Steve Austin Does 23andMe


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Session is about to ensue on a give a shout out to everybody who didn't catch it on the extreme rules pay per view on Debbie Debbie network the other day or missed Monday night raw stone cold Steve Alliston yours truly will be making an appearance on Monday night Rawle next week July twenty second in Tampa Florida if you can be there by ticket because I would love to see your ass if you cannot be there tune your television to the U._S._A.. Network or your streaming device vice or have you watch that show and tune in I said Stone Cold Steve Austin is going to be there and a whole bunch of other W._W._e.. Superstar is going to be there as well so it should be a blockbuster event of epic proportions and I'm looking forward to going down there and seeing everybody so tune in to Monday night raw on July twenty second. Oh Hail Yeah one other thing about the U._S._A.. Network <hes> my show my new show straight up Steve Austin the season Premiere Will August Twelfth Two Thousand Nineteen riot after Monday night raw so it's a half hour show I'm hanging out with a different celebrity guests doing activities having conversation shooting the breeze and having a blast so please check out my show set your a d._v._r.. In advance and help a brother out hopefully we'll get a season two out of this and get another season after that and continue to move forward so check it out. We just returned from Nevada. We're answering questions on the show today without any further ado let's jump. I've been to the questions that use an here we go we have reached the midway point and M._l._b.. 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Driving man is that there's no way that yesterday we were we were living these stores and I'm trying to tell and if I'd had a damn microphone in my hand I could have just told them with vivid detail and a graphic description because we always have driving stories. Oh we always do because those close to mug either coming to go from Nevada and as you live that stuff and I'm like my mind is going a million miles an hour and I was the car was a car and I wanNA take notes is like man if I if I you know what from now on we gotta get one of Gopro cameras and I know you hate him 'cause I bought fifteen of them and I don't know how to work them but if you could video the drive and experiences that we go <unk> through coming and going from Nevada that's it would be cold. It would be gold and you'd like to be on T._v.. Now we could blur your protect your privacy and your your celebrity is acquaint OCCA- FEHB. She don't like taking pictures a lot towns will go places and say Oh we want you to pitcher my wife politely say no. I don't take pictures. She takes pictures with me personal pictures that we do with ourselves with our dogs but she just don't like her imaging center so we gotta do something we gotta get. You just like you did with the Instagram Post. You put a little smiley face on oh man we go to L._A.. Yesterday with just came into town four hundred fifty miles Aurora back in L._A.. Finished driving to raise and traffic and a mojave desert get into L.. A. And there's a dude on a bicycle with the canary in a cage the canary and Alino if he dude wearing a helmet was driving by cycle he didn't he was not very stable on the bike wasn't very stable. Oh and he didn't have the cage tied to the handlebars. It was balancing there and he kind of had a finger in the cage in each hand and like the little bird inside the cage didn't have a helmet on also what at the crash and a canary there was not wearing a helmet he would flew off no he would hit it a little head on the sidewalk and it would cost him a concussion or something that little guy should have been wearing a helmet. I contest that guy if he's going to transport that Canary and fashion Muscadet bird a helmet. We're GONNA call pita. No we thought about it. I had my telephone my hand but then I realized that you can't talk on a telephone while you're driving in California traffic shop at the phone down but I wasn't Calpeda for a second I had this whole rant of a bird brain protecting the Barbara because somebody bird brained individuals here. There's actually go with that but I froze up goes back with having all these details while you drive and then trying to recant. It just doesn't work so well. It's hard to get people to understand the stories. God Dang Man. We was cruise low. Yesterday we just pulled out crossed into the California. State line made a little start. Get some breakfast tacos breakfast burritos whatever you WANNA call them and I'm in a right-hand lane driving south to California at Los Angeles and all of a sudden over the hill here comes a car wrongly driver down the left lane. We we could have been killed. We we cut abandoned a head on collision and we was because the big the big guy or somebody upstairs looking out for our our time wasn't are dying band. We started this place. That place had the biggest name breakfast burritos. I've ever seen where their breakfast burritos breakfast. There's tacos in California. They're called breakfast burritos in Texas breakfast tacos anyway. The son bitches weighed about three or four pounds the size of a submarine yeah today a bill was thirty five dollars and then you want to eat the whole thing because you're in process of eating because normally only you can eat one of them these so damn big you can make one breakfast the middle lunch and other hand dinner. You gotTa three-course Breakfast Burrito. You got two of them anyway. Man Show we come through then we almost had a head on collision. We'll get through. We see the dude a bicycle with the bird in a cage but then in the desert and the Mojave desert we see an elderly couple driving a souped up Mustang convertible with two gigantic sunhats on and we're looking at one hundred degrees reasons <hes> we kind of look at each other and my wife says what's the point. It's a hundred and five you got these big as son protecting hats on the roof off of the Damn car just put the roof all and take the hats off and put put on air conditioner yeah as a dude who's had a couple of bouts with some skin cancer removed on my face. I'm very leery of the sons damaging race people see me on instagram all time. I'll wear these gators on my face. I've got these long sleeve U._V. U._V. B._B._B.. Fifty blocks shirts. I got sunscreen shit all over my ears and my nose when you when you get some issues you start taking that damn son serious at I it's all fun and Games yeah. They're laughing and drinking beer and eighty sidearm baby abiola cocoa butter all his other stuff to make you broads she at the whole time that sounds beating your ass and sooner or later catch up with you so if you listen to my voice you know fully yet but every now and then I dropped some four one one on you put some Sun Block going your ass starting today and you'll be dealing with some issues at myself and many others deal with one dude was mowing his yard over Nevada people in Nevada tough. They don't give a damn about the son like me when I was a kid. Did I just thought there was this big yellow blob bear up burn the sky and it provided light and heat do was out riding a riding lawn mower motors yard would share it off and he had been in G._M.. And a crack of his ass was about eight inches long. That's how are down his shorts was and we weren't even that close and we're we're gonNA close and I'm not trying to look at the crack of his ass but that's how readily apparent it was and I'm sure it'd have no sunscreen on it so slowing he he he will be chapped or chat or Marsan burnt. He's probably Sundberg as