REShow: Mike Mayock and Joe Staley. Hour 2 (04-30-20)


Thank you for listening to this. Podcast one production. No available on spotify apple podcasts. Podcast one dot com in anywhere else. You podcasts this is the rich. Eisen show now on the rich. Eisen show APP. That can be hard to overcome off the show. Espn baseball insider just passing still to college. Los Vegas Raiders. Gentlemen Jer. Mike Mayo retired. Forty niners offensive Lineman Joe Staley Football Hall of Famer Dion. Sanders loves a KADEMI award. Winning actor Matthew mcconaughey. Hey now you're rich is all right everybody. It is the Rich Eisen. Show live from Los Angeles California. We say hello to our friends on. Nbc Every Single Day from one to three Easter nate. Take the final two hours of the rich. Eisen show that starts every day at twelve bells eastern on Sirius. Xm Channel to eleven as well as our youtube stream youtube dot com slash rich Eisen. Show Chris Brockman. Mike Del. Tufo good to see you. My on air producer and audio executive to see you. I look a little bit of news. A little bit of news made by our Country Front Brett. Farve here on this program yesterday. and we'll talk about that with Dion Sanders when he joins us at the top of our final hour on this program. We have not one but two alliterative M.'s. As guests I up Mike Mayock last up. Matthew mcconaughey totally different. I would say polar opposites on the scale of pop culture. The general manager of Your Loss Rate Vegas Raiders. Longtime friend using do shows like this very often but Not many shows like this or hosted by someone goes away back with Mike. Mike was a guy who called the packers drafting Aaron Rodgers. The twenty four th overall back in the day he nailed that in his mock draft or did and Babe Ruth type called shot in terms of evaluating talent in the NFL. Not a myth Joe Staley the all pro offensive tackle of the San Francisco. Forty niners retired on the final day of the draft leading to Trent Williams acquisition. You will be joining us in the very end of our first hour. And then dion will be joining us Again at the top of our third hour. I'll just want to put a quick pin in the far stuff for second because it is a possibility that the next quarterback of the New England patriots as Po popping free on the free agent market. Now Chris Brockman and I'll remind the NBC viewers who may not have seen this because we were not on NBC S. N. As of yet when Tom Brady signed with the Tampa. Bay buccaneers what I said to you when he signed with the Tampa Bay buccaneers and the rest of people of your ilk mind folks from fine folks from New England the root for the New England Patriots. Who More maybe like yourself? Remember The Times of those hard benches of the old foxborough before Gillett had banners and things like backs of seats. And things like that. Yes I told you. Welcome to the rest of us when terms of remembering the old days. Welcome back to the rest of us for all those millennials who only know championships and Brady and Bella check. I said welcome to the rest of US time. Welcome to the rest of the National Football League and two that I add today's news that Andy Dalton is free or about to be free fly be free Andy Dalton thank you for the memories in Cincinnati. But we've got JOE BOROUGH JOE EXOTIC. The Tiger King is now here from Lsu Tiger nation. I think it's official. He's been all right there. You go seventeen point. Seven million right off of the cap in Cincinnati and now Dalton is free to sign with another team like say New England that has only one point seventy stuart Scott phrases spandex thin. He always used to say when he referred to something that wasn't very large SPANDEX thin one point seven million in capital which is six hundred thousand dollars more than what tomorrow's guest in this very slot. Jameis Winston who will be joining us the top of our NBC `send broadcast on Friday. Show James Winston your signed for one point one million in New Orleans to backup drew brees threw for five thousand yards last year. And I understand the turnovers Gloria but this guy can wing it all right now. He can see the surgery which I can't wait to ask him about tomorrow. One point one million he signs a New England in New Orleans Dalton I know has some leverage potentially because his former offensive coordinator is now the offensive coordinator in in Jacksonville. When there's maybe a James Winston Jay gruden marriage so put it all together. And maybe he goes there. Maybe he's got leveraged. He'll be too expensive for New England but the mere fact that we're talking about Dalton as a possibility to quarterback the New England patriots and it is something that the Patriots should have to consider and something that New England Patriots fans will have to do the mental gymnastics to embrace APP. Doing them right now. Charlie Weis was on this program few weeks ago. Sadat would be the perfect fit of all of the possible veteran free agent quarterbacks on the market and now here it's a possibility and the mental gymnastics that you and Patriot nation will have to undergo brings back once again for me in this chair to say to this microphone. Welcome to the rest of us in the National Football League. Yeah I don't like being with the rest of US liked having number twelve back there. Too Bad stinks on behalf of the other thirty one fan bases too bad. Is this what you guys had to go through every off-season almost sitting around wondering what the coaches thinking? What the Front Office is thinking. How'd you guys survive? I don't know welcome to the rest of us. Yeah I mean I like Andy Dalton. He's got more career touchdown. Pass Troy Aikman Bradshaw. Joe Nemeth more yards than a Lotta Hall of famers. Did you didn't know that before today. Did you up because you know I was potentially twitching story. Great player first of all hair. Great human being ascertains by the way. Oh my gosh. He's had a great human awesome. I know he'd be a perfect person to put in the New England areas of face front member and look at what he's doing with his beautiful children. I mean he's ready in the backyard. Julian Edelman and I'll tell you what hold on a minute. This one on I snapped. This wants to Nikiel Harry and then this one this one is to Jacoby Myers. Running out of guys are to draft anybody. This will james out of the backfield. Okay Yeah you don't want 