Niner Faithful Radio Season 03 Episode 44


What's up yours boy. Faithful has everybody to hope. Everyone had a very very last week. I hope you enjoy the bye week. Got A kick back You know stretch out your arms feta. Maybe you watch some football. They didn't make your start because you were invested baby. You're just like me. You kinda just handle some personal business since Emma business business you know but I'd like to everybody for joining me today today. Of course we're going to preview the matchup that a lot of us didn't think we would see nine. Vikings which some would say would be the best way for us to make the Super Bowl will will see. We are four on one against them in the playoffs but are only loss did come on. We're the number one seat in nineteen eighty seven. We have the bye week so be prepared. No no slip in this week so before we get started today just a reminder you can find this show as a podcast on apple podcasts. Spotify Google play Music Google podcasts. You're spreaker blueberry tune in or cashbox. 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All right so before we go ahead and start wrapping niners vite Queens as some people might say. I think that we have to start with so far with the biggest news of the week is which is the return of full participation to practice of one Jakubowski Tart as we all know. One Alexander's practice window was opened last week and strong role limited participation returning to practice my birthday twin number fifty five d four Where you don't know that that I literally think that that's probably the most important aspect of getting us to a championship is I'd notice. I didn't say to Super Bowl. No no no no no no. We don't want to just make it to. We want to win the Super Bowl super bowl or bust baby but there is. It's as exciting. To of course get all three of them back into the practice Shanahan was set himself he. There's a good chance that quote Alexander Place this week so that that's great news. I think there was a stack going out on twitter and facebook this week that when you had deferred Nick Bosa Guan Alexander on the field or maybe it was request guitar but it was like a passer rating of like something ridiculous like three and is just that that that just shows you how powerful out awesome. That defends really was at the beginning of the season. I don't think there's anybody in the empire that the didn't think we had a championship caliber. Defense Ed so if you add quantum Alexander and you ajikwa Ski Tart and you add D Ford which I personally think de Ford is going to be the biggest. I don't WANNA SAY IMPACTS. But he's going to be the piece that we've been missing. I think that we could get by with with more Harris and I think we could get. We could get by with trae greenlaw. But I don't think we can get by without de for. I think what you notice. What made that defense elite at at what it was was the pass rush simply didn't have enough time and so. I'm not saying that we could just stick Eddie Buddy back there in covers and they'd be fine. Obviously you know you need a talented. Okay thank you Jason. What's up whether how you doing Jason of course said it was three. The passer rating was ridiculous. It's I mean it's it's great to get all the back trust me. I've doing cartwheels in if we could see number twenty nine And number fifty eight out that tunnel on Saturday then. Nobody will be more hype than me but I think deported is. We need to play at at a great level instep ensues role. I'm okay with him being a third down in obvious passing situation Player at this point I mean people are going to ask. Was it worth the second overall pick. I think at this point if you're looking at it and we win a championship then. Yeah what's up? Tim How you doing good to see you back. Good good to see you here as always that you joining us by the way why. Why don't we go ahead and do it? It's a big Kirk is a bum. You know this is. This is what what I see for coming and I wanted to say that he. He's a plum because you know he's an NFL quarterback now has he not gotten done in the past. Yeah except this week it takes one year now. What I anticipate happening is. I anticipate Minnesota coming out and trying to punch us in their mouth. I think we're GONNA get their best shot right away. And if we could sustain that or respond which. I have confidence that we can respond. Then I think we got a ballgame and I think that will make more plays because I believe we're more talented team. You know deserve seven or specifically their pass rush and nick. I'll just go ahead and get to it. Real quick yeah I mean ultimately. I think that's what really if our pass rush could play up to the capability of like it. Was you know earlier in the season? Data will send a chance. I mean. I shouldn't say that will stand a chance. Because you know you have to ask are there Disruptive to our offense of game plan you know that that's the question I have now. Even if they are. I still think that's the game we can win. Because I've seen this when that game. Just look at the rams game but also it boils down to. I have faith in Shanahan to come up with be able to scheme away to get past that and Jimmy has enough Kahane's and you know enough. Moxie that I think that he he can. He can get it done when when necessary so I think it's important for us to play clean football. You know I you can never say mistake free football because everybody makes mistakes. But we can't turn the ball over we can't be throwing. You'll pick sixes. We can't be fumbling the ball in the red zone. We can't be shooting ourselves in the foot. We cannot beat