we speak and it wasn't a pleasant sight now had I been eating my breakfast Burrito. At that time I would have lost my appetite the moral to the story so I can bottom line this and get off. This subject is people. If you live in active outdoor lifestyle use your sunblock and use some protected against the got named son Dude what one last story the due to trader Joe's my wife is in trader Jones buying a bunch of boxes to water because you. Oh how we like our water from trader Joe's I'm not they're sitting in that little bitty ass parking lot dude out there with all the stuff that just got finished talking about do air leaned hood of his car while his wife is in trader. Joe's shopping smoking a cigarette it with a draft sleeveless shirt on and to do was crispy. I mean he'd been some. He's been plenty years in Tucson. Between the side of the cigarettes is two thousand nineteen man. I use smokeless tobacco the back of a twenty twenty five years and finally smartened up and kick that stuff to the curb dude cigarettes and cool. I didn't tell nobody how to live your lifestyle but that's a bad habit to have an idea. What I know sunblock man you looking at the double whammy you? You better hope that big guys watching out for you better hope he has a medical insurance God mega man we come through Palmdale Lancaster all through Santa Clarita out there. We've filmed broken skull ranch. There's a stretch of highway out there and soda and treacherous people drive apps so damn fast it is unbelievable. I just got finished film in my show straight up Steve Austin for the U._S._A.. Network which season premiers on August twelfth and hung out with Dale Earnhardt Jr. for a full day. I picked up so many drive in tips from hill man I was draft and people I was making these lane changes dame that was running the team here for a while but you gotTa Watch your ass out there for you can lolly gagging and take your time as as long as you want when you're out there in the desert but all of a sudden when you get on about seventy five miles out into Los Angeles it is hauling ass and I don't know why it is people dry faster than the nascar drivers. Do they really do and normally like I said last time Honda civics are just whizzing by hi. Anne and I don't think I'm driving pretty fast and they're not even new Honda Civic Holidays this time I said Amen Parni F- Balmier fuck it us and I'm going forward so there we were in our Yukon Denali X._l.. L. For one hundred horsepower. I was drafting people man I I was dry. I was putting the Pedal to metal and Mitch. I was out to prove a point kristen. I've been conceding and giving enough enough enough this past trip. I made a stand Dan. When you see the silver bullet coming? Get your ass out of the way yeah but Mulan I like being thrown tossed around like a salad in the backseat marriage thing dog bed back here. You know you Kinda. Actually L. is just like a suburban accepts. Its G._M._C. G._M._C. Model so we've got all the whole back folded flat. Kristen is the only bucket seat Mac their feet in Kelly's riding shotgun with me. She's she snorter fool head off. She don't know what's going on but kristen. It has to hold that dog bed because when I ease on the brakes or jump on the brakes from accelerate the damn dog it'll slide up and down depending on the traffic but the L._A.. Freeways are not in the best condition and so if you hit the slightest bump you'll go through the roof. Oh man that's what I experienced but also we had so much hit back in there that bid could move too much so that was that was yeah but God Dang. I'm senator looking at my damn notes that one motorcycle they split lanes. It's legal to split lanes here. In California do pass by splitting Elaine just like evil knievel that making sure we knew that he had the right away man a dude and my wife goes by and I'm thinking just like evil knievel and he's wearing Gucci World the hell. Did you see was wearing Gucci it. Let's be letters on the back of his jacket man. He's a fast supermom the business I guess you would head for the Snake River Canyon Yeah. Hey we had some problems at brokers. Go Ranch got name. We've got a horse out their name. Sonny Sonny got sprayed by big ass skunk what happened well. I took US fly mask off and I noticed well first of all you could smell them. Second of all I took this fly mask off what they were to keep the flies out there is and he had a big Gash on his head will apparently the skunk spray them and he was trying to get the smell Mela M. and muster rubbed his head on a fence line and made a big Gash in his eyes so I try to wash everything off so we're going to smell like skunk. I tried to wash them off but I wasn't <hes> because he's not technically my horse as just a horse yeah and he's a wild Mustang and so I was not going to turn the hose on a wild Mustang but he was tame enough. He's a tame horse but I was not about way back today. We had a broad range in her. She got sprayed by a skunk man. We was out there. We had catch <hes> we had bloody Mary Mix Worcestershire sauce tomato sauce. I mean we had everything in our damn cabinet out there washing her she off so we ain't GonNa go out there wasn't going to do that. I watch the Mustang I mean it is a fifteen hundred pound horse. It's pretty salty to the and he's a good horse is but yeah a little Bashar smelled like a big as Braun wasn't gonNA go by fifteen gallons of tomato juice nowhere it off the good news though on the way down there when we were trying to escape ape all the hassles of Los Angeles due to the fourth of July and given our dog some sanctuary. I was hungry when we got there. You know I've said I might as well microwave something so I'm grab something thought together and opened a Mike Wave and already had something waiting for me. The flakes take that I love from the last time we was there weeks ago three weeks ago. It was like I was going to take that out and rub it on Sunny 'cause that that would've taken a skunk smell right off his ass. Yeah our house smell like rotten food yeah and so this is the second time that I did that. You have a habit of leaving stuff I did and then we had to call my buddy to go over to the house else. 'cause I left another flank steak in just passed or something about me leaving shit in a microwave oven. You don't need to store stuff in the microwave. Put it in the refrigerator. I don't know what it is or the oven. You put stuff in the evidence that drives it out. I whatever I do. I need to get it and just just wrap it up and fall where what a post it note on my forehead wake up next more while I'm brushing my teeth. Hey there's a flank steak and the microwave dips it. Yeah thank thank you here's some notes I had Steve snorted a real crank palm now. That's just a note and I'm jesting. I'm joking with you but I told my I told my wife Christian because I'm talking just like this my car. I okay got it. I need some kind of edge. I need to start to rails a crate to be on the same level of these people. That's how fast they're driving and you have to keep your windows rolled down to Oh man dude we were sitting at a traffic light. We'd just got into Marina del Rey and there's a vitamin store on the left hand side of the road and so there's a guy and you know traffic's pretty severe is on a Sunday afternoon so the dude who's behind us just gets in the other two lanes that are going opposite direction summer to the store. I told you early earlier. It just gets in that left. Lane and hauls ass the wrong way to make a left hand turn into the vitamin store. Here's the thing I can appreciate the fact. This guy is interested to get his vitamins to live a healthy your lifestyle but dude if you ain't more careful