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Everybody thank you so very much for joining me rejoining me again. This is lovely Friday morning. My name is Lisa McDonald hosted living fearlessly with the contact talk radio network listenership spans two one hundred and forty five countries two hundred and twenty TV TV radio terrestrial satellites and the potential for millions of I tuned downloads once again. We are joined by yet another phenomenal guest so who is my guest today well. We are joined by a pretty brilliant person here. WHO's in the Guinness Book World Records. His name is Howard. Stephen Bird Howard Stephen Berg is recognized as the world's fastest fastest reader. Thanks to the cutting edge accelerated learning techniques he developed a turn information overload into information assets respected internationally for his contribution abusive to the learning process he is listed in the Nineteen Ninety Guinness Book of World Records for reading more than twenty five thousand words a minute and writing more than one hundred words. It's a minute. Howard uses his talents to train you on how to stay on top of the information. Your success depends upon. Howard is a graduate of Suny by being Hampton where he majored in biology and then completed a four year psychology program in one year his graduate studies at several New York City colleges focused on the psychology of Reading Howard is the spokesperson for the Sony Reader along with Justin Timberlake peyton manning and Amy Sedaris Darras. He is also a featured guest on Fox News and Fox business news with Neil Cavuto. He launched four G Network for OAK tests. The second largest are just phone company in Australia. Howard has appeared on over eleven hundred radio and television programs including Neil Cavuto Jon Stewart and live with Regis. Yes his brain based. Learning strategies have been hailed as a major breakthrough in publications like Forbes F. Y. I. Selling Men's health redbook and bottom line magazine gene and have been featured in dozens of newspaper interviews wrote North America Howard has created more than fourteen other accelerated learning programs including speed math and memory eight Bergh's Time Warner Book Super Reading Secrets is in its twenty eighth reprint. Barron's books requested him to write a text for Students Howard's Nightingale CONAN program mega speed reading grover sixty five million dollars and established him as a leader in brain based learning he is mentioned a number of books as a leading expert spirt on brain based learning and has been honored by over nine books that track outstanding professional performance including who's who among emerging leaders and two thousand notable American Eric Men just wow Howard welcome to living with Lisa McDonald. How are you. Maybe we should stop now. We're live up. Well my question to you is did. I read that fast enough. I'm a little bit neurotic right now. See I personally looked a larry. Yes well listen Howard. It's an honor and a privilege to have you on the show. I mean you know anybody whether they're familiar with your name or not. Everybody's familiarized with reading. Everybody knows that Guinness Book of World Records. You put those two things together and boom there. You've got Howard Berg here on radio. So you know I'm unscripted. I you know you did send me over a few things and I'll use that as a guide but I just I feel makes for a much more authentic organic conversation so as I do with most gas Howard I'm really interested as I know. The listeners will be two in eventually the podcast subscribers. Please take us back to the inception of this journey. How did this come to be. How did you know that you in fact had this scale was something that was identified for you by teacher apparent the or was it something that you came to realize as compared to your peers in school. Perhaps that you had a bit of a gift here would start in Brooklyn. I grew up in the projects projects in East New York. Now agree place to go up a lot of gangs and my dad was pistol web that I it was sort of west side site story without the dancing and the music I met Bernardo. He wasn't smiling. It was literally added to my throat. I was beat with bats. It was normal. It was a normal day for grew. I grew up my fell. One safe place the the library gang kids rather be dead than caught in the library right so I read I read a lot at college reading when I was eleven and they went to college yet seventeen to majoring by allergies you said the State University being ten and then in my junior area I read a book about the brain and I said that's the branch bowel J. want the code psycho biology not psychotic biology Saco biology to biology behavior. I when year left so the deed. He said you can't do that. You ever had any courses. You have to take a four year program in a year and frankly not smart enough. You have to take six signs courses to four hour labs. ABS- lab reports back them on slide rules took sixteen hours forty hours a lab eighteen credits science and to make it funny three part time jobs ops. He's Lau. There's no way you can do it and that's when I decided I would do it anyway not learning in school. They don't tell you why remember a song wrong here at once and then read the seven habits of highly effective people in the next day in a row any habits. How can we learn things that matter so I started worrying about the brain and learning so I used it I got eighty pages of minute did a four year program in one year and then took the graduate record exam examine biology so three nights. I re read forty books like Genetic Selfish Geology Biochemistry Embryology and I got three questions wrong. So when people say do you remember anything. I got three questions wrong. I was in the ninety nine th percentile in the world and it was wondering was it just me or is it just a learnable skills so I got a group of kids scatter eleven to fifteen taught them how to Joe it. They did it thirty Chapter Book and Lifelong Developmental Psych Sophomore college couch course in one week and fifteen hundred eighteen took the club the test and passed it in a week so it's a now now. I got something that can help make a better world. It's not just that I'm doing it but it's teachable a Lotta the records nobody else can do it. I mean how many how many