ourselves to me. That's the only way Minnesota beat says if we beat ourselves and especially at if we are playing up to the capabilities that got us to the position to have a first round bye. Then you know yeah. I think we're winning and I'll take my chances with green bay in the she cocks in the NFC championship game. You know We'll we'll we'll focus on that when we get there But I love course I would love to see all your opinions about the Games and those who are listening to this podcast as well. Just go in comment on whatever platform you're listening to the show on and I'm pretty sure I'll see it hopefully They'll have to notify me. How pretty sure somehow but So to me. It's I don't think we're gonNA blow them out. I don't think it's going to be you know. I think as a potential be comfortable win when I say a comfortable win you know. Let's say were up seven to ten points. Throughout the whole game maybe kickoff. You'll go at the end to go up thirteen. You know I could see that happening. Even if it's a close game I still like our chances. You know I just think it's gonNA ultimately boil down to. Can we make the one or two plays necessary on defense and on offense to win the game? Can we pull a drake re law stopping you know sobbing should at the one inch line? You know short by four skittles so or by force ghettos so I think it's very important to come up with those plays and we need to play to the capabilities that we have been playing all year. So I think if you're looking at an x factor type of player A little first of all. I think that it's important as as we're stepping back You know at the end of the season. I wanted to give a big shout. I I know that a lot of people have done. Their end of the season Awards this week. I felt it was unnecessary to do so. I'm not doing shade at anybody. Says she's in. The show are in the snow. That's crazy I think it's going to be a game to him but I think is going to be like it is for most of our games is that you just see at the end of the game where the better team. That's not a knock on the Minnesota. Vikings that's not saying they're not a good team that's not saying the dern didn't have a good season but you know. I just think I believe it's our time and I feel that not just with the first round by home seed and sixty two record at home and you know all that but just the way. A lot of things have lined up throughout the season and so One award. I didn't think it was necessary to give away awards because the season's not done yet but one award I do WanNa give right. Now is underrated player of the year. I think that's like in Thomas because he's had his ups and downs. You know he struggled against Jerry Garett from the Falcons you know He. He's had his struggles. But he's been there every snap and you know as they always say the best abilities availability. And so- coaches can scheme and coach's kid no at plan around a player's weaknesses. At least good coaches and I feel that we John Benton is a good offensive. Line coach Out His first. Name's John but I know. His name is bitten. His license suspended. But I feel that. In my opinion we have good offensive. Line coaches I mean. He got you know we lost. Just just think about what happened this year. You know losing both are starting tackles losing our center now. I understand that happened. You know later in the year but a shoutout goes sue. I guess I'll say underrated. Coach and underrated players Thomson. And and and then our offense Blanco's I think those two men deserve a great round of applause. Joe Woods. You Know Coach K. With the deep it's of line and Or I should say defensive backs and the defensive line respectively. Those things are awesome awesome coaches but I mean the one place I felt that we can sustain. Injuries was offensive line. And we lose. Sean Coleman I snap in the preseason boom swing tackle on Justin school per and you know garland stepping in blame big snaps and you know. They haven't played horrible so horrible. That we've lost a game the other clearly some snapping issues Against the AMS in the game on the twenty first couple of days before Christmas at Levi's but you know I didn't notice any snapping issues and shuttle and it's always funny to think that how loud that place can get in you know loud. Of course I have to say that with quotations with how allowed that place Sorry about that. Everybody a little bit of technical difficulties but yeah so we're going to go ahead and and this week's episode right But of course before we get out of here. I like to remind everybody to come join nine faithful radio and the rest of my empire FAM- at Empire. Oh this Saturday January eleventh for the first ever Tailgate at Levi Stadium. It's going to be you. Don't WanNa miss it and so I'm GONNA go ahead and make the announcement now. It has been confirmed. We're GONNA have three time super bowl champion. 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We have a perfect split between facebook and twitter. The same exact results it was crazy. We have fifty four percent saying yes and forty six percent saying no? I think a lot of that will change once we win the Super Bowl but Participate in our weekly for prizes each week on facebook and twitter. We have a weekly poll question. Were all you have to do to win. Prizes is like us or follow us on facebook or twitter and vote. Look everybody we saw see. Y'All next week same time. Same Bat channel till Then Bay plus the Nabet. Napping is go. Niners is playoff time. Baby time to get that DUB super bowl bound. Let's get it quest for six begins now.

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