driving that automobile the wrong way in traffic dylan vitamins ain't GonNa do you no good because you're gonna be smashed up to smithereens because you're idiot. You can't do ooh that KRISTA. You can't do got lucky. He got very electricity. Lucky we got. We've crossed over with our breakfast. burritos people do stupid shit when they're behind they really do there's. I've been talking about this for years on a podcast. Why should hashed out now on the cell? Phones and California is universally accepted in known as illegal to talk on the phone but every time my wife and I are going back and forth down there we can see what people are doing by what they're doing in their Karzai guarantees on because there you can see there is in the rear view mirror and it passed by but it's warns notice not the people just texting people that are still holding out of the head and most cars that you see these people doing it are brand new vehicles that have Bluetooth already in them. They don't even need to go buy a headset. I don't get it. I don't get it but when I do get is the question. Did you guys had into me. Oh I got this one written down here when I was driving through Palmdale Lancaster Lancaster Mugabe towns and you've got to start driving really fast what the three numbers on the side of my car. I told my wife Rick Rude would have been proud of me because I never want us the Lord's name in vain. I never won't said to G._D.. The workers now is proud of myself. You said a lot of words but I didn't say that one and recruit would have been proud of me rick that was for you. Alexei isn't the only one with breaking news make sure to hang around at the end of this podcast for the latest breaking headlines on the A._p.. News Minute here podcast one Steve alker show. We like to say thank you. Let's drive show and would like to ask a small favor of you will only take a few minutes and if you're one of the first people do it. We'll give you something in return. We needed to complete a survey because the information you give us can help us make things better every day to podcast one dot study and everything will be right there for you again. That's podcast one dot study the first one hundred twenty five people who complete the survey will receive a ten dollar of car to restaurants dot com then one person will be selected random to receive a one hundred dollars Amazon gift card all of our shows including devolve short supported by advertisers so filling this out will relief help us out. What's more please go to buy one dot to study and thank you for listening to this show? Let's get into some questions. Here's a couple from Sean Frost. He says Hey Steve What do you plan to do with the Mustang in terms of fixing it up if anything if if you don't know if you had to listen to the podcast bought a nine hundred and sixty six Mustang Coupe for your illustrious why my wife and she used to have a blue one way back today fastback she had a fastback <hes> and it was we'll come to blows at midnight but we're GONNA paint this one fire miss blue which is another Ford Gutter which I think is a little bit here so we're compromising. We're painting it blue but I get a chance to pick the blue so we're gonNA paint it fire Miss Blue. That's the only thing we're going to do that car as a black interior to eighty nine. It's it's almost a stack or vintage. Air Conditioning was added so we're not GONNA do anything to the car. I'M NOT GONNA dump a whole bunch of money into it. Drive it. I do want equality paint job. Job On it show when my wife wants to go run errands or Sunday drive. I'll look cool thing about Oh yeah. You gotta look cool. 'cause you're single and ready to mingle. The thing about those cars is man you know they're cool and fun run but they're not modern technology. That's sixty six model. They had the tiny little I forgot how small the the side mirrors are. I could barely back up because I could barely see anything out of the little tiny mirrors the same thing on my on Oh my sixty six pick up my sheet ten. I went over hung out with the dude got a shop and it's the first time since I got that pickup truck legal I was able to drive around and some traffic and everything and man I got truck to the garbage disposal disposal place a dump and the land check out was like fifteen minutes long. I was sitting there and we only had two bags of trash and the reason is is because we filled up our refrigerator went out. The chicken went bad. You put the ticket in the bag and you forgot to take it to the dump so it's sitting there rotting making more smell than the flank steak in the microwave. I went to the dump the day before I had to Redo the dump because I was clear not all the old chicken refrigerator crapped out so there I am sitting in line old motors like that man this ain't designed to sit and traffic usually when you're driving down the road you got a fan. I got a raider fan but it also relying a lot on air coming into the Front Grille. Keep your motor recoil. When you're just sitting there island thanks tend to overheat by the time I got by buddy? Schaub over mini-summit was scholar and hot so anyway but a little bit mirrors they're cool cars to have but as far as being a daily driver now not so much you're just not that <hes> <hes> functional functional logical comfortable comfortable yeah and Dick some great A._C.. Here's a question on a scale one to ten one being not at all and ten being nervous as hell. How nervous were you when you Ash Kristen and Mary you man I've talked about to set up to this but as far as on a scale of being nervous I wasn't nervous at all because I figured she was going to say yes because we already talked about it extensively and I knew something needed to get done and I didn't want to lose her so I knew she would say yes so I went in very confident that she would say? Yes and I wasn't nervous because I loved her still do so. That's why I mean after fifteen years yeah well anyway Steve. If ever get a dog I thought about a French bulldog. Do you know anything about ds right off the top of my head. I think they have breathing issues. Though breathing issues I think some tear duct problems problems or can be prone to. They're really cool looking dogs. They seem to be the few that I've met seem really cool and our good looking dog but not so sure they can swim a little bit that either but I I don't know anything about the French bulldog and I wasn't going to pull out my wikipedia when you can do the same Stephen Changed. Reality Show at the BS are two point. Oh you know what we have a reality show constantly going on it seems like want to you just don't film it. I mean the thing about about it is Chris meal camera and I'm kind of a hermit so it'd be like a one man show well. That's your down time down. I like to be out there in pill into my shop and I was thinking I was riding MMA mccosh architects and when I got that thing I got the brightest greenest one they had it's Kawasaki Green and when I'm in that that's my think take oh man I was out there ride in the pine nuts the other day and I came up from the best ideas that I thought about in forever as like a man I got I got to stop and write these down immediately and then I didn't get going. Do you remember any of the ideas. No that's my point. Oh great I was coming back and I was on home. Stretches was like dude. What was those three good ideas? You thought about that. You should have wrote down and I couldn't remember them but you know what I'm not trying to Segue here but the thing I'm either thinking about nothing and enjoy my ride or I'm thinking what about navigating the technical terrain or from Holland. I'm looking for that. Turn and trying