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The podcast that crashes car radios


The latest from pod news dot net. Viz ninety nine percent invisible. Roman Moore's play ninety nine percent invisible in your master or Nissan and your radio, Mike crash. According to a recent episode of reply all both podcast addict. And podcasts have now been patched to stop this from happening had on Reddit the person who notice it a guy called Ben pops out with more detail of the bug. And in the comments a solution. It turns out the characters like percent L N along with percent J N an percent h h n caused the issue. It's an uncontrolled format string apparently Zack con has spotted than apple podcasts as much better browsing functionality in the latest Beata version of IRS, it makes it that much easier to discover new shows he adds TMZ is reporting amount. A legal matter between Chris Hardwick and cadence thirteen Hardwick didn't make an episode of idiot between mid June and. Mid-november which TMZ claim is in breach of contract. The website also reports that cadence thirteen has made about three hundred ninety four thousand dollars in at revenue from the show. Did you say reports on podcasting pivot to paid the report claims that luminary reached out to one hundred and sixty podcast creators and has signed deals with fifty four of them. Caroline, Crampton has launched a newsletter called the listener, quote where I curate and send out three amazing podcast episodes every day link in our show notes. And in our newsletter goes to a free month's subscription and away to get your podcast in the newsletter. As well, we also list more podcast recommendation, newsletters, the daily goody is short daily newsletter with a new tip each day to help podcasters make better podcasts. Sirius XM is now packaging talk shows as podcasts exclusive to Pandora who. They own Steve. Pat's believes as a better metric for podcasting than downloads willing to that in our show notes in in our newsletter. The host of earshot a radio promotion and imaging podcast has gleaned some useful learnings from spotify's analytics and pod coin and app that pays people to listen to podcasts. Now, apparently has ten thousand daily users podcast owners can claim their podcast for free by filling out a simple form to prove ownership in new podcasts today we in new podcast today. We mentioned I don't give a rip a new podcast with the stars of Bravo's real housewives of Dallas, whatever that is. What was that? Like a conversation with someone who's found themselves in an extremely unusual situation like surviving a mass shooting or preventing a kidnapping or causing a fatal accident. What was that like forwards? Talks a podcast from the UI about ways in which we can move towards sustainability. The beyond social media show kindly mentioned us in their latest episode. So will mention them along with she podcasts as well. A more on the great should we used the word subscribe debate? Matt says the one thing I'd say about subscribe is that it's used widely on YouTube while Adam also says significantly more people use YouTube than listen to podcasts, and they all seem to cope with the word. Subscribe just fine. They realized that by hitting the subscribe button, they'll hear about Neo episodes as their uploaded, and there's no indication that it'll cost anything I used to think Adam continues that subscribe might have connotations about paying money as in a newspaper or magazine subscription. But sadly few of today's millennials and jen's gen have ever paid for such a subscription. He makes a good point. And that's the latest from our newsletter. Her pod, news dot net.

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