'em this wants to whatever tight ends filling in for GRONK. I'll tell you what whoever that guy is. Welcome to the rest of his credit's not a bad idea. Last Twenty Years Anti Talton. Any told him don't even at a second round pick. You can't even throw in the same sentence Jimmy Garoppolo and don't not a bad idea to the rest of US Chris. I'm on behalf of the NFL fan basis. Let me let me represent I think at this point. I mean Tom. Current said it was going to come and I think I've reached it. I've talked myself into just rolling with stem. This might happen. I think we just give him a shot. This year brings and if it's a disaster on the disaster start over his decent if they go eight eight nine and seven you bring them back in twenty one and we'll do it again. I can't believe I'm at that point. Oh it's delightful really is just delightful seriously. Everybody around this country given voice to all those duck boat parades and the red sox and the Celtics even the Bruins get rich there were twelve and I'm assuming the New England Revolution Twelve parades and I'm sure that's fine. What does Nike The dog? Think of anti even though it's not gonNa dog let's get down to it. Here's a little treat for Nike Dog. He's calling little snack him off. He's a little he's a little. He's a little doll treat filled with all sorts of nutrients areas evaluating film Nike Dog. Even the dog won't tell you that's how tight the circle is there. A New England Nike the dog. That's a poker face. We have no idea he could be looking at film could be looking at film of of we have no idea. Welcome to the rest of US honestly on behalf of the other thirty one. Nfl Fan bases. This is so good that I I I mean we made we made. Nfl News around the world here yesterday when Brett farve called in. And I haven't even hit it because I'm just I'm joined this moment so much. I'd rather do this than take a victory lap for this show and there's an iron rich Eisen and Nike Nike. There it is right that what do you think? We're going to release them. What should we do take this treat? If you think it's Dalton. What bill should do is he should put two bowls of food down one told him and just let him decide right and a hydrogen familiar with all due respect. I honestly I say I'm doing this for the GAG. I'm doing this. Get under his skin. This okay well it's working. Please be good man. Please be good. James has gone. James has gone. We'll be talking. We'll be talking with James at this point again tomorrow. I I look forward to chatting with him Jay Mrs Gone. I don't think Cam Newton's walking through that door probably not Be Okay so mike. Mayock will be joining US shortly before I do that. Let's talk about Brett Farve a little bit here. Brett farve had a lot to say. Yesterday we caught a day after he played a little bit of golf and he let us know a no uncertain terms that the Jordan love picked surprised him and that he had spoken to Rogers and was going to keep Most of it if you will all of it quiet. But the exception that he termed Rogers. A little bit surprised by. It said that the that he feels that this will rear. Its ugly head at some point. He even thought it might happen this year. If the packers start slowly if there's a season knock on wood. If you're with me he also did say yesterday that he thinks he's GonNa and elsewhere just like five and I didn't even have to finish the question. Brett beat me to the punch. It's a difficult question but I'm GonNa ask it certainly more difficult to answer since it's looked in the future. It's the old crystal ball and you even said yourself the world you do. You cut me off. You think he will not end his career as a green bay packer. Just like you get tells me no. I think you're finished somewhere else. I guarantee this and I don't know that certain but I guarantee you. It's got the wheels turning Aaron Spine. Which which if if that's the case. Then that means there's a chip on his shoulder towards organization that otherwise was not there and so he all he needs is reason other than this reason to expedite that a Brett farve had to say and for those listening on Sirius. Xm Channel. Two Eleven did say courtesy. The Rich Eisen show on the screen which some others on this Profession aren't doing. It's called a courtesy for a reason. The mothership got it right. They did at any rate. I will say this. David paid to protect. Aaron Rodgers was in the draft a thon live draft room with me and third our guest final our guests Dion Sanders when this pick was made when the trade up for Jordan Love was made and his reaction was the same as far as by saying. There's a chip on Aaron Shoulder. But look out. That's when he plays his best farve having been through this before obviously on the other end having to be pushed but he has been through this before on the end that Rogers on the other men now Rajas on his and now that he knows that this means the end is ear and he knows how he felt back in the day and how Raj feels now and it sure sounds like he knows exactly how Rogers is feeling because they had a conversation about it and he knows what this means and what it means is at some point down the road even though again far did say play that sound bite Mike. He he did say that this was going to come home to roost. Potentially this year from a relationship standpoint it sends the wrong message and I think when adversity hits this year old three couple of bad games or whatever that is going to rear its ugly head and you know. The daggers are. Going to be out ever started. Aaron Rodgers is what Chris? Do you never start. He's never started. Only three. Never started ellen. Three he started one and two and three straight years. Twenty twelve to twenty fourteen okay. So it's been awhile since he's even started sub five hundred. Yes through three games. I don't see it this year but bread is a potential bit more conversant in Wisconsin And Green Bay Packer Nation Cheese nation than I am and but what I pointed out to Brett after that and he did agree with is at some point two years down the road. Three years down the road the packers are GonNa WanNa know what Jordan love is who Jordan. Love is for a couple reasons one. Will they be able to flip them? Like Garoppolo. Can Aaron Rodgers turn into Garoppolo by playing like Brady Dude after Garoppolo was acquired and there was a lot of conversation certainly in