chiefs fish you could swallow how many people who could shoving a phone booth so much you can do that but reading and learning a and a knowledge-based economy that can actually make a difference so. I'm really excited about what I've done and more excited about the things that other people have done as a result fantastic. Well let me ask you this because you know I've been an avid reader my entire life. I read people's books that now get sent to me before. I showcase them on radio. You know I read with my kids for their homework author myself. I'm a blogger. I do all this stuff but I can remember back in the day. Hey you know preparing for exams for both college and university graduate of both and you know you your eyes go cross eyed over appear in time because you're trying to condense a lot of content in short in a finite period of time. You're trying to do the research trying to take responsibility. You're trying to be vigilant but I'll be honest with you Howard. I mean I need to ask you to what degree are you actually retaining and processing what it is. You're reading at such a expedited speed. Ah I can actually give you specific. I was on the morning exchange in Cleveland and I read an eleven hundred and eighty page book called the underground empire with crime and punishment me. Read it in twenty minutes and they tested me at eight hundred and then again three years later. It's Goof discipline attached you on the book you read three years ago and it got one hundred on the second test so I'm going to say remember pretty well. Wow Wow okay now. Let me ask you this then too because does having the skill set that you have that you now resource out for other people to also become equally clam power to acquire this skill and fast track things on you know this. Is there a correlation between that and having overall generically speaking of photographic memory. I have photographic memory. I have to consciously want to remember the way the brain works is two primary. Mary mechanisms for memory. One is emotion. You have a child you remember it. You you graduate college. Remember it you get married remembered remember. Some people may not want to remind I tell everyone my first marriage was a storybook marriage for Stephen King wrote the book. That's that's another interview very nice wife now but we remember things put strong emotions around him and the other thing is repetition. Repetition takes time but there are things we can do to accelerate it. I'll probably have some time during the interview. I'll teach get your Fu- these strategies. You could see how they work but no. I don't have a photographic memory. I have to actually consciously desire khullar nor would I wanNA photographic memory. Sorry I don't WanNa. Remember everything. That's a waste of my time and resource. Remember everything I need to know. Tell one of the problems people have is they don't know what they I need to know and so they try to learn everything and they end up learning very little what they needed at a lot of garbage that doesn't serve any purpose and to me. That's very inefficient so ethic. One of the first things we need is goal a purpose so that we know what we're looking for. We know we founded bounded rather than just trying to learn everything that's there. That probably won't be very helpful to to future endeavors very true very true. Now you would know this as well as anybody on the face of the planet so not everybody's skill set or strength is in fact what the actually love doing wing. It's not necessarily what they would. Classify is their passion but people tend to stick out what they know. They do well at or what they excel at even though you've got the skill even window you're recognized on the global stage is in fact something you truly enjoy doing or if you had a choice of doing something else that you could equally specialize in. Would it be something other than what it currently is. I don't like to read and liked to learn a I'll give you a good example of what I mean fifteen years ago. Oh my wife wanted to go Hawaiian lecturing on cruises and they had a cruise to Hawaii and they said they didn't want speeding like what are they want and why wanted children. They want Photoshop video photography so I said where I teach that I didn't know any of it. I didn't even know Photoshop was as I'd never seen it and cruise in ten days so yeah I could do that and so I bought ten books. Photoshop Redmond three hours alert photoshop op read books on video three hours alert video nick stay return books on photography and three hours photography so go to the crudes food and I'm like please let these people not knowing the cameras. That's my perfect doors. That was my dream. You know the first Guy Comes Zizou. I'm a professional photographer thirty eight years. He teaches photography. I said Yeah Cousins Doing Photoshop five years. He teach photoshop my wife sitting in the front crying. They said if I didn't do it they thrones off the boat in the water but when we got the shore a week of teaching these people photoshop op photography the end of the week. How many years have you studied to learn that could say learning in three hours last week. That's what I like to me. wral grew driver hammer saw. You don't get excited over screwdriver but the things that you make that are exciting. Reading is a means needs to an end. It's the information the knowledge I gain the skills they develop. That's what's important to me not the reading itself. It's just the toll okay. That's very interesting. We'll based on what you've just said then one. I'm sure you nauseate a lot of people who have taken years out of their life to specialize on something that they think is a niche market marketer specialty in the new. Come along and you're like yeah okay well yeah. I just studied this in three hours and and I just monetize the shit out of that. I'm for that I tell them Oh. Now I could teach you how to do it and you could do the same thing with more things so you building on your skill set. What about it. That's how people get rich. Everyone's sore cell phone. Steve Jobs that I see a little computer that makes phone calls and we're pretty well I again. I thought it was a good call. He everyone saw the cell phone. He did see the cell phone. He said the little computer so basically what the