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Overwatch, Call of Duty and GEForce Now, oh my! / Founder of Insert Coins Christopher Laporte


Welcome to episode for of Land Parties. I'm your host Ryan Smith and with me as always as Lucas egging. This podcast is being brought to you by bed online DOT AG. Brian how you doing today doing do well man we. We had a busy week. And I know you've got you've got something that we're going to talk about here in a second. I am so proud of of Lucas. Tell tell them about the event man before we interviewed William Byron which was a great interview by the way Super Interesting Story He took a race against the fans in the media. And I'm very happy to tell you that you may call me the media's champion as long as we don't Count William William Byron in that not do that was that was awesome. I'll there As well and I was shooting it and I mean Lucas. This this is a NASCAR game. You know I I am Lucas playing it but wh- it turns out that nobody else. I mean. I was surprised by how many like the media people were there that were sitting there saying. I've never even picked up a controllers. I've never played a game. It's like to me. It is especially in this day and age to not have even played games even a little bit surprising and I must say that did change my expectations a lot. I went from just saying let's just finish to. I think a better beat. beat these guys exactly now fantastic again. Congratulations If you have not checked it out I know you post it on twitter and I believe instagram. So head over to Lucas's Lucas's twitter and instagram. Check it out. He did fantastic. Also put it in the video as well Moving on though this is a big weekend especially in east sports. We had We had Overwatch League That that kicked off this weekend we had the official. I guess you can say Call of Duty League startup with the London. Open out there. Let's go down a little bit and talk about 'cause there was some surprising. There are some teams that I didn't think we're GONNA do so well and there were teams. I thought we're going to do so well. And that wasn't the case So what what is your analysis of this weekend you know. Let me start with collar duty. I was really surprised. You know I missed their launch weekend a couple of weeks ago in Minnesota so this was the first event that I really got to sit back I can watch and Kinda take in man they put on a heck of an experience. You know the call of Duty League has a lot of money behind it. Each one of the twelve twelve teams had to buy in for twenty five million by their franchise owners The Commissioner of that League spent twelve years as an NFL Zach. I got some big named behind it. They've got the experience behind it. But let me tell you something. The way they that league showed and some of the trash talk that was going on the fan interaction. Oh man that gets me excited for not only a future of that league but I wanna see sports headed that way just in general and I think that's kind of indicative to of just call of Duty Judy in itself. If any of you play call of duty part of the fun of playing online is the trash talking so to see that on that pro level. That was awesome because yeah that's exactly what college duties about now. Kind of previewing. Our interview later with Chris and he kind of discussed it a little bit as far as with E. Sports. It's interesting seeing because you're not. Just having muggle mogul people are muggle teams Coming into either top tier teams at the buying to even get into these league. We're talking upwards of twenty five million so to for them to put on a spectacle like like they did To amp up. I know the first one was in London I thought they did a fantastic job and I thought it really showed some promise in the future. I'm also curious to see what those those youtube numbers numbers look like compared to what we were seeing when these sports were being broadcast on twitter. I think that's going to be another interesting story. to track and monitor. But yeah I gotta say for duty. Congratulations number one to Chicago Huntsman. I know they got first. And then you had Paris Legion second and then rounding the top three was Dallas Empire So I'm not GONNA lie though. I was super busy this weekend. I didn't get a chance to actually watch. I caught some of the highlights. And and what not. But it's fantastic seeing this this league come out with a strong showing and and to secure. Hey we're here to stay and we're we're up in Anne for E. Sports both on the live streaming side and what they're doing physically down in the locations. Yeah you know. I think the the method that they're doing so each of the different franchises will host a home series. Two of them. I believe throughout the season here and you know from everything I was reading the Fan. Experience Orient is just a blast as a lot of fan interaction that can happen. There's a lot for them to take in beyond just obviously the main draws of the matches and you know I think that will be key to not only getting in the door to watch these top level play but giving them a chance to do more than that you know you think of you. Think of a football game football game for the game obviously but there's the tailgating before and after and there's a lot more you can do there's the merge you can go buy a well rounded experience and I think overwatch overwatch duty seems to have nailed it on the head. I'm really surprised and and it's a really strong throwing. I think well I