the moving onto Cincinnati years about maybe moving on Garoppolo and I do remember that Super Bowl being twenty eight to three in favor of Atlanta. I looked down at my twitter feed and all my texts from New England financing whereas Garoppolo. Brady's toast while we all know what happened the rest that day and then obviously the rest of Brady's tenure with New England so the packers will either have to know. Is He Garoppolo. Can we flip him for two? Can we show him off to the rest of the NFL community where we can at least get a two for one or wonder we're GONNA pick fifth year option? Do we know it? Let's just say some teams have the ability to evaluate players before the fifth year option gets picked up say today's Kansas City chiefs. Move which you could have etched in stone. Mr Sharpie years years ago that they were going to pick up the fifth year option. Patrick which became official today after game one homemade or or after his start. When are they ever in his rookie season in week? Seventeen in Denver. They're gonNA have to figure that out Clark. Starting now there's no doubt about it and farve knows exactly what's going on which is why. I think that was news. Yesterday is because we all feel it and sense it and the packers have opened this. Pandora's box the question is does love have the ability to get through all this? The mental toughness that Rogers did and become like Rogers or he's been compared physically homes. If that happens then all this conversation will have just been that conversation if not then it is absolutely what my English teacher used to call a harbinger sign of things to come. That's why obviously farve made news here yesterday because everybody senses what he has to say is the truth that Rogers might finish somewhere else. He finished my sentence for me. Far didn't let me finish the question. You know what was coming and also said that it's not rodgers job to mentor Jordan. Love which I will play that sound bite for Dion Sanders later and I know that directly Indians wheelhouse kind of like a league. Guterman lefty lefty pitch back in spring training that he raked for a triple right and dion hot zone. That'll be later on when he also precedes. Matthew mcconaughey but coming up next one of the news. Makers because he makes the picks for the Los Angeles Raiders my Buddy Mike. Mayock live on NBC SNL more. How're you doing over there? Christopher Yard Yeah I'm great. You should be great trophies. In the case on a billion billion like I said before this is the ultimate and bill we trust moment I mean I think we all do in New England. I think I speak for everyone in the five states. And we're going to let Iraq. We'll what happens. It's going to be them so I don't know man he's GonNa have to learn by warned by. Fire Dot window has to be what inches by inches right would say no bigger than twelve by twelve. Maybe twelve by and that is a good ten yards away beautiful kiddos. I mean do so much worse. Oh yeah he's a real deal bona fide quarterback in the NFL. We could do worse. Who is on the roster and I know unreal and I I know I know that I might have come across looking like slagging on Andy Dalton. I'm not slugging on you want that to be understood. I'm I'm not slang. Andy Dalton. I think he's he's more than a solid quarterback me as a one but he's been the playoff most awarded four times for a team that nobody thinks ever wins. Look what he did. And if you think that it's just the the the any dome has the Gravitational Record Right? If you think it's just a gravitational force of Bengal he did that in the gravitational force pulling the other way his his his games and primetime though were always difficult to watch knock it and that's and that's a very liberal very generous way to put it. That's generous way. Two Point Two thousand twelve to two thousand fifteen. He won ten games each year. Arriving in two thousand thirteen he threw for more than four thousand yards and thirty touchdowns and he's he's a good player but again the reason why I bring it up. Is that you in New England spent from high atop Mount Brady High Atop Mount Pious. I guess to use the damage phrase high atop the Mount Patriot. Look down upon. The Andy Dalton is at the world down your nose and down everything. We've looked down everyone. I understand that's why I'm saying. Welcome to the rest of us now. On behalf of all thirty one of the Fan Bases Man. If the pats go twelve and four this year it's GonNa be I will be. I will be terrible to be around if that happens. Just heads up. Pats four get even better. Oh God what. A Great Edna segment. We're back in just twenty seconds with MICMAC. Do you own or rent your home. Sure you do and I bet it can be hard work you know what's easy bundling policies with GEICO GEICO makes it easy to bundle your homeowner's or renter's insurance along with your auto policy. It's a good thing too because you already have so much to do around your home. Go TO GEICO DOT COM. Get a quote and see how much you could save. It's gyco easy visit. Geico DOT COM. Today that's GEICO DOT COM G. I. C. O. Dot Com back on the rich Eisen show on NBC Sirius Xm Channel. Two eleven youtube dot com slash. Rich Eisen show our phone. Number's eight four. Four tool for rich. That is the number to dial. I love this man I had so many great years That Cherish sitting at the other end of a set or through a two way talk on NFL network. He is now the general manager of the Las Vegas Raiders. He is my buddy Mike. Mayock how are you Michael? Go the NATO I'm fine. How's everybody in the family? Everybody healthy but good everything. Knock on wood everybody. Good how about you guys. Same here same here. You know Families good and the show family here. We're all healthy and safe and socially distant enough to come here to work every day and do this so I appreciate you calling in today so I guess I order. Business is how was this draft. Mike I mean how. How was it for you to conduct it? It was so obviously out of the ordinary. Yeah I mean I it obviously There were challenges out there for all thirty two teams and that's all that really matters and to our organization was that we're all on equal footing and I think that was important And so starting from the time where we had the lead lead the facilities all the way through the draft itself. You know. We've put a lot of pressure on on our. It