred to two thousand bucks a week now my son in law if he just signed out but it ain't can't either scratching the surface but you're going to be exhausted on you can't exhaust. You're understanding of downtime. No life balancing all that he we don't want to be doing that. This thing is i'm wide. You grow number was left in week. I always say you've run out of time to for. You and i have a mission and core offering. He's one to one coaching out so the third nilo which is harvey delivered leads to creating a program <hes> even a couple progress but one does down the copernican style should be group coaching program where you are <hes> leveraging you time by two or three or four muslim plus on the president of the sign time h prescriptive you know he's potentially light-touch we deliver deliver soviet video aw you can download information you know joe in the province but what did he do you leveraging each time you know and y- you wanna get a look okay and the the the the concept of proximity pricing in sports and entertainment if you've got to get the new ye gets mistakes stays the more you're gonna pay right. <hes> you go to football munch. You know you can stand in the bleaches for for twenty bucks wayne going the directors box. What vehicle in stylings tuna books tried to enter thousands. I do believe that the nira uh-huh clients get you the more they should pay so you know for god's sake put a program together. Give people volume if people experience of getting clone honesty but in a group sethi in leveraging sun fun a bit more money forgiveness charge them a bit less every happy yep and then you you want one offers the v._i._p. Gender contributed forty. Well and i don't mean to take this off on a bad tangible your musician a musician. I'm i'm assuming you've seen the movie. This is spinal tap right. Okay so what you've just described is nigel tufnel saying these. I'll go oh to eleven. You know you can't go any further up and it's like what happens. If you wanna turn it up he says will these go to eleven. You know that kind of mindset. It's you've used used up all your time. You've used up all your resources so i love that. There's three pillars are spot on so number one. You know you've really got to know what you do number. The two you gotta know who you do it for and then you've got to figure out the house so those things are spectacular. I think that lays a great groundwork to figure out exactly how to run your business from a coaching standpoint but i also think it works for anybody in any business even if you do in manufacturing all of that. Is you still have the same kind of stuff. Is you know what do you do. How do you do it and all of those things. There's always limited resources in all of them so people wanted to learn more about you this group set you're working on the kind of stuff. What's the best way for them to follow you. Get a hold of you do those kind of things <hes> ju- just as vice book now <hes> and the johnny is marketing chrysler group facebook search is very very good to maybe topping johnny eggs mark the yang and find anybody else. It's just <hes> i just joined. The group guys just joined the group. That's where all happens and we'll take from there. I've applied community. <hes> i have my my monthly signage burgum qualify attraction blueprint. Which is you know full of july. Were were <hes> opening for for august base week. I've been a couple of people preregister already so sal you know just just as up on the group vice fitness whether or not you griffin's it sounds good and <hes> if people wanted to get a hold of you any other way an email or something that they could <hes> hitch up on yeah. I mean johnny spell without the <hes> so it's not you mean j. o. N. n. y. Woah johnny johnny hates dot marketing perfect. All right man will johnny. This has been a blast <hes> pleasure talking with you. I had so much fun on your podcast that i had to have you on mine and everything was just a man you dropped some incredible credible sizzle and hot bacon knowledge bombs on my peeps with this this theory that you have with the three pillars and i hope people join your group and follow you i do. I going to comment on stuff. I love it. I mean there's a lot of great engagement. I appreciate you being them. Thanks thanks for joining us well. That's it for today's vacant podcast. We hope you enjoyed it and learned something today. If you did please go to. I tunes and give us review. We appreciate all your feedback and comments if you have any questions go to w._w._w. Dot bacon podcast dot com forward slash flash questions and we'll make sure we get those answered for you till next time. Keep sizzling.

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