differences between success success and failure is seeing what everyone sees differently and yet awhile pot more information. You see things differently. I've read thirty thirty thousand books so I'd like to think from Nydia Molin formed well. Let me ask you this on a very very micro level for what you specialize in like say for example. You and your wife go to a restaurant that the waiters handing you. The menu wants to ask you first. If you want a glass acid water something to start with to drink because most people need to take time to peruse the menu. Do you freak these waiters out and other people in those kind of similar type situations where so you're like no okay just read it scanned it and this is what all have meanwhile your wife's like Guinea ten minutes. Actually that's pretty close to the I when I go a restaurant. I know what I want to eat before I get there so I kinda have like my staples chicken Parmesan in the Italian restaurant right like a hamburger in this restaurant so I kind of know it uncommon for my wife. I'm not ready you come. I learned to be happily married. You shut your mouth and you wait for hundred tell you I'm ready now and that's when you make your order while okay so let me ask you this because pretty much the whole world is your demographic here so and your potential client but in terms of you know going back to grass roots of being in Brooklyn I you know all of this resonating from trying to avert you know dodging a bullet or a knife so that put you in the library. You know it you have you gone back now or you still there and are you trying to reach out to people who are incarcerated. Are you reaching out to people who are on the cusp of possibly we getting an education versus going with the peer pressure getting involved in in a gang like what are you doing to recognize to what degree the people who are from Um. Your stomping grounds still could benefit from the educational tools that you have actually several things right now on September seventeenth. I'm going to be training draining the wounded warriors. I was training the Green Berets last spring and they told me how twenty twenty two of these young people kill themselves every day. Yes you can find work. I said well they got the GI bill to study too. I teach them that in four hours is well. They have no money do it for free so on September seven from twelve to four. I'm doing a free four hour class just for wounded warriors if anyone knows what send them to Burg learning dot COM com B. E. R. G. LEARNING DOT COM and there's a link for the wounded warriors they click on it and I will train them so they can go back to school and get a job to kill himself south. That's one thing I'm doing I was just hired by the white beat school district the train all the students teachers and the Mayor of what N- Oklahoma wants. What's come there in the spring and do it? There and I'm going to forty countries around the world with a company called Dan Dry and I'm doing it in India with another partner so I'm trying my best to to reach as many people's candidate told the Green Berets people who have good jobs make a lot of money happy families nice home. Don't blow themselves up so my job is to help create a world where people have have something to live for so they won't do something stupid and they wanted to shoot them says well you know if they go crazy. You have to take care of them. That's different but it's my job is to to try to make your job easier less people that you have to go looking for because they have a better world and a better life and I kind of feel. It's my comic responsibility. Go I got into college. I became a Yogi live in an Ashram on weekends and study consciousness and in involved in it as much now but it rubbed off on me and I really feel when you have an ability to make a difference. You also have a responsibility to do it so that's that's kind of where I'm coming from so I try to help as many people as they can infect what I've been doing a lot of the rotary president last year in the share the secretary but when what I do rotary clubs when Darn I give my program to all the kids that they have and then if anyone buys my program I donate for a year my learning learning my reading program to the local school at no charge because they don't have any money so long as they're making enough money to pay my bills. I'm able to help more people when I give my program to the school as a gift and that's how I'm trying to help pay bills somehow so I tell them I pay it forward. You'll help you you your kids. Your family make more money at work but will help these other kids that have no money and have no future have have a future at and that is a very very important part of what I do for me it matters it matters a lot because I was there. I know what it feels like to not know what's going to happen. Feel hopeless hopeless. No it was really really difficult childhood so I can relate to with these were going through and I feel I was in a dark place and I was was fortunate enough to find a way out so I feel now. I have responsibility to go back and help other people in that same position. Get outta their dog place. That's what I intro to be an awful. Well not try. You're actually doing it so Kudos to you and in fact everybody who's been showcased on my show for almost the past five five years the one thing that we all share in common in the common denominator regardless of how diverse people skills talents are for who. I've interview is we're. We're all about paying it forward and being of service and when you tap into what it is. You're good at what you're skilled at. What you feel purpose driven to do then yeah I mean the money starts to show up and then you can start to pay it forward into be of service and this is what we do in terms of re remind remaining mindful of our humble humble beginnings I'll give you some examples. I have school so one of my kids graduated. Uta University Texas Arlington sixteen with a four point majored in economics went to Oklahoma University a master's in math graduate nineteen with three nine seven GPA's EPA's now professor Yale another one went to medical school at nineteen another one of came with a C. Student at eleven in an English professor at twenty two another became an attorney nineteen in California. Just goes on and