people are analytics. People Are Video people and I thought everybody just rate rose to the occasion. We worked on was necessary to evaluate and then I thought draft weekend went off without a hitch. And you start talking about how many people were were remote. And how many connections had to be made and it. It's just I thought I didn't see a whole lot of it on television but what I was told. Was Everything went seamlessly and you know we got through it and I think every team felt really good about rich. I spoke to to your colleagues this week already and how Rosement in Philly and John elway yesterday in Denver and both of them seem to think that it did take a while for everyone and get used to it and how he in particular said he thought that there were. Fewer trades may be Thursday and Friday because people are still kind of getting used to use. Elway said at one point. It was difficult to have a private conversation. He kind of step away from zooming and all of that stuff and that Saturday is when things felt a little bit normal. Would you agree with that assessment? Thursday night we were on the phone. A lot and I don't really believe the technology or the remoteness of the situation affected at all and I'll tell you per five or six straight night prior to the draft We were practicing. You know we were. We were zooming. We had our trade guys in different parts of the country. We had our scouts calling in and trying to overwhelm our phone lines. Just to make sure we could handle both the phone lines and the video lines and It worked out pretty well so I you know there could be. I think the one thing Richard. You kind of felt like once you got to a certain point left on the clock. You had to hurry because it wasn't like everybody was in the same room together. If you're trying to make a trade and you were down to about two and a half minutes three minutes you were trying to get it done because You still had the facilitates go through the trade line to the NFL. You had to call the kid that you're trading or drafting. You know there was a lot going on. That typically would happen a lot easier but I feel like the reality of it went off without a hitch and then I also just you know from our years together. Our new That everything's in evaluation for you. How would you evaluate groups handling of the it because a lot of people thought he might be the guy who talks into his mouth? Not figure that stuff out how was how was Gruden in your evaluation. Mike Gow was great. Man We fun I mean. We're you know we're we're now about an hour apart and we're you know at first the week before. John was like I don't WanNa be on that boom thing. I want to be on the phone with you. Mike and then you do all the stuff. And then we had a couple of practice mock drafts that went off without a hitch and he was like. That's not too bad. That was Kinda cool and you know John gets the point. He starts to embrace it and then he's really funny so we it went. Well that's good 'cause I guess Kellyanne no could've just stepped in at any point in time. I heard he did fair. No doubt about that Mike Mike. You're on the rich Eisen show. Let's get into the evaluation. We had again elway on yesterday. He said that the Broncos ran several mock drafts and not a single one of their mock drafts had rugs being taken by you. Why did you choose rugs out of all the wide receivers at your disposal? Potentially well you know there were fact. Quote that group of the top three wideouts. Everybody wanted to talk about Judy Rugs and CD LAMB and we loved all three of them And I felt like John and our staff could take advantage of the distinctive talents of all three because they were very different and at the end of the day. I think the pure speed of Henry rugs is kind of what changed things for us. And I think we've felt like we've been of speed Both vertically and horizontally and when you get a guy like rugs not only getting the vertical for the deep over the post routes. You're also kind of getting those manufactured. Such is the horizontal ones. The jet sweep the bubble screens When when I talked to Nick Sabin and he told me he approaches every day like either walk on his work. Ethic is off the charts He was a gun or a jammer on special teams so we felt like we got in one body. We got a potential kick returner. We've got gunner jammer. We got a guy stretched field vertically and I think even more important than all that rich because again. I think John could've used all three of those white outs to their highest degree of Excellency. But what changed it for us is? We felt like that element of speed would make Josh. Jacobs better would make Darren Waller better would make everything underneath better and effectively make our whole offense better quality man you you kept hammering that wide receiver position as well When you used to of your three third round selections on on Lynn Boden Junior and Brian Edwards of Kentucky in South Carolina respectively. Why did you feel the need to keep hitting that same position Mike well? The reality is for us. Lynn Bose is gonNA play running back and he at Kentucky was kind of cool because his junior year he caught close to seventy passes in the. Sec was the top one of the top slot receivers in the country and then senior year. The quarterback got hurt and they moved him to quarterback and he rushed for twelve thirteen hundred yards and he. Sec as a running quarterback flash wildcat guy so we kind of envision. Lynn Boden as first and foremost primarily running back as he learns how to pass protect and do all the different jobs demanded of him by that position. I think the cool thing about Emrich is he becomes what Jon call the joker and ability to play running back slot wide We can use them. We could line him up wildcat and the Red Zone so We Envision Lynn Boden doing variety of jobs for us but primarily. He'll be a running back and then Brian Edwards to us. We had him with a high second round great and he was sitting there at eighty one and just couldn't pass up on that and he's a big body tough guy the all time leading pass receiver at South Carolina. He started over. Forty Games in the SEC. So we're kind of blown away both by his productivity and his consistency in the best conference in the country it seems like that was a A facet about this draft with a wide receivers Mike Mike Mac by the