to keep it straight from going sideways or I'm totally thinking about everything and I come up these great ideas that you forget I yeah I need to have one of those little things you got. One of them's called your iphone. I might say Blah Blah. This is money execute this idea but I never do but I'm having a good time halftime. I remember everything halftime. I don't remember shit hits. I guess I'm breaking even yeah anyway. Let's go back to the first bulldog. Still don't know Shit. Here is not so much a question. It's a statement. Thank you so much straight up Steve Bothersome. We'll be your August twelfth all right. That's a question thank you sean. Hey Steve we recently washed Bret Hart. Make an appearance on A._W._S.. All or nothing pay per view and bringing the world title for the First Time if Awa Colin ask you to do something for business that made sense. Would you consider going down that road dude thanks tie no time and I'm still W W E as a matter of fact I will be in Tampa Florida next Monday night July twenty second on Monday night raw so people forget man. I've been gone a long time but I'm still uh with the W._W._e.. I'm enjoying a WS doing no doubt about it but I am W._W._e.. For many years former pro wrestlers and Reiner's spoke about ric flair and Shawn Michaels being the two greatest entering performers of all time recently. It seems now Bret Hart's name is also mentioned in the same conversation as flair and Michaels considering the ultimate objective of professional wrestling is to entertain the audience by suspending disbelief and making storylines and matches seem real so how could anyone not pick bread heart as one of if not the greatest bell to bell performers of all time. Nobody told her about her story did a better job of selling or was as believable as a Hitman Kelly from Regina Saskatchewan Canada. Okay you're right there from the stomping grounds there in Saskatchewan hearts being from Calgary man. I'm not going to disagree with anything you said. When you start looking at your favorites that's very subjective? Conversation just like listening to Music Yeah Rick Flair and Shawn Michaels they are to the greatest in ring performance of all time yes Brad Hart is is equally as talented during the same ballpark of playing the same game. They're awesome all of them. Are I always say ric. flair was the greatest world champion in the history of the business because he had the thing on so many different occasions for reason he could get a damn good match out of anybody and he was a guy that brought that extra entertainment value to the business my doughnut forward flop or the stuff over the turnbuckle. He had that extra x-factor everybody. Nobody knows what I think about Shawn Michaels as far as abilities or capabilities wants to bell rings. There's no one has been able to do the things that he can do and make them look as easy as he can. Make them look or graceful or was crazy or however way he wants to spin it. He can. I agree with you. One hundred ten percent when it comes to believability and logic bret the Hitman Hart is the best of all time he was that reality yeah when him and I were feuding I mean that's what made that feud so great because man he just so real it was instrumental in my career and I'm not biased at all I stand by my statement statement that ric flair greatest pro of all time but also stand by Shawn Michaels banned the greatest entering performer and I will stand by Red Heart and agree with you. He is the most are one of the most believable in the history history of the buzzers of all time and some fan of all guys but that's that's what I think about that and you're writing holding him to such high acclaim because he is that good hey steve my name is Hassan and I've been a listener of your podcast says day one. I just want to know if you're going to do two episodes a week in the future or nothing is on the table right. Now thank you for all the great years madams doing one a week for right now. I think they're still playing the classics but it meant a lot better for me to be able do one a week as I have a bunch of other stuff going on and things that I'm working on that were about to talk about here in the upcoming months so one a week really works for my schedule to be straight up with you and tell you like it is and I'm looking forward to getting some podcasts when I go down there to Florida for Monday night raw and talked to some of the guys and gals down there. Thank you question Hey Steve. How is your relationship at the moment would w._w._e.? Thanks David Law David my relationship with W._W._e.. Has always been outstanding. There were periods in my career where I had my disagreements with vents are the one time I refuse to do the favorites brock Atlanta but people always think is I've been gone as long as I have been. I'm on outs with them now. Man everything straight up those guys are moving forward and doing their thing with the young talent and I'm doing my thing over here and ever now and then just like this coming Monday night raw. We'll get a chance to do something together but minutes. My relationship is always good with those guys and I'm a huge fan of the business still loved the business but yeah everything's good there. Hey Steve Your entrance at wrestlemania thirteen gene with the sheet of glass breaking it the ramp of so iconic my question is why wasn't that glass breaking entrance us more often. I'll remember it a handful of times cheers S. from Jeff. Well Jeff. I mean we only use it on a few occasions because it was that iconic onyx so to pay for view on multiple occasions maybe could have been a cool to have a different picture of glass up Aaron. Just break it all the time but you know I think you remember the ones you do for for the reasons you do. There weren't too many of them. If you do remember there was one which broke about halfway vertically and I'll never forget that because it was supposed to shatter and it didn't and I can't remember bumping it I believe it was with my left arm mm-hmm and that glass caning last but a gas made actually cut my arm open just a little bit because I was trying to break up with my elbow to make it look cool and just trying to make the most of a botch anyway so I didn't do that anymore. Thanks Jeff Steve. What is your opinion on Dave Meltzer? It seems the more reputable people in industry talk highly of him while others that are more known to be workers have issues K._c.. Man They melted been watching the damn. Restaurant business for over forty years. I don't know how Dave is I remember when I started seeing the wrestling observer newsletter K. fehb sheets way back today and it was almost like taboo to get caught with lawn and of course then everybody started Arta read them because if you didn't read them you weren't GonNa know so. If you want to know about the business you educate they've sheets and meltzer affected a Lotta guys pushing a business. You know he'd be like that guy. That's like a scout for an N._F._l.. Not really spot young talent or see potential in somebody and the guy obviously understands the business side of the business. The you know the work side of the business I think understands the whole pitcher. The guy has a very clear understanding and a very strong opinion of pretty much every wrestling style and a world and he also covers him as well so dude as a wealth of information. I think very highly of him and I agree with you know when when he does his star ratings on matches meal he pretty damn accurate and his assessment of everything about the business dudes high up on lists if you ask me if you WANNA ask somebody about the the wrestling industry three Dave can give