on and like I'm seeing like that's my legacy. You see that there's a lot of problems in the world and we need solutions and if I could help more people learn and understand connect connect more dots. These people will find solutions I can't find all the solutions but I can help them become better at what they do so they can do it and I kind of feel. That's what I'm supposed to do is is I just trained the Royal Thai Army in Bangkok and I. I just feel really fortunate. I've been able to do these things and meeting interesting people and my goal is always to try to leave the world a little better than I found. It got to be honest and when you read the news. I don't think anyone feels too. Many smart people making too many decisions about anything isn't anyone. I don't think anyone he went said smart. People making things go so well that that's the biggest challenge I I just don't see it so I think that the answer there isn't blowing people up but empowering them for success who learning and understanding and that will make a better world and build new build more report amongst the different cultures and that's working on doing absolutely while you touched upon something that I wanna on a really impress upon the the listening audience because you made reference to a very good point I mean there's a lot of so called very and there's different ways of being educated. You know some of its academia some of itself taught some of it's hard knocks of life etc etc but there's a lot of people who occupy a lot of different positions under the guise of leadership and we are starting to see some people would notably argue that every generation says it's the worst generation in terms of weather in terms of global warming which now has a name for it. you know violence shooting guns in particular. you know every every generation honoration thinks it's the worst or Armageddon is upon them. you know so you know there's there's there's a distinct discerning difference difference between people who are educated slash smart or wise in inciteful versus that of emotional intelligence. There's a difference between rent like different kinds of intelligence and I know that you talk quite openly about emotional intelligence so let's talk a little bit about that how it relates specifically to reading and what we can do to further shift elevate the consciousness for all of humanity. Would you like me to actually do it instead of talk about it with yeah. I might your Guinea pig. No hits enjoy our show. You wake up you know when when you're taking classes after work and you're tired or a long meeting you find yourself drifting off or trying to read a book walk late at night something you don't. WanNa drink coffee because you need to go to bed but you need to stay alert for another hour to assure you had to do that but yeah please walk us threat so if everyone except you stand up pretty sure your by a microphone and standing up to be a good idea stand up so in a show you how to wake up. I want you to take your left hand touchy right shoulder and then you're right in touch your left alternate so it's sort of like the Macarena without bionic que se dainty rapid. Sydney left to right right to laugh and you see after think a little more so we do you want shoulder to time. It's left brain right brain but then you doing bolt bring tabs at the same time one's moving. The NEOM one's moving the hand no raise a handover head squeezed the Tom and say it's like you mean it. I feel great. I feel great. The pull your hand as you go yes with passion. Yes yes yes. We do three sets of these when you're done. I'll show you how to use this to create the state of alertness so if your student taking along exam or business this is personal needs a burst of energy. You turn it on whenever you need it. Are you ready. I RATTI GONNA start with the left to right. Show the TAP starting with left to right ready. One two three four five six seven eight need taps one to are- for by six seven eight. How do you feel on the draw because I if you're going to you explain. If I wasn't paying attention or your directions we're just not that Great Howard because normally get a countdown on three okay. You're live. Whatever I you know. I'm waiting for three touching your left hand on your shoulder going on threes and I'm going okay. When do we starting. You're like okay now. I'm like Oh my God. I missed a whole step. Slow Burns say I feel great. Yes I feel great. I feel great regardless but thank you we're gonNA tap left hand right shoulder right hand to left shoulder at this and then left hand to write me right into left knee starting with the shoulder taps ready one two three four five six seven eight NETAPP's one two three four five six seven eight. How do you feel I so fast that you can go and also in Indonesia ready. One two three four five six seven eight knees one two three four five six seven eight hundred. Just sit down and you know what happens when you do this three times nothing thing so you probably would like something so. I'm going to tell you how to make this work. Pavlovian rang a bell federal. It eventually dog drooled when rang the bell well. You don't want to tap your shoulders. When you're in a meeting. You'll look strange. The latest studies show it takes ninety today's to make a habit so if you go slow medium fast every day for ninety days now you're in an important meeting or an exam and you need a burst energy energy. You squeeze your thumb and you say yourself. I feel great. Yes and your brain remembers how you felt. You felt more alert at the end. 