way. The Las Vegas Raiders. Here on the rich Eisen show. Is that you. You're getting guys In rounds with grades much higher than what you were getting them. Would you agree in terms of everything the years that we were working together to to this year deepest wide receiver draft period? Or No. I think every team in the league went into it knowing that there was quality at the top and depth throughout in you know I think typically the the average was twelve or thirteen. Wideouts have gone in the first three rounds over the last five years and I think twelve went in the first two rounds which set a record in modern drought So Certainly every team in the league felt like that was the case rich guys in the fourth and fifth round that. I was salivating over. There were were wide out says typically would be third around guys so so yeah. I- The position this year we thought had had the best quality up topping the depth throughout. And let me just circle back briefly to your second first round selection the last of the Khalil Mack. First rounders that GRUDEN placed in your expert hands to turn into human beings Damon are net now part of the conversation about our net leading in on draft night as well Was his tape. In the biggest game of the year against Clemson Did Not suit him very well. I'm sure you saw similar tape may thought a different thing about this young man. We saw somebody who You know fought through a difficult night on on occasion What did you see on his what we saw was In thirty five starts at Ohio State. We thought he was most competitive. Cornerback in this draft as far as the guy that showed up. Every week competed tackled. He can play inside. He can play outside he can play the right side he can play the left side. He played most of this season with the cast on his arm We thought that if you just what we're looking for ritual and when John and I sit in a room by ourselves and we talk about what are we trying to construct here and we talked about competitive. Tough guys to come to work every day. 'cause they love it not just because they're getting paid for it and that's Damon are net So to us when you're in our division and you're playing cheap twice a year you mentioned John. Elway drafted wide out. They drafted tight end. Or did everybody's trying to get faster and more dynamic to compete with the cheat so in our division. You better lineup. You better be fast. You better be competitive. You better be tough. And you better not flinch and we don't think skittle flinch all right a few minutes left with you. Let me hit you on some twenty twenty questions And we hope for full season to use a phrase of your head coach. Knock on wood if you're with me. So how's Abram is he? Ready to roll is ready to go. Oh yeah I mean weekly of almost feel like we've got another first-round pick year? He played one game last year. Hurt the shoulder. He's one hundred percent. I talked multi-mm` and is fired up and ready to go okay. Last time we spoke at the Combine. I tried to walk through the side door. Rear entry door. Whatever you want to try and get you to talk about Tom. Brady you sniff that out a mile away and moved in a different direction so now here I am knocking on the door about the the Mariota acquisition for you and how everything that's old is new again. We're seeing how Rogers is kind of in the role of a far. I spoke to Brett about that yesterday. And people are thinking maybe Mariota could be in the role of Tannahill with Derek Carr in the role of Mariota. Going into this season. How do you? How would you handle that as a narrative? Mike First and foremost our cars our quarterback and John and I love what he did last year. And he completed seventy percent of his passes and he had a great quarterback rating. And do we think he can get better? Shore your three and Gruden's offense. We expect them to get better But when you're looking at a guy like Mariota the cool thing for John and I when we had the Morio conversation is remember rich. We were both in television in Mariota's draft year. Gone and I. So if you're Marcus Mariota and you want to know what Mike May View. All you gotTa do is go back and check check. Check the tape just like you. Hey Yeah they turned the tables on the evaluator. Now they're evaluating John and I and you know I it's really Kinda cool because we had some great conversations with Marcus about that. He knows we believe in both Marcus. Mariota the person more importantly and Marcus. Mariota the football player. And you know I think. We've got to rebuild them a little bit. He beat up. He had to get some surgery after the season You gotTA clean up some technique from the ground up. I think John's the right guy for that. And we just could not resist adding that kind of talent to our quarterback why that is the the question is yours. Well because that's what I talked about with Howie Roseman the other day. Is that when you choose somebody and packers Adam that conversation my lord or they have in that conversation right now when. You've got an already installed quarterback veteran somebody who is associated with team. Somebody who's well paid to be associated with that team. And then you have another quarterback at your job as general manager to fill out a roster and make sure that the positions taken care of should that quarterback not be able to make snap or falter and. I guess that that's the question. Mike is how you view the role of quarterback number two in your job. Well we believe that where we are as an offense right now is we ought to be very competitive. Offensively we ran the ball really well. We've got a big strong offensive line. We all mended the receiver position in the draft in free agency. We feel like we should be big strong powerful tough and more dynamic team this year and I think our job John and mine is to ensure that if something were to happen to their that we continue to be that same team and we think Marcus gives us the best opportunity to do. Just that all right Mike appreciate the time you know and I tried to get your your home draft setup from you you know many of your colleagues Implied you're the only one that took a shot from outside the window and And and that's all I got Can you describe and then you're like I know what you meant by the way I'm putting that text up on the screen right now when I called you out. I know what you