think that has to do a to look at the people that own these teams you're talking about people that have sports fantasizes football baseball teams this and that so so they know what it's like to be able to create a full experience is not just you know like you're saying is not just about the game I want to be able to experience it and have a good time and you know what else is there. Are there other things that you know that that are going to be tailored towards the fan and their experience. I think they're doing a fantastic job with that and I think it has to do with having that experience with owning Some of these professional sports teams. And you know I will say this colony gets a lot of flack by a lot of people. Some of it deserves some of it. Not But let's not forget that you know. Usually when they call of duty game launches. It's not just one of the biggest game launches it's one of the biggest entertainment launchers just period of that year so they have that base of players that come back each and every year every time. There's a new installment you know millions and millions and millions of players going up there and you know giving them a chance giving them a chance to did form that deeper connection with game I think is just just a plus. Yeah no I agree any kind of movement on over to the Overwatch League. They also had their opening weekend wind up having Newark excelsior and Vancouver Titans go to no and then the rest bills. There are some one on ones and whatnot. I I'm not gonna I'm going to be completely transparent. I did not get a chance to watch the games This weekend I do catch some of the Some of the highlights from it and of course it was exciting. But I'm in May I'm I am a huge overwatch fan. I absolutely love it but It was interesting again. Just seeing this this opening opening series Coming out and and just where people in London ends up going to and and you see some of the some of the people that You Know New York forces it on top again. Vancouver of course is on top again Right now we're still early into the season but you know when we talked about this is I believe it was in the first or second episode but just kind of seeing how The season is going to flesh out. This is a big season for the overwatch. Lee You know yeah we like. You said we've talked about this before there. Some some inherit issues. That don't have simple solutions. I'm I love watching over watch. You know one of my favorite games. We've brought up before we both love playing that game game. Anytime you can see these teams go out at is a blast I'm real interested to see the numbers on the season And just see some of the affects on some of the Away from the game issues that this league has kinda dealt with and see where they go from there but you know entertaining entertaining matches all around and you know what that's about the best you can ask for right now. Yeah I do have I do have a question for you. So what do you think the difference is because I know last as we talked about travel fatigue. And how that's affecting the overwatch lead you do you see that spilling over then into Into you like the call of Duty League. I do know though however like like they had this this past week and they had matches. They're going to take a break this weekend. Obviously is the big vide. Read a Valentines days so they're just GonNa take a break which I think is smart and then they're gonNA pick back up The weekend after do you see that becoming an issue then in Nkala duty in the call of duty league. It's well you know. There's always that danger especially you've got teams from outside the country. I mean even even even if the travel was just in in the United States you know going from. La to New York is is a heck of a a trip anyway but you know I think the way call of duty has it set up. Might be the best of it right now so each time. They'll you'll have eight of the twelve teams competing so you do that. Does mean four teams get essentially essentially. API that week. So at least it's not requiring all twelve teams to be travel. Lean each week For these different home stands so not a perfect solution but better. I think than what overwatch has in place right now Yeah and I. It's going to be. We'll we'll continue seeing how that develops and what kind of changes or or kind of solutions that they come up with To be able to combat that and make it a little easier for people. But I'm excited. All the seasons are getting kicked off. We had a couple of other some some other events happen as well to seventy tonight with pizza. E Club World Cup up through the Sixteenth Six invitatinal twenty twenty. That's rainbow six. Eight hundred ninth was red. Bull Dragon Ball fighters world finals in Paris Eight hundred nine. Obviously the duty league So you know we. We are in full effect as far as East sports and I know personally myself. I don't do a lot of e sports watching per se. I'm definitely going to be diving deeper into that world following people we want to. You know we would like to be able to Get deeper especially as a podcast. Especially there's people out here in Las Vegas That are on that that that higher pro level So we're we're GONNA be looking to reach out to them try to have conversations with them and get a little deeper with into East sports world. Not only a here in Las Vegas and the events that are happening here. But around world really 'cause East Sports. This is that prime hot time where everybody's in. There is a ton of money