'cause you stimulated left. After the right both together increase your respiratory rate got oxygen to your brain and so every time he felt more alert you when I feel great yes eventually squeezing the thumb and saying I feel great. Yes as your bell. You wake up the same way we can train you to relax focus concentrate. Would you like to go so what I taught. The Green Berets to be successful. Yes please share. This is the single most important question you could ask whether you're in business or or in the military when things are going right and the question is what's the next best thing I can do now. Not Why is this happening to me. This isn't affair while it's happening and we have to always focus on. How do I get from where I am where I need to be and so how what's the next the best thing I can do now. Put your brain on a path for looking for solution to many people are thinking why am I a loser and brain. Thousand weather losers users successful. Why do I have to learn this stupid instead. Of How can I learn it faster and better so I could do something else. What you ask of sex way the brain processes data so we have to ask questions that will lead to a positive outcome or else was sabotaging all all the hard work? You study all night thinking. This is really boring. I don't WanNa learn it and what you brain saying no problem. We will learn it that next. It's days like what happened in remember anything well yeah. He told your brain you know what alerted listened so you really have to watch what you're thinking and saying when when you put when you're performing because those stores can make the difference between success and failure. That's emotional intelligence yes. That's what it's about. It's being in control of the situation instead of a victim right well and there's many variations of emotional intelligence agents and there's certainly a plethora in myriad of examples in which to site but the way it applies to you and for what we're talking about today you know. I appreciate that Succinct Messaging So let me ask you this Howard. Are you ambidextrous. I I would say yes because they throw lefty bats righty well because if you're doing if you're taking the stage and you're talking what you just put me through here which I'm so glad this is audio. Let me just that was just so ridiculous. I felt like Gumby but anyway but for you to be like really left to right right to left and doing that repetition repetition repetition repetition. I instantly thought this guy's gotTa be ambidextrous where played guitar right handed and I write left handed so I I I would say some things. I'm lefty and something's right now. I bowl left handed or right handed but we we make a big thing that I could get a thirty the way the pods Sambi Dexter searches sock in I too am a South Pont as my son who's turning eleven next month so you know and there's a whole story in that too I almost they almost kept me back in kindergarten because I had this really her name was Mrs Angle and she truly was obtuse and she should have really had retired long before she did and and she was one of those people who back in that day if you may recall. I don't know how old you are. I'm I'm turning forty eight in December but they had the rack lack of scissors and they had the green scissors that had the green rubber around them and then they had the silver sister or scissors for the right handed people and every retired I instinctively went to reach for the left handed scissors because I truly was she would purposely turn it around so that the silver scissors were facing me and you could tell there was that inherent applied pressure like you need to take the right handed scissors and I you know I much as I can recall throughout most of my schooling. I was always left handed and I was the youngest in the class. I was the smallest in the class and there was a series of things I I guess. I'd developmentally wasn't doing quickly as my peers but left handed scissors. There's that just threw her over the edge. She wanted to fail me. Like what teacher has somebody who's introduced to the school system for the first time in junior kindergarten where you're like. I think you need to repeat kindergarten. No I think I think you need to leave teaching. I think you need to go. You failed et. Milk and cookies didn't take my naps. I took many to many strolls roles to the water fountain to the bathroom. I don't know I don't know what the issue was not a time. My shoelaces and you know what part of subconsciously why reminded me was. It's not just me thinking you must be dexterous but that whole gumby thing left to right rights. I laughed. It was like okay that took me right back to kindergarten A. I was a teacher for ten years in New York by job. Interview is teachers get killed here. He want the job being being in college. I'm thinking I should've run for my life. Yeah I did and I I school bigger and this is what she can say is. No one wants to work here. You sure you want to but I was. Excuse me warm weather. Yeah two percent graduated two percent yeah. I get to meet them. Those the what you get when you start right so when you when you became a teacher. This is an interesting because I'm trying to do the I'm trying to time map this so when you became a teacher at twenty one years old you would have very clearly correct me if I'm wrong Howard. You're already well into knowing that. This was your knee each right that you knew that you had talent okay so so let's talk about how that translated for those students what the schools pre pre you coming on-board faculty what the Grade Point Average was and how many kids were having to routine or they just got pushed through whatever let's talk about some true stats for worse than you than you making it out to be they are you offered to teach this to the kids so they can improve their. They you know two percent graduation rate and they said it wasn't wasn't in the curriculum so teaching biology and one of my kids said I don't do the homework. I can't find the answers to questions so I'm showing him in his bio fire book which is my subject how to find the questions to the enhances. The principal comes in he says what are you doing and I told him. Young man wants to to do the homework finance questions. We don't pay you to do that. You're teaching learning. That's not your job. Your job is to teach the curriculum and he wrote down wasn't zoom working helping kids learn. I'll make on yeah. I quit after that so it's like okay. That's enough it. It's pretty sad I mean actually shook the school in here later because Stewart enough kids graduating to keep it open but well basically based based on the mentality from the top down. I mean no wonder I don't blame the kids. I blame that principle Yup. That's deplorable. Everyone go for a teenager agent. I could tell you stories and making air curl unless it's girly ready. Now it's not actually I could use a little bit of body in volume. Let me tell you it was pretty scary thing but that encourage me more. I started my own school and I told you by kids doing