meant with four dots. I mean what would you have? Can you at least describe it? There were two reasons there number one was that I'm in a little dining room rented Alameda. Health that I have five whiteboards surrounding me with close with Alvin magnets and taken a shot anywhere in that room. You would've seen a white board with a bunch of names on it and then I just tell you that have a little. Have some big words and you did you see. Did you see Bella checks? Did you see his nantucket setup? Did you see that on? Espn Mike I did. And I was happy for bill. Manny all you had was a laptop on the table it looks like to me and a dog and his dog. Nike. The dog who's feeding treats A. He's a much smarter than I am. I I need thousands of pieces of paper and you know I mean builds amazing and you know as you know respect. I have for him by now. So your your old school your post. Its and whiteboards in Greece boards and magnets. You're just a surprise. You always had like third grade scholastic black and white charcoal notebook that you brought with all your notes sitting next to Moya. Yeah it was the Lord Marble notable. Why left-handed scratched because I used to have to take because I'm left handed. And he had to go through the whole binder thing you know and then it looks like a claw when you're writing but yeah that was our lady. Lord I've brought it with me and the funny thing is rich and you'll see this as your kids get older is that my kids. Crushed me for for those books that I carry around notes in and now I look at both of them has grown adults and they both carry around the same things in their bag. Die That you pay it forward Mike. That's the way it works Thanks for the time Mike. You take care of Yourself. Stay healthy okay. We'll chat soon game. You and your family. Thank right back at you. That's MICMAC my buddy raiders. Las Vegas Raiders. Still not not weird saying that I know just GonNa take a while. I just miss so much working with Mike Jeremiah. But Daniel doesn't give me what Mike. Mike was fawning Micronesia Stare. I don't get this. They're DJ gets. She knows too much about popcorn. Just stare even when I might say something that he disagrees with you know in an evaluation. Just get mistaken for. Mike stopped me in my tracks. And for first few years you know as the host and trying to keep everything moving. I would just not acknowledge it but after a while I would return fire and I realized that that Fed Mike that fed him that it never offended him fed him. It spoke to his inner philly. And that's when people would start tweeting. You guys didn't like you guys don't like each other. You guys are my God. That was really just guys just argued on television. I'm like no no that's a New Yorker affiliate guy getting together actually getting along quite honestly. I still don't. I still don't miss the Stereo. Did you just call? Dj So cal soft no. He's he's solid. He's so counseling. Joe Staley is gonNA join US next. We're staying in the bay area Although I think Joe is calling in from Southern California where I guess he's. That's where guys retire to Southern California. Joe Staley and your phone calls when we come back. I didn't even walk through the Brady door with him anyway. Now no I don't even. I bet you even kicked the tires on on Tom. I don't I I don't even know if it did. Why Sign Marcus Mariota? If you're thinking Tom already told him. I'm not coming to Las Vegas. If you're thinking about Tom Brady not signing. It seems the only left coast team he would consider playing. Snow San Francisco this guy his hometown team. But I'll tell you what man I'll tell you what man Mariota's GonNa get. I mean they both loved him coming out of College. They both did. I mean are they going to do a taste them hills situations? You think with Murrieta and I don't think so I don't think so he is strictly the backup mean. You just heard how this Kid Lynn. Boden is going to be kind of a jack-of-all-trades he did it all Kentucky Right. He's so you're how they're going to do. They're going to work that offense. I think he's the he's going to be the wild card in that wildcats had the ten yards and in. I just hope again ten yards Derek. Carr do not die for the for the pilot. Just don't die for the pylon anymore because you don't want to do it anymore. We don't WanNa see you do it anymore and people don't want to hear me complain anymore. Rule is never getting overturned. Can we make a five-year wager? Wager what do you want twenty bucks a year? Jack Compound compound compounded I. That's going to get changed in five. No way riches. You heard our river Ron explain and dino why won't ever get changed. Excuse me you're looking guy who got the. Tuck rule change. He's the took was was. I mean I know a benefit. No I heard from Mike. Pereira saying the. Tuck rule wasn't going anywhere. I kept hammering away at it whenever I had a shot of him on. Nfl NETWORK NFL total access. And I'm not saying he had enough juice to getting overturned thus giving me that but I'm going to say I definitely kept it alive in the heads of enough people that they finally saw the light that the idea of taking a ball from passing position and bring it down into a non passing edition. A stance has nothing to do with an incomplete pass. It has to do with the intention of no longer passing. All coming off of a raiders. Talk sorry writers were back in so we just chatted with. Mike may off the general manager of the Las Vegas Raiders Dion Sanders and Matthew. Mcconaughey the Pro Football Hall of Famer and Academy Award winner respectively. That's those are our third our guests so we turn to the phone lines right here and if you're on hold stay on hold at eight four four two zero four rich. We'll take your calls before the end of this hour. The freshly retired Pro Bowl. All Pro Offensive Lineman of your defending NFC champion San Francisco. Forty niners Joe. Staley calling into the program. How are you doing well? I'm fine so are you already overeating? I mean how quickly to somebody go from playing to retiring basically in the NFL Actually do the opposite. I'm pretty quickly getting into the weight. Loss what do you mean realm going on now? Do you go in the other direction. You Go Joe Thomas. Are you Joe Thomas on me right now? Yeah thank Every offensive LINEMAN's dream as they're playing football and you start playing for a long time. It's just like how much you miss being able to be at a healthy normal weight and trying to lose pounds and I'm right now on that weight loss journey so right now. I'm just shedding into Peleton right now. So really everybody is probably right now. So what's your Peleton name? In case somebody goes in the room and and they see what your what. Your name is I am chip J. Leno chip seven four. J. 