you a whole bunch of inches because he's at damn knowledgeable and it's not just the he's knowledgeable. Dude love's business. You know so that's why I think about him. Mr Steve Austin. Thanks for hearing US out. My question is on career passion advice. Do you have any advice for someone who's singing up or soon passion or career wrestling making music break dancing singing at an old age where most people in industry have already started half age. Thank you Norwich from Malaysia while Irish. I can only think that my good Buddy Diamond Dallas page started in a damn business when his about thirty five years of age and no one would've ever thought they would've ever amounted to a Hilla beans as a guy working inside the ring and a guy turned into what a three time world champion W._W._e.. Hall of Famer and you know a guy that's influenced so many damn labs with Aw D._D._p.. Yoga so the odds may be against you but if you believe in yourself you got to believe in yourself and go for it and that's what I would tell you to do remember when I used to live with Diamond Dallas page when I first got here. We're told US many times seemed down there working on his yoga program. It is fifteen years ago and I thought dude are you. Crazy ain't no money in a yoga shit now. There is there's money and are changing lives in Dallas's in there to change lives as a byproduct. He's also making money but that dude got his platform or his base from his fame and his passion of the body of work that he put in in the business of professional wrestling he started late so don't let your age be a detractor for you well. There's really never too late to do anything because time still goes on C. Does no thing I'm glad you brought that up because that's one of the things I was going to ask you about. I recently acquired a sixty six Mustang and fifty five Buick special both of outstanding shape. I don't know how to work on anything. I got two thousand seventeen corvette Sunday nothing over three easy seventy-one. I my eighty eight dodge ram charge. I'M NOT GONNA sit here and list every car forgot. My point is I was thinking about trying to engage in you know taking a mechanic class or go into mechanical school but my center spinning my wheels at fifty four trying to learn how to work on shit or what be better off being productive and trying to make money somewhere else and having someone do my shit and pay them point is I'm passionate about motors and vehicles and I would like them to learn how to work on stuff. I just I don't have the time or don't make the time to have time mm-hmm or too late for me to start. It's not too late because really you have to live your life in the present so here's the thing if I'm out there in the shop tanker and on a damn body sand and something down or working on a motor you're going to be ringing my phone off the hook telling me to come on inside probably self so there you go so that's why I'm going to start working on miniature cars so I can bring them in my living room matchbox and while my my wife watches impractical practical jokers fool head off. I'm working on my miniature car. I'm so glad you turned me onto that show gum I know Salvo County doesn't listen to show because he's busy doing other things but this season has probably been the unnoticed outrageous season of all eight or nine seasons in and this is one of the number one shows ever watched it and I actually watched it and I was in hysterics. My wife says there I I get here soon. As I come from a shop she's over laughing her ass off and we love to laugh so when she's watching Brad to joke now now that's kind of like our appointment time show our other appointment shows are watching yellowstone. Yeah we come on Net flicks Alex but now we got back to comedy base thing I love or humor based Yeah Yeah we love you like old episodes of Seinfeld that and I've been watching the office to you and that's another watch all that shit but impractical jokers Manno guys that they took it to a whole different level so congrats dollar gas and you'll enjoy my episode of straight up. Steve Offs was Salman. We had a really really fun time together that guy. He's so likable. He's very likable aw realized well. He's a good dude. You'll enjoy N._F._l.. But anyway that is a that that show this season has taken it to a whole new level. Hey Steve Two man met you in Vegas years going autograph signing and you could have been cooler but I'm glad glad I wasn't a national that day now that you're spending a lot of time at two point Oh what kind of hooked me you getting into down ranch or mostly just riding trails in the Kawasaki also. Have you ever done any hunting in South Carolina. Thanks for the time loan star Allow Jonathan Show we watch the one we like lone star law yeah. That's just watching it last night. Man I'd never hundred South Carolina never had an opportunity to and I wouldn't allow across the country to the eastern seaboard to to hunt. I'm sure it's pretty cool but man hunting out there Nevada's unbelievable. My brother-in-law guides been on a couple of mule deer hunts totally new to me couple antelope hunch totally new to me. My brother told me a couple of years ago it goes man. If you ever get ano- point you gotta go which whole different kind of hunting and I was sitting there thinking Oh man you know I don't get it well. Have you go for your first time. You will understand so that's what we're doing out there. I'm hunting when it's in season and I've draw draw tag but I've been putting on a landowner tags and I got out there but more than anything because you know there's more days are not hunting seasons days at our man. I'm Ryan my Kawasaki Monetarism Up Lift Kit for my mule which a need out there but before will are brute force out there. I spent a lot of time on trails. I'll try to ride every single day and I told my wife the other day because normally I'm coming back right about eight fifteen eight thirty at night and then we did her and Hill. It's time to go to bed or start thinking about going to bed and it's dark but for now and we'll go down there. I'm going to start my ride about seven a m. Get mariah on that way I can ride for four hours be backed by long animals on your ride all she animals running jack grabs and stuff like that but writing. I enjoy hunting but if you had asked me are you had to say Steve You can only pick between two things you can eat hunt or you can ride you buggies. I'm a grandma bug ish because I can always go shoot targets and stuff like that because I love messing with guns and shooting firearms so I would pick riding my buggies <unk> over hunting and I love hunting one hundred percent but if you had to choose between the two Radan my buggies hey Steve Dillon from Alabama here. Watching the raw from January ninety nine or Mick Foley won a strap for the first time with a little help from you you that pop you got us by far. The biggest allowed US I've ever seen or heard. Do you remember ever getting a bigger one. Thanks loved the show Dylan man that was one of the biggest pop sabaot time and I remember a bunch of them and I guess that would be an uproar amongst the best but I don't sit there and live and die bomb or brag about them or check us out but man that was that was a great day at the office and I've talked about this in the podcast before so I'll let it go oh but you gotta understand they built that moment and make and rock were out there and Billy Gunn all those guys the table where was set for that and yeah it was over and that crab was bad ass but that moment it was really set for for me to get that pop and that's how it happened like that but I've gotten a few like that and I hope hopefully I'll get