classes at eleven and they were doing it consistently and that was exciting to me. Wow that's amazing. That's amazing so you know I know you've got your stick and I got the organic script for how I roll out my show but this is your opportunity shining. I am being cognizant of time. So let's talk about the your key points subject matters that you like to impress upon when you're being interviewed so you know you can talk about the speed reading why people use their hands you like this. Is your interview so you go crazy here one teacher. What do you intend to read faster. That would probably be something new like to know how to do sure I'll get them about twenty to forty percent percent faster in the next ninety seconds okay so when the views over get a book you've read preferably non fiction so the only thing that is confusing as as you speed not the book read the first chapter with a timer for a minute at your normal rate nothing special just read the way you read and see how far you get and then put a pencil mark in the margin where you finish so you know that's how far you read the minute now the secret go to the second chapter use your hand and go from left to right marginally is following your hand as fast as you could comprehend so as long as you know what you're reading. Go quicker till you you don't and that's when you know you went to fast. Slow down just enough so you comprehension comes back and five minutes. Go one line at a time as fast as you could. Comprehend comprehend and go back to the first chapter and a time yourself for minute using your hand as fast that you comprehend and Ugo twenty to forty percent faster. You're just doing it when change wow do you ever struggle with Vertigo. Actually I do yeah. It's true I I knew that but yeah I don't do ladders. I will not be working on anyone's roof in the near refuge drugs getting up. You know that's why the people over the skills that would you like to know what to look for. Yes please. There's only five things you need to learn. People often saving me. There's just too much. I don't know what I'm looking for. Would you like to know what the five things are. Yes please our vocabulary by eighty percent of learning a new subject is the words the words a bullet or italic or underlying they don't look like the other words on purpose purpose to draw your attention second the names who's in the book. What did they do any number date statistical formula fourth the four the five main takeaways in every section and subsection and five the questions and answers so if you know every word and what it means every person what they did the meaning and significance of all the numbers in statistics five most important ideas in every section the into the questions. What else would you need to know okay. Well let me ask you this class your question here okay so knowing that you have this skill. Do you still feel inclined at different times. Maybe it's not even necessarily maybe it's a moot point but I'm sure other people who are going to be putting this into practice it. It would be interesting to know. Do people still use high lighters. Oh good point no dough newsham terrible terrible. Don't ever use a highlighter his do instead use your hand. You remember you using a hand to go online at a time. When you see something you don't know put a line next to it with says I'm confused. They need to come back and look at this later and put a star an asterisk next Sunday. You WanNa remember so when a really doing with reading is looking for new things that ohno and things I need to remember her and then when I go back I analyze the things I don't understand to make to make sense and I memorized the things that I know are important so to me the Swiss army knife reading for finding things you need to learn study skills who making it make sense memory skills so you can retain it when we need to and emotional intelligence skills so you're in the right state to use it so you don't have a nervous breakdown taking the task. Remember anything. Take your quite funny I I helped launch comedy central in the mid eighties with Dennis slurry and I was drawn stewards I guess would you like to see why biologists don't get asked to do comedy okay. I'M GONNA take. NC Yes yes. She walks in awe bartender says get out. We don't serve your kind motion says why not I'm a fun guy. Oh I've got I love you because this is what I do too right. People get so sick of by content and I want to show people that I'm not just one dimensional in fact act like fifth dimensional. Most people are three but anyway I put that kind of crap all the time and people think that I just completely bent that's important. When I was in Colorado. I read the Healthcare Bill Fifty minutes. It was fifteen hundred pages and as soon as I was done. I gotTa do silently make myself. Look like a human being matt like an Android yes so I took a headband and put her on my head. Splash some water on my head drank it and like I just ran a marathon and uh-huh cracked up but I just that's that's how you can relate to people people needed no. You're not just the person yes. You can't help them if you if you come off as being something weird different don't think well yeah he can do. He's weird. He's different. What about me. I'm not weird or different and and that's why I am showing them know anyone can do this. We did a double blind study where everyone doubled quadrupled and had great comprehension so it's not just that I could do it. It's learnable right right well. Let me ask you this do you. Do you have a pet peeve or do you find yourself getting getting hot under the collar or frustrated when people who are a little bit more slow in their delivery. I speaking and a little bit more methodical does does that drive you bananas. I'd have to say yes. I thought I'll tell you this is the that goes on my show L. Let me tell you about this because you sent me stop and I'm asking you questions that and correct me if I'm wrong. I don't think anyone's ever asked you if you're ambidextrous. I don't think it maybe people have asked you. If you autographing memory I don't know and I've asked you have vertigo and now I'm asking you if you get frustrated listening to people who have a slow pitch which I live in Texas so you can imagine how that's working on. My God are are you. We