's okay chip for tip wise for my Central Michigan say. I wanted to make a name. That was inconspicuous. They don't want people to Yeah I've told everybody so so I mean so if they see what? What's your name again? Chip? What is it four j. 's Okay so chipped for Chippewa seventy-four your uniform name and Jay for Joe Staley. There it is that we just cracked the code. Crack the Code I. I've had it for about thirty days now. Okay very good alibi. Why did you decide to to hang them up? Joe Was a time for me the decision for me and the family. I was This last year it was pretty documentary. You know I miss the most games. I in my own career last year with a broken leg in the The finger but Third around and then I had this thing in my neck that I was kinda dealing with towards the end of the year and it Kinda gradually got worse and worse and then once I you know the super bowl is happening and kind of came to a head during that game and then I realized I was GonNa have to talk to a lot of doctors after the season was done and then once I did I got a bunch of different opinions and you know wasn't really favorable so You know Kinda dissuade everything and decided that the time is now but the deadline of the You know the draft and make a final decision because that was really important to me to the niners were in a good position to kind of move forward and that was gonna be screwing him over anything with my decision so Really excited they're lantra transition. There I know. And that's I guess Michael. My question to you is Wendy. How much heads up did you give the forty niners so they could get in that In the hunt for for Trent Williams. Yeah so it was I was in anyway everything was going on and I was talking to doctors. And you know they're involved in that process and everything but As far as like an actual one hundred percent decision business. This is what's going to happen I told John and Kyle basically the week before the draft. I was like Hey I'll have a decision for your hundred percent then So I think they were making contingency plans. Now speak for them but I knew that they were probably doing feelers out there and stuff and getting stuff rolling on that front and then once I told them they kind of move forward and get the deal done. Joe Staley Right here on the rich. Eisen show Fresh off his retirement from the national football league. So the guys you played with Who Do you think of from your career that you think stands out Joe? I mean there's so many that I was able to play with and memories but me the guys I always come back to Thinking about just Frank Gore Number One and my wife just because of the impact that you know. I think he knows now because I've made a point of telling him over the years but how much of an impact he had in my career. Just watching him when I was coming in as a rookie Fresh off a sixteen hundred yard rushing season he was the man at the franchise and just seeing the way that he worked. Every single day This kinda like set the example of what a pro athlete and NFL player is. And how do you got to act and behave to to make you WANNA make out of your career and So he had a huge impact on then we became really close friends. And you know still still same way today Getting the practice against Justin Smith every day this made me so it's a better player You know him in all at the same time you know we were kind of. I was kind of entering my prime in my career. There and being able to go against those guys. Every single day in practice just made me so much better And then just you know but different players that you just get me over the years You know and competing against and you know big moments and you know also this. Ibm WITH A go. Pro Bowl and see all the guys that you just looked up to your entire life and meeting them and being around their families. Not they've done a great memory. Well I think Frank Hall of Famer Joe I. I don't think there's any question that you didn't even stay right there. I mean what do you mean what what he taught you? I mean because again there's a lot of people who think Frank Isn't that impactful? Because he's just been around for so long that's his most impactful thing that he's done. His career in his career is that he just does longevity by love to give you the floor. And what I what that means to you. I think you know I think part of that is because of Frank's personality you know. I think frank is never going to be a guy. That's GonNa you know puff his own chest out and give himself publicity. He's a guy that's Kinda goes to work every single day and that is part of it you know getting your name out there and being a guy that people talk about all the time and he's under under the radar guy and you know. I think just his longevity. I think that's not something to be held against them. I think that's something to be celebrated because at that position it is incredibly hard to be year in and year out consistent and I think that was what I look from. The most from them is like what it takes to be a consistent football player and not to someone that has a two three good years but to be You Know Hall of Fame Player. Jose career you have to work a certain way and seeing him beyond the field. An hour before practice started going through intense workout every single day. Rather it's getting ready for a playoff game or if there was in the middle of. May you know he took every single day super serious He made a point of learning every single aspect of our offensive. You're running you know. Not just what he was doing. His responsibilities were but you know. How was the guard attacking three techniques You know what's the What's the centers calls on his past protections I mean he he left knowstone undertone turned and I think that was something that stuck with me forever that it's not just about what you're doing it's with the team's doing and You know how can we get better from that aspect and before I let you go Joe? Ga- tell