that is being pumped into East sports because other industries are seeing knowing the value of it But just seeing that. There's there's money to be made in their. Here's the catch of it. Though this is there's always a catch. The catch of it though is when you start getting these corporate dollars pumped into it you start. Seeing a little disingenuous. I feel again being gamers. Were very much about enjoying ourselves. that that community that we enjoy and and just just people that are going to be authentic. So it'll be interesting seeing especially with more money moving into this arena where they go. I mean they're going to keep pushing the dollar yen which is fantastic as gamers. I love seeing East boards and Video Games just in general being spoken about. I mean years ago someone you know you I go and say Oh yeah. I've been playing this game and you play video games. You know. That's not something that people like. Oh Wow let me let me. Can we talk about it or this and that so so it'll be interesting to see where where eastwards goes. How will continue devolving? I know that Rocket League is another one that people. You are very much interested in so I know me personally. I'm going to be trying to to get a little deeper within the sports world and try to expand my knowledge So again I come out here and speak a little more intelligently ask what's going on in that world yeah definitely me as well you know I would say if there's a certain earn game that you guys will want us to dive even on feel free to tell us we're always open to that kind of feedback and we'd love to start that conversation. You know it is always interesting. It's it's almost cliche to say it'll just be interesting to watch corporate versus community interests going forward. You know win a when that corporate money listens and to what the community saying. Of course it's harmonious. Everyone's happy there will be those times though where corporate interests and community interests diverge a little bit community. Obviously they love the game that they're playing. They're not necessarily worried about what's benefiting their bottom line and so I think when a corporation operation or some of the big money comes in more worried about getting that return on investment. How will that affect decisions? And how will those decisions go over with the community entity I think. That's that's that's the eternal question that will ask. I agree one hundred percent so we'll we'll continue diving deep into it and discussing it. I think it's important. You know every week 'til least Kinda go over some of the some of the sports events and stuff that's happening so I'm excited to dive deeper into that world so Yeah the I mean great conversation again please. Guys like Lucas was say saying Hit US up on the socials. Lan Parties pod or on twitter or you can hit me up to four four seven or Lucas. Agony G G e the N. on twitter. We're on. We're on instagram anywhere. You can find. We'll drop links where we can as. 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Since then he's gone into consulting and just has has his hand in a lot of stuff and he sat down with us to talk about all things E. Sports in Las Vegas and beyond and welcome back to land parties guys. We've got a very special guest with us. I'm joined today by Chris. LaPorte if you are A- all involved in the Las Vegas Sports Scene Chances. All you've heard Chris's name at one point or another and he's here gracing us with his presence to talk a lot of local eastport stuff Chris. Thanks for joining us today. Thank you for the unbelievably kind introduction. They're very overdone. I'll take it working. Thank you sir curse. Why don't you share it? Just in case people are being introduced to you for the first time how you came to be involved so long story short as possible in two thousand and five moved to Las Vegas And I went to my first Yvo tournament. I believe those at station Casinos Green Valley ranch. Who is in their ballroom Always big fighting game guy loved the arcades growing up was part of the Yvo community ever since I stepped foot in Las Vegas At the time was a medical device sales orthopedic surgery work so it was a different world in two thousand eleven and I said Hey. Let's make video game bar and just kind of chase. My Dream Remember walking to Oscar Goodman the mayor at the time saying you know Las Vegas is the city of entertainment but you guys are missing a key component here here and I want to bring this video game bar to the city We have that running for five years As insert coins had its moment in Las Vegas. The sports world was really starting to percolate And just was always on my my soapbox. Hey this is big their their eyeballs on the people watching you know at the time. I was in my late thirties. Like I'm still playing video games today. I'm forty two But you know to really watch the growth of e sports. It's you know working with the Nevada. Eastwards aligns just the community that I you know worked with with Indians or coins world and the people I met over those years I just never. I stopped putting my time into the scene. 