howdy doody time. I what that's part of. Emotional intelligence is realizing people are different wavelengths and you want to have friends live amongst other people. Oh you better adjust to now. They're not gonNA adjust to you and that just part of emotional. Intelligence is accept people for whom what they are being in kinesthetic doesn't mean you swallow it just means that you process information. Kenneth statically. There's lots of kinesthetic geniuses but it it can be a little frustrating when you speaking to them because it takes them ten minutes to say hello okay well. Let me ask you this then so we know you know how to read faster in the Guinness Book of World Records. Do everything did you eat fast. You drive faster. You respond fast to you like is everything fast for you or do you know I showed it off. I turn it on from what I needed and shut the door. You don't WanNa be in that state of mind twenty four seven of trade when you're in. Would you like me to put chewing that state to see how genius works for for an example you saying. I'm not a genius Howard thank you. I can show you how to get in that state of genius though well you know what I think everybody who's good at what they do. They get their you know they. They don't necessarily stay there. They don't reside there but they have glimmers of it how to turn it on which actually I thought you were going to teach me how to turn it off. See you're. You're parents all know how to turn it on how to turn up joking. Go ahead. Actually three states of learning is literal implied infrared Joe Louis what you see implied as what you supposed to know already infrared show getting the meaning and significance so if you ever pen paper Hanley Handy Juror circle put a dot in the middle and if you don't pick your circle with a dot in the middle okay. I'm doing it right now yup literally what does it oh. I can't be a lot of things that I have literally. What is it? It's a circle with a dot in the sets it. You got it perfect stop. That's it how that's literal. How interesting is that be honest. It's very interesting assert with adopt the middle you know the fact that I pinpointed. It was literal. That's intro nut three. D come on so that's how most learning is. It's just words on a page. They memorize them. They don't know what they mean or how to use them but they know the answer. That's literal learning. You know really get it. You just you could you'll get by in school because you could give out the name but you don't really know what it means that looks like the applied level so this is actually the symbol of the sun and it is and Strana me and astrology because they had the same origin so if you're looking at a circle with a dot in the middle it's literally in the in the alphabet of astronomy. That's the symbol the sun right. It's a little more interesting than it's a circle with a DOT DOC now. I'm GonNa tell you it's the meaning of life and this is the way you would have been taught say thousands of years ago by a Buddha and they show you a circle. GEICO DOT net say this is the meaning life and in the and then you walk out of the room and you're like what do you think it is so I'm GonNa explain it just an parental. The third I point is infinitesimally small everywhere you look. There's an infinite number of points role invisible so the point is the symbol of spirit spirit. It's everywhere but you can't see it. Wherever you look it's everywhere and anywhere at the same time. A circle is a boundary inside find. The circle is the self outside. The circle is not self. So what it's saying is everyone is this one thing spirit that looks different seems different different acts different but at the center of everything. Is this one thing spirit so it's saying everything is one thing expressing itself as manny things but still one thing and that's the infrared camera level. Don't compare that to its circle with a dot in the middle when your mind can look at something like a circle dot and see the meaning of life then you could easily see how you can make more money in your business by being more innovative right more books sophomore problems. It's the cognition I'm looking at the way your brain is processing the image. That's different. What brilliance is the ability to switch that on like. Steve jobs seeing a computer instead of cell phone was seeing a bigger computer cuter. Make it eight and a half by eleven instead of the size of a phone and you have an IPAD and so that it's all about how we process information and we go from from the literal to the employees to the infrared and this is something you bring could be taught to do any other skill. It's a learnable skill. Well an equally brilliant that Lisa McDonald sees a breast and nipple here. Okay Okay Oh right right right right. Yeah that would actually be that would be fine that would be certainly that would be implied level because it is an image of that that would be more implied than literal literal is just a circle with died. Things just yeah yeah yeah. That's good though that's because your creative insightful person but some people's brains they need to learn how to do what you're doing. It's what you're doing. You've instinctively learn to do not. Everyone has that ability inherently but it's a tradeable learnable skill right. I also see the tire on the flintstones be cool. Oh okay okay although wasn't around I think it was. I think it was square for my but you know what I don't know what it is. I think when I did the the inner circle inside the bigger circle. I colored it in not that you asked me to do that or did you right now as you doing that. That's okay that's fine yeah. Yeah Yeah that makes. Would you like to see us be memorized because that's something Mutola could talk about something I do so Sarah people might want to see how to remember. I'm GonNa give you ten things to remember. I won't show you how you won't be able to Dan show you how a kid. Selena remember backwards and forwards and here's one important thing you need remember you remember ten percent of what you read but ninety percent of what you say do so and I ask you to say and do do that because this isn't just an exercise. It's a tool the tool for the rest of your life once you learn it. Okay Okay Okay here. Attempting to remember poll shoes tricycle called Love Gun