me a good Jimmy G. story about why you think he's the man for the future here You know so much conversation about The postseason and how much running was done on obviously How successful that was and it was done because Jimmy J. wasn't as effective throwing it that was at least a narrative and certainly the super bowl where there was a play that to be made potentially towards the end of the game. That was a possible game winner so his his effectiveness is a front and Center for a lot of conversation. I'd love to give you the floor here. Yeah Jimmy's been nothing but unbelievable. Since the day he got in there I mean he worked incredibly hard to learn the entire offense and you put in a position where he was. Kinda looked at like. Hey you're gonna be the savior of the parents is right now because you know we need you to step in and You know he came in one is five games and ended up. The season we had last year was unbelievable right and he was a huge part of the reason. Why we're in the position. We were on why we got the first round by completely one multiple games during that regular season for us just by his own. You know arms and You know the playmaking ability As far as the playoffs goes I mean that's just what we've felt like going into Games was You know we were attacked those especially the packer game and those guys off the edge not just give them an opportunity. We're GONNA throw the ball thirty forty times a game you know. It's really hard to you. Know Kinda hold up the entire course of the game so he thought the best plan of attack and working you know. I think it's Going with the plan of attack and you were just I was really get that. Um but it was working. I mean we were. You're gaining explosive. Plays left and right and so you know it wasn't because that's where we had to control the clock and we got twenty twenty one points again. I mean we we were able to score points in his little guys to the Super Bowl and then you on the Super Bowl I think You know like to have some of those plays back. We all like that. Some of those places like that's what happens when you lose a game You know look back on it. So I know it's going to be a huge motivating factor from our off season He's GonNa be really good coming up. Joe Thanks for joining. What's next for you other than Peleton writing in hanging with the family on riding losing weight and just enjoying time down here in Dot San Diego so during time with family and You know hopefully You know seeing some friends sometimes some sometime soon so Getting a little stir crazy here at the house. Do not do my part. Well if you ever want talks and ball you want to get in the Paparazzi. That's the method. You WanNa go For your you know if you WANNA go full Joe Thomas just to give me a call and I love to have you on here and talk symbolic the anytime. I'm always trying to catch Thomas Man. He's been a guy my own had trying to buy more like one step behind him so hopefully I can get him on the the weight loss and then I can try to figure out how he's so good everything every single thing he does. Okay I think what does he is he badge seventy-three jt on. Peleton's his knife out of his making. Take care of yourself. Joe Joe Staley Challenge. Assume thank you Joe. Staley fresh Atari. The GEICO phone lines brought to you by our friends at Geiko. Which makes it easy to bundle your homeowner's or renter's insurance along with your auto policy it's a good thing too because you already have so much do around your house. Don't you go to GEICO DOT COM? Get a quote and see you could save. It's gyco easy visit. Geico DOT com today. That'S GEICO DOT COM. And you can get our our podcast every single day. Podcast one at podcast one dot com slash rich Eisen. Let's sneak in a quick call here Paul in New York City. Let's take you. I've got about a minute for you. Paul what's going on? Is this faithful. I'm Twenty York. Upstate New York okay. What he got. I am just shocked that I haven't heard one reporter or commentator on like may ox claim after the draft that they didn't feel the need to draft in the fifth sixth and seventh rounds cause because of covert nineteen. Those players wouldn't have been able to make that team that I miss something in the raiders of the defending champion Super Bowl defending super champions to the of the deepest roster in the league. Here's what I can guarantee him like. They were going to be teams. That are more successful than next year. That are going to have fifth sixth and seventh round players on their team contributing to their teams. I am shocked that no one claims no-one quote him on that. Well that's an outrageous statement to make diff- sixth and seventh rounders can't make your team. The readers have been a dumpster fire for eighteen years. This guy is a second year. Gm and he's claiming that fifth sixth and seventh route. And didn't he just tell you that he was fifth receiver? Well he told us that can't make our team. Here's one thing I can tell you Paul. Okay thank you for the call. Appreciate one thing I can tell you is Mike. Mayock respects anybody who makes a team at any point at anytime. Fifth Sixth Seventh Rounders. So if he thinks that these players could make his team right now and he can go up and you can get somebody in the fourth round as opposed to waiting around fifth. Sixth and seventh guy knows what he's doing. I mean again Max Crosby Hana Renfro Jonathan Abram. Josh Jacobs Clean Farrell. Let's see what he does with this draft class. He's already helped turn things around enough where they were in the mix last year. I would trust my is. I'M GONNA say to Paul. I know they've been a dumpster fire for eighteen years but Mike's only been there for one Dion Sanders and Matthew mcconaughey. Hey and you our three coming up. Hey I got a new podcast coming. It's called theory. This is Theo Rossi. Our world is changing for many of us. It'll never feel the same important thing to remember. Is that we are all in this together and that someone would I? WanNa talk about on my new show. The're going to discuss the things that no one ever goes. The real talk sacrifice and the struggle that everyone goes to my life is kind of a unique position to savings. Honestly this Rossy and my new show theory launches on April eighth on spotify. Podcast ON APPLE PODCASTS.

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