one like that on twenty second. When I go down there in Tampa Florida I'm looking forward to going down there and being in front of a crowd again going down there and beat been by the guys and Gals and talk near Buddy and shooting the breeze? It's always cool to talk with the newer catching a business to see where they're coming from and where their heads at pursue what kind of questions ask you and into question to ask queue you kind of see okay. Here's where this cat's at and kind of get a feel for them so I'm looking forward to going down there and abandoned environment again Steve. Do you do kamikazes or any type of personal appearances if you do will you ever be near the Youngstown Ohio how area in the future if no why don't you do Steve Man. I'm going to go down to the Silicone Valley. Is that what it is. I'm going down to the Silicon Valley comic con on August seventeenth seventeen seventeen on August seventeenth so that's nowhere near Youngstown Ohio nude reason I don't go to those things very often is most time I just would rather be not traveling and I join meeting people and this one is on the west coast and this is a very quick flight to get there and get back and I can do it all in one day so this is this is convenient to do but I just don't own just goes man. I I kind of want to keep Bouma few and far between because that way people will keep coming out. That's kind of way I feel about it. Hey Steve I know you talked about thanks to change at the POD cash and the Mark Henry J._r. and Tony Kahn interviews. Views are awesome but I really loved the bullshit session with you and Kristen and hope they continue to be an ingredient podcast while they are good luck with the show only U._S._A.. Network my question is you had the brokers. Go Ranch two point. Oh any change you can talk U._S._A.. Network until brokers called challenge launched two point. Oh I missed the hell out of that show. Thanks bye miss that show too and someone else asked me if I get this question here for get into c-pap question thing that show my thinking about that show is after five seasons does show was still <hes> bringing good numbers on a plus three numbers and supporting itself without any advertisement without no money being spent. I was doing advertising on my podcasts why they pulled the plug gonNA show I have no idea sometimes things run their course. It's time to move on but many shows are on for ten fifteen twenty seasons or more. There was no reason to pull the plug on that show that supported itself it paid well delivered and you know what the thing about it is Christian. That's show out of all the places I've been the mini people that watch that show and had a bunch down here. When I went to visit Dale Earnhardt Jr. a lot of people down there in <hes> North Carolina watching this show but Nevada has been a state that I've met the most people that watch everybody in Nevada Watch? That name shows man when you show coming back people are people that don't even know how Russell Watch chat show and they'll see me at the sporting goods store whatever having your show well it got canceled and I love who Casler to why but that wasn't a very wise decision and that's the bottom line and as far as bringing it back on U._S._A.. Network that's a whole different subject for a whole nother day. I'm just hoping to straight up. Steve Ulsan does well and we can continue doing that for five or ten season. So as Vince McMahon says the audience is your critic the audience that show was there delivered a numbers. It should have never been canceled this future endeavor which is about to be current and present endeavor on the season premiere of August twelfth while stand on its own has seven episode run by if the numbers of doing good enough we will continue and I hope that is the case Steve. What city or state feels like a second home to U._S.? Out of Texas I from Florida and every S._O._B.. I Know Love Stone Cold Steve Austin sitting back waiting Brad steel be S._R.. His name is Brad Steel. They didn't get his last initial. That's our man what home what city or state feels like a second home. Yes out of Texas man. I'll tell you what I've always go down in Florida. I've always been cutting down in Florida. We used to wrestle over Jacksonville Coliseum. Assume this way back bill down but for some reason I like Jacksonville Florida and I'm going to be done in Tampa Florida but you like Atlanta New Orleans Doug Atlanta man I was out there. You know twenty miles <hes> thirty miles west of Atlanta out there. A little town called Villa Rica Douglasville area. I really liked Atlanta. Well Well Lake Hartwell. That would be the place. I'd have to go beyond that little place out there on lake. Lake is fifty three thousand acres. I believe and I ride my jet ski out after we got finished film and Redneck Island and we almost bought a place out there that's out series. We're we're about it and Kristin Damn near lobster life <unk> out there when she fell in that peer when we're walking into dark but Lake Hartwell Georgia. I think there's something about that area after I fell. I didn't WANNA move there. Dan We had to talk to you into it. Enough says she stepped in that water and fell in that little corner cornell told us door before but man laycock Georgia. It's very nice very nice. Peaceful people are very friendly and what's my buddy's name there barbecues down Air Cedric yes barbecue. He's wanted catered. I show some of the best barbecue you'll every needs to still got the barbecue sauce down there. Steve who helps with your restorations on your classic rebuilds ever thought about working on a vehicle with rich and rollins and gas monkey garage Beer John Dean Saint Mary's West Virginia now. Oh Man I think is based out of Dallas Fort Worth Man. He got a pretty good show. No one's really helping me with anything right. Now I just kind of like I said when I get this Mustang painted I'll start looking around and trying to find a quality body shop is first and foremost at a guy listened to the show out there in South Carolina of all places guy that made a United States of America metal flag for me Aaron who works over there at one of the hindriks motor shops or body shops down there he gave me some bull one one on paint jobs of what to look for some of the terminology how to spot a bad shop so it's all about finding quality work so that's what I'm hunt for right. Now is find someone to do the work yeah because it's funny when you when you start talking to paint jobs there's many things that go into that and the dude told me goes for every ten shops. You'll find there's one that's going to be the best is going to give you money's word not keep your car too long and not Jackie for a bunch of money and there's there's a lot of there's a lot of work that goes into this so you you get what you pay for and a paying job and I understand that but I'm not gonNA put a show quality paint job on his most thing but I wanted to look like with all due respect earl Scheib paint job no. I don't want to nine dollop a job on a car. This is Stephen in Odessa Texas Steve and Stevens today. Do Gas World thank for the Steve's. My question is about old blue and red. I never grew up around classic cars because of my age aged would like to know what some of the pros and cons to own and classic cars as far as keep up and maintenance and what we see you in Chris and having a street race with the classics Stephen Mankind already covered that the technology is not as new breaks aren't as good. They're pretty to look at their cool to look at the best. I agree with that the best thing well driving them you get that feeling but you don't WanNa smell the smell but just the