74. Solomavino, Pt. 3


Nina Talk. Welcome to send. Vino this is going to be the third solo podcast and hopefully the last that I'm going to do for a while Basically the object of this podcast is going to be tied together all the recent releases that are villain streaming What's good what's not kind of bring it all together of what you? WanNa Watch if you're looking for something to kill the boredom We've kind of gotten the fuzzy lollipop when it comes to movies right now Seems like a lot of them and drive washed just about all of them. Lot of them are pretty rough A lot of them. We seem to be getting the the leftovers the crumbs of movies right now lava stuff that we you know. I was looking forward to like. Black Widow Jane the New James Mom Movie. No time to die got moved to later which is too bad but instead we get stuff bloodshot big vin diesel. Which was horrible and do little Robert Downey fantasy island which was awful Lack of boss. I don't know which one of those is. The worst do little might be fancy island. I duNNO I. It's tough though. They're all atrocious. And it's actually more challenging to find decent movies in the pack but there are few and even some of these that are decent going to be not great but not bad. That's kind of what we're dealing with. Emma throw the kids movies out there. I I know a lot of kids are home right now. You know stuck with not a lot to do And there's quite a few kids movies out right now and most of these kind of fallen. The category of of what most kids movies in the modern age do. It's like they`re. They're there to to provide distraction. They're not there to be great. They're not there to even be really above average there to kill ninety minutes of time. They're basically there to give parents break. Give the kids stare at for a while and you kinda great I think against that. Kinda great against that curve of how well a kids movie does that These movies all pretty much fall into that category. With one exception Called wild with Harrison. Ford it's a decent preteen kids moving kinda cash dispirit the book the Special Effects. The CGI is terrible If you can get past that you'll enjoy the movie. Your Kids Prien joined the movie if not you're GONNA hate it the CGI is that bad and it's amazing that something like that attracts one hundred million dollar budget one hundred twenty million dollar budget and it looks that bad But overall a fun movie. It's it's well written Other than the CDI. It's bowl made Harrison. Ford is always great in just about everything. He's in Trolls world tour. It's tough to say Is a decent kids movie again. It's not the best. It's not the worst You know if your kids are tired of watching frozen to over and over and over try that one out it may give you a break Great Voice Talent Saw hedgehog cows. Same thing I was pleasantly surprised by that one. I expected disaster just because most video game movies are terrible. I you know I. It's about a solid six scale of one ten James Marsden's great special effects aren't bad it's nice to see Jim Carey and something he's the villain he's kind of inspector claw you know? Whatever inspector Gadget CLAW RIP OFF The best of the kids movies. Of course Pixar movie is not one of the best pixar movies. It kind of falls in the middle ground. You know you can't compare it to finding Nemo you can't compare it up Toy Story it kind of falls more along the cars level of Pixar movies which is still better than most other animated movies. I really enjoy pixar movies. And you can't tell That's going to be something that parents can really enjoy like most pixar movies. But it's amazing animations phenomenal. It's remarkable how far they've come and you look at something like Toy Story. Bugs life early stuff. You Think. Mayhem as his revolutionary. It's amazing and it's only gotten better and more colorful and more more detailed so beautiful film to look at. It's a shame that people aren't getting to see that in theaters but you know watched on the big TV screen and you can find it. Will you will not be sorry Amongst the other stuff again. A louder stuff is decent. There's a few really good movies out right now. I thought the adaptation of Emma was really good. Jane Austen is notch behind Charles Dickens for authors. Who Don't need to be adapted anymore into movies but you know this worked out pretty well. It's pretty well acted. It's it's enjoyable. It's just kind of fluffy frothy entertainment which is kind of what people need right now. I think that this krona virus kind of alters the way that we we judge movies and offers the way I do anyway. You kind of want more. Disposable entertainment more distraction honestly And Emma is kind of lighter weight entertainment. It's well done intelligent as beautifully photographed. And it's just it's all around movie. Eq- can't compare it to little women which came out last year. It's right below that but it's a good movie invisible man. It's a passable moving again. It's junk food horror movie It's based on the classic Blues Universal Monster Movie But it's a it's a new modern whore update and it works pretty well. It's Kinda Fun. You know deliberately goofy movie that will give you about one hundred hundred ten minutes entertainment Elsewhere the way back with Ben. Affleck pleasantly surprised by this and I think that. That's the story of Ben Affleck where he is an alcoholic. You know disgraced former basketball star gets a chance to go back and coach the high school. It's the typical like sports. Feel good hoosiers you know. On and on the guy who gets to redeem himself It has helped greatly by the fact that Ben Affleck struggle with alcoholism lack the main character in the movie gives it a little bit of an extra kick and so it helps that movie out. His performance is great It's great to see him back in this kind of role and yeah. It's a pretty good movie. I've I've worked in the alcohol industry enough seen alcoholism and they capture that so well about how it just completely destroys. Somebody's life and how difficult it is re people to recognize. They have a problem and then get out of that spiral. So that hit home for me having witnessed that The Gentleman Guy Ritchie's latest movie fun movie to watch break. Cast Matthew mcconaughey Hugh Grant. Everybody has a lot of fun with it. It doesn't take itself seriously. It's just it's after watching Guy Ritchie's very disappointing Disney movie last year Aladdin. It's it's good to see him back into his groove like British Neo war crime comedy type movies you know. It's like one liners. Fast paced action scenes. Just a lot of fun and again. It's exactly what people are looking for right now. I think disposable junk food entertainment so the gentleman is also check now One movie that I was impressed with that hasn't gotten a whole lot of attention. I think it kind of flew under the radar a little bit. Richard the story of the the security guard who was accused of the Olympic Park bombing in Nineteen ninety-six And kind of his ordeal that he suffered good movie. It really impacts you. How quickly and the the media can convict you of a crime How quickly things can get out of control and how somebody in that situation? An innocent man can almost be destroyed by it. So it's kind of a cautionary tale it. It only grows more relevant. The more electronic our lives become And it's it's a fascinating movie as well done. The whole cast is outstanding. So that's one that's kind of slipped under the radar So keep an eye out for Richard Jewel But yeah it's interesting seeing all these movies that are out now. I think I'm more lenient in this time period with how I view and Ray movies just because it's it's like it's movies such such a comfort you know. Tv shows that we can bend. You're such a comfort and so for me personally. I know it affects how I how view movies how I rate them and so it seems like the Star Ratings on my website movie reviews dot. Us are different than what they normally are. I think that's why I think it's a natural response to a tough time. I think makes you great movies easier. You know in Grade. You're more appreciative of movies and TV shows and music and books and stuff that can can fill up your time and give you something else to think about so hopefully in the next week we will be kind of back to our routine. I know where we are in the world. They are relaxing. Things will probably keep an eye on the numbers before we do a whole lot But we may be back to our regularly scheduled routine next week if not next week the week after that And looking forward to that. So I know that Travis and Taylor are too. It's it's tough to not only be in your house but not be around your friend and for me personally having a newborn home. We were already on lockdown for that for a couple of months so I'm especially eager to get out into the world. Obviously not until it's safe until the time is right but I'm still cabin. Fever is a real thing But anyway this has been a brief Solo podcast and thank you all for listening again. Movie Reviews Dot us from my Reviews all current Apple podcast spotify. You can listen. Rates cried us. We appreciate it and again. Hopefully we will be back to our normal routine at some point in the near future but this is just been another solo podcasters to help you find something to watch so again. Thank you very much.

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