dice gate cat bowling pins. I'm pretty sure you don't know ten right now. You're probably right. You'll know them perfectly in three minutes backwards and forwards effortlessly. Are you ready ready. The Greeks discovered thousands of years ago a shortcut for learning list. Take a list you know linked to the list you learning. It takes less time. I'm going in a bet that you can count the tent and so can already. I think on safe ground yes you are. We gotTA GET SMART Demographic here. We're GONNA use the numbers from went to ten. Learn ten things super faster ready ready a one looks like a poll like a lamp pole or or a flag pole to one one so when I say one you say Paul One Paul to shoes. How many shoes do you wear to what two one Paul Three's tricycle. How many wheels tricycle three what's three tricycle. Jew shares changes one Paul. If you listening do this with us for is a car how many tires are on a car for what's for car two two one Paul three tricycle jumping on purpose. You brings dining again. Five is a glove. How many things glove five what's five glove three. I tried to call one. Are Paul getting smarter six. They love him in Texas. I don't have one but everyone else does like a six shooter. What six gun for car two shoes sevens lucky. Dice servants dies seven dice. Five is a glove. Three is a tricycle one Paul doing great. Romo's darn rhymes works say eight Skate Eight excape. What date skate six. What did they love in? Texas got four car to series. This is the number of lives. That cat has so nine his cat. What's nine Cat Service. Lucky dice five live love three tricycle one Paul. You're almost done how many pins Elaine in bowling pin bowling pins. What's ten pants perfect kids. The numbers ready one Paul to use use three tricycle war car five glove six seven lucky dice eight rhymes as with skate nine cat and ten pence feel great so people. Thanks very much like I'm going to have a drink. It's how to use it is to use it. It's a tool I'd go to a hotel room three one four. You don't remember the numbers because you go who so many rooms threes try school. One is a poll for Isakov picture. A tricycle hits a poll on a car picture that tried school to pull on a car tricycle school. What number three it's? SUPPO- why our car for that you room number two also pie in geometry we ask that one right so the kids use it in school to learn science and math and history and use it a business owner percentages due dates hotel numbers and the Zeros the Tim Bowling Pin so now you have a way to speed memorizing on this okay well. Let me ask you this. That's amazing and I appreciate that. That's going to help me out a lot. with a lot of things actually but let me ask you this so because you are good at correlating things that make things retain a ball and because you don't forget things typically speaking you know do you lock into code when people talk about numerical and and lock and lottery and trends and patterns and things like that do you are you able to quickly succinct sickly make those connections where you might perceivable more so called luckier than the average person who doesn't have the skill set. I'm going to say yes to that. 'cause I always lose what I gamble. Campbell so people have to work for a living. Unfortunately it doesn't four my lap. my program may sixty five million in mid nineties nineties. I didn't get sixty five million being Fiji on my private island but the program grosses the highest grossing weeding program in history so so yeah. I can't say that's the case for me but I do see patterns very well. That's why I think I was good in science scientists a lot about perceiving patterns things that are very small like bacteria or atoms. You have very good ability to visualize and see the things that are being described. You can't see them what your physical is right while Howard. I'm just looking at the clock here and unfortunately we got a wrap up here but listen you. You have been super entertaining super informative. You're welcome to come back here on living fearlessly with Lisa McDonald anytime I know you've done eleven hundred interviews and wanting. We need to be honest with me. Was this not your favorite. It was fun. I want to give people my website. They'll be free yes please do. It's Burg Learning B. E. R. G. LEARNING WARNING DOT COM if they use the coupon Lisa ten they'll get ten percent off. There's some free lessons their triumph of I personally help people. They can't learn it. I make sure they learn or giving their money back and it's it's going to help your kids do better in school and you make more money and the older people in your life stay mentally fit 'cause readings improving to be the best way to offset dementia Alzheimer's and us. I'm seventy so how I stay stay young. I keep learning guitar. I swim a mile in fifty minutes. Burn leg precedent three hundred pounds. I keep busy I don't. I'm not going to sit back back in what other people have a life. That's when you get. That's when you get old and you die. You're we had an eighty four year old three books in three hours a day after the cost of the ninety ninety two year old double so try go to Burger learning dot COM b. e. R. G. LEARNING DOT COM use Lisa ten coupon and if you need help we'll make sure you learn it. Tells us the people you care about and please tell a wounded warriors. They know to go to their website and Click on the free wink so I could help them. get the whole floor our live training so they will have a future. We need to help these young people. They've they've given enough. It's time for us to give them something beautiful. Thank you Howard for all the ways that you continuously pay it for dinner of service. I just WanNa stay on behalf of everyone. I appreciate you keep up the good work and to my listening audience the answer I want to thank you very much for once again taking time out of your own hectic schedules for joining myself and my guest this week Howard Bird here on living fearlessly with Lisa McDonald very clear on my purpose my purpose to uplift to fear less and to live more until next week. I wish you all my very best love and gratitude. Take care all my best. Thanks again Howard a this is alcohol from CBS radio thanking you once again for taking time out of your hectic. 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