feeling you're grabbing something that you know you love. You're passionate about but as far as the practicality of them I was in my sixty sixty of the day <hes> Taketo Dude Shopping Gardnersville follow him on Instagram C._P._t.. Customs or something like that and I was driving my sixty six if see tin man you're in a bucket seat. That steering wheel is right there on your chest. You can't lean back. It's a different. It's a different ballgame like my seventy four Camaro Z twenty eight. Nothing is cool but you know no A._C.. You see it's loud. It's rough some that you wanna take out for joy. Reid is meant to be well. You know that fifty five and sixty six ten well even in your car those are cruising cars. There's people that resto MoD no sayings and up one hundred thousand dollars in them and you can rival. We just like to look at the beauty of the classic vehicle man. That's what I was going to do. Next time. We'll go down to the ranch. I got to clean the shop out. I gotta blow it out and I'm GONNA just part the cars on a perimeter inside and is going to be like a museum because I ain't Sellin nothing because you'll go down there and you'll stand around for hours looking at those vehicles. Yeah I get as muss joy out of looking at them as a drive and that's the truth so but yeah man you just maintain a no sayings. You don't have modern technology you know I'm into those old sixty six early seventy broncos but the thing I I love about my ninety five Bronco. It's my daily driver down there in Nevada and I got a brand new <hes> derm diesel pickup truck but that things easy to get around in it has air conditioning has antilock brakes so I I love that thing as most modern modern technology out of all the stuff that I got so the basic thing is you're just giving up a lot of drive quality but as far as far as smile quality. That's what you do a lot of and satisfaction. Hey Steve Kevin Owners. Get Your blessing to use a stunner finisher. Is that customary in the restaurant business swigging beer another John Dean question Yemen. I told Kevin Man. If you WANNA use that go with it you know I I didn't care for it when everybody was used as a Thal Spanish that that move was probably D- most iconic move in the history of finishes other Jake's Neck D._D._t.. Or something like that to use it as a false finish it was absolutely ludicrous and did not make sense self is gonNA use the finish you know more power to him. I like him using it and I'm glad someone can use it because it's a great move and it should be used but it should be used as a set up move to continue a match shit now. Hey Steve wanted to get your take on upcoming N._F._l.. N._F._l.. Season which team do you think will surprise some people who decided to watch this year. Glad podcast is back and can I get a hill yeah Bradley. Oh Yeah you can get a hell yeah. I'm looking forward to seeing what the Cleveland browns are going to do. First and foremost the most I got a chance to spend time with Baker Mayfield on an episode of straight up Steve Boston this year. I watch kids entire career. He's from Austin Texas played at Lake Travis High School. <hes> took his team to the state championships and one I went to Texas tech ended up at Oklahoma. Got Drafted. I one heisman played not even a complete year and broke peyton manning's and Russell Wilson's touchdown record for the rookie year. The kid is accurate with the football. He's got a tremendous head on his shoulders. He carries himself with such class and composure. A lot of people think he's cocky. Yeah you better be cocky if you run in core back and your quarterback n._F._l.. N._F._l. but more than that the kid is confident and I think he's a class act and he's a real smart kid and he's worked his ass off to get where he's at so I'm really looking forward to see him with the Cleveland Browns do as a team. This here got a chance to hang out and talk with coach Freddie Kitchens who was interim coach last year and that city is really on fire them to have a winning season. The pieces are in place. I hope they're jail as a team. Oh this year and that's who I'm looking for and I really want to see big things happen for all of those people involved with the Cleveland browns program everybody they're treated me like gold and a huge fans Steve. If you're in a competitive eating event. What food would it be? You were eating okay and I answer that Yup. You sure Mexican Food Mexican food and it's going to be beef into Ladas when I used to hunt down in Pearsall Texas and Pearsall Texas is in. The county is that it's not Lasalle county anyway. Pearsall is about sixty miles south of San Antonio consider Rogier country about eighty miles ninety miles from broken skull ranch when we used to go to eat Mexican food every single day we would have we would have a contest but I was you could eat platefuls. I was the champion of eating beef enchiladas out of that and then every now and then we'd get drunk enough Jalapeno. We need a contest but that was a whole nother story was stupid but yeah man. If I was going to eat food contest it would be ground beef enchiladas my favorite food and world. I think my salad man pizza pizza stone cold is paying terrible kick ass metal band ever or what Kristen Jecha check us out Don Jamieson that metal show P._S.. Enjoyed doing podcast brother. Hey Don whenever you want to come back on. Bring your ass back over here. You remember that dude from the model show Oh Yay you love Pandera I do. I've what's your biggest metal head so mad. I just wish would have been good if they were still together. And of course it would have been good who've been outstanding if that idiot never shot dieback heartbreaking and in MMA villages passed away brain Nepal so anyway but yeah man paying Iraq's bad ass band heavy duty those news for hardcore and they set the tone they really did they. They weren't original and everybody knew that they were the shit bottom line good to hear you're from Don Communist due to show again. Here's one hey Steve Gary from glass Gal Scotland. I make sure I mispronounced both towns scat land town and the country I love glass cow Benner a couple of times uh-huh and enjoyed it to questions for me well one question and maybe just another message of gratitude for all the years in the ring and Podcast T._v.. Shows the podcast see me through lots of laund- ratchet works or seat so keep kicking ass anyway. My question is will the new T._v.. V. Show be shown here U._K.. I absolutely love broke his skull challenge on Dave Gary Well to answer your question. I reached out to someone today to see. We don't know who's been distributed there but we're gonNA find out what platform someone in a U._k.. Could see it so I texted someone with knowledge of this and they didn't know the answer so I'm giving that knowledge you we don't know but as soon as we do find out or I find out I will let you know by the podcast. Maybe you can stream it on the U._S._A.. Network though I don't know I just remember a lot of times when I was talking about the show. This show is worldwide. I've got I've got emails here. From Singapore Malaysia Scotland all the all the states here and so people all over the world list is damn show but not everybody in the world when I'm talking about something not everybody can see it when I first started talking about robots called challenged people were like minutes great. She talked about it but we don't know what's talking about right and finally it hit over in U._K.. A and it turned out to be extremely popular. Show there so again pulled the plug on it. I I'll stop there. Here's the thing is I'm looking at my wife. We got into a thing a couple of months ago. We wanted to find out because I had a couple of buddies. DO THOSE DNA tests so my wife says hey man. Let's do the twenty three and me thing and find out more about our ancestry and I had a buddy to do it and he found out a little bit about himself so I said man. I'm in so anyway here's my results. My Test Kit came back and you spit in this test tube and you put his fluid and air whatever I didn't even know my first one didn't work and I redid it. If I got my results back my results with this because I remember always asked my mom I said mom what's our makeup and she would go your cord English a quarter Swedish quarter Irish and a quarter German so I just took that for the Bible. That's what I thought that could my mom and that's what she said. That's what I was turns out. Twenty three and me says I'm sixty three percent English. I'm twenty three percent Irish and then the rest was just like random percentages so sixty three and twenty three eighty six so it's pretty cool that my show is such a success in England. You have a lot of relatives relatives over in England and Ireland right there next door are Rut there by so that's stomping grounds over there so I'd like for somebody shows be shown over there. Were you happy with your twenty the three and me you didn't fight as much about yourself as you would have liked to already knew everything but I thought it was like Gimme like names numbers of people give you names but we just didn't want to. You're not going to call people. Even one percent related to yeah yeah. I guess so Steve. I'm GonNa Golf and in anytime you share golf stories always get a good laugh. How's your golf game these days? Do you have a favorite memory on a golf course that you can share and what's the best score you ever shot. Keep up the great work Bam Golf. I don't think I have a favorite memory on the golf course because I sucked so bad. I don't think you've ever had a score because we we never catch go because we was Saddam shady and in one of my favorite memories in me and Kristin were golf and a couple of months ago and we were terrible and she tells me let's go to the bar and get a Margarita. I forget on a course a synonymous and that's GonNa ruin my game and of course man we sucked I was terrible. I should've listened to advice but anyway while we were out there. I was out there and there's a couple times missed the ball. I shanked a bunch of them. I had a real wicked slice going on and the people that neighborhood were real mad at me because I was hitting the houses but the one time with Kristen was off of about fifteen eighteenth hole. We'd lost our attention span. We were tired and she took a wag at this gospel whether driver and sputter l like a helicopter about she's a helicopter. I thought she's GonNa take off the ground and I still got that video on my phone and if I put on my instagram account would immediately go probably my favorite moment recently recently of the golf course best score ever shot was fifty five on a nine hole course when I used to play with this guy to hang around with who was a complete outlaw back in the day but when I hit that fifty five I was thinking man and I need to turn pro now so played another nine holes that will give me a hundred and ten. If that's any indication of how bad I am on a golf course last question from Adam. I've always dollars watered. How you come up with the saying I'll drop yoenis decadence? You call a nick and I'll stop them at all in your ass and walking dry somebody you knew grow up saying those things or what man everybody in the business used to always call him neck a stack have dives you know because it looks or stack according to what we call it who made about saying and mental of anyone made that up before me but it was just something I always said something due to threaten someone in the business <unk> as a rib and or as a threat enter Promo legit threat as far as a whole in your ass Walcott Ram and I've been here net in Texas for since day one so that's a big add up but anyway I'm going to wrap this hang up and closed down a show. Thanks for sending the questions. This has been a rough day for me. Thanks for bearing with me and asked the bottom line. Thank you Christian. Hey man while you're online. You should get your car. INSURANCE FIGURED OUT GEIKO DOT COM coming in fifteen minutes. You could be saving fifteen percent mole karn shirts at right save hundreds of dollars on car insurance GEICO DOT com extra money in your pocket. It may just be the motion warning thing you do today all right. Everybody give it a go. Home cues wrap up his podcast podcast ride off into the sunset. Thank you presented any questions. Thank you to my wife or helping me out. If you don't know you should know I will be Monday night Rawal July Twenty Second Tampa Florida make sure you tune in or set your d._v._r.. We are on U._S._A.. Network Stone Cold Steve Austin coming back one night and one night only and that's the bottom line also such d._v._R.. FOR STRAIGHT UP Steve Austin August twelfth two thousand nineteen just keep it on your era calendar people. I'm GonNa keep remind you until that day gets here. Don't forget to rate and review the Steve Austin. Show on Apple podcasts and tell your friends to check us out. If you want to reach me here on a podcast sent an email to question Steve often show dot com. I got a beer folks brokers Goliath P._A.. From Alston Brewing Company this is the Best I._P.. United States of America and I firmly believe that and so cal is available to whole foods and total latch. If you ain't Kelly you might be a so well everybody needs a pocket knife. I I happen to have two of them and a collaboration with cold steel knives the broken skull knife and a working man's knife are both bad ass. CHECK OUT MY AMAZON STORE AMAZON DOT COM Slash Ford Slash Steve Austin also if you see me out the woods you'll see me proudly riding a Kawasaki and that's the bottom land. I want to say one more. Thank you qualify sponsors of Steve Austin. Show especially Guy Cohen bet online dot A._G.. That's how I'm able to do this podcast for you twice a week for free. Please support them because they support us. If you need more info on my sponsors check out the show description to this episode for details folks I am a social media wilderness. Graham asks t-ball can be S._R. until next time. My Name is Steve Austin and now we can't you ask down the road. This has been a podcast one production download new episodes of the Steve Austin show every Tuesday at podcast one dot com. That's PODCAST O. N.. E. DOT COM <music> A._p.. News is sponsored by A._D._T.. Real protection is professionally installed smart home security backed by twenty four seven monitoring our team will help you customize a system for your home including video doorbells indoor and outdoor cameras smart locks Fox and lights that could be controlled from the A._T.. APP or the sound of your voice you can even help keep your loved one safe on the go with location sharing driving activity alerts and an emergency S._O._S. button through the A._D._T.. Go APP that's A._D._T.. Real protection trump trump draws intense criticism. I'm Tim Maguire the A._p.. News before Democratic Congresswoman of color say president trump doesn't deserve to be President Minnesota's Delano marks time for us to impeach this president trump over the weekend tweeted that the four known as is the squad should go back to their own countries. Three of the four were born in the United States. One Omar was born in Somalia came to the U._S. as a refugee when she was a child trump's postings have drawn an outcry from Democrats and some Republicans trump for his part.

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