'cause I just believed in it. You know we hear a lot about the the potential and the growth and a lot of the positives there. What's what's the biggest danger would? What are you most scared of seeing eastport head down? That might can a stall some of the progress. I think it's happening right now and I'm so happy it's happening. I'm literally GonNA silence cheering on the absolute destruction like fight club right where you're watching that building come down Just over watch league right you know. I it if this if this is no longer seen as you know. Twenty five million dollars for any sports team is worth every penny most gamers people in this room room New Year probably not right. It was just way too much money being thrown at it for this runway to one day being something now do I I get upset about it. No I'm glad it happened because it again validates what we've been trying to do for so many years and that much money coming into it did allow for a mistake. Take like that to make right so some people. Don't get a second chance because of how much money came into it. Thanks to maybe some pretty shy STI perspective. You know papers on how much money sports will make for everyone. But Wow thank you. That happened because maybe overwatch doesn't succeed. But I'm watching call of duty this weekend and that's a pretty strong coming out. The Gate is still at twenty five million. No I don't think so but it had a pretty strong. You know coming out of the gates when it's not really seen as an eastport per se. But maybe it's North America's sport because I will lend let me just really word vomit In the past ten years several ten years a call of duty title was the number one selling title. Well guess what that means a community out there. Maybe it's not as organized as some of the ones that we grew around but that means just people who play so I'm while I was frightened about. Oh No overwatch league falls apart. What are you GONNA do? It was a weight to the people who invested national that that was pocket change like yeah. Here's some money football team in baseball team. I'll do any sports team. Oh it didn't work at worry about what's more money into it until it eventually works. It's GonNa work I I like it you know. I know you're a busy guy but what what's in your future this. What are some projects that that you're most excited about personally so most excited about the fact that you know if the consulting work that we're doing there's GonNa be some very cool events that I'm working on right now that will have announce about soon but that's for other people uh-huh I'm really focused on twenty twenty the return of answer coins. I want to reset lounge to come back To be a thing and the answer coins concept to come back I saw. It was tried to be people. Tried to copy it and it always missed the mark and there's a lot of reasons why and I'm not gonNA say why those reasons are but if you're a game you know why they're. Those reasons happened happened and I'm just going to go back to authenticity. You know is key in community is the other key we built those things right from the ground up and we're going to do it again with reset decide which I'm excited about but until that time happens I'm just really focused moriches putting more of a spotlight on notches East sports but the general gaming cultures hold because I heard you guys love the last of us and the last of us to is coming out and I can't tell you how many people I have presented game to who never never played a video game and it's an easier sell now to go to a general person who doesn't normally even talk about it and say. Oh I do have a playstation four four. Yeah I'll try that out. Cool Games like journey that. That's that's my therapy. I had a bad day. Give me forty minutes. I'm playing journey. Then I tell people I do that and it's no longer. Oh you're what. Oh Yeah No. I had that I had that same thing happened to me. As more of these conversations happen as video games are are seen we know how big the numbers are. That's cool but as we start seeing it as art as we start seeing it as you know the just just new ways of expressing and and kids is being able to build their own games. I mean the Indie game seemingly even touch on that the Indie Game Cena's prove how big this market is just consent. Continue to grow. And it's it's more I want to just keep pushing people who love video games as much as I do. I know I'm not the only one I'm in this room with you. Three will you to for total of three. And we're we're everywhere it's just we want. I personally WANNA keep seeing more people have that conversation. Is there anything else. You'd like to add right now. Chris I just love what you guys are doing whoever's listening on the RJ. Thank you for making this happen is vital that we have support from guys like you. It's such a big deal that I and I will get. Here's my soapbox. I was in front of the LAS. Oh speaking few journal. I was in front of the RJ to some five or six years ago it was like star talking about this and I can't thank you enough because you guys are talking about this. Keep talking about this. Oh well thank you for joining us and we'll love to talk soon. I'll be back. Thank you Chris Again. Thank you so much for coming in sitting down and speaking with us. I know I wasn't I wasn't I was here in the room but I wasn't I you have no I do. I wanted to sit down and let me just come in and ask him a question real quick but it was awesome being able to speak with him both On Mike and off Mike as well Chris Chris Guy a lot of great ideas and and I'm excited to continue. We definitely gotTa have him back in. Definitely you know. It's people like him that really get you excited for where you're eastport exports local. He's going to go. I mean people like him are driving this forward and so many crazy and interesting ways. Absolutely now I WANNA switch topics here second and this is something that this isn't necessarily new but it's the first time they had their official launch so I don't know if you guys have heard of G. Force now basically G force now. How is what stadium was supposed to be? They've been now now. Now let me give you a little context to this. They've been in development here for a couple of years now And they just came out they just officially launched the APP. This is an APP. You can play on. You can play on your phone. Is that cloud out gaming experience. But refined what they did differently from stadia is you can basically port in your library from say steam origin or something like that. There's you can put those in and now you can play your games mobile moberly anywhere you don't need you don't have to go and buy extra games like like stadium Literally taking your your library and making it mobile and I think that's fantastic. That's originally what I thought Stadia was going to to be until we know. Now that is not the case but yeah. I haven't had a chance quite yet to be able to test it out. I do have a buddy newbie. One KANOBI Hobie. He's been playing around with it and he said it's been pretty fantastic connection. It is smooth. He may be experienced. One lag lags spike. He said that everything he said he felt like he was playing either on on a console or something like that which is really encouraging i. I saw another article that was talking about even with bad Internet connection. It will still pretty solid. You'll still playable. You can do things and not expre- branches like I. I can't get through this because it's just too much lagging so I think that's really encouraging. I think I'm curious to see how far they go with this. It's now and also to see kind of what Google response to this is because I almost had the feeling like G. Force now is almost a stadia killer. Why why would I get stadia? Pay For the extra hardware pay for the Games when I can just get G. Force. Now Namibia I'm sorry but you just stamped out now Google stadium. I'll say this I don't have any of my friends talking about the stadium anymore. I think we talked about it with an initial curiosity. Those conversations turned negative. The more we found out. I don't even know that any of my friends picked up stadium being honest with you guys. I certainly didn't uh-huh this does sound like what the Stadio should have been or maybe the original vision. We were all sold on And I don't I don't know maybe we we were in putting our own vision onto what stadia was but I feel like that originally was kind of what they were hinting at so the the potential of this is huge huge. You know for somebody like me that might have like limited resources. I'M NOT GONNA go out and get the the souped up. Pc they just don't have the resources right now. I've got to be very conscious of where those resources go. Something like this could be huge for game relate me you know I get to play some of these games that I otherwise otherwise. Wouldn't have gone into play at the higher settings and get to enjoy them. I love that idea I love it I love it. It's encouraging to know that even with maybe not the perfect Internet connection and that these Games are still playable. Hopefully that holds up. Because that that that's the big question you know the we not everyone I would say. Very few people have the required choir internet speeds to make it the perfect ideal condition. So whoever finds that and makes these Games playable no matter what your Internet condition is really that. That's like the last hurdle I think. Yeah no and I think that's always been the big concern as far as with cloud gaming is do that to me. Seems more of like a infrastructure thing where they need to and I know that there's companies that are talking about and making sure that we're getting internet out to rural areas areas and and places that you may not be able to get the best Internet so that to me is always going to be until they figure out a solution Be the biggest problem as far as with that. Now there's two. There's two roles that you can choose from with G. Force. Now there's a free a free ninety nine version gives you standard access in one hour sessions length worth of playtime. So I don't know exactly what that means like you're just on the clock or you're on a timer emmer once you get into the game. I'm not I don't know how I feel about that. You also have the founders addition as well which is five dollars ninety nine for the first twelve months so there's an asterix there. I don't know what it's going to increase to but the The IS GONNA give priority access extended session linked artists artists on and Free Ninety Day introductory period. I don't know exactly what that means. And this is a limited time. I am going to purchase this though. Could I want to try it out. This is this is something that I didn't purchase a Google Stadium. I had a buddy that didn't he gave me a friend code for it. I set setup my destiny. I linked the accounting ever played play on any devices. I don't have a chrome cast. I don't have an android phone. I have a pc but if I have have a PC why would I pay eighty on it. You know so. I'm curious to see what they do. Know that out the boxer out the gate here they do they basically g force now supports almost every phone which is fantastic tablets. Things like that so I'm excited attitude to jump in do some testing on my own because this is exactly what we were talking about being able to to have access to your library without how physically having to have a PC to do it. I think that opens the door especially to to These developers to get their hands into more people's games James or while while. Apparently I can't English right now to get their hands or to get their games into more people paying. It is which I think is fantastic. So I'm definitely going to be keeping a close eye on jeep boards now. I think this could be big. You know and I think the the real positive thing too is yeah. You can get these games and so many more people's hands price is still the barrier to a lot of people for Games you know. It's sometimes I think as we get older we get hopefully better paying jobs and whatnot the cost. We take for granted but man when you're growing up and you're on an allowance or you're working in your job you don't have five six seven hundred dollars to throw down plus the cost of games so do open up that access is taken away a a huge barrier and yeah I I love this idea. The free tuition sounds like a good demo into it. I think that you know what. It's a good intro to see if it's for you to give it a try. You know one one question I have going forward is when you were talking about some of the features extended play sessions implies to me that. That's that's not unlimited even with the ninety nine and I did a little digging on that and I believe it is for our play. Sessions is the extended period. Okay what do you do. You think they're going to have a maybe pressure option where they take away time limits if they don't they're fools right if they don't because I know me and and I think most gamers have had days where they do put in eight twelve hour sessions of game. You know just grinding through so to limit me on on how much check in play on say in a device or something like that That's a little off putting to me. But if I think about it if I think about it And when I would be using it I would probably be using it like if I'm traveling or something like that so I'm not going to really be putting in extended periods of time when I'm traveling so maybe it doesn't have as as much of an effect unless you're trying to use that as a primary gaming function if you're trying to use it as a primary gaming function then guest it's going to need to be another other tier that allows for unlimited time. But of course that's going to cost you more money right in and you had mentioned that this could be stadia killer it. It certainly sounds like the ground works there. Do you think there's a future for stadia. Have I do think there is is a future or there could be a future for stadium However here's my google? Google is also known to walk away from projects projects. So I don't know that they're willing to put into work to fully develop it or are they going to just walk away from it. If I if I will the betting man I would say that they're probably gonNA walk away from it because from what I'm reading and what I've seen with G. Force now it is already leaps and bounds. Further than what stadium eighty is so. I don't know the ball's in your court google. We'll see what they got to say and we'll see what they bring up as far as with that. Yeah you know. It's funny because I'll still see stadium commercials commercials every once in a while. I'll I'll be honest chuckle to myself. A little bit The G force now too. I think their their messaging is much more on point Half of stadium problem problem was even as Gamers the more info that was coming out with more confusing because wait. We didn't think it was going to be like that. And so you know you know what clear messaging goes a long ways to. I agree one hundred percent and I kinda wanted to switch topics real quick. There was something and we kind of discussed this a little bit too and I spoke about this on the. CF G game cast as well There was development in in China. Where a mother they basically created did a virtual world and took his mother who lost her child and they took her into this world and brought essentially brought the child in in there they map a child and digitally put this child in there and it was interesting to me? And we kinda got into the discussion enough. Is that going too far. Does that start hurting. The what's the word I'm looking for the Just moving on process and being able to move forward or do you think that would kind of hurt that a little bit and maybe make somebody you know. Maybe they start spending their whole time in this world trying to interact you know. Let me start by saying if you watch this video tissues. Ready is heartbreaking. It is so sad. Oh my goodness I was not ready for that not at all you know to that point. What do people say as one? The natives the video games you spending too much time any virtual world my biggest worry is if you put an emotional connection to that that one you are GonNa stop the a grieving process from help happening naturally and you're going to trap these people into wanting to Stena virtual world you know on a on a way less serious subject. C'mon you look at someone like animals and whatnot You know you look at something like like sort are online or something of that. It's always like a plot point right. You trap yourself in these in these made made up worlds my goodness I mean and you can't even blame somebody like what grieving parent wouldn't want to stay in a place like that with a chance to see your kit hit again and it feels weird. My heart feels weird. Yeah and that was the because you know within our discussion I I can see both points. I can see where it could be detrimental to somebody's healing process. And they kind of get sucked into that world and and you know become obsessed with this but at the same time. There's also that other side words like you know I never got to say goodbye to a loved one or I just want to hear their voice more time so I could see the benefits you know. I could see the benefits but I can also see the drawbacks to it. However on a on a technological standpoint? I think it's absolutely amazing what they're able to accomplish if you haven't had a chance they also. This is a Chinese company. They created a documentary This over an eight month period a highly recommend Checking that out because I think this also for just the future of technology gaming being able to insert something like this insert a person or and they didn't. It wouldn't just can't responses right. You know the the mother was was speaking with her child and the child was answering. So you also have this adaptive learning and we're talking. Ai Now technology that's also being integrated which can then you know this can be applied to a number of things. Can you imagine what it would do for gaming. Yeah you know from the technological standpoint it is awesome I mean it made me think of The the basic premise of Detroit And that the Corre Demo that they had a while back where you know you have a piece of ai that showing human emotions is almost you know maybe think of that it. It's exciting to see what they could do going forward with that You know if I could add one more thing into the emotional discussion you you know. I watched that video with my girlfriend. And she's like you know. I wonder though if if leaving that world is almost like losing them over again and and I data like that broke my heart over on the that would be harder. You know what what's worse than then getting you know knowing that she's gone but senior kit again but then going. Oh Gosh I have to say goodbye again. Like that's got a mess with your head at some level I don't know but yes from a technological standpoint. Oh my goodness like what it could happen going forward. You know we talk like the future of a and games it's it's got me super pump for that aspect of it. Yeah I agree. I agree so I thought it was. It was a pretty. I wouldn't I wouldn't necessarily gaming centric but I thought it was an interesting story to talk about. I definitely I think it's something that you know if it's something within that virtual world within that virtual space you enjoy that kind of stuff where you want to see where technology he is going. I think it's an important video in important subject to take a look at so. If you have the time go ahead and take a look at that and and and check it out you you will not regret it. It is an and have your your tissues ready for sure all right. It's time for a bet online dot ag trivia question of the week that online dot ag is your online sportsbook expert expert. Use the Promo Code Blue Wire all one word for fifty percent. Welcome bonus now Ryan talked about Overwatch League before and so our trivia question. This this week is what team or teams are undefeated and Overwatch League. You can send your answers over social media to us. Twitter instagram wherever wherever you can reach US shoot us an email if you want and we'll share your right answers on the air and we'll be posting those questions on the socials as well so please Check it out send us your answers and Wall to make something of this. Maybe maybe we at some point in time we'll do a prize or something like that but if anything will read it on the next podcasts who the winner is so there you have it the bed online aged trivia question of the week. Remember to use Promo Code Blue Wire all one word career fifty percent welcome bonus bet online dot ag and that about wraps it up this week. There's one more topic I'd like to bring up There was a local East sports tournament. Airman over the weekend. The Silver State Smash two over a game works at townsquare. If you guys are from Las Vegas and it was a high school tournament. Obviously playing some super smash rush and my goodness they had a heck of a turn out one hundred forty five people came out to compete and you know what it is so rewarding and exciting to see especially high school students come out and see the future of eastport start to. Groom grew absolutely the fact that they're having these events. These are you're talking about one hundred hundred. Plus high school students come together to play some video games. Competitively I absolutely love it Congratulations to the winners out there to those schools. Yeah you know. And it's such a good sign to see the health of he's words. Sorry I'm over here making face it can I. I'm on my own work. Yeah it's it's great to see the health of each sports locally and you know what it's it's more signs that the next generation says the video games are becoming more and more ingrained. It's becoming more and more normalized and you know it's it's not going to be long before you. You know. People are are playing eastport just as much as they play like football or basketball. Absolutely so congratulations to them and that is going to do it for us. Thank you guys all again for Listening Lan parties and e sports and video gaming podcast. Thank